21 September 2002
B.S. is always irritating and I really dislike those who peddle it, although at times I think it's a national sport. A reader sent me this link and I have commented upon showman Jake "LaLanne" before. Although given a kosher hype job, he was original in nothing and exhibition plus TV commercials are the way he earns a living.


In the past – those ancient times where people were more honest about their endeavor – we heard most of the truth from a man called Eugene Sandow who was a beautifully muscled man – mustache and all. No one failed to notice that strong men were exactly those who performed very hard labor like beef loaders and stevedores.

In the 1930s, a man called Charles Atlas (Siciliano) possessed a very handsome and muscular body, gained from weight training and eating lots of beef. He performed stunts such as pulling a railroad car with a bit held in his teeth. It was very impressive and preceded Jake LaLanne's similar publicity stunts. Jake, due to the genetics of his tribe, was a short man and Charles was 5'9" as I recall. Like Jake today, Charles had something to sell. It was a mail order course on how to get huge muscles in a very short time. He called his system "Dynamic Tension" whereby one part of the body was pitted against another. He never used this method himself but, what the hey? Anything for a buck. Right Jake?

The only truth which ever came out of the "physical fitness" racket came from two sources. One was a Dr. David Willoughby who made a horrible politically incorrect remark when he said "If heredity is not on your side, you are starting way behind and will never catch up." I saw this several times in my life. An old friend, "Ben" (his given name was Laverne and he disliked it with a passion) was marvelously muscled at age 14. With bright blue eyes and golden hair, one would think Ben was a god incarnate. Ben never exercised except for an occasional swim. He was so "lay back" that our English teacher claimed it would take an earthquake to get Ben to write one essay. In spite of his relaxed demeanor, he was as strong as an ox which was very unwelcome news to anyone so foolish as to arouse his anger. At one time, while we were driving to Canadaigua to visit some girls, he got irritated at Eddy, the driver, and broke the floor shift rod and ripped it from the transmission whose upper plate was fractured thus spurting oil out onto the front seat. Dr. Cole once mentioned to me that Ben had no difficulty in tossing bales of hay from ground to truck. Ben never liked fights. He would avoid them where possible and explained to me that if he fought, the other guy would end up in very, very bad shape. Ben rarely bothered him.

Ben was not alone. He had an older brother who was physically the same and his sister, Irene, was right out of the Mount Olympus collection of beautiful, shapely, blonde women. Boys I knew were reluctant to ask her for dates as they sensed her brothers were very concerned about her welfare. Anyway, I discussed this once with my grandfather and he said beautiful animals never come from scrubs and that the men he knew paid more attention to what their livestock mated with than they did their own sons and daughters. This only reinforced my National Socialist beliefs which had begun around age 9, as I recall.

My second association with truth came when I hitch-hiked to York PA sometime in the 1950s to see the then "Mr. Universe", John Grimek. At 210 pounds and 5'8", he was another beautiful blond man and certainly unlike the steroid freaks we see today. (I made one of my better pencil drawings of this man and if I can find it, I'll post it here on these pages.) He was sitting at his typewriter when I entered the office. It was early morning and since I informed him that I hitch-hiked from Malone NY, he inquired where I spent the night. "Sleeping in a junk yard car in Williamsport PA," I told him. He introduced me to Bob Hoffman and Steve Stanko. Steve and John invited me to lunch and we drove to a restaurant where Steve pulled up to parallel park. He and John got out of the car, which was parallel to the open space, and shoved the car sideways into position. Great people!

Bob, as author of several books and trainer of the then Olympic team, impressed me with the "big bones, big muscles" idea which again had its roots in genetics. He was sincere in noting that animal protein was essential to the human diet, a fact later confirmed decades later by biochemical research.

As people began to have more leisure time, their interest in muscles and the body beautiful increased. Enter the jew, always keen to finding the loosely attached buck. The jew Wieder brothers began a "supplement" business with the inference that if you didn't gulp down hydrogenated bark and emulsified toad testicles, then big muscles would elude you. This also came at a time when nutrition was being equated to vitamin and mineral intake. This is pure hogwash but it served as the stepping stone to the billion dollar rackets we see today. I have traced many of them to their roots and found the Marvins and Hymans all over the place. Just check and see who runs the legal drug and supplement businesses today. Nearly 100% kosher. It is sad to see elderly people eating a greater mass of drugs than they do meat and of the millions of good intentioned females who are doing their children harm by stuffing them with vitamins, and other crap, they do not need. Oh yes, the medical profession supports this as they are mainly drug pushers anyway. "Take this and if it doesn't work, come back for a different prescription and don't worry about side effects, not many people die from them these days."

Want to be an Arnie? (1) Make sure you chose the right parents. Biology is nearly everything. (2) Be unemployed so you can devote hours to weight training. (3) Eat the foods which grow on the vine and roam the fields. Tell the vitamin and enzyme hawkers to eat their own junk and stop playing with themselves.

Let the games begin –


http://www.cwnews.com/Browse/1997/03/4534.htm <— nigger did this in 1996

http://www.n-jcenter.com/2002/Sep/16/AREA11.htm <— nigger did this in 2002

No difference, You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger.

(Submitted by a reader.)

Robertsez – As the guards at any prison will tell you, niggers are nothing more than cocks with two feet. For dimwitted women with a brain capable of only a single thought, we can understand the species-mixing attraction. 

Shortly before theories are replaced they experience a mushrooming growth in complexity.  This is because clauses, addendums, modifications and 'special conditions' accumulate like barnacles on a ship too long out of drydock.  All these additions become necessary to account for new experimental observations that were not predicted by the original theory.  The observations themselves often threaten the Theory itself if left untended.  This is unless they are incorporated into the Theory by a process of intellectual osmosis.  What was once easily understood thus becomes blurred by an infinity of lines, diagrams, wormholes, annexes, errata sheets and what-not.

A classic example of this occurred in astronomy during the Renaissance.  The spread of telescopes suddenly made astronomical observation more acute.  As new data rapidly accumulated the Aristotelian theories of the universe revolving around the Earth experienced a rapid growth in complexity.  Previously there had been just a few theoretical spheres to account for the motions of sun, moon and stars.  Soon new spheres were being added, had to be added,  on a near-monthly basis to account for the observed divergent motions of planets, moons, stars and galaxies.

Finally Copernicus proposed that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun, rather than everything revolving around the Earth.  This radical new simple theory quickly proved to be more predictive.  Despite the overwhelming evidence for this proposition the Copernican idea and its adherents were intensely persecuted by the religious authorities of the era.

This diagram http://www.dsausa.org/GIF/History.GIF  is a good example of the complexity of a currently dying theory.


This is the John Birch Society theory of "Left/Right" in politics.  Like faithful Aristotelians of old, the John Birchist author proposes that the Left is the source of all evil in the world.  A key holding of this Left/Right concept is that human political behavior, indeed almost all human behavior, is largely defined and can be predicted by the view a human takes of the relationship of people to inanimate objects, i.e. 'property'.  This concept can be described as Birchotelianism. (note:  there are also Left Birchotelians who believe in all the tenets of Birchotelianism except for identifying the source of Evil as being from the 'Right'.  These Left Birchotelian materialists identify themselves as Marxists.  Similar microscopic theoretical divergences were found among different schools of Aristotelians, too. )

The Birchotelian makes one semi-exception to this for the 'anti-Semites' on the 'Right'.   The scholar however artfully preserves the integrity of Right Birchotelian Theory of Left/Right by accusing 'Marxism' (i.e. the ideas of the Jew Mordechai Levy, better known under his assumed name of Karl Marx) as being the source of this outbreak of 'anti-Semitism'.  A simple reduction thus proves that since it is 'Marxist' the 'Spotlight' and the 'Liberty Lobby' are not really 'Right' but 'Left'.  Thus the integrity of Birchotelian Theory is preserved.  The original Aristotelians indulged in comparable mental gymnastics when confronted with Copernican Theories at the start of the telescope era of astronomy.

Birchotelians are currently in conflict with a growing Theory that still lacks a widely accepted name.  This is the theory that the behaviors, affinities, loyalties and preferences of men are much more determined by genetics and chromosomes than by their theoretical views towards the relationship of humans and property.  (note: for a time in the 1920s-1940s this theory was widely known as National Socialism.  The adherents at that time came under an intense persecution by the religious authorities, just as early Copernicans had been previously persecuted).

Today we are endlessly amazed that at one time almost the entire world believed the universe rotated around it.  Future generations will be similarly amazed that at one time people believed politics and society could be explained by the mental views adopted towards inanimate objects.  That is, the 'ideological' views adopted to the relationship of man and property.


If God answers prayers, this is one I'd offer – The next time anyone says "closure", "enjoy", "weapons of mass destruction", or "terrorist" may he be consumed by chancres and become a banquet for 6,000,000 maggots. May their mother turn to yak dung.
An evil person is a fellow who strikes back after you kick him in the groin.
Communism is the politics of envy.
A communist is not interested in elevating himself, but in tearing others down to his level.
America must be God's country because its borders are holey.
Señor Georgie Bush, Senior, say he HATES Saddam. Is that 'hate speech' or what?
What's a little melanin among friends?


Here's a few ideas for your whigger friends.

The fellow on the right uses a leash to anchor his hat to his ear. In that way, he'll never loose it.

I think the pointed teeth will be a great addition to a tongue ring, wouldn't you say?

I soon except some drug/rock star to hypnotize his dimwitted audience by showing up with a plate embedded in his lip. Anyway, I'll bet you know some blonde hankering to get jumped by one of these handsome fellows. Ugly and dirty is a real 'turn on' once you are high on pot, coke, fried toad's testicles, or "equality".

The terminal pathologies of Buchananism revealed:


"When I worked for Pat Buchanan's Reform Party bid, Pat's sister and his inner circle believed desperately that all they had to do was lay their hands on that $12 million dollars (i.e. Reform Party Federal matching funds) and they would win."

It was not necessary to gather together local volunteers (read the account).  It was not necessary to really represent white people in America.  In the Buchanans' minds all that was required was to pay ZOG Media Jews money and you could have federal office.

Do not be deceived.  Although appearing to offer an 'alternative', Buchanan-think represents the middle mainstream of inner Republican Party thinking.   And the so-called 'America First Party', founded by ex-Buchanan-ites,  is right in the mainstream of this Buchanan-think.


"Oiy, vat a frien ve haff in Judens..."

"Flight from savings plans continues."

"The public (Israeli) withdrew NIS 834 million from all medium and long-term savings plans in August."

Zeev Klein   17 Sep 02

" The public is continuing to abandon of the provident funds and dollar-denominated savings plans, because of their poor performance, caused by the volatility of the stock exchange and the shekel-dollar exchange rate.  The public withdrew NIS (New Israeli Shekel) 434 million from provident funds and NIS 151 million from dollar savings plans in August. This follows withdrawals of NIS 680 million from provident funds and NIS 227 million from dollar savings plans in June-July.  Bank of Israel figures show that the public withdrew NIS 834 million from all medium and long-term savings plans in August. Net withdrawals from provident and advanced training funds since the beginning of 2001 have amounted to a cumulative NIS 3.5 billion."

Published by Globes [online] – on September 17, 2002"

Seems that not only Moslems but Jews are taking Israel Shamir's advice to flee from the American dollar.  Wow!  What allies!  What friends in time of need, a needy time created entirely by an imminent war conducted solely at their behest and for their deranged concepts of 'security'.  Such a deal!

History has yet to provide a single example of something.  That's a nation that provided hospitality or even friendship to Jews that wasn't bitten to death by these vipers at the most desperate moment.


'Gold Backed Money'.

It is said the US Government doesn't have enough to reinstitute a gold-backed money, if this is desired.  This doesn't seem to be a great problem to me.  I think it will be found that very little gold ever physically left the U.S.A. after 1933 when Roosevelt helped the Judeo-Federal Reserve System steal the people's gold.  The gold merely moved around on the books while physically remaining in the same vaults.  Gold is both very heavy and expensive to ship around.

The Government could reverse Roosevelt's transactions of 1933 by requiring the Federal Reserve Corporations to take U.S. Gold Notes in exchange for all their gold.  These plus other non-interest bearing U.S. Notes would become the new 'collateral' for the Federal Reserve's currency, which will also be stripped of 'legal tender' status.   If more gold backing is desired, then require all customs duties and estate taxes to be paid in gold.  The 'Sovereign' can easily do this and will soon have all the gold He desires or needs.

The new gold backed money can easily be protected from market manipulations of evilly minded banksters by a simple expedient.  Outlaw ownership of gold by banks as a condition of their charters.  Private citizens, the Government and non-bank enterprises could all own gold, but not banks.  You will quickly find the banks becoming the best friends of gold-backed currency.  This is because if it loses its value they will go bankrupt.

While fixing our money supply is necessary and even vital, it's neither the insoluble problem or the complete panacea many people seem to think it will be.  Money is merely a medium of exchange.  After all the convulsions are over people will still face the problem that production of useful goods and services is dependent on the producersThe quality of the production depends on the quality of the producers. The entire object of an 'honest' system is to make sure producers' fruits are not stolen from them by slick parasites.

After all, we could introduce a perfect monetary system (fill in the blank of what that perfect system is to you) tomorrow to Papua-New Guinea.  But all that means is that the products of cannibalism and incest will be traded in different forms.  It does not mean New Guinea next month or next year will suddenly spill forth a cornucopia of the products of an advanced civilization.  It will remain Papua-New Guinea, steeped in the cannibalism, tribalism, incest, illiteracy and  superstitions of a primitive population of negroids. Just as border markers are not magical ashlars transforming the nature of immigrants who pass them, neither are dollars in different forms magic tokens of greater or lesser effect depending on their format (i.e. "Federal Reserve Note" or "U.S. Gold Note").


The elderly couple which was so very pleased with my restoration work on their windows, called me back to do a little assembly; of some Sauder bookcases. They wanted a couple in their basement. In their first floor study, the bookcases are of solid walnut – a joy to look at. While working, the Mrs. noticed that I held nails in my lips. She was a little annoyed and cautioned me not to do that. I replied, "The Black folks use their lips to peel bananas so shouldn't it be OK for me to hold a few nails with mine?" The sweet lady laughed so hard I worried about her blood pressure.

I noticed during assembly that there were included brackets which were to be used to secure these portable bookcases to the wall, in case a little monster decided to climb up one. I chuckled to myself knowing that if I, as a child, ever attempted to do anything like climb up a bookcase, or use ANYTHING in a manner for which it was not intended, I'd soon be launched across the room following the impulse of dad's size 9 foot. If parents could get off their lazy duffs long enough to teach responsibility to their children, they'd be surprised at the gigantic safety bonus which would result. But alas, letting kids grow up as weeds is the American dream.

The present world turmoil cannot be understood without securing a solid premise.

When Ike Grabit steals goodies from your home, that is a secondary crime. The primary action was breaking in. To control the world's drugs and oil , which is secondary in the above sense, one must first control the governments involved. The mechanism, and it is the primary assault, is the One World – ain't we all just a happy bunch of coconuts? – Jew World Order. The Jewnited Notions is the gassing club which intends to be used as the "legal" battering ram along with blood and bucks from the gullible goyim, principally the American idiot who apparently can be talked into believing anything including "vibrating vacuums". People who yammer about American "sovereignty' are obviously high on drugs or genetically deficient in the noggin. Germany hasn't been a sovereign nation since 1945, after the jew-commie victory. The U.S. tossed part of its sovereignty away in 1913 and shoveled the major portion into the dump by electing Rosenvelt and his communist coterie in 1932. The coup de grâce was in 1945 and we celebrated it by calling it "VE-day" and "VJ-day".

Iraq appears to want to be a sovereign nation. That's one big reason why Cagulia Bushitus wants to blast it, one way or the other. All other lands on the kosher shit-list are also targets and American occupation is what's required. You didn't expect the jews to do it, did you?

It is my opinion that the insane lot which run this show feel that if they can't 'bag the cat' soon, then the opportunity will be lost. Too many people are starting to wise up and are asking questions. That's why something very pointed, and massive, must occur. It will fail as do all the wild schemes of the mentally unbalanced, but in the wake will be the final collapse of much that we used to cherish. The young have a new world of opportunity to look forward to. The people gave your country away will be long gone to that very warm place their ignorance paved for them. The "consumer" and "party" crowd will be left to suffer and die on their own. Pay them no mind. They never deserved anything anyway. If you young people can get your act together, you shall inherit this world without the kosher lice and six-pointed chancres which presently afflict it. Damn! I'd sure like to be around to see it.

Was a 1947 'UFO' sighting a flight test of a captured German stealth fighter Ho-IX/229)?


Pay close attention to the witness drawing of the 'UFO' seen in 1947.   The F.A.E.M. Ad Libitum archive from December 2000/January 2001 has a number of discussions of this aircraft and related technology topics.


Interesting development...

"Iraq Accepts Weapons Inspectors"


"UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Iraq unconditionally accepted the return of U.N. weapons inspectors late Monday, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said, nearly four years after the inspectors left Baghdad."

Never fear, the stories complaining of Iraqi 'evasiveness' and non-compliance are already being written in New York and Jerusalem.  While Hussein's move may (or may not) slightly retard the Judeo-Bush attack, it will not alter in the slightest the general scheme of the Warre or the targets.

Forgotten in all the hub-bub about Saddam Hussein is this fact:  Israel already has operational Anti-Ballistic Missile defenses.  These defenses include up to date enhanced Patriots (courtesy of the Jewess Ah! milk cow) and the Arrow ABM (paid for and partly developed by the same moo cow).

What does Saddam have to send against this?  Perhaps half-dozen or so jury-rigged modified SCUD missiles with 160 pound payloads.  These missiles are 15 years old and older.  That's if any at all are left.   We are also invited to believe that as his first nuclear warhead Saddam will succeed in constructing an effective device weighing less than 160 pounds (payload of his modified SCUDS) and hence capable of being launched with these antique SCUDS.  And he will be willing to launch it without any previous testing and that it will work.

This is the bogus Rube Goldberg story daily purveyed by Negress non-veteran Condie Rice (the 'National Security Advisor', another Jew FU in whitey's face) and a legion of Jews of all types.  Tales of gas chambers and jewish soap bars have more credibility than this latest Mother of all Jew Lies.  Needless to say, none of the Jews purveying this pure distilled essence of pig shit will be fighting themselves.

This war has nothing to do with Saddam Hussein or 'terrorism'.  It has to do with defending and trying to raise the Jewish Imperium to the next higher level.   Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Libya have all been named as 'targets' by the same jew agencies now whipping up war hysteria for American goyim to go kill Iraqi goyim.  This war has to do with executing another Palestinian ethnic cleansing under cover of total chaos in the Middle East.  And for your information, Judeo-Limbaughtomized Republicans,  your much idolized Israeli Defense Forces will do precisely what they did in the Gulf War.  That's watch from safety and walk in later to pick up the winnings, if any.  The heroism of these jewish pigs and dogs will be 'not seen' while they murder unarmed Palestinian women and children from the safety of their tanks.

Don't fret.  Just wonder (and keep your powder dry).  We are definitively in the End Times of the Late Great Jewess Ah!  Economic collapse, military collapse, diplomatic collapse, the collapse of public safety and even territorial disintegration are all clearly visible on the looming horizon.  Many of you will live to see a reborn New America.  But cease to mourn the old one.  It died long ago.


P.S.  Since I began writing the above the jew-run puppet show at the White House issued the following statement (doubtless through the mouth of jew Ari Fleischer):

"The White House called the Iraqi offer 'a tactical step by Iraq in hopes of avoiding strong U.N. Security Council action.' 'As such, it is a tactic that will fail,' it said in a statement."

In other words, they're already calling Saddam a liar even before testing the Iraqi offer.  In any event, they've already disclosed their back-up plan several days ago:  demand ZOG-USA troops accompany the "inspectors".

I do recommend reading LeFevre's material but keep in mind that his ideas, and suggestions, were not intended as something for the run-of-the-mill Joe Niggerball or Susie Spreadlegs. His vision was for the more civilized amongst us. When I asked him about that, he replied, "I feel that at the present rate of evolution, it will take another 10,000 years anyway." Here again we see that Mr. LeFevre never considered the massive down-breeding which is going on since it never occurred to him that anyone would want to copulate with his inferiors. Anyway, here's a comment from Maguire –

Mr. LeFevre gave a great theoretical exposition of 'money'.  It's so good I'm going to use it (with credit) when I finish my opus on 'American Money and the Federal Reserve Corporations.'   I still have the graphics, outlines and notes.

But LeFevre fell into the common error of Birchers, Blightwingers and some Leftists.  The problem with Uncle Al's ZOG bucks is not that they exist.  The problem is their monopoly status as official 'legal tender'.  They didn't have legal tender status before 1933.  US gold coin and gold notes were 'legal tender' until then.  THAT monopoly status ("legal tender") is what FDR gave them, bankrupt though they were at that point.  And it's the granting of this monopoly where gummint interferes with the choice of the money consumer.  Actually I'm not a believer in private money, for reasons the last email showed.

Although essential, 'fixing' the money supply is not the total panacea too many people think it will be.  The national debt, which backs Uncle Al's ZOGbucks, is an illusion.  It can all be redeemed tomorrow with non-interest bearing US Notes.  "If our nation can issue a dollar bond it can issue a dollar bill" said Jefferson.  He was right.

"Uncle Al, hand'em over.  Here are non-interest bearing US Notes in payment for your US Bonds."

Uncle Al still has US Government paper collateralizing his ZOG Bucks.  The difference is the collateral doesn't pay interest and hence the issue of ZOG Bucks becomes an exercise in futility.  For any government payment of interest is a choice, not a state of nature.

Want to return to a gold based money but don't have it?  No problem.  The 'Sovereign' can require payment of customs duties and estate taxes in gold.  The 'Sovereign' will soon have more than enough gold to establish a gold-backed currency.


Bookmark this one —  http://www.thirdworldplanet.com
I worked with Frank D. for a while at an electronic research facility. Frank was the christian religious type. He always carried a Bible in his shirt pocket, mumbled a prayer of thanks over his bean sandwich lunch and usually stole items from the company. He never failed to inform we heathens that Jesus rode on his shoulder as an all-protector. He owned a BMW and drove like he was in a demolition derby and it would have been if the other drivers hadn't avoided him. One day, not noticing that his wife's passenger door was not fully latched, he turned a very sharp left curve at a very high rate of speed. As one might expect, the strain unlatched the door and his wife flew out but traveled only a short way until she collided with a tree. This proved to Frank that Jesus truly was watching over him since his wife wasn't killed, only bruised badly. Later, he claimed that God told him to make sure they used seat belts in case he did the same thing at the same curve. This only gave Frank more reason to drive like a madman.

The same thing is true for the "safety" crowd. Buy a SUV with anti-lock brakes, 17 air bags, space-age seat belts, and a gopher detector, and drive like an asshole who believes he just bought the road for who cares? You're safe!

One way to insure that the planet with be inhabited by uncaring nitwits is to make sure they do not suffer the consequences of their own idiotic behavior. Protecting the jerk from himself only endangers others and breeds incompetence.

The police officer shouts "Stop!", and the wastrel hops into a car thus beginning a 20 mile automobile speed chase which usually causes property damage and injury. How simple, and more safe, were the days of my youth when an officer would shout, "Stop or I'll shoot!" Either the culprit obeyed or he ended up with a perforated ass. Either way, the event was short and involved less damage to all, and everything, concerned. As I recommended to Chief P., "Shoot first. Ask questions later." He smiled. Captain H. patted me on the back as he walked by.

The middle east is as a hornet's nest.
There are only two approaches relative to this area where everyone hates everyone else:

(1) Kill all of them and turn the area into a giant golf course.
(2) Keep the hell out and mind your own business – as The Founding Fathers advised.

I fear neither will be chosen by any people who believes that God talks to them while they are sober. 69 nukes could be used to make the holy land truly holey – a great addition to the golf course. I would think that any land God places value upon would resemble the Garden of Eden, not some batch of shit hole terrain fit only for camels and sand flies.

Instead of soiling your drawers over the hysterical news announcement, one should carefully weigh the words.

"In Lackawanna NY, five American citizens were arrested on suspicion that they might be connected to a possible terrorist organization. Those apprehended, aged 25-35, were model citizens often doing community work, according to residents in the Moslem neighborhood. One hour before the arrest, an Arab delicatessen caught on fire and the authorities are now investigating whether this might be an act of terrorism."

It's insanity fair my friends where "mid eastern type" does not apply to the jews. I am waiting for the day when "breaking wind" in a church will be considered and act of terrorism.

ZOG Investment Opportunities: Electric Fuel Corporation (NASDAQ Ticker Symbol EFCX)

Bowing to long-standing reader pressure FAEM introduces a new unscheduled feature:  "ZOG Investment Opportunities."  Breaking with previous policy FAEM suggests researching (but does not recommend buying, holding or selling) Electric Fuel Corporation (EFCX) stock for your investment portfolio.   Despite an effective 100% Jewish control and management, and despite a recent record of consistent insider selling, we think this New York based company is worthy of investigation.  Among its business lines, Electric Fuel Corporation manufactures armored civilian passenger mini-buses in the Holy People's Land (Occupied Palestine).

After careful research, your analysts at FAEM have concluded North American market demand is just starting to boom for armored civilian passenger buses.  In the years to come, it's probable the explosion in market demand in this sector will outstrip the current demand for personal computers.  Thanks to the large scale non-white North American immigration sponored by Jewish organizations, and thanks to the social policy reforms implemented by the tribe of the Jews, we think West Bank and Gaza strip conditions are rapidly coming to all metropolitan areas in the Late Great Jewess Ah!

And Electric Fuel Corporation (EFCX) is perfectly positioned to profit from this coming explosion in transportation sector demand.   Their products are battle-tested in normal daily civilian conditions in Occupied Palestine.  These buses are perfect for the changing and diversifying conditions in a wide range of North American mass transit markets.  These markets include metropolitan Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, Miami and St. Louis.  We think potential North American buyers include regional mass transit companies, airport shuttle operators, local governments and metropolitan area school districts.


The following press release is included for purposes of news reporting and education.

"Electric Fuel launches new armored mini-bus"

Order backlog for the 15-passenger bus has reached $1 million.

Globes correspondent   12 Sep 02   15:41

"Electric Fuel (Nasdaq: EFCX) introduced on Wednesday the new armored Mercedes Vario 815D minibus, manufactured by its subsidiary MDT Protective Industries, an Israeli vehicle armoring company.   Electric Fuel said the vehicle has passed a rigorous three-week test at the Israeli Defense Force testing facilities and manufacturing has begun for various customers with backlog orders reaching the $1 million level.

The armored Vario 815D provides 360 degree protection from AK 47 and M-16 gunfire, Electric Fuel says. The motor and various vehicle components are protected as well.   "The MDT armored Vario 815D offers the highest level of protection from gunfire," said Electric Fuel's president and CEO Yehuda Harats. "MDT armored vehicles have encountered battlefield and terror attacks and have proven to provide outstanding protection to their passengers."

Electric Fuel owns 51% of MDT after buying the majority stake in the company at the beginning of August.

Published by Globes [online] – on 12 September, 2002"

Anti-Zionist Alliance. Of the many images sent in, I am partial to this one.
I do feel that the slash and the circle should be the same thickness,
and that they equal the thickness of the hexagram sides.
Also, There is a little too much white space.
What do you people think?

Voting away in Mestizorita-ville...looking for their lost sheaf of votes.


MIAMI  – Janet Reno asked for a statewide, manual recount Friday of all votes in Florida's bungled gubernatorial primary as Miami-Dade County officials continued finding hundreds, if not thousands, of votes that went uncounted."

In Tuesday's balloting, some poll workers never showed up. Some polling places opened late, and some closed too early. Brand-new touchscreen voting machines malfunctioned. And optical scanners shredded ballots.

Then, over the past few days, Miami-Dade election officials began finding large numbers of uncounted votes that had apparently not been properly downloaded from the computerized voting machines by poll workers."

There's just no pleasing some people.  For years the biologically degenerate lesbian creature, Janet Reno, worked her heart out to flood the Late Great Jewess Ah! and especially south Florida with Jamaicans, Haitians and spics of every color of the mud puddle.  Now when she's succeeded and the polls there work just like they do on the home banana plantation, the mis-shapened bitch is still barking.


A great chuckle here –

Dear Robert,  Re: "ZOG will send in his thugs "

The feminine gender should always be used when ZOG is the antecedent.  There are many reasons for this including:

    1- ZOG has an enormous vaginal tract
    2- ZOG while often clever in tactical matters, shows  no wisdom.
    3- ZOG has no concern with defending her territory from illegal penetration.
    4- ZOG has established African worship as her state religion.

(Submitted by D.S.)

Let's see – The "axis of evil" is Iraq, Iran and North Korea". Of the 3, only Korea HAS nuclear weapons and the MEANS to deliver them. One might think that Emperor Caligula Bushitus would do a Dr. Strangelove on that country. Alas, the jews don't mind Korea and Korean oil reserves are not exactly something to brag about. Now that you know what the carnival is about, why not enlist in the armed forces? Do it today. Marvin Pilebaum will be glad you did. (You don't expect HIM to enlist, do you?)
More readinghttp://heretical.com/miscella/ponsonby.html
Reading Ericís latest letter from 12th September remind me of the very similar situation, if not worse, that we face here in Australia. Iím talking about Asian “immigration” which is overwhelmingly Chinese. A little survey conducted in my own neighbourhood in Sydneyís north shore will confirm this:

Newsagents: 3 (all Chinese owned)

Chemists: 3 (2 Chinese owned) (In the U.S., I think this means a druggist. RF)

Computer retailers and repair shops: 3 (all Chinese)

Butchers: 2 (1 Chinese)

Bakeries: 2 (all Chinese)

Photo-shops: 2 (all Chinese)

This can be appreciated without going into detail or extensive research; just walking around. In the upper class suburb of Gordon t he only little commercial arcade that houses 10 different shops was bought “in block” by a Chinese millionaire; and two of the shops are already under Chinese ownership with Chinese staff (the picture framer and the photo-shop). Meanwhile el moronic average White keeps living in a dream world of “happy diversity” and “prosperity” patronizing shops and business regardless the ethnic background of its owners. There is no fool like a blind fool, and that blindness is the result of refusing to face reality.

PS: The other day a typical dumb White (or Gentile imbecile) told me that a friend of his was going to close his picture-framing business located in a residential Jewish suburb because the Jews “boycotted him, supporting a Jewish framer.” I tried to make a point but he didnít get it, complaining instead about “the un-fairness of these people.” I donít think that even a lamb would call the wolf “un-fair” for following his instinct and acting accordingly. Only the delusional and coward “trendy” Whites do that.


White people invent and forget. Yellow people copy and remember (and often improve).

Above we have the 1944 German Fi-103 Reichenberg IV, a piloted derivative of the V-1'. The pilot was intended to aim and then bail out. This was never used in combat.

Below is the Japanese Oka Kamikaze rocket bomb of 1945. Unlike the German model, the pilot was sealed into the cockpit. This weapon was used in combat.

JewsMax tells lies (yawn).


In a recent spam mailing the 'discredited' JewsMax neo-con website of greed falsely claimed "NewsMax was the first to report that Hillary Clinton was indeed running for President."

Excuse me, shitty little Jewmax neo-cons.  The First Amendment Exercise Machine was reporting the Hillary candidacy in October, November and December of 2000 when the JewsMax bunkem peddlers were acting like Gush/Bore 2000 was some kind of real and crucial election.


Arbeit mach frei, so they say and I believe it's very true. I spent a long day helping an old friend harvest butternut squash. His wife Vera prepared a great dinner complete with fresh tomatoes and great corn on the cob. The fresh peach pie was a very satisfying ending.

Well, 9-11 passed without so much as a whimper but am sure the fun and games will continue to provide more entertainment in this side show we call a country.

If you take a peek at our so-called Mexican border, you'll see masses of Mexicans on both sides. A border is something a government defends in order to protect its people. Thus, the Mexican border is not much more than a line drawn on a map – useless.

ZOG is shooting itself in the foot with its 'diversity' nonsense.

The John Birch society was anti-Communist and every time they came across a Communist, it was a jew. Criticizing the jew, that is CommunISTS, was a no-no, so they stuck to criticizing CommunISM. Emperor Caligula Bushus finds that each time someone mentions a terrorIST, it never is an Eskimo or Mongol. Thus, terrorists seem to have a racial flavor and that's a no-no. So, like a good goy who cannot read his cue cards correctly, he sticks to warring against terrorISM.

"This is your Emperor who commands all things and I come to you the ask for your approval of my war against a nation which the jews don't like. Join me, us, whatever."

"No. Go fly a kite."
"No. Go fry a kike."
"No. Get lost."
"No. Take a hike."
"No. Take anything but go away."

"This is your Emperor and I don't need your cornball approval. I am the greatest. We are the greatest. We'll plaster them anyway and too bad if the collateral damage includes women, children and passenger pigeons. I was just taking an opinion poll for academic purposes only."

Let's see. Carbon dioxide is a 'greenhouse gas' which contributes to global warming. The icebergs will melt and Greenville Tennessee will be ocean front property. Where's is all of this gas coming from? Take a gas. Motra cars all zooming about belching CO2 in your face. Carbon dioxide from the burning of gasoline, velly bad. Carbon dioxide produced when our bodies burn food, o velly nicee. If it ever dawns on our experts that CO2 is CO2 is CO2 even when it escapes from a bottle of Coors, we'll be taking a giant step for simian kind. Once that becomes common knowledge, then a little pencil work tells us that the population of China – all of those breathing denizens – expire an amount of CO2 equivalent to 100,000,000 Fords and Buicks. Take your choice – Fu Man Chu or your Lexus. That's exactly where the technical world is heading. The masses are figuratively, and literally, screwing themselves into oblivion.
Remember the Great White Hopeland and how we are beckoned to move there and form a White community? As I have mentioned, as soon as 100 Whites gather anywhere, ZOG will send in his thugs to insure a little "diversity", drugs and doodling. Anyway, I see that many Whites are leaving the northwest seeking jobs in other states. It's not exactly bonanza time in our temperate rain forest.
A recent ad by Chrysler mentioned that "It took American frontier spirit and German rocket science" to put a man on the moon. Isn't "German" supposed to be a swear word?