2 May 2002
White anti-racism is unilateral disarmament.
Heart of Darkness II

Mr. Klinkroth made an interesting comment in his excellent fact sheet, "Out of Africa" (see Letters folder).  He quoted,

"White Rhodesians are not racists. They are engaged in a highly idealistic experiment (an unrealistic one, in my opinion). They are convinced that an educated African will think and vote like an educated white man instead of like a black nationalist; that when all men are educated, their interests do not conflict. They believe (or used to believe) that their generosity would be recognized by the world."

Some of these same so-called idealists engaged in another 'generous' experiment in the 1940s.  This was the planned incendiary bombing on an industrial scale of white women and children, and their homes in Germany.  Notice, this was not 'collateral damage' occurring during attacks on military or even military-industrial targets.  This was a premeditated targeting of non-combatants, and specifically white workers.  Indeed, the leader of this effort in literal holocaust was one of these 'idealistic white Rhodesians'.  This was Sir Arthur 'Bomber' Harris, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force's Bomber Command.

This was not high morality or idealism.  This was treason and murder on the very highest scale.  It was treason against relatives and treason against future generations of their own children.  It was also suicidal blindness.  Can anyone seriously suppose these white Rhodesians would have been driven out of their homes by Communist-led negroes if Germany had won the war?

Nor was there truly any 'idealism' underlying this transaction.  Having personally known many real 'liberal' (i.e. Marxist) minded folk I can assure you that behind the facade of liberal morality is a greedy hypocrite every time.   Jesus taught that works of charity should be done in such secrecy that the right hand didn't know what the left was doing.  So we can already say that works of the 'liberals' (i.e. the average Jew and Judeo-Marxist) are not 'Christian'.  This is because they publicly trumpet their 'good' works to try to gain the credit of men, as the now extinct white Rhodesians did.  To compound the evil, the coin of transaction is never their own treasure but that of other whites of fewer means.  The "world" recognizes and rewards this sort of treason in the way Benedict Arnold was recompensed by the British.  He received some money, a sinecure commission in the British Army and the undying contempt and distrust of his new comrades as well as his old.

Catherine Buckle, now sunk to slavery and whore toy of negroes, is the distilled essence of this breed.  The sell-out in Rhodesia was sanctioned by the wealthiest strata of white Rhodesian society, not by the Army which was more than ready to fight on.  This strata was the property owners like Cathy Buckle and her family.  The people they betrayed are the same ones wealthy white Freemasons and others of that ilk betray here in the Late Great U.S.A.  These are white working families.

Few of them would state the transaction in such bald terms as I did.  Most often they disguise this, even to themselves, as a generous sympathy and altruism.  It's 'sympathy' for the low-wage non-whites whose labor these 'liberals' exploit.  This sympathy itself is often a disguised guilt.  But the guilt is never so great as to compel a stop to the behavior.  Rather it's expatiated with a 'sin offering' and 'confession', after which the same person goes out to do again and again.  Here again, you will never meet a rich liberal who doesn't employ numerous non-whites as low-paid domestic and business labor.   Once again, the sell-out Rhodesians and their cousins are exposed not as "idealistic" but as greedy and calculating.

Before things can change we have to relearn how to recognize real evil when we see it.  Alexander Solzhenitsyn once pointed out that industrial level evil-doing requires an ideology to persuade the perpetrators they are doing "good", as when Arthur Harris engaged in the industrialized murder of unarmed white people in Germany.  Hamlet constantly agonized over every one of his murders and stopped short of a dozen.  The Jewish-led Communists in Russia, being unimpeded by small minds, had no such quibbles and racked up a body count of tens of millions of white people.



Column here by Charley Reese, retired journalist.


"A friend of mine once told a college class that nobody ever woke up in 476 A.D. (the date historians define as the fall of the Roman Empire) and said, “Gosh, I'm in the Dark Ages.” His point is plain enough. Transitions happen gradually, and the people who live through them never realize what is happening.

So it is with Americans. We are living in the ruins of a once-great republic. Now an empire utterly devoid of moral authority, the United States has nothing left but its military power and its capacity to consume on credit."

Too bad Charley is retired and speaking to a more limited audience, rather than still publishing widely.   There's some Paul Craig Roberts-ism symptoms there.  Anyway, there's still plenty 'left'.  And our mediocre dissolute leaders will act like all bankrupt aristocrats.  They'll start selling state assets for private gain.

Nor do I agree the people living "through them never realize what is happening."  Oswald Spengler realized what was happening.  Adolf Hitler could see "what is happening" in 1919.  Plenty of others in all western countries have recognized what is happening all through the 20th Century.  It's the people who don't realize what is happening who both mock the foresighted and resist changes necessary to stop or alter "what is happening".   They serve as a ready pool of useful idiots for evil minded folks who not only realize what is happening but profit from it, assist it, and speed it along.


Boeing faces a fine of $764,250 for using substandard adhesives, following a recommendation of the FAA. This is year 2002 and I know that they used substandard adhesives on trim tab assemblies way back in 1965. I know, but I cannot "prove" it, so perhaps I should say – It is of my opinion that substandard adhesives was used on trim tab assemblies in spite of a laboratory rejection bearing my signature. Then again, maybe it was all a bad dream. I am known to become unglued, from time to time.
From the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Apr. 19 – A DNA laboratory mix-up was responsible for the conviction of the wrong man in a sexual assault charge. As FAEM continually points out – hi-tech in the hands of lo-tech people will cause lots and lots of mischief. Keep hiring those muds and place your faith in the almighty dollar.
Again – bullshit baffles brains. The lengthy hot air article (Seattle Post-Intelligencer Apr. 26) about the solution to Poincare's 1904 math problem concerning the properties of 3D space, explained virtually nothing in its constant reference to theory X, theory Y and theory Burnt Fork. One might assume that if you could define 3D space then you quite possibly might know something about its properties, wouldn't you say? The bright side is that it is now admitted that mathematicians now fully understand 2D space. But if it's 2D then where does the "space" come from since that is supposed to be 3D. Jews often talk out of their ass and this is very helpful since many "mathematicians" are bagel bouncers anyway.

Right now I am working on understanding 0D space. A mathematician of my acquaintance said he never thought about the 0 dimension before. I can see the headlines now – "In 2002, after confrontation with a shrew, a former taxicab driver, Roberto Umpfamo Frenz, discovered the null dimension. He surmised that it would take 666 more years for mathematicians to fully understand his discovery."  I am very hopeful that once the 0D dimension is understood, we will have at last solved the mystery of vibrating vacuums and holes within holes.

Questions for our meta-physicists – (1) If vacuum A is placed next to vacuum B, would it be possible to identify the boundary? (2) If 20 liters of vacuum are mixed with 50 liters of another vacuum, how many liters of vacuum would you have?

Researchers now theorize that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is linked to an inherited genetic defect which cause a faulty immune system. SIDS has been linked to a bacterial infection. 
When I mentioned a certain item's cost, the clerk replied, "I am glad inflation is over but I wish the prices would stop rising."
Eric is right again. Shoppers at the West Seattle Thriftway are now having their fingertips scanned as a means of bypassing credit card use. How say thee, o great embedded microchip believer?
One Catholic priest pedophile was ordered to enlist in the Army so as to avert further embarrassment. Once installed as a Chaplain, you'll never guess what this pervert was nailed for again.
I've fixed a few bad links which were reported by readers. Keep informing me of such errors when you find them.
I must have an out-of-date dictionary
for the concept of an "Aryan Syndicate" of "Lone Wolves" appears as an oxymoron. Maybe I should drink more, then perhaps such verbal nonsense might make more non-nonsense. It's not called the "blightwing" for naught, you know. I imagine the jews jes smile an' smile.
Heart of Darkness:  Epilogue to the Saga of Catherine Buckle.


"Robert Mugabe has stated white people in Zimbabwe are to be considered inferior to blacks.  The president has vowed to educate Zimbabwean children that whites are second or third class citizens."

Long time readers of F.A.E.M. have seen our periodic reports on Catherine Buckle, white Judeo-Marxist double traitor.  I just wanted to wrap up the story of her decades-long struggle for a race-blind government controlled by negroes.  For new readers, Ms. Buckle was active in Rhodesia in the 1970s helping to undermine the white army and government of Rhodesia, as it was then called.  She worked particularly hard to install the current President-For-Life (a redundancy for negro rulers, I know) in his chair.  Having driven off every soldier with the slightest empathy for her skin color (i.e. white soldiers), this self-proclaimed 'White Zimbabwean' later started calling for an external military 'intervention' (i.e. invasion) of Zimbabwe.  Her intended purpose was apparently to install that UFO of the political universe, a "good" negro government as defined by white British standards.

This has failed.  She is now politically disenfranchised.  Her ancestral lands have been seized without recompense.  She legally cannot speak a word against the Government.  Now she is officially classified as an inferior race.  And Mugabe is right.  Results show Catherine Buckle and her family are descended from inferior stock.


The Final Failure of John Birch Society-ism:

"Annan Aborts Jenin Mission; UN Council Meets"

As predicted on FAEM last week... and it took less than two weeks.  First the UN Security Council passed a unanimous resolution to send a fact-finding team to Jenin.  Second, Ariel Sharon said "no deal".  Third, Secretary-General Kofi Annan bows down to Sharon, ignores his theoretical bosses on the Security Council and disbands the Jenin mission.  Just think about all the resources the JBS wasted for 40 years on combating the UN as being the real enemy.  Think of all the anxiety attacks of Hard Right looney tunes over fleets of black helicopters and white vehicles.  It turns out all that's necessary is to take Nancy Reagan's advice:  "Just say no."

Well, White anti-New World Orderers and other capital 'P' Patriots, you can move on to your next substitute paranoia.  Better find it quick or your moral cowardice in running away from the visible enemies all around you, will start showing all too clearly.


It wasn't too long ago when Zimbabwe-Rhodesia was the bread basket of Africa. Now, under Black misrule, the people are starving. Perhaps they could learn something from our talmudvision where all of the saviors, geniuses and so on, are Afro-Simians.
Readers have noted that I do not place a great value on aptitude tests, studies, etc., but readily admit that taken with the correct picante sauce, they do indicate something of worth. For some cockamamie reason, a study made by Prof. Philip E. Vernon relative to environmental factors relating to ability, bounced around inside my cranium. After laughing my knees off, I decided to list some for our one-parent non-family feminist crowd. In order of importance: [relative effect based upon #1 follows in ( ) ]

(1) Male dominance in the home. (1.00)
(2) Unbroken home. (.79)
(3) Length and regularity of schooling. (.76)
(4) Structured home life as opposed to impulsive and arbitrary decision. (.67)
(5) Cultural stimulus – books in home; parental interest in education. (.46)
(6) Economic status of household. (.44)

 BTW, the tests were performed on 2 large eleven year old groups – Whites and non-White Jamacians. It looks like mean ol' dad ain't ready for the trash bin yet, eh girls?

As an aside, Prof. Lewis M. Terman comments that high intelligence means high general intelligence, that is, an ability to perform exceptionally well in a wide variety of non-related areas. This stands opposed to those who have a narrow singular talent which allows them to perform exceptionally well in only one, or two, areas. Skill in mathematics, music and chess, belong to the second group. Again, it's talent vs. intelligence. I noted this at an early age. Prof. John Ledley (mathematics), when in high school, couldn't tell the difference between a test tube and a soda straw, and received a very low grade in physics He could do the math OK, but the concepts were hard for him to grasp..

It's accurate to say I don't think we'll have a straight-out military draft.  You could also say I think they're going to implement the "Labor Army" provision of the Communist Manifesto, draft everyone and then recruit their military legionnaires out of that.  This solution meets ZOG's domestic (put everyone under closer government control) and international political needs.  The fact that it's unConstitutional is an unimportant detail.

To date the Supreme Court has upheld previous military conscriptions as allowed under Congress' power to "raise and support" armies.  Consequently conscriptions for other reasons have not yet been tested.  But I have faith in ZOG's Judeo-Liar lawyers, ZOG-Media and essential political corruption to overcome that minor sticking point.  "Consistency (i.e. integrity) is the hobgoblin of small minds" as our Jewish jesters constantly remind us.  Certainly 'civil libertarian' Alan Dershowitz has not been hobbled with a small mind.  So long as the goy were concerned, no obstacle to law enforcement was objectionable.  Once Jewish interests were concerned, Jew Dershowitz openly and unashamedly called for reopening the Judeo-NKVD torture chambers.


From what I understand, neither Eric or Maguire feel there will be a military draft. ZOG will need cannon fodder willing to die for Israel and both agree that faggots, females, Blacks and muds, do not have the requisite soldier quality to be useful other than taking up space and costing tax-dollars. As the muds, Black and female "troops" copulate, the faggots have each other. White male troops are necessary for the desired quality and Maguire feels that ZOG can maneuver the domestic scene so that White males would enlist. Be sure to read both related articles and please enlist. Ariel Sharon is counting on you.
The jews have been at the forefront in stuffing muds into all White countries. This apparently is to offset White anti-Semitism, in part, and to rid the world of Whites in general. The fact that all of the muds, from the Turks in Germany to the Mexicans in the US, are anti-Semitic, apparently does not occur to them. And you want to claim that jews are intelligent? Their hatred for Whitey really makes them blind, as Hitler mentioned.

Note that  La Voz de Aztlan http://www.aztlan.net/koshernostra.htm  has now discovered the kosher food racket.

What Would Adolf Hitler Say To Us Today?   A speech given in Toronto, Canada. (Eric's folder.)
Could it be that the trend to turning all affairs over to women results from an early life when one was deprived of a home with a real mother? Thus, the "men" of today still seek comfort in the directives of women? Is that part of the desire for Playboy udders on women – an unconscious need for the milk of mama's breasts? No nation ever survives such a trend.

Another female commentator, who obviously graduated from the same head bobbing school, was moaning about the billions of poor Chinese who didn't have an automobile to drive. All she could see was markets! Investments! The Chinese, as well as most other chimpoids, have already caused severe damage to the environment, and this female, along with her myopic male nodders, encourages more of the same. Imagine, if you will, a China looking like Los Angeles. Disease is multiplying geometrically as is the diminution of the overall food supply, and all the greed-crotches can think of is more profits. Only an insane people would allow the insane to lead them.

Of course, and it's entirely the Judeo-American way, if some poor Chinee can't afford a Mercedes, we'll loan him the money. If there are no roads to drive upon, I am sure the J-A will be happy to build them some. Just think of the billions of Big Macs which could be sold. Such a deal.

It hasn't occurred to the U.S. financial wizards yet that the rich Arabs as well as a lot of other well to do world wide, are pulling their money out of the American economy especially stocks. This not only relates to the semite financial skullduggery at Enron, and Global Crossing, but the fact that they simply don't like the policies of the U.S. Government, and the constant refrain that they are the world's only super power, and the world better understand and kowtow accordingly. It's really self-delusional. Further, the U.S. has a  bad habit of seizing or freezing assets of organizations or Governments that they disapprove of including charitable organizations associated with the Red Crescent Society or other charitable endeavors that administrate  to people they don't like. They have frozen private accounts of individuals that they suspect of funneling money to Palestinians even though the causes may have been very legitimate. A few years back they would not return funds deposited by the Iranians for purchase of military aircraft which in turn  precipitated the seizure of U.S. Embassy personnel. Now why in the heck do the fools that run our Government think the world has a love affair with the U.S. when in fact it's more like hate. A lot of uninformed Americans truly believe that the world envies the U.S. However  those that are intelligent or  travel abroad to civilized white countries know better. There are many wealthy people and some not so wealthy in this world who find a pleasant life in many areas out side the U.S. In fact, a lot of  Americans enjoy life quite well in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, Morocco, etc. In this regard many American Jews have emigrated to Israel. In any event, I am of the opinion that there will be a continued decline in the stock market for some time to come, even though the Government seeks to stem the hemorrhage by using Government funds including that of Government employee retirement accounts to obfuscate the problem.

(Maguire comments – My personal time frame for this is generations, if not centuries.  Even eliminating all other sources of funds – Organizatsiya, oil sheiks, the proceeds from stealing Russia – and forgetting the vast corruption that's spread to everyday corporate operations,  there has been an immense market distortion caused by the so-called Baby Boomer Bubble (white bubble).  Both bubble and distortion are largely due to the widespread practice of white infanticide by the Judeo-Feminist Boomers on the following generation.  Put another way, this most sensitive, politically correct generation murdered its children, at least according to the U.S. Census.

They acted in true lemming style by aggressively investing in 1980s and early 90s at the peak of their earnings power.  Now they're all reading the same Certified Financial Planner advice that says 'reduce risk of investments as one nears retirement'.  If this means anything, it means get out of stocks.  So now they're selling but to who?  The follow-on cohort of whites is both smaller and earning less than the Judeo-Marxist Boomers were at the same age.  Again, on average the low wage turd-world immigrant worker replacements neither earn enough or possess enough foresight to do something like invest for retirement.  Remember GOP Connedservantive shit-for-brains?  Those low wages have undesirable side-effects after all.  A permanently lower market level is the least of them.  This has all shown up in a negative flow of money out of mutual funds.  These consequently must sell off portfolio stocks to redeem fund shares.  Granted things became insanely overvalued at prices that discounted 2102 earnings, still this sea change in market state was inevitable.  It's why I got out in 1998.

State/municipal employees and corporate employees are the worst off here since their pensions are partly invested in 'the market' whether they like it or not.)

It is most unfortunate that our great country has a bunch of buffoons at the helm and our ship of state is headed for the shoals and disaster.

(Maguire comments – Several decades of writing about this event as being In The Future leaves people, even people as attuned as G.I. Joe, unprepared for the moment when present tense prevails – "our ship of state has struck the rocks".  People are even less prepared for past tense usage – i.e. "your dad's ship of state struck the rocks and sank, which is why you're now paddling an inflatable rubber ducky").

Best Regards. Joe.

"You! Drop the gun! Raise your hands! I saw you shoot that other fellow in the head!"
"But officer, it's just a case of assisted suicide."
Sometimes I get depressed
by the continuing gullibility of people who think of themselves as leaders.  A current case in point is the non-stop publicity given by the blightwing and other anti-Zionists to that most rare of endangered species, the anti-Zionist Jew.   Then there's the larger crowd of pro-Zionist Jews who now find it politic to personally disassociate themselves from Israel's current operations in the West Bank.  www.rense.com is a classic case in point.  Jews of the First and Second Kind predominate in the discussion there over Palestine.

Except for the jewsnotzionists.org people and Israel Shamir, I am utterly unimpressed by the endless Jewish angst I've seen poured out over the Palestinians.  Toted up it's as meaningless as everything else they say.  None of this wailing will lead to practical action, such as the formation of a network of well-funded anti-Zionist Jewish PACs to neutralize AIPAC and its den of vipers.  Except for publicity provided by the Revisionists, the Hard Right, the Hard Left and some parts of the blightwing would anyone even know such Jews exist?

I have wondered about the possible explanations for this fixation on a political current that represents perhaps 10% of Jewry on the most generous estimate.  One idea that constantly recurs to me is the modern vacuum of true spirituality or of goals in the late great West.  It seems people really have no moral compass to navigate by.  Thus they feel they lack authority to say anything spontaneous or to think for themselves.   Consequently they have to check with one Jew or another to first to find out what to think and then quote said Jew to legitimate their saying anything.

Back in the old days before the U.S.A. turned into the Jew.S.A., West Point taught its white male cadets a simple ideology.  "Duty, honor country" and "God, Country, Family" circumscribed this pro-American and apolitical outlook.  God was quite different in those days.  God meant morals and the Ten Commandments, not Rapture, Zionist prophecies and send Pat Robertson $29.95 for another crappy book and tape.  Country started right next door (sometimes 2 doors down in case of 'bad' neighbors) and expanded outwards to town, county, and state.  Family was well-defined as father, mother, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.  The USMA was thus actually reinforcing a moral and political system the cadets had imbibed with their mother's (not Carnation powdered formula) milk.

This previous social system has been destroyed in the West, except in Israel.  Its destroyers are identifiably the same people who've also set up and sustain the Zionist state.   As an aside, this is why we deduce the existence of a drive for Jewish supremacy.

'Anti-Zionism' thus strikes me as being as likely to fail as the anti-Communist crusade previously did (read the Communist Manifesto if you think you 'won' the Cold War, GOP ConnedServantives).  Anti-Zionism has no positive goals and exists as a strictly nihilistic concept.  Anti-Zionism ought to be a mere detail of policy for any really healthy socio-political movement of national renewal, not the sine quo non-of existence.  Other than moving to a position of real neutrality and destroying the power of aliens in your midst, what's the larger point?  Are we out to embark on a pro-Palestinian jihad to offset the previous pro-Jewish crusade of the last century?  This insane crusading spirit has indeed appeared among some 'anti-Zionists'.  It stems from the same sources as the previous 'anti-Communist', 'anti-Nazi' and 'anti-slavery' crusades and will end in the same failure.  Either the defense or acquisition of "Blood and land" are the only sane reasons to fight.  All the rest is just some rich man's war camouflaged in lying ideals.  I guarantee it.  Leave cosmic justice in God's hands.

Proximity and media exposure helps fuel sympathy, especially among that vast tribe, composed of Jews and whites, who are disposed to being generous with other people's blood and treasure enroute to getting their own moralgasm.  The modern story of the Tibetans under Chinese rule is even more dismal.  But 'out of sight is out of mind' so the Chinese intelligently prohibit coverage.  So was the experience of Korea as a Japanese colony.  So what?  Think about little white children and what's best for them, then about young white adults and what's best for them.  This will help get your personal and political priorities right in my view.


McCain Factor

Attentive watchers of ZOG News Inc. have already noticed the huge build-up John McCain, "Maverick Republican", is receiving before the premier of the 2004 Presidential Campaign season next year.  Talk centers around either an "independent run" or McCain switching parties.  As things currently stand I think the latter is most likely.

Many will recall that McCain previously served as the Loyal Opposition ZOG rapidly drummed up in late 1999. Too many people's jaws started going slack when both wings of the ZOG Unity Party dispensed with primaries for selecting Presidential puppets.

ZOGist John McCain is almost completely sound on all the issues.  Here's an Arizona senator who has not one word to say about the Mexican Invasion taking place in his own state.   Here's his actual record on immigration:


   – No more ballot initiatives against immigration. (Mar 1999)
   – More help for legal immigrants when immigrating & once here. (Jul 1998)
   – Voted YES on allowing more foreign workers into the U.S. for farm work. (Jul 1998)
   – Voted YES on visas for skilled workers. (May 1998)

On gun control McCain has been something of a fence sitter.  This is natural given his constituency.  Having already betrayed white Arizonans by facilitating their invasion by violent Mexican muds, it would be a leeetle bit obvious to also deny them means of self-defense. See http://www.issues2000.org/Celeb/John_McCain_Gun_Control.htm  As Arizona's demographics alter with floods of McCain-sponsored muds I anticipate he'll head pro-control with increasing speed.
And McCain is a free trader across the board.

On Israel McCain is sounder than a shekel.  He outwailing walls even Sharon's puppet George W. Bush.

On a related subject, ZOG's Warre is going poorly from a manpower standpoint.  The real nutcrackers, like partitioning Iraq and creating Greater Israel, will require heavy long-term troop commitments.  Wars are real downers for volunteer mercenary army recruiting.  This is especially true for those recruited on self-actualization and get-a-start-in-life themes.  Well, "Be All You Can Be" and post-service college funds are meaningless to corpses.  So far the current Warre to make the world safe for Zionism has not provoked a surge in enlistments in either the active or reserve components.  This leads in to why I think under certain conditions John McCain may very likely be the DemoZOG candidate come 2004.

Neither President Howdy-Doody (drop-out Air National Guard Vietnam evader), or the "military-loathing" Judeo-Lesbian Senator from New York have the standing to successfully carry through a new draft bill.  Captain John S. McCain III, US Navy, retired and ex-Vietnam POW, does.


There it stands – my magnolia tree in full bloom braving the cold rain which will soon nourish its roots. How true of life those beautiful blooms, yet so short to lend to the earth. That which is ugly endures beyond patience.
When FAEM originated in 1991, I used to do a varied bit of writing. The idea was to supply information to my readers on a wide variety of topics. Occasionally, I do that here on the innernut. Last night I watched a commercial on the product Oxi-Clean, a bleaching mixture claimed to have all sorts of ability far beyond "ordinary" mixtures such as Clorox. It was a carnival act using selected substances to bleach and claims which bordered on outright lies.

Clorox is a solution consisting of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite, and a comparable amount of sodium hydroxide (common lye). Previously, on FAEM, I wrote at length concerning the history, and relation, of bleach and swimming pool "chlorinating" compounds..

Oxi-Clean is a mixture of sodium carbonate (washing soda) and sodium percarbonate. I no longer have my own laboratory and so was unable to ascertain the exact composition.

Bleach means to remove, or lighten, the color of something. We all are familiar with the sunlight acting in conjunction with the oxygen of the air to remove colors. Sunshine alone will cause a lightening of  the hollow hair (actually an air cortex) found on White people, thus making light hair move more towards blond.  The next time you see the black hair of the oriental or African, lighten in the presence of the sun, let me know. We are not the same kind of critter in case your Marxist teachers told you otherwise.

Bleaching is usually associated with the process called oxidation but not necessarily so.

An oxidizing agent is a substance which removes electrons from another substance. This other substance plays the part of a reducing agent. Where there is one, there is the other.

The term oxidation is a historical one since most of the past observations of the reaction involved the element oxygen. Today we recognize all sorts of oxidizing agents which have nothing to do with oxygen.

The peddler of Oxi-Clean remarked, upon the addition of the powdered mixture into water, "Look at all of the oxygen which is released." This is outright fabrication since the bubbles witnessed are mainly carbon dioxide.

Oxi-Clean is stable only when it is dry. Get it wet and it decomposes into carbon dioxide and sodium peroxide. The sodium peroxide remains relatively stable in alkaline solution and is an oxidizing agent. There are two oxygen atoms per molecule and they share electrons. However, the oxygen in the hypochlorite molecule of Clorox shares electrons with a chlorine atom thus providing a different oxidizing, or bleaching, potential.

The bottom boulevard is that Clorox is a better material for bleaching, by far, than is Oxi-Clean, as any astute housewife, or bachelor, would have noticed upon using both. You don't need all the the chemistry yammer in order to observe the world about you, nor do you need any "expert" to tell you about that which you just observed. A major mental handicap results when one believes the statements of an expert which contradict one's experience. But that's the tale of 2/3 of our people.

In the realm of parenting there is an action called "grounding". This means the thwarting of some near-present situation such as going to a dance, a movie or using the family Ferrari to impress the local god or goddess. "Grounding" thus breaks one's previous word to the child. If such practice is more than a one-time mistake, then the child soon learns that parents cannot be trusted to follow through on anything. It is the element of trust which is absolutely essential for any growing – and grown – person. Nothing of value can ever come about without it.

A child is born and the task of parents is to ensure that the child will someday be self-sufficient with a full capability to live without you, the parents. The day when this arrives is both filled with joy and sorrow. Joy, because you did your job and succeeded. Sorrow, because the precious tike is no longer around to supply an overload of happiness to the household.

A child is not a possession and should never be treated as such, as I witness far too often these days. I am aware of 30-40 year old people still using their parents as a means of support. This could not happen if the parents did their job. I know of very lonely women who still clutch their teenagers as if they were life rafts. Motherly love is often smotherly love and it does irreparable damage to the young person.

If my kids had a calendar with events listed such as visits, movies, plays, dances, and such, at no time did I ever alter that calendar except for some act of God, which by the way, never occurred. One cannot teach sensible planning if the plan remains as whimsical as the antics of a squirrel. We taught trust by giving trust.

I'll leave the "grounding" to others along with pacifiers, bottles, formulae and day care communes.

F. M. sends this note to FAEM –

The lunatics now have complete control of the asylum here in Britain.

Our government is to introduce racial quotas for MPs!  They're going to tell us who we can, and can't, vote for – just to be sure that non-Whites feel adequately represented.

And you Americans think you are having problems.

Robertsez – Americans have been given little choice for decades. We have one political party with two branches – Marxist A and Marxist B. Notice how quickly they shut out Buchanan and Nader. 

Science department: The quantum physics uncertainty principle – We can be certain that certain things are uncertain and also uncertain that uncertain things are certain.
Psychology department: The sum of an infinite number of morons does not equal one average person.
Grammar department: A homophobe is a person who fears groups of words which sound the same such as flu, flue and flew, and new, knew and gnu.
Math department: Abe Pilebaum was not the first person to circumcise a circle about a triangle.
Home economics department: Always use synonym when making apple sauce. 
Quiz department: (1) Would it be a compliment to say that someone has a complement?
(2) Is a brassiere made out of brass? (3) Are brassieres required in brasseries? (4) Is a pineapple a fruit resulting from a cross between an apple tree and a pine tree? (5) How do you spell the letter "g"?

If you get 6 of the above correct, you will pass the course.

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It has been repeatedly said that a reason for the importation of turd-world labor is because we have many jobs which "Americans" will not do. Understand that any sort of work is deemed an insult to "human dignity" both by the parasites and the super-rich. When was the last time anyone saw King Georgie earn an honest callous? Or any politician for that matter.

Why will a man refuse to work? It's because he does not need to. Why doesn't he need to? It's because he is getting the necessities of life from a source which does not include the expenditure of his energy. These people are on the dole – feeding from a trough supplied by the people who do work. Cut off the handouts and some people will get hungry, and hungry people have a strong tendency to grab whatever work there is available.

Marxist scams, like the one we are presently living under, can function only as long as the productive can fill the appetites of the parasites and drones. We are living in the last days of this utopia for the useless.

Jill and Paul have been long time acquaintances of mine. He's a handsome and witty fellow with a wife to match. My nickname for her is "Hey, beautiful."  Paul recently signed a contact to do something or other on the Discovery Channel. After signing the contact he told Jill humorously, "Tonight you will be sleeping with a TV celebrity." To this the lovable doll replied, "Who will you be bringing home?"
Genetically engineered food, people and other "modern" piles of camel dung. I feel I have amply described my position on all of this on the various pages of FAEM.

White men have deluded themselves as to their capabilities on this planet by foolishly believing that if they can build a mechanical contraption enabling then to stand on the moon, then they can extend that faculty into the domain of life. God cannot build a pencil nor fabricate a computer. His domain is life, not objects produced by His Creation, and man will never succeed very far in the tampering thereof. Sure, a few cornballs have grafted a human ear on the back of a mouse, but what does that show beyond the general insanity of those involved? We have plugged-in organs from one body to the next but the result is so UNNATURAL that the recipient simply cannot live a normal life as drugs must be administered continually in order to thwart the death which should have been allowed to take place. If your heart is on the way out, what leads you to believe that your lungs, liver, kidneys, and whatnot, are in excellent shape?

Unfettered copulation is pouring billions of bipeds onto this plundered planet and yet we focus upon thwarting disease and death. This in itself is a questionable goal biologically and even if it weren't, we are completely ignoring the PREVENTION of the problems we seek to solve. In fact, dwelling on "cures" actually adds to the difficulty for it allows the weak to continue breeding more of the weak. Feeding the starving leads to more reproduction of people who need to be fed. DISEASE AND STARVATION ARE NATURAL LIMITS TO THE OVER EXPANSION OF ANY LIFE FORM.

The youth of the period called The Great Depression, were far more healthy than the youth of today. Look at the relatively inert kids of today with their battery of allergies, asthma, acne, murmuring hearts, emotional weakness, flaccid muscles, hyper-this and hyper-that, poor eyesight, and nearly everything described in Merck's Manual. I rarely meet a kid today who isn't gulping some sort of drug – prescription or illegal. Who could describe such a situation as "health"? Not me.

Granted that our food supply is abundant but it also lacks quality. The gene tampering of plants has nothing to do with increasing the quality of our food but all to do with profits. In one aspect, ZOG is big business and what they advice regarding food has very little to do with public health. Our entire system of agriculture is Zogbuck oriented, through and through. If the local sheenie supermarket were geared towards the offering of quality food, then it's physical size could be reduced to 10% of what it is now. Look at the aisles filled with concoctions of grain products, stuff that even a grain eating horse wouldn't touch.

I'll not continue with my views on what to eat since all people will eat according to their taste buds anyway. My advice is to eat things which are as close to the natural state as possible – NO genetically engineered crap at all. Eat the apple straight from the tree. If not available, then one that has been in storage a mimimum of time. Apples cooked with a small amount of sweetener and spice is certainly not preferable to a juicy item pulled from a tree. The more one doodles with the apple, the less its nutritional value. Grain products, and nearly all add to the production of excess body fat, are not a priority item with me although I'll agree that some of the most tantalizing items can be made from them. Who is to deny the appeal of pastries?

I cannot remember ever eating a "balanced meal" in my life. When younger, I often never ate anything on a Monday since mom always had a monster menu on Sunday. I also rarely drink water. My water intake mainly comes from whole milk, and water-ladden fruits and vegetables such as oranges and celery. I never think in terms of vitamins or minerals because they are NOT FOODS and I remain assured that my supply must be adequate since my health remains great. I never washed foods and as a kid, ate carrots pulled from the ground and merely wiped off. Grains of dirt were sometimes crushed between my teeth. Grandma mentioned that we all eat a 'peck of dirt' before we die. Small potatoes were rolled about in our mouths until the dirt came free. Then we'd expectorate thus removing nearly all of the dirt from our mouths before we ate the potato. As kids, these forages in the garden were an often permitted joy for all of us. Do to the fact that much of our produce is now handled by diseased turd-worlders, I do wash such food now.

I dislike concoctions such as casseroles and other mixtures which are supposed to demonstrate the cook's expertise. Grandma called such things "hot garbage". You go to a restaurant and find your plate decorated with a drizzle of something or the other, plus some green weeds which no sane person would eat. What is this all about anyway? I find no esthetic property in a grilled steak nor boiled potato. I want to eat my food, not display it in some modern art gallery. I'll stick to my simple meat, potatoes and small bit of vegetables, thank you.

Yes, I putter along ignoring the latest "scientific" advice and relying upon my own thought processes to establish how I should handle my daily affairs. I have on occasion, listened to a doctor's advice but can not remember ever taking it. Most of one's problems originate in his head and the solutions also reside there.