9 June 2002
On the home gossip front – as I predicted: the 16 year ingrate daughter of a neighbor is now towing around a 19 year old ugly, stupid, Black stud. He is allowed free range in the house and daddy mumbles under his breath, "What can you do?" Now, there's a man who is in full control of his family. About 5 years ago, he frequently ranted about why all ni99ers should be shipped to Antarctica and left naked. I'll bet my last borrowed dollar that this man will be a true, blue friend of the simian before another 3 months passes.

White men are odd ducks. They are very careful about what breeds with their livestock, horses and dogs, but turn their backs when it comes to their own flesh and blood daughter. Women rarely have the perspective to consider what they want for children. Most simply want to get knocked up and it doesn't matter by what just as long as they have a "baby". Men who stick their third legs into the forbidden zone are two-valued. One woman is the mother of his children, and most take care here, while other women are there for the sport of it all – mistresses, concubines, etc., and Amy's pet goat when all else fails.

It's well known that when some scrub mates with a prize whatever female, that the female is "damaged" for life and of no value as selective breeding stock again. One might be drawn to think that if a pregnancy results, all would be back to normal shortly after the birth. Remember "Gus" (Sandra Locke) the prostitute in The Gauntlet, where following a verbal insult by a police officer, she told him that after she took a hot bath she was as good as new. Not so. Whores ALWAYS LOOK like whores.

We are familiar with the "patches" which people are now using and they work simply because our skin is not a plate of armor, as any mosquito knows. One can place a drop of DMSO on the skin and almost immediately taste it. Many poisons kill on contact. As tough as the skin is, mucous membranes in the mouth, urethra, vagina, etc., are practically no protection against anything. Things just zip through. When the semen of a scrub male is deposited in the female, absorption commences. If the semen is retained for 30 minutes or so, the deposit soon enters a stage where it resembles cottage cheese. Thus, when some race-mixing female becomes contaminated, as would the prize mare, she will never breed "true" again. Any farmer knows this, or at least, they used to.

Tom was a coworker of mine many years ago. Although bizarre in his behavior there was nothing to indicate that his family tree was stained. He took a fancy to a woman who had a mulatta offspring. She was teacher in another school with a preference for dark meat. The female was "ruined" in my opinion, but Tom had a generous supply of hormones and actually married the woman. People have always noticed that when faithful couples get older, they often start to physically resemble each other. Decades of juice mixing seems to have an effect. Anyway, I saw Tom a while back. He had a daughter of his own by the race-mixer and although a blond, blue-eyed  fellow, his daughter bore a resemblance to the mulatta he adopted. Today, Tom is starting to have an odd look.

Meanwhile, my neighbor's daughter is now lost biologically and mentally. Ni99ers are cocks with two feet and since she has been with this stud for a while, there's humping going on. No Black man has a platonic relationship. Not even with a goat. He feels not poetry nor romance. It's pure animal rut in spite of the acting which they often engage in. Soon to follow in this wayward girl's life, is an introduction to drugs and sodomy, if that has not already happened. He WILL leave her, of that there is no doubt and perhaps this is why certain females prefer humping Blacks – they don't require a commitment beyond about 4 months or until another White slut comes along. Abortion, AIDS, syphilis, mongrel kids, whatever. What a great price to pay for a little nooky, but since most young view sex as just another form of entertainment, words to the wise will remain unspoken for there are not many wise young people around any more.

Once race-mixing starts, any progeny is less fortified against racial genocide. As the mixing proceeds along a geometric line, soon the population becomes a group of has-beens, inventing little, composing little, and content to eat, defecate and copulate. Read The Negro's Gift to Portugal. If my copy is up to the job, I might just make to available online.

Well, well, what do we have here? Female jocks getting all Army benefits without being shot at.
This fits in ZOG's special priveledges for everyone but the White male dimwit, who supports nearly everything. Blacks get "scholarships" for playing with their balls, no intelligence needed, and women get job security for getting knocked up. Getting knocked up doesn;t take any brains either. 
Eric was told by one of his Marxist professors that anyone who even hinted that Franklin D. Rosenvelt had prior knowledge of the impending Pearl Harbor attack, would flunk the course.

Now we are receiving tales that judges are warning defendants that if they even mention the Constitution, they will be held in contempt of court.

It's starting to look like the feminists, ni99erball fans, MTV drug heads, jews, plus the large residue of jetsam and flotsam that infest this land, that their "workers' paradise" is on its way.

Name one reason why the Late Great Jewess Hay shouldn't be finally buried. The Soviet America, those gallant young men of WW II fought to bring about, just might be closer than we care to think.

Republicans are so...so...so...STUPID!

The Stupid Party is surely well-named.  Nothing proves the futility of voting Republican for 'conservative' reasons than the mere existence of 'Conservative' House Majority Leader Richard Armey of Texas.  Here the superficial contradictions that define our era are combined right at the pinnacle of Congressional political power.  Representative Armey supports:

1.  Ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from Palestine to provide more lebensraum for Unholy People.  Representative Armey even avidly supports sending U.S. troops to the Middle East to advance Jewish interests.

2.  An open borders policy for the Late Great Jewess Ah!  Mr. Armey never saw a pro-immigration bill he didn't like.  Along with the drunken-driving President, Mr. Armey has masterfully opposed any use of U.S. military forces to defend U.S. borders and hence citizens.

So, 'Conservative' Republican?  Tired of all the immigration?  Don't want your kids sent away to fight foreign wars for the benefit of foreigners?  Still planning to vote Republican in November?  Well, go to your bathroom and stare into the mirror to see one of the dumbest people you'll ever meet.

Armey also says he thinks he'll some day vanish away in a "Scotty-beam-me-up" Rapture.


According to a number of news items, 1/3 of the security problems in any institution are internal – employees. About 2 years ago, I had someone run up about $1100 on my credit card. The investigation finally uncovered a water buffalo, in the bank's employ, feeding "secure" data to her boy friend. Yes bro, there's no such thing as cheap labor. Ship those ni99ers back!
As I understand it, the forces of the USA (CIA, FBI, Army, Nave, etc.) will be prioritized as follows (in order of importance):

1. Attack the enemies of Israel (Arabs, mostly)2. Attack the enemies of the Jews. (on a worldwide basis)3. Attack the USA Internal enemies. (arrest patriots, shut down or moderate the internet discussions, etc.).

# 3 is what the media circus regarding the woman FBI agent and her memo is about. It's a con, a setup.She has good PC credibility. First off, I see Jews Arlan Spector and Joseph Lieberman wanting to remake the FBI .. and what for? To arrest Americans!

Submitted by R.M.

Maguire comments on the "Holtzman Amendment."

Meanwhile the Jewish murderers and torturers of white people and Christians snore and drool in serene retirement.  They're
insulated from legal investigation by their best friends, the 'conservative' Republican Party.   (Question: is there anyone more self-defeating than a white Conservative Republican?)   See http://www.hoffman-info.com/hypocrisy.html for a precis on Jewish
murderer Soloman Morel, Israeli citizen and war criminal.

The classic example remains 'Martin Gray'.   http://www.hoffman-info.com/communist.html  This piece of pig shit combines the
distilled essence of Jew.  Here in the Late Great Jewess Ah! He was a fraudster, a dealer in fake antiques, a 'Holocaust history' liar and Shoah biz 'survivor'.  He also had a previous incarnation prior to SWATKWP.  This was as Soviet NKVD officer and torturer.  The mega-death genocide inflicted by the satanic Jews is another prime reason for their 'Holocaust' lies.  They have their own tracks to cover in unequaled crimes in eastern Europe from 1917- until now.  And unlike their imaginary SWATKWP 'Holocaust',  real forensic evidence is not lacking for this genocide.   The Russian organization 'Memoriale' is still busy giving decent burial to the bones of those who died in the Judeo-Communist gulags and massacre pits in the USSR.

Radio Islam – "we all belong to the same race" – has issued a few numbers which indicates the cost the American ahole is willing to spend to support a non-viable jewish state. Jews, like Blacks, just can't hack it on their own.


Dear FAEM –

Looking at the comments and relationship the NA brass are having with Hal Turner, the NA is finally starting to look like a country club to my untrained eyes. Despite such noble charities as the Aryan Baby Drive, one of the members is suggesting (without any objection from Billy Roper) that we all donate to Hal. Since Hal (Turner) was first on the list, I'll go ahead and mention the Aryan Baby as a more worthy cause. I guess this indicates the "movement leadership" still hasn't changed from Rockwell's days, they still don't "get it". Since the mass of the White majority is still as suicidal as ever, maybe we have to wait on THEM to "get it", for something better than the NA to develop. FAEM is to Rockwell what the NA is to The Birchers?

With Much Due Respect (you were right, again!). . . . . . .

Robertsez – Here at Hate Central, we do our best to talk about the past as it was, the present as it is, and the future as we believe it will be. We have no over-priced books, T-shirts or swastika nose rings to sell. This site contains no flaming SS symbols nor Arbeit macht frei waving banners. We feel that "doing something" does not mean breaking the law and getting tossed into the slammer. We desecrate no jewish cemeteries and burn no crosses anywhere. We are often provocative, and sometimes insulting, for our idea of "doing something" is to jar the dead cells in your brain so that they might start working again. That's why it is called the F.A. EXERCISE Machine! We ask not that you agree with us, but that you remember what we say and THINK ABOUT IT. For only when your mind is free of the Marxist bullshit and self-serving palaver, which soils nearly everything in this land, will you become anything other than a hedonist serf. Once there are enough people with active brains, then the "doing something" will take on a different hue. And you can take that to the bank.

I hope you sometimes put aside a few moments for serious thought about the THEORY of evolution. It is claimed that a certain creature DOES NOT evolve if it is successful. Thus, the shark and crocodile are explained. Critters which are not successful, whatever that means, either die out or evolve, as if they had much to say in the matter. Again "evolution" claims that its impetus is random mutation. Somehow, it appears, certain animals, like the crocodile, were IMMUNE from mutation since they are still with us and never "evolved" into anything else. It's a very strange business.

The whale, we are told, was originally a land animal who couldn't hack it on terra firma and so evolved and went back into the sea. But, land animals evolved from the primordial protein sea soup since they weren't up to dining underwater. In the water – out of the water – and back into the water. Make up your mind already! There is no evidence for this folderol and that's why it is cloaked in, "billions upon billions upon billions of eons ago", changes in the earth "caused" critters to evolve or drop dead. Hey man, I thought you said evolution was due to random mutations. Is "random" now dependent upon "changes."

If Quasi kissassumus evolved from Modo herniamus, does that make then "related"? Both whale and Bernie Goldfarb are called mammals because their kind breathes air, has milk glands, is warm-blooded, etc. Mammals are related but the whale was originally a fish and of course, fish evolved from shrimp. At one time, did Bernie's ancestors swim in the Red Sea? Who is related to whom?

The essence of this evolution business and it accompanying classification asylum, is the noticed similarity between entities. Thus a Buick is related to a Toyota because they possess similar features. A school bus is a distant relative of the pickup truck which evolved from the motorcycle. Motorcycles evolved 4 wheels since too many of them died from falling over. Originally the motorcycle was a bicycle but it had to evolve a motor in order to keep up with the vanishing food supply on the freeways. I know there are fossil remains of the unicycle which went extinct about 666 B.C. but Dr. Harvey Fingerlic claims there are some still alive in the Loch Yerdoor. As the evolution of these critters continues, we can rest assured that they will vanish once Abdul Hitler Ameer decides to drink all of the oil, or at least turn it into gas.

As science gets more and more nitty gritty technical, more and more DIFFERENCES are being found. If similarities, that is, the lack of differences, make us related then differences will make us unrelated. The reductio ad absurdum of it all brings us back to Archimedes who said, "Fish are fish and dolphins are dolphins, and never the twain shall run on time,"

The "Holtzman Amendment" was passed by Congress at the behest of, and to satisfy jew vengeance. Since 1980, the Office of Special Investigations, O.S.I., staffed by hate-filled jew lawyers, has cost the American sheep about $3 million annually. And for what? So evil jews could hound alleged Nazis to their graves, that's what. They've yanked dying men from their hospital beds and shipped them overseas for trial. They have so far deported 54 aged WW II German survivors FROM THE U.S.! Among the victims was Dr. Arthur Rudolph, the project manager for the Apollo space program. Dr. Rudolph did more for America than that entire clutch of poison eggs at the O.S.I. One month ago, the first "war crimes" agency chief died. Typically, he was embroidered with chicken lid eyes, trade marked nose, Alfred E. Neuman ears and ni99er lips. Walt Rockler died of lung cancer at 81. Aren't you glad that cancer hasn't been cured? If it were, this vampire would have lived longer. It's too bad his mother wasn't an advocate of abortion.
Will Ross Perot also come under investigation? Why not? As I pointed out 10 years ago, in hard copy FAEM, this ugly dwarf was a system whore and only the brain dead would vote for him. He is a fellow who got fat sucking on the teat of big government and I predicted that his entry into the presidential race was just to split the White vote. Once again, we see the pervasive nature of low character – it extends into everything the person does. To think that a faggot teacher will not bring his perverted tendencies into a classroom, is food for idiots. But the American proclivity to trust scoundrels goes on unabated.
Phenomenon – Ever watch deer stand motionless, and transfixed, as they stare into car headlamps? I have noticed the same look on White females whenever a Black stud is in the vicinity. They seem hypnotized as is the mouse when the snake approaches. It must be biological which is a good reason – vindicated by centuries old practice – why many women simply cannot be trusted within 69 miles of anything with a wayward dong. As a kid, I used to hear the older boys say, "All she needs is a good f-ing." I thought this was degrading to women folk but as I get older, I can understand how they might believe this.

Paula is a waitress in one of the greasy spoons I challenge my immune system with. She works hard so she can support an unemployed bum and his drunken mother. All three are shacked up and the fact that Paula is not divorced from her second husband, seems not to worry them.

One day, Paula was crying the blues about her ingrate lover. He uses her car without permission and leaves pizza, and beer, stains all over the upholstery. He takes most of her tip money and wants her to work longer hours. One fellow, who was also listening to this tale of lunacy, mentioned that her boyfriend used the car to pickup another women who lives in his neighborhood.

We listened to item after item of complaint about sweet 'Chuckie'. At the end, I said that since Paula chose to stay in that torture chamber that there must have been something worthwhile to counter all of the negatives. Paula smiled, winked, and said, "Oh yes. There is." If you don't know what she was referring to, then shame on you.

Sho' nuff White boy. After my minor confrontation with the jigaboo a day or so ago, I noticed this morning that my tires were slashed. S.O.P. or M.O.S. for our parasites. Eh? Ni99ers are nothing but cocks with two feet, as my Lieutenant prison guard friend once told me. They are sneaky and vindictive which is a good reason for you know what.
It's Pennsylvania. Maybe Dutch country? Anyway ye olde sheriff ob Berks County isa lookin' fer deez babies:

Carlos Fernandez – corruption of minors.

Juan Raymond Lamboy – drug distribution.

Edison Gomez – retail theft.

Angel Luis Cales – retail theft.


Kevin Johnson – drugs, resisting arrest.

Tarig Billups – receiving stolen property.

Ronald Warren – corruption of minors.

Hallelujah! It's about time a honky shared in our weez-all-ekull diversity enterprise:

Timothy Gerhard – DUI

I refrained form adding the photos since, frankly Scarlet, I am getting a wee bit tired of seeing UGLY everywhere I look.

A fellow named Lipsitz bought a two story dwelling in inner city heaven. The property went for about $3000 and he felt that $450 per month rent was reasonable. Today, the tenant on the lower floor complained about water dripping into his living room. It was raining but a ceiling leak on the lower floor was odd.

Marvin went to investigate and found the ceiling sagging to a pronounced degree. This compelled him to check the upper floor. The party-like noise probably was the reason Marvin's knocks went unnoticed. He therefore opened the door and went in. There it was. A 10 foot plastic swimming pool smack dab in the middle of the living room where sweet little, fun loving, adorable, underprivileged, dark chillens were leaping from the furniture into the pool.

The story is certainly believable considering the race of the participants. A little calculation involving 18 inches of water results in a load of nearly 4 tons on the floor structure. (This structural load is another thing the water bed nitwits fail to comprehend.)

Another story concerned a Mexican woman calling in claiming disgust at the mayhem and damage to the public zoo which was caused by "disorderly people" (ni99ers) during a "free day." Her statement that America was "lucky" to have such bounty which many do not appreciate. Well, ny dear border-hopping spickess, "appreciation" is not a word native to jungle talk users. Furthermore, "luck" had nothing to do with America's wealth. It was the hard work, and ingenuity, of White people who preceded us. In a profane, and disrespectful, manner, the present generations are now giving away what their forefathers died, and struggled, to obtain – the useless heir squandering his family's fortune.

No man dies for what he knows to be true. Men die for what they want to be true, for what some terror in their hearts tells them is not true.

Oscar Wilde, The Portrait of Mr. W. H., ch. 1 (first published in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, July 1889)

Thanks Robert.

"What a crying shame that Horace Mann, Henry Ward Beecher, Harriet Beecher Stowe, the Robber Barons and every

scumbag of that ilk weren't exterminated with the merciless vigor our ancestors used to dispatch threatening savages. If they

had been, we probably wouldn't have had a Civil War and this would still be a White nation, rather than a coon/spic shithole

lorded over by the Almighty Yid." (submitted by B.F.)

Read and thus be increasedhttp://homepage.ntlworld.com/steveseymour/passover/coupdtat.htm
Eighty Percent Common Sense on 'The Market'.


This is a well-written article, the best you'll ever see from an ostensibly Semitically Correct source.  The author betrays familiarity with Revisionist Elmer Barnes by this statement:

It will be difficult for any positive facts to take hold. We have a falling dollar, a real estate bubble, debt bubble and derivative bubble. We have war on terrorism that is causing horrendous debt and perpetual war for perpetual peace. (note: this was a title of one of Elmer Barnes' books)  A government deficit that is far larger than has been admitted by government. Business investment is off 70%. Inflation fears are rising. Interest rates are soon expected to go higher.

Except for this part:

Considering all of the above except for very special situations you want to be in precious metals and their stocks, Treasury paper, The Prudent Bear Fund and the Safe Harbor Fund.

There will eventually be a change to some other form of currency backing away from the current Treasury debt-based system.  But at the present time one can only buy food for gold by first exchanging gold for ZOG bucks.  No one will take gold or silver directly except on unreasonable terms to the buyer.  Corporate operations won't take them at all since the bureaucrat's operations manual has no provision for this.  Consider the decay in ZOG's military forces (a key debt collector).  Then consider the fact that 'government' debt is ultimately backed by the labor pool and the government's control over it.  Both are collapsing in quality.  The best long-term investments are in your children, other white people of quality and materially productive lands and assets.


ZOG is playing the role of counter-insurgent. The insurgents are of course, the entire world and today principally those of the Muslim persuasion. They offer threats about death and destruction for one purpose only. To get the American boobs demanding more "security." The "terrorists" – read, anti-ZOGists – know that the Late Great Jewess Hay will initiate more spending programs thus adding to their growing financial problems. One cannot continually make empty threats, which most of them are, but must deliver on occasion. If a threat were always followed by an aggressive act, then one could certainly take measures against it. The uncertainty of not knowing a hollow threat from a real one, adds to the fear effect. Although not armed to the teeth as we are, one should not lose sight of the fact that there are intelligent people out there who genuinely hate us (for being jew clones) and have the guts to act on that. Yes, my SWATKWP victors, the chickens are coming home to roost.

If this were a real war, neither side would telegraph its punches. Did the Americans 'threaten' to invade Iwo Jima? Did the Germans threaten to invade Russia? Get real boys, the fun is only beginning. Make sure you have weapons and ammo, and be doubly certain YOU TELL NO ONE and that includes anyone you sleep with! A man often lives with his most dangerous enemy.

I like the "Late Great Jewess Hay". America was once great and it certainly is late – over. Jewess implies feminine and kosher, which we certainly are. Hay is for the stuff our heads are filled with. Dear mom, I'm coming home soon. I need my bottle.

Good grief Greta, they are at it again. Some honkies are recommending that we try and out breed the muds. First of all, the planet is over stocked with simians of all varieties. It is not necessary to increase White numbers, but decrease non-White numbers. This decrease could come about by the simple expedient of refusing to feed them and supplying medical care. "Oh God!" I can hear that cry now. That evil man has no compassion. Pray tell, what god decreed that White folks have a responsibility to support anyone not of their own kind? Is it my responsibility to feed my neighbor's kids?

Friends, I am a true liberty lover and believe that all forms of life should "do their own thing." It's called separation and this is what all life on the planet is about anyway. The next time you see a coyote farting around with a wolf, let me know. THEY are not the White man's burden as tired old Al announced. We owe NOTHING to any other species save letting them seek their own world in their own way. Pray tell, who needs ni99ers?

I have mentioned several drawbacks relative to home schooling, but my position is that the good points outweigh the bad. Here's an article by Phyllis Schlafly. http://www.townhall.com/columnists/phyllisschlafly/ps20020604.shtml
No matter what happens, Presidente Bushez will never get the marauding legions he desires. There are not large White battalions to draft and few will ever enlist. Only one departed from reality thinks that Blacks and mestizos will march off, hand in hand, to fight "terrorism" or whatever fog brained notion the mattoids in jew central dream up. Jews relished the carnage of SWATKWP and how White nations were maneuvered into fighting each other. The lies, deceit, and staged catastrophes, which moved Americans into giving their all in a fight which was not theirs, simply will not work anymore. They can run all of the twisted dogma dramas concerning WW II they wish, but the glory days for the world's greatest parasitic tribe have passed. Unlike the past one, this will not be a jewish century.
I've seen the light. I've banished hate from my sight. I'm now on the road to doing right. I've been rescued from my plight. The night is now bright. I've pulled my might from the fight. I am no longer a tight White looking down from a height. I've been saved. At this late date I have been saved from a fate at the gate of hate by a first rate mate. Hollow lula! Praise be to Phlogiston, the god of the vibrating vacuum and overseer of the used condom. Glory be. Glory was. And she still is.

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love. Love the mud who rapes your wife. Love the crud who burns your house down. Love those hepatitis spreaders. Love the mugger who stole your money. Love the vermin who live on your tax dollars. Love the partner who gave you syphilis. Love your neighbor who sends his dog to shit on your lawn. Love the auto salesman who sold you a lemon. Love the one who pissed in your gas tank. Love the cook who spits in your food. Love those who stone you. Love the usurer who charges 33%. Love the politician who lied to your face.

You see my friends, everything would be OK if we could only learn to love one another.

In the past, primitive peoples always referred to White folks as "children of the sun."
As the "war" in Afghanistan is settling down to rifle against rifle, it appears again that Eric pegged it correctly when one considers that 'winning' is the objective. Maguire is right when he says ZOG simply will not engage in  this sort of thing to any great degree, and will therefore not 'win'. I hope you are ready to enlist for dying on foreign shores is the best way to stop the Mexican invasion and the AIDS epidemic, not to mention slow mail delivery.
This is not America of 1938
where White people acted according to White values. This is a biological cesspool with hardly any value revealed in the scum. Brain dead Bush, and his criminal coterie, fully expect people to react to his nebulous raids upon areas of the globe, in a manner of WW II. I have news for him. A mud nation, such as this, simply doesn't give a damn and I am sure that if Chicago were nuked next Tuesday, there would be very few people who would be upset enough to sacrifice their niggerball tickets. As long as it wasn't MY town which wasn't obliterated, then I'm OK. Oh sure, there'd be plenty of weeping and candlelight vigils, whooping, hollering and boisterous threats, but all in all, nary one soul would pledge his life to jump into the world of flying bullets. Arm chair warriors we iz.
America – Marxism gone mad!!
Into each life some rain must fall.
I am on a sort of alert following another nigger confrontation. This neighborhood is being Afro-ized rather rapidly. And how is it happening? White sluts mostly. Last year, a white man-hater across the street sold her house to a Black. Two houses down, the single mom with two White kids, started dating an ape. I have always believed that the race-mixing females, who are far, far more prevalent than race-mixing males, bear some deep hatred against their fathers, the White males. I could be far out, but that wouldn't be the first time.

Across the street is a fellow I've know for nearly two decades. We have shared a beer and loaned each other tools and favors. Somewhere along the line, his 13 year daughter started bringing young black bucks home to visit. Each time some nig was brought into the house, you could expect a burglary 2-3 days later. I told my neighbor his burglaries seemed like 3 coincidences too many. It was a strange conversation since he repeatedly said he hated niggers. I asked him why he allowed them in his house. The reply? "What can you do?"  The mother cries about it a lot and the brother goes hog wild at the thought, but the whole family of hypocrites smile and kiss Black ass whenever a face-to-face occurs.

Tonight, I decided to give away a new TV stand which I never found a use for. I wandered across the street where my neighbor's wife accepted the gift graciously. As I turned to leave, the now 16 year old with boobs half exposed, drove into the driveway. In the passenger seat of the car 'daddy' bought for her, was one of the ugliest pieces of ape I have seen in sometime. The young girl was jabbering Afro-speak while bouncing in the driver's seat to rap crap. The embarrased dad took a hike to the rear of the house while mom complained about the volume of the rap. Daughter replied that it was "great stuff", and looked at me. I laughed slightly and said that I was the wrong color to appreciate amplified zoo noise. There is was! Those simian burnt-cork eyes staring with hate which I have seen on other occasions, and has always been a prelude to something happening to my person or my property. One time it was 4 minor stab wounds. Another, a slashing job to my convertible's top. Another, a forced entry and the theft of everything which could be removed in one fast trip.

Although I will not lose any sleep over the affair, I am not ruling out the possibility of repercussion as Afro-apes are very sneaky and vindictive. On the bright side, they have mental difficulty with time spans greater than one week. The stupid kid down the street befriended two Blacks only to be rewarded by being severely assaulted and robbed. The slut across the street has a good chance of being assaulted, sodomized, impregnated and left with an AIDS night cap. It would serve her right and ditto for the parents who say one thing and do another.

For the next few days I shall sleep with a machete next to my bed. Any silly bastard who breaks into this hut will end up being more than one piece. I do not hate Blacks for they are merely dangerous animals who are given license by our ZOG. I fear them no more than I do crocodiles or tigers, which is very little. I never befriend Blacks nor do I swim with crocodiles. And I certainly don't go to bed with tigers.

Judeo-Communist Economic News

During the Judeo-Communist era in the U.S.S.R. the daily media reported an endless stream of good economic news announcements from the regime.  According to the media, the overflowing economic cornucopia was endless.  Yet the serf population soon enough learned to regard the official news as one vast mosaic of lies.  So it goes now in the Late Great U.S.A.


We're informed in this article that

"Investors' widening distrust helped overshadow a raft of robust economic data, including a new report on Monday that showed U.S. manufacturing activity grew at its fastest pace in two years in May. Wall Street's faith in corporate management has eroded after the implosion of energy trader Enron Corp. one of whose executives committed suicide on Jan. 25."

So despite ZOG's glad tidings of great economic news the market slid lower.

"NEW YORK (Reuters) – Stocks tumbled on Monday, the broad market hitting an eight-month low as the abrupt departure of the chairman of embattled conglomerate Tyco International Ltd.  deepened mistrust about Corporate America's top management and finances."

Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric (what ancient history from 17 months ago, ja?) Enron, Global Crossing, Tyco, El Paso Gas...  A new S&P 500 surprise every day, right boyz and girlz?  Told ya'lls long ago this stuff wuzn't gonna stay confined to the small companies on the NASDAQ.  Most of these are NYSE blue chips.


America's Worldwide Vietnam Update:  What Price Muslim Honor?


"KABUL, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar, one of the world's most wanted men, is alive and spending much of his time outside Afghanistan, the interior minister of the interim Afghan government said Monday.   '... Mullah Omar still exists. He is out of Afghanistan most of the time,' Yunis Qanuni told reporters."

In other news,

— The $12 million reward for Mullah Mohammad Omar and the the $25 million reward for Osama bin Laden both remain unclaimed.

— U.S. led Coalition forces are bogged down in a protracted guerrilla war in southern Afghanistan.  Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents come and go from their cross-border sanctuaries in Pashtun tribal areas inside Pakistan's nominal borders.  A U.S. Special Forces sergeant was recently killed in a firefight while leading local mercenaries.

— U.S. troop commitments for 'training' to the Muslim areas of the Philippines and to Yemen have increased again.

— The Columbian government and its U.S. corporate mercenaries are seeing increasing action as FARC and other local guerrilla groups step up activity.

— And a short personnel briefie.  File this one under "the seedcorn is all eaten up".

4. Air Force Seeking Enlisted Retirees

Recently retired Air Force enlisted members now have an option to return to active duty under the Voluntary Retired Enlisted Airman EAD recall program. Certain airmen who retired from the regular Air Force within the past three years can return for up to 24 months. They must have served in one of the designated, hard-to-fill specialties and not be within two years of the high-year-of-tenure restriction for the rank they had when retired. Those returning will be brought to active duty for 24 months while the current state of national emergency is in effect. If the national emergency is declared no longer in effect, the time a retiree will be able to serve on active duty is one year. The VREAD/prior service skills list is available at:

http://www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/pubaffairs/release/2002/04/VREAD-skills-list .htm.  Also visit www.afpc.randolph.af.mil and click on "Want to rejoin the Air Force?" link, call (866) 229-7074 or e-mail afpc.dpsfm@randolph.af.mil.

This recall program is a symptom pointing straight to one systemic disease:  the following year-groups of muds, cruds and tampon troopers simply don't possess the requisite technical expertise to keep the big iron flying right.  Watch this one closely since ZOG is relying mightily on flying weaponry.


From a reader named J. –

For an ironic reflection on the success of Prussian educational ideals, take a look at Martin Van Creveld’s Fighting Power (Greenwood Press, 1982). Creveld, the world's finest military historian, undertakes to explain why German armies in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945, although heavily outnumbered in the major battles of both wars, consistently inflicted 30 percent more casualties than they suffered, whether they were winning or losing, on defense or on offense, no matter whom they fought. They were better led, we might suspect, but the actual training of those field commanders comes as a shock. While American officer selection was right out of Frederick Taylor, complete with psychological dossiers and standardized tests, German officer training emphasized individual apprenticeships, week-long field evaluations, extended discursive written evaluations by senior officers who personally knew the candidates. The surprise is, while German state management was rigid and regulated with its common citizens, it was liberal and adventuresome with its elites.


The Underground History of American Education, partially on-line at :


As military and police ranks fill with non-Whites, I wonder how secure Whitey will feel when he's hung out to dry with only a simple-minded faith that non-Whites will protect his interests.

A fellow offered this – Reminds me: Last night one of our local Spanish channels was running a USMC enlistment solicitation ... in Spanish, of course.


Alex Jones presented a 2 hour program on TV last light. It was interesting although there were a lot of potatoes mixed in with the meat. One could not help but notice all of the black and mud faces, armed to the teeth, who were "protecting our freedoms". Alex shies from the topic of race but that is what it is all about. He has a website. http://www.infowars.com/

Joe, Mario, Andy, John, Bertha, Bernie, and Ruth were huddled about the radio as the hyped reports came in – the ships were approaching Cuba – Kennedy had issued his warnings – the missiles were still there – the end was nigh.  That was the year Ruth tried her best to put me on a leash and become a heel hound. After all, men had always catered to her (that's a polite was of saying they kissed her ass) and so why shouldn't I? It appeared as if all well fully prepared to dive into the nearest bomb shelter.

"Bob," shouted Bertha, "listen to this. It could be the start of WW III!" I yawned and searched the coffee pot for that last ounce of brown juice which tasted as if it were recently drained from the crankcase of an old Edsel. As if I were talking to myself, I said, "Both the U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R. are run by the same pack of hyenas. Why would it be in their interest to nuke each other?"

To keep the goyim in line, it is necessary to scare the crap out of them once in a while.

India and Pakistan nuking each other over a land dispute? Give me a break. Who would want to occupy a radioactive piece of real estate anyway? Besides, what would you nuke? Bush's mercenaries spent weeks rearranging the rocks in Afghanistan, and for what? Kashmir is 90% mountainous with high, barren plateaus and deep, narrow valleys. Some of it even has glaciers. So dear fearful friend, what in hell is there to nuke, unless your objective is landslides? (Remember the movie, Shaka Zulu, where warfare was little more than a theat party? That was, until Nazi Chaka turned war into what he thought it should be – killing everything within sight and hearing.)

The possession of an A-bomb, like a spear, is quite valuable as a threat weapon as long as you don't launch it. Once it is chucked, that potential advantage vanishes. I am sure these two countries haven't an endless supply of "whippin's of ass distraction!"

From my bar stool here on Mount Olympus, I have this very sad projection – There will not be a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. We will not have such good luck.

A Friend of FAEM writes:

FAEM – Did you know that the world's first programmable, binary digital computer was NOT developed by Howard Aiken and friends at Harvard University in 1944, but instead by German civil engineer Konrad Zuse in 1938?



I don't know if you've visited Vanguard News Network lately, but a woman calling herself "Angry White Female" has written a rather curious essay entitled "Our Social Alienation." The essay isn't all bad, but about three-quarters through she begins to espouse some quasi-feminist tripe about the "movement's" aversion to enlisting women. While I agree with her assertion that women should be actively recruited, I also feel that she makes some rather egregious errors while making this point. First she refers to the present recruiters as "crusty old white guys," which in my opinion is a complete and utter slight to all the people who have dedicated their lives to their race and nation; I know that I wouldn't be involved now, at 21, if it weren't for those "crusty old white guys." Then she implies that women are unfairly lumped into a 'trouble' category with Jews, Communists and the like. The odd thing about that is that they HAVE been easier for destructive elements to manipulate than have men. They also act on this manipulation in greater numbers than men – the idea that our suspicion is all a misunderstanding is complete joke.

She continues: "We are tired of constantly hearing about White women's miscegenation, while White men marry out at approximately the same rate."

Funny, not only do my eyes tell a different story, but the sources I've seen tell a different story as well. I'd like to know her sources, as she has failed to list them.

And: "We need all the help we can get from movement leaders, not condemnations for both being feminine or feminist. Can't win, can we?"

Feminine is fine, it's this feminist crap that I have a problem with. This woman is obviously unaware of the fact the feminism itself is an extremely destructive element in our society. Why do these women always confuse feminine with that Judeo-Marxist jargon? Don't they know who, and what bore us the plague of modern feminism? And then there us the whole victim status thing that found itself into this essay like all the others: "Can't win, can we?" I guess not, and who's fault is that? Men? White men? Give me a break! If women want to stop being treated like an irresponsible minority then perhaps they should stop acting like one.

And then there's this:

"Repeat the next four lines ten times every day.

"Feminine is Good

"Feminine is Necessary

"Feminine is Strong

"Feminine is Balance"

Some of it is agreeable, but why do I have to repeat that ten times everyday? I'm not just some animal that is going to sit back to be trained by a woman, that's just insane. If I wanted training I'd be the average-freaking-Joe.

"Feelings are Feminine, Therefore Bad?"

Isn't it odd that she would perpetuate the myth that we all believe that feelings are feminine, weak, and by that bad. I can't help but laugh at this statement though I have to admit that I myself feel that excessive emotion IS feminine, and it IS weak, I also feel that destructive elements in our societies have seized upon this female inclination to exploit them for their own purposes. It seems obvious to me that women not only express more emotion, but that it inhibits women from thinking clearly about some very important issues; issues that require ACTION, not an emotional over-examination!

Anyway, sorry for such a long letter I simply wanted to express my heartfelt opinion on the subject to someone I know would listen, and perhaps agree. I think that you should read the article for yourself, the web address is as follows:


I also wanted to say that one of your regular writers, "Joe" shouldn't give up on the younger generation yet; we are working hard for the future of our race – Should we expire in the process then so be it, this is a worthy cause and dwelling on our current predicament isn't going to solve it. The future is ours and we are ready for a fight.

I love the site, keep up the great work.

Regards, M. M.