11 September 2002
Coming soon to a potato field near you – Carlos Barragan and Valentin Garcia, of Pasco OR, were arrested on suspicion of first-degree theft. They stole 12 tractors. No Virginia, not all on the same day. They rented appropriate U-Hauls and happily carted them away. I don't suppose they donated them to "the poor", do you?

Meanwhile in the Yakima parks, macho femmes and school boys are patrolling the landscape with motor bikes. They are armed with crash helmets, cell phones, orange T-shirts and blue wrist watches. That sounds scarier than hell to me. I guess that's why the sheeple now feel "more safe". I do wonder about the crooks, however. Sorry. I forgot to mention that part of their threatening armaments are 3-cell waterproof flashlights.

Dear Robert:

I was reading GI Joeís “Reflections on WW2” and I couldnít help to think, with great sadness, of the many young Americans who were sacrificed for the benefit of a most despicable race of criminals. Maybe it's because Iím still under the effect of the 3rd episode of the mini-series based on Stephen Ambroseís book “Band of Brothers” which I have not read. I know very well that the series was produced by Spielberg, therefore, its message is a Semitically-correct one; but this did not diminish the excellent quality of the production in regards to the street fighting sequences around Carentan. I could not help but remember a speech made by Himmler during the early years of the Third Reich, where he stressed the need to create a racial consciousness across the borders that would prevent a repetition of the horrendous mutual slaughter of White men during WW1. Unfortunately it happened again.

Before being executed “for treason” the Irish National-Socialist William Joyce known as “Lord Haw-Haw” said: “I know what I die for; I only regret the fate of the thousands of British youngsters who died without knowing what they were fighting for.” The same can be said for the young Americans who died in WW2. Those who survived do not deserve the filthy, decadent society of today, and yet unknown to them, that was what they were fighting for.


Dear Eric – I just read The Chosen One. It's all coming to pass!  B.K. Manitoba.
There are tens of thousands
of White drug addicts in this land. I suppose we could wrap marijuana and cocaine with some NS, or other material, so when they are spaced out and floating 4 feet off the ground, they might find time to read the message and be "won" to our side. Folks, how low must we stoop in order to advance?
America is heading for a collision with a brick wall. That wall is named Nature.

Prior to the jew take-over
of Russia in 1919, Russia could boast of superior writers and inventors. They had great aircraft in WW I and the ONLY revolver which had a silencer. I believe it was called the Nagant. Everything today is mainly stolen designs, courtesy of the Germany of the 1930s and the inventors, and writers, seem to have vanished. What happened? The bolsheviks managed to kill the goyim with smooth hands. And now, the U.S. has saddled itself with the crippled Soviet space program. Such a deal.

Remember the bank robber, our glorious comrade in arms Stalin? He'd set off a bomb in a crowded park where women took their children to play. While the police were tending to the aftermath of the explosion which killed dozens, Stalin would rob the bank.

When I see jew-dazed White people floating along on their sled of wishful thinking, I am reminded of the movie The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Self-love is inversely proportional to one's love for work.
The U.S. will be dangerous for a while and then it will be little more than a petty dictatorship with no grandeur.

North Korea has nuclear weapons and the means of delivery. Why pick on Iraq?
Thanks to all of those who submitted comments relative to what now appears as one user's local problem with IE, and FAEM images. Also, I thank all of those who submitted AZA logos. They were all great. More on this later.
On March 12, 1916, The Daily Telegraph published a horror story about the Germans GASSING 700,000 Serbs. Since bullshit baffles brains, the boys Y decided to rerun the article. This time only 2 things were changed. The date was June 25, 1942 and the Serbs magically became – you'll never guess! That's right Virginia. Jews.
During WWII, The Germans had an occupation policy whereby 10 hostages would be killed for every German soldier killed. During the Allied occupation following 1945 – and Germany is STILL OCCUPIED – consider that the French would have killed 25 hostages; the Soviets 50 and the sweet and gentle Americans 200, for each soldier of their kind who was killed by civilians. It seems that the more kosher you are, the more blood-thirsty and hateful you are.

Most Americans are hypocrites. They go bananas when irate Moslems call for smashing the United States but take it as a right given by God, to smash Moslems lands with only silly suspicion in their tiny brains. (It's all smoke and mirrors for 'war' is spelled with a capital 'drugs' and 'oil' and 'empire'.) Suppose you were Mr. Iraq and had nuclear weapons. Then, the world's benefactor stated that he was going to launch a "preemptive strike", just in case? What would you do with those nuclear weapons?

I think we should bomb Canada. After all, at Chalk River there are vast quantities of zircon sand and "everyone knows" that such material can be used for making zirconium. And "everyone knows" that zirconium is used as shielding in atomic weapons. You just cannot trust anyone with their hands on 'the makings'.

I just saw a fellow lighting a cigar but I know that's a diversion since he really intends to ignite a bomb. I think I'll waste him, just in case. If I don't, then a bomb going off would destabilize the earthquake fault which Edna's whore house rests on. The whole thing would then drop into a huge crevice carrying Morris Beansteen to his death. If he lived, he just might have found a cure for cancer.

Is this for real?        Fox Y warns Gutman Y.    http://www.aztlan.net/aztlanmexico.htm

"Homeland security" is a joke for how does one defend their territory if they don't defend their borders?

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Still think FAEM is the best site on web and better then all Main Stream newspapers.  Just got my brother who is in Law Enforcement hooked as a reader to FAEM. I was at Hollywood video yesterday and in the documentry section their was a video about Hitler.  They described what a madman, sexual deviant with Eva Braun and other unkind attributes to Hitler.  Of course after reading many of FAEM's archives, I would view this video more as character assasination propaganda.  My question though is their a book or website that gives a balanced approach to the real man Hitler was displaying his strengths and weakness as leader of Germany?  Some folks  blindly Love the man and others Hate the man and their wrintings reflect that.  It would be great to really know the kind of man he really was to pass on the truth to future generations.

Regards and Orion, S.

Maguire replies;

The book, and indeed the historian, that best depicts Hitler as a human being with both virtues and flaws is Hitler's War by David Irving.  Of late David Irving's website has returned to on/off/on/off mode.  But when Irving's site is operating you can download this book for free here:  http://www.fpp.co.uk/online and follow the menus.   The Institute for Historical Review at http://www.ihr.org also has some short articles about Hitler from a more or less academic perspective.

You are correct about the demonization aspect of all ZOG agit-prop concerning Hitler.  The part that intrigues me is how little the pre-war and post-war ZOG line has changed.  ZOG's pre-war outline was filled in with a host of non-fitting facts at Nuremburg.  But the  basic party line is identical to the one of 1938-1939.

As you also observed, as an off-set to this the White Wing frequently reacts in an equally erroneous opposite direction.  It does this by deifying Hitler.  It's been well observed that 'Truth' is the first casualty in any war.  That proverb certainly applies in the Social War between Jews and Whites.  Hitler is either a 'devil' or Hitler is a demi-god and some kind of white messiah.

On the opposite side Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Truman and their lieutenants are portrayed as mostly saints.  Both these effects are achieved by emphasizing some character aspects and hiding others.  But they, their lieutenants and their backers defeated Hitler.  Consequently their views of what happened have prevailed as history, at least for that generation and the following one.

To me this method of academic treatment is the final proof of the Jewish Question character of the entire struggle.  It's a theological approach to history in the style of the Old Testament Books of I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles.  Even this is unfair because Kings and Chronicles don't pretend to be either definitive or non-theological.  There were frequent references in both to more definitive histories about the kings of Israel and Judah.

Compare the approaches in all these SWATKWP biographies to those adopted by the historian Plutarch in Plutarch's Lives.  Plutarch constantly struggled to discover the real man and both his virtues and flaws.  One device he adopted was to compare two different famous persons.  The purpose was to discover more about each by way of contrasts.  The Jew historian Alan Bullock copied Plutarch's method in "Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives."

Hitler personally compared himself most to Frederick the Great and Martin Luther.  I take this as meaning Hitler viewed himself as founding a larger German state in the way Frederick laid the foundations for the Kingdom of Prussia.  Prior to 1919 'Germany' was a geographic expression and the name of an Empire, not a unified nation-state.  For example, in 1914 Hitler enlisted in the Bavarian Army, not the Prussian Army.  Until 1918 there were about 22 subsidiary German kings and sovereign state princes, over whom the Emperor of Germany was paramount.  Little discussed is the nationalist aspect to Hitler's 1923 Putsch.  The Bavarian government was manifesting strong seccessionist sentiments and may have entertained actual plans for separating from the German federal state.

The comparison with Martin Luther meant Hitler viewed himself as a great reformer of German domestic life.   Martin Luther was very much a German nationalist concerned to reduce and in the end eliminate foreign influences and exploitation of Germans.  In Luther's day this foreign power was ultimately the Bishop of Rome in his pretence as Pope and 'Vicar of Christ'.  The Austrian 'Holy Roman Emperor' was the Pope's civil lieutenant in Central Europe.


Robertsez – To those who have never been the recipient of any deep spiritual experience, beyond praying to be rich and finding a $20 bill that same day, I suppose one could believe, equality like, that Hitler was just the right man in the right place at the right time. Such an attitude profanes all which life is and represents. The real significance of Adolf Hitler was something  beyond our meager ability to understand. He was not just plain Bill who happened to have nothing else to do during that period. The spiritual side of the Third Reich was so profound that the enemies of Nature still quake with fear 60 years after its demise. Their hate is almost boundless for they know deep within their souls that they have been discovered for what they are, and their time for mischief is drawing to a close. It might do well to reread this chapter – http://www.faem.com/edward/thathour.htm

A reader suggested an Anti-Zionist Alliance (AZA) logo consisting of a red circle/slash over a blue hexagram. Any graphics artist out there willing to whip one up?
Dr. Oliver said
Christianity was the AIDS of the White race. The following were received from readers –

"I have mentioned in the past that my son has cancer and that he recently fell and broke his hip. Well, I went to his Methodist church that has about 3,000 members and asked if some of the women would consider spending a few hours  a day to keep him company. Not one response was received."

"My brother-in-law, an organist who has appeared on TV with a philharmonic orchestra, dropped out of the music business to
devote time to his church where he wrote – for free! – music scores for their now famous Christmas "show of lights", plus
their many CD albums for which he composed and played. When recently hospitalized for Parkinson's, NOT ONE of the silly
bastards even sent him a 'get well' card, much less visit. This is his thanks for over 18 years of dedication."

Robertsez – A CHRISTIAN, BY DEFINITION, IS ONE WHO SUPPORTS HIS ENEMIES BUT HELPS NOT ONE IOTA HIS OWN KIND. The "Christian right" is strongly supported by the Zionist gangsters since they know how destructive that gaggle can be to their own kind. Any sane, and healthy, man will HATE HIS ENEMIES just as the jews do. But they do not want YOU to hate your enemies for fear that you might see THEM as an enemy, of which their behavior clearly reveals.

Mt:5:44: But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Lk:6:27: But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

Lk:6:35: But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.

Mt:5:39: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Lk:6:29: And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also.

The very possible bagel brother Vincente Fox (Fuchs), el presente of Mejico, has his very own female foreign minister Rosario Green Y. When she sits along side of her tribesmate Madelaine Albright Y, it's strains the brain to determine which is the more ugly. Neither would have one customer while working in a welfare whore house which gives away free Buicks.
Judeo-Communist Technology

                            German designer Kurt Tank's Ta-153.                 Mikoyan's post-war MiG-15 jet design.
                                               circa 1944                                                             circa 1948

The Judeo-Communist Mig-15 not only used an airframe design copied from Germany but also included a foreign engine design.  The engine is a direct copy of the Rolls-Royce Nene jet engine.  The Brit-ZOG government licensed the Nene engine for export to the USSR in 1945-46.  Many B-29s flown by white American crews were shot down in Korea in 1950-51 by this aircraft.

It appears, according to a recent radio comment, that AIDS among the Black community in the Buffalo NY area, has tripled in less than 2 years. I do know that 10 years ago, the AIDS infection of the Black school kids was considered top secret and for the most part, it still is. A city hall person told me it was 25% at that time and was info which was not to be made public as it would interfere with integration, brotherly love and all the other Zionist rot. It's fornicator beware time at the zoo. Then again, who cares anyway as long as it feels good?
A fellow writes that Chinese refer to him as 'baibaide', 'maomaode', 'chouchoude' or the English 'furry stinky one'. The fact is that the yellow race has the least body odor and at one time B.O. (remember the LifeBoy soap commercial?) was cause for being rejected by the Japanese military. I believe that even today, a smelly body is considered socially unacceptable in Japan.

My first quarter at the U. of Chicago found me rooming with a Chinese fellow in Snell Hall. He often smiled when he mentioned how White people had a bad aroma. The room assignments were filled sequentially and it was up to the students to do their own preferential shuffling later on. I ended up with a fine fellow named Ed Mason and the Chinese fellow found his own kind also.

Of all the so-called races (more like species, I might add), the Blacks score top when it comes to downright foul odor. I will admit than many people have a poorly developed sense of smell and others actually enjoy foul smells. (I'd assume that faggots are one group.) Stink is in the nose of the sniffer, I suppose. As White Americans get more turd-world slovenly – ask any real estate agent – they come to accept the more odorous specimens as desirable. During Rockwell's days, he ran a newspaper clipping showing a blind White female who had just married a simian. The caption was "She doesn't know the difference." To this, Rockwell added, "Doesn't her nose work?"

If you think the help in our hospitals leaves something to be desired, then things will improve as ZOG actively recruits for nurses in the Philippines, Nigeria, India and Khazaristan. If incompetence makes your day, then get sick soon and call for a bed in your local triage half-way (to the cemetery) house.

Similo Sircharles Sali, a simian pilot for South African Airways, was arrested for sampling cocaine while on the job. I'll bet some disgruntled honkies are trying to frame him.

The U.S. is the true "west bank" of Israel. We should appoint Sharon as president and get rid of the middleman. 
Strange times here in Wonderland.In Toronto, vagabond Chris McBride was arrested, and accused of being a racist, for the murder of Dave Rosenzweig. The odd thing here is that Chris' girlfriend is one ugly simian.

From the slums of India come Yunus Kasmani and his wife Mumtazbanoo with their bevy of mudlettes to enrich these grand old shores. I hope you went out of your way to greet them. The rest of their herd will soon follow, so don't fret.

The crook John Rigas Y, founder of Adelphia Communications, caused losses of more than $60 billion to investors who thought they'd could get rich without working. A case of crooks screwing crooks, I'd say. This is America, Mr. Jones.
According to hotmail.com, 80% of the email handled is one variety of spam or the other. That's what I call getting the word out.
The pictures in the Toronto Star were revealing. The World Youth Day vigil and the papal mass showed their respect for both by leaving the park looking like the world's largest garbage dump. Remember "Woodstock" where hundreds of thousands of degenerates went to get high on drugs, run bare-assed, copulate, urinate and defecate in public plus listening to the neurotic noise generated by better known drug addicts and degenerates? The world is in dire need of a biological cleansing.
Remember this? "... deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."  I like that word "consent". Consent is a positive action. It is nothing to be implied or surmised. If you say nothing when I tell you I am going to punch your face in, your consent was not given. ZOG charges about apparently in the belief that if no one is complaining about their lunatic behavior, then it is a matter of consent. I am afraid that most American have lost the precious parts of their freedom simply because they failed to exercise them. A caged leopard is not more free because it never goes hungry. A trapped fox will chew off it's own leg in order to secure freedom.
Hello Mr. Frenz,

Thank you for the mathematics lesson, it helped settle some issues with me.

I used a connection through my company which I forgot was "filtered" when I attempted to access FAEM.

Lo and behold it was considered an "inappropriate site"! I wasn't sure if you were aware of your status among the egregious
ones, but in my opinion it couldn't be much better. I am still promoting your site whenever I can, and my opinion of you couldn't be much better either.

Sincerely, S.G.

Robert asks – "Inappropriate" for what?
Robert sez – It's natural to be curious and each time someone puts "banned", or "inappropriate" on something, it only arouses curiosity which compels people to seek out that which they might not otherwise do. Can you imagine what the label "the filthiest, most foul, hate-crazed and degenerate site on the internet is xxxx.com"? The hits would skyrocket each time that was announced.

'Filtering' by any name is pure censorship and an insult to every able adult for it presumes that the one who forbids knows more about your business and welfare than you do. I do not frequent whore houses, nor associate with women who look like they should be working in one, but I'd never raise one objection, nor mount a single crusade, in an effort to shut them down. People just have a genetic itch to impose their ideas of what's right, upon others.

BTW, I recently purchased some software over the internet with "unlimited email help". When the seller connected my name to FAEM, he refused to honor the service agreement. I note that he didn't refund my money. Oh well, such is the reward of a man trying to be free and trying to help others free themselves from their imposed gulags of the mind. 

I have often wondered where many Americans get the notion that if they want something, then they have a right to have it. Each time some oil crisis erupts, often we hear Americans demand that the oil, which is the property of some other people, be handed over to them as if by some Constitutional right. This sort of barbaric attitude starts in the home and is reinforced in our Marxist/Zionist schools. It's a long, long way from our Declaration of Independence, a unique document upon which our ZOG daily wipes its feet – with the approval of the American taxpayer. It all boils down to – what is yours is mine, if I "need" it and if you don't hand it over, I'll take it by force. That's a reason Americans, and their jew masters, are so loved around the world.
The radio mouth was bellowing descriptions of the possible threats posed by our resident Moslems. From car bombs to drive-by assaults on the pigeons in the park, we are all in immense danger. It causes wonder if this hysteria will reach the typical jew paranoia whereby a Nazi is found under every bed, and behind each parking meter, at the ready with his WalMart gas chamber. As for me, I admit that I might someday be a victim of a dedicated irate Moslem but I place that probability on the same scale as I do getting rollered by some pot-head driving a portable whore house. Whomever the 'terrorists' are targeting, it seems the targets are somehow "linked" to a hexagram and that's a good reason, if you need one, to stay away from Miami Beach or a crowded synagogue.
This is how things go – If a student gets and "A", he is a brilliant person. If a student gets an "F", then he has an idiot for a teacher. If parents see "A"s on junior's report card, then the tuition is well spent. If parents see an "F", then the school is no damned good. After all, their kids are the smartest, and most beautiful, on earth.

The "bad schools" led to political pressure for the formation of 'charter schools' as a sort of competition for more expensive private schools. Disgruntled parents had the option of abandoning their kids to a public school or to a charter school. Yes, the word 'abandon' is appropriate since parents rarely check to see what is really going on. Kids are a nuisance and off they go to day care communes at an early age so mom and pop can pursue whatever it is they think is worth sacrificing the welfare of their children for – usually material crap.

Well, the results from the first charter schools, in Erie county NY, have revealed that charter schools showed lower student performance than the much criticized public schools. People with at least half of a brain, which only covers about 40% of our present population, know the mechanism well. You cannot teach penguins how to fly.

A parent, Mr. Highhopes, loves to read the As and Bs on his daughter's report card. Why should he send her to a charter school? Her school is great. Thus, a process of culling begins when parents who do not like those Ds, pack her toothbrush and ship little Mary to a charter school. Charter schools are thus a magnet for those with poorer grades. It certainly would not "be fair" nor politically correct to suggest that simpletons get lower grades simply because their gray cells were modeled after those found in any good specimen of virile simian.

In today's jew-dazed society, I can see it all now. The "concept" (a very over-worked word) of charter schools is  good one. It's just that it hasn't been implemented properly. Just a few more tax dollars will do it. Right Virginia?

Remember when it was American to claim that it's better to let 10 guilty men go free than it is was to punish 1 innocent man? My but times have changed. 'Tis better to kill 100 innocent Moslems than it is to let 1 suspected 'terrorist' go free. 
"September 11 Flag"  was stolen in Jew York City before 9-23-01.


Remember this cheesy Jew York City publicity stunt?  It was a pale imitation of the heroic USMC flag raising on Mount Suribachi at Iwo Jima.  It's now been determined that the original 4 x 6 foot flag had disappeared even before its use at a Jew-owned Yankees baseball game on 9-23-01.  A 5 x 8 foot flag was substituted in its place.


Race traitors:

Last week one of our TV channels showed a sensationalistic and pathetic report (made in the ex-USA) about the “plight” of American parents who have adopted Cambodian “orphans.” As it turned out to be, the so-called “orphans” were the products of a flourishing market (or racket) that export these creatures to relatively wealthy countries where degenerate honkies full of “Christian love and compassion” will given them a home at the expense of many real White orphans who, obviously did not qualify to deserve their “love and compassion.” The funny bit of the story was the backlash that ensued when the loving parents were asked to return the “stolen goods.” You should see how these repulsive race traitors cried holding their mongrel second-hand off springs. God it was so sad! (Excuse me Iím reaching for my handkerchief...) That is what I call “poetic justice.” Some airheads try to justify this system of adoption saying that the US legal system puts a lot of restrictions to those who wish to adopt American children. Iím not a US-citizen and I do not know how the American policy regarding adoption (maybe same FAEM reader couldinform me); but I donít buy that story, and, even if it was so, I would remain childless before bringing some filthy alien into my country and family. Those imbeciles who were caught in this big scam fully deserve their fate. In fact they should have been deported to beautiful Cambodia where they could have renewed their “wonderful parental relationship” with the little mongrels they missed so much. They deserve each other!


PS: If we need any proof about the iron grip of that the Jews have on the Western media; all the TV stations of Australia are competing in giving as much coverage as possible of the “Remembrance Day” for the victims of 11/09/01. Two of the channels (7 & 9) have promised “non-stop coverage live from Jew York!” Isnít it great? Meanwhile the repulsive little buffoon of John Howard (the Australian Prime Crawler, sorry, Minister) keeps mouthing-off his “unconditional support” (Translatorís note= total subservience) to the Jew-Es-A.

America's Worldwide Vietnam Update: "Karzai Survives Attempt on Life"


"Ah the good old days in Saigon.  Tudo Street, the restaurants, the girls, nation building and the Coup of the Month Club."  WHOOPS!  This'un was in Kabul.

Hmmm....  Language and scenery has changed, the rest seems to have stayed the same.  Victorious initial campaign (Ia Drang before, Mazar-i-Shariff now), ebb tide, Shah-i-Kot, inflated body counts and false press briefings, appearing and disappearing enemies, Special Forces leading local mercenaries, secure cross border sanctuaries, divided high commands and multiple senior commanders, remote control leadership from offices a hundred miles away, a steady drizzle of weekly casualties...

Happy, Limbaughtomized ones?  But how could your precious Jew Republican neo-cons have known?  They all skipped out on the class!!!!  Their Jew mommies and daddies got them all doctors' notes.  What wuzzat again about non-Vietnam veterans Perle and Wolfowitz wanting to use "Afghanistan tactics" to invade Iraq?  Perhaps the fat draft dodger turned multi-millionaire militarist Limbaugh will explain this?  I heard he avoided the draft by claiming he had hemorrhoid problems.  Did these derive from from having his head stuck up his rectal tract?


Robert –
Isn't it amazing how the Arab mind works, they pretend solidarity against a war against Iraq, but aid the  supposed enemy as much as possible. Kuwait is a staging area for an attack. Oman host's a 1.5 billion dollar U.S. air base. Quatar is host to thousands of British  military, Jordan has joint military maneuvers with U.S. forces, and Egypt also is host to many U.S. troops.  Iran's Khatami does everything possible to let the U.S. know that he would like better relations with the U.S. These states also share military  intelligence with the U.S. and Britain.  Saudi Arabia even states that they will make up any short fall in oil supplies. The two  things they fear is that the U.S. might seize their oil fields and in Egypt's case that the U.S. will cease giving them the 3 billion dollars a year.  The greatest of their fears is that the fanatically religious impoverished masses will revolt. The latter is their greatest fear. In point of fact if they jointly announced that all foreigners would be expelled if an inappropriate aggression takes  and all oil production would cease and be applicable on a world wide basis, and diplomatic relations would no longer be possible with aggressor nations, and Kuwait and Oman  isolated if used as a staging area for aggressive purposes. Further Israel must abide by all U.N. Resolutions that have been passed over many years and the Israeli arsenal of weapons of mass destruction be subject to U.N. weapons inspectors. When these hypocrites  talk about the gates of hell being opened if Iraq is invaded they speak in  fear of their own people. After all how could they possibly give up their good life and many homes world wide and access to 14 year old blond blue eyed virgins that parents let them have for a price. These Arabs are as degenerate as  any of their western counterparts, and have learned from the west to speak with a forked tongue.
Regards – JCS.
Welcome to the Internet, otherwise known as The Gentile Broadcasting System.
American Imperial Foreign Policy.

(1) Let us run your country and we'll give you lots of money.
(2) If you refuse, we'll blow the god-damned place to hell and kill all of your children, squirrels and blackbirds.
(3) After that, we'll give you lots of money to build it back up.
(4) Once that is completed, we'll go back to step #1.
Major retailers are now testing the "pay by fingerprint" system. Hey ma, what ever happened to the digestable microchip? Or was that ingestable? Divestable? Infestable? Aw fud! You know what I mean.

Maguiresez –

Here's another one for "Left Behind" believers in the post-industrial "Service Economy".  Remember the scam?  We were going to export the factory jobs to the Turd World and all be shopkeepers selling those products.  Now the minimum wage checkout jobs are vanishing, too.

K-Mart and other retailers are installing computerized self-service checkouts.  Scan the products yourself, bag them, insert card/cash and trundle on your merry way.  They still have one or two girls at the front manning (I hope to grind teeth with that) checkout lanes for illiterates and illegals.  In our diversified society I suggest not applying unless you speak Spanish.

Better get those garden plots located and locked down now, kids.  In Russia and Eastern Europe lots of people have to grow their own food to survive.  I guarantee that condition is coming here, too.  Just another part of the "post-Industrial" self-serve economy.

Let's see, Consolidated goes bankrupt and tens of thousands lose their jobs. Adelphia goes bankrupt and it's business as usual. They've hired more people. The government has been bankrupt for decades and it still goes on dirtying all that it touches. I don't owe anyone one cent and I drive an old Ford. My neighbor has bills up the wazoo and drives a Lexus. There's something in the "American dream" which I haven't figured out yet.
The experts at WorldCom have hired other experts to get the joint into turnaround mode. Since not all experts agree it will be necessary to hire other experts to coordinate the expert offerings of experts who needed other experts to get them out of their expert mess. If this makes sense to you, then obviously you are an expert and that means $140,000 plus per year.
Once you allow simians human status, all sorts of interesting things happen. In 1950, it was advertised that school segregation caused the very noticeable achievement gap between Whites and Blacks. There was something magical about White schools and so the Blacks were assisted by ZOG's bayonets to share in all of that magic. Nothing like freedom of choice, I say. Now, fifty years later, the "achievement gap" is still there and in many cases, greater than it was in 1950.

Obviously the "magic" in White schools was not the chalkboards or the ventilation. What do those honky devils have which they are still keeping secret?

According the expert "Ashley Montagu" (Israel Ehrenberg Y), and others, there is no such thing as "race". Is this the reason Seattle teachers are now learning the techniques of teaching 'facts about the races'? Once a society lets the jew fart around with anything, it's on its way to the history bucket reserved for the insane.
Due to the weather, electric power demand in the northwest dropped quite a bit. Profits thus fell. This was perhaps the reason they jacked the rates up. Americans tolerate sodomy because most of them enjoy getting reamed, one way of the other.
The Brucellosis Triangle. Chelmsford Publishers, Toronto 1998. The book is very interesting and the triangle is ZOG's Frederick/Washingto/New York branch of their evil empire. The authors, Don and Bill Scott, present evidence which links the neurodegenerative and systemic degenerative diseases – from Alzheimer's and diabetes to multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's – to one specific pathogen courtesy of your benevolent Zionist government. The origin of these diseases is outlined as well as their increasing incidence and why little is really being done about it. The bottom line = biological warfare. A government against the people, definitely not of the people and foolishly paid for by the people. Such a deal.

How much truth? Don't ask me for I wouldn't recognize a virus in a whore house even if introduced. If you want the book and cannot find one, write me. I did manage to buy a dozen copies so I could donate them to worthwhile people. At $30 a copy they are not cheap for an 8.5 by 11 paper back.

Things are getting more clear. I talked to the waitress in the greasy spoon where I test my immune system. She talked about her stud, a brown fellow with coal black eyes and black straight hair. He is decorated all over his back and arms with some of the most odd tattoos I have ever seen. The girl insists that this creature is "white" and her reason is as follows: Negroes are non-White. Her boy friend is not Negro. Conclusion: Her boy friend is White.

I asked her if she considered Colin Powell White. She replied, "Who?" Nuff said, I suppose.

The paper reports that in 2002 elections, they expect close to 7.6 million votes from the hispano collection. ¿Hable Español? These voters have to be adults, so how many million salsa slurpers will not vote? If you hit the right keys on your calculator, it would be hard to come up with any figure which supports "America is 70% White". America is LESS THAN 50% White unless you happen to think as the waitress I mentioned does.

Are you really surprised????

Dear Robert;
On page A5, of this mornings Washington Times is a story that tells  it all. The headline is as follows, " Harvard professor argues for abolishing the white race." The man is a Professor Noel Ignatiev, a founder of a journal called  "Race Traitor'  and he is a fellow at Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute (communist – ed.). The man is of course Jewish. His parents immigrated from Russia, and he is an alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. J.S.

Robertsez – I would think that Noel's statement would indicate that he feels that jews are not White – as another member of the tribe declared just when South Africa fell into Black hands.

Captain of USS Kitty Hawk Relieved: http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/09/04/carrier.dismissal.reut/index.html


I thought you might be interested in this.  I had the misfortune to be passing through the Subic Bay Naval Station when the blacks rioted there in 1972.   One of them hit the Captain of the USS Constellation with a crowbar.  I heard that about 200 got BCDs, but nothing else was done.  The Navy had to bring a Marine unit over from Vietnam to restore order.  The black Marines from the base MARDET joined in the fun.

Note the sweaty tone of the article.  Hardly what one would expect from the London Times.  Also, unless a new one has slipped into the fleet, the Kitty Hawk isn't a nuke."


Maguire replies:

Thanks for sending this to me.  Observations:

CNN is also reporting this story. http://www.cnn.com/2002/US/09/04/carrier.dismissal.reut/index.html

1.  This is the second aircraft carrier captain relieved in the last year.  The USS John F. Kennedy, based out of Mayport FL, had her captain relieved prior to Afghan deployment last fall for major "readiness" deficiencies.  What's surprising about this is that carrier captains are invariably experienced commanders who have previously commanded smaller ships.  The Kitty Hawk's new captain is an example.  He's coming straight from the USS Seattle.  A relief rate of 10% per year in such senior commanders is another big red flag in the disciplinary conditions in the fleet.

2.  The Kitty Hawk is not a nuke.  She's one of the last of the Forrestal class from the 60s and is oil fired.  Most carriers are nuclear powered now, starting with Enterprise and continuing through all of the ever-growing Nimitz class.  Careless mistake or intentional mistatement.

2.  There's some clear disinformation in this Marxist perspective London Times article, such as the low pay scales alleged for the engine crews.  See http://militarypay.dtic.mil/pay/bp/paytables/Jan2002.html  Even an E-1 under two years gets $12,000 per year, plus room/board.  An E-2 over 2 years gets $13,260.

I do credit the rest of the description about the racial conditions and the ill-discipline prevailing.  And they forgot to toss in the Love Boat conditions created by admixing female crew members.  The lies about pay and allusions to "racism" are mandatory for any Marxist oriented article.  How else to explain away the violent behavior of the blacks and mestizos and their low skill assignments?

And we have the usual random violence during shore leave by racially unidentified perpetrators.  Unidentified in ZOG's JewsMedia, that is.  The Japanese press is doubtless more informative here.

Best Regards,  "Maguire"