22 April 2002
Fairbanks Alaska. Workers at Fort Greely uncovered about 20 rusty barrels labeled "US CWS" – Chemical Warfare Service. This was deactivated in 1946 and one wonders if the bullet riddled barrels were some of the Sarin, etc., "liberated" from the Germans in the SWATKWP. (Some of the cache was dumped offshore about 20 miles east of Seattle.) If the Germans were interested in gassing anyone, they had enough stores of nerve gas to wipe out 1/4 of the globe. BTW, Eric sent me his "Holocaust debunking kit". It contains photostats of 1942-1944 official documents indicating that the "gassing" was all propaganda – just gas, as it were.
Whitey is at the forefront in protecting all species except his own.
Seattle schools assign students
based upon race, thus giving advantage to tar babies. The U.S. Circuit Court reversed the decision by Judge Barbara Rothstein (a double barrel – feminist and yid) which claimed all was legal. This will again segregate students. Any merit program will function to keep apes in ape territory. That was the cause of segregation in the first place. One can either have merit or niggers. It's a free country. Take your choice.
This is news? (Associated Press, April 20) When surveyed, school kiddies admitted that they felt more secure in small schools where stout discipline was maintained. Their performance is also improved. Single moms – you just don't make the grade and your kids suffer. But, like jews, females seldom connect their actions to the messes they make.
Another nigger soldier rapes a Japanese woman on Okinawa. Is this news?
12 year old Prince Nnaedozie Umegbolu, a U.S. citizen, was rushed to a hospital after bleeding in a New York taxicab. He had a slight stomach problem caused by swallowing 80 heroine-filled condoms, in a smuggling attempt. He was charged with juvenile delinquency. His dad is in prison serving time for heroin smuggling. Another nigger-lover idol in the making?
When they yank up a batch of Israelis for "war crimes" then we'll begin to have some faith in the U.N. tribunal.
Mexican newspapers are proliferating rapidly in Mejico del Norte – California to Washington. Eric sends me lots of these from sports papers on. The latest issue of ¡VIVA! shows Jesus Christ as having blue eyes. Isn't that racist?
More Seattle protests of the shooting of a Black man by an off duty honky policeman. Like jews, Blacks are always innocent. They just hang around minding their own business and some racist White fellow starts shooting. The mob of 200 plus was mossy Black save a dozen or so White females intent upon proving that their orifices do not discriminate.
A nigess "soldier" stationed in Mannheim Germany didn't like the idea of her hubby sampling the local flesh. Since he wanted no trace of him in her home, she took their two young kids and drowned the. That's African logic. Get used to it all you lovers of diversity.
It is my understanding that I slept through a mild earthquake last night. I looked out the window and saw no collapsed buildings and thought, "Better luck next time." Now that snowflakes are peppering the air, I know I should return to my burrow and try for spring another day.

Four people were bragging about how smart their cats are. The first was an Engineer, the second an Accountant, the third was a Chemist, the fourth was a Government Worker.

To show off, the Engineer called to his cat, "T-square, do your stuff. " T-square pranced over to a desk, took out some paper and a pen and promptly drew a circle, a square, and a triangle.

Everyone agreed that was pretty smart, but the Accountant said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, "Spreadsheet, do your stuff." Spreadsheet went out into the kitchen and returned with a dozen cookies. He divided them into 4 equal piles of 3 cookies each.

Everyone agreed that was good, but the Chemist said his cat could do better. He called his cat and said, "Measure, do your stuff." Measure got up, walked over to the fridge, took out a quart of milk, got a 10 ounce glass from the cupboard and poured exactly 8 ounces without spilling a drop.

Everyone agreed that was good. Then the three men turned to the Government Worker and said, "What can your cat do?". The Government Worker called to his cat and said, "Coffee Break, do your stuff." Coffee Break jumped to his feet, ate the cookies, drank the milk, pooped on the paper, screwed the other three cats, claimed he injured his back while doing so, filed a grievance report for unsafe working conditions, put in for Workers Compensation and went home for the rest of the day on sick leave.

(Submitted by a reader.)

When personal computers were introduced into the schools in the 1970s, all thought that "education" would take off like gazelles at the sight of hyenas. Parents, teachers, and so on, could peer into a classroom and observe all the little kiddies busy smashing at keyboards. Hence, they deceived themselves and as Raeto West in one of his excellent books pointed out, all they were really seeing were kids playing games.

It wasn't long before the programming and discipline aspect was dropped from all computer courses. The anarchist atmosphere prevalent in most households had bred two generations of young people incapable of self-discipline. This naturally was demonstrated in the classroom and discipline became a major problem. It wasn't long before the entertainment principle was adopted – if a kid was 'having fun', he was learning. When the profit motive, relative to computer sales, was added, the country embarked on a very dangerous trend – gawking at cathode ray images and hammering away at keys. Now, rare is the school whose budget does not include millions for computer entertainment but not one cent for education.

Education means embedding something in your noggin so that you do not have to 'look it up'. Learning implies that whatever was input didn't vaporize over a summer vacation, which is nearly always the case in today's insane world of Eloi partying at the river's edge. The results are that people now enter college without knowing the topics they were required to know, but they sure have short fingernails from incessant keyboard pecking. Colleges, in order to keep up with the down trend, offer remedial courses. Hah! Once graduated, employers need courses called "on the job training," a euphemism meaning "unqualified for the position applied for." Thus, high school and college were useless in the long run save the memory of "good times".

When everyone has a Ph.D. degree, of what value will they be?

A nearby radio jock graduated from Bohunk U. summa cum laude in "communications" – another word for 'make a living gassing on the air waves'. Having some meager connections, I sniffed out this fellow's high school record. He was below average in the sciences and slightly above average in history and English. Oh well. That's the kind of people we seek for advice.

Some denounce "rote memorization" as useless. This always comes from people could have a hard time memorizing their own street address, or applying themselves to an arduous task. A repetition of anything "drills" that into the mind and sooner or later it ends up at a deeper level which responds beyond the intentional recall. Your ability to walk is a product of memory even though you think about it rarely. Ever watch a brick layer work? He jabbers, and looks around, hardly noticing that his hands automatically apply the mortar and place the brick properly. He demonstrates that somewhere along the line he has learned something. If you cannot recall what you did in Butterfly Buggering 101, then you learned nothing even though you scored 6 million on the final exam. You temporarily retained a few items, that's all.

Dialogue generally in not a learning process. Each is interested in listening to his own voice and only allows the other to speak out of protocol. Schools, and homes, are now filled with jabber. All make noise but none listen, and we like to call this "education". I always referred to myself as a "presenter" of information. I never deceived myself by calling every effort one of  "teaching" and my charges, were for the most part, not students but only an audience. My students thought this an accurate assessment but my fellow teachers only frowned at the mention.

The regimen of formal schooling instills something far more important than what is presented as course material. It teaches self-discipline and builds character to the extent that one can direct himself to do well even in areas of which he dislikes. It is this substance which builds anything. One shows up in class, on time. One keeps his mouth shut, until asked to open it. One drills himself to a level of competence, or fails. All this is directed to building a person's ability to control himself – a model which is not 'politically correct', I know. At home this should continue with the refrigerator off limits and not be some anarchist's 24 hour snack bar. Meals should be punctual and ordered, and if one is not hungry, then he shouldn't eat but have full knowledge that he must wait for the next meal. Only a nursed infant should be fed on demand which again, is rarely the case. Mom is too busy with her own pursuits and if a bottle is not handy (her breasts already demoted to second class food supply) then the idiotic practice of using a "pacifier" is invoked. What in hell a mother is trying to 'pacify' is beyond me.

Home schooling is many times a means whereby an unstable mother has a psychological need to keep her kids on a leash. A big, and I hope not too common, practice during home schooling is to remove all structure from the schooling process. Let the kid sleep in, if so desired. When awake, "study" only what suits his fancy at the time and for whatever period of time it takes for "boredom" to set in. Let the child determine the whole show, and so on and so forth. Is a "school" of fish some disorganized bunch swimming to and fro each according to its own whim? No, it is not. A school is recognized by its regimen and discipline. If one home schools as if life were to be patterned after a leaf caught in the wind, then what prospect does the child have when he faces the real world? Virtually none, for he will retain this carefree do-it-when-you-please attitude often for his whole life. Reality will someday massively frustrate him and that will begin the day of drug, sex and alcohol addiction to shield himself from what he was not trained to handle. He will rebel with certainty and this often involves violence.

Among the young, suicide, drug use, anarchy, and such, are all on the increase. These are symptoms of a social disease and true to pattern we are a people not accustomed to treating diseases, only the symptoms. Therein lies our failure.

Carlos Porter writes againhttp://www.cwporter.com/FORGIVENESSCHRISTIANSTYLE.htm
I see the "who be white" boys are still at it. Input comes from criminals behind prison walls to knuckle-draggers with their array of faddish body mutilations and nigeroo mimicking behavior. One thing appears to me: few distinguish between a White characteristic and a "White" person, thus echoing the romantic notions of Ernst of Tennessee that White people are so nifty due to their variety of "racial" characteristics. I think he mentioned "warm brown eyes" in an attempt to assure himself that he himself was White.  There is no variety when it comes to identifying features of any living thing. When you see such variety you are not observing anything other than a batch of mongrels. It's as Eric says, the darker a population becomes, the more people will call themselves "White".

As one peruses old literature, he cannot help but notice that "Christianity" once meant White people and White people were identified by Asians, Africans and wahoo Americans as not only having pale skin but blue eyes. Two thousands years ago, nearly all who were deemed European had blue eyes. The percentage has dropped drastically, not due to some far-fetched mutation, but due to race-mixing. Romans disappeared as they copulated with freed slaves and creatures from the Levant. Thus, the "burnt cork" eye color, along with other not as noticeable features, adulterated the White gene pool. Although what we call "White" comes in a variety of eye color, hair texture, and the like, brown eyes is not a White racial characteristic. A pigmented medulla in the hair is not a White racial characteristic and I care not how widespread it is. "White" hair is like "White" skin: translucent. Shakespeare's "tall, dark and handsome," referred to a man with dark hair, not a nigeroo. Dark hair is not a White characteristic. White characteristics are not some circus of variety anymore than Yellow characteristics come in a kaleidoscope of variety.

What apparently is happening, and it's totally jewish thinking, is that one picks out some batch of huma-nerds he would like to call White, then defines the characteristics to fit, and this nearly always includes himself. The White race does not come in a variety of anything. It's a matter of deciding how much racial adulteration we will include in a definition answering "Who is White?"

I can think of no White characteristic which is dominant. Thus, the recessive nature of our characteristics is a beautiful survival feature since any slight nigeroo, or egg roll, adulteration in the family tree is easily noticed. If the gods ever defined a special people, then it is indeed the White people because they left them indelibly branded with a way to remain relatively "pure in their generations". This dominant/recessive thing is the reason "White" people are becoming darker in skin, darker in hair and darker in eyes. It's gets its hold because of truant gonads and therein lies the rub. If you have no regard for the orifice you stuff your member into, then you have absolutely no right to yammer about "saving the White race." Most of the "pro-White" bunch I have come into contact with are bold hypocrites. It's all very disheartening.

FAEM – the nucleus of HAET Central. Don't leave home without it.
Sorry folks.
Both I and Maguire are behind on a few things. I had a friend post a daily page so no one would think I was abducted by a flying pie plate. I locked a folder here and there, so that other files would not be dicked with. Idle fingers cause problems often. Things will be back to abnormal soon. I hope you enlisted while I was absent.
And more cultural enrichment via diversityhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/uk/newsid_1899000/1899609.stm
One fellow notes that it is highly probably that Ashcroft, the jew club, and others, knew 9-11 was coming. After the horse has left the barn, so what? People just don't get it when it comes to what people believe to be truth.

Tom Thudhead hears a wad of gossip, observes the falling leaves, and then consults a swami. When it's all blended, he comes up with a NOTION. That notion is then planted in his noggin as fact. If, at a later time, anything contradictory which presents itself will simply be ignored. The notion remains as a Rock of Gibraltar. (That's why ZOG shoves nigger-loving onto your kids at a very early age. This process is called "imprinting".) Only a person with the capability to think and the willingness to admit that one of his notions is in error, will ever go through the monumental task of revising, or replacing that notion. Everyday we are confronted by thud brains who have absolutely no intention of changing their minds about anything. They are shallow and bigoted people who can never admit that they made a mistake, or that their teachers, parents, religious, or ZOG just might be lying to them. They will readily describe to you all the mistakes of others, which are necessary to bolster their own egos, but steadfastly maintain that they are never in error. Some actually believe their own nonsense. People who are "never wrong" are also people who will never apologize for that, at least to them, would be superfluous. In a sense, I am describing a variety of zealot.

Now that the ZOG criminals have announced that "any attack on Israel is an attack on the United States," I wonder why an attack on the U.S. (9-11) was not considered an attack on Israel. The goyim still don't get it, do they? Besides, all of our enemies already know this, so what's the deal anyway? Watch as more and more "Whites" discover they are jews after all.
ZOG? Of course not. " ...will try to add new U.S. help for Israel..."
Read – http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/africa/newsid_1937000/1937855.stm
Now that the former White Rhodesians are second class citizens – http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/africa/newsid_1937000/1937855.stm  – my feeling is that any batch of Whites simple enough to hand over their country is not deserving of being a citizen of anything, second, third, or what not.
Need more to read? http://www.worldwideschool.com/library/books/lit/historical/rienzithelastoftheromantribunes/toc.html
Here's news for Eric. The jewboys have renamed their "cold fusion" monkey business, "Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions." Those who didn't like CANR, have the option LENR, "Low Energy Nuclear Reactions." 
Also on the science front, it has been decided that Pluto is not a planet. It is a Kuiper object. When they get around to telling us that Pluto is a sister to Mongo, then I'll get interested. In the meantime, keep the baloney coming so that university grants will flow like wine.
Laurence Hecht – who he be? – has declared that Baron Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz, a man who invented differential and integral calculus independently of Newton, was "childish" in his thoughts. Isn't it comforting to know that we are awash in "genius"? Kepler and Newton were also rather "simple". They just didn't know how really messed up the universe is, what with its black holes, worm holes, quark holes and of course, the very numerous A holes.
A fellow remarks that the program on – http://www.radianthealthofdesmoines.com/overview.html  – really works. His blood pressure has dropped 30 points in one month. Isn't this what ornery Robert has been telling you for years? I would make a comment in regard to the carbohydrates. It's the starches which cause more fat production than do the sugars. It's not very likely that the sugar in apples, honey, etc. will be precursors to fat. Look at the 1940 recommended diet of both our ZOG and that of Nazi Germany. It's just typical farm boy fare. The kind of thing which makes good eating.
Here's a jew surrounded by "French" youthhttp://fr.news.yahoo.com/020419/85/2k0s6.html
"Most of the intellectuals in the Resistance are bogged down in the defensive position of Holocaust Revisionism. They feel that we need to argue with the Jews over how many scum-bag criminals can fit in an oven. Who else but the intellectuals would come up with such a stupid platform as the Holocaust debate? Holocaust Revisionism helps the Kikes control the international debate by focusing on Jewish suffering. David Irving claims 2 million Jews died, while other Revisionists say it was more like 200,000 or even less. The Revisionists parade "friendly" Jews around (also Amos and Andy RF) to prove they are not anti-Semites (or racists RF), but merely concerned citizens seeking the truth. Revisionism gives the Jews a platform to whine about the Holocaust, for how could the poor Jews allow these denials to go unanswered? Holocaust Revisionism is a Jew's dream-come-true. Whether the number dead is 6 or 2 million or even 1 Jew, it really doesn't matter to the Jews as long as the debate focuses on the Jew as the victim. Instead of worrying about the past, we should be preparing the White masses for the future." Wyatt Kaldenberg

Let's see – Europe, according to the National Geographic, is now "much older" than "we" expected. The highly touted carbon dating method apparently is not as great as the expert crystal ballers believed it was. Dates are now being revised and so the admission that they are playing with their dinkies, is obvious. Now, if I sent Alex into the lab and told him to measure the rhombus on the pharbus, let's suppose he said "69". Now, I ask Bernie to do the same and he returns with "81". Which result would be closer to the truth, the 69 or the "revised" version of 81? I do not lose sleep over this dung because it is wild-eyed speculation using intimidating scientific terms and expensive White man machines. Bullshit baffles brains.

I watched a brief TV show concerning the Nautilus,  a cephalopod mollusk of the species Nautilus pompilius – a freaked out clam, if you prefer. I paid particular attention to the brown stuff flowing from the narrator's mouth, specifically the word "evolved". "Evolved" is a magic word like "equality" which, when used, adds hot air substance to fiction. The Nautilus zips about the ocean eating things. That's not unusual but the way Natty does it is quite amazing.

Natty came from a long line of willy whackers who one day decided to "evolve" into something else. Zipping through the water was a little tedious so Natty "evolved" jet propulsion. In spite of an ample food supply, Natty "evolved" a beak mouth so it could deal with the tough steaks at Hymie's Kosher Ocean Buffet. A dozen tentacles was also not satisfying to Natty and so she "evolved" a dozen more. This evolution thing is amazing because the narrator gaves Natty credit for "inventing" the ballast tank idea which is used to control the buoyancy of submarines. Well, Natty really didn't invent it, she "evolved" it. Amazing.

Evolution is all over the place. London's Big Ben must have evolved from a Swiss watch and the broom evolved from an oak sapling. Or was it the other way around? I am not down on all evolution since there appears to be some evolutionary process at work between a pile of manure and the brains of those who think all of this scientific Spielberg-type crap represents reality.

Truth is not was someone says it is. Truth is that which is. It is not dependent upon humans for existence. All of our abstract baloney exists only within the cheese holes in our heads. You wouldn't swallow an unknown potion simple because someone said it would be good for you, would you? White man. You have a great brain. Too bad it needs to be dusted off and used.

I am sure that if we had White men running this country instead of a gaggle of greedy sickos, many of whom only appear White, extortion rackets encompassing the entire country would not happen. In fact, the first time someone squawked, like wild-eyed Jesse, he'd be given a choice of returning to the trees in Africa or being used for fertilizer. I am sure you are familiar with this – http://www.cnsnews.com/ViewNation.asp?Page=\Nation\archive\200204\NAT20020417b.html
Turko-Americans (Don't you love it?) have filed a $52 million federal lawsuit claiming that local Hasidic jews have conspired to run them out of business. Sweet and lovely Leib and Rachel Reichman are also alleged to violate the RICO racketeering laws. That's hard to believe isn't it? God's Chosen people behaving lower than common criminals. Nawh. Tell me it isn't so.
Aryan Alan Ratner said his company, New York Metals Management, bought up 70,000 tons of scrap steel from the 9-11 wailing wall. It will be shipped to India for recycling. Since America is in such fine shape, his decision was out of concern for poor people and profit never entered his mind. Oh jes, Madonna is a virgin and Hillary a die-hard American patriot..
Toronto's homeless are also laced heavily with AIDS. I therefore expect all honorable people to adopt a few of these poor unfortunate people. After all, it's the Christian thing to do. Anyone need a rabid wolverine?
Regarding the Israeli massacres of Palestinians, some feel the U.S. can do nothing. Bolshoi. Like our open borders, the ZOG does not want to do anything because all of this is according to plan. America is gone and what you see now is just more of the bricks falling to the ground. Adelphi is laying off thousands and the stock market climbs. When everyone is unemployed we will all be stock market millionaires, I suppose.

I find much humor in the several scenes of America's demise. A California Congressman, I believe, always voted for open borders and his area soon looked like Tijuana. The mestizos then voted him out of office and now he's crying the honky blues. White Americans keep voting for criminals, perverts and morons and then wonder why the ship has no rudder. Strange.

Women marry macho men and then when he does a macho thing on her face, she cries. Men marry 'hot tricks' and then wonder why their beds have smells they don't recognize. Kids cheat on exams and get good grades while learning nothing. It all makes sense to me.

Lard assed "native" Hawaiians are part of the welfare crowd and visitors to those islands can observe that all menial jobs are filled with Mexicans. None were noticed to "hula" however.

The aholes are still at it!


The interior of this article states that in each cubic meter of rock there "may be" as much as 1000 liters of hydrogen trapped. One cubic meter = 1,000,000 cubic centimeters and 1000 liters = 1,000,000 (very close). Thus, the volume of the hydrogen = the volume of the rock. Rocks are not foam rubber and one might wonder where, in that solid crystalline structure, would there be room for all of that gas. In addition, hydrogen is the smallest of all molecules and it requires an extraordinarily impervious material to contain it. What sort of astounding mechanism could hold hydrogen gas for eons? 1000 liters of hydrogen has a mass of about 3 ounces which has an energy equivalent about the same as a cup of gasoline. If hydrogen from this "source" were used to propel your family sedan, it would take about 7600 cubic meters of rock per year. That's 22,000 TONS of rock matey! Multiply that by the millions of vehicles flitting hither and yon, and you've got one hellova mountain.

Taking it further, has anyone really thought about the time and energy needed to process such volumes of rock? It simply makes no sense except to those university knotheads who need to dream up new scams in order to keep their grants coming in.

Hydrogen is interesting in that, unlike other gasses, its density changes little from gas to liquid. (It actually becomes less dense! U.S. Rubber Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.) This means that your fuel tank would need a huge power source to keep the temperature at hundreds of degrees below zero to maintain volume parity with gasoline. That would make an interesting fuel tank. Even when not in use, the fuel tank would still have to be kept cold or the pressure would rise phenomenally. How would you like to be inflating your honey in the back seat when one of these babies decided to come apart? That would be a ride to end all rides. It would, like the Challenger, make a great TV spectacular.

I have been getting many letters (email) from young men who have grown up in a one parent "mom" home. Not one has disagreed with my position on the matter. In fact, there is more info on this topic than I imagined. I am relatively ignorant, you know, and depend upon others to fill me in. This is not anti-female, it's just a note that women are not men and when they try to be men, they lose all of their power. A recent episode in Rochester leaked out, whereby a fleeing store bandit became cornered. A female officer, screaming orders until she nearly went hoarse, left the man rolling in the street laughing. Police men cuffed him. I am sure they viewed this uniformed Zena as a great addition to law and order. Here's a little something to read, if you haven't already done so (Birdman Bryant's site) – http://www.thebirdman.org/Index/Others/Others-DifferencesInMen&Women-Robert.html
Remember that there will be no change until the masses want a change. They will want a change only when their slop trough is empty and that's why ZOG has as priority keeping the masses supplied with food and entertainment. It cannot last anymore than a leaky boat will remain floating forever. We have no idea of how this insane play will end, but as White men, we forge on because it is our nature to do so. If we give up, we are guaranteed defeat. The gods do not like beggars or quitters. We are neither. Never give up for all, good and ill, passes and will be replaced by its opposite as surely as day follows night. 
Some people simply do not deserve an apology. If I accidentally step on your toes, I could apologize and the matter thus closed. There are some however, to whom an apology is given, would only use it as an excuse to berate and batter.

"Ma'am. I stepped on your toes. It was not intentional and I apologize."
"I thank you for that. Have a good day"

"Ma'am, I stepped on your toes. It was not intentional and I apologize."
"You should apologize, you worthless piece of crap. How dare you inflict your stupidity and slovenliness upon me. You don't know whom you are mucking with!"

I'll bet my last hurrah that you've met both kinds. I've certainly had my share.

The radio blared with an announcement that a young fellow just took a swan dive off a very high overpass. There is no need to mention the result of him meeting hard concrete. Since the incident happened in this area, I called a close friend of mine, a police Captain, and asked about details of this kid's home life. There it was – sickeningly again! He was from a "single parent" non-family directed by a feminist "mom". As Maguire stated, women cannot teach boys how to become men. Anyway, excuse my harping on this topic but it is a passionate concern of mine. Women, by intention or accident, are doing nearly irreparable damage to any boy whom they raise within an environment of "See, I can wear a jockstrap too." If we scan the records of drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide, for young people, nearly all result from a lack of family. The guilty are both men and women. The women for causing it directly and the men for allowing it to happen.

I spent many years around the young, both male and female, and it was easy to predict the home life of the substantial, well adjusted, content with what they are, students. They all came from stable homes. The psychological make-up of a young person is the direct result, and revealing indicator, of his home life. The equation is simple. Off the wall home = off the wall kids.

Alien Ant Nation


"Super Ant Colony Found in Europe:"

"Normally, ants from different nests fight. But the researchers concluded that ants in the supercolony were all close enough genetically to recognize one another, despite being from different nests with different queens.

Cooperating allows the colonies to develop at much higher densities than normally would occur, eliminating some 90 percent of other types of ants that live near them, said Laurent Keller of the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Argentine ants were accidentally introduced to Europe around 1920, probably in ships carrying plants, Keller said in an interview via electronic mail."

Interesting.  These racist Third World immigrant ants are cooperating in ethnically cleansing the native European ants.


One of the greater evils injected into American education, is the monumental lies of the jews. National Socialism ist verboten when it comes to any objective discussion of the Third Reich. They want you to believe that it was all about gassing Juden. It's a crock. I personally know of jews who prospered during Hitler's era. The truth would put and end to the continuing extortion racket. Here are some good photos clearly illustrating a part of what I have described. Read Hitler's racial laws for a better understanding of how this came about.   http://www.kansaspress.ku.edu/righitpix.html
Hate is a survival emotion and if your enemies can get you to give it up, then they have won. If you think you can protect your home, your property, family, or even yourself, by "loving" those who want to take it all away, then you are committing suicide. The enemies of the White race fully know that they cannot beat the White man on an even playing field. They cannot even disarm him directly, so must necessarily convince the White man that he is evil and must prove to the world the contrary by giving up his strength. This places us on the defensive and that's always the worst position. So make sure that you are conformable with being "evil" and "full of hate". This we know is kosher krock and a confident smile, and agreement, is certainly better armor than sniveling and begging for acceptance into the vile world they have an ambition to create and head. Have you been exercising your middle finger lately? Make sure you do plenty of curls and extensions.

The stupid Brits once gave their best arms to the wogs (India) in the belief that if they proved they trusted them – by giving them the best rifles – then the wogs would return the trust and be loyal allies. That was the seed of the Sepoy Rebellion (Mutiny) 1857-8. Too bad Brits, you had that one wrong. "Señor, mi amigo, I'll trade this fine gold watch for your gun."

We are inviting millions of Mexicans to join in our "democratic" process. Ain't that sweet. It's new becoming more evident that Whites will be voted out of office. That's turd-world sharing and the jews with their tin-pan alley, TV and movie rackets, have also exercised this racial "shut out". But goyim never seem to learn, at least, most of them don't.

Most women cannot understand the practice of having mistresses, concubines and wives. They view things always from a entirely personal one. Before I get axed as being a male chauvinist pig, let me preface by saying that understanding is not the same as condoning. OK ladies?

A man wants heirs to leave his name and property to – an idea older than the calendar. Rulers passed their domain onto their sons. This necessitates the formality of marriage to keep the public order.

To insure that his wife's children were also his, laws, such as the Yasa of Genghis Khan, made it a capital offense to monkey around with another's wife, whether you were single or not. If this form of hanky-panky were absent, then "your" son would be indeed, your son. If a man had a mistress, or whatever, the "heir" part of the matter was not involved. A few bastards sprinkled over the country side had no effect on the rule of succession or property inheritance. On the other hand, if mama grabbed a stray one, once in a while, no one could be sure who the children belonged to. This could not be allowed for all sorts of practical reasons.

Jews trace "jew" lineage through the mother alone, as I understand, for one knows his mother but often not his father. This insures that any offspring would be "part" jew at least. A promiscuous non-jew female might have jewish progeny, but no one could be sure. This is why the biological jewish population is a great deal larger than the records might indicate, unless you bleive that jewish males as faithful, by definition, to their wives and never marry gentiles.

It is not an unnatural thing to do. We observe that male lions, upon taking over a pride, kill the young of the previous males, thus insuring that the pride is of his blood, for the most part.

We are still blessed with millions of wise women but sadly, far too many are influenced by TV's Zena and the Chuck Norris Fung Gu (That's Chinese isn't it?) pirouettes.

One of our greatest handicaps is the mental one which denies unpleasant fact. The country is awash in it. My father could watch TV ads until the cows came home but never once was it observed that he bought anything simply because it was advertised. He'd try a product, and if he didn't like it, he never bought it again.

Due to my grandfather's unfortunate accident, dad and my uncle had to quit school in order to put food on the table. It was a large family. The times were not of pretense and the only job qualification one needed was "can you do the work?" A man would be put on trail and he stayed or was fired, due to that criteria alone. No employer owes you a thing. You enter an agreement – so much work for so much pay. Just as in buying a loaf of bread. Today, this whole scene is scrambled beyond repair.

One must first come to grips with his own limitations. My boyhood dream was to be a pilot. I'd lie on the lawn marveling at the freedom of the birds. At age 11 or so, I realized that I had faulty color perception. (Not 'color blind' as common parlance describes. No one on record was ever shown to have no color perception.) I had some difficulty is recognizing light hues of red and green. Anyway, I went ahead and enlisted in the Air Force. Obviously, I was tossed out. Later in life, I managed to obtain a Class III medical certificate after taking a special exam. I am allowed to fly private aircraft but that's a very long way from the dream I held for a lifetime. Being denied the only goal I had ever passionately wanted, was not an excuse to get pissed off at the world, take drugs, get soused or do anything other than continue marching ahead.

My first love, a girl I would have done nearly anything for, finally cranked it up my fanny, left, and married another fellow within weeks. That left me very, very sad. Not once did I feel that women were all bitches because I had the shining examples of my sisters, mother, and so on, to demonstrate otherwise. I never dated for nearly 3 years, and then, only with hesitation. The episode had ended and the blame was fixed no where. It was just one of those things – like falling over your own feet or having a pigeon drop a nasty on your head.

Once full realization of one's life position is known, he simply must do the best with the hand the gods have dealt him. Others may have a better hand of cards, but what in hell does that have to do with you? Should one drop out of life like a useless addict because you happen to be playing with only a pair of deuces?

I do not view life as a struggle to prove anything nor ingratiate myself with the gods that are. There are a lot of rewards here, but I do wonder if there are any over there. An oak seed might be dropped in the finest of soil or find itself in some barren crevice. All oak seeds try. All of life tries except certain varieties of human. The different is that humans have the ability to screw up their own minds, voluntarily. Many refuse to accept what is available, and hinge their hope on things hardly possible. Dreams must operate within an environment of plausibly probable.

I knew of an 87 year old bitter woman whose husband left her when she was 31. For 56 years, this woman dreamed of the day her husband would return and then she would, "tell him off" in no uncertain terms. She never dated, never had a job and relied on her son and daughter to support her. She rarely left the house, according to the neighbors. The son left and married. The daughter stayed with the mother until she died. I now understand why the husband left, but I do not excuse it. The obligation was to provide a sane family for their children and both dropped the ball and never once attempted to pick it up.

No matter what you perceive your problem to be, ten to one, you caused it yourself. You cannot solve it until you learn where the real responsibility lies and then look ardently into the mirror and say, "Self. You sure mucked that one up." But it's American to avoid responsibility for one's own actions, and we can see the result around us. It's not a pleasant thing to observe. The losers are those who cannot face the mirror honestly.

As people note, I often yammer on about informative episodes in my life and grab bits of email which I think are useful to what I view as "the big picture", and post them. These I intend to use in the pursuit of getting people, and in particular young White men, to reflect upon their lives and what they receive as information. An encouragement to think, as it were. Only once, of the hundreds of times, was I ever accused of revealing "personal information." I give out no meaningful names, addresses of any kind, phone numbers, dates, license plate numbers, descriptions or specific data – only the gist of some observation or encounter. I will admit that recently I was the recipient of a most bizarre collection of accusations and implied motives, and that, in itself, was not unsettling. Normally I dismiss such rant as coming from some wild-eyed jew, or paranoid nitwit, but I did wonder if perhaps there were others who felt as such. If any of you reading this – those who have corresponded or had personal contact – feels I have betrayed a confidence, gone back on my word, stolen your silverware, failed to return a borrowed book, poisoned your cat, or what not, please write to me with the details by which the general public could identify you, why you are now in mortal danger, and the outline of my transgressions. You would be doing me a service. Thank you.
It is hard for me to believe that kindly Arafat, sitting in his surrounded bunker, is directing the entire Palestinian people. Like Osama, the hate-crazed Judeo-Christians and their jew masters, need a simple focus. If it isn't Arafat, it would be Charlie the camel. The bottom line is that it's following typical jew format – start with the conclusion and then fill in the preceding. Kill them all and then add the justification later. These people are simply nuts and very dangerous. Trying to figure them out makes about as much sense as trying to find a pattern in a plate of spaghetti. If each and every act of violence is controllable by Arafat, then perhaps we should hold Georgie boy responsible for the gangs fights and drug killings which are normal American fare. Thugs such as these are terrorists, aren't they? Or does their presence in your neighborhood make you feel safe? Americans tolerate abortion murders by the thousands and highway carnage by the bushel, but one American dying during an illegal invasion of a sovereign territory is a pain beyond endurance. Oi vey. (Please shed tears at this point.) If you can figure out that looney tunes bit of thinking, I'd be happy to hear from you.
I try to be an objective observer when it comes to listening to both sides of anything. It is my impression that the Arab spokesmen are far more civilized and logical than the raving jews which confront them, like the venomous Pinkus. I hope he has an early and pleasant funeral.
A man is like a mighty horse. Fearless in battle; laborious in the fields and gentle in the stable. He comes with a set of reins. A stupid woman believes she can direct the horse using force. A wise women knows which rein to gently pull.
No "veggie" nitwits in Merry Olde England
. Meat made them world conquerors. Well, somewhat. Genes played a major role but I'd appreciate hearing where some army of asparagus eaters conquered anything. The Mongol Golden Horde did not eat rice, and neither did Attila. The plant eaters are always consumed by the meat eaters. Mrs. Real Live Nature told me so. The problem with the meat-eaters turned carrot suckers, is that their asinine diets soon cause brain rot and they start to believe their own ravings. Some go further by mounting terrorist 'stop-the-milking' campaigns. Teat yanking is animal abuse. Right, my little muffin? Bird watching might someday prove to be offensive to some birds, especially if they look like a good meal to some hawk. Perhaps there should be a law. After all, it might be a variety of voyeurism and the birds are naked aren't they?


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