15 March 2002
Decaying Institutions II

There is a wealth of insight in this ZOG Establishment report.  We can draw a number of conclusions from close study of this valuable population intelligence.  The first is that the ZOG Establishment is acutely aware of these findings also.  They're the ones who commission these studies and read the results.  What follows is not intended to be comprehensive.  This is a brief survey of the possibilities for white patriots in issues.

Take for example this question and selected results:

"And now a question about the power of different groups in influencing government policy, politicians, and policymakers in Washington. Do you think [see below] have/has too much or too little power and influence on Washington?"

Group.                   Too much             Too little

Big Corporations           86%                    6%
PACs                       83%                    6%
The News Media             77%
Public Opinion             14%                   73%
Small Business              5%                   88%
Groups                     28%                   56%

These findings should spark a thought or two for those aspiring to leadership, at least to the literates in this group.   The most important is the first three groups taken together largely define the entity we call the Zionist Occupation Government, especially when we bundle in the biggest private corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, along with its 11 siblings.

1.  The moment The Federal Reserve Corporations are firmly identified in the public mind as the principle cause of uncontrollable Corporatocracy the clock has started on that criminal organization and all those connected with its creation and maintenance.

2.   People are rejecting carpet bag government by alien and semi-alien groups in all forms.  The ruling elites may have deceived themselves into thinking Globaloney is the wave of the future.  That's because they are listening to themselves in the huge echo chamber formed by their media cartel.   Globalism is not something arising on a wave of popular support and demand.

3.  Campaign finance reform is not only an immensely popular issue but is strategically essential for us in an effective form.  Unlike the Judeo-Federal Reserve we don't possess a press or bank to create as much political money as we want.  A couple of simple platform planks thus might look like this:

a.  Prohibit all candidates and referendum groups from receiving any political donations except from individuals qualified to vote in that particular election.  Prohibit all organizations except political parties from participating in an election in any form as an organization.  Such measures do hit an organization we currently deem necessary, the National Rifle Association.  They'll also hit anti-gun organizations equally.  Best of all, Zionist and Marxist groups like the Christian Coalition, the National Educaton Association, the lawyers' associations and the network of Zionist PACS are also swept under The Ban.

b.  Explain the nature of media concentration, who is behind it and also detail effective anti-trust measures to break up these media cartels.  Some explaination is proceeding apace but again well conceived alternate proposals are lacking.

4.  According to these poll results we are the party of small business opposing vast anti-human international corporations.  What an odd coincidence.  The LAST pro-white party to achieve political power also followed such policies.

Take this next item for instance.

CBS News Poll. Latest: May 10-12, 2001. N=1,063 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.

"Is your opinion of the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation – favorable, not favorable,
 undecided, or haven't you heard enough about the FBI yet to have an opinion?"

   %       Favorable  Not Favorable  Undecided  Haven't Heard Enough  Refused

5/01         24          25           19              30              2

4/00         43          10           26              19              2

10/99        43          18           31               8              0

The one year favorable rating collapse from April 2000 to April 2001 is remarkable.  It nearly halved.  ZOG's political police are in trouble with the populace.  I suspect 9-11 and subsequent revelations did not improve this organization's public esteem, to put it mildly.  This points to an excellent target of opportunity for white patriots. Namely identify the FBI's political police activities on behalf of aliens like the ADL as a cause of the domestically mounted al-Qaida attacks.  So what was this other Fed doing?  Chasing citizens like Alex Curtis is what it was doing.  Does the FBI now pride itself on multi-racialism and multi-culturalism?  Excellent.  Credit where credit is due.

Driving these messages home takes organization and leadership to first gather sub leaders, then followers and keep them focused on mission.  The secret of winning propaganda is simple truths, simply focused and delivered by a variety of messages and repetitively.  The first prerequisite is broad agreement by leaders (plural, collective, broad based) on what the key problems are, what solutions are to be offered and what messages are to be deployed to persuade the People of the righteousness of it all.

In my view the tasks to continue at the current time are:

c.  Begin to form small LOCAL groups to:

I.  Complete the work of asymmetrical ancient regime delegitimation

II.  Destabilize the ancient regime's political management system.  This means political propaganda directed at destroying the legitimacy of the GOP as a valid representative for white working and middle class people.


Loyalty and Keeping Faith

These behaviors are two-way streets in any healthy family, community, nation and racial group.  All of our current troubles are directly traceable to previous deviations from these moral norms.

By these standards the Republican elites are irredeemable.  They treat their supporters, 99% white, like the service staff at their country clubs.  They demand unquestioning loyalty while reserving to themselves the option of doing deals across the table with their supporters' worst enemies.  In more moral times these behaviors were known as treason, betrayal and elitism.

I see a dangerous trend in the embryonic imitative behaviors in the Blightwing.  I refer here to the Muslim Temptation among some elements.  Publicly this is being justified by the immature idea that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  I assure you that privately mercenary minded individuals see the Sheiks' petro-dollars pouring into their pockets.  Put away such ideas and also anyone who espouses them.

There is a simple reason.  White Europeans are our racial kith and kin.  Period.  White Europeans have a similar but not identical problem to the Mexcrement overflow we suffer from.  In their case this stoppage is known as Muslim.

The Enemy of My Enemy is not automatically my friend.  But another saying is fundamentally true.  The enemy of my brother is definitively my enemy.  If this is not true then I am not keeping faith with my brothers and sisters.


I had a dream last night.  The Blightwing was demonstrating in righteous anger.  The Hammerskins were there with all their flags.  Aryan Nations was out in force uplifting the Cross of Christ.  Duke's people had appeared in full force and even the Buchanan Brigades.  Emotions were running higher by the minute,  the press corps was in a feeding frenzy using up film and tape like there was no tommorow.  There were lines of reporters waiting to interview the 'Leaders', any leaders.  Everyone's pamphlets had been given out hours ago to inquisitive whites.  Even now I can still see the signs:

"Fight The Immigration Invasion Now!"       "Don't Send White Boys to Fight Jews' Wars!"

"What About White Workers?"   "Ban Queer Families From Politics!"    "Stop Selling Out!"

"Bush II:  Read My Lips – No More Spics"     "Support pro-White Working Family Policies!"

"No More Draft Dodgers!"      "Tom Ridge:  American Traitor, Jewish Patriot"

"Outlaw Neo-Con Jobs" "Our Children Should Inherit America!"

"Immigration Invasion:  The Real War"      " www.faem.com "

<shaking>.  "Honey!"  "Wake up" said my wife.  "You were having a dream."

I woke with a start and realized Mrs. Maguire was right.  It was all just a nighttime dream.  The Blightwing will never picket Republican conventions and meetings in thousand years.   We're just doing too well preaching in synagogues, meeting Jewish Boston Herald reporters with Mossad operatives and holding meetings in minority ghettos.


Robertsez – In the 1960s, Rockwell's people picketed the Repubos with "Save Ike from the Kikes!" and "The jews are through in '72".

If one hands out literature, I suggest it be written so as not to trigger the Pavlovian response words – Nazi, hate, jew, KKK, White Power, and so on. Once a trigger word enters the dome of Joe Blow on the street, his mind either stops running or he goes into assault mode, as programmed. I suggest short messages such as "Ban assault people." This can be accompanied by a likeness of Tyson or other favorite simian. Another suggestion is "Kosher salami. The 6,000,000 holocaust malarkey first appeared in The American Hebrew of October 31, 1919." Add an appropriate "circle U".

Effective propaganda explains nothing. It's first business is to attract. That's why short, to the point, easy to remember phrases are best. They must be directed to something people already are aware of, something that they object to, and should never contain anything which would 'turn them off' at first glance. Rockwell's little cards depicting a shark-toothed jew crying, "I was gassed six times. No! Eight times. No! Ten times. No! ... " Below is the caption – "...and there are 5,999,999 others like me in Jew York." The object is to INFORM, not piss off those whose eyes transverse the material.

About sixteen years ago, during the Vice-Presidency of the Executive President, Bush Senor., we were told that a Mexcrement Illegal Amnesty Bill would be a one time event, not possible to replicate, that would finally clean up the illegal Mexican immigration problem.  Tuesday past there was another such bill passed out of the Republican House of Representatives.  I guess cloning has finally been perfected.

I'd like to take a moment now to personally thank President Bush, his advisors, the Republican Party and especially the Republican House leadership for all their assistance in greatly multiplying  F.A.E.M.'s readership.  It's no understatement when I say these fine Conservative men and women have done more to expand our circulation in just a year than Robert, Eric and I alone could have achieved in a century.


Press Release                                         Nuovo Ordine Nazionale

Historical Revisionism – Second International Conference in Trieste (Italy)

At a moment when the rulers of the world, still trusting in the power of their historical and political lies about 20th century Europe, are making plans for yet more grand “democratising” carnage, the cultural association Nuovo Ordine Nazionale (Trieste) is preparing a second international conference in favour of  free historical research, not yet hindered by Italian law.

Dates: the 25th and 26th of May 2002.

Those who wish to attend this gathering or to help with its organisation are requested to contact the N.O.N. head of communications at  nuovord@netscape.net .

Please note:  Certain texts which were presented at the first conference, held on the 6th and 7th of October 2001, may be consulted at www.abbc.com/trieste .

Today's Jewish Prophecy:


''As far as we know, he was standing in the street with a group of armed Palestinians,'' (Israeli embassy in Rome) embassy spokesman Ofer Bavly told Reuters in response to the editorials.

''If in fact it turns out that he was hit by the Israeli tank it will be clear that the tank was aiming at the group of Palestinians and not at him personally,'' he said.

Does everyone understand that?  If what Judeo-Kike Bavly first said is not true, then an alternate version of truth that also exonerates Jews will be issued that IS the truth, after a full and impartial investigation.

Now the important point, Judeo-Media reporters.  Do you understand how to spin your stories?  You just got your press guidance.  Go to it.


Come out, come out, wherever you are.... you coward.  The Private was the only remaining soldier in his scouting party. From his foxhole he saw 5 "Tigers" coming his way. He checked his 'piece' and found that the last clip for his Garand held only 2 rounds of ball ammunition. He could leap from the hole, shout obscenities at the Germans, and then charge, blazing his 2 rounds away, and then fixing bayonet. Would that be bravery? He could remain hidden until the tanks had passed and then seek to return to his company where he could report on what he observed. Would this hiding be considered a cowardly action?

Bravery requires the attainment of some goal. Some sacrifice their lives for that goal. But when the odds indicate that the probability of success in reaching some goal, is near zero, then we call such forthcoming action foolish, if not idiotic.

I have noticed that many radio mouths, including sportscasters, use false names. I know. I taught many of their kids. Why would a sportscaster use a false name? He wants anonymity not because he is cowardly, or even afraid of something. He wanted privacy. That is, no one to bug him during family sojourns at the local barbecue, movie or shopping maul.

It doesn't take much imagination to discover that most of our bright young White males are held in an economic gulag imposed by ZOG. If they made their views known on certain issues, they could lose their jobs indirectly. The employer would be approached by the local kike commissar informing that much of the company's business comes from ZOG contracts and if they wanted those contracts to continue,  the "White pest" would have to be replaced. Thus, many White men do not speak out. I do not call this cowardly for if they spoke out, what would be gained? I'll tell you. Nothing. I know many such White men and I can vouch for their internal rage, which I hope they can control until the time comes when it will be useful to "even the score". A White man jailed for even the slightest infraction, is one less White man in the ranks. For myself, I would never want to be the enemy of the White man but those who have chosen to conquer us have overestimated their position and power, as the coming years will reveal. Not everyone can be bought off and you cannot shit on a White man forever. That, our enemies must learn the hard way. This time, let's not leave an enemy behind, as Chaka Zulu's mother told him.

Dear Mr. Frenz,
You might not remember me but  in 1992 I asked you to cancel my subscription to FAEM due to the rather extreme message. A neighbor mentioned this site and I was curious if it were the same thing. It appears so and I will now say that what I read in 1992 has now come to pass and more. It looks like you might turn out to not be extreme enough. M.E.H.
Hi ho. Quite so.
You honkies have lost your country and we are now entering the early revolutionary stage. Even ultra conservative Eric has said so. Maguire beat him by 8 days relative to this conclusion. Sit back and watch the bricks fall and listen to the bickering increase in frequency, and intensity, as the masses demand that which can no longer be given. Ye have sown the winds of greed and selfishness, and will soon feel Nature's whirlwind.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an old top-of-the-line engineering school, of course is p.c. having a water buffaloess as president. More interesting and probably representing an accurate indication of the White population in the now lost U.S.A., is their "Beautiful Minds" career award winners. I've categorized them rather crudely. "Pakis" refer to those who look like Asian Indians but aren't. Percentages are as follows: Whites 32%, Asian Indians 16%, Chinese 16%; Yids 16%, Pakis 12%, Mulatto 4%. Females were 12%, all White and high, considering that this is mostly a male institution. Non-Whites were 68% which should warm the hearts of those Whites favoring 'diversity'. (The % were based upon the top 25 award winners.) I should mention that 1 of the Chinese is actually a Chinese jew.

Continuing... Large articles in the latest Alumni Magazine flatter female athletes and super jews, especially Moe Silverman and his $7,000,000 gift (6,000,000 jacked up to account for inflation. No jew gives anyone anything without some say in policy!) Surprised? Once the water buffalo was appointed, big bucks flowed in from ZOG, and those who smile with approval at the shutting out of White males, must feel as though they are in heaven. Their surface physics department is 100% Chinese with jews aplenty keeping an eye on their goyim. I know from the "inside" that standards were lowered and preferential assistance, both financially and academically, are given to non-Whites and females. No need to cry as all awake people saw today's sorry state coming for the past 40 years. Even their merit scholarships now feel the pressure of "quotas". Too bad Whitey. Better learn how to grease automobiles for that's where the jids want you.

Following WW II, grandfather mentioned that we would later regret our "victory" and on his death bed, told us that he would not want to live in the world our Marxist rulers had created.

A radio mouth, interviewing another expert who should have been shot for contributing to environmental pollution, asked about women in the work place. The expert said that many women were denied this wonderful opportunity to "express themselves" because the government did not supply day care centers. They want the whole damned country to be communized even down to the smallest infant.
SCHTOP already ! ! ! ! I am deluged with things which work and suggestions which were gratefully accepted. (Much better than my idea, but hey!) Thanks all.

Help! Out there, in that vast somewhere, must be a couple of people who might be able to help me. It's easy to use the word processor "replace", to exchange one word for another, when one deals with a particular file. What I am looking for is a utility which will do this on a directory level. I want to replace each and every occurrence of faem.cc with faem.com, and vice versa, in all directories and sub-directories. This can be done on a file basis but it's cumbersome. I want to establish a mirror site.

I hope I am clear. If we are to lend substance to being "pro-White" then we must find something in this view which separates White people from all others. Otherwise we are merely lukewarm and would be better off if we never brought the topic up. Liking White people means you find something in them which you view as desirable and the greater the fervor of your like, the greater is that which separates them from all the rest. "Equality" quite understandably means you do not feel one way or the other. In other words, you are lukewarm. Rev:3:16: So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

Life is biology and one cannot understand anything about anything living unless he thinks biology. Imagine starting some 'conservative' flora club where members are defined as being round and red. Thus, apples, cranberries, cherries and tomatoes are among the members. A vote comes up as to what fertilizer to buy. What sort of consensus would that bring? Who should run for office? Should the single seed cherry represent others who have more than one seed? Would the apple be best because it has a longer shelf-life? Yes, several committees would be formed spending their time musing over such stuff. They would get as far as any boat still moored but with propellor moving. Useless motion, I calls it.

If you want Whites organized along 'pro" lines then the attachment "conservative" torpedoes your ship before it has sailed. There are Whites who are not conservative and Blacks who are. There are conservative jews, conservative Eskimos and probably conservative pineapples. "Pro-White" AND "conservative" is a logic which excludes those who are pro-White and not conservative, so what sort of "pro-White" are we talking about here?

Conservatism, whether political, economic, or what, is a STATE OF MIND while pro-White is racial. Even the switch, pro-conservative and White, provides the same exclusion and if some Whites are excluded then it cannot be pro-White. A conservative can change his mind but a White man cannot change his race.

Rockwell, in his earlier days, was supported by conservatives. They quickly deserted his ship as soon as the first rotten cabbage was tossed his way. The conservative Barry Goldwater sucked at the public teat by having his letters declared national treasures for which he received payment. Every conservative since has also donated their useless words to such a paying proposition. I'd far more trust a lusty liberal than I would ever some powered sugar conservative. Perot, the Judas goat, was a conservative.

As for myself, I'll stick to one theme – White self-determination. That's racist. We all are. Even the bords and the bees. It's just that some admit it and others apologize for living.

If you are into the forum thing, which I am not, this promises to be a good one – http://www.polinco.com . The contrbutions on this site seeming avoid the major topic of BIOLOGY. That is the bedrock of all economics, religion and things political. Equally, I distrust the backbone of anything labeled "conservative", but the proof of the pudding.... Personally, I find that far too many people believe we can gas-bag our way out of problems.  It has been my lifelong experience in dealing with academic types, that they are the least likely to do anything about anything. An experience during my U. of Chicago days – an institution not noted for entertaining the party types – comes to mind.

In Snell Hall, we had a community kitchen. The rules were simple. Clean all dishes, utensils, the table, and dispose of your refuse, once you have finished. John Barton was a good looking redhead but he had the nasty habit of leaving his dirty plates on the table and never cleaning up his garbage, which he always dumped in the sink. The residents were all in a dither as what to do. It seems that the Snell/Hitchcock "committee" had approached him several times pointing out "the rules" and made appeals to his "good side". I personally didn't care about John's behavior, one way or the other. I cleaned up my messes and did what was expected, and required of me. I did however, start to get annoyed by the continual whining and bellyaching over John's filthy habits. One day, I approached Kerry Patacki and asked him if the "committee" would appreciate having the problem corrected, the one which engaged their wringing hands for the past month. He nodded and I told him I'd appeal to John's self-preservation side.

The opportunity presented itself the next day, John was at the sink dumping his usual pile of garbage. I grabbed him by his beautiful tresses and smashed his face into his garbage pile. I then told him that if I ever saw him doing it again, I'd make sure each and every one of his dirty fingers was broken. Apparently I had reached John's intellectual side for he never left garbage in the sink again. In fact, he never used the kitchen again.

I left Sandusky on my way to Niagara Falls, and tuned in to some Buffalo radio gas talk show. It seems that someone in the Dunkirk area was stuffing KKK literature under automobile windshield wipers. The Lush Rimblow clone was all a gas. "Terrorism" has struck and "It is moving north!"

I rarely listen to such community drivel since it is decked profusely with bigotry, prejudice and hypocrisy. I was not disappointed. The "Tom" who was issuing all of the judgments had, by his admission, NEVER read the material but went on to condemn the "hate" which it supposedly contained. One caller did remind him of the First Amendment and that people had the free choice NOT to read the material. But most people are busy body keyhole peepers and can be counted on to read that which they appear to hate. Our wailing wall candlelight vigils add credence to the fact Americans love to punish themselves mentally, as do the jews whom they imitate, and often emulate.

I waited for the ostensible paranoid yid to call in and I didn't have to wait long. "The man who left the literature is a coward. I know. I am a 'holocaust survivor' and know a coward when I hear one. He should give his name, address and phone number to prove he's not a coward. Did you know that the Nazis buried all of the bodies under the Autobahn? That's why you can't find evidence of the 'gassings'." Hymie too, had not read the literature and had no idea of its content but "KKK" was enough to get his hate glands secreting over-time. He continued, "I am a cop and what he is doing is illegal. The coward should give me his name so I can arrest him."

At this point, the radio voice asked the "cop" to identify himself. This was refused, as I expected. How many ways can one spell 'hypocrite'?

I might be criticized for not dialing up and letting them know my views and point out the contradictions. First, 99.44 % of the callers are brain dead anyway and have you ever tried to discuss anything with a turnip?

Advice to the young males who see their country dissolving at an ever-increasing rate – Forget that KKK foolishness. It makes about as much sense as trying to resurrect the Confederacy. If you want to distribute literature make sure it is topical, and preferable local. Make sure it is factual and that the means of distribution is legal. The masses will never do much about anything other than complain and react Pavlovian style whenever 'Nazi', 'KKK' and such are mentioned. Let them know how much of their tax money is being used to support non-White breeders; the Chinese and Mexican invasion and colonization.

As their nuts get further crushed, the masses WILL want to lynch someone, as current trends indicate. Make sure it will be the enemies of the White race, and not you.

Food For Thought:

Group political elites in the U.S.A. so far have had a lifespan of approximately 70 seventy years or one long generation.  Take the initial post-Revolutionary era leadership.  That political system endured roughly from 1785 until 1860.  At that moment you can underline finis for the original structure of the Republic.  This was replaced by a Northeastern WASP political aristocracy based on industry and transportation.  That regime ran from about 1862 until 1933.  The end was again punctuated by a strong discontinuity and the emergence of a radically new elite system.

Now we've run from 1933 until 2002.  Once again the symptoms of withdrawal of the consent of the governed for elite ruling group institutions is strongly marked in all human fields.


I wrote in 1973 that Big ZOG Brother was going to have all states make their car license plates white so that ye olde photo spy cameras could take a nicey picture. (Also notice that the white is really very much more than plain vanilla.)  They also wanted to have all highway signs in metric by 1982. It didn't pan out that way but ye olde camera spying went full steam ahead. I understand that some people spray mud over their plates and others use some sort of plastic sheet capable of polarization, in order for ye olde spy camera not to get a snoop picture worth reading. I later leaned that ZOG was afraid that cameras snooping on the main highways might provide targets for vandals. Hell, instead of taking shots at gophers, why not one of those f---ing spy cameras? Only a freedom loving American would think that way. Right?

When RADAR started to be used for revenue gathering – the shit about your safety is just that – I built a 2' by 3' dipole grid using nickel rods, which was mounted on the front of my humming Chevy. The dipoles were driven by a vibrating electromechanical gadget thus bouncing the RADAR signal back to the transmitter several times faster than the car was moving. This in effect 'saturated' – pegged – the meter so that the reading was useless. I thought is was a nice idea since it violated no F.C.C. rules. However, the lemon-eating judge, who was am armed tax collector for Big ZOG Brother, decided that I broke the law by "interfering with a traffic control device." After I paid out my $200, he mumbled something about "public safety". I wasn't interested in being nailed for "contempt" and so I did not let him know my view of his ruse.

Key Congressional Races, 2002.

The GOP currently has a razor-thin six (6) seat majority in the House of Representatives.  A net loss of just three seats willbe adequate to move this institution firmly to the control of the openly anti-white Democratic Party, as opposed to the covertly anti-white GOP.  That's because opportunistic 'Republican' ZOGists will jump ship the way Senator Jeffords and others have done in the past.  What follows is a listing of current highly competitive Congressional seats.

State,  District Number.

Alabama-03 OPEN (D) (Bob Riley)
Arizona-02 OPEN (NEW)
California-18 Gary Condit (D)*
Connecticut-02 Robert Simmons* (R)
Indiana-02 OPEN (D) (Tim Roemer)
Maine-02 OPEN (D) (John Baldacci)
Maryland-08 Connie Morella (R)*
Minnesota-06 Bill Luther (D)*
Nevada-03 OPEN (NEW)
New Hampshire-01 OPEN (R) (John E. Sununu)
South Dakota-AL OPEN (R) (John Thune)
Tennessee-04 OPEN (R) (Van Hilleary)
West Virginia-02 Shelley

Just as a reminder, in Y2K Bushoil lost the popular vote by 500,000.  A swing in the opposite direction would not have overcome the illegitimacy of the regime.  The total turnout was 100,000,000, evenly divided, on a population of 280 million.  The vote would thus have been 50/280 = 17% of the total population or about 25% of the eligible voters no matter who won.

In Y2K the GOP false front also lost 2 House seats and 4 Senate seats.  The GOP also lost a governorship.


Decaying Institutions.


Those looking at straight-up polling comparisons of televitz Republican and Democrat candidates will be inclined to give up in hopelessness saying "how can revolution ever occur"?

Take a glimpse at the polling results for various institutions in ZOG-USA.  The collapse even over the 2 year period from 1/00 to 1/02 leaves little room for further decay for many of these groups.  The atypical bounce for the military and, riding on its coat-tails the Commander in Chief, is explainable after 9-11.  Except for this every other organized group have continued their decline in the esteem and hence consent of the governed.

These results show virtually every major institution well below the 50th percentile in public confidence of any sort.  These results describe nothing less than a ruling class that in the public view has overstayed its welcome.  North America clearly awaits a new collective ruler.

There is one significant exception besides 'our boys in uniform' for this withdrawal of public confidence.  That is organized religion.  Unfortunately many elements in the Blightwing continue an obstinate insistence on admixing politics and some specific view of religion.  This seems to be a fatal attraction for too many.

I cannot speak to other countries but here for only the USA:

State churches and state sanctioned religious beliefs are unknown to the customs, laws and Constitution of the United States of America.


Is this plain enough?  Now troll through the list of decayed institutions.  You will note a large number of our alternate policies awaiting trial by a disillusioned public.  Just stay away from the Godstuff, or Odin stuff, or whatever your name for God is when you're on the political stuff.  This above all else is what is defeating us in the Late Great U.S.A.


ZOG's Real Public Poll


This is the homepage of the ZOG regime's joint poll.  Some may be familiar with the decade old dual polling effort by 'Republican' pollster Ed Goeas and 'Democrat' Celinda Lake under the superintendence of ZOG Billionaire Jew Mortimer Zuckerman.

The choices presented to the pollees are of course ZOG's rigged game of Demican or Republocrat and Zionists win either way.  It's still useful to study this data from several directions for the information revealed.  The first is the profound pessimism concerning current and future economic prospects.  Seventy percent rate the economy as either just fair or poor.

When studying such data keep in mind several points.  This first is these intimidating statistics presented are manufactured by restricting the voter's choices.  The manufacturers are people with every vested interest in preserving the present political monopoly.  The three Presidential debates that froze out Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader are the best example of this.  Had these two individuals, who both do have highly organized brains, been included with the Wizard of Oz strawmen of Bore and Gush the two 'major' parties would have suffered irreversible damage.  The Secret of Empire would have been out; namely that suitable Presidents, other suitable political candidates and ideas can be found outside ZOG's Republocrat Establishment.

The most hopeful data for us is Celinda Lake's observation that the electorate prefers alternate parties controlling the White House and Presidency.

Vox Populi, Vox Dei I say.


"Furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed."

FAEM Policy Statement:  "Jewish Ritual Murder".

This subject just doesn't seem to go away.  Lately it's had a revival in connection with the tragic case of Danielle Van Damm.  Now there's a Saudi Arabian article being recycled in World Net Daily of all places and now making the rounds.  This current article by a Muslim doctor subliminally invites the reader to extrapolate backwards from Christian communion to prove Jews are using pastries dipped in human blood for their barbaric celebration of Purim.

For the record:

1.  Robert and Maguire take no position on this as to current times.  We have no evidence for this as a modern phenomenon. We have not seen anything other than speculations without evidence.  As an historical phenomenon this is not a topic of interest to us.

2.  Even if this has occurred in the past and/or does occur now we don't think the overwhelming majority of Jews (90%) knowingly engage in this practice, anymore than four kids from a church getting involved in a Satanic cult indicts all Christians as being involved in human sacrifice.

3.  Our opinion of the reliability of ZOG Media, Inc. and its goals is well known.  This opinion extends to much of Islamic media and especially to material emanating from the clerical holy grounds of Saudi Arabia.

4.  We don't think getting swept up in witch hunt hysteria of any sort is useful, whether of the Salem variety, the modern child sex abuse version or 'Jewish Ritual Murder'.  We see nothing in this subject which is likely to advance our cause either socially or politically.

5.  We therefore decline to propagate allegations for which we have no evidence and are almost certainly spurious internet urban legends.   We find documentable current and past events gory enough for our sensibilities without introducing kosherized Gothic material of highly dubious reliability.

6.  This is where we stand on this, right or wrong. If anyone is dissatisfied with this policy we encourage them to open their own website devoted to scholarly investigations of the subject.

Robert & "Maguire"

The radio talk shows are alive with the sound of physic. Mexiburgers and egg rolls are colonizing this land and all the American twit can gas about is whether they agree with the Yates' jury verdict. Whether you agree or not, what the f---ing difference will it make anyway? It's a local issue and will be solved my those involved. In fact, if it weren't for the electronic jew, you'd have never heard about it and thus been able to devote more of your waking hours to something useful, like weeding the tomato patch. What does a fellow living in Columbus Ohio REALLY know about the facts of the case? Nothing other than what the jewsmedia choose to tell him. Thus you are making irrelevant decisions based upon what you believe to be the truth. Americans have complete faith in what the jews tell them. That's subservient and reveals they they will not, or can not, control their own destiny. The country is turning into a multi-colored shit box and people worry about small incidents which have no effect on their lives whatsoever. Most Americans apparently love to screw up their own brains. As for me, I don't care tow beans whether Osama's third cousin chooses to burn down Edna's whore house. It could prove to be a blessing if the local elected officials were in attendance at the time.

Americans seem convinced that when presented with a problematic situation they can either (1) buy it away or (2) talk about it until it solves itself. Reality, my friends, is starting to teach them otherwise and don't be concerned about the masses of asses. They been with all societies from the beginning.

A Hungarian jew calling himself Dr. Lyons, is now pushing another "magic cure" for what you think ails you. Again, as with all of these horse manure sales pitches, they cite "studies" which "prove" whatever it is they claim. The new product is an elixir of indium. Indium is a metal usually found in tin and zinc ores. It has been used in electroplating and in the manufacture of transistors. The doc gasses through pages of reasons why you "need" this stuff in your diet and as with all of those scams which point out a problem, he also furnishes the cure – at a price, of course. I understand that a tiny vial of this solution costs about $90 and to instill in your mind how "precious" and "potent" it is, a micro dropper is supplied. It is great stuff, we are told, for nearly all ailments from cancer and obesity, to genital warts, which, by the way, is starting to become an "in" disease sported as proudly as is AIDS. One nice feature about FAEM is that its readers have the ability to think independently and so I'll leave you with a couple of selections from Dr. Lyons' advertising literature.

"Indium is not required for life, but it is required for health."

"Indium exists in such small amounts, and is not water-soluble in nature, that it is simply not in the food chain."

When anyone starts tinkering with the body's equilibrium chemistry, he is setting himself up for future problems. Mother Nature will not be fooled.

First Election of the Revolutionary Era.


Here's the market report that matters most to the Dubyas' of the GOP.

Not only has war been good for the Jews, it's been moderately beneficial for the GOP.  Last summer before 9-11 the GOP was heading towards a catastrophe in Congress.  That slide towards inevitable demographic extinction has been temporarily staved off by war fever according the polls.  Those who remember George Sr.'s 1991 ratings and his 1992 performance (huge ratings 91/driven from office 92) know it's early in the season to draw firm conclusions.  All indicators point to an extremely tight race for Congressional control.

The more openly ZOGist polls display their bias towards cattleprodding voters towards one of ZOG's two choices of Demo-ZOG or Republo-ZOG.  The Zogby Poll (not to be confused with ZOG) tells a more complex story.   Dr. Zogby reports that Neither is the leading party at 36%, followed by Democrats at 33% and Republicans with 32%.  This will narrow down as some move to one or another column.  The tremors and indications are still that the Congressional GOP is enroute to its final debacle in November.  Too many of those who floated in with the Red Tide of 1994 are now voluntarily receding back out.

Perot Factor.

Following the farce in Y2K Perot family servant Russ Verney announced the Perotista faction of the Reform Party would be concentrating on running state and local candidates.  The split-the-vote effect Perot showed in 92 and 96 is thus a potent factor in many Congressional races.  Since Jews, negroes and Mexcrements indulge in racial bloc voting this effect can only be exerted on Republican candidates.  Part of the Perot Effect shows up in Dr. Zogby's data, which is more sensitive to third party inclinations than the major Judeo-Media outlets.


In the Y2K Census the Mud Flood swept 12 Congressional seats downstream south and west away from the northeast and midwest. Racial somnambulists are still equating this Southwestern migration with the late 60s to early 80s when GOP strength in these areas was growing.  You can still see this obsolete analysis appearing in news stories from time to time.  In those distant days Republican growth in the South and West was half the result of white Republicans moving in from the Northeast.  Growth in these regions now is the result of brown Democrats moving north of the Rio Grande.

Small Number of Contested Seats.

Most Congressional seats held by the two parties are protected from much adverse change by the ancient and honored institution of gerrymandering.  Only a couple of dozen House seats are truly competitive under ZOG's bi-polar disorder elections.  It is precisely in these areas that we can exert a decisive effect on a sufficient number of white voters and non-white voters and hence on the election.  We're assisted in this by the non-coincidence that it is precisely in those areas where non-white immigrants and consequent racial tensions are appearing.

It is my firm belief that the first revolutionary era task is destabilizing ZOG by destabilizing its phony two-party system.   It is the GOP, not the multi-racial Democrats, which stands in the way of the emergence of a true pro-white party in the Late Great USA.  The first party to 'take out' is thus the GOP false front.

I advise a combination of strategies be used to achieve this historic unbalancing of the scales.  The first method should be a series of speeches and rallies by blightwing leaders in their traditionally favored venues of non-white areas.  Just concentrate your speaking engagements for the rest of this year on the competitive Congressional districts.  The second method is literature distributions in these same areas, with concentration on reaching non-whites to the maximum degree possible.  The third method should be open endorsement of Republican Congressional candidates in extremely tight races by pro-white organizations.  An important adjunct is a grass roots effort to demean the Republican Party among working and middle class whites and also recruit them for our side.  Finally, if absolutely necessary, vote for Democratic candidates in these areas yourselves.


Times have certainly changed. During our present terrorism vs. terrorism conflict, I see in the bookstores "Understanding Islam". People who lived during the time of the SWATKWP do not remember seeing books "Understanding National Socialism" or "Understanding Shintoism". I could well imagine people saying that National Socialism was an ideology of peace and love but certain terrorists were perverting it. Welcome to asylum #666, the last refuge of the six-pointed crazies and their kowtow loving valets.
A blind mute sat in a boat. He could feel the slight wind and hear a bird on occasion. In the direction of the wind, he knew he could smell the vegetation of land. He tried rowing into the wind and found effort. It would take a lot of that to reach land, but how much? And for how long?

The waves seemed to be slapping on the small hull with greater frequency and louder voice. A million thoughts raced through his mind. "If only I could row harder, things would be better, but even then, I don't think I could do it by myself." "I wish there were others in this boat, but I cannot tell." "When the disaster hit us, I knew there were many like myself." "Are they here?" "If only I could be sure."

The man again felt a small spray of salt water and reflected, "If I don't row, I am lost. If I do row, it might prove futile since I could lose anyway."

A distant faint clap of thunder kissed his ear and it was as an angel asking, "What sort of man are you anyway? Do you need a guarantee of success in order for you to do anything? If others are in the boat rowing, and you sit by and do nothing, then what sort of man would you be? Do you need the support of others in order to row, or even to be a man?"

A small drop of water moved to his lips and painted the taste of salt. He could swear he again heard the voice, "A man must first learn to lead himself. If effort is needed to attain a goal, then a man supplies it even when alone. You are bound by your mind, body and spirit, to row and row you shall do, for life offers no guarantees – only the opportunity to struggle."