17 June 2002
No "Hate Crime"?


A female FED-ZOG employee has been charged with arson in starting the record forest fire raging out of control in Colorado.

Prosecutors said Terry Barton, 38, started the fire June 8 while burning a letter from her estranged husband, then lied to investigators about it."

So far tens of thousands of citizens have been driven from their homes while vast conflagrations rage out of control.  Since the perpetrator was a woman, the target of the 'hate' a male and probably white and the victims almost entirely white (based on news coverage) this doesn't qualify as a "hate crime".

Yes ZOGlings.  We're absolutely serious when we celebrate the imminent demise of your indescribably foul system.  It deserves its imminent death and consignment to the compost heap of history.


Federal Reserve Funny Money: straight from the horse's mouth.


Accountants and anyone else familiar with double entry book-keeping should be able to understand this.

"Federal Reserve Accounting for Currency and Coin. Federal Reserve notes are liabilities on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. The Federal Reserve pledges collateral, usually U.S. Treasury securities, equal to the face value of currency in circulation. As payments to, and receipts from, depository institutions change the value of currency in circulation on a daily basis, the Federal Reserve takes the necessary action to make sure that the currency in circulation is fully collateralized. When a Reserve Bank makes a currency payment to a depository institution, the Reserve Bank charges the depository institution's account (or the account of the bank that acts as the settlement agent) for the amount of the order. Similarly, when a depository institution returns excess currency to a Federal Reserve Bank, it receives a corresponding credit to its account."

"Unlike currency, coin is represented on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet as an asset. Coin is a direct obligation of the Treasury; the Federal Reserve buys coin from the Mint at face value. When a depository institution orders and deposits coin, its Reserve Bank adjusts the institution's account accordingly."

Federal Reserve notes are not government money and never have been.  If it was then Federal Reserve notes would be treated as assets the way U.S. coin (which is government money) is handled on the books.  I notice the 12 Federal Reserve Banks have shifted over to the *.org domain away from the *.gov.  This is appropriate since they were long legally identified as private corporations.  Honesty will rule when they finally move over to *.com.


P.S.  Research assistance request.

Does anyone out there have the full text of the 1862 or 1863 "Hazard Circular" concerning Lincoln's greenback?  A facsimile image would be best but a transcription with solid reference will help.  Please write maguiresez@hotmail.com

As usual the all-powerful internet only has extracted quotes.  Many of these are conflated with concurrent London Times newspaper editorial on the same subject.

Straight from the horse's mouth, Part II.


"The Federal Reserve pledges collateral, usually U.S. Treasury securities, equal to the face value of currency in circulation.   As payments to and receipts from depository institutions change the value of currency in circulation on a daily basis, the Federal Reserve takes the necessary action to make sure that the currency in circulation is fully collateralized."

The short-lived Democrack-ZOG and Republicaine-ZOG Congressional discussion of 1999-2001 about "paying off the national debt" with the "surplus" was amusing.  So what did you Limblow Republicaines think you were going to do for money?  The Federal Reserve itself says it backs all its Federal Reserve notes with U.S. government debt!  This is why all of us "conspiracy whackos" say we have a "debt-backed currency" upon which interest must be paid.  We say this because the Federal Reserve Corporations say the same thing.  It's only you braindead 'mainstream' Good Thinkers who are out to lunch on this question.

If all U.S. debt was retired there'd have to be a new backing for the currency.  Period.

Do you libertarians, Republicans and 'moderates' grab this yet?  You will never get rid of government deficits and the 'national debt' until the government starts issuing its own money again.  The good news is that Roosevelt was wrong about who the national debt is owed to.  At least 50% of is pure illusion.  That part held by the Federal Reserve Corporations could be paid off tomorrow with U.S. Notes, i.e. "greenbacks".  Actually all of it could be redeemed tomorrow for "greenbacks".  The Big Boys already often use U.S. Treasury notes and bonds as a substitute for cash in large transactions.

Why does anyone think U.S. Treasury Notes and Bonds are sold at principal face value paying a fixed interest while Series EE "Savings Bonds" are sold at a discount from redeemable value?  It's so the sheeple won't use the Series EE as an alternative to cash the way the big ZOGlings do.


OK mates. I've already mentioned that all men harbor a philosophy of life and those who do nothing other than philosophize about their philosophy, are called "philosophers." I have yet to learn of a single one ever doing anything useful in life. We certainly have a right to ask how they made a living and I'll bet it wasn't working in a factory, truck driving or growing potatoes. Philosophers are not working people and one should weigh their words with the same scale one uses for a new Spielberg dogma-drama or the fairy tales produced by writers of fiction.

Philosophers are intellectuals and intellectuals are people who play with words and ideas. This does not mean they are intelligent for my experience has been that in the battles of life, you should flee the intellectual as you would a small pox epidemic, for they are 100% useless, nay, a 100% burden. This country has been poisoned to death with insane ideas, from the factory of the intellectual, enforced by guns in the hands of robots sworn to follow the "leader" no matter how deranged he might be, or how nation-destroying that order might be.

Yes, some philosopher on the Titanic might muse, "It should have been obvious that man, in his infinite smallness, would eventually reach a supreme stage of arrogance whereby he felt he could bounce his contraptions off icebergs with impunity."  He would probably be sipping a mint julep, lounging on a feather cushion and wearing woolen slippers while issuing his monumental observation. A passing crew member could rightly ask, "Of what value is this barrel of shit?"

White working man – you are the backbone, sinew and muscle of this country, not those buggering clowns we call our "representatives" nor the effete rich who use every opportunity to steal the rewards of our labor and sell our heritage, piecemeal, to the highest bidder. Those who refuse to get their hands dirty are the real dirt in this land.

Links already. You be the judge  –  http://www.overthrow.com

This is a good one for people who like to wring their hands –http://www.barnesreview.org

When the end of the "American way" is talked about, I hope no one envisions a coast to coast Hiroshima or Dresden. The Great Depression of the 1930s saw many suicides and personal bankruptcies. For most, life went on but at a different tempo and flavor. Food often came by way of a train pulling into small towns where people were lined up to get their ration of government cabbage and cornmeal. Many who previously dined in fine restaurants were now found, along with the restaurant owners, looking behind fruit stands for some pieces of eatable fruit. Men used to working 40-45 hours per week had to be content with working 10 hours per week. Landlords had to lower their rents in  keeping with reduced employment and wages. The whore houses and beer joints were still in operation, and faggots still smiled at little boys. No one ever starved as far as I was told. Girls got knocked up and boys still contracted gonorrhea. There were shot-gun weddings and birthday parties, albeit with slim pickings. The middlemen still got rich fixing prices and politicains. When I asked my relati es about that time, most said it "was trying" but none complained beyond that. My grandfather, a 100% self-sufficient farmer, said he noticed no difference since the corn still grew and "bossy" still gave milk.

I will admit that this time, there will be a difference since then we did not have an undisciplined army of apes ready to pounce upon the unwary and unprotected.

My, but there are a lot of "sharp' young women who do write to me. I am guessing here, but one uses "ni99er" because "9"s somewhat resemble "g"s. Lately she has used "nixxer" possibly from the American slang word "nix" which usually means "nothing". We sometimes used "nix" to mean "Here come the cops, so watch it and clam up!" Now 2g acceleration means 64 ft/sec/sec so maybe "ni64er" might also work. One must be careful not to utter anything politically incorrect. Maybe a little transposition, as in


There is no logical reason we should maintain most prisons and support millions of criminal Blacks who are of absolutly no value whatsoever to this society. I suggest that they be promptly shipped to the land of their ancestors where they can reveal their true native genius – you know, the kind which is suppressed by the White man. Let them build their rockets and computers, and invent untold wonders, without the burden of discrimination, racism and high blood pressure.

I watched a TV show last night which had Robert Bork Y, a favorite of mine, talk a bit. He mentioned that America was run by the "intellectual class" and that "intellectual" meant that they played with words and ideas. This is far different than being intelligent, a point I have been trying to make over the years. Our White working class contains far more intelligent people than does that herd of country club cloud-sniffers who think we are only fit to be governed by them.

Another speaker told that there would never be another "holocaust" because the (white) Germans were dying out as a people and that was because they there weren't enough of them to fill the demand for jobs. They thus had to import Turks, and others, for those jobs. One certainly has to question how jew-loving that increasing Turkish population really is. As with the Untitled States, the rising power of La Raza, and the Chinese racists, doesn't bode well for the jews in my way of thinking. The jews are hated by far more than a small group of "neo Nazis". Without the gullible goyim to feed and protect them, they will be erased from the world scene.

Why would any people have a need for more workers than its population could provide? The fact is that it doesn't. Any solid White man can produce enough to supply his family's needs but also provide a slight excess. When greed becomes the impetus, a man needs extra help to provide the desired increase of surplus. The rich of the ante bellum South were the ones with droves of slaves which were needed to support their opulent life style. Today, we need extra workers to support our ever-increasing parasitic class. Look around and note who is it which does the REAL work, that is, the production of goods? Certainly not the professional liars called lawyers, nor the batch of keyboard peckers using their computers to create more paperwork than was in existence before that White man's toy became a god, and end,  in itself.

America is gone... kaput... and there's no need for crying or reminiscing about what could have been. We f---ed up and that's that. There is no point in feeling blue, nor bickering about events of the past anymore than it makes sense to do the same when one views the smoldering ashes of a house he once loved. Having "days of remembrance" for those loved ones which are departed, is to admit a sick mentality. If you love someone, show it while they are alive and not at some comical "candlelight vigil."

The young White man and women of today should be exuberant over the massive challenges which now lie before them. What a glorious time to live! White men didn't climb Everests, colonize jungles nor explore the moon because they wanted security and comfort. Like the pleasures of sex and hot fudge sundaes, this is not the essence of the spirit of our race. We inwardly crave challange and the more severe it is, the greater our glory and joy in conquering it! There is nothing more exhilarating than to be shot at (this is within my experience) and not hit. The inner spirit cries, "The bastard missed! The fight is not over."

I am sure that my grandfather would not have liked his farm life if he were guaranteed that each spring was predictable, and that all planting, cultivation and harvesting were uniform and according to generous result. We all noticed that he seemed as pleased following the devastation of grasshoppers or drought, as he was when the crop was greater than anticipated.

Do not despair, young comrades, find the humor in it all, prepare and be patient.

If I understood the radio mouth correctly, Bushez has placed a dead-or-alive wanted order on the head of state Saddam. I suppose that if Saddam did the same, he'd be denounced as a terrorist terrorist of the first order. The problem with spoiled brats, especially the insane and cretin types, is that the more they get away with, the more bizarre their behavior. We will indeed rue the day our foolish country men allowed this turkey to pretend he was Caligula or Nero.
This is interesting to read but keep in my that while you are reading, more and more Asians and mestizos are filling the land you mistakenly think is still yours. http://smoter.com/hitler.htm
The main reason for miscegenation is the White female who gets turned on by bad smells, low IQ and kinky hair.
Fahrenheit 451:  We are and always were "the Book People"

I watched Fahrenheit 451 again last night on the Jew tube on AMC.  The movie is a great watch and has more than I can comment on now.  All of our potential white male recruits need to understand that they are going to be in precisely "Montag's" position if they also lack a supportive woman.  I truly pity those married to "Lindas".  There're some subtleties buried in it that only recently (70s – 90s) have become apparent.  Take for instance when the "Fire Captain" says Nietszche had to be banned because he offended the negroes.  Jean Paul Sartre's "The Jewish Question" and "Mein Kampf" are singled out among the books being banned and burned.  The "Cousin" TV announcer hammers away constantly at "tolerance" and diversity.  If ever there was a movie about "us", there it is.

The best lines were Montag's when he said "I must read to preserve the remembrance of the past!"  and the 'finis' line at the end by the fellow who led the "Book People" to whom Montag fled:  "And when the next Dark Age comes those who come after us will do as we have done."

To those who teeter on the brink of pro-whiteism, I can only say that you have to have the inner drives that drove Montag in the movie.  Somewhere down deep inside you there has to be an already burning instinctive spark that endlessly says "what's going on all around me is wrong!"  It's common that you may not intellectually understand what the source of that dissatisfaction is.  We of F.A.E.M., Robert, Eric & myself, can add fuel and oxygen to such a flame.  But if you have no fire at all we cannot make one for you.


The early Communist leadership in Russia consisted of jews like Moses Uritsky, Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Leon Trotsky and the part-jew, Lenin. They made up the highest ranks of the secret police and the Red Army. These Communist-jews hated the Christian people of Russia and ordered the murder of tens of thousands of them. The very first law promulgated in the official Communist newspaper "Izvestia (July27, 1918) made opposition to jews a crime punishable by death. Apfelbaum wrote in "Krasnava Gazeta" (August 31, 1918) demanding that an ocean of blood wash over the Christian people of Russia. "Let there be floods of blood... more blood! As much as possible." The gulag death camps were devised by the Turkish jew, Naftaly Frenkel ("Gulag Archipelago", Sholzhenitsyn, Vol. 1). The Tsars entire family was murdered by jews. There has never been one single movie on TV showing the atrocities jews committed against the Christian people of Eastern Europe but there have been over 500 movies made about "what the Nazis did". No jew-Communist war criminal has ever been prosecuted or sought for the mass murder of Christians.

If there was an authentic holocaust during WW II, it was the burning alive of nearly one-half million German women, children and other civilians in deliberate Allied air force firebombings of civilian quarters of every major city. In Dresden, a medieval city of no military significance, British and American bombers intentionally burned alive tens of thousands of women and children on orders from Churchill with Roosevelt's approval. The agony and horror of their screams are never heard on our TV sets. The war criminals who perpetrated this mass murder are not sought, much less prosecuted.

You can gauge the the extent of your brainwashing by asking yourself these questions: (1) How many Germans died in WW II? (2) How many Russians died in WW II? (3) How many Americans died in WW II? (4) How many Christians died in WW II? (5) How many jews died in WW II?

If you are an average Joe, you'll probably only assign a number to (5). At that point, you should ask yourself why you answered as you did.

The miracle of Anne Frank's Diary. St. Anne is the girl who wrote a diary in the 1940s about her Holohoax experiences which has been a best seller around the world. According to the German Federal Criminal Investigation Bureau, BKA (NY Post, October 9, 1980) portions of her diary were written with ball point pen. Since ball point pens were not in use until 1951, we can only assume that Anne's Fairy Godmother brought her one from the future.

This is yet another of those wondrous miracles which pepper the Holohoax  yarns with their instances of defiance of the known laws of chemistry and physics. But, with God's Chosen, such things probably should be expected.

I am convinced – cuo bono – that the Cheney Bush, a scrub of a plant which lives on drugs and oil, knew that 9-11 was coming and it would be a great day for getting the sheep interested in fighting and dying for interests not their own. I do not think they knew the target, otherwise Cheney wouldn't have gone into his rodent hole. Bush stayed clear of likely targets just as Churchill did during the SWATKWP when he knew which cities the Germans had targeted. It's an old story – harangue the mob until the action starts and then hightail it for cover. Communists have done this for years and it still works. It the modus operandi of truly great leaders. :o)
In spite of the bone-head radio mouth in this area calling for the extermination of anyone considered a "terrorist", plus their families, friends, etc., not many complied when he wanted a "field of flags" waving on Flag Day to show "unity". I drove into the big city just to see how many 'made in China' Old Glories were waving from the houses. After 90 minutes of driving around, I counted 4.

Enron guilt:  Survey sez – it's the outside accountants!


Accounting firm Arthur Andersen has been convicted of obstructing justice in the Enron affair.  This corporation is so far the only party convicted in the Enron swindle.

Other Enron News.

When Senator Carl Levin Y held hearings on Enron in May and subpoenaed directors and former directors one director, Mr. Robert Belfer Y,  was curiously was omitted from the list of witnesses.   We can report some progress on the management front.  On June 6 Mr. Robert Belfer finally left Enron's board of directors following half a year in bankruptcy court.

Secretary of Zionist Defense and Attack, Donald Rumsfeld announced in May that Secretary of the Army Thomas White, a former Enron executive vice-president, would be retaining his political appointment.

Does anyone else detect a pattern of accountability and teflon non-accountability here?


I often tune into the degenerate Stern so as to take the temperature of our increasing sex-obsessed hedonism. Last night the male crew wore no clothes save jockey shorts. None, by the way, presented anything handsome in this regard. They were group interviewing a female nitwit, clad scantily, who told how great her life was since she starting copulating at age 9. Except for the first experience, she mentioned the details of her thus enriched life which made me wonder what people mean by the term "child abuse". The closest viewer apparently developed an erection during this interview and he promptly ran about the studio pointing out the obvious bulge in his underwear. Howard asked the young lady if she'd take off her clothes for money and she refused. He then asked her if she were paid, would she "do number 2" for them. (Have a bowel movement.) She declined mentioning that she had already done that 3 hours previously.

Although we hear the phrase "child abuse" often, I wonder how many parents actually view the content of the so-called children's cartoons on TV or the material taught in grammar school. To me, this daily propaganda assault on our young is a very serious matter.

Dear Rob:

Just a mish-mash of  things I've seen today. I think you will appreciate the irony of it all. Seen today while driving down the street: an SUV barge with a basketball team pennant, an American flag, and a Mexican Flag.  Hey, Mom, Apple Pie, Mey-hee-co, and nixxerball: It's the American way, José! Picked up my idiot box today after a month of it being in the repair shop. Didn't miss it much. (By contrast, when my computer was in for upgrades, I was lost.) Figured since I had paid over 200 dollars for it (only because it's a VCR combo) I should at some point actually go and pick it up. Plugged it in, turned it on, and what is one of the first things to meet my disgusted gaze? Rosey "the Behemoth Lesbo" O'Donnell and Linda Ellerbee together on a brainwashing "infomercial" for kids along the lines of "Heather has two Mommies, Jake has two daddies, I'm O.K., You're okay, Let's-all-hold-hands-and-sing-kumbayyah", ad nauseam. This after a blurb informing me that wigger Eminem is topping the music charts, and a spot highlighting the antics of basketball-playing apes with some musical drivel about "heroes" playing in the background. Eminem is America's "musician" of choice? Basketball boolies are our "heroes"? Yep, it's official: We have sunk just about as low as we can go. ARrrgh! Why didn't I leave the damn thing where it was, or pitch it out the car window while I had the chance?!?  Nothing like a good month or more away from T.V. for it's degeneracy to slap you right across the face when you do turn it on again.

Now after all this horror, I quickly turn the poison off and turn to FAEM for good reading, and what do I see? Something to the effect of you, Eric and Maguire writing for the disenfranchised White MALE...etc. (Not verbatim, but you get the idea) I haven't felt this left out since I was a Christian and read that Christ didn't really come for the gentiles, but only for the lost sheep of Israel.  Or that he considered gentiles "dogs" who, if they were good little bootlickers, might be honored with crumbs from the children's table. (Sorry, got rid of all my Hebrew mythol.... I mean Bible, so I am unable to look up the chapter and verse for exact wording.) If you didn't know, Rob, you have faithful female readers, too. Don't leave us out!! Actually, I think that after this slight, you should acknowledge us on the FAEM page.

Still an (ignored) fan, Vicki M.

Many thanks to our female readers who have written expressing a perceived male bias in these pages. Of that there can be no doubt. Due to a biological set, I confess I am unable to view the world from a female perspective. In the past I have offered to set aside, a new folder perhaps, space on this site for their views. So far only Minerva has stepped forward with the offer of her cartoons. The "Angry White Female" has written that she is so disgusted with the "white movement:" that she will probably not write anything along this line again. Her material; has appeard on http://www.govnn.com.

Years ago, a young lady who recently was awarded a large scholarship told me that there were 2 males who scored higher than she. She was granted the scholarship due to some quota system which required a percent of females along with all other groups EXCEPT White males. She thought this unfair. It certainly was and the pervasive nature of this discrimination is the reason FAEM has a White male focus.

We certainly acknowledge the existence of great women out there who are resisting the thrusts of our Marxist society as best they can, and we certainly welcome anything they have to say. Make a suggestion; write an article; do something and we'll see to it that FAEM will grant you a platform. Keep in mind that FAEM is not a debating society. There are plenty of "newsgroups" out there when people are free to call each other names to their satisfaction.

So ladies, there you have it, and rest assured that none of us here get attacks of "mental anguish" because we are criticized

With a song in my heart – The maintenance of this site costs $1254 per month, including expenses. (1) $16 for the web space, (2) $38 for candy bars and (3) $1200 for a secretary. Hey, part-time secretaries who give massages don't come cheap.

Robert, Eric and Maguire have been perfectly content to give up their free time, and bear all financial expenses, so that they can provide thought material for that very besieged group, the young White male. We are aware that this causes much guilt and anxiety – mental anguish, to use a kosher term – on the part of our readers. Therefore, if Paula fails to come across as hoped, FAEM will subscribe to PayPal so that you might send your $1000 donations comfortably. Be warned however, expenses are projected to rise to over $2208 per month since Eric has shown an interest in an in-ground swimming pool. At this point I am not sure what Maguire has in mind although he did ask me for the correct spelling of Mercedes.

Once upon a time, there was a man who sat at the console of a machine which kept the sky from falling. Once upon the same time, there was a man who envied the man who sat at the console. This man was bigger and so one morning he decided to show the other man who was boss. A big fight followed and the envious big man won. But alas, the winner did not know how to run the console, and so the sky fell in on him. He is now dying and so the question is: What did the big man win?
How come "war crimes" only apply to the loser?

There is NO PROOF of evolution for if there was, it would be FACT and not THEORY.

The babble about White people and Black people being "related" is pure wishful thinking. Before you were brainwashed with this dogma, your senses told you the truth. If you ignore the input which is received by your senses, then you place yourself outside the realm of life itself, for not even a carrot fails to respond to its environment. 

A LaRoachite called me on the phone. I guess she found my number on a toilet wall at some bus stop. It appeared as if she were leading up to a request for a $1000 donation to Lyn Marcus LaRouche's 2004 election campaign. Hell, if I had $1000 I'd buy another $600 car! I listened to her canned babble and found that they had dropped the idea of populating Mars with the earth's excess, and the "Mozart effect" in every classroom, for something new. It was the application of "Gauss' Fundamental Theorem of Mathematics" to the bozos of the world. The premise is that, and I quote the hen: "Your senses deceive you and prevent you from knowing reality." "Hallelujah," I whispered, "I think you are on to something." She went on with some bit about squaring the cube, or cubing the square. I replied that I just read an article about linearizing the quadruple and she wanted me to send her a copy. I was lying or course, but my mother told me I wasn't perfect.

Reality is not the mundane stuff we experience daily, it's our mental excursion into higher domains, dimensions, transmuted black holes, or something like that, I was informed. I admit that I am not the calm, cool, collected, happy, logical, self-assured entity that Eric is, but sometimes I try to pattern my response to encounters, after his style. This was a good time and I let the odd woman ramble on with her lecture.

"Americans are living in a state of delusion and only LaRouche's economic policy can save them from losing everything they own." I asked her if she was an American and she replied in the affirmative. I then followed, "Since Americans live in a state of delusion, and you are an American, then I can assume you are deluded to." "No!," she shrieked, "I mean those others... out there... those content people... the blind ones."

I ate a few Necco wafers, let her settle down, and move on – to "closure" I assume. Flushing the toilet is a form of 'closure' isn't it?

"People are waking up and coming out of their delusion as they lose their jobs and their savings," she continued.

"Your purpose, as I gather, is to 'wake-up' people relative to the misery they are not aware of."

She replied, "Yes."

"You say that they are waking up as a result of financial loss so it would appear to me that complete destitution would render them fully 'awake'. Therefore, I question why you would want to stop the financial collapse since you have already pointed out that 'awakening' people is your priority item."

She promptly hung up. There I was. A male chauvinist pig hammering on women again. Oh well.

Sal always had a problem with a few stealing watermelons from his fruit store display. Watermelons were kept outside and at night, covered with a large canvas. Normally we had very little theft in our little town but no group of people can claim to be free of undesirables. One night Sal, who was a very muscular young man, hid under the canvas when it turned dark. The first night proved uneventful but on the second, two paws slid under and grasped a melon about the same time as Sal grasped an arm. Out he flew and promptly battered the offender to unconsciousness. The police were summoned – actually only Lt. Clay showed up – and the now returning to consciousness body was hauled off to the slammer. I understand that the not understanding judge gave him 30 days to think about his wayward manner. No law suits. No complications. No nuttin' but good ol' American justice. The Lt. actually applauded Sal's bit of perseverance. In those unenlightened times, people were allowed to defend their persons and property. What a sick idea, eh?

Often some kid would try and steal grapes or watermelons from Bennet's farm. In those days, farmers usually kept a few rock salt loaded shotguns at the ready for such intrusions on private property. If one has ever been shot in the ass with a load of rock salt, it is an experience he never forgets.

Buck shot, as we know, is composed of lead. Lead is 1.43 times as dense as iron and on this account it is used in projectiles. Shooting marshmallows somehow doesn't measure up. Anyway, lead has been favored due to its low cost, availability and density. The density aspect of 'spent' uranium did not go unnoticed by the military. Uranium makes a great substance for projectiles since it is 2.37 times as dense as iron, that is, 1.66 times as dense as lead. The residual radioactivity of spent uranium is not a consideration. The "dirty bomb" story is more hype than fact. If detonated, I'd worry more about the sailing bits of uranium than I would a few stray rays of this or that. Whatever radioactivity is contained in the little bomb or projectile, it would be diluted, by scattering, to little of nothing following detonation. Personally, I worry about some diseased mud coughing in my face.

If osmium were not so expensive, I could see its use in projectiles for it is 1.22 times as dense as uranium.

We are at the bottom of an ocean of electromagnetic waves – radio, TV, RADAR, cell phones, satellites, power lines, and on and on. One might wonder what this abnormal level night be doing to the life on this planet.

Great news! The American taxpayer, an incurable masochist and lover of sewers, has a champion in the governor of Jew York State, George Pataki. He, along with his jew cohorts, are trying to push through a law whereby ILLEGAL "immigrants" can attend NYS schools at reduced tuition. Hell,  I think the tuition should be free. Moreover, why not pay them $50,000 per year just for attending. That would insure that all are doing their Christian duty by helping the poor. (You are living in a collapsing insane asylum, comrades. Make sure you are stockpiling lots of rope because it will be needed.)
Here we go again...........


The picture here portrays Jose Padilla as Oklahoma City John Doe #2 to Tim McVeigh's John Doe #1.

This is another installment in propagating the "Islamic terrorist/European neo-Nazi/American neo-Nazi" connection line for OKC the Zionists have been peddling for years.  This particular spin has been pushed most strongly by an illegally self-proclaimed "Alabama Militia" Generalissimo officer who is undoubtedly an Anti-Defamation League agent.    The ADL of course has had a strong anti-Militia program for years and would therefore have recruited informers and set up false flag fronts.  This particular 'militia' group also goes out of its way to condemn Nazis while saying not a word about Communists.  Blightwing counter-intelligence is so poor this strange behavior never even sparks thought, let alone provokes any comment.  Once McVeigh was safely silenced Zionist Joe Farah picked up the 'Islamic terrorist' angle in WorldNetDaily.

Background.  The teflon German Army officer and obvious foreign exchange police agent Andreas Strassmeyer provided the very tenuous 'Euro' connection to McVeigh from his days as the 'security officer' at Elohim City.  I say 'teflon' because ZOG-USA has never charged him with anything.   Strassmeyer is the only adult Elohim City resident to enjoy this particular immunity.  Even BATF informer Carol Howe was charged by her employers although she was later acquitted by a jury.    (FYI, for those wanting a bona fide German-ZOG agent provocateur close to them, Vanguard News Network is still running Strassmeyer's female replacement's job wanted ad here: http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/jobs1.htm ).

That Strassmeyer was a German police agent on loan to ZOG-USA is proved beyond all doubt by the continued political career of his father in Germany.  The Limbaugh-befuddled GOP hard right believes the stories peddled that it was politician Dad Strassmeyer's pull that protected the son.  This thinking is bassackwards and betrays zero familiarity with modern German politics.  On the contrary, it was the son's secret government police work that has kept his father from being purged out of German politics for having an active neo-Nazi for a son.

Despite an absolute vacuum of actual evidence (aside from that planted by their own agents) the Zionists have always tried to implicate both Islamic terrorists and 'European neo-nazis' in OKC by any means possible.  This began minutes after the bombing when Jews accused David Irving of 'providing the detonator' and has continued to the present day.  All of this finds fertile ground in the ZOG befuddled minds of the hard Republican right.

OKC did nothing to advance Osama's cause.  Osama's cause includes becoming the new Caliph and returning to rule Saudi Arabia similar to Khomeini's return to Iran.  Osama's targets always have these angles in constant view, even to the occasional exclusion of Zionist Jew targets.  Osama must ultimately be easily interpreted as having 'done the deed' to gain any political capital from his action.  Nothing about OKC generated the slightest bit of political capital for al-Qaida.  OKC was McVeigh's payback for Waco.  Most federal survivors of the blast almost instantly understood why the Murrah building was blown up.

Just remember ZOG-USA's expansive new definition of 'joined the enemy'.  Previously they wanted to domesticize Islamic terrorism.  Now they're trying to 'internationalize' all real domestic US political opponents in a process of 'guilt by association'.  "McVeigh read the Turner Diaries and even sold copies of it."  So goes the line of thought being sold the sheeple.  On that basis every reader and seller of the New York Times can be indicted along with Ariel Sharon (since he also has read the New York Times) by the International Criminal Court for war crimes at Jenin.

Such is the alien Talmudic mindset that now grips the Late Great Jewess Ah!


If Milosevic is guilty of crimes against humanity, then others are too. Not to mention their willing accomplices: the governments of the West. http://mondediplo.com/2002/04/07hague
Interesting Real SWATKWP History


This is an interesting site I came across.  It's not political in any direction.   The author's account is personal and apolitical in the extreme.  Just his story from Pearl Harbor day at age 17 through VE day as anti-aircraft gunner in Europe and on to discharge in 1946.   This gentleman seems to have been a very acute observer.  I was struck by a number of his observations, such as the profane nature of the regular army sergeants and his reaction to them.  They seemed identical to professional NCOs I knew.

Then there were the shake 'n bake officers of his unit, which I can't relate to at all.  I can honestly say my peers and I were far more professional than the Captain McKee described here.  Of course we all spent many years training and then more years as lieutenants before becoming captains and company and battery commanders.  This McKee seems to have gone there in less than 2 years from civilian.  He acts like a poor second lieutenant.

The descriptions of looting and of the reaction of civilians in Germany in 1945 is interesting.  A little bit about the Communists and their atrocities in Czechoslovakia and the Germans' inability to understand why the Jewess Ah! allied with them.  An account of liberated US Army Air Corps POWs and their treatment (excellent until the final month or so of SWATKWP).  No real heroics and also no demons.  Just World War II (SWATKWP to us) as Mr. Gallagher knew it.

If you go to visit be nice and remember you're representing.


The Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary School in Seattle now has an "ergonomics" "tech-fit" course for the kiddies. It's rubber band powered technology is supposed to help counteract "repetitive-strain" injuries from computer use. If they were my kids, I'd worry more about damage to their brains than I would some wrist problem. Computers have manufactured more dysfunctional people than any other single piece of machinery in the history of the world.
The Necar 5, a fuel cell sub compact vehicle (a phone booth with wheels), completed a cross country trip which proved hydrogen powered cars are alive and well. As I read the article, I noticed an absence of any performance characteristics such as acceleration, load carrying capacity, top speed, fuel costs, etc. The fine print did disclose what the whole show was about. It was an electric car driven by the energy supplied by alcohol, methanol in this case. The vehicle has cells which convert the alcohol into hydrogen and the hydrogen is then fed to other cells which produce the electricity to turn the 75 KW motor. Essentially you have an alcohol driven car required a – guess what? – fuel tank. The author claims that only pure water comes out the tail pipe. Hmmmm....  The last I knew methanol (wood alcohol) was composed of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon. Where O where has my little carbon gone? Does it hang around like a variety of coal to be scooped out when you arrive at Burnt Fork Wyoming?

Meanwhile back to my real, live working vehicle which runs on garbage. That's right matey! It runs on garbage which is a renewable energy source. Covered by patent # 666-069-088-014, it works this way: Three little pigs are fastened to a tread mill upon which garbage is sprinkled at one end. The pigs move the tread mill accomplishing 2 things. Their food is advanced so they can eat, thus supplying their energy, and the belt drives a battery of alternators which supply current to the motor driving the wheels. My research has shown that one can get more mileage per dollar from the garbage sold at Mac Donald's as opposed to Wendy's or Burger King.

Years ago, my Plymouth mileage enhancer was turned down by the Patent Office. It was a sling-shot launched hook which was fired at the rear of a moving 18 wheeler. The hook was attached to the frame of the car and when the slack disappeared, one could then shut off his engine and travel on. The Patent Office said this was already invented. It was called a 'tow rope'.

The best fuel saving device I ever used consisted of an electric fuel pump where the outlet was in my fuel tank. The inlet tube was used whenever I came across a vacationer, in one of those camper barges, sleeping in some rest spot. I'd pull along side, poke the inlet tube into his fuel tank, return to my car, lock the doors and turn on the fuel pump. In the event I was noticed, I'd simply speed away.

San Faggotisco student of the day Jonathan there's-a-chink-in-your-future Chen was elected to student office on a platform which involved a high priority item in the school – filthy toilets. No one seems to know how the feces and urine managed to be all over the place. I suppose it's the same platoon of gremlins which slips into nigger neighborhoods after dark in order to secretly dump garbage all around. I am waiting for our simpleton president to declare that gremlins are terrorists. Doesn't a turd on the floor terrorize you?
Remember when Castro emptied his jails and asylums, and let them all "escape" to the good ol' Jewess Hay? Well, the Vietnamese are following suit as a means to rid their country of undesirables without world protest. Hey! They are all coming here to enrich our culture. The first lot is now on its way with more to follow. When a people turn their country into a garbage dump, one wonders if they really prefer living in a garbage dump. After all, keeping a clean house does mean a  lot of work.
An assault change filed by a mestizo, was dismissed in a New Mexico court because the wet back was on Injun territory when he was accosted. Something about sovergity, we were told. Too bad the honkies don't have the same benefits but what are they other than a herd of sheep willing to be shoved around, sheared and slaughtered
Three Chicago darky schools were closed due to low performance. This meant the school itself was at fault. The kiddies were shuffled to other "better" schools but this meant over-crowding. So, they reopened the closed schools and will now spend more money on refurbishing the buildings so kiddies can learn better. I guess pot smoking is more widespread than I realized.
The gene tinkering crowd thinks they've found a way to make tomatoes last longer in the market. Note that this research has nothing to do with health, but profit. Knowing that the average consumer is a greedy idiot, they of course, dicked around to make it more palatable. MacDonald's has proved that if shit can be flavored just right, and its cost held low, it will sell. Man, I still bake my own bread. This costs more and takes more time, but at least I won't be eating "edible" lubricating crap necessary to keep the mass production machinery running. Also, no long shelf life poisons to prevent natural bugs from living on the bread.
Who is affected by the rabble-rousing "the sky is falling" blather which we are bombarded with daily? I see women, lace-drawered middle-aged honkies, jews, and old folks who worry about their prescriptions. Young White males, mestizos, Blacks, Asians, etc. don't seem to tremble in their boots every time the word "terrorist" is spoken. This reveals a lot in regard to where the battle line will be drawn.
Young White American males. Don't get too down on your White comrades in other lands. They do not have the freedoms we have here and thereby might appear more timid. Also, DO NOT DESPAIR. What is happening around you, however contemptible, is a sickness which will run it's course. We cannot stop it. The degeneracy will increase and with it, general insanity. Stay out of the line of fire and be prepared, especially mentally. Once you are defeated in the mind, you become a casualty. The real fight is not far in the future and fight we must. It's in our blood.
Padilla:  The Zionist Factor.


"Israel Intelligence Had A File On Padilla Before 911"

This reprint of an Israeli article from the Ha'aretz Daily is illuminating.  It is of course a pure Mossad plant so we can believe as much or as little as we choose.  The principle conclusion from this article is that the Zionists are capable of seeding corrupt information into the ZOG 'network' to smear any political enemy they choose.  And that 'enemy', like Padilla, will not even be able to confront the evidence.   And they'll never tell a lie, right?  The same folks who brought you Jonathon Pollard and faked Libyan radio terrorist transmissions now bring you the final end of the Bill of Rights.

Where Jews appear liberty disappears.

Here's a closing quote from Samuel Adams, white American Revolutionary.  It's completely appropriate for all the country club Republicans and Limbaugh fan web voyeurs who sneak peeks at F.A.E.M. like perverts peeping at porno:

"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Now get down and start licking, Limbaughites, country clubbers and neo-conneds.  Crouch down and start licking the hands and boots of your Jew masters.  LICK !

And leave F.A.E.M. and never return.


Padilla Precedent Analysis:  World Socialist Web Site


Start the trek out of being Neo-conned and Limblow-conned.   Despite the Marxist orientation, there's an excellent analysis of what's gone down with the Padilla affair here.

"While Muhajir apparently converted to a fundamentalist form of Islam several years ago, when he married an Egyptian woman (comment:  here's the mixed Asian/Negro genetic composition behind hard-core Islamic anti-Zionism), the government has not yet presented any evidence that he was a supporter of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, let alone engaged in any terrorist activity."

"While the attorney general claimed the US government had “disrupted an unfolding terrorist plot,” Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told a news conference, “There was not an actual plan. We stopped this man in the initial planning stages.” Government officials subsequently acknowledged that no materials for building a “dirty bomb” had been assembled, and no actual target had been selected."

"Ashcroft said that Muhajir was in Pakistan “researching radiological dispersion devices,” althoughhow he could accomplish that with only a grade-school education and little knowledge of the local languages is unclear, to say the least. Previous US warnings about Al Qaeda access to nuclear technology have focused on former Soviet scientists and weapons technicians, not ex-members of city street gangs, as the likely conduits." Let's itemize this Padilla Affair so far as openly admitted by various ZOG officials:

1.  No bomb.

2.  No bomb parts collected.

3.  No actual plan.

4.  No target selected.

5.  No evidence produced even of Padilla 'joining' al-Qaeda other than having traveled to areas containing al-Qaida operatives and associating with other people, not identified, who are alleged to be members of al-Qaida.  Some 'demonstration strategy' leader types had better re-read the above as many times as it takes them to 'get it'.

This is pure Talmudic legal thought in action.  That is, it is guilt by association making one 'unclean'.  The evidence consists of hearsay, secret 'evidence', undisclosed witnesses and pure assertion.   A was seen talking to B who a stoolie says then met with C.  As a result D is now locked up for an indefinite time in military custody with neither charges or hearing.