7 May 2002
Survey Sez... vast majority of Americans favor Washington/Jefferson style neutrality in Middle East.


"Consistent with earlier polls dating back to 1998, two-thirds of Americans say the United States should not take either side in the dispute."

Meanwhile the Stupid Party and ConnedServantives blunder on...

"A majority of all key subgroups favors the neutral position, though Republicans and conservatives are more likely than other groups to favor the United States' taking Israel's side than remaining neutral." This is despite the fact 80% of all Jews voting in U.S. elections vote for parties other than the GOP.  Although at first this appears as dumb as possible the Blightwing has exceeded this in pigheadedness.  American support for the Palestinians hovers at about 1%.  I have continually warned and will keep warning against getting too caught up in pro-Palestinian jihads.  The character of our work on the Middle East should be delimited to warning of the dangers of war arising from Israeli entanglements, the one-way nature of the 'Special Relationship" and its corrupting effects on our domestic society, and the cornucopia of benefits awaiting a return to the vision of the Founders.


Le Pen's lesson to us:  "The GOP must be destroyed"


Another think piece by the London based Guardian newspaper.   This one explores the French National Front's much better prospects for the upcoming legislative elections.  Of vital interest to pro-white Americans is this statement:

In 1997, when Gaullists lost control of the national assembly to the Socialist coalition, the leftwing victory was due largely to spoiling tactics by the racist movement.  At the time, only 3.8 million voters supported the National Front, which won a single seat. But yesterday, Mr Le Pen's first-round backing of 4.8 million electors not only turned out again but were joined by hundreds of thousands of more people approving his anti-immigration, Eurosceptic, anti-abortion and pro-capital punishment platform.

I've always known such an interim result would be the first outcome of pro-white Americans focusing on first eliminating the GOP as being a false rival leadership. Get busy folks. "Hey hey ho ho, the GOP has got to go."


Fall in recruiting standards and pedophile priests.

The Department of Defense is not the only organization that's had recruiting difficulties of late.  It's well known the Catholic Church has also experienced extreme difficulty recruiting priests in recent decades.   So a question to me is one of degree.  Did monasticism and chaste priestly orders always appeal to homosexuals?   Of course they did.  I'm suspect the same unwritten rule of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was operative there too.  And as with the military recruiting crisis this one is manifesting itself in quality as well as quantity.  I've heard the U.S. Army, or the optimum idealistic view, described sometimes by good career officers as being like a church.  There's something in that analogy.

Martin Luther's report from the 16th Century was that unchasteness behind the scenes was the rule and not the exception of monastic orders.  His insights on Monasticism made me wonder about the Essenes and the Qumran Community, too.  People in former eras were often more reticent about sex in general and certainly about non-heterosexual sex.  Even Luther confined himself to describing heterosexual breaches of monastic chasteness while describing the rest as "things too terrible to mention."

One appropo question is why has this reached feeding frenzy intensity now?  It's certainly not because of any media sympathy for the Catholic Church's general moral agenda.  I think it's because the Pope recently tried to comment on Palestine.  So ZOG gave him something else to worry about.


The Israeli Defense Force and Field Sanitation Discipline, Not (from the Ha'aretz newspaper online)


"There are two toilets on every floor, but the soldiers urinated and defecated everywhere else in the building, in several rooms of which they had lived for about a month.(note:  U.S. negro soldiers generally maintain higher standards than this). They did their business on the floors, in emptied flowerpots, even in drawers they had pulled out of desks." "They defecated into plastic bags, and these were scattered in several places. Some of them had burst. Someone even managed to defecate into a photocopier."

"The soldiers urinated into empty mineral water bottles. These were scattered by the dozen in all the rooms of the building, in cardboard boxes, among the piles of rubbish and rubble, on desks, under desks, next to the furniture the solders had smashed, among the children's books that had been thrown down."

That's not all.   I can easily imagine the infestations of body lice that thrived there.  It would be a miracle if every man in the unit wasn't infested by the time they left (assuming they weren't infested before arrival).  Another common result is small unit epidemics of "crabs" that some dirty little boy initially got from his dirty little girlfriend.  Then there's all the other  critters that thrive on crap.  Roaches, flies, rats and their companion diseases always accompany conditions like the above.  Now where were the IDF's medical officers on this?  Inspecting field sanitation conditions is a typical responsibility of unit medics.  This is not a good advertisement for Jewish doctors or the competence of the IDF's medical corps.

This is not a mere aesthetic critique.  Until the 20th Century armies on campaign usually lost more soldiers to disease than to enemy action.  Enforcing unit sanitary discipline against disease vectors such as roaches, flies and rats is as important as digging in against artillery fire.  This means cleaning up the crap the disease vectors thrive on.

Such lack of troop sanitation discipline invariably extends to equipment maintenance, too.  The above incident used to be a characteristic of Arab military forces.  Russian advisors of the 1960s rendered identical accounts of Syrian Army field sanitation.  For years now many signs have pointed to a general deterioration in the Zionist forces.  Their performance in south Lebanon against the much better armed Hezbollah is best characterized as a defeat.

The top level Zionist hunt for U.S. forces to take over their duties is very real.  It's inspired by inside knowledge of the real average state of their forces.


This incident and its testimony about Jewish sanitation standards lends further credibility to the Revisionist view of the real applications of certain materials at Auschwitz and elsewhere, such as the commercial pesticide Zyklon B.

Dutch Pro-white leader Pim Fortuyn Assassination and News Management


"Police said they arrested a 33-year-old white male suspect, a Dutch citizen, but they did not release his name or a suspected motive."

Here's a small example of how it's done.  Crimes committed by non-whites are never identified as such lest people be moved to heretical thoughts.  Here though a story takes pains to assure everyone the crime was not committed by an obvious immigrant.  And if anyone were still in doubt about the working and lower middle class roots of our movement there's this:

"Pim was not an extremist," said truck driver Leslie Gonggeyp, protesting outside parliament. "He wanted to do something for the working class to save us from taxes and do something for the normal people and not for the immigrants."

Other news:  the latest Michael Hoffman wire reports Fortuyn in recent days had requested and been refused bodyguards by the government.


Robertsez – Pim was a fag which the jewsmedia pointed out. Perhaps he was killed by a disappointed lover – a frequent part of the buggering scene. Anyway, I'd bet that if he were a commie of some variety, his preference in orifices would not have been mentioned. We don't need perverts to represent White interests, do we? 

Robert –

The New York Times 05 May 2002, presents a faem-oriented view of biological differences between the races.  The article discusses major quantifiable differences between the white, yellow and black races regarding the absorption (metabolization) of foreign chemicals, the presence and concentration of basic molecules (e.g. nitric oxide), and physical reactions to external stimuli – salivation is cited.

The article addresses and debunks the supposed irrelevance of the "0.1%" genetic difference between the races.  As always, the people who have empirical experience with a subject – in this case the surgeons and doctors who perform medical procedures on a range of physical types – have the low-bs approach to the argument and prefer to look at what is there as
opposed to the ideological construct of what they are supposed to see.

As an aside, I am a Jew who reads your site regularly.  I disagree with a lot of what I read there, but I am an open-minded fellow and am willing to countenance someone else's point of view.  Your observations are always piquant, and I often find something to chew over on your site.  Maybe because my parents are essentially anarchists and atheists I am less reverent about Israel and the Jews than most other Jews I meet, even though I identify myself as a Jew and married a Jewish girl and have Jewish children.  You see I respect the biological imperative.   Even though you guys would see me excluded from your ideal community I still think you have some points – especially some of your posts on the importance of family stability and the role of the father as a predictor of happiness for children.

Yours, S.B.

The woman in the next booth was making a varied collection of "faces" while burbling to her captive audience, an infant. "Brrrbbb, goo goo, wubba wubba, pfhttt... he he ho ho, daw poof poof..., and on it went with more variety than a cockatoo during mating season. I thought her marbles all ran out on the floor leaving nothing but a breeze between her ears. This is a no-no.

The infant is aware of the sounds it makes and is also aware of the difference between sounds. When it issues baby talk, it is either making sounds relative to conscious movement of its tongue, lips, and so on, or when in the company of other sound makers – parents for example – it is aware of sounds such as "Hello sweetie pie," and responds by trying to imitate those sounds. It is always aware that it is failing because the remembered 'hello' doesn't match the issued 'hawa'. Now, if a simple minded parent insists upon acting at an intellectual level below that of the infant, then certainly that infant is going to have difficulty in figuring all of the nonsense out. "Bay talk" is for idiots. Period. It is a form of child abuse which gives odd satisfaction to the numbskull parents who engage in it. At birth, your child is more aware of what the world is about than most realize.

A child learns by imitation and not by direction. The so-called 'learning methods' are merely commercial trash making money for someone and relieving parents of their responsibility to be a great model. You cannot teach your child about truth telling if you yourself lie about most things.

The ad goes: "I wuz the only kid who could read wen I wuz first gwade." Then comes the faces of two smiling idiot parents peeking around the corner satisfied that their child was a genius due to Abramha's Philo-phonic digitized electronic squawk box with magic pointer. Crap. If the kid could "read", why not hand him a bit of Shakespeare so he could do a number with it?

If a child sees you reading, it will want to do the same, so you don't even have to bring the topic up. Little kids like to sit on their parent's lap and so pull up an appropriate low level book, seat him/her comfortably and start reading the thing making sure you drag your finger under the text as it's pronounced. If you aren't using Playboy or the Wall Street Journal, the kid will have remembered something of interest and can be counted upon to ask you to read the short book again the next day. An appropriate time is just before bed. Read it again the next night, and again the next, and so on – over and over. All the while the tike will be memorizing the text together with the sounds and one night will surprise you by voicing nearly all of the book – from memory! This assumes that the child can already converse and will do so at an early age providing you don't stifle their growing brains with squeals, baby talk, curse words, and other verbal flatus. You are supposedly an adult. Act like one. You are a parent, not the kid's 'buddy'. He needs you as teacher, role model and guardian – not a g.d. friend. Those he shall pick on his own time.

Keep in mind, dear progressive and enlightened parents, that a century ago, a certain reading level WAS REQUIRED in order to be admitted to grammar school. Teachers refused to waste everyone's time on such things. Today we seem to have an itch to continue the crib environment well into the early grades – and beyond! Your aim to to mold self-sufficient near-adults capable of standing on their own much before the age of 20. During the SWATKWP, there were 17-18 year olds in life and death combat situations. Today, we see 40 year olds still sponging off mom and dad, and loose daughters dropping the by-products of their favorite pastime, on their parents to support.

There is absolutely no substitute for parents who have "their act together" and you won't find them on the Jerry Springer Show.

Pro-white Leader Pym Fortuyn Assassination in Holland

There's a discussion thread on U.S. Polinco here:  http://www.polinco.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=631   US Polinco is a younger brother of a Dutch language pro-white discussion forum:  www.polinco.net

There's much commentary and also some direct news from Holland via dual forum members.  This bypasses ZOG Media, Inc.'s filters.

I suggest these sources as your first stops for further news and developments concerning this stroke against the Dutch pro-white movement.


I was somewhat surprised at the count of letters I have received regarding my opinion, and Maguire's agreement, that boys brought up in a one-parent female run "home" is a psychological disaster for them. Women simply cannot teach young boys how to be men. There are some lucky to have an uncle or grandfather close at hand. This is quite helpful. Make no mistake, such women are basically man-haters and it would do one well to calmly, indirectly, and slowly, ascertain your prospective woman's attitude towards her brothers, uncles, and in particular, her own father. Listen carefully for all will be revealed in time! I hope you are not one who cares little what sort of woman mothers your son, as long as she looks great and plays pleasant sheet games. Man-haters do engage in sex and often far more than genuine caring women. Men are just dicks with feet to them and if your wallet is fat, then there's another good side to you, but dump you she will – sooner or later and probably sooner, for all men are bastards in her minds. Once she has "discovered" what a foul s.o.b. you are, it is out the door for you, and the call for some other stud to come along will be noticed.

O, I am not white-washing all men in this regard for there really are genuine uncaring bums out there who lie, cheat and steal and do whatever it takes to get those panties to fall. Once their egos and gonads have been sufficiently satiated, it's bye bye simple woman. In this case, – one of my sisters fell victim to this type many years ago – the woman then resumes her life fully intending to find, with much difficulty I might add, another man willing to head her family. Such a woman is not a man-hater and holds no grudge against 'men', but only reflects on how gullible she was to get that involved with such a creature. My sisters loved, and adorned, our father. Her second marriage appeared to be a heaven on earth and the kids, none the worse for wear.

Queer Army, Continued

To correct some readers possible misperceptions', I did not 'tolerate' homosexual behavior.  'Knowing' and 'proving' are two different things.  Good leaders are fully aware of what's going on in their units even if they don't personally witness what's going on.  The German Army referred to this as 'fingerspitzgefuhl'.  Literally it means 'finger tip feeling'.  The vernacular translation means a commander 'knows' from instinctive sense what's happening even when doesn't see something directly.

To have 'proved' all 'knowledge' I would have had to open something akin to the Saudi religious police in my unit, or perhaps a Taliban style Ministry of Morals and Vice.  How do you 'prove' homosexuality for purposes of the UCMJ?  Very tough since few want to testify and even fewer want to do so in the Army.  The only credible first-hand witnesses are usually guilty of the same offense.  Ever since the medical profession dropped homosexuality as a recognized disorder the Army Medical Corps has been of -0- help here to commanders.  Luckily, any moderately competent commander has no difficulty eliminating anyone he wants to any time he chooses.  I don't care if it's Sergeant York, General Washington or Joan of Arc.  Here's how from the Uniform Code of Military Justice:

Article 92 — Failure to obey order or regulation

4.16.1 a. Text.

"Any person subject to this chapter who–

(1) violates or fails to obey any lawful general order or regulation;

(2) having knowledge of any other lawful order issued by a member of the armed forces, which it is his duty to obey, fails to obey the order; or

(3) is derelict in the performance of his duties; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct."

I never administered an Article 15 (non-judicial punishment) that didn't include a charge and several specifications of Article 92.  I only made a couple of courts-martial referrals but those also were chock-full of Article 92 charges and specifications in addition to other main charges.  Proof is almost automatic (testimony of the commander and his subordinate leaders) and disproof is more difficult than disproving an accusation of Holocaust Denial.  The mere statement of the commander and/or his subordinates both defines and proves the existence of this offense.

This is where common sense and careful leadership selection come in.  We do not send people to the Castle at Fort Leavenworth for being 2 minutes late to a formation.  This kind of thing is Sergeant's Business.  Every last soldier in the Army up to Chief of Staff could be charged with Article 92 right now.  Tens of thousands of pages of regulations, orders and chain-of-command requirements create an infinity of opportunities.  It's not the first offense or the 4th that triggers a decision to resort to the UCMJ.  It's always some final straw that provokes a decision by the commander that a particular individual is incorrigible and has to be started on the road.  This is all peacetime business.  On real operations things are handled differently and decisively when need arises.


If you have not already done so, read this – http://www.ddc.net/ygg/cwar/pillar4.htm
Israel Shamir Update on the ZOG Terrorist Siege of the Church of the Nativity

"In this dark hour, ISM rode in. As the Holy Land had prepared for Good Friday (majority of Palestinian Christians belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem), two dozen volunteers divided into two groups: one of them staged a diversion in the best tradition of Alistair McLean’s Guns of Navarone. While Israeli soldiers were taken aback by their foolhardy bravery and proceeded to capture them, the second group rushed forward, and entered the gates of the church. They brought with them some food and water to the starving beleaguered refugees, something to look forward for Easter Sunday. Probably in the history books, their breakthrough will be called the Easter Rescue."

"When Zionism will be laid to rest, names of these daring men and women would be carved on the walls of the church. In the sacristy, next to the sword of Godfrey de Bouillon, the Defender of the Holy Sepulchre (the leader of the First Crusade refused the crown, but accepted the title) there will be baseball hats and sneakers of the Defenders of Nativity, those who got into the church, to share hunger and danger of the siege: Alistair Hillman (UK), Allan Lindgaard (Denmark), Erik Algers (Sweden), Jacqueline Soohen (Canada) Kristen Schurr (USA), Larry Hales (USA), Mary Kelly (Ireland), Nauman Zaidi (USA), Stefan Coster (Sweden), and Robert O'Neill (USA), and those who sacrificed their freedom, created diversion and were jailed: Jeff Kingham (USA), Jo Harrison (UK), Johannes Wahlstrom (Sweden), James Hanna (USA), Kate Thomas (UK), Marcia Tubbs (UK), John Caruso (USA), Nathan Musselman (USA), Nathan Mauger (USA), Trevor Baumgartner (USA), Thomas Kootsoukos (USA), Ida Fasten (Sweden), Huwaida Arraf (USA)."

"As a professional journalist, I regret that this tense drama of siege, breakthrough, diversion, relief, salvation, arrest, escape and confrontation at Easter, in the shadow of the great church, the best stuff there is, did not reach the mass audience of Europe and America, that it was not broadcasted by all TV stations and reprinted by all newspapers."

I record this incident as an example of what ZOG Media, Inc. doesn't want you to know and how it suppresses real news.  This happened a few day ago under the cameras of the ZOG.  An outside group broke through ZOG's lines to the supposedly isolated defenders of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.  ZOG doesn't want you to know about its defeats and it doesn't want you to know many others also oppose it.

It's also right to recognize real courage and conviction when one sees it.  Not listed by name by Mr. Shamir in this article was one Yohi Shamir, one of Israel Shamir's own sons.  Yohi was captured along with the first group of diversionists by ZOG troops.  This is also a mark of leadership in my opinion.  A man who does not lead his own house cannot lead anything larger.


A reader responds to Maguire's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

"Among young soldiers flushed with testosterone there's two things that lead to lethal fights and tension faster than anything else. The first is girls and the second is queers."

Too bad the mere thought of having niggers in the barracks no longer has the testosterone flushing power it once had among young white soldiers. There have always been queers in the military. They were always "in the closet" or were quietly discharged upon discovery. But Truman's penning the executive order integrating the military was the most devastating thing to degrade the US military that has ever happened. The US has not recovered from this insane act nor has it been on the winning side of a military conflict since!

In my opinion queers 'coming out' is not that much of a threat to the continuance of the white race. The two most devastating events in our racial history have been the introduction of the nigger into western culture during the 1500's and the First War Designed To Kill Off As Many White People As Possible, (1914-1918) which we all know lead to the even more devastating Round Two in (1939-1945) and the multicultural paradise we now live in. The good news is that we if we had the racial will to do so, could recover from these two tragedies. Repatriation back to Africa and amend our historical view of these so called two world wars with strong emphasis on the negative effects it has had on us as an identifiable racial group rather than the official politically correct view that they were heroic crusades to liberate the oppressed and protect democracy. L.B.

Pump whom you like and when the resulting birth produces something destined for a freak show, then it's time to call in the "genetic engineers". Ta-da. Poke a gene, bend a gene, and paint a gene blue. Laser blast, nail it fast, and all will be like new.

Imagine buying a car only to find that the transmission is connected to the radio and the power seats open the trunk, not to mention three wheels on the left side. No worries. Just call in the mechanical engineers and all will be like new.

Whatever happened to "An ounce of prevention is worth 666 pounds of cure."?

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

It's almost a decade now since the Clintons tried to normalize and mainstream homosexuality the way Truman previously mainstreamed integration and race-mixing; use the military  How time flies when we're having fun, eh?  The Clintons promptly found themselves facing an officer corps revolt of major proportions.  This took the form of a credibly threatened wave of mass resignations numbering in the tens of thousands.  To his credit (credit where credit is due) General Colin Powell's response was to side with the officer corps.  Whether this was because his JCS was going to resign on him or because of offense at having negroes and poofters made morally equivalent is unknown.  Probably it was some of both.

The resulting 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' policy was presented as a compromise.  It was a rare example of an actual Judeo-Marxist defeat in the social arena with post-defeat spin.   The policy merely represented a formal codification of the long-standing unwritten rule, plus a deletion of a recruiting form question.  The UCMJ and service regulations remained in place.  Were there queers and even career queers in the Army before Clinton?  Yes.  How high?  Well, I have utterly no proof but heard some rumors based on I know not what about career bachelor and former Army Vice-Chief of Staff Maxwell "Mad Max" Thurman.   He could have been a misogynist, too.

Did commanders 'know' about them without taking active measures to try to throw them out?  Yes.  I was an example.  I remember two fudge-packers in my company, one of whom was on my company headquarters staff, plus a few other switch hitters.  Their identities were well known to me and my First Sergeant.  As a lieutenant I had at least one bi-sexual in my platoon, of whom my platoon sergeant and me were aware.  I didn't 'know' to the extent of having witnessed them in flagrante delicto since that would have mandated me taking UCMJ and discharge action.  Nor did I 'know' because they openly said this (same required response) or tried to molest some young recruit (ditto).  Did I as a company commander try to follow all 200 men on weekends to see who got into bed with who?  Get real.  So long as it didn't affect the unit and I wasn't presented with a direct issue I let sleeping dogs lie.  As a practical matter how does one 'know' an ostensible heterosexual man really is so?  Have you watched to prove this scientifically?  Well, we have Peeping Tom laws to deal with voyeurs like you.

I personally know of other examples all the way to two-star rank where the officer 'knew', including 'knowing' about a high-ranking civil service executive with an extremely sensitive security clearance.  This was in the mid 80s FYI.  The general rule for uniformed military was keep your mouth shut, keep it off post and don't wave it in anyone's face, lest young queer bashers be incited.

The propensity toward queer bashing among young men was and is both a reason for keeping this unwritten rule and a social mechanism to keep things from getting out of control.  Anthropologically I think it's an interesting example of a healthy social equilibrium naturally establishing itself.  Can't have the barracks turning into a Castro District bathhouse.  I sort of followed a dual policy as a commander. I had many higher priorities than joining Falwell's Zionist Majority Inquisition against faggotry.  But neither was I going to interfere with the natural mechanism that kept this perversion under solid control in my unit.  There was a simple method for gays to stay gayly happy:  'Don't Tell'.

Among young soldiers flushed with testosterone there's two things that lead to lethal fights and tension faster than anything else.  The first is girls and the second is queers.  Unless you have experienced it you can't believe how much trouble one calculating tart can create in a co-ed barracks.  Ditto for Good Fairy domestic violence.  Ask any patrol cop.  Two queens going at it are among the most dangerous calls a cop can take.  As an aside, the Army's 'career' homosexuals were among the most strenuous opponents of Clinton's attempted policy change.  They above all understood it had nothing to do with the Army and everything to do with playing politics with the Army.

The course of a Clinton decade led to a natural erosion of the previous military enforcement mechanism despite the maintenance of official sanctions.  The principle subversive element has been external pro-poofter interventions designed to protect ZOG's precious queens from social persecution and repressive pressures.  This attempt at desensitizing people to accept degeneracy as normal backfired at Fort Campbell.  A faggot feeling his oats and favorable social support got so pushy he was beaten to death with a baseball bat by the object of his affections.  This occurred in the 2d Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division.

I have no doubt the short-circuit came in the NCO ranks.  To make a comparison with the Army's (and my) earlier 'reactionary' regime, closet faggots undoubtedly felt pushed very deep in the closet.  But they also weren't beaten to death with baseball bats.  I had good sergeants who could be depended on to set strict limits to the physical damage inflicted for that and other contretemps.  Typically my problem as a commander in such situations was educating my lieutenants to learn how not to see things, and when.  Now add one administration's worth of pro-queer social-engineering and seminars and see what happens?  It's always a serious mistake to start messing with natural biological ecologies unless you know what you're doing.  Doctrinaires, whether of the conservative or liberal bents, can always be depended on to foul everything up.


If you like to worry a lot, maybe this will help you along – http://www.viewzone.com/sv40.html
Don't get too bent over the silly biological classifications you learned in school. They are constantly being revised. It's all based upon similarity and a belief that everything is one big happy protoplasmic family. Since the South American coatimondi resembles the North American raccoon, zoologists say they "must be related" and somewhere in some unknown time interval, "evolution" must have caused the difference. It's all gobbledygook – bullshit baffles brains.

Iron pyrite looks like gold. They must be related.
Maple syrup resembles honey. They must have evolved from a common ancestor.

Similarities prove nothing. Period. It's only the wishful thinking of dodos who see connections where there aren't any.

It's again time to re-read material by the White man's poet, Rudyard Kipling.
I hear that Chechnian women, in the middle of wartime, are desirous of having children so as to carry on the nation. Stout people, those. When was the last time you noted a batch of female honkies desiring the same?

The Afghans are a hardy people and the American niggerball watcher is going to be made aware of many more lessons in survival.

Tired old canard and half-truth –


"In 1933, through a series of backroom deals and political intrigues, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of a bankrupt, chaotic and divided Germany on the verge of Civil War."

The only 'intrigue' was returning to representative government, majority rule and rule by consent of the governed (a principle of American politicians as late as Woodrow Wilson).  For over two years before 1933 Germany had been ruled by Chancellors using Presidential decree diktats.  This was because these 'centre' coalition Chancellors did not possess a working majority in the Reichstag (legislature).  Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 precisely because he could deliver a working parliamentary majority composed of the NSDAP and Nationalist deputies.

It's quite true Germany at that point was 'bankrupt, chaotic and divided' and 'on the verge of Civil War'.  This is normal result of extended rule by illegitimate lacking popular consent such as those before Adolf Hitler's government.


Headlines for the braindead –


"Report: Pedophilia more common among 'gays':"
"Research purports to reveal 'dark side' of homosexual culture."

"Child molestation and pedophilia occur far more commonly among homosexuals than among heterosexuals on a per capita basis, according to a new study."

This is a classic illustration not of 'news' but how people allow 'news' to control their minds to the point straight talking can become 'news'.  Let's go back to first definitions.  "Homosexuality" by definition is same sex sexual contact.  "Heterosexuality" is defined as opposite sex sexual contact.  "Pedophilia" is defined as sexual contact between an adult and a child.  There's nothing in controversy over the definitions themselves.  The desirability of various behaviors is the subject of endless Judeo-Media angst but the definitions are not.  So far so good.

Pedophilia involving 1) an adult man and 2) a young boy is by logical definition "homosexual" same sex behavior.  The number of incidents involving male pedophiles and young boys statistically outweighs pedophilia involving men and young girls.  The confusion arose over people's uncritical acceptance of the Sodomite Lobby's definition of 'gays' as not including homosexual pedophiles and vice versa.  This was always pure sophistry.  As a result of the public acceptance of the vice versa the vice got worsa!


<•> "Holocaust," as was explained in an earlier edition of this publication, actually means "completely consumed by  fire." The Branch Davidian families knew a real "holocaust. In fact, it was the winners of World War II who  pioneered the burning-alive of hundreds of thousands of women, children, and old people, sometimes in a single day.

The "virtuous" the Western Allies, toward the end of World War II, devised the proper "mix" of high-explosives  and incendiaries to create previously unknown "firestorms," tornadoes of flame that could – and did – consume central hearts of whole cities. The purpose was not to destroy a military target, but to kill the maximum number of  civilians.

The campaign was initiated as Operation Gomorrah on July 24, 1943, and in ten days, nearly ten square miles of  the city of Hamburg was completely destroyed by fire. (The German raid on Coventry destroyed 100 acres, about  one-eighth of a square mile.) The destruction merely increased as the end of the war loomed. Pouring four  thousand tons of bombs on the city of Dresden killed about 350,000 civilians; the city was known to be packed with refugees fleeing the Red Army. Nearby Chemnitz and Magdeburg were incinerated by British and American  bombers for the purpose of killing refugees from Dresden.

American author Martin Caidin described just a portion of the horror. "They are no longer recognizable as human  beings as they dash along streets through which the tar and asphalt run like lava. The universe drowns in its fire.  These hapless creatures manage to run several hundred feet, or perhaps only twenty or fifty feet... their shoes  catch fire and their feet are nothing more than sticks of flame. They writhe and thrash madly on the bubbling,  burning tar as the fire sets aflame their hair and skin, rushes into their mouths and burns out their tongues...."

These German cities provided many of the "atrocity pictures" of "Holocaust® victims." (It was intended to  append here a list of about a hundred names of women and children named Anna who were killed in this manner, as a counterpoint to "Anne Frank." There simply isn't enough space to contrast just those victims of a real  holocaust against the poster child of Diary of Anne Fraud.) (Robertsez – Decades ago, when it was pointed out that several photos of 'death camp' corpses revealed uncircumcised men, the photos were quickly withdrawn.)

Firebombing was perfected over the last two years of the war by Royal Air Force General Arthur "Bomber"  Harris, although the inspiration and "intellectual author" of mass incineration of civilians was Winston Churchill.  Truly it is said that "the winners write the history books." <•>

The above was taken from an article by Susan Huck –   http://www.civilwartwo.com/sfu.html

I am not very interested in the details of the post SWATKWP (WW II) propaganda save only as a demonstration of the lengths ZOG will go to in order to deceive the people in its power. RF.

Although I never approved of it – and still do not – when I was a young man it was common for some of the fellows I knew to do what was called "queer bashing". They'd "troll" for a faggot in some bar and when found, entice him into an alley and then stomp the "queer" out of his body.

After observation of other forms of life, plus the knowledge that there is nothing normal about faggotry, I can understand this natural urge to eliminate perverts. (How long do you think a wolf pack, or lion pride, would tolerate some male trying to sodomize another wolf?) Those who enjoy the destruction of the society in which they were foolishly granted admittance, had an itch to present perversion as "natural" – an alternate life-style, as it were, which must be "tolerated". Thus they attacked verbally the perpetrators of  'queer bashing' as having some psychological imbalance. The so-called mental problem involved a "repressed desire" to bugger another male and a person fought this tendency by attacking those "honest" enough to engage in this "between consenting adults" practice. Once the body politic was sufficiently rotted with this "expert" outlook, then it was easy to enact laws to protect perversion and later grant perverts special privileges. Today we are at a point where perverts actually flaunt their sickness with impunity. That's a trademark of a decadent and degenerate society. When we look at those who provided the psychological rationalization, and those in the forefront of the law-making, we cannot help but notice our kind, understanding, and forever helpful, jew citizens. Can we also assume that it is a coincidence that the leaders of the bats-in-the-belfry "women's rights" movement also belong to this wonderful tribe? Or that nearly 100% of those engaged in spying and treason over the past half-century were also kin? 'Coincidence' is a remarkable word.

"What the jews are doing to the Palestinians today, they did to the Russians 7-8 decades ago, and the Spanish 6 decades ago. This is what they will do to we Euro-American goyim as soon as they get the chance. Hate is their soul and only reason for their 666 existance."  I. H. C.

Briefly watched the Saturday night cabal of the same news pundits giving their analysis of the weekly  news events. This evenings exchange involved primarily Mr. Krauthammer,  Mr. Cohen as well as Ms. Totenberg,  these people  are all  Jewish so how can they give an unbiased opinion on middle east events? They were particularly incensed at the rising tide of anti-semitism. They even picked apart cartoons that they claimed was inciting anti-semitism. No one ever asks these people if they are anti-white. Gee, I almost forgot they do consider themselves white.

In the coming week P.M. Sharon is coming to Washington to give his version of what this summers peace talks should encompass. It is quite obvious that its all a sham, smoke and mirrors to befuddle the Arabs, particularly the Saudi Arabians.. There is no way  Israel will dismantle the settlements, without hundreds of billions in compensation, and maybe not even then. Further Mr. Sharon, as do all Jews, believe that they have given the Palestinians such a severe thrashing  that they would not dare seek a replay because the next time it's Arafat's demise that would be sought. The Arabs also have taken quite seriously the U.S. threat to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states, so by mid summer much will be forgotten and the U.S. will again be beating the war drums for an Iraq war.

On another subject, the sappy Germans had a memorial service  for the victims of the school shooting and 100,000 turned out. Sure does show the power of the mass media. They would never have had such a turnout to mourn the dead of Dresden, for tricky Mr. Klein, Germany's famous prosecutor on "holocaust denial", would probably seek indictments if they tried.


1932. The Lindbergh Case.  – from the online book Jewish Ritual Murder by ARNOLD S. LEESE

Colonel Lindbergh's son was missed on 1st March, 1932. The Jewish Feast of Purim was on 22nd March. A child's body was found on 12th May, dead at least two months according to the experts, with the skull fractured in two places.

I cannot see that it has ever been proved that the body found was that of Colonel Lindbergh's son. It is true that the child's clothes were identified, but the 'body' was only a skeleton, and the 'identification' by the nursemaid, Betty Gow, was made by means of the clothes and a matter of 'twisted toes.' (We must remember that the Tisza Eszlar case, see p.30, was conjured with by the finding and false identification of a body dressed in the murdered girl's clothes.)

Chas. Lindbergh, the father, America's air hero, appointed two Jews, Salvatore Spitale and Irving Bitz, as intermediaries between himself and a gang who pretended to know where his son was. The Purple Gang, all-Jewish and headed by a Jew called Fleischer, was the object of the police search.

Ultimately, a German called Hauptmann was arrested, and the whole Jewish Press of America condemned him several score of times before his trial; actually he was ultimately found "guilty" on evidence which would not have hanged a dog, and met his death in the electric chair.

The condemned man said that Reilly, his lawyer, had brought about his fate by sabotaging his defence; Reilly went insane and committed suicide.

Hauptmann said that the receiver of the kidnap ransom was Isador Fisch, a Jew; but he had died.

The mob of people outside the death-house at Hauptmann's execution, shouted and joked and laughed in the same obscene fashion as did the female furies over the victims of the guillotine in the French Revolution. It was commonly considered in America that Hitler, not Hauptmann, had been found guilty!

It is possible that Hauptmann was paid to steal the child, without knowing that it was going to be anything but an ordinary kidnapping; and that the boy was intended for Ritual Slaughter for Purim.

It was Chas. Lindbergh's father who had strongly opposed the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking System sponsored by powerful Jewish interests and had also brought to public notice the wicked circular letter of the American Banking Association which ordered the member banks to deflate "to make a monetary stringency among your Patrons." This, it is thought, might determine the choice of the innocent child of Hon. Chas. Lindbergh's famous son for a victim.

The rense.com site has a lot of good material but I remain amazed that so many appear to be astounded by the revelations.


If you can remember a couple of facts, you should then find explanation to all of the weird happenings, decadence and collapse:

(1) This is a jewish state; bought by jews and run by jews for the benefit of jews. Please look past the goyim prostitutes believing they are "us".
(2) There is no way this side of hell that "white" people are in the majority, or that jews are less than 10% of the population..
(3) White working people are second class citizens except for the race-mixers who have prostituted themselves.
(4) Voting is a fraud. No one has a choice beyond tweedledum and tweedledee. Any legitimate 3rd party will be shut out.
(5) Nearly 100% of the "news" you see has been filtered through the kosher hate screen.

I personally see no hope for White working people if they continue to believe in the rules which brought them to their present disaster. An abrupt change of mind must occur before anything useful can be initiated.

I just left the local sheenie super-market with a bag of recently arrived cherries. I never shop by price. I buy the best of what I want. I've seen silly people drive up in a new Lexus and then concern themselves with a 6 cent difference in the price of one can of beans relative to another. The over-priced junk they were driving loses probably loses $15 a day just from aging not to think of the wasteful insurance they buy. Dad once informed that one should always wear the best of shoes and eat the best of food. All else is sort of trivial. Oh well, back to my cherries.

The cherries are about 6% pit, by weight and 82% water. That means that only 12% of it could be classified as food. That increases the $6.99 per pound into $58.25 per pound for food. One has to have a strange bent of mind to consider that fruits are "cheap" nutrition.

>>Eric is right again. Shoppers at the West Seattle Thriftway are now having their fingertips scanned as a means of bypassing credit card use. How say thee, o great embedded microchip believer?<<

He sure is right.  And a combination of fingerprint and retinal scanning will be four times more fool-proof.  It's already used in hyper-secure access facilities.  Such methods are vastly cheaper to implement on a mass scale and of course don't step on anyone's Apocalyptic toes.  They are also immune to the microchip's worst enemy:  strong magnets.

If the Churches weren't so corrupted by Zionism, Jewification and jews (plural) worshippers people would know "The Mark of the Beast" from Revelations on the forehead or hand is a reference to an ancient Israelite religious practice.  This involved tying on small bracelets with casks mounted on them.  Inside the casks were quotations of Scripture (formerly) and the Talmud more latterly.  These bracelets were/are tied on the right hand or forehead.

Embedded microchips are going to remain a specialist application to the disappointment of their proponent manufacturers.  They are a natural for the military to encode a soldier's complete medical and identification information