5 March 2002
My Olympics – All  contestants shall be placed in one of 8 categories: White, Black, Yellow, Mestizo, Sambo, Mulatto, Jew and None-of-the-Above. Each contestant will be required to participate in ALL events, being scored in each. There will be a proper balance of physical events as well as mental exams. May the best "race" win. (It's obvious that this will be biased in favor of ???) In order to improve the performance for the next Olympics, the lower 1/3 will be shot.

The juice will be dumping a new movie, Joe and Max, upon the airwaves. (The 1930s boxing bouts between Joseph Louis Barrow, the American "brown bomber" and Maximillian Schmeling, the German.) Boxing was never a heavy European sport and Max was the first to win a heavyweight title. The kikes probably will promote that Hitler used Max as proof of Aryan superiority, which is false as is all the other poppycock about the Third Reich. Physical bouts never prove anything in the human realm as a good kangaroo will usually K.O. the best of the nignogs, and for good reason. A human usually has a difficult time hitting a nig hard enough on the head to knock him out, but the 'roo's heavy foot has no such handicap. While a nig can balance a basketball on the tip of his finger, a seal can do it on its nose without having to spin the ball first. That proves seal superiority. Anyway, if boxing required IQ testing in order to qualify, there would not be a nignog in the sport. In olden days, high school kids could not play varsity unless they had at least an 85 average in their school work. Although we were not blessed heavily with the benefits of integration, it is noted that no Black was ever on a varsity team.

Since faggotry is now sold as "normal", bestiality is just around the corner. As soon as White girls, with diseased minds, start copulating with real gorillas, instead of the half-breed variety, I expect gorillas to be admitted to the wresting circuit. Another thought. Olympic swimmers should train in crocodile infested rivers, which would provide them with added motivation to be fast.

In my history classes of long ago, before the books were cooked to conform to misconceptions, we were told that Germanic tribes crossed over into Spain and thence into Morocco  The Carthaginians in Roman times were for the most part of a European stock. Hannibal's army was a mixture of Spaniard and Gaul. The man was as European as the Romans.. The Romans lost at Cannae (2nd. Punic War) because they thought they were a super power and could not be beat. The Germanic soldiers in the Roman Legions weren't greatly thrilled with their generals, and the considerable class distinction. Also Hannibal had conquered all of Northern Italy within two months and that's where most of the Germanic relatives of the Roman army came from. The Romans feared the Carthaginians because they considered them terrorists, but thought they could beat them with large forces, and lost.  The 25 yr. old Hannibal sure as hell gave them a run for their money, and never lost a battle in
Italy. The Romans were fortunate to have Gen. Fabian to correct their overconfidence.

Looks a little like we're following Fabian's tactics in Afghanistan. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens when the disintegration of the New Roman Empire takes place? You, Robert, and Eric are true scholars and learned men, and  intellectual soldiers, and our country could sure use  a lot more of you fellows in the very trying times to come, for you have all opened the door to the future and do know the truth and consequences of policies that can only bring the blood, sweat and tears Mr. Churchill liked to refer to. May the Gods continue to light your path and be a beacon of hope against the barbarian both at home and abroad.
Regards. Joe.

Judge Halts An Army Policy on Promotion
Ruling Says Gender, Race Overly Stressed
By Neely Tucker
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 5, 2002; Page A01

A federal judge struck down the Army's equal-opportunity promotion process yesterday, saying the policy gives undue preference to women and minorities at the expense of white, male officers.

**** Dawh. I thought all of those promotions were due to high intelligence and physical prowess. Aside, to me there's nothing more comical than a 5'2" Black female "officer" barking commands to a batch of dazed non-coms. Our armed services resemble the Keystone Cops for the most part. If it weren't for their hi-tech toys, one could wonder how they'd stack up in a real brawl – man to man – without them. RF

Army officer promotions.

I'd never written about it because their system is such old news, to me at least.  A federal court previously found anti-white racism was the factor in officer downsizing selection in the early 1990s.  This did not lead to changes in the system by the Republican Congress.  Nor will the current case cause the Republican Bush Administration and Secretary of the Army White (retired Brigadier General and Enron executive money grabber emeritus) to do anything.

If there's one place on earth where 'colorblind' and also non-sexist policies could be applied, it's the centralized officer promotion system.  The promotion boards don't promote people.  They promote personnel file folders.  These folders contain efficiency reports, awards and also general officer letters of commendation or censure.  They also contain an 'official' photograph.The true 'equal opportunity' solution is clear.  Don't let the promotion board see the photos.  Provide efficiency report abstracts sanitized of first names and maybe even last names and all age/race/sex data.  That would be true 'equal opportunity'.  Here's what really happens.

The promotion board proceeds to eliminate files that won't be promoted 'for cause'.  These causes include things like general officer Article 15s, general officer letters of reprimand, overweight, can't pass physical fitness test, etc.  They then proceed to 'merit rank order' the ones left from 1 to 1,000.   There are a fixed number of promotions that can awarded.  This number is fixed by how many officers in each rank Congress permits and also how many of that rank are retiring or have resigned that year.  The number of permissible promotions is known ahead of time.

The board then inserts a card in the merit order stack at that numerical cutoff point.  Then they check to see if enough women and 'minorities'  made the cut.  When, as always happens, there aren't enough the board starts pulling out white male officer folders ABOVE THE CUT (and below) until enough half literate negroes and lesbians are 'above the cut' for promotion to captain, major, lieutenant colonel or whatever the board was considering. "Maguire""

And futhermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed!" <Republicaineno delenda est!>

Needless to add, Paytriot for Profit David Hackworth's so-called "Soldiers For The Truth" website is silent on this issue of anti-white racism in officer promotions.  Squeaking up on that might interfere with his ZOG Media, Inc. paid spots, marketing his books and also his cash flow.

Attention, young white men!  Avoid such false leaders.  They are only out for themselves.
Attention, would-be blightwing leaders!  "Loyalty" is a two-way street.

Hyphenated American labels are not consistent. There are Italian-Americans, Swedish Americans, Japanese Americans and so on. How come there are no Apache-Americans, Seneca-Americans, or Hopi-Americans? If I were an Injun, I'd protest the blanket label of Native-American for even the coyote is a native of America too. Native means you were born here. I am a native American. Where are our Zulu-Americans, Matabele-Americans and Shona-Americans? If I were a tar baby, I'd protest the blanket label of African-American. And why is a mulatto called an African-American anyway? Doesn't the White part count?

In one case, hyphenated Americans are classified by country and in others, by continent. Why not do the universal bit? Aren't we all Earth-Americans?

Shabbez goy Lush Rimblow has stated that the "war on terrorism" will continue until no more terrorists are left alive. I didn't notice him volunteering for commando duty in order to shorten the process. Have you noticed that the most vocal of the "hawks" are precisely those who are positive they will be safe from combat, especially the female yappers? Well Lush, that's a tall order for how does one tell when the last terrorist is gone? How can one tell if some young boy will not become a future terrorist? You can't shoot him now because he is not a terrorist. But when he grows up and changes his view of the world, then you can shoot him. It seems we are in dire need of a crystal ball, you know, the kind used in the Salem witch hunts of yesteryear. "He looks like a g.d. terrorist to me."

Is ZOG an organized group? Hasn't it threatened Afghanistan with obliteration if they didn't had over Osama? Hasn't it threatened to "bomb back into the stone age" any country which fails to yield to ZOG's demands? I'd say "yes" to all and according to the dictionary, ZOG is a terrorist group. "Ugh! Me beat shit outta you. Good. You fight back. Bad." There's nothing like objectivity, eh?

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." Samuel Adams, American Revolutionary
One fellow asks
if anyone has statistics on Black crime in European countries. Another question is concerned with whether juice could be guessed using the Zyklon B procedures they "eye-witnessed" during their survivor apprenticeships. My opinion is that I doubt it very much. However, a real live scientific test, using condemned criminals or members of Congress, would seem to be on order to lay this carbuncle to rest.
If the American People ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks, and corporations that grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until the children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.  I sincerely believe the banking institutions, having the issuance power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies!  Already they have set up a money aristocracy that has the government at defiance.  The issuing power [of currency] should be taken from the banks and restored to Congress and to the People, to whom it belongs! "

"If our Nation can issue a dollar bond, it can issue a dollar bill.  The element that makes the bond good also makes the bill good.  The difference between the bond and the bill lets money brokers [bankers] collect twice the amount of the bond plus interest.  Whereas the bill [currency] pays nobody but those who contribute directly in some useful way.  The People are the basis for government credit.  Why then cannot the People have the benefit of their own credit by receiving non-interest bearing currency, instead of bankers receiving the People's credit in interest bearing bonds?  It is absurd to say that our country can issue 30 million dollars in bonds and not 30 billion dollars in currency! Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurers and the other helps the People!"  — Thomas Jefferson

The sequence Thomas Jefferson predicted of "first by inflation and then by deflation" is precisely what transpired in the decade of the 1920s.  The privately owned Federal Reserve Corporations first expanded (inflation) the money supply in excess of their legal debt backing and then arbitrarily collapsed it (deflation).  The banksters sealed their theft in 1933 by outlawing public money, criminalizing the possession of gold and then substituting their own debt-backed private currency as the only "legal tender".


Another MTV wigger writes that Hannibal was a nignog. People with half-brains are our biggest problem. They memorize without any attendant thought process. Our Natvan folder has some of Dr. Pierce's info on the Black History fraud. In the meantime, the ape on the left is Budweiser's idea of Hannibal while the bust on the right is from the National Museum in Naples, Italy.

Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity cannot.
According to the records involving Egyptian mummies, 90 of the 103 were blond or red haired – mostly blond. As I have said, the nigger factor did not enter until the later dynasties. One fat head, believing in the nignog theory of Blacks inventing everything, opined that the light hair was due to "bleaching". Pray tell, what was it that ironed out the kinks? (Also note that a mysterious silence has fallen over the DNA evidence.) Another S-4-brains conjectured that the reason the historical wax figures in the museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario, all had blue eyes was "that they didn't know how to make brown ones." A society cannot be considered wise if it fails to sterilize.
I've considered the idea for a long time that Hannibal might have been a better Captain of War than Alexander the Great.  Hannibal's enemies were white men, unlike the miscegenated masses of the Persian Empire that Alexander conquered.  Alexander didn't do so well when he encountered Aryan troops under King Porus in the Indus Valley.

Hannibal's leadership at the Battle of Canae during the Second Punic War is the classic example of a general "shaping" the battlefield to take advantage of his strengths, minimize his weaknesses and also turn the enemy's strength into weakness.  Hannibal indeed surrounded the Roman Army in a classic double envelopment.   But he did this not by advancing on his wings but by retreating in his center.  This created a pocket in the center of Hannibal's lines into which the Roman Army advanced.   Hannibal's best cavalry, stationed on the wings of his battle line, then moved into the center across the exposed Roman rear and closed off escape.

The Romans lost 50,000 legionaries that day.  It was the worst military disaster in Rome's history up to that point.  Hannibal ever after was celebrated as a great general of antiquity ranking just under Alexander.

Hannibal ultimately lost the war.

The Roman Republic (the Senate and People of Rome, initialized as SPQR) was unbowed by this vast disaster.  In those days to be a citizen of Rome was to be a soldier of Rome.  To be a soldier of Rome was to be a citizen.  The Senate called up fresh legions and placed them under a general named Fabian.  Fabian was given strict orders not to engage Hannibal under any circumstances.  "You will go where Hannibal goes.  When Hannibal advances you will retreat.  When Hannibal retreats you will advance."  Fabian later gave his name to Fabian tactics of shadowing an enemy without striking him.  The war lasted 13 years and spread into Spain.  But Roman fortitude and refusal to be balked of their objectives carried the day.

The Second Punic War is also a classic demonstration of the value of professional (or 'mercenary') soldiers facing citizen soldiers.  The question is not whether one professional is better than one citizen.  The question is whether one professional is better than 20 or 30 citizen soldiers.  The Founding Fathers of the American Republic knew their history and had learned this lesson well both in schoolbooks and on the battlefield.  They therefore opted for the Roman Republican model of requiring every white male citizen to be a soldier in the militia.  The word militia is derived from the Latin root miles, which means soldier.


"And furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed."  (This and the previous tag line is unashamedly copied from Cato the Censor's practice of ending every speech to the Senate by calling for a Third Punic War.  "Carthago delenda est.")

Due to my past association with things relating to education, I am often asked my opinion. For what reason I do not know since my views are always rejected. Anyway, I was asked what time of day the students were the most "focussed". (This is a new buzzword having replaced "motivation".) I replied, "About 5 minutes before school lets out."

The mechanism of teaching involves two things. (1) A person who wants to learn something and (2) a person who has that information. If a person learns nothing, then nothing was taught regardless of whether millions of words were issued and tons of homework waved about. That's why I preferred to call myself a "presenter of information" rather than a teacher.

Basically, we are all self-taught. If you want to motivate students, then restrict their choices. Don't have the options of study or not study.  Enforce the option of study or do 5 years in the salt mines. They will soon become more focussed.

I hope you no longer hold the view that "Whites will be a minority by 2050" and "jews are only 2% of the population". There are several states where whitey is on the demographic short end NOW and the recent "Spanish" election squabble in Texas indicates that Texas is now 35% Mexican.  I find it hard to believe that it is that low. I hope that they never learn English as that will accentuate the racial divide. The Chinese colonizers are more subtle, and thus less noticeable as a threat because they learn English. As the military and other police forces fill with muds and duds, I hope whitey develops a little anxiety about the safety of his future.

Chama, played by John Saxon in a Clint Eastwood movie, was a bandido who was discussing legal issues in a court house in regard to whom owned what property. The property belongs to so-and-so because he "has the deed." To this, Chama took the papers and set fire to them. "Now where's your property?", he asked. Yes, and I have a trunk full of Confederate money too. My friends, you must realize that "papers" are just that. They have no meaning, nor value, unless it results from consensus. When your country becomes controlled by non-Whites, of what value will whitey's papers be? 

Will someone please tell me why it is that certain bipeds who hate the FAEM website, and get nauseous when they read it, STILL manage to read it on a regular basis? If I disliked the taste of chicken turds, I'd not eat them. (I have never tried and have no plan to. I'll admit to being prejudice in this regard.)

Curiously, I've received more than one email, probably due to Black Hysterectomy Moonth, declaring that it is "scientific fact" that the Egyptian Pharaohs were niggers (people of color, to be p.c.) as was Hannibal. Egypt was not nigger polluted at first, but the tar influence was noticeable in later dynasties, like it's now showing up in "our" leaders. Hannibal's bust is on display in many museums and hundreds of coins remain from when his image was struck. If that is an image of a Congoid, then I need to review what I believe to be racial characteristics. Egypt devolved into a useless agglomerate of various shades of mulattos from which it never recovered.

I came across this nigger argument relative to Hannibal years ago when Budweiser was shipping out posters to all of the schools depicting Hannibal as a Mr. "T" likeness. It was pure bullshit – egalitarian Marxist propaganda – and bigots swallowed it hook, AIDS and spear. When confronted with hard evidence such as encyclopedia photos of coins, paintings, and busts, a girl replied that they were forgeries perpetrated by "racists" – meaning White folks. Soon, the Norse gods will look like Sammy Davis Jr., I suppose.

Prejudice means one has formed an opinion BEFORE he knows the facts. If he is made aware of contrary facts and still holds on to his view, then he is a bigot. So to all of those bigots out there who hate this site, I say this – STOP VIEWING IT! If you continue to punish yourself in this fashion, then there is something far more seriously damaged in your head than mere bigotry.

Being a flexible sort of fellow, let's look at it this way. Suppose that for the past billion years, EVERYTHING labeled as human endeavor was proven to be the solitary work ob de Black folks. Shakespeare was Black. Newton was Black. King Arthur was Black and so were Mozart, Christ, the 3 Stooges, Abe Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Grieg, Gauss, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, the Wright brothers, Sir Francis Drake, all of the Roman emperors, the Greek gods, Thor, Odin, Chief Eagle Foot, the last of the Mohicans, Ming of the planet Mongo, Hirohito, Socrates, Michaelangelo, and so on almost ad finitum. That settled, let's ask – What difference does that make today? Where is all of that Black genius hiding? It's gone and so are the dinosaurs. Blacks simply have no place in either White or Yellow societies. How long do you think the Chinese would put up with such a dimwit approach as "equal opportunity" or "affirmative action"? Black people are only of use in their own society and they should be given one-way boat tickets for Africa as soon as possible, for if the Chinese succeed in taking over, they won't bother to even offer them that. And neither will the Mexicans. That's something good to be said about the disappearance of the White folks.

Robert, everyone, including us, have screwed it all up so far.

The problem is not "debt backed currency" per se.  We've had that in one form or another since at least 1864 and probably before then.  The images of the actual currencies tell the tale.  The real catch is that "debt backed currency" wasn't "legal tender" until 1934.  The phrase "Legal tender" didn't appear on the debt-backed bank notes until then.  This includes the "Federal Reserve Notes" issued by the Federal Reserve Corporations.  From 1864 until 1933 all privately issued money, including Federal Reserve Notes, bore the legend "National Currency" as per the Banking Act of 1864.

It was in 1933 that Roosevelt made government issued money illegal and gave the privately owned Federal Reserve Corporations a total monopoly on the money supply.  Before 1934 only U.S. Government issued gold and silver certificates and gold and silver coins were "legal tender".

From 1864 until 1933 we had a large number of competing currencies or monies in circulation.  These were:

1.  Gold coin.
2.  Silver coin.
3.  Gold Certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury.
4.  Silver Certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury.
5.  U.S. Government "Greenbacks" issued by Abe Lincoln according to Constitutional legislation passed by Congress.  These would qualify as what people think of as "fiat money".  Actually all of it is 'fiat money' including gold.
6.  Private bank notes backed by US Government debt.  Until 1933 these notes openly said this on the paper.  These were issued by private banks.  Starting in 1914 'Federal Reserve Notes' appeared but were identical in appearance to the other "National Currency" privately issued bank notes.  Once they eliminated the "competition" the Fed garnered "legal tender" and also eliminated the "debt backed" notices on their banana money.  Individual private bank notes ("National Currency") continued to be issued at least until 1920.  They were probably until the late 1920s or 1933 given everything else I learned.

This Real History starts suggesting ways to me to unwind the Federal Reserve Corporations' monopoly.  The biggest steps are:

1.  The US Government start reissuing gold backed currency, silver backed currency, gold and silver coin and also Greenbacks.  If gold is currently lacking (and it is) the 'Sovereign' can also require corporations above a certain size to pay part of their taxes in either this legal tender money or in gold.   Then make this government issued money the only "legal tender".  Did they actually bother to SHIP all the gold somewhere else?  I don't think so.  It's still here physically.

2.  Strip the Federal Reserve Corporations' "notes" of their "legal tender" status.  Those who want to continue using the Jews' counterfeit trash can do so.  Voluntarily.

3.  Start taxing the Federal Reserve Corporations, including a one-time capital levy.

I was young and I used to watch Bill Snyder come home crocked to the gills. He'd fall over his feet and often raise bruises on his head. He was "feeling no pain" as they say. This is the object of getting plastered – to feel no pain; "feel good", which all boils down to an avoidance of reality. Instead of coping with problems and attempting a solution, weak people drug themselves in order to pretend nothing is there.

The next morning Bill would be heaving his guts out and complaining about splitting headaches. This always puzzled me for I wondered if the "feel good" he had yesterday was worth the sickness he had today. It didn't make sense to me. It was a very heavy price to pay for a few hours of "feel good", it seemed. One day it all became clear. The sick day after was also an avoidance of reality for who notices the mosquito on his nose when an anvil is dropped on his foot? My dentist cousin once remarked that the way to take a person's mind off one pain was to inflict a greater one.

As long as one is in a stupor, or being swamped by the misery of the morning after, he doesn't have to do anything about whatever it is he wishes to avoid. When the "down" wears off, the problem remains, and so off to the gin mill for another round of "feel good".

Before I wised up and obtained a single room, my days at U.C. were spent with roommates. One of them was an odd duck which his mother told me, "John has been practicing old age since he was 11." John was a pill freak. He took "uppers" in the morning for a jump start on the day, and "downers" at night so he could sleep. He ate aspirins to the same extent I ate M&Ms. If he sneezed, down went a bottle of Robitussin. After meals, he'd gulp Maalox. If he burped, he's drink Gas-X. He ate, by weight, more vitamin tablets than I did Braunschweiger. His iron tablet consumption was so large, I was afraid to approach him if I carried a magnet. I was on a sparse diet, due to lack of funds, and often ate not much more than an orange, a frankfurter and a small jewish pastry per day. I had observable health since I had no colds nor headaches; swam dozens of laps in the Women's Division pool on Thursdays, and worked out with quite impressive weights Mondays and Wednesdays. John was so healthy from his pill consumption, that he was usually confined to bed.

Early one night he asked if I knew whether he took his "downers" for the night, I replied, "I didn't SEE you take them." It was the truth but I did hear him open the bottle, gulp and then place the bottle on his night stand. John then ate another round of "downers". The next morning, it looked like John died in his sleep. I dumped cold water on him and he only flinched slightly. He was breathing and so I left for class. When I returned, he was sitting on the edge of his bed eating "uppers". I mentioned that he sounded like he was getting a cold and so I handed him his quart bottle of Robitussin mentioning that Krieger's drug store on 55th Street was running a sale on Mylanta and Nyquil.

John was ahead of the times. Today, anyone who doesn't have a bottle of pills for everything from pubic dandruff to yeast infection of the auditory canal, is suspect and obviously "politically incorrect". We even have "stress" drugs and a special brand for those who get stressed over the fact they aren't stressed. If one isn't stressed, then obviously he doesn't realize how terrible his life is or how much danger he is in. Just worrying about that places him in need of stress medication. There are terrorists under every bed; closets full of Nazis; dust mites in the furnace ducts just waiting to attack en masse; unknown germs causing unknown diseases; cars about to run into trees; tires about to fly off the rims without notice; pigeons dropping their bombs from on high; melting polar ice caps; holes in the ozone holes; hazardous hazards and so much more. Life is terrifying and uncomfortable. Where's my Pablum anyway? I love you Helen. Hold me. Cuddle me and make me feel safe like my mommy used to do.

We don't have a drug problem in this country. We have a people problem.

When I was 9 years old, I won a state-wide contest, sponsored by the Christian Endeavor, for kiddies displaying knowledge of the Bible. I still have that Bible but have forgotten what it was I was supposed to have been good at. Perhaps a reader might help me out with the answers to a question or two.

I read in the paper months ago, where only one fellow survived an airplane crash which killed about 60 others. He claimed that his good fortune came from God looking over him. Why did God choose to wipe out 60 in order to save only 1? Couldn't He have arranged it so the lucky fellow got his hinder stuck in a toilet seat long enough to miss the doomed plane? And why was the plane doomed in the first place. Was this fellow only 1 out of 5 dozen sinners?

Clyde E. just left the hospital after nearly dying from a heart attack. God saved him, and gave him an extra jolt of health, he claimed. Why, if God favored this fellow, didn't He prevent the heart attack from occurring in the first place?

I don't get it. My faith is not strong enough, I guess.

Only in America – Last year, standards in education were raised in many states. As a result, hordes of young people failed to meet those standards. In several places, mobs gathered with placards reading "Down with standards!" I'll leave it to the reader to guess which race was involved.


Billy Graham told Richard Nixon he is a secret believer in the Seedline Doctrine and in genetically Satanic Jews.

"Haldeman's diaries noted the conversation. He wrote that there was discussion "of the terrible problem arising from the total Jewish domination of the media, and agreement that this was something that would have to be dealt with."

He continues, "Graham has the strong feeling that the Bible says there are satanic Jews and there's where our problem arises."   No such comments about the Bible are found on the tape released Thursday but, because it contains several long deletions, it's believed such remarks were excised."

I merely record this for those ConnnedServantives who still think what we're talking about on F.A.E.M. doesn't exist.  It does and your false leaders are well aware of it.   The only one stumbling in the dark is you.  Your leaders suffer from low civic quotients and have instead persuaded themselves to believe in the indispensable man theory.  And each regards himself (herself) as that 'indispensable man'.  They are "dealing with it".  They "deal with it" every day these days.  And you are the coin of the transaction.


"And furthermore the Republican Party must be destroyed."

Robertsez: Thou shalt not commit adultery, that is, adulterate – contaminate – and that's what race-mixing is all about. Jews, plus other millions, are not White, Yellow or Black. They are the by-product of truant gonads, the effects of which are clearly described in "Sex vs. Civilization". The un-Natural act of cross-species breeding produces what is known as 'evil' and we need no Bible to tell us so..

Banana Republic Elections Coming In Algeria.

"Algerian Elections May Trigger Crises" says one of STRATFOR.COM's frequent advertisements.

"The Algerian government announced that it would hold legislative elections May 30. Washington and other Western governments are not likely to question any security measures taken to prevent Islamist parties from gaining control."

At least this is accurate, hard-headed reporting and analysis despite the cant.  'Security measures' against who?  Incorrectly voting majorities are the only possible group against whom 'security measures' will be taken.  So 'security measures' are being taken on whose behalf?  Apparently a minority ruling against the consent of the governed.  ZOG is all in favor of 'democratic elections' so long as they operate on the Stalinist model.  Whenever populations vote incorrectly it's time to unelect them and elect a new people in their place. "Maguire"

When Homo mongolus establishes huge enclaves in California and Canada, so they can be with their own kind, all think that is fine and dandy. When Homo nigerus occupies huge sections of our large cities in order to be with their own kind, all approvingly smile. But when Homo sapiens tries to form communities so he can be with his own kind, ZOG sends in troops, flame-throwers and mercenary killers to bust it up. Why is that?
Hello Robert,
I have been reading F.A.E.M. on a daily basis for well over a year. If I could only have access to just one website, it would be your educational website. M.C.
While sitting in the restaurant, eating my curds and whey, the local radio talk show was playing. The host was interviewing Commissar Hillary from New York State. The "most brilliant women in the world" (if so, she certainly hides it well), revealed her desire to run for president of our Soviet Usury States of Diversity. The woman in the next booth exclaimed, "Why that lying bitch! We voted for her and she said she never had that in mind." The little worm in my head whispered, "Some people just do not pay attention. Besides, Americans love to be ruled by liars, criminals and degenerates."
It's subtle, but it's there. ZOG's race-mixing propaganda is like the dust – it's everywhere. A primary target is the young and impressionable. A recent jew "Disney" advertisement shows a little Black girl mouthing that her favorite character is Snow White. A little White girl says her favorite character is Pocahontas. Subtle, but it's there – teaching kiddies that your "favorites" are not of your own race.

The next major target is the fickle women in our midst. Impressionable and full of love for anything and everything, especially that which is the least useful to a society. I listened to one woman, deep in the grip of mental orgasm, expound on the joys of race-mixing and how America allows "free choice" in this regard. Yes, Hefner, Springer and Stern are also about loving anything and everything, especially if your protuberance finds an appropriate closet. After her wondrous words I asked why she was interested in destroying the races, especially her own White race. Her eyes blinked and then flipped to that "born-again" frozen glaze where the "program terminated – division by zero" error message was clearly displayed. Her mind simply was locked in an endless loop and only a "restart" would bring her back into the real world, at least for a small time.

Who pays any attention to the White male other than to call him a bigot, hater, monster, abuser, anti-Semite, and so on? And how many of these idolize Black, drug-soaked morons who have a small talent concerning playing with their balls? And the others who worship drug-soaked wiggers who pretend to make "music" by screaming and having epileptic fits while pounding on some electronic instrument?

It looks like the White male is the least desired of all forms of Homo on this planet. Yet, when serious work is needed, it will always be a call to the White male to bail their sorry asses out. When this happens, and the fates again restore the White male to his rightful station in the food chain, he should not forget all of those willing souls who tried to destroy his people, and reward them accordingly. That will be a concert worth buying a ticket to see.

I stood behind an emaciated elderly woman at the checkout. In her cart were two quarts of "lo fat" milk, the kind of stuff my grandmother said was "fit only for the hawgs." Why people swill this stuff is beyond me but it probably follows the advice that the elderly should maintain a high calcium content in their diet plus the warning that fat is deadly to your heart.

The people in the food business do not have your health as a priority concern. They worship profit and profit alone, and that is sufficient for me to ignore all of their "advice". I have written years ago, that the "margarine" business got its start as a way to get people to eat waste products from the meat industry. These same benevolent people are now selling chicken feed – "veterinarian approved", of course,  as the best stuff carnivores (dogs) can eat. Once the cat food strayed away from canned fish to some concoction of corn flakes and sawdust, pussy's health began to deteriorate. Cats usually fare better than dogs while being captives of talking apes. Cats sometimes eat real food such as mice and birds. Poor Rover, the pack animal who think that if you eat crap, then it must be good for him. I still see clay-brained females stuffing bottles into their baby's mouths. It's child abuse and I often have the urge to stuff those bottles right up mom's puckered  you-know-what.

Snake oils are popping up faster than survivors at a holocaust reunion. If we weren't such a physically unsound population, these miraculous "cures" wouldn't even come about, yet no one seems to think about the fact that the more "scientific" we get relative to nutrition, the sicker, fatter, and more listless and deranged, we all get as a group.

The elderly woman at the store obviously wasn't worried about getting fat from eating fat, for she could stand a few extra pounds., at least.

For some odd reason, I still have old photos of the young men who frequented the YMCA back in the 1930s. My father was one of them. They were a lean and athletic bunch quite unlike the flabby and sick looking boys I witnessed in the 1980s at one school where I taught. Their looks were different and so were their diets. In the 1930s, it was advised to place grains on the bottle of the list when it came to eating. Today, cattle feed is recommended as the major component and animal protein is to be eaten sparingly. Grain products have always remained the best way to fatten up anything whether carnivore or herbivore.

All mammals eat animal protein when young. That food is milk. There is a basic difference between herbivore and carnivore milk. Although both contain about 4% fat, carnivore milk has a lower protein content. Nearly all animal protein is accompanied by an equal amount of fat whether it be eggs, brains, or a good steak. Fat is necessary for the complete utilization of protein and for the most efficient adsorption of minerals, especially calcium. So when our elderly lady drinks her lo-fat milk, she is handicapping her body relative to protein and calcium utilization. It is interesting that grains usually have a protein/fat ratio of about 4/1. Vegetable products, regardless of their protein content, contain INCOMPLETE proteins of which the body cannot manufacture from other sources.

Relative to dogs and vitamin C, there is the popular misconception that dogs don't need to eat any foods containing vitamin C since "they manufacture vitamin C within their body." This is partially true. Dogs manufacture MOST of their vitamin C requirements within their bodies, but NOT ALL. Left to themselves, without a "caring" human to screw up their lives, dogs will eat the liver and skins of other animals, both of these being rich in that vitamin. The best, and most usable, deposits of calcium always occur in the presence of fat, as in bone marrow. Eating Tums or some other variety of chalk, simply won't work.

But nutrition appears to be entering the realm of religion where theories and arguments bound, and all agreeing never to put their theories to a test. The nutritional advice given to any population has never been more sound than that of the Third Reich.

I think a notice of the massive number of mongrels tooling about on this planet certainly indicates that the Homo genus will copulate with nearly anything. Appealing to logic, the future, or even issuing death threats will not stop it. In my view, the destructive effects of such practices can only be curtailed by one of two methods. (1) Complete, enforceable segregation, since this limits the choice of corking partners to one's own kind. (2) An integrated society with enough political leadership power to impose sterilization upon all those who enter this forbidden zone. The problem with number 2, and a variation which we are experiencing today, is the proliferation of one group at the expense of others. White people are being out-bred and some of the blame is in the hands of those who care not what the racial make-up of their offspring is. Most people care not about future generations and unlike the more noble creatures, seem to have no inner mechanism to do what is proper for their own kind. It could be conjectured that man has so dirtied his own gene pool that the gods have turned their backs on the whole disgusting mess.

A recent TV program concerning the ancient Egyptian Dynasties featured a couple of mush-brain Ph.D.s offering their fanciful notions about the decline of that once great civilization.  The female yappers mainly placed the blame on a changing religion and pointed to the changing countenance of the stone images as due to some sort of fad which appeared for no earthly reason. One could not help but notice that from the earliest times, to the later dynasties, lips became thicker, noses flatter, hair kinkier and the dyes used to create such images, darker. Blue eyes were no longer in existence and were replaced by black eyes. Why would the Egyptians incrementally decide to picture themselves differently if they themselves hadn't changed? Rational minds would assume that Egyptians, like the Romans who followed them, were being diverted away from their original racial makeup. Rome fell due to the lack of Romans and Egypt fell due to the lack of Egyptians. Today, in Egypt, we see the end result of interbreeding with Blacks – a pottage of mulattos. Perhaps the Garden of Eden story was really about the snake (mongrel) enticing (corrupting) the woman into partaking (race-mixing) of the apple (the Negro) while Adam (to show red in the face – a White man) stood by and watched, as he is doing today, and probably tomorrow.

There it was! A super super sheenie market which I hadn't visited in 4 months. Not much changed relative to the cancer producing fodder which all eat because it is cheap. The employee composition had changed. It wasn't long ago when 50% of the check out people were Blacks. I noticed not one this time. What I did notice was that the nogs, as well as a few Whites, were replaced by Chinese. This is good news. If the mestizos take over, I'd have to learn Spanish. If the Chinese take over, I could still use English since they are smart enough to learn the language of the people they replace and displace.
During W.W. 2,  a badly wounded German pilot refused a blood transfusion because he wanted blood from a fellow German P.O.W. or  Aryan Britisher.  The British hated the thought that this heroic man expressed and let the poor fellow die. G.I. Joe
If the hackers
, in their attacks upon ISPs, continue to grow in numbers, we won't have to worry about censorship since there won't be much left to censor. A British company just folded up due to hackers. India, Russia and China are points of origin for much of the mischief.
It was announced, after years of study, that outdoor air is "fresher" than indoor air. It seems, according to the radio mouth, that a lengthy analysis of air particles, several gasses, argon levels, and on and on, lent truth to this wondrous discovery. I am sure that the participants had diplomas for neckties, addressed each other as "Dr." and had access to expensive laboratory equipment, and left the bills for the taxpayer.

Humor aside, this is one of many sad elements in today's America where the obvious is never noticed unless a "study" is made and dozens of statistics are digested by some "authoritative" group of dunderheads who would be more useful laboring in a coal mine. 

The cute little waitress, Paula, told me she was 35 and she looked about 18. While a smoker and drinker, apparently her destructive habits hadn't visibly corroded her body yet, but there's always tomorrow. An amazing thing, which I wheedled out of her, was that she was shacked up with a fellow who was still living with his mother. From what I gathered, Paula was the only bread earner in the "family" for the son never had a job in his whole life. It appeared that his "stud" expertise allowed both he and his mom, to live off whatever air-head broad, with no sense of self-respect, fell into his soiled sheets. I give this girl no tips since I refuse to contribute to the existence of a bum who, in a healthier society, would be in a work gang doing something useful for the community. If he refused, then the animals at the zoo need to be fed.

At a very early age, I was well aware of the toil which engaged my father so that he might support his family. He worked in a shoe factory complete with open belt drives, stuffy hot air and all sorts of physical hazards where "safety" consisted of people using their God-given brains. A stupid population needs "protection" from nearly everything or they couldn't survive the problems they create for themselves.

Every Thursday, he was paid in cash and he'd leave to have his "beer of the week" at the Silver Slipper. (The proprietor's son was later to have suffered the castration and throat-cutting routine which was in vogue during the nigger uprising at Attica Prison.) In those days, free lunches were always available to anyone who bought a beer. I'd sometimes meet him after work – he covered with sweat and grime – where he'd buy 2 beers so that I could also have a free snack. We'd then walk the two miles for home where mom would have supper waiting. On those Thursdays, she'd know enough to prepare a smaller meal.

After I was discharged from the Army, I decided to see our magnificent western states. I worked a bit to save some money, bought a very well used "Big Boy" Hudson, and left home to seek "adventure". Dad never repeated himself when he said things. It was not to our advantage to be inattentive nor forget what he said. His parting words were, "As long as I am alive, you will always have a home."

I took a job at the Army's Rocky Mountain Arsenal in Derby Colorado– a poison gas facility – and due to a shortage of money, slept in my old Hudson outside of Boulder where I found a beautiful secluded spot. I'd write to dad with difficulty for I knew he'd worry about me. I could not lie to him but the bare truth of my living conditions I knew would trouble him. I thus chose a route of moderate deception balancing myself on the tight rope which separates truth from falsehood.

"Dear Dad, The sun shining in the window woke me early today and so I have time to scribble off this short note. When I awake, I can look out the window (of the back seat) and enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains and there is a clean meandering brook nearby. It is only a short drive to work where I am employed as a technician. (a courier with 60 pound containers containing who knows what?) I can also see the mountains from where I work (if the winds happened to blow the green chlorine gas away) and I get along well with the other workers. (I hardly saw any of them.) It's now time to bathe, eat breakfast (one-half of a left-over apple) and get ready for work. (Washing up in the freezing water of that brook.) Tonight I shall sleep well (knees in my face) knowing that tomorrow is Saturday when I will drive over to Delta to see the cliffs. My love to you and the rest of the family. I hope you are all well. Your son, Robert"

Of course, any of the above enclosed in parenthesis was not in the note, which was typical of the many I mailed. I never mentioned the "hard" truth to my father and it was only upon his death that I ever told this story. I later moved into Denver where I rented an apartment on Grant Street.. I had changed jobs and could now write to dad, using an actual return address, and not have qualms about my skirting the plain truth.

Yes, I have absolutely no respect for any young person who abuses the love their parents have for them, by being parasites and liars. Parasitism it appears, is politically correct.