15 May 2002
Bush is so worried about al-Qaida terrorism...


...he refuses to let airline pilots carry guns.Can't have that.

People might get the idea having their own weapons is the best way to defend themselves.    Worse, they might start reading the Constitution and The Federalist Papers and discover such ideas were "Original Intent".  Then they might organize neighborhood, local and state collectives ("militia").  After that they'd naturally elect militia leaders – as Andrew Jackson was elected in Tennessee – and might start stopping ZOG's sponsored mud invasion without reference to the Judeo-Federales.  Sure can't have that.

More proof if any were needed that we're just being treated to a stage-managed Judeo-Masonic show.  The dynamic duo, Drugs, Usury and Oil, mercenary military forces and disarmed populations; the things that have made ZOG what it is today.


P.S. Is there anyone more self-deceiving than the 'Conservative' Republican?  That's your boy at work, Limblow Boobs.

Signs of intelligent life in the blightwing:


An excellent page with 88 ideas for people who don't think they can do anything to help.

Everyone has their own prejudices.  My favorites are numbers 01, 03, 07, 18, 30, 36, 42, 48 (this alone by one individual will reach more uncommitted whites than almost of our demonstrations do) 52, 56, 58, 63, 64, 69, 70 (and remember to send us an info copy), 72, 74, 76 (psst... www.faem.com where the upper left logo goes), 78, 79, 80 (I do this myself), 83 (a simple business card will do), 87 and especially #88.

There was also #13 I agree with subject to one condition:  STATE & LOCAL.  The national field is already overpopulated.  A lot of very sound thinking all through here: http://www.midlandhammerskins.com/  Especially in the MHS FAQ:

   "...we do not speak to the Media.  Instead, we've become the Media."

Some other people really need to read and heed what the man is saying there.  MORALS are survival behavior.  The author instinctively grasps that.


Well, well, well, what do we have here?I was just sent an email claiming that I have a naughty virus on my Viagra drive. The file's name is jdbgmgr.exe. It is supposedly dormant for 14 days before it detonates your mutha board. Norton and McAfee cannot detect it. The good guy message says you can avoid disaster by erasing the file and then emptying the trash bin.

How much faith do you have in such tips? I'll tell you this mates, IF you erase the file you probably will have some problems since the file is the MS debugger registrar for java. No *.exe file sits on its ass 14 days before going into action.

If the idiots cannot f---up your computer by their design, they try to con you into doing it yourself. As American goyim, we do appreciate getting it stuffed up our behinds. Hey man. Pay no mind to miserable Robert. Erase it and tell me what happens. Inquiring minds want to know.

Ye gads! It must be a terrorist! What a holocaust!

Before you come down too hard on our mestizo presidente for perhaps knowing a little about the impending attacks, keep in mind that this is what all great leaders do – rattle swords and then skedaddle for the hills when the shooting starts. Drunk Whinny Churchill would hightail it for Coventry when he learned the Luftwaffe was headed for London. He'd rip off to London when the Luftwaffe was aimed at Coventry. Warn the populace? Nah. That wouldn't help the war effort. Nothing like a little spilled civilian blood and guts to get their dander up. Although fat Win plagiarized the "blood, sweat and tears", it is noticeable that he bled none, shed no sweat and was tearless. When asked, as he was being phased out, about the wreckage of the British Empire – a Dr. Goebbel's prediction – following the SWATKWP, hero Church replied, That's a doleful task I shall leave to my successor."

If you thought shabbez goy Churchill cared two turds about the British people, or that Bushez and his mestiza wife cares one turd about the American people, then there's a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Our ruling class would sacrifice the entire population if it meant they could save their worthless asses. Rent the video The Atomic Cafe and note what ZOG willingly does to its own citizens.

McCain Factor II: "Bayh-McCain Citizen Soldier Legislation"


(May 14, "New Democrats" News Release)

"As a member of the Armed Services Committee, Sen. McCain negotiated citizen-soldier language very close to the Bayh-McCain legislation. Those who volunteer to serve as a part of this new program would be required to serve on active duty for 15 months after completion of initial entry training and could complete the remainder of their service obligation by choosing service on active duty, in the Selected Reserve or in the Individual Ready Reserve. Serving in a civilian national service program such as the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps could also fulfill the reserve obligation."

This legislation displays many early key elements of the 'national labor draft' and 'induced military volunteer' system I've predicted ZOG is going to adopt.

1.  The first is a short service period, 15 months.  As I explained here ( http://www.faem.com/maguire/zogdraft.htm ) these short service periods do little for ZOG's standing imperial legionary forces.  Personnel turnover, training costs and the required size of the training base will start shooting up.  It might help out the part-time standing federal Army (National Guard and Reserves).  Might as well say "2 years" and be done with it since "initial entry training" plus "15 months" comes just short of that.   Notice how they're trying to camouflage that "political 3d rail" with deceptive language concealing the total length of active service?

2.  This starts the blurring the lines between military and non-military service.  This is a key hurdle for those desiring to reinstate some kind of selective service system while simultaneously keeping the People's Constitutional Militia neutralized.  Universal male conscription into the Militia is not only Constitutional but was implemented in the Militia Act of 1792.  Conscription for other purposes is legally untested.

3.  As a volunteer idea this is as dumb and inefficient as possible.   Having trained a soldier it is senseless not to utilize him in reserve service following active duty.  This is not dumb (from ZOG's elite ruling group viewpoint) as a precursor to restoring a selective service draft and increasing the size of the standing army while also keeping the Militia neutralized.

Here's more evidence that McCain is ZOG's Man to Reinstate the Draft.  Senator Bayh of Indiana is of course from the DemoZOG wing of the unitary ZOG Party.


Our vampire economy is running out of blood.
More sh-t. I have no comment.http://www.nbpc.net/news/archive/december2001/mothers.htm
Beautiful! As the selected public school math exam grades are beginning to come in, the results of 'raising the standards' are surfacing. Nigeros are failing by the herd. One of those responsible for exam correcting told me she has never seen so many zeros – YES! – big fat goose eggs -0- as in, no credit for even spelling your name right. What goes around comes around.

In the 1950s, nigeros failed by the score as they have been doing for centuries. That's why courses were watered down and augmented scores introduced. Still they could not 'perform'. Then came 'ranking' where the top black banana was considered equal to the top white banana even though the black had a 30 and the white a 100. "Curving" scores came into play as well as each and every variety of bonuses for being mentally handicapped. All of this was justified as a means to compensate for poverty, racism, discrimination and sickle cell anemia.

You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. You cannot teach penguins how to fly.

To be balanced, even the white kids haven't done too well. How could they when the high school math curriculum is pure disjoint sh-t! I am not sure how far blaming the teachers will get but all that sort of business will do is to further drive out the good, which are now in the minority. They simply have run out of excuses.

I also have been informed that there is standing room only at the are Catholic schools. The once small student body composed of students from die hard Catholic families, is now large and those schools are actually turning people away. There was a time when attendance was so poor that the barriers were dropped and non-Catholics allowed to enroll. I even know of jews who were allowed to attend. Spies for their local synagogues, I suspect.

Activity will continue as all will scramble to get to the top of our sinking ship so as to prolong the day when they go down with the ship. We have passed the point of no return. Show that you are not concerned: enlist in the armed forces and buy stock.

'Revolution'?  There's no doubt in my mind it's upon us.

We're going to be seeing some dramatic events in the next few years.

Killing Creativity and Eating Up The Seedcorn of the Future


A longish article on Disney under Jew Eisner's management.  In this one instance it's good news for us given Disney's modern role in setting the ZOG cultural atmosphere.  The company has fallen on hard times.  Eisner's response to this has been to try to shore up short-term profits by swinging the axe against his animators.

"Disney animators say company is sacrificing quality and artistry for cash-cow straight-to-video sequels."

"Over the course of five years, the Disney Co. has followed the ranks of other corporations and issued several waves of layoffs to, according to company officials, fight off the effects of a sluggish national economic climate."

"Financial analysts have praised Disney for the cost-cutting measures that its executives have mapped to ride out the slump: closing 50 retail stores, cutting operating hours at theme parks, reducing movie studio costs and eliminating 4,000 jobs."

"Then in mid-March, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company would lay off an additional 250 animators over the course of the year. These latest rounds of cuts at Disney have, in effect, cast company animators as sacrificial lambs, revealing cracks in the once happy "Magic Kingdom" as founder and cultural icon Walt Disney used to call his cartoon empire."

Many Disney animators from feature and video divisions gripe freely at union meetings, but refused to talk for this story. They know – as do reporters who have revealed the secrets and the inner workings of Walt's now extremely unhappy empire – that potentially serious repurcussions follow those who dare to criticize."

This mode of applying short-term band-aids at the expense of the long future is ZOG's instinctive response to its ongoing collapse.   I personally witnessed an infinitely more serious incident recently that followed this exact schema of propping up short-term numbers at the expense of the future.  I'll relate very soon.

The 'Time' is here and now.  Make no mistake.  The Ancient Regime of ZOG will not see out this decade.


There is a thing called intelligence which people sense and it has nothing to do with testing. Little kids soon get a feel of who can solve problems and who creates problems. Adults, milling about in casual association, soon discover the dullards and the sharp fellows. Again, there seems to be a sort of "vibe" which people use during their affairs. Birds of a feather flock together.

Bright people soon reveal themselves by their demeanor and those who have a need to tell others how smart they consider themselves, are usually wanting. A good writer reveals himself in his works and does not need to append a list of his awards and titles to that effort. A barn which stands the assault of time and was constructed by a high school dropout, certainly distinguishes that builder from a Ph.D. whose barn collapsed after one hail storm. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Americans prefer to judge something from its label, and not its content.

While trying to ascertain something related to the acronym CAT, I came across an online encyclopedia which, as we all know, is the alpha and omega of all truth. If it's on the internet then it must be true. There, under "intelligence", an article first declares that there are no racial differences and tests which demonstrate such are faulty tests. (Notice the 'jew science' here – start with a conclusion and then look for 'facts' to prove it.) The reference then rambles on stating that intelligence is inherited. The conclusion that must be drawn is that intelligence is something inherited but not along racial lines as is skin color, skeletal features and so on. Human intelligence is therefore something entirely outside of the natural world since it apparently can pop up almost anywhere without regard to other characteristics. Certainly a wolf is more intelligent than a chicken but one might question why it is that all chickens are not as bright as wolves. The probability that such a distribution of an inherited characteristic, which has no connection to biological features, is staggering.

Perhaps it is again time to read woof.htm

I missed most of David Duke on Fox News last night. He was composed and offered nothing new along the lines of "terrorism". The p.c. witch who was his dialogue partner wasn't interested in anything Mr. Duke had to say. She was so p--sed at his presence that she did little other than screech. Duke tried to point out the terrorism the mid-east yids are dropping on the Palestinians and she'd shout back some gibberish about jews didn't pilot the planes on 9-11. This was her response to nearly every criticism Duke made of the insane lot which we call Israelis. I wish this sort of critter would get a sex change and maybe they'd feel better about themselves. All females have the potential of becoming women but not many make it these days.
With the mestizos pulling off stunts like this –


– it looks like the super-brain blacks are going to have some competition after all.  (Thanks C.M.)

Setting the Stage —


U.S. Warns of Attack Threat in Turkey   Sat May 18, 3:35 AM ET

"ANKARA, Turkey (Reuters) – The United States said late Friday it had information that an unknown group may be planning an attack in Turkey over the next few days.

"The U.S. government has received unconfirmed and fragmentary information that suggests unknown terrorists may be planning to conduct a terrorist incident, possibly to include activities directed against civil aviation," the State Department said in a statement on the U.S. Embassy Web site."

A prerequisite for a successful partition of Iraq is to split off the old northern vilayet (province) composed of Kurds sitting on top of oil.  Many Kurds also live in Turkey.  A preliminary step on the road to getting Turkey into this new war would be a revival of Kurdish terrorism.  So don't be surprised if this "unconfirmed and fragmentary" information is followed by an attack by unconfirmed individuals who are claimed to be Kurds.


South African Medical Business News Briefies


Human Head for Sale

"JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A South African police sting operation has bagged a murderer and the human head he was trying to sell for use in traditional medicine, police said on Thursday.

Police have in the past uncovered several so-called muti murders of people killed for body parts that some traditional healers believe are essential ingredients for certain kinds of medicine.

Police said the head belonged to a 52-year-old man whose headless corpse was found Monday in Krugersdorp. The head had been hacked off with a knife.

"A trap was set whereby a 23-year-old man was arrested who had attempted to sell the head for 10,000 rand ($980) for muti purposes," a police statement said. The arrest was made on Wednesday in Krugersdorp, a town west of Johannesburg."

This is a good illustration of the lingering effects of the previous white racist colonial-imperialist regime's laws.  These are still manifesting themselves in archaic restraints of traditional commerce and medicine.


Ape meets intellectual inferior.

OK White Repubicans – you finally elected someone who shares your tastes.

Our next Nero will probably be photographed kissing the other end.

It's already de facto and soon to be de jure.

Hi. I'm about to come to America for a half-year term, so I would like to get acquainted with somebody WHITE-minded.

I will live in Pittsburg PA, so if you know any address of local ultra-right organizations or activists, please forward them my e-mail. I'm white, Russian, nationalist, heathen, 21 years old.

"Ivan Bougaev" <Bougaev@hotmail.com>  14\88 Ivan

"Greetings Herr Maguire and FAEM crew,

After perusing your accurate take on ZOGmedia's report on the NA, specifically your comment regarding the probable kike blackout of their web address, I have a small suggestion you may wish to pass along to our fellows – to promote Dr, Pierce's and your websites. Simply buy a bottle of white shoe polish, and then use this to write both www.faem.comand www.natall.com on the rear windshield or backlite of a vehicle. I already have both neatly plastered on the rear window of my old (car) here in (ZOG Province X) – curious people will naturally want to find out what these sites are, and while attracting the attention of muds and jews, we will also, hopefully, find other racially conscious white individuals that may be unaware of these websites.


Dear F.W.

Thanks.  There are three major reasons I keep criticizing what I think of as the "Ghetto Strategy".  The first is because the Rockwell Era is long over.  In Rockwell's time there was a point to the Major Media Event.  In those days 'Media' was a pyramid structure controlled by small numbers of people themselves almost entirely controlled by alien forces.   Rockwell's conscious strategy was to stage photogenic events to try break through "Dynamic Silence" – the innocuous sounding Jewish name for political censorship.  This strategy carried a heavy price tag since it handed the enemy an opportunity to adversely distort – "filter" – the message.  Given the techological balances it was the best Rockwell could do at that time.

The second prime reason is because of the current suburban-rural pattern of white settlement in North America.  A "Ghetto Strategy" event fails to reach white people in the masses directly.  We end up preaching to the choir and the committed opposition.

We now have a far more powerful weapon in our hands.  This is the internet.  It's not simply the internet's ability for continental reach.  In North America it's also matter of the internet's total population penetration.  This penetration is now over 50% of the total population and far over 60% of the white population.  The internet is well-matched to our suburban-rural pattern of settlement at the current time.  Incidentally, the situation in Europe is almost opposite.  Internet penetration is not nearly so high while there are still large areas of dense white urbanization.  I think Andrei Kievsky undoubtedly reached more white people in Hamilton, MA than the rally in Washington did.  He didn't directly pass out so much literature but his url signs were probably seen by more influenceable people.  And you are reaching more with your simple methods also.

The third and most important reason to shift gears is "Time of History".  The ancient regime is visibly breaking up in front of our eyes.  Test it any way you will.  From state financial bankruptcies to the collapse in military recruiting, to public opinion poll results concerning major institutions, the hand writing is engraved on the wall for ZOG-USA.  Ancient Regime delegitimation is a nearly completed task.  It's more important now to continue legitimating alternative leadership.  From this view "Ghetto Strategy" events are counter-productive.


O, When the ZOG — comes tumbling down — O, When the ZOG comes tumbling down —Lord, I am glad that I am solvent — When the ZOG comes tumbling down.

O, When the ZOG — comes tumbling down — O, When the ZOG comes tumbling down —

I will not be watching niggerball — When the ZOG comes tumbling down.

O, When the ZOG — comes tumbling down — O, When the ZOG comes tumbling down —

Let us hope the greedy kill themselves — When the ZOG comes tumbling down.

Tremors —

Alabama & Missouri state governments bankrupt, delay paying tax refunds.


"Alabama income-tax payers who filed early hoping for quick refunds will have to wait a little longer: The state doesn't have the money."

"Richard Henninger, director of the individual and corporate tax division for the Alabama Department of Revenue, confirmed the department is holding stacks of processed returns until revenues catch up.  "The finance director told us not to send them," Henninger said.   Henninger said it might be early summer before many people get their refunds."


Missouri Stops Payments of Tax Refund Checks

ST. LOUIS – The budget deficit is huge. Tax collection has been unexpectedly skimpy. And the treasury is all but tapped out.  So the state of Missouri has stopped sending out income tax refunds. And there are no plans to put the checks in the mail any time soon.  State officials have told 415,500 taxpayers that their refund checks – worth a total of $167 million – are on indefinite hold because of an extreme cash flow crisis. "We really don't know how long it will be," budget director Brian Long said."

I make that to be 6 months in arrears by the time these Alabama refund obligations are paid.  Alabama is now using mid-2002 revenues to pay off 2001 obligations.  In Missouri "indefinite hold" is what trade creditors of bankrupt companies Enron and K-Mart are on.  ZOGlings will soon discover another facet of ZOG law.  This is the imported false legal concept of "Sovereign Immunity".  Fed-ZOG and the State-ZOGs can't be sued in their courts unless they agree to be sued.   I say false because James Madison long ago explained that "sovereignty" in the Late Great U.S.A. resides in the People, not the government.

As repeated below from my January, 2001 article, "Feeding Time At The Zoo", ( http://www.faem.com/maguire/feeding.htm ),  "You'll be getting a continuing stream of surprises like these when local government authorities suddenly default on bonds without warning..."

At default time it's the weakest creditors who get shafted first.  This will progressively work its way up the economic food chain.  Hot stocks????  So-called 'investment grade' state and local bonds are showing early signs of distress.  A six month slow-pay on the tax refunds is a warning sign r.e. Alabama.  Alabama has already defaulted on some of its obligations.  The rest is sophistry and p.r. spin.

Investment advice?  O.K., I'll add to what I said in "Feeding Time At The Zoo".

"Invest" in a minimum one month family stockpile of long shelf-life staple foods that don't require refrigeration.


More comment on the get-rich-without-working stock market game —

There's always been a speculative component to 'capital markets', just like any other investment.  But never this bad.  The partial connections between ZOGbuck 'investing' and economic capital investment in plant, equipment, worker training, etc. is  gone.  I mentioned that before.  No one raises investment capital by issuing stock anymore.  "The Market" has evolved into

one vast Soviet lottery.

Little known fact:  the old USSR ran state lotteries, just like our states do now.  The open purpose was to soak up excess cash emitted by the state banks.  "The Market" has been serving this purpose for a long time now. Where do people think all those parts of the federal deficits Uncle Al monetized went to?  M.

I've recently had some requests to get more specific about the stock market.  There's nothing to add (I'll try to put it in starker terms) to what I said on January 10, 2001 (16 months ago):  http://www.faem.com/maguire/feeding.htm

"Pension fund managers invest their monies (actually your monies) in a range of investments to reduce overall risk exposure. Historically investments are classified on a sliding scale from most risky (common stocks) to risk-free (U.S. Treasury bonds and notes since ZOG has both a money printing press and an army to collect taxes). The typical prudently managed pension fund has about 5% in special growth stock funds, another 15-20% in the blue chips of the S&P500 and the remainder in loans collateralized by real estate and previously 'safe' interest paying bonds, including utility bonds. Hopefully this explains the current uproar in California and why Wall Street is so involved. Utility bonds that were previously counted in the safer 50% of pension fund portfolios have now been exposed as another form of Mexican peso. So for those of you 'intelligent' harpies who discounted Maguire's stock market warnings knowing that most of the funds were in 'safer' investments like bonds, surprise surprise surprise as Gomer Pyle would say. You'll be getting a continuing stream of surprises like these when local government authorities suddenly default on bonds without warning, real estate projects go tits up for no apparent reason (or the building collapses halfway through construction) or pension fund managers disappear with the fund.

FINAL ADVICE TO INVESTORS: Maguire never misses a chance not to give investment advice but he'll break this rule one time. Present concepts of risk management are increasingly shown to be obsolete in today's economy. That's because they were developed by observing an older economy that was 75-80% white and operated under white law by white brains. Classical risk management theories therefore take no account of racial differences in economic behavior. We are now in a different situation and all theories of risk measurement will have to be adjusted accordingly. Classify all investments in heavily non-white areas the same way you would any other 'foreign' investment in the Turd World NO MATTER WHAT THE NOMINAL LEGAL FORM IS. This includes those juicy tax-free state and municipal bonds as well as stocks and bonds of private concerns operating in such areas as southern California, southern Florida, New York, Chicago, New Mexico, southwestern Texas, etc. If in doubt, check the census tract results for that area."

Since that was written (January 10, 2001) another key player in the California electricity market, Enron, has joined the California utilities in bankruptcy.  Questions have now come up about Adelphia Communications.  Five minutes of looking showed me this saga is intrinisically linked to a separate publicly traded company, Adelphia Business Solutions.  Although these are separate companies with separate stock they have a common management, the Rigas family.  And paralleling Enron's meltdown, Adelphia Business Solutions just disclosed $2 billion in "off balance sheet liabilities" it was carrying for Adelphia Communications.  And like Enron's management, the Rigas absent-mindedly forgot to tell the SEC and the stockholders about this until very recently.  Adelphia Business Solutions closed at 1.9 cents today on the Over-The-Counter market.  Both companies were kicked off the NASDAQ and have changed ticker symbols 4 times or so since April.

In Ad Libitum just prior to Jan 10, 2001 are some pretty acidic comments from me about the increasingly bogus nature of the stock market (i.e. pre-California electricity crisis and pre-Enron).  For a long time there was an assumed foundation to 'the market'.  This was the assumption that there was some relationship, if often-times distant, between a company's quarterly and annual financial reports and reality.

This shared idea has been decaying for a long time.  The "hi-tech" stocks of the 90s had a string of failures that revolved around management integrity, lack of, one each.  The sizes of the companies concerned were growing larger and larger.  This plus dot.com mania convinced me in late 1998 it was time to go.  So goodbye I said.

Now we're in a situation where managements casually announce,

"Hey guys.  We just happen to have some off-book interest bearing liabilities equal to or larger than the company's previously reported owner equity.  Sorry 'bout that. We're going to be filing a daily SEC Form 8-K, Unscheduled Material Event, for the foreseeable future."

More serious is the society's blaise acceptance of this.  Executives directly implicated in pure corrupt greed are deemed suitable for service at the highest appointed national political levels.  The present Secretary of the Army, Thomas White, ex Enron trading unit vice president, is a classic example.  The Secretary of ZOG Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, just announced he'll be retaining Mr. White.

It's a waste of time to rack your brains trying to analyze 10-Q and 10-K financial reports in such conditions.  The numbers reported are no more meaningful than Star Trek numbers.  "Warp 8, Mr. Spock."  "Come to 666 degrees Mark 30002, Mr. Sulu".  "Scotty, energize secondary transporter to flogiston 451 and beam up Jim Bakker."  "Uhura, open all semi-plex hailing frequencies above 50 gigglehertz."  Then everyone falls out of their bridge chairs with no seat belts for the 5,000th time.

Get the message and install a seat belt on your chair.


The jew tail wagging the American dog?    http://www.Guardian.co.uk/bush/story/0,7369,716326,00.html
One of the things we remnants of white-folks-worth-saving should aspire to is to find humor in this decaying society instead of getting frustrated, angry, sullen, or depressed. 'No worries' should be the temporary goal for coming events will reveal the proper path to follow.

Today, a little sweetie brought over a copy of the state's Regents High School Exam – Mathematics A. I have mentioned before that math is not my strong point although I do reasonably well at it. Science has turned into a disaster and I don't find much humor in any of it anymore. Ebonics English is an affliction not worth sneezing over. However, math has always been an over-evaluated bunch of diddly which can be counted upon to provide loads of laughs. After Denise left, I sat down to peruse one of the most hilarious bits of insanity I have read in a long time. The humor is compounded by the fact that so many really take this stuff seriously.

Back when the society was reasonably sane, a 9th grader could be expected to have a working knowledge of arithmetic – enough for him to balance a checkbook, figure discounts, calculate taxes, etc. Only about 1/3 of our class ever took algebra and fewer took the whole math sequence of 6 courses. There was a high level of competency demonstrated and no one failed to graduate high school. You see, one's schedule was based upon one's estimated ability. A dwarf was not required to leap over tall buildings in a single bounce. Then Marxist feminism came in like a man from the desert seeking water. No longer did people have innate ability, all were potential genius and if they didn't measure up, then something outside those individuals was at fault – teachers, racism, discrimination, books, diet, "abuse", global warming, poverty, yeast infection, etc. You name it. The catalog of excuses is quite large. One of my colleagues summed it up: "Math (algebra and beyond) is not for everyone." Not everyone in our school was required to study geometry and algebra. No one ever failed any math course, as I now repeat.

After a few years of this approach, it began to be obvious that kids were worse off than before, but a return to methods which did work became verboten as they would lead to de facto segregation within the student body. The "educators" then began to 'water down' courses and their accompanying exams. "Dumbing down", it was called, and still is. Lo and behold, lower standards had an advantage of raising the grades while lowering the competence. It made many people very happy. Things got so bad in the late '80s, that all sorts of now forgotten "5 year" programs were manufactured – shades of the old Communist U.S.S.R. Again, the educators – a class of people who should be immediately turned into crocodile live food, along with lawyers – had a revelation: Raise the standards!

Last year, in states around the country, failures sky-rocketed, particularly among those of darker hue. Failure rates reached as high as 90% in many areas.

Math A is a disjointed batch of odds and ends from algebra, trigonometry, geometry, logic, sketching and grammar school arithmetic. There is no way in hell that such a pottage renders competency in anything. No way. A prediction of massive failure for this year's exams is a sure fire bet. It will not get better.

On exams, students are allowed the use of scientific calculators, which makes about as much sense as bringing a dictionary to an English final, or a set of Britannica to a history final. Rulers, compasses, calculators and other such are to be supplied by the school!

As I reviewed the 'scoring key', I first noticed that on multiple choice Part I (40 points), a student can be given full credit even if he DID NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. It gets better. Part II (10 points) allows half-credit for shown work even though no answer is given, or the given answer is incorrect. Part III (35 points) allows up to 75% credit if work is shown but the answer is missing or incorrect. The downside is that if the correct answer is given but no work is shown, a bright kid would only get 25% of the credit even though he did the work in his head!

OK. So you received 43 points – about 50% of those possible. Does the conversion chart give you a scaled final score of 50%? Of course not. You get a 57 which amounts to a 15% bonus. The conversion table skews the whole business towards the high end. A 90% on raw score yields 97% as a final grade while 80% raw score goes to 90% final. If this isn't academic welfare, then what would you call it?

I have always been annoyed at the "partial credit" business when an incorrect answer, in real life situations, spells the difference between success and failure. In a hellish position of being called upon to defend your family, you might expend a whole lot of effort in opening the gun case, removing the rifle, loading it properly, aiming it correctly, and so on. Your "work" in this case would rate a 100%, but if you missed the assassin, all of that work would have been for naught. The goal was not achieved! If the operating room were spic and span, and all attendants did their job perfectly while the surgeon performed meticulously, of what value would all of the 100% perfect effort amount to if the wrong part were removed? Once you allow "good intentions", or flawless performance to over shadow results, then you have marked your path to ultimate failure for not only does nature abhor a vacuum, she has -0- tolerance for failure.

Yes, the organist performed superbly but I do not think "Pomp and Circumstance" was appropriate for the funeral.

As with DNA, it's those teeny weeny itty bitty faults and/or dissimilarities, which make a world of difference. A millionth part hafnium contamination of zirconium makes the difference between a radiation shield which works and one which does not. 'Partial credit' is just another expression of the Marxist labor theory of value, and we all know how prosperous that made the old Soviet Jewnion.

National Alliance demonstration at the Israeli Embassy.

An online photo archive is available here:

1.  The NA turned out a fine looking group of people dressed in acceptable to good attire.  Many were in suits, many more in decent casual dress.  Those studying the pictures will be struck by the average young age and general fitness.  There were a fair number of women interspersed among the men, an important detail.  You can see some committed folks.

2.  The many "natall.com" signs sorta give away the game plan.  ZOG film editors can be depended upon to blur them out, cut them out or use other scenes.  They're good at what they do so don't count on mistakes to provide free advertising.

3.  The demonstration location of the Zionist Embassy left the reportage to White World dependent on the cooperation of ZOG Media, Inc.  The pro-Zionist 'conservative' Washington Times gives a taste of how that filter functions in their foto-frei article:

"National Alliance protesters, who primarily consisted of tall, slender men with shaved heads, tattoos, black T-shirts, black cuffed jeans and black boots, demonstrated on the south side of Van Ness Street NW."

This is the image ZOG wants to portray of pro-whites: "Skinheads".  This false view is calculated to repel women and middle class white people.  Yet here's the media result compared to the expenditure of effort.  This is why I'm so critical of it, aside from the Palestinian aspects.

The choice of location was also unfortunate.  Those who know Inside-The-Beltway metro Washington D.C. from working there (as I did off and on) know it to be a company town.   That company is ZOG, Inc.  The one spot you're likely to find receptive whites is on the Mall among the tourists.    It's ideal at this time of year for reaching white people with a pro-white message and without the ZOG filter.  There are the white people's monuments.  There are literally thousands of white tourists from across the Blighted Plains there at this time.  If one wishes to pitch an anti-Zionist message the Washington Monument and General Washington's words provide venue and entre.  The Lincoln Memorial provides a good starting point for anti-integration messages.

4.  And ZOG Media's old shtick of quotations taken out of context was played again even in the 'conservative' Washington Times:

"A suicide bomber is obviously a very committed person,"  said Mr. Roper, who said he holds a masters degree and taught history in high school before "devoting my life to something more meaningful."

I'm sure Billy Roper had a far more extensive and considered statement than that.  I sure hope he did.  But this is what ZOG chose to allow through the filter.  Is this also going to be the NA's official policy position after the first of the shitskins blows up in an American mall and takes 10-20 white kids with him?   Apparent approval of this is the message that's now been sent to Official Washington.  This will color many a low-level bureaucrats' thinking.  And the interview is on file for repeating in the aftermath of the first North American Pal-ka-boom.

There are no short cuts here, folks.  There's no substitute for direct white-to-white outreach.


As I walked through the local sheenie supermarket, I spied a box of 'ginger snaps'. This reminded me of mother's great ginger cookies of which she would only allow one to be eaten between meals. I also knew that the compound mixture used for commercial cookies uses 'edible' lubricating oils for proper extrusion. Not wanting to eat from the chemical shelf of some laboratory, I restrained and returned home to bake. Dear Mom: I just ate 6 of them and it was between meals. That's one of the nice things about being independent, eh?

As I pondered eating my 7th, the doorbell rang and a student showed up with a question. He said his school allowed the geometry final exam to be a "take home" and that he was free to get any help from any source.

"Randy," I said, "it appears that the rules allow me to take the exam for you. What this means is that the exam is not worth diddlysquat and the teacher could have saved all of the monkey motion by giving each student 100 on the final."

His voice lowered when he concluded, "I'll try not to ask you too many questions."

My great and beloved working class serfs – I find it hard to browbeat our young folk along these lines, when certain forces shackle them with such nonsense and dare call it education.

Washington state Mossad stop:  FBI takes charge, ends investigation.


Further comment unnecessary  "Maguire"