24 March 2002
Super-hawk basket-case Dork Chinny has now revealed that ZOG will devastate Iraq "for Israel's sake." That's what I call an improvement in honesty. As the gasoline prices rise I suppose that the "peace keepers" will just have to kill more people. It's Orwell, through and through, but it does makes sense in a way. When everyone is dead, there will be "piss" as the jews say. The next step in the canned crap that ZOG feeds to its serfs will be "we are doing this because Israel wants it." When that bit of honesty becomes public, what's left of your freedoms will have gone done the toilet. But that's not all bad. There will still be niggerball and drugs to help us escape reality.

If what ZOG feels are vassal states, do not kowtow to threats, they ARE INSANE enough to use nuclear weapons. Now for a good night's sleep.

As the One World jew super-state, powered by the tax dollars of the American sheeple, grows in oppression, it will soon become apparent to more and more that ZOG is the enemy of ALL peoples who wish a bit of sovereignty. Only someone asleep atthe switch could believe that "communism is dead". (ZOG just did a side step in the case of the Soviet Union. The same criminals are still running the place. They changed their suits and now call themselves 'capitalists' with the jew Putin swinging the baton.) The laws which are coming soon to a town near you, are more draconian and oppressive than any devised by the "evil Hitlers" of the past. A fellow reports this –

Just yesterday Romanian Government gave an Order which equals to a law until it will be discussed by the Parliament and basically this will put an end to the political free speech  we won after the Communism fall in 1989.

I will only quote two passages from this law and you'll realize that the fascist behavior of our European Governments was equaled only maybe by Stalin's laws.

" there will be punished with 5-15 years of prison every public action, meeting, speech, printing of papers, badges or flags,  with extremist, racial or fascist content or reference."

" there will be punished with 5 years of prison the denial of Holocaust or discussions which will question about the veracity of facts described as Holocaust" (my note: you can see that the law is not even bothering to indicate what Holocaust description source that should be considered as reference and never put under question ... )

Note that the "holocaust" would not be a concern if the shindig were not run by jews. Like the Popes of old, questioning the "will of God", which is the same as questioning the "will of the jews" according to jews, will bring you to the stake for proper toasting. This 'holocaust' business is RELIGIOUS in nature and has nothing to do with fact, as the stuffy 'revisionists' seem to believe. What is planned for the world will pale the Inquisition and Salem witch hunts. It "can't happen here"? Look around and see. Section by section, the pen is being built around us while we graze contentedly. The last sections before the gate is slammed, are not in place yet.

The madman Georgie Boy's whole circus is directed at the smashing of ALL peoples desirous of self-rule. Although the Afghans are not my enemy, I do not want them in my living space, but they do have a RIGHT TO RULE THEMSELVES as do the Blacks and every other group of people who feel a sense of comradeship towards their own kind. Iraqi oil IS NOT OUR OIL and Americans have NO RIGHT to it save buying it. It is NOT OUR BUSINESS to tell others how they should conduct their affairs. Through it all, and even if the several groups do not like each other, there emerges a common factor – ZOG is the world wide enemy of all. If there even was a time for an Anti Zionist Alliance, it is now.

It will not be complimentary to the White people of America if our salvation comes about from our conquest by Mexico or China. As Eric repeatedly point out: This is a cosmic struggle!

History of the Bible Online


This is written by a Pastor V.S. Herrell, who holds to what seem to be very extreme Christian Identity beliefs.  This doesn't automatically invalidate his scholarship more than any other scholars' work is invalidated by their personal beliefs.  Anyone who studies any subject in depth eventually comes to some personal conclusions about it.  Pastor Herrell lays out many facts, always with-held from the sheeple by the other holy men, of how 'Bibles' are really compiled and then translated.  It's a semi-lengthy read but well worth it for those interested in the subject.  Pastor Herrell appears to be extremely educated in this field and its issues  Among the many points Pastor Herrell makes are:

1.  All Old Testament quotations used by the New Testament writers come exclusively from the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Testament and not the much later Hebrew Masoretic text.   This is why those New Testament quotations never match the Old Testament source when cross-referenced in your English language Bible of any vintage. Your English language Bible, no matter what translation you use, depends on the Hebrew Masoretic O.T. and not the Greek Septuagint O.T. that was used by the authors of the New Testament!   The partial exception to this rule are some of the English translations ('Catholic Bibles) based on the Latin Vulgate.  Pastor Herrell also exposes St. Jerome's  reliance on Talmudic sages and their work products in his translation of the Latin Vulgate from Greek texts.

2.  Greek Septuagint vs 'Hebrew' Masoretic Old Testament versions.  The Early Church exclusively used the Greek Septuagint version of the Old Testament.  The substitution of the Talmudic-compiled Masoretic Old Testament text for the Greek Septuagint in Christian Bibles is a modern phenomenon that didn't start until several centuries after A.D. 1000.  This is when the Masoretic text was more or less stabilized by its Talmudic compilers.  Pastor Herrell points out that the Masoretic Hebrew is not identical to ancient Hebrew but is a language that was developed from older Hebrew by the Talmudists.  This is why virtually all Judeo-Christian scholars trying to use the Masoretic texts either a) eventually find themselves in a Yeshiva being tutored by anti-Christ rabbis or b) invite anti-Christ Talmudic rabbis to sit on their translation committees.

3.  New Testament and Old Testament Manuscript Ages.  The oldest existing New Testament manuscripts and manuscript fragments are roughly 600-800 years OLDER than the oldest existing Talmudic Old Testament Masoretic texts.

4.  Dead Sea Scrolls scandal.  Pastor Herrell contends the reason the Zionist Jewish government has tried to suppress the Dead Sea Scrolls is that they are not nearly as supportive of the Masoretic text as is claimed by fans of the anti-Christ Jew produced Old Testament (copyright A.D. 1000).  Some of the finds more closely parallel the Greek Septuagint rather than the Talmudic Hebrew Masoretic text.  Others of the Essene cult Dead Sea Scrolls have significant variations from both the Septuagint and Masoretic and constitute an independent third body of texts.   The vast majority have not been available at all to world scholars until quite recently.  Pastor Herrell also points out that portions of the Septuagint are among the Dead Sea Scroll finds, thus authenticating the Septuagint's antiquity.

5.  Old Testament Canon.  Versions of the Greek Septuagint Old Testament include many books, now known as Apocrypha, that were progressively suppressed by various Protestant agencies.  This would seem to be a natural result of relying on the Talmudists' Masoretic O.T. which also excludes these books.

6.  Erasmus' 'Textus Receptus', 'Textual Criticism' and King James Only-ism.  Pastor Herrell rightly argues that the Catholic monk Erasmus' Greek New Testament compilation, known as the 'Textus Receptus',  was the result 'textual criticism' based on the ancient Greek manuscripts available to Erasmus in the 1500s.  Since Erasmus' time many other ancient Greek New Testament manuscripts have been located in various monasteries and also pried loose from the secret vaults of the Vatican Library.  Thus there is no logical reason not to revisit Erasmus' efforts.  The only reason to refuse doing this would be an a priori assumption that Erasmus was also divinely inspired, a claim Erasmus himself didn't make.  The Jews' idolaters (i.e. Fundamentalists and other Rapture Cultists who worship the living anti-Christs) composing the King James Only crowd are already reduced to making such claims for the Catholic T.R. and the recent Queen James translations based on it and the Talmudist's Masoretic text.

7.  Sacred Custodianship. Pastor Herrell points out that no religion confides 'custodianship' of its sacred scriptures to either non-believers or to active enemies.  The Talmudists don't do this, the Muslims don't do this, the Tibetans don't do this, the Eastern Orthodox Christians don't do this (the Jews had to destroy them with physical violence)  or anyone else.  Only the western Protestants and to a more limited degree the Catholic Church are different in this.  Although he doesn't directly say so, Pastor Herrell implies that a series of Bibles resting on the work products of Sodomites, Pederasts and Talmudic Anti-Christs lies at the heart of what is fueling the uncontrollable explosion of sodomy and Judaism in the western white world.

Pastor Herrell brings a different perspective to the entire debate about 'The Bible' that is worthy of consideration by all interested in this field.


"The pond" was not one in the beginning. It was a meandering stream through a low meadow on grandfather's property.

The railroad used to dump used ties onto his property next to the apples trees which grew in the pasture. This was a sort of barter for the water gramps allowed them to pump from the stream for their steam engines.

There was kink in the stream and across the land part, a trench was dug and railroad ties used for the construction of a heavy wall. I remember my uncles helping with the moving of large stones, some concrete pouring and all of that. I wasn't too interested in the construction since there were trees to climb and kites to fly. Besides, a dip in the downstream of the tiny falls was also on the list.

The day came when the crook in the stream was filled and each morning we'd leave the house and rush to see how high the water had risen. We were always disappointed. To kids, everything should happen overnight.

The stream originated from a small spring fed lake about 3 miles away, on Breckenridge's property I believe, and by the end of summer, we were at last leaping into deeper water. Through the years a bit of landscaping would develop and "the pond" soon reached its present shape and size.

My grandparents welcomed all to come to the pond for swimming and picnics. In the wintertime, there was ice skating, and sledding, and grams would make hot chocolate for the youngsters.

When my aunts and uncles grew up, and moved away, it was decided to sell the pond, and adjacent property, to an association geared towards the preservation of fish and game. The swimming facilities were enhanced by two spring boards and one tall trapeze tower. A club house was built and every Saturday night a small dance band was present. In mid summer a "field day" was given with dozens of contests and more fun than one kid really should have.

For years, anytime one wished to swim, use a free rowboat, picnic, target shoot, or even camp overnight, could do so in an unrestricted manner – rain or shine – night or day. I spent so much of my summer time at the pond, I often thought that mom wondered if I had run away. There is absolutely no way for me to describe the free spirit and freedom of those times which often prompted me to shout with joy. I did not know, when I was very young, but I later learned that the only people allowed to use the facility were those of northern European extraction. It was a condition of the agreement with my grandfather. It was a very beautiful thing when one is surrounded by people who look like you – your own kin and kind. God, it was beautiful.

Dad told me once that a local jew tried to buy his way into membership but even a twice-offered huge pile of money failed. That was the first wave of the future assault.

Over the decades, using the frog-in-heated-water technique, all fell under the choking grasp of our Marxist Big Brother. A place where hundreds used to gather, frolic and laugh, would soon be just a memory.

I hadn't been to the pond in decades although I was a lifetime member due to my family's involvement and presence. I need not tell the readers what my child's heaven is like today. The insurance vampires made sure there was no swimming when the air temperature was below 70°. Life guards now watch as if the place were a prison. The extremely popular tower was taken down along with the 6 foot diving board because they "were dangerous." Row boats, which once were free, now cost $5 an hour to rent. There is a buoyed rope barrier to warn people than it is no longer permitted to swim the length of the pond to the beach. Running is banned and no one is allowed to enter the water except at two authorized places. There are "hours" when one can use the shooting range and even picnic tables have their time schedules. No picnics on the grass, nor at the beach, nor on the "island". The huge 3-passenger swing on the island was taken down because it could not "be supervised". The clubhouse is now a storage shed; field days have been discontinued and the Saturday night dances only a fond memory. Last, and I saved it intentionally, "the pond" is now blessed with diversity with all of its litter, slovenliness, noise and zoo-like atmosphere.

I had hoped that grandfather's ghost would rise up and pull every piece of that dam out and let nature return it all to the pasture from which it came. At least horses and cows would be preferable to the environmental pollution of the mud duds.

Whitey is not breeding enough? A 100% increase in the White population would hardly change a thing, but a 100% reduction in non-Whites would sure reduce environmental pollution a whole bunch..
It's one thing to compose the best possible design structural design for your home. It's also a good idea to verify suppliers and workers who would do satisfactory construction. Bit by bit, a great building package could be put together but one should be concerned with a fundamental: Is is possible to actually build the home you intend? I don't mean money or such, I mean, will the authorities approve of your construction project?

Is it possible to build a pro-White political party in this country? I do not think so even if it had wide and united support. Ask yourself why either the Republozogs or the Demozogs would allow it? They've owed the circus for as long as I can remember and 3/4 of the people still think it's the best thing since electric condoms. Recently they shut out Buchanan and Nader because they might be an annoyance but not because they were pro-White, which neither of them were. Perot's Reform school party was not pro-White and it was allowed as a means to engineer the White vote. Once accomplished, this piss-faced dwarf went back to his money-grubbing hole and left the suckers holding the bag. As I have been saying, if the jew Larry King likes him, no matter who, then he is no friend of White people. NO THIRD party will be given the light of day if there is one iota of declared pro-White about it, or even if it can be inferred. Mates, we cannot even have an all-White checkers club so please enlighten me as to how you intend to have a pro-White political party.

The covert, behind the scenes butt-f---ing which occurs between our lovely "two-party system" whores, will have to be broken first. ZOG well realizes that the sucker will not rebel as long as his stomach is full and he has a few toys to play with. That's why they keep the slaughter house stock yards supplied with grain until the last fatal walk begins. We are being bled in classic Marxist style in order to feed our enemies so they can breed, and finally overwhelm us. Ugly Slimespan will man the dollar throttle so as to keep the boat afloat until the last feared honky is submerged. The Washington cesspool will make sure they keep the perks rolling. After all, they are in it together. This is world wide and Europeans are getting it stuffed up their backsides just as much as we. ZOG is an alliance between the rich, and powerful, jews and anglos. Either half will screw their own kind faster than Billy can whip open his zipper. Both depend upon fleecing those they perceive as being lessers and any squabbles between them are no cause for joy. They usually bicker about tactics and not strategy.

ZOG's house must be shaken from rafter to foundation and the amusing thing is that they are actually going to do it all by themselves. The Repubs are finished and we need not worry about that. As the mexiburger and mudrice invaders increase, so does the friction between them. ZOG will not be able to control the disease they infected our country with. We will see more and more violent criminal acts perpetrated by those extremely violent "poison jews" mis-named "Russians", which are creating their own ethnic crime wave. This will eventually be ZOG's great undoing.

You wanted "diversity". Enjoy it.

Signs of big trouble coming – Watch grocery store prices climb as inflation continues to expand. Watch for any large increases in gasoline prices for soon they will be blamed on the Arabs. These are both signs of darker days ahead.
An odd phenomenon – Many White people believe the jew without question, but any attempt to believe another White generates malicious doubtfulness.
Whose bread I eat, his song I sing.  A servant's philosophy.
Thyme on my pans; ewe in my barns; and nothing above for you.

Ever since prehistoric man looked at his image in a pool of Jurassic Park urine and asked "I am an ape, already?", he recognized forward/backward and left/right, even if they were not called that. Those not busy stealing each other's food, discovered that they only needed 2 numbers to describe any position relative to whatever pleased their family jewels. This was 2-dimensional living and man, it was crazy!

Once in a while someone would land at the bottom of a cliff directly beneath where her irate lover pushed her off. He could no longer state that Betty was so many paces nor'nor'east of where he was. Space Odyssey Cheta had discovered up and down but since the patent offices were closed, he could not capitalize on it. Now, man's existence began to be more cluttered generally but a wee bit more precise since the position of some object could then be described with 3 numbers. The 3rd dimension was thus born.

That was the alpha and omega of space.

Barney Bushbump was keen to observe that hawg X was sometimes here and sometimes there. Since he was an E.O. graduate of Harvard, he called this "moving from place to place". Barney loved to chew betel nuts and quickly correlated the number of rhythmic nut crunches with hawg X's position. There were two trees of interest and one time it would take 4 betel nuts crunches for hawg X to end up at the second tree, and at others, 8 betel nut crunches. Barney then became expert at counting betel nut crunches and could often perform amazing predictions. He told his fellow tribesmen of his method and collectively they took credit for inventing what they called "dawhhh..." But this was a shallow accomplishment for all they were doing was comparing the changing positions of Barney's crunching teeth with the changing positions of other critters. They could measure this perception but not absolutely. Measuring a forward direction had no relation to measuring a sideways direction. Whatever transpired in the change from position A to position B could be measured in 3 dimensions but that elusive measurement comparing the positions of objects simultaneously had to wait until kryptonite was discovered.

When Superman came down from the planet Krypton, he amazed the earthlings by changing positions in a remarkable way. He also  brought a new word to the vocabulary of the shoeless grunts – time! This replaced "dawhhh..." With this new word, people could then describe something which they had previously had difficulty with. 12 betel nuts crunches; 37 betel nut crunches; 666 betel nut crunches, and so on. Everyone was happy because "time" was just another way of talking about betel nut crunches. A "long time" mean many betel nuts crunches.

Barney's son inherited his father's acumen, grown together eyebrows, and sexual lust, and was quick to count the number of moons he spent with Sheila the Slinky. And so it went, with each new generation devising something to count in order to describe the indescribable bowl of soup called time. Without a change in position, the whole idea of time becomes absurd. Time is thus a dependent variable and to use it as another physical dimension only appeals to those marginally sane. There is a correlation between a person's sanity and the number of dimensions he thinks are real. Historically we have always found the greater percentage of lunatics amongst that class known as "mathematicians", those who can see things which are not there as does Charlie the drunk when he leaves the bar.

Thus, "warping space", that is changing the dimensions of nothing has a first cousin in "warping time" or "compressing time". The one thing about "warp drive" is that it obviously describes the mental state of those who believe it has merit. If all of this "warp" business appears real to you, then I am sure you will be conformable with the notion that a vacuum can vibrate.

Velocity, as we know, is the change in distance divided by (per) time. But time can only be measured from some other object which changes position, hopefully in a precise manner. We assume that a clock's ticks are spaced evenly but there is no way of knowing for certain. All we do it compare it to something else which is "ticking" and assumed to be more precise.

As tea leaf readers peer into the warm cups, and those gawking at a crystal ball, so do the mathematicians wonder at the marvels they see in their equations. The leaves, the glass ball and the equations represent reality to them.

I often receive papers peppered with equations concerning time travel, anti-gravity devices, and whirling dervishes. I never study the equations, I pattern the logic and in all cases, the arguments are either circular or founded upon foolish assumptions. I then direct these people to seek out Lyndon LaRouche for his gang of jew nitwits thrives on such stuff as "cold fusion", mirror belts around Mars, 200 mile per gallon carburetors, perpetual motion, locomotives powered by fuel cells and turning sows' ears into silk purses by letting them listen to Mozart.

Bullshit baffles brains and boy, are we baffled.

Since ZOG has now directed the wasting of more tax dollars on "neutrino" research, I soon expect Dr. Lepton to market a Neutrino Bar as a nutritional supplement far more beneficial than anti-oxidants or chelated phlogiston.

America's Worldwide Vietnam Update:
Pashtun/Taliban/al-Qaida Guerrilla Insurgency Spreads to Pakistan.


The elimination of the Afghan Pashtun's imperium over the rest of Afghanistan is now stirring pan-Pashtun national ambitions on both sides of the Afghan-Pakistan border.  As was obvious before and is generally admitted now, most of al-Qaida successfully exfiltrated Afghanistan.  Many of these people remained in the Northwest Pakistan tribal  areas.  After the First Afghan War of the 21st Century they were followed by much of the Taliban.  The first result has been an immediate outbreak of classic Phase I insurgency terror attacks against members of the Pakistani ruling class combined with cross-border hit and run operations to nearby Afghan areas like Shah-i-kot/Gardez.

This insurgency will soon be seen to command broad-based international support.  Players with interests in fueling this war and the destruction of Pakistan now include ZOG, the Indian government, Islamic fundamentalists from all over Islam, the Pashtun tribe, al-Qaida and possibly the Northern Alliance.

ZOG's interest includes eliminating the only Islamic nuclear power as well as China's major ally in the area.  Getting rid of Pakistan counts as a two-fer.  Lending urgency to this project is Pakistan's recently concluded  series of military agreements with China.  The Indian ambition to reduce to Pakistan to a satrapy is long-standing.  This would clear the stage to solve the Kashmir question in India's favor for a long time.    Many in the Northern Alliance have a temporary community of interest with the Pakistani Pashtuns in exporting the Afghan Pashtuns to another polity.

Internally we're witnessing the final flaking off of the British-applied white paint job on Pakistan and the Pakistanis.  As the Independence and post-Independence generations fade away the area is returning to its native roots.  The current military chieftain, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, recognizes the necessity for eliminating the white European style Parliament and replacing it with an institution more attuned to Pakistani aspirations, such as an unlimited monarchy with himself under other labels.  His opponents support this general government renovation but oppose him conducting it.


As in Britain, America's White elite put their class ahead of their race, and waged war upon the White workers. Instead of treating non-Whites, including jews, as alien enemies, they welcomed them as allies, and led to the war against White Civilization. In so doing, these White race traitors have themselves become the liveried lackeys of their anti-White masters, mere shabbez goy frontmen for the ZOG. As they become darker, through adultery (miscegenation), their anti-White nature becomes more apparent. Ain't that right, Georgie?
"Headline Risk"

"We are now being forced to monitor the market reaction to 'headline risk'  surrounding GE," said Cunningham. "Yes, they are acquisitive, but there may have been a lack of due diligence on the part of market participants on the liquidity profile of GE Capital."

This is an illuminating statement from an investment manager concerning investment risk management.  Companies are now assumed to have "headline risk".  This was always a feature of smaller growth companies on the NASDAQ although the headlines were mostly confined to CNBC and PR Newswire releases of quarterly earnings report surprises.  The extension of this phenomenon up to the SP 500 gives food for thought.

The digested product is that those who control the headlines are now exerting closer control than ever over publicly listed companies' access to credit markets.  To me this is another indication of elite group factional struggle behind the scenes.  The WASP Masonic elites are starting to resist being drawn into the Zionists' plans for ever-expanding wars against any and all the Judeo-Zionists hate.


A reader pointed out a discrepancy in the photo caption on faem.cc. This was a long time ago and my memory is not perfect. Actually, is should have been Regiment, not Battalion. It was Company A, and not Company V. The Company V, in my memory, came from a temporary assignment, Signal Corps, Ft. Monmouth NJ. As for the reason Battalion stuck in my mind, only God knows. Since it is of little significance anyway, I choose not to change it. Maybe there are more useless nit-pickers out there waiting their chance to peep through a keyhole and spot some place where I forgot a period, or misspelled "drop dead". They themselves will permit of no such scrutiny of themselves. The spineless are always so.

My papers show: "Headquarters 17th Airborne Division, Camp Pickett, Virginia, Co. A 514th ABN INF REGT, signed by Maj. Gen. Robert C.Macon. Document 404-QMTTS-Camp Lee, Va."

I will correct any factual errors which occur, if I am so inclined. However, this is a quid pro quo enterprise and I am under NO OBLIGATION to "prove" anything to anyone, and neither are you. It is irritatingly presumptuous for anyone to ask that I supply information simply because they requested I do so, especially from one probably using a phony name anyway. Some apparently cannot accept that some things in this world are none of their f---ing business. But this is a busy-body jew-behaving society as talk shows well demonstrate.

Hey man. Somewhere in the voluminous material I have written, I made a mistake when I mentioned the 1973 Ford Autolite 4300D carburetor as having .032" power jets. Actually the number should have been .035". I never bothered to change it so it should serve as another focal point for the bicycle seat sniffers to get mental orgasms over.

Hey man. Get your own website and demonstrate your amazing ability to provide flawless performance. Otherwise, drop dead.

End of the chicken shit.

Race is not a social construct. Race is not the product of education, ideology, language or practice. Race is not an abstract idea.

I cannot suddenly decide, "today I will be an Eskimo." Eskimos are born, not trained. Nor can I look at my yippy Dachshund and decide things would be more peaceful in my house if I trained him to be a Irish Setter instead.

Race is a set of personal characteristics transmitted by genes and chromosomes. Australian aborigines do not give birth to individuals with blue eyes and blond hair. Period.

Eye color, hair color and structure, INTELLIGENCE, physical skeletal structure, a predisposition to a wide array of diseases and behavioral characteristics, emotional propensities and much else are transmitted by genes. They are not transmitted by classroom books or editorials in newspapers.

Subsequent environment and education play profound roles in maximizing any given individual's potential but they cannot overcome genetically preset limits. No man will be competing in the Kentucky Derby no matter how hard he trains. These are some fixed navigation points to keep touch with in considering "Who Is White?"


This useful bit of info was just sent in. With reference to H1B immigrants taking Americans jobs, and American corporations' complicity in same, take a look at http://www.zazona.com
To the day dreamers and well wishers – The ONLY skill you can ever learn with a computer is the skill of using a computer. A computer is little other than an electronic slave doing your work for you. Learning how to walk from A to B cannot be accomplished if you insist upon using your automobile. Most so-called technical education in this country is a disaster because people not jew-dazed by their TV sets ARE jew-dazed by that other cathode tube device with a keyboard. The typewriter NEVER produced a flurry of writing genius as was hopefully believed, and the computer will likewise fail in producing self-reliant thinkers with useable skills in any discipline other than trial and error pecking at keys. Computer simulation is NOT REAL WORLD and hence removes the best incentive to learn – the punishment wielded by failure, or the heavy threat thereof. It's one thing to fart around developing a 'driving skill' using screen images where a miscalculation only leaves a "Crash – You're dead" flashing on the screen. One thinks entirely different when a real live person, with a loaded 12 gauge under your nose, says "If you make one mistake, I'll blow your brains out!" I had a recent harrowing experience with one of these conceited computer clowns, and when it came to the REAL WORLD, he was useless! I want none of them as "comrades" in dire situations.
In regard to the royere.net website, Maguire offers this —

It's the best starting point I've seen.  The next step is going beyond gross state level of detail to county and zip code level of detail.  A map drawn that way will restate the problem in a more refined presentation.  Such a map will be very similar to the 2000 election red/blue county map.  It would also reveal that whites essentially hold the countryside and surburban areas while non-whites are primarily concentrated in urban areas.  The major exceptions to current white rural control are the U.S.A. Indian tribes.  Those who investigate this subject will discover the average U.S.A. Indian is as upset by the Mexican Indian invasion as we are or more so.

Having spent recent time with demographic statistics graded by age group I know the situation is infinitely more serious than the simple gross numbers indicate.  The Mexican Indian demographic profile is heavily weighted towards the younger end of the scale.  The white demographic profile is skewed upwards by age groups outside reproduction age.  It's possible to rephrase this as the white results graded by age are being skewed upwards by the center age groups that aren't demographically replacing themselves.
I won't argue the semantics since the demographic results 20 years from now, given no change in current trends, will be the same however we label them.

I have to give Mr. Royere an A+ for breaking non-white groups apart into discrete races for his analysis.  This line of thought needs to continue among everyone politically astute enough to not want to bind different groups of "non-whites" together into one vast political bloc opposed to us, as is the current case.

Figure 3.6 in Mr. Royere's report leaps to unwarranted conclusions concerning "potential white homeland".  A sustainable homeland starts with an area that is militarily defensible and sufficiently diverse economically to sustain the requisite military effort.  North Dakota, Iowa and West Virginia all fail these criteria as stand alone entities.  In a world where the Zionist State possesses 400+ nuclear weapons we cannot possibly retreat into 19th Century military forms and survive.

See http://www.faem.com/maguire/arcadia.htm for an example of what needs to be aimed at.  If this is deemed to be unachievable then theoretical thought needs to shift over to some form of "state within state". 

One fellow wrote that our situation is hopeless and so he's going to spend his days drinking beer and copulating as frequently as possible. That's what I call a sterling example of what White isn't. Pure whigger, in my book. When his liver rots or he dies of AIDS, White people will thereby benefit.
The Immigration Act of March 26, 1790:


"That any alien, being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof, on application to any common law court of record, in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such court, that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law, to support the Constitution of the United States, which oath or affirmation such court shall administer; and the clerk of such court shall record such application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a citizen of the United States. And the children of such persons so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty-one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: . ."

Who is White?

The US Census explains:

         White. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe,
          the Middle East, or North Africa. It includes people who indicate their
          race as "White" or report entries such as Irish, German, Italian, Lebanese,
          Near Easterner, Arab, or Polish.

This, which would include, for example, Osama bin Laden, a Jew, (or any garden-variety Tunisian), is clearly unacceptable. Further, excluding the "White Only" category, Census indicates that it accepts individuals as "White" (general) if those individuals are "White" and "something else".

The above was copied from http://www.royere.net/snowdrifts/
It would do well to review this lengthy bit of material for it is the best demographic analysis I'm aware of. We (Whites) ARE NOT  a majority and we do not need to wait until 2050 to discover that.

Saudi Arabian Article Concerning Alleged Jewish Purim "Pastries" Retracted and disavowed.


We commented in passing on this now disavowed article a couple of weeks ago, calling it "highly dubious".  The newspaper concerned now says it retracts the story and has fired the journalist responsible.   This is a classic example of what can happen when if you choose to hang your hat on wild speculations about things like "Jewish Ritual Murder".   This is an example of an article that was actually defamatory of Jews as a group.


The followers of the jew Lyndon LaRouche (born Marcus) seem to believe that some abstract economic plan will save the world from the now unstoppable economic collapse. (The current hot air is the Euro-Asian land bridge. Earlier it was a nuclear power plant every 50 miles in the Sahara which followed the loony tunes colonization of Mars fantasy. La Roach is a supporter of the bizarre 'cold fusion' nonsense and some have now introduced the 'electrical levitation' hypothesis which will supposedly neutralize gravity.) The problem is basically one of BIOLOGY for it is the industry and talent of a people, or lack of, which creates the economic conditions. You can give a band of chimpanzees pianos and the written works of Edvard Grieg, but a symphony you'll not have. The pre-revolutionary period is over. The revolution is beginning. The gods are seated and are making their first moves on the chessboard of human fate. We know not what they plan but we as White men have no choice but to join in battle. Be patient. The curtains are rising.

Except for a couple of mugs, I want you to note the handsome faces of the "diversity" crowd which appeared recently in the Toronto Sun. It represents the beautiful fruits of "weez all immigrants" open-border policies. The mugs displayed here are murder victims but the murder aspect is the least bothersome. For those jew-dazed enough to believe, "we are still 70% White", I am sure their brains will instantly short-circuit the images sent from their retinas.


While you were chasing ZOG-bucks, you allowed criminals to run the country and now we will all have to pay for the acts of a majority who thinks race doesn't matter and that all problems can be solved with a little more spending.

How can any White man, with concern for his children's future, look at these photos and not get filled with rage?

With tongue in cheek – During the war to save us from the fear of fear, I was in a special Navy unit called Seaburg's 11. It was a small and select unit which used the top secret Scow Slip boat. This craft, which was powered by a modified Stirling engine was capable of 46 knots with a crew of 6. Of shallow draft, it was the water equivalent of the Nazi stealth fighter. Our job was to approach submerged submarines from the rear and stealthily paint the periscopes with an aqua colored, viscous material, and then slip away. The evil sub's officer, seeing only evil sea-green in his evil eye-piece and thinking the sub was still underwater, would give the order to surface. Since he would observe no change in the seascape, he'd repeatedly give the order to surface until the sub gained enough altitude to be shot down by cannon balls launched from our Martin 156's. As everyone knows, these former China Clippers carried a crew of 2½, plus 16 Ernie Pyle clones, 12 berths and 11 females all willing to serve their country by servicing the enlisted men. It wasn't called "the service" for nothing, eh girls?
Itsa comin'. Itsa comin'. Two more young men have called me concerning the "recession is over" and "prosperity is right around the corner." One worked for a company which just folded. No job prospects in his area. The other fellow had his company close down and so he transferred to North Carolina. Both had families. Fellow #1 is heading south to see if he can find work. I hate to sound "negative" but reality is what's around the corner. It appears that the crooks who run this country have finally succeeded in 9/11-ing it. They now are forced to expand their lunatic war (on terrorism) in order to keep the ship relatively afloat. Where the rapacious jews will land next, is anyone's guess for they have burned their last bridge behind them. As a beautiful elderly National Socialist woman told me 15 years ago, "I would not want to be a jew in the next century."

Like the domino which falls near the left wall, only to eventually influence those near the right wall, chasing employment around the country will only amount to a delaying action. It will eventually catch up to all of us. However, no matter how horrible some people painted the Great Depression, no one ever starved, but that was mainly due to 'community'. Now, with a society of 'dog eat dog' uglies, things might be worse.

While the ship still floats I advise: (1) Make sure you have several trustworthy White comrades. (2) Reduce your debt as fast as you can. (3) Let the other guy fart around with "investments" and their data-entry hot air "profits". (4) Stay away from "minorities" of any stripe. Come to think of it, that's godd advice no matter what the economic situation is.

Great Goobers Greta –  We still cannot free ourselves from the Third Reich. The skyward directed lights of the Ground Up Zero was first used by Albert Speer during a Nuremberg rally in 1935-38. The naughty Nazis called it a "Cathedral of Light".

We'd be in sad technological shape if we hadn't appropriated the German genius of that period. We hated the Nazis but loved their accomplishments. That's why we, and our commie cousins, stole all of it. It's called "To the victors belong the spoils." That's the sport of war. I wonder what we will loot, whoops, I mean liberate, from Afghanistan?

Since the nogs, nigs, wogs, muds and cruds, hate Whitey and his horrible "racism", I suggest that these unhappy people henceforth HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING WHITE CREATED AND PRODUCED. That ought to teach those honkies what's important.

INFLATION is hitting the sheenie markets. Although the prices might not be changing, be sure to notice that what's IN THE CONTAINER is LESS than before. Hence, less for your money. That's inflation..
FAEM – Just some "pro-Taliban" links you might want to offer your readers.  The story that ZOG has so successfully suppressed:


Hey! Nevada people. Tune in to your area's NA site – http://www.natallnv.com
I stand corrected. Below are three letters recently received.

I read this off your front page, "How many niggers are flooding into China or Japan. None."

My girlfriend spent a couple months in Japan, and there are a lot more darkies there than you think.  Most of them are migrant workers living there illegally, or on a temporary work visa.  While she was there she was warned that the black men there are pigs and will go out of there way to try and pick up/rape any white woman they see there no matter what she looks like,
because it's considered a status symbol to be seen with a white woman if you're a nigger.  You can find them without difficulty at karaoke bars or at popular nightclubs geared towards emulating western culture.  Most adult Japanese who see a white woman with a nigger normally look at them with disdain and will often refuse to look at them directly, the same as they would if they saw someone bleeding to death in the street.

Interspecies encounters between Japanese girls is definitely on the upswing, as they try to emulate the worst parts of western culture, younger generations are falling into the diversity sinkhole.  The Japanese are neither as unified or as strong as you give them credit for.  All the websites advertising "Japanese schoolgirls," and sadistic anime pornography is not primarily geared towards western culture, after all.

It is my opinion that a long-term goal of the Jews is to bring Christianity to asian nations.  They have been working at it for quite a while now and have had limited success in building churches, sending suited idiots there to pass out bibles, etc..  Unfortunately, even limited success can cause a lot of damage when it's a wrecking ball the size of the christian cult.  If even a fraction of asians adopt christianity, the jews will have the tools they need to have yet more people shed their blood to protect the "chosen people."

* * * * * Another letter regarding the assault on Iceland.

Sad to report, the northern countries, until recently Aryan strongholds, are filling up with Gooks.  Iceland, with a population of around 283,000, now has about 10,000 immigrants. Many of these are non-white, the largest number being from Thailand.  What does it say about the home country of these people when they will abandon everything to come to an island where they are unwanted and have no appreciation for the culture? It must suck!  So, what do you expect to gain from new residents from countries that suck so badly? Well, most of us don't expect to gain anything except a half dozen new noodle houses in Reykjavík every year.  Only 383 Asian immigrants here have been given UN refugee status. The others are brought here to pollute the world's purest white culture by our own low-lifes and race-traitors.  Who are they? Probably the same as in your country. (1) Wealthy business owners importing cheap, often illegal laborers. (2) Assorted losers who can't keep a decent white wife taking "mail-order brides." Most white men take slant-eyed wives to make subservient sex slaves and domestic laborers of them. Look into the face of these wretched women and you will see that unmistakable "bought" look.
So, which is the more cruel statement of racism? Separation or Exploitation?

I would like to see a dialogue develop about this trend. I know the same can be seen in the other Scandinavian countries as well as the Pacific Northwest of the US and Canada. If you are from an area experiencing a similar invasion, post a short report. How are white people to respond?  If you are in touch with editors of any intelligent publications around the world, please ask them to publish this email address. Until recently there has been little contact between Icelandic racists and the international white community. This can change with your help.

Hail Victory!         iceland4whites@yahoo.com

* * * * More.

 Dear Robert, Iceland is not a white stronghold. A country with a white majority that is not race conscious is not a white stronghold. White race consciousness on a state level ended officially on 8 May 1945. Thus, white strongholds ended then, too. Iceland has never been especially race conscious. This is typical of the Viking stock from which the nation arose. Vikings were among the most tolerant people of the world, and the Viking rate of "intermarriage" (they practiced polygamy) far exceeds the expected rate of intermarriage (even by today's standards).Icelandic women are infamous for copulating with anything. Reykjavik has the most famous night life in Europe. Those who enter an Icelandic dance club alone do not leave that way. Icelandic promiscuity is a direct result of the weakness of the Icelandic family. It is common for a boyfriend and girlfriend never to marry, even when they have children. Weak families produce promiscuous women. Then, good girls are pulled down by bad ones. The result is a nation whose girls lose their virginity at 14 on average. (The American average, which is an amalgam of all races, is 17.) Infertile people in Iceland often adopt African niglets. Africans imported this way number several hundred. They carry Icelandic citizenship, and native Icelanders believe these Africans to be Icelanders by birthright! I spoke with a girl who was raped by six such monkeys. She said that even though she knew who they were, she would not report them to the authorities because they had "suffered so much." As Revilo Oliver noted in "What We Owe Our Parasites," empathy is a uniquely Aryan trait and a negative one at that. Nevertheless, it is part of our genetic heritage and cannot be removed at present. Thus, state policies must not allow opportunities for whites to exert their on foreigners. Unfortunately, since 1945, all the national policies of white nations have abused white empathy to allow hordes of foreigners to fill our lands.P.S. A note on Iceland's economy:In 1904, two Danish Jews established the Bank of Iceland. Foreign investors own the bank in its entirety. With the bank, the glories of finance capitalism were introduced. Lower-class Icelanders fished for wages (until Thais were imported); middle-class Icelanders owned and managed the fishing companies; foreign Jews took their share via the bank. Wealthy Icelanders are taxed very heavily, so incomes remain fairly flat. It is foreign Jews who make disproportionately huge profits.Today, most non-Thai immigrants wish to partake of Iceland's welfare system – the most comprehensive in the world. Mothers and their children can live indefinitely there with a standard of living almost equal to a working family.