12 April 2002
Whoops! I arose this morning – no this isn't the Zündelsite – to find the beginning of another clink in this cycle called days. I had second thoughts about some of yesterday's material. It was semi-personal revealing my deep disgust for "single parent" women who impose their petty hatreds upon helpless children while calling it love and home schooling. Without further concern, I deleted that small amount of material. Then, as I opened my email box, I was surprised at the many responses from young men who effectively had no father figure and were interested in my views. I thus slightly regretted the deletion of my previous comments since there can be no strong society without a strong family, and the backbone of any family is the father. It has always been so and it shall always be so. Nature left the male free from the burden of pregnancy, breast-feeding and so on for a very good reason and only twit twats believe otherwise. I am beginning to believe that there are millions of young men out there who were literally mucked over by the mothers fate dropped upon them. And make no mistake – you did not choose your parents and for better or worse, that's all you got.

The personal problem, like our national problem, is something to be OVERCOME, not cried over. Self-pity has no place in the life of any White person. The fates may have shoved a purple shaft up your rectum but that is no reason to leave it there. Never defend the crap position you might be in, nor makes excuses for it. You are no jew whining about "poisecution" nor a Black belly-aching about "racism". You must command your own life first before you can captain a family or help your people. The biggest obstacle is the unpleasant residue residing in the memory crevice of your brain. The second is the orders your gonads continually bark. Real men do not take refuge in alcohol or drugs, nor allow themselves to have their backbone sucked dry because some "hot chick" requires it. No man deserts his children – ever! At this point, I will belatedly agree with Mr. M. that men are far more concerned about their children's long-term welfare than are women. Although defined as "abuse", a few sharp swats on the rear leave no lasting damage but the psychological hemorrhage man-hating bitches inflict upon their captive children lasts for a lifetime. All such teen-aged boys will endure an uphill struggle, if they choose to shed this evil cloak. It's a horrific thing for any child to realize that his parents turned out to be his greatest enemy.

I have talked to many single parent "moms" and a very annoying survey develops, when asked about any future husband's role in the bringing up children of another man. Invariably the response is, "They are MY children, not his and he has nothing to say in the matter." Digest this, if you might, for this attitude likely played a significant part in the divorce. What would be your role in such a situation? (1) Bring home the bacon. (2) Give stud service when 'headaches' are not present. (3) Stay in your place, this is not your show. The caliber of a man can be measured by the type of woman he marries. Any single woman, with the interests of her children placed foremost, will do all within her means to reestablish a family, as would the less common single man with children. A husband with no authority over the children he feeds, is in a miserable excuse for a family. Nothing good comes from it.

My oldest sister fell under the spell of a handsome fellow who later revealed himself to be a snake in silk clothing. His infidelity made life miserable for her and the three children. Being a forgiving person by nature, she accepted a promise, once, which was soon broken. From that day on, the door was shut. Divorce followed. It was a sad affair since divorce, in my family, is about as common as jews at a Nazi reunion. The family helped financially and "Pal"  (we all had funny nicknames for each other) managed to secure a decent job. Always, her eye was open for a man who who fill the role of father to the youngsters. She didn't practice sheet exercises in her quest fully realizing that sex blinds all people when it comes to seeing faults. She soon married John – an absolute gem of a person. Never once did he hear, "These are not your kids, blah, blah." Under the influence of solid family all grew up to be useful citizens – married, with children, never divorced, one college educated, etc.

We, as kids, watched our mother die. It was an ordeal I'd not want to have others experience. Dad's primary goal, shortly thereafter, was to remarry in order to establish family structure. Being an exceptionally handsome man he had no need to seek agreeable women for one night stands. Our step mother was a god-send attesting to our father's excellent judgment. She was not a replacement but an additional mother.

When we notice a person stuck in some mud, we first assume that they had misfortune and our desire is to help them out. If we find our offered assistance is refused then we know they like what they are in. If they accept, and later on we find them in the same mud hole, then we know we wasted our generosity. We all make mistakes but the wise do not repeat them with the same person. Truly generous people seem to never run out of generosity.

I had seen my father, and my mother, overcome obstacles and this has left me with a belief that others can overcome their difficulties. (Against prognosis, I completely recovered from spinal meningitis and later, from valvular heart disease.)

The whole direction of parenting is to develop a child into being a self-sufficient adult. Many parents provide too much of the baby bottle for this to happen. They shower out tons of money to pay for a college education in the belief that this is all it takes. Many drop out, get knocked up, and then unload the offspring upon their parents for the upbringing. It is prevalent. My neighborhood is dotted with such "single parents".

Whether schools, parents, government, whatever, I do not like anything screwing with the youth we now so desperately need for our White nation and it remains very satisfying to know that I am trying.

Jews have the best memories of all. They can remember things which didn't happen.
Insane Irish. They are fighting to keep the Brits out so they can let the wogs and nignogs in.

In WW II, Americans fought the Germans, who looked like them and acted like them, so they could turn their country over  to people who didn't look like them nor act like them. 
Any political system can be considerd a failure if it cannot feed its people.
The Jew Red World Order will fail, sooner or later. 

New Outbreak of anti-Semitism in the West Bank:

Jerusalem Post complains Palestinians are leaving corpses killed by Jews in public view on purpose.


Horse Manure and the Fly:  A Study In Internet Intellectual Ecology


First up (or dropped down) is the manure, which is this Pravda.ru article written by a westerner and possible raving Jew.  While not intended to denigrate the extremely well American equipped and funded Israeli armed forces, it's necessary to bring things down to earth.

"As far as mobilisation is concerned, Israel has the capacity to call up reserves into active duty within a momentís notice, making it the strongest army in the world in rapid deployment. Similarly, its Air Force can fly 4,000 missions per day, every day, compared to the capacity of the USAF, which can only guarantee 1,600 missions."

Farther on in the article is a list of the IDF aircraft.  These consist of: "However, it is estimated that the Air Force has precisely (note: ignore the oxymoronic 'precise estimate'.  Its typical of this article) 459 combat aircraft, including 237 F-16s, 73 F-15s and 50 F-4e 2000.."

Let's see about this.  Four thousand (4,000) sorties per day/459 aircraft = 8.7 sorties per aircraft per day.  This might be sustainable for one day, following which aircraft sorties will drop off rapidly as air crews, ground crews, supplies and maintenance all collapse..  By comparison in 1991 the Coalition Forces generated approximately one sortie per day on a sustained basis.   If the US were to similarly count rehabilitatable aircraft at Davis-Monthan the potential fleet size is around 6,000 aircraft, or well over 10 times the Israeli air fleet.

Then there was this statement:

Israel has its own weapons programme, its F-15 and F-16 fighter jets having better digital technology than the American aircraft (this assertion is impossible of proof, and is not credible from the Pravda writer), the same with its force of around 4,000 tanks.  The article goes on to state this tank inventory consists of:  "there are estimated to be some 3,800 combat vehicles, including 1,100 Merkava I/II/III, 800 Centurions, 600 M-60A3, 400 Magach 7, 300 each M-60A1 and M-48A5."

The 1,100 Merkavas are reasonably modern and some are highly modern.  The Merkava is extremely well armored, slow like a pregnant sow and short ranged.   This is not objectionable given the terrain and Jewish military goals in the area.  The Merkava is not quite the superhuman creation it's been made out to be by blowhard Israelis trying to sell monkey models to other countries.  It's vulnerable to explosions from below like all tanks, as the Pals have recently demonstrated.  Whether the Merkava's armor is equal to the M1A3 with depleted uranium panels is open to extended debate.  Soviet T-72 125mm long rod penetrators failed to penetrate the M1A1 in the Gulf War.  The remainder of the Israeli tank force is obsolescent.  Antiquity ranges from rebuilt modernized American M-60s (a creature of the 1970s) down to American M48A5s Pattons representing 1950s technology with a 105mm facelift.

If we were to equally count every possible operable or rehabilitatable tank in the US inventory the US figure would come out at about 10,000 tanks alone, the majority being M1 variants with the entire fleet possessing an average age of about 10 years less than the IDF's.  Combat vehicles other than tanks, including armored personnel carriers of all types, raises this total to well over 30,000 vehicles.

So much for Pravda.ru.  On to "The Fly" feeding on this probable Jewish disinformation:



Hal, you are a fly on a horse's ass.  And you can quote me on that.


Japan and China/Taiwan

1.  Japanese Rearmament.

This is something of a misnomer since Japan already possesses armed forces ("Self Defense Force") and the industrial infrastructure necessary to rapidly expand them in all dimensions.  See http://www.cdi.org/issues/Asia/japanmil.html for a Y2K status on Japan's current Army, Air Force and Navy.

Navy. Japan probably has the most capable regional fleet given the decay in Russia's Pacific Fleet.  Japan is the largest merchant shipbuilder in the world.  Since cargo ships and tankers are now larger than warships there's no question of enough basic yard capacity or a trained workforce.  Nor is Japan lacking in gas turbine and diesel propulsion system technology.  Japan's vast civilian nuclear power program has left it with the industrial infrastructure to rapidly develop naval reactors for propulsion of key warships.  It also has sufficient basic electronics industry capacity.  Japan's biggest military-industrial weakness, which affects all its services, is in software engineering.  To take one example, even the latest Sony Playstation relies on an operating system written by a Massachussets company.

Air Force.  Japan has achieved self-sufficiency in radar and air-to-air missile systems and is well poised for future development.  Basic fuselage construction is also no problem, just as it's no problem anywhere these days outside of Africa, Madagascar and New Guinea.  Japan's weak links remain in aircraft turbine engine design/build and composite materials technology.  It has only one turbine engine manufacturer, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries.  Their work has been for the SDF and relies on existing Pratt & Whitney and GE designs.  Japan still relies on external designs for engines and extensive foreign design assistance for aircraft.  They are still ahead of China, which in 2002 is not capable of building modern military engines even after receiving foreign designs.

Japan's current FS-X (F-2) fighter program is a well conceived attempt to overcome Japan's aerospace industrial deficiencies.  Of course the same statement could have been made about earlier Japanese co-production of the F-15 twenty years ago, or the previous Japanese F-1 fighter program in the 1960s.  The F-2, now in serial production, is a vastly modified and enlarged variant of the US Air Force F-16 Block 40 fighter.     See http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/ac/row/f-2.htm

Lockheed Fort Worth Company (formerly General Dynamics Fort Worth Division), the manufacturer of the F-16, is the principal U.S. subcontractor. The government of Japan has overall FS-X program responsibility. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a Japanese company, is the prime contractor and is responsible for portions of the airframe, some avionics, digital flight controls, and support equipment. Mitsubishi is also responsible for overall FS-X systems integration. Key Japanese industry subcontractors include Fuji Heavy Industries and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Fuji is responsible for developing the aircraft nose, composite wing upper skin, and tail assembly; Kawasaki is responsible for the center fuselage. Ishikawajima Harima Industries, another Japanese participant, will perform engine testing and maintenance during the development phase and is expected to manufacture portions of the U.S. engine under license if the program proceeds into production."

Army.  At 12 divisions and 1,000 tanks Japan's army is more than adequate to defend the Home Islands.  This also provides a healthy base for future mobilization if Tokyo ever decides it needs another expeditionary force.  Lack of recent combat experience has left Japan's ground defense forces behind technologically at a greater differential than in 1943.



Japan's civilian nuclear power program has placed great emphasis on breeder reactors and plutonium recovery from nuclear waste.  As a result Japan has a vast stockpile reported plutonium.  Some of this is stored in France and the rest is stored in Japan.   Clearly the facilities exist to rapidly construct warheads.  What is unknown is the state of Japanese knowledge of nuclear warhead design.  A lengthy design-build-test cycle is not necessary if they obtain proven designs from elsewhere.  If they choose not to use the world nuclear warhead public reference library at Los Alamos there's still India, Russia, France, Britain and Israel to buy designs from.  If they avoid sole-sourcing this acquisition program they can cross-check what they've been given to make sure their warheads will work.

Delivery Systemshttp://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/japan/missile/index.html

Japan currently has no nuclear ballistic missiles.  Japan does have an active civilian space program for satellites and space probes.  Japan has approached space booster design from a unique angle.  NASA, the European Space Agency and Russia all use liquid fueled boosters.  Japan instead has developed solid fuel rockets for its space program despite their known reduced efficiency compared to liquid oyxgen-hydrogen fueled boosters.  The US, Russia and France of course use solid fuel rockets for ballistic missiles.

The Japanese are neither stupid or naive.  The reality is that Japan is already a stealth nuclear power.  For many internal and foreign political reasons they choose not to advertise this and 'scare the horses in the street'.   Should a need arise they could rapidly break out an advertised deterrent capability and subsequently add to this with a sustained program.  In the meantime their real status is obvious to nuclear decision makers elsewhere.  This is sufficient for the moment.

2.  China-Taiwan


The Jewish neo-cons have been consistently pounding the China-Taiwan wardrums again.  Supposedly China is on the brink of invading Taiwan any day now.  I'll go out on a limb here and state there will never be a decisive shooting war with full scale invasion of Taiwan by China.  There might be a low intensity naval blockade via mine warfare but even this is extremely unlikely.  Here are the many reasons why I say this:

a.  There is no influential Jewish presence in Beijing, Taipei or Chinese media to egg these people on into intra-racial fratricide.
b.  In the course of an opposed invasion of Taiwan most of China's fledgling navy and air force would be destroyed.  This would set back Chinese military buildup plans for a decade irrespective of the other outcomes.  It would also leave China in a greatly weakened air position compared to India and other neighbors.
c.  Taiwan presents absolutely no military or political threat to Beijing.  ZERO.
d.  The Chinese people already fully occupy Taiwan.  Conquering Taiwan does nothing to solve China's lebensraum problem.  The true struggle here is between two Chinese political ruling elites for sovereign control of Taiwan's labor and capital pool.
e.  During the course of a military invasion at least five events would occur.  First, Taiwan would lose its existing export markets as competitors filled the voids.  Second, Taiwan's industrial infrastructure would be seriously damaged. Third, Beijing would also lose some export markets because of sea lane disruption.  Fourth, Japan would embark on full-scale air, naval and nuclear rearmament with ZOG-USA blessings and technological design backing.  Fifth, ZOG-USA would reoccupy Philippine bases and others in the area.
f.  An invasion of Taiwan would not have a patriotic unifying effect inside China since the Taiwanese are not Gaijins.  It would instead focus internal attention on the brutal nature of the Beijing regime.

What Beijing needs from Taipei and its industrial complex is obedience and future cooperation in the Chinese military buildup.  It does not want war itself.  An invasion might fail and even if it succeeded militarily Taiwan would be out of business for a long time to come.  Beijing wants Taiwan as a going concern like Hong Kong, not as a wasteland of burned-out factories and destroyed ports choked with sunken ships.

The struggle is already at its most intense.  Taipei can pursue its independent line so long as the US Navy and ZOG-USA are perceived as ready, willing and able to intervene.  The periodic carrier battle group deployments are not designed to deter Beijing from invading.  They're calculated to deter Taipei's political elites from negotiating a gradual 'surrender' with Beijing using a more expanded Hong Kong autonomous model as the framework.   This outcome is what Beijing is seeking.


It wasn't long ago when the emphasis on teacher education changed from a requirement to knowing your subject as primary, to emphasis on 'how to teach'. In other words, it was not important to know the subject for anyone with the proper textbook, plus skill in teaching, could teach most anything. If your teacher doesn't know the topic, and it's contained in a book, then what do you need the teacher for? He/she/it certainly would not be able to answer your questions.

"Fuzzy math" now continues to promote the notion that the answer is not as important as is the knowledge of how to handle a problem. This is a specialization of the nonsense, "One need not know something. Just where to find it." This instills an unwanted dependency which, for the life of me, I cannot accept as being "educated". I was known as a very likable teacher but a 'hard ass' when it came to the then-emerging practice of 'partial credit' and 'class participation' which inflates grades so the lazy could feel happier about themselves, along with their smiling parents. I spent most time teaching chemistry and was heavy handed when it came to laboratory conduct. It was only later that some learned I could count up to ten on my fingers and was drafted to teach math. I liked math as a tool to solve real life problems. The puzzle aspect plus the philosophical twaddle about non-existent lines with missing points (discontinuity) and ad infinitum dimensions, never appealed to me although like chess and crossword squares, I dabbled intermittently.

In 1986, the Challenger detonated during its launch phase. If one looks at the the proportion of the project which functioned 100%, it would be a hefty portion. In fact, the effort could have been given a grade of 99.99999%, partial credit of course. The bottom line was that IT FAILED, utterly and completely, snuffing out several lives along the way. Life gives no partial credit, and neither did I. On the other hand, a correct answer did not insure 100% for I had no way of knowing where it came from. A guess, perhaps? The student's responsibility was TO CONVINCE ME, as one necessarily does any judge. Clever, undisciplined students did not list me as one of their favorites. Like very pretty girls, they expected to be rewarded for a talent which came as a gift and not effort. General, broad scope, intelligence is quite rare. Talented people are a dime a dozen.

Yessiree, old Hank did a great job building that bomb. Everything was 100% perfect except for that tiny error of accidentally triggering it while it was still in his hands. This is old hat and gone from the scene. Now you can be granted a diploma for thinking you know how to build a bomb or knowing where to find directions on how to build one. You'll have to agree that this new approach in education is certainly "safer" and safety is what life's all about anyway. Right? Where's my bottle?

BTW. Here's a great site with lots of good stuff – www.alamanceind.com

I personally am not to enthusiastic about endless discussions concerning what constitutes "White" or even White behavior. Opinions, such as mine, may serve as guidelines and even generate thoughts of your own, but it is not productive to be die-hard about it. As with trying to define love, I am sure that time and circumstance will soon answer all. Birds of a feather do flock together and this has nothing to do with definitions and such. Have faith in Nature.
I hope you have noticed that the Judeo-Christian hammers on the war drums more enthusiastically than any jew. As I have mentioned many times, our biggest enemy lies within our own race for without such race-traitors the jews would be little other than another group doing their best to earn a living within a larger entity. Many radio-mouths, whores as they are, fully approve of the Israeli slaughter of Arabs. These people are insanely blood-thirsty and it does no good to even talk with them.
A terrorist is anyone who, when confronted by tanks, cannon and flame throwers, throws rocks.
A terrorist is anyone who possesses rocks.
A terrorist is anyone who lives on land which contains rocks.
A terrorist is anyone who looks at rocks.
A terrorist is anyone who even thinks about rocks.
A terrorist is anyone who is related to any of the above.
A terrorist is anyone who knows any of the above.
A terrorist city is one built with rocks, built upon rocks, or contains rocks.
A terrorist people, or a terrorist land, includes all of the above.
Terrorists will be exterminated by using superior terror.

I tell you this because my name is Levi Limbaughstein, sent by God to inform you stupid goyim about rocks and their use as weapons of mass destruction. I am an authority on rocks. I should know. My head is full of them.

Other than perhaps the members of the legal "profession", Congress and prison inmates, there is no more degenerate group of people than those in the entertainment business. Infidelity, drug use, promiscuity, perversion, criminal activity – it's all there to see.

I have brought this up in response to a couple of notes from people who were at odds with my comment about White people engaging in nigger jerk dance. The Afro component is as obvious as it is in the shrieking voices of the negress Houston and the jewesses Streisand, Merman and Gorme. Nigger is written over nearly everything the young people of today do and is also evidenced in their values. Ooga booga values are destructive of Western civilization, of that there is no dispute. Yet we all recognize that acting is part and parcel of human behavior. This hatches a dilemma. Is the person acting or is he revealing his true nature?

A very dear young lady friend of mine hip-hopped and did the ostrich mating dance thing all through her high school days. She was not Black and apparently enjoyed temporarily behaving like one. However, activities such as those ceased during her college years and raucous dissonant nigger noise no longer was appealing. From this we can learn the value of a continued observation for no one can act for a lifetime. Sooner or later, the thief is compelled to steal. Sooner or later, the liar is compelled to lie. Sooner or later, the fink will tell all. Sooner or later, that fine gentlemanly suitor will demonstrate his mettle.

I apologize if I didn't phrase my thoughts as well as I might. I had no intention of implying that an attendance at a rock concert required suspicion. A few downed brews make no one a drunk. One must gauge acts judiciously, in proportion, and in perspective.

ZOG-USA's Gulags


Actually these aren't Gulags in the accepted usage since the first principle of Gulag is that every camp be self-supporting.   This story from Playboy Magazine (reproduced on overthrow.com) describes the racially polarized prisons:


The sheer size of this prison population is staggering:    "1,965,495 prisoners were under Federal or State jurisdiction, (includes prisoners in custody and persons under the legal authority of a prison system but who are held outside its facilities)"  In local jails there were: "631,240 inmates were held in the Nation's local jails, up from 621,149 at midyear 2000."

The combined figure of 2.6 million prisoners is larger than the total active duty military forces plus reserves.  This does not include detainees held in INS facilities.

Here at least there is honesty on the racial breakdowns:

"At midyear 2001 there were 4,848 sentenced black male inmates per 100,000 black males in the United States, compared to 1,668 sentenced Hispanic male inmates per 100,000 Hispanic males and 705 white male inmates per 100,000 white males."

Negroes are incarcerated at 7 times the rate of whites while Mexicanos go inside twice as often.

Nor is this the result of the "War On Drugs" as Libertarians and ex-Libertarians (including some among us) like to believe:

"Between 1990 and 1999, the increasing number of violent offenders accounted for 51% of the total growth of the State prison population; 20% of the total growth was attributable to the increasing number of drug offenders."  This probably understates the violence problem since "crimes against public order" category prisoners doubled from 7% to 15% in the same period.  In addition another 4.6 million persons are on probation or parole for a total of 7.2 million criminals under supervision of one kind or another.  This is 3% of the entire population or 1 in 33.  This total outnumbers all military and police by a factor of more than two.

Based on the growth rates between 1990-1999 and continued uncontrolled Mexican immigration one of two outcomes is a certainty.

1.  There will be a redefinition downwards of 'crime' leading to more insecure daily conditions for the general population.  This would be the 'liberal' solution or, we'd call it, the Judeo-Marxist outcome.

2.  Prison populations will continue growing.  Not only will the percentage of prisoners relative to the population increase (because of changing demographics and continued Mexican immigration) but so will the percentage of national income and workers devoted to housing these prisoners.  This outcome supposes a neo-conservative approach of 'get tough on crime'.  Eventually there will be a reversion to Door #1 because the system will become unsustainable economically.

The anticipated future 'collapse' might even be triggered by a simultaneous mutiny at 20 different prisons, possibly with outside assistance.   Were these concentrated closely enough together the local authorities would rapidly lose control of the situation as racially cohesive gangs of Negroes and Mexicans ran loose in an orgy of rapine and pillage.  War time military measures would be necessary.  Given the racial nature of such an uprising integrated National Guard units would splinter.

The prison measure also shows us in sight of the end of the Ancient Regime.


           The wealthy are the guilty. The poor are their accomplices.  Eric Thomson.
An old gentlemen acquaintance
commented upon "Who is White?" Over the centuries, many have noted that outer appearance reveals innermost behavioral tendencies. In Mr. Tiede's view, he classified as non-White anyone with slanted eyes or high cheek bones; dark skin around the joints; nostril flair; prehensile lips; kinky hair; eagle beak nose; chicken lid eyes; Alfred E. Newman ears; etc. I mentioned that he might possibly sum it all up by saying that a non-White is anyone who exhibits at least one racial  characteristic attributable to non-Whites. He agreed. Mr. Tiede was a veterinarian and told me years ago that Jersey does not equal Guernsey, and that city folks "Don't know shit." I can't argue with that.

If we accept the view that outward appearance ia a signal for conduct, something which my life experience agrees, then taxing our minds about what constitutes White behavior appears superfluous. I have never seen any ostensible White, who jerks in sync with nigger log thump, who didn't also have evidence of an adulterated family blood line written all over his face. 

An interesting stew – crazed christians, muddle-headed muslims and jerk-off jews. Put them all together and your have hate raised to the 6th power. Now, to further add to the insanity of organized religion comes this from a reader:

"Well, so much for the dome of the rock!"


When the jews seized power in the former U.S.S.R., they released prison convicts which terrorized the population. This kept the public busy so they wouldn't notice what the government was doing. In addition, people called upon the government to "do something" which only increased the power of that government. Today, the same thing is happening with short prison terms and early releases added to the hyper-exaggerated "terrorist" threat. The nuts of this Republic are being nailed to a log and the gullible goyim applaud each and every act of suppression. Ha! Safety, thouest have a sweet scent and a deadly bite.
It's an arduous task to outline what "white" behavior should be. However defined, none should be destructive of the white community. The individualism endorsed by the tenor of our Republic was more or less framed around "do as you please as long as it does no harm to others." Today, only the first four words are applied and the "others" must endure whatever someone imposes under the umbrella called "freedom". Every day we are subject to the intrusions of others, from the annoying, and very discourteous use of cell phones, to the rampaging undisciplined behavior of someone's brats disturbing a repast in a restaurant. The lack of self-discipline is a benchmark characteristic which is an anathema to any society, white or no. Today, such behavior is often dismissed as "hyperactive" or "doing your own thing."

Men often consider themselves superior to other forms of life simply because he can kill them with little risk to himself. If this were valid, then the virus is obviously the superior life form.

Self-discipline brings in its wake, the positive attributes of patience and endurance of temporary discomfort. In the higher animals, this is something which is taught, often by Nature herself. While a cub is nursing, the lioness makes available its milk, almost always on demand. The health and growth of the cub demands this. However, there is a point when this ceases. The young must wait until food is available and that is something which rarely occurs at the instant they are hungry. In fact, the adults often endure hunger as their food supply can hardly be expected to cater to the wishes of those so hungry. During the hunt, the cubs lay in silence as not to disturb the stealthy activity of their pride. Patience, and temporary deprivation, are survival requirements.

This sort of thing used to be indirectly taught during the meal schedule. Refusing one's breakfast meant he had to wait until lunch. Allowing any child to access the cupboard at each and every whim, teaches that child no self-discipline. It is not necessary to eat "three squares" on a daily basis but that is not a reason to allow random grazing, as is so common today. I am absolutely opposed to this "snack" business as I am to carrying a bottle of kosher "spring" water tied to one's neck so one might sip for the flimsiest of reasons. Any human unable to endure a day without food or water, is not one I'd like to associate with or depend upon in a trying situation. I have been on rugged short expeditions in the boonies with such types and the accompanying disasters were enough for me to ban all future associations with them.

What I have experienced during many mealtimes where I was a guest, would bring shame to a swarm of maggots on a decaying carcass.

"Instant gratification", while a necessity prior to weaning, is no longer acceptable for any maturation process. Moreover, a person's ability to postpone such is directly related to self-discipline and from a strong base of self-discipline trustworthiness grows. Trusting one another is a necessity for the successful conclusion of any project, or goal. Untrustworthy employees add an enormous cost to that business when they do not destroy it.

As a child, it appeared that rudeness was confined to the jew. Thus I readily observed the different manner of those from Miami Beach and those wonderful people of Kansas whom I encountered on my myriad of trips around this beautiful land. The demeanor of most validates the assumption that we are indeed, jews. I would be surprised if the gods allowed us to pollute the planet much longer and/or bring shame to them, our creators..

It's nice to know who we are.
America's Worldwide Vietnam Theme Song:  The Kabul Ka-Boom!


Direct from K-ZOG radio in Kabul, Afghanistan we bring you the Kabul Kaboom! (sung to the tune of "Do the Locomotion")

"KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan Defence Minister Mohammad Fahim survived an assassination attempt on Monday in a sign of new turmoil sweeping the war-battered nation.The bomb attack on Fahim, who was not hurt in the blast, came a day after the six-month anniversary of the start of the U.S.-led war in Afghanistanthat toppled the Taliban. It followed a plot uncovered last week to kill interim leader Hamid Karzai and ex-King Zahir Shah."

Ahh... the good old days in Saigon in 1963-64.  I was just growing up then.  It formed the background music to my childhood.  I read the detailed history later.  Some readers will remember those two turbulent years.  This was the period of revolving door Saigon governments and the Coup of the Month Club.  The stage for our new Vietnam is now complete.  "No end in sight" headlines, cross-border guerrilla sanctuaries, forecasts of increased guerrilla attacks in the summer dry season, inflated body counts at Shah-i-kot, 'credibility gaps' by public affairs briefing officers, "nation building" meddling bureaucrats and now instability in a central government that rules nothing past its offices.

Zahir Shah has recently been trying to limit American involvement and end the war in Afghanistan.  This makes him an ideal candidate for the role of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem.  President Diem was assassinated in 1963 by a group of Vietnamese officers who had received the "green light" from the CIA, Ambassador Lodge and apparently President Kennedy.


A first step toward understanding is to remove yourself from the lockstep of popular thought. It is only sufficient to know that niggers ain't us. Every objective observation of a myriad of differences tells us that and only a nincompoop would fall victim to an argument which contradicts. Often an individual succumbs to popular belief simply because he is outnumbered and therefore assumes that it is he who is in error. Here we find that which separates the men from the boys. As a corollary, we can partially define the tyranny of the state by the measure to which it tries to impose against what one's senses fully describe. The black man's blood is indeed red but its shade is entirely different. Niggers ain't us and ZOG is a tyranny.

Divorcing one's self from popular thought includes not slopping in the sewer of the impossibility of classifying each and every critter according to some system which is increasingly fallible. Darwin stated the modern version of compartmentalizing all life forms and since his days, the criteria for species has been the ability to interbreed. Black people and white people can interbreed, thus they belong to the same species – Homo sapiens. The first word in this Latin name is that of genus and the second, species. If a third word is added, then it is of a sub-species, or variety. Do not look for absolutes here, since the name-changing occurs on a regular basis as the biological scheme of naming things according to similarities is like trying to hold a snake.

Rattus rattus, a species of rat, will breed with another species, Rattus norwegicus. Notice here that the definition of species is violated. Those familiar also note that the wolf, Canis lupus, can breed with the common dog, Canis familiaris yet they belong to different species. Canis dingo can also breed with Canis familiaris. As the evidence of cross-species breeding mounted, some  have sought the refuge of name-changing. Thus, many now advocate that the Australian dingo be classified as a sub-species of dog, Canis familiaris dingo. It is absolutely amazing that zoologists believe that a Siberian Husky is supposedly more closely related to a Dachshund than it is to a wolf.

Don't try to make sense out of nonsense. Let the flake heads babble.

Any so-called "peace settlement" will always insure the advancement of jew world communism.
A nigger as Pope?
I say, the quicker the better. It's time the jews moved over and let their brothers in.
   In these troubled times I have a personal north star I always turn to for guidance.  That's Rush Limbaugh.  Now I don't look to him to find out what's really going on.  Nor do I tune in to hear ideas on how to make things better.  I tune in to learn what the Jews want white Republicans to think.  For over a decade now draft dodger Limbaugh (married to a jewess – RF) has never failed me.  Ever.

   I remember mid-August 1990.  The interstate highways were jammed with military convoys heading to the seaports of embarkation.  Saddam was considered to be on the brink of conquering all the oil in the Mid-East.  A military event I had spent a decade training for was now in execution:  deployment to the Middle East.  And there I was in the middle of the spider's web, so to speak.

   During one week we kept Rush tuned in while actually executing the deployment.  I can still hear Rush's non-stop ranting and sheep-bleating like it was yesterday.  It went on for days.  "Israel is the strategic key to this entire situation.  They have the best army, air force, blah blah blah blah.... Israel Israel Israel..."   Are the memories returning now, long time ditto-heads?

   The aftermath of reality was quite different.  It was another edition of the eternal gap between self-serving Jewish lies and world reality.  Not one Jew boy from Yidsrael did anything other than stay safe and cover his own butt.  So far from adding to the Coalition Forces during the campaign, Israel significantly detracted from them.  During the air campaign over 30% of the sorties were eventually diverted solely to the SCUD hunt in western Iraq.  Lieutenant General Chuck Horner, the 9th Air Force commander, was constantly complaining about the extremely poor quality of Israeli-supplied intelligence.  He started warning General Schwarzkopf they were just bombing sand dunes and endangering pilots in the process.  But Shabbez Goy Dick Cheney (at that time Secretary of Jewish Defense) kept sending down Israeli-Jew supplied target lists that had to be bombed.  See Schwarzkopf's ghost-written bio, "It Doesn't Take A Hero." Finally, US Patriot missile battalions were diverted from the theatre to protect the unholy self-chosen anti-Christs.

   So today I decided to tune in to get the Jew Word of the Day from the fat multimillionaire Republican draft-dodger.  And Rush didn't let me down.  It only took 5 minutes of listening.  Rush had a reading assignment for his gullible fans, following which there would be extensive discussion.  They were supposed to read an article detailing how "bourgeois hatred" is what is animating world anger (and is really secret jealousy) against "highly successful Americans and Jews".   Rush and his Jew lies are again as far away from reality as they were in 1990 about Israel's future value in the Kuwait campaign.

   So young white men, do you feel so successful?  Enjoying your "bourgeois income" that the rest of the world "hates" you for?http://www.russellsage.org/publications/titles/divergent_paths.htm   You aren't according to the "Divergent Paths" study.  This economic assessment, which I commented on last week, says that if you are a white male who started work after 1979, your lifetime income will be 21% lower than a previous generation.  When Rush Limbaugh says "Americans and Jews" he is talking in code that really means "American Jews and Israeli Jews."


People who sacrifice freedom for a little safety, deserve neither and in the end, will receive neither, for those you now view as protectors will one day become your oppressors. And you can take that to the bank.
There is little more disturbing to a man in thought, than interruption. This is why I take no part in forums, for one spends much fragmented time digesting the thoughts of others who may, more than likely, demonstrate a low level of communicating those thoughts. Thus, while not as degenerate as debates, they nonetheless present little other than a congenial kaleidoscope connected by the most sparse of tangential threads. Such structures axiomatically assume that all share some stage of equality, which is soon proved to be false. At some point, forums degenerate into a parlimentary battle of egos, thus maintaining my assertion.
"Female rights" can only be maintained under the umbrella of superior male physical force. As with all so-called 'rights', the exercise thereof is dependent upon the graces of authority. White man's ability to fly was not secured by warring upon gravity but by utilizing other forces of Nature. Females directly confronting males will lose as Nature intends, but those resorting to other Natural means often can move mountains. Wise women have always understood this. Stone-headed bitches never will.
The greater of all abuses leveled against a child is to allow them freedom to choose according to mood or whim. When to eat, when to sleep, when to work and what to work with, are all disastrous to a child's psyche even though they tell you otherwise. A proper raising of a child demands restrictions – limits. Nature imposes limits on all of us and to defy this is to seed a future of disaster.  In the planned Communist world police state, there will be no place for the free-wheeling hippie, drug-head or do-your-own-thing nitwit. They will be exterminated as unfit to live.


The Communist plan for seizure of power has always been to cultivate exactly which will not be allowed in their imagined Utopia. Thus, through our corrupt clergy and system of education, each and every facet known to be destructive of the social order, is promoted as an ideal to be achieved. Many fall prey to this siren song since all the offered paths appear under the guise of "freedom" – the freedom to rot your body with drugs; the freedom to screw anything and at anytime; the freedom to take oaths and then break them when they are no longer useful; and so on. Once the society is full of rot, take-over becomes possible and this is swiftly followed by the elimination of all which promoted that take-over.