12 July 2002
"The World Food Programme (WFP) has renewed its call for $500m to save 13 million people facing starvation across southern Africa." http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/africa/newsid_2121000/2121895.stm

Hip, hip, hooray! Starvation is one of the many benefits of Black rule. There's no need for special diets in order to stay thin.

Yes, my fine feather-brained citizens, after you've blown the $500M on soybean burgers and Nigerian fries, what do you think will happen after the feeding frenzy is over? That's right! They'll be hungry again and gas what? During the interim,  hundreds more will be born – a good meal gives one energy to do a little more sausage poking. That means ye olde $500M will not do the job next time and THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME! It's do-gooder heaven. They breed. We feed. That is, until WE start going hungry. Why not ask those kindly multimillionaires Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham to feed them? They have the money and they, as second in command to god, love them. I am broke and I don't love them.

Science, Telegony, Lamarckism and Lysenkoism

The July 1, 2002 version of the FAEM ad libitum archive ( http://www.faem.com/adlib/c0701.htm ) contains a reference to this study (http://www.rense.com/general26/semenacts.htm ) on the effects of male sperm on females beyond simple impregnation.

As Robert has said, there's a body of experimentally observed fact but not much theoretical work yet.  The presupposition of such work is inherently opposed to ZOG's sexual relations agenda.  In an environment where universities regularly conduct freshman indoctrination designed to normalize homosexuality and bisexuality, modern academics know telegony is not something that will further their careers.  A fear of pursuing some scientific avenue of inquiry because of prevailing political climate, or actively suppressing lines of inquiry because of political theory, is generically called "Lysenkoism"

Lysenkoism arose in the late great JewSSR during the battle between Lamarckism and gene based ideas of reproduction.  Lamarckism is a long disproved theory of heredity that rejected a genetic based model of reproduction.  This theory proposed that organisms could transmit to future generations environmentally acquired characteristics.  In the 1930s, a group of Soviet scientists, spearheaded by Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, became the leading proponents of this school of thought.  Another group of biologists rejected Lamarckism and instead favored a genetic-selection based view of reproduction and evolution.

This scientific biological battle struck at the very foundations of Marxist theory and the publicly offered theoretical justification for Judeo-Communism .  Backed by Judeo-Communist methods, Lysenko's group not only became preeminent but also managed to suppress their opposition.  Their academic opponents were prevented from publishing, dismissed from their posts and often physically sent off to Gulag.  The incorrigible genetic-heredity/selection school of biologists proved the correctness of their theories by failing to adapt to Gulag conditions as predicted by Lamarckism.  They instead died, generally without offspring.

Lysenko-ism was eventually abandoned in Soviet agronomy but not before some spectacular crop failures resulting from planting seeds on top of snow.

I mention this because Lysenkoism itself is alive and well in ZOG Academe.  There was a recent example of the post-publication recall of a Human Immunology article that offended the Jews because it contradicted their lies.  This extreme 1984ish incident was a result of editorial incompetence.  Consider for a moment all the articles spiked, or never even written, all the proposals never made, the studies never funded, the study proposals never written because of fear of offending against the prevailing Power.

Unfortunately we often can't give the most spectacular examples of the insidious effects of this intellectual reign of terror without violating personal confidences.  But it is a real force behind the scenes exerting a direct influence on your daily lives.


Robertsez – Observation comes first. Observation comes first. Observation comes first. What is observed is fact and you do not need a Ph.D. degree to understand that. Observation is fact. The trouble with the scientific dicks, and I know many of the high-powered ones, is that they use mathematics as a device of proof, which it isn't. Math is usually used in an attempt to describe something and if it does a good job, it is then used to predict. If the predictions appear to come true, then the silly bastards flip the pancake and use mathematics to prove what they assumed. The entire scientific world appears to be afflicted with this ass-backwards view of things. (It's jewish, you know.) No wonder we are deluged with 'black holes', 'worm holes', 'sink holes', 'ass holes', and 'corn holes'. A "day of the long knives" would help clear the air in this matter.

A writer sees another man who is tolerant of everything, attempt to swim with alligators (Kevin Kostner Y ?). The alligators enjoy a nice lunch. The writer describes the whole affair in a prize-winning essay appearing in Jock Strap magazine. The essay was not the reason the swimmer stopped swimming. The label is not the product. Get it?

Put another way, this stock market blow-off is another milestone of withdrawal of the 'consent of the governed' for the Ancient Regime.  Did anyone suppose Revolution could occur without a market collapse?  Anyone coming here and still thinking that or imagining that our first priority will be to reinflate the Dow Jones Industrial Index, please go away from us right now. "Maguire" 
Although this is old hat to some,
it should again be pointed out what our hebe "allies" are really all about.


Israel and USZOG are kissing cousins, but Israel IS NO ALLY OF THE AMERICAN WHITE PEOPLE. If Israel kills a few of your sons, then USZOG cares less since it does the same thing. Whether Israel or USZOG, we White folks are merely fodder – useful idiots, as it were. Bushez cares no more about the White working man than does his spiritual brother Sharon.

1.  The prime mission of Marriage as a social institution is to propagate and foster the next generation of little people to adulthood.
 2.  Marriage is not primarily or even secondarily designed to tingle the emotional, sensual or economic toes of either male or female.
 3.  The social purpose of all national marriage and family law is thus protecting and strengthening the marriage to carry out Job One.

Anyone who denigrates the institution of marriage would be audacious indeed if he were to also claim he was interested in the survival of the White race.

Non-White Revolutions Always Eat Their Own Department.


"DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY WHOM YOU WANT FOR A ROOMMATE? In California, you apparently don't. On May 7, the California Fair Employment & Housing Commission penalized Melissa DeSantis $500 for inflicting "emotional distress" on a would-be roommate by allegedly telling him that "I don't really like black guys. I try to be fair and all, but they scare me." It also required her to pay him $240 in expenses – and take "four hours of training on housing discrimination." (See Department of Fair Employment & Housing v. DeSantis, 2002 WL 1313078, Case Nos. H 9900 Q-0328-00-h, C 00-01-180, 02-12 (Cal. FEHC May 7, 2002).) Interestingly, I've seen no published accounts of this incident  (Maguire:  psst attention SETI researchers, follow above link)  – I dug it up using a query that I periodically run on a very obscure administrative agency database."

And you snot-nosed smart-mouth bitches thought we were fooling around about all this.  This decision is literally a bedroom door away from requiring women to sleep with niggers or be held legally liable.  After all, wouldn't a refusal there also "inflict emotional distress" on the Jews' precious negroes. i.e. the 'dicks with legs'?

Robertsez – I have no reason to change my mind on ZOG's direction when it comes to the destruction of the White race. If there are not enough stupid sex-obsessed women mating with simians, then monetary incentives for doing so will be forthcoming – a sort of mercenary approach. If that won't do it, then laws will come about requiring race-mixing. In the 1960s, I used to write articles in the "Crystal Ball" concerning the upcoming decades. People mentioned I was "outrageous". It has all come to pass.

Evil often comes with a smiley face. I have noticed that a very common practice in day care communes is to pair little Black boys with little White girls. One interesting observation is that the Black boys ALWAYS get to be paired with the BEST LOOKING White girls. I have seen this over and over and therefore discount coincidence. There are many very evil people who can be found working in these centers which cater to women who like to yammer about motherhood but practice it not. Yes Virginia, I know many women  have no choice but it remains their duty to check those places out. I often see such women picking a day care commune based upon their convenience, and not their child's welfare. Stay away from the nigger and spic infested places.

As a kid, I heard some of the older boys talk about "Fats" the local pervert. Fats, I was told, liked to "mouth" the sexual parts of little girls and little boys. One thing I remembered, according to the older kids, is that Fats always whispered into his victim's ear, "I am going to ruin you." That expression always puzzled me since I saw no physical evidence of "ruin" in those who visited him. Fats always paid his victims and that probably was a great lure since ours was a very, very poor neighborhood. Anyway, years later I knew what the "ruin" was – it was psychological. In that context, Fats was one evil son-of-a-bitch and that was probably the reason my father had no use for the man. We were told to avoid Fats. Dad gave no reason but we did have reason to obey him. Kids did not run his family. That was a benefit which took me 25 years to appreciate.

J.Y. writes – The government announced today that it is changing it's emblem to a condom because it more clearly reflects thegovernment's political stance. A condom stands up to inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while it's actually screwing you.
The economic sled keeps sliding down the hill until it hits the icy river of depression and slips below the water. Lots of folks have been hurt and it will get a lot worse, and no one has yet figured out that a lot foreign investors have taken  their losses and skedaddled out of our market, and a lot has to do with a loss of confidence in our country. Further, the president comes out with a stupid plan with limited oversight of corporate greed. As I previously mentioned no publicly traded company should ever award their executives stock options nor permit them to get free stock. Mr. Gary Winnick of Global Crossing gave
himself 100 million shares of stock and sold at $60 and only gives to Israeli charities. The system is evil and obscene. No Company should use their stock to acquire another company and caps should be placed on compensation – no more than 2 million a year. Crooks that abuse the system should receive stiff jail time and return ill gotten gains. Corporate America cares not for this country,  if they did they would not cause hardship on the people that built the company by exporting their industry to every country that pays two pennies an hour less in wages. All of this is coming home to roost and the fools we have for  leaders will find themselves in the same sinking boat that they built for the masses.
Meximuds pour in to fill vacant spots in the job market, yet our politicians keep yelping about "creating jobs".

Now that the men who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during that disgusting war called W.W.II are nearing the end of the line relative to their existence on mother earth, there is a tendency by most Americans to believe that the Allies were the good guys and all Germans were bad. Most Americans of that time were not that close to the traumatic events that ended W.W.I where new nations were created and German people removed from their Fatherland and given to non-German races in  new
countries right adjacent to their former homeland, and in the process mistreated. After W.W.I  people were starved to death  as a result of the cruel British blockade that continued for some 19 months after the war ended. Then of course the French occupied the Rhineland with their African Senegalese and hung Germans who protested, and many a German maiden was raped by Africans. In retrospect, historians have noted that Germany had done nothing to the U.S. in either W.W.I or II but the U.S. intruded into both wars from day one.  During W.W.II, cities a thousand years old were obliterated with the resultant deaths.  Great pride was taken in the Black Tuskegee Airmen of the 332 Pursuit Sq. which shot everything that moved in Germany because of their innate hatred of White men. We destroyed the cultural center of Europe in the interest of world communism. and caused the deaths of some 17 million Germans. Approximately 34 % of American combat forces were of German decent and all did their duty for the U.S., including yours truly, because we believed that our country was the land we lived in at the time, and we had an obligation of honor even though most felt uncomfortable fighting against our European kinsmen in a forced war. In truth the last hope of the White race may have vanished in 1945. Today our dear U.S. is barely recognizable. Our European stock has been replaced by and large by non-European people and in our hearts most know that in the not too distant future, our race, for all intents and purposes, may well  become extinct. We have leaders that now lead the nation down a truly dangerous road toward a nuclear war and God forbid should the Chinese defeat this nation, the plight of the Palestinians will seem pleasant compared to what that Oriental herd with 50 million more men than women will inflict on our nation. Some would say that perhaps our people will have deserved it, but that is not so, because there are millions of our people that are innocent in spite of politicians that dance to the Jewish pipers. While we are still here, every Caucasian man must protect his own and let the nation know by every means possible that when our leaders threaten other nations with nuclear war, and talk of a first strike, they are a danger not only to our own nation but to innocent people in far off lands. Truth, honor, heroism, and duty to this land is of prime importance if our race is to survive.
Regards Joe.
The infantile brain never sees past its own gates.
That's why many statements found here are interpreted as being anti-female. One has to be rather muddle headed not to know that the White male is at the bottom end of the pecking order. He is far more restricted than any other segment of the population. A married woman can be unfaithful to her mate and it's not called "abuse". If the aware husband raps her across the mouth because of it, or even raises his voice, then it's his ass which gets shredded and his house, kids, and all he possesses with be gone with the wind. Of course, the female will get all the support she needs from the lesbo crowd noticeable by all of those hebe faces. White men no longer control the families which they support.

I am well aware that the word "control" invokes images of being threatened with a mace, torture chambers, swinging axes, broken legs and such – control equals fear as the harpies claim.

A sea Captain controls the men which direct his ship. There is nothing abusive in the relation. The Captain has control because he HAS THE POWER TO INFLICT PUNISHMENT upon the disobedient. There is NO OTHER WAY to perform this community task. If all had equal voice, and misdeeds went unpunished, then what sort of voyage would you imagine? Pure chaos. Committees never perform tasks. They yammer incessantly – hot air sparring – and when a job is to be done, it's assigned to one man who eventually directs and takes complete responsibility.

The article – http://www.rense.com/general26/antifather.htm – points out a reason for the behavior of some men relative to marriage. No one argues that we have an ample supply of irresponsible young men out there who see women as only objects of sexual gratification with the idea of potential motherhood completely absent from their simian brains. In a land where sex has been devalued and where it is no longer the highest expression of the love of two people, but merely an entertainment commodity to be shared and shuffled, it is no wonder "family" ever gets past the rutting stage.

The handicaps imposed upon the White male are pervasive but many naive people still assume that we operate on the merit system of the past. Not true, for merit has been shown to be discriminatory and biased. I do not know about you, but if I wanted a fireman to rescue me I'd choose a muscular 200 pound man to carry me down the ladder rather than be fumbled and dropped by a 100 pound equal opportunity 5 foot female. Perhaps an example is in order. The following is from the physical standards section of procedures for selecting Police Officer candidates.

Muscular endurance for 30 year olds as measured by bent-leg sit-ups – Male 35, female 25.
Muscular strength as measured by a bench press – Male 100% of body weight, female 50%.
1.5 mile run, minimum time in minutes – Male 13, female 16. That's 7 MPH vs. 5½ MPH.
(Who would be better at chasing a crook?)

Consider a 175 pound man and a 116 pound woman. The man is required to bench press at least 175 lbs. and the woman, 58 pounds. A bench press is a movement where the person lies prone on a bench and moves a barbell from his chest upward to full arm length. The standards claim that both are equal but really folks, which person would be the more effective at subduing a troublesome culprit? One who could press 58 pounds or one who could press 175 pounds?

If it were required that all candidates, regardless of race, gender, blah, blah, blah, had to bench press their own weight, how many females do you think would be acceptable police officer candidates? Nary a one, I'd wager. But what does this mean? It means that strength tests are biased in favor of men. The tests are discriminatory and discrimination is against the law. The "system" is more mad than the Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

I used to ride the bus from my job with a railroad section gang to home. That run also had a very good looking young woman usually seated in the back. I found her quite appealing and made her acquaintance. After several dates, I found we "hit it off" nearly 100%. Being a young man with the usual itch, a situation arose where she pushed me away, smiled and said, "Yes, that will all be very nice but the goodies will really have to wait until marriage." I understood and fully agreed, that is, my brain agreed but my other end did not. I thought about that for a day or so and then ended the dating. She was a wonderful girl and I sometimes regretted not being mature enough at the time to fully appreciate what the fates dropped in my lap.

My point here is that in a White society, woman have always enjoyed special privileges. They were the ones who dictated whether intimacy would be allowed and thereby providing a stabilizing factor relative to the "sow your wild oats" drive of the immature male. Doors used to be opened for women and men would give up their bus seats. In my childhood neighborhood, any person laying one finger upon anyone's sister, or mother, would soon be taught the error in that. But alas, somewhere along the line women wanted to traipse the alleys with the men. They wanted "equality" which was a way of throwing away their advantages and today they complain about the resultant efects of "equal" interactions. Today many want to be treated as women without having to behave as women.

A society of "party girls", Playboy Y sluts, and career types, is a society which will not last very long. Motherhood is perhaps the most demanding of any "career" a person might have. Maybe that's why many young girls avoid it.

The next time you see someone looking out into space and asking, "Who is the real me?", or, "How can I find myself?", you have either found a soul mate or someone to avoid like the plague.
The jew is of course deranged but a greater insanity is found among the White people who take advice from them. The jew needs White people to defend him, supply his needs, but his perverted nature requires that he destroy his host, as is now happening in the now dying ZOG. When Whitey is gone who shall support the jew?

As the potato bug destroys both the potato and the potato field, because it is its nature to do so, so does the jew destroy people and nations.

Suppose your government required that all home owners possess a shotgun and the law further stipulated that the owner was duty bound to kill any "home invaders". Would this slow down the increasing number of home invasions?

Suppose that a bounty was placed upon all border hoppers, say $5000 per head, and I mean that literally. Would this effect the mud invasion?

      If you don't change your behavior, then how do you expect the economy to improve?
I would suspect that due to the cabalism Y  which permeates our ZOG, that a likely date for the big Iraq kazoo would be September 11.

There must be something very horrible about the jew for desperate Palestinians to forsake their own lives just for the chance to get rid of a few of them.
Did you know that during the SWATKWP, it took only 11 German S.S. men to capture Belgrade Serbia?
                                                 Inferior men fear excellence.
The jews are leaving South Africa after they ruined it. Guess where they are headed? Australia.
                              The struggle – Quality vs. equality.
          If a farmer applied Christianity to his handling of livestock, he'd be out of business in short order.
It was reported
that the German soldiers under American command in Afghanistan were "appalled" at the brutal treatment the Americans handed out to prisoners. Yes mates, we have truly become jews. The way to become admired is to smash others in the face and show them who's boss.
I was watching a TV program concerning the problem of teen-aged prostitutes on the streets. Tale after tale was presented and one thing all the young girls, Black or White, had in common was Black pimps. One White girl revealed the effects of our "education" system. She would not trust any White man but had faith that Black men would look after her.

To my surprise, a Black girl was asked why her pimp beat her up. She replied that her assigned "trick" was a White man and she refused to "do it" with White people. Now there's a Black girl with some racial sense. I can live with that.

Big Dick Gutstadt, of the ADL, sent out a form letter on 12 December 1933, to the publishers of periodicals in the U.S. It was in regard to Madison Grant's book, The Conquest of a Continent. "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book... It is extremely antagonistic to Jewish interests." 1933 was also the year the hebes of the world declared war upon White Germany and emphasized the boycott of all German goods in the U.S. True to fashion, yesterday I listened to a pale rabbi with white beard – his elephant eagle spread ears gave his away – ask that all righteous jews, when they purchase goods, demand to see only merchandise made in Israel. Although an American citizen, he referred to Israel as "our country". There is no such thing as an American jew – only jews living in America.
Kids in "bad" schools will now be able to transfer to "good" schools. Of the 8,652 "bad" schools on the country's list, wanna bet on the percentage of muds and siminans in attendance? Since schools are at fault, the least we could do is sentence them to a good flogging. Why not let Osama know that those schools would be acceptable to "terrorize"? You cannot teach penguins how to fly.
How soon we forget that Israel was founded by terrorists.
I hope you have read
"An Empire of Their Own", the tale of how the jews invented Hollywood. Now there are two more books revealing more kosher shenanigans. "The Boy Genius and the Mogul" and "The Last Love Inventor: A Tale of Genius, Deceit and the Birth of Television".

The kosher crap, similar to that surrounding the phony Einstein Y, relates that David Sarnoff Y , of RCA, invented television. The fact is that an Idaho farm boy, Philo T. Farnsworth, gave the first successful demonstration on September 7, 1927. Big bucks Sarnoff waged a war of dirty tricks, propaganda and endless litigation. Thanks to the lost years of the SWATKWP and financial woes as a result of legal battles, Farnsworth's patents ran out and the hebe fix was in.

When you invite buzzards to dine, expect a lot of silverware to vanish.

Ever notice how many mestizos commit crimes in the U.S. then hightail it back to Mexico when they are discovered? It looks like they took lessons from the "American" jews who hightail it to Israel when the heat is on. You can bet your dipstick that other "new" Americans will do the same. Come to America. What you don't steal, we will give to you.
You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

People do not have families anymore. They have menageries.
New IRA motto – Brits out, wogs in. That's how we intend to win.


It cost the German Government 40 billion dollars to get the Russians out of East Germany. The Americans have taken  great credit for the fall of Communism but it started with the Reds leaving E. Germany after being paid off. Of all the countries opposing the Soviet Union, Germany played the key role in subverting that system through bribery and payoffs and got no credit whatsoever. Now our country throws money all over the world and the greedy bastards all have their hands out including that Iraqi embezzler in London that operates an anti Iraq radio station. At home we have the great Homeland Defense fiasco and every fly by night security outfit is seeking a piece of the action and they come up with various scenarios to scare the bejeebers out of the Government and public, so that they can land a contract to forestall a terrorist attack. It's even possible that nail clippers will soon disappear from the stores so that people can't smuggle them aboard airliners.

It certainly can be anticipated that when the anniversary of 9-11 approaches the loonies will be driven into a frenzy of paranoia. Of course it's also possible that on that date an attack will be initiated against Iraq, just to get even for 9-11. There's not a day that goes by that the national insanity is evidently becoming  more severe, with the masses seeking  great victories against small insignificant countries, and the world trembles when King George makes an earth shaking announcement or General Colon Powell states his loyalty to Israel and calls for the ouster of Arafat, while he quietly feuds with the Defense Department over the coming war with Iraq which he probably opposes.  Mr. Rumsfeld and Condalizza Rice of course are very quiet as they are heavily involved in the  planned joy ride into Baghdad.

In the final analysis it really is sad that our country ever let the Jews get such a strangle hold on this once great land, for they  have created a multitude of  problems both internal and external.

Hang onto your stocks because the BIG bounce back will occur any day now. Don't hold your breath. ZOG is committing suicide before your very eyes. Greed is a formidable torpedo.Isn't that right, fellow hawgs? http://www.washtimes.com/commentary/20020703-22315147.htm
Here's a goodiehttp://rebelarmy.com – While Jim Giles calls it the Yankee Jew media, someone should remind him that it war de rebels who loved to import nickers by the boatload – and the jews were on hand to make a buck or two. Usen Yankees can thank the rebs for our nicker problems, wouldn't you say. Jes foolin'. I think.
For those who like the challenge of debunking holohoax Y  horsecrap, go here for new stuff –
http://www.russgranata.com/Discovery.html – and give a copy to your holohoax history teacher.
Last month, it cost me $3.95 to send Eric a package of reading material Priority Mail. This month, the same weight of material cost me $5.75. That's a 46% jack-off jack-up. With ZOG, and its citizens, spending themselves into prosperity, I have a feeling that things will be ripping along faster than I had previously believed. I wait in anticipation for the time Bushez War II gets rolling along. I hope all you young fellows rush to the recruiting offices. I wouldn't want you to be accused of being unpatriotic.
Talk about greed – I was talking to a local used car dealer. Sales are quite poor so in order to make up for that, he increased the price of all the cars on the lot by 20%. The theory here is that one can sell fewer cars at greater profit so that overall, the total net profit will remain the same. Let's see, selling one car with a profit of $3000 is the same as selling 10 cars at $300 profit per car. That makes sense only as long a some idiot with more money than brains comes along. The American business man has grown to depend upon fat wallets held in fat hands by people with fat heads.
That portion of the tribeY  living in the bomb-this land are an odd bunch. They dislike the Palestinians but instead of driving them out – up, up and away – they pen them in and get their jollies by bashing them.
The average American is in more danger from house break-ins and getting caught in the crossfire of rival drug gangs, than he is from some irate Moslem carrying a bomb disguised as a Barbie doll. (The media had a big flap about one cranky Arab killing a couple of people at LAX. Has anyone asked how many people were killed in auto accidents that same day? Abortion slaughter houses and highway carnage simply get the ho-hum treatment. It's a bizarre attitude wouldn't you say?) Our mestizo C.I.C. made it clear that fighting terrorism means that each and every country on the planet must become a vassal state of the Jew Ass Oi Vey. Only with "friendly" governments can we ferret out the naughty boys. This is simply a global push to secure the control desired by the Jew World Ordure. Our non-opponent "opponent" Putin Y has his end secured although increasing outbreaks against the tribe Y are occurring in Russia. The west is under the kosher thumb and ZOG is actively engaged in its out-reach program. This will cost money and blood so it will be interesting to see where it is all going to come from. One-half of the American population is supporting the other half which is stealing cookies from the jar. This will continue until the inevitable money crunch occurs. Those losing their shirts will be in a foul mood and the parasites, deprived of their free lunch, will be even more upset. I'd want to stay in good physical shape in order to enjoy the festivities.
An outrage! Apparently drug gang hoodlums marked their territories with spray paint on bridges, monuments, etc. over the weekend. The city is in a dither. Oh my. As it is the custom of radio talk shows to waste time on such trivia, I tuned in to listen. One woman said we should have classes directed towards educating the "lost" kiddies on why vandalism is not an acceptable way to express themselves. As our situation deteriorates, I am glad that forceful white males are beginning to make themselves heard. One of them called in with this: "If you want to stop that sort of crap just give orders to 'shoot to kill'." This is the only language those bums understand." O my. Lordy be. Such a nasty man. I'll bet he'd be very intolerant of his wife playing footsie with her boss. We must learn to understand, love, bend over and lie down. Nicey honky who kissy enemy assey.
Another fellow came to my rescue with more information. Mark Vonnegut, son of author Kurt Vonnegut, was a druggie who bought into all of the goof-assed Hindu flake notions about life. He became a "veggie" which showed that his mind was already in sad shape. As the disaster of eating sprouts and other cattle fodder mounted, he ended up borderline schizophrenic – insane. This is all told in his autobiography, Eden Express. Anyway, a doctor explained to him that he was suffering from an extreme nutritional deficiency common to vegetarians which affected their minds. I understand that vegetarians are over represented in the insane asylums. Mark overcame his nutritional deficiency and regained his sanity by the simple expedient of eating large quantities of red meat.

I cannot understand how any normal white person can buy into what amounts to savage lore with its magic potions, bizarre "meditating" positions, pierced noses and ears, and all sorts of wild witch doctor hocus pocus which apparently never benefited the ape which convinced them that it was the "way to go". We simply do not need the "folk medicine" or advice, of any collection of non-whites.

When it comes to plastic surgery, it's not only the women who are nuts – you know, the kind who envy Jersey cows. Soon I expect some liberated female to ask for extra nipples. The man I watched on TV actually had calf implants as he was unhappy about his calf muscles failing to response, growth wise, to a heavy exercise program. The mania for diet and exercise appears to be focused not upon strength and health, but on sex appeal – I ain't getting 'nough poon-tang the way I look. That's what most of this "fitness" is about anyway – attract a bed partner. The years have proven that a very large stuffed wallet is still the best way to attract bed partners. Isn't it noticeable that the more expensive a car some stud drives, the more handsome and sexy he becomes?
A fellow writes that in Africa, the wildebeest (genus Connochaetes) will play jump-hump with domesticated cattle (genus Bos). When this happens, the herdsmen claim that their cows are "ruined" and usually kill them. Yes, my dear sweet race-mixers, when a white female gets stuffed by a black stud, she indeed is ruined. This has been common knowledge for centuries.

I was also told that the species C. gnou and C. taurinus are interfertile. I remember that one of the criteria for species was the lack of interfertility across the "species barrier". Since nickers and honkies can produce mongrels, this was once once used as "proof" that they were of one species, H. sapiens. No, B and W are not of the same species. Never have been all b.s. to the contrary. Besides, names prove nothing anyway. Why is it that "science" usually takes years to come to the same conclusion as the working man whose "gut" instinct revealed the truth almost immediately? The purpose of modern education is to short circuit your natural instincts and replace them with ZOG-approved hogwash.

Those sweet "refugees" and "new Americans" which are swarming to our shores are actually mud imperialists. Unlike the European immigrants of 80 years ago, who learned the language and adopted our customs, the mud imperialists demand that we change our ways to accommodate them. No worries. The average white niggerball fan couldn't care less.

You are not losing your country, you say? Why not go to L.A. and wander about. It won't be long before some mestizo says, "What are you doing here, gringo?" White people are considered foreigners in many areas of this land. Gringos not wanted. Still, the airheads consider it "chic", "mod", or whatever, to help elect people not of their race. It's like buying the rope for one's executioner and offering to pay for his kid's education.

As more and more Arabs flood the U.S., one could wonder if the WASP elite plans to use them to balance the power of the jew. Could be. But then again, nah.

One should note, that in both the U.S. and Britain, the white rulers allied themselves with jews against their own people.

If you are not corrupt, then ZOG views you as an enemy.
Where goes the American
who has questioned the existence of sovereign Indian nations here on U.S. soil? I find this a mite odd – sovereign nations within a non-sovereign "nation". The Injun problem results from the failure to exterminate them to the last man. No matter, most of today's Injuns are race-mixed mestizos and pure descendants, I understand, are hard to come by. Anyway, I suggest giving all of the U.S. based Injuns the reservations upon which they reside, fee simple. Let them be sovereign. No more ZOG handouts! Let them do their thing unfettered and free from the white man's heavy hand.
Hack away, hack away, hack away rock. Have you noticed that a very large percentage of hackers reside in Russia? The hackers cannot be Russian since many Russians prefer to be drunk. Ah so, it's a jew you say? Probably. It's the nature of the jew to cause mischief.
O, de kingdom bone fastened to da phylum an'da phylum fastened to da class bone. De class fastened to da order an'da order bone fastened to da family. Da family bone fastened to da genus an'da genus to da species an'da species fastened to da variety bone. An dats da wurd ob de Lowd.

As white man captured this and slaughtered that, he began to wonder about the forms of animal life. Some had bones and others didn't. Thus a categorization developed – vertebrates and invertebrates. Among the vertebrates, it was observed that some were cold blooded and others warm blooded. Some of the warm blooded vertebrates had feathers and laid eggs. Some of the warm blooded vertebrates gave live birth and suckled their young with milk glands. This last sort of critter was called a mammal.

It seemed simple at first until it was discovered that not all critters sporting feathers could fly and some mammals laid eggs. There were even some flying mammals. Further, not all mammals had legs but swam in the sea. As more and more information was discovered, the more confusing it all became and today, there are so many arguing "schools of thought" that one necessarily must choose sides and become a believer and ready to kill opponents, Amen!

The confusion over names and 'pigeon holes' is really not of much importance but the intellectual nonsense which pervades all of it is that the classification is being used as PROOF of relationship. If critter A resembles critter B, then A and B are DEFINED as being related and given similar names – Canis lupus and Canis latrans, wolf and coyote, for example. Be alert and notice that the DEFINITION is used as a PROOF of relationship. The assumption becomes the proof. Slapping the moniker Homo sapiens on everything able to stand erect and yodel, defines them as being related. (They must be related, so give them similar names.) Thus, blacks and whites are related because their classification names say they are. This is what's called a tautology – an empty or vacuous statement composed of simpler statements in a fashion that makes it logically true whether the simpler statements are factually true or false. "Science" is loaded with such hot air. An intellectual needs hot air in order to breathe, and assure the continuation of his research grants. A working man knows that blacks and whites are not related and pays no heed to the hypothesis of a common ancestor – the missing link, and boy, it sure is missing. The THEORY of evolution is just another wild-eyed religion.

BTW – this biological classification business is a white thing, as is most everything else since day uno. White folks NEED NOTHING from non whites so it's about time we stopped kissing their behinds, wouldn't you say?

Every time I make a comment about nutrition, I get a barrage of email from "veggies" who say I am wrong and that "veggies" are the healthiest people on earth. The great explorers, whether of Antarctica or the Americas of 1500, were not vegetarians and if they were, they would have perished. I know not one of the "strongest men on earth" who ever ate carrots and sipped herb tea for a diet. Vegetarians (human herbivores) are usually a docile lot which makes them easy prey for the meat eaters. Our physical assembly – ears, eyes, teeth, digestive tract, body odor, etc. – points to the fact that we are meat eaters although I do agree that many people eat too much of it. Please do not bother me with your complaints and that includes the faggots who try to convince that rectum reaming is "natural sex".

About the "studies" evidence: That cuts no ice with me since they all prove their assumptions in typical kosher fashion. The "study" which revealed that the blacks in Africa, who ate the most fiber, had the lowest incidence of colon cancer. What they didn't tell you was that they also had the highest incident of stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. That wasn't mentioned since is was not a premise.

Wasn't it Mahatma Gandhi who drank his own urine because it was a "healthy" thing to do? It must have been true since I observed what a fine handsome physical specimen he was. I bet he could bench press at least 300 pounds, eh? Health, to me, is not epitomized in any likeness of the sage played by Sam Jaffe Y in the Shangri-la of Lost Horizon – the Ronald Coleman version. One only needs to look at the photos of average high school athletes of the 1940's as compared to the effeminate flab asses of today, in order to see the difference of diet from high animal protein, in the 1940s,  to the carbohydrates and edible crud concoctions of today.

Note that the observable racial differences imply different nutritional aspects. Why do so many have skin the color of shit? Is it what they eat?

We are now trying to inflict the insanity of the "experts" upon our pet dogs by feeding them peas, carrots and corn as a "well balanced" diet. The reason meat has to be down played is that it is an expensive way to feed the growing hordes of useless eaters on this planet. It is of no surprise that those termite mounds called China and India, have a very low intake of animal protein per capita.

Why do people continually upset themselves by returning, again and again, to these pages which distress them so. Methinks they have a brain problem. Too many vegetables? Too much buggering? Too much niggerball?