8 April 2002
Dear Robert:

Last Sunday I was watching the Italian News where the female parrot in charge proudly said "Italia is now a multiracial society." Something that is supposed to make people, particularly Italians, stand up and cheer. She later said "nearly 1.200.000 migrants now call Italy home." At that very moment the camera showed several apes at work. I could not believe what I saw; they weren't North Africans; they were 100% black! How the hell these savages ended up in the beautiful land of my ancestors? I know the answer: it's the enemy within. Lets face it, the Jews are the mortal enemies of the Indo-European race and they are behind this infernal nightmare, but without the complicity and generous support of so many bloody traitors and useful idiots they would not be where they are now. Who gave employment to those apes, leaving on the street his countrymen? The average greedy, corrupt, White bastard for whom there is never enough money. Yes, my dear friends, that's the root of the problem. GREED! The root of all evil. The soul of our people has been poisoned by the Jewish gospel: "GREED IS GOOD." Do you remember a film called Wall Street where the main character (Jew Michael Douglas) delivers a speech that ends with those words? Well, in real life those words were pronounced by a Jewish millionaire in a public meeting of crooks, sorry, businessmen. To save face his brothers had to "punish" him for revealing the true colours of the Chosen People. It says a lot about the director (Jew Oliver Stone) the fact that he gave to the villain an ambiguous name (Gekko) that avoids any disagreeable comparisons with any dead or living crooks.

At a personal level I had the opportunity to experience this act of treason at very close quarters. Two years ago I was in charge of a small framing shop. My boss decided to extend the premises and very soon the workmen arrived. I couldn't help to notice that none of these people spoke English. They were five of them and as far as I could establish they were Arabs. The man in charge of the builders was a young Australian of Arab descent. It was obvious that he employed these "friends" of his to save money (the brickwork turned out to be very bad). Worse still was the attitude of the landlord (a White Australian) who was really the person in charge. When I said to him that these people were not professionals at all and that he was being ripped-off he said: "I don't know, they are cheap and work fast, that's good enough." The problem is that there are hundreds of thousands like him, happy to make a quick profit regardless of the consequences. The only loyalty that this class of people have is to their wallets. Let's not forget the enemy within, without them the Jews would not be running this circus. We should start making a survey of these traitors to make sure that, one beautiful day, they will get their just retribution.


Hijacked science is nothing more that a Spielberg comedy – http://www.nexusmagazine.com/arcoverups.html
By the mid-1980s, high school math books bore a small resemblance to useful textbooks. I just reviewed an algebra and a geometry "text book" printed in 2001. The best thing I can say is that their use as a doorstop outshines all other conceivable uses. When congruence is taught by slicing up a pizza, and paper doll cutting is called "construction", it's time to stop wasting tax-dollars on such nonsense and let the kiddies engage in drugs, porn and sex which really takes virtually no intelligence or education to do well in. What is really frightening, is that the very low level of competence which appears now average, is not sufficient for young people to comprehend the foolishness of the "holocaust", Jurassic Park and all other absurdities posing as "truth". A pottage of people who cannot understand reality is a people not destined for a long history. Incompetence is now so wide spread and pervasive, that is is being accepted as a norm.
"Welcome to Psoriasis Airlines. We endeavor to make your flight an enjoyable and safe one. You will note that each passenger will be assigned two security guards."

"Hello ma'am. We're Amos and Andy, your personal security guards. Please be seated and we'll properly fasten your restraining devices. Thank you."

"Mr. Andy, could you release me so that I might go to the bathroom?"

"Sorry ma'am. You are not allowed to leave your seat and besides, ever since they found a terrorist hiding in one of the water closets, the company has removed all of those facilities."

"But I am going to shit my pants!"

"Sorry ma'am, but it's for your safety that we are are concerned and thus assigned."

Mrs. Diversity relaxes in her seat while a small amount of brown goo slips past her knee drops upon her left shoe. She sighs and pleasantly remarks, "It's so comforting to know one is safe."

Ask your fag religious leader about this one –

Lev:20:13: If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them

Nigeros prefer rear-end sex as do all the other beasts.
"A man is fed, not that he may be fed, but that he may work."Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Other than fertilizer or a block vote, what are welfare parasites good for?

Dear folks: Contrary to anticipated wishes, I am not at my keyboard 24-7-365. I do have other things I like to do. Over the weekend, I was out of town, up to no good, as mom used to remind me. Keep the faith and let's hold hands while the ship sinks.


This photo is a composite of 'Earth At Night'.  Come with me on a tour (and find another online map if you don't know enough geography to keep up).

1.  Dark Lands.

The first Dark Area is the Dark Continent of Africa from the Sahara and below.  These regions are populated by individuals of the negro race.  There is one exception that stands out.  This is South Africa (population 15% white people and falling).  The only other area with a dim glow is the OPEC state of Nigeria (upper left quadrant of sub-Saharan Africa).  With a population of 126,000,000, and being an oil exporter, this seems not too great.  Also notice the island of Madagascar, just off Africa's east coast in the Indian Ocean.  Madagascar's population is 15 million negroes.  Compare Madagascar to another island in the Indian Ocean.  This is Sri Lanka, located just south of the Indian sub-continent.  Sri Lanka's population is 19 million, not negro.

Our next Dark Area is Papua New Guinea (right side of photo above Australia).  This region too is populated and largely ruled by negroids.    Moving on to the Western Hemisphere we come to the island of Hispaniola (east-southeast of Cuba).  There are two countries on this island.  On the east side there is the Dominican Republic.  The western side of the island (as dark as Africa proper) is Haiti (99.99% negro).  For contrast compare the blaze of light directly east of Hispaniola, which is Puerto Rico.

Now compare Papua New Guinea, Haiti and Madagascar with the islands of Japan.  According to the neo-cons and other Marxists the only difference between these islands is a lack of the proper economics textbooks.  Our results suggest something different.  The worldwide extended negro cultural phenotype is most compatible with a village structure of life and campfires.  Every possible social experiment has been applied to the Dark Lands in the last 150 years.  We've had colonialism, capitalism, Marxism, socialism, directed economies, full independence, democracy, dictatorship, UN rescue missions, Christian evangelization, Muslim evangelization and continuing native Animism.  The Dark Lands have proven immune to every single one and possible combinations.

2.  Asia.

Japan speaks for itself.  On the mainland Chinese patterns of settlement are striking.  Their population is concentrated along the central river valleys and in Manchuria.  Tibet and northwest Sinkiang remain in the 10th Century.  The extreme density of Chinese settlement along the river valleys shows the acute nature of their Lebensraum problem.  Invading Taiwan cannot cure this since Taiwan is already fully occupied by Chinese.  The obvious solution is acquiring a new continent, currently called Australia, along with the island of New Guinea.  By Chinese standards Borneo is also under-settled.

Mongolia awaits a new Ghenghiz Khan.  The Khan will have to use the same weaponry as the last one judging from the photo.  The direct comparison between Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China is also striking.  Malasia, Singapore and Thailand comprise Southeast Asia's Silicon Peninsula.

Communism.  We can see this system still in action today in the remaining communist states of Vietnam and North Korea.  Taken as a whole Asia illustrates that economic affairs for the yellow race are in fact somewhat sensitive to social policy.  The scientifically controlled experiment in the Korean peninsula illustrates this best.

India and Pakistan.  The Indian sub-continent is obvious, as is the influence of Aryan genes there in the higher castes.  To the west is Iran, also still highly influenced by Indo-Aryan genes.  The dark space in between is Pakistan, with Afghanistan directly north.  This black hole directly adjacent to India graphically illustrates why I say the political state of Pakistan will be disappearing in the near future.

Asiatic Russia.  The pattern of settlement follows the trans-Siberian railway and its branches.  This remains a good defense

3.  White and Semi-White Lands.

South America.  Starting in the western hemisphere we see South America.  The Atlantic coastal areas of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela were the destination of a large European immigration between 1600 – 1960.  The same phenomenon of light following white reproduces itself on the Pacific side in Chile.  The vast dark areas in between show where the native peoples continue to live in extremely close communion with the rest of God's creatures.

Caribbean Sea Outside of Haiti.  While also possessing large quotients of negroes these lighted islands have also been subject to white immigration over the last 400 years.  Many are popular vacation destinations for white people and have white owned resorts.  So unlike Haiti these lighted islands have not been able to free themselves entirely from the influence of racists.  The Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico show their torment in a blaze of light, as does the island of Jamaica.  Even the Bahamas groan under the curse of the white man's electricity.  Cuba has been striving mightily but even with the help of four decades of Communism it has not succeeded in eliminating all the power plants left over from before 1959.   Worse yet, many European Russians built more power plants there in the 1960s and 1970s.

Panama and the Panama Canal Zone. Like an obscene gash a streak of light interrupts the serene darkness of the Panamanian Isthmus.  This act of vandalism is directly attributable to the acts of racist white American imperialists starting in 1900 and continuing until just a few years ago.  Fortunately these people have been pushed out so the curse of light won't be spreading.

Mexico.  We can still observe the pernicious effects of the Cortez Conquistador invasion 400 years later.  Not only did he end human sacrifice but the colonists following have split the night asunder with light.

Late Great U.S.A. and lower Canada. The dangers of widespread immigration and settlement by white racists is best illustrated in these two countries.  Africa has rightly purged itself of these people to better maintain its close communion with the earth and backyard privies.

Europe.  Despite the best efforts of two world wars, Judeo-Communism, Judeo-Feminism and the widespread importation of African genes the continent remains a glorious blaze of light.  From Norway in the north to Spain in the south, from Great Britain to Moscow white and light are still everywhere.  European Russia also continues the pattern of 'Railway Settlement' along main and branch lines.


P.S.  Call for cultural sensitivity and equal opportunity.  I think we should immediately demand that all windows on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station be replaced with holograms.  These holograms should show Africa, Haiti, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea as brightly lighted as Europe, North America, Japan and South Africa.  Imagine the feelings of negro astronauts now when they look down at the panorama as it is.  I also think we should demand that NASA stop publishing racist photos like this one.  The dangers of negro children seeing these pictures and having their self-esteem hurt is too great.

America's Worldwide Vietnam Update.

1.  Afghanistan:  "No sign of end to Afghan campaign six months on"


This story reports an additional 1,700 Royal Marines have been committed to combat in Afghanistan.  Major General Hagenbeck of the 10th Mountain Division is now forecasting an increase in guerrilla attacks with the approach of the Spring and Summer warm seasons.


"An Associated Press photographer heard an Afghan soldier tell an American officer that some 800 al-Qaida and Taliban soldiers had regrouped a few miles away, just over the border, in Pakistan. The soldier, translating for his commander, complained that "the Pakistanis aren't doing anything about it."

No Vietnam style war would be complete without cross-border guerrilla sanctuaries.  As we've reported previously, these are in Pashtun tribal areas in Pakistan that the Pakistani central government dare not enter in force for fear of provoking rebellion.  At the current time such a commitment would be a distractor from the national concentration required to fend off India, which ZOG is egging on from the opposite direction.

2.  Israel:  DEBKAFiles has reported US Special Forces are in action in the West Bank "undercover".

No way to tell if this is current or future news.  Meanwhile there's been a leak of a School for Advanced Military Studies (Fort Leavenworth Kansas) report of the number of US Army occupation troops required for the West Bank.  The SAMS study reports a very optimistic 20,000.  These would be in addition to the one US infantry battalion (Multi-National Force & Observers) stationed in the Sinai for the last 22 years.  Occupation forces for the Gaza Strip are not included in these totals.  The details leaked did not include estimates of monthly casualty attrition.

IDF operations in the West Bank otherwise are continuing and the Palestinian body count is rising.  The Israelis appear to have actually killed some genuine terrorists in between shooting women and children.  Hamas, a competing Palestinian group favored by the Israelis during the 1980s Intifada, is now passing out explosive suicide belts to any who wish to wear them to greet Israeli troops entering their homes.

Meanwhile Hezbollah in southern Lebanon is reported to have launched rockets into northern Israel.  In reply the Israelis are launching artillery and air strikes into southern Lebanon.  Having failed to kill Arafat so far, Prime Minister Sharon might be tempted to repeat his other grand failure of the 1980s, the Invasion of Lebanon.

3.  Southern Philippines.


Action continues on two fronts in the Southern Philippines.  The first front is against the Communist New People's Army guerrilla group.  The Manila government says the Americans will not operate against this Communist group.  This is occurring on Davao.


Front Two is on Basilian Island against the Islamic Abu Sayyaf group.  Approximately 1,000 US troops are committed here on 'exercises' and 'training' and are barred from combat.  This means their combat awards will wait for a decade like troops who participated in 'training' El Salvador in the 1980s.

4.  Iraq.


President Bush and Prime Minister Blair just held a wartime summit conference at Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas to finalize plans for the invasion and partition of Iraq later this year.  All current indications point to a northern approach from Turkey.  Warning indicators of this campaign's opening will include Kurdish stories appearing in the press with greater frequency.  The only basis for a Turkish involvement must include a Kurdish political settlement and agreement by the Kurds to some form of 'autonomy' under Turkish suzerainty.  The basis of this settlement will be an agreement to share Iraqi oil in northern Iraq.  This will clear the road for an 'invasion' of northern Iraq, which is also primarily populated by Kurds.

The threat of this operation, combined with support of Iraqi opposition émigré groups, will be used as a lever to persuade Iraqi Sunni Muslim elites to depose Saddam Hussein.

US and British Air Forces remain committed to enforcing the Northern and Southern no-fly zones over Iraq.

5.  Bosnia.

Six years after President Clinton committed a US Armored division for a one year stay in Bosnia-Herzegovina TASK FORCE EAGLE remains in place.  TF Eagle today is a brigade equivalent of US Army and Army National Guard forces on apparently eternal occupation duty in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

6.  Kosovo.

TASK FORCE FALCON also continues on occupation duty three years later.  TTF includes three battalions of infantry, one battalion of field artillery, one attack helicopter battalion, one military police battalion, a combat engineer battalion, a supporting aviation battalion and attached logistics units.  Task Force Falcon recently conducted Operation Iron Fist III, a search for 'illegal' weapons held by our Muslim 'allies' of the Kosovo Liberation Army.  As the years roll by in the Balkan mountains US Army soldiers there can uplift themselves with inspiring command public affairs articles like "Rethinking the value of selfless service for our great nation".   In sufficient volume such propaganda will help distract stray thoughts from the disarmed Mexican border.


Israel Shamir, Again


This is an extremely powerful piece by Mr. Shamir.  Mr. Shamir, formerly of Russia and now 100% anti-Zionist and 100% anti-Jewry, diagnoses virtually all of the problems.  What we call  ZOG he terms "Mammonites".  Like us he thinks Israel and the USA are ruled by the same group.  I think this piece (and all of his writings) are worth extended study by leadership minded people.  He catches and refracts all of the pre-revolutionary discontents of the non-Zionist left, the blightwing (these two groups are melting and some are fusing together now) and the emerging white wing.   The authors cited (Sobran, 75% white man Raimondo, Kevin MacDonald) are the same ones read by all thinking components of the ZOG opposition.   It's all there in his work, including anti-immigration and slams against the Limbaugh ditto heads (neo-cons).

This statement by Mr. Shamir comes oh so close to us:

"A man is connected by four ties to this world: he has roots in the native soil, he belongs to his family, his territorial community, and to God. While the ties survive, a man can not be enslaved."

Here's where (in our view) some chaff enters the oats:  his territorial community.The West Bank is a territorial community.  Oldham in non-Merry Olde England is a territorial community.  Harare, Zimbabwe is a "territorial community".   Where Mr. Shamir says "territorial community" we would say "extended family community",  "extended racial community" or "nation".   It's the old argument of biology vs. geography one more time.  You cannot mix iron and clay and effectively oppose the Mammonites (ZOG).  They themselves are mixing iron and clay with their unlimited immigration policies to break down all opposition to their program.


"Anti-Zionist Jews"

We keep hearing about these and how seemingly a majority of Jews all over the world are in a vast mental angst about Sharon's Holocaust against the Palestinians.  Aside from Israel Shamir (who advocates a one man one vote solution and also including American Zionists in future war crimes trials) none of these people are serious.  It's all plausible deniability.  The script is running just like Jewish reaction to the Israeli pullout from South Lebanon.  After four days, to judge from the Israeli-Jewish press, one would have concluded the Israelis were allied with Hezbollah against the South Lebanon Army if you knew nothing previous about the situation.

Well, here's some practical non-violent measures for anti-Zionist Jews to advocate to bring an end to the massacres.

1.  Have the US Sixth Fleet impose a naval blockade on all oil shipments to Israel.
2.  Cut off all Israeli airline connections with Europe and the USA.
3.  Freeze all Israeli bank and securities accounts in the USA and Europe.

I guarantee Sharon and Sharon's government would be gone in 8 hours.

But it won't happen, nor will it even be advocated.  The typical anti-Zionist Jew is serious all right.  He's serious about disassociating himself personally from the odium of evil crimes but without endangering his fellow tribesmen who are committing those crimes.


The Leaky Northern Border


This article report how two U.S. Border Patrol agents were recently punished by the Republican Bush Administration for telling the truth to the American people.

"Hall and Lindemann told reporters last fall that Michigan's 804 miles of shoreline border are guarded by 28 field agents, one working boat, several damaged electronic sensors and one broken remote camera.  They also said officials at the state's border with Canada lack the resources to adequately protect Americans from terrorists.  Hall also testified about the problems at a hearing before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, which Levin chairs."

The ultimate problem in this case is not too few Border Patrol agents or devices on the vast US-Canadian border.  The problem is ZOG-Canuckistan and a fat Jewess named Eleanor Kaplan.  Kaplan heads the Immigrant Importation agency in Canada.  Ultimately  the multi-billionaire Jew Mammonite Bronfmans and Reichmanns elevated her to office.   On a practical basis there should be no problems at all from that direction.  The Arctic, Northern Pacific and Northern Atlantic Oceans are nearly fool-proof geographic barriers that have stood unchallenged for millennia.  The real source of danger is a handful of international airports in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and the people who control them.


Eric thought the armband (see below) was a brilliant idea. I further suggest making a bagel flag and substitute a pale blue swastika for the 666-star with . You could have a wonderful march with no purpose other than to get fresh air and watch the spectators gawk in puzzlement..
Sharon said not to worry about the American idiots for they (the jews) ran their (the idiots) country. 'Tis apparently true for Señor Bushez will turn a blind eye to the present extermination program of mostly defenseless Palestinians by God's "special people". Bushez, according to my crystal ball, will play with his noodles for about 10 days after which he will slap Israel on the wrist. In between, he just might make a TV yodel reading from his jew-prepared script. He figures that the heavily armed Izzyrails will have operation slaughter completed by then. A recent incident involved about 250 Palestinians turning over their arms and then being treated to typical jew hospitality. It was generous, since not all of the 250 were slaughtered. The Germans learned the hard way never to surrender to jews. The Palestinians will also learn that lesson the hard way. It seems to be a human thing never to learn from past mistakes. Israel is presently out of control. The question is whether they will "cool it" in the foreseeable future. Madness cannot be cured, it will pop out again. You can take that to the bank. The American tax dollar has supported some of the most bloody chapters in history and yet Joe Goofass sleeps well while his zogbucks are used to murder people world-wide. It's a strange world, right? You might kiss hymie's ass for immediate gain, my friend, but in the end he will still view you at fit for his kosher guillotine.
San Francisco Examiner Article 'Outs' Anti-Defamation League Bay Area Political Police Spying Operation:

Part I:  http://www.examiner.com/news/default.jsp?story=n.adl.0401w
Part II: http://www.examiner.com/news/default.jsp?story=n.adl.0402w

     Politics in multi-culti San Francisco and the Bay Area are left.  Far far left.  Stories like these show the strains Zionism is placing on the Democratic Party's dark-hued coalition.  Consider this quote from the article:

   "Groups have been saying for years that the ADL isn't the civil rights organization it claims to be, but no one has been listening. Mostly, it's because those groups have been thinly-veiled anti-Semites, such as the Liberty Lobby, or hate groups such as White Aryan Resistance and the KKK."

   "But, as vile as some of these groups are, there is a significant amount of evidence that their vitriol is not unfounded. For at least four decades, the ADL continuously has tracked and spied on groups it considers not only a threat to the Jewish community, but to the state of Israel."

   Ignore the reporter's pious ritual 'condemnation'.  Edward Gibbon always invoked similar pieties as a preface to exposing the sins of specific Churchmen.  Read what the reporter actually said in validating what WE have been saying.  This story concerns just one of thirty known regional ADL stations in the Late Great U.S.A.  Their shabbez goy spy Bullock was just one agent working for this one intelligence station.  Now remember the principles of intelligence compartmentation.  Thinking people can extrapolate from there to estimate how widespread this subversive organization's tentacles are.

   Thinking people in the Bay Area will immediately do web searches for Metzger's WAR and other groups.


Paul Craig Roberts 'Fesses Up.

From Paul Craig Robert's latest column:

"As the U.S. begins to specialize in low wage jobs, it is not surprising that “wage attainment has deteriorated.” Median real wages of white males in their early to late thirties who began working in 1980 declined by 21 percent compared to those who entered the job market in the mid-1960s.

About White Trash Roberts I've already said my say.  Now let's look at the historical political background to this era of white male wage collapse from 1980-2000:

1.  From 1981-1993 there were 12 straight Republican years in the White House and Executive Branch.  The first eight were with the Astrologer President followed by four with the current Executive President, Señor Bush.
2.  From 1981-1987 there was a Republican Senate.
3.  From 1995-2001 both houses of Congress were Republican.

Democrats had undivided control of the federal government for only two years from 1993-1995.  And even then Clinton's major pieces of economic policy, GATT and NAFTA, were passed with Republican votes to make up for Democrat opposition. Think about this the next time some Republican asks you to vote for him/her/it.    Put this datum about white male wage decline to them and see what they say.


More good noose in da scientific asylum. Technology is now forcing the Theory of Evolution to be drastically overhauled. Not much in the kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, variety spectrum is now universally sustainable. It wasn't long ago when life was classified – don't forget that 'classified' is a MAN MADE CONSTRUCT tenuously tied to reality – as either plant or animal. Now there are 5 kingdoms.

Like those piles of lawsuits which keep the lieyers employed, this new academic monkey motion is a god send for useless academics who now have new reason for "research". In the middle of it all you can be assured that there are axioms which never will be investigated and whatever form the revised theory takes, it will be based upon (1) all life is related by an "in the beginning" module and (2) when it comes to jabbering apes, white = yellow = black. You don't think for one moment that something politically incorrect could arise from ZOG funding, do you? Also, you can count upon the omnipresent jew to explain it all to we simple-minded goyim.

It is obvious, if you'd care to read history, that the men of 100 years ago were certainly more hardy in a physical sense than are those of today, here in the disintegrating Jew Ass oi Vey. The reason is not difficult to discover. One hundred years ago, medical technology was insufficient to prevent marginally healthy infants and young children from succumbing to natural causes. Those less fit had a hard time continuing existence. The endeavor today is to save everything, and through a "Constitutional" right, encourage them to breed, thus adding to the biological decline, not to mention the horrific effect of race-mixing. There will be a point when the real master of the planet, the virus, will assert itself and correct what ego-centric man, in his not so great wisdom, neglected. We sometimes think we can war with Nature and bend her to our will. It shall never be so even though there appear to be small victorious battles. The future will lay desolate proclamations such as "we have cured XXX". Drive through any large city and notice that "health" clinics, spas, medical centers, etc. are now more numerous than Burger King and pizza parlors. Over 50% of the population has faulty eyesight, and allergies are growing by leaps and bounds, not to mention the rapid spread of diseases. You can call this "health" if you wish, but that will not change one thing. Until we collectively decide to have SUPERIOR generations, and not just a batch of lard-assed hawg consumers, we are on a collision course with reality.
ZOG's 'Rendezvous With Destiny'


"The crux, all agree, is the elitism that defines the "special" in special forces. "SEALs are very sensitive about lowering standards and letting in people who are not up to the standards of what a special-forces warrior should be," said Lt. Cmdr. Darryn James, a spokesman for Navy Special Warfare."

"Such talk riles Army Brig. Gen. Remo Butler, a Ranger who is now the highest-ranking black soldier in the special forces."

""That's code for 'You're not quite as smart. You're here because you're getting a break somewhere,' " said Butler, who heads Special Operations Command-South in Puerto Rico.""  (BG Butler, himself the beneficiary of affirmative action officer promotion board processes, feels threatened by the maintenance of standards anywhere.)

"Navy special warfare, the whitest of special-ops branches – just 2.5 percent of SEALs are black – has appointed a black civilian known for diversifying medical schools to head minority recruitment."

ZOG is doomed, and very soon.  The so-called Special Operations Forces are the last effective infantry units remaining to it.  So what does ZOG do?  It embarks on another Affirmative Action program in the middle of a war.  And one directed against the units fighting that war.  Now it's common for peacetime distortions (i.e. ineffective bureaucratic careerists) to appear in every military.   After some experience survival instincts usually compel the elimination of those dysfunctional people the enemy didn't get.  What's uncommon is to consciously embark on some more dumbing down in the middle of the war.

Men whose lives are at stake will quickly notice this and decline to reenlist.  Now here's the good news.  "Elite" is not defined by snappy berets, flashy badges or bureaucratic structures.  It's defined by people and those people are white.   ZOG does us another great service by spitting in their faces.

The Revolution is here, people.  Have no doubts at all.  The Ancient Regime is visibly collapsing in front of our eyes.  The U.S. Border Patrol is fleeing from the Mexican border in defeat induced by internal subversion.  A brainless puppet manipulated by the Zionists sits in the Oval Office.  The race-mixed affirmative action promoted  'conventional' ground infantry units are useless for any purpose other than shooting civilians.  Now ZOG, like a vampire with an unslakable thirst, turns on its last effective combat forces.


If a non-Christian wears a Christian cross, will he be shot? If a non-Jew wears a Star of David, will he be shot for impersonating a Jew? People who are not Santa Claus often dress up like him. Actors are always pretending to be someone else.  Our Prez pretends he knows what he is doing. Can people be sent to jail for playing make-believe? It's Hallowe'en at the zoo.

Mates, at your next demonstration, why not wear armbands which look like this? The idea was sent to me and it sure looks like something which just might make the headlines. Jews attacking jews. Jews attacking Nazis. What is going on here?

"Hey man, who dare?"   "Iz me – Homer Sachs, y'all."
The Revolution Continues:  What Next?

1.  The extended Jewish cultural phenotype is currently in control and is itself completely out of control.  This is similar to 1918-1919 in the Soviet Union and other places before and since.  This extended phenotype has exploded in a rabid paroxysm of uncontrollable bloodlust, rage, hate and murder.  It will simply run its course in Palestine until it satiates itself on and is choked with Palestinian blood.

2.  Dramatic events are going to continue and expand.  One result of Zionism has been to ethnically cleanse almost all Jews from Islamic countries.  ZOG's control in these countries is cruder and applied by external pressures on the rich ruling elites.  True nationalists and True Believers are nearly immune to the Rule The Ruler threats that ZOG uses.  I expect one or more Arab governments to collapse very soon as a result of coup d' tat or mass street protests.  The ones to watch most closely include Saudia Arabia, Jordan and Egypt.  The total lack of response by these western ZOG-oriented Arab regimes, combined with the effect of the 24 hour a day live TV and internet feed to the Arab masses (their tv is vastly different than ours) can only have one outcome.  This is total, final regime delegitimation in multiple Arab countries.  If Osama is still alive he will probably announce himself soon, doubtless with a long philippic against the House of Saud.   As Jewish violence continues and rises to ethnic cleansing the percentage of Palestinians in Jordan will rise.  The longtime Zionist collaborator, the House of Hussein, will be equally endangered.

3.  President Bush's current approach to the 'War On Terrorism' is a dead issue and will grow deader as some friendly regimes collapse and others start paying mere lip service to any cooperation at all.  Even Kuwait now appears to be kissing and making up with Iraq.  In these circumstances it's unbelievable to hear Powell continuing to mumble about resuming any 'peace process' later.  The Palestinian Authority is being destroyed in front of our eyes.  There can't be negotiations without two parties.  Sharon is creating some more 'facts on the ground'.

4.  Arafat Boom?  I don't mean in popularity with Judeo-Marxists in Europe or elsewhere.  I mean literally, live, on worldwide TV.  What if he's secretly suffering from terminal cancer?  His HQ might explode at any moment.  It's a certain method for him to permanently defeat Sharon for all time and also guarantee 10,000 more Martyr Bombers.

5.  The Muslim world is now 'America's' irrevocable enemy for a generation and probably beyond.  Add them to China's column.

6.  The pace of ZOG-USA collapse is accelerating.  The current genocide in Palestine is creating unbelievable strains inside the Democratic Party, just as Bush's Mexican Obsession is breaking up the GOP.  A San Francisco Chronicle article today dredged up the entire Anti-Defamation League story from 1993 and essentially accused the ADL of being a Mossad front.


Imagine what would happen if ZOG ran the bird business. By virtue of a declaration that "all birds are equal", ZOG forces the enrollment of a bunch of ostriches into Eagle Training School. After a few weeks, the ostriches are kicked out due to failure to soar on thermals 1200 feet up. The ostriches then complain about "birdism" and "elitism".

Sound far-fetched? Not if you read this –