27 February 2002
Do you really think that 1.2 billion Chinese buy into the idiotic "Jews are God's chosen"? Or the billions of Asian Indians? Only jew-dazed honky nitwits believe such nonsense along with the jews themselves. After Whitey goes, I think the "chosenites" will be in for a rude awakening about which god choses which.
I always laugh at the standard idiotic remark, "But there are people worse off than you." Now, what in hell does another's health have to do with me? Are we supposed to feel better if we are in a ward where everyone is dying from AIDS – all equal? Perhaps they should remark, "There are a lot of people better off than you." That would give me something to aim for.
I will not concede my position relative to the Olympimania consortium of druggies and specialized freaks. Once upon a sane day, all contestants were required to participate in ALL events. This was the way. Today,  any clown who can masturbate with his left foot will likely soon see an event tailor-made for him. Talk to some of these "heroes". Most of them cannot even recall the name of the drugs they used.

City "A" has only two citizens – a very small city – which comprise its bowling team. City "B" with 500,000 inhabitants picks Harry Balz and Augusta Wynn as their team. Now which do you think has the better chance of winning a tournament?

If Yolanda Krotchna has 1 horse and Claude Scrotum has 6000, and all are entered in a race, would Yolanda's horse have an equal chance against Claude's herd?

Which swamp is more hazardous relative to malaria – swamp "X" with 6 mosquitoes or swamp "Y" with 6,000,000?

Get the picture? Good. Think "per capita". Norway had the best national showing in the 2002 Olympics. The U.S. was sniffing in the rear and its standing will continue to decline as "diversity" is pushed by the Marxists. Once the "moms" take over, everyone will receive a Gold Medal so no one's feelings will be hurt.

The mestizo and Chinese invasion does have a good side. Neither appears to worship, nor fear, God's Chosen.

Years ago, when Ernst Zündel took some material to a Chinese printer, Eric told the Chinese fellow that if he printed such material he might lose his jew customers, to which the fellow replied, "No need f---ing jews' business. Have too much Chinee business already."

The Mexican newspapers, and other outlets, don't bend over to kiss fanny like the honkies do, when it comes to straight reporting about the privileged people. My daughter mentioned that the "anthrax sprinkler" was likely connected to one of about 14 places in the U.S. and that the person had expertise. Now http://aztlan.net/zack.htm reports on a nice jewish fellow who fits that description. The honky will believe that this is a coincidence and in their jew-dazed math, 6 coincidences = "anti-Semitism."

Today's Drudge Report indicates that England has cracked down on the 1,000 tons of ape meat being imported annually into Briton.  Gee, wonder who has a taste for this delicacy. Ugh ! England used to be a white man's country. Now even the T.V. shows run by the tribe have show blacks to demonstrate that white doesn't matter anymore – only hebrew white. That's another country where white women will run with a coon at every opportunity. I have often put the number of young white women who would copulate with coons,  if they had a chance, at 60%. However I'm beginning to believe it's closer to 75 %. (Sent by a reader.)
As the National Guard, police forces and the military, are filling their ranks with femmes and muds, while the Air Force Reserve is becomingly more Asian by the day, what do you think this means for your future, White man?
Yes sah, boss man, keep up dat der diversity and one day yo'all learn what "equality" really means, TO US.
Izvestiya  (http://www.izvestia.ru/community/article15079)

The amount of illegal wood harvesting has reached 10,000,000 cubic meters/per year. The legal harvesting quota is 3,000,000 cubicmeters.  There were 30,000,000 illegally harvested cubic meters of wood in 2000, all for the Chinese market.

Dalnerechensk, Primor'e (Pacific Siberia) – there are tens of illegal lumber camps and yards. Eighty percent of these illegal
operations are operated by Chinese.  You can find a couple of security men there which are Russians.  The rest of the population
are citizens of China speaking Russian.  They all have been trained in special Chinese colleges with a programs called "Preparing
Specialists for Future Territories" (Pioneers).  The Chinese don't hide that they are coming to Primor'e permanently. This is not
because they need it desperately but it's because Russia DOESN'T CARE.  Experts of the World's Wild Nature reported that the
largest amount of hardwoods 'leaking' to China are illegally harvested.

(In view of the obviously growing Chinese threat, I have added to the Letters folder, George Washington's Vision, Valley Forge winter of 1777.)


"NEW YORK (Reuters) – Unbelievable perhaps, but New York City's new mayor (Bloomberg) wants to sell you the historic Brooklyn Bridge. In fact, he wants to sell three other bridges in America's biggest city."

Needless to add, they want to start charging tolls on these former fully paid for public properties.  This is how things went during the collapse of the USSR, too.  Jews in public offices started selling public properties to other Jews in sweetheart deals.  Give them enough time and there'll be a toll gate and coin basket at the end of your driveway where the street starts.


The FBI has found itself a new suspect for the recent anthrax attacks – a Jewish microbiologist by the name of Dr. Philip M. Zack. Surprised? (Sent by a reader.)
A Meeting of the Stupid Party.


"A state legislator from Montgomery, one who had vigorously opposed my resolution the first time, asked me, "Have you read Buchanan's Book"?– meaning his recently published Death of the West. "No," I said, "but I have it on my bedside table and it's next." "Read it," he said, "it's scary.""

As an example of somnambulism (look it up) this is unexceptional.  The only noteworthy item is this conversation is reported to have recently occurred at a meeting of the Alabama State GOP Committee.  The Somnambulist who said "it's scary" had previously voted against an anti-immigration resolution and had now decided to vote in favor of it.  What changed his mind?  Pat Buchanan's book and 9-11.  Don't think this is a permanent awakening.  That man's enlightenment will only last until David Horowitz writes another book saying open American borders are what Jesus wants.  Does anyone have any further questions about why official government anti-white racism persists throughout the tenure of 'Republican' administrations?  Any remaining mystery about how obvious Mossad agents can obtain official state government 'security' postings without background investigations?

There is the political organization (I use this term very loosely) that has got to be eliminated if the white race is to survive in North America.  This is the failing of the otherwise highly intelligent individuals like Steve Sailer at http://www.vdare.com .  It is vain to imagine, as VDARE does, that it is possible to build anew on a foundation composed of people like that State GOP Committeeman.  He and all his fellow deacons have to be relieved from responsibility if the white race is to survive in North America.

The above transaction is why I say eliminating the GOP will not be a difficult task.  Nor will its disappearance be any loss at all.  In most important aspects it doesn't even exist as a political party.  It's just kept on life support by ZOG Media, Inc. and ZOG-Washington, D.C.  The only reason it's still eligible for automatic ballot placement is that Ralph Nader and Pat Buchanan were censored from the Presidential debates in Y2K.


In olden days, when we were sane, the family was held together by mom and dad – the nuts and bolts, as it were. Nuts and bolts are compliments. They are only valuable when used together. Now, that mom has decided she is a bolt, equal to dad, nothing then is left to hold the family together.
Meet the 'Christian Coalition' Wing of the Republican Party:  The Gang's All Here.


The only thing lacking in this article by Mr. Eric Jewell are the extensive connections between nearly all of these individuals and the Zionists.  This is the key omission.  These Zionist ties are infinitely deeper than the chump change tossed around by Sun Myung Moon.  What we see in this article is another manifestation of recycled John Birch Society think.   Here's a good opportunity for people to exercise their gray cells.  Let's start with the facts.

Q.  What are these Zionist 'Televangelists' manifestations of?

A.  Televitz of course.  To ask the question is to answer it.

Q.  Who can cancel their shows and televitz access?  The Right Reverend Moonbeam or Sumner Redstone and his fellow tribesmen?

A.  Sumner Redstone and his fellow tribesmen.

Q.  So what is the Right Reverend Moonbeam doing with his odd million here and three million over there?

A.  Trying to buy access for lobbying so his organization isn't banned for fund raising fraud like it was in Russia and also his home country of South Korea.

So much for the Juden-Frei "Moonie-Christian-NWO" conspiracy theory put forward by Mr. Eric Jewell.


Support Black reparations! I do. I sat down with Rastus Jefferson Clinton the other day and worked out what the White folks owed him. I then deducted all of his welfare payments and other financial ZOG freebies. As it turned out, he owed the White folks money. Rastus then said we should up the welfare payments and he'd reimburse us from that. That's what I call honest and responsible. I wanted to introduce him to Hillary, but he said she was damaged goods.
Years ago, before my mind went, I visited a swamp surrounded by a desert, aerated by hurricanes, and known to many as Florida. Tom Gaskins, a conservative who started me on the road to hate and old age, took me to an alligator farm. I was surprised to learn that alligators actually kill and eat each other, providing they are smaller. Alligators can be bullies too. Anyway, there appears to be "innocent" alligators who are consumed in the same manner as the careless observer, or a dog who decides to take a drink where he shouldn't have. Thus we have "good" alligators and "bad" alligators. We render a disservice if we label all alligators bad  The good alligators are certainly in the same boat as we – potential victims of the bad alligators. I now wish to have the good alligators join us in opposition to the bad alligators. Perhaps "Alligators for Christ" or "Alligators in Support of the Second Amendment" might be a start. After all, we must judge all alligators on an individual basis, eh? Well matey, show your conviction by being the first to jump into that there swamp. I have my Polaroid at the ready.
There's a big overlap between Judeo-feminists and lesbians.  The common factor in both groups is they're not self-reproducing.  They have to recruit and thus pose no significant threat to the Jews' own genetic posterity. Eric has noted that lesbos who demonstrate hostility towards the White male, are very often quite cozy with Black and mestizo males. I surmised that these people did have one thing in common: a shared hatred of the White male. Fags and bi-sexuals are also in that group so ZOG has a lot of flotsam on their side.
Hot Hannah! A new webstire (under construction). The more the merrier. As the heat of hate approaches the self-sustaining stage, I can hear the polar icecaps melting. Hate! Never leave home without it. Do not let your enemies monopolize it.
Dear FAEM:

Have you noticed that the only people news sources ever interview about having lost their job due to the "dot com bust" are either management or ugly, overweight women with vague job titles like "Director of Human Relations?"  I've glanced at several interviews in judeo news sources like CNN, and the story always goes something like this, "Brenda Fishface was a high ranking executive manager at dot com, until the bottom fell out of the technology industry.  She used to make $150,000 a year, now she's going back to school and wondering how she's going to survive in our new e-conomy."

Everyone I know with any real technical ability at all has not had any difficulty in finding a job to keep food on their table, the only ones I've seen have trouble are those who's job description can't actually be defined.

Someone who can program, troubleshoot, network, design, etc... could easily work 14 hour days if they wanted to.  Some friends of mine were working for a fast growing multimedia firm, doing things like programming databases, 3D rendering, etc...   They were the backbone of the company, and completely self-taught.  His boss one day decided to "micro manage" and hired a bunch of feminist, man-hating women to make things more "efficient" and foster "equality."  The work environment became hostile almost immediately, and within a year of the feminist introduction, both of my friends were were shit-canned from the company because of unfounded claims of "sexism," "racism," etc... They even tried to force them into signing a contract on leaving saying they would not go into the same field of work for one full year after being terminated.

A year after firing my friends, the company has folded and of course they're blaming "market conditions," "September 11th," etc...  Never mind they never managed to release a single finished product after they let there two best employees go.

Feminists are the embodiment of successful jewish influence in the white race.  In their own way they are just as destructive to the white race as the Jews   E. D.

Robertsez: The above parallels my own experience with graduates from R.P.I. A major target for the Marxists has always been the females. Once corrupted into no longer believing that man and woman were compliments, but "equals", women became the White males' worst enemy. Sadly, many good men still sleep with the enemy. This doesn't mean we should war with these female jocks for that our enemies desire. Do your best to avoid them at all costs. However, there are millions of genuine women out there and I know several of them. ZOG media prefers not to mention that they exist. They flaunt whores, dykes, and bitches as representative "women".

A reader mentioned that Alex Jones http://www.infowars.com is a jew. Could be. His references to Hitler have the usual kosher stamp. Another 'trigger' word used by jews and commies for people they don't like is "fascist". Anytime someone on national TV lambastes ZOG, then it is done with jew approval.
A Letter from Alex Curtis' Future Cellmate:  Andrei Kievsky's Excellent Adventure at the Synagogue.


Why anyone in their senses would decide to try to 'advance' a pro-white cause by heckling at the local den of the Talmudists is beyond me.  But that's what Andrei Kievsky of Vanguard News Network decided to do.

"Then I picked up my loose-leaf binder, and the guy who had knocked it out of my hand tried to do it again by hitting my hand, but I had a firmer grip on my binder. I said, "that's assault again! You've assaulted me twice! But I'm a nice guy, I won't press charges." Then a guy who was next to my assailant said, "Oh, we're witnesses, you hit him! I'll say it in court, you hit him!"

Psst.  Hey Alex!  He will, too.  If you don't think Jews will perjure themselves en masse in criminal proceedings then write and ask John Demjanjuk if he shares your opinion.

"Oh that's typical Jew conspiracy lying behaviour. I should expect as much."

Alex Curtis has the satisfaction of saying this to himself every day in his cell in a federal prison.  Where to next, Kievsky?  The Nation of Islam to explain why they'd be happier acting like white people?  And from there where?  On to Monkey Island to uplift the macaques?

Achtung! Young white men.  Look learn and avoid the same.   Get this through your heads, dudes. YOU ARE THE REAL POLITICAL OPPOSITION, such as it is.  Illegal Mexicans can get bail for dealing drugs and holding up convenience stores.  You on the other hand will be held without bail and charged with 'Hate Crime' felonies for spitting on the sidewalk.  That's the way it is.  Understand and adapt to it.  Or go back to being a ZOGling.


It's interesting to note how little is ever said about Nazi Germany's economic miracle. We get gas chambers up the rectum until constipation, and nausea, sets in and nothing else. Even Alex Jones blabs about the confiscation of arms under Hitler, but Dr. Pierce laid that piece of fermented baloney to rest. In short order, Hitler accomplished in 2 years what a decade of Roosevelt's Marxist schemes failed to produce thus making the SWATKWP the vehicle for American economic recovery.

Any objective economic study of the Third Reich could not fail to notice the legal sanctions applied against usury and financial speculation, an anti-large corporate conglomerate policy and the removal of Big Jewry from influential positions in the national political-economy.

There were other laws too, such as requiring speculators to sell back at cost properties they had acquired for pittances in hard currency from stricken Germans during the Great Inflation of 1923.  This measure naturally hit Hymie very hard indeed.  The International Race was not lacking 'helpful' cousins at that time.

Small Jews were allowed to keep their individual stores, trades and medical practices like any other German.  Of course they were subject to voluntary organized boycotts against them of the kind they are accustomed to inflicting on goyim in all other times and places.

Germany, lacking gold, went over to issuing government greenbacks like Lincoln and Kennedy.  That is, Germany used 'fiat currency'. And like Lincoln and Kennedy lethal violence against them swiftly followed.

(Some of the above was pilfered from Maguire.)


This just in...

Hillary Clinton Opens 2004 Presidential Campaign.


"Sen. Clinton Critical of Arafat"

" JERUSALEM (AP) – New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday visited a downtown Jerusalem restaurant hit by a Palestinian suicide bombing attack and blamed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for nearly 17 months of Mideast violence."


"Hillary Clinton Blasts Arafat in Speech in Israel"

"JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton  said during a solidarity visit to Israel Saturday that Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was a failed leader unable or unwilling to stop terrorism against Israelis."

"In a speech to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (F.A.E.M. note.  This meeting of 'American' Jewish leaders is being held in Jerusalem), the New York Democrat and former first lady blamed Arafat for the collapse of peace efforts her husband, Bill Clinton, spearheaded when he was president."

In my message of two hours ago I neglected to mention the bases the U.S. is establishing in Pakistan as they seek to encircle China with their arc of encirclement.

A few moments ago I was watching the History channel's documentary on the closing day's of W.W.II in Europe. Even today there are so many that believe it was a great victory. Ugh ! The fools still relish seeing the barbarian communist asiatic armies rolling into German cities in 1945,  with orders  permitting  rape and murder. They never forget to show Auschwitz with its thousands of buildings, emaciated bodies and dead. Never did the show the thousands upon thousands of German civilians killed or interviews with French citizens who lost their kinsman by allied bombing. They had footage of the Feb. 13, 1944 bombing of Dresden, and had the gaul to say that after the raid Churchill questioned the logic of terror raids against civilians when the dirty bastard ordered the raid, and was impatient for it to happen. If that sadist had any reservations it was because it was forced on him by more sane folk  in the British Government.

As a young  soldier I realized the man was as mad as a March hare. There was no glory in that filthy war, and when some dummy says the Germans started it they should read their history and note that Germany did not attack either England or France in  W.W. I or W.W. II. The quarrel between Poland and Germany was legitimate on Germany's part, for millions of their citizens were sacrificed and handed over to both Poland and that bastard state born of Versailles, Czechoslovakia. The greatest victims of W.W.II  were the Germans and they suffered more than any other nation, and still are victims but  too dumb to know it. They are still occupied by so called allied powers; no peace treaty has ever been signed; they are not even members of the phony baloney U.N. Their position in history is relegated to paying reparations to the chosen ones, and believing they are a cornerstone of the goofy European Union of states.  Those that hated them and helped murder their kinsman and still do hate Germans  are supported by the labor and industry of the German people.

It would have been much better if Germany  had brought the Czechs, Slovaks, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, and Croatia into a greater German State after Russia left. Further, they could have paid the Russians to sell them back the portion of East Prussia they occupied. In fact I read in a National Geographic Magazine a few years back that the Russians living there desired to belong to Germany.  The Poles would have had no choice but to ultimately  join this union. Germany's destiny has always been in the East that's why the old Germany was always cognizant of the east and their true destiny. Germany's  markets are in Russia and they would be a true bastion against the oriental hordes that will one day again threaten the European peoples. As far as England is concerned they will become more negroid with each passing year as will the U.S. I think there's an old religious adage that goes, "Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord ". It sure looks like it will one day come to pass on all who
would not know the truth if they saw it.

Regards. Joe.

Public access TV has lately been presenting all sorts of alarmist and conspiracy material. The latest one I saw was a talk by Alex Jones http://www.infowars.com  There are many popular sites like this popping up but one has to be careful as there are mountains of disinformation out there. Alex offers little but newspaper articles to prove whatever and does the customary "Hitler is evil" routine – a proven formula for those engaged in befuddling the masses. Americans are drawn towards the bizarre like iron filings to a magnet. Anything can be found on some printed piece of paper, and usually is. By selective choosing, nearly anything can be demonstrated in the manner of using useless statistics to "prove" that red ants live longer if their sand hills don't contain zircon. Until I can SEE, not read, that Americans are more interested in freedom than they are in "safety", then I'll prepare to go down with the ship. People become jew-dazed out of choice. They choose to live in a Barnum and Bailey world.
Olympic News Update


First up, Germany again tops the total number of medals won.  China, population one billion plus, just won its second Winter Olympics gold medal in history, thanks to the same Chinese female athlete who won the first.  Spain also 'won' a Winter Olympics medal this year thanks to a German emigre who used to compete as part of the German team.


Russian-Canadian Cold War.  More information is emerging over the Russian-Canadian figure skating flap.  The suspended French judge says she was subjected to severe behind the scenes pressure from Canadian officials to vote pro-Canuck ahead of the competitions.  Veteran Revisionists will find this account of lying Canadian double-dealing completely credible.


Robertsez: Sorry Maguire, Norway still is tops in per capita performance and diversity central still in the pits. It's the only way to reveal any truth – per capita. A larger population SHOULD have more of anything in total. Germans of today are not the Germans of 1936 where they won more than the rest of the world combined but also were tops on a per capita basis. (The power of hate?) Norway has not been eroded socially to the extent that the rest of the Western world has.

We can look forward to many tyrannical acts but a successful tyranny depends upon leadership competence. From my viewpoint, ZOG is an apparatus of marvelous machinery run by chimpanzees. Every time someone throws a few peanuts at their feet, they forget what they were just doing. That doesn't spell efficiency to me.
Miscegenation is a crime against Nature and hence, humanity. Participants thereof, deserve nothing less than the death penalty. Also included are the un-Natural acts of sodomy, homosexual encounters and rape. 
Has anyone ever thought seriously about the "famous" e = mc² formula attributed to the violinist Einstein?

Over the centuries, men have devised ways to measure the speed of light and several approximations have been recorded. Let's suppose Einstein's variation of a kinetic energy relation is true. Then we could obtain the velocity of light (c) by simply taking a known amount of matter (m) and giving it a thermal boost and then measuring the extra energy (e) which is produced. Therein lies a fat rub. When a Big Boy or Fat Man bomb is detonated, how does one measure the amount of mass which was turned into energy? It's all over the place. Moreover, how does one measure the amount of energy produced? It again, is all over hell's creation. Any attempt at measurement of either quantity would be fraught with error to magnificent level. Surely e = ½mc², the K.E. relation, would be just as accurate due to the gigantic numbers involved. Since Einstein was a jew, it is odd that he didn't choose e = 6mc² making it a tidy package with 6 symbols to boot.

The idea of matter changing to energy is interesting. If the particles in an atom are separated, then that is no longer considered matter. Electricity, electron flow, is not matter and neither is a herd of neutrons stampeding across Bikini. But neutrons and electrons occupy space and energy is not supposed to. If one peruses much of this stuff, he can notice that definitions are as a wet bar of soap – forever slipping and sliding according to application. That's what I call "nailing it down".

Fuzzy wuzzy Al also popularized the idea that the faster one traveled, the smaller he got, thus leading to the conclusion that when he reached the speed of light, he'd be all energy with -0- size. The relation appeared as D = d(1 – v²/e²) where (e) was the speed of light; (v) the velocity of your motorcycle,  and (d) your original size. The (D) is your "real" size due to the influence of tooling along past the speed limit. As one can see, if v = e then D = 0.

This jim-dandy relation was derived from an all too familiar "trap" our algebra teachers used to drop on us when we were doing the rate-times-time = distance stuff. Einstein substituted size for distance (both linear measurements) and shuffled the variables using the incorrect practice of averaging velocities. That is, the idea that if I travel to Casa Grande from Phoenix at 50 MPH and then travel the return at 70 MPH, I would have averaged 60 MPH for the round trip. One can doodle a bit and easily arrive at the miraculous "shrinking" formula, but flawless mathematical calculations do not produce reality any more than a "infinite" sum of nothings produce something. It's mostly gobbledygook – bullshit baffles brains.

Dear J & S

I wanted to make sure that I wouldn't be doing more harm than good with the theme of this writing.  I have decided to send this info along because I think you both realize, or are beginning to realize, what it is I am saying.

While most people believe they are living their lives for themselves, this is not true.   We live our lives for the extension of our race, or as the PCers would prefer, our species.    The image that you project to the world around you; that is, the role you play for yourself, is actually a combination of things.   If you wear the costume of a soldier or a cowboy or a biker or a doctor, it is a projection of the genetic material inside you, which determines the upper end of what you can be; and learned behavior (role models) that you absorbed in your development, which determines the lower end of how far you go.

So what?

In my previous mailing, I outlined how the adoption of non-productive role models have been used to destroy our race.  Obviously the colored races have not been targeted yet, as they are thriving.   How you choose to live your life affects not only you, but all your future generations.   If you opt, or are channeled into a non-productive life style, it is not just you who suffers, but this misery is passed on to many of your future generations.   Maybe this is the real meaning of "the sins of the father are visited on the sons"?

I think what may actually be worse is the damage done by the shift in female role models.   While you may have never seen what we thought was wholesome TV, I don't believe I could come up with a modern equivalent to the Mom on "Leave It To Beaver" for example.   The modern female has been taught that she is not to look past her own ends, if it feels good, do it.   Even worse, she is bombarded with images of race mixing and encouraged to mix the blood with any creature which can stand erect.   I have known several of these, who bore children of mixed blood and now live in misery.   The races are not the same.  But there is an instinctive desire to cleave to one's own kind and this has held us together for now.

The reason I have brought this up is you must be aware that a trap has been set before you can ever hope to avoid it.   What you wear and how you act is certainly none of my business.  But we all live (play) a role that our young'ens will pick up and carry on.   So I write this, not as a father to son, but as a grandfather to son and daughter-in-law.   I also write this as one of the many things that I wasn't told that could have made a difference in my life.

By their fruits ye will know them,

XO,  Dad

Mossad Agent Appointed As Top New Jersey State Government 'Security Advisor'


"Cipel, a former Israeli sailor who is still an officer in that nation's reserves, worked in a variety of public relations positions in Israel and the United States before joining the McGreevey campaign in spring 2001. During the campaign, he was both an informal adviser on security and liaison to New Jersey's Jewish community."

"McGreevey (New Jersey's new Democratic governor) reiterated his support for Cipel and... said he does not believe Cipel should undergo an extensive background check."  "Cipel has served as a top public information officer for the Israeli General Consulate in New York."

Disguising intelligence case officers as public relations flacks is an old practice long used by the CIA and KGB.  This article is a clear notice to start checking your own state and local governments far more carefully.  ZOG (Zionist Occcupation Government for those who came in late) is clearly moving to push direct rule down to state and local levels.  This continues the trend of Israeli Jews occupying key posts in the North American security apparat both public and private.  For instance, the Southern Poverty Law Center  (SPLC), a notorious anti-white hate group, has long had its own Zionist satrap in the form of Israeli Jew lawyer and Mossad operative Mark Potok.


As Goes California...


"Young gay and bisexual Latino men in the San Diego-Tijuana border region have alarming rates of HIV infection – between 19 and 35 percent – says a survey released yesterday."

"The San Diego-Tijuana rates "are startling and alarming, and provide evidence that HIV transmission is occurring more rapidly than we expected in this population," he said."

Bet you can't wait to run out and get some of that Hot Mexican Lovin', eh white goy girls?  It's cool.  The Jews on the tube and the Jewesses writing your favorite magazines say so.


What do I think about the behind-the-scenes efforts, now energetically underway, at censoring the internet? Not much. I fully expect the future to be played out as in "1984", "Harrison Bergeron", "Fahrenheit 451", and other prophetic novels. We live in an age where the "spirit of the law" has been relegated to the dust bin of history and the "letter of the law" – the playing field for the unscrupulous – elevated to sainthood, a MOS or modus operandi, as it were. The pattern is seen everywhere one turns: the conclusion comes first and fact/method altered to agree with the conclusion. In order to appease a potential problem with the simian crowd, it was decided that some honky cops should be sacrificed. When the Rodney King jury failed to reach the politically correct verdict, the hammer of "civil rights" was brought to bear. Although, in the 'spirit' sense, this was double jeopardy, the word-twisters invented new jargon in order to make it appear different that it was – sentence first, verdict later. This frightening trend was established conclusively during that farce called the Nürnberg War Crimes trials where decent Germans wer executed in a horrible manner under ex post facto laws. The same technique, if you can call it that, is being applied to all of the world's peoples, and to White folks in particular for it is the objective to destroy ALL White enclaves wherever they may be. I doubt if history can show a greater, and more prolonged, hatred for a particular people.

The spirit of the First Amendment has already been corroded to great degree by the acid called political correctness. You are free to praise, as long as the people aren't White; and not allowed to condemn, unless the people are White. ZOGUSA IS the world wide driving force behind this satanic program and is supported by the American tax-payers' money and especially by his greed and indifference to those around him. Most people have little to say anyway and so curtailing what they talk about will really not be noticed. Thus, the First Amendment has to go. That's the objective, but I suspect that it will be retained in skeletal form so that a few will be allowed to dissent as was true in the jew's other paradise, the former Soviet Union.

The internet is a vast medium and so far has eluded control. Many are denied web space particularly if the space is partially supported by advertisers' money. "Hate" is bad for business but we have experienced an increase in Chinese, and Korean, name servers who frankly do not give a damn as long as the money rolls in. The Chinese, and mestizos, are colonizing Canada and the US and I doubt if "free speech on the internet" really means much to them and so they ignore the jew's attempts to put locks on the doors of their sinking ship.

Hate is an emotion and good novelists have much difficulty in using cold symbols to generate an emotion within their readers. All emotion stems from internal thoughts anyway. The printed word does not make the reader cry. Peeling onions might, but barring eye strain, there's nothing about the physical exercise of reading which should make anyone's tears flow. His brain directs that and the words which repulse some, make for merriment in others.

What disturbs our masters is not internet "hate" but IDEAS, and ideas are what THEY HATE. "Bad mouthing" is permissible as long as no idea is connected to it – an idea which might get people to THINK and thereby possibly motivate them to ACT. For the most part, internet words are tossed about as freely as confetti and rice at a wedding. If that were all there was to it, no one would care. However, there's always the possibility of someone picking up one of those grains of rice and asking questions about it. That's a no-no and it must not be allowed to happen. Again, it will be interesting to see how the American people will be sold on the idea of accepting another shackle in the name of freedom.

We pride ourselves because Americans own more automobiles on a per capita basis than any other people. We have the most telephones on a per capita basis. Standard of living is on a per capita basis yet when I view Olympic performance on the same basis many object. Why is that? It's just another demonstration of how jew-dazed we really are. We cannot remove the grip of the "conclusion first, facts/method made to fit". We are the best! Any means of determining this is invalid unless it "proves" the foregone conclusion.

When any member of the species Homo nigerus, fails at something, then the criteria is at fault, or "racism", or goblins from the planet Mongo. Often we see methods, data, and other items disregarded and rewritten in order to conform to the conclusion – Blacks are not only equal, but probably superior. But this is ZOGland and you asked for it.

Eric informs me that a pair of jews, straight from the jew scam "cold fusion", have isolated "anti matter". Since anti-matter reacts with matter to produce vibrating vacuums, I suppose, (something plus anti-something equals nothing), I wonder what sort of container this wondrous stuff is stored in. I have loads of faith that our tax-supported meta-scientists will dream up something. Perhaps a variety of "indifferent matter" would serve as a vessel not only to contain anti-matter, but real matter as well.

Obviously anti-matter cannot be sailing about the universe on its own for it would eventually meet some real matter and both would turn to nothing. Enough anti-matter could conceivably wipe out the universe, but what would anti-matter do if it were in excess surrounded only by the nothingness it created? Perhaps this is what is happening. The universe is not expanding, it's just that the nothingness of space is increasing and real matter is decreasing relatively.

When real matter sails about it collides with other matter giving rise to to our explanation of pressure, chemical reactions and such. Is it possible for anti-matter to collide with anti-matter giving rise to non-pressure and non-chemical reactions. Since matter is classified as 92 plus elements, one might wonder if such a deal exists with anti-matter. Would a parcel of anti-matter, which is suitable to change hydrogen into nothing, also be suitable to change ytterbium or plutonium to nothing? Matter reacts with matter and matter reacts with anti-matter, so why shouldn't anti-matter react with anti-matter? Inquiring minds want to know.