30 March 2002
The jews are now boarding their train to hell, and the American people are waiting in line to buy tickets so they can join them.
(1) Acquaintance. Anyone whose name you know; have been introduced to; work with; and so on. Generally a certain degree of mutual courtesy is present, but not necessary. There are no bonds of any consequence. Once separated, each quickly forgets the other.

(2) Friend. A cordial relationship involving a small amount of give and take. They exchange phone calls and gifts, and accompany each other during various activities such as dining out, movies, sports, etc. Friends have many interests held in common and trust is of a moderate measure. Most young people mistakenly call their acquaintances, friends..

(3) Comrade. A very strong bond involving complete trust and a willingness to sacrifice in extreme measure for the welfare of the other. Obviously, comrades usually share a plethora of interests and when they don't, then a narrow common interest is very high. These are people who often entrust their lives to one another. Sorry folks, many marriages don't qualify here.

(4) Soul mates. A supreme level of human association. We know it exists, but also that it is extremely rare. Many sensitive men seek a woman in this category but their search, and desire, rarely comes to fruition since it is an uncommon woman who ever advances beyond category #2. Schopenhauer once remarked that women, like cats, are only friends of the house. Stop feeding a cat, and it will move on, since no loyalty is ever present no matter what day dreams the owners choose to delude themselves with.

Through this I think you'll notice the thread of trust. If you are not trustworthy, then the above is of little import since you'll never leave category #1, a station where each uses the other for some purpose. Often, this is what many sexual liaisons remain.

In one's interaction with others, some have a natural need to climb the scale, so to speak. Others, for whatever reason – faulty character, fear, whatever – live and die never knowing much more than a placid friendship.

Climbing the scale requires one to be an adventurous gambler for you know not what will become of the required "extra" one supplies. If you give more than your 50%, which any partnership should be, and find that reciprocity is absent, then it's quite possible that a desire for comradeship is not present in the other. That's when you cease and desist, for giving where it's not appreciated beyond a shallow smile and 'thank you', is a waste of your soul and very being.

Do not waste your time painting rotted lumber. Don't throw good money after bad. Never sow seeds on a concrete airstrip.

Often, we all have hopes that a relationship could be augmented since closer bonds are readily, and naturally, sought after by anyone worthy of being called human. Simply because you put in time and effort does not guarantee that anything of value will be achieved.

If a relationship is not going as you desired, then pull the plug before the inevitable future disaster follows. There is nothing – sex, money, power – which is worth the sacrificing of one iota of your soul and being for. And when you find someone worthy, well, you'll experience something well worth living with, through, and for.

The jews are truly insane – one of the benefits of being a mongrel. They pushed Palestinians off their lands, murder them over the slightest pretext and lay waste to entire villages when one gets bopped with a flying stone. Once the stones became suicide bombs, the yids adopted Bushez's delusion that whole nations are "full of 'terrorists'". The whole circus is beginning to take shape as a world-wide Inquisition where 'jew' has replaced 'God'. The abuse levied upon people they fully expect to be their servants, is a wonder to behold. Create a population which hates you and then expect them to be your vassals. Good grief Greta, the dust mites are attacking again.
My, my, what do we have here?    http://www.news24.co.za/News24/Health/0,1113,2-14_1161152,00.html
As any prison guard knows, and anyone observant, Blacks will screw anything. That makes me wonder how proud some White female feels when she allows a walking dick, who has absolutely no taste whatsoever, to have access to her body. Such unions tell more about the female than it does the male. Also, virtually every case of Black on White rape involves sodomy which is very, very common, among the Blacks in Africa as well as in many Arabic lands. This fascination with excrement and its coupling to sex, is simply beyond my understanding but then again, I am not a faggot nor Black.
There is no Hebrew that I've heard or seen thus far on the media or otherwise  that takes even a moderate view of the Israeli actions. They all support the total subjugation of the Palestinians into a servile group of people  that would quietly leave their homes and never return. Every commentator on T.V. blames Mr. Arafat and why doesn't he do this or that to destroy the Palestinians. Actually the Palestinians were in revolt long before Mr. Arafat was imposed on them. The media seems to search for every Hebrew that they can find to comment on the situation and its always the same.

This morning C.N.N. had the former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco a Mr. Marc Ginsburg commenting and the first thing he say's it's the fault of Mr. Arafat, and then goes down the same routine as every other Hebrew. Last night on C.N.N.  Ms. Christiane Amanpour went through the same gibberish  in  a telephone conversation with Mr. Arafat and he told her in effect that she was a biased reporter and hung up. Now the phony baloney U.N. has passed a resolution requiring that Israeli withdraw from the Arab areas and they refused and as usual nothing will happen. The world will simply act as though it is to be expected. Now if Iraq refused to adhere to a U.N. Resolution the bombing would begin. What the Hebrews do to the Palestinians they would do to any other people on this earth that did not believe they  were chosen to be masters of the planet, and that is why the western world is in decline.

The white race has given them the mantle to rule and it's the most destructive thing that could  happen to western man. The insidious erosion of all that has encompassed our people  since the beginning of time will soon be no more. The destruction is  pervasive  and planned by the the parasites that seek this  destruction  so that they can truly rule. This is evident when  our white women  are encouraged not to breed, and deviant sexual behavior encouraged, and  the trash they teach in schools and institutions of supposed higher learning, and the filth the Government allows in all sectors of the media. The Hebrews denigrate
the white race in every manner possible. This past week my attention was called to an advertisement wherein there were two pretty little blond girls about 5 years old and a boy about the same age only black. The white race is suffering from a malaise that is destroying it's very existence on this planet, and unless they separate themselves from this malignancy they are doomed to extinction in a relatively short time. Perhaps the future of the planet is in the Orient and that's really sad because the white race was given the gift to think and create so much that has  benefited  mankind but has in turn failed his own race.

Best Regards. Joe.

Robertsez – I have observed that the degenerate females who infest day care communes nearly always try and pair black boys with white girls. It's the women they truly are after to corrupt, and destroy, since they are the foundation of any society. Once the masses of white women are corrupted, white males can be neutralized, and ousted, as mere baggage. This we see every day and it amazes me why so many white males sit by and let it happen. Is this the price they feel they have to pay to get nooky? A woman who mates with apes has no pride and certainly cares not about what sort of offspring she has, as long as it's something. A man who no longer is head of the household also has no pride for he has agreed not to lead, but to supply goodies in exchange for a flop in the sheets. The American family structure is known to be: the kids run the mother and mom runs dad.

Osama. Osama. Come out, come out, wherever you are. The ZOG runs thus: Osama, new Hitlers, terrorism, U.N. inspection – it's all wind in the hills. The problem is that the Jew World Order will tolerate no country which wants its right to sovereignty. They are going to get blasted into submission one way or the other, until they give in to bribes or bloodshed. Along the way, ZOG manufactures catch phrases to keep the gullible goyim from catching on. Their turn will be last and evidence of the growing police state continues. All armed bodies, police, National Guard, whatever, will be filled with non-Whites and then what will you do Whitey?
The recent propaganda magazine from Syracuse University (NY) has a gook center stage on the cover. Of the diverse students' faces which were displayed throughout, less than 30% could be called White. The "scholars" all resembled the afterbirths following a circus animal mating orgy. White man – your country is gone. Maybe you'll catch onto that before you the next niggerball finals.
Attention dual-citizens. If "hate" sites keep you from getting a good night's kosher sleep, why not buy the webmasters off like you do the politicians. In that way, no one can accuse you of dicking with the First Amendment.
As current events unfold, the Americans soon will be paying a very high price for allowing themselves to be held captive by a bunch of racial mongrels, whom God supposedly favors. To hell with Social Security I say. Buy Adelphia stock and plan your future around "free energy".  Your grandchildren will hate you for it. But that's life.
It's always easy to be misunderstood,
especially when the communication is only cold arranged characters. We never accused grandfather of being "negative" when he warned, "When you kids run to the spring, watch out, because the pasture is full of cow plops (manure)." Reality has never been something I wished to avoid and it was always preferable to day-dreaming.

One of the things I try to get across is that I have no objection to abstract notions for they often help us to change the way we do things. I do view people who cannot separate reality from imagination, as severely mentally handicapped. In this category, I place all of the sincerely religious from Moslem on. Every mob religion soon enters phases of insanity which leave blood and rubble in their wake. We are entering such a period today, for the umpteenth time. All are looking for a "cure", that is some 'piss' accord, which will never happen. "Compromise" means "do it my way, or else". There will never be a 'cure' for cancer either, since efforts towards prevention of anything is now politically incorrect. But back to my nub.

I have just finished, in my super Dave machine shop, the fabrication of two flat geometric shaped pieces of metal. One is a square. The other a circle. I say that the area of the square is equal to the area of the circle and I demonstrate it this way:

I have certificates verifying the uniform density of the aluminum and that it is of uniform thickness. I weigh both pieces on a super sensitive neutrino powered device and both are equal. Same density. Same thickness. Same weight.  That sounds like the same surface area to me. I have 'squared the circle'.

Professor Brownshorts now interrupts and ignores what we both see in the real world, and states, "It is impossible to 'square the circle' and I can prove it." At this point the prof whips out one of his 69 pencils and starts scribbling on the sleeve of his white shirt. "Mumble. Square root of infinity. Pi over the cosine of Emma's left breast. Expand the Taylor series until the coffee's done. E to the i theta equals cis theta. Whoops. The pencil broke its point. First partial and then modulo 6. Mumble." "You see," he shouts in a triumphal manner, "it's impossible to square the circle."

There was a time when the pencil pushers proved that it was impossible for the bumble bee to fly, and all drag racing fans hopefully remember when it was proved that no dragster could exceed 198.8 MPH in the quarter mile. Steel ships could not float and only birds could fly. How soon we forget.

As we observe this from a safe position on the planet Mongo, we note that there is a disagreement between two beings who obviously are living in different worlds. One has his feet on the ground and the other with his feet in the clouds. Our professor simply cannot distinguish what's real from what's basically hot air. And that's the danger. Especially if we let such nitwits have political power.

Down with ZOG. DOWZ.     Kike-istan? Has a nice ring, wouldn't you say?
As we slip down the hole
to oblivion, it can be expected that, like faggotry, adult/child sex will soon be OK on the books. After that, humping goats will not only be legal, but a must for coeds during spring break. When that old degenerate jew Hefner starts poking camels, providing Viagra hasn't rotted his testicles off, then I know we've "arrived" at heaven's gate. Eric noted that lesbians often get their orifices stuffed by Black men, so female perverison seems to take on a distinct anti-White male flavor.
I think that censored websites should be given "hate" ratings and perhaps a yearly "awards" shindig. Instead of winning an Oscar, you could win a "Hymie".
One manufacturer is producing golf clubs which cannot be used legally on American golf courses. His reasoning, which is the same as the porno and drug peddlers, is that the public wants it and the company is only responding to demand. As this lunatic asylum gets nuttier exponentially, be sure to remain sane and strengthen your sense of humor, for it will prove to be your most valuable asset in the days ahead..
This one just in – The something for nothing boys are at it again. http://www.rense.com/general21/free.htm
A fellow with whom I had acquaintance, sent this to me and asked my opinion. First, I am not a super nova scientist, or a super star anything, and have an extreme dislike of theory, that is, bullshit baffles brains. One can wave in my face all the equations he can muster and I'll always respond, "Show me. Your scribbles mean diddlysquat." "Shit or get off the pot," as the saying goes.

Suppose these devices were as advertised. Look at their size. It would take one device to power one toaster plus one coffee pot. In other words, you'd increase the appliance space 50%. Now add on the AC, freezer, refrigerator, the lights, TV, and what not. You'd need a garage full of these contraptions just to live normally with "free energy", that is, after you took out a second mortgage on your house in order to buy the devices.

Let's say you run your coffee pot 20 minutes a day. That will cost you about $13 per year in electricity. Add $7 for the morning toaster use. In 10 years, that would be $200.  What do you think one of these scientific marvels might cost you to own? You'd need one to power your coffee and toast breakfast.

Also ask why they are advertising something which has not been manufactured yet. If someone doesn't start selling stock in this new Brooklyn bridge, I'll be surprised out of my shorts. Produced in a "friendly country"? Friendly to whom? And why not here on the good ol' U.S.A.? Hmmm...........

Contrary to what was said, this is not the first pie in the sky ever patented. The "200 miles per gallon" carburetor for automobiles also received a patent. I have one collecting dust on some forgotten shelf plus the manual which, as fully expected, comes with pages of equations offering "proof". In the real world of honest working people, the proof vanishes quicker than a jew at a Nazi reunion. The carburetor is a dud but it served the manufacturer's purpose. Someone bought one.

I also have a 4 carburetor manifold put out under the name Manifre – manifold free. The horsepower, and mileage, claims were something to behold and adorned with the usual "scientific" bullshit baffles brains. To make things short, this was a $300 piece of wasted aluminum junk which came and went after the small market of fish grabbed the last piece of bait.

Many decades ago, someone was selling a small vial of a viscous liquid for $5 at a time when gasoline was 12 cents a gallon. It was supposed to turn water into gasoline. One had to add 20 or so drops to a gallon of water and wait 4 weeks for the reaction to complete itself. A friend of mine bought such a vial and patiently watched his pails of water/gasoline like a mother hen. I remember he had 10 gallons of water "reacting". The vial was used up. I mentioned to Louie that even if it worked, he was paying 50 cents per gallon for the gasoline. I guess he never thought of that. I took the vial and figured that what he bought was glycerin with a touch of potassium permanganate. The salesman never returned on his advertised rounds to keep you replenished.

Well, my opinion of this new device, engineered to capture the magic of wayward fluxes, is not very high. I think a flea could crawl over it. The claim of 500% efficiency simply violates definition and invalidates the Law of Conservation of Energy. The real world has been replaced by the virtual world of "an equation told me so." I'd like to have one of these magic buggers in my hand first. And so should you. After all, many of you have been intimidated by these carnival con men simply because they wave a Ph.D. diploma at their vibrating vacuums, and matter which can occupy a double space in bipolar time. If you cannot understand their jibberish, there's a reason. It is jibberish. What's there to understand?

ZOG is creating terrorism by fighting it.
If I were ZOG,
what would I do if a few thousand honkies established a 400 acre "White homeland" in Montana? I'd mention to el Presidente Vincente Fox that there were 400 acres of homestead land immediately available. Transportation to the Montana border would be provided free of change and ammunition provided in case the interested mestizos encountered any "snakes".
The illegal Mexican border crossings could be stopped almost immediately with small cost to the tax payer. No need for expensive military deployment either. Just offer a bounty of $5000 per bagged head. Thousands now out of work would flock to the new "gold rush".
Truth is anti-Semitic. Whenever the jews shout "forgery" you can be assured that something very accurate is being denounced.
ZOG foreign policy – sink the ship in order to drown the rats.
When we insist
upon feeding the hungry, all that is accomplished is to insure that they will breed more hungry people.
As FAEM predicted, reverse discrimination lawsuits are being tossed out of court because Blacks need to "catch up."
Our government is willing to sacrifice our entire population in pursuit of its insane goals. Keep that in mind when you enlist.
Many "American" Arabs are now changing their names. I suggest something along the line of Schmukovitz or Pancho Villa.
Hello Robert,

Great news on getting filtered!  Perhaps it is the words "First Amendment" that has those idiots on pins and needles.  "Must be hate" when that portion of the Bill of Rights gets mentioned.  FAEM is the best site on the web – period – and I hope that as we further morph into Kike-istan, you guys will be with us the whole way.  I open and close my online sessions with your site; I know I'm not the only one.

All the best, F.R.

Robertsez – We are like dandelions – every part is worth something. The flowers are as the sun and make great wine. The leaves steamed just right, are great to eat. The roots can be roasted lightly and ground into a coffee substitute. They may cut some heads off, but the roots – that which they cannot see – grow and grow and grow. Out of generosity, we let the bastards use our First Amendment to spread their culture-destroying filth and now they want to deny the F.A. to us. Like the hydra – cut off one arm and it grows two. One day, we'll be back!

Catherine Buckle Update:  Unpersonned.

This will probably be our last report on Catherine Buckle, Rhodesian traitor and Zimbabwean traitor.

>>...for they are after your White hide and cowering in the closet will not protect you.<<

This is true.  A longtime friend of ours, Catherine Buckle, the "white Zimbabwean", has discovered this.  For new readers, Catherine Buckle was a White Judeo-Marxist previously who helped betray Rhodesia to negro rule.  Unhappy with the government she helped bring into existence, she subsequently launched into a Quixotic campaign for 'international intervention' as though she were a non-white anti-racist.  Her latest articles no longer even carry her byline.  They're simply signed "A White Zimbabwean". Publishing such seditious material is now punishable by two years imprisonment by the Negroid anti-racist government of Zimbabwe.  She introduces and closes by saying "Many of you will know me."

How pathetic.  Erased from current events.  Erased from history.  Even using her own name is now a criminal act. Truly an example of the living dead.

Ah, the joys of racial diversity.


It sure smells like the kikes are gearing up for another round of extortion. This time the target is IBM.
FAEM has finally hit the big time. (Thanks L.B.) Filters are now blocking this dreadful site, dreadful because it champions White folks. One wonders what the enemies of freedom are really terrified of – that the general public just might learn about their blood-sucking masters? Only evil people have fear of the truth for it shines a light on those who do their dirty work in the darkness of public ignorance. Rats and roaches come to mind. The Communist rule is tightening and soon many will regret not speaking out for they are after your White hide and cowering in the closet will not protect you.
Here's another link for you to bookmark.  http://www.thirdworldplanet.com

Russia just hosted a conference of intelligence agencies from 39 countries seeking intelligence cooperation as a means of strengthening their ties to the west. That's President Putin's semite game to fully tie Russia to the west. Western troops would  never have been given access to bases in the former far eastern provinces , as well as a presence  in Georgia without  the approval of Moscow. There is some real dissension going on between the Russian military, and the Moscow gang of thieves. That is why the Russian Government doubled the military salaries. However, the Russian military are well aware of what's going
on that's why they are staging joint maneuvers with the Chinese. Further, it's quite likely that the Chinese have bought the leadership of the Russian Army, Navy, and Air Force and when  the proper time comes they  will show their hand. Again the sale of sophisticated arms to China is being promoted by the Russian military. This also includes  the sale of a nuclear plant  to Iran. Further, Russia is cash strapped, and does need the billions of Rubles these sales bring to mother Russia. The grand strategy of the Chinese requires that expedited delivery of aircraft, and other arms to Pakistan that were previously contracted and paid for, will further aggravate  the situation with India. Quick delivery was not because they  believe Pakistan is still a friendly state,  but rather to stimulate a war between India and Pakistan in the coming months. The Chinese believe Pakistan would lose, and it would throw the plans to establish permanent U.S. bases in China's backyard in complete disarray. It is not unreasonable to assume that  such a conflict could trigger an even bigger war should the west intercede on behalf of Pakistan. In addition, China may decide to invade Taiwan while this turmoil is taking place.

India is neither an ally of Russia or the West,  they are for India and are well aware of Anglo Colonialism and tactics used to divide and conquer, nor do they like the cozy relations between Pakistan's President for life Musharref,  and the U.S., as well as Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

The Chinese General Staff  would  have  to be pretty damn stupid to not draw appropriate conclusions regarding  U.S. intentions. For U.S. strategists may well have concluded that it's necessary to take China out before they become more powerful than they already are, for in 5 or 10 years it will be too late. Perhaps, it's already too late. The bases being established  by the west are semi permanent and are there for only one purpose, and that is to strike China. Even President Bush has indicated that Mr. Osama Bin Laden is really now of no importance. 9-11 simply  gave the U.S. an opportunity they were looking for. Not the caucasus oil pipeline nor the supposed war in Afghanistan warranted the buildup that has taken place. The U.S. really does fear a very powerful China. All the bullshit about the "Axis of Evil" or Iraq being a threat, is to help stimulate a war-like spirit for the coming big war. That's why the U.S. conducts daily surveillance flights off China's coast. That does not mean they won't try to smash Iraq, because Iraq would be a problem under any circumstances and it's something Israel wants, but that isn't the real picture U.S, military strategists have in mind.

Anyway right or wrong that's the way I see it.

Best Regards. Joe. (Joe is a SWATKWP combat vereran.)

(Perhaps a reading of China, The Jews and World War III is now in order.)

In FAEMís page of yesterday (27 March) there was an interesting, and very accurate, reflection about the kind of men who marched to the South Pole under Lord Shackelton in 1914. That brought to my memory an even more stirring episode: Captain Robert Falcon Scottís 1912 expedition to the South Pole. The following lines have been taken from Mark Girouardís book “The Return to Camelot: Chivalry and the English Gentleman” (Yale University Press, 1981)

“The expedition reached the Pole on 17 January, only to find that a Norwegian team led by R.E.G. Amundsen had been there just over a month before. Despondently they started on the eight hundred mile journey back to their base camp. They were short of food and had to drag their heavy sledges on half rations. Most of them were already in poor physical condition... Captain Oatesís feet turned gangrenous from frost-bite and it became clear that he could not go on much longer. In the early morning of 17 March he limped out of the tent in which were all sleeping , walked into the falling snow and did not return. Scott wrote in his journal: “We know that poor Oates was walking to his death... it was the act of a brave man and an English gentleman. We all hope to meet the end in the same spirit and assuredly the end is not far.”

The bodies of Scott and his two remaining companions, Dr Edward Wilson and Lieutenant B.H.R. Bowers, were  found in November 1912. They were lying frozen in their tent at the point where they had given up a few days after Oatesís death. With them were Scottís journal and the letters which he had written while he was waiting to die. To Mrs. Bowers he wrote “We are very near of the end of our journey and I am finishing it in company with two gallant, noble gentlemen. One of these is your son....” To Admiral Bridgeman “After all we are setting a good example to our countrymen, if not by getting into a tight place, by facing it like men when we were there. We could have come through had we neglected the sick.”

That was the stuff White men were made. Regardless of their nationality most Europeans, and under this heading Iím including North and South Americans of European stock, shared a series of common values and principles that were part of their dally lives. The same principles, highly praised at school were also taught at home. No wonder most people, regardless their social background, felt bound by these principles of honour and, at a higher level, of patriotism. As the article about Shackeltonís expedition says; this breed of men was virtually exterminated in WW2; their descendants were properly brainwashed to make sure that each succeeding generation of White men would more de-generated than the previous one. But; as the old Greeks used to say “one is only really dead when he has been forgotten.” Letís make sure that Captain Lawrence Edward Oates is not “really dead” neither Captain Robert Scott, and the thousands that in one way or the other, famous or not famous, faced “the end of the journey” like real men, like White men. LEST WE FORGET!


The asylum gets nuttier. A recent court ruling, in essence, says that parents who smoke are guilty of "child abuse". I am sure that this will be extended. The objective appears to be criminalizing the act of smoking. One would think that the same interest might be applied to snorting coke. I see this as another good sign. The U.S. is no longer salvageable as a sane and viable entity, and anything which helps in its demise is good, very good. Make sure you do your part. The fraud M.L.K mentioned that no one should obey any "unjust" law.

A legislature, a Congress, is nothing more than a law making machine. It pumps out rules like Dominoes' pumps out pizzas. I would think that all Americans are now guilty of something, and should be immediately jailed, including the jailers, and those who wrote the rules. This would insure pure democracy where the citizens would be able to deal with lawyers, Congressmen, judges, and others in a richly deserved manner. Nah! That's only a dream. The average sheep loves having the purple shaft rammed up his tail. It feels so hurtfully gooood.

Titles of Nobility Amendment and 2002 White Issues Politics

(portions extracted from a post on Polinco http://www.polinco.com

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."



I'm glad you brought this up. I have also featured this on FAEM in the past. I've also been in contact with some members of the TONA Committee.

There is a rich history around this Amendment but it is not history itself. The TONA Committee's approach has helped keep this vital Amendment in the "fell between the crack" historical status. I do recognize they have done wonderful essential work in maturing this issue for further political action.   The TONA Committee's view of the Constitutional Amendment ratification process, while perhaps once valid, is no longer valid given the precedent of the 27th Amendment.

There are two approaches to take with the Titles of Nobility amendment. The TONA Committee approach is to insist Virginia actually ratified this and the record of that event was destroyed by fire. The problem they've encountered is they can't find anyone in government to take jurisdiction of this issue. Senator Mitchell engaged in an interesting correspondence with them in the early 1990s, after which he had Jewish lawyers start a minor campaign to defame this patriotic Amendment in legal journals.

The second approach, validated by the precedent of the 27th Amendment and advocated by me, is to organize many white people politically and take this Amendment before the other 38 states plus Virginia for ratification. The 27th Amendment, like the TONA, was a "hung mortar round" for a century and a three quarters until a Texas state legislature staffer came along to kick the baseplate, free the mortar round to drop down the tube and fire.   Personally I can't imagine why any patriotic pro-American would oppose this vitally needed anti-terrorist Amendment in the wake of 9-11.

I've always planned to bring this to the floor of Pro-White Platform at a timely moment. This is exactly the type of issue that can help energize the pro-white movement at the local grass roots. The process of organizing locally to lobby state legislatures to pass this anti-terrorist legislation would give pro-whites a legitimate political battle flag to rally around, a practical task within their compass while influencing national politics from below. The end result, win or temporarily lose, would leave them vastly strengthened organizationally for further struggles ahead.

But I'm just one man and not necessarily right. My vision is nicely dressed male and female couples going door to door in white neighborhoods with petitions and literature describing the TONA, why it's still needed by America, and also containing all important url's and telephone numbers for further information. As a vehicle for waking up white Rip Van Winkles I think this would be ideal.

It may be that our long standing practice of holding pro-white rallies in non-white ghettos is the best way to recruit white people.   If so we should therefore continue to strictly avoid any areas where white people live.


"Soldiers at US border posts to be armed."


Earlier generations of Americans would have instantly recognized this headline and the accompanying article as definitive news that they're in the final days of the U.S.A. in its current format.

"WASHINGTON, March 26 (UPI) – Bowing to Senate pressure, the Pentagon will shortly allow nearly one third of the 1,600 National Guard soldiers manning border crossings to carry weapons, Pentagon officials told United Press International Tuesday. The decision reverses a White House decree not to allow any soldiers at U.S. border crossings to carry side arms – an attempt to avoid sending an undiplomatic message to Mexico and Canada, prevent accidental shootings and circumvent the possibility that the Defense Department's mission on U.S. soil will be expanded, these sources said."

"Part of the arrangement was that the soldiers would not carry weapons – a decision made by Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge and President Bush because the White House did not want to militarize the borders, a Pentagon official told UPI on Tuesday."

"We really don't want to have military forces on the border. They are borders with friendly countries," the Pentagon official said." (editor note:  this sounds like Zionist Jew, Vietnam era non-veteran and Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz speaking)

There's more but I think enough has already been quoted.  If you are a white Republican, can read the above, can compare this Bush policy of disarmed U.S. borders with Bush's efforts of anything for Israel, and yet continue to believe voting for the Republican Party in the next election will achieve anything in protecting your homeland, I have just one comment and one request.

Comment:  You are a shit-for-brainswhose family genetic line is overdue for purging from Planet Earth.

Request:  Please leave this website immediately and never return.  Ever.  You aren't worth the bandwidth.


"And furthermore, the Republican Party must be destroyed!"

Myths and Urban Legends

There are many of these floating around today in the Late Great U.S.A.  A small sampling includes:

"The Jews are God's Holy Chosen People".
"The Republican Party supports a strong defense for America."
"President Bush is fighting a war on terrorism."
"The Republican Party supports a balanced budget."

Today I'm thinking about one myth in particular that circulates freely among armchair academics, Washington policy wonks and newsroom hacks.  This myth goes something like this: "The border with Mexico can't be secured against the Immigration Invasion.  There's no natural obstacles.  It's too long."  This is an example of a legend without any foundation in reality.  It's false in all its parts.

First, the US-Mexican border is not uniform.  There are parts in high-density urban areas, such as around San Diego and El Paso, and then there are parts in wide wastelands and deserts devoid of water for long distances.  Before we begin it's necessary to understand the sound principles of employing military engineer anti-vehicle and anti-personnel obstacles and mines.  These aren't designed to be impregnable and permanently stop penetration by a person or vehicle.  They're designed to slow down people and vehicles so they can be effectively brought under both direct and indirect fires.   "Direct fire" includes rifles, machineguns and other line of sight weapons.  "Indirect fire" includes mortars and field artillery.   There's a third category known as "Close Air Support" which al-Qaida, the Taliban and many Afghan civilians are now well acquainted with.

Areas near urban areas clearly need several lines of triple and sextuple concertina razor wire flanking deep concrete ditches.  In the intervals between wire rows sow landmines at a density of 30 per yard.  The total length of such wire lines will not be more than 200 miles or so.  Another effective reinforcing obstacle both for wire obstacles and in wasteland areas are caltrops.  These look like large toy jacks but have hyper sharp points designed to penetrate through sneakers and feet when stepped on.  They're extremely cheap to mass-produce and can be scattered by low-flying helicopters.

Then there are longer stretches of border in arid and desolate areas.  These wastelands are natural geographical barriers.  That is, they are natural barriers so long as anti-white hating Judeo-Marxist religious organizations are prevented from supplying water at way stations.  Many of the foot crossing invaders will die of thirst and exposure long before reaching food and shelter on the northern side of their trip.  These broader waste areas can be reinforced with a combination of robot sensors, observation posts, roving Air Cavalry patrols and also motorized infantry ground patrols.  Air Assault company and battalion strike forces stationed at strategic points can quickly move to reinforce any threatened area.  Attempts at breaking through by vehicle will be easily checked by Apache attack helicopters and on-call close air support.

Assuming the mobilization order were given today most of the regular army could be moved up to the border area temporarily in two weeks for a 3 month stay while military engineer battalions reinforce naturally existing obstacles.  In my professional assessment once the border is stabilized a permanent covering force of no more than 100,000 soldiers will be sufficient to keep it sealed.  As "deterrence" is reestablished in the Mexican mind this force can be further reduced to around 50,000.  Presently the Mexican mestizo and Indian is inspired by mental imagery of gleaming gold and easy pickings to the north. As this imagery is replaced with another vision of dusty death and unmarked graves the number of Mexicans willing to challenge the border will sharply and rapidly decline.

It may be El Presidente Vincente Fox will try to stir up mass subversion by Mexicans already inside the USA, or try an oil embargo.  This can be prevented once Presidente Fox understands the USA's new first use nuclear weapons policy against acts of war that was recently introduced by President Bush.

So now you know this legend that the Mexican border can't be defended is a lie.  It is a lie spread by people who don't want the border closed.  Instead of admitting this truth about their real desires, which would raise questions about why they want the border open, these people hide behind lies.   One of these lies is "the border is too long and can't be closed."



U.S. Air Force Sergeant Timothy Woodland, negro, has been convicted of raping a Japanese girl.  Although ZOG-USA media has censored the fact that Sergeant Woodland is not white, the BBC World Report quoted the victim as saying she had been raped by a "foreign black".  This may indicate a previous correspondent was correct about negroes in Japan since otherwise "foreign" would be a redundant modifier of black.

The Japanese sentenced Woodland to a mere 32 months imprisonment, following which he will undoubtedly be deported back to ZOG-USA for a period of freedom pending another arrest for rape and/or murder.


This ZOG-USA production is intended for consumption outside ZOG-USA in East Asia.  Therefore open discussion of the high correlation of "US Serviceman", "Okinawa", "rape" and "negro" is not censored.  This appears to be a market driven consideration lest foreign Asian readers refuse the publication for spreading lies.


"Free, free at last!" as Dr. Martin Luther Coon would put it.


"Three U.S. soldiers came upon the village on an exploratory foray and raped a local girl. They returned again and again to rape her and others, growing so fearless they sometimes appeared without weapons. The villagers finally had enough. One day, all the men and a few straggling Japanese soldiers ambushed the three Americans and stoned them to death.

The women scrubbed the bloodied stones and the men dragged the bodies up a steep mountain face through jungle to a narrow, deep cave. They hid the bodies and covered the entrance with rocks, never to be touched until 1998 when local police found the cave and the remains within. "We have always called it Kurombo Gama," says Yasumura. Negro Cave. The three soldiers were black."

Say there, white man?  Ever get the feeling the negro definition of "freedom" is a bit different than yours?  And oh yes, SWATKWP.  The Jews call it "The Good War."  Yessirrebob.  Truth, justice, white boys dying, Jew Commies overrunning Europe with rape and negroes running free to rape and rape and rape to their hearts' content.  Makes ya proud, proud I say, to be an American!  Right GOP ConnedServantive?  Right?