23 February 2002
Rep – arations where the bucks go sweeping through the palms...  Yousah, my friends, if the White folks must pay the Black folks for things they never did to people who weren't there, then I wonder. Take Henry, the mulatto who does the great cooking at Gary's Greasy Spatula. Will his White half be forced to pay his Black half for past indignities? The Black half likely came from the slavery tree, but what if Henry's White half was an Ellis Islander in 1926? Right off the boat from Stuttgart. Many Injuns had Black slaves. Will they be forced to fork over also? Will White prostitutes have to pay Black customers? It's all so confusing. That's why I wonder.

ZOG is never confused. It will simply pay something to anything which is Black, near Black, part Black, almost Black or wanna-be Black. This is a democracy so everyone pays. I suggest to those Black people who dig this sort of thing, to act with haste for the coming tide of Chinese and mestizos surely won't give you a dime. You'll be lucky if they let you continue to breathe. Hmmmm...... Will an octaroon only get a 1/8 payment?

*  *  *  *  * Capitalism is arrested anarchy.
Daniel Pearl.
A reporter who reportedly bad-mouthed Islam while in an Islamic country. Not too bright, wouldn't you say? Especially in a land whose people, unlike Christians, take their religion very seriously. He's jewish you say? Hell, I thought his name was as Aryan as Hans Schmidt and his nose right from some ancient Greek statue. He was an Israeli citizen getting ZOGbucks from the good ol' USA as a "dual citizen", but we know what "dual" means to his tribe – Israel first and only! Now, the people who captured him claimed he was a jew working for Israel, against the interests of the Muslim world. That's hard to believe. As for me, I know that jews are always innocent of everything and anything. They just stand there minding their own business, and the out of pure bigotry and hatred – anty-cementism –, someone bops them. Strange, but "minding their own business" always seems to involve drilling holes in someone else's boat. The last time a gazelle got crunched in some croc's jaws, the crocodile was just "minding his own business."
Attention, Revisionists:
Be sure to check out the Rutgers University online archive of O.S.S. chief William "Wild Bill" Donovan's papers.



Superb primary reference material here on the origin of the Nazi "anti-Christian" religious persecution accusations at Nuremberg.  The principal architects were four non-Christian Jews Donovan assigned in mid-1945 to specifically work on that question.  Three of these were Judeo-Marxists of the "Frankfurt School" and Jewish émigrés from Germany.  The fourth was a certain O.S.S. Lieutenant Rothschild stationed in London who was feeding information gleaned from "British government sources".

The first acrobat file link is a July, 1945 OSS document that details all the religious persecution crimes the Nazis were to be convicted of and suggests ways of obtaining the evidence to prove those crimes.  The Jewish word-twisters certainly had an uphill climb given a nation whose Army had Christian chaplains in the units until the end, and whose schools were teaching the Bible and Catechism.


P.S.  Read for yourselves.  I promise I'm not making up "Lieutenant Rothschild".

P.P.S.  Attention 'Christian' fans of Joseph Farah and all other Rapture Cultists.  What's going on with the deposit of the Donovan papers into the archives is called 'Revelation of the Method'.   The method in question is commonly known as 'Divide and Conquer'.  The target for division was white German Christians and YOU.  You can go back now to reading World Net Daily, listening to Jerry Falwell and donating money for anti-Christ Jews to shoot Palestinian Christians while you wait for Scotty to beam you up.

Make sure you read Carole's articlehttp://www.carolontheweb.com/links/deadman.html
 It's a good article. Who says I hate women?
When the goyim see a jew
, they appear as transfixed at the deer when it sees headlights at night. When approached by snakes, many rodents stand motionless as if hypnotized. This is the goy when a jew approaches. There is something almost supernatural about all of this – helplessness, nay, a willingness, to cooperate with that which will devour you.
WTC Impact Speeds & Mossad Duplicity


"The government's calculations put the speed of the first plane at 494 mph, and the second at 586 mph. The MIT analysis determined the first plane was traveling 429 mph, and the second 537 mph, The Times said."

When we last discussed this several months ago I assumed much lower speeds for the two aircraft impacts.  These speeds were in the range of 250-300 mph.  These much higher speeds also mean the kinetic energy deposits into the two towers were far higher than I first assumed.  They were already huge at 300 mph.  This just simply pours more cold water on theories speculating about secret demolition charges inside the structures.    The known instrumentalities are more than adequate to the task of fatally damaging the two buildings' structures. (Note: The kinetic energy involved at 494 MPH is neary TRIPLE that of 300 MPH, and 586 MPH makes it neary QUADRUPLE. RF)

I think conspiracy researchers will find far more fertile ground exploring a joint FBI/CIA-Mossad anti-terrorist operation gone awry with duplicity on the Israeli side.  The cui bono benefits to the Zionists of drawing the U.S.A. far deeper into active military operations in the Muslim world are obvious.     The Bush Administration Synagogue (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Libby et al) make no secret of their desires for active military operations against every non-Jew anywhere near Israel.  There are other circumstantial reports for this proposition of a  Mossad sting job.  The outline is simple.  FBI/CIA go to sleep thinking the Mossad has al-Qaida well watched.  The Mossad instead consciously allows the operation to go forward.   The Mossad is documented to have engaged in these kinds of tricks in the past.

See http://www.washington-report.org/backissues/0495/9504058.htm

 "Ostrovsky also charges that Mossad framed Libya in the April 5, 1986 bombing of the West Berlin discothèque in which two U.S. servicemen and a Turkish woman were fatally injured. The background was that by planting an unmanned radio of its own in Libya, Mossad broadcast fraudulent orders for terrorist attacks to Libyan embassies around the world. Although the orders were rejected as false by the Spanish and French intelligence services, they were picked up and accepted as real by U.S. intelligence. As a consequence Libya was blamed by the U.S. for the La Belle discothèque attack."


Hokay José. As I have mentioned, Olympic medal scores only indicate a country's performance when they are on a per capita basis for it is evident that greater populations have a better chance at winning any particular anything. God is on the side with the larger armies and weez all equal. I took some countries and their medals count from an internet site which had data on the 2002 Winter Olympics. Customarily, I gave 3 points for a gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze. I divided this sum by the country's population in billions and then took the square root which "condensed" the results into a smaller scale. For a graphical representation, an * is used to indicate 1.2 of these units.  This is what I found:

Norway        *******************************************************************************
Finland       ***********************************************
Austria       ********************************************
Switzerland   *****************************************
Croatia       **************************************
(Average)     ****************************
Netherlands   ***************************
Sweden        ************************
Germany       ************************
Canada        *********************
Australia     ***************
France        ***************
Italy         **************
United States *************
Russia        ************
China         ***

To meat or not to meat. That is the question. Apparently the boys are bickering over the meat eating business at http://www.rense.com/general20/meant.htm  I have answered this question sufficiently and have no interest in repeating myself. However, a presumably young woman sent me an email in this regard and I couldn't let it pass. I did peek at the Rense material and since I detected an aroma similar to a cow barn, I didn't bother. I know of no cardiologist who ever worked on a farm and have found that generally, anyone in the medical business is the last one I'd ask for advice on eating. Most are physical wrecks themselves. Never forget that 6,000,000 were gassed — whoops, wrong website. Never forget that even herbivores started life eating animal products unless someone thinks that cow's milk is really milkweed sap. Lactose intolerance is found mainly in the Homo nigerus species, but to doctors, all are equal – especially if they pay their outlandish bills on time. Here again we see the handicap of analyzing a forest based upon samples of roots and bark. Medical research actually self perpetuates itself. The more they think they know, and the more the sheeple follow, the sicker everyone gets, thus increasing the need for "research". Surgeons are skilled meat carvers who come in handy once in a while. The rest of the medical crowd sticks to drug-pushing when they are not imposing unbelievable misery upon laboratory critters so unfortunate as to have fallen in their grasp. They generally know little. That's why they call it medical PRACTICE. They practice, that is EXPERIMENT on YOU, and for that you pay a fee. Try this drug. Did it make you feel better? No? You got horribly sick? OK. Try this other drug instead and tell me what happens. You can pay on your way out.

We can bicker forever over this and that, but the proof is always in the tapioca. I suggest that those who view humans as a two-legged variety of wildebeest, content to graze hither and yon, indulge in an experiment which certainly is not mentally taxing. Remove ALL animal products from your diet paying careful attention to the labels on concoctions sold as food for many of them will contain milk solids, egg products and such. Then, after a prolonged, and studied regimen of asparagus gnawing, celery crunching, spring water sucking, and grain grinding, please send me the address of the hospital you are residing in. I'll FedEx a pound of top grade Angus beef.

The lack of community among Americans is observed whenever some Olympic medal is won. Sally Knocknee, the one-legged speed skater, is heralded on an individual basis who just happens to have a U.S. mailing address. Other countries, more community minded, regard the indivudual as a part of something more valuable – their nation.

When young, I liked to watch sports because the players were from our school, or our town. They were friends and neighbors, and sometimes relatives. Today, sports is little other than a business and the "home team" nothing but a batch of paid mercenaries having allegiance only to their inflated salaries. The more successful teams are hirelings for the city which can afford to pay the most and usually what the city gets is dope addicts, beaver chasers, morons and assorted criminals where human beings are in the minority. In order to keep the animals out, I suggest that all sports playing dicks have an IQ of 100 minimum and no convictions beyond parking tickets.

My father lived for his family. He was devoted to doing what he could for my mother and for all of his seven children. My mother was of the same cut. She had to be or she wouldn't have been his wife. Favorable public opinion and material wealth were never priority items for him. He desired no power over others and was content to live and let live.

Much of what is regarded as typical family problems, were never experienced by us. Sibling rivalry? What was that all about? All played and worked together without friction. My siblings never touched my things without permission and I kept my hands off things which were not mine. Our parents lived the right to private property and we copied them. Mom would unpredictably single one of us out for special attention. "I made these cream puffs for Larry." Again, "These scalloped potatoes are for your father." This does not imply that the rest had no food, just that special efforts were granted when our turn came, whenever that happened to be. I never heard whining, bickering and all of this modern petty squabbling over trivial matters. We were happy that Larry got the two special cream puffs. He was our brother and why shouldn't we be happy that he was temporarily better off? Our day would come. This we always knew.

We watched our parents and learned from them. Mom always tried to make life easier for our father. Dad always tried to make life easier for our mother. Neither tried to "get" something from the other. They were not in some sort of duel. Mom never got together with other woman to discuss their husbands as now seems popular. Family matters were private matters. Period.

This is what I knew as family. What I observe far too often today appears no different than a pack of hungry animals fighting over some carcass. Today, we have "equality" where a child's desires have the same priority as those of his parents. Dad was the ultimate authority in our household. He'd naturally request input from us, from time to time, and always consulted our mother. When the discussion had ended, dad set the course as any captain should. I suppose that modern experts on family relations would shudder at this thought. They might have a point, since our home was quite, orderly and a dependable refuge from the world outside. To some, this might represent a boredom stifling "creativity". Verbal and physical battles are certainly not boring. After all, peace is really not very exciting.

There is an exclusionary emphasis on the efficacy of 'race' alone by the Blightwing.  While race is the indispensable foundation for building a national society it is not the only brick in the building.  If race were this sole brick the opposing social and economic results achieved in East and West Germany and in North and South Korea would not have occurred.  Here are two cases of nations (i.e. genetically closely related people) that were split in twain between Communist and largely non-Communist social systems.

Political policy therefore must be admitted to play a rather large role in the development and maintenance of nations.   The American Blightwing on the other hand presents the unique spectacle of a political movement that exists (or non-exists) essentially isolated from any larger politics.  In the absence of relevant issues oriented politics, the politics of personality inevitably have come to dominate the scene in the form of the many Mini-Führer Cults.

These Blightwing Cults of Personality themselves opened the door for the ADL, the B'nai B'rith and the SPLC to essentially control the non-Movement and keep it non-moving.  The enemy has been able to do this with their ever-ready access to ZOG media.  The specific tactic has been to select and favor the most dysfunctional leaders possible to serve as magnets for potential adherents.  These new recruits then essentially go off into self-imposed political exile simply by adhering to one or another of these individuals.

It's all very well to say 'We'll take power and do great things'.  However no one of intelligence buys a house, let alone a new political order, on that basis.  No progress is possible until an answer can be furnished to the following very reasonable questions.  (1).  What do you intend to do? (2).  How do you intend to do it?  If there are problems then (a) what are they and (b) what do you propose to do about them?

The contrast with the last pro-white political party to achieve power, the NSDAP, could not be more starkly unfavorable to the modern would-be saviors and rulers of white America.  The National Socialists had a detailed program developed that aimed to address the problems of the daily existence of the German working and middle classes.  While this sounds trivial, and is certainly more mundane than dealing with broad-brush schemes for the millennia, this daily routine is where politics actually exist.  In the long run, the long run is merely a sum of short runs.

The task of evangelizing that well conceived program provided the nucleus around which pro-German Germans organized themselves.  Once in power the party proceeded to implement that program in detail.  Modern historians, including nearly all the Revisionists, ignore both this and the 25 specific points of the NSDAP's platform for 'National Renewal'.  In my opinion the degree of their success can be measured by the complete neglect of issues politics by the Blightwing.


"The legal system is irretrievably and irredeemably broken. And you'll never use it to fix itself either."— Edgar Steele, Idaho Attorney at Law

Once the word-twisters managed to change the "spirit of the law" to "the letter of the law", then the judicial system became the feeding grounds for cheats, liars and scoundrels of all descriptions all eager to "win" – the public and justice be damned.

Thanks Robert, I must say your site is one factor that has destroyed my mind and life. For the Better! – E.H.
Many Americans cannot distinguish between the sound of two $100 bills rubbing together and the voice of God. – Revilo P. Oliver.

Although some of Dr. Oliver's material is found on this site and also Stormfront, I believe the best collection is Kevin Strom's    http://www.revilo-oliver.com

With deep respect to Dr. Oliver, he, being mortal, was never very close to target in the prediction business. No one really is. In the 1960's he wrote that the world population would never exceed 5 billion. I wrote then that he was very likely in error and my "soy bean" calculations pegged the maximum at 30 billion. My bright eyed daughter claims that others far better at estimating these things, state that this planet cannot hold more than 15 billion at the Bangladesh level. She's usually more correct than I.

When the cornholers' disease – AIDS – popped on the scene, certain blightwing pundits, predicted AIDS as a political issue in the 1990s. I disagreed.

What really frosts my gonads, relative to the blightwing profiteers, is that they continually violate the spirit of whatever they get their clams on. Whether McCalden, Dr. Linsey, or whomever, these deceased people left material behind for the purpose of having it PASSED ON, not sold, or buried in a cellar! Yet these patriot-for-profit money-grubbers cannot wait to make a buck on someone else's labor in full disrespect of the author's intent. I suppose that if one of these lesser gods makes you "feel good", then he's worth the money. As Eric says, "They live OFF the movement, not FOR it."

Of all the hoomanish species present at the Winter Olympics, guess which one will come out smelling the sweetest?
And if we all down-breed as ZOG intends, we might ask which variety of mongrel did the best. Sambos, mulattos, mestizos or some unclassifiable fugitive from one of Spielberg's nightmares?
I prefer to call myself a realist who believes that survival depends upon paying more attention to the hazards than one does to the joy of frolicking in the warm sand. Some view this as "being negative" or "pessimistic".

There we were at 34,000 feet above the mid-Atlantic when all engines on the aircraft quit. The Captain mentions that there is somewhat of a problem. The optimistic Stewardess tells us to put on our safety belts. One fellow breaks down in tears and starts shaking. Others scream, twitch and even start praying. I am the fellow who grabbed the nearest good-looking woman and pulled her into my seat. "Let's see what we can accomplish in our remaining minutes," I said to her as I .......

A reader from across the pond writes:

>> If you're looking for an interesting story to comment on.. here's one..

Apparently, Bill Clinton and a number of other Western leaders were sentenced in absentia to 20 years imprisonment for crimes against humanity due to the part they played in the bombing of Yugoslavia!  I suggest we petition Mr. Bush to extradite Clinton to serve his sentence immediately.  Alternately, we could urge him to begin the bombing of Washington for "harbouring terrorists".

Clinton's defence attorney asked for his sentence to be commuted on the basis of coming from "an incomplete family and lived with a step-father which probably left a mark on his overall behavior".



I certainly didn't read about this in the mainstream media.  "Twas a famous victory". <<

Robertsez – el Prezedente Bushez doesn't exactly have a choir boy record either.

Ah, yes, good ol' Ike – a fun loving American icon.  Read more about Allied brutality towards defenseless Germans. http://www.fpp.co.uk/History/General/Bacque/Brech2002.html  This is David Irving's website. 
Contrary to the flag-waving braggadocio, population wise, the U.S. consistently demonstrates mediocre performance at the Winter Olympics. From one grab of the presently fluid statistics, Germany has grabbed the most points so far, trailed by the US. But the US has over 3 times the population of Germany and therefore, out of reverence for "equality", should have 3 times as many points, wouldn't you say? But it doesn't; never did and never will. As I would have wagered, winter sports are of the Northern peoples and one should fully expect this variety of the white species to do well, which they always do. Norway – again on a per capita basis – outshines the US as the sun does a bonfire. One rightly questions why the US didn't enlist all of its black super sports studs to he'p us out in da skiin' and such. After all, dez de bes'.

In 1936, with a population 1/5 of that of the US, Nazi Germany managed to win more medals than the rest of the world combined. That should have demonstrated that white people in a government dedicated to the welfare of white people, simply has no peer. Alas, all it did was generate hate in the manner that an invalid envies, and later hates, the healthy person. 

I mentioned earlier other local school events which were being suppressed news wise. I sniffed about and found that one of these was the school rape of an 11 year old girl by an 15 year old simian. Yes, my equality and diversity minded citizens, keep shipping your young daughters to nigger infested schools. She'll be introduced to the real world is short order and might even be blessed with the hero's disease, AIDS. I did some further investigation and found that her father was an affluent dick who drives a recent model Mercedes and lives in a house where the property taxes are in excess of $6000 per year. He could well afford a private school, but equality comes first. A man such as he, should be stripped naked; have his gonads lassoed and hung by them from the nearest tree. There, the pigeons could appropriately decorate his useless body until he starved to death.
School vouchers – Wish I had a few – And prob'ly you do too – Boo hoo. (Melody = Moon River)

In those hated filled ancient times when I was in high school, girls weren't raped or teachers assaulted, and people usually left the keys in their cars. But these are better times. My Zogle tells me so.

In communities of about 20,000 or less, school vouchers don't mean much since there is usually only one high school where everyone attends. It was true in my home town. There were grammar schools for grades 1-6 and others which spanned 1-8. They were neighborhood schools and reflected the main components of "Anglos", Poles, and Italians. Jews and blacks were "anglos" as far as the schools went. All schools were therefore "white". The Polish and Italian feeder schools were Catholic and and their emphasis upon religious education – beating the love of Jesus into your noggin –, meant that academics suffered and so Catholic schools faired very poorly in comparison. Today, many want to go to these Catholic schools because of their better performance. Why the change? It certainly wasn't due to a change in religious doctrine.

Public schools, in larger cities, simply went nigger while the Catholic schools remained white thus changing their rank, by default. There is nothing which "private" adds to education. It's what they leave out which benefits.

I spent a few years teaching in an all white private school. There were the mandatory jews in attendance, in order to keep an eye on their sheep. Over the years, the nigger factor was introduced and extended. As the simians increased in count, so did general school noise, theft, improper language, litter, and lower class averages.

The boob never confronts any issue honestly. That hate talk! He wishes to waltz around the topic and resort to euphemism. "Private" is now the buzzword for quality education. The white yokel who supports vouchers fails to see past his own selfish motive, for vouchers will also increase the probability that a low-income tar baby will show up at Private Central. Still, the jew-dazed boob will still not see the correlation between "quality" education and the nigger factor.

I do not believe the popular hypothesis that prior to the WTO collisions, explosive charges were placed within the buildings. Here's why. The risk of getting caught placing such charges is very great as I understand that the hypothesis required several of them. More important was that the propaganda effect did not require both buildings to collapse. I well imagine that the culprits went ape when they learned that the damage exceeded their expectations. "It's a Dunn deal," as the advertisement says. Bickering over what is long gone makes about as much sense as arguing over who put the burrs under General Grant's saddle. That's people. They'd rather jawbone about the past than ask seriously about who really benefits from some episode when it happens.
The other day, I made a statement about a certain event in the past. It involved me, and my listener apparently did not believe what I said for he demanded, "Prove that." This placed me on the defensive and I ended the matter with, "It's a free country. Believe what you like." I am under no obligation to "prove" anything to anyone and neither are you. Don't let some pork brain maneuver you in such a fashion. The fact that one asks for "proof" means he didn't believe you and no matter what you present, he'll argue over every word. If you must roast some turkey, then make sure you set the table first.

Janet, as I found out after the fact, was one of those interesting cutie's who loved to watch men fight over her. I dated her only twice before she told me she was going to marry John if I didn't marry her. (Talk about love at first sight!) I then said, "Are you going to invite me to the wedding?" That triggered her sweetness and after showering me with some profanities, I went to the movies alone. I thought that was the end of the matter but a future event proved me wrong.

Janet's dad had a grocery store which I frequented from time to time. On one afternoon, on the way the the swimming hole, I stopped in to buy something. There was John, standing in the doorway to the back room, Janet peeking out from behind his left arm. "You  %@$#^!*!!," shouted John, "I'll teach you to molest my woman!" (At this point, I recognized what sweet, innocent Janet probably had whispered in his ear. Some really grand event, I'd imagine.)  As it is with the fickle finger of fate, I happened to be standing next to the open door to the cellar. John charged like an insane bull and knocked me down the cellar stairs. I tumbled and grazed my head on some post. Dazed, I managed to move out of the way as he attempted to jump upon my head. My elbow went to his knee and he fell. I managed to clamp on a head lock which partially immobilized him, although my head was pounding. I knew that if I released my grip, I'd lose the following brawl. As I tried hard to break his neck, I yelled up the stairs, "Janet. Your love stud wants me to release my hold on him." It was a lie since John couldn't speak. I continued, "Janet, I am going to prove that your dream man is not a man of his word for he has agreed that the fight will end after I release him. As  soon as I let go, John will again resume the fight proving to you and the rest of the world that he is a liar, and untrustworthy." I had set the stage.

I released John and he rose to stand, trembling with rage and restraint. His sweet innocent bed companion was watching and his rooster feathers required that he impress her with his integrity. I smiled, trying to ignore my throbbing head and the small blood streams caused by broken glass I hadn't noticed on the cellar floor. I climbed the stairs and departed, unmolested.

Ken is a pompous ass who works in the city mortuary. He never goes anywhere without wearing his photo ID which advertises his imagined importance. A year earlier, Ken mouthed a few words regarding teen-age suicides, at a town meeting. I raised objection and Ken was not pleased. I would forever be on his "S" list.

Last week, I ran into Ken at a small gathering where new techniques in obtaining fingerprints were demonstrated. I still remember his words about cyanide poisoning – he was wrong – and he used his 'authority' to "put me down" when I raised my objection.

Bigots will be bigots, and one can never win any "debate" with them for all of your 'evidence' will be rationalized away. After greeting Ken, I set the stage. "Ken, what is your opinion of the New England Journal of Medicine?" He issued a few accolades and I then asked him if he'd accept that periodical as authority. He enthusiastically agreed. I then leveled at him their report on cyanide poisoning which contradicted his statements one year earlier. Ken was checkmated, boxed and castrated. He stood there, fenced in by his own words, while his eyes shot arrows of hate in my direction. (Always make sure such events are viewed by many, for maximum clout and personal satisfaction.)

Now, if I hadn't set the stage, he'd have found reason to counter any reference I made to the N.E.J.M. That's the way bigots operate. Your "sources" are not valid if they do not present the bigot in the favorable light he believes the world should view him.

Arguments, or debates, change no one but once in a while it feels good to figuratively kick someone in the walnuts. Set the stage and never signal your punches.

Maguire has said that the end of the pre-revolutionary period is over. Eric says, "The revolution has now begun." The jews say Iraq is the next target for Zionist slaughter. FAEM appears to be leaning more towards Saudi Arabia as the most probably target for attack. It serves the interests of Izzyrail far better than vaporizing Iraq. Anyway, we are now in a state of incipient decay and it cannot be stopped. The Chinese have populated vast areas of Canada and are spreading rapidly in the Late Great U.S.A. The mud flood demands to be fed and the gullible goyim no longer can keep up. Everywhere you look, you see the emerging panic as goyim argue over school budgets and other financial matters. The super rich are already planning for their next massive rip-off of the sheeple. Keep those stock certificates handy. They'll be good for starting fires. But the band will play on and most will continue to dance.
No school can do a good job when people with widely separated mental abilities are forced to be grouped together. If previous White standards (1950 back) are held, Blacks will surely fail. If standards are lowered to accommodate muds, and the "learning disabled", as is now the practice, White kids will be cheated out of an education even though they end up with A's. My advice is not to place your kids in any school with anything approaching a 10% "minority". Your kids are far more precious than your standard of living. Home school if possible. There are many "traditional" study courses available if you search. In any case, make sure to know exactly what is going on in your kids' school and when the p.c. Marxist crap comes in full steam ahead, offer alternative reading, keeping in mind that you shouldn't start a war over it as grades, and recommendations, are still in the teachers' hands. I spent many years in a manure flinging school atmosphere and managed to learn the truth in my spare time, while maintaing decent grades. This might sound hypcritical, but the war being raged against the White race is to be taken very seriously, and we should grant the enemy nothing which is not granted to us. Honestly is required when dealing with comrades but no lie is vile enough for our opponents, for that is the only thing they understand anyway. I hate such duplicity but the enemies of the White race have laid down the rules – no holds barred. Do not debate with the enemy. This is the only open conflict he wishes. We are of two different worlds. You might as well debate with a fire hydrant.
Race Is Bone Deep


The main link was run several weeks ago.  Buried in the gentleman's archive is an excellent article by a forensic anthropologist, Dr. George Gill.  This scientist specializes in identifying the race, sex and age of skeletal remains for police agencies.  Dr. Gill reports that studies report such anthropologists are achieving an 80% accuracy rate in identifying race from skeletal remains alone.

We already know the wrapper (skin) is also structured differently for the three races.  So is hair.  So is fat.

Some years ago a military surgeon friend of mine told me about his discoveries in his first year of med school.  He went to a full dissection school where every first year student gets his own body to dissect.  (note: Don't ever use a doctor who didn't attend such a school.  It's a like hiring a mechanic who's never pulled an engine.).  Dr. M told me whites and negroes store body fat in different ways.  White men store fat on top of the muscles while negroes store fat intertwined in the muscles.  This is one reason negroes can appear so Schwarzennegerish in large numbers.  Building up fat increases apparent (not real) muscle mass.  Dr. M learned this from a survey of the class cadavers in the dissecting rooms.  He first noticed his neighbor's negro cadaver's difference from his own white cadaver when they were dissecting upper arms.  We used to have long periods in the field to explore the Universe and Existence in all their dimensions.  Now that I relate this, I remember that particular discussion was seeded by the diesel fueled tent heater crapping out on a -10 degree Fahrenheit night.

This seems unsurprising for races centered on different climates.  Storing fat on top of the muscles is an insulation advantage in cold northern climes.  The contrary method seems obviously more advantageous in tropical climates for heat dissipation.  This is not mere speculation.  The U.S. Army Medical Corps database has proven that black soldiers are more susceptible to cold weather injuries while white soldiers are more vulnerable to heat injuries.  They are sufficiently sure of this data to present this information to commanders and leaders in preparation for deployments to extreme climates.  ZOG does have to suspend its lies from time to time to keep things working somewhat.

So the skin layers are different.  The muscle/fat mechanisms are arrayed differently.  The bone structures are different.  The heat/cold tolerances are different.  Any serious bets that brains and how they process information and emotions are exempt from such racial differentiation?


(ZOG is intent upon destroying the White race with its bullshit, bribes and bayonets but when it needs its ass bailed out, it falls back on truth and White people. Does anyone see the ironic, jew-dazed, insanity in all of this? As for mental processing, the black brain is much slower. That's why the number of successful black racing car drivers can be counted on a single vacuum. If your brain doesn't process information almost instantly, you'll instantly be out of a job. RF)

It doesn't take much to realize that the 'demos' are not friends of the White people, even though their ranks are filled with White people. The 'pubs' are false friends of White folks. (Hispano types are not White.) So Maguire has left us up a river without a rudder. To vote or not to vote. That's the dig.

Years ago, my friend Bob LeFevre, who operated the Freedom School in  Larkspur CO – complete with an F.B.I. agent loosely disguised – told me that the best way to place a strain on ZOG was to grab every freebie they offered and vote for those who would do the most damage. Not voting meant one had no effect. Thus, our efforts should be towards making things worse – legally.

Gramps always said that both parties served the same interests and had the same agenda, but the 'pubs' did it at a slower rate. This makes voting for 'demos' mandatory for patriots. Besides, one does have more respect for an honest enemy that he ever could for a two-timing 'friend'. Remember the Perot scam which FAEM pointed out long before the public found out they were 'had'? Larry King knew the inside scoop and that's why he paraded the ugly, money grubbing, runt before the gullible goyim, on a regular basis.

As we sink deeper into the sewer of our self-serving interests, perhaps the bad smell of a sickening system will reach the nostrils of those who still vote Republican – still mostly White. Eric, in his essay, pointed out the advantages to the White day-dreamers of having Jesse Jackson as president. Maybe they'll wake up and smell the bagels boiling.

"Escalating accounting worries to keep stocks in the red."

That's today's happy pre-market opening headline.  The story following it is unimportant.  They never are.  It does lead in to the broader topic of the market in general.  Following the Enron pieces I received a number of emails asking my ex-advisor's opinion on "the market".  As I said long ago, I never miss an opportunity not to give 'market advice'.  I've broken that once so far on F.A.E.M.  I'll break it again today.  (No you won't find any hot tip ticker symbols here so skip down if that's what you're looking for.)

The current stock jobbery market is absolutely counter-productive to a healthy economy.  It perhaps wasn't always this way but it certainly is now.  The ultimate macro-economic theoretical justification for tolerating stock markets and all the accompanying gameship is to allow young new companies access to 'capital'.  This purpose is so seldom served now I could enumerate on this page all the companies that actually raised investment capital through "Initial Public Offerings" (IPO) during the 1990s.  Young companies don't get outside capital in the 'market' any more.  They get it from large private investors generically termed 'venture capitalists'.

What then are all the IPOs being used for?  They're merely vehicles to cash out all the initial insiders including these 'venture capitalists'.  The proceeds of the stock offering don't go to the company concerned for expanding the business.  The stock is being sold for the private accounts of these initial insiders.   What then is the 'value' of all these shares of stock old and new listed on the exchanges?

They are four in number.  The first value is the dividend yield (yeah I know, what a stodgy idea).  Take the annual dividend paid by the company and divide it by the stock price.  The resulting percentage is your 'yield'.  The overwhelming majority of stocks yield nothing, have never even paid dividends, and so have no value by this criteria.

The second value is the worth of the entire company to a private buyer. Divide this number by the shares outstanding to obtain the private buyer valuation of each share.  IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Lotus Development (former NASDAQ: LOTS) provided an example of this some years back.  One fine Friday evening after market close Louis Gerstner made an all cash offer for Lotus Development at 50% above the last traded price.  Think about that the next time some academic neo-con economist tries to tell you market pricing is efficient.  It's not.  This is because on any given day most of the stock is not for sale at any price, nor is a buyer for all the stock active.  Prices are set 'at the margin' by a smaller market comprised of individuals, institutions and day traders.  The consensus price arrived at by this group at any given moment fluctuates wildly around the real private buyer value.

Thethird value is the share price necessary to retain management control.  As I mentioned earlier, effective control is maintained with far less than 50% of the voting shares.  We've also seen why such control is useful.   The control group hires pliable non-owning managers (Peter Drucker's 'managerial revolution') and uses the company as a partner for transactions with other entities also controlled by them.  Enron is from atypical in this or in its air filled balance sheet.  Enron simply had the 'x' put on it by those who assess 'credit worthiness'.  At least half of the SP500 list could be bankrupted next week in the same way by having their credit ratings reduced.  9-11 revealed that compared to the airlines Enron was a model of liquidity.  The time period separating the major public airlines from bankruptcy is measurable in hours.

The fourth value is not worth considering unless you enjoy losing money.  Those who got carried away in Dot.Com mania (I didn't) will understand what I'll say next.  This value is 'speculative value'.  Stocks are bought not because of an attractive annual profit, part of which is paid to the owners (yield), or because of underlying business values.  They're bought in the speculative anticipation of someone else coming along sometime (the sooner the better) and paying yet more for this share.  Those caught up in these gold rushes will soon be discovered discussing the 'psychology of the market', turning to Elliot Wave analysis, chartism, tea leaf reading, consulting astrologers, forming investor Bible Study and Prayer groups (to name just some of the good luck rituals I've seen players engage in).

The stock market is the distilled essence of Talmudism.  "Buy low and sell high".  Now this principle superficially is related to the principle for profiting in the pencil retailing business.   Buy for five cents and sell for ten.  But there is a difference.  The sale of a pencil benefits both seller and buyer.  The ideology of the stock market theoretically prohibits such win-win transactions as heresy.  The typical stock sale is not triggered (ignoring estate sales, margin calls, divorces and other generators of sales) because the seller anticipates further price appreciation and that the sold share will also benefit the buyer.  It's a game of pass the bad penny.    The seller is selling 'high' because he expects no further significant appreciation.  All the private account sellers in the modern real IPO racket are doing this.  The offering price is such that they're getting 50-100 times (and more) of their initial capital investment.   None of the public buyers of these shares have any chance of doing nearly so well.

So far the only physical transaction discussed was the sale of a pencil.  The rest involves pieces of printed paper that consist of legal claims.  These claims are legal obligations by others to pay something or do something.  What is their real value?  Well, this business sector is dominated by people whose internal ideology is informed by gems like "it's not necessary to pay a goyim his wages" and "you can keep lost property belonging to gentiles."  So you tell me if these 'shares' have any 'intrinsic' value.   Enron has revealed the mentality and structure of the managements of 'public' companies.  Their sense of fiduciary obligation to the share owners is -0-.  This includes the heroine of the hour, Feminist whistleblower Sharon Watkins.  Her 'cover your ass' letter to CEO Lay did not include any profound moral considerations.  That letter too was purely motivated by considerations of 'Self'.  She's since received a $500k book advance.

Don't delude yourself into thinking Enron's management or operations are atypical in publicly listed companies.