11 May 2002
Winning the War...

Intellectually and academically we are winning the "war" hands down.  That part of the battle is largely done.  Every time we can engage we can win.  There is no one more mediocre, more ignorant and more dishonest than the average Judeo-Marxist academic.  Or more cowardly.  See http://bookbuzz.com/swain.htm

That link contains a review for the book The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration.  It's written by a negress Judeo-Marxist academic named Carol Swain.  Here, unbelievably, is a quote from one of the incestuous laudatory 'reviews' of this book:

"This is a disturbing book. Carol Swain bravely describes a world of white nationalists who reject racial integration. But where the establishment ignores these groups, Swain argues that the best response is debate rather than denial. The nationalists draw support because they express widespread white grievances that our leaders refuse to face – especially runaway immigration and affirmative action. Like Jefferson, Swain hears a fire bell in the night.   –Lawrence M. Mead, New York University"

There in a nutshell is proof certain of how their entire fake world rests on a fabric woven from conscious lies, distortions and the unbelievably 8th rate intellectual quality of their academics.  Can anything be more Alice-in-Wonderland-ish, more Orwellian, than attempts to quote Thomas Jefferson to support race-mixing?  Here's what Thomas Jefferson really had to say on the subject of negroes and 'racial integration':

"Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people [Negroes] are to be free. Nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them. It is still in our power to direct the process of emancipation and deportation peaceably and in such slow degree that the evil will wear off insensibly, and their place be pari passau filled up by free White laborers. If on the contrary it is left to force itself on, human Nature must shudder at the prospect held up."   Thomas Jefferson, July 27, 1821, Autobiography Draft Fragment, January 6 through July 27

Don't anyone take mine or any other 'pro-white' activist's word for this.  Go to the Library of Congress website and prove for yourself by a key word search HERE:  http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/mtjquery.html  I took the above quote directly from there.

No sir, Lawrence Mead, Judeo-Liar and historical falsifier of New York University.  It's not you and your contemptible tribe but we of F.A.E.M. and our comrades who truly speak for Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln.  The torch of their tradition is in our hands, not yours.


Maguire comments upon Robert's statement –

>>It will be a great task especially when we have a greater enemy than the jews – that insane portion of our own kind – the Zionist Christian.<<

Even plain Christians have no greater enemy than these evil cultists.  Given an open choice between supporting other Christians and anti-Christ Jewish interests the corrupt leaders of these Zionist Rapture cults will choose the Jew every time.  For instance, the Armenian (i.e. Christian) Holocaust at the hands of Muslim Turks has essentially been denied by the organs of the ZOG-USA regime.  Of late the American Jewish Congress has been bragging of their previous behind the scenes support to the Turkish Government in preventing any memoralization of that Muslim atrocity.  This fazes the evil (and financially greedy and corrupt) Rapture Cult leaders not a bit.  They quietly drop the subject since it conflicts with the interests of their Synagogue of Satan paymasters.  The Jews control their televitz access and these evil men and women know it.

I once saw a recommendation by one of the most extreme of these nutcases that Christians in America should send money to help Ukrainian Jews emigrate to the Zionist State.  He gave this in response to some ad he'd seen on ZOG televitz.  People with direct experience of the former CIS states know that to this day communities of white Christians exist at subsistence level in exile in Siberia and Central Asia.  Who did that?  Stalin, Kaganovich, Beria, Yagoda and the usual gang of Christ hating Judeo-Communist murderers and liars.  Did this provoke an apology from this idolator?  No.

But that's a-ok with the so-called 'Christian' Zionist.  Confronted with the evidence they'll simply deny (in violation of Romans Chapter 14) that those people are 'Christians'.  This allows them to continue their corrupt dealings with the Synagogue.  It's the same with documented anti-Christian persecution in Palestine, the active measures of the Zionists, the Book of Evil known as the Talmud and anything else.

From Falwell, Robertson, Bakker, Swaggart, Oral Roberts, look where you will.  You'll not find one who isn't on the Synagogue's pad, who doesn't display limitless corruption in his personal dealings and who isn't pushing the "Jews are God's Holy Chosen People" idolatry.  Unsurprisingly many of them have been exposed as Freemasons.


A Further Exchange Between Maguire and pro-white writer activist Carol Ward (www.carolontheweb.com ) r.e. the Pim Fortuyn assassination.


>> It certainly is a bad match.. I almost wonder how they got it done....<<

Read David Irving's Churchill bio, "Churchill's War", vol ii.  Pay attention to the parts about the Darlan Assassination in Algiers on December 25, 1942, the young 'idealist' triggerman named Bonnier de la Chapelle and his subsequent rapid disposal by firing squad.  Then study the background role Irving documents was played by the British S.O.E., MI-6, Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and also 'C's' documented presence in Algiers (right at Christmas time no less) during the Darlan hit.

David's example of the Darlan job tells you all you need to know about the mechanics of these things.  Now remember that there's no divided administration in Holland to investigate as the pro-Darlan Administration in Algeria did.

Best Wishes, "Maguire"

note to F.A.E.M. readers:  The cited Churchill bio by British historian David Irving, "Churchill's War" can be downloaded here:

Survey Sez... vast majority of Americans favor Washington/Jefferson style neutrality in Palestine.


"Consistent with earlier polls dating back to 1998, two-thirds of Americans say the United States should not take either side in the dispute."

Meanwhile the Stupid Party and Neo-ConnedServantives blunder on...

"A majority of all key subgroups favors the neutral position, though Republicans and conservatives are more likely than other groups to favor the United States' taking Israel's side than remaining neutral."

This is despite the fact 80% of all Jews voting in U.S. elections vote for parties other than the GOP.  Although at first glance this appears as dumb as possible the Blightwing has exceeded this in pigheadedness.  American support for the Palestinians hovers at about 1%.

I have continually warned (before 9-11) and will keep warning against getting too caught up in pro-Palestinian jihads.  The character of our work on the Middle East should be strictly delimited to warning of the dangers of war to us arising from Zionist entanglements, the one-way nature of the 'Special Relationship" with Israel, its corrupting effects on our domestic society and the cornucopia of benefits awaiting a return to the policies of the Founders.


Although the author uses the term "fascist" much the same as a LaRoachite does, one does find some gems of wisdom.

>> Feminism, which masquerades as "woman's rights," is in fact a pathological lesbian movement. It coerces women to believe that their feminine instincts are socially taught, oppressive and evil. It teaches them to fear and compete with men, and to find fulfillment in career instead of family.

Women who devote their lives to their families are the finest aspects of human life. They are saints who bring love and beauty into the world and tend to the real everyday needs of men and children. To disparage these women is a foul, vicious calumny worthy of the devil himself. Yet that's what the feminist movement is all about, though they deny it.

Betty Frieden, the "moderate" feminist founder, who hid the fact that she was a Communist activist, compared homemakers to
concentration camp victims. Simone de Beauvoir, another Communist founder, said women must not be given a choice to be
mothers and homemakers because they'll choose that option." <<

Read morehttp://toogoodreports.com/column/general/makow/20020508.htm

Suppose we have an excellent recipe for cherry fudge written by Betty Boop. Would the recipe be improved if it were by Betty Boop, Ph.D.?

Robertsez – If anything has worth, it should stand on its own with no need for a plethora of titles appended to the author's name. Agreed?

From http://www.carolontheweb.com/links/manchurian.html

>>One question... why demon Greenies??? There would have been so much more mileage from packaging the killer as a homophobic Muslim... Just think of the cable possibilities... Someone tell me why the Greenies were chosen.<<

Well Carole, I view it this way.  Had it been a homophobic Muslim then Fortuyn's martyrdom would have been politically complete.  Political assassinations are conducted not just with an eye to removing obstacles but to consolidating the organizing power's future political goal.

This is why it was a greenie.  It's called split-the-white-vote.  The Greens are significant political population in Europe and 99% of them are white Europeans.  A large number of them are ripe for picking though.  I don't have to go very far for an instance of this.  Mrs. Maguire here is a perfect example.  She's a very supportive racially aware woman.  A truly great blessing to me and our kids.  And she's a former activist member of Greenpeace.

I keep advising pro-white people to start plowing on the left side of the field as well as the right.  When Robert, Eric or Maguire say something like that it's almost always based on personal experience.


ZOG's mercenary army and U.S. History.


"In grade four, more than half of the students incorrectly identified what emotion a famous World War One army recruitment poster was appealing. The poster shows Uncle Sam, with pointed finger and the caption: "I want YOU for U.S. Army."The correct answer was that the poster was trying to attract recruits through patriotism, but 45 percent thought the poster was appealing to homesickness, religious beliefs or a need for money."

This report details the continuing absence of any U.S. historical knowledge among American, negro, Mexican and other immigrant school students.  Once we identify the student population this way a large source of the poor performance is also identified.  Large numbers of these students are being required to identify with histories that are not their own.  Given the approved standards for teaching "U.S. History" it's fair to say 100% of these students are being required to learn a history alien to them.

One interesting result is a student identification with the regime's current mercenary recruiting messages than with U.S. historical experiences.


Robertsez – Of course the gap between white, mud and black performance in schools is closing. College students now ask me questions about material they should have learned in grade 7.

At birth, black and white babies appear to be 'equal' with their similar movements and noises. As the years add, any objective teacher – a rare bird these days – notices an increasing gap in performance with the blacks lagging, more and more as the later grades are reached. Thus we have a variable, course content, and a constant, genetics. No matter which species, any 15 year old will do very well when presented 3rd grade material. This is precisely the educational trend which has been in effect since 1960 – add more mickey mouse material and the so-called "gap" narrows. The SAT, which was previously the Standard APTITUDE Test has devolved into something called the Standard ACHIEVEMENT Test, thus moving it away from an intelligence measurement into a memory contest, for the most part. "Dumbing down" really means cheating white kids out of the material they should be learning. How does one "dumb down" a black?

As a young school kid, the destructive options available today were available to me. "Uppers", "downers", tobacco, alcohol and even marijuana could be found on Fisher's back lots. With hardly any effort, cocaine could be purchased. Hanky panky went on in the bushes of the public parks and who could prevent you from stealing when the urge hit? Yet, it was a time when only the losers engaged in such activity and they were a tiny minority. School kids were taught stuff which basically agreed with their gut feelings and that's why it was easy to learn. Math wasn't a pottage of hot air nonsense, and art mean discipline and not the ability to slop paint over a canvas and call it creative. Chemistry was about the real world of paint, explosives, poisons, synthesis, and even baking. It was not the electron spin, quantum level pile of useless knowledge it is today. In physics, we learned how to move things, design tools and predict the movement of projectiles, all with a math flavor. Today, quirky Dr. B. teaches the quack business of quarks, worm holes and what went on 3 billion light years ago, when he isn't teaching about non-matter particles and vibrating vacuums. History is everything except white history. "Gym" had its emphasis on improving the health of the individual and not upon mob ball games. Hygiene was just that – the value of cleanliness – and not practice rolling on a condom. The average white, thus exposed to nonsense and things which contradict his common sense, hardly survives "education" without his brain being fuzzed to the point of pain. It's no surprise to me that many take drugs and engage in self-destructive behavior just to end the mental turmoil. The average kid simply cannot mentally survive such indoctrination where one is taught that up is down and black is white. Some do survive, but not many.

ZOG must be destroyed and blacks, near blacks and mud blacks, removed from all white societies. It will be a great task especially when we have a greater enemy than the jews – that insane portion of our own kind – the Zionist Christian.


Hi Robert,

I thought you might like to see where our Navy Department is doing all of their recruiting for the rest of the year.  The abundance of hispanic only events should pretty much kill the borders/immigration/amnesty debate once and for all.  The presence of LaRaza on this list makes it clear that white genocide is a certainty under ZOG.  I also noticed that white males are down to 51.2% of the Navy's civilian workforce.  What on earth do these nuts expect to accomplish when the percentage is knocked down under 50% by year's end?

The Society of Mexican-American Engineers and Scientists?  Couldn't have gotten to the Moon without them!

I'd get depressed by this, however I'm having too much fun fighting ZOG and spreading the word!

Best regards, F.F.    http://www.donhr.navy.mil/Recruitment/Recruit-Calendar.asp

Robertasks – When the military and police are mostly mud, do you really think they'll worry about White rights as the Whites did about theirs? Your answer depends upon what you are smoking, drinking or getting laced with.

Dear Maguire –

Is it possible to instill effective military attitudes and discipline in a bi-sexual environment?  Your opinion would be of great interest to me and many others.  E.R.

Dear E.R. –

I take this as meaning relative to the previous U.S.A. periods of the 1950s-early 1980s.

No. There are a number of reasons for this.

The first reason is the compromise in physical training standards necessary to sustain the illusion that females can perform reasonably effectively.  The physical tests themselves are scaled relativistically.  For instance, the number of pushups required to receive a score of '100' is less for women than for men.  They're also scaled by age group, which was the argument for scaling them by gender.  One look at the differentials tells the tale.  The only way a reasonable balance can be maintained is by lowering male performance bars.

Then there's the reduction in training realism from the eliminated events such as live grenade throws.  Good troops are aware of the reduction in absolute military efficiency.

Then there's the added disciplinary and morale problems from mixing young men at the peak of their sexual urges with young women.  Too many of these are willing to play sexual politics.  More distractors for the trainers.

The willingness by some females to use their sexuality to advance their career interests doesn't end with training, either.  While on joint staff I was once "offered" such an exchange by a female captain to induce me to excessively resource a unit project she was responsible for.  Such a 'success' would have benefited her own standing with her superiors, of course.  I declined the offer to go 'work out' at the exercise room at the hotel she was staying at while in town.  The sexual political barracks was publicly seen in operation a few years ago with the "Jungle Fever" drill sergeant scandals.  This was a classic example of how these integration problems compound themselves.

This applies to the Department of Defense.  This said, I'll also say I'm not a believer in Instant Soldiers.  It's not possible to train a real soldier in 12 to 16 weeks.  After experience and study I've concluded the realistic time period is 12 years beginning at age 10.  The Greeks, the Romans and the National Socialists knew this.  So did the USSR for that matter.  Nineteenth Century American life was more naturally attuned to doing this, also.

The most important training starts with moral and intellectual armament in childhood.  See Mark Twain's scene in "Tom Sawyer" of the Recitation at the end of the school year.  The Classics that were emphasized for the older boys, such as the Illiad, the Oddysey, Xenophon and Plutarch's Lives were part of this intellectual and moral armament.  Physical training and the School of the Rifle should be started no later than age 14.  At 21-22 the individual is ready for the call to the colors and final training.

I'll offer a different vision to the current freak show called the U.S. Department of Defense:

"Pierrefeu has described in a moving passage the next event.  Now suddenly the roads between Provins and the front towards Coulommiers began to be filled with endless streams of Americans.  The impression made upon the hard-pressed French by this seemingly inexhaustible flood of gleaming youth in its first maturity of health and vigour was prodigious.  None were under twenty, and few were over thirty.  As crammed in their lorries, they clattered along the roads, sing the songs of a new world at the tops of their voices, burning to reach the bloody field, the French Headquarters were thrilled with the impulse of new life.  'All felt', he says, 'that they were present at the magical operation of the transfusion of blood.  Life arrived in floods to reanimate the mangled body of a France bled white by the innumerable wounds of four years.'"

The World Crisis, 1916-1918, vol ii, Surprise of the Chemin Des Dames;

copyright 1927 by Winston S. Churchill

In one paragraph we see both what was produced by the American nation of the Founding Fathers and its perverted commitment to the unholy cause of the First War To Kill White People (FWATKWP) at the urging of hate-filled alien entities.  Who were these evil influences?  During early SWATKWP Chaim Weizmann boasted to Winston S. Churchill, now Prime Minister, of the key role played by the Zionists in bringing America into the First War to Kill White People.

Credit where credit is due in all directions.


Secrets of the Temple and another outbreak of Welch-ism.


This article mostly recaps what is known about the Federal Reserve Corporations.  A lesser commented on aspect of "money as religion" does receive some discussion:

"The above-detailed process has become so ridiculous that William Grieder, former assistant managing editor of the Washington Post, wrote a book in 1987 entitled, "Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country" that details how the Controllers have conditioned us to accept this absurd situation."

"To modern minds," he writes, "it seemed bizarre to think of the Federal Reserve as a religious institution. Yet the conspiracy theorists, in their own demented way, were on to something real and significant. The Fed did also function in the realm of religion. Its mysterious powers of money creation, inherited from priestly forebears, shielded a complex bundle of social and psychological meanings. With its own form of secret incantation, the Federal Reserve presided over awesome social ritual, transactions so powerful and frightening they seemed to lie beyond common understanding."

The real students of the Federal Reserve Corporations cannot be described as 'demented.'  The dementedness exists among the modern sheeple who've fooled themselves into slavery with their false sophistication.  The above citation from Secrets of the Temple illustrates precisely why the Jews have worked so hard to substitute their mutilated Hebrew Masoretic Old Testament for the Greek Septuagint.  The Septuagint includes books such as I-IV Maccabees.   The books of Maccabees specifically outline how the Jews perverted the Second Temple in Jerusalem into a central bank depository for gold and silver bullion, complete with certificates of receipt (i.e. 'bank notes').

In Mr. Thorn's article we see again the corrupt practice that is best called Welching.   I refer to John Birch Society founder Robert Welch's habit of diverting attention from the real political enemies with confusing code names, such as "Insiders", "Conspirators" and, in Mr. Thorn's article, "Controllers".   "Controllers" is great.  It can summon up images such as E.T.'s sitting in a command center as in the movie "Independence Day".

There's no great secret about who these 'Controllers' are.  The boards and sub-boards are listed on each Federal Reserve Bank's website.  For instance, the board of the Houston sub-branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank included, until recently, Jeffery Skilling, ex of Enron Corporation.  Instead of detailing the essential Jewish nature of the Federal Reserve the author, Victor Thorn, takes refuge in the meaningless term "Controllers".


The Great Black Helicopter Self-Deception

Yet another Friend of F.A.E.M. and mine (lost track yet, ADL?  Appearing all over like popcorn kernels popping, aren't they?)  recently mentioned to me some comments passed on to him by a well-known writer.  It finished with:  "Damn them".   This curse was provoked by some recent anti-white actions that had got headlined.

I thought about this until Robert's ice cream melted again. Now in the back channel the "them" is well understood between me, my friend and the well-known writer as that Judeo-X complex we term "ZOG".  This third fellow understands what is meant by this, accepts quite a bit of it but chooses not to say so in the channels open to him.  And he has channels open to him to say it if he chooses.  A key reason for reticence is that he's a published writer commenting extensively on politics and culture. That is, he's published for pay.  So this means he says less than he means.

I'm hopeful some of these professional writing people are sincere.  And to be as fair as possible, they probably view their position as not that different from a serving military officer who discovers the real nature and goals of his masters.  Since I'm not willing to pick up well-known writer's family financial obligations maybe I shouldn't criticize.

But ultimately the sum total of this man's work helps not, especially coming from someone who is already an established opinion leader.  There's just no substitute for plain speaking and directness in political matters.  When key pieces of information are left out, a great many people with far less time and information are left confused.

Robert Welch and the course of the John Birch Society best illustrate this.  Here's what Revilo P. Oliver had to say about Robert Welch:

"During his years as a master salesman, Welch had made many sales to confectioners and candy-manufacturers who were Jews residing in this country, and who, he said, complained to him openly and bitterly of the arrogance and financial exactions of the Jewish organizations to which they were almost enslaved. On that basis, he was, he said, convinced that it would be possible to induce a violent schism among the Jews in this country, many of whom, as the proprietors of very profitable businesses, would not only wish to escape the oppressive taxes constantly levied upon them by the B'nai B'rith and similar organizations, but would see, even more quickly than intelligent Americans, that the "International Communist Conspiracy" was preparing, by racial association, a hazardous future for them in this country ... "

p. 308

The chances of inducing a schism among the Jews sufficient to impair their power over the United States seem to be minimal.

If – as seems quite improbable – Welch ever attempted such an operation, he walked into a trap. That became apparent when there appeared a strange pamphlet that bore the title, "The Neutralizers, by Robert Welch."

p. 309

.... the obvious purpose [of the pamphlet] was to suggest that adverse criticism of the Jews must be inspired by the Communists and that there must be no discrimination among races: hate the wicked Communists, but love everybody else – a proposition that has an oddly theological ring!

From America's Decline: Chapter V. The Great Deceit, by Revilo P. Oliver

So what we had was Robert Welch consciously refusing to name names and the real enemy.  He was going to depend on some fancy footwork and superior strategy.  He failed.  First, Jews are great complainers.  "Kvetching", as they call it, is their national sport.  They only lack hundreds of Olympic medals because kvetching is not a sponsored event.  Based on his calculations (assuming good intent) Welch substituted "Insiders" for the real names, personalities and inner praxis of what we see happening all around us now.

Following on the heels of this we had people like W. Cleon Skousen selectively quoting from his vast FBI experience.  He once quoted a Dr. Bella Dodd, a Jewish ex-Communist lady, as saying that Moscow had informed the U.S. Party that when unable to contact Moscow they should contact one of two very wealthy New York City businessmen.  Dr. Dodd concluded from this that "I think the Communist conspiracy is just part of a much larger conspiracy."  This was likely a fair conclusion on her part. But W. Cleon just wouldn't name the names.

This approach didn't recover America for Americans.  The constantly failing search for formless, faceless conspirators did induce a lot of baseless paranoia.   This attracted a lot unstable people we still contend with today.  Eventually people began seeing formless, unlocatable military forces apparently controlled by these formless, faceless Insider Conspirators.  These are the black helos and white vehicle fleets from the early 90s, the days of CompuServe and the early mid 90s days of the 'Net.

There's just no substitute for saying what you really think.  "To thine ownself be true", once wrote The Bard.  "Die gedanken sind  frei" say the Germans.  It means "the thinking are free."  Welch taught people to think wrongly.    Therefore Welch helped further enslave them.  It doesn't matter what his motives for this were.


It's not often I watch TV but last night I saw an ad for 'getta biggun', or something, which was supposed to enlarge your 11th finger. Now, if we can believe Dr. Rushton when he writes that big sausages mean small brains, then 'getta biggun' will have the side effect of making you more stupid. Keep in mind that a small banana will fit all orifices while a 5 pounder has no such versatility.
"Inquiry of Intelligence Failures Hits Obstacles"

"WASHINGTON – Lawmakers leading the investigation of intelligence agencies' failures surrounding the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks are increasingly concerned that tactics by the CIA and the Justice Department are actively impeding their efforts, congressional sources said Friday."

"Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-Ala.), vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, declined to discuss the committee's concerns with the CIA and the FBI in detail but said: "There are problems we are going to have to address." The flare-up centers on obstacles congressional investigators say the agencies have strewn in their path. The CIA, for example, has refused to allow investigators to send their contact information to agency employees by e-mail to make it easier for the employees to volunteer information, congressional sources familiar with the investigation said."

"At the Justice Department, the intelligence committees' requests for records take weeks to wind their way through the department's bureaucracy and sometimes are simply not acted upon, according to sources familiar with the investigation."

Shades of Pearl Harbor.  Surprise, surprise, surprise. There's something beyond mere incompetence and unpreparedness.  These are already the generic explanations proffered to us. This all continues to track my long-standing view of the 'failure' as resulting from a joint ZOG-USA Mossad operation gone sour.

This article also informs us that:

"The perceived heel-dragging has bogged down an inquiry that already was sidetracked last week by the resignation of its lead investigator."

My my my.  The Senate Intelligence Committee's leading staff investigator also resigned at a crucial moment.Who woulda thunk it?


Dear MaguireI wish every white man could be exposed to your writings.  I know it would help them stand tall when otherwise they're deeply frustrated with the everyday beatings they receive in the workplace and the home front.  Read your article "Waiting For The Fall of Singapore 2."  Why can't the mainstream write such great articles?  Well, we know why.  I printed out and circulated around work this article to trusted people (white) and I got not one negative reaction.  They agreed and want more.  I guess they're greedy so I'll give them the best on the web; the F.A.E.M. website address.

Also, I thought about throwing in the towel with my marriage a year ago, because of my frustrations with this system we live under.  You, Eric and Robert's writings helped give me the mindset (strength) to hang in there for our race and my family.  Now my wife is pregnant with our 3d child.

God bless and ORION!  S.M.R.

Robertsez:  A White man who even thinks about giving up is a man who has lost before he starts. We stand our ground, not out of a desire to be liked, receive favors, or gain advantage, but because we are right!

A reader adds these linkshttp://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHI205A.html


Pim Fortuyn also got me thinking about poulders, dikes and water pumps yesterday.  Holland's immigration problem will be self-cleaning in the long term no matter what the whites do in the short run.  The NASA montage "Earthlights" shows what will happen once a sufficient concentration of negro genes appear there.  Maintenance will collapse, the energy will disappear and the waters will return. "Maguire"
Ashcroft and a political sidestep on the Second Amendment


"WASHINGTON (AP) – Reversing decades of Justice Department policy, the Bush administration has told the Supreme Court for the first time that it believes the Constitution protects an individual's right to possess firearms."

The good news here is the Bush Administration has finally noticed the existence of the Constitution of the United States.  The bad news and a lesson to pro-Americans is this recognition comes not from love of the Constitution or of the Constitutional People's Militia.  Bush and Ashcroft fear losing a major part of their National Rifle Association political constituency.

"The current position of the United States ... is that the Second Amendment more broadly protects the rights of individuals, including persons who are not members of any militia or engaged in active military service or training, to possess and bear their own firearms," Solicitor General Theodore Olson wrote in two court filings this week.

It is Constitutionally impossible for any franchised citizen of the nation not be a member of the militia.  Our own F.A.E.M. analysis on the Constitutional meaning of 'Militia' and the background of the Second Amendment is here (see – http://www.faem.com/academy/wla05a.htm ).  This extensive analysis relies on the context and actual words of the authors of the Constitution as recorded in the Federalist Papers to discover the real meaning and 'original intent' of the Constitutional provisions concerning the 'Militia'.    The Second Amendment is the final provision following many others in the original Constitution.  The final result demonstrated:

"A well-regulated (see The Federalist No. 29 for the Constitutional definition and usage of 'well-regulated') Militia (see The Federalist Nos. 28, 29 and 46 for the Constitutional definition of 'Militia') being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The meaning and intent of this simple sentence cannot be more plain. There is no paradox, no internal contradiction, no confusion of thought in this one sentence amendment. The Militia are the People in time of war while the People are the Militia in time of peace. The People cannot turn out as a "well-regulated" militia if they have no arms in their possession.

Combat effective and powerful ("well-regulated") militias must have arms. The militia being the entire People by another name, this amendment prohibits ANY level of American government from infringing on the People's right to personally possess and carry weapons. The simple reason is that such an action would reduce the combat power of the militia (i.e. cause it to be less 'well-regulated')."

As I said at the start, the Bush Administration continues to ignore the Constitution and the Constitutional People's Militia.  Like all alien-oriented ZOGist regimes it hates and fears the population which it rules.  This shows up in Bush-ZOG's approach to 'Homeland Defense'.  The regime first created an extra-constitutional position of Homeland Defense Advisor to circumvent the Constitutional provisions governing Cabinet officers.  Tom Ridge was never submitted to Congress for confirmation.  Then the current Bush-ZOG defies Congressional requirements for this individual to appear before Congress.  Finally this unConstitutional personage has called for creating a voluntary federal select corps militia of 400,000 volunteers, again in contemptous defiance of the entire Constitution.


I don't think much of this either –

One "body builder" advised that we should drink 2 gallons of water per day. Hmmm... On some web page I saw that drinking 8 full glasses of water per day is recommended in order to purge the "toxins" from one's body. If you weren't thirsty enough to do this, then it was advised that you eat salt. How's that again? Someone called in to the Dr. Dean Edell radio show and asked his opinion. He said the 8 glasses was nonsense and that one should look at their urine. Too deep a yellow meant you should drink more water. Now, I'd like to ask the Friends of FAEM, "When was the last time your saw Rover, after he watered the neighbor's tree trunk, look around to see if he needed to drink more water?" How do you spell 'thirst'? Dawh...

Comments from readers –

One of the few things I feel I was absolutely correct in was adamantly refusing to allow any "baby-talk" from well-meaning relatives to be inflicted on my boys.  As a result, they never had to unlearn any of it. They were both, from an early age, articulate beyond their years.  More of my father's legacy, I suppose – poor grammar, especially scrambled syntax, was simply not allowed to go uncorrected in his presence.  On the other hand, appropriate use of the vernacular, was tacitly encouraged.  He had a great appreciation of the richness of our language; I am still in his debt for that – and I think it has been passed on successfully.  (Example – also passed on to the boys: "Don't get in the habit of pissin' sitting down, it screws  up your thinking.")

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Hello Maquire,

I appreciate your dedication in trying to wake up the European-American people.  F.A.E.M. is read daily.  I do what I am capable of in manner of passing your writings on to other individuals. The same goes for Robert Frenz and Eric Thomson.  Keep Up The Good Work.

ORION! Sincerely yours, M.T.
Maguire replies:

Thanks for the kind words.  We really don't get paid, except in a possible better future for our kids, so it's appreciated.  More appreciated are your own efforts in the common struggle, which are just as important as ours.

Yours Truly, "Maguire"

I have noticed many people Driving While Impaired and it had nothing to do with alcohol.
When I was in the 7th grade, you were considered an idiot if you didn't know something about Zuiderzee and Waddenzee. I wonder if that's still true.
Suppose that topic "munch" contained a total of 1000 facts
separated evenly into two groups, A and B. Let's suppose that Peter knew all of group A and Marvin knew all of group B. The teacher randomly selects 20 facts for the final exam. As chance would have it, all the questions were in regard to group A. It is clear that Peter would get 100% and poor Marvin, 0%, even though both knew 50% of the topic. (How often has some student exclaimed that "They asked the wrong questions!")

You see, my friends, a test score is only a score on a test. That's all. The probability that it indicates something else depends upon how sophisticated it was. In my long experience, very few tests are that good, but what the hell – a stale piece of bread is better than starvation.

In one school, an A meant an average of at least 90. Thus, Simon, with his average of 89.9, received a B while Henry, with an average of 90.0, received an A. Bernie had an average of 100 and therefore received an A. From this we can show that Henry is just as smart as Bernie. Hah! Henry's dad was pleased since it proved to him his tuition money was well spent. On the other hand, Simon's dad beat the crap out of him for such a poor showing and threatened to cut off tuition assistance. Does this sound familiar?

One woman (J.S.) emailed me and right off told me she was never wrong about anything. She was happy to announce that her remarkable child was in 92 percentile, had an IQ of 146, and that I knew nothing about single parent "momming". That may be well and good, but the silly woman has her head up her rump when it comes to the numbers she spouted. A 92 percentile describes about 1 person out of 12 while only 1 person out of 922 has an IQ of 146. That doesn't compute in my book. Look at it this way – No matter where she got those numbers, they are just test scores and if you want to make some silly number a case of life or death, then you have my good wishes, but don't call me.

Whether IQ, CEEB, PSAT, AGCT, z-scores, T-scores, SAT or Stanines, all have a 1 to 1 correspondence with the standard distribution curve. In other words, different numbers on different scales which tell the same thing. That's why I said the 92 percentile – 164 IQ didn't compute. 

It's too bad that the pro-abortion feminists didn't have mothers who felt the same way.
Strange Fate

The Nuremburg I.M.T. executioner was U.S. Army Master Sergeant John C. Woods.  When the time came to hang newspaper editor Julius Streicher (never a member of the German government during the war)  he said to Woods, "some day the Bolsheviks will hang you too."  Woods later made boastful statements to Stars and Stripes about that hanging being his best day's work.

Contrary to Streicher's prophecy, Sergeant Woods did escape physical hanging by the Judeo-Bolsheviks.  Sergeant Woods was instead killed by Communist troops in Korea a few years later.  I wonder if Sergeant Woods had time to reflect on Streicher's words before died?