14 May 2002
Dr. Strangelet revisited or So you wanna be a scientist?


Please read through this slowly and think about it. Perhaps you will then agree with me that special firing squads should be formed for such people. What are they smoking anyway?

Notice the space cadet comment – "The only explanation for such events of which we are aware is passage through the earth of ton-sized strange-quark nuggets."

An "explanation" is not a proof. In fact, the whole pottage is conjecture and is on a par with saying that the reason the sun rises is because the god Uppenatom willed it. Kosher western science has degenerated into a Semitic religion with an assortment of tooth fairies and gremlins given manufactured names such as "quark".

To "explain" that which they cannot using known words, new words are manufactured to befuddle the masses – bullshit baffles brains. Q: Why is that rock not shaped like the other rocks? A: Due to its malfuggener, the framus recapitulated the garneroid on the circumnavitory periphery. This is, of course, not a singular event as recent studies of the hypermatixoids reveals. But not in Madagascar.

Submitted by a reader: Key Points of a Policy of Noninvovlment in the Middle East Conflict

1. End all military and Dual Use aid foreign aid to all Middle East countries.
2. Open government regulated commerce of a non-military/Dual Use nature on an equal quota basis with all Middle East countries. This applies to foreign aid and humanitarian misssions as well.
3. Strip all Dual Nationals of Middle East countries of United States citizenship; provided they do not voluntarily relinquish their foreign citizenship.
4. Ban immigration from Middle East countries. America's interests are not served by importing the conflict to our soil.
5. Seeing as there is no separation of Church and State in these countries and seeing that this conflict is both religious and political in nature, it is a violation of our constitutional separation of Church and State to allow religious doctrine to dictate United States foreign policy in support of one side or the other.  Therfore all religious groups favorable to one or the other of the parties invovlved in the Middle East conflict are hereby banned from giving political or financial support to any side in the conflict to include any effort(s) designed to influence U.S. public opinion in support of one side or the other.


I think the above are reasonable first steps.  Personally I'd extend the dual nationality prohibition to everyone.  There's no good reason for tolerating it.  Ditto for the immigration ban.  The above highlights the permanent tensions existing between the geographic idea of countries and biological nations.  By nations I mean biologically related groups of people.  The most stable entities are those that combine both qualities, such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Japan.  The Jews overwhelmingly render their loyalty to their 'nation' and express patriotism to their 'country' only so far as it benefits their nation and themselves, but no further.  Things are so far gone now that Jewish journalists openly express such sentiments without fear of censure.  There are exceptions to this behavior but not even to the level of 20%.

The Jews aren't the only national group that behaves this way.  They're just the most successful at it.  This is where the deception, the chameleon qualities and moralistic terrorism ("anti-Semitism") of any criticism of the observed behavior comes in.  Gypsies and Kurds are additional groups who put primacy on the racial group, following the precedents established by the pioneers in Zionist racial loyalty and geographic disloyalty.  It is however the Mexicans who will openly put an end to the Late Great USA as we know it.  Resistance to subsequent 'invasions' is consciously paralyzed by organized Jewry because of a well-founded fear their own identical behavior will also get spotlighted.

If 'patriotism' starts means anything, it starts with total loyalty to your neighbors, your community and their interests.  This is where race-mixing defeats the patriotic concept.  A Jew's concept of patriotism extends to politically manipulating his physical neighbors on behalf of his far distant relatives (who are aliens to the non-related physical neighbors) irrespective of the results of this on their nearby physical "neighbors".  The premier examples of this remain FWATKWP and SWATKWP (WWI & WWII).  We've seen other groups do this too and none of it is to be advocated or tolerated.  The individual who is both country and nationally rooted thus finds himself unequally harnessed.  Having extended 'citizenship' to someone who does not accept this social compact people find themselves in a difficult position to resist the behaviors.  The situation is exactly comparable to a marriage where one partner is faithful while the other freely allows themself to practice infidelity.


More Mossad Provocations in the Semites' War


"A Budget truck was pulled over in Oak Harbor, Wash., last Tuesday near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and found to have traces of TNT on the gearshift and traces of RDX plastic explosive on the steering wheel, Fox News has learned."

"Documents read to Fox News indicate that both driver and passenger were Israeli nationals. Investigators say a roadside check of the national database of immigration records indicated that one of the men had not entered the country legally, and the other was in violation of his visa. Both men were taken into custody for immigration violations."

Notice this began at local police levels.


Suppose we have a set of elements which are derived from the other elements of the set in some fashion. If all of the elements closely resembled each other, we perhaps could define some characteristics of that set. Moreover, the closer they resemble each other, the more "pure" that set would be.

The most pure set of mice would be one where they were all clones of one individual. In a practical sense, a set of inbred mice would produce about as uniform a set as could be imagined. That's why inbreeding is used for laboratory mice and rats in an attempt to reduce the number of variables in some experiment.

Look at a herd of zebra. They look pretty uniform to me even though each has individual markings. I'd say they were quite pure. When I searched the fields for snakes called "red racers", I knew what to look for since all closely resembled one another.

If one only saw that sorry collection of canines we call 'mongrels', he'd be hard pressed to tell if a coyote was a "dog" or not.

Members of one group readily identify each other but outsiders have more difficulty. That's why we have often heard Japanese remark that they cannot tell one European from another and palefaces mention "All Chinese look alike to me." Here we have a clue to the approximate definition of "racial" groups and of any biological adulteration of their gene pool. The mongrel dog collection could hardly be called "pure" to any degree whatsoever, and they certainly do not "look alike" to any observer.

The more motley, and divergent in appearance, the members of any set are, the less they can lay claim to being a nation.

A closely related set simply does not have a wide variety of characteristics. You will not find any set of laboratory rats with anything other than white hair. The bald eagle does not come with head feathers yellow, some brown and most white. You don't find Japanese with some blond hair and some black. If you did, then you could with great certainly know that those particular beings were not as 'pure' as their nation mates and that the blond was an adulteration.

If we are to define "white", in a relatively pure sense, then there is no room for brown eyes and black hair. What absolutely follows is that we must admit that the so-called white people have a rather polluted gene pool. Then again, so do most other peoples for the males of all lands poke their protuberances into any handy orifice, living or dead, animal or not. If goats and humanoids were inter fertile, I could well imagine what a horror today's population would be.

We should not run from the fact that most of us – those who believe themselves to be white – are not as white as we imagine. Since we claim to be working for a better future for white people, it behooves us all to stop the infantile bickering over "who is white". As long as we have a substantial percentage of white attributes dancing about in our genes, we can absolutely contribute to this cause. Here and now, we should all ask ourselves whether we are in this racial struggle for individual kicks, or for a long-term goal which might not include us at all.

My lovable aunt, in concert with her parents, apparently believed that all kids who didn't have blue eyes should be drowned. She also voiced a preference for the light hair which characterized most of the family. I said most, because I was outside of this pale. My brown eyes and hazel hair never set well with her or grandfather Herman, for they rarely talked to me, probably on this account since they were quite open with my brothers and sisters. As I became older, and learned something about heredity, I wondered where my "brown" came from. I found it. There in the family tree was a beautiful Welsh woman with dark hair and eyes. I can still remember the 'tin type' photo. She was a great-grandmother on my mother's side. Shortly before he went to Valhalla, grandfather Herman revealed that he had one or two close relatives living on farms around Hamburg and Stuttgart, who had brown eyes.

Knowing that I am not as "pure" a white as my brothers, sisters and cousins, bothers me not and it should not be of  concern to you either. I will close this well beaten topic by repeating myself – Here and now, we should all ask ourselves whether we are in this racial struggle for individual kicks, or for a long-term goal which might not include us at all.

Great! Burning an American flag is protected under the F.A., I am told. Former student body president at the U. of Idaho, Kasey Swisher, could end up in the jail house for burning a flag which was lifted from a faggot buggering club. I guess some flags are more equal than others.
Speaking of pedophiles, and other wood working tools, has it ever occurred to anyone that the "sex is fun" curriculum dropped on our kiddies just might make them more in tune with the advances of sexual predators? As kids, we were all aware of the c.s. types without ever being taught. Our rule was simple: never get closer to a fag than 5 feet but remain close enough so as not to miss when chucking a rock. Between such boys and fathers willing to break legs, our little city never had a faggot problem. 
Arm the pilots!! I suppose that when trouble arises, the ship will be put on auto-pilot while the crew settles the issue at the O.K. Cockpit. With the bullets zipping, will the navigator keep score to see who wins? I suggest that from this day forth, all passengers shall be contained in a tow glider and at the sound of anything beyond 10 decibels, the glider automatically detonates thus protecting the crew and the expensive tow ship.
From USA Today, 03 May, we have these gems of concern –

Stan Smith of Opelika, AL – USA owes much to Native Americans. Beyond the fact that "native" means ANYONE born her, Stan yammers on mostly about how the misunderstood Injuns NEED, NEED and NEED. There goes that song again....

Patrick Mulvany of Davie, FL, and Dave Burr of Racine, OH, are itching to get their hands on a spanking new hydrogen powered Lexus. Once we are all happily powered by element #1, most of the world's worries will vanish. I wonder if these consumers ever bothered to consider that gasoline is found in nature requiring a little separation from its chemical cousins. The energy required to refine it is very much less than the energy derived from burning it. Hydrogen however, will require more energy to separate it from whatever than will be obtained from its burning. Gasoline can be stored in Aunt Effie's pee-pot but hydrogen GAS needs mucho tending. Pat and Dave should do a little research and find out how this super fuel, hydrogen, will be stored in their hump-mobile.

On another note, I am aware of a fellow's notion that he has discovered a way to "magnetically levitate" White people to Mars, thus saving the species. He forgets that Whitey has a bad habit of dragging along muds for company and if once transported, Mars would soon be loaded with affirmative action, drug-dealing and rape. The down-side to the reverse electron spin levitation is that our earth would have to be put in a cryogenic state, that is, colder than the nuts on an Antarctic icicle during winter. So I again ask – Where is all this power going to come from?

Muslim Suicide Belt Bombers


"The sheer number of suicide belt-bombers attacking Israel this spring, and the diversity of their backgrounds, has increased fear among terrorism experts that the tactic will be exported to the United States."

"Analysts said the traditional profile of a suicide bomber has been shattered. Potential bombers are not as hard to find as some experts once believed. Under the right circumstances, bombers require little or no persuasion – in fact, they volunteer. They don't necessarily need constant supervision."

"The flood of willing bombers has completely undermined efforts to create a useful profile of potential bombers, according to experts. Initially, belt-bombers in Israel were young, single men with few ties and fewer prospects, "basically dummies," said police commissioner Aharonishki. But recent belt-bomb attacks have been carried out by young women, by well-educated men, by parents."

"Grand-parents" will soon add themselves to this suicide bomber profile.  Just wait until kindly old Sam Nasser, who lost 3 grandkids last month, is diagnosed with cancer.  The profile is rapidly reducing itself to "Palestinian" and "Muslim".  I rate this threat as a certainty.  The only mystery to me is why it hasn't occurred here yet.  Contrary to the Washington Post article, in theory it's not hard at all to stop.  Just eject all this trash, Jewish and Muslim.  Let them take their war to another continent and let us return to a real pro-American policy of strict neutrality.  That's our victory path in this war.

ZOG-USA has followed the opposite policy and admitted hundreds of thousands of Palestinian immigrants to North America.  This plus the Zionist guns a-go-go policy makes it a statistical certainty tens of thousands of "Palestinian-Americans" are now related to corpses killed with American made arms wielded by "Israeli-Americans".  Motivated volunteers will not be lacking.  The "American citizen" makeup also washes off surprisingly easily.  "Israeli-Americans" and "Palestinian-Americans" have absolutely no qualms about shooting each other in Palestine.  "Blood is thicker than water" as the old proverb goes.  They will soon be doing the same here, too.

I remain clueless as to why taking one or another side in this Semites war will benefit white Americans.  I seriously suggest the political geniuses responsible for Saturday's demonstration at the Zionist Embassy indulge in some "what-if" contingency thinking for the aftermath of when the first suicide bomber is deployed in here in the Late Great U.S.A.  Some of these "what-ifs" include:

1.  What if my new friend Ahmed is "linked" to the same mosque Mohammed attended before he blew up?
2.  What if the vast majority of other white Americans who desire real neutrality start blaming me and my friends as being part of the problem and not part of the solution?
3.  What if (actually 100% what when) ZOG Media starts repeating reports about "linkages" between pro-whites and non-white terrorists?  This has already been a recurrent theme.  And what when ZOG-USA tosses us in the can with the other Muslims as part of a "crackdown".


Every once in a while a reader who apparently cannot stop reading FAEM because he finds it so annoying, stupid, and depressing, rips off a batch of kind words of inspiration. Currently, he has been addressing Maguire as FAEM Co-Jack off and says he doesn't mind if he receives the exposure he rightly deserves. Perhaps you'd like to express your comradeship to  Russ McGinnis macktwo@ij.net. I will admit that this is a first for FAEM – posting an email address from an exuberant supporter – but the fellow literally asked for it. Here are his gems of wisdom followed by a reply from Maguire:


There are some good analysts, like Ygg. There some good rhetoricians, like Carol-OTW and VNN's Alex Linder. (They brighten my day.) Don Black at Stormfront keeps keepin' on in a very workmanlike fashion. There are a few people who actually kick ass, like Mike A. Hoffman. And of course there's Dr.Pierce preaching the gospel every week. And every week, after reading Dr.Pierce, I say to myself, "Amen, Dr.Pierce! So..., what do we DO about it?" I wrote him repeatedly on this question and never received a satisfactory response – only "Send money for my new video game project."

Then there's the never-was barroom loudmouths at FAEM. Their most memorable analysis: The ancestors of brown-eyed whites fucked apes. Similar slurs for women, Christians and basically anyone who isn't a blue-eyed Hitler groupie. [Newsflash for Frenz: "Dear Uncle Adolph" got his ass stomped into the cracks of the sidewalk. Maybe you need a new role model.]

What has struck me about the Movement is that there is no movement. Rhetoric and indignation doesn't faze the Evil Ones. Gentiles are only animals, remember?

So, what is to be "done" – to save ourselves? Everybody's just talking. The train bears down on us. [Well, not entirely true – "Maguire", who is Co-Jackoff at FAEM, barked that we should all buy body armor and assault rifles and join the militia. (maintaining the PERFECT RECORD OF DEFEAT OF THE NATIONALIST RIGHT FOR THE LAST 90 YEARS!)]

Now, from Maguire --

Do you have something more coherent to say?  Such as alternative ideas?  Or should we just run this?  I guarantee you front page billing on F.A.E.M. Please advise soonest.

"Maguire" FAEM Co-jack off.

P.S.  Unless you have some facility in the Russian language I suggest you shut your ignorant mouth.  I've already forgotten more about Russia, St. Petersburg, Moscow, European Russia (and also Germany) than you ever learned on your 10 day www.loveme.com  fuck for bucks tour.

P.P.S.  For your personal info, "Kievsky" passed out a grand total of five (count' em -5-) literature packets at his most recent distro in MA..   This was after he stopped trying to evangelize Jews at Synagogues on my advice.  At that rate we'll make mass movement again about 2300, assuming we're not extinct by then.

Robert wrote – "I recently drove through a large region of Indiana which had a noticeable absence of blacks and mestizos"

I don't know which part you went through, but in Elkhart county, the city of Goshen to be proper, the scene is quite spic-tacular. The neighborhood in which she grew up has totally been taken over by mexcriment, save her mother's house and her grandmother's down the street. It wouldn't be a bad place to live if it weren't for the filth, noise and general degeneracy of
the place owing to the mestizos. Needless to say, it's not a place that I will relocate my family to.

All the best, D.M.

Thanks to Mr. A.B. for sending me info on the Barbie doll.

"While Handler has undoubtedly arrived at the great bagel in the sky, she did not invent Barbie.  She stole/swindled it from a German toymaker, Rolf Hausser, who had named her Lili and made her look like an Aryan/German of course.  Please don't tell me you are surprised at this news."

A Maguire general reply to mass correspondance.


To all who have written about Dr. Henry Makow, Ph.D, of Canada, my thanks.  The Makow Incident has generated an unbelievable amount of email, 100% of it anti-Makow.  One correspondent made a pithy comment that sums it up:

>>About 4 clicks into this report, you will find the word G-d.   This can only mean one thing to me, and I'm betting to you also.<<

I agree.

Dr. Makow points up the essential weaknesses of what we might term the semi-righteous Jew, especially those in Canada.  They can do an excellent job of describing the symptomology of what's going on, as the Zionist Dr. Makow does with his diagnosis of feminism and some other international trends.  But when it comes time to put faces and names to, and draw linkages between the perpetrators, everything degenerates into an unfocusable kaleidoscope.  It's at such moments one will observe another of their behavioral characteristics.  This was best described previously by another as " they stick together like burrs."  This is what constantly sabotages proto-resistance movements.  The autopsy of the John Birch Society and Robert Welch's leadership of it, remains the classic example.

The truly righteous Jew will not come across sounding like Dr. Makow.  They sound more like Benjamin Freedman or his current 'successor' in this generation, Israel Shamir.  That is, they don't pull any punches about the essential nature of International Jewry, Zionism, Talmudism, Communism and the underlying goals that inform those movements.


I sawed a piece off three times now and it's still too short department – Germans (sons of sons of Nazis?) and jews (sons of sons of "survivors"?) joining hands and singing We Shall Overcome. This "reconciliation" mental buggering keeps surfacing over and over and yet the dimwits fail to understand the basics. Let them dream on while Tony Rome burns.

Why would the Chinese want a shooting war with us?  A shooting war, to Chinese, is the final step after the enemy is beaten. Prior to that, a state of non-violent war exists. To a cotton brained Westerner, war means "bang, bang, you're dead". The Chinese are conquering American soil without a shot being fired. They are exploiting our hand-out system full blast. We're selling them our technology and the banksters are eager to "invest" in China. Our university departments are being taken over, and more and more Chinese pilots and M.D.s are popping up all over. Look at the mushrooming medical clinic business and count faces. Centuries ago, the Mongol hordes invaded China but were are they now? They were absorbed and became Chinese. The state of Washington has a Chinese governor and his Chinese constituency can be counted on to vote only one way. I recently drove through a large region of Indiana which had a noticeable absence of blacks and mestizos, but there were settlements of Chinese who obviously do more than serve egg roll and won ton.

I recently discussed this with Eric and he said he will write a little essay The Yellow Peril Revisited. The Chinese are patient and have great numbers, but their major strength lies in the fact THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. I suggest you again read Dr. Oliver's The Yellow Peril.

White people are great when it comes to gadgets but would you really call them intelligent if they entertain the silly notion "If we are nice to them they will be nice to us." In the real world of competition between predator and predator, and predator and prey, show me some examples. Please refrain from blubbering, "But we aren't animals."

A crazy man with a high IQ could be considered dumb since the bottom line is pretty much the same.
What does Israel want?
Who knows – the whole batch of them are nuts. How else would you describe a swarm of Khazar interlopers who call the Semite Arabs anti-Semitic?

There are about 4 millions crazy yids who are causing all of the problems in the mid-east. We have room for them all here and I am sure the Christian crazies would welcome them with open wallets. Think of all those extra votes and Big Macs which could be sold. It would certainly be much cheaper than the present welfare foreign aid we give to them.

A daunting task for a forlorn man – wanting to have a family when pro-White women are about as plentiful as icebergs in the Sahara.
One radio mouth said that 10% of our population is certifiably insane, running loose and moderated only by drugs. Most of our over-the-hill population lives on drugs. Now add the high percentage of young folk wrecking their brains with 'recreational' drugs. Now you can see why no one is interested in stopping anything to do with drugs. Pull all drugs and the senile bunch will drop dead; the loonies will go hog wild ape and the younger crowd will do a nation wide Woodstock temper tantrum. Keep your flintlock well oiled and primed. Declaring open season on our bottom feeder citizens would cure most problems pronto.
Bad news. Klamath Falls, OR. The county jail no longer allows the "innocent" prisoners fresh coffee, pepper, salt, mustard or mayonnaise. That's a holocaust!
Ruth Handler, the jewess creator of the Barbie doll, has left for bagel heaven, first class, naturally. I notice that Barbie was not modeled after the "chosen ones". Would you buy a doll resembling Madelaine Albright?
The nigeroos have screwed up their Afro-chimp homeland to such an extent that mestizo Bush is gearing up to raid the American taxpayers' wallets again. Honkies bailing out nogs is what caused the problem in the first place. We feed. They breed – thus insuring a larger dose of the same problem later on. Whitey hasn't the brains God gave a goat.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Robert: I have to take umbrage with your statement that "Whitey hasn't the brains God gave a goat."

The White race has an absolute monopoly on the world's supply of "brain power. " Even our footprints are on the moon's surface. No other race's are.

The trouble is Whitey doesn't have the will power to use it! Especially in preserving our own racial integrity in an ever rising tide of mud.

Our problem is lack of "will power" not "brain power." And unfortunately, our enemies sense and know this inexplicable vulnerability of ours. That is why they treat us with such contempt and loathing. Like biting the hand that feeds you. L.B.

Robertsez -- Jes. Whitey is very smart when it comes to building air conditioners and electronic toothpicks, but dumber than hell relative to preserving his own kind. That makes goats smarter because they'll still be around when Whitey becomes just another variety of mud. Whitey is the only critter on this earth which is more concerned about the welfare of his competition than he is about his own kind.

The muds are invading Colorado and all their female politicians can worry about is the Constitutionality of cameras at road intersections. Never send a floozy to do a boy's work, I say.
The next time you are in the mood for a horror movie, save your money as see Dolores Card, Syracuse University's director of their RAPE Center. It never fails. The uglier the woman is, the more she wants to protect herself, and others equally ugly, from rape. It's like Eskimos protecting themselves from crocodiles.
Good news! The C.I.A. announced that it will no longer torture its prisoners. The Mossad, however, didn't follow suit.
The good news doesn't end. NATO pans to end its surveillance flights over the non sovereign United States. Actually, if you switched two letters to spell Untied, it would be more descriptive of the real situation. United we ain't.
Blacks, and muds, are like the bears of Yellowstone. The friendlier you are with them, the greater you are in physical danger.  Watch, and learn.
Jungle Fever:  The F.A.E.M. News Analysis

Reported Facts.

1.  The ship concerned is the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard, LHD-6 (Landing Helicopter Dock).  This is part of the Marine Corps' amphibious navy.  The ship "is an Amphibious Assault Ship. The primary mission of our ship is to embark, deploy and land elements of a Marine landing force in amphibious assault operations by helicopter, landing craft, amphibious vehicle or any combination of these means."    "Ships Company: 104 officers, 1,004, enlisted Marine Detachment: 1,894"  (see http://www.lhd6.navy.mil/ )

2.  The ship departed San Diego December 1, 2001 outbound to support operations in Afghanistan.

3.  The "Bonhomme Richard, one of a seven-vessel flotilla (is) currently on R&R in Phuketís seedy entertainment capital." (source, Phuket Gazette, reproduced below).  Translated this means the ship is on a planned whorehouse rest stop after six months at sea supporting combat operations.  Got that, Fundamentalist "Christian" Zionists?  Makes you want to rush your boys and girls right down to the recruiting station to join the Christian Coalition President's Navy, eh?

4.  Despite the abundance of local Phuket prostitutes, the Marine sergeant chose to pursue the 22 y/o female Navy crewperson.  This means he was either (a) broke or (b) had been pursuing her and/or they were involved previously.  Don't anyone kid themselves that chastity reigns at sea as with no alcohol.  Alcohol is banned or locked up (occaisionally they'll allow two beers after some months).  The girls aren't locked up.  The U.S. Navy is a fleet of Love Boats these days.  Some of the local Thai reports implied the Thai police investigators appear to think there's some issues of consent involved here.  Local Thai and Australian witnesses though appeared to think it was a clear rape and attempted murder.  It might also be the local Thai police  preferred to minimize their involvement in an "international incident"

Aren't integrated militaries great?  Just ask the Okinawans their opinion of our military Men In Black.


Robertsez – I'd bet the female was a liberal white who loved to associate with blacks. Every once in a while, some black reverts to his perfectly natural  jungle demeanor and leaves the women just chock full of love marks. As one Attic prison guard Lieutenant once told me, "Blacks are nothing but cocks with two feet." I have yet to find a situation where this doesn't sum it all up. Ladies, be my guest, but don't EVER cry for help.

Prior to the military defeat of the anti-Communist forces in 1945 (SWATKWP), nearly everything in America was run on a merit system. No one blocked out women, as the jewess feminists complain, nor were blacks barred from jobs, or schools, simply because they were black. This merit system held for about 10 years thereafter, and then the Marxist levelers really went to work at destroying nearly everything in our society.

In high school, Jean S. was valedictorian and Helena G. salutatorian. We had a few blacks in our school, but none could think beyond peeling a banana. Both Jean and Helena were white females and I heard no protest from the white males, or anyone else. The girls were super students and that's what the awards were all about. As is the case usually, white males won all of the science awards while the females excelled in languages and so on.

In my life, I had had dozens of jobs ranging from taxicab driving and machine shop to chemist and teacher. NEVER have I ever encountered a job where one got smaller pay because they were female, black, or two-headed. Stories to the contrary are unfounded – crap, as it were.

Then, you were not denied merit scholarships because you were black, but because you just didn't measure up. I didn't, and that was a fact of life. Today, you are granted scholarships BECAUSE you are black and they have nothing to do with scholarship – just the ability to play with balls and a desire to screw cheer-leaders.

When merit is applied, a sorting out of the races occurs. That was part of the way things happened. America no longer functions on merit – just special privileges to those, who in the past, were always on the bottom. Being on top has everything to do with biology even though nepotism exists to a good degree – but not enough to cause problems with competence or efficiency.

The mere existence of quotas and ZOG handicapping rules proves to anyone, whose brain functions above that of an orangutan, that blacks cannot hack it on a level playing field. Never could and never will. They are a parasitic, and biological  disaster for any society stupid enough to let them in.

Rent the video Harrison Bergeron for a nice view of a leveling process which could be in our future.

Robertsez – Wanna bet this animal was one of our Affirmative Action brothers?

Jungle Fever in Thailand


"WASHINGTON (CNN) – Navy officials said Friday that a United States Marine sergeant is being held in detention on the USS Bonhomme Richard because he's alleged to have raped, beaten and severely bitten a female shipmate on a beach in Thailand earlier this week.

The shipmate, a Navy sailor, was found naked on the beach with her nose bitten off and serious bite marks on her face, Navy officials said."

The official story.  No play far on the other newswires.  I'm researching Thai sources – they're unlikely to be as reticent as the Department of Defense.


Jungle Fever II, Thai News Reports
The Phuket Gazette Report of May 9, 2002


US serviceman arrested for rape

PATONG: A serviceman from the visiting American warship, the USS Bonhomme Richard, has been arrested and handed over to the US Navy after allegedly raping a U.S. servicewoman in the early hours of yesterday.   He is also alleged to have assaulted an Australian passer-by who tried to stop the rape.

The accused man was named by Patong police superintendent Col Chalit Thintanee as Thomas Wolf, a US Marine sergeant serving aboard the Bonhomme Richard, one of a seven-vessel flotilla currently on R&R in Phuketís seedy entertainment capital.   The victim was a 22-year-old Petty Officer 3rd Class serving on the same ship as Wolf.

It is alleged that when an Australian resident of Phuket, named by police as Henry Birmingham, responded to the womanís screams and tried to stop the rape, Wolf hit him in the face, knocking him out.   Wolf was finally subdued by about a dozen local people who came to the womanís aid. She was taken to Bangkok Phuket Hospital with serious injuries, including a broken jaw and a badly bitten nose. Doctors are currently refusing to allow anyone to see her.

Under Thai law, a foreign serviceman involved in a crime on Thai soil would normally be subject to trial by the Thai courts.   However, after three hours of negotiations between Phuket Vice Governor Manit Wattanasen, a representative of the US Embassy, and the accused manís commander, it was agreed that Wolf would be handed over to the US Navy to be tried in a military court in the US.   Mr Birmingham declined to press charges for assault, said Col Chalit.

The Nation newspaper reported that a story on the attack published by a Thai newspaper drew strong criticism from the US Embassy.   The Nation quoted an embassy spokeswoman as saying, "We were dismayed to see the picture of the victim, badly bruised and apparently unconscious on the front page of a local newspaper.

"It is a clear violation of her privacy. It shows a lack of compassion and professionalism on the part of authorities to allow [news] photographers access to the victim and on the part of the newspaper that printed the photos," the embassy spokeswoman said.   V/Gov Manit told the Gazette after the negotiations that the story in the Thai newspaper was “totally wrong” on many points.

For example, he said, the story stated that the victim was raped by 10 men and identified Mr Birmingham as her boyfriend.   “It was not a gang rape,” said V/Gov Manit, “and the Australian man was only a witness, who was walking past and tried to help the woman, resulting in his being punched in the face.”

There are currently some 5,000 US servicemen and women in Phuket for R&R.

— The Bangkok Post's Report, May 10


"US marine held over beach assault"   "Female shipmate left naked, unconscious"

Achatthaya Chuennirun and Wassana Nanuam

"An American marine was in US naval custody yesterday after allegedly sexually assaulting a female shipmate while on shore leave in Phuket.  The woman was found naked and unconscious on a beach on Wednesday morning and police detained her suspected attacker at the scene, said Pol Lt-Col Sa-nguan Muangtham, chief investigator."

"A US embassy spokeswoman said the pair were from the multipurpose amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard. They were among some 5,000 US sailors on shore leave after their ships docked in Phuket after a tour of duty supporting troops in Afghanistan. Late yesterday, Thai and US authorities claimed the woman was not forced to have sex and was not willing to press charges. Sources said they suspected the authorities were trying to protect the US navy's reputation."

"A witness, Charlie Nookaew, said at first he thought the pair were just having sex. Then he saw the man hit and bite the woman, who cried loudly before passing out.  The man then dragged the woman into the sea and had sex with her before trying to drown her, Mr Charlie said.  The witness said he shouted for help and the man ran away."

"The woman is being treated in a Phuket hospital where her condition was listed as critical. The suspect was placed in the custody of US military police shortly after his arrest.  The embassy spokeswoman said that under US-Thai agreements, such cases are normally handled under the U.S. military justice system, which could see the suspect sent back to the US for court martial.  One report said the suspect had already been sent home and would be court martialed at a North Carolina naval base. The spokeswoman denied that other people were injured or involved."

And a further report in the Thai online paper Nation:



P.S.  Deafening silence so far from the Judeo-Feminist lobby on the U.S. Embassy's alleged lack of seriousness concerning the rape allegations.  Except for the Thai reportage I doubt this incident would have been reported on CNN.

Waiting for the Fall of Singapore II Update. ( http://www.faem.com/maguire/singfall.htm )

I happened to catch a brief segment of CNN late this afternoon.  One of Wolf Blitzer's headline stories concerned another 'incident' in the ZOG-USA mercenary military.  According to Wolf, another one of those "unidentified" Marines conducted a brutal beating and rape of a female US Navy shipmate while on shore leave in Thailand.  The "unidentified" Marine is reported to have been drunk at the time and to have also bitten off attacked female sailor's nose.

Maguire is now offering favorable odds on (a) race of female sailor and (b) race of "unidentified" male Marine.


P.S.  How geographically apropos, ja?  Right next door to Malaya and just up the coast from Singapore.  They really make it too easy for me sometimes.

Robertsez – When you choose to go wading in a Florida swamp, don't be surprised if you get your ass bitten. Chimpanzees can be trained to act almost human-like while on the stage. All is soon forgotten when bananas and peanuts are tossed on the stage. 

ZENIT News Agency, The World Seen from Rome

Anglican Calls for Calm as Zimbabwe Nears Economic Collapse.

MUTARE, Zimbabwe, MAY 9, 2002 (Zenit.org).- With Zimbabwe nearing economic collapse, Anglican Bishop Sebastian Bakare of Manicaland appealed for calm and expressed concern for the suffering citizenry.

The bishop criticized those who, even when seeing "the weeping caused by the pain of the violence suffered, do not condemn the abuses or, worse yet, deny them," the Misna missionary agency reported.

Opposition leaders assailed the decision by Robert Mugabe´s government to confirm the results of the controversial March elections.

Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said he will call a general strike if Mugabe does not hold new elections, a threat the Zimbabwean president seems to have shrugged off.

A political protest by the ZCTU workers union 10 days after the elections met with little popular support. Most Zimbabweans seem to be more concerned about basic survival.

This country of 11.3 million struggles with drought and the effects of a disastrous land-reform program under which so-called war veterans seized the property of some whites.

The unemployment rate is 70%, inflation 113%. The nation has $4.5 billion in foreign debt, and is $118 million behind in payments to the International Monetary Fund.

Dr. Makow's Welchist Tendencies.


I read the cited link.  Some good material mixed in with a lot of chaff in my opinion.  Mostly Birchist chaff.

He simply doesn't want to admit the essential Zionist-Jew led nature of the "New World Order" scheme he perceives.   It's a consistent theme from his eyes closed approach to the Judeo-Feminists, to the 'International Bankers' and on to the so-called conflict in Palestine.  We can also cite the Jewish domination of that how-to magazine of whoredom, Cosmopolitan and its Jewess publisher Helen Gurley Brown.  What about Playboy and its many awards from the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'rith?  How about Champion Madam and Prostitute of the 20th Century, Jewess Xaviera Hollander of Happy Hooker fame?  And who pushed her pornographic biography into the bookstores?  And Hollywood?  Hello?  Earth to Dr. Makow, Earth to Dr. Makow, come in, over.

His Birchism leads Dr. Makow into pathetic attempts to portray Israelis as being equal victims with the Palestinians.  There is for example this statement in a recent article of his:

"There is plenty of room in the Middle East for everyone. Jordan is 60% Palestinian anyway and contains huge unpopulated tracts."

Since Dr. Makow parrots this old Zionist canard the same standard should be applied to Dr. Makow with reference to his own Alberta home.  "There's plenty of room in Canada for everyone and contains huge unpopulated tracts"  So we'll just push you off into the tundra, Dr. Makow, and take your home for ourselves.  Fair deal, Mr. Jews Apologist?  No sniveling allowed, Dr. Makow.  Sauce for the goose and all that, you know?  No jobs in those "unpoulated tracts" for you and your family, Dr. Makow?  Well maybe Santa needs help at his workshop.  Dr. Makow is at least as likely to find work there as Palestinians are in the Jordanian desert.

" There are 1.2 million Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel and are Israeli citizens. Almost 200,000 other Palestinian Arabs had jobs in Israel. If the Israelis and Palestinians made peace (the elite's nightmare) everyone would prosper."

Dr. Makow ought to be provided an involutary opportunity to labor for several decades under the conditions afforded those Palestinian day laborers by their Israeli-Jewish employers.  With some real experience he can report back to us on what he found.  He deems it acceptable for others from a long distance.   The demographics he cites, once adjusted for property and income distribution, are equally applicable to Palm Beach and Dade Counties in Florida, New York City and any other area of Jewish settlement.  You will never find an area of dense Jewish settlement that doesn't have large non-Jewish slums located next to it to provide a physical labor pool.  Figure it out.

But there's another factor underlying Dr. Makow's essential Birchist approach.  It's only to be expected of a man who not only publicly advocates but attempts to financially profit from miscegenation:

"Toogood Reports contributor Henry Makow, Ph.D. is a student of gender. He is the inventor of the board game Scruples and the author of  A Long Way To Go For A Date.  (the book title was originally hotlinked for purchase) In the Philippines, he discovered a tropical paradise where women are still traditional and the husband is the head of the household. The book is Makow's candid and ironic account of his courtship and marriage to a young Filipina. It recounts his quest for love and masculine identity at a time when both are under siege in America. Visit his website or send him e-mail at scruples@escape.ca