19 February 2002
Non-Holocaust Update:

   First, CNN, over 24 hours after F.A.E.M. scooped them, is now publishing an actual picture displaying Mr. Ray Marsh's negroidness.  See http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/02/18/crematory.bodies/index.html, "datelined February 18, 2002 Posted: 7:49 PM EST (0049 GMT)"

   Non-Holocaust: The Freeper Factor.


   This just in from that Bastion of the Republic, Mr. Jim Robinson's "Free Republic". Us marginalized nationalists wanted to get cutting edge commentary from the mainstream of the Republican Party.  A sampling of this sparkling GOP Conservative thought follows:

1.  Here a hard charging True Blue ConnedServantive named Wimpycat talks itself into believing that race is not a factor and that blacks themselves were the principle victims by rationalizing that:

"If crematoriums operate anything like regular funeral homes, the victims are probably mostly black. Black-owned funeral homes usually have an almost exclusively black clientele. This is a black owned crematorium, and I think it is so sick, sick, sick to defraud people, especially in this cruel manner....

...Thanks for the correction. Actually it makes no difference what race anyone involved is. I was just thinking about how most fraud and other crimes are intra-racial, not inter-racial. I hope your neighbors throw everything but the kitchen sink at this loser."

I had previously penned and then self-spiked as inappropriate some satire on 'diverse political reactions' to the crimes in Georgia.  In this self-spiked (my own decision, not Robert who never saw it) satire piece I put the Judeo-Marxist character's reactions as:

Judeo-Marxist: "This terrible tragedy, in which the Marsh family themselves are the primary victims, has to be considered against the larger background context of the matrix of millenia-old embedded white imperialist racist structures...  Had the long overdue slavery reparation program already been paid, the Marsh Family would have had the money to fix the furnace....  It's undeniable  that this entire tragedy is the direct result of continuing racism in white people.  We demand reparations for the Marsh family NOW!  We demand an emergency $25 billion dollar appropriation for sensitivity training of incorrigible white racists!  We demand...."

See the Marxist mental programming in 'Conservative' Wimpycat now?  And Wimpycat acted out in role without any cue from me.  That ConnedServantive's self-rationale for avoiding the SonderNegger Question was wrong.  Mr. Marsh's crematoria was serving funeral homes covering a multi-state area.  All the ConnedServantive Wimpycats are little better than automata at this time.  They are programmed 'droids who will respond in predictable ways to ZOG's media stimuli.  That Wimpycat's particular rationale was wrong is not important.  The important feature is the programmed Pavlovian response that leads all the Wimpycats to spontaneously invent alternative explanations, no matter how fantastic.  Present these Conservatives, and more importantly gentile Neo-Cons, with evidence of what integration brings.  They will invent reasons to self-rationalize their conditioned response.  These people don't think.  Their mental process is that of 'Parsons' from 1984.  They are GoodThinkers conditioned for instant flight from ThoughtCrime.

And this mentality extends quite high educationally.  I've had such discussions with young 'Conservative' political science professors. The 'Good Negro' Fallacy is instantly trotted out.  Point out to these believers in Negro Conservatism that the GOP's percentage of the black vote in Y2K was the smallest since the GOP was founded in the blood of the 1861-65 white genocide.   It's intellectual Checkmate in one move.  And it will move the recipient of that datum not a bit.  This is because their 'political position' was not arrived at from careful analysis of observed facts around them.  The personal political position is a self-rationalization of a personal decision to accept policies dictated by ZOG's dictatorial cabal.  Those policies were determined without any small 'r' republican or small 'd' democrat process.  Brown v. Board of Education was the result of a Supreme Court decision that ignored all previous precedents.  It was not the result of spontanteous self-determination by the whites affected.  The same is true of the rest of ZOG's race programs.  None of it came in as the result of popular demand.  It came in on judicial fiats enforced by bayonets.

Now I personally I regard blacks as neither 'good' or 'bad'.  I simply regard them as irrevocably different from white people and intrinsically unsuited to the form of society that best suits white people.  The crime statistics and the demographic results are on my side, too.  Not that I expect any of that to persuade many, if any, ConnedServantives.

2.  Another Freeper stalwart of Constitutional government in America, code named "Illbay", opined that:

"This is bloody awful! That said,it's too bad that we don't share the Klingon philosophy (a Star Trekkism)regarding mortal remains. It would save a lot of anguish."

My only comment is that I eagerly look forward to the imminent extinction of the GOP as a serious political mechanism.


I watched an old movie last night on TV. A top Nazi was played by the Hungarian jew Peter Lorre. Pete also had a movie series, Mr. Moto, where he was Japanese. He was a great and talented actor as so many jews are – Walter Matthau, Edward G. Robinson, Eli Wallach, Rod Steiger, and on and on. It disturbs some that jews are always Nazi villians while jews are played by gentiles. It's only show business. I am sure you've seen plenty of Blacks playing the part of Vikings, or at the least, humans. In one popular WW II dogmadrama, General Remer was played by a swarthy little runt while he actually was quite fair, with blue eyes and 6'2" by my estimate.
Non-Holocaust Update.

Mr. Ray Marsh of Georgia, the non-cremating crematoria operator, has now been formally arraigned on five charges of theft.  In his defense Mr. Marsh says the crematoria furnace broke down several years ago and they couldn't afford to repair it.  This part of Mr. Marsh's statement is extremely credible.  Crematoria breakdowns are common and well documented events in crematoria designs of all kinds.  Meanwhile investigators have reported finding nearly 100 unburned corpses so far and report a potential total of "hundreds" spanning nearly two decades. "Maguire"

Six cheers for diversity! A White woman, good hearted but without her feet on the ground, was "teaching" in a 80% simian school. One 15 year old male, weighing about 180 pounds, didn't like the day's lesson. He got up to leave and was stopped by Debbie. He punched her in the eye which knocked her to the floor unconscious. She probably weighs about 105 pounds. The predator buck mentioned something about future harm and his view that schools were prisons designed by the honky to keep poor Black folks down..

You can guess the outcome of the "punishment" but this episode had a new twist. According to ZOG's rules, Sondernegers are given 5 days suspension which is always accepted as a vacation, not punishment. Debbie went before a judge trying to get a restraining order in response to the thugs threats. The judge told her that any restraint was her problem and she probably should consider leaving the school.

Yep, Whitey, things are sure improving. Keep watching MTV and niggerball and you won't notice your world collapsing.

Flash! Jenny just called me to tell of two more serious "incidents" at other schools which are in the process of being hushed up, as are the AIDS statistics of the young Blacks your daughters are dying to bed down with. Those old voodoo drums made them do it. Niggers, like jews, know they are special citizens but old Whitey acts as if this were 1890 and he was still in the driver's seat.

Since many have asked why I have such a pessimistic view of the world, I decided to comment openly. Among other things, my high school class voted me as "the one who enjoyed life the most." I did then and I still do today. The whole experience has been a blast but by that I do not mean it's been roses, candy and kisses daily. I have waded through shit, to use a commonly understood word, but like my family, never cried in my beer over it. One of my neighbors is a German who lived through the SWATKWP and so my brown stuff appears like sugar in comparison.

I've thought about the word "pessimism" and feel that it's peculiar interpretation today follows directly from our position of affluence where everything is SUPPOSED to be rosy, full of love and so on. A kid who doesn't get his own way feels "abused" as if he had some God-given right to do as he pleases. Watch the adults. They demand "safety" and comfort in their lives far beyond what was ever provided for in the womb. Thus, anything standing in the way of this hollow premise, is viewed as negative and yes, the utterer is called pessimistic.

A man has gangrene in his foot. He tells others that his foot will have to be amputated in order to survive. Such a man, today, would be called pessimistic because he voices a terrible unpleasantry. An optimist might pray to God, wait for a "cure", or delude himself with false hope. Moreover, we are trained by ZOG's propaganda apparatus to be "tolerant", smile and wish the piranha good luck while they devour your body. Committing suicide, while being entertained, is not the way I prefer things.

Hope must be realistic and when one has realist hope he cannot be pessimistic even though he lists scores of bad things to be overcome. A pessimist sees no hope and if he did, he'd struggle not. We are all optimistic that tomorrow will bring something unexpected in the way of relief. I, personally, have never fallen into the pits of "Woe is me." I've cried, suffered heart wrenching pain, and debilitating physical problems, as have millions of others. In my case, they were overcome. Hardly a thing a pessimist would do.

The jets stopped operating and the plane is at 35,000 feet. You, and the rest of the passengers, have less than 2 more minutes to live. Is it pessimistic to say, "We who are about to die..."?

Pointing out the negative does not imply an attitude. It is a way of showing the piles of manure which needs to be removed, the leaky roofs which need repair and the bread which needs to be baked. That takes effort. If anyone, who is not jew-dazed, or drug soaked, to the extent he can no longer recognize reality, believes that a few prayers, a few bucks tossed to some 'leader', or that voting, will get us out of the mess we are in, then they might appear optimistic to you but to me, they delude themselves and render themselves useless on that account alone.

Eggs will have to be broken, and the impossibility of eating one's cake and still having it, might appear as a pessimistic view to some, but it does not to me.

In the last days, Hitler knew what was coming; Custer knew what was coming and the men at the Alamo knew what was coming. Were they pessimistic if they talked about it? Telling people things they do not want to hear, makes no one a pessimist, or even "negative", as Eric was always accused of being, by a certan jewish mistress of the man he once worked for.

The wildebeest were crossing the river. "There's Lucy being devoured by 2 crocodiles," cried one. The other replied, "Don't be so pessimistic. Charlie got across and I even see 3 crocodiles who are basking in the sun."

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies and competitive vales. For a country that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a country that is afraid of its people." President John F. Kennedy.

Did anyone ask "Is the Holocaust for real," or "Who controls the media," or "Are the races really equal?"

ZOG is an apparatus of political control composed mainly of criminal Anglos and criminal jews. When we say that the 'jews" do this and the "anglos" do that, we do not mean Harry Ferguson the machinist, or Harvey Feldman the baker. It is certainly not consistent to require Harvey to denounce the leadership of his kind while ignoring the same request of Harry. Thus, an indictment of the "little jew" is hollow. Most people simply never speak out against what they consider the government, no matter what that government does. 12,000 jews died in the FWATKWP fighting for Germany. I have yet to see the Holocaust crowd  mention the number of jews who died defending Berlin during the SWATKWP, or even the number of active jewish organizations still doing business in 1945 Germany. (I have personally known jews who actually prospered under Hitler and the fact that Jesse Owen's compliments relative to Germany 1936, had a hard time seeing the light of day here in our "freedom of the press" society.) The top kikes and the top honkies have no compunction about sacrificing their own kind on the altar of personal power. It's just doing business.

The removal of all other races from White living space has nothing to do with a belief that each and every, is some sort of social misfit or handicap. It has to do with mankind's strong tendency to copulate with anything available. Humanity is certainly not as selective, that is, discriminatory, as are the rest of God's creatures. Shipping the Black back to Africa thus removes him from contaminating (adulterating) the White gene pool, and vice versa. Mulattos benefit neither race.

Eric's Letter and Lord Palmerston:

"William W. Glenn could see through the misty myths of the Foundling Fathers, but I wonder if he could see in Palmerston the nihilistic premise upon which our present Judeo-American society rests, for Palmerston said about England that it had no loyalty to people, nor to principles, but only recognize "interests". "

I read Eric's February 10 letter with pleasure.

A couple of historical notes.  Lord Palmerston himself certainly recognized 'interests'.  And he recognized they were specifically Jewish interests.  As British Prime Minister he hired out the Royal Navy to a Babylonian Jew named Sassoon (he was previously the 'Court Jew' in Persia) to blow open China's ports for Sassoon's illegal – according to Chinese law – opium drug trade.  This was the First Opium War in 1839.  Much later other Judeo-Marxists picked up on this 19th Century ZOG war crime, ethnically cleansed the histories of the Sassoon name and ethnicity and proceeded to blame 'imperialist racist' white people for this Jewish crime against the Chinese.  This was the beginning of the progressive 'Unequal Treaties' process ZOG applied to China to reduce it to a teeming mass of consumers of foreign imported products.  On a related digression, ZOG included identical unequal commercial clauses in the later Treaty of Versailles of 1919.   These included such gems as the 'internationalization' of Germany's navigable rivers, on the Yangtze and Yellow River models for 'free trade'.


The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.  2001, provides a classic example of the subsequent Orwellian revisionist process:

"Great Britainís commercial interests, advanced by the British navy, brought on in 1839 the first Opium War with China, which opened five Chinese ports to British trade and made Hong Kong a British colony."

This article ( http://vjv.co.uk/related/articles/sephards_main.html ) is more open on the vast Sassoon influence in the Chinese Treaty Ports but is demurely silent on what originally brought this clan of Sephardic Jews to China:  the India-China opium traffic.  It's amusing to read the old 'poisecution' whine and snivel again in this article.  According to Orwellian Cleansed History, the Sassoons were being 'oppressed' by Turkish rule so the poor misunderstood Wandering Jew goes elsewhere.  This probably indicates the Ottoman Turks decided to do an audit in Baghdad.

But the combined effect is Presto Chango!  The Babylonian Jews Sassoon as international war criminals and drug traffickers vanish like Cheshire Cats.  In their place is a generic "Great Britain's commercial interests" and white British people as the implied guilty parties.  The Sassoon name is not gone from well-doing, however.  It's still widely known for cosmetics and also the "Sassoon Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism" in Israel.  I wonder if their course syllabus and research includes international war crimes, genocide, drug trafficking and bank swindling among the causes of 'anti-Semitism'?

Such lovely international trade methods neither started or stopped with Sassoon.  We can go forward to the Bessarabian Jew Shmuel Zmurri (he Anglicized his name to Samuel Zemurray) in the 1920s-40s.  Shmuel became known in Mobile Alabama as 'Sam the Banana Man'.  Later he became more famous as Chairman of the United Fruit Company and as employer of the white mercenary 'Machinegun Molloy'.  Molloy was a thug Zmurri sent down to Central America to machinegun the Judeo-Marxists' precious people of color into line on Shmuel's many plantations.  The Somoza family got their start as Shmuel's local shabbez goy overseers.

Shmuel was also a great Zionist and loaned many of his ships to support the Zionist endeavor in the late 1940s.  Shmuel also has demurely receded into the background leaving the 'American' company United Fruit (and by implication white Americans) as the guilty parties for his international economic war crimes in Central America.  Israel did not forget this great act of 'charity', either.  The Zionist State of Israel picked up in the 1950s as Somoza's principle arms supplier.  The Zionist-Central America connection continued on in the 1980s and Iran-Contra.  The Zionist-Iranian connection was well established if little commented on.  But the Zionist-Contra-Cocaine connection was left unexplored.  Needless to say, Colonel Ollie North is a mondo Zionist.  Surprise surprise, eh?  Here again history is ethnically cleansed, the blame shifted on to non-Jews while the Jews actually preen themselves as uplifters of community morality.

When Henry Ford said 'history is bunk', the above are some of the reasons why.  It's not that Real History is bunk.  It's that real history is continually destroyed in a process of self-interested censoring that "accentuates the positive and eliminates the negative".  The positive is to blame Jewish crimes on white people while eliminating the Jewish master influence (since an accurate accounting would provoke 'anti-Semitism').   The careful student of history constantly encounters these 'holes in the archives' when Jewish matters come to the forefront.  For instance, Tacitus' Histories are cut off right at the point where he started to relate the Fall of Jerusalem and the conclusion of the 7 year Apocalypse from A.D. 66 – 73.

Lord Palmerston is also recorded in history as the first British statesman known to have considered the Zionist project for Palestine.  ZOG has been in operation for a long time.  Eric is right to quote the Marrano Jew Benjamin D'Israeli on race and history.


First Annual F.A.E.M. 2002 'Head Up His (Her) Colon' Competition.

Today we inaugurate a new competition for those academics and pundits who are most obtuse in prognosticating future trends while paying utterly no attention to the world around them.   The final awards will be presented on December 31, 2002.  Our first nominees in the Tag Team category are Messers. Ian Person and Ian Neild of "BTexact Technologies – a division of British Telecommunications plc".  Read their report here:  http://www.btexact.com/white_papers/downloads/WP106.pdf

If this report were being marketed in the science fiction section of Barnes & Nobles alongside Heinlein there wouldn't be any objection.  This piece of fantasy is instead being marketed to businesses and individuals for the purpose of serious decision making.  What these two blind prophets have really done is throw jello at a wall to see what sticks.

Person and Neild have adopted the Einstein Formula for greatness:  "When he was with physicists he played the violin, when musicians visited he talked about physics."  In the same way many of Person and Neild's speculations appear plausible until one comes across the predictions concerning his own field.  At that point they most resemble a derailed Amtrak express.  Here are three really egregious ones from my own field of military research and development:

"Most weapons attack systems rather than injure people 2010".  Most weapons are already targeted against 'systems' rather than against people specifically.  This has been true since the early 1970s and the advent of precision guided munitions like wire-guided anti-tank missiles and laser-guided bombs.  The process of destroying the system tends to destroy the people congregated in and around them since the systems are more durable than the people.  Of course Person and Nield may be counting on a realization of General Shinseki's vision of lighter, less armored and more vulnerable armored vehicles.  Kinder, gentler anti-armor weapons would then be able to deal with them.

"Most fighters and bombers flown remotely 2010".  Not a chance.  Not even one chance of this happening in eight years.  'Most' is very vague but it certainly implies a number larger than 50%.  Well, 50% of the world's fighter inventory is not going to be rebuilt by 2010 even using a combination of new acquisition and boneyard retirement of aged systems.  Second, this remote controlled RoboPlane is not in prototype testing, let alone pre-production engineering or in the Five Year Defense Acquisition plan.  Third, Lockheed is currently producing the F-22 Raptor, not Robo-Plane.  Fourth, the sensor transmissions necessary to achieve remote control would provide a perfect target acquisition signature to defeat the new generation of semi-stealth aircraft.  And last but not least, air defense lasers now under development will make all tactical aircraft obsolete by that date.

— "Superblimp troop carriers 800 x 250ft carrying 500 tons 2006".  We could build them today if they were desired.  They're not desired and are not going to be desired.  They have neither the speed and range of jet cargo transport or the heavy lift capability of fast sealift which steams at 30 knots.  Military deployments are driven by the single operational and tactical need to build up forces in a given theatre faster than the enemy can.  Blimps of all kinds as transports fall between the two stools of speed and mass.  They don't arrive in hours with 150 tons or in a week with 50,000 tons.  Instead they arrive in several days with several hundred tons.  Then they take several more days to dead-head back to the Port of Embarkation for another load.  The 'boys' can put this one back in the file with that other 1930s cross-breed flying contraption, the autogyro.

   Person and Neild'sentire paper is larded with such nonsense.  Many of their imprecise predictions are already realized facts.  'Widespread use of sensors in rural areas' is another example.  They simply don't have any contact with either real farmers or fish and game managers or they'd know this.  Since they don't quantitatively define 'widespread' they can claim the requisite density hasn't been achieved yet.  What is 'widepread?'  One per square mile?  We're already there.  Most of the continent?  Ditto.  Whenever they decide to fix 'widepread they'll pat themselves on the back two or three years from now for their great 'insight'.

   Then there's Person and Neild's 'wildcards' section, a/k/a 'all bets off'.  Some of these disasters are the same ones we warn about on a more methodical and consistent basis.  Their compendium of Apocalypse Anytime is more flying jello.  I did like this one though:  "Rules Change: Economic and/or Environmental "War Criminals" Are Prosecuted"

   If 'Economic War Criminals' are ever prosecuted we'll be able to close down F.A.E.M. as 'mission accomplished'.  But ZOG will resist such prosecutions up to and through another World War.  It's what ZOG did the last time economic war criminals started being prosecuted in the 1930s in Middle Europe.

   The competition for this year's award will be stiff.  Messers Person and Neild have already set a tough pace.


Another Non-Holocaust

The breaking news of the hour is the Georgia scandal over bodies left to rot in the woods by a Georgia family of crematoria operators.  The accused operator concerned, Mr. Ray Marsh, 28, has been arrested on initial felony charges of theft by deception.

Of particular interest is how the Judeo-Marxist editors of ZOG Media, Inc. are illustrating this story in pictures and also not illustrating it.  The Associated Press Online is pushing a picture of a white survivor.  The Atlanta Urinal-Constipation (Journal Constitution) is pitching a picture of the stone sign outside the crematorium.

F.A.E.M. has dug very deep to bring you the photo coverage ZOG's Judeo-Marxist editors don't want you to see.  Here is the accused crematoria operator, Mr. Ray Marsh, Negro, getting his picture taken at the local jail:

On September 11, 1941, Col. Charles Lindbergh (first solo flight over the Atlantic, 1927) gave a speech at Des Moines, Iowa, warning about the danger of getting involved in the European war then raging. He mentioned the three most important groups which were pressing America into war were the British, the jews, and Roosevelt. Of the jews, he said, "Their greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government." http://www.ihr.org

What does this tell us about "spreading the word"? The facts indicate that one-fourth of our population doesn't care about knowing anything and long as they are entertained and fat. If you attempt to inform this group about jews, Plato, or the condition of the polar ice caps, they simply will refuse to listen. If you pester them with facts, you could end up getting a broken nose.

One-half the population is fully aware of the overwhelming jew presence in everything from Hollywood to the Big Bagel. They are no more concerned about this then they are about the criminals who run Las Vegas, or governmental corruption. Pointing out that the degenerate Hefner is a jew means nothing since most envy his position – booze, bucks and broads. A good percentage of this group thinks jews should run everything anyway and since they are "God's chosen", our country thus gets more God-like with increasing jew presence. This reminds be of the loony LaRouche encouraging more breeding. Since each person is an image of God, then more images means more Godliness added to the planet. His solution to the resultant over-crowding is to populate Mars, that is, after a "space belt" consisting of a giant mirror girdle in orbit is constructed. The mirrors would direct the sun's rays to melt the "hidden ice" and thereafter turn Mars into another Eden. Remember that this silly man also championed the jew scam "cold fusion" and believes that parallel lines do meet – out there, somewhere. With proper environment, nignogs can be taught to appreciate Mozart. Oh yeah.

Nothing is new when it comes to a herd of featherless bipeds. City after city fell to the Mongols because no one would listen to the warnings from people who knew about the "Scourge of God."

People will not listen and those who do listen, do not learn. During the 1920s and early 1930s, the Germans tried everyone, and everything. Hitler was their past choice and he knew it. And it shall be so again. Once upon a time in Late Great America.


Hi-Tech Immigrants.

"NAIROBI – Daniel arap Moi, the President of Kenya, has called on his people to abstain from sex for two years in an effort to curb the spread of AIDS.  'How can I do that? Am I not a Kenyan man?' asked Felix Githingi, a computer technician.

"There are three important things for a Kenyan man: to drink beer, to eat the meat of the goat and to have sex. To ask me to stop doing any of those three things is to ask me something that is totally impossible."

I can see it all now.  Programming and networking by day, drinking, goat eating, and, well, you know, at night.  This report made the rounds last summer.  I reproduce this article now lest anyone think this was just some tribal herder speaking.  This was the authentic voice of Kenya's Silicon Rift Valley.


None of my best friends are...

      ...and I'm not ashamed of that fact, either.  On the other hand W. James Antle III, a member of the dying Freemason WASP elite in America is ashamed, or would be ashamed, or would still be ashamed even if they are or something like that.  Read for yourself the genuine thoughts of a true blue ConnedServantive:    http://www.enterstageright.com/archive/articles/1201/1201cc.htm   Antle's entire article betrays the mentality of the whipped slave.  He's incapable of justifying resistance to anti-white hatred unless non-whites tell him it's okay to complain a little bit.    Antle's is the mindset that follows the David Horowitzimof the neo-conman movement (which is headed by Jews).

      There's a still more serious problem embedded in Mr. Antle's mind.  He and his rapidly vanishing movement lack any moral authority whatsoever in their own minds.  They are incapable of making any moral statement except as approved by their ostensible political enemies, who in reality are their political masters.   They are completely signed up to Marxist morality as dictated by the Judeo-Marxist kulchur establishment:  'The Jews are God's Holy Chosen People and the Third Reich the most evil entity ever', 'Whites are the world's only racists, or at least the only evil ones', 'Traditional Christianity was Anti-Semitic and therefore Bad', etc. etc. etc.

      If you enjoy watching white men grovel on their faces in the dust then read Mr. Antle regularly.  Lacking moral authority the Antles of the Right are reduced to arguing mere procedural points and sniveling about 'fairness'; viz his complaints about the U.S. 'Civil Rights' Commission.    They have to run about to find Clarence Thomases, Linda Chavezesand Horowitzim to speak up on their behalf.  The fees subsequently charged by those folks for such 'services' become clear enough.  In the three instances cited the price tags were (a) normalizing miscegenation with negroes, (b) more illegal Mexican immigration and (c) Zionism + non-white immigration (Since Horowitz is Jewish he gets a double rate).

   It's the above reasons among others that make me jump for joy over the imminent crushing of the GOP this November.  Before we can get a real pro-white political party in North America it's necessary to eliminate the Zionist false front party called the GOP.  There's not enough white people right now for two tents.


Geoffrey Ward, writing in the Smithsonian, claims that the remarkable progress of America is due to its diversity. The title of his essay is Mongrel Nation. Please note that his diversity encompasses the nations of Europe with a few Afro-afros tossed in. The diversity that is now enveloping us is more than a mere difference of Swede and German – varieties of White – but of mestizos, muds and cruds from every possible combination of sack partners. So now they admit it! A mongrel nation. The last is an oxymoron. The article is not much more than a profitable bit of p.c. Marxism and one should wonder that is diversity is so great, then how come Brazil achieves so little. The author errs, in regard to the use of Black troops during the Civil War. It was the Confederacy which first used Black troops.
I've never been an advocate of debates for they are just word-tossing, vocabulary contests where each contestant leaves believing he "won", whatever that is supposed to mean, since nothing changed. At least in a street fight, an opponent with missing teeth and blood running from his nose, demonstrates who won.

I shy from revisionist squabbles since nothing ever changes. Both sides exchange gas, and attempt to prove that their "sources" – no one has any original thoughts it seems – are better than those of the other. IF – what do you mean by if? – certain "eye-witness" reports are valid, then they could be repeated by demonstration. That's part of the scientific method and neither jew or revisionist wants to enter this realm.

Years ago, a revisionist jew named Berg, who was a member of the American Society of Automotive Engineers, claimed that no one could be killed using diesel exhaust fumes. He had graphs, notes, references, calculations, and all of the other trappings including established "sources". In the middle of his argument, he stated that given "sufficient oxygen" people could survive in an atmosphere of 10% carbon dioxide. Bergie had previously "proven" that the jews' portable gas-van, land-roving, we deliver, gas execution chambers were hot air since diesel exhaust wouldn't kill a fly. I suggested that he demonstrate that fact by offering himself as a laboratory experiment. I received no reply and so I ran this ad: $5000 cash reward if Bergie would offer himself as the means to proving his statement that "given enough oxygen", one could survive on an atmosphere of 10% carbon dioxide. He accepted the challenge immediately but turned it down when the conditions were laid bare.

We, plus witnesses, one of whom would hold the $5000, would go to a place where they filled compressed gas  tanks for hospitals and so on – oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, helium, air, etc. A condition was that my two-tank WW II SCUBA gear contain 10% carbon dioxide and the remainder was his choice. Further, we'd go to shapely Patti's pool where he'd be chained to the bottom of the ladder at the 8 foot deep end. After 30 minutes, he'd be released to collect the $5000, if he was still breathing. After a barrage of obscenities, he declined. He'd have saved himself the embarrassment of writing those ridiculous articles if he had taken the time to read U.S. Navy diving manuals, as I did.

As a closing note, I designed a gas chamber which would kill jews quicker, safer, cheaper, and far more efficiently, than the silly insecticide fantasies, by using diesel engines. I am sure that at the time, there were millions of Germans smarter than myself, who could have done much better – and would have, if extermination was their goal.

Isn't it interesting Mr. Slobadan Milosevic speaks for 4 hours, at the Hague War Crimes Tribunal, and all that is printed  in the press is a two column story on the back pages? He is threatening to call a whole list of notables to testify, but any one with insight into the skunks who connived this pretense of justice knows they will not let it happen. Chief Judge May will of course not cooperate, finding some flimsy excuse, for the British are very good at pretense justice. One of the things said by Mr. Milosevic was that Kosovo was a conduit for drugs coming into Europe. He also mentioned white slavery and other criminal activity. God I do sometimes get depressed when I think of the filth that occupy positions of power in these so-called democracies. Of course Mr. Milosevic is correct in his accusations and in point of fact some western leaders and their flunkies, are more deserving of a trial than is Mr. Milosevic. Dope addiction on a massive scale is not confined to negro populations. The real profit comes from the elite including politicians. The problem is massive. It follows the money trail of the over-paid jackasses who wanted a new experience as well as a desire to emulate the entertainment degenerates. Perhaps one day true justice will prevail and the 'holier than thou' crowd will fill the docket  Regards.  Joe.
I am glad that butter is returning
to ZOG's list of things which can be consumed as food. As for myself, I never once swallowed the margarine hype and preferred to stick to butter as I have my whole life. Margarine, if you remember from my earlier article, was initially brought into existence as a way to use surplus tallow (beef fat) gathered from the meat industry. What better way than to convince the gullible goyim that butter was bad and hydrogenated, artificially colored and flavored, waste was better for you?  Since 1860, or thereabouts, when some French doctor started playing around with tallow, many changes have been made to that glop including the use of oils from plants no sane critter would eat. The more that people listen to the "experts", and less to their common sense, the sicker they will be, especially in old age when all of one's youthful excesses catch up with him. When you start tinkering around with your body's chemistry, such as cholesterol "tuning" and other goblins, the more you will be in need of some expert to bail your butt out. A few months back, I had a complete physical – more than what was really needed for FAA approval in order to keep my flying 'ticket'. The doc said, "Your blood is so normal, it's scary." He won't see me again for two more years, unless my leg drops off and I need someone to sew it back on.

I just whipped up another of my grand apple pies. For the crust, I use lard (pig fat) with enough butter (milk fat) to add flavor. You simply cannot make flaky crusts with oils – the housewife's favorite since they believe that tons of oil in a cake makes it "moist". It's not moist. It's oily. Anyway, as with all pastries, they must be consumed before the inevitable changes start to occur. Restaurant pies should be outlawed. They sit around so long that the crust starts to resemble emulsified polystyrene. Never fill a cannoli more than 3 hours before you eat it. Make the "tubes" yourself. Make your own potato chips. Once sampled, you'll never go back to those sheenie supermarket bags of fried sawdust.

Butter is great stuff but don't 'pig out' on it. As with everything, an excess is very bad. In the newspaper there was an article concerning a nitwit who poisoned himself by drinking too much water. He gorged himself, ignoring the fact that his body was smarter than he was, in the belief he'd soon dehydrate, lose "electrolytes" and turn into a pillar of hemp. He was one of those bottle sippers we see all over the place, sucking on some expensive elixir. Apparently he never heard of thirst.

The body is very efficient at managing its own affairs, if you'd let it. No one needs a "balanced" meal every time he picks up a fork, even if someone could tell you what "balanced" means. Deprived of vitamin C, it takes months before the effects of that shortage to become visible and then it's quickly cured in a day or so by eating chicken skin, liver, peppers, or oranges, if you are a citrus fan.

Personal nutrition, like our economy, gets worse the more you fart with it.

I just received a form which, if filled out, signed and mailed, would make me a part of a class action suit against Ford, since I have one of their models. It seems that the TFI module (the plug in gadget which goes in the distributor and partially oversees the sparking business) is prone to failure and Ford knew about it all along. An automobile part which doesn't last forever? What a wondrous surprise. Everything fails, sooner or later, if you use it. A revelation is that when its hot, it is more susceptible to failure. Golly gee, is there something odd about electronic modules? Now here is where the wishful thinking, pie-in-the-sky, paranoia sets in. IF the part fails THEN the engine would quit. IF the engine quits, THEN the driver would lose control. (What sort of asses drive cars anyway?) IF he loses control, THEN he MIGHT drive into a tree. IF he hits a tree, THEN he could be hurt. IF he is hurt, THEN he'd sue the g.d. farmer who planted the tree. It looks like suing Ford is a way to avoid suing a farmer.

Haven't you ever wondered why it is that the wrong people are dying in this country?