27 April 2002
Today we welcome Minerva, a White female artist who joins our unpaid laissez-faire staff of dissidents. Her caricatures are great as you will notice. Her work will be part of the "front page" and will be archived in the folder 'Cartoons'. She certainly will welcome any ideas for drawings. Please submit your ideas to Robert. As before, we appreciate your help.

The 14 immortal words which guide us all – "We must secure the existence of kosher Israel and a future for parasitic jews."

How many of you simple-minded goyim are ready to die for this bit of insanity? You sacrificed immensely to insure that anti-Communist states were destroyed during the SWATKWP. Isn't it time you enlisted?

Science Department: Doppler Effect – the change in frequency of Christian Doppler's screams relative to whether he was catapulted upwards or thrown over a cliff. All of this trauma resulted in his early death at age 50.
What have we here? Those 'peace loving' democracies are something else, aren't they Sarah?
I'm just a simple white working man, but your site has turned me into something else, a more illuminated working man.  I wish I could put into words the way FAEM can, the way I observe events going on around me.  Thank you for your written pieces and I will continue to do my part by passing the word to others and more tactfully to my young children.
Regards, S. F.

Isez – The above is typical of the email I receive and one thing which has always disturbed me since I was a child, was the superficial and nation-destroying class distinctions which exist in this land. As with major body organs, none is "superior" to the other for the existence of all of them, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc., is mandatory. Yet we live in a society where the morons and perverts of the so-called entertainment industry are looked upon as some variety of god. Criminals, and clowns,  get elected to office simply because they are supported by large piles of money. Wherever we look, the working White man supports the whole circus where he has little to say about its operation. That must be corrected.

As the lard-assed politico drives to and fro his conspiratorial meetings, he does it in a vehicle BUILT by the working man. The look-down-the-nose types hog down their expensive meals courtesy of the farmers and cooks who brought it to them. Even the manicured pencil pusher needs someone to manufacture his pencils. When was the last time you saw a welfare recipient grateful that they are supported by working people? I have yet to meet a single one. All are ingrates of one sort or the other.

I place no hierarchy on the value of contributions to the general welfare, for all are needed as is the spleen and stomach of our individual bodies. I would hope than those who might view themselves as lesser in some artificial pecking order, would think about their work and know the true value of it. Which is more important, the engine or the transmission? Both are different in structure and function but BOTH are required if we are to motor to that secluded lake where the bass thrive.

We will be experiencing monumental changes in the immediate future. We will not be another Rhodesia-Zimbabwe nor will a German style Reich appear on these shores for we are a distinct set of White people, derived from Europeans, but not Europeans. We are cousins, bound together in this cosmic struggle by blood, but each should be allowed to mind its own affairs according to tradition or whatever else is considered valuable. All White people have a right to self-determination just as much as other people. We have a right to live amongst our own kind and establish whatever society we deem proper. This has been denied us since 1945 and the drive to eradicate White societies all over the globe, is intensifying. In view of the massive support, that is handouts, of the White working people to the non-Whites of this world, I could really say that we have more of a right to self-determination than any other people on the planet. WE HAVE EARNED THAT RIGHT! Yellow people are not our brothers. Black people are not our brothers anymore than the fox is a brother to the coyote.

Our society is sick, very sick, and rotten to the core. A healthy society has no need to pave avenues of escape whether they are of drugs, sex, alcohol and such. Suicides committed by the young never originate within a sound family. If some magic wand could, with a wave, transform each and every misled White man into a self-reliant, forthright, dependable and honest person, we'd really have an instant revolution and all for the better. Alas, the gods gave us no such wand and so the burden of "getting into shape" falls upon each of our individual heads.

Le Pen IV

Another Friend of F.A.E.M. (damn, says the ADL, those goys have more than one!) sent in an excellent electoral interactive map from French Yahoo!   http://cgi.europe.yahoo.com/fr/profpoli/carte/president1f5.htm  Click on the Departement and you can get the Presidential election results in percentages.

After taking this tour I noticed some emerging themes:

1.  Le Pen as the new Maginot Line.  Le Pen took every northern and eastern border departement adjacent to Belgium, Germany and Switzerland except two.  Of the two exceptions Chirac squeaked past Le Pen in one by less than 1%.  The other is in high mountains adjacent to Switzerland.  This replicates our own experience here in the Late Great U.S.A.  Anti-immigrant sentiment swiftly increases with direct experience of the social environment created by immigrants.

2.  Le Pen as the alternate opposition.  The mythical political centre or centre-right of Chirac, and ZOG's entire false political spectrum, is shown not to exist in the socialist, Communist and former pinko departements of the south.  The competition in these regions was generally between Le Pen and Jospin, or between Jospin and the smorgasbord of alternate pinks with Le Pen coming in the middle.  Chirac simply wasn't a factor in these areas.

3.  Chirac the Atlanticist.  The Atlantic Maritimes and the adjacent inland western departements showed a consistent theme of Chirac in first, followed by Jospin with Le Pen in third place.  These constitute Chirac's remaining political base.  Since Jospin + Le Pen almost always overshadowed Chirac alone, the run-off result in these theoretically rightist districts may not be predestined.   In the former Communist south Le Pen has shown himself extremely competitive for socialist minded voters.  Chirac was typically finishing in third or fourth in these locales.  It is far from clear to me that first round Jospin voters in the Maritimes will automatically default to Chirac in round two.  Socialist-minded folk haven't been doing this elsewhere.  The special issues of the campaign, which include Chirac's own Clintonesque corruption scandal left over from his tenure as Mayor of Paris, make this an iffy proposition.

Other Features.

Le Pen's Age.  At 73 this is pretty much Le Pen's personal last hurrah.  But win or lose, Le Pen's cause will march on because:

Institutional National Front. Unlike American style mini-führers such as Duke in Louisiana, Le Pen leads a real political party with subordinate organization and office holders.  This sort of Presidential campaign is ideal for polarizing and energizing the upcoming Assembly elections later this year.

Euro-ism.  As with Haider in Austria, Euro-ZOG is intervening openly.  Blair and Schroeder are already openly communicating subtle and unsubtle threats.  I can well imagine the pressures and threats being applied behind the scenes.  While designed to hearten existing pro-ZOG forces this might have the effect of highlighting the dangers to liberte of further EU political integration.

Street Action.  The Judeo-Marxists are mobilizing their university storm troops.  This is a dangerous course since the French voter's perception is already centered on non-white crime.  Large numbers of non-white rioters seems well-conceived to reinforce this image.  Since much of their street strength is in areas where Le Pen is also strong the most likely result will be to further polarize these areas.  The image of spreading disorder that already helped Le Pen into the run-off will merely be strengthened by these tactics.

Marxist Popular Front?  The common media wisdom is that the 'Left' will now form a Popular Front movement to defeat Le Pen.  Their problem is that this 'Front' has to mobilize support not for one of their own but for Jacques Chirac.  Based on results to date Chirac inspires far less fervor among the socialist rank and file than does le Pen.

This will be interesting to watch.


Don't say that you're a Friend of FAEM, and maybe they won't get wise.
And if they see us together, I'll brush the hate from my eyes.

Music by Jimmy Van Heusen. From the Bing Crosby production, The Great John L. featuring the beautiful bodies of Greg McClure and Linda Darnell. I remember one scene where John L. (Sullivan) was seen drinking his way to oblivion at a bar. An observer commented, "He's just a has-been." To this, another replied, "It's better to be a has-been than a never-was."

Le Pen III.


Judeo-ZOG Media Assessment of Le Pen:  Keep telling lies and suppressing real news.  Then all will be well.

"In the 48 hours before Sunday's first round presidential poll, French television and the popular press returned over and over again to images of a pathetic and bruised grandfather. He had been attacked by thugs in Orléans and was filmed walking shakily around what remained of his bungalow after an arson attack."
. . . . . .

"The highly emotional sequences have been blamed for a swing of several thousand votes to Jean-Marie Le Pen, the racist National Front candidate, whose stock-in-trade for more than 30 years has been an alarmist view of urban crime fed by unchecked immigration. (that 80% of the criminals in jails in Le Pen country are non-white North African immigrants is an irrelevant truth to the anti-white haters and Judeo-liars of the Guardian) The impact added to what a TV watchdog, l'Observatoire du Débat Public, called "an accumulation of [violent] facts on TV that have given the impression that all protection has collapsed, leaving a field of ruins"."

"Rural villages, with no crime or immigration, led the voting, but interviewers were shunned when they went to find out why. Of the few people who did face TV cameras, all said roughly the same thing: that they had seen and heard reports of immigrant-led urban crime and feared it would spread."  (translation into English:  don't report the truth that immigrant non-whites are violent anti-white hating racists.  Then white people in white areas will continue their political slumber.)

The good news is that ZOG is reaching since the above methodology has been their stock in trade for 50 years.  The moral is that pro-white people have to rebuild their own media.  Abandon the idea that these people ( http://www.natall.com/who-rules-america/ ) are going to do your work for you.  It's your job to spread the news into white areas.


Show me the man who does not HATE something and I'll show you a corpse.
Le Pen II


Here's an above average "in depth" article on one of Le Pen's National Front strongholds in southeastern France.  It illustrates some points I've been trying to tell people about the working class and lower middle class nature of our non-movement.

"Just along the quay stood Marie-Claude, outside the doorway of her printing and copying shop. 'Yes, I voted yesterday,' she said. ' I'm on the left, 'red', if you like; I voted for the Communists. But I understand the other side, too. Enough is enough.' "

"Marie-Claude shook her head, looking at the protesters. "They don't understand anything," she said. "They're not even old enough to vote." A resident of Beaucaire of long standing, she remembers from the Sixties when the town was controlled by the Communists."  (note:  I have repetitively commented on this for years about the support awaiting white patriotic movements in the remains of the white working class.  This same phenomenon is replicated across Europe all the way into European Russia.  I have inspected this at length on site.  But it is first required to offer a well conceived program designed to address these people's daily afflictions)...

"Many of these townslike the host of smaller wine villages and mill towns throughout the South that swung to the National Front on Sunday(i.e. places where lower income white Frenchmen live.  Is this plain enough, negro ghetto demonstrators?)..

were formerly controlled by the Communists.  (substitute 'Democrats') A senior council official, Bernard Baumelou, blamed the 25 years of Communist control for many of the town's problems. The Communists, he said, encouraged north African immigrants, who found jobs in the farms and vineyards. They hoped they would form part of a "popular" base that would keep them in power. Instead, it has meant almost the opposite." (attention non-movement non-leaders:  substitute 'Democrat' for 'Communist', check the census strips for white areas of average or below income, then the last election results and you'll know where to work).

"The crime message, though, had come through loud and clear. Mr Baumelou's colleague said she knew of people who usually voted Communist who had voted for the National Front this time   – in the hope that something would be done about insecurité.   (note: this was a common phenomenon the last time a pro-white people party was elected in the 1930s.  Ignore the modern Judeo-Marxist political professors' analysis of voting results in Germany in the early 1930s.   Their standard incorrect explanation is that the 'Centre' voters were sliding 'rightwards' toward the Nationalists, the Nationalists were sliding into the NSDAP while Communists (KPD) and Social Democrats (SPD) were shifting 'rightwards' into the Centre parties.  This game of musical political chairs never happened.  What actually happened then is working class voters went straight from the KPD to the NSDAP.  This is what we're seeing  now in France. Mr. Israel Shamir is just as alert to this as I am.  This is why he's saying what he's saying.)


Does God exist? Hell matey, I am not sure you exist. I am known to drink.
For male chauvinist pigs only.
Four charming examples of why automobiles hate women.
(Thanks to Mr. R.)               Those women drivers, those joy deprivers....
Researchers and farmers not involved in corporate agribusiness have discovered wonderful "new" farming techniques which produce better crops, better land, and even better profits. Lo and behold, it's the same as the old pre-WW II farming! Smaller plots, no expensive chemical fertilizers, alternate crops for the same field, and except for the hand-held plow, everything that great granddad did. Now the Smithsonian magazine reports on the "new" better farming. Indian style is best of all, the article declares, because proper plant mixes removed the need for pesticides. A giant leap into the future – from the past!
– Lois Neville

Robertsez – Ja, und better quality food too. The problem here is that this method, overall, produces fewer tons of 'eatables' per acre and so would only make world starvation increase, if adopted. As a woman, Lois, you understand the necessity of feeding each and every mouth, especially those of babes. People who cannot feed themselves have a God-given right to be fed by others, wouldn't you say? Being a Euro-American means that the welfare of other peoples is more important than the welfare of your own kind. ZOG axiom #69.

A Lesson For Blightwing Boobs


"Jewish and Muslim  leaders in the southern city of Marseille also united behind Chirac, expressing their shock at the success of Le Pen – 'the candidate of hatred and xenophobia.'

'We're calling on all French citizens for a massive vote on May 5, in favor of Jacques Chirac,' said a joint statement signed by Grand Rabbi Charles Bismuth and Grand Mufti Soheib Bencheikh."

Now ya'll see why I've called it "the Semites War".  Now you see why pro-Palestinian jihads don't appeal to me.  This response confirms what the genetic studies keep telling us also.


I love intellectual discussions. At Snell Hall, I'd be the last one to leave following some low key debate on which came first, Clyde Chicken or Elsie Egg. The reason I was the last to leave the room was because I wanted to search under the cushions of the lounge chairs to see if I could find enough for the morrow's meal. Those days at U.C. were a little on the lean side.

Usually such verbal exercises hinge upon which fellow can come up with the greater number of references. A reference is simply another fellow's look at things even though he labels it all as fact. The yammer is a mixture of belief and faith.

"Now, Peristalsis, during the reign of King Clayborn it was said that the Drits ate the legs of whores."

"You are wrong, Acne, why don't you use a better reference such as Glum's Guide to Giorfs where it is stated on page 1004 that the correct translation is, 'The Drit hoers had eight legs.' "

"OK. That might be true but you must remember that Glum has fallen into disrepute."

"Yes, but Dr. Carbuncle mentioned in his treatise on Hyperventilation of the Hernia, that the translation from Greek to Swahili to Double Dutch, left out the disjunction 'muthafugga', and thereby modified the modified modifier of the adverb. He therefore professionally dictated that the original translation, translated from the original was, 'Boers with clits have kegs.' "

"I heard that, but I am sure that it was a fraud and I quote the eminent Herr Doctor Professor Helmut Leiner, 'That which appears fraudulent by dawn's early light, and is so stated in the Protozoans of the Beleaguered Belfours of Mayan, will be counterfeit as soon as the worm squirms.' "

"Now you have really shot yourself in the foot. Don't you know that 'counterfeit' was improperly transcribed? It was remark about the 'counter feet' – a reference to the Higi of Nigeria who used to count on their toes."

The clock ticks.... Ho hum.... When will they leave so I can scrounge for quarters?

A South African honky cries in his beerhttp://www.churchfliers.com/sub_articles/warning.html
Jean-Mari le Pen & the Hour of Destiny

With this peruse the following important piece by Mr. Israel Shamir, Marxist sans Judeo (if that's possible).    Most of what he says is ancient archeology to readers of F.A.E.M.  The biggest significance is what Mr. Shamir says about the "normally cautious" people dropping their masks. This is excellent news indeed since targets have to come into 'line of sight' before they can be engaged.  His advice for the Marxist left wing is equally applicable for the White Wing:"Instead of supporting Jewish agenda, the Left should compete with the Right by addressing problems of working class in the country and of the income disparity on the global scale. There should be no more immigration, and this task calls to stop the main creator of immigration, the unfair Judeo-American globalization and Bush and Blairís War against Islam.".  And we're already one step ahead of the Left in being Juden-Frei.  Mr. Shamir knows this, which is why he's telling the 'left wing' things they're constantly bridling at."Maguire"

P.S. What I've been researching today is the coming illegalization of the Communist Party in Russia before the next Duma elections.  The stories are two weeks old and in Russian, meaning translation is required.  I've done parts and will finish it soon.

As we know, a 'Communist' party that loses its international connections becomes a quasi 'national socialist' party by default.  FYI, Le Pen's first big jump in the early 90s came right after the French commie party collapsed.

This anti-third world reaction is gathering steam all across Europe.  It's most significant from a European perspective in France since France is Europe's primary nuclear power.  I expect greatly intensified European ancient regime repressive measures against this, too.   ZOG is not going to let this nationalist reaction occur peacefully.

Israeli Spies, Again


This article purportedly contains some source material from a Drug Enforcement Agency inter-agency report detailing Israeli clandestine spy operations in the Late Great U.S.A.  In my opinion this article draws too much from ZOG's old octopus ink cloud designed to obscure the truth.  The "Israeli Art Student" cover is rehashed once more time.  The author, John F. Sugg, seems ignorant of basic principles of intelligence compartmentation.  Either the "art students", "movers" et al were tracking al-Qaida suspects or they were trying to 'infiltrate' U.S military installations.  They weren't doing both.  Clandestine surveillance, particularly of people themselves schooled in tradecraft like al-Qaida operatives, is a 24 hour a day job.

I've made my own opinion clear previously and I stand by it.  The only explanation that fits all known facts is this:  What was going on was a Joint ZOG-USA/Israeli operation aimed against al-Qaida.   The FBI and the CIA fell asleep at the switch since they thought the Israelis had al-Qaida well-watched.  This theory explains why ZOG-USA permitted Israeli based Amdocs (see note below) to sole-source cell-phone customer support.  It was the easiest way to put an unlimited pen number trace on al-Qaida's cell phone usage without the muss and fuss of court orders.  Similarly Mossad personnel are not constrained by the niceties concerning other forms of eavesdropping, black bag searches and opportunistic seizure and interrogation of immigrant (frequently illegally so) al-Qaida operatives.  This theory also explains why the FBI was seemingly unresponsive when flight schools called in about weird raghead behavior.  This joint operation went sour in a classic back-stabbing betrayal designed to convert the American people to 'war' via a new Pearl Harbor.  At that point these Israelis were rapidly seized by their American counterparts.  Such escorts would have been required to straighten out and prevent any misunderstandings with local police agencies.

The most significant quotation produced by Mr. Sugg occurs here:

"The nation's most prominent Jewish newspaper, the New York-based Forward, also has confirmed portions of the vast spying network – although stating that the Israelis were monitoring Arabs in the United States, not trying to access U.S. secrets. Referring to the arrest of five Israeli employees of a New Jersey moving company who were arrested and held for two months after the Sept. 11 attack, Forward on March 15 stated: 'According to one former high-ranking American intelligence official, who asked not to be named, the FBI came to the conclusion at the end of its investigation that the five Israelis ... were conducting a Mossad surveillance mission and that their employer, Urban Moving Systems of Weehawken, N.J., served as a front.' "

This is half a truth.  The untruth introduced by other agencies, namely that these young Israeli operatives were also trying sneak into the Pentagon and elsewhere to steal secrets à la James Bond, is pure disinformation.  That kind of espionage is handled from the inside by sayanim 'American' dual-national Jews like Jonathon Pollard, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz.  The untruth part is designed to deflect attention from the Bush Administration's 95% kosher and 99% non-white 'national security' synagogue that I and many others have repeatedly outlined.


Note:  Since the last time this subject came up a Friend of FAEM, an engineer with first-hand telecommunications information and experience, has been in contact with us.  This person says AMDOCS' particular market niche is cellular phone company 'customer service', including billing.  AMDOCS penetration of regular telcos for similar purposes is still very small.  This conforms to what I've been able to learn about AMDOCS' actual operations. 

Jenin War crimes, the UN "Investigation" & Jewish Agreement – Obstructionism

   At last.  Right Judeo-Marxist goy guys and girls?  Those evil FAEM fellows have it wrong!  The UN will now take action.  Even the Jew Ess Ah agreed!  Now comes the Inquiry & World Justice.  Right?

   Except the media is filling up with stories apparently calculated to raise blood pressure and increase frustration.  No point in linking one.  They change every time I check.  "Israel will cooperate" says the headline one minute.  "But..." comes the next one.  No... yes... if... maybe.... tomorrow, not today... yes, but next week.... come but not now... two steps forward, three steps back... now dosey doe to your left... swing your partner round and round... whirl... whirl... twist and twirl.. lie to her like a shiksa girl....

   This is precisely what their game is about.  Some will read the first headline of "agreement" and forget the rest.  For the remainder these stories are calculated to raise your blood pressure and frustration.  They're intended to wear you out and buy some time.  Time for the blackmail to work on key goy diplomats.  Time for threats of financial crashes and economic warfare against entire nations.  Time for the Mossad to engineer another attention grabbing event (read lethal) somewhere else around the globe (see my Threat Assessment of 09/26/01:  http://www.faem.com/maguire/semitwar.htm).  Time for everything to become "not news".  Time for the Judeo-Media to anaesthetize people back to sleep.

   It's the old game once more.  To me this reeks of so much nostalgia I'm tempted to run out and rent "American Graffiti".  Remember the Old Days of the so-called "Cold War" against the "Soviets" and "Communist obstructionism"?   It was actually Judeo-Communism back then.  Now it's called "Zionism" but everything else has stayed the same.  How many others have watched "Israeli" Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, Jew, on televitz?

That's him in the center.  Isn't he a classic?  He has the same corpulent, greasy features, the same swinish eyes nearly buried in his alcohol-reddened fat cheeks as "Soviet" spokesmen of the last millennium.  It's a waste of money and jet fuel to send cameramen to film him at press conferences.  Just pull out late 1940s archive footage of "Soviet" spokesmen, computer colorize it and recaption it.  And isn't the rest of that picture a blast from the past?  Except for the women's sunglasses and hairstyles it all could have been taken any time between 1920 and 1985 in Moscow.

This individual and his boss, Sharon, currently enjoy 75% approval ratings from the Israeli-Jewish public for their recent deeds.

Meanwhile the Secretary-of-State-On-A-Stick, Colin Powell, is saying "there's no evidence of war crimes at Jenin."  Now there's something for the two-bit street Mafia to try next time the police are called.  Refuse admittance to the cops (even with search warrants) since "there's no evidence a crime was committed."


A report claims that Blacks spend 4 more hours per day watching Talmudvision than do Whites. One might suspect that since most programs are niggerized asininity and all commercials are awash in nigger noise, and log thumping..
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of South Carolina have provided a hypothesis (A fancy word meaning 'wishful thinking'. RF) that "black holes" in space are not holes at all, but instead are more akin to bubbles. (Filled with vibrating vacuums, I suppose. RF)


Science, like religions, are lost in endless speculation concerning the unknown, so that they both might someday collapse onto themselves and become one single glob – of BS...     (Thanks Mike)

Dear FAEM– I would like to suggest the term "Salt Nigger" as a more vitriolic substitute for "Wigger". I've found that this moniker sends a very clear message and comes off just as caustic for the light skinned divisions as it does for their Hero/Pet Nogs. C.H.
To ensure we Americans never offend anyone – particularly fanatics intent on killing us – airport screeners are not allowed to profile people. They will, however, continue to perform random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper identification, Secret Service agents who are members of the President's security detail, and 85 year old Congressmen with metal hips.  Let's pause a moment and take the following test...

In 1972, 11 Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics by:
(a)    Grandma Moses;
(b)    The night cleaning crew at Rockefeller Center;
(c)    Invaders from Mars; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by:
(a)    Norwegians from the Lichen Herbarium of the University of Oslo;
(b)    Elvis;
(c)    A tour bus full of 80-year-old women; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1983, the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
(a)    A pizza delivery boy;
(b)    Crazed feminists complaining that having to throw a grenade beyond its own burst radius in basic training was an unfair and sexist job requirement;
(c)    Geraldo Rivera making up for a slow news day; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
(a)    Luca Brazzi, for not being given a part in "Godfather 2";
(b)    The Tooth Fairy;
(c)    Butch and Sundance, who had a few sticks of dynamite left over from their train mission; or,
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed by:
(a)    The entire cast of "Cats";
(b)    Martha Stewart;
(c)    Cheese-crazed tourists from Wisconsin; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1998, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania a were bombed by:
(a)    Mr. Rogers;
(b)    Hillary, to distract attention from Wild Bill's women problems;
(c)    The World Wrestling Federation to promote its next villain: "Mustapha the Merciless"; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked and destroyed by:
(a)    Bugs Bunny, Wil E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, and Elmer Fudd.
(b)    The US Supreme Court,
(c)    Barney; or
(d)    Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40.

Hmmm... nope, ain't no patterns here. Darned if I know why we should ever even think about profiling.
(Thanks to Q.R.)

As the jew pressure to legalize adult/child sex increases, I wonder how "child abuse" will then be defined. Bestiality is also being presented as an "alternative life style" but race-mixers have been doing this for a long time. We've allowed the family to be dissolved in our "pursuit of happiness" and condoned one type of perversion – faggotry. Like the camel's nose, once any type of perversion sticks its nose into the tent, all other types will follow as assuredly as a jew follows any loose dime.
As christians do their best to emulate jews they yammer about the Christ-return being predicated upon the conversion of jews to christianity. This should not be interpreted as illogical since christians pay no attention to their Bibles anyway. Just point out a Biblical passage which contradicts their beliefs and you are sure to hear, "But that is not in my Bible."
I confess that I am at a disadvantage when I comment. I am not writing a book so when I lay down a point, it is very narrow in reach. Thus, someone, sometime, somewhere, can take me to task for omission or inference of which was not intended. This is the state of my dilemma when talking about men and women. Moreover, if you fail to read all I write, then you are missing a broader picture. Let me try again.

Bastards exist in both sexes. These are ugly people who should have been drowned at birth, but alas, we have no crystal ball. I believe some of these bastards were the result of being brought into the world by other bastards. Note that I am not using the term to mean someone born out of wedlock. Maybe the label "piece of shit" would be more to the point.

Young men are partially characterized by spending a great deal of time looking for an orifice to fill. Young men have "been on the prowl" since the very beginning of time.

It takes two to make a new life. Outside of the few men who are very discriminating in whom they choose to have sex with, we can assume that most young men have no such scruples. The common remark, "He'd screw a snake if someone would hold it.", makes a point. That, I believe, is Nature. I further believe that the woman holds the key to pregnancy for, from my observations, she is less likely to fall victim to dropping her panties at any opportunity. She has a huge stake in this business for it is she who carries the burden of pregnancy. A female who keeps her clothes on has little to worry about in this regard.

The degenerate political/economic philosophy known as Communism, secures its power from its ability to destroy the family, as many wise people note. The family is the bedrock of the larger group, the nation. Kick out the props and the nation comes tumbling down as we are now experiencing. The destruction is promoted by appealing to the infantile self-interest of people. A family which drops its kids into day care communes is not one which is operating in the best interests of those children. The female is particularly susceptible to this siren song. Convince her she is "oppressed", etc., and then grant an outlet by championing the nebulous cause of "women's rights". Sound women laugh at this nonsense for they have always known that it is they who subtly direct the family. Men today are rarely courteous to women anymore. They offer them no seat on the bus nor hold the door open for them. "Women's rights" have seen to that. Granted that in many cases men can no longer defend either their homes nor their loved ones. It's against the law particularly when an assault comes from a non-White. This is the condition we now find ourselves in and ruminating about how we arrived here, is a waste of time as long as the enemy is still assaulting us.

Many women find themselves in an awkward position. They are "single moms" due to circumstance. Either they got knocked up playing Russian Roulette with Mother Nature, or married a fellow who simply "went to the store to buy bread" and never returned. To those women we might ask why was it that Slippery Sam, the man you found so entertaining in bed, packed up and left. Was he a no good bum from the start? That's poor judgment on your part, wouldn't you say? Or were you so miserable that no sane man would hang around for abuse? Fixing the blame is not much more that a mom/dad debate which does no child any good.

Again I am grateful for the comments people choose to send in. Outside of days when my shorts are too tight, I take them objectively. I have been known to get p--sed off on occasion. I do have faults, which my daughter has earned the privilege to enumerate.

A recent bit of information is as follows, and I quote partially:

>> Don Smith was a resistance para-legal / litigator, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anyway, Smith said he had never met a fatherless man who was willing to stand up for his rights to the extent of filing the
proper papers and appearing in court as a plaintiff. Never. He said he met many such men who were willing to attend meetings
and complain – some would  even study – but when it came time for action: filing the case and walking into the courtroom, no
fatherless man would do that. This applied to small claims cases as well as larger issues.

He did know about the ADL and the jews, but he claimed they would not be much of a problem, if only people were willing to behave themselves (kill the TV and toss out the booze and drugs) and act. He seemed to believe that the "Eastern Establishment" / British Oligarchy and freemasons were ultimately responsible for the tyranny here, but the real problem is people who study and go to meetings for 30 years, then refuse to act, even in small claims court. TV and booze are also fatal, and growing up without a father was the number one problem for many of those he observed, he said. <<

Yes, many, many women find themselves in a bad spot but a sound woman would earnestly seek to establish another family and grant fathership to the male who assumedly is a better one that he who took to the hills. If a man is supplying the wherewithal of family support, then he should have authority over all whom he supports and that includes children which are not his. Any woman who builds a dichotomy around, "They are MY children, and NOT yours. You need MY permission in order to give them discipline and direction." If you hear such twaddle then be assured that you have probably discovered why father #1 blew town. Such a woman will positively turn her son into a psychological piece of garbage. (This is the substance from which wiggers are made.) She's not too fond of men in general and if you review her background, you'll find very poor relations with her father.

I reveal a particular bias at this point. I believe that the White male is more worthy of concern, during this war we are engaged in,  than are corresponding females. I have never made a request that we bring more Zena's into the non-moving movement. We don't need females who think they can wear jockstraps, play with big guns and provide sport after a few beers. We need mothers and they cannot exist without men who are willing to be fathers. If the White male can develop the proper soil then the White female can grow into the beautiful flower she is capable of. Alas, what I see about me is a motley collection of wimps, wiggers, bullies and pussy chasers. I hope my view is not representative.

In closing, let me remind you that any man who impregnates a women and then fails to follow trough with his obligation to his own blood and the woman he chose to mate with, is not one I place very high on my list of valuable people. To drop the blame for pregnancy upon the woman would be the act of a coward. Sex is not recreation. It is an intimate act which binds those in love. Love preceeds sex. Sex is the frosting on the cake. Estrus is not love.

Yes, my lovely female critics, I have seen my share of "fathers" who contribute an environment many kids would be better off without. In such cases, single moms are the best way, of that which is available. But we must strive to make sure all such future choices do not involve the lesser of two evils.