27 July 2002
When a biologist looks at genes, he sees nothing such as race. When a nuclear physicist looks at neutrons and protons, he sees nothing such as elements. When a mathematician looks at numbers, he sees nothing such as another beer.
Women smilingly mention that men are just little boys who grew older but not up. " They love their toys just as they did when they were 12." Have you ever watched women gathered around some baby? They all act like they were 2 years old.
Biologist J. Craig Venter says "We are all virtually identical twins."This follows from the flexible fact that "we" have only about 30,000 genes. These dingbats are given letters for each of speculation and "...roughly only 1 out of 1200 'letters' differ between us." This small difference makes us "twins" but the egghead had to admit that this teeny weeny itsy bitsy difference has tremendous effects such as resistance to diseases.

The scientific conclusion: Things which are nearly identical are astoundingly different.
Moral: If your kid needs money for an education in biology, drown him.

Later on in the article, it appears that the biologist agrees that our senses do not tell us much about "reality". This conclusion could only come about from a person whose senses had failed utterly, as is probably the case here..

The key to prosperity – According to the Globe and Mail (Toronto Canada) for each $1 a Canadian has in take home pay, he also manages to rack up $1 more in debt. Yes. I cut off a piece three times now and it's still too short.
Words of wisdom ...

I HAVE GIVEN MY LIFE to alleviate suffering among Africans, There is something that white men who have lived there, as I have, must have learned and know: that those people are a sub-race.

They have neither the intellectual and mental nor the emotional abilities to equate themselves or share equally with white men in any of the functions of our civilisation.

I have given my life to try to bring to them the advantages which our civilisation must offer, but I have become well aware that we must preserve our status: whites are the superior, and they the inferior race, for whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equal, they will destroy him and all his work.

And so for any lasting relationship or any benefit to this people, let white men from anywhere in the world who would come to help Africans remember that they must continually maintain this status: you are the master and they the inferiors, like children that you would help or teach.

Never fraternize with them or accept them as your social equals, or they will devour you, they will destroy you,


Prince Charles, at Buckingham Palace, presented the Commander of the British Empire medal to dreadlocks nigger Lennox Lewis. There goes the last remnants of the former glory – just as Hitler predicted.
If a White kills a non-White, it's a hate crime. If a non-White kills a White, it's a love crime.
– Hydroponic pot growers are stealing $500 million in electricity each year. Officials are in a dither about what to do about that situation in Markham Ontario. Probably nothing. Markam is nearly 100%  nicee Chinee immigrant and most of them are gangsters. Diversity lovers must be ecstatic. Whoopeeee. Lovee Won Ton.
I hope you saw Dan Blather's show on how 'quota' simian incompetence caused one White fellow to spend 15 years in the slammer for something DNA later proved he didn't do. She be de ha'r analosis axpurt. If I had anything to say about it, this poor chap would be given a millionaire's ride for the rest of his life and the simian voodoo clown shipped back to civilized Africa where she could contemplate the meaning of zebra dung.

As the 'health care' business becomes more and more saturated with apes, I's suggest paying more attention to your health and keep a few cyanide sleeping pills handy.

Now, from London, we hear that science has managed to intervene and given a barren couple some children via "in vitro". It seems that a White couple ended up with a set of tar baby twins. A little mix-up. Whoops! Excuse it please. What is absolutely more pathetic is that the female decided to keep Heckel and Jeckel because they were "so cute". Yes, Virginia, a baby hyena, or buzzard, is also cute but they do grow up – something females in general seem to forget. Nits become lice.

Again, when we impose merit, and standards, upon any endeavor, automatic racial separation results. Since "equality" is assumed, then ZOG pushes incompetent people into positions where they can, and do, cause great harm. As in the movie Harrison Bergeron, "People are born unequal and it's government's job to make them equal."

You cannot have quality and equality simultaneously.

ZOG's imperial power has reached its zenith. The goal of having a Jew World Ordure might still be on the books, but the means to achieve that are rapidly dwindling. As the panic begins to show, we can expect more and more world wide chaos. 
At one time, the Crest Hotel in Cape Town, SA, housed well-heeled jews who were long-time residents. It was a kosher millionaire's resort. That was when apartheid still existed. The jews then brought down the White government and let Blacks do their bro' thing. Today, this same hotel is home to hordes of Nigerian pimps and their whores. Most jews flew the coop but about 30 remain. Needless to say, the hotel is fast achieving dump status and one might imagine that the aroma is also changing. Jews apparently have a biological drive to dirty any nest they happen to land in, just as Hitler observed.

Meanwhile, back in America, the jews were instrumental in providing the framework for the mestizo invasion. Since most mestizos do not like jews, we can again note that jews cannot help but destroy themselves. The problem is that flocks of gullible goyim gladly join them on the way to Hades. As David McCalden wrote, jews are either experiencing a "holocaust"; just getting over a "holocaust"; or are setting the stage for a future "holocaust". They seem to desire extermination. Perhaps some day they will find a people who will help them fulfill that dream. They love to be hated.

This is how voting works: Our masters make a proposal which will fill their pockets at taxpayers expense. Thus, it is brought to a vote explaining how the rip-off will benefit the goyim. Off to the polls. The voters turn it down. Is that the end of it? Of course not. The lieyers get to work searching everything from the Dodge City Bugle to the Dead Sea Scrolls which would serve as precedent for nullifying the taxpayers intent. (This is exactly what happened recently in Yakima County over a proposed real estate tax hike. The voters turned it down, and the City Council found that it could raise taxes without taxpayer approval.) Well, if no such precedent is found, off they go to some corrupt judge who will declare the whole vote null and void. This happens in California as a matter of course. Never forget that those who are raping you got into office with your vote.
Perhaps some day I shall write a book about the different ways in which I was tossed out of school classes. I even got cashiered from gym class for putting itching powder in cry-baby Jay Arthur's jock strap. Math classes have always been my downfall. I just couldn't swallow the philosophical hot air when it came to certain areas. I'll admit that like skin flute playing, not all people have the same talent for spending their time in Oz.

Prof. Graves, methinks, was the old boy who offered the standard proof that there is no largest number. It goes something like this: Let N be the largest number. Then N + 1 is a larger number which contradicts the given. Therefore, there is no larger number. The class swooned with whatever it was that causes mass swooning. I raised my hand and told him that his chalkboard scribble only proved that he made a wrong assumption, or declaration, about a number which he failed to mention. "What number does 'N' represent?", I asked. "The largest one you can think of." "I then asked which one was that. His reply was, "Get out!" Somehow "get out" didn't inform me anymore than 'N' did. After thinking a bit, I left the room noticing that Janet was licking her lips and smiling at me. 


Attention, pro-white civil rights lawyers.

Mr. Jim Giles, certified independent candidate for Congress in Mississippi, is being Buchanan-Nader frozen out by the GOP from public debate participation.  In this instance the GOP is doing this in a forum and debate partly funded by taxpayer dollars.  Attorneys able to help directly or to suggest competent counsel in the Alabama-Mississippi-Louisiana area are urgently requested to contact Mr. Giles at info@rebelarmy.com or at the telephone numbers listed on his campaign website here: www.rebelarmy.com

We agree that books are often judged by their cover. If this were not true, then why all of the millions spent on pretty packaging? Decades ago, planting a swastika on any book guaranteed its sale. People incapable of judging anything depend upon the label to do their thinking for them.

Often we see people who look like a manure pile and who act accordingly. What lies underneath? Did the person fall into a brown pile or is he excrement through out? It is not the observer's task to determine what lies beneath. If the person is of substance, then he expends the effort to give himself a good bath.

A person may have been born into an unfortunate position but that is not an excuse for staying there. A man fallen has the choice to lie there or stand up. That choice sets the tone of his life.

Our Intellectual Betters. (submitted by G.K.)

A few years ago, there was a Mensa convention in San Francisco and a bunch of Mensa members were lunching at a local café. They discovered that their salt shaker contained pepper and their pepper shaker was full of salt. How could they swap the contents of the bottles without spilling, and using only the implements at hand? Clearly this was a job for Mensa!

The group debated and presented ideas, and finally came up with a brilliant solution involving a napkin, a straw, and an empty saucer. They called the waitress over to dazzle her with their solution.

"Ma'am," they said, "We couldn't help but notice that pepper shaker contains salt and the salt shaker ..." "Oh," the waitress interrupted. "Sorry about that." She unscrewed the caps of both bottles, switched them, and said, "Will that be one check or separate?" 

In America, criminality is institutionalized. This does not mean that all Americans are criminals but enough are so that it was easy to subvert the Constitution and turn this once great land into a mounting turd-world garbage dump. Below, I briefly mentioned the Adelphia fraud which certainly was known by far more than those arrested. People go with the flow because it benefits them.

The top execs of aircraft manufacturing company "X" knew that inferior materials were being used in the assembly of certain jet aircraft much in the same way that contractors know about the cheap material, and shoddy work, which goes into their over-priced development homes. Who, other than top management, knew about the inferior material? Let's examine the paper, and verbal, trail of material "M".

'M' arrives in stock and samples are taken and sent to the quality control lab. Lab technicians analyze 'M' and find it does not meet military aircraft specifications. The technicians know. The test report is submitted to the chief chemist. The chief chemist now knows. The chemist writes a review and hands it to the quality control manager's secretary to type up. The secretary now knows. The report is given to the quality control manager who adds comments before it it submitted to the plant manager. The quality control manager and the plant manager now know. The plant manager then dictates his recommendations to his secretary who now knows. The report is then sent to the production manager who, in turn, sends a copy to a vice president. Two more people now know. A meeting is called which involves about eight people on the board plus the head of engineering. The 'secret' of the inferior material is not very secret. What compounds this are the loose tongued people who simply cannot refrain from gossip. "Hey Joe, did you know that the assembly you are working on uses material which did not pass specifications?" Joe, and the informant, have wives and I am sure this tidbit was shared by the families. I would assume though, that the workers generally were not aware, and if they were, they didn't care as long as they never flew in an 'X' and their overtime was not affected.

People are people and the Adelphia crooks were probably known for a long time and were obviously assisted by other crooks. The way of the world is that someone must hang so that the matter might have "closure" – a very sickening oft repeated term which reminds me of the sound of a zipper. Hang a few turkeys and the matter is quickly forgotten. The mob has its blood lust satiated.

Whether seeking mimimum wage workers or building plants overseas, it's the same old song – money, money, money. It is very difficult to find honesty these days and competence seems to have vanished with the burning of Tara. People who think this thieves' paradise will hold together eternally, will soon have an awakening they will not appreciate.

The above story is true. I lived it and left the place when I was ordered to sign my name to false test reports.

Keep in mind that Hitler would never have lasted past 1935 if HE DID NOT DELIVER. National Socialism works! Jews, always mindful of those who know about jewish mischief, remark in one of two ways concerning the Third Reich: (1) Hitler used his evil powers to hypnotize an otherwise good people or, (2) "...every once in a while the German people go mad." This is what I remember of a remark made to me by the author of "The Nazi Seizure of Power", William Allen Y. This unbiased, and objective, fellow, when I asked if he ever read the National Socialist World, declared, "I wouldn't read it since anything about National Socialism is trash." He thus contradicts himself as all good jews do sooner or later. Their lies do not always agree. Read the transcripts of the 1985 Zündel thought-crime trials for a good lesson in jew palaver. It's also good for a few laughs.

Most likely, the "holocaust" yarns were used to legally murder German leaders, set up their extortion racket without opposition,  and browbeat the goyim into submission using the whip of self-guilt. Now that they feel total control over America has been achieved, the necessity for subduing revisionists is not longer necessary. The "holocaust", except for its religious trappings, will vanish from factual history as did the "cutting off of babies' hands" and "raping of Nuns" propaganda of the FWATKWP.

The insane jewish hatred of Hitler certainly indicates that he must have done something great for the gentiles.

Suppose you are out at the race track and I inform you that your house is on fire. This is something you do not wish to hear. Can I therefore be blamed for the bad news as disrupting your otherwise lovely day? No my friends, telling you about pitfalls and smashing your day dreams does not, in my book, come across as 'negative' for the TRUTH, for better or worse, is the only thing worth knowing.

If a concerned young fellow is sent down the wrong path and meets with disaster, he is very apt to toss in the towel. In the coming racial struggle, we cannot afford to lose a single White man to disenchantment and to the best of our limited ability here at FAEM, we intend to fully inform you of dead end paths. Even if you chose to find out for yourself, at least you should be warned. That we will do. YOU are the answer. Not FAEM.

In regard to the informative book "Crud", you may be aware of Tom Wolf's critique on 'modern art', "The Painted Word". The cultural assault on the White Race began with the introduction of "Christianity" into Europe by force and fraud, under the rule of Karl the Saxon-Slayer, alias Charlemagne. Thousands of brave Saxons were given the choice of "baptism or death", and they chose death, for they disdained slavery. The slaves remained to breed their kind and thus became "sheep" and/or "dogs" in Jesus' words. One tribe's god is another tribe's devil. The kings of Europe brought in Christianity and also the jews to plague their people. The evil of Christianity goes back a long way. ..

Christ, as portrayed by the minions, was the first communist, so what you are objecting to is new communist propaganda and culture-distortion, rather than the old stuff. It is necessary to realize that the old stuff was the basis for the new crud.

As you probably knew, all jew cults are man-centered, rather than life-centered. That goes for communism, christianity, capitalism and other Semitic religions. The God of Nature cannot be a jew god, and to the extent so-called christians oppose Man to nature, they are also jews, albeit jew-slaves.

I hope your books are on the internet, for the print media are the graveyards of literature these days, and the readers on the 'net are young. ORION! Eric Thomson

Don't buy stock in the Irrational Defiance. It died the moment just plain Bill did. We can expect the several mini-Führers, especially those not interested in honest work, to be clawing at each other sooner than you think. As just plain Bill is now being portrayed bigger than life, then where is his equal to be found? If there is no equal, then the I.D. will be second-rate even if it did hold together, which it won't. One good thing though. The top dog censorship is now gone and we can expect a few talented subordinates to be unleashed, as it were. I am aware of many fine young men who left the I.D. because of the elitist attitude demonstrated by their moral inferiors. Addicted pussy-pounders are useless.
Freegus Regus Regas Regis Regus. Yes sir. Aldephia's woes are all due to a small corrupt family. Get real, Virginia. Are you telling me that NO ONE in that whole wide corporation had no clue as to what was going on? B.S. Others, and lots of them, knew what was happening and the reason they did not object was because they were benefiting by it all. Most Americans dream of the day they can steal something. I knew people who worked for a contractor who violated building agreements and used materials not on the approved list. Every worker, except the brain dead, knew what was going on. Did they object to this fraud? Hell no. The pay was just too good and those year-end bonuses were counted upon to buy some more useless entertainment junk.
Bored people are also boring people.
Senator Traficant,
although a populist, is nonetheless a man of low character. The conditions under which he was canned, and convicted, is of no consequence. If he was fond of buggering, he'd still be in office.

Before you raise your hopes – remember the Reform Party? – and send your cash to the America First Party, why not ask them how many non-Whites are in the crew? If they are not a 100% pro-White party, then spend your money on booze and broads. Pro-everyone =  kiss the honky good-bye. Why is it that those who believe in the one-man one-vote silliness cannot seem to pronounce 'demographics'?

Hitler had an easy time compared to what faces us today. The Germany of 1930 was not filled with simians, mestizos and China men who VOTE! Wake up Whitey. It's hard to see when your head is up your posterior.

While the jews incessantly yammer about their "holocaust", it serves to blot out the SWATKWP holocaust committed against the Germans. Read about this real non-Spielberg war crime – the expulsion of the Germans from Sudetenland. http://www.iolaos.com/scriptorium/english/archives/whitebook/desg00.html
My father was a generous as he was honest. I believe I was about 28 years old before I really appreciated his stature as a human being. Of course, as children we often view our parents as barriers to freedom and something we often wished we could do without. Needless to say, my father chose as a wife a woman also remarkable in her own right. Not only did we sit for hours listening to her sweet touch at the piano but well remember those scorching summer nights while living in our tenement. Mom would sit up most of the night wiping our sweating bodies with a cool, damp cloth, in order to afford sleep.

They were a great pair and spent their early years of marriage with only a Harley for transportation. When dad could afford a car, the two never missed a chance to rough it in the mountains – tent, fishing pole, rifle and frying pan. For some odd bit of timing, I was born during one of those trips – in a tent miles from the nearest congestion called a village. My sisters always remarked that this was the reason I was so different from them.

My father was the head of the household. There was no question about that. He listened to our comments but there was never a vote on anything. We were kids who contributed nothing, and therefore had no right to say how his hard earned money was to be spent. It was always obvious that mom was second in command and her wishes carried a superior amount of weight.

Dad was a provider plus and was never tardy or absent from his job. At mealtime, he made sure the children had ample food, and second our mom, and he'd take his portion last. Often, I assumed he was not hungry since he refused to eat much. It was only later that I discovered what he was doing. If, through some good turn of luck, we had extra money or food, he'd go to some neighbor who was temporarily down on his luck, and give him assistance. He always addressed the head of the household for he chose not to interfere with a man's family. I asked once why he never gave food to Mr. Moore. He replied that Mr. Moore was a drunk and he would never aid any such person. "But, dad," I said, "his wife and kids could use some help." To this dad replied, "That's their problem, not mine. If we help them, then that would only relieve Mr. Moore of his responsibility. Any man who would deprive his family is not worth the powder to blow him to hell. I fell sorry for them, but I will not shoulder his responsibility."

When a person gives something voluntarily then you are assured of his honest intent of help. What say you of a man who offers help, but at a price? The Robert-Eric-Maguire trio here at FAEM are certainly interested in helping our family – those of related blood – White people. That's why we gladly give of our time and even accept expenses as part of that job. We do not help "for a price" nor do we play the part of business people who "do good" by selling you something.

We are anti-Zionist but not anti-people, Black or whatever. We do not approve of anything which benefits the other races at the expense of White people. If it's not good for White folks, then it's not good, period. We remain pro-White without compromise.

The meat packing industry is 100% Y, or close to that. The workers are by and large, mestizos. When we hear about beef recalls due to Escherichia coli bacteria contamination – ah, diversity! – keep in mind that this is a variety of bio-warfare. You asked for integration, we're in this together, disease sharing, and so get sick and enjoy equality.
I believe it was in 1965 when Dr. William Pierce invited me to be a guest at his home in Virginia. I remember staying two days. I was always treated with great respect and courtesy. He was pure gentleman although we did not see eye to eye on many political and factual issues. Those disagreements have appeared in one form or the other on these pages.

Since that visit, I have had many occasions to meet him at "conventions" and have enjoyed our several telephone conversations and written communication. More than once, he mentioned his limitations thus revealing substantial character and insight.

I am saddened by his passing but nonetheless feel that my life was enriched by those moments of personal contact. Death always closes the door permanently. We can all agree on that. I salute the man. He will be missed.

To date, FAEM's descriptions of the Blightwing Paytriots-For-Profit as parasites and useless eaters have been greatly understated.  Among other datum, The Jim Giles Campaign for Congress is revealing once again their corrupt tendencies to petty jealousy, egotism, selfish greed, delusions of grandeur, lack of team and white community spirit and an utterly nihilistic streak of 'rule or ruin'.  Needless to say, none of these snakes reside in the Mississippi Third District, with maybe one  exception.  And that from an ostensible organization that hasn't done a damn thing for white people in over 60 years .  Another of these has actually had the unbelievable conceit to appoint himself as a proxy (like the ADL) to decide for the white voters of the 3d District whether Giles is fit.  Needless to add, that particular headline hound also has a copyrighted website with plenty of trinkets for sale.

For the first time in modern memory a white man has stepped forward in the light of day and actually hit the streets with a simple pro-white and anti-Zionist message.  He has not solicited Blightwing organizations as organizations or even mentioned them at all in his campaign.  And without exception all of them regard Giles not as a fellow soldier but as a competing restaurant down the street who threatens to interfere with their cash flow.  It's apparently irrelevant that all of them are notable only by their decades-long absence from the Mississippi 3d District.  Until now I have discredited some of the more extremist theories about various groups and individuals being composed of compromised individuals running false flag operations.  From now on my standard is "By their fruits ye shall know them."

To call many of the above types neo-Nazis is an insult to the NSDAP.  The NSDAP had a far more tolerant attitude to its converts who had formerly belonged to the Communist, Social Democratic or Catholic Centre parties.  Which is precisely why the NSDAP progressed much further than the above collection of tin-pot mini-Führers.

Make no mistake.  Names are going to be named here after the November elections.  Some of you still have time to repent.

There is however one all-redeeming quality to Jim's campaign.  That is the chord he is striking in the hearts of white working men and women all across the 3d District and America.  And that's what you Paytriots-For-Profit hate the most, isn't it?


While people spend their time building shrines to what has passed, the enemy is still advancing.
There are some differences
between the stock market and Las Vegas. Both are gambling exercises but Las Vegas offers extras. You get free drinks and can take your winnings home to count. Besides, you don't have to pay some broker to do the betting for you. With a little luck, you might meet some friendly lady for a little pleasant socializing. I've never heard of a stock holders' party but I don't know everything. Many who go to Las Vegas and lose their money chalk it up to entertainment. The greed factor built into "investing" does not allow for that. "Here's $1000. Go fetch me $2000." The stock market in not some bank account. 
Reality, P.G. level 2 – Young Whites in México del Norte (California), if you are generous enough to call them that, are joining mestizo gangs and partaking of the generous poon-tang. In other words, these Whites are being absorbed by the mestizo community. Good-bye gringo. It was nice to know you. The Mongols who invaded China were absorbed by the Chinese population. Genghis is but a memory. I'll light an incense to that.
America First Party – Ho hum! With people on the mast head such as Goloman Y and Goodman Y, the ship is dead in the water. The Judeo-Christian self-destruct module is already built in. Day dreamers always continue to day dream about their fairy tales.
Dr. William Pierce. R.I.P. An untimely death this July 23, but the gods will have their way.

Upon receipt of this tragic news, a few questions popped into my noggin. (1) Was there a will? (2) Who owns the considerable property? (3) Was a successor appointed?

Over the years, the blightwing has operated consistently as a broken record. I see visions of lawyers slithering up from their dismal slimy swamps and certainly several clashes of fart-inflated egos will reverberate for many moons. What entitlement will Dr. Pierce's ex-wives and children have? As certain as god makes little green apples, there will be those sticky greedy paws grabbing at this and that. I now see a section of the Serengeti Plain where a dead zebra lies and all around the buzzards and jackals enter contest to see who shall fatten themselves. The scenes will be new, but the story is old.

The National Alliance. R.I.P.

Reparations – NO!       Repatriation – YES!
Just imagine. All the Blacks shipped back to their ancestral homelands where they can work their destiny and be free to let their innate genius be fruitful without evil racism and discrimination to hold them back. Once they turn Africa into a paradise on earth, I'll bet Whitey will be begging to know their secrets.
The computer screen hasn't turned your eyes into oysters yet? No? OK, read this – http://www.onlinejournal.com/Editor_sDesk/editor_sdesk.html

There's more good stuff at this site. If Geoge UU (double the kosher, double the good) could be tossed out, remember that the Y still remains. He's only a poop boy.

What White women should bear in mind:

Between you and death at the hands of hordes of racial enemies, who are already inside the gates and howling for blood, there'll be just a thin red line of heroes when the drums begin to roll. White men alone have risked, and will continue to risk their lives in your defense. As presently constituted, are you worth the sacrifice? It's a sobering, humbling thought. But If you intend to have any future you'd better think about it, White woman. (Lifted from a letter at VNN and sent to me.)

"White Pride" is as hollow as a basketball player's simian head unless you have a sizable portion of self-respect. If you refuse to take care of your timbers, then don't blame the termites for tearing your barn down. There never was a period in my long life when drugs and loose females could not be found if desired. Things were available for theft and no one prevented you from breaking the law. My poor neighborhood was full of young people who didn't steal, smoke, drink, take drugs or spend their hours looking for an orifice to fill. We built our own toys and made rafts so we could journey on the creek. If a wayward young man impregnated his girl friend, he was obliged to marry her. Shack-ups and rape were as rare a fleas on a bowling ball. If any got their tail in a jam, or suffered injury from some mistake in judgment, then no one blamed something, or someone, else. We took responsibility for our own actions; never "ratted" on anyone for personal gain and I can say we all had a great deal of self-respect. Alas, in those ancient times there was something called family which meant exactly that. My father got married in order to have a family, not a bed companion or supplementary pay check. He set his standard of living to fit his paycheck.  He didn't pick a standard of living and then try to find a way to pay for it.
I am pleased that many of you managed to support the Jim Giles campaign. He apparently is getting a strong favorable response from people because he's sticking to the pro-White agenda. The "hate" assaults on this man will soon be coming down the pike. If one has his eyeballs glued on the future, he's in good shape for that's the only way to go as the collapsing economy, imperial massacres and mud invasions, will leave no other options for White folks, at least those who think there is more to life than niggerball, pussy, pizza and beer.

My advice – better to send Jim $$$ rather than help some blightwinger buy more real estate and take vacations with his mestizo mistress.

The experts have almost guaranteed that the stock market decline will not drop lower than 7800 although no time frame was given. "Buy" is their recommendation. You'll never get such a good deal. I'll tell you what – YOU buy stocks. I'll watch.
The Great Depression was not a time of starvation. It was a disruption of the jolly times of the 1920s where most everyone was sharing the American dream – booze, broads and bucks. Although the big wazoo happened in 1929, it took about 2 years for the ducks to return to the pond. Many, many people found out that being ledger rich really didn't count for much. Others, lying in wait like all good predators do, made fortunes on the sorrow of others. About 25% of the working people were without jobs. Veterans of WW I staged a protest rally in Washington DC, but where driven off by other solders who were veterans of no war. As now, ZOG couldn't care less about the wishes of its serfs.

During this period, tons of milk were dumped down sewers in an attempt to control prices and production. People out of work could line up once a week and be given a cabbage, sack of corn meal, dried prunes and a small smoked ham. Stores still had plenty of things to sell and Boeing managed to manufacture airplanes, and Detroit still poured out millions of automobiles. Small farms still grew their produce and overall, there was no shortage of anything. Edna's whore house still had the elected officials and local business men arriving on schedule. Money, in some quarters, was in short supply. The working man had his standard of living lowered considerably but those who were wealthy via stocks, and other paper, really took a swan dive.

Red Roosevelt tried every Marxist scheme in the book to pull the country out of that depression, to no avail. Eventually Roosevelt grew to hate Germany's Hitler with a passion. WW II, the SWATKWP, did help the economic problem. A good dose of killing always seems to solve something but in that case, Americans, as usual, ended up killing the wrong people.

Romance and the High Five. (based upon actual observed events)

Actors, in order of their importance:
Cheeta – the predator, played by an ordinary ugly simian aged 20.
Pussy – the daughter, played by a 15 year old ostensible White girl with large boobs.
Sobbie – the mother, played by an ostensible White addlepated female.
Dragass – the father, played by a hardworking ostensible White male.

Scene I. Cheeta drives up with his 1988 Chevy short-bed delivery truck with one mashed left front fender. The paint is peeling and the windshield cracked. In the cargo space is an old, stained and dirty mattress. Pussy, who is waiting on the porch, waves and enthusiastically greets him. Cheeta ascends the porch stairs momentarily dropping on all fours.

Scene II. A loud and joyful scream is heard throughout the neighborhood. A quick glance shows that Cheeta has twisted the arm of Pussy, spinning her so as to place Cheeta at her backside where he clamps his left hand over her mouth while his right hand squeezes her right boob. He drops his left hand, and she smiles and then laughs. After cupping her left boob in his left hand, he then leads her to his truck where they drive away amidst the loud and raucous sound of 'rap'.

Scene III. Sobbie comes out onto the porch when she sits down, tears in her eyes, and then places her hands so as to hold her head. Dragass now walks onto the porch, shrugs his shoulders and says "What can you do?"

The curtain falls.

So far, I feel OK about Jim Giles although I have never met him. He's running for local political office which  probably comes across as being not of concern to those outside of Mississippi. Well folks, he a White man running essentially on things we all agree. If you ever thought of sending your year's salary to FAEM, then find a way to send it to this young fellow. We are supposed to be a White community, aren't we?


WTOK has removed prematurely the results of the poll which asked the question "If the election were held today, who would you vote for in Mississippi's 3rd District Congressional race?" (previously posted at  http://www.wtok.com/home/polls)

Thus proving they are precisely what we say they are.  A Zionist propagandist organ of lies and deception masquerading as 'independent local news'.  Their participatory charade ends when it starts returning adverse results.  They run such scams so long as they lend the illusion of legitimacy, i.e. bipolar Pickering-Shows and Zionists win either way. Expect a considerable degree of media silence when it comes to Jim Giles. BTW, he's no I-kiss-my-mirror-and-love-it David Duke.

Here's a place to download some German military music. The sophomoric introductory comment was probably written by a lover of simian drug screech and jungle bunny jump.   http://www.censorfreeworld.com/Audio/gmm.htm
People revolt and change their government, not out of principle, but because they are out of food. What well fed people ever revolted? (Although empty bellies is a requirement for revolt, this does not imply that all hungry people revolt.) Being well fed does not mean that the government will not change. Today, ZOG is effectively destroying the last residue our our late great Republic, and they are able to do so since the their serfs are kept well fed, and entertained. Keeping the economy in a good producing condition, is priority number one. If the American were not well fed, fat, and indolent, little of the nonsense which sails about would be in existence.

As the crook who shouts, and points, "thief", uses the ruse to pick your pocket, so has ZOG used "communism" to befuddle the boobs while installing it bit by bit, over the planet. Ever since 1905, as described in the National Geographic, (it's not on their CD set since that is memory hole P.C.), the American government has been financing "the revolution". 1913 saw the imposition of the income tax and other Marxist chains all without one vote of acceptance from the average American. The bolsheviks were financed by our behind-the-scenes jews. If we were indeed as anti-Communist as ZOG claimed, then why did Hoover allow massive aid to be shipped to the collapsing regime in the U.S.S.R.? Check the monetary assistance Roosevelt authorized to keep that experiment in futility alive. What was WW II all about other than saving communism from being eradicated from Europe and Asia? The Jew World Ordure is simply a Big Brother communist state. Israel does not run the United States. Israel is a sanctuary; a major outpost for the jews who control all American policy mostly through their willing Angle stooges and fronton. If Israel vanished overnight, do you really think that the AmeriZOG would change its goals? Not today or ever. Israel is the magician's left hand which is waved so as to distract while the right hand gets ready for the next slight. Dual citizenship admits that America = Israel. Germany has been occupied for 57 years by American troops and installations, and its government plays the part of vassal – a puppet. It's not far-fetched that George UU's "shadow government" consists of the present leadership of Israel.

History will record that the American empire will prove far more brutal than the Roman, and it too, will collapse. As the woman who cannot admit her husband is a philanderer, because he is a good provider, so does the average American fail to recognize the greatest terrorist state known to date.

America, land of plenty. That's why we have no shortage of aholes, drugs, diseases, perversion, or crime.

Lawdy be! A woman killed by her 4 pit bulls. Surprise, surprise. The pit bull (American Staffordshire terrier) was bred for the purpose of fighting.  That means teeth, blood, torn flesh – that sort of thing. "Pit", that's their arena. "Bull" does not mean female. I guess our land of morons has been seeing too many Disney movies. What in hell does an owner of such animals think he is doing? I'll be nice to a pit bull, feed him oatmeal, and he'll become a Chihuahua. It should never be forgotten, if one has the brains to understand in the first place, that dogs are pack animals. One pit bull per family is enough but add another, that's two Virginia, and the pack instinct is amplified. When one has a pack of four, you are inviting disaster, big time. The equation is simple. The more dogs, the less the human influence.

Have you noticed that there are far fewer attacks by dogs, or simians, upon males than there are upon children or women? There is another factor here which the feminist crowd dislikes. Females, with their soft ways, are quite effective with animals when it comes to herbivores, especially horses. Not many females are in the horse 'breaking' business though. When it comes to the fang crowd, any farmer knows that its the man who is most effective at control. Trainers of African cats, lions etc., have told me that the female voice will often set off a lion to attack. It appears that chauvinism exists among carnivores also. If that can be proved, then maybe our feminists can strive to outlaw Nature. When loving, the female voice is often quite soothing, but when yapping, it remains one of the most irritating sounds on earth.

The omnipresent destructive jew has his kosher fingers pawing at everything.  http://insightmag.com/news/258607.html
Without a uniform, how does one tell a Palestinian from a jew?
As I have mentioned, some people are lower than animals – they'll screw anything. How else can you explain race-mixing?
Firing squads and sterilization will solve many of our problems.


"A man has been forced to flee his Canadian home after having sex with two dogs he dressed in women's underwear.The man, who cannot be identified, has moved from British Columbia to Winnipeg where he's being watched by a police sex-crime unit. Both dogs were found dead and wearing bra and panties. One was found in a garage, hanging from the rafters, the other in a ditch near the man's home."

Here's some more trash that needs hauling to the dump.   http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/commentary/a0021439.html

In the beginning there was nothing and nothing is endless. That's why the universe has so much room to expand into. Why do we refer to the beginning as the "big bang"? Big" means larger than something else. What was that something else? "Bang" means sound. Sound does not travel in nothing. How many nothings does it take to make something?

These and other questions are answered in my forthcoming book, "Why Space/Time Physicists Should be Shot on Sight".

Why is the IRA seemingly silent on the matter of the mud-invasion of Ireland? I have always suspected that Jerry Adams was a kike. He has the typical kike look about him. Remember the spic jew, de Valera? Real Irishmen were murdered by the Brits so de Valera could head the 'independent' Irish State.
If you read all of the newspapers, magazines, internet postings, etc. and listened to all of the radio mouths, for the last 10 years, how would you sum up the Middle-East/War-on-Terrorism circus in as few words as possible? Would it be something like this:

The War on Terrorism is the final stage of clamping the Jew World Ordure upon the planet. States which intend to retain national sovereignty will be attacked, bribed or whatever, until it agrees to be a vassal state of the Jewnited States. America is no longer sovereign. It is being filled with non-Whites at a rapidly increasing rate, as are all White lands. Ireland will soon be the shit box England is. It is indeed interesting that this is supposed to be completed by the end of George UU's reign as king of the universe. It's a Dunn deal in 2005.

Jake Van Impe, a Christian TVangelist who consults with rabbis before he even farts, says Armageddon will arrive in 2012 A.D. after the 7-year peaceful reign of the anti-Christ. Interesting, since 2005 + 7 = 2012. His last 666 predictions never came to pass, but who knows? Someone always wins the lottery.

The Mark of the Beast has 6 points, 6 triangles and is composed of 6 lines. In the center is the "hex". Our verb hex, first recorded in the sense “to practice witchcraft” in an 1830 work called Annals of Philadelphia, is borrowed from Pennsylvania Dutch, as is our noun. Is this all coincidence? Nawh. Cain't be. I didn't see it on TV.

My roof was leaking and so I went to the library and took out all of the volumes on meteorology. I even grabbed some on acid rain just to be more complete. After a diligent period of study, I felt convinced that I knew something about rain. I returned the books and then picked up several house construction manuals including those published by ZOG. Yes, I learned a hellova lot about roofs. I was now armed with mega-grams of knowledge and knowing that "knowledge is power", boy, I really felt powerful – and free since "the truth will set you free". After having a cup of hot Ovaltine, I noticed something – the damned roof was still leaking!

Let's see. How many more books on the jews, or WW II, should I read?

"Refugees" are nothing more than the overflow from some mud sewer breeding ground – a Christian's raison d'être.
Multan, Pakistan
– A Pakistani tribal council ordered an 18-year old girl to be gang raped in order to punish her family after her brother was seen walking with a girl from a higher class tribe. I can hardly wait for this form of "diversity" to be common on our shores.
The cesspool known as Toronto now has its counterpart to the faggot "pride" bunch who recently staged a parade of "solidarity". Some of those participating wore jockstraps while others were nude, thus advertising their set of values. Recently there was a dyke parade where it was estimated that 25,000 female whatevers proudly flaunted their goodies. When some onlooker shouted an anti-pervert comment, she was promptly arrested. Let's cut the foreplay – elect Howard Stern president.
Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, was picked by the jews to be flunky race-traitor Ian Smith's successor. Jews have declared that only Whites can be racists. Now that they have declared Mugabe to be a racist, does this mean Mugabe is now White?
From the nut house – A Sikh can wear a ceremonial dagger to school but one cannot carry a nail clipper on a plane.
For more informative reading, add this to your bookmarks – http://www.jihadunspun.net

This is another of those wondrous sites where webmaster thinks dark print on dark backgrounds makes the reading easier. When I pop onto a site such as this, I simple don't bother with it. I am long past the picture book phase and anything beyond a trace of graphics turn me off. If I want to see colored patterns, I'll buy a set of oil paints and brushes or piss into the sunset. Rainbows are far more pretty and besides, they're natural.
According to the Toronto Star, Uzma Shakir, another mud ingrate, is complaining that the honkies in Toronto are preventing "power sharing". If I had my way, this mud would be on the next boat back to the sewer from which she came. Each year Toronto gains another 80,000 muds ("visible minorities", ha ha). Less than 45% of Toronto's population is now White and the muds are getting impatient relative to the slow hand-outs which they demand. A United Way study indicates that poverty might be tied to race. Dawh.

When one has a problem with termites, it is not helped by feeding them. You also cannot solve the problem by killing a few of them. All, as in 100%, must be exterminated. If you are interested in complicating the matter, round them up, ship them to a place of isolation, and let them reward themselves according to their ability. In the closing scene of Psycho, Norman Bates couldn't kill a fly. Our country is infested with this mentality and just as insane. One either defeats his enemy or becomes defeated. Mother Nature is not a proponent of "sharing". As Rockwell said 40 years ago, "You are either a predator or you are prey." As it stands today, White folks are on the menu as the main course.