12 March 2002
To the 'Patriots' of the 'California Patriot'.


"We Must Unite" editorial of September 16, 2001.

"Sixty years ago, when the Japanese made a similar mistake by bombing Pearl Harbor, a Japanese military officer remarked, "We've roused a sleeping giant." Not only have we as a country been roused, but we have been called to annihilate this scourge on our world... the ugly face of terrorism."

So fulminated the "Operation Righteous Thunder" editorial in the California Patriot, a publication of the Berkeley Conservative Foundation.  Well ZOGlings, let's test out your modern patriotism down where the rubber hits the road.   Kiddies, sixty years ago on December 7 the recruiting offices were jammed with lines stretching out the door and around the block.  Many men slept all night in the hallways to get the first chance at the Japs.  Tens of thousands of university men interrupted their educations to follow the flag. (Robertsez – The kid next door was 'unfit for military duty', i.e. 4F, due to a bone obstruction in his nose. He took jobs selling newspapers and as a soda-jerk in order to earn $300 for an operation which would classify him as 1A – fit for military duty. Considering that these jobs paid about 30 cents per hour at the time, we can rightly measure this fellow's desire to serve his country. He later took part in the Dresden raid which he regretted for the remaining days of his life.)

Just for you we'll repeat the comparative regular service military recruiting statistics we ran here last week:

October 2000:  18,778
October 2001:  18,717

'Patriotism' following 9-11 thus generated a negative (−) 61 enlistments during October, 2001 throughout the entire Late Great USA.  You could have had more recruits simply by taking the money wasted on patriotic trinkets and hiring a few thousand mercenaries.  So please send us and the world no more of your empty ra-ra, 'California Patriots'.  It's a disgrace to men who really are following the flag, any flag.  Your childish big mouths will just get you in more trouble with others, the way you got into it with the Aztlanists who are serious about nation-building. (Robertsez – I notice that this crew is jam-packed with 'diversity'.)

By the way, we'll suitably salute any staff member of the California Patriot (http://www.calpatriot.org/staff.html)  who actually interrupted their careerist ambitions to pick up the rifle for ZOG in the wake of 9-11.  I don't anticipate a heavy editorial space requirement for this.


P.S.  Ms. Boobs needs a different staff photo.  Her current one is a disgrace for any white or near white woman.


In the wake of the 9-11 attacks President Dubya E. Neuman has decided now is the opportune moment for another round of illegal Mexcrement alien amnesties.  Whaddya think about that one, ConnedServantive Berkeleyite boyz and girlz?


"Furthermore, the Republican Party must be DESTROYED!"

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for FAEM. I found it by accident and now can't get enough.

(Material here was deleted due to its personal content.)

White people in general just seem to WANT to remain ignorant. (Our town) recently unveiled their Anne Frank Memorial. Tell me, what did (we) have to "atone" for in reference to the "jews"?

I agree with you guys in that, I think the White race and this country are all but lost. It is going to take having their backs firmly
against the wall and being offered a blindfold before most people catch on.  Oh well, I feel as though I've done my part and will keep plugging away to a lesser degree, but it seems that all we are doing is waiting for the inevitable.

Thanks again for doing your part with your website. I have read more intelligent, cogent, rational opinions on FAEM than on any ten websites.

All the best,  G.B.W.

Robertsez: A White man never quits until he wins or is dead. NEVER stop swinging! We know not the future and a quitter only brings defeat upon himself. That, in my book, is suicide.

The chickens are comin' home to roost, hurray, hurray...

Student Conservative News Update

A group of aspiring Country Club Republicans at the University of California, Berkeley received an unpleasant surprise last week.  It emerges the Mexcrements their parents encouraged to immigrate as greenskeepers and tomato pickers, are developing uppity ambitions of their own.   The Aztlanists have taken exception to a student newspaper editorial the Judeo-Marxist Conservatives published denouncing the Mexicans' political views.  The Horowitzim GOP Marxists were perturbed by what they perceive as Mexican interference in the Long March to a "colorblind society".  They therefore wrote an unctuous editorial denouncing these People of Color as though they were only white men.

The Righteous Mexican People of Color then confiscated several thousand copies of this subversive hate screed under the laws against political subversion of Neuvo Alta California.  Brazen attempts to physically distribute this vile hate tract were also prevented by promises to administer Mexican Peoples' Justice (i.e. with switchblade knives, slashed tires, stolen stereos, gang beatings, etc.).

The idiot sons of Freemasons and Episcopalians then got still another surprise when they complained to the Campus Security Office for Suppression of Racist White Men.  Since the Justiciars concerned with suppressing the Berkeley Republicans' illegal pamphlets are not white men the Berkeley Securitat has declined involvement.

David Horowitz himself is unavailable for comment as he is currently engaged in defending open borders immigration policy.


Who Owned Hitler?

At the current time this question functions like a game of "Pass The Bad Penny".  The answer always depends very little on what really WAS.  The thesis is a function of who the author in question currently wishes to smear by means of implied guilt by association.  When evidence is lacking, as it almost always is, hearsay is freely introduced to fill the void.  This is usually accompanied by recycled early SWATKWP propaganda written in New York in the late 1930s-1940s under OSS and Jewish sponsorship.  Failing all else, theorists will invite their readers to assume Hitler shared identical beliefs with one or another of his subordinates who can be proven to profess the requisite heresy.

Once we examine this question from all sides we see the truth of the proverb, "Victory has a thousand fathers.  Defeat is an orphan."  What follows is a short survey of the range of Hitler Theological Positions that have been offered up over the decades.  Those interested in adhering to one or more of these Theologies of Hitler's Theology can search out the internet.

1.  Hitler was an orthodox Catholic.  This is a favorite modern theme of Rapture Cult Zionists and especially televitz Zionists masquerading as Christians.  The Babylonian Talmudists have also found great sport with this more recently.  Possibly they sense a big future payoff from the Pope's portfolio.

2.  Hitler was a rapid anti-Catholic and anti-clerical.  Martin Borman, who did think that way, is known to have worked hard trying and failed to obtain the Führer's imprimatur on such policies.

3.  Hitler was ferocious persecutor of all forms of Christianity.  This was the former Judeo-Communist line in 1945 at Nuremberg, where they were busy indicting Hitler and the Nazis for being ferocious anti-Christian persecutors.  It is now enshrined for all time in the proceedings of the International Military Tribunal.   Holocaustian Jews who now accuse Hitler of being a Catholic are themselves indulging in some Holocaust Denial according to the IMT verdicts.  To accomplish this indictment OSS Chief William Donovan brought back some atheist Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt School.  At that time the Frankfurt School was mostly still in exile in New York where it was actively subverting American public morals and the nuclear family.

4.  Hitler was a New Age Pagan and occultist.   This is another favorite theme of  Fundamentali$t groups and some Babylonian Talmudists of the more Cabbalistic schools.    The major evidence offered up for this is Heinrich Himmler, certain elements of the S.S. and their traffic in Nordicist mysticism.  Himmler's New Age theosophist nurse wife and her dabblings in homeopathic medicine at least provide a patina of solid fact to clothe this theory.

5.  Hitler was a former homosexual prostitute in his Vienna days.  A Mr. Scott Lively, ostensible Christian and fellow traveler with anti-Christ Babylonian Talmudists, has popularized this view in his book 'The Pink Triangle'.  Ernst Rohm's known homosexuality is always brought out in support of this concept.

6.  Hitler was a Secret Jew probably fathered by a Rothschild.  This is highly popular with many groups, usually as a syncretist addition to other main propositions.

7.  Hitler was an atheist, evolutionist and Darwinist.  Creationists frequently hurl this charge.

8.  Hitler was a Creationist.  Evolutionists have sometimes made this accusation since Hitler said, "I truly believe I am defending the handiwork of the Lord...", outlawed abortion and pornography and generally pursued pro-German family social and economic policies.

9.  A less well known theme to the general public is Hitler as Odinist.  Despite the vacuum of evidence for this proposition it is a favorite among would-be white imitators of Moses and Mohammed.  We have also had Savitri Devi's parallel post-war view (available here on humble FAEM) of Hitler as a manifestation of the Hindu godhead.

What many, and probably most, people see in Adolf Hitler is what they choose to see.  Prior to SWATKWP many of these same theories were in vogue although they were often advocated by opposite groups from the ones who espouse them now.  Hitler was certainly a successful politician.  This means he didn't give needless offense by offering up gratuitous opinions on topics he considered unessential to his main mission.  In this line he operated similarly to George Washington, who as President also returned polite valedictory messages to the many opposite religious groups who wrote in to him seeking blessings, benedictions or public subsidies.


Hi Robert,

Your comments about Aztlan coming to a neighborhood near you are very true. After the WTC disaster, many Mexicans in the area I live joined in on the flag patriotism by also flying the Mexican flag with their Stars 'N Stripes.  I found this to be in massive poor taste but what can you do?

A week ago I saw a teenaged Mexican on the main shopping street wearing an Aztlan T-shirt.  My initial reaction was to rip his shirt off of his back and shove it down his throat while screaming "La Raza Raus!", but I intuitively knew that all the soccer moms and hockey dads around him, who have absolutely no idea what is happening, would come to his defense and I'd end up in the county gulag.  Seeing this kid walk unmolested with his "hate message" blazing, well behind "enemy lines" was truly instructive.  I believe that as long as beer and TV sports are provided, there is no hope for this country.  The enemy is well aware of that.

I hate to say it but it seems that the wake-up is beginning to happen overseas, rather than here.  I know FAEM thinks otherwise, but I firmly believe that the white man will make his last stand in Europe, turf that no Jew can convince him is not his.  The "nation of immigrants" cancer is past terminal here, and I believe the mass scale Zimbabwe/South Africa that comes here will bring on another round of 1848-style continent-wide revolution in Europe that does away with the EU and it's multicult.

Of course I hope I am DEAD WRONG, but I don't see anything that indicates otherwise at the moment.

Best, F.F.

Robertsez – Note the intelligent response this man revealed. It was not cowardliness but a full realization of the "stacked deck" all White males are faced with daily. Whether FAEM is right or not, is of little import, as long a some White people, somewhere, start the battle. I believe that ZOG will soon be reaching a point where it can no longer support parasitic, and mad, Israel. Once this happens, Israel will go down the tubes and all of those forever poisecuted people will take a permanent vacation in Miami.

Today I shall hide. I intensely dislike "growed" people crying in their beer. Tragedies are to be OVERCOME, not used as excuses for orgies of self-pity. Imagine the pioneers who built this country coming emotionally unglued when Aunt Effie was killed by an Injun's arrow. This pervasive blubbering about things which cannot be undone, is jewish to the core. Woe is me... blubber... blubber... moan... it's a holocaust. No White man worthy of the name would engage in such emotional sickness.

In 1930, Bill Raymond's father was a very wealthy man. In 1932, he wasn't. How did Mr. Raymond react to this loss of millions? For his remaining days on earth, he sat in a rocking chair staring out the window. Bill's mother was forced to take a menial job in order to put food on the table. Mr. Raymond was a man one could admire, wasn't he?

In 1935, Mr. Sprague's farm was doing very well. Lots of great crops which he supplied to the hungry people in a nearby city. In 1936, he wasn't doing very well. A drought  ruined all of his crops and a lightning strike set fire to his house, which burned to the ground. Mr. Sprague had no insurance policy to fill in the holes. How did Mr. Sprague react to this personal tragedy? He hitched up the horse and went back to plowing the fields. The family slept in the hay lofts and ate in the tool shed until the house was rebuilt. Mr. Sprague belonged to a community of White people who helped each other out.

As for myself, I have no time for the whiners. Each of my family overcame tragedy after tragedy without once feeling sorry for themselves. I know dozens of others who suffered more. The 911 TV and radio sob crap makes me sick to my stomach. What I am witnessing is the flotsam, mostly Judeo-Americans, of the White race revealing their true worth -0-. Their behavior insults those who struggled to give them the addicting opulence they slosh in today.

I wonder if the Japanese have national bawling sessions every August 9 in memory of the Nagasaki surprise which, in comparison, makes the WTC look like a pimple on a flea's ass.

Certainty. Inflation is on the horizontal horizon. The Mexi-flood can no longer be stopped and who is going to feed them while they breed? Lots of hungry mouths and fewer and fewer tax-payers. Only a few years back, we had 17 workers supporting 1 geezer. Now, we only have 2 workers supporting 1 geezer. What does this extrapolate to, in your mind? 
Uncertainty. Bushez and company have all gone mad. Their supporters are mad. The religious are mad. What will they do next? They are as a gang of chimpanzees in a china shop. Who would venture a prediction here?

The best of the White people have welcomed uncertainty as a challenge. When the Norse people directed their ships west, they knew of nothing certain. Those who left Missouri and headed west did not possess crystal balls.. The only certain thing was the uncertainty of what would lie over the next hill.

Thus, the coming years will cause a great cleavage in the ranks of those we choose to call White. Many will fall on their faces begging the gods to help them while they agonize in their emotional chains. Others will shout, "F--- it! Where's my battle ax? Who wants to live forever anyway?"

Those who choose to wallow in self-pity have already lost. There is a big pit called "fighting terrorism". Many will  choose to throw themselves in, but I can guarantee that not one of the wailing wall types will offer themselves, and this includes each and every one of those radio and TV mouths – those hypocrites of the media who want YOU to DIE for THEM!

Good news! Mexiburgers don't inhabit southern California completely. There are 100,000 Afghans in Fremont and 100,000 Iranians in Lost Angles. Ah! Diversity, thou warmeth my cockles.
Relative to my 'gear ratio' piece, found below, I received this very civilized email – (author's name withheld)

The use of prime numbers in gear ratios is related to the so-called "hunting tooth" gear ratio, in which the number of teeth on each gear do not have a common factor – which would include prime number toothed gears.

Using a hunting tooth ratio insures that a given tooth will mesh with each tooth of the mating gear, providing maximum uniformity of wear.

 It really is a sound practice, and is described in Machinery's Handbook.

** I responded as follows –

Yes. I know the theory but Ford, and others, apparently do not adhere to it. This follows from actual wear data, I was told. Their 1977 differential code 6O refers to a 10 tooth pinion and a 30 tooth ring. The 1973 AS code refers to a10 tooth pinion and a 35 tooth ring. Neither of these sets of numbers are relatively prime. The 30/10 ratio has been very popular way back to the 1932 Essex, a company later known as Hudson. In 1957, Chevrolet offered a choice of about 12 ring/pinion ratios. If memory serves, the count of teeth were all relatively prime. Perhaps I shall look it up.

If pressed, I have complete mechanical data on most Americans automobiles built since 1934, including tidy little items like the size of the transfer slots in the carburetors. I also have boxes of ASAE material dating over a period of 35 or so years. My memory sometimes is not as accurate as it once was, and so now suffer the handicap of having to look things up.

Thank you for your interest. It was very welcomed. <><> Robert

** This got me to thinking. In the last century, we've come a long way baby, relative to metallurgy. In Riccardo's The High Speed Internal Combustion Engine (1916, I believe) he said nearly all there was to say on the topic. At that time high speed meant about 2600 RPM's. To this, Riccardo said that as the science of metallurgy improved, so would the performance of engines, since his 2600 figure was based upon the data of the time. By 1932, the Chevrolet engine developed maximum HP at 3200 RPM. Buick's 1942 high performance 165 HP engine cranked to 3800 RPM while the 1940 Hudson "Big Boy" developed maximum at 4800 RPM. This increase in RPMs was due entirely to improved metals.

When the cast camshaft metallurgical problems of the early 1950s were solved, increases occurred in all mechanical parts of the automobile. By the time 1950 came around, the speed boat crowd was cranking their de-stroked Chevy V8s past the 11,000 RPM mark with HP ratings not matched today relative to passenger cars. My old friend's 1960 Chevy Impala would wind to 9400 RPM before the valves floated and the engine signed off. Now, to my thought.

Conjecture: Metals have vastly increased in uniformity and wear properties, and machining far more superior, that perhaps it no longer makes any difference which tooth mates with which tooth, thus making the argument about the ratio of teeth superfluous. This sounds good to me.

BTW. Hudson was the most advanced automobile, engineering wise, of its time. It went out of business because Americans are obsessed with cheap and use "expensive" and "quality" as synonyms. My old Taurus is one helluva lot more comfortable vehicle that that Lexus pig my cousin owns, but a Taurus wouldn't go well with her fur coat and bedroom eyes.

Continuing, Hudson was the first and only auto manufacturer to use semi-steel blocks. They were first in (1) aluminum pistons 1934, (2) metallic paints 1935, (3) 4-way flashers and directional signals 1940, (4) dual brake system 1940, (5) Selectomotive transmission where one could chose clutch/shift, shift only, or no shift auto, (6) 'step down' design 1948, (7) a flush convertible top 1949, (8) dual operation radio, hand or foot, 1950 (9) a virtually indestructible cork clutch – the smoothest on the market 1947 ... the list goes on. By 1955, Hudson was only a memory.

The anti-racism mechanism. America was built by White people both as White workers and captains. Yes, there was physical help along the way by Chinese, Blacks, horses and a few oxen. I think we owe an enormous debt to the horses who pulled the wagons, stained at the plow harness and died during the many battles against the indigenous. The contribution of the horse certainly was greater than that of any freed slave. Slaves never contributed beyond enhancing the opulent life-style of a handful of southern Whites too lazy to do their own work.

Once America was adorned with toilets which flushed, it became a place of desire by those who never could devise such a thing on their own. There was a problem. The immigrant was an outsider and all felt the friction of different peoples rubbing together. The White man had no desire to go into "foreign" neighborhoods nor attend any of its community functions. Thus he was deprived of experiencing the racial animosity which was directed towards him. On the other hand the alien felt that he was not accepted. He couldn't marry women more desirable than the uglies of his own kind. America then was called a "racist" land and efforts directed by the screwed-up jew against this mounted. All got into the act, especially those White people who held a grudge against something. The White became their whipping boy and as sure as erosion takes down a mountain, White homogeny started to dissolve.

The dissolution continues among the White people but racism has not abated in non-Whites. The trend indicates that when White political power is totally destroyed, the racism of the non-White will escalate creating a living hell for White descendants. Today the 'City of the Angles', Los Angeles, is the declared capitol of Aztlan. If you don't know what Aztlan is, then don't worry. It's coming to your neighborhood soon. I have noticed Mexican flags flying in Pennsylvania.

Some of the more entertaining periods of my life involved those where I got tossed out of the plethora of math classes I was enrolled in. I was not a disciplinary problem and never had difficulty in doing very well at the basically useless discipline. I always had an itch to prick some pompous ass whenever he strayed into fartair land. My first episode was accepted with a smile by my high school female Harvard Ph.D. geometry and algebra teacher. That woman made an impression on me. Her first name was Alice and I wrote a little book, Alice in Numberland. That was followed by The Tyranny of Numbers.

We were dicking around – math is nearly all dicking around – with Euclidean stuff such as constructions using a straight-edge (a ruler without divisions) and compass. While we were punching holes through our paper with the compass, and on into the desktop, I pointed out that the while loony business was based on a ridiculous assumption – that we were 'constructing' on a flat surface. How did we know the desk was flat ( a plane)? How did we know that the straight edge was straight? If neither were so, then we were deluding ourselves as to accomplishment. I asked the question, "How does one construct a straight line?" Then a statement, "Since we use both edges of the straight-edge, it appears that they are parallel. If so, then we can toss the compass away for most work." Using a straight-edge to bisect an angle, for example, not only introduces less physical error, but it's faster. This produced a small uproar in the class. John – a future Ph.D. in math – started sucking on his eraser. Jean – a future director of admissions in a university – adjusted her brassiere. Nancy looked at me while running her tongue over her lips. My question was never answered and the gods must have kept it in mind for 10 years later, it was revealed.

I'd wander down 57th Street past the "el" and on to the Museum of Science and Industry. In the Mathematics section, which was very, very dusty, I spotted an exhibit of "square" gears and other impractical expressions of some mathematician's cockeyed dream. And there it was! Before my silly face – a contraption using no straight lines at all and capable of drawing a straight line. I zipped back to Snell Hall and began a short process of mathematical doodling to verify that the stylus indeed followed a straight path. It's not that I didn't believe, it was just a kid thing using the necessary verifying duplication. I then chopped up a little cardboard, grabbed a batch of thumbtacks and mechanically constructed a working model. It was lots of fun. It certainly beat another date with Yolanda.

The next morning, I could not keep my mind focussed on Dr. Urey's jabber about diffusion until a dim light within my brain jolted me. How soon we forget! That beautiful contraption had a major flaw! It assumed that the pivot points all were lying in the same plane. I was now back in my high school geometry class – the question still unanswered. How do we know the surface is flat?

When mathematics is taught by mathematicians, one learns nothing useful. A "line" to a mathematician exists only in the abstract. You can never experience one for lines have no thickness, nor breadth, nor even a describable length. That's why they invented the absurdity "infinity" – to describe the indescribable.

When you take a ruler and trace its surface, you call it a "line". To a mathematician this crudely represents a line segment. If you used a sharper pencil and made the segment .003" thick, it would be a closer rendition than one .008" thick. We'll ignore the depth of the mark at this point. In order to more closely represent something a mathematician would be happy with, we'd make the thickness smaller and smaller until the whole caboodle vanishes from sight. What is left? Nothing. And that's what a mathematician's line segment is anyway – nothing.

I have always maintained that the only real talent jews have is the ability to saw off the branch they are sitting on. They, and the goy merchants in greed and power, have managed not only to plant the seeds of their own downfall, but nourish it as well. They have allowed, in their irrational hatred for the White race, millions of non-Whites to pour into this country, not caring that these people do not like jews. Only the gullible goyim have ever protected the jews and now jews are intent upon destroying their protectors. It is all as Hitler described.

It would do us well to keep posted on the "anti-Semitism" of our new Mexican invaders, colonizers and soon to be, elected officials. Here's a site to add to your list – http://aztlan.org/palblood.htm  As more and more anti-Zionist sites appear, authored by non-Whites, one might wonder how ZOG will manage censorship thereupon without incurring the charge of "racism".

Dear Mr. B. This is beautiful, or as a mathematician would put it, elegant. Thank you. Robert

Teaching Math in 1960's:
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is 4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit?

Teaching Math in 1970's:
A logger exchanges a set "L" of lumber for a set "M" of money. The cardinality of set "M" is 100. Each element is worth one dollar.  Make 100 dots representing the elements of the set "M."  The set "C", the cost of production contains 20 fewer points than set "M."  Represent the set "C" as a subset of set "M" and answer the following question:  What is the cardinality of the set "P" of profits?

Teaching Math in 1980's:
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

Teaching Math in 1990's:
By cutting down beautiful forest trees, the logger makes $20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class participation after answering the question: How did the forest birds and squirrels feel as the logger cut down the trees? There are no wrong answers.

Teaching Match in 2000's:
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is $120. How does Arthur Andersen determine that his profit margin is $60?

Robertsez: I am still laughing and it indicates that the working man in this country is far more savvy as to the nonsense which fills the air, than we might suppose. If that's not an optimistic sign, then tell me what is.

This mornings' Washington Post pg. 27a, states that the U.S. is retargeting their nuclear weapons toward China, North Korea, Iran and Iraq. Now isn't that something?  I expect the Chinese will increase their nuclear budget next week, to make sure they will have an overwhelming advantage should a conflict erupt over Taiwan. They also know not to trust the Russians political establishment composed of semites. Mr. Putin sure gave them an example of his tricky nature recently when he fell all over himself in accommodating the war in Afghanistan,  but then as you pointed out, he claimed he was a Hebrew on Russian T.V.

I disagree with you that the Afghanistan fiasco is only about the oil of the Caucasus or maybe the heroin trade. The real issue
is China and I've mentioned that any number of times. There is a really big war looming over the horizon that will make W.W.II look like child's play. China at some point will be challenged by the U.S. to test their mettle, and that would be one big mistake. There are hundreds of millions of lives at stake and should the U.S. not prevail it would mean the end of the white race. Small enclaves of white civilization such as exists in the Baltic states or other surviving  white countries in the world would be of no significance and  would be badly frightened. Further,  you can be sure these  remaining white enclaves  would not want or accept the welfare whites and blacks from the U.S. The mestizos would all flock back to Mexico and the U.S. repopulated by
Chinese who would be told to have lots of babies.

The U.S. is intent on establishing bases in the far east to thwart China, and if possible form an alliance with India. I do not believe India is foolish enough to being  the new mercenaries and cannon fodder against China. We have surely demonstrated in Afghanistan the use of those poor ignorant  people requiring them to do the really tough fighting. The U.S. is only using Pakistan toward their ultimate objective – the big coming war to determine who dominates the planet. I do not want a war to come about between  China and the U.S. but it's going to happen. Not only are they a very distinct race but  they are not governed by semites and the balance of power is at stake as to who will dominate the planet. In this connection if the Chinese can bribe enough Russian Generals to join them in a war against the U.S. All of Europe will be in danger. There are two other countries that would face an onslaught should this catastrophe ever come about and that is England and Israel. It is most unfortunate that the U.S. leaders have not foreseen the great danger they have placed our country in by not adhering to the Monroe Doctrine.
Best Regards. Joe.

My idea of a TV "survivor" game. Take 6 contestants, provide them with a stuffed survival rucksack, and dump them on the Pacific Island of Agrihan. Inform them that you'll be back to pick them up sometime, and those surviving will share a $666,000,000 prize. Any applicants?

The presented TV version had a disgusting short-coming: The "survivors" KNEW they'd be rescued anytime they chose to quit.
Real life is never on one's own terms.

John Flashcough advises that neighborhood people snitch on each other if anything "suspicious" is happenin'. He do like de idea of 'neighborhood watch" which is an admission that his homeland scrutiny intrusions simply cannot be expected to cope with terrorism, indiginous criminality and bot flies, which have been known to terrorize people from time to time.

IF this new pep talk evcourages people to leave their electronic jew and gawk out the window periodically, AND "incidentes" are reported, then WHO will respond? With millions of undiscovered terrorists on the loose, it would seem to me we'd need more police just to answer the increase in calls. If we increase our police force, then why have neighboorhood watch in the first place. Personally, I'd feel more secure watching Ellen Degenerate while 6 armed guards surroinded my little house.

We all know that some Muslim is sneaking about in our neighborhood ready to detonate his suitcase A-bomb, but we are admonished not to "racially profile" people. I know that all religions, save that of the jew, teach peace and so the "good Muslims" should be required to wear a yellow crescent on their left upper sleeve. I know this discriminates against those without a yellow crescent but that's a problem I am working on. Discrimination is also a form of terrorism.

Ring and pinion gears allow mechanical advantage and also a change in direction of the force. They are familiar to any automobile mechanic. For the manufacturer, metallic wear is a major concern. With this on mind, General Motors gave birth to a 'think tank' to see how to deal with the problem outside the field of metallurgy. Enter the mathematician with his bag of number magic to apply to the notion that if the number of revolutions could be maximized before the same pair of ring/pinion teeth again matched, then wear would be reduced. This is idiotic but that never prevents people from forming committees and taking surveys. If a mechanical advantage of about 3:1 was sought, then a ratio of 31:11 teeth would "theoretically" be desired. The numbers 31 and 11 are prime numbers and so the maximization of the revolutions would occur, as opposed to 30:10, which are not even relatively prime. Thus G.M. adapted the prime number notion.

Meanwhile, back in the swamps of Ford, they went their merry way caring little about "relatively prime" or even how many virgins can dance on Alan's head. Know what? Wear, via the 'proof of the pudding' criteria, was independent of the ratio of the teeth providing the loads, lubrication and rubbing velocities remained the same.

I feel we are not granting enough time to those who get their jollies from indulging in orgies of self-pity. March 11 will re-traumatize many who were TV-traumatized on September 11, since it would be the 6th (there's THAT number again) "anniversary" of bricks flying and smoke rising. (Meanwhile, American "love" is causing more death and destruction than did this single event but Americans, being jews, gives them the notion that their lives are the only lives on the planet worth crying about.) Why not become emotionally crippled every 6 weeks? Or every 6 days? That would be best since it could coincide with the Sabbath.

September was the 7th month on the Roman calendar so 911 should be 711, which is open 24 hours per day.

The more we deny that race exists, the more noticeably emphatic will be the contrary.
Methinks our foreign policy is best described by – Strength Without Wisdom = Disaster.
In Vietnam we had air superiority, more men, more hi-tech equipment, more bombs, more candy bars, more and more of EVERYTHING, yet we were beaten, packed our bags and ran. Why was that? Because the military places all faith in who got de mostest. They overlook exactly those characteristics which determine all human events – the will and determination of a people plus the very lo-tech practical nature of those we choose to call 'the enemy'. I do not profess to know what those lunatics in Washington have in mind, nor why millions of people are willing to sacrifice their freedoms by following them, but all point to a very sad future for the couch cabbage who believes ever-lasting comfort is his God-given right.
Have you noticed that those we choose to call "White" seem to be getting darker by the decade? Isn't that so, Bushez?
In the next booth was an ape, ogling the White girls. A 30ish woman passed – a good looker – and the nigger bellowed out, "Hey honey. Why doesn't le' me gid up inta ya?"

What more is there needed to demonstrate that White men have lost control of their society? They have no way short of having a falling out with the law, to make sure this nog ever opened his mouth again in an obvious verbal assault upon a woman minding her own business. ZOG, by its draconian laws, insures that all simians have a right to prey upon whom they wish. The White male cannot defend himself, his family nor his society – it's illegal.

Home schooling doesn't mean keeping your child at home, tossing him a book or video tape, and letting him "discover" whatever you think he should. There has never been, and never will be, any teaching method superior to a one-on-one. Further, you cannot teach what you yourself do not know. Reading, writing and 'rithmetic, cannot be usurped by playtime at the keyboard and "having fun" cutting out "creative" paper dolls.

I've watched the ads for phony phonics and other such crap, followed by mommy's gleeful exhortation that "My little pinhead was the only kid in his pre-pre-pre-school class who could read!" Being warped in the mind, I had no difficulty in talking to the TV set – "Hey lady, here's The History of Germania by Tacitus. Let him go to it." The point is – the kid has a very limited capacity in this necessary art. Besides, if he could "read" then why send him to school?

Each night, when he is about 1½ to 5 years old, sit down and read to him moving your finger under the pronounced word. The books should contain simple sentences with a few pictures of common objects. The same small set of books is used over and over. Never ask the child to "read to you" for he will do it automatically when the time comes. Letting him fart around with pointers and electronic junk, while you peek approvingly around the corner, does more harm than good. There is no sense of community with the parent during these jerk-off periods and if mom and dad CARE, the child learns faster – everything. Caring, to a child, means spending time with them, not buying some piece of computer junk and showering him with false praise. But, parents today seem more interested in feeling each other's behinds, buying $4000 toilets so they can relieve themselves, and wander of into ego-stroking land about how "successful" they are. .

All children will try to write, all on their own. They get especially fond of writing notes to their parents, if they are fortunate enough to have any worth writing to. If a solid skill level is not reached in reading and writing, you can take the 'rithmetic and feed it to the crows. The biggest problem I find in my tutoring, from algebra on, is that many simply have such a poor grasp of the language that they simply do not understand the problem. Therefore, when a kid sits down to doodle with math symbols, he will generally waste everyone's time. I've seen this over, and over, and over. One fellow asked me to show him how to "circumcise" a circle about a triangle. Dozens do not know that 'ellipse' and 'eclipse' are different things. Phonics leaves in its wake things like straight, strait and strayed, meaning the same thing and spelled "strate".

We are traveling down the Michael Jackson path where future communication will be confined to holding onto one's crotch and belching "ugh". Baboons exhibit more intelligent behavior than do those shrieking, drug-soaked clowns on MTV.

The outlines of what happened to permit the 9-11 "Bojinka" attacks are obvious.  All the necessary data has been provided us by the stream of leaks from dissident patriotic elements inside ZOG-USA's securitat.  Once we sift out the solid facts from the background static of internet urban legends a clear, logical, consistent and simple explanation stands out:

The Bill of Rights is a real downer when it comes to combating any kind of ethnically cohesive and organized group of evil doers, whether Heathen Chinee Tongs, Musselman Barbary State pirates, International Judeo-Communists or modern Zionist Jews.  Of course the Framers only thought they were writing these protections for white people.  The subsequent extension of this document to unsuitable peoples has led to a huge increase in government security inefficiency.

This being true ZOG-USA got the bright idea to fight a covert proxy war against al-Qaida by using ZOG-Palestine assets.  To carry this out they:

a.  Compelled every phone company to sole source their billing with the Israeli firm AMDOCS.  This kind of uniform sole sourcing decision among a multitude of actors points to a higher directing policy to enforce it.  In times past various phone companies, such as GTE, maintained their own computer billing operations in subsidiaries like GTE Data Services.  This offshore consolidation put a warrantless and unlimited telephone number pen trace on every phone in America without the inconvenience of going before obtuse judges.

b.  They then brought in a Mossad unit to conduct the actual surveillance of al-Qaida suspects.  Again, such personnel are not constrained by the niceties that can hamper Fed ZOG-USA law enforcement, nor are they easily sued for violations of civil rights.

This is why the FBI superficially appeared to have been so unresponsive to early warning indicators such as the alert by the flight school that suspicious muds wanted strange training.

This happy condominium went down in a classic Jewish betrayal.  The Zionists instead decided to stage Pearl Harbor II by letting al-Qaida slip through.  Their slow strategic defeat in Palestine and the rising tide of world reaction to the Jewish Imperium provided a confluence of motivators for this foul deed.

Q.  Why does anyone think the FBI was able to put its hands so quick on the rejoicing hebes high fiving and videoing the attacks from Jersey City?  Naturally their reaction was identical to Winston Churchill's after he'd successfully subverted the Late Great USA into SWATKWP.

A.  Each of these Mossad sub-units had their own back-up/support/supervisory team from the FBI.  This would be an inevitable requirement to prevent messy misunderstandings with local police forces and also provide back-up in case of local gun battles with al-Qaida elements.

This operation clearly started back in the Clinton Administration and is one reason Jew Tenet was held over in the CIA.