16 July 2002
I was told that a Canadian paper contained a story of an Arab who was told, just prior to 9-11, by two members of our F.B.I., that he should sell his stock short, and pronto. I am having this article mailed to me. If true, it could provide the seed for a rather exciting investigation of ZOG culpability.
Bad news: It has been reported that "mad cow" disease is on the rise.
Good news: "Sane jew" disease is still very, very rare.
It has been mentioned
in jewish papers that 36% of American Blacks are anti-Semites. That's false. They are anti-jewish.
Q: How long can White people lie to themselves?  A: Until they die.
The confusing world of double-speak
. How come an 18 year old Black is called a child while and 18 year old White is called an adult? How come "friendly fire" is just as lethal as "unfriendly fire"? I thought that insurance did not cover 'acts of war' but now I understand that one can get "terrorist insurance".
My solution to immigration? Let them all come here from far and wide, then we can go to the lands they ruined and vacated, and start from scratch. After all, that seems to be the way White people work – take a desert and turn it into an oasis. Only next time, we should have a "shoot to kill" standing order relative to any mud who wants to come in and hang any son-of-a-bitch who whines about "the poor" or "refugees". 
More benefits of diversity – A Tamil gang in Toronto, CanZOG, attacked a group leaving a shop and one fellow had his hand lopped off. I guess old fashioned stabbing is on the way out. I am waiting for the popularization of decapitation.
Putin's Y Russia, the latest addition to the Jew World Ordure, has passed a strict law against "extremism", which includes the display of any Nazi symbols. Anti-anti-Semitism has been the fare there since 1919. Vot's new Ivan? The jews are still sticking it up your babushka.
                            The Cosmic Struggle – Quality vs. Equality
"Road rage" is only normal Mexican aggressive driving. You wanted diversity. Don't bitch.
Si, si amigos,
the circulation of Spanish language periodicals in the "Great White Hopeland" is rising sharply. This only proves that we White folks are on the winning side of 'diversity'.
Jim Giles for Congress? A young White fellow with balls of brass. My kind of guy.    http://www.rebelarmy.com/
It looks like our "down under" mates will soon be getting hordes of jewish rats which are vacating South Africa after they plundered and ruined it.

Meanwhile, the Toronto Star, 01 July, (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Munich) reports that the only thing left for White Rhodesians (Zimbabwe) to do is leave the country. They are losing their land, housing, animals and all other property plus being banned from working. Yes, their niggers were "different" but they have failed to mention how. "It couldn't happen here because we treated them so nicely." Yes Virginia, when all is said and done – IT'S RACE! 

At the risk of repeating myself, I am offering a few ideas to mull over as we hear more and more about "scientific studies" which show American Whites are so full of Afro genes, picked up during slavery times, that they can trash their "White" notions. If weez all ekull then what's the uproar all about anyway? Besides, those studies admit of "marker" genes which reveal race at the same time these turkeys yap about equality.

(1) Simians were imported in the 1700-1800 period because certain White folks would not pay available White folks a decent wage. (This still goes on today where White manufacturers shun their own kind in favor of cheaper Mexiburgers.)
(2) Less than 5% of the Whites owned slaves.
(3) Slaves were consistently about 20% of the population and the only available accurate census was taken when owners reported their count. Today? After 1865, who knows? We are told it is much less perhaps indicating that the White birth rate increased over the Black birth rate.)
(4) The general White population did not have access to the Black females anymore than they had access to the plantation owner's horses and cows. Therefore, those in the slave humping business at that time were confined to Southern plantation-owning White folks. Any mulatto child born was still confined to the plantation. Race-mixing post 1865 gradually moved north with the migration. Race-mixing never gained much headway until after the forced integration of the races starting in 1954. Perhaps today it is at an all-time high due to the indoctrination of our children by their Marxist teachers.

Few people have difficulty in recognizing a mulatto when they see one. If that slavery period orgy of race-mixing occurred as our myopic data doodlers claim, then the slave population must have been increasingly mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, hexadecaroon, etc. It appears they haven't changed their Afro look appreciably.

If, for example, in 1507 A.D., 'never-say-no' Olga Crotchna got serviced by some Black stud, and bore a son Hammer who happened to be in your family tree, you might be charged with having Afro genes in your blood. That's about 25 generations ago. Each generation would halve that percent of Afro all other things considered equal. That's ½  to the 25th  power. In other words, you'd be 1 part out of 34,000,000 Afro. By what bit of warping could anyone describe you as being "part Afro"?

Genes are discrete and if you choose to break them up into smaller particles, you'll still have particles, and particles do not fuse. They are either there or they are not. If we can assume some critter which is composed of only one attribute and it mates with another with one attribute, of a different kind, then the first generation would be a 50/50 deal. If the 50/50s mated, 50% would be of pure stock (25% one and 25% the other) and 50% mixed. No matter how one doodles the doodles, you, more than likely will have NO Afro genes, providing that subsequent descendants of Olga were more discriminating.

Let's consider the term "gene pool". Island Gitchigumy has 2 inhabitants: 1 Afro and 1 Euro. A gene pool is the collective genetic information contained within a population of sexually reproducing organisms. Thus, our island's gene pool is 50% Black and 50% White. Does this then imply that inhabitant #1 and inhabitant #2 are mulattos?

Bullshit baffles brains. That's why I recommend using your head and the input from your senses. Don't be a LaRoachite by believing that your common sense deceives you when it comes to recognizing reality. I am sure you can tell someone who has Afro genes as soon as he appears.

As for "claims", "studies", and the other academic rot, a claim is a label. Nothing more and nothing less. It's one thing to claim that 21% of the population has Afro genes and quit another to prove it. The proof would involve collecting genetic material from the entire population and then tabulating the results. Polls and other studies – 34% of the Americans favor the castration of priests, for example. If that were fact, then it would mean that each and every one of our citizens was asked that question. This is of course not practical and so "representative samples" are collected, but how do you know they are representative unless you have access to the response of all? No, all of this involves assumptions and often wild guesses when it is not outright wishful thinking. Right now I am claiming I have an artificial leg. True or false? You'll never know unless you see for yourself. You could assume that it is false because you assume that I am a liar, but liars do not lie all of the time. If you are a sound person, you'd not care one way or the other since it would have no effect either upon yourself, your family, or your race.

Read this –http://polyconomics.com/PrintPage.asp?TextID=2103
Yassa White boy, iffen ah's affended, den dat's hairyassment. http://www.thewgalchannel.com/news/1555832/detail.html

"Your Honor, my humble oppressed descendent of persecuted and tortured high IQ slaves was repeatedly called a "nigger" by the no good racist honky defendant. As a result, my client has suffered yeast infection, sleepless nights, a delay in his welfare payment, a loss of racial pride, mental anguish and an inability to remember where he left his drug stash. I appeal to the court to find the defendant guilty of recapitulating phylogeny, spitting on the sidewalk and causing power outages in Oregon."

"You sir... Yes, you with that hateful looking white face. What do you say to these reasonable and acceptable charges before I find you guilty?"

"Your Honor. At no time did I use the word 'nigger' during the aforementioned encounter. I only tried to initiate a conversation with the intelligent, Black-is-beautiful, wholesome fellow, in order to pass the time while waiting for the bus. My words were: 'Let's switch places since your package has a sharp edge and the lady would not want you to nick her. I figure you are bigger because you are a rigger or possibly a digger or a jigger. I assume you are an eager abider and have no reason to call you a reneger. As for the young lady, do you dig her?'"

"It is my sworn duty as Judge to hear all of the evidence, weigh it carefully, and render an impartial and unbiased decision. In this case, it appears that a stalwart Afro-American was accosted by a degenerate, despicable piece of White trash who, by his act of rebuttal, has demonstrated his guilt. Obviously the defendant, by implication, has confessed to being un-American and is hereby reprimanded to the terrorist concentration camp at Guantánamo Bay until such time as I can legally impose the maximum sentence for whatever it is I can find him guilty of. Court's adjourned."

Thanks again for those who report my mistakes, such as the misspelled "Hindenberg". I view these as learning experiences which might come as a surprise to those who think I am perfect. :o)
Russ Granata of  http://www.russgranata.com  sends this note:

"Welcome to rat nation."   http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2002/07/14/1026185141232.html

Robertsez – Many years ago, it was made law that teachers were required to report suspected child abuse relative to their students. When this "word from the gods" was made the central issue at a local teachers' conference, I flatly told the group that I had a very faulty memory, exceptionally poor eyesight, slightly deaf, and was not a trained observer, so therefore could not be trusted to correctly judge any situation, and if I reported a suspected case, it would be so full of errors and misconceptions that it would prove to be worthless. I added further that I was a strong supporter of community and viewed such spying, and judging behavior as destructive of community and American values. "I will not be a spy-rat for anyone. This is America, isn't it?" With that, I walked out of the room.

Dear Robert:

FAEM has proven to be highly addictive, but I cannot complain; on the contrary, it is a wonderful tonic against depression, anger, frustration etc. I recommended to everyone!

This weekend I came across a filthy little story, which I wonder if any of you have heard of before. In the local TV magazine I saw a documentary called “Keep the river on your right: A modern cannibal tale”, moved by curiosity I read the little synopsis; it ran like this: “Tobias Schneebaum, a Jewish New Yorker (who would believe it with such a name!) went native while on a Fulbright scholarship to Peru as an artist in the 1950ís. He emerged after spending a year with an Amazonian cannibal tribe and wrote about his experiences in his book “Keep the river...” which shocked America with its description of his own homosexual activities and cannibalismThis piece of filth comes to your home thanks to a sewerage plant known as SBS (Sydney Broadcasting Service); the stronghold of the most radical (and sick) multicultural freaks of the Jewish establishment.

As we say in the old country: “Tell me who your friends are and I shall tell you what kind of person you are.” The crowd that enjoys these “educational” or “inspiring” documentaries is the same who rules our educational system and government. We must remember their names because one day it will be payback day; and it will not be fair if some of these creatures do not receive their just reward for their contribution to the destruction of the Western civilization.

Regards and ORION! Rienzi

Jewish Secret Police Methods of Communist Era Being Revived by George W. Bush.

ZOG-USA says it will recruit millions of informers.


Straight from the Dragon's mouth.  That's an official government website, folks.

"Terrorism Information and Prevention System (Operation TIPS), administered by DOJ, is scheduled to be launched in late summer 2002 as a pilot program in 10 cities before spreading across the country. This program will enlist the help of millions of American workers who, in the daily course of their work, are in a unique position to serve as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.  Operation TIPS will provide training for these workers from selected industries in how to look out for suspicious and potentially terrorist-related activity."

Not "illegal" but 'suspicious' and 'potential'.  Who defines 'terrorism'?  Not Congress and not statute.  The Attorney-General does by the stroke of a pen.  And who will be right there to provide helpful training and definitions?  Why the Jews the ADL and SPLC of course.


Robertsez – Will the informers be paid minimum wage or what? A fink is a rat is a stooge is a snitch. As kids, we had a way of dealing with those types. Let's hope this traditional American method of dealing with rat-finks is also revived. ZOG is to be feared more than the entire Moslem world and ZOG-finks will be freedom's greatest enemy..

White people, probably the most muddle headed of the devolved simians on the planet, seem unaware that the "race card" is alive and well in Asia. The more fair skinned Japanese and Koreans, look down upon the slightly darker Chinese, whom they view as backward and inept. The Chinese, in turn, despise the Vietnamese, as the Vietnamese do darker-skinned Cambodians. Following the Cambodians in this skin color hierarchy are the Burmese and then the Indians, whom the American housewife just cannot wait to have for her gynecologist and fortune teller. As in all "diverse" turd world countries, Asia displays an age-old pattern – the lighter your skin, the higher your social status. Interestingly, the light Asians, who previously admitted second place to Whites, now feel superior. That makes sense. Why would intelligent people give away their country and possessions to others? They do indeed have a point. Of course, all Asians view Blacks as just another variety of ape good for not much more than swinging in trees or copulating with your teen-age daughter. I can't argue here either. Anyway, there must be 10 Yellow racists for every 1 White racist, so I suggest we bomb them back into the rice age. Racism is the root of all evil and god told George UU that world wide slaughter is the only way to keep the peace, defeat evil and demonstrate our Judeo-Christian values of love for all mankind.
Dear Robert – "Let me preface this message by saying that you are the most thought provoking fellow on the Internet I have ever come across. Outside of the overly exuberant bunch at VNN, FAEM is the only web site I visit anymore (I stopped reading Doc Pierce's weekly broadcasts when I started experiencing the weird sensation that he had gone into syndication)."(from K.G.)

Jews do not exist! Yes, I've finally done the Final Solution on this irksome problem. As Orwell decreed, "Who defines controls". Henceforth, the world population will consist of Gentiles and non-Gentiles. One correspondent suggested a further euphemism: "ungassed non-Gentiles", but I find that too suggestive. As the Learned Elders say, "there's more than one way to skin a cat." This concept has many applications, as the thoughtful reader will note. "American" is now so "diverse" that the word merely conjures confusion, so as a public service, I offer the terms, "alien" and "non-alien" , with the categories of "ZOG-stooge" and "ZOG-victim" . Those who disagree on who is who, are free to do battle on the streets, in the non-alien tradition. Remember, it's as non-alien as apple pie! Readers may ask how it is that a Gentile can be such a word criminal. I can answer i honestly, that I had the non-Gentiles to teach me! P.C. or not P.C. That is the question.ORION!

Let's put another nitwit suggestion to rest. How often have you read that a reason for our plight is that our birthrate is too low? I read somewhere that Whites have a ½ percent rate while non-Whites have something near 2 percent. These figures can be used to illustrate. In 1940, the US was about 70% White. Even in the heyday of the colonies, the US was less than 80% White. Mexicans and such are not White and neither are jews. If the White population had the same rate increase as the non-Whites, then the American population would be be about 465 million today. That's about 60 percent more than what we do have. At that figure, Whites would be still be about 70%. As it is, Whites are less than ½ of the population and falling. Consider what the effects of those extra consumers would have been – more trash, more environmental pollution, more resource consumption, and so on. In other words, more turd world conditions. I hardly find that desirable.

Percentage wise, Whites are dwindling on the planet and in any one-man one-vote situation, Whitey doesn't stand a chance against his racial enemies. Your enemies are smiling and polite now because it is a tactical requirement. When they get the upper hand, as in Zimbabwe, things will not be as you hoped.

The life on this planet is in equilibrium. When the human population rises, other higher forms of life decrease and often to the point of extinction. Burchell's zebra (bonte quagga, Equus quagga) disappeared from Africa a century ago followed by several other species. I certainly would not want to live in a world swimming in a sewer of humans which, via race-mixing, is becoming more biologically degenerate with each passing day. This invites more new diseases and no amount of medical research or wishful thinking will keep up with it. With or without political and economic disaster, we are entering the no return zone of biological disaster. The blue planet is turning brown.

I have received several emails disagreeing with me. That's OK and I've decided to answer them in blanket fashion.

Some still think we will vote our way out of the current mess citing the untrue "fact" that Hitler was elected to power. Hitler was appointed to Chancellorship by the then President Generalfeldmarschall Paul von Hindenburg in 1933 due to his status within the Nazi Party which held 1/3 of the votes in the Reichstag.. After Hindenburg died, Hitler got those concerned to agree to consolidate Presidency with Chancellorship. At no time did the Nazi Party ever receive a majority vote in Reichstag representation. It was only AFTER the economic successes that votes went massively to the Nazi PARTY and popular support went nearly total to Hitler.

The major difference which is overlooked for some insane reason, is that Germany was FILLED WITH WHITE GERMANS. The US is not filled with White people. The Nazi seizure of power followed economic chaos and that is a condition which must take place before any change in voters' minds can occur. When that happens, who in hell do you think will be casting the most votes? The honky? Do you really believe that the Blacks and Mexicans will vote so we can have things our way? What the christ do you wishful dreamers have in your heads other than concrete? In many areas of the country, the Asians are winning at the polls. In the urban areas, Blacks are winning at the polls when the Mexicans aren't. Demographics will be our downfall if you insist in believing that a little hardship here, and a few votes there, will make all the hurt go away while you bask in the sun, swim in your pool, shine your BMW, and be supported by your pension fund. That's what the ahole White Rhodesians thought!

Again! I am told repeatedly that if a scoundrel writes an article in our favor, or sells a book or two which ZOG frowns upon, then we should excuse the deviant, hypocrite, pervert, liar, or whatever, since he "does some good". What a god-damned insult! Are we such a miserable f-ing people that we need support from such types? If so, then we really can kiss our pale asses good-bye for we truly do not deserve to live.

If one breaks into a synagogue and defaces the property therein, I guarantee you that many jews would be very upset. Does this mean that the vandal is "on our side" simpy because he upset the jews? Not in my book Charlie.

A certain blightwinger, argues that Hitler sold his book in order to secure funds for the party. Mein Kampf was never popular UNTIL AFTER HITLER CAME TO POWER and the money, not being needed, was donated. Can you imagine any of our top blightwing people giving money away? Hell no. Not when there is real estate to buy, whores to support and world travel beckoning.

This is not Germany and it's not 1933! This is not a White nation!
God dammit. Get real!

Frankly Virginia, this horse hockey just might drive me to drink.

Magic potions and making silk purses out of sow's ears department.

This appeared in a rather amusing article I read recently: "Entrance Exam Service – students that sang or played a musical instrument scored an average of 51 points higher on the verbal portion and 39 points higher on the math portion of the SAT."

This apparently is argument for the so-called "Mozart effect" popularized by the judeophile Lyndon LaRoach and others. These people, and unfortunately much of our population, believe that environment is all, heredity meaning little. (This is an ego matter since environmental manipulation is more easily accomplished than selective breeding. Selective breeding limits one's rang of available partners. That's why race-mixing, and other degenerate activity, is appealing to many as it increases the number of critters you can copulate with.) Anyone who has spent years in the classroom, which I suspect the author of the above sentence did not, knows that those who elect to add music as an extracuricular, or as a result of home environment, generally appear to have a genetic talent much in the same way as math talent. Either can be accompanied by varying degrees of intelligence. Check out your "gifted" math and music people. If they scored low in the hard sciences of chemistry and physics, then you are seeing more talent than intelligence.

The logic is interesting: It has been shown that rich people eat far more expensive steaks than do poor people. Therefore, the poor people can become rich by eating more expensive steaks.

I see that the whole ozone hole is in the news again. Oxygen and ozone, in the outer reaches of the outer reaching atmosphere, are in dynamic equilibrium. Each changes into the other under the influence of UV radiation, a spark from your personal electric chair or fat free Freon diffusing away after it escapes the tired AC in your 1960 Edsel.

Sometimes I think people do not grasp what an equilibrium is all about. Oxygen converts to ozone at a rate dependent upon its concentration. Little oxygen means the rate of conversion will increase. The same for the ozone. An equilibrium is established where the two rates are equal. If Freon destroys the ozone, then the ozone concentration is lowered thus shifting the equilibrium in favor of ozone production. We see this same effect in the case of the steroid crowd who desire big muscles. (This big "big" fetish is hard to understand. The big muscle crowd certainly does not intend to use their muscles for useful work and the big tit girls certainly are not going into the milk business.) Oral steroids increase the concentration which causes a slow down in the natural testicle production. The testicles thus shrink. As one could gauge the health of a hickory tree by the size of its nuts, so one can gauge the steroid intake of the muscle boys.

Everything is in equilibrium or on its way to establishing one. Cut down your cholesterol intake and the body makes more. Increase the human population and the numbers of other forms of life decrease. If we do not maintain an equilibrium with our food supply, as is the present case, then Mother Nature will establish an equilibrium by the expedient of starvation.

You can't fool Mother Nature, or beat her at her game, as the race-mixers and greedy planet plunderers seem to think.

In response to my voting comments, one fellow suggested we all vote Demozog so as to trash the Republozogs. Voting to me is little more than a Tuesday pastime having no effect on anything. It is dangerous in the sense that it leads people to believe things are really going to change once their cousin becomes Mayor, or something. If you really want to accelerate the demographic "avalanche", then pick out the sleaziest mud, noisiest White hater, AIDS carrying Black, whore monger, druggie, feminist, or whatever, you can discover in the sewer of candidates, and then vote for him/her/it.
As you will notice, I have deleted the line mentioning the Wise family which lived in our town when I was a kid. The reason for this was generated when my older sister telephoned and said I screwed up again. She loves doing that! :o) My other sisters do not. I was told that I remembered incorrectly and the family name was Weiss, not Wise. She then jarred my sometimes lazy memory with mention of one of my girl friends who later married Bill Wise from Blue Island. It all came back to me. Over a misunderstanding  probably generated by sweet Margie H., Bill and I had a "mix it up" in the back room of Heath's Grill. Bill's family was not jewish and the fight was a draw – I think.
If you feel you have not been properly insulted on these pages, then please send in your name. We aim to please.
The sign said, "Please do not feed the water fowl." I asked the policeman if it was all right to feed the water something else.
Today I took a pleasant public cruise
down a nice river. A young boy pointed and asked his mother, "Mommy, mommy, see all of those birds over there? What are they?" To this, the mother said, "They are geese." Shortly thereafter, the boy again raised his voice, "Mommy, mommy, see those birds over there? What are they?"  The mother replied, "They are gulls."

It wasn't long before the boy asked why the gulls and geese didn't associate with each other. I turned, smiled, and told the boy, "You see, those birds are all fowl racists."

Ever watch the TV shows were the rambo idiots of ZOG are all screaming at each other like a gaggle of freaked out freaks, whether SWAT, Army, ATF or other mercenary types?  The last I knew, all were under some command and that required a measure of silence in case an order was issued. BTW, the reason they all wear black face cover is so those who commit the atrocities cannot be identified.
I just don't get it. We are like those on a desert island arguing about how we got there when our concern should be focused on survival. I don't care who evolved from what, created according to what or where the fault lies. The damned ship is sinking.
Davey Duke in the middle of the Khazar Kingdom lecturing on the evil of jews? Good grief Greta, I need another beer. If I were the Duke and knowing the new anti-Semitism laws coming down from our gallant allies, I'd check on the next flight out.
I do not place much faith in voting our problems away. As it stands, White people are becoming more and more outnumbered at the polls and getting "one of us" elected even as dog catcher, is getting more remote by the day. The muds and Blacks are going to remove the Republican party by demographics alone. Why help an avalanche in progress?
Hello – I remember reading a long time ago on FAEM where Matt Drudge was a kike and a Walter Winchell clone. I paid no mind but today I was looking through his "best seller" Drudge Manifesto and he says he himself is a Jew. I am too young to know the Winchell man but I searched it out. Damn, but he wears the same hat and is also a Jew just like you said. The Drudge book even says he copied Winchell. Why are you guys right so much of the time? E.K.K.

Robertsez – We have iron clad skulls which the ZOG hypnotizing rays do not penetrate. We rely upon logic, experience and gut feelings. We need no jews to do our thinking for us. That's rare, wouldn't you think? Thanks and "Enjoy", as they say in Tel Aviv.

Please note that any file in Eric's folder which contains a 2 digit number has now been changed to 3 by the addition of a leading 0. Thus et39.htm –> et039.htm
Enlist or else – Sign of the times? http://www.cascobayweekly.com/cbw/news/city07.04.02.stm

Although I advocate people following their conscience, I have often wondered what would compel a young White man to enlist in the Armed Forces where is is sure to be verbally abused by Black "superiors" with ½ his I.Q., or screeching female dwarfs very often not of his race. Have they no self-respect?

During the needless Vietnam slaughter, I was quite negative concerning the young men who fled to Canada in order to avoid the draft. In today's' world, I would not feel that way. It's about time White men stopped bleeding and dying for aliens.

The boys who can really "do the job" are always White soldiers and ZOG is going to have one hellova time getting many of them to join the Jew World Ordure Imposition Society.

Robert...your comments (regarding individual responsibility) reminded me of this.  (Also of the joke making the rounds this week: "Of course you can get pregnant from anal sex – where do you think lawyers come from?")  – J. D.

July 12-14 – Read the label, then ignore it if you like.  "Two carpet installers who admit they read the label of an adhesive they used, admit they understood the adhesive was flammable and should not be used inside, used it inside anyway, caused an explosion, were burned badly, sued, and won $8 million dollars." (Phil Trexler, "2 installers get millions in blast suit", Akron Beacon Journal, Jul. 10) (link and description via MedPundit, Jul. 10). (DURABLE LINK)

Running a tight parallel to the Shawnee River was Old Salt Road. Meeting the Old Salt Road at a "T" intersection, was Snatch Road. Mary and John were in their 1967 Buick cruising along at a good clip. As they approached the "T" intersection John suggested turning left so they could visit his aunt. Mary insisted upon turning right so she could look at Savery's new farm house. Both were quite determined in their desire but they were taught by ZOG that people much always compromise to avoid conflict. Compromise they did. They split the difference by driving neither right nor left, but straight ahead. Upon their joint tombstone was chiseled, "Her lie Mary and John. They always compromised."

A man entered the woods hunting for a bear. After a few unsuccessful hours, he built a fire and was surprised by a large bear looking at him from a short distance. Peter grabbed his gun. "Hey," said the bear, "wait a moment. No need to get hasty. I know you were looking for a bear skin coat and I was only looking for a meal. Let's talk this over and see if we can't work out some compromise." Peter thought that was reasonable and so he laid down his gun.

The discussion was brief, but in the end both got what they wanted. The bear got its full stomach and Peter was surrounded by a bear skin coat.

Dr. Joy Browne Y ? is a popular radio host who solves problems presented mainly by nitwit goyim. She's a lay back, don't get excited, advocate of compromise, power sharing, equality, race-mixing, and the whole bag. In marriage relations, women have as much say as do the men and in case of disagreement, they are required to negotiate. Sex is OK for kids as long as they don't do it in public – that sort of thing.

Committees never accomplished anything and political discussions among countries are never any sort of "split the difference" affairs. They are only used to mark time while the sides reinforce themselves for the battle they both know lies ahead.

A ship has but one Captain and there are not two steering wheels on your automobile. A leader is one man. Not a committee nor a duo. A good leader listens to all, secures advice, but then decides alone. This is what my grandfathers did, my father did, and what I do. Every reasonable stable family has this attribute and if the Dr. Joy Browne nonsense is ever injected, it will be lethal for the family, as we see in the majority of marriages today which resemble dysfunctional carnivals.

A young man today has to be very careful with whom he plays 'bury the wiener'. If the girl becomes pregnant, it is his duty to marry her. Young people of merit, of either sex, simply do not "shack up". Before one asks a woman to marry him, tons of homework must be done. Words often are not worth the air they travel on, so one must examine the girl's family very closely for that's were her values come from. If the term "head of the family" causes her to go into orbit, then save yourself a life of misery. Find another woman. I know that saying "no" is often very taxing, but it will give you an idea of what sort of intelligence and backbone you really have.

One way out of the jew, Jew, and who's a jew dilemma is to call them non-Gentiles.
Freedom of choice
can only exist in a society where individuals are responsible for their own behavior. If the cost of health problems caused by the smoking of tobacco are to be supported by taxpayers, then tobacco should be made illegal. In this insane society, the workers are liable for the problems caused by the parasites. How long do you believe this nonsense can last? 
There is no such thing as "sharing power". When you elect a Black, you will get some variety of Africa.
Nit-pickers completely miss the point
. "The ship is sinking and the bow is going down!" "No. You are in error. The stern is going down." Conclusion of the nitwit nit-picker: The ship is not sinking. Yes, the conjunctive statement is false but the first component, while false, does not imply that the second component is false.
ZOG pushes the theory of evolution; claims Blacks preceded Whites on the world scene and now wants Whites to devolve by breeding with Blacks. Interesting.
Pollution, depletion and malnutrition. That's our future.
When you encounter a jew "dual citizen", ask him which half he'd like you to ship to Israel.

I think it has always been the case
for people to care less about what happens after they die. It has always been the case that only a few of the majority ever cared about the continuation of their kind. It seems to be a paradox when it comes to what we call human kind. Many plan their lives so that their children will inherit a barn full of possessions. That is a concern, but they care not what the biology of their grandchildren might be. You cannot leave a White inheritance to mongrel children and expect a continuance of White culture and values. I doubt if there are more than 20 million White people in this country who are capable, or deserving of, carrying the White banner. The remainder of the White population goes hither and yon with the prevailing political wind. Alamos have always been the White experience.

ZOG is destroying itself and the race-mixers are destroying their races. Most of this destruction is caused by White people simply because they have lost their natural armor of racism. In the coming decades, those people who retain their racial identify will inherit the planet and, at this point, the Chinese, and their Asian brothers, are ahead. If Blacks are a burden, I doubt very much if they will enslave them. Extermination is more likely to be on the menu.

We know our racial enemies and they are so because of their understandable biology. However, there is a great multitude of truly evil enemies and they are those who are of our blood and who choose to join our natural enemies. I believe the name is traitor. The individual race-mixer is of lower order in this class. Our real problem are those ostensible Whiles who promote anti-White agendas. They should never be forgotten and when the the day comes, their crimes against the White race cannot be forgiven. Hitler's ranks welcomed political opponents because the Marxists were not anti-German, and Germany was fundamentally White. They were anti-Nazi – a political stance. Anti-White Whites may appear political but their opposition extends far beyond that. Their crimes can never be pardoned simply because they sabotage the biology of their own kind. They are worse than parasites. Never forget their names for the future will likely give you a reason to remember them. Without White renegades, the jew could not work his mischief.

The glue of the present order is economics. Be patient and watch the glue erode. With every price rise; every stock market drop; every mob clash; ever tax hike; every bankruptcy; every job loss; every white-collar crook who is uncovered; every  disaster, natural or otherwise; go grab another beer and toast the dying wicked witch of ZOG.

Mr. M.N. writes –

Here's a guy that seems very outspoken against whites... have you ever had contact with him?  What do you think of him and his arguments? http://www.fiskrri.org/about/advisory-board/wise.htm

Robertsez – It certainly pays better if one takes the side of ZOG and you will have fewer enemies. There is no reason I should have contact with him. What would be the point? He's interested in the demise of the White people and I am not. As I repeat: Do not argue with your enemies. We are not engaged in a war of words. Save your love for this person and invite him to the next rope stretching contest which comes to your town. Do you think that el presidente UU is interested in debating Osama? Get real.

I certainly wouldn't bother much with reading Wise's ZOG propaganda, much less argue the point. He mentions in one polemic that all hate crimes are committed by Whites. Isn't that interesting? ZOG's definition of a "hate crime" almost always means Whites pounding on non-Whites. When a Black assaults a White, it's just a crime. Vice versa, and the "hate" is added. A spic assaults a honky and it just another run of the mill assault. Vice versa, and it's a "hate crime". Spics, of course, like jews, have an advantage. They are either White or non-White as the situation requires. Poor Blacks and Whites, they are boxed.

Why bother reading P.C. Tim Wise's articles when you can get it from ZOG first hand? Also note one of his odd premises: Race-mixing is natural, and desired. The problem is that Whitey screws up the harmony. Get the picture? The root of all evil is White racism – make that White people, period. The fact is that if Whitey were as racist as his enemies claim, we wouldn't have this pig-sty of a social problem in the first place. Whitey is not racist. He allowed his country to be flooded with mud crud and then started kissing asses as soon as the pants were dropped. DO NOT AGRUE WITH YOUR ENEMIES and Tim Wise is certainly one of them. Keep him in mind. Things will not always be as they are now.

As with all race-mixers, Tim has his head up his ass. That's why everything he sees is colored brown. He makes a big deal out of the fact that crime reporting does not mention things such as "A White man robs the Usury Trust Company." First, it is well know that "White" is assumed – that's why it's not mentioned – unless otherwise indicated. Income tax forms of the past also made this assumption, as did the census. It is assumed that most people are heterosexual unless otherwise indicated. According to Tim's brown logic, a headline would be required to state, "A heterosexual woman gave birth to triplets." Should we say, "It's a nice clear blue sky, ideal for flying," instead of "It's a nice clear sky, ideal for flying."? "John got married today." This assumes it was to a woman. At least it used to be.

It should be noted that racial labeling has not been consistent over the decades. In the early 1960s, race was never mentioned regarding any crime. When the "Black is beautiful" became popular, it was customary to never mention the race of any alleged criminal except those who were White. Even so, what was s.o.p. depended upon the locality but the validity of assumption remains. The kosher approach, the one adopted by Tim, is to state the conclusion and then select the data which justifies that conclusion. This is also know as "jewish science."

So what do we do with the Tims of this world? Debate? Absolutely not. Can a goat be talked out of its ways? The next time you take a walk with Tim along the edge of a very deep ravine, make sure he is on the outside – to demonstrate his bravery – and then sneeze!

Mr. E.H. writes –

Robert the Bruce,

I have the 1910 (11th edition) or the Britannica which is the last great Britannica.

I also have a copy of Webster's Biographical Dictionary, 1947 edition. My daughter bought be a new biographical dictionary a few years ago: the 1994 edition of Larousse. I note that the associate editor is one Rosemary Goring.

Adam Weishaupt, the Jew (marrano) who founded the Illuminati, and one of the forces bringing about the reign of Terror in Franceduring the French Revolution, is listed in my Webster Biographical Dictionary, but nary a word about Weishaupt in the new Larousse. That in itself is proof that the Jews now own Larousse... and may have for a long time. However, you'll be pleased to learn that the Jew Larousse gives a nice write-up to that great negroid, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Robertsez – One thing many of the young do not realize, is the rewriting of books which are not dumped down the memory hole. Encyclopedias no longer give the same set of facts as they did 100 years ago. Nowhere in recent times have I ever observed one instance of being taught "both sides of the issue". What we are usually presented with is two sides, both of which fits ZOG's propaganda line, or the good points of one side vs. the bad points of the other. Democracy is about freedom and National Socialism is about gassing hebes.

The National Publishing Company printed a book, circa 1880, entitled "Massacres by the Red Men". My copy, which was given to me by my grandmother, was interesting reading although not for the squeamish. In 1961, Dover reprinted this book, edited by Fred Drimmer, and named "Captured by the Indians". "Edit" means to revise even though most people think an editor is a fellow who writes articles and/or corrects the punctuation of others.

As I compared page to page, some things were quite obvious. The more gory parts were toned down or omitted entirely. One Indian tribe, the Catawbas, I think, were pictured as being basically homosexual. Whether true or not, nothing of this sort was in the original text. There were several other major differences between the books and my shelves contains other sets of such revised material.

Mr. E.H. is fortunate as he can compare his 1910 edition of Britannica to the 1995 edition. But this might cause him to vomit in revulsion. We are indeed living Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, and acting like the Eloi in The Time Machine.

My brief article on telegony has created some interest. I would think that since ZOG has race-mixing as a number one priority – so much so that it was accompanied at gun point –  it would be highly unlikely that the scientific community, mainly funded by ZOG, would allow research on the subject. If questioned, I would fully expect that it would be discounted as a silly notion from the ignorant past. Telegony, as I pointed out, was widely believed over the centuries and it would seem odd to me that intelligent breeders would hold on to a notion if it did not have some observable substance. It is very easy to say, "Everyone knows that," or, "Only ignorant people believe that." In these cases, the speaker waves his hand, sneers, drops the subject  as settled in his favor. If the speaker has enough social standing, then the listener cowers in defeat. I am sure that all of you have seen this technique pulled in the classroom.

On reader observes that if there were no biological contamination by Black men of White women, then there would at least be a psychological contamination and "once you go Black you never go back." There might be no "scientific" evidence for this, but my experience verifies the truth of the statement. Pay attention to what your nose tells you.

We have always tried to make FAEM a "get real" site. To substitute one variety of wishful thinking for another, is to put on clean socks without washing your feet. Suppose third party candidate Tyrannosaurus rex stumps the stumps so effectively that he's bumper to bumper with Zionist candidate Iva Biggun who is currently #2 in the flag waving contest. Gas what happens next? ZOG bugger #2's party will throw support to ZOG bugger #1's candidate. The Perot (pronounced pee rot) sellout of recent memory should have clued the day dreamers in, but one apparently cannot be an 'informed' voter unless you have your head up your ass. Get real. Nothing important will ever be done on the election front until millions have their nuts in a vise and have tried every form of nonsense their noggins dreamed up.