27 March 2002
As a resident of the TX area, I can confirm your comments on FAEM about the two school children engaged in oral sex. As a matter of fact oral sex is practically an extracurricular sport here in central Tejas. Word around the campfire is that the single largest cause for absenteeism in the Austin area schools is due to an STD who primary mode of transport is via oral copulation. Thank you for FAEM. (reader B.R.)

Robertsez – I'd like a racial profile on the sweet young kiddies who do this. Since teachers were stripped of their authority, the classroom has simply become an anarchist's playground. Know what ? Parents love it since their chilluns are "having fun."

I notice that a TV ad claims that 'preparation gotcha' will cure athlete's foot in 3 applications as opposed to Triactin applied daily for weeks. As a young fellow of 21, I whipped up a eutectic mixture that would stop this fungus infection in one application. I told old doc Manchester about it once and all he said was, "I can see that it would." It was an "industrial strength", no holds barred, all the way, 100% extermination, like all good pogroms should be.

I am waiting for industrial strength Viagra to hit the market. I would imagine that it would be only a one shot deal and you'd not need another, for you would be unable to remember what you were doing when you dropped dead.

After seeing the TV spot where a dozen or so cruds, duds, muds and puds, were belching "I am an American", it fires my enthusiasm to run straight away to the Army recruiting office. I'd love to sacrifice myself so my children can have lots of enemies. That'll keep them from being bored. How about you matey, enlisted yet?

The sun on the meadow is summery warm
The stag in the forest runs free
But gathered together to greet the storm
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

The branch on the linden is leafy and green
The Rhine gives its gold to the sea
But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
The blossom embraces the bee
But soon says the whisper, arise, arise
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me


Now Fatherland, Fatherland, show us the sign
Your children have waited to see
The morning will come when the world is mine
Tomorrow belongs to me
Tomorrow belongs to me

This song appeared in the 1970s movie "Cabaret" (set in Weimar Germany in the early 1930s).  There's a classic scene of effective guerrilla pro-white propaganda in action.  The setting is a weekend at a country gasthaus popular with German working and middle class families.  A young "Siegfried" stands up and starts singing this song.  Growing numbers of pro-Germans start joining in.  At first young men, then a girl, then an older war veteran, then older women, young girls, mothers, children.   Finally ALL except the true enemies of these people (in the movie a bisexual German upper class 'Conservative' and his English sodomite friend) have united as a PEOPLE.  If you haven't seen it get the movie.  You'll recognize the scene when it appears.  Notice that no one took applications, applied genetic tests or anything else.  The recruiting message and the response operated at a far deeper levels.  Hollywood didn't fabricate this scene.

The modern White Power noise fails the above test because of the gender and age exclusiveness.  We need something like "Tommorow Belongs To Me", a unifying message that instinctively unites white people across age and gender lines.  Pro-white poets and songsmiths please get busy.


What do these bagel bunnies have in common? Glusker, Sefchick, Statland de Lopez, Nauman, Cowal, and Ehrlich. Why they are columnists for http://www.thenewsmexico.com/
As I read the email relative to my suggestion about forming groups locally, it appears that most people will restrict themselves to personal contact, as within schools and places of employment. The fear of political and economic persecution by our benevolent ZOG is greater, and more probable, than any attack by 'terrorists". As you know, I save no email addresses and wouldn't pass them on if I did. Once a week, all email is deleted. I know that when one deletes a file that only the title is removed. That's why I fill the file with ASCII 255's before I delete it. If asked, I will keep a paper record of an email address plus area code, and when another pops up, I will email the parties involved who requested such contacts. Nothing will be posted for the world to see. This leaves only two people per shot which is really not much of a security thing. Look at the humorous side – two nosey jews trying to sniff things out and getting each other's email address.
In your hunt for the holy grail of Who is White, don't get into the classification thing. Once a certain entity is classified as such and such, sooner or later some variation pops up thus demanding another sub classification. The books are crammed with lunatic terms such as "Alpine", "Dinaric", and so on. The Dinaric is then subdivided into something else depending upon who is writing the book. You must divest yourself of this artificial construct. The only tools you need are an awareness of White attributes, and/or non-White attributes and common sense plus those little used "vibes" which have saved many from great error. Keep in mind that most of we White people do have some racial contamination dating back centuries. Just because your great grand-daddy felt compelled to poke his poker in something he shouldn't have, is not a reason for you to do the same. We need a White community and from that we can upbreed to insure that the world will belong to a people better than we. This was the whole 'master race' idea which was perverted by those of perverted mind who claimed that Herr Hitler said the Germans were the master race. We, as a race, have been so drenched, from the cradle on, with jew jabber that it's surprising to me when I find someone who can think outside of this mental gulag. We cannot discount out of hand a fellow with traces of nigger kinky hair. Exclusion due to racial contamination is indicated when the behavior is no longer White. In the hierarchy of the stronger elements, eye color is way down on the list. Let common sense, and not the rigor of some table, be your guide.
"It's too bad the medical profession is dominated by semites. A  few years back the doctors in the Los Angeles area went on strike for a few days, except for severe emergencies.  In any event the mortality rate went down."  G.I. Joe
One asked me to comment
on some new video game (Resistance records, I was told) called "Ethnic Cleaning" which supposedly promotes violence against muds, cruds and duds. Not being a majority jew, mexican or chinese, I cannot tell how they'd feel about this supposed threat, but I do have an opinion. The video game bunch get their jollies from virtual images. Real life would cause them to drop dead of fright. The massive, and pervasive, interest in porno tells more about this crowd than any other single item. They are keyhole peepers, not doers, expect for a few stray goofs who would have gone nuts even without a video game. A good share of them at druggies and others addicted to screwing anything which is not stone cold. They are worthless except as consumers. I'd worry more about the silent people who go about their daily affairs – rage building from the shit which they have to wade through daily. Once the spark of revolution hits, this silent crowd will do things you wouldn't believe in your wildest video day dream. 
Zipping off on a tangent, I rarely watch TV since I already know what ugly jews, nigeros and mexiburgers look like. Mob sports is about as appealing to me as are gang bangs, and the kike propaganda hasn't changed in 40 years. Rarely, sandwiched in between the forever poisecuted jew fiction melodramas, is an item of interest. The one I saw last night was on the Shackelton Polar (south) Expedition of 1914-16. This was aired on PBS with only a very tiny bit of "dressing", which probably catered to the general squeamishness of the TV audience. Not all survived as the two hour program claimed, and there was only a hint that they ate their dogs for survival. I suggest that White people view this video for it clearly demonstrates what the massive will of White men can accomplish. There is no way I could ever come to believe that if such expeditions were staffed with our "equal" Black brothers, that any would have survived, if indeed they even could have been bribed to start in the first place. (I'd like to see a gaggle of jews attempt such a feat. It would make for good humor.) These sort of men are very rare today. It appears than this type was virtually exterminated in WW II, as planned by the hebes. As technology becomes more sophisticated, the quality of our men decompose. There are some interesting facets to this program.

This large crew endured, and survived, virtually on a diet composed entirely of animal meat. There is no way the vegetable brained "veggie" could have ever survived. After two years of no "orange juice for breakfast – vitamin C, you know" not one man suffered from scurvy.

A member of the group remaining on Elephant Island said that if it were not for "hate" (of Shackleton's designated leader) it was doubtful that the men would have held on to the will to survive. There is no fury like the men of the North. At least, this used to be true.

A small team, recently attempted to retrace Shackleton's trek across the uncharted New Georgia island, equipped with the latest in heated underwear, radios, maps, nylon ropes, super spike insulated boots, helicopter rescue at the ready, and all of that, but nevertheless failed. One exhausted member was noted as saying, "I don't know how they did it." I'll tell you. Down breeding has raised havoc with our racial stock and no improvement is in sight. Advanced technology allows us to accomplish much but a triumph of nylon over hemp rope does not improve the men who use it. Note that all of our present day acts of "bravery" are always accompanied by gadgetry guaranteed to safeguard the lives of those so involved. Aside, those Afghan men would devastate our troops if the arms were on a par. That's a fact, but truth these days is not politically correct. In fact, the truth will often get you denounced as un-American.

4th-graders reprimanded for lewd acts in classroom. By Janet Jacobs and Jonathan Osborne

American-Statesman Staff Tuesday, March 26, 2002

MARBLE FALLS – Police are investigating allegations that five fourth-grade boys performed oral sex on one another during class at least twice at Marble Falls Elementary School.

Robertsez. Great! Keep up those kosher sex education classes. At least they are not taking drugs or making bombs.

And now....

...Paul Craig Roberts with nostalgia news from the early 80 and 90s!

"White males are suffering from long-term deterioration in lifetime income growth and job security, according to a study, "Divergent Paths,"  just released by the Russell Sage Foundation. The study by four academic sociologists and statisticians compares the wage growth and job security of young white males who entered the labor market in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the experience of a previous generation of young white males who entered the labor market in the mid-1960s. The study finds that 90 percent of young white male workers can expect to have lower lifetime wage growth than the previous generation."

Golly gee whizzers.  Du-uh, who'd a thunk it?  Wow.  I'm awed.  Thanks for telling us Mr. Roberts.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I only have one question, Mr. Roberts, ex of the Reagan Treasury Department in the 1980s.  What were you personally doing to head this off while the policies that have produced this result were being laid during your political career?   Or were you hewing the party line to display loyalty for the Acting President?  A less charitable way of describing this is looking out for A-1 and devil take the hindmost.  This raises questions to me as to what Mr. Roberts has to offer us now.  So far as I can see it's ten year old news that he gets paid for writing by the Zionist media called Goldberg Jewish Review Online (Townhall Online).

Back when our schools still taught our national history there was a certain individual who got some premier billing during the American Revolution block.  Generally he came right after George Washington in notice.  This was Benedict Arnold, traitor.  Arnold himself escaped the Patriots and wound up with a minor sinecure commission in the British Army.  But he was always viewed with contempt and was not trusted.  Prostitutes like that always wind up that way.  Once the transaction of treason for profit is over they are useless for further purposes to their new masters.

This is precisely where the Judases like Paul Craig Roberts' of the GOP elites stand.  Their utility to ZOG in their prime was to provide a patina of 'consent' for what was being done to white men in general.  Once that transaction was finished so were they, just like Benedict Arnold was.  The Jews don't need them to lead Jews, the feminists don't need them to lead feminists, on and on.  So what do these sorts do?  They do what Roberts is doing now.  This is to try to come slinking back and posture as Senior Statesmen for the very people they were previously selling out.

Individuals like Paul Craig Roberts are my personal definition of  White Trash.  Mr. Paul Craig Roberts personifies the kind of false leader for white people to avoid even as a senior statesman or commentator.  He merely reports twenty years later what was already known in the early 1980s to leaders he was reviling as 'extremists' and helping ZOG delegitimate.  So big deal now about his stale 'news'.

See ya pal.  Adios.  Arrividerchi.  Hasta La Vista Baby.  Auf Wiedersehen.  Kamsamnida.  Sayonara.  Shalom.


Who is horse? I have little tolerance for endless gassing about what appears obvious to any farmer. My grandfather didn't have to delve into the origins of what we call "horse", nor take blood samples, nor get into long-winded discussions regurgitating the nonsense others, who in the past wrote something on the topic. I confess that I used to sit in the lounge of Snell Hall listening to the academic hot air vibrations until I was the last one remaining. I did this, not out of intellectual interest, but from a sincere desire to lift the chair, and couch, cushions, to see if I might find loose change. I was on a budget of $10 per week for food and every little dime was important to me. I suffered the baloney considering it the work I had to perform for the meager pay I received.

We have seen the scientific community enhance our notions with "matter" which is composed of "vibrating vacuums" and can occupy two separate spaces at the same time. I am highly suspect of anything "scientific". There is a scientific method which has been inverted by jewish mentality, but much of what is called science is pure fraud.

When we rely on "history" for our positions, we enter the world of pure faith for the past cannot be duplicated and never realistically contradicted. "Scientific" evidence is not immune from suspicion. Carbon-14 dating itself relies upon a BELIEF that the ratio of carbon-12 and carbon-14 has remained constant  for billions of years. Biological classifications, no matter how sophisticated, are based upon similarities and differences accompanied by a BELIEF that some evolutionary connection is "obvious". Evolution itself is a THEORY, that is, a belief that everything EVOLVED from something else. I am surprised, at this late date, that some dingbat hasn't started with the premise "in the beginning there was hydrogen" and theorized that helium EVOLVED from hydrogen, lithium from helium, and on up the ladder to uranium, plutonium and crotchonium, simply because they are all composed of electrons, protons, neutrons and whirling dervishes, with a few fuzzy wuzzy neutrinos tossed in for flavor.

Robins (Turdus migratorius) do not come in a variety of breast colors and White people do not come in a variety of eye colors. There are other songbirds called "robin" but they are NOT the same critter. The evidence of brown eyes in people we call White, indicates that somewhere in that vast hole named "the past" some White people played footsie with non-Whites.

On my soon to be burned book shelves are scholastic works on the topic of race – a whole lot of them. Each and every one of these noted author/experts DISAGREES with his colleagues. Thus, how can we decide anything based upon such an array of contradictory OPINION? The truth is, we cannot, for what all of the discussion is about is the simple COMPARING of references. Where, for God's sake, are those who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES and not be handicapped by parroting the works of other people, many of whom wasted their entire lives pursuing the three-headed cockroach with a biflagellate dink.

I have left my opinion in regard to "WHITE" and that partially involved the degree of racial contamination of 'yellow' and 'black'. Like the amount of adulterants which affects the utility of the water we drink, we need to decide how much 'black' (I suspect very little) and how much 'yellow' can be tolerated before the person no longer functions like a White man. Mestizos obviously have far too much 'yellow' in their veins.

In all of the seemingly endless discussions on who is White, I notice a near absence of the paramount feature – behavior. Of what use to any White community is a seemingly pure bred White man if he acts like a Matabele on a blood-letting spree? Or spends his time giving meat enemas to his fellow fags?

Arguing about what evolved from what, and when, is pointless unless you place a premium on trying to bottle gamma rays. Opinions are not fact!

The future of salsahttp://www.thenewsmexico.com/noticia.asp?id=21982
Excerpted from "Pro-White Mass Political Platform", "Who Is White" on Polinco:



A scientific definition of "White" is a benchmark. European Caucasian populations having frequencies associated with that set of Caucasians born in Europe between 160 and 2800 generations ago may no longer exist. That doesn't mean they never existed, that race is meaningless or that they can't be used as a benchmark in determining “What is White.” 
My point, and the point of this entire thread is this: once we reach a theoretical definition of "white" the modern non-Hispanic "white" North American population will be found to display significant deviations from this optimum standard. These are large enough that the 2000 Census included a multi-race category. These deviations are much larger than the general American population's was in the 1930s, or the German population in the 1930s. What are the rational goals in defining "white"? Here's where theory starts colliding with modern physical reality. As I understand them they are bio-political in that we aim to:

1. Stop further miscegenation.

2. Reintroduce the concept of genetic health in reproduction to improve the genetic posterity of future generations.

3. To me it's clear this definition will become a moving target that improves with time. That time is measured in generations of approximately 20 years plus or minus a couple.   I think of this process as regeneration. For political purposes therefore we're concerned with the current generation and the next generation.

4. Before we can start these kind of improvements on a MASS basis, as opposed to individual voluntary efforts, we have to stop further degeneration of the kind going on now. (hint: eugenics will probably be the next topic).

5. Creating the political power to do this requires some mass a bit larger than you, me and two others. If successfully established, that state power will immediately be confronted with the question of mixed-race people before it can advance further, just as the German government was in the 1930s.

6. When I look at the gaps between our current condition and our goals, our current political status and what has to happen to achieve political power, I'm irresistibly driven to the conclusion that our political definition has to be at least as expansive as Germany's was in the 1930s. This upsets a lot of people whose vision is inspired by dreams of a new Third Reich, another S.S. Staat or America at various times past. My thoughts are focused on bettering North America for my kids and grandkids starting from where we are at now in 2002.

7. The propaganda of the last 50 years has created one political reality we have to take into tactical account. Anyone defined as 'not white' will become some of our most energetic enemies because of an imbedded false perception that we intend to immediately gas them or otherwise annihilate them. This perception is not helped by the mentally ill individuals who actually do have such ambitions and who've barnacled themselves to the pro-white cause. I think we already have enough enemies without gratuitously adding to their number without compelling reasons.

8. Sometimes I've thought the best first step might be to identify "white" as the preliminary and then develop that set of policies designed to maximize "white". "White" itself wouldn't have to be included in the platform per se, although a stated purpose to eliminate anti-white policies would be.

This in itself would probably be sufficient to cause the overwhelming majority of non-whites to self-select out. Even under ZOG's false front political system this kind of self-sorting is already occurring. Last election 90% of Negroes voted Democratic and about 70% of so-called "Hispanics". These groups are highly aware of their racial interests. They are so aware they routinely vote for "white" Democrats in preference to the GOP's token non-white candidates. I think the reason is they clearly perceive their racial interests and support those perceived to support them.

When we subtract the high white quotient Cuban refugee elites voting GOP the percentage of non-white Hispanics voting as a racial bloc rises far higher.

The ultimate political purpose of the current government-social policy set is pro-Jewish without being openly advertised as such. What we want is the policy set that is intrinsically pro-White. And policy is important. Example: the Census Bureau's yearly "Current Population Survey" showed a significant drop in negro birthrates following the 1996 welfare reforms. This confirmed the "we feed they breed" thesis. When forced subsidization by white transfer taxation was restricted negro breeding also dropped off.



As I have stressed, it is very important for individuals to seek those of spiritual kind. In these unsettling days when most sense that all is not right in our consumers' paradise, it is desirous, and very soon absolutely necessary, that White folks have some sort of community. Those not dedicated to the White kind primarily, that is, first and foremost, are of little value in the ever-mounting struggle. A White professor who prefers not to associate with a tavern over, due to class distinctions, is of no real value to anyone. This is a fundamental – we join hands because we are White, and that's all! If any of us cannot surmount this class and status distinction, then we lose to those who pit class against class as do the Communists, and the ZOG regime. Some will be educated more than others; some will be more affluent than others, but I have never in my scores of years ever seen much difference in the value of a person relative to his community. One might fare better without a kidney than without a lung, but all are necessary for total health. The most snobbish dame relies upon the farmer to provide her with food and a truck driver to bring it to market. This is one facet which the "hill type" overlook in their blind class snobbery – they simply could not exist without the people they look down upon.

In this union, one problem is how to link two people in an area, when neither are aware of the other's existence. There must be a commonality and as a suggestion, each could e-mail FAEM indicating that they wish to meet others, concerned about the White race, who live in "area code 509", for example. I could then send along relevant e-mail addresses so that they could contact each other. Other than e-mail addressees, I need to know nothing concerning those who inquire. It is beholden upon the "509 group" to run their own affairs. The comradeship is of vital importance. At this point, class division is still so great that it is very unlikely that some stuffy dick will "lower" himself to shake hands with those he deems inferior. This will be working class, both blue and white collar, workers, of that I am fairly certain.

The next level, is contact between nearby groups. This could be achieved by one who volunteers to be a link between groups. This part will be more like that of a secretary, and not a president. The "secretary's" purpose is to provide a link and no such a person should ever reveal that he/she is that link. The group will assume that each plays that part. Once in a meeting, a member only retains his status by majority vote. If ousted, no further contact with the individual should be made. Personal differences are not a reason for expulsion but any suggestion of illegal activity most definitely is, as well as unsocial behavior like drinking, drug use and whore chasing. The group could provide a moderator, captain, or whatever.

Once you have group links, then there will be a position for a "link linker", so to speak. This tree structure will be branched upward to a sort of trunk keeping in mind that the object is to provide contacts whereby each involved knows the minimum amount of data relative to others in "the tree". A person on a higher branch would only know his group and that of a link. This will all have a hierarchy without any chain of command. There will be no mini-führers allowed. In fact, such a structure is not fertile ground for either the snitch, agent provocateur or egocentric nitwit. And you don't have to part with one single dime.

I have never claimed to be the end-all of anything. This is just a sketchy proposal and I am sure it can be improved or even supplanted by a better idea. I do know that there are tens of thousands of us in this land who feel isolated from others and this leads to an incorrect feeling that the situation is hopeless. It is not, but the task ahead will be severe and will be a very bumpy road indeed.

I welcome your input. Feel free to tell me that this might even be a waste of time and then ladle out your better way, if you think we need one. Remember that you are a White man and you owe the rest of the world NOTHING and you have no need to appologize for ANYTHING. The free-loading muds OWE US for nearly all they have been given.

In today's Washington Post, actor Tony Curtis (Bernie Schwartz) claims that Hollywood is anti-Semitic. Tony is a great frolicking fellow with a string of ex-wives. I am sure he also believes that "vibrating vacuums" are the "building blocks of the universe" and that "matter can be in two places at the same time". Too bad he became an actor. His delusions could have made him a great cosmo-physicist like his other tribesman, Cornell's freakish Dr. Curl Saigon.

Incidentally, the article contain a comment about the movie A Beautiful Mind. This is a story about he mathematician John Nash whose "...anti-Semitic ranting came at the height of his schizophrenic delusions..." Get the oft repeated picture? Anyone who doesn't love jews is obviously nuts. Anti-Semitism = insanity. Better lock them all up, wouldn't you say?

At this point, I suggest that like-minded people form local alliances for comradship which will soon prove to be more valuable than any bag of ZOGbucks. In nearby Pittsburg, I suspect there are many White nationalists who are ignornant of each other's existance.  Somehow, a method must be devised to place two of them into contact. Then, another should be added to the group, and another as the bonds form. No one should be added to the group without the conscent of that group.This local group could hold meetings and perhaps engage in some legal activity directed towards local concern and enlightenment. The leader should be in contact with a leader in another city. These two leaders should never devulge any information concerning their individual group to anyone. The object here is to severely limit the knowlege any one person has concering the overall "organization". The 'mailing list' activities of the blightwing make them extremely vulernable to exposure once the list is obtained. Stealing each other's mailing lists have always been a favorite blightwing activity. I am aware of no effort along these lines save that of the NA and I am not sure what their structure is about.
It is interesting to note that the 'targets' ZOG is concerned with, relative to 'terrorists', are exactly those Eric described in his novel, The Chosen one.
I was listening to a radio mouth describe his "family" life. One daughter is "active" meaning that most of her time is scheduled. Beyond class and homework time, there's a day for soccer practice. Another, gymnastics. Then there's the swimming practice and dance lessons. The other two kids also are 'involved'. They all get into arguments as to who drives whom to this and that. There is no family dinner time. Mom, after she comes home from her stressful super-woman full time job, tosses a smorgasbord of whatever onto the table. It's called "tray dinner" where each grabs a fistful of munchies whenever they happen to pass by. Of course this non-family family has a boat, van, snowmobiles, a 'fun' car, family sedan, heated jockstraps, hockey paraphernalia, space age vibrators and anything else which can be stuffed into their packed garage. (I can remember when garages were places to shelter one's car.) The question he put to the listening audience is "How many extracurricular should your kids be involved in."

I did note that all of his three kids had time slots for tutoring. I shook my head at this admission. "Extra" in regard to school activities means that if you have your academics under control, and no one being tutored does, THEN you could partake of playing games. In those past gone days, if a student did not have a B+ average then he/she was BANNED from extracurricular sports. It follows that none of his kids could keep up with the school work and one might wonder why that was. But I am from the old school where college was something other than a place to get drink and have orgies.

My observation: Radio mouth and his bed companion are not parents, just sheep herders, and their home houses not a family, but a gaggle of tourists all using the same hotel accommodations. Anyone who thinks people can build a community out of such idiots is dreaming. Their main fare is greed and the dessert "having fun".

Why the lawyer thing with the killing dog was national news, is hard to fathom. I considered it good news because a couple of lawyers had their nuts nailed to a log. It should happen more often. People generally seek employment in the legal circus because of power, prestige and the dream of screwing someone out of their hard-earned money.

When I lived in a boarding house on Grant Street in Denver, we had a community kitchen where food lockers were not locked. People respected the right to property of others. My room mate Ted mentioned one day that I must have like the chocolate cake which was in our locker because most of it was gone. I told him that I hadn't eaten any of it, so a question then arose. Again, we noticed that the cake has diminished although neither had consumed any. My little nasty mind then went to work.

Within a couple of days, I baked another chocolate cake but I substituted ExLax chocolate for the semi-sweet which the recipe called for. I removed a slice and left the remainder in the locker. It wasn't long before we had a rash of toilet flushing – that cake was 'loaded' as it were. The guilty party was not hard to find. It turned out to be Phil, an enrolled law student. That figures.

In the boarding house were two pleasant females ever eager to partake of the "forbidden fruit". Since the house rules were that no occupant was to have guests beyond the front room, the gymnastics usually took place in the bushes of the well manicured back yard. Velma was always seen servicing a platoon of the local Air Force boys from Lowry. Being always health conscious, I naturally missed out on all of this fun with the "damaged goods" girls.

Anyway, Phil deplored the behavior of these fun loving, and good looking, young ladies. I did not. I wouldn't get involved but judge them, I would not. One day, righteous Phil, probably p---ed off because he couldn't 'get any', blurted out, "When I get to be a judge, I am going to send women like this up the river for life!"  What a warm individual he was, eh what?

Another incident involving the lawyer bunch – About 2:00 PM years ago, as I was driving back to my apartment, a fellow high on drugs and alcohol, was ripping up a lawn using his father's car to do 360's. At a point, he sped towards the street and broad-sided my vehicle, "totaling it", as they describe. The young man had no driver's license and his girl friend's panties were tied to the antenna of the car. Later, I was quietly contacted and reimbursed for damages. Nothing ever appeared in the newspapers. This spells 'influence' in my dictionary. This fruitcake was the son of a federal judge and I suppose he was a candidate to follow in dad's illustrious footsteps.

Lawyers are people who often commit cirmes under the umbrella of "legality".

More good stuff from the asylum. http://www.cosmiverse.com/space03250201.html  Please note that "matter can be in two places at once" and how "equations" give birth to reality. What these people have is some phenomenon which they have little knowledge, cannot explain, and therefore dream up a new construct. One way or the other, projects such as these are funded by the compliant tax paying sheep and those involved are dependent upon handouts for their room and board. Thus, they have a vested interest in "proving" that what they do has value. Bullshit baffles brains, especially when it's clouded by the smoke of mathematics. The fact that they agree on their gibberish is "proof" that they are superior to us. I have yet to see one of these gaggles ever prove anything outside their incestuous enclaves. I guess the working stiff is too dumb to realize that "matter can be in two places at once".

I listened to a couple of druggies babble incoherently to each other at the corner yesterday. I didn't understand what they were talking about. Does that make me an imbecile?

If I object to an Israeli assassin blowing the brains out of a Palestinian girl who was picking grapes, would I be an "anti-Semite"? If I said that "terrorists" have families too, would I be a become a terrorist myself?
Remember that "hate literature" has nothing to do with hate anymore than our "justice system" system has to do with justice.  There is material the big cheese jews don't want you to read. This is what they call "hate literature".
a fellow in WA state was nailed for a "hate crime". He was responsible for burning a cross. Now burning an American flag is deemed "freedom of speech" and burning crosses are crimes. I don't get it. Is it OK to burn an Israeli flag? The only conclusion I can muster is that we are watching a circus in the middle of an asylum.
"The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions ... but by iron and blood."
 Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898), Prussian statesman. speech, Sept. 30, 1862.
Dear FAEM – I recently got 3 other people to read your site, of which they cannot receive enough. H.P.
Ordinarily, I pay no mind to those who ask "proof" of anything, but I thought it appropriate to again mildly elucidate.

"Proof" depends entirely upon one's acceptance of what is offered. Rare is the person who accepts anything which contradicts that which is already in his mind labeled "fact". Let me know of ONE SINGLE CASE where a person retains in his head information which HE BELIEVES to be false. We are dealing with an axiom here. Thus, we all believe what we cranially hold to be true.

I believe there was some inquiry as to whether LaRouche's real name was Marcus, that is, jew. This came from some group called Libertarian Socialists, I believe, and they stated that if LaRouche was a jew then he and his organizational crowd (over 1/2 jews) were his (their) "favorite jews". In complete absence of logic, he then required information as to the truth of those statements.

(1) If the L.S. group doesn't care if the "Eurasian land bridge" beanheads are jews, then why be concerned?

(2) Since the LaRouche brigade is anti-racist, this is volley #2 why it should make no earthly difference to them.

I have attended LaRouche meetings now for about 5 years and remain greatly entertained by the dribble they promote, like believing that you can teach nigeroos to appreciate Mozart when Western classical music is decidedly NOT Negro expression. To add to their nonsense, they insist that economics is another abstract which you can drop upon any people and cause it to change direction. (I remain convinced that if a truly African economic system were imposed upon American society, we'd enjoy one hellova interesting time.) Economics is the biological expression of peoples along the lines which fit their natural drives. Western colonial powers believed that you could "teach" Black Africans the joys of democracy and further insisted that they adopt Western style government. When White rule ended, "democracy" went out the window and Blacks have reverted to what suits their biology – one man rule – a dictatorship by a tribal chieftain. Without ZOG threats, how long do you think "democracy" would last in Afghanistan?

How does one "prove" to a faggot that his perverted manner is not only unnatural, it is very unhealthy? You cannot. And if you insist upon trying to convert bigots, then you'll have a lifelong program of frustration scheduled, that is, if one of them doesn't kill you first. Revisionists still insist that their version of the truth can be taught, and accepted, even by jews, once they "see the truth". Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum.

As Comdr. Rockwell told the heckling producers of his radio debate with Stokely Carmichael, "You are not with me now, but you will be in the future." So I say this also to the Libertarian Socialists.

This is the goofy state of affairs in one of the most heavily taxed democratic states in the U.S. Once these people get their foot in the door there's no end to a police state. So it isn't enough with Federal intrusion, the states have to do their share. We are truly at the beginning stage of a new dark age and a country worse than the old Soviet Union. Nathan Hale's words (Hung by the British, age 21, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.") are even more poignant now than at the time of the American Revolution.   G.I. Joe.
A radio mouth was yammering about his favorite movies. He loved The Vikings starring the two jews Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. His next "best movie" was Unforgiven and the reason was that it starred the negro Morgan Freeman. Clint Eastwood never got a mention. Political correctness is temporary job security – only temporary, mind you, for the invading, and colonizing, muds don't care about your politics, only your race.
It's very difficult to find recessive characteristics among dominant ones but very easy to find dominant characteristics among those recessive. Therefore, the key to "who is white" should focus upon the exclusion of those showing marks of dominant black, or yellow, characteristics. This is as the gods intended. The gods created (White) man in their image and therefore that creation must also be a creator. The White race is the creative race and can only be self-protecting if the slightest bit of adulteration (miscegenation) shows. The tri-colors of the lit heavens are yellow (sun), blue (sky) and white (pure clouds). This is the hair, eyes and skin of the unadulterated White race. It is not by chance that the ancient Greeks saw this in all of their gods. White people were once gods and what we call White people today, are somewhat polluted descendants of those gods. When they gave their "fire" to the other races, they debased themselves and devolved towards those people who inhabited the Biblical region known as Nod. The only way up and out of our present pathetic condition, is separation, absolute and final. It is within our power to see that each future generation is better than the preceding, in mind, spirit and body. This is the only cosmic goal worth pursuing.

Gen:4:16: And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.

Gen:4:17: And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

Adam's home was Eden and "non-Eden" – outside of Eden – was a place of exile where Cain was forced to go. He certainly could not have found a woman if Nod were not inhabited at the time.


A powerful essay here by Eduardo on Rome, Jews, usury and the rise of Christianity.  Books I, II, III & IV Maccabees (see the Greek Septuagint Old Testament) fill in the rest of the picture on the rise of the Jewish Bankster state within the Roman Empire.  These books reveal the Jews had perverted the Second Temple into a central bank depository for gold and silver bullion.  The money changers Christ whipped out of the courtyard were the equivalent of the tellers at the windows.  The real action was deeper inside.

These books of Maccabees are in the Greek Septuagint Old Testament but were excluded from the anti-Christ Talmudic rabbis' canon in their Masoretic Old Testament (copyright 1000 A.D.)


P.S.  Attention Thumpers, Bible, Fundamentalist.  Do you want the Pure Word of God?  Then throw away your mutilated Queen James Bibles with their anti-Christ written and mutiliated Masoretic Old Testaments.  Get the real Old Testament that Jesus, Paul, Peter,John, Mark, Luke and the first four centuries of the Christian Church all used.  Get the Greek Septuagint.

Cheryl sat 3 seats away from the back table in classroom 212. The back table held several reference works, one of which was a dictionary. She raised her hand, and when acknowledged said, "Mr. Frenz, what is the difference between a republic and a democracy?" I told her that she should leave her seat, walk a few paces, and look it up for herself. She looked briefly towards the table behind her and then said, "Oh well, I'll make something up."

That's one extreme when it comes to ferreting out information. In this case, the answer should have been meaningful to her.

There are others, like Dean the masturbator, who would travel to the ends of the earth in order to secure a tidbit of information which was none of his business, and served no purpose other than to fill some putrid crevice in his morbid mind. This behavior of his was quite annoying and a few of us cured him of it, relative to our business, one late night. I'll not describe the details because it was vulgar and drastic, and could have landed all of us in serious trouble if he were able to identify any of us. We called this episode "direct citizen action to cure a community problem".

If we trust no one, then we are obliged to check everything we encounter from dawn to dusk. If we trust everyone, we are not likely to recognize dawn from dusk. Take the word "Adam" for example.

* Adam (âdam) as revealed in a Hebrew or Chaldee dictionary means to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy. A variation, âdôm – sorry, no Hebrew letters available – means rosy, ruddy. Put away your books and answer this:

* When was the last time you saw Ming Chan blush? When was the last time you saw Al Sharpton blush? When was the past time you saw Rajesh Patel blush? When was the last time you saw Juan Valdez blush? Which race can show blood in the face – blush? Which race can have ruddy complexions? Which race just might be descended from Adam? Which race has translucent skin which allows venous blood to show blue (blood) in the wrists, and in other areas?

Get it? If not, keep repeating out loud the above paragraphs marked with an *.

No wonder the honkies are losing. They don't know who in hell they are.

Who is White? For whatever reasons the gods (or evolution if you believe you descended from from a bowl of primordial soup.) created a race composed of recessive characteristics, might be hard to reason, but it is something which has practical application. A little bit of White blood in a Black's family tree hardly shows, if at all. Black blood in a White line makes an observable difference and I use this as my means of determining who is White. Don't look for White attributes. Look for attributes which are not White. They are easier to spot that straining one's eyeballs trying to locate White attributes in anyone. Hidden non-White attributes are usually revealed in behavior. An ostensible White swooning to "rap" crap or doing nigger dance-jerk, is highly suspect as being a variety of undesirable protoplasm..
"You are a bastard."
"That sir, was an accident of birth. But you...  you are a self-made man."
I know there are a few mathematicians out there who might be interested in one of my little peppers.
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Greek Septuagint Old Testament vs Hebrew Masoretic Old Testament:  The Jews and Their Lies


Here's another voice on this subject, one Mr. R. Grant Jones.  This individual has no openly announced pro-white agenda on his website.  His purpose was to compare the Old Testament quotations in the Greek New Testament books with both the Greek Septuagint and the Talmudists' 'Hebrew' Masoretic Old Testaments.  His results were very striking.  The New Testament quotes agreed with the Greek Septuagint 93% of the time.  New Testament agreement with the Talmudists' Masoretic text dropped to 63%.  Some O.T. verses quoted in the New Testament are missing entirely from the Masoretic version although they appear in the Septuagint.

Mr. Jones produced comparative tables of the New Testament Quotation, the Septuagint rendering and then the Masoretic.  The Talmudist Masoretes' discrepancies showed a consistent direction of deviation in my view.   This direction was away from an individual Messiah towards 'Israel' (as a noun proxy for Jews) as a collectivity.  Another consistent direction of the Masoretic texts examined was a softening (or elimination) of the O.T. condemnations of Israel for profaning God.  Mr. Jones highlighted some instances where the Qumran Dead Sea Scroll texts supported the Greek Septuagint and the New Testament against the Talmudists' Masoretic in cases where readings for the same verse are available in all four.

This is important irrespective of anything else you think of the New Testament or the Greek Septuagint.  The reason is that the Judeo-Zionists' entire Armageddon-Rapture theology script is built from a combination of English translations of the Talmudists' Masoretic O.T. in conjunction with some very strained theological interpretations of the New Testament.  This in turn has led to political support for the Zionist enterprise among those so deceived by this construct as being "God's Word" and "the Jews are God's Holy Chosen People".  That political support comes from the section known as the "Christian Coalition", which is one of ZOG-GOP's main pillars.

In a situation where one O.T. version agrees 93% of the time with the New Testament quotations of the O.T. and another agrees only 63% of the time in controlled comparative tests, one conclusion is possible:  one of these O.T. versions at least is essentially a forgery.  Accumulating evidence points to the Talmudists' Masoretic texts as being heavily redacted and edited long after the First Century A.D.  And this remains true whether or not you think the Septuagint and New Testament were wholly fabricated at one moment.