19 March 2002
Niggers are in Dublin and Iceland, the last White country, is also falling to the mud flood. The nog population in Iceland is about 3% and rising rapidly yet the honky stares into space, jew-dazed beyond belief. How many niggers are flooding into China or Japan? None. Why? Because they are not White countries and yet this non-conspiratorial blatant fact hardly receives notice. Turd world diseases are spreading and the tax payers nuts are being ground into dust, yet they behave as deer looking into a car's headlights – the jewtube – fascinated by jungle bunnies chasing their balls. I am sure there are about 20 million who know how, and would, clean up this sewer if given a chance. That chance will never come from the ballot box. It's entirely in the hands of the gods since our fathers chose to elect our enemies to public office. One might wonder if a people whom the gods chose to favor with talent beyond the wildest hope of other peoples, is deserving enough to spare. I believe it shall be so but a heavy price will be extracted. Events will accelerate as the madmen we call our leaders invoke not only the wrath of the whole world, but of the gods as well. As David McCalden pointed out in his book Exiles from History, the jews are actively working towards their next holocaust. We must let them have it and make sure we are at a safe distance though their desire, as Hitler stated, will be to drag us under with them. As ZOG's world wide Vietnam increases in fury and bloodletting, be exuberant knowing that these are very exciting times. Build a trustworthy group of your own kind for that will be your only real wealth in the days not now far off.
I have come to the conclusion that your website is without equal. Your commentary has been the basis of my (often torturous) de-indoctrination. My father always stressed that the highest achievement for a man, was to "think" for himself, you have expounded upon that truism, exponentially! Sincerely, J.S.
Racial profiling? Naughty, naughty. One must completely ignore correlation and observed differences, and place your brain in "park". Gotta be neutral in order to be liked by ZOG. Perhaps we should extend this to the point where we see all people as colored green, as one Marine told me he was trained. Now, if this warrior can have his brain so altered that his perception is not guided by his eyes, then of what use is he? I do know of people who are so handicapped. They come from the big cities and wander through our little town of Delta Colorado on the way to hunting in "them thar hills." Every once in a while, one comes down from Loveland Pass with a mule, or cow, strapped across the hood of the car. You see, these sporting folks didn't "racially profile" the critters in their sights. They all had four legs and that made them equal. All had red blood too.
Wage slave? Economic bondage? I've heard these terms bandied about by those who disdain the ownership of property and prefer the life of a vagabond and proclaim it to be a higher state of freedom. Freedom to do what? Continue to be a vagabond?

All of us are held in some sort of bondage, that is, a state of dependency. We require food and shelter and clothing, unless one prefers to sleep bare-assed on the Serengeti Plain. Now that's freedom. We would be chasing our dinner while other critters would be chasing us for their dinner. Not much time for reading or listening to music, I'd say.

Most prefer a fabricated dwelling rather than a cave and if that dwelling is approached by interlopers, they must defend it. That's an obligation. The freedom-loving cave-dweller just hightails it to the next cave or tree, as the rabbits do.

This "true" lover of freedom is therefore devoid of commitment to anything except himself. He can have no family, nor friends, since that imposes the shackles of commitment. We commit ourselves, and obligate ourselves, in order to provide a diminution in that which threatens us and to make existence more comfortable. The mobile hermit has no friends to help him in any endeavor including saving his own hide. He moves hither and yon generally leaving behind nothing of value. He neither takes nor gives. His existence is as nothing. He is a threat to no one and an advantage to no one. Such people are never part of community for community requires similar, and even congruent, goals. Imagine, if you will, what White achievement would have been without the concept of private property not extending beyond what one could carry in a suitcase. Even the most primitive has his own teepee, igloo or hut.

A man with a son has obligations, nay duties, to provide that son will all necessaries so he will become a man. Obviously included will be the wife serving as the bed rock of the home. All of this requires a "loss of freedom", as one fellow put it.

There are complaints that many of us take cookies from the community jar but put none back. In what way, pray tell, does our "freedom lover" put cookies back in the jar when his efforts never extend past his own welfare?

I had my "route 66" days complete with new Corvette and a bulging wallet. I traveled around this great, and beautiful land to the extent of 100,000 miles in 2 years. It was a wonderful experience in life but I gave nothing to anyone save helping some partially earn their living from the money I parted with. It was self-serving from dawn to dust.

From my earliest days, I dreamed of having children but did recognize that it would take a very long and serious effort in order to serve justice on that desire. I could have children, desert them and their mother, after that infantile wish had came about. Abandoning one's own flesh and blood is an act steeped in wantonness and that I would not do. It was necessary for me to put my Corvette away – forever – and spend much of my time supporting others and looking after their needs. My life, once married, was not to be exclusively mine thereafter. I was now putting some cookies into the jar of community.

We do not contribute to our race by being a cheering section for those who are actually doing something. All people, within the confines of a stable family, do more to further White interests than all of the easily flowing rhetoric coming from those who chose not to have a family because "commitment" falls dead upon their tongues. Thus, every so-called "wage slave" struggling to maintain a family is by far, more important to White survival than are all those who yammer about it. There can be no community of White people without the individual community of family.

White men, worthy of that distinction, must necessarily protect their means of livelihood, for others also depend upon them. In the vast depths of collective individual thought lies a massive amount of White silence relative to the awareness of ZOG and its destructive, anti-White policies. Those quiet people I do not consider cowards for they bear the burden of a growing frustration and bear it in silence. This requires an inner strength which our "freedom loving" visible hermits do not possess.

Is a man who lives only for himself someone you'd want to trust in a life and death situation?  A man fighting only for himself is called a mercenary. He is the first to show tail and run when the odds are not in his favor.

I hope I not leave the impression that I am down on the single fellow. I was one myself and for quite a long time. I lived honestly and served by being employed in capacities varying from taxi cab driver, photographer, entrepreneur, ditch digger, machinist, teacher, chemist, and what not. I supported myself, lived alone and never once felt I was so special that the world owed me a living. Although I was courteous to all, I never mingled with, nor desired friends, associates or companions other than White people. I never was in favor of the "universal brown man" – the epitome of mongrelization. I know of many single men who are not close to becoming married due to the sick societal conditions in which we live, or have not had any success in finding a woman worthy of consideration. There are millions of such men in this land who think, and feel, far beyond their own self-interest.

The older generation, selfish in their own way, left the young of today a compound mess which they now turn their backs on and seldom apologize for the "sins of the father". The young generation was left holding the bag, as it were, and the way out is not to repeat the lunacy of earlier generations by behaving as sheep easily led to the slaughter. The way out is not by soaking one's body with alcohol and drugs, gyrating to savage African beat, nor behaving as if one were a dog in uncontrollable estrus. Better societies come about only from the efforts of better people. Inform yourself. Learn. Question. Get control over your own behavior and stop being as a leaf caught in some degenerate tide. The White race lost all that it once stood for. It is valuable enough to take back. It shall not be handed to you. It must be reconquered.

British (?) Aristocracy (?)

A few words regarding Ericís letter from 21/03 where he mentions the Jewish blood that runs in the veins of that collection of cretins called the "British (sic) royal family". Just a good look at them will reveal how true these allegations are. Particularly the Queen herself, her daughter Anne and that supreme imbecile called Charles, Prince of Wales.

As a little "add-on" to Ericís words I would like to share with FAEMís readers some information about another very glorified "aristocratic" piece of garbage who was a faithful servant of ZOG and who happily betrayed his race and country to satisfy his thirst for luxury, privilege and honours. Iím talking about Lord Mountbatten, blown-up in a "very un-gentlemanly way" by the IRA in 1979 (a little bit too late...) He was the son of one of Queen Victoriaís granddaughters, Princess Victoria of Hesse (1863-1950) who married a German nobleman Prince Louis von Battenberg (1854-1921). The spoiled little brat (Louis Mountnbatten Jr.) grew accustomed to a life of privilege and luxury and, therefore, it was a natural thing for him to marry a very wealthy Jewess (a revealing fact is that neither his mother or father minded that) who would enable him to keep his decadent lifestyle. The "lady" in question turned out to be Edwina Ashley, the granddaughter of Sir Ernest Cassel, a Jewish multimillionaire described as "...one of those shrewd and amusing Jews whom Edward VII had loved, ennobled and then milked for his favourite charities" ("Mountbatten: Hero of Our Time" by Richard Hough, 1980, p.49) This "international banker, promoter of industry, railways, dams (the Aswan, for example) and projects of all kinds" (op. cit. page 49) had only one daughter "who married Wilfred Ashley, a grandson of the Earl of Shaftsbury" (op. cit. p. 49, the bold lettering is mine) "They had two daughters, Edwina Cynthia... and Mary..." (op. cit p. 49). As Eric reminds us, letís not forget that Jewishness is transmitted through the female line; therefore the Mountbattens are Jewish.

The intention of the above paragraph is not to echo some ridiculous "society gossip" but to highlight the infiltration of the old aristocratic families of Europe by the Jews (especially of Old England who always had a soft spot for the "chosen ones"); and also to make quite clear that these degenerate "aristocrats" deserve the destiny that befell over their Russian cousins who, although decadent and politically stupid were not interbred with Jews, neither licked their boots, nor married their daughters to keep their mansions and servants. One of the most remarkable cases in the European history of the XIX century is the way in which most of the corrupted nobility, particularly in the late Great Britain, chose the company of Jews instead of that of their own kin, for the most vile and selfish reasons: to keep a social status regardless of the consequences. They preferred to marry their daughters or sons to some filthy Jew or Jewess instead of allowing a decent, honourable, Aryan man or woman into their families. Knowing this is easy to understand the almost pathological hatred of so many German "aristocrats" against Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Letís not forget that most of the traitors who planned the so-called "Operation Valkyria" (the assassination of A. Hitler in June 1944) were "Prussian nobles" as well as the infamous Major von Stauffenberg who placed the bomb under Hitlerís table. This race of parasites who betrayed their race deserve to be wiped out. I hope we shall be able to see that day.


We are told that in order to have peace, we must kill thousands of people and lay waste to their homelands. We commit horrible acts of war while calling it something else. Thus, anyone opposing senseless slaughter and destruction is said to be hindering "peace efforts". This sort of double-speak and double-think is right out of Orwell. How long will it be before pacifists are left swinging from a gallows while those with bloodied hands get their books promoted and earn TV applause? How do you spell "sick"?

"Why o why," I asked the heavens above, "didn't Jeff Dahmer pick on Congress and Ted Bundy date Hillary and Madelaine?"

Internet censorship problems? Try this on for size     http://osiris.978.org/~brianr/ians/
"You smug faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go."

(from Sasoon's Houseman)

In wartime, only the enemy is the butchering bastard. Right? Here's a bit from the FWATKWP:

"But there are also accounts of downright cruelty – of even warcrimes – committed by Australians against the enemy. The British officer Robert Graves quotes (in Goodbye To All That, 1929) an anonymous Australian who told him: 'Well the biggest lark I had was at Morlancourt, when we took it the first time. There were a lot of Jerries in a cellar, and I said to 'em: "Come out, you Camarades!" So out they came, a dozen of 'em, with their hands up. "Turn out your pockets," I told 'em. They turned 'em out. Watches and gold and stuff, all dinkum. Then I said: "Now back to your cellar, you sons of bitches!" For I couldn't be bothered with 'em. When they were all safely down, I threw half a dozen Mills bombs in after 'em. I'd got the stuff all right, and we weren't taking prisoners that day.'

The World Wars were almost unprecedented in their slaughter, carnage, and destruction, as mechanized armies of millions of soldiers destroyed both each other and the territories they were fighting over. (50,000,000 in the SWATKWP.) When WW II came upon the scene, gone were the rules of warfare. The world had gone mad and aside from the propaganda of GI's handing out Hershey bars (for home consumption to keep the boobs feeling good about "their boys"), all engaged in atrocious acts. How can there be "war crimes" when the whole madness is a crime itself?

Read more about the "Great War", the "war to end all wars", at http://www.ruggenberg.com/

I have used much advice I obtained from helpful people and "cleaned up" my file system. If any bad links are discovered on either faem.cc or faem.com, please let me know.
Gene and Monty are brothers in a large family. Gene had an idea which could help the family. He tells it to Monty. Monty in turn tells their father. Dad is pleased, puts the idea into practice, and praises Monty for the idea. Question. Should Gene get pissed off, whine, and blubber that it was his idea and not Monty's? Or should he feel silently content that the idea, which benefited all, was employed?
Many moons ago, a certain fellow violated an agreement I had with him and took my formula for a chemical specialty product as his own. He formed a business based upon my idea which through deception, he gained. I wasn't disturbed. I was flattered that this man thought my idea valuable enough to steal. He was a pathetic crook who couldn't function without stealing. Most important was the fact that I still owned the "idea factory". I could think up another idea and that pleased me. There's a great difference between a Golden Egg and the Golden Goose.
If it benefits White people, what difference does it make where the proposition originated? Do brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, have to personally benefit in order for them to be good family members?
A Friend of FAEM
has informed me that FAEM was excluded from the current edition of The Hate Directory, published by Mr. Raymond A. Franklin at www.hatedirectory.com .  Mr. Franklin's criteria for listing a website is:

"Included are Internet sites of individuals and groups that, in the opinion of the author, advocate violence against, separation from,defamation of, deception about, or hostility toward others based upon race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation."

Although we don't advocate violence against, defamation of (unless telling the truth is defamatory, which is our understanding of modern political and semitic correctness) or deception about others based on those criteria, we most definitely advocate Separation From an array of groups based on "race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation."

I'd like to ask our many friends and also enemies (who for some perverse reason read us regularly anyway) to politely write to Mr. Franklin and ask him to correct this glaring gap in his otherwise comprehensive publication.  Mr. Franklin can be reached at mail@hatedirectory.com .

Mr Franklin himself writes that "Your assistance is appreciated. Please forward information regarding additional sites, errors and changes to mail@hatedirectory.com  or the postal address above. Information regarding the value of this publication in your endeavors is especially welcome."

You can tell Mr. Franklin for me that we still value his and his friends' pro-bono work in indexing and publicizing white patriotic sites for us.  Although the present Republican Administration has since surpassed the Diversity Industry as our best recruiters, we don't want to lose all touch with our helpers of the pre-revolutionary era.

Thank you. "Maguire"

Every place you go, carry a pencil. Every place you can write legally – on a napkin, bulletin board, your girlfriend's nose, whatever – write only WWW.FAEM.COM or WWW.faem.com  Let curiosity inform the cat. The White folks are coming.
Any pro-white organization built using the models of the American electoral political parties will fail us. And even if it succeeds in electing some candidates, even as many as 33% or 40%, it will still fail because of a structural inability to enforce discipline on these officials once elected. How much enduring organization and effect did Duke leave behind him following his tenure of office in the Louisiana legislature?

Neither of the major parties, or the Reform Party, provide workable organization models for the tasks ahead. These organizations are oriented strictly towards periodic electoral politics at precinct, local, state and national levels.

These are not true political parties after the fashion of the NSDAP, the Communists, the Fascists or the Continental Congress. Those organizations were true political parties that aimed at permanently destroying the power of their political opponents. By definition the Republicaines and Democracks exclude this from their objectives.

What we see today in American political parties are national franchising operations that license brand names to individuals to use while running for political office. In between elections these franchising operations go into states of hibernation.

Think about this analogy. In the modern corporate ZOG state an oligarchist owns a franchise restaurant called McDonalds. Consumers come into the store to the counter to buy cheeseburgers because of a previous general expectation, created by branded advertising, of a certain flavor, price, menu and level of service.

If said oligarchist decides to run for political office he will license marketing rights from one of the political franchise companies called Republican or Democrat or Reform. The same consumers, now labeled "registered voters" and even perhaps "Democrats" or "Republicans", go to another counter called the voting booth and buy some political cheese.

The nature of the transaction, and of the transactors, remains unchanged. All that changed was the advertising and the store locale. A "Registered Republican" is a not a member of a political party. He is a regular consumer of political candidates manufactured by Republican Party, Inc. His only commitment to do anything is a very infrequent trip to the local poll to order from the political cheese menu. His end of the transaction is finished after he leaves the voting booth.

This is why the GOP, and also the Democrats, found it nearly impossible to generate street demonstrators in Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties during the Florida Countdown Crisis.  Those political consumers who bothered to vote (half didn't) had just that little commitment to their chosen brand name. After all, who is going to riot, or conduct civil unrest, because one of their consumers' products companies faces some business difficulties?

Both entities thus had to resort to Rent-A-Mobs (Jew Joe Lieberman revealed his deep understanding of this mechanism) composed mostly of paid operatives brought in from outside to reinforce the few local activists.

In between campaign seasons the political issues field is dominated by what the Founding Fathers called "Interests". We can see the National Rifle Association, the National Education Association, AARP, corporations, businesses, the AFL-CIO and others active in this field. Buried deeper are other interests that veil their existence to one degree or another. Chief among these is Organized Jewry, Freemasonry, the growing corps of paid Globalists and a few others.

These Interests are what ultimately compose the various toothless Parties. And toothless they are. Both Rep. Billy Tauzin, Republican and ex-Democrat, and Senator Jim Jeffords (I) ex-GOP, are alive and well Inside The Beltway where ZOG-USA reigns supreme. They didn't offend their core constituencies, who were revealed to not really be Republicans or Democrats. Their core consituencies are composed of Interests, not American Political Parties.

Our interest is the White Interest. There are specific sets of POLICIES that are promoting non-white expansion, white contraction and diminishing the quality of white society. Defining what these White Interests are across the entire range of economics, society, foreign policy, Law and narrower candidate politics is our first task in my opinion.


The first occupied territory to be liberated is your mind. Exterminate ZOG-think.

There's one thing I'll ask you to do.  Tell a few fellows about us, and also some ladies.  'Leadership' is often just that simple.  Before we can liberate territories from ZOG's usury-intellectual tyranny we have to liberate minds.  There is the first occupied territory we have to reconquer.

Check your friends' ZOG-think quotient. Ask how many Russians died in the SWATKWP. How many Americans? How many Catholics? How many jews? 666 to 1 he can answer only the last question. Ask him why that is.

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We are pleased to see that others adopting similar policies for their own efforts.  www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com has announced a similar policy for everything except specifically marked items.

Anti-ZOGist and semi-sympathizer Bill White of www.overthrow.com  has also adopted a policy designed to encourage widespread dissemination:

"All material not in the public domain and lacking other claimants is copyright 2001 Libertarian Socialist News, unless otherwise noted. Material may be reproduced freely."

It is our fixed belief, rooted in extensive past experience, that these public domain, open source and free dissemination policies are the practices most likely to advance our cause as a cause and ourselves as a collective white nation.

Robert & "Maguire" 

(This was forwarded from Maguire.)
Dear Maguire –

Just got off working 2d shift and looked forward to your response.  Thank you for taking the time to do so.  The FAEM website has become like a daily newspaper delivered to my door to read everyday.  It addresses the issues I deal with on an everyday basis as a white man working in a multicultural corporation.  I think I read somewhere that ZOG wants to reduce the white man to slapping grease on machines.  Well with all the layoffs where I work (mostly white managers, engineers and technicians laid off) that's pretty much what's left.  Asians, blacks and Hispanics hold all key positions and the few whites like myself work in maintenance. Not complaining though.  I have a wife and three children to feed so I do what I must.  Work!  Anyway, I hope that someday my children will have a beautiful white country of their own and raise children in a safe environment like I grew up living in New Hampshire.  I hope all you guys at FAEM live to a ripe old age putting out your very well-written articles.


Robertsez – What's your future White male? ZOG will do what it can to fill your shoes with anything but your kind. The Chinese can be expected to secure positions in ownership, technical fields and management plus some political offices. However, the Chinese aren't that interested in political limelight and so this is where the machobeans come in. They love the limelight and with a massive, and growing, voter base, can be expected to fill Whitey's shoes as mayor, governors, etc. ZOG is heavily pushing the female malcontent as managers and elected officials but, the White female "career" twat WILL be replaced by her sisters in brown. Once these White female renegades get stomped by what White males have been telling them for a long time, they'll be running back to daddy for consolation. Chinese, faggots, female careerists, muds, lesbians, jews, Blacks and so on, what do they have in common? They all hate the White male and the sooner those White males recognize that fact, the better off they will be. 

I was asked for more information about the Roman citizen-soldier and statesman Marcus Porcius Cato, or Cato the Elder as he is sometimes called.  The principle source of information about Cato comes from the series of biographical sketches, Plutarch's Lives, by the Greek historian Plutarch.  It's available on the internet here:  http://classics.mit.edu/Plutarch/mar_cato.html and in other places.  There's just a few quotes I'd like to draw attention to.  The first was a poem hostile to Cato that Plutarch quoted:

"Porcius, who snarls at all in every place
With his grey eyes, and with his fiery face
Even after death will scarce admitted be
into the infernal realms by Hecate."

Not brown eyes and not black eyes.

The second item is a description of another Roman who served as a role model for Cato himself:

"The little country house of Manius Curius, who had been thrice carried in triumph, (i.e. triumphal parades through the city of Rome for military victories) happened to be near his farm; so that often going thither, and contemplating the small compass of the place, and plainness of the dwelling, he formed an idea of the mind of the person, who being one of the greatest of the Romans, and having subdued the most warlike nations, nay, had driven Pyrrhus out of Italy, now, after three triumphs, was contented to dig in so small a piece of ground, and live in such a cottage. Here it was that the ambassadors of the Samnites, finding him boiling turnips in the chimney corner, offered him a present of gold; but he sent them away with this saying; that he, who was content with such a supper, had no need of gold; and that he thought it more honourable to conquer those who possessed the gold, than to possess the gold itself. Cato, after reflecting upon these things, used to return and, reviewing his own farm, his servants, and housekeeping, increase his labour and retrench all superfluous expenses."

Mark down the true spirit of the white patriot.  These are the caliber of men to find to lead you.  How poorly do our modern ZOGist 'generals' compare with these true heroes.  How to compare such as Colin Powell with his AOL millions or Secretary of the Army White, ex of Enron, with REAL PATRIOTS and leaders such as these?

Note.  Jewish historian Alan Bullock got his idea for his book "Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives" by imitating the style of Plutarch's Lives and Plutarch's literary device of directly comparing famous men, such as Alexander and Caesar, to discover commonalities and differences. 


Was just watching  a C.N.N. newscaster state that 62% of Americans are for a war with Iraq and 31% against. Now this is regardless of support from  Arab nations particularly Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's have indicated that they will not permit the use of their military facilities  to carry out this new aggression. There certainly is something  seriously wrong with the state of mind of the American people. How can anyone convey to these fools that war is not a sporting event? With the great defeat of Germany and Japan after W.W.II and the immense suffering of these people, all  thought of war lost its allure. Perhaps only a tragedy of immense proportions is going to convince the American public that war is a true apocalypse, and people should ask themselves which of their body parts they would want damaged, and who in their family they would want to die in a conflict. It's quite easy to act with bravado, and mouth chauvinistic statements that bring death to folk in far off lands, but as is often said what goes around comes around. When others can no longer live their meager existence because their life was extinguished in a glorious bombing raid or they are burned alive, does it make people feel holier and righteous when they attend church services, or tuck the kiddies in at night, or watch their children grow and enjoy the meaning of life, or have an evening out to dine on more than they can eat?

When I participated in the disgusting activity called W.W.II , there wasn't a day that went by that tragedy wasn't evident everywhere. I never knew when the sun rose that I would see it set, or for that matter see it rise in the morning. I witnessed the fear and tears in the face of the innocent. I shall never forget when fighting through a village and went into a house and asked if they had a piece of bread which was given to me, and a beautiful little girl of about four years old came over when her mother handed me a small slice of bread you could almost see through, and the child looked in hunger. I could not eat the bread, but instead handed it to the child and left to continue the repugnant killing game that is war.

Sometimes soldiers under great stress will compose poems as did John McCrae in his poem " Flanders Fields "perhaps it would be appropriate for folks to obtain some of  the old war books particularly W.W.I and know the memories of those tragic times in peoples lives, or rent the film "All Quiet on the Western front ". There were two versions, both would do. The Battle of the Somme is another book worth  reading, lots of poems by young  men who shortly died after putting into words the torment of their souls. I was told by fellow soldiers that I was a brave soldier, but that never abated the inner knowledge that it was wrong. If my living through that carnage has granted me the time on this earth to deliver a message I will do so. The German soldiers had inscribed on their belt buckles the words "Gott Mit Uns ". Maybe we should know and believe that God is with us and all mankind, and to enjoy the sport of war is the devils game.

Best Regards.  Joe.

Robertsez – In an almost forgotten part of my life, I spent a short time in the U.S. Military Hospital at Valley Forge, PA. I'll never forget the image of a fellow being pushed in a wheelchair down the corridor. He had no arms, no legs and his face, if you could call it that, was little other than something with breathing and eating holes. Tears came to my eyes and I think it was then that I developed an intense hatred for all of those who sit in some safe, secure corner cheering on the killing and maiming. To many Americans, war is just a game played in someone else's backyard. Perhaps the gods have decided that it's now America's time to be "in the barrel". I'd sure like to see all of our 'hawks' pick up a weapon and do their own bloody dirty work. That won't happen because far too many 'hawks' are physical cowards anyway, but it's a nice thought.

Benedict Arnold was not offered a second chance after he tried to betray West Point to Brit-ZOG.  Anyone who provides such a second chance to the GOP after their betrayal of their solemn 1986 promise of no more alien amnesties, deserves to physically lose their own country.
Nepotism in the Republican Elites


"IN THE BUSH administration, governing is a family matter,” writes Dana Milbank in The Washington Post"

This kind of corruption was also a common practice of the old Soviet Nomenklatura class immediately preceding the USSR's collapse.   In Russia in the 1990s I discovered the apparatchik residential buildings bordering Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow were one vast colony of extended families.  I suppose the Bush daughters will eventually appear in responsible posts if mom and dad can ever get them sobered up long enough.

It is a delusion to imagine it is possible to base any kind of pro-white action on the rotted foundation of the GOP.  Advocates of such strategies are out of touch with current events.  'Reform' can only take the form of razing the entire building and constructing a new one on the same property.


"And furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed!"

Greetings from the boonies. I want to publicly thank all who came to my rescue with links and ideas relative to some file manipulations I desired. I even got some pointers which I used to make my keyboard life easier.  I am sure most would not want their names bill boarded here, and so I'll leave these thanks as they are.
This one makes for interesting reading.http://members.iinet.net.au/~steveb/adams/m1.html
I know little about 'fetal alcohol syndrome" but it results when some lush continues on the bottle while she is pregnant. The alcohol in the blood interferes with the chemical "growing messages" and the poor child is born mentally whacked out and also with noticeable physical distortions. Yet, a crud like this is never nailed for "child abuse" while one who swats a kid's ass after he throws a lamp through the window, is. The ass warming is soon erased by Father Time, but the alcohol damage, he is burdened with for life. I don't get it.

Basically, we are not a community oriented society although we pretend we are. It's gung-ho individual "rights" no matter who it hurts or what social damage it causes. A drug/alcohol damaged child is a burden, not only to himself, but to society at large. The mother, and her stud, are partners in this biological crime and suffer naught. In fact, they are given carte blanche to continue their indiscriminate screwing.

Individual rights end where community interest begins. We live to serve the community. The community does not exist to serve us. We cannot exist alone. We need the group and that is what should be held supreme. At the least, the community must have the collective will to sterilize all those who threaten not only its existence, but its quality.

Andrei Kievsky:  B-


After another false start tempting fate in a private interview at the non-public offices of a Jewspaper, Andrei Kievsky has now provided a reasonable example of local pro-white activism.

1.  The Jewspaper article as always is slanted towards their goals.  This is one reason why there's no point providing them special access for their reportage.  We have to do our own reporting, which is now being done.  Even so the Judeo-Media hack, Liz Mineo, has to keep a distant contact with reality.  Another reason to avoid dealing with Zionist media like Republican politicians do, is that Zionist media is an extrusion of Zionist power.  The reporters work hand-in-hand with the ADL/SPLC political police, and the Mossad terrorist organization to produce their desired result.

"The white supremacists wore suits and ties. The "anti-racists," who later identified themselves as communists and anarchists, wore black clothes and bandannas that they pulled up to mask their faces when the groups began photographing each other."

One of Liz Mineo's principle objectives was to 'triangulate' the Human Rights careerist money suckers as political centrists or 'moderates' between her literary extremes of 'Communist' and 'Nazi'.  Mineo certainly had access to the false 'other side' of ARA degenerates.  She also has favorable access to the ostensibly independent actors in this drama.

"When the supremacists got into their cars and left, the police followed the anti-racists to the Sampan restaurant."

How did she know where they went?  She either tailed them herself or was told by someone, most likely an ARAist.

When analyzed, the entire incident reveals a bi-polar array.  The only public present was the white patriotic opposition.  The rest was various branches of ZOG, Inc.  ZOG merely arrays itself in different guises designed to produce the desired theatrical effect on the public.  This impression is that they represent the 'moderate center' against dangerous forces of extremism.  Thus we saw their pathetic ARA gutter trash suitably costumed as 'Communists' and 'Anarchists'.    Yet they were clearly obedient servants of the anti-white haters at the front table.  Did they object or demand more?  No.  Did they disrupt the meeting themselves?  No.  This is not anarchist behavior.

They sat quietly like the good little slave peons they are until it was time to do the ZOGists' evil bidding.  And that evil was to deny white men and women their Constitutional rights.  The whole process is known as "plausible deniability".  It yields the outcome the non-white thieves of tax dollars wanted:  deny white people their Constitutional rights while preserving a public facade of legality and respectability.

2.  Ignore Judeo-Media Mineo's attempt to cast a comical aspect over the 'camera clicking.  Keep your eyes firmly on your own goals, which are (a) identifying the criminals driving anti-white oppression and (b) preserving vital evidence for future potential litigation of your compliance with the letter of the law and the enemy's brazen evil-doing.  Jews, Judeo-Marxists and Judeo-Communists are LIARS.  It is their principle political tactic.  You and your lawyer may one day have to rely on favorable evidence from witnesses and film archives.  The very existence of such favorable evidence will itself deter Judeos from trying to stage show trials based solely on their perjured testimony.

"The anti-racists followed the supremacists out of the building and down Concord Street with both sides' cameras clicking the whole time and police watching.  When the supremacists got into their cars and left, the police followed the anti-racists to the Sampan restaurant."

The police, even in the Communist People's Republic of Massachussetts, have no problem identifying the real evil-doers.  The Metro-West article is about the best that can ever be hoped for from ZOG Media, Inc.

Now for the successes.

I know these seem trivial and to reach far smaller audiences than the Judeo-Media article.  They are not trivial.  Always remember the pollsters' findings concerning the illegitimacy of the major institutions with the masses.  Public confidence in ZOG's television and press is measurably lower than the public confidence in legal Nevada whorehouses.  This is identical to the condition of the mass mind in the JewSSR shortly before it collapsed.  Anything appearing in the establishment Communist media was automatically discounted as a probable lie and certainly incorrect.

3.  What the police themselves, most of them white, saw of pro-whites was so at variance with the lies they are told by their bosses at the behest of the ADL and SPLC that this was a victory in itself.  They're not complete idiots and they know non-whites are responsible for the vast majority of crime.  They also have to pay their bills and support themselves and their families.  We have to legitimate our alternate leadership among these white men and women as well.  There is no love lost between them and their political masters.

4.  The "good people" Mr. Kievsky brought with him will also report what they saw to their relatives, friends and neighbors.  Because of the illegitimacy of the ZOG Media in the public mind these versions will be more readily believed and passed on.

5.    "I apologized profusely to my gracious guests for the fact that there was no public comment allowed. I felt bad; the Jews had outflanked ol' Andrei Kievsky this time."  Andrei is wrong here.  ZOG outsmarted itself.  It is our contention as a non-movement that what is presented as the 'public' decision making process is nothing but one vast lie camouflaging a One Party dictatorship.    The Judeo-Communists provided a classic practical example proving the truth of our assertion.

6.  "And after all, what public was there? If National Alliance and ARA hadn't shown up, the only people in the audience would have been extremely bored reporters, and the usual diversity-industry people such as the local head of the NAACP. Judeo-communists are not interested in lively debates; they just want to talk about how they will continue to carve up the Gentile host even further."

a.  The ARA is far from 'public'.  I guarantee they were summoned there by covert channels.  Their mission was to silence white citizens and deny them their Constitutional rights.  The Diversity Industry useless eaters secretly desire to do this themselves but dare not be seen doing it.  'Plausible Deniability'.

b. Re-read the pollster findings we've summarized concerning the delegitimacy of "public institutions" with the masses.  The micro-economic sample Mr. Kievsky reprots to us also shows up in the macroeconomic statistics:


c.  Names please?  And Pictures?  These Diversity Industry people are the Real Enemy.  The biological ARA street scum are not a significant problem.  Those diseased gutter dregs are merely the rent-a-mob personnel the Diversity Industry uses to advance their agenda.  FYI, the Republican traitors also side with these diversity industry scumbags when the rubber hits the road.  That means appropriations time.  The goal of the immoral diversity industry parasites was to be left alone to funnel more white peoples' taxes into their pockets.  Mr. Kievsky rightly points this out.

These are the personnel who need to be made infamous with their own public biographical information websites provided gratis by white patriots. Follow the money.

The purpose of our activism is not to uplift and convert these careerist mercenaries who are driving ZOG's dying system.  This is their bread and cheese, just as 'law and order' is the police'.  So don't be disappointed when a citizen's Freedom of Speech is denied by ZOGist liars who falsely claim to stand for it.  The purpose of all our activism is to expose their regime for the perverted show it is and delegitimate their entire system.