7 July 2002
As doodle norks, we like to see things, keep warm and move hither and yon. All of this means energy. With enough covering, we can keep warm, since our bodies are warm, like the penguins. To see things, we need only the sun for the most part. To move about, we get our energy and heat, from the food we eat. We eat plants either directly or indirectly by eating other things which eat plants. The plants get their energy from the sun and use it to combine carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates. Minerals, and other things such as nitrogen, get whipped up in the bowl to form a wide variety of things we call food.

Fire was found useful since it provided both light and heat. The heat came from carbon and ended up as carbon dioxide which the plants likes. In order to do whatever we thought was worth doing, we employed all sorts of other things to get us and our objects moved from here to there. We pushed things over a cliff, instead of carrying them down. Things were floated down the rivers. Horses were made to pull things about. When we used each other under threat, we called it slavery. The white man went further. He made contraptions which were more powerful and faster than slaves. When the machine came in, slaves became useless, except as suppliers of votes for politicians who didn't want to work and do-gooders who needed objects of their affection. The machines, however could not feed themselves and required their own source of energy.

We used the wind, but that had limited use. We used falling water which was limited at first until the white man harnessed electricity. Electricity not only supplied light and heat, it provided a great source of mechanical energy. About the same time in the history of the white man, he found a way to make heat push his pistons. The heat was supplied by burning things in a contraption. If the burning took place inside some "engine", it was called internal combustion. Steam engines and the Stirling engine are external combustion engines.

A new source of heat came upon the scene. It was called nuclear power. Although it did not have carbon dioxide and water as byproducts, it did come complete with showers of particle and electromagnetic radiation which, according to the experts, we shouldn't be too concerned over.

A nuclear reactor is a heat producing mechanism which creates steam which is used to drive a turbine for motion directly, or the production of electricity. The first reactor used uranium 235 as "fuel" which took a whole lot of work to separate it from its normal brother uranium 238. With further tinkering, it was found that uranium 238 could be bombarded with neutrons to produce the plutonium 235. When Pu-235 is again bombarded, its atoms split yielding more neutrons and more heat. Those neutrons then terrorize other atoms of Pu-235 producing a chain reaction. A reactor of this type is called a "breeder" reactor. There is enough U-238 on this planet to supply more heat than all of the estimated coal reserves. The bulk of this heat will undoubtably be used to produce electricity – for the po', of course.

More and more and more and more. That seems to be the trend and our goal. What will be left, if things proceed, other than oceans of talking apes and man-made structures? It will be an ant world or some variety of wildebeest herd all content to gaze up each other's rear ends and breathe in each other's faces. "Swarm" comes to mind and I find such a prospect as very sickening, if not frightening. I firmly believe that the Aryan soul not only craves space and natural beauty, but cannot exist long without it. We are actively creating a world which we cannot live in. That's insane.

http://www.rense.com/general26/earthexp.htm   Here we have some silly talk about needing 2 extra planets to hold the earth's expanding human ape population by the year 2050 AD. It's true that the planet is being raped and plundered by people gone mad with power and greed. The white man was bad enough but when he gave his exploitation technology to the muds, things really began to roll. The fact is that Mother Nature will not be KO'd either by an imagined overpopulation of talking apes nor by the Jedi-looking Carl Sagan's Y nuclear this or that. Jeeesus ain't about to make any appearance and some super dork asteroid knocking at our door has about as much a chance of happening as "W" Bush has in getting a brain. "W" is pronounced double "U" which means double kosher – Union of Orthodox Rabbis. That's the symbol indicating their religious tax on our separation of church and state food stuffs.

Disease and starvation will limit, right here on earth, the numbers of god's mistakes. The so-called scientific approach to food production has the extreme downside of making more and more of an increasingly poor product. Poor food means poor health, as we see growing all about us. Poor health invites disease. We also produce more genetically inferior human critters with degenerate, devolutionary race mixing, gene tinkering, circumvention of infertility in women and men whom Nature saw fit to render infertile, and medical intervention relative to birth defects.

Even if populating Mars, as the LaRoach cult herd advocates, were feasible, it would require a massive industrial program to make it work. With an inferior, diseased and starving population, where in hell do you think such productivity will come from? No, dreaming about some scientific rescue from anything is tantamount to a religious belief that some god will save your greedy and stupid asses. (Our clownish population also has faith that a "cure" for anything is just around the next corner. The future will reveal otherwise.) If god really cared about saving anything, why would he choose derelicts over the best? Any population which drills holes in its own ship is hardly the sort of people a god would want to save. Why "save" people who choose to destroy themselves and what god gave them?

This pathetic nonsense where one sees "hope" in populating other planets is an indication of minds gone haywire. Let's suppose the earth's population has reached a maximum of 20 billion, which is close to the estimates of many able people. (I generously estimated 30 billion in my essay on soy beans and us. Two professors at R.P.I. estimated 15 billion.) The population has reached a numerical equilibrium where deaths due to disease and starvation equal the birth rate. To reduce the population 1 billion in the first year of our excursion to Mars, would require 10 spaceships, each carrying 200 people, leaving EVERY MINUTE. Think about this. Thionk about what it took to send only 3 passengers to the moon! To believe that such a program is possible is to be insane. Now consider what the remaining 19 billion would be doing in that year. Yes, you've got it – screwing and making more of their own kind thus adding to the problem. With 1 billion gone,  there'd be more food for them thus allowing the population rate increase to move past zero. (It's the "S" curve known to people who dick with equations.)  Let's add the social problem of who is going to be the first on those wondrous ships? Who shall judge? Will it be a lottery, first come first serve or a selection based on merit? After all, colonizing with a batch of nitwits certainly does not make any sense, at least to me. As is on earth, it shall be the sewer people who will revolt demanding that they be granted "affirmative action". Maybe we should let all of the jews go first, followed by blacks, yellows, and muds, and then when they are all on Mars, forget about it and start rebuilding earth.

Note: I am not going to bother consuming my time by pointing out all of the holes in the above Rense article. Suffice to mention – "Pollution: The United States places the greatest pressure on the environment, with its carbon dioxide emissions and
over-consumption." Here the author omits the carbon dioxide contribution of talking apes due to their expiration – exhaling. Subtracting the American population, China's citizens exhale the carbon dioxide equivalent of 90 million automobiles. Moreover, only plant life can remove this from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. No my friends, were are going to experience very surprising and interesting events long before 2050 AD. There will be no planet Mongos in our future.

Foreigners in the U.S. Military

Here are the facts as I knew them.

1.  Non-citizens were always subject to Selective Service and required to register for the 'draft'.  One of my school teachers, a white man and German descendent from Alberta, had his selective service card in the 1960s.  I used to mow his lawn, too.  He showed it to me one of those Saturdays.

2.  Non-citizens have always been eligible for service in the ranks.  I had a number in my various units.  The first one I personally knew directly was a Quebecois who went through basic with me.  He always said he merely enlisted for the benefits and intended to desert if a war arose.  Against that scumbag's statements there were many Canadians who served with the colors in Vietnam voluntarily.  I'm not aware of any time the U.S. Army refused non-citizens as enlisted men.

3.  Service with U.S. forces at different times has qualified one for a reduction in the time required to obtain U.S. citizenship, depending on the state of the naturalization laws at that time.  Sometimes this has been extended to others as well, such as the Korean Army mercenaries the U.S. brought in to Vietnam.

4.  Various public laws required commissioned officers to be U.S. citizens.  These may have been changed recently.

5.  Place of origin has at times been a consideration in granting or denying security clearances depending on the condition of relations with that place.

I think it's inevitable the ZOG will increasingly rely on foreigners to fill the ranks and even recruit directly from non-resident foreigners ala La Legione Etrangere.   The non-white component of ZOG's forces is already at least 50% after factoring in so-called Hispanics.

People who think the military will eventually save them are out of touch.  Those in doubt should try surfing the various .mil unit websites and paying attention to the pictures of major unit commanders, "Command" Sergeants-Major and key staff personnel.  These units will simply fractionate if faced with serious domestic internal division.

I only listened to the cattle moan for a few moments on some radio "money show". People were calling in hysterical and blubbering about their market losses. The host emphasized, over and over, that 'investments' always entailed a considerable element of RISK. Risk, we all know, is a very dirty un-American word. Our macho men never do their macho thing without being guaranteed that they can demonstrate their bravery in complete safety. Such a deal. Anyway, the people I have listened to assumed that the stock market was something which guaranteed that they could increase their obvious surplus of money without risking one cent. It is very hard for me to feel compassion, or exercise sympathy, for this greedy bunch who are soon going to be taught a more severe lesson than the one they hopefully are learning now.
No one has any authority unless he has the power to punish. A political organization without the power to punish can hardly be called an organization in the first place.
I understand that, within certain parameters, one can now sue his stock broker for losing your money. How long do you think this predatory and parasitic society will continue to last? What a batch of cannibals we really are, eh?
Please –
If you are going to ask us questions, why not try sending a valid email address? What is it with these jerks who mouth off using phony addresses, especially one with "fuk" embedded? Ten to one, they are the same souls who prove their bravery by pissing in gas tanks.
Dear FAEM – In regard to the article on 'water poisoning', please note that  hyponatremia (low blood sodium) is rare and mostly seen in endurance athletes (marathon runners, etc.).  Rare because most people eat a lot of salt and don't drink the volume of water necessary to cause over hydration. E.B. Ph.D.
The body is a holistic entity. You cannot dick with one thing without affecting everything else. That's why all drugs have "side effects". The "gene therapy" crowd is another gaggle of nitwits who think they can fudge one problem area without creating problems in other areas. If this tinkering practice becomes commonplace, look for massive side effects.

What ever happened to "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."? To me, it makes far more sense to have healthy and viable offsporing then trying to patch up some unfortunate bundle of protoplasm afflicted with weaknesses which could have been avoided if the woman had been more selective in whom she dropped her undies for. But in contempory America, if it feels good, then do it.

When was the last time you saw a wolf with "allergies"? Pollen is everywhere. It is a part of nature as is chicken dander, dog dander, goat dander, eagle dander, dust mites, and flying fly dung. An allergy results from not having a viable system for living in the real world. Is it our intent to eliminate all which causes problems or should we strive to produce better humans who can live with the rest of nature?

Do I have this straight? I understand that our Fearless Fosdick C.I.C. wants to grant automatic US citizenship to any 'foreigners' who enlist in the Armed Farces. I thought you had to be a citizen first and enlist second. Well, in this asylum run by the inmates, anything can happen and will. Even decaying and decadent Rome never got that bad.
The Toronto Star, the newspaper which serves as a link between the jew and his serfs, has stated that Prime Minister Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, is a "racist". That's odd since we all know only White people are racists.
Why aren't certain American soldiers being dragged before a 'war crimes' tribunal? I understand that many who have committed horrible deeds relative to prisoners and "non combatants" in Afghanistan, are being cloaked under "following orders". The jew-directed Nuremberg Trials established, once and for all, that "obeying orders" would no longer be allowed to shield soldiers from the consequences of whatever nasties they perform. If soon I do not see some American soldiers hung, as we did to those unfortunate German officers whose only crime was to obey orders, then I can only conclude that we are indeed, despicable hypocrites.
The largest Moslem population now resides in France. In fact, the French government is considering having a secondary Arab government and it looks like it might soon be a crime to be "French" in France. Algeria was once a colony of France and now the colony has colonized the former colonial state. White folks just don't get it, do they? They still hypnotize themselves with the infantile feminine nonsense "If I am nice to them they will be nice to me."  I recently asked a clutch of do-gooder teachers if they really believed that installing Mexicans and Chinese into their government would result in those people treating us with the "equality" we bestowed on them. Their eyes quickly glazed as if they heard the siren of the Morlock in The Time Machine. Eric, by the way, has down sized the hope he has for the American honky to save himself. A death wish seems pervasive. As we go, so does the jew.
Dear Robert,

Regarding the story you linked to at http://www.observer.co.uk/europe.

May I draw your attention to the title of this doleful piece: "Painful legacy of Nazi Norway"

Typically kosher blame the victim and distract the goyim until they go back to grazing contentedly scatology. Do the little feculent kikelets imbibe this with their mothers' milch or is it something they acquire in their talmudic schules, in between classes in usury, physical cowardice, fecal fixation, white slavery, distilled spirit mongering, cultural destruction, financial swindling, fetal torture and dismemberment, all round despoliation of the goyim, and, of course, "tolerance".

As though culpability for the disgraceful abuse visited upon these innocent children lay with the honorable men of the Third Reich and not with the juden scheiss who administered Scandinavia after SWATKWP.

I also noted that Hymie couldn't repress his indomitable urge to to verbally defecate over Norway's greatest patriot of the jewish century, the magnificent Quisling. A man, it must be noted, who when all around him had crumbled, was then urged by those close to him to flee the approaching blood thirsty judeo-bolshevik "liberators". It must be here remarked that such an escape was not only feasible but easily attainable. Instead of vacating the field of honor, however, he decided, in typically Aryan fashion, that he would stay and share in his country's fate (remind you of another teutonic patriot of the same period, he of the chaplinesque mustache?). Such manly, or, what is much the same thing, such Non-Jewish behavior must have driven the hateful yids into paroxysms of mouth frothing, bile expectorating rage. He went to his death with serene composure and majestic dignity, doing great honor to the glorious race that had produced him. {I believe I read in one of the reading materials you've posted at FAEM that the Führer opined that one unerringly accurate way to gauge the character of a Man was by the way he faced his demise. For stark (and comic) relief, you might want to research the circumstances surrounding the Lubyanka Hayride enjoyed by those Kosher (please excuse the redundant qualification) Kommisars Litvinoff and Yagoda, supplied courtesy of Joltin' Joe Stalin. These two cravenly zhids did condign justice to the miserable curs who had whelped them. I think old Uncle Adolf was really on to something here}.

I am of Albanian descent, and make no apologies to any man for my biological antecedents. Back in the 15th century it was we ALONE who faced down the lone superpower of the time, the formidable and commensurately fearsome Ottomans. With an army never numbering more than 20,000, inadequately armed, woefully clothed and fed, we kept the Turks at bay long enough to prevent the inundation of Europe by savage asiatic hordes. Kinda like the Germans in the last century. All this while the sundry courts of Europe fecklessly debated whether it were more prudent to assist us materially, or cut a deal with the Turks. You only get one guess as to which course they UNANIMOUSLY decided upon. And just like the more recent betrayal of the Germans, it came back later (1683 to be exact) to bite them on the posterior.

BUT I WOULD GIVE MY RIGHT ARM AND MY LEFT LEG TO HAVE HAD A GERMAN FATHER AND A NORWEGIAN MOTHER. These (now grown) children have nothing to be ashamed of.

God bless the Norsemen! (from G.K.)

Why are some reporters upset over the American armed assault on an Afghan wedding party? The Anglo has been doing this for a long time now. The Germans never strafed Londoners during their bombing raids, but the Americans took great delight in doing so to fleeing German women and children. One Mustang pilot said dogs were a great target, since they were more maneuverable and smaller, than horses and cows, which they also machine-gunned. Anglos have never liked eyeball-to-eyeball combat. They always preferred long distance Nintendo warfare. Nothing like lobbing a missile into a Higi straw hut village, I say.

Being anti-ZOG does not mean one is anti-American or even un-American. Our occupation government likes to tell people it is "American" but with every distortion, and usurpation, of the Constitution, it clearly demonstrates that it is THEY who are un-American.

Please note that the more females you elect to office; stuff on TV as talking heads; place in charge of your children's education; and so on, the faster America will be converted to a turd-world Marxist sewer.
The "Don" is alive and well
in the land of BritZOG. They always make offers people cannot refuse. "Use your basic freedom of choice to integrate willingly or face the guns which will do it for you." Force has always been the commie's way since their solutions to what ails people, is always very bitter medicine as a few Americans are now starting to discover.

Europe is far different than America. When the muds move in, Americans pack up and take a hike to another area. In Europe, when the muds invade, the whites have nowhere to go. That's why racial conflicts are more frequent and more violent, than in the Great Late Jew Ass Oi Vey.

The theory goes this way: If the group of brown rats on the left side of the room, cannot seem to get along with the black rats on the right side of the room, then the solution is to break up the groups and stir them together. How this is supposed to alter the nature of either the black or the brown rats, is beyond me. We, as gullible goyim, might think all rats are equal, but the rats don't.

Remember the line in Harrison Bergeron? (The new Constitution) "People are born unequal and it's the Government's job to make them equal." Hell mates, isn't that what muggers are trying to do – equalize the distribution of wealth? If an individual who does such things is called a criminal, then how come when ZOG does it, we refuse to call it criminal?

Wanna bet that WorldCom's ousted C.E.O., Bernie Ebbers Y, will still end up with millions in loot?
Why Norway should be burned to the ground
. Sent by R.R.   http://www.observer.co.uk/europe
Read – Torment of the Abba star with a Nazi father.
A picture is worth a thousand words only to those who cannot read.
"As a former U.S. Forest Service firefighter I am sometimes asked what U.S. policy  is in regard to forestry. I tell them that the messed up, mixed up 'policy' is really a problem of identity. The U.S. forest policy makers cannot decide if they are Injuns, jews or White men. If we were running our forests like White men, we would do what the Germans have done for centuries: manage them as they do vegetable gardens, for the preservation of the forests and the benefit of people. If we managed them like jews, we would simply loot and leave. And if we managed them like Injuns, we'd let them burn and move our teepees to cooler places. The denizens of Babel-America cannot decide who they are, so chaos will reign and "wild fires" will burn the homes of those who choose to live close to the fuel. Such diversity!

"The P.C. use of the weird term "wild fire", which is recent to me, connotes that there must be "tame fires", which we never hear about. In my days with the Forest Service, "fire" was the chosen word, and if one wished to qualify it we would say grass fire, brush fire or forest fire. We also used fire to fight fire as in back fires or burnouts.

"In weather reports, we now hear about "snow showers", which sounds pretty wet to me. I think I also hear the redundant designation, "rain showers", which is what I thought rain usually did, unless it were a drizzle or downpour, alias cloudburst. We may next hear about "wind showers" and "lightning showers", accompanied by "wild lightning". I suppose a tornado would be a "wild windshower". Double-double good, Big Brother, or is it Big Sister?"

Eric Thomson

As the SAT exams undergo another revision so that those whom the abortion doctors missed, can appear to be something they aren't, I offer my simplified version based upon the usual 200-800 range:

Directions – In the box below, enter your complete name. When complete, hand in your answer sheet to the fat black lady who is jammed in the doorway. Scores are as follows:

800 – Correct name is entered. Correct spelling.
700 – Correct name is given but it is misspelled.
600 – Incorrect name is given but the spelling is correct.
500 – Incorrect name which is misspelled.
400 – The box was empty.

If Dr. Oliver were still alive, I'd encourage him to write sequels to his "When We Were Sane". "When We Could Read", "When We Could Write" and "When We Could Add", come to mind.

When a blightwinger asks for donations to support his website, he does not mean the very small cost involved in web space, or in servers. What he asks for is a salary, and if the donations permit, buy real estate and take vacations. It's your money.

Before the internet, blightwing publishers often needed donations to pay for envelopes, stamps, paper, etc., but usually that was covered by subscription money. Today, that is not necessary and anyone willing to "get the word out" should be willing to reach into his own pocket for those few paltry ZOGbucks he needs to do it. If you are not willing to spend your own money in that pursuit, then how serious are you really? I think it is sickening when someone like David Duke asks for donations in order to send his daughters to college. 

Today, the 4th of July, I am celebrating my dog's birthday which is on August 26. Interspersed will be moments of silence mourning the passing of our once great Republic.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a citizen about what kind of government the Continental Congress had given them, Franklin replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it." We didn't. In our "pursuit of happiness", plus unbridled greed, we destroyed the Golden Goose.

Dirige, Domine, Deus meus, in conspectu tuo viam meam.

Most Americans are a variety of imbecile which thinks it can befriend crocodiles and roaches by feeding them. How long Nature will allow them to exist is an interesting question.

There is no need to read Jean Raspail's accurately prophetic Camp of the Saints, simply because we are living it.

I'll bet that the feminists and wimps among us will actively seek a further destruction of our almost lost sovereignty by agreeing to having Americans dragged before a World Court. No rabbit, to my knowledge, would voluntarily allow the foxes to determine their fate. The insane American rabbit apparently thinks this is a great idea. The jews call us "goyim" (cattle) but now that's beginning to look like a compliment, from what I observe about me.

As millions more of your tax dollars are being wasted on 4th of July "security measures", only a dimwit cannot fathom that "terrorist" threats, real and mostly imagined, are an assault on our economy. "Our enemies" know they cannot compete in the military arena but since America is nearly 100% greed and profit, they are tossing their spears at this now very fragile, balloon.

As the wimps of this land see more and more "terrorists" under their beds, they will kiss the hand (ass?) of their oppressors for providing "security". That reminds me of the starving man and dog which got lost on a uneventful hunting trip. The man cut off the dog's tail, roasted it, ate the flesh and tossed the bones to the dog. The dog was grateful. Sounds like Joe SixPack with his niggerball obsession, doesn't it?

My younger sister had a strange bronze object hanging from a tree branch in her back yard. When I asked her what it was, she replied, "It's a terrorist repellent. It works very well and you'll find no terrorists in my back yard."

I then observed, "Yes, it's very powerful since there are no terrorists in your neighbors' back yards either."

R.V. writes –

"On the phone today, a friend asked me, "What are we celebrating on the 4th, anyhow?".  I thought it was a joke, and said, "I dunno, what are we celebrating?".  This otherwise astute person told me their local librarian didn't even know the answer, and when queried about it, had to go look it up in a book.  "We're celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence", is what the librarian said.

"I replied that, all things considered, we should all wear black on the Fourth of July."

Robertsez – I think it was Ben Franklin who said in effect, "Those who give up a little freedom for a little security, deserve neither freedom or security." I mentioned this at a LaRoach gathering many months ago, and a great silence come over that garbage dump.

Civilizations and empires tend to progress through this sequence, say historians:

from bondage to spiritual faith
from spiritual faith to great courage
from courage to liberty
from liberty to abundance
from abundance to selfishness
from selfishness to complacency
from complacency to apathy
from apathy to dependence
from dependence back again to bondage

America is 226 years old. Where are we, as a nation, in that sequence? Happy Dependence Day, America! (Joe)

It's important for people to know the difference between a country, a nation, and a government. A country is a piece of real estate. A nation is a group of people related by bloodlines dating back over hundreds of years, that is, A PEOPLE. A government is a set of rules established by people living in that country, and administered by men supposedly of one nation.

When one nation resides in a country, country and nation become synonymous. When the government is OF the nation, BY the nation, and FOR the nation, we have an entity which World ZOG does not want to exist. If fact, ZOG is dedicated to its elimination amongst ALL nations, that is, ALL peoples.

The United States was once one nation. It no longer is. We are no longer governed entirely by men of OUR nation. Those who are of our nation profane all that the Founding Fathers established.

One can redefine 'nation', as the LaRoachites do, but that can never change your blood. One can reinterpret the Constitution every which way, but that changes not one iota, your nation, your people, or your race.

If the Flag represents every miserable diseased creature which soils our land, then I shall not salute it. If "serving your country" means serving the interests of those who are not of our nation, I will be hard pressed to do it, if at all.

I want other nations out of this country. I want them to seek their own ends, their own government, and in their own lands in their own way. As they owe my nation nothing, my nation owes them nothing. White people were not placed on earth in order to feed those who apparently cannot feed themselves. White people are not nurse cows to the rest of the world. Each and every appeal to "the poor", is a cloaked danger plunging at the heart of the already bleeding White nation. WHO says WE are to support the world? Where is it written that non-Whites shall be the eternal burden of our people? We can make it on our own. Why can't they? If everyone is so god-damned equal, WHY CAN'T THEY?

It came as a little surprise when one fellow wrote and asked what the "4th" was like when I was a kid. In brief:

I was never sure of what sort of fireworks were available beyond our usual fare. There were small firecrackers about 1" in length with about 1/8" diameter. These were little "poppers" which we tossed about like confetti. The staple were the 2" by 1/4" diameter. They made one hell of a bang and so most of our "ordinance" was of this type. There were some 4" by 1/2" "big reds" but they were too expensive for our budget although we envied the rich kids who bought them. The biggest "bangers" were the "cherry bombs". One could lift a milking pail about 3 feet off the ground. Of these mentioned varieties, we filled our pockets. We did buy a few Roman candles, sparklers and sky rockets which were saved for dusk and dark.

After the noon dinner, all of us loaded up according to dad's allocation. Generally, the girls had no interest in things which went "bang" in the daytime. Grandfather would sternly look at us and without hearing a sound, we'd say, "Yes gramps. We will only light these next to the cliff which separates the swamp from the woods." With that said, off we went, each with sparkling eyes and hard to contain anticipation.

First, we'd spray the area with the little "poppers", running about and laughing. All carried what we referred to as "punk". This was a small rod of some material, which when lit, would leave a glowing ash much in the way incense does. This was the fuse igniter. After tossing the 2 inchers into the air and everywhere, we'd proceed to grab a few cattails and stuff one inside before lighting. It was very entertaining to see the fluff blown all over.

We were never in a hurry to do any of these things, often taking time to insert a 'cracker' under a piece of tree bark. "Bang", and pieces of bark flew skyward and out. The serious business began when we lovingly took out the 'cherry bombs'. I understood from my father than one dropped into a "city toilet" would shatter the thing making a rather large mess, especially if unflushed. (Rumor had it that he spoke from experience, but mom, when questioned, simply smiled.) Off to the sand cliffs we went to plant our little bombs in the vertical slopes. Sometimes we'd insert a rock just to see whose cracker blew one the furthest.

After the lovely bit of noisy earth moving, we'd adjourn and run to the pond and climb the old willow tree from which we leaped into the water. Soon, it was time for supper.

At dusk, my two uncles and my father set up a display across the road at the edge of the cow pasture. This was the 'real' 4th of July event. At dusk, rockets filled the air. As the night grew, Roman candles were lit so the 'big kids', my dad and his brothers, could chase each other around cautiously aiming the emitted fireballs to miss each others feet. Mom would soon give us 20 minutes to chase around the yard using sparklers as torches. Our day was spent at the moment the last sparkler sputtered its last.

Yes, everywhere you looked, stores sold fireworks of all descriptions. Yes, our parents allowed us to raise hell, in a proper location, without supervision. Yes, gramps allowed us the use of an old milking stool so we could discover how high 3 cherry bombs could launch it. Our behavior was typical and we understood that similar happenings occurred in the "city" which was about 10 miles away.

In all the years on the farm, there was not one finger burned. After we moved into the city, I only once heard of someone getting hurt from firecrackers. That was "Red" Carney who severely damaged his forefinger and thumb by holding a lit firecracker a second too long. Did this single accident give cause for public protest and a ban on 'dangerous' materials. No. It was a different time then with very different people. All accepted responsibility for their actions. There was no blame placed elsewhere. One was FREE to regret, or profit from, his actions. I remember my mother discussing Red's accident with Mrs. Carney. "Yes," said Mrs. Carney, "he'll know better next time." But those were the days of men and women. 

Of special interest:
"US Jobless Claims Hit 19-Year High" – Financial Times, May 30, 2002
"US Productivity Rate Best in 19 Years" – AP, May 31, 2002

http://www.satirewire.com/news/may02/productivity.shtml                        Thanks to F.M.

You were born with a marvelous mechanism for determining what, and how much, you should eat. Unfortunately, this has been cut off at the pass. You can do a little experiment with yourself for your own edification. Forget the calories, fat and other "terrorist" advice and eat anything available which remains very close to its original state. This means most dairy products, meat, fruits and vegetables. Don't mix them together. Savor a boiled, or raw, carrot for its own sake. Stay clear of anything heavy in grain such as cereals. You are not a chicken. This means flour products especially, since they are one of the main culprits in producing excess body fat. Stay away from the supermarket concoctions which barely pass as food even for worms. Do not be deceived that "science" can improve on foods. They can't. Most of their "research" is about increasing some company's profits and/or camouflaging crap which you wouldn't otherwise eat.

I realize that nutritional advise comes from various schools of thought and arguments abound, but there are some simple rules. If TV promotes it, ZOG loves it and if everyone nags you to do it, ignore it! Say "no" to the vegetarians. Stop the "water torture". Massive strokes occur when cholesterol levels get low. (The body manufactures this stuff and if you try to control it with drugs, then woe unto you.) Women who consume the least fat got breast cancer more often. The breast is mainly fat except for those whose heads are full of ZOG fat. You know – the silicone one nipple udder types. Exercising yourself to a frazzle causes more problems than you realize. Eric noted that most weight trainers end their lives with severe back problems.

Here's an observation – the more people worry about their health, generally the worse it gets. Cattle ranchers feed their stock a steady diet of grain and vegetable matter to fatten them up for the kill. Yet when they added fatty foods, such as coconut oil, the cattle lost weight. Fat is not the cyanide of the food kingdom. Try a low fat diet and watch yourself wilt.

"Food TV" promotes unhealthy eating simply because it relies upon concoctions which your body cannot recognize as a single thing. Thus, it has no way of determining how much of it you should eat except for stuffing yourself into discomfort. Watch one of these "chefs" and their machinations. A sprinkle of this and a drizzle of that. It's restaurant sales gearied to convincing you of the wondrous "creativity" of its lame brain cooks. It's rather difficult to present a bowl of sliced cucumber as deserving of praise and high price. It's all show business aimed at separating you and your ZOGbucks. As witjh compulsory seat belts, do you REALLY think ZOG gives two turds about your health and safety. It's all about insurance company profits, restricted freedom and making you DEPENDENT upon ZOG.

I grew up with all foods separated and I was fond of eating peas which tasted like peas, and potatoes which tasted like potatoes – not some disguised "guess what you are eating" pottage covered with green weeds. When a hunger for eggs arose, I'd eat 6 of them poached and not crave another egg for weeks.

But, since most will not eat anything which costs over 27 cents per pound, they'll have to live with their mistakes. That's fine with me as long as ZOG doesn't use my tax dollars to keep them alive and somewhat well.

Lots of funny p.c. stuff at this site – http://www.iconoclast.ca
Being pro-white is a lifetime mission.  Race and Jews are the central issues of our time.  No matter where you turn you cannot escape this. (anon)
In case you might not have noticed,
here's an article concerning drinking too much water. (Thanks to S.B. for the link.)
Every once in a while my abysmal ignorance of certain topics is noticed. That's when readers "clue me in". Of that, I am thankful for. This reminds me of the time my daughter and I were buzzing about checking out colleges. In one city, we grabbed a two bed motel room. When she went into the shower, she asked me to try an find some TV show she wanted to see. Cable channels are not the same from city to city. When she heard me say, "What the hell is this stuff!", she peeked from the bath and said, "Dad. Where have you been? That's a porno channel." Live and learn, I say.
The radio mouth just announced that unemployment in this Land of Oz, has reached a very low level. In the same breath, she announced several companies which have just laid off more workers. This fits the average notion where a prosperous person is the one with the most debt.

Jim Jam bought stock in GE when it was $10 and held onto it. A while back, it was $60. Today it is $30. Jim cries that he lost 50% of his money. He didn't. His excess is still double the original $10. If one considers the effects of inflation, I doubt if he profited any. Greed has no foresight.

My older sister called, and mentioned that a fellow won a $1.7 million lawsuit against some railroad. It seems he was drunk and passed out on the rail tracks. The Chattanooga Choo Choo managed to guillotine his legs. The fellow sued, claiming that it was the responsibility of the choo choo company to have awakened him so he could have removed himself from harm's way.

I am waiting for promiscuous people to start suing each other over venereal disease infections. Maybe a class action suit against Emmy the Eager would be in order as I was told the entire football team got gonorrhea from her. (A recent note from a reader – You lead too sheltered a life. There's already a large body of case law on this question from previous litigation.)

If Pamela got knocked up without her consent, could she sue for a violation of her civil rights – freedom of choice – to not become a mother?

On the gossip front – As I mentioned a while back, when babies are born, their minds work very well. When it comes to sounds and communication, they start practicing tongue and lip movements in an attempt to imitate what is accurately retained in their brain. Make no mistake, the sounds are not distorted in their minds and their memory remains acute. They have yet to secure proficiency in their duplication and to learn structure and meaning.

Today was graduation day in my "I told you so department." I previously described how the jelly-bean shaped mother next door was always making sounds to her womb extrusion as – "ha-whoop! whoop! do do bzzzzt! wheeeeee! wop! wop! kitchy kitchy brrrrr....!" A few hours ago, my ears were rewarded with the first remembered bit of "baby talk" this idiot female was capable of. The toddler, whom I predict will be a warped menace to the neighborhood very soon now, opened his rather large mouth and shrieked, "ha-whoop! whoop! do do bzzzzt! wheeeeee! wop! wop! kitchy kitchy brrrrr....!", clearly demonstrating that he not only remembered what his mother said, but could now repeat it.

I never issued such incoherent sounds to my daughter. From day one, she heard only normal conversation. Infrequently she would make attempts at mimicry but one day she burst forth with conversational structure which took me a little by surprise. The reading exercise consisted of her sitting in my lap, with a book of her choice, and I reading it slowly while underlining the text with my finger. It wasn't long before she told me I didn't have to read the book to her. When asked why not, she recited the whole damned thing from memory. I am from the old school. She knew how to read simple text and write understandably well, before she entered first grade.

I am no genius and neither is my daughter. I accuse the parents of America, and especially the female, of handicapping their children's mental progress by their stupid and infantile manner of raising children. Children are not toys for amusement nor chattels, nor "buddies" to play marbles with. Your singular duty as parents is to assist your children in becoming self-reliant adults and this can only come about if you are adults yourself..

Thanks to E.D. I can hardly wait for this sort of 'diversity' to hit our shores.
WW II vets – you fought for this and died for this – enjoy it. Remember when the "bobbies' in London never carried guns? Those were terrible days, eh? Too dull. Today, Londoners now enjoy 220 muggings per day but sadly, their Black gang killings only amount to about one per week. When the added variety of fraud, forged documents, scams, fraudulent bank loans and other spirited things, courtesy of our Moslem bros, is considered, I can understand why so many are desirous of moving to London.

Meanwhile back in the states, it appears that contracting sexual diseases is now becoming a sort of status symbol among the young. "Hey. Look at Charlie. What a loser. He only has syphilis and genital herpes."

Legalize drugs, you say? Nothing like your surgeon being bashed out on 'crack' I say. I would imagine that the pilot of the 777 you are seated in will do a better job floating off his seat after a few 'weeds'. Yes, my friends, there's nothing wrong with doin' drugs as long as the profit is taken out of it. 
Most palefaces no longer have that valued attribute – self-respect.
Ireland is enjoying "progress" – Brits out – wogs in.

Slime and Banishment.
If you are not going to commit a crime, then why would you be concerned about what the punishment would be? Suppose that the penalty for rape is to give the convicted a choice of (1) self-castration or (2) having his testicles crushed before tossing him into a crocodile infested pond. Why would you care unless you assumed that you might just rape someone someday? Oh? Some woman just might lie about it? In that case, any woman leveling a false accusation should be immediately tossed into a piranha infested river. Oh! You say that such a severe penalty for rape would encourage the culprit to kill his victim? Perhaps. If it comes to that then I suggest having him skinned alive and tossed into the Great Salt Lake for a little extra sensory stimulation. Think of the tax savings.

Unusual? Perhaps, but why not? Cruel? Hell mates, if punishment were not cruel, then what good would it be? If your have your paw in the cookie jar, you'll lose your inflatable Barbie Doll. If your hand is in the cookie jar, you'll lose your hand. Which might prevent that person from repeating his act?

It appears that most Americans are timid when it comes to severe penalties since the worm in their heads says, "There but for the grace of ZOG, go I."

I suggested to an old judge friend of mine, that if a person can be proved guilty by using illegally obtained evidence, then the case should not be thrown out. After all, the turd is guilty, isn't he? If such a situation arises, then those involved with the illegally obtained evidence should also serve the same sentence as the crook. Any officer of the court found to be lying should be summarily executed. This would have the added benefit of opening up job opportunities to those fresh out of law school.

As I prepare for the imminent "terrorist" attacks on July 4th, I'll never be satisfied that I have been thorough enough. I have placed land mines around the bird bath and bricked up my bed so no one can hide under it. Still, if I venture into public, what shall I be on the lookout for? A man clutching an attaché case with both arms? Someone looking over my shoulder as I use a public urinal? A stern woman, eyes bobbing from left to right and back again, driving a blue Toyota with one red fender? A man running down the street with his fly open yelling "I'm going to do it!"? How about that fat lady at the bus stop? Is it real fat or a camouflaged bomb belt? Why is she looking at me and licking her lips? Is that man really feeding the fish or is the popcorn he's tossing into the lake laced with anthrax? I am so stressed and especially so since I cannot find my stress medicine. At least I am not as bad off as my friend Tom who, while working in the Ratsass Envelope factory, accidentally cut his finger and bled into the glue pot. Now his DNA is distributed all over the country on the envelope flaps and he's afraid that this might someday tie him to a letter bomb.So many worries, so little time.
Lets see – the late news is that some 250 civilians at a wedding party in Afghanistan may have been killed by a U.S. helicopter gun ship, so say's an Army spokesman, a full bird Col. Our planes were subject to hostile fire. This is not the only wedding party that has been bombed or machine-gunned. It seems they always have the same excuse. If our military tried these atrocities anywhere in our country, the public would be all over them. In any event, the Taliban did not plan 9-11, it was supposedly done by El Qaeda. If that is so, why the hell are we gunning these dirt poor people? The press has indicated that there was never more than two to three hundred El Qaeda in the first place, and not one of the 9-11 terrorist were Afghan nationals. It seems that the paranoiac crowd want a war with stone age people so that they can be assured of a body count. In conclusion, any reasonably sane person will conclude that something is very seriously wrong with our country. No wonder they don't want a formal U.N. International War Crimes Tribunal.
Proof lies in one's acceptance.
This old Frenz axiom can be easily demonstrated any time someone asks you to "prove" something to them. The first step is to ask your questioner what he would accept as proof. Nine times out of ten, he doesn't know. At this point, wave good-bye and see a movie. If he is a rare bird, write down his requirements and if they aren't preposterous, such as saying God must tell him personally, set about fulfilling them. Now, I'll wager this: Once fulfilled, and presented, he will almost certainly find something to discount in what you presented. "Well, I didn't mean 'that' kind of Ph.D." "How do I know that the document is not a forgery?" "How can that be true? It's not on the internet." "I never read that in any scientific journal." And so on. Assuredly, he will demand that some other item be "proved". This is why I waste little time with those whom disagree. I am wrong and he is right. I am right and he is wrong. Both of us are wrong. Whatever.

What you are doing battle with in this realm of "proof" is the obstinate nature of men once they have a notion in their noggins. (That's why ZOG wants to plug their crap into the minds of the very young.) If you can show they are wrong, you are often inviting assault since people, axiomatically, believe that what they believe is absolute truth. Thus, any proof to the contrary is an assault upon what that person holds as personal integrity.

This is one reason we often kill each other. If you cannot convince him, then kill him. That is far better than continuing the argument, wouldn't you say? One certainly needs to avoid stress as much as possible.

The best approach, when one seeks enlightenment rather than argument, is to simply ask the fellow what influenced him into believing that zebras are only horses with stripes. Who knows. He just might say something you never thought of. Then it is your responsibility to determine the validity of it all  – not his to "prove" it to you.