26 June 2002
I was told that the water has been shut off in public fountains in Yakima WA. The mestizas were using them to rinse out their baby's filled diapers. Love that diversity!
Jesse Ventura
, Governor of Minnesota labeled the Repub and Demo boys a conspiracy by saying, "These two parties at crunch time, election time, will unite to stop the third-party movement." (Not if they can use a sell-out like the rich dwarf whore Ross Perot.) Past Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, also went on record by saying, "There's not a dime's worth of difference in the two parties." My father said we had a one-party system using two names. The average voter thinks an election is just another variety of niggerball and after the straws are counted, he forgets the whole thing and returns to his vices.
Dr. Ed Christopherson, a psychologist who was refused a job slinging burgers at the Big-M, says kids should be taught to blow bubbles as a means of relieving stress. This will soon move to the 40 year old kids, I am sure. "Beefy" Roberts, who lives down the street, tried to blow bubbles but she called the cops.
We need Palestinians. As more and more of them are slaughtered, more people are becoming jew-wise.
When surveillance cameras are mounted on every lamp post, will nickers still relieve themselves in public?
– the only great way to stop unwanted births. But then again, as the honky drops from copulating with its own kind to copulating with nickers, the next step is chimpanzees. When the sex-obsessed take up with goats full time, we won't have to worry much about starvation or over population. It'll be very hard on the goats though.
Millions of mud children are suffering from cleft lips and palates. "The Smile Train" wants you stupid honkies to "adopt" them for a part of an hour by sending in a donation of $250. Keep up that indiscriminate fornication you idiots and populate the world with monstrosities.
Jewspeak – Prez Bush wants to redefine "offense" as "defense". Our best defense it to nuke them first. Sounds very jewish to me.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 19 June 02 – The Justice Department is still trying to make secret trials legal. "Secret trials" are very jewish! Anyway, what ZOG will do to foreigners, they will do to you.
It sho do look like the predicted collapse has up-shifted into another gear. Full speed ahead mates. Hang onto your jewels.
"Now the nigger loving U.S. President is going to give 20 million dollars a year for the next five years for African education. Now where the hell does this man get off committing that amount of money for educational  programs that should be the responsibility of each individual country, and to compound the problem, the World Bank, where the U.S. is a major contributor, chimes in and says 3 to 4 billion is really needed. When does this idiotic society that's forever gushing over niggers,  jews, foreigners, ever going to stop?

Another news item that's aggravating concerns the Supreme Court's decision that the mentally retarded should not receive capital punishment, which is more convoluted sick thinking. Not only are the mental defectives a burden to society but some are criminally insane. In a truly sane society the mentally incompetent would not be permitted to breed and mentally defective humans would be eliminated at birth or shortly thereafter, but then such is the abnormal rationale where a society destroys two million of the unborn each year and dotes over the mentally incompetent . Perhaps they do so because there are so many of them in high placed Government positions."

Regards. Joe.

Here.  For those who want F.A.E.M. reduced to a modern 15 second sound bite and headline we can finally offer it:


"LATE GREAT JEWESS AH! (F.A.E.M.)  ZOG Incorporated (ticker symbol ZOG) has announced bankruptcy and is entering Chapter 666 World-Historical reorganization proceedings."

The people who want to be near Nature, but not part of it, have built thousands of homes in the now-moving forest fire area in Colorado and the southwest. The interesting thing is that these over-priced dream houses actually help the spread of the wild fires by providing a bridge for the fire. Without the houses, the fires would have been self-contained due to natural boundaries.

I always wanted to have a house on a lava flow. I'd be experiencing Nature with the advantage of being transported to other interesting bits of scenery. Appreciation while moving really stirs my soul.

WorldCom Accounting Scandal Sends Markets Reeling


"LONDON/PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Global markets reeled on Wednesday after U.S. long-distance carrier WorldCom Inc. shocked investors with its disclosure of a $3.8 billion accounting scandal, one of the largest in history."

Okay.  I'll leave Eppie for a moment and return to the financial "news".  My problem here is I'm running out of more ways to say this.  The underlying problems are integrity and loyalty.  I've repetitively said for years now that these crises were going to expand and reach ever further upwards into the supposed 'blue chips'.  The 'managers' are not loyal to their ostensible 'bosses', the shareowners.  At least they're not loyal on an equal basis.

Get the message folks.  These annual reports, the SEC filings, the financial news and the rest is illusion.  It's no more real than the reruns of the original Star Trek series, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Voyager and the future Star Trek Jews Rule series.  Our quote Financial Press unquote is one vast infotainment/advertising annex to the rest of ZOG Media, Inc.  It's owned and delivered by the same instrumentalities and for the same purposes.

Now the Commander-in-Chief has announced he's taking command, according to breaking news.  Does anyone want to 'speculate' on how many of President Bush's Enron alumni cabinet level and lower political appointees will be assigned to the administration task force assembling to rout out corruption in our economy and financial markets?  It's like appointing Michael to investigate Don Vito Corleone.  So Arthur Andersen was zapped.  And it's the only entity so far held accountable.  The Enron executives all seem to be wearing teflon coated body armor.  So big deal about Arthur Andersen.

"In addition to Enron's collapse, accounting problems have hit other big-name companies, including Tyco International Ltd., Global Crossing and Adelphia Communications, which filed for bankruptcy Tuesday."

KPMG Peat Marwick, Deloitte Touche and the rest of the big accounting firm players were bystanders at those hit and run accidents.  So what next?  Indict them also?  Why not just disband the accountancy profession?

Eighteen months ago I said this:

"Pension fund managers invest their monies (actually your monies) in a range of investments to reduce overall risk exposure. Historically investments are classified on a sliding scale from most risky (common stocks) to risk-free (U.S. Treasury bonds and notes since ZOG has both a money printing press and an army to collect taxes). The typical prudently managed pension fund has about 5% in special growth stock funds, another 15-20% in the blue chips of the S&P500 and the remainder in loans collateralized by real estate and previously 'safe' interest paying bonds, including utility bonds. Hopefully this explains the current uproar in California and why Wall Street is so involved. Utility bonds that were previously counted in the safer 50% of pension fund portfolios have now been exposed as another form of Mexican peso. So for those of you 'intelligent' harpies who discounted Maguire's stock market warnings knowing that most of the funds were in 'safer' investments like bonds, surprise surprise surprise, as Gomer Pyle would say. You'll be getting a continuing stream of surprises like these when local government authorities suddenly default on bonds without warning, real estate projects go tits up for no apparent reason (or the building collapses halfway through construction) or pension fund managers disappear with the fund."

The quote is from "Feeding Time At The Zoo" dated January 10, 2001.  See http://www.faem.com/maguire/feeding.htm

Guess what?  WorldCom's bonds and commercial just got instant downgrades to sub-junk status.  Formerly good looking numbers that were used to assess credit have been replaced in the Excel spreadsheet with a series of question marks.  I guess I could 'restate' this but unlike WorldCom my bottom line won't change.

Here:        (that's a blank space for the ticker symbol of next week's headline surprise.)


"I'm writing in support of Maguire's and Robert's work in untangling and exposing the workings of the feminist demon. I think that is one of the foremost important issues that needs to be addressed. I think feminism is the most devastating weapon of the jew and shrew, and I identify it as the one tool that has done the most to make existence so difficult for White people.

"I hope more work is done on the subject. I want to know what the hell is wrong with our women, and I want them to know it so they can either embrace it and rot, or reject it, and become more complete women. I want to figure out what feminism has done to contribute to any own failings as a man, because I wouldn't mind being a more complete man!

"Thanks for your writings – they are great substance for the mind and spirit,"    (from) S.G.

Lizzy whispered in my ear, "Are you going to let him get away with calling you an 'ass hole'?" I replied, "Why not? He's right." Verbal parries can nearly always avert serious confrontation over trivial matters. Save your backbone for real fights.

One time a fellow gave me a hard time in a restaurant. As I exited, I loudly said, "Thanks mate, for fixing me up with your wife."

A fellow called my mother a whore. I retorted, "Yes, and she says your father is her best paying customer."

This is your Army, Mr. Boneshttp://www.post-gazette.com/nation/20020626nationalguard3.asp

Personally I'd feel safer guarded by hungry hyenas.

A recent poll – if you are swayed by such things – indicated that Aunty Semenism is up 75% over last year. I wouldn't sell my stock in Benny's Hexagram Bagels just  yet. Many people never tell the truth to a pollster and more simply do not know what they believe anyway. A case in point is one of my neighbors. Over the years I have heard him rant, "F-ing niggers," Kill the niggers," "God damn how I hate those niggers," — it was always niggers this and niggers that. Now one might think that he really believed what he said but actions always speak louder than words. Amen! When his slut daughter brought home her first buck, he said nothing. One day he arrived home sooner than expected and caught them in the "act". I cannot know all of the "in-betweens", but today he treats the Black studs – yes, there are more than one – as if they were long lost brothers.
One author asked "Where are the men?" This is in regard to the preponderance of B.S. degrees of which the majority go to women. There are degrees and there are degrees. Once things like "communications", "ergonomic tomato can stacking", "wallpaper coordination", "botfly breeding", and such, were given the same status as electrical engineering and hard-core physics,  then all sorts of people sought to "get dat degree". The real business end of the technical realm is still majority White male but the Chinese are gaining ground rapidly. They know suckers when they see them.

Great engineering schools such as Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York State, are actively recruiting ANYTHING other than White males. The water buffalo RPI now has for president will see to that. In addition, they are now adding fluff which has absolutely no place in a specialized technical school.

"Just a word of to say how much I enjoy you three, your insight and humour and the many and various ways you expose ZOG and it's minions. As for Anne Landers she was a sucker on one of ZOG's tentacles. Good to know how these bastards work. They are so thorough it's almost scary – no part of our society is immune from them."  Yours, J.G.
Don't bitch about this site. Don't visit it and thus save yourself "mental anguish". If you think you can do a better job at what you think we are trying to do, then get your own site. After all, 125MB of space costs only about $10 per month and you can get unlimited email addresses besides. Whoopee! Such a deal.
In regard to the Landers bit – Great job, Maguire. Splendid example of how important research and factual reporting are. The conclusions you reached from the facts unearthed are very sound. (from) E.H.
"I think you're taking the correct line regarding desiccated jewhags like 'Ann Landers' – and Feinstein, Boxer, Allred, 'Babawawa', ad infinitum, ad nauseum. These professional she-kikes are all the more insidious in their influence on stupid White women for their little pink outfits and fake, hand-patting empathy. Plus, the fact that they're wimmin (of a sort) makes it that much more difficult to fight their White man-undermining, race-destroying bullshit because it makes one look like a brute who picks on 'ladies'. And being shrewd bitches, they use that masculine reticence to their further advantage."

(from) E.F.

Robertsez – My take on Maguire's article was that he again demonstrated the powerful connection between rich jews and the super-rich Anglo crowd. To blame our predicament on the jews alone, is rather simplistic and false. To say that White folks are their own worst enemy is also missing the point. Ever since I was a kid, I noticed that wherever there was a rich jew, there was also a rich White and those Whites despised their own kind. They are perhaps our greatest enemy for it is they who opened the doors for America's colonization by Mexicans and Chinese. There is no way the jews could have done it without help. While we yammer about this being a "democracy" it is not. I am sure that what we now object to was never voted upon by the people. We elect criminals and whores, and then complain about what they do to us. That's a bit insane, I would think.

Proving something to someone means that one must present an accumulation of glop which IS ACCEPTABLE to the person who asks for that proof. Thus, "prove it to me" automatically places the recipient on the defensive for he knows not the inner workings of the questioner's gray matter. Perhaps the skeptic, who often believes all sorts of nonsense and prone to bigotry, could further his position by asking Dr. Dickwrap to "prove" the existence of "vibrating vacuums", or Reverend Shekelfist to "prove" that Christ really existed and that he was not homosexual. Hell, why not prove to me that you are who you say you are? That would be fun, wouldn't you say?

BTW. How would you prove to a man who cannot see, that a lemon is of the color yellow? If you do not know the difference between a Jersey (cow) and a Guernsey, then how could I prove to you that "Bessie" was a Jersey? Think about it.

Some have asked, "Who is this LaRouche you've talked about?" Here are a couple of links which will help you out.

           http://www.larouchepub.com           http://www.larouchein2004.net

Lyndon LaRouche (Lyn Marcus) heads an organization which is well over 50% jews. They are for race-mixing big time. Even a remark that you think Black people should determine their own societal structure, will get you denounced as a "racist". People who have met some of his cult followers have mentioned that they are first class bigots and many of their "experts" are loonies of the first degree. Be warned! Do not let any of this crowd get your name or phone number since they'll hound you to death for donations and I don't mean the $10 kind. The smear words "Lyn" likes to use the most are "fraud" and "fascist" with "Nazi" running a close third. Most of the White supporters are either senile old people, spaced out college kids, or unemployed blue collar workers. Their publications often contain good stuff if you can stand to wade through the "spinning magnet levitation devices", "cold fusion:,  and "populating Mars" pipe dreams. All garbage dumps do contain something edible if you care to sift through it.

His plan to "educate" simians so that they will appreciate Grieg and Mozart is one of his more fanciful daydreams. Most of the LaRouche followers I have met appear firmly convinced that Little Black Sambo has the potential to become another

Michelangelo Buonarroti, William Shakespeare or Isaac Newton, given the proper education. A premise is that each person is "created in the image of God" and the more people which infest this planet will make it more God-like. LaRouche remains the prime planet plunderer and Nature hater who feels more at home surrounded by muds than he does White people – another jewish trait.

A woman writes –  I was not aware of the fact that women received special treatment as a class from ZOG.

For military service, police service, etc. women have lower requirements. Generally they only have to perform at a 50-60% male level. Also, in most areas Negroes have very much lower mental standards.

Often a "ranking" selection is used. Women are ranked according to other women. Men are ranked according to other men. The #1 woman is then equated to the #1 man. A friend of mine – top in the State Police exam for Lieutenant, was turned down because a Black who scored 374 down on the list was the TOP Black while my friend was the TOP White. In nearly all cases, when there is "equality", the White male is rarely selected.

If you wonder where all of these angry young White males are coming from, this is part of the answer.

Best wishes == Robert

Without a few laughs, the day is losthttp://www.templeofblackjesus.com/
Oh  Geeze! You guys have way too much time on your hands! Maguire spends hours researching the history of Ann frickin' Landers? Writes a 25 paragraph essay on the evils of Dear Abbys sister? Come on, what's the matter with you clowns? You really think Ester Freidman is the personification of "Genocide against the white race"? You want evil jew genocide talk about Sharon, Greenspan, Barak, the big jew media bosses, Marc Rich, Enron, wallstreet bankers – anything but Ann Landers. Ann Landers ain't scarin' anybody, guys. She's right next to Charlie Brown, and Hi and Lois, in the funny papers. No one is paying attention to her other than to get a quick laugh at her dumb pretentious bullshit.  "Millions of white gentile women" don't give a good rat's ass what Ann says let alone follow her advice. When you write crap like this, it comes across as a couple of scared shitless old white racists afraid of an old jewish women. Not good for the cause! You think Linder is afraid of Dear Abby?

Maguire, stick to essays on the first and second world wars to kill white people. These have impact and are well written and thought out.

Robert, stick to prophesies concerning the economic meltdown we are now in the midst of. These are accurate and right on the money, and they portray real and personal images that are of utmost importance to our race. Stay away from old senile jew broads who only got the job because grandpappy owned the newspaper. They are no threat to us and to make it appear so, only shows weakness and paranoia.

Cordially, S.A.

Robertsez – I think you underestimate the influence these meddlesome jew hens have upon our society. The whole feminist movement was kosher inspired and led. Nearly all of our present child-rearing and family problems, can be traced directly to the destructive effects the Scheisslingers and Landers have managed to inflict upon our women. I will admit that we still retain a large group of great women in our camp, but the Red Hillarys of this world do get elected because of overwhelming support from brain-washed females. And there in the forefront was Ann Landers washing away.

ZOG has placed women in its category of special groups needing special privileges. "Women" certainly includes White women and the effect has been to isolate the White male in a majority of cases. Many White women are in the camp of the enemy and it's very clear that the White male is THE target. Thus, the White male remains singular and that is precisely why I refer to them as dispossessed. Dispossessed White PEOPLE is secondary. I frequently get email from White males who have been replaced by, or overlooked in favor of, White women but the contrary is noticeable by its absence.

One lady wrote that she received an award and felt it was unfair since there were two males who scored higher than she. She wanted to refuse the award. Now here's a women of high caliber who defines fairness beyond the subjective. White women like this are all about, but the essential "hate" thrust is toward the White male. I told this admirable young lady that the "fix" was in and if she refused the substantial monetary award, the most deserving person – a White male – would not get it anyway. She took my advice, and with a tear in her eye, told the young man that she knew that it was he who truly should have got the award. He smiled, nodded, and said "Please – I know what's going on." Rumor has it that the two married a year later.

Talk about locking the barn door after the horse ran away — The FBI, a front organization for the ADL, is now checking libraries to see who checked out nasty books which might be useful to "terrorists". This whole Laurel and Hardy show is now moving into naughty "profiling" which will add more comedy. Jes honky, can you tell the difference between a Mexican and an Arab if they happened to change clothes? 
Breaker Morant has been my favorite film since it came out.  So glad to see it recommended on your page.  I have seen lists of anti-empire films but it was not included – Gallipoli was though – another excellent film, but the "Breaker" is the best. The Lord Byron poem recited in the film was what I recalled when the AMERIKAN Taliban – Mr. Lindh was discovered.

Breaker  Morant is the best film ever made.  I would like to read the memoirs of the young man not executed  – "Scapegoats of the (bloody) Empire".  It's probably easier to find in Australia.

Thanks to Maguire, Eric and to you for the best page on the web. (from) M.S.


So President Bush thinks the Palestine leadership needs a new face. Obvious the script was written in Tel Aviv, and the man talks as though he is King of the Planet. Whether Arafat is liked or not, or whether he isn't much to write home about,  it certainly is not the business of the U.S. to tell them to change, and in effect offer them nothing but more misery. Our country talks of terrorism but perhaps all cars should be banned from our highways after the road deaths reach ten thousand each year because we sure do have a bunch of loony terrorists driving every day. How about the 2 million abortions a year? Incidentally I'm inclined to agree with you that the 4th of July will come and go peacefully. It is far more likely that some pro American Arab state will incur some difficulties in the near future because of their relative indifference to the new war on Islam as well as Israeli occupation and mistreatment of Palestinians. In many respects it isn't easy to be too sympathetic toward the Arab people when important Arab states act with so much indifference toward their own kinsmen, and go so far as to recognize Israel [Egypt and Jordan] and have to this day not withdrawn their recognition, and ever since President Sadat's assination neither State has formal military parades viewed by the Chiefs of State.

Years ago my children used to enjoy listening to Doris Day sing "Qué Será, Será, Whatever will be, will be, the future's not ours to see, Qué Será, Será". Perhaps it's time to revive that pleasant song for it has a message for all to hear.

Regards. Joe.

"One of the benefits of living in a small town is the only wackos tend to be of the Christian persuasion.  I  hadn't even heard of the LaRouche until reading about them on FAEM.

"I am finding fewer and fewer sources of what could be considered actual science these days.  I learn more through reading Popular Mechanics and Popular Science from the 1930s and 1940s than I ever did in school.  It's no wonder science hasn't made any real advancements since the 50s, almost all of the present day "fact" I was taught in school is baseless.  I've been
reading the math work posted on wesez.com and was amazed with how little math I actually learned when I was in school."

(from) E.D.

Immigration = bio-warfare. All people with Asian blood – mestizos, Injuns, Chinese, etc. – are infecting us with antibiotic resistant TB.
I was told there was a new book just released – How Cocaine Helped Me Break My Alcohol Addiction.
I see that the recent poll
by GOPUSA revealed that immigration is America's #1 concern. The poll has now been pulled. Speaking of polls, 2/3 of the young say we should "take out" Iraq but 70% say they would avoid any draft. It's a very popular position – This house needs cleaning but if you hand me a broom, then I'm out of here.
As long as White women are classified as a minority, and given special privileges, I will be hard pressed to include them in the dispossessed category along with White males. It is nothing chauvinistic. It's the way ZOG defines things.
As a young man, I traveled all over Virginia and North Carolina by automobile and never spent one cent for gasoline. It was called "hitch hiking."
Rent this video – Breaker Morant. You won't regret it.
People are losing their possessions
and money which reminds me of W.C. Fields' famous remark – You can't cheat an honest man.
There goes the 4th Amendment. The increasing, and ineffective, "homeland security" involving airport, and other, searches of private property remains another indication that the Bill of Rights is being trashed, all with the approval of the American chicken.
The poifect rat trap has been developed. The rat walks along a path to where the food is. An electric eye signals a platform to catapult the rat into a dumpster. Once loaded, one is free to dispose of the rats in a preferred manner. I wonder how long it would take for rats to "evolve" an electric eye awareness so they could survive this environmental change.
Bushez has given the OK to blotto Arafat. This is a very dangerous move since Arafat is the best friend Israel has in the Arab world. The next in line will be a fanatic. Are you prepared to give your life for Israel? Yowsah, I support Israel wholeheartedly and will prove it by offering to sacrifice my neighbor. Isn't it funny how we all think like jews?
I asked the waitress how dribbling chocolate sauce all over the plate my cake was on, enhanced the taste of the cake. She said it was for the 'presentation'. I told her I intended to eat the damned thing, not frame it.
If "diversity" brings about so much peace and happiness, then how do you explain the Middle East?
Hey girls! The world is full of male chauvinist hawgs. 

Most of the more vicious of the "peaceful Nature-loving" Injuns that roamed this land, always turned their captives over to the women for torturing. What a hell on earth it is for a young man to be raised by a single parent man-hating bitch.

The rabble rousing radio mouth was today yapping about the possibility of 10,000 "enemy agents" here on American soil. There's news for him. There are far more than 10,000 haters of ZOG here in our land. Why not try counting that very large group of dispossessed White males?
I was at a lecture last night where the jew speaker was crying about the starvation in Argentina. "There is no food and so people have to find something in the garbage dumps." I raised my hand and questioned, "There must be food or there wouldn't be garbage." A long silence fell over the audience. Then Dr. Fink replied, "Dat's von vay of lookink ad it."
The chances for an al-Qaeda Mt. Vesuvius here on the 4th of July is very, very remote.

The chances for a ZOG cuo bono Mt. Vesuvius here on the 4th of July is much more probable.

What to do? Get a bag of charcoal, a few cold ones and roast a few franks. Enjoy yourself for you are more in danger of accidentally torching your garage than you are of getting the short end of "terrorism".

(1) The gears of our economy have run out of lubricating oil. When it seizes up is open for speculation, but it will seize up.
(2) The beltway madmen are gearing up for a big fireworks display overseas.
(3) Israel, with its vassal state of America, is the most deadly 666 terrorist apparatus the world has experienced.
Is it me or what? Every time I see an anti-gun creep, it's either a commie, feminist, pervert, jew or mongrel. These types are also anti-White male. Do you young bucks see some sort of connection here? The only thing more despised than a White male is a White male who might be able to protect himself. Get the picture or are you afraid you might miss niggerball?
You can easily confirm what sort of "verifier" you are. FAEM has a very good record when it comes to accurate observations and predictions. Let's suppose FAEM says, "Irving Rumphump has a cow with two heads." Sooner or later, someone will email telling us that we are 'right'. Here's where the division is –

(1) Sally Slopbucket went to Rumphump's farm and saw it for herself.
(2) Shawn Parrotbrain read about it in the newspaper.

Intimidation usually is more effective when used on lazy brains. Thus, the owners of such organs rely upon a general opinion as to who is more reliable. Iffen dey seed it on TV, it mussa be troo.

Sally (1) is of course a little mischief maker. She's likely to antagonize her teachers in school and give a hard time to some piston, who wants to see if it fits her cylinder, after he murmurs, I love you." She needs a little more than soft words.

Shawn (2) is a run of the mill sheep always following the tail which is in front of him.

One must remember that he was conditioned to think in a certain way all of his school years. Although effective is making model citizens, it is lethal to the freedom loving spirit. Like a trained animal, responding to pleasure and pain, it is a great task to undo those mental chains. This is why so many school dropouts often get "wise" to who is running their lives.

Not everything is verifiable. Was Jesus an actual person or merely the concoction of someone high on pot? Other than accepting a belief of others, one way or the other, you'll never know. Does the cook at Joe's hash house have one toe missing? That you can check on.

In school, we might be told that it's not a good idea to mix abc with xyz and smack it with a hammer. That is verifiable but one might wisely choose not to do so. Thus, belief is a better road.

As Henry Ford once remarked, "History is bunk." Very little of what we call history is verifiable. We often believe some of it because it sounds plausible. On July 3, 1942, Hitler drank 2 glasses of water. Could be but how could we verify that? 700 jews were stuffed into a 2-car garage and killed with insecticide. Possible? It is not likely you will convince anyone who can calculate simple volumes. The true believer is the person incapable of objective thought and thereupon believes because he is told to believe. Goats operate more rationally than this.

Before you start shooting or putting your life on the line, I would suggest spending a while on a quiet river bank and think about what sort of "truth" is swimming about in your head.

Dear Impact: A correspondent sent me a copy of your great publication (from South Africa). It was like receiving a telegram from The Titanic or maybe a letter from Lost Atlantis. I hope your 'free & democratic' regime allows you to carry on. As a former resident of Rhodesia, I marveled at a writer who pecked out his message, signed "RWE" for Right Wing Extremist, as he was dubbed by the so-called liberals. He usually ended his letters with the admonition that we'd better wake up, even when the country became Zimbabwe. I didn't know The Grim Reaper did 'wake up' calls.

In my 1975 article, "Rhodesia Today – Race War & Race Suicide", I tried to warn White Africans what their Zionist Occupation Governments had in store for them, and who were the guilty parties. The same thing that was happening in Rhodesia would happen in South Africa, I warned. Gold prices rise and fall, but most hairless apes deem truth to be of no value whatsoever, particularly if it is unpleasant, connoting the need for DOING SOMETHING. There is no Shangri La where we can flee, nor can we escape for long into jewsmedia fantasies. Our skins are our uniforms. Just ask the enemy.

FAEM is non-profit, so copy what you will. Eric ThomsonORION! (OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!)

A titillating thought: Are those who are anti-White also anti-Nature? Race-mixing is anti-Nature and race-mixers are anti-White.
I am not overly fond of the LaRoach bunch and it is not because they are over 50% jew. I will admit that so many gems of this variety really doesn't make the manure smell sweeter. What does disturb me, and it's consistent with their view, is that the only things worthwhile are man made. There are beautiful paintings of landscapes but not one thought about a beautiful landscape. There are beautiful musical compositions where flutes try to imitate birds, but nothing is said about the beautiful sounds of birds. There are no awesome scenes of desert dunes, but only regions to construct nuclear power plants. There is no beauty in the migration of swans nor in the magical undulation of a synchronized school of fish.

I angered a bevy of LaRoachites a year ago when I said I found more beauty in a cheetah suckling her young than I did in the ugly bodies I witness slobbering about the isles of a supermarket.

The beauty of a stream vanishes the moment a horde of bipeds show up with their fishing poles. A mountain is not enhanced by the addition of a super highway and a dozen Dairy Queens.

A private pilot often invites me to "co" on short trips. As we flew over a small group of wooded acres and lakes, he mentioned that it represented such a waste – it was not developed! This is the LaRoach view – "develop" everything within sight and hearing for the benefit of a growing swarm of two-legged locusts. Never mind that the elephants, wolves and penguins disappear in the process. To hell with those forests. We need more condos

On TV a while ago, a White man – an ahole Ph.D. – said that Yellowstone Park was a massive waste since the hot springs could be exploited to heat a small city. He further commented that if one drop of a river's water reached the ocean, it was a waste. As I listened to him, my thoughts strayed to images of hemp rope.

Need and Greed – the bywords of the present. It's a shame, but mankind is approaching the day when his utter failure to work WITH Nature, as the National Socialists tried, will introduce him, big time, to Nature's heavy hand. In his bloated egotism, man thinks he has the capacity to "destroy" the planet with his thud devices, but energy-wise, he is deceiving himself.

I repeat that starvation and disease will increase – guaranteed. The more we try to "cure" things, the more new varieties come into existence. Overall, medical "solutions" are losing ground. The more food which is produced, the greater the number who suffer starvation. The more we indulge in miscegenation, the poorer the next generation's health.

I do know that the tree before me supplies vital oxygen to the atmosphere, but its presence is an irritant since I dislike raking leaves. Hell, I'll cut it down. After all, it's only one tree.

In my comments concerning the death of Ann Landers Y, I might have added a bit about another kosher mouth, Dr. Laura Scheisslinger Y. I didn't, because I assume that the readers of HAET Central, also known as FAEM, have heard her spout her talmudic, feminist,  race-mixing views. As Maguire pointed out, our increasingly illiterate population will get their kosher directions more from radio and TV than they will from reading newspaper columns. Of course, we all know what they are doing in the schools.
Many thanks to our Maguire who took time out from his busy coast to coast schedule, to write an article about one of ZOGdom's most influential anti-White personalities, Ann Landers. Kosher Ann is only one of a long line of gas artists who started "advising" America's air-headed women. Remember Dr. Spock Y who told the goyim how to raise children properly even though his own son was a drugged out loser? Since the jews control the media, it comes as no surprise that they put their own kind in charge of dictating to the people of a country they believe they own. Spock was the idiot who advised letting your children smash furniture and slop crayon scribbles on the wall since it represented an expression of "creativity" and the suppression thereof, would render your child psychologically warped. Punishment, according to this clown, was a no-no. Why these people are not summarily fed to alligators, when the first fart comes out of their mouths, is beyond me.

What does surprise me is the magnitude of followers of this sort of Judas goat. Not only are women taken in, but now more and more male wimps suck up the racially, and familial, destructive advice. Here I might mention another radio mouth by the name of Dr. Joy Browne. I have not been able to dredge up any info on this woman, but she continues in the peddling of the same decadent kosher line. Her photo, undoubtedly old and retouched, reveals a strong non-White hue. If she's not a hebe, I'd be very, very surprised.

We appear as the Eloi, in The Time Machine, who, upon hearing the siren of the Morlocks, cannot resist marching straight into the meat processing plant.

Aipoid Alan Bond, a prominent money manager who appeared on many jew TV get-rich-without-working shows, was nailed for cheating clients out of their money. Now that's hard to beleive: our equal nigger bros stealing and taking kickbacks. 
The New York Times – Adios, 5th Amendment. The Supreme Court upholds a Kansas prison program which requires inmates to acknowledge unrevealed crimes.
It must be true if it comes from a jew.

Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize recipient,  wrote in his famous holocaust book "Legends Of Our Times": "Some events do take place but are not true; others are – although they never occurred." (Schocken Books, New York 1982, S. VIII, Introduction)

Moshe Peer wrote in his book "Unforgettable Belsen" that he had been gassed six times until he survived. But Belsen had no gas  chambers.

The star in the holocaust narrators sky is Binjamin Wilkomirsky,  whose memory "Fragments" are published in 12 languages by the million,  survived the horrors of Nazi concentration camps like Maidanek, Treblinka and Auschwitz undisturbed without any great discomfort and agitation in  the peaceful Swiss mountains.

I would suppose that when the jews discovered they could get the goyim to eat shit by telling them it was fudge, they knew they found a gold mine of aholes willing to do their bidding. The odd thing is once the goyim ate the first turd, they apparently loved it for they now continually ask for more.

A fellow sent me this email –

I had an enlightening experience the other day.  On the balcony of my apartment, some young girls aged between 8 and 12 were sitting outside singing along with nigger rap and talking amongst themselves.  They are all mixed races, some part indian, and one whitey, all from the same mother. Sometimes when I'm out on my balcony they try and talk to me, or my

roommate despite telling them, "You shouldn't talk to strangers.  I'm a stranger, don't talk to me."  I asked the group of them a question, "If you had two pineapples, and took away one pineapple, how many cucumbers would you have left?"  Not one of them could get the answer right until the girl with the lightest skin thought about it and said, "You don't have any cucumbers!"   The darker skinned girls immediately disagreed with her, and so she revised her answer to 1.

A few weeks later, my roommate tried to pick up an 18 year old girl at a coffee shop.  She's asked the same question, and she never did get the answer right.  She's was explaining how she enjoyed writing poetry and wanted to go to school so she could get her work published.  I asked her what poets she enjoyed reading, and she said, "Oh, I don't read any poetry, I just like writing it."  She's a white girl, with dyed red hair and a constant "deer-in-headlights" expression on her face.  By her own admission, she was raised in a "strict Christian upbringing," and didn't trust anyone over 40.  Here is the corrupted woman in all her glory, bringing forth miscegenation and confusion.  I wonder how the white race can ever save itself when our women have been destroyed.

Robertsez – Men are now prohibited by law from directing their women and children. That direction thus being removed, the women became corrupted and disintegration rapidly followed. The fault lies entirely with the White male, especially the class-conscious "upper crust", which has done more to destroy this Republic than any other single factor. It was this type which refused to do their own work, nor pay their own White laborers sufficiently. They opted to bring the Black man as slave thus sowing the seeds for the genocide called race-mixing which we are presently experiencing. Moreover, it was this Anglo class which allied themselves with the jew as partners in the plundering. The "upper crust" today is found running the Republican party. They are as anti-White as are the muds of the Democratic party with their troupe of jews.

The present generation of "angry White males" had parents of the Bill Clinton "do your own thing" generation which means they really never experienced the great unity found in true family. Their mothers were noisy yipper-yappers and their fathers, wimps of the first water. With no direction, nor love, many turned to drugs and anti-social behavior while others tried to imitate the omnipresent nigger and adopt ugga bugga values. How much of this generation remains emotionally and mentally crippled, I cannot answer, but I do know that there are millions who have overcome the shit their parents, and society, placed on their backs. These will be the White men of the coming decades and woe be to the fool who confronts them. Hell hath no fury like a White man with his balls in place. We older men who have experienced a far better America, and watched it change into a garbage dump, are the only ones with words not to be found in the mouths of the Bill Clintons or braindead George Ws. The young men should listen, observe, learn, and think, for the future lies with them. 

Sour grapes, fact, fiction, libel, free speech? I'll let you be the judgehttp://www.paypalsucks.com/
Long ago in my dark ages, I talked the then Chancellor of the University of Chicago, Robert Hutchins, while at a social function. He said that "...the body is only a device to carry around the much valued brain." This came following the withdrawal of U.C. from the major collegiate sports leagues and was typical of the still-present "intellectual elite". I then suggested, "Sir, in your remark you did ascribe a function to the body and therefore is would behoove us all to make sure that the body was in the finest of shape for its subordinate duty." I received no reply.

Yes, what is it that we mean by "quality people"? If our community were all people with very high IQs, and 90% had poor vision, heart problems, "overactive bladders", weak muscles, poor coordination, and acne, would that be a "quality people"? Not in my book. I'll stick to a "sound mind in a sound body".

More interesting reading is to be found at – http://www.wsws.org/
I was at a meeting in regard to the "new" idea in education, the "discovery process". This process places drill and memorization on the back-burner while "creativity" is allowed to flourish. In that way, all will become what their mothers believe – all children are geniuses, theirs being a 'more equal' genius.

Harvey dragged out pencil and paper to demonstrate the method to me – a fellow known to be somewhat retarded when it comes to knowing things of importance. He sketched a figure on paper and called it a square. His request was that I take to maker and draw a square twice as large. I didn't take the marker but proceeded to comment:

"What do you mean by 'square'? After all, I am pretending that my teacher in 'creativity' never wanted me to memorize such mundane things – awful rote, you know. Let's suppose that I did 'discover' what square meant and thereby knew that a square can be given a size by one of several numbers – perimeter, area, diagonal or side. So, Harvey, when you mean 'size', what is it you are talking about anyway?

"Am I to assume that if Billy and Bob, who are given the same problem, 'discover' how to make another square 'twice' as large, will do it in the same time period? If not, then why would one take longer to 'discover' things than another, if all are equal?

"Suppose you gave the kiddies a 'creativity' 'discovery' project of developing a wheel. Wouldn't that be as foolish as asking to 'discover' how to make a square twice as large, since both have already been done eons ago? We build, and advance, because we need to be taught those things which others have discovered. Thus knowledge is added to knowledge saving the present the tack of reinventing everything.

"How would the 'discovery' method be used to teach the little darlings that drinking potassium cyanide solution is bad for your health, or that looking down the barrel of a Colt 45, while the trigger is pulled, might give you a headache.

"I am afraid that if I had the power, and you were on my staff, I'd give you two weeks to straighten up your act or you'd be dragged to the playing field and executed in front of the entire student body. Just before lunch, of course."

Harvey then shouted that I was a "racist" for daring insinuate that people were not equal and that the American "nation" should have nothing to do with me. I suggested that "nation" was not applicable since "American" referred to a polyglot of races all feeding off each other within a geographical confine called the "United States". "'Nation', as a dictionary defines, means folk, kin, family, that is, people of related bloodline."

It was at this point that I received an astounding reply, and from a young man "educated" in our Marxist schools. "A dictionary is not a good source for definitions since it is rigid in a fascist sense, thus preventing a person from using the word as he sees fit."

What an insane world this is. Imagine a "do you own thing" when it comes to the use of words. I could ask "easy" Pamela, "Would you like to get flayed?" She might smile, unbutton her blouse and say, "Yes." Her companion, holding her poodle puppy, might shriek, "No one is going to neuter my little 'Kushkush'!"

Such is the state of communication in America.