9 March 2002
Honky. You aren't losing your country. You've already lost it but it will take a while before that's clear enough to the DVD crowd to sink in, if they ever do. A land of couch-cabbages Eloi style, but not quite as good looking..
Jokes of the hexade – Jews are only 2% of the population. Whites are 70% of the population.
I just returned from
a short hike to a former coal mining region of Pennsylvania. Lotsa White folks. Not a mexiburger in sight. Not a niggaroni in sight.  I was wary. Could this all be true? People suffering from the lack of wonderful 'diversity'? My questions were answered when I noticed a huge settlement of Chinese. Ah so, sweet sour pork with spring roll. You country our country now.
My theory on the Afghan bombing campaign. It has nothing to do banning the Taliban or tailing the Taliban, or even Ladening Osama into a bin.. The bombing are the first stage in the pipe line construction plans. "Dat mountain need a mite blasting. See here. It be on de blueprints George W. Starngelove gib us."

One of the TV evangelist loonies, Jake van Impe, suggested sending vampire bats into the Afghan caves to chase out the bad guys. His wife is so air-headed, that you don't have to place your ear next to hers in order to "hear the ocean". You can hear it 6 feet away.

Without White GOP ConnedServantives many media Jews would start starving to death next week.  Worse, they might have to  endure another Holocaust of real work. Take for instance this season's two big 'Conservative' book hits.   The first was 'Bias' by retired veteran Jewsmedia man Mr. Bernard Goldberg.  This purported 'expose' by Mr. Goldberg included complaints that 'leftist' network televitz is not sufficiently pro-Jewish.

Now we have an 'expose' of Chicago protection rackets gangster Jesse Jackson, nigger.  SHAKEDOWN: EXPOSING THE REAL JESSE JACKSON is a rehash of ancient news written by Mr. Kenneth Timmerman, Jew.  In both cases feebleminded Republicans (feebleminded does sound redundant, I know) were stampeded into filling the Jews' pockets by the same strategem:

1.  A 'Leftist' televitz network apparently tries to 'suppress' this ground breaking exercise in 'conservative' free speech.
2.  Jewish homosexual Matt Drudge splashes the expose of the 'suppression' on his 'conservative' website.
3.  Jewsmax.com breaks into regularly scheduled stock jobbery touting by Muriel Siebert to pump this latest expose.
4.  Draft Dodger Extraordinaire Rush Limbaugh or stand-in, promos the book between exhortations to the faithful to support the anti-Christ Israelis' latest war.

It's unlikely the Republic has ever witnessed a greater concentration of imbeciles in one organization than the ConnedServantives of the Republican Party.


"Furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed."

An old Umgowa Timba saying – Never judge a man until you've spent a week with his wife.
The Constitution of the United States
delegates to the Congress and prohibits to the states specific powers concerning coining and regulating money:

Congress has power;

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 2;  “To borrow money on the credit of the United States.”
Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5; “To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.”
Article 1, Section 8, Clause 6; “To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current coin of the United States;”

The individual state are prohibited from;

Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1.  “No state shall..coin Money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts”;

To determine the meaning of bills of credit I searched out The Federalist.  In The Federalist No. 44 James Madison wrote:

"The extension of the prohibition to bills of credit must give pleasure to every citizen, in proportion to his love of justice and his knowledge of the true springs of public prosperity. The loss which America has sustained since the peace, from the pestilent effects of paper money on the necessary confidence between man and man, on the necessary confidence in the public councils, on the industry and morals of the people, and on the character of republican government, constitutes an enormous debt against the States chargeable with this unadvised measure, which must long remain unsatisfied; or rather an accumulation of guilt, which can expiated no otherwise than by a voluntary sacrifice on the altar of justice, of the power which has been the instrument of it."

The Federalist No 44 explains that Bills of Credit are paper money, pure and simple.  We are now asked to believe that the same Constitution which prohibits States from issuing paper money permits the Congress to delegate this same power to the privately owned ** Federal Reserve Corporations.

No thanks.  Studying the People's true Constitution just further reveals the illegitimacy of the gang of criminals and biological sex degenerates that have usurped lawful authority in Washington.


** Lewis v. United States, 680 F.2d 1239 (1982)

John L. Lewis, Plaintiff/Appellant,
United States of America, Defendant/Appellee.

No. 80-5905

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.
Submitted March 2, 1982.
Decided April 19, 1982.
As Amended June 24, 1982.

Plaintiff, who was injured by vehicle owned and operated by a federal reserve bank, brought action alleging jurisdiction under the Federal Tort Claims Act. The United States District Court for the Central District of California, David W. Williams, J., dismissed holding that federal reserve bank was not a federal agency within meaning of Act and that the court therefore lacked subject-matter jurisdiction. Appeal was taken. The Court of Appeals, Poole, Circuit Judge, held that federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations.


1. United States

There are no sharp criteria for determining whether an entity is a federal agency within meaning of the Federal Tort Claims Act, but critical factor is existence of federal government control over "detailed physical performance" and "day to day operation" of an entity.

2. United States

Federal reserve banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of a Federal Tort Claims Act, but are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations in light of fact that direct supervision and control of each bank is exercised by board of directors, federal reserve banks, though heavily regulated, are locally controlled by their member banks, banks are listed neither as "wholly owned" government corporations nor as "mixed ownership" corporations; federal reserve banks receive no appropriated funds from Congress and the banks are empowered to sue and be sued in their own names. . . . 

A THEORY is a notion which has not been proved. Therefore, how can one possibly "disprove" it?
What the hell. A little reading never hurt much of anything. http://www.theosophical.org/society/intro/index.html Haven't you noticed that it's always the slugs who demand "equality" and "brotherhood"? It's the "have-nots" who are most eager to share. And there are always those crazed renegades who wish to use society's refuse as a battering ram against those of his own kind.  Isis, Ra and Elohim. The gods' delight. Pray and send money.
I suggest the Blightwing do some intelligent forward thinking.  Some kind of combination military draft/national service legislation will soon be introduced if ZOG's expanding worldwide Vietnam is to be sustained with troops.  The flag waving patriotism boom last fall didn't translate into a surge of enlistments.  The recruiting statistics tell the tale:

October 2000:  18,778
October 2001:  18,717

Casualty returns of 5% per week are guaranteed to pour cold water all over the benefit based (i.e. voluntary mercenary) method of filling the armed forces, especially for the Army's ground forces.  It's the secret weakness of all forces based, or semi-based, on a mercenary principle.  They cannot sustain high casualties.  Therefore either ZOG-USA will exit this kind of combat or it's going to find another method of filling the ranks.

Do not expect the Democratic Party to resist this.  On the contrary, the very strongest support for a renewed draft will appear from the Democratic politicians.  They will use this as an opportunity to 'mainstream' sodomy into what little remains of normal society, and also to further reinforce feminism and race mixing.  Therefore expect this 'draft' to include women.  The Zionist motivation is clear.  "Marvin the ARVN" is getting weary of fighting his war for himself.  He wants you to fight it for him, while he stays safe and paws in the shekels.

The political constellation backing this measure therefore will be quite powerful.  It's why Al Neuharth and USA Today have been hitting the well known multi-decade deficiencies in the National Guard.  What Jew Neuharth is now reporting to you as 'news' about the National Guard has existed ever since the draft ended in 1974.

What is to be the response and position on this?   "Maguire"

Who would argue that physically, men are stronger than women and that through the natural processes virtually none of his time is spent partially inconvenienced by things such as pregnancy and breast-feeding? Whether you believe in the THEORY of evolution or the transmutation of dust into flesh, it would seem rational to agree that the male is the better protector from life's omnipresent hazards. Men, at least those not whacking their willies while drooling at some porno site, have a natural urge to protect not only their children, but the giver of those children, his wife. Thus it is that the White male becomes incensed when he sees White females juice swapping with niggers. The psychoanalists (sic), nearly all jews, try to convince that this is from "penis envy", "racial inferiority", or other such rot. Such a male intrinsically feels the real threat to his kind. In the past, this was expressed in miscegenation laws which certainly would not have been necessary if females weren't easily led astray by the prospect of getting "corked". Females have an inner urge to get pregnant and copulation is part of that. Watch the way nearly all women swoon at the sight of ANY infant, no matter how ugly, stupid or deformed it might be.

Those wishing to destroy the community of White men – the only real opposing force standing in their way of One World domination – will use any means necessary. White men cannot be confronted honesty and openly. The back door was needed and through this came all of the smiling serpents spewing their venom about "rights", "oppression", "human dignity", and other such abstract folderol. The story is not a secret and today the White male is prevented, by laws which he voluntarily acquiesced to, from using his physical presence to pilot the course of anything, the family especially. He cannot, without coming into confrontation with "the law", prevent his wife from "playing house" with any male of her fancy, nor can he prevent niggers from seducing his daughters. In fact, "the law" is out there like some submerged hungry crocodile, waiting for some White man to cross the line, and any astute White male recognizes that to a marked degree. Thus, he smolders internally and the frustration often grows to rage.

At this point, I am reminded of a rather lengthy email I just received. The fellow was curious as to why White women would bed simians. I feel that such a query is purely academic and has no place in our mounting struggle. White women, so inclined, and so defiled, should be avoided like the plague for more than likely they harbor sundry diseases most of which are infectious to a deadly degree. Most important, they forever remain absolutely worthless as guardians, and the bedrock, of our race. They are the flosam of waywardness.

This bad habit of intellectualizing things to an absurdity is something we must banish from our hearts. They "talked" us into surrendering our God-given status and to continue with the jibber-jabber believing that it will reverse the mess, is an exercise in futility guaranteed to assure one's destruction and the destruction of one's comrades. Look about, talk is everywhere – it's a national obsession. It is no coincidence that this land is infested to choking with that bullshit shoveling "profession" – the legal. "Open debate" plus "voting" got our nuts nailed to a log, but like the "Chinese finger", it decidedly will not get us out.

We shackled ourselves and there appears nothing on the horizon but a further tightening of the screws. Once fallen into a well, there cannot be an "unfalling" out. Only a severe struggle will succeed. That struggle will not begin until the gods decide WHEN they will pull the rug out from under this asylum we are stranded in. Anyone can play Captain in calm seas, but when the strong winds of fate hits the sails, the feminists and assorted perverts, as well as the upstanding people, will be calling for help. We all are only supernumeraries in this unpredictable experience we call life. We must BE READY TO BE CALLED, even though we might never be. Between now and then, some of us will die, but NOT ALL OF US! And that's our enemies worst nightmare, for THERE WILL BE A SETTLING OF ACCOUNTS. I pray that I live to see it.

In view of the remarkable scientific progress in oral gas production, Eric has decided to reveal his famous anti-matter relation.

He describes it thus – As you can see, the obvious application of the formula would be the basis for an externally-modulated vibrating-vacuum engine in which antimatter (AM) would be propelled into the engine's stimulus chamber. This would induce a high coefficient of expansion in the vibrating-vacuum within the mini-universe containment vessel, which would push the engine's pistons into motion beyond the speed of light (E), into infinity. Care must be taken to avoid exceeding infinity in order to prevent implosion of the universe, with ensuing damage to objects outside the universe. Prolonged running will cause a harmonic residue of wobbling electrons to clog the ectoplasmic matrices, which can be removed by using phlogiston to spray finely ground black-hole particles into the flues. After passing through the engine, the vibrating-vacuum enters a cold-fusion condenser for recycling into the mini-universe container for renewed expansion. Were this engine used to propel a vehicle, an observer on earth would see nothing, while an observer on Mongo would see the vehicle as standing still. Anyone inside the vehicle would be hallucinating, as he experiences stationary motion in a circular universe, within the confines of a padded cell which he can describe as "infinity", if he so chooses. It's all relative. Had your neutrinos today?
One for the readers..

In Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo is heading his country's new Space Council, with its £65 million programme to get
Nigeria into the space age. The plan is for the bankrupt African state, with £20 billion of foreign debt, to launch its own satellite
within four years. According to Turner Isoun, the country's minister for science and technology, "this is a serious project with
serious benefits for Nigerians." 

It is obvious that the Judeo-American empire, based on the infinite greed of the few and the infinite needs of the many, can no longer sustain its population. Here comes the revolution, ready or not! Both Eric and I wait in anticipation for extraordinarily exciting events. They are coming but no one knows when. That's the fun part.
Further evidence that we feed, they breed.


You'll notice the article doesn't touch on the extermination of WHITE FARMERS by roaming gangs of niggers as a reason for their food shortage. (Submitted by E.D.)

America's Worldwide Vietnam:  March 7 Update


Heavy bombardment and some ground fighting continues south of Gardez in war in the mountain clouds.  Reporters say the air bombardment appears to have intensified with the addition of B-52 strikes.  Senior U.S. commanders, correcting their earlier error, are trying to mass their forces against a growing concentration of Islamics.

Worsening Weather:

"Storm clouds moved in over Gardez in the afternoon and sandstorms whipped up, indicating possible snow in the mountains. Three Chinook helicopters flew into the key target area of Shah-e-Kot on supply missions under low cloud cover, but the worsening weather could hamper further action by the Apaches."

Bad weather and greatly reduced air support will provide a large window of opportunity for local Islamics to concentrate superior ground forces in the Gardez area.  The Commander-In-Chief of the Afghan Campaign, General Franks, said in comments from Washington D.C. :

"I think the days ahead are going to continue to be dangerous days for our forces,'' Franks said in Washington. He raised the possibility sending in even more firepower, including additional transport aircraft, infantry and special operations troops."

Battle Area Still Not Isolated:

"However, as recently as Tuesday night, Taliban holdouts brought the bodies of five slain fighters from Shah-e-Kot to the village of Surmad in the foothills for burial, said shopkeeper Abdullah Jan, who was in Surmad on Wednesday. When asked how the Taliban could sneak by the allied forces blocking the mountain paths, he said: 'There are hundreds of smuggler routes, across the rugged terrain.'"

The combined factors of worsening flying weather and an unisolated battlefield point to a very serious military situation for U.S. and associated forces.  Several facts leap out from the Taliban evacuation of their dead from this battle area.  (1) Living Taliban and al-Qaida (if any) could also evacuate if they chose to do so.  (2) Instead of evacuating they are reinforcing these positions.  They are clearly choosing to give battle here.  This changes the observed nature of the battle from the 'pursuit' and 'final push' described by government and media sources into something different.  That something different is likely the first major engagement of an Islamic guerrilla war.

Operations at the present time appear to consist of diminishing aerial bombardment while both sides are rushing further reinforcements into the area.  The absence of US casualties in the last 24-36 hours points to a lull in ground operations.


Garbage in. Garbage out. A reason I don't get carried away with the analytical business relative to the "war", the economy, and such, is because I refuse to waste my time digesting information which, more than likely, might be false. The ZOG/media has a vested interest in what is passed off as news. To assume that since "this is America" means that we hear nothing but the truth, is a position which will lead your thinking to disaster. Perhaps this is why most people don't get too excited over whatever the latest "crisis" is. I learned during the riots of the 1690s, that both radio and TV yappers lied about events I actually participated in and/or observed. We hear about how the economy is great and yet, on the same program, we hear of people losing their jobs. That doesn't compute in my book. As far as the idiotic "war on fright" goes, do you really think that the military who blab about this or that, is really interested in truth? One of the characteristics of all deadly conflicts is that truth is the first casualty. Information is bandied about for purposes of misleading the listening enemy, and assuring the goyim who pay with their money and blood, that we are winning. The cowardly sot who became a "hero" during the SWATKWP, Churchill, once said that the truth is so precious that it must be guarded by a body of lies. That still holds and I pay little heed to the "news" and would pay no attention even if it was announced that Osama would personally burn my house down. The war stories are humorous for the most part. I especially love it when those Afghans who take refuge in caves are being called "cowards". "Hey, you cowards there in the cave, come out so we can kill you." Imagine WWII vets advancing in tanks being called cowards because they wouldn't leave their vehicles so they could be open targets. "Hey man. He was a coward to swallow that cyanide. If he were a real man, he'd have let us torture him to death."

Things will increasingly become more bizarre as the loonies who run "our" government continue to impose their murderous delusions upon the rest of the world.

I see that fools are trying to recruit Mexi-Americans for duty in the armed services. The facts are that the Mexis are not here to join in, but to take over, and anyone of them will tell you that. Aztlan is not the place to recruit men to die so Bushy and his crowd can have a new oil pipe line. Afghanistan will not be the turkey shoot that the Gulf massacre was.
Famous Christiane Amanpour, a mongrel married to a jew named Rubin, talks like her mouth is full of mashed potatoes – the brown kind. Here's a typical self-serving broad who keeps her maiden name and leaves her infant son hanging by his nuts while she pursues her "career". I have no use for this type of human garbage – actually an afterbirth which managed to live. It's a shame her mother didn't believe in abortion.

This is just another example that if you are jew, married to a jew or screwing a jew, you can become "famous". The technique is called "the kosher shut-out".

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/020306/80/ctgiu.html   It goes on and on and on, deeper and deeper and deeper. Blacks evolved into the other races as soon as they migrated out of Africa. It seems that the African climate hinders evolution. This crap often gets so confusing that I often get an urge to burn someone's house down.  Here's a snip from the above "expert" doo-doo.

"His analysis of human gene trees from different populations showed that, rather than evolving simultaneously in several parts of the globe as some scientists believe, humans migrated out of Africa in expansions and did not replace existing populations but mixed with  them."

Mixed with "them"? Who be de them? A single family tree? Originally ape black? It seems that the more "expansions" into Europe the Blacks made, the Whiter the population became. White people are the most peculiar critters on dis planet ob de apes for NEARLY ALL of their identifying characteristics are RECESSIVE relative to the other species, often foolishly referred to as races. Kinky black wool KO's silky blond. Prehensile lips KO thin lips. Brown eyes KO blue eyes. Everywhere you go, the tar brush needs only one application. That doesn't leave us much to wonder about.

(1) Whites evolved from Blacks, in Africa, and then took a hike to disagreeable Europe where they froze their asses much of the time. How come they didn't turn around and go back to the Congo of Eden? Now, the Blacks who evolved into Yellows, ignored Horatio and went east where they invented the egg roll and discovered bamboo.

(2) If Blacks migrated to Europe and Asia, and then "evolved", what was it about the climate in Asia which prevented all of those millions of mutations which led to White racial characteristics?

My never-ending song has always been one of THINK FOR YOURSELF. Your God-given brain works better than you think it does. Don't ever let some clown, diplomas at the ready, coerce you into believing you cannot think rationally about some piece of shit he flags in your face. You are a White man! Don't let the bastards wear you down! Give them the finger-3 salute.

What's being done now to those kids is unpardonable.

America's Worldwide Vietnam Update:Current Operations At Shahikot, Afghanistan

The December operations at Tora Bora naturally failed to achieve a decisive result.  As I mentioned then, it was obvious from the reports, the assault force there was a pick-up group of local mercenaries hunting the $25 million bounty on Osama.  The catch with such incentives is you have to live to collect them.  That's the key to the benefit program.  Those Afghans neither pushed hard nor surrounded the area.  I don't particularly criticize them for this.  Doing that would have caused the Taleban/al-Qaida elements to do what they did at Mazar i-Sharrif prison when cornered.

Our 'commanders' (I use this term very loosely) have certainly had adequate advance warning about what these people will do when cornered.  Our Northern Alliance 'allies' are well known to indulge themselves in prisoner massacres.  There's a problem with such a gruesome reputation.  If it doesn't cause your enemy to run away, then it causes them to fight to the death.

The current Operation Anaconda is taking place after six months of war experience.


These reports are early and fragmentary.  Based on this, our commanders have apparently put together a hodgepodge of force made up of:

1.  US Special Forces leading Afghan mercenaries with apparently two days' training.
2.  Various Afghan 'generals' leading other tribal groups called companies and battalions in this report.
3.  US Army 101st Airborne Division elements.
4.  US Army 10th Mountain Division elements.
5.  Unknown numbers of  troops from "Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany and Norway".

This multi-culti force is speaking at least six languages:  English, Pashtun, Danish, French, German, and Norwegian.  Degenerated as our infantry forces now are, they would still have done better to bring up two cohesive brigades of US troops from the same unit, perhaps reinforced by the best Afghans operating in their own sector with US Special Forces to coordinate air support for them.

Casualty Rates.

This Operation Anaconda is generating a hefty one already.  Those who've been complaining for two decades about the US Government and People not being willing to accept high casualties with a hearty spirit can now take 'encouragement'.  We're back in the heavy casualty business again.  Satisfied now, Zionist Warhawks?

"At least eight U.S. and seven Afghan soldiers have died in the operation with about 40 Americans and 30 Afghans wounded."

"A Pentagon official said that 1,000 U.S. troops, including aircrews, were participating in the offensive."

Deducting 100 for aircrews in jets, AC-130s and helicopters yields an American ground force component of around 900.   48/900  = an American casualty rate of 5% .  This is hefty for just six days' combat given complete air supremacy.  Except for advances in personnel armor and bullet proof helmets, this figure would undoubtedly be higher.  This is a good measure of the intensity and close-in nature of the combat.

Opposing Force Buildup.

"But General F.L. Buster Hagenbeck, commander of 'Operation Anaconda,' said more fundamentalist followers in the area were rushing to join in a holy war against the United States."

"He said local leaders (i.e. not al-Qaidists) had been 'funneling, infiltrating fighters into this area.'''

"In our estimation, in the last 24 to 48 hours, the number of enemy that we've fought over time is somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 to 700.'' Afghan commanders said the battle was twisting along a six-mile frontline of bunkers and caves up to the 3,000-yard peaks around the village of Shahi Kot.

"Hagenbeck said that only around 150-200 enemy fighters had been in the area when the U.S.-led attack began on Saturday east of Gardez, capital of Pakita province, about 95 miles south of Kabul."

Keep your seat belts fastened real tight, boys and girls.  According to this report by the American commander, The Enemy is feeding in forces to this battlefield faster than US Special Operations Command is.   It also means US Special Operations Command has failed to isolate the battlefield.  A US tactical victory here is therefore not predestined.   US casualties have stopped in the last 24 hours but this seems to be because US attacks have also stopped.  Meanwhile Islamics are reported to be conducting "hit and run" attacks against US and associated forces.

Translated from p.r. ZOG-speak this means the initial US attacks failed, and US forces are now being pushed back and/or are being surrounded.  This outcome would be a natural result of the Enemy achieving a faster rate of tactical force buildup than the US led side.  As Nathan Bedford Forrest said, victory goes to he who "gets there fustest with mostest."  So far the local Islamics appear to be winning this force build-up race, based on our ZOG-USA generals' own statements.  This is very curious considering US forces here enjoy total air control and also air mobility. "Maguire"

Robertsez: It appears that Eric was correct in gauging the problems which we will be facing on an accelerated basis. "It will be rifle against rifle," he said. Those supportive of the 'hi-tech' assurance of victory will be sadly disappointed as ZOG accelerates its own collapse.

I bought a pizza paddle this morning and as I approached the checkout, I moved it in a certain sweeping fashion. The young lady smiled and said "I need a spanking. My husband paddles me sometimes because I am usually naughty." I didn't inquire because it was none of my business. She seemed pleasant and happy enough.

This brought to mind the single short spanking I gave to my daughter when she was quite small. She learned that (1) dad makes the rules, (2) he keeps his word, (3) he will spank you and (4) a couple of raps on the bare butt is not pleasant. My introductory words to my daughter were to the effect that she was not going to like the next minute. I never had one single problem with her, ever since. She was a fast learner which her father was not. I think it took about 4 or 5 "ass warmings" for me to learn what it took my daughter about 10 seconds to learn. In either of the cases, neither myself nor my father showed any anger whatsoever. Moreover, I don't think I ever saw him angry at anything. He spoke once quietly; never repeated himself and if you weren't paying attention, you could rest assured that what followed was not a surprise, nor would it be pleasant. Mom's behavior was not contradictory to dad's. Neither criticized what the other felt was right to do. What a grand, grand thing it was to be positive of the words that mom and dad issued.

We'd ask, as we got older, if we could stay out after supper and play, and perhaps venture a block away. Permission was usually given followed by dad saying, "Be home before the street lights go on." "But dad, how are we to know when that is about to happen?" I'd ask. "That's a problem you'd best solve." One night sis and I stayed in the front window waiting for the lights to go on. When we found out, we'd then use that as a time guide for the next night's play. This was not without a problem, since neither of us owned a watch. Thus it was that we never strayed far from the "Big Ben" which beautifully adorned the corner of Main and Jackson. 

British Court Declares David Irving Bankrupt:


"A bankruptcy order clears the way to seize assets to settle unpaid debts."

This order was obtained by Deborah Lipstadt's attorney's as against court costs in Irving's lost libel action.  Among possible assets are copyrights.  Websites themselves can be also considered assets.  Therefore don't delay, download David Irving's books today here:  http://www.fpp.co.uk/books/index.html

The local radio mouth came unglued due to hate. He was "outraged" when he learned that the Afghan soldiers executed an American soldier as soon as he hit the ground, after one of those repeated helicopter "errors". I wonder what this fellow thinks war is all about anyway. It's not a bridge game complete with tea and snacks. It was S.O.P. during the SWATKWP to kill the enemy whether they surrendered or not. UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER! Remember? Some were made prisoners and others killed, depending upon the logistics of the situation and the state of mind of those in command. In the Pacific T.O., many Japs had the option of being burned or buried alive, or surrender and be shot. Hundreds of surrendering Germans never reached the "P.O.W. camps in Paris" they thought they were being taken to. For God's sake, why not talk to those who served in that terrible, and unnecessary, war and ask about how nice people were to each other?

I'd suggest to this radio mouth that he'd promptly enlist so that he count give those "animals" their just desserts, but most bravery depends upon how far removed one is from the real dangers. As I understand, throat-cutting, in those parts, is a customary method of dealing with people you don't like. Semites were not named "desert cut-throats" for nothing.

I'll give $1000 to any person who can convince any TV or radio mouth, to enlist and fight "terrorism". How about $2000 for anyone who forms a lesbo battalion which would include all of those TV female yappers? Here's your chance, you potential Zenas, to prove your superiority on the battlefiend using Black Belt pirouettes, otherwise known as the Chuck Norris 360.

Imagine archeologists two thousand years from now excavating Detroit, Michigan instead of Egypt.  If these future archeologists also  ignore the evidence of racial changes then what bizarre explanations might they offer for Detroit's observed decay into ruins?   They'll inevitably be forced back onto classical Marxist ideas of 'culture', 'religion' and 'economics' or arcane searches for evidence of natural disasters or environmental causes.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Racial quotas are the logical outcome of accepting the Marxist first principle of racial equality.  The federal laws have inevitably come to reflect this fact in the evidentiary standards.  'Disparate Impacts' (i.e. unequal racial outcomes) are now prescribed in law as being prima facie evidence of racial discrimination.

I think this result is 'fair' assuming a pre-supposition of racial equality.  If one truly believes in racial equality then what else could be the reasons for unequal racial group outcomes?  It can't be 'biological racial inequality'.  That argument was already excluded from political discourse by acceptance of the Equality Principle.

Having accepted the Equality Principle any and every possible alternate method is thus used to try to close the persisting gap between theory (races are =) and the permanently uncooperative experimental results (races are not =).  Are standardized test results unequal?  Then change either the tests or the scoring!  Or eliminate testing entirely.  Or one can argue that lower racial group test scores are the result of 'poverty' resulting from past racism or 'institutionalized' current racism.  This serves as a theoretical justification for vast income transfer programs to eliminate the 'poverty' that is the theorized cause of the observed reduced intellectual performance.  Both of these stratagems have been highly popular with the Judeo-Marxists and are theoretically justified by the First Principle.

Marxists and FAEMists both understand this.  We just disagree on the First Principle of racial equality.   It's the ConnedServantives as usual who fall between two stools and wind up looking and sounding like circus clowns riding tricycles in circles and honking horns.  Many have accepted the premise of 'Wez All Ekwals'.  This group, composed of neo-cons and other plain conneds, are left with no substantial objections to the rest of the Marxist program.  They inevitably stand on the permanent defensive when the Marxist leveling measures naturally follow behind.  All 'conservative' critiques of Marxist programs thus confine themselves to minor nitpicking of the details of one or another proposed measure for translating stubborn facts into theory.  They have no means for theoretically justifying a block opposition to any of these programs.  Certainly none of them have ever effectively done so.

We on the other hand don't have to write 500 page tomes to theoretically reject racial quotas in hiring or to support higher educational standards regardless of racial impacts.  FAEM can dispose of racial income leveling and racial quota programs in a single paragraph.  Occam's Razor thus says our view and opposition to the Marxist program is more nearly scientific than is the ConnedServantives' position.

Then there's another group of ConnedServantives and also the Republican imModerate$.  These don't openly oppose 'Wez All Ekwals'.  Their reasons for not openly opposing the idea are  a) moral cowardice and b) material careerist calculations (which are related to reason a)).  Both groups leave themselves open to well-founded Marxist charges of hypocrisy, which is a matter of saying one thing and doing another.

I can hear the ConnedServantive chorus tuning up now.  "We believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcomes."  You yourself might even think you believe this but it's just meaningless semantics.  When does this ideal world of 'equal opportunity' start?  Is it perhaps the age of legal adulthood?  If it does then you've already signed up for the full Marxist social program.  That's because the "Ekwals" don't arrive at the starting gate in an equal condition and everyone knows it.  How about kindergarten then?  Same objection.  The Marxist approach of interpreting equal opportunity as requiring equal outcomes at least has some possibility of realization.  It merely requires that leveling processes be used to implement it.  The ConnedServantive attempt at compromising the uncompromisable is supported by nothing in either theory or fact. "Maguire"

Carthage Redux.

My own sources say Carthage was founded in the 8th Century B.C. by Phoenician traders from Tyre.  The Phoenicians were great traders and seamen.  There's archeological evidence they reached as far as modern day Brazil in South American.

The city of Carthage was built on a peninsula projecting into the Gulf of Tunis.  It rapidly became the major trading emporium and Babylon West of the Mediterranean Sea.  These Phoenician traders brought with them the primary religion(s) of the east.  These were the Baal-Ashteroth cults.  Ashteroth was known in Carthage as Tanit.  The practices of this goddess cult were the same in Carthage as in Lebanon, Babylon and also among those Israelites involved in this cult.  The central features of the Tanit-Ashteroth-Ishtar cult was the worship of sex and also ritual infanticide.  As a side note, the main characters of the Book of Esther, Moredechai the Jew and his cousin Queen Esther, are named after the Babylonian gods Marduk and Ishtar.

The archeological evidences for Hannibal as a white man should be very significant to Christian Identity beliefs since his cultural antecedents were from the Levant.   Hannibal's father was a Carthaginian general named Hamilcar Barca.  We could easily rewrite this as Hamilcar Bar Ca, meaning Hamilcar Son of Ca, without contradicting anything known about Carthage's origins.

Hannibal's army was a multi-cultural army.  I think it undoubtedly included some negroes or mulattos given their recruiting grounds and the presence of pachyderms (elephants).  The principle core of that army were white Celtic troops recruited from the Iberian peninsula (modern Spain and Portugal).   Spain south of the Ebro was under Carthaginian control at that time.  While I have no evidence I wouldn't be surprised if it were one day shown that Hannibal also had forces recruited from Ireland and Great Britain.  Carthage was principally a mercantile and naval power.

To these were added cavalry from groups in modern day Algeria and Morocco. One reason I say Hannibal was probably a greater general than Alexander is the opposite nature of their friendly and enemy forces.  Alexander led a homogeneous army of white men against the multiracial cultural armies of the Assyro-Babylonian-Persian Empire.  Hannibal was leading a multi-racial and multi-cultural army, primarily white, against a homogeneous Roman army of white men.

Carthage's known origins and the heavy reliance on mercenary forces, separate from the ruling classes, also make me suspect a strong presence of Jews in Carthage by the Second Century B.C.

Carthago Delenda Est!

Carthage's power was broken in the Second Punic War at the Battle of Zama just outside the city.  Carthage by treaty was restricted to a mere 10 ships for its navy, prohibited from waging war outside Africa, and inside Africa only upon the Senate's approval.  Previously they had been the premier naval power of the western Mediterranean Sea.

Historians have long portrayed the Roman senator Cato the Censor as a pigheaded and cruel man for calling for broken Carthage's final destruction in a Third Punic War.   It's unsurprising that modern Judeo-Marxists and Judeo-Feminists would regard Cato this way.  Marcus Porcius Cato was a farmer, stern Roman moralist and veteran of the Second Punic War.  In his career he held all of the offices of the Roman state.

Cato often spoke out against domestic violence, "A man who beats his wife or child is laying sacrilegious hands on the most sacred thing in the world." Cato constantly struggled against the increasing immorality in Roman life. He often said he would rather have people ask why there was no statue of him, rather than have one erected after his death.  After he died this inscription was placed on his statue:

"When the Roman state was sinking into decay, he became censor and through his wise leadership, sober discipline and sound principles restored its strength."

In his old age, Cato visited Carthage.  It was after this visit that Carthago Delena Est! became part of every speech.  Given everything else known about Cato, this is understandable.  It was right in character for him after seeing the evil practices (including ritual infanticide) of the Tanit-Ashteroth-Ishtar sex cult.  Lovers of luxury, sodomy, pederasty and child abuse naturally hate such a man.

I've long thought that comparing modern America to the Roman Empire may not be the best historical analogy.  Modern ZOG, and the Second British Empire, have at least as much in common with ancient Carthage.  Given everything known about it, Carthage is a good candidate for having been an ancient ZOG.