23 August 2002
Meet "Rhonda Rapture"

Rhonda Rapture's primary goal in life is to "feel" like a "good person" and, far more important,  "be seen" as a "good person".  Good personhood is defined by whatever she perceives as being the current public consensus.  In her mind this means being a good "Christian person" who denounces 'racism' and even apologizes for slavery.  That the Bible approves the practice of slavery is meaningless to her.   She rationalizes away her ready participation in Bible denial and rewriting as being in the higher good of  "Jeeeee-zus".  All of this is the emotional and spiritual equivalent of makeup to her.  Like Painted Lady Tammy Faye Bakker, she won't leave home without either.

Rhonda Rapture will ignore or deny entire books of the Bible in pursuit of this goal.  She'll also freely sell out her sons' (if any) futures in pursuit of the pleasurable emotional moralgasms she is incurably addicted to.  The Rhondas are women of extremely mediocre intellect, as shown by her letter.

The two things the Rhonda Raptures won't tolerate are personal economic privation or genuine submission to their husbands as required by Paul.  Can you say 'hypocrite'?

The mercenary degenerate scum like the Robertsons, the Bakkers, the Swaggarts, the Lindseys and hundreds of lesser lights have found very fertile fields indeed to plow in the Rhonda Raptures of North America.  Every time one of these is exposed as a Ponzi scam artist, a whore chaser, an employer of prostitutes or other fraud  then 'Rhonda' expresses dismay, ascribes it all to being the work of Satan and a 'sign of the times'.  Then Rhonda promptly falls in with the next identical Judeo-Religious conman pending his exposure as a pederast or thief.


The Salvation Army is locally on a bender to scrape up scoots for the "underprivileged" waifs thus allowing them a better shot at trashing the schools they begrudgingly attend. Sam, a fellow who breaks his buns and gets calluses on his hands, works in the construction business. He has a nice home and supports his family well. His son, Carlo, could be considered "privileged", I assume. Carlo doesn't take drugs or engage in anti-social behavior, and never breaks the law. If one's parent is a welfare breeder then somehow you are higher on the p.c. acceptance register. As Orwell noted, "He who defines, controls." In this crazy society, the more useless a person is, the higher his "value" score becomes. It's clear that ZOG grants special treatment for problem makers. Unfortunately this special treatment is not the kind I have in mind.
Why do so many mothers behave as if they were dogs? Thug brat throws his toy truck down the driveway and mom fetches it. Thug brat runs down the driveway and mom fetches him. Instead of teaching thug brat not to drink Clorox, mom locks the jugs up. Instead of teaching thug brat not to put his hands into the garbage disposal, mom pulls him away as a St. Bernard would do.

Moms apparently have forsaken their role as teachers and the goal of guiding the young ones into adulthood. Moms are now protectors absolute – essential to guard little monster from the big, bad horrible world. It's all about safety and not about learning how to handle the events of life.

Did I ever throw my toy truck down the driveway? Don't make me laugh. I fully understood the word "no" at a very early age and my parents never had to repeat themselves. That's how we managed to get along so well.

If the "visible minorities" are of concern to us, what about the invisible ones?
Dear Mr. Maguire –

"Next: what will ZOG do with the Japs?"

It would be more relevant to inquire what the Japanese intend to do with ZOG.  North America's dependence on Middle Eastern oil is still fairly minor.  Japanese dependence on these sources is profound.  This, and their low birthrates, are the principle Japanese national security concerns.  Their industrial base remains intact.  They've addressed demographic labor shortages by an intensive development of industrial robots.

"We'll need the Japs to hold off the Chinese, don't you think?"

Yes but...  Chinese blue water naval power does not exist and is not going to, on China's own efforts.  The only invasion they can mount of North America is the immigration invasion they're currently conducting with the connivance of Jews and the Republican Party.  Our biggest strategic need is to ensure the Japanese don't reverse their alliances and join WITH the
Chinese.  If these two were joined together, a very large East Asian blue water navy would soon emerge from Japan's numerous shipyards.

As things currently stand this danger increases with every passing day.  Our foreign policy is now entirely controlled by the sick ravings of old Jew rabbis.  Because of our unlimited support for Jew wars anywhere, at anytime the senile droolers of Likud decree, we are emerging as the premier threat to Japan's petroleum energy sources in the Middle East.  "Bull in the China
shop."  Jewish policy may in fact be partly calculated to deflect East Asia eastwards across the Pacific.

This callous and complete disregard of Japan's premier national security interest (energy) is not passing unnoticed.    You may recall that an imminent lack of access to oil has sparked momentous Japanese decisions in the past.


A young lady who was escorting me through a horse stable pointed out that "Dolly", a quarter horse, was much smarter than 'Rainbow", a palomino. One might have wondered how she drew that conclusion since I assumed neither of the two animals had ever taken an intelligence test and thus had no numbers to compare.

Art, an auto mechanic long time friend of mine, was always judged to be very intelligent by those who knew him. No one passed IQ numbers about and so this leads to a real world conclusion. Intelligent people, and animals, are good at solving problems which appear outside of the programmed instinctual realm.

Layne, a snoopy little dick who graduated from high school with me, had the ability to memorize nearly everything. He scored 100% on all vocabulary test but couldn't write an essay worth the reading. He specialized in gossip and lock combinations, yet no one ever claimed Layne was intelligent.

When we bring up the beaten-to-death topic of nigger intelligence, I immediately notice people arguing for no purpose at all. Comparing individuals is not how groups are compared.

Temperature is a measure of the AVERAGE kinetic energy of the particles of a substance. Kinetic energy is related to the velocity of those particles. This is to say that in a volume of hydrogen gas at 80° F., for example, some molecules are traveling faster than others. In air, not only are the molecules of oxygen traveling at different speeds but so are those of nitrogen. Thus, an observer with keen eyesight could find a molecule of nitrogen which is traveling faster than some molecule of oxygen while the temperature of the air remained constant. A conclusion could thus be obtained stating that nitrogen was a faster moving gas than oxygen.

This is how the Marxists sometimes arrive at their "equality" notions. They compare the best of one group against the worst of the other.

Are Blacks as intelligent as Whites?  Look at their history, especially that where one is not influencing the other. The record produces the obvious and it is so glaring that the defenders of "equality" immediately emit a barrage of excuses – environment, poverty, oppression, 'racism', blah, blah and more blah. In the defense it is noted that they are not contradicting the facts but affirm it by offering  nothing other than apologies for those facts. The forcing of school integration plus the plethora of special privileges called Affirmative Action, quotas, Head Start, and such,  indicates in spades that Blacks simply cannot hack it on their own merit in what used to be a White society. In the past, Blacks did not hold certain jobs, not because they were black in skin, but because they could not handle those jobs. That was when we operated on a merit system but as we all have now been taught, merit is Nazi.

Any merit system will automatically place Blacks on the bottom shelf thus producing segregation. To eliminate segregation, a merit system has to be destroyed as well as the all-important freedom of association and that includes hiring practices. The battle essentially is as Eric points out – QUALITY vs. EQUALITY. In our American mad house, it's quite plain which is winning, so far.

Maguiresez – We did have the results from the last round of 'education reform' and 'raising standards' in the 90s.  Standards were tightened up, tests were standardized and negroes were promptly left in the dust.

For a bit, an 'A' in Florida was set at 94%.  August 2001 it was dropped back to 90%.

Personally I like the NASA night montage best.


Group results and lack of speak for themselves.  Haiti is the classic example.  'Independent' long before most of Africa was 'colonized'.  Still just as dark as the Dark Continent.  So's Belize.

A fellow sent this velly interestink linkhttp://www.charleston.net/pub/archive/news/pinleaks0819.htm – I suggest that this corrosion problem is similar to that which affects most metals. Buried in the dry and dusty archives of university and military caves, are several reports I wrote way back in 1965. Basically, these pinholes are triggered by impurities in the metals used. In 1973, Ford purchased tons of British CRAP steel and used it for the body parts of their cars. In 1967, Boeing subcontractors used Japanese CRAP magnesium in rudder and trim tab assemblies. (Today, I suspect the problem is quite a deal worse even without the mud factor.)

I was assigned the task of finding out why "cancer" seemed to appear out of nowhere in certain metal alloys. I strained my brain, dated Ruth which also was a strain, and then wore out my delicate fingers writing stuff no one paid any attention to anyway. I proposed a theory which the experts did not like even though it proved correct in each an every case tested.

The reason the big boys tagged me for the corrosion problem is because I solved a chemical milling problem and a Bloomingdale adhesive problem which had plagued both Boeing and Bloomingdale for nearly a decade. (This is horn blowing and it feels good once in a while! Right?) In this regard, my reports predicted exactly what would happen if they pursued such and such. For nearly one year, the experts, who also did not like my theory, tried to disprove my statements. They could not. Their final solution was not to alter procedures according to my outline. They simply abolished the 517 adhesive system.

So it goes in my very interesting life. I was born in antiquity but still remain 20 years ahead of my time.

February 27, 2002:  FAEM reports Hillary preparing run for White House.


JERUSALEM (Reuters) – U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton  said during a solidarity visit to Israel Saturday that Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was a failed leader unable or unwilling to stop terrorism against Israelis."

"In a speech to the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (F.A.E.M. note. This meeting of 'American' Jewish leaders is being held in Jerusalem), the New York Democrat and former first lady blamed Arafat for the collapse of peace efforts her husband, Bill Clinton, spearheaded when he was president."

August 20, 2002:  Associated Press reports Hillary preparing run for White House.



Robertsez: Poor Maguire :o) – He forgetted sumtin he did all sayed way back in FAEM, November 2000.

"I watched her acceptance speech.  A case study in amorality and sociopathy.  She will say and do ANYTHING to get what she wants.   And Gore has to lose for that to happen.  Well, the country has nearly voted in a dude with less than 6 years experience in his state office.  Hillary notes this and also notes that Hillary can't run if Gore's sitting there in 2004.   The Freemasons have another hammer overhanging, too.  It's called Indictment for Perjury.   I am confident both the Clintons are campaigning very hard for George W. right now.

"Here's where 'is it good for the Jews'  will become decisive.  Not what's good for the individual Jew Lieberman with his foreign born 'Haddasah'.  My read is that the Big Jews will turn thumbs down on Gore for this reason.    Their preferred method is to exercise power from behind the scenes, not openly.   Having Lieberman standing at the summit of a fast disintegrating state heading into turbulent economics and overseas war is not 'good for the Jews'."

Also appearing in FAEM , year 2000:

"Hillary has Al boxed two ways there. So why all the excitement? This has little to do with Y2K and everything to do with 2002 and 2004 already. Hillary wants an energized base, a smooth primary and no side shows from 'stolen victors' or from Green Parties..... Then she'll conduct an Imperial Progress right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. There's two and four years' of Immigration Invasion reinforcements on the way..... Hillary and the Big Jews have spoken. Hillary in 2004 and no primary interference from losing Dumb White Boyz and their nigger campaign advisors. So good-bye sour grapes loser incumbent Vice President Gore, hello Gracious Star Winner Senator Hillary as the undisputed Leader of the Opposition."

Al-Qaida develops chemical weapons while protected by the U.S. and British Royal Air Forces


"CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) – Arab terrorists linked to al-Qaida may have tested biological weapons at a small facility in northern Iraq known to American intelligence, a U.S. official said Monday."

"U.S. intelligence agencies had reason to suspect that the facility, in a part of northern Iraq not controlled by President Saddam Hussein government, was a kind of laboratory for chemical and biological weapons activity that included testing on barnyard animals and at least one man, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity."

Allow me to decode this for crystal clarity.  The 'northern Iraq' referred to in the article are the Kurdish areas of northern Iraq.   For over a decade now, ever since Desert Storm, the U.S. and Royal Air Forces have been flying combat patrols over this northern 30% of Iraq, ostensibly as part of 'protecting' these Kurds from Saddam Hussein.  This is called the "Northern No-Fly Zone".  During this decade the Kurds have engaged in a massive amount of opium farming and trafficking.  Their principal trafficking contacts have been among the Chechens in Chechenya and the ZOG favored Albanian Muslim gangsters backing the Kosovo Liberation Army

The Bush Mal-Administration has not produced even a shred of evidence of any external hostile activity by Saddam Hussein, let alone any involvements with al-Qaida or any other terrorist activity.  A Gulf War veteran and former U.N. arms inspector in Iraq, Scott Ritter, has categorically asserted that Saddam has been out of the weapons of mass destruction business for a long time.   Now it emerges that ZOG-USA and Brit-ZOG are themselves responsible for creating al-Qaida's opportunities in a part of Iraq that Hussein and his government are barred from entering.


P.S. Note for brain-bombed Limbaugh fans and other Republican imbeciles.  These al-Qaida friendly Kurdish drug dealers will be strongly represented at the 'Iraqi Opposition Congress' the Bush leaguers are putting together in the Netherlands. 

Saudi Arabia is ZOG's Enemy;
Oil:  Reality vs Judeo-Masonic Neo-Conman Crapola.


Myth:  Changes in Persian Gulf oil state regimes threaten our oil imports.

Reality:  The oil state dictatorships supported by ZOG-USA are themselves the major obstacles to higher crude oil production and lower oil prices.

Example:  Iran.

Supposedly the Late Great Jewess Ah! suffered a huge foreign policy disaster when 'ally' Shah Rezi Pahlavi of Iran was overthrown by the Islamic-Nationalist Revolution in 1979.  On the contrary, this event was a disaster only from the standpoint of international ZOG elites.  Khomeini's successor regime has been far more production friendly than the Shah's absolute monarchy.   Iranian crude oil production consistently rose from 1.6 million barrels per day (mpd) in 1980 to 3.7 mpd per day in 2000.   See the linked Department of Energy Excel spreadsheet.

During that same period the absolute monarchy called the House of Saud cut crude production from 10.2 mpd per day in 1980 to 9.1 mpd in 2000.  During these two decades the Saudi absolute monarchy has wildly varied its production figures from a high of 10.2 mpd to a low of 3.7 mpd in 1985.  Before his removal the Shah of Iran also manipulated the Iranian oil valve to the same ends.

The successor Iranian Islamic government is far more popularly based than the previous absolute dictatorship that was supported by ZOG.  The few thousand loudmouth clerics have power only because tens of millions listen to them and support this as being in their interests.

To retain Iranian popular support this government has had to maintain national income (and hence oil exports) at consistent and growing levels.  From the standpoint of low oil prices foreign consumers have every interest in seeing the corrupt Saudi regime overthrown and replaced by a broader based Saudi nationalist government.  Such a popular government would also come under popular domestic pressure to maintain national income and hence pump the wells.

Saudi Arabia is the enemy?

Saudi Arabia is in fact ZOG's enemy.  But this is not because of the reasons advertised, which are religion and the participation of a thousand or so Saudi nationals in the al-Qaida organization.  Nor is it the House of Saud that is ZOG's enemy.  It's the vast Saudi Arabian oil reserves and the general population who are the real enemies ZOG so greatly fears.

Vast new oil fields are coming online in and around the Caspian Sea basin.  The full size of the reserves in this area are yet unknown.  These new central Asian fields may yet prove to be as large as or larger than the Persian Gulf reserves.  From the viewpoint of an international oligarchy whose power is premised on creating shortages in illegal drugs, money and energy this development is already a catastrophic event.  Were a Saudi nationalist revolution to occur the new government's oil policy would most likely resemble Iran's after 1979.  The subsequent flood of oil would reduce world prices to the lowest they've ever been in the modern era.

This is the background of facts to use in evaluating the current anti-Saud war hysteria being promoted by the Judeo-Masonic gang of Jewish war criminals and their Freemason oil oligarch allies.  The principle outcome of such a war would be to destroy the current Saudi production infrastructure, as happened in Kuwait in early 1991 during Desert Storm.   The first results of this war would thus be to spike oil prices in the short term.  In the longer run oil prices would be sustained at close to current levels as the Central Asian fields and other swing producers (including marginal fields in the USA) expand production to take advantage of the price levels.

This war is also increasingly essential to sustain the viability of ZOG's so-called 'Federal Reserve System' of debt-backed usury money.  All of Saudi Arabia's large foreign assets could be seized as 'enemy assets'.  The so-called U.S. Treasury bonds issued by ZOG and held by the Saudi regime could be retired.  Other assets such as currency, stocks and real estate could be resold and redistributed.  This would prevent the Saudis from 'shifting' to other currencies as advocated by increasing numbers of Islamics.  This financial counterstrike would be identical to the one applied to nationalist Iran after 1979.

But if this is done in isolation after a Saudi nationalist revolution it would further increase the pressure on the new government to pump as much as oil as possible.

Thus physical war to destroy the oil field infrastructure is also essential.


Years ago, I was riding to the lower floor in one of the college elevators. I was alone except for Dr. Neil Swarz, a professor of psychology. We talked a bit and he elaborated upon his comment in class that 'homophobes' were actually suppressing homosexual urges within themselves. I asked him what his thoughts were concerning the eating of shit. He was startled by my query and responded that the thought was disgusting. Before stepping out of the elevator, I finished the dialogue with, "You are obviously a shitophobe and are suppressing an urge to make a meal of some."
Allowing the jew to have a say in the running of your country is like letting someone use your soup pot for a toilet – while the soup is still in it.
Jewish-owned New York Times normalizes sodomy in the style section.


"NEW YORK (AP) – The New York Times plans to begin publishing announcements of same-sex commitment ceremonies along with its wedding announcements."

In other Sunday news, tens of thousands of Judeo-Zionist Rapture Cult pastors preached that the Jews are God's holy chosen people and cited the New York Time's decision as another 'sign of the times'.  They did not of course inform their deceived flocks the New York Times is both Jewish owned and pro-Zionist.  Speaking such truth would be anti-Semitism, blasphemy against the self-chosen G-d race and also an impediment to their own cash flows.


The former White countries are stocked with thousands of great young White people and some of those will be the leaders of the future. Never forget that they will not lead head any of the decadence which our world now drowns in. The Zionist Order will be destroyed, there is no doubt about that. No one knows when, but that makes no difference anyway for great souls strive with no guarantee of reward. White people climb mountains, and go to the moon, simply because the moon is in the heavens and the mountain is over there. Only the worthless demand reward for insincere effort. There is currently no political leader, of which I am aware, who shouldn't be rounded up and made to serve 10 years in a forced labor camp. They could then die in peace knowing that they were of some value for 10 years.
Again I remind my readers that I do not necessarily agree with, nor endorse, the material, including links, which appear on FAEM. Our ZOG crud indoctrination education system insists that for purposes of 'mind freedom', we be exposed to information concerning all the various cultures of the world including the joys of cannibalism, female circumcision, copulating with goats, and the advantages of never taking a bath, which appeals to many I imagine. It is in this vein of freedom that we wish you to be exposed to the smorgasbord of ideas, especially those our masters disapprove of. They label this "hate literature". It is – for they HATE it when you become informed concerning their mischief and dirty work.

I hope to awake some to a point where they can objectively think about what they hold to be fact. Moreover, question it! I remember the historian and professor, William White Y, who gave us a required book reading list for his course. Naturally, his books were on that list. There were about 7 books, if I recall, and I mentioned that this appeared to be to be a sort of censorship. He replied that the other books were not "accurate" nor even worthwhile to read. Think about this. We were to read only his 'approved' books. That's what I call academic freedom, eh what?

Nationalist greetings!

By pure "accident" I came across your page while searching for material on the Silver Shirts. I was first stunned, then very, very pleased. It is indeed a great page (and I'm not just saying that because they reflect my views – which mostly the articles do). It is another one of those oasis in the desert of degeneration which the Net still offers us.

If you like, please feel free to link our pages (which are just in their beginning): www.nasjonalsamling.com  about the truth of the Quisling movement in Norway, twisted as it is now by those who decide what's "history" and what's not. (You know, I know) and www.reichsmusikkammer.com  a company for Axis march music and rare speeches by the men in the NSDAP, run by a close friend of mine. Its not a sales link, just a page that informs people about the existence of the RMK and what they have released of CDs and DVDs (and VCDs).

Along with my wife you made my day today! – from T.H. in Scandinavia.

A baseball strike is of course, a national emergency. I'd expect Bush to send in the National Guard and shout "play ball!"
Other than flag waving, crying and holding candlelight vigils, I believe the general population will do little other than gawk like cattle if another 9-11 comes about. A herd of wildebeests in Africa appears to be a community but, like America, it is little other than a collection of individuals "doing its thing". When a predator nails one, the others stare or run away never once thinking of coming to the aid of its kin.
Suppose that Germany proposed to France that they didn't want war but only wanted to come to Paris and live. While in Paris, they'd breed and the increased numbers would allow the election of Germans to run France. History records that the French were not that stupid. They told the Germans that if they wanted to live in Paris they'd better come armed for the French would shoot at them.

The Mexicans are coming here to live, breed, be elected, run things, and all the while we help them. How do you spell "stupid". Moreover, how do our insane leaders plan to win whatever war they think they are having, while letting the enemy freely move in? If you cannot defend your own borders, than what is it that you think you can defend?

As a population gets more stupid, the government will get more brutal. A society of intelligent and caring people requires a remarkably small and weak government. To the materialist, smaller government means less health care, less welfare, and fewer subsidies. Would you like to bet on how they will vote?
As USZOG wastes more and more of its resources hunting witches and windmills, it doesn't take much to predict that Afghanistan will be around longer than the US. 
One of the more humorous activities of late is the step-up of 'holocaust' yarns on TV. In a population steeped in "snuff" movies, and child porno, the gas chamber and Mengele nonsense must come across as great sado/maso entertainment. The jew mind is as predictable as it is far-out. If a pie-in-the-face was a funny scene, then they think 50 pies in-the-face is 50 times funnier. The heyday for 'holocaust' propaganda has long past. They should have let it be decades ago, but they just had to keep tossing those pies. 
Penmanship has not been taught in schools for a very long time. Heaven forbid that we should all write so we could understand each other. Such uniformity is fascist, wouldn't you say?
We are experiencing the demise of Marxism. It was inevitable since the finite ability to produce is being swamped by infinite need. If I were the worst enemy of this country imaginable, I could not think of any greater set of damaging policies than those of the Bush administration. Many, in synchronous belief, might view this as pessimistic with little hope for the future. I do not, since the wreckage of that which is rotten cannot be other than the opportunity for a new beginning. When we go about cleaning up this garbage dump, the only ones who will object will be the maggots and rats.
"They look down always with their heads bent to the ground like cattle; at the banquet they feed, fatten, and fornicate. To get their fill of such things they kick and butt each other with iron horns and hooves and kill each other. They are insatiable as they do not fill the real and continent part of themselves with true realities."Plato: The Republic. Chapter 9, line 586 .
Jus' say NO to terra wrists. WE MUST FIGHT!
(translated = YOU fight. I'll watch and keep score.)
That's why we are where we are. I have noticed that many local candidates for political office are spouting the "less government and more individual freedom" grammar school message. It sounds great, but is that best for society? One fellow objects to anything concerning eugenics in the firm belief that an all White society would work out just fine and dandy. Unfortunately, many of those able to breed – all are definitely willing, right Linda? – come from highly questionable stock. Is it within a logical realm to say people can copulate with what they choose, whether goats or the anus of another pervert? I think not. When two normal people bring a child into the world, that child is a part of society and no couple has a right to place their "sexual preferences" or choice of companion, ahead of the community welfare. We are interested in upgrading the biology of our citizens and that simply cannot be accomplished without a central governing authority. The sex drive is such that "any port in a storm" is accepted tradition. Look about at the ugly pottage and remember that it came into existence as a result of individual interest placing community interest subordinate. Better human stock means fewer diseases, for one, and deformed people are burdens upon the rest. Where does anyone get the right to drop their burdens upon society as a whole?  Granted that there are some who are very careful about the quality of those with whom they breed but since it is unlikely that they make up more than 15% of the population, leaving the issue in the domain of "individual freedom" is asinine. Nay, it is destructive.

Whether we define the "fittest" to be mental, physical, or preferably both, there simply is no room in a society interested in bettering itself, for the degenerate mental or physical specimen. This might sound brutal but Prof. Pendell outlined a reasonable plan whereby even those prohibited from breeding would gain. Never forget that most people copulate out of personal interest in ego puffing and pleasure. Each time Linda assumes the prone for the football team, do you really think she's thinking about pregnancy? Do all of your race-mixing friends think its great because of the wholesome children it will produce?

If maximizing individual freedom and minimizing government is so ideal, then why not abolish government as the anarchists wish? With the absence of law, or rules, each could do as he damned well pleased, that is, until someone's else's "damned well pleased" included blowing your head off.

A better society demands better mental and physical citizens. Over half of our citizenry has defective vision and that includes myself. I certainly would have appreciated coming from stock with sound vision – among other things, I might add. Who doesn't desire healthy, bright and good looking children? Most I believe, but the number who actively work in this direction are as rare as jews at a Nazi reunion. Instead, we live in a society where we bring children into the world mostly as accident and then demand that "science" patch them up. I have no other description than – we are all nuts! An ounce of zipper prevention is worth tons of cure.

Disease is simply one organism expanding at the expense of another. Starvation is a process whereby the numbers of any group are stabilized in equilibrium. Both mechanisms are part of the natural order. When a society envisions nature's remedies as an enemy – something to be utterly destroyed – then that society is laying the ground work for disasters yet unimagined. White people, those who have the greatest effect upon upsetting the natural balance, should have far more discretion than they have so far exhibited. Through warped emotional bent, the White man is unconsciously destroying all that he claims to want to preserve. This malaise will not extend another 40 years. Disease will not be conquered and all those who wish to eat will not find food.

When you feed starving Africans, for example, you are thus providing a means for their numbers to increase. This larger population then needs a greater supply of food than before. The amount of food which can be supplied is finite regardless of fables which claim thousands can be fed on one loaf of bread. There is a limit to the food supply and when that is reached, starvation will be horrendous – ALL will suffer. (When a group of humans inhabits an area, then that area is removed from being a source of food just as the Los Angeles freeway systems effectively removes 50% of that area's important land area for any other use.) It apparently seems, according to those involved, that it is better to starve future millions than it is to starve one waif today. Perhaps we have in this attitude a belief that we must "hold the fort" until god descends and makes this earth another Eden. But what of this Eden? Will it be an equilibrium sustaining a fixed amount of all forms of creatures or just the start of another mad race to supplant all other life with humanoids as the LaRouchites and religious do? Each addition of human beings means some other form of higher life disappears but the microbes, viruses and insects will always be with us. In fact, the more we try to get rid of them, the greater and stronger their numbers appear. Since god established the whole shebang in the first place and installed the mechanism, it is doubtful if our "humanitarian" goals are appreciated in the gold lined welkin. Disaster, as is now unfolding, will be visited upon us, not because of some prophesy, or predetermination, but because we ourselves asked for it.

I do believe that the gods will spare SOME of the White race – pure in their generations – but it behooves us all to wonder exactly whom will be saved. Do you think that the gods will value the moronic slug and begging (praying) weakling on the same level as the valiant warrior? I think not. He allows no life form this courtesy. The meek infest the planet but they shall not inherit it. The meek do not deserve the earth and they could never take it. That's why they believe god will give it to them for being the worst possible example of the life force. White man – stand up. White man – fight!

Telling Joe and Betty Frump that USZOG is the greatest terrorist organization on the planet would bring the same response as telling 300 lb. Mike Musclebrain that his wife is a whore and his daughter does the plumbing for the football team. Telling the truth often gets one an early visit to the dentist. Like your pant's zipper, the F.A. should be used with aforethought.
An old man lived alone in Missouri. He wanted to spade his potato garden, but it was very hard work. His only son, who would have helped him, was in Jeff. City Prison. The old man wrote a letter to his son and mentioned his predicament.

Shortly, he received this reply, "For HEAVEN'S SAKE Dad, don't dig up that garden, that's where I buried the GUNS!"

At 4 A.M. the next morning, a dozen police showed up and dug up the entire garden, without finding any guns. Confused, the old man wrote another note to his son telling him what happened, and asking him what to do next.

His son's reply was:  "Now plant your potatoes, Dad. It's the best I could do at this time."

From the gee-I-didn't-know-that-talmudvision-herd http://www.p-m-s.freeserve.co.uk/texts/USpol.htm
They are not here for the freedom. They are here for the freebies.
Dear Mr. Maguire,

On the subject of Andrew Jackson defeating troops who won the Battle of Waterloo., Read the two volume work by Peter Hofschroer titled; "Waterloo; The German Victory" He makes the case that the British "won the Battle of Waterloo" is another one of their publicity stunts where they take the credit for a victory won by others. Their army during the Peninsular Campaign had the King's German Legion and the Black Band of the Duke of Brunswick in it's OOB. Something to ponder. They also tend to downplay or treat with contempt the contribution of the "worthless Spanish and Portuguese" armies and the not insignificant support of the Guerillas and resistance. This is something that bears some further looking into. Maybe Hofschroer will write a book on it. He is a well known authority on the various German forces in the Napoleonic wars and several other historian/ authors are starting to put out accounts from other non-English participants. It seems much of the British history is unfounded bunk or hornblowing. The Napoleonic wars were not simply a "war between Britain and France" which Britain won, all by itself, with no help from anyone....


Maguire adds:

The Prussian commander at Waterloo was Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.  He was 72 years old at the time.  The Prussian Army as it existed at Waterloo was the creation of Gerhard Johann David von Scharnhorst.  This army used an active duty/reserve component/mobilization model developed following the Prussian defeat at Jena.   This system designed to evade Napoleon's treaty size restrictions on the Prussian Army imposed following his victory at the Battle of Jena.  Scharnhorst's new system involved training a group of 42,000 men (Napoleon's size limit on the standing Prussian Army after Jena), 'discharging' them from active duty and inducting a fresh batch of 42,000 recruits for more training.  Previously Prussia had relied exclusively on a long service professional Regular Army with no sort of 'militia' or reserve.  It didn't occur to the French that the Germans might radically alter their military organization and start relying on 'militia'.  Until then it was unheard of in continental dynastic Europe to train large bodies of peasants in the military arts.

The British commander at Waterloo was the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley.  He always credited the allied victory to having fed his soldiers a breakfast of hot 'burgoo'.  While British historians are often supercilious and arrogant, Wellesley himself was very modest about his achievements and always gave full credit to his allies at each step.  One of his most famous Waterloo quotes in the afternoon was "would God that night or Blücher would come."

One 'what if' of history is what if Wellington had gone to North America as desired by the British government?  After Waterloo he was offered and after studying the situation refused the North American command.  He said a British victory depended on gaining naval command of the Great Lakes and he saw no way of doing this after U.S. Navy Commodore Perry's victory at Put-In Bay on Lake Erie.  General Harrison's subsequent victory at the Battle of the Thames River in Ontario and the destruction of the combined British-Indian force proves Wellesley to have been very foresighted.  Harrison could not have crossed the Detroit River except for Perry's control of Lakes Erie and Huron.

Academics will argue the Napoleonic Wars for the next thousand years with no decisive proof possible either way.  What cannot be argued is that after an 'estimate of the situation' Arthur Wellesley predicted the exact outcome of the British campaign in North America.  To me this is the decisive proof of a great general.


P.S.  A lengthy note on Commodore Perry and the "Battle of Lake Erie" at Put-In Bay.

Until 1813 a British naval squadron controlled Lake Erie and kept the small American port of Erie (500 inhabitants) under close blockade.  As a result of this the Northwest Territories were being progressively lost.  The Americans therefore decided to build a fighting fleet on the spot in this small village.  Cannon and sails for the new fleet were dragged over the Appalachian Mountains.  Local laborers directed by two professional shipwrights cut and shaped lumber by hand since there was no sawmill.  A few professsional naval officers led by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry crewed these ships with US Army soliders and militiamen.

On August 1, 1813 the British most unwisely temporarily lifted their close blockade of Erie.  Commodore Perry instantly set sail with his small fleet to seek battle.  On September 10 the two fleets of schooners and brigs clashed at Put-in Bay.  Perry's flagship, the USS Lawrence, was dismasted and reduced to sinking condition.  Commodore Perry therefore "transferred his flag" and himself by rowboat to the brig USS Niagara and continued the fight by sailing straight into the British line of battle.   The British soon surrendered.  Afterwards Perry transmitted his famous report to General Harrison (Northwest Territories 'theatre' commander and later U.S. President):   "We have met the enemy and they are ours: two ships, two brigs, one schooner, and one sloop."

By all material standards the British 'had it all their way' on Lake Erie in the above event.  They had ships built by professional shipwrights and crewed by experienced professional sailors.  The even won the early part of the battle.  What they lacked was superior willpower, superior enterprise and superior ingenuity.  The American refusal to accept anything besides complete victory is what won the battle.  This incident evokes memories of (and may have been inspired by historical study of) the sudden Roman construction of a fleet to fight the Carthaginians at sea.

And here AGAIN, we can see American 'militia' citizen-soldiers (latin root of miles = 'soldiers') at the center of decisive events.  Militiamen comprised most of Commodore Perry's crews.  Filthy academic liars like Michael Bellisles (and Jewess Deborah Lipstadt, also of Emory University) want to erase such events. 

An open question for the let's-vote-our-way-out-of-the-garbage-dump crowd – Consider Diversity City composed of 20% Blacks, 25% mestizos, 20% Chinese and 35% Whites. Assume all the Whites agree with your position. What sort of proposal, or candidate, would you field which would benefit the survival of the White race and at the same time, would be found agreeable by enough of the non-Whites to enable them to vote in your favor? Someone other than Whites have to be on your side, wouldn't you think?

Supposed you lied about your position and managed to get elected as chief loud mouth. Do you really think that the mud mob would allow you to run things on a pro-White basis? If yes, then tell me what is the name of the weed you are smoking.

The "Hitler's example" followers should note that in 1932 Germany was predominately White people. Here in Lower Slobovia, the demographics are definitely not in favor of White people. You allowed your government to grant voting rights to your entering-by-the-hordes enemies and you still wonder what is happening? Good grief.

LaRouche wants a return to the Franklin Roosevelt economic policies as a means to save us from the collapse he predicts. Heart murmur Lyn fails to recognize that the American population is not of the quality it was in 1932-1944. To suggest that a simian can become a human by the addition of a tuxedo is at the heart of all LaRouche proposals. This is just as bone headed as a proposal to reinvent the Third Reich. This is not Germany and it's not 1932 either. WWII was the Alamo of the White race and it's hard to imagine where the rescuing cavalry might be, if there indeed is one. America's problems are now so severe that I'd fully understand a resurrected Mr. Hitler wanting to disappear to Antarctica for a long stay at penguin watching. Our situation is hopeless but not serious. The day is coming when it shall be serious but not hopeless. Most do not feel our situation is severe because they are like those on the Titanic who felt secure since their feet were still dry.

Another batch of zap heads thinks we can now vote our way out of problems. Your 'land rover' might have allowed you to drive into the swamp but sure as hell it cannot get you back out. When a fellow jogs himself off a cliff no amount of continued jogging will change anything from that point on. Yes, yes, save the Republic but let me keep my summer cottage, Cessna, Mercedes, in-ground pool, and my 3 jobs which are required to pay for all of the junk which stuffs my garage and keeps my doll wife from going where the grass is greener.

If you have ever cleaned rabbits after the hunt, you will notice that the heart and the liver do not resemble each other. Life experience dictates the extremely high possibility that those two organs function differently. I'd wager that that probability is 100%. When we see an antelope and a wolf, the differences need not require a college degree in order to distinguish. We observe that they behave differently in nearly all respects. I'd love to learn of any two living entities which look identical but function differently or any two which look differently but function identically. The latter has apparently been found by the believers in equality. It's called the human brain.

With a small amount of training, anyone can be taught to recognize the difference in appearance between a nigaroo and a honky brain. Oh jes, a convolution here and a density there, might be different but they function exactly the same. This notion permeates everything in our whole society and LaRouche's 'land bridge' solutions to boot. Often gullible parents are convinced that their undisclipined brat just needs the 'right' teacher, video game, computer, carpeted class room, etc. to "motivate" him/her/it into genius category. The fact that some are lacking in this department is all chalked up to something other than biology since, although they might look different, all brains function the same.

How does the LaRouche bunch explain what is obviously apparent? It's "culture". The Blacks in Africa just do not have the right culture to generate a Grieg, Gauss or Newton. That's where Whitey the do-gooder comes in. Force the Africans to adapt European culture and whoopee – all's well on the good ship Lollipop. ZOG forced Blacks into White schools and we all noticed the super results, haven't we? The schools became jokes and the Whites were niggerized. So much for installing European culture on simians.

With the right environment and training, who believes a zebra can act like a horse? Race-mixers do.