26 September 2002
The future of the White race will depend upon the aware young among us. While the old farts are still arguing over how many jews can be gassed on the head of a pin, they are fading away and that's good fortune. The middle-aged crowd is hell bent upon piling up material wealth which they will not live to enjoy in its entirety. The 'revisionist' camp is full of dead meat but many are still separating the idiots from their money. Whenever any of you young sprouts are asked to donate money, you should ask yourself "cui bono" – who does it benefit? Do you really need to read another book to know what is happening to your country? I think not. Do you really need to have wogs, nignogs and muds for "friends"?
Chancellor Schroeder of Germany announced Germany would "not click its heels" and follow the U.S. into a war with Iraq. Germany is not a sovereign nation but a vassal state of ZOG-USA so Schroeder's yodel is nothing more than election sauerkraut gas. After the elections, his nose will be back where the jews have determined it should be.
Whatever this enigmatic circle of life represents, we are all locked into it. Its continuation depends upon the continuation of its parts. Those parts are separated into reproducing groups which consume and are themselves consumed. To that end, reproduction appears mechanical in some cases but in what we egocentrically call the "higher" forms of life, reproduction is voluntary to one degree or the other. It appears that this necessary function has its roots in pleasure. None of this could be possible without a drive to self-preservation and we should certainly expect pleasure to be intrinsic to that basis also. However, no individual can be examined as to worth removed from the group. The individual lives so that its group lives. Any individual who is useless relative to his group, is useless, period.

In our hedonist society, an individual is given value simply because he exists. To this end, we protect the invaluable, deranged and deformed at the expense of those who are not. There is no part of our body which can be given value outside the context of the overall. An part which does not function for the benefit of the whole body, is nothing but a parasitic appendage for it must be fed at the expense of the whole.

If a group consists of congruent parts then the concept of "average" would be superfluous. An average is not always the normal for "normal" implies a criterion. The normal is often added to the abnormal to form an average. Thus we have the seemingly asinine statement, "The average American has 1.9 children."

Perverts, and freaks, arise in all groups and I am sure that water buffalo are no exception but Mother Nature is never too kind with such types. There are critters we flatter by calling them human. The male can sometimes be found mounting sheep or goats when some willing female human is not available. Without men, and often in spite of their abundance, some female humans will copulate with dogs and simians. Most of this goes unnoticed and if noticed, generally ignored. Often is the case when some member of a Green tribe mates with one of the Blue tribe and a Magenta offspring results. Nature would dictate, for the preservation of both kinds kind, that the offender and the product, be terminated.

A White tribe cannot remain White if it adds to its gene pool simian blood. This appears to be on the rise as disgruntled White women demonstrate hatred for their own kind by ensuring that their children will not be White. The real purpose of woman as the foundation, and substance, of our race has been stripped from them in the name of "equality". No longer do they take pride in their womanhood, but entertain us by their pretense to being male. It was no accident, this perversion of role for the male is the one who allowed the down slide to take place. Men refused to behave as men. Although he gave up formal slavery, he still wanted an addition to his efforts – a wife as a wage earner. Once convinced that motherhood was secondary to the pursuit of a career, the family ceased to be. Today we are suffering the effects of children who grew up with bitches for mothers and drunks for fathers, all created under the cloak of 'individual first – race last'.

As disease, and general insanity, increases geometrically, I am sure Mother Nature is grading all of us by our fruits and can be counted upon to apply a just reward.

A difficulty in understanding often is little more than the lack of understanding of the terms involved. This is nowhere more true than when it comes to that slippery entity called intelligence.

Bob H., a friend of long acquaintance, had what used to be called infantile paralysis. Both of his legs were affected and it took him a very long time to regain mobility in them. During his recovery, he was a enthusiastic gymnast especially enjoying the "rings". As a result, he developed an extremely powerful upper body but his bout with disease limited any strength he had in his legs. He could barely perform "squats" with 40 pounds but, when seated, could press his own body weight. Could we call Bob a strong man? Some might but I would not.

John L., a classmate who earned a Ph.D. in mathematics, was at the top of our math class but he nearly failed physics and chemistry. Although an average student in English, his recited essays were the dullest in the class. Could we call John intelligent? Some would but I would not.

The possession of a pair of strong arms, no matter how remarkable, coupled with weak legs, does not make a strong man.

The possession of a remarkable talent in music, coupled with little else, does not make an intelligent man.

The matter of versatility enters. Suppose a one-armed man could curl 100 pounds with his one arm. That would be amazing Suppose another could curl 100 pounds but needed both arms to do it. A good show but not amazing. Which man would be the better? Which would you rather be? Do not become buffaloed by those with exceptional TALENT for, in the long run, they will prove weaker than you. It's better to do moderately well in a whole lot of areas than it is to excel in only one. The specialist is rarely of value when it comes to the nitty gritty of survival. Like all artists, specialists can only exist under the the umbrella of a protecting society.

We often forget this pervasive inclusion when we become overwhelmed by a person's talent. If someone is brilliant in this, then he must be brilliant in that. A strong man has strong arms, strong back and strong legs. Strong means no weak links. Intelligent means no weak links and that's why truly intelligent men not only can perform the mental gymnastics required to play games with math symbols, they could also be expected to be somewhat accomplished in music and would certainly never fail any physics course. The truly ideal man has a sound mind in a sound body.

Often people take pride in their genetic gifts and use those gifts to feign a superiority they do not possess. Beautiful women often exhibit a conceited smugness for a countenance they had no part in making. Men do the same if their given biology makes them stronger than other men. From this the demanding bitch and the obnoxious bully are born.

In our shallow society where people are graded by the accumulation of material possessions, there is nothing more profane than inherited riches. From this, power often falls into the hands of scoundrels and we certainly do not have to look very hard to find a multitude of examples.

Many people are born into adversity. Some lie in the sewer they were dropped in and forever remain there shackled by excuses of their own making. Others resolve to climb out, clean up and become men and women. Respect is earned by what we manage to overcome and not by what we possess. Respect is earned by the degree of our will and the measure of our honesty. Reflecting upon the attributes of those whom we admire, is an exposé of what we are within ourselves.

Being profane ourselves, we look to a savior who will cure our ills and soothe our brows. "Here's a donation of $100. Save the White race for me." Those who ask for, and those who receive such donations, are themselves one of you. Their values are in the same noisy barrel.

The relationship between a leader and his followers is easy to understand. Before you get carried away in emotion, or drowned by frustration generated by the times, it would do us well to consider these well known words: "And for the support of this
declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

In this hour of cosmic struggle to secure the existence of the White race, anything less is merely a jolly good game.

As "Europa" falls into line...


"Wide-ranging debate on Iraq, support from unexpected sources, and controversy."

"Backing for moves to tighten international controls on Iraq came from EU foreign policy representative Javier Solana, who said in Vienna he was convinced Iraq did indeed have weapons of mass destruction that must be destroyed, despite Iraq's protests to the contrary."

"Solana made it clear he supported US and British efforts for the Security Council to adopt a new, exceptionally tough resolution on arms inspections in Iraq (i.e. what Hussein has already said he won't accept), his support contrasting somewhat to the stance taken so far by major EU players Germany and France."

The yet unveiled "exceptionally tough resolution"  will include a requirement for foreign troops to accompany the UN inspectors.  It will thus constitute an offer to accept Iraq's surrender without fighting.

Meanwhile Gerhard Schroeder hurries after Javier Solana...


"German govt says Blair talks first step to mending US ties"

"Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's talks with British Prime Minister Tony Blair are a first step to repairing damaged relations with the United States, senior German government figures said.  Karsten Voigt, Berlin's coordinator on US relations, likened the state of affairs to a lovers' tiff (more theatre) and said he was confident they could be restored.  "The damage is reparable because the interests and goals of both sides are so linked that it is important for them to work together," he told ARD television.  But, he added, "these efforts have to come from the German side."

Of course "these efforts have to come from the German side".  It's traditional for surrendering parties to advance first into no-man's land with the white flag.  And how interesting.

Schroeder's 'conservative' Christian Democrat opposition went into this week's recent German elections with an open pro-Bush Iraq War line.  Schroeder appeared to oppose this Iraqi policy, thus pacifying his own Marxist coalition of Social Democrats and Greens.  All the voting machines haven't been returned to the warehouses and Schroeder is already altering his policy.  Vote for Christian Democrats and get war with Iraq.  Vote for Social Democrats and Greens and get war with Iraq.  Funny how that worked out, ja Euros?  And you krauts thought you had a real choice at the polls, yes?

It's real easy, kids (kinder for our European friends).  SWATKWP (Second War to Kill White People), a/k/a "World War II", ended in 1945 with a Judeo-Masonic-Communist victory.  The white race on both sides of the Atlantic lost this war.  Nothing has happened in the subsequent 57 years to alter this fact.  Nor have the three victorious powers (actually single power) thrown away the victory.  They have occasionally adjusted the means of European control but they have never surrendered it.  Ever.

For instance, 'Soviet' troops were 'withdrawn' from Europa in the early 1990s.  This withdrawal only came after ZOG International had substituted a simpler method of control.  By turning a few gas and oil pipeline valves in Russia it can reduce Europa back to May 8, 1945 conditions.  Now there is real economy of force.  It's also known as a "hydraulic despotism".  If Europa wishes to import from other sources those supplies must come by boat.  Now precisely who controls the waters over which those boats will come?  Very good.  The ZOG-USA Navy.  When Brit-ZOG's navy is added in we see that ZOG's control of the oceans today is more absolute than the open British Empire's was in 1890.  More "hydraulic despotism."


If one were to name a single thing which separates the White race from all others, it would be electricity. The Yellow man can use it without understanding it, once taught. The Black man certainly cannot understand it and if left alone, would destroy himself trying to use it. I understand that New Orleans is mainly below sea level and is kept "dry" by the use of electric powered pumps. What amazes me is that our naturalized guerillas, so eager to demolish hideous and insignificant buildings (which lead to a burst of economic activity) have not attacked the head of our hydra – electric power plants. If electric power stopped tomorrow at 9:00 A.M., what sort of "terror" might develop? A public living in fear of dust mites, diminished sex drives, loss of niggerball and cold beer, and ozone holes, would do itself in with fits of uncontrollable hysteria. The Moslems would laugh along with the gods. My best guess as to why power plants are not targets is that our enemies – and that means most of the world – aren't really very serious. The again, mestizo colonization is more profitable than outright destruction. 
$100 a barrel oil...

A retired Saudi Arabian OPEC mouthpiece recently threatened the world with the spectre of $100 a barrel oil in case of war with Iraq.  After listening to this I couldn't decide whether he was trying to deter war or persuade the non-Arab oil producers to back Bush.

On these lines, some of our European friends have recently relapsed back into a recurring European delusion.  This is the idea that there is today some kind of fundamental diplomatic divergence between ZOG-Washington, ZOG-London and ZOG-Moscow that "Europa" can exploit by means of nimble talk.

In the instant case this concerns the imminent attack on Iraq.  Those once again entertaining this divergence delusion have not been paying attention of late.  They have not been paying attention to Moscow's principal exports these daze.  Those exports are called oil and gas.  The principal importer of these exports is 'Europa'.

Now what was that again about "$40 billion" in Russian investments in Iraq?  Even Russian spokesmen say that is only the total future value and does not represent expended funds.  I cannot see a single reason why Moscow will go all out to prevent war and a number of reasons why it will strongly favor war.  Those with medium memories will remember Moscow adopted the same pose of neutral broker in early 1991, too.  This was when Yevgeny Primakov (one of Yeltsin's later Jewish prime ministers) was serving as 'intermediary' between Saddam and Bush.

The reality in Washington-London-Moscow is there is a unity of policy that has existed since 1942 at the latest.  Their coordinate policy on Iraq is just as unitary now as it was in the 1980s when both Reagan and Gorbachev were supplying Saddam with weapons.


Robertsez – This unity of policy also exists among the major political parties of the U.S. They are all Zionist and pro non-White. As with all madmen, the ZOG plutocracy is entering its stage III syphilis. First, they squandered all of the White man's golden eggs. Second, they destroyed the White man Golden Goose. Now, they appear to believe that they are a Golden Goose. Their symbol is the six appendages, six points – 3 arms where the middle one has a head but no hand – 3 legs where the middle one has a head but no foot. Think about it.

Showtime in Washington...


"WASHINGTON (AP) – Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle on Wednesday accused President Bush of seeking to politicize the debate over war with Iraq and demanded that he apologize for implying that Democrats were not interested in the security of the American people.""

That is wrong," Daschle said in an impassioned speech on the Senate floor. "We ought not politicize this war. We ought not politicize the rhetoric about war and life and death."

Since there's no disagreement between Republo-ZOG and Demo-ZOG on basic policy something has to be done to persuade the sheeple there really are differences between these two 'parties'.  Meaningless personal spats and emotional fireworks are as good a way as any.  But if something is not done more people might decide they're all a collection of Judeo-Zionist stooges parading across the stage.

We had some identical political theatre on the opposite side of the pond in the House of Commons a few days ago.  Tony Blair was parading the straight ZOG line.  After a few distancing statements the 'Opposition' Tories announced they were 100% behind the same policy.

Vote for Republicans and get war with Iraq.  Vote for Democrats and get war with Iraq.  Vote for the Labor Party and get war with Iraq.  Vote for the Conservative Party and get war with Iraq.

Ain't democracy and choice great?


I hope you people are reading La Voz de Aztlan regularly. http://www.aztlan.net

 "Freedom of the Press – Threaten by Zionists
Verizon Communications Suspected in Conspiracy to Disrupt Internet Access to La Voz de Aztlan"

Keep in mind that the South American jaguar kills and eats the capybaras (river rat). Keep in mind that the cayman (S.A. crocodile) also kills and eats capybaras. Does this mean that the jaguar and the cayman are kissing cousins because they kill the same critter? No. The cayman and the jaguar both belong to the Anti-Rat Alliance but that's where it ends. We should watch with interest but in no way assist, nor curtail, any Aztlan activity relative to jew-thumping. This is to our benefit as long as we do not lose sight of the fact that mestizos are no friends of the White man either.

Factoid: To those who like to prove things about reality by using labels, it can be recalled that the jaguar was once classified as belonging to the panther "race". Today, they have BEEN RE-LABELED as a sort of lion. The history of the "classification" of the capybaras is even more bizarre. It has been reclassified over six times and no one is still quite sure what sort of "rat" it really is. Stick your "Homo sapiens" straight up your Homo rectus. Black people are no more related to White people than a chimpanzee is to a baboon. It's all the funny business of believing names are more substantial than reality.

I recall the definition of the various college degrees. B.S. = Bull Shit. M.S. = More of the Same. Ph.D. = Piled head Deep.

As the U.S. begins it's well deserved trip to dissolution, let's not fret nor get acid reflux disease. We should accept the lunacy for what it is – a tragic comedy written by the gods who have said, "It's now their turn in the barrel. They were given a Republic and they blew it." Each bit of mayhem and media hype should be scanned for the humor which lies therein. Personally I am waiting for the blow-hard Chris Matthews to get so steamed up that one of his puffed-up cheeks blows spit all over the camera man.

This morning, while dining at my favorite greasy spoon, the fat fellow was speaking aloud, "Those damned mid-eastern types. We should kill them all!" (He really did not mean he'd do it. He meant someone else. That's the American definition of "we".) Well, after he noticed that I was smiling, I understood his stare to mean that I was to say something on the matter. I did.

"Let's see. God gave the mid-east to the jews. The two stripes on the Israeli flag are the boundaries. From the Nile to the Euphrates. That's about as mid-east as you can get. In fact, the wandering ones are returning to their promised land and have already stated that they are the only people who should inhabit that land. Can you argue that the jews are not the true, chosen,  mid-eastern types? So, my out-spoken friend, how do you propose that 'we' kill all the jews as you recommend?"

The waitress laughed. You know who she is don't you? She's the one, with three blonde kids, who has taken up with a many splendored tattooed Tonto. She works. He collects the pay and a little recreation on the side just as his forebears did when teepees were in fashion.


Dear Robert,

Before America, a country which I have truly adopted as my own (without any sarcasm or profiterian shades of meaning implied), descends into Dante's Inferno, I want to suggest something to my American fellow Whites (if one can still use such a term for people who, by large, believe that there is no such a thing as heredity and Tradition):

Our "property as an ultimate Virtue", hedonism, selfishness, and iceberg-cold arrogance will light the way of the Fall. The pitiless Heavens will not shed a tear over us when we find ourselves devoured as on this painting by Francisco Goya.


Maguire mentioned Rush Limbaugh in an email to me this morning. Rush is a millionaire draft-dodger married to a jewess and if you think he has your interests at heart, then you need a strong dose of reality. He might be a god to some, but to me he's a piece of Zionist shit. (Pardon me Greta. I do get carried away at times.)
If you love America, don't leave it! If you do, your spot will be taken by a mestizo.
Hate poured out
from the radio mouth this AM. Callers stated their complete distrust of any Moslem while others wanted them all dead. Glory be, and this from peace-loving Americans with serendipity, tolerance and handouts for all. Of course, we all know the profile of these spectator blow-hards. They are all for a TV show where millions are slaughtered somewhere else and they won't have to bloody their own hands in the process. 
After burdening my tiny brain recalling the drug-flipped hippie events of the 1960s, I am now convinced that our salamander in chaff choked on pretzels loaded with LSD. If Shiny Dick isn't smoking pot then I am afraid his wiring has shorted out. I guess they hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic and Onward Christian Soldiers sounding in their ears. The battle cry – God has given us the jews and we cannot offer one thing in return, so kill, kill, kill. (The worms and buzzards will thank you for it.)
Friday I listened to a truly evil man.  A white man.  He had a large crowd of young white men gathered around him.  As I listened my eyes opened wider and wider in horror.  This man was urging his young white listeners to pick up guns and go kill some young non-white men.  He even gave out the addresses of these non-whites.  He said that afterwards things would be more peaceful.  He also told his young white listeners that afterward killing the non-whites they could take their property and be richer.

Some of the listeners said that women and children might be killed in the fight.  The speaker replied that such things sometimes happen.  Others said some of the neighbors would object to such fights in their neighborhood.  The man replied that it would be possible to bribe these neighbors with a part of the property and thus gain their cooperation or acceptance of what was being done.
I was even more shocked to learn this man had a website where he sold books and tapes for personal profit.  I couldn't understand this at all.  I thought surely Morris Seligman Dees and his deputy, the Israeli Jew lawyer Mark Potok, would have put this criminal out of business long ago.  Where was Abe Foxman and the ADL?  At least Rabbi Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center would have taken action?  What was even worse was this was all being said over commercial radio.  Who is this wicked prophet of Hatred, you ask? What is the name of this sinful Apostle of Hate Crimes, this dark evangelist of hate speech?

His name is Rush Limbaugh, best friend of Israel and Zionism.  He was advocating attacking Iraq, taking control of Iraqi oil and even making a financial deal with Russia and other countries to facilitate this.


"Maguire – First of all, congratulations for the great site that is FAEM. Everytime I want to get GOOD and VALUABLE information, I access your website."

For what they're worth here are my opinions about 9-11 relative to the questions:

>>what is your opinion about the theory that says the 9-11 was actually a zionist attack in order to get a reason to drive the USA and Europe armies against the arabs (and later to any opposition ZOG might have in the world), as they did in the WWII, after Pearl Harbour, against Gemany and Japan.<<

First, al-Qaeda is real.  The attack on the US embassies in Africa was real.  The attack on the USS Cole in Yemen was real.  There is a real Muslim transnational terrorist organization in existence.

There is abundant evidence from multiple sources of Israeli foreknowledge of the event.  Afterwards there was a wave of arrests of Israeli nationals inside the USA.  The FBI sure knew where to find these people fast enough.

What I believe happened, and what is consistent with all the evidence I've seen, is that there was a joint USA/Israeli covert operation against al-Qaida inside the USA.  By using Israeli operatives federal government officials thought they could both evade the problems of using US personnel and leave the pro-immigration invasion policies unchecked.  This joint operation went sour in a classic Semitic double-cross and betrayal.  Sharon's incentive to do this is obvious for all the reasons seen since.

>>There are some who say it wasn't the Boeing 757 that pierced through six walls of the Pentagon, but a late model cruise missile that actually did it.<<

I think American Airlines Flight 77 in fact hit the Pentagon as reported and attested by eyewitnesses.

First, I don't think a cruise missile would inflict that much damage.  The warhead is too small to penetrate all five Pentagon 'rings'.  Second, if it was some diabolical plot, then what did happen to American Airlines Flight 77, its crew and passengers?   This flight departed Dulles International shortly before the Pentagon was hit and has not been seen since the Pentagon strike.  Whether they realize it or not, people who say a 757 didn't strike the Pentagon are also saying the government did away with Flight 77 in some other manner.  And this alternate disposal was so effective no trace of the aircraft or crew has ever been found.  To me this is the most interesting part of the no Pentagon aircraft theory.  It's also the part nobody bothers to address.  Did a UFO beam it up?  Was it Raptured?

People who propagate such theories are just trying to attract attention to themselves in my opinion.   Also, it's common for people faced with titanic events to lose their capacity for rational thought and depart into esoteric realms of beliefs.

>>In addition, the Twin Towers did not collapse due to heat, but demolition charges did the job.<<

The kinetic energy delivered by the aircraft impact plus subsequent temperatures of the fires were sufficient to inflict enough structural damage to start the progressive failure leading to the first tower collapsing.  The second tower to fall had the previous two stressors and also received severe seismic shock damage from the first tower falling.

Here's the problem with these all these hidden demo charge theories, both now and at Kansas City.  How do you conduct the first massive blast/impact event without possibly sympathetically detonating the hidden demo charges?

>>Also, there were no Arab hijackers (the jets were guided electronically).<<

The aircraft model involved, the Boeing 757, is in fact capable of computer controlled flight.  The remaining problem with this proposition is that commercial Global Positioning System navigation is only accurate to +/- 100 meters accuracy away from airports.  This is a sufficient range of error to allow for laterally missing a target like a World Trade Center tower.  I think the planes were piloted by human pilots.

Best Regards, "Maguire"

FLASH! It is now suspected by the scientific community that air is linked to death. According to a recent study, it seems that everyone who has died was previously exposed to air.
Jack H writes – "Did it ever occur to Eric that all of his time used with snail mail could be also done on a computer because those who write must be on the net to get his address. Wouldn't that also make Mr. Frenz' life easier? What kind of cooperation is that?" (Why not write to him and ask? I'm smiling. RF)
Don't just sit there belly-aching about 'terrorism'. Do something!!! ENLIST!!!!
Mr. P.M. Foersch asks –
"Have you looked recently at what constitutes the remaining 'white' part of  California?  Jews, queers, feminists, hedonists and childless old materialists, excuse me, Republicans.  The white component there is probably down to 25%." (If that. As California goes, so does the "nation". The honkys still don't know what's going on. They're either watching niggerball or looking for a 'terrorist' hiding in the shoe section of WalMart. RF)
It seems that the malaria drug Lariam has been linked to a rise in suicide. I don't think this is a side effect as much as it is a guarantee you'll not die from malaria.
While you good people are being directed to scan the local whore house for terrorists and spy on your neighbors, the Mexican green, white and red flag colors are showing up on telephone cards, along with Spanish. As our flag's blue turns moldy, I guess green is appropriate.
Good news from Bill White.  "Commentary – As most of you know, and as has been reported in many magazines and newspapers of late, a group of hackers based in Israel have been spamming email addresses with thousands of messages in order to shut down the accounts of people in America who disagree with US-Israeli policy."

Robertsez – I also read in the Toronto Globe that dozens of computer viruses and worms are originating in Russia and Israel.("Russian" = jew.) And yes, the mischievous kikes still haven't caught on to why the world is increasingly going anti-jew. If they simply entered a country and behaved as did the Italians and Swedes, it would soon be forgotten that they were once foreigners. Alas, jews just have an itch to be exterminated. Maybe they really know what's best for the world after all.

Although mestizo border hoppers have caused over 8 major wildfires this year in southern Arizona, officials refuse to light intentional backburns – necessary for limiting the blaze – for fear of roasting an illegal spic. Yessiree Bob, not only are they invading, we're laying out the red carpet and providing protection. That's no surprise for our local police must first of all provide for the safety of the criminals they are trying to apprehend. How do you spell "ass backwards"?
I see in the Seattle Post that "Russian" immigrants in that city had a get-together for poetry and camaraderie. In attendance were such people named Kiner, Grisha, Tsitrinyak, Posen, and Vasilevsky. Infact, the whole damned bunch was kosher to the hilt. Every "Russian" I see at the plaza are ugly dwarfs with dark lizard-like eyes, dark kinky hair and a nose any salami maker would be proud to have as a model. Pretty soon I expect to see a batch of Mongolians immigrating as penguins.
Joe writes – "The other day would be King George told Chancellor Schroeder of Germany, that the U.S. saved Germany from Hitler during W.W.II, and that the Germans should be grateful. What a warped sense of History. Tell that to the relatives of the 17 million Germans that died excruciating deaths often burned alive during that true holocaust, or the over one million German prisoners of war that were starved to death after W.W.II. or the Morganthau plan to starve millions of Germans to death so as to make Germany a nation of only 15 to 20 million souls."

Robertsez – Caligula Bushez must have taken his cue from an old Dick Tracy comic strip. If you are a million years old, as I am, you'll remember Fearless Fosdick. Speaking of dicks, how's the V.P. anyway? Well, it seemed that some dirty dude poisoned a can of beans and left it in some store somewhere. Fearless was given the task of saving people from eating the poisoned beans. Over and over again, the same scenario unfolded: Dick would catch someone on the verge of eating beans and if they didn't stop on command, then Fosdick would shoot them, thus doing his job by not allowing anyone to die from eating poisoned beans. With this in mind, we can now understand why those loonies who constitute our war mongering government act as they do. They'll save us from "terrorism" by putting an end to all of us. Go enlist. I understand that there is lots of loose beaver in uniform.

In Chicano Manifesto, ed. Armando Renden, 1971, the America of the future had these words – "In the spirit of a new people, that is conscious not only of its proud heritage, but also of the brutal 'gringo' invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano, inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan ... declare that the call of our blood is ... our inevitable destiny. Aztlan belongs to those that plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops, and not the foreign Europeans. We do not recognize capricious frontiers on the Bronze Continent ... We declare the independence of our mestizo Nation ... Before the world, before all of North America ... we are a Nation. We are Aztlan."

A nationality is a several-faceted phenomenon. It is not a artifact of legal paper. A legal nation is rarely the real nation. A nation has a (1) common language, (2) the same genetic background, (3) cultural community, (4) concept of history and (5) citizenship. A sense of nationality is not derived from birth within a certain geographical area or the obtaining of papers of naturalization permitting one to live for a lifetime in that area.

Our resident Moslems are "Americans" on PAPER ONLY and that holds true for the Chinese, jews, mestizos and whatever. They ALL recognize that fact while the White American perfumes his child-like brain with thoughts of sugar plums and 'equality'. America is no longer a nation, except on paper. The myriad of racial groups on this continent can be integrated and given common citizenship. This citizenship be only be a hollow, uncompelling, ghostly, legal fiction, unanimated by any commonality of language, descent, culture or history. The U.S. is currently undergoing a process of geographical dissolution where political divisions and manifestations of conflicting interests will be translated into territorial divisions. In the very near future, White America will be peripheral on the North American continent. It will be one of several contending powers in the Western Hemisphere. This is the diversity the jews offered you. This is the diversity you gladly accepted. The Mexican factor will insure that your children will not enjoy the bountiful life which you enjoy(ed) because your quest for material comfort and pleasure exceeded your interest in your children's future. Keep screwing; watch niggerball; suck on that beer can; pursue your 'career';  and pretend the 'terrorist' enemy is over there, somewhere, in a remote part of the world. You have lost your country and the best you can do now is work on behalf of YOUR RACE, as all the other inhabitants in this land do.

I look upon this dissolution with favor for, in the future, USZOG will not be able to muster the manpower, nor materiel, to burn alive 500,000 women, old men, and children as they did in Dresden that cold February. No longer will ZOG be able to test A-bombs killing hundreds of thousands under the asinine label of "saving American lives". Dresden was unnecessary. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unnecessary. That whole god-damned war to save the jews and communism was unnecessary.

Our silver-spoon-in-the-mouth drug/oil president, with crazy Dick at his side, will certainly direct the slaughter of many more "Indians" but as the Custer before him, the Little Big Horn is now the turf we are standing on. The 'war on terrorism' will be of short duration. The deck upon which ZOG's cannons are mounted are riddled with termite borrows. The "action" will be here. Stay sober so you can enjoy it.

This was sent in with a note that the link came from the Drudge site. Matt Drudge is a jew who mimics the bombbast of a jew of another generation, Walter Winchell, even down to wearing the same sort of hat. Jews are always crying about 'intolerance' and 'poisecution' while they practice it in spades. Unlike the past century, this will not be another 'jewish century'. Jews, condemned by their biology, are driven to create the conditions which give rise to "anti-Semitism". I consider it sad that those who voluntarily listen to the siren song of the jews, now are heaping blame upon the jews for being jewish. When you invite camels into your living room, I do not think it appropriate to blame the camel when you find dung on your sofa. But alas, humans are humans. That's what  makes them act in such an idiotic fashion.

"We keep pissing in your soup which keeps it warm and the pot full. Why are you complaining already?"


No matter what form the hype takes, Russia and the U.S. will never be in opposition beyond calling each other a few names. Name calling serves to prove to the sheep that ZOG #1 and ZOG #2 are distinct entities whereas they are both run by the same tribe. USZOG is anti-Communist in words only! This has been the case for over 80 years. The reason that the Russians, as opposed to the Americans, were not building bomb shelters during the "Cold War", is because their government knew it was a sham. The American sheep needed the pep rally since they were the ones financing the spread of Communism since Day One. My inner voice continually repeats the words of H.L. Mencken: "No one ever lost a dime underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

As long as the duff in the street is convinced that seizing a few pounds of heroin and arresting some insignificant pusher, represents a victory in the phony 'war on drugs', business will be as usual. To yammer that you are anti-Communist and arrest one or two scapegoats, does not represent an assault upon the head of the beast. This sort of hocus pocus has been used for my entire lifetime to convince the dodos that "we are doing something". 

They are bellowing "Save the Constitution." I find that odd since the Constitution is already embalmed and embalming is a great way to preserve anything.
A couple of ZOG flunkies
admitted on a TV interview that our borders cannot be defended. Cannot? No, the policy is that they SHALL NOT as several authors have been pointing out for over 20 years. The Jew World Ordure requires the disappearance of American sovereignty where waving the red, white and blue – for practical purposes, now a tablecloth – is only used to get the cattle willing to sacrifice for something they will later regret, if any of them have brains which still function. The difficulty at this point in our collapse is that most Americans want mestizos flowing in so they can be sold material junk and add to some degenerate politician's voting base. The clergy welcomes more souls to save. All benefit. While "diversity" keeps groups bickering, ZOG has less policing to do and finds it very easy to enact laws which turn the 'land of the free' into a land of miserable serfs all believing that their lives are something God really cares about. It's all delusion as any real appraisal will demonstrate. ZOG is the bully boy enforcer for the Jew World Ordure and killing American citizens for that end is just another facet of the modus operandi – ZOS = ZOG Operation Specialty. We have the military power to seal the borders. We do not have the will. We have the citizen power to seal the borders. Just place a bounty of $5000 per decapitated head on anyone crossing the Rio and I guarantee a stop to the beaner invasion, pronto. Alas, Americans have no will to do any such thing. They even fake support for laying waste to Iraq because they know that they, personally, will not be exposed to the slaughter. ZOG forbids its citizens to defend their country. With that firmly in your mind, go watch some niggerball and be sure to get a nose ring.
If I understand Caesar Caligula Bushitus correctly, he says the Jew Ess can bomb anyone, and at anytime, he chooses upon "reasonable suspicion" that they are playing with matches or looking askance at that which he favors – namely Izzy's Rail. It's world domination time folks coming from the same folks who shrieked to high heaven when their kosher paranoia claimed that for Japan and Germany those many decades ago. Hypocritical bastards, one and all, supported by brainless cattle.

Our niggerball, drug/rock, population is soon going to understand what it means to elect mattoids to high office. I really do not think we are going to march all over the planet as if God gave it to us solely. That's jew-think. We will pay the piper.

Never forget that the aggressor relative to Iraq is your own sweet "land of liberty". Perhaps someday ZOG will treat its resident serfs the same way – if someone looks suspicious, or might possibly someday look suspicious, then kill him. After all, an ounce of murder is worth a pound of massacre.
Since all "mid eastern" types look alike, how can you tell an Israeli from a Palestinian? Easy. The Israelis have jets and atomic bombs while the Palestinians have rocks and low grade dynamite.
It seems that people
use the term "race" as they do the term "love" without bothering to define anything. One word fits all. Lately I was sent some material which essentially claimed "race mixing is good". The author mentioned the "race mixing" which occurred between Anglos and Saxons thus implying that both were of a different race. Later on, species mixing was used as an illustration of "race" mixing. What should one do with such material which changes definitions with each paragraph? Enjoy the entertainment for that is its whole value, if any is to be found.

The species used for argument were Canis lupus (gray wolf) and Canis latrans (coyote). Never forget that biological classification is an artificial construct whereby names are used for CLASSIFICATION and that one cannot therefore use those names to PROVE anything. Calling one species 'lupus' and another 'latrans" does NOT PROVE THEY ARE RELATED simply because their genus name (Canis) is the same! Good gawd Virginia, where has the logic gone? If I name all three-toed dwarfs "George" then I cannot use the name "George" to prove that all three-toed dwarves are related. If you cannot get past this simple bit of logic then I suggest smoking more of the pot which disabled your brain to this extent. In that way, no question will ever bother you again and arguments will diminish. ZOG will love you for it..

The author claims that C. lupus "race mixed" with C. latrans to produce C. rufus (red wolf) and it was a jolly successful canine. (Yes Matt, we have canine teeth because we are not herbivores – vegetarians.) C. rufus had another name when it was first discovered by people who discover things. That breed of critter was first called C. niger due to it's generally black color. Later on, academic debate (a version of useless hot air belching) arose when later discoveries found lots of them with reddish coats. Some theorists then preferred to call these animals C. rufus (red wolf). Not all agree since people who call names often do not agree. In the jargon of the useless, this is called "schools of thought". To account for the red variety, why not call them Canis niger peroxidus?

The coyote weighs between 20 and 50 pounds. In spite of the assassination plots, target practice by idiotic blast-happy honky gun-totters and extermination pogroms, ye olde coyote is more numerous than ever.

The gray wolf, although relatively numerous, has had its range severely hampered by the expansion of crazy talking bipeds. The gray wolf weighs 100-120 pounds and is still has to run its tail off in order to have breakfast. The caribou also has to run its tail off in order to be alive at breakfast time.

The "very successful" red wolf has almost disappeared due to its miraculous adaptability to changing conditions. The estimated number left in the southwest is less than 100. It weighs 30-80 pounds.

Some THEORISTS theorized that the red wolf is a mix of the gray wolf and the coyote. The shared environment and intermediate physical characteristics lend support for that theory and besides, many canines, like humans, fill orifices as they become available. Like the nigger and the White man, these species are inter-fertile as several White hawgs have demonstrated and more will continue to demonstrate. But, is the red wolf a parallel to the mulatto? Not today Virginia.

When mulattos breed with their own "kind", they produce a very wide variety of critters clearly demonstrating Mendellian distribution. More mulattos, some quadroons, a few octoroons, light hair, various shades of brown eyes, etc., and all ugly. This is hardly a pottage which could be considered a "race", much less a species, by any definition.

Black people are considered related since they look very similar. They do reproduce their own kind thus demonstraing the relation. The same thing is true for White people and giving both the name Homo sapiens is an insult to observation and intelligence. What is further insanely disturbing is to say that since we are all NAMED "Homo sapiens", we are therefore related and once established, let the humping begin.. Not only is this idiotic, it is degenerate.

True, the White "race" is not as pristine as it once was. People do play Peter Dunkin with most anything available. However, suppose that nowhere to be found are there any "pure" Whites, does this prove that the concept "White race" is in error, as some jews try to convince? Nowhere on earth will you find pure sodium but sodium not only exists but is alive and well. Pass the salt, Eric.

Remember that in any asylum, sane people will be viewed with suspicion where they are not killed outright. The National Socialism of the once sane Germany, sought to take the best of the Germans and from them distill the superior elements of the White race. This was implemented by the State and needed to be backed by persuasion and penalty since most people have difficulty operating for the benefit of their own kind, or even their own immediate familes as is typical in today's American slop trough. If boundaries were impenetrable, this would occur naturally provided that society didn't allow the weak special breeding privileges as is now the case in Marxist welfare America. Some have argued that continued, unfettered, race mixing will produce the superior people we need. Where, in our zoo of copulation, can we find people of the caliber that tiny ancient Greece produced? An American city of 500,000 cannot produce one man to compare with the dozens generated by an ancient Greek city of 20,000. Where, my race mixing friends, can you find one of your kind which can even shine the shoes of an Isaac Newton, or Edvard Grieg, for example? On a per capita basis, and in the physical prowess field, race-mixing America is mediocre when compared to the European countries of generally one breed. We can shout "Weez da greatest!", all we want but, as in biological classification, names prove nothing. The 1936 Olympics said all there was to say in this regard.

Smoke pot. You'll feel more like a bro'. Grab a burst of coke and enlist in ZOG's merc forces.