30 September 2002
I am not convinced that behavior is the result of "behavior" genes.

A gene is a small unit consisting of sugar/phosphate/nitrogen compounds (DNA) which determines a particular characteristic. A whole sequence of genes make up what is called a chromosome. Chromosomes appear in the nucleus of cells as pairs, one inherited from the mother and the other from the father. Genes lying in the same position of both the paternal and material chromosomes "oppose" each other. That opposition is measured as "dominance". Genes are not equal. Some are more dominant than others.

Humanoids have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Of those, 2 are called "sex" chromosomes for an obvious reason. The female chromosome, which contains more genes than the male chromosome, is called the "X" chromosome and the male, "Y". One young lady used this fact to claim that males are thus "gene deficient", probably implying that a little deficiency goes a long way. However, the extra genes in the "X" chromosome often account for things such as hemophilia and defective color perception. Such unwanted attributes are inherited from the mother. The extra genes in the "X" chromosome have no counterpart in the "Y" chromosome so they remain absolutely dominant since they have no "opposition".

Females have one pair of "X" chromosomes while the male has an "X" and "Y" pair. "XX" and "XY" as it were. Aristotle claimed woman was the 'substance' and man, the 'motion'. After centuries, this is still poignant.

Ordinary cell division is a process of replication. It is called mitosis. 46 chromosomes producing 46 chromosomes. The sex cells (sperm and ova) are formed by separating the pairs of chromosomes (meiosis), thus producing cells with 23 chromosomes which combine during conception to yield 46.

During meiosis, when the chromosomes split, a crossing over occurs where a newly formed chromosome is actually a mix of the paternal and maternal genes. Genes are not inherited individually, but as groups. Thus, sex cells are actually a blend of the genes from both parents. This is not surprising to me and it shouldn't be to you either..

The outward effect (phenotype) of the two opposing genes for some internal attribute (genotype) is determined by 2 factors. The "strength" of the gene and how it is influenced by neighboring genes (epistasis). Genes are not inherited as an independent assortment nor do they act independently. There is no true independence in all of Nature. The gulping of an aspirin, for example, affects ALL of the body by affecting its equilibrium and not just your noggin.

Some authors say, and here again I repeat that the experts do not agree, that our outward appearance (phenotype) is the result of the interaction of the inner genetic structure (genotype) with the environment. To a degree perhaps, but I find it hard to believe that a child would not age if its environment remained as constant as its genetic composition.

If there were no genes for feathers or wings, I doubt if any critter would inherit flying behavior. I certainly doubt that behavior is some isolated inherited attribute. However, I do believe that natural behavior follows directly from genetic composition. (There is no "bang" in either sulfur nor potassium chlorate, but there is in a mixture.) I say "natural" here because it is well observed that people, and many critters, can alter their behavior as a survival mechanism. Bears certainly alter their behavior when encroaching humanoids favor them with garbage dumps. Black people certainly alter their behavior in a White society but when the White influence/environment vanishes, its back to doing what comes naturally. Your nice house pussy cat, when allowed free reign outside the human environment, soon goes feral, that is, it becomes exactly what a cat is – a nasty little carnivore. If humans ignored totally the dogs within their midst, they'd soon find them forming packs and hunting down their food, that is, the breeds capable of surviving without human handouts. It is interesting to speculate what portion of our welfare population has the genetic backbone to survive when removed from the dole.

One's outward appearance is an indicator of what his behavior will be like. However, behavior is often a more reliable indicator of a person's genetic makeup. When an ostensible White kid is writhing, screaming and behaving as some African coon during a tribal sacrifice (rock/drug concerts come to mind), it certainly does cast doubt on his "white" genes. These people we know as "whiggers". It must be remembered that imitating apes is what most White people do today, especially the young. When a teenager is doing the ugga bugga thump thing, he might not be doing it years later. This would indicate that the whigger act was just that, an act – aping apes. If some older White fellow is still "turned on" by Afro noise, then I believe this has said it all.

Empirical evidence indicates that behavior follows genotype regardless of the environment. The White man built upon these "fruited plains" something which was impossible for the "Indians", due to their genetic attributes. The best apartment dwellings are soon reduced to African squalor once the "underprivileged" move in. Urban blight is the result of natural negro behavior and it has nothing to do with poverty, racism or ozone holes. A raccoon acts like a raccoon because its genes shout "raccoon!"

This WAS a White land. The mestizos, among others who are now colonizing vast regions, will ACT White only as long as it appears White people are in control. When that disappears, we White people will be living in mestizo land and I do not think many of us will enjoy that anymore than White people now enjoy living in Black ruled Zimbabwe where the majority no longer looks black and acts white, but looks black and acts black. That, I am in favor of. To each his own.

Being physically White is not enough. A chronology of behavior will reveal the true influence of one's genes. As social restraints weaken, humanoids will more and more revert to natural genetic behavior. We now see more and more coons acting like coons have always acted. More and more jews are now acting more jewish which certainly will not enhance their chances of survival. Birds of a feather will flock together and Whites who disdain White will have no place of safety and that's a good thing. I have no feeling other than "good riddance" for any White female who consorts with Blacks and ends up raped, with AIDS, or dead. No matter how distasteful race-mixing appears, it does tell us a whole lot about the genetic quality of those who practice it.

A reader submits this –
The handbook for the Hitler Youth notes that the genes for physical characteristics are inherited seperately to the genes for behaviour ("independent assortment – Mendel's 2nd Law").  Because the Aryans have mixed with other races over the centuries, the handbook claims, a man might inherit the looks of an Aryan yet the behaviour of a Jew.

Thank you FAEM for developing this idea and spelling out some of its implications.

This chapter ended with the passage: "We will appraise our comrades, in the last analysis, according not to their physical attributes but to their character and their performance".

Paula stopped over with her son Kenny. I swear that woman can smell my homemade oatmeal cookies from 6 miles away. We sat down for the treat and I asked Kenny why he was so sour looking. It seemed that he had only 2 more payments to make on his new car when a fellow zipped through a red light and totaled his car. The boy wasn't hurt and I told him to cheer up. After all, it was only material junk of which the country was drowning in. This, according to Paula, was the first major "catastrophe" in his life. What a lucky kid.

My first big thump came when I was about three. I never remembered it but my dad always told the story since it emphasized my nature to "go to the edge". The "edge" in this case was the top of the stairs. We lived in a tenement on the third floor. The stairs led to a landing on the second, which continued to the ground almost as if it were only one stair well. I'd charge down the hall on my tricycle and brake just at the edge of the stair. I delayed a little longer with each attempt until one time I misjudged. Ass over tea kettle I went, as the saying goes, until the inevitable crash on the landing below. Mom rushed down in response to my cries and dutifully carried me to the bath where she cleaned and dressed my scrapes. (I loved that woman. During some of those hot 90° nights in the summer, she'd stay by our beds all night gently mopping us with cool, wet cloths.) When dad heard the story, he smiled and said he hoped I learned something for bad experiences without a subsequent learning, was not the way life was supposed to be. Without thumps, one learns nothing nor ever appreciates anything. I grew out of the tricycle days and looked forward to a bicycle. Dad said he'd help buy me one. The agreement was that for every cent I put in the "bicycle jar", he'd match it. I immediately took a job selling newspapers.

I once bought a Starfire two-passenger coupe made by Studebaker. It was a limited edition automobile designed by some famous person whose name I cannot now recall. The price was great since the undertaker who owned it had his license suspended for driving with a full head of alcohol. It needed a whole lot of small stuff like brakes and pan gaskets. I had nowhere to work that Christmas and an uncle granted me use of his cold and drafty barn where the snow drifted in when the ind was right. I worked on that care for about 7 weeks until it was in gem condition. It was ready for the road in February, new tires and all.

I had a job about 35 miles away in Buffalo NY. One day, as I peered out of my bedroom window, I noticed a very heavy snowfall. I decided not to go to work that day. My dad felt otherwise for he felt that being absent, or tardy, from one's job was some violation of a Commandment. My father worked full time for 62 years of his life and was never once late nor absent. (Retirement was for the dead, he always reminded us.) Anyway, not wishing to confront my father, I went against my better judgment and left for work. I left somewhat late and so exceeded the speed limit by about 15 or so MPH. The snow had stopped, but gusts created white-outs periodically. I approached a hill top when one of them decided to make its appearance. Everything went white and then everything went black. I did remember waking up in the hospital being cared for by a nurse, Jeanne, whom I later enjoyed knowing quite well. In a day or so, I returned home and dad asked if I'd like to see my car. I did, and off we went to Hasselbeck's garage. There it was. All four tires flat and framing a mangled mess. I guess this is why the local paper reported the accident as a miracle. It wasn't but people like to believe strange things.

I recited this story to Kenny and he seemed to smile when he remarked, "All of that work – for nothing." I told him that there was no such thing as "nothing" for I enjoyed restoring the car; learned something; and was glad I had driven 8 miles in it. Granted, it was expensive transportation all considered, but it sure as hell was better than zero. The rewards in life are your experiences. Those with huge homes and expensive cars, without wild and woolly experiences, are like penguins who never know what it is to be chased by alligators. Experiences add to a person's character and one's character is always secure. You take it to the grave. One's possessions are mere cosmetics, easily lost, strayed or stolen. A good revolution demonstrates this.

Dear ??? I do not recall your e-mail address but I remember the question. That's why my answer is now posted.

The difference between the 1972 and 1973 Ford/Mercury 351CJ engine is minor and can be easily corrected. The 1972 version was the last of the unencumbered high performance versions. ZOG emissions standards came into play in your state of Illinois in late 1972. The camshaft is identical except for being retarded 6°. This can be corrected by a change of line-up pin hole in the cam sprocket. Take off the carburetor. You'll see a large bleed hole between the intake and exhaust chambers. With steady use of a vacuum cleaner, use a 1/2 " pipe tap and then fit a plug obtainable at any hardware store. Leave the EGR valve alone since it can open or close with no effect. At that time, exhaust gas was used to dilute the air/fuel mixture. The distributor is fine, as is, but needs to be advanced fron 12° to 16° BTC. Cram a small piece of blocking dowel into the retard vacuum line to kill that effect. That done, the rest will take more time and care.

The Autolite 4300D four-barrel carburetor is one sick puppy. The engineers must all have been drunk the day they put that one together but it can be corrected. Drop the main jets from .063"" to .062". Always see your Ford part dealer. Pull out the economizer valve and add a 1/32 " shim to the one already there. You can whittle one out of any fairly stiff gasket material. If you go to Ford, make sure you get the green shim. Underneath the main jets, you'll find the power jets. On the downside of these jets,  after you remove the emulsion tubes, you'll see a small opening which you can use to insert a small screwdriver to gently press the jets from body. Clean the jets, which are .035", and fill them with solder. Now carefully, with a hand vice, drill new holes of .020". Get a 4300A carburetor ( late 1960s) from the junk yard and CAREFULLY remove the emulsion tubes. These are to be gently pressed into your 4300D carburetor, replacing the original. The idle jets are fine as is.

If you separate the body from the cast iron base, the transfer slots will be exposed. Here is where it pays to be a craftsman. The original slots are .375" in length which precipitated a laugh when I first discovered that. You'll need to fabricate two tiny rectangular pieces of aluminum from .016" aluminum, .18" long and .18" wide. Use a jeweler's loupe and tweezers at this point. These pieces is to be inserted at the top of the transfer slots so as to reduce their depth to .020". Go to a marine supply house and get some marine repair epoxy. The good stuff is expensive. A dab will cost about $10. Maybe the cost is different today. Apply this to the involved edges of the aluminum piece making sure there is no adhesive blocking the new slot. Let this harden overnight, or bake 1 hour in a 150° oven. The last step is to set the idle screws to 1½ out. Now, go for a spin.

I'd almost guarantee that your mileage will increase 9+ miles per gallon and if you are adventurous enough to "floor it" from a dead stop, the car will easily do a dangerous 180°, scaring the crap out of you. The only drawback which I can think of is that due to the wide overlap of the intake/exhaust events, the exhaust pipes will warm the floor boards more than usual. The car can be registered as a classic and thus not limited by the clean air laws.

You have a dandy car but not quite up to those horsepower glory days of the 1950s. BTW, do not exceed 65 MPH in low gear. (I am assuming that you have the C6 transmission.) That will max out the engine relative to RPM. Even with the four-bolt main bearing caps, and favorable valve/piston line up, it still might be possible to wreck this fine engine.

If a country is stripped of its ability to defend itself, as ZOG insists Iraq must do, then that country is no longer sovereign. It's all about the ZOG Jew World Ordure where all of the world's riches are in the hands of a few. If a government allows foreigners to swarm into its land, then can you say that that government is defending it own turf? ZOG is the enemy of all peoples. 
How many nogs do you know who have been fined and/or sent to jail for welfare fraud? As it appears, there is no deterrent not to cheat, since getting caught only means giving the funds back.
Dear Mr. Frenz,

I'm sure that you noticed in the BBC article that the highest percentage of blondes are in Finland.  This is most interesting as the people of Finland are, on the average, 25% mongoloid (or so I've read).  I bring this up because it seems to me that the white race is considerably more racially intermixed than it would superficially appear, mostly with asiatics.  What with blonde haired blue eyed Jews and blonde Europeans with noticeably asiatic bone structure, blonde hair and blue eyes are an unreliable indicator of whether or not one is white.

(I have no argument here and it affirms Eric's position concerning mestizos. If you look critically, you can see the mongolian in our prez. RF)

This intermixing, which, to the best of my ability to determine, could have begun to occur as early as 12,000 years ago, probably goes a long way in explaining the trailer trash phenomena and a good deal of other irksome behavior in ostensibly white folks.  A tiger can't change it's stripes and whites adulterated with mongoloid blood can't change their oriental ant farm mentality. As you've pointed out repeatedly, behavior is the key.  Someone who, regardless of their appearance, is truly white will display noticeably different behavior than the demihumans.

I've come across more information while looking into this subject, but as they tend towards myths and metaphysics and conjecture, I'll not bother you with them.  What I do know, however, is that this intermingling has caused more untold misery than all of the natural disasters ever know, and probably unknown too.

One interesting aside.  Poor eyesight is not caused by racial intermixing. Misshapen eyeball occur only in 2% of those with bad vision.  The main cause is, basically, the eye care industry and using eyesight improperly, although not necessarily in that order.

( I mentioned that heredity is a considerable factor which includes the characteristics of the retina, eye muscles, etc. including mismatch relative to bony eye socket, but in no way did I intend to discount the major problem of how one uses his eyes. The aging process itself plays a major factor is the health of an eye. A man who can curl 160 pounds at age 30, will not be able to do that at age 90. That's a rather simple thing as compared to the complex behavior of an eye. RF)

Sincerely Yours,  R.M. Illinois

Dear Robert,

I was very interested to read your piece about the continual inflow of asiatic Indians into California's Bay Area.

In England we are very familiar with this ethnic group and their colonisation tactics.   In short, they combine the very worst qualities of the Mexicans with those of the Jews. They breed like flies, taking over whole neighborhoods in double-quick
time. But, their extreme clannishness and greed is their distinguishing characteristic. While shutting others out, they take over whole industries and professions. Money is their only God. To them, any non-Indian is a non-person. Characteristics no-doubt
forged over millennia in India's teeming disease-ridden, corrupt, caste-based society. I most earnestly warn that now the USA has a beach-head of these people, over the coming years you can expect a huge in-flow. They are very, very cunning and will always beat any white American bureaucratic controls.

K. J.

Robertsez – Whether Mexican, Chinese, or what, these people are not coming here to blend in, they are coming her to take over. That's what all colonization is about. It's amazing how the American Eloi actually smile as they are being consumed.

Yes, there are many air-headed blondes. Kike Hollywood has done much to promote the view that blonde = dumb. It's understandable knowing the jews' immense hatred for anything White. Niggers love to defile blondes – the ultimate White female. It's a way of assaulting the White male. (Before some of you redheads go ballistic, most red hair is a variety of blonde.)

As I reflect upon the bright people in my school years, there was only one bright girl who wasn't blonde. Her brother was. Jean, Helen, Nancy and Velma were at the top of their class in the sciences. Nancy was the only one who was not blonde. Dave, John, Charlie and myself were the top boys in math/science. They were all blonds except me. No, the class was not mostly blond haired people. They were a noticeable minority. Betty was a very bright blonde who did not receive very good grades because her main interest was in assuming the horizontal. Her wit knew no bounds, however, and she learned very quickly – as long as it wasn't related to homework of the school type.

Good looking blonde girls early on develop a knack for manipulating people. Their beauty and flattering ways get exercised often at the expense of everything else. If you can gain an advantage with a smile, then why study? If you can get a good job with a couch interview, then why study? Blondes, often eager to manipulate a man, feign stupidity as they well know most men are not interested in "taking on" a bright woman. When you come across any beautiful woman who has gained an advantage, you'll discover what most men can be swayed by, and it's not intelligence.

The egocentric nature of man requires that he only accept things which flatter him. Thus we find a person's definition of intelligence, for example, is patterned after his own. Axiom: If you agree with me, then you are obviously intelligent. What a person is, is generally accepted as being "the best". Haven't you noticed the myriad of people swooning over their mirror images? If I have a big nose, then big noses are beautiful. And so it goes.

There are rare people among us who can admit, without wanting to commit suicide or take drugs, that they could be improved with the addition of a little more of this or that. We all know this deep inside, but only the rare person has the fortitude to admit it and live comfortably with this admission.

Diamonds are of value due to their scarcity. If diamonds were as plentiful as pebbles, would they command such a demand and high price?

There are scarce things on this planet. One of them is genius in spite of each mother claiming she gave birth to one. Exceptional people are rare. Physically, blond hair, blue-eyes and white skin are not plentiful and since these characteristics are recessive, race-mixing is coating them all with tar. Recessive characteristics are generally undesirable characteristics and that's the reason why in-breeding is not favored. However, the whole effect of out-breeding is to COVER UP that which is undesirable, and thus perpetuate it. In the harsh world of Nature, recessive characteristics have a tough job when it comes to perpetuation. Man has been at war with Nature for far too long and his reward is an ugly, sickly and idiotic population. Undesirable characteristics although covered up, break out very often producing problems which could have been avoided if we had adopted religious beliefs which didn't glorify the weak and ugly, and social programs which insure their continuation.

There is much value in superior attributes being recessive for this insures that one who carries such must have had parents who carried recessives. If we return to three of the absolute markers for White people, hair, eyes and skin, we know that any addition of different colors will destroy the continuity. This then becomes a survival mechanism and allows God's images to identify those who are not. I say God's images for we believe that man was created in God's image. God is a creator and so His image is also a creator and this applies to the only race worthy of that title – the White race.

All men have worshiped the sun in one way or the other. Yellow hair is the sun of the human body. You'll find it only in the White race. We are surrounded by another one of God's colors – the blue sky. You find this eye color ONLY in the White race. From the fleecy clouds to the polar ice caps, God's other main color surrounds us – the White skin. It's the symbol for all that's clean and pure. Gold – blue – white. It's there, all of it – in the White race. Shocking? Upsetting? Scary? You bet it is, for when most of us look in the mirror, we come away sick in the stomach, for THAT is not us. From this, envy develops and hatred grows. Those not giving into hate rationalize the plain facts away. Why is it so difficult for all of us to work toward building better people as the foundation for a better world? Our self-centered, immature, greedy, little souls cry out for satisfaction and like obedient slaves, we comply.

Gen:6:4: There were giants in the earth in those days;... Those giants were White men.
Gen 4:16: And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
Gen 4:17: And Cain knew his wife; ...There were other races on earth before the Garden of Eden. Cain was the first race-mixer.

Granted that the White race today is pretty much a sorry lot but within us all are the components for something much better than ourselves. We can choose to assist that goal, or we can stay on the fetid path of degeneracy.

And now, a little relaxation amidst a little manure. "They suggest that dyed-blondes are more attractive to men who choose them as partners over true blondes." Not for naughty Robert. A bottle blonde is a phony, pure and simple, and phonies have never stimulated me either mentally or physically. It's more academic b.s.

GERMANY: SCIENTISTS PREDICT THE DEATH OF BLONDES   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2284783.stm

Bullshit baffles brains. If you are interested is reading a whole bunch of stuff without learning anything, then I have a "race" site for you. Note the exclusion the author permits – if you don't agree with him, then it's "unscientific". He jumps the gun by assuming that "human" has been defined which means an acceptance of past notions. Much of what he claims about "humans" applies to all life forms. The DNA of one elm tree is different from its neighboring elm tree. Also, note that apes and monkeys can easily slip into the "human" category. Our Affirmative Action missing links are already classified as human. The massive difference between humans is due to centuries of race-mixing but that is no way destroys the concept of race. There are 3 "races", or species, if you prefer (Homo sapiens, Homo mongolus and Homo nigerus) but keep in mind that you are dealing with NAMES and not substance. Who needs a scientific name in order to know a nignog when he sees one? All of us can be measured by the degree which we carry White genes, for example. (I frankly don't give a crap about the other types. They've produced nothing and never will.) Our effort is a National Socialist one. We need a gene pool mainly of White attributes and that doesn't include black skin or kinky wool-like hair. From this, we will bring back into existence more people exhibiting the superior characteristics of our race. White attributes are a minority on this planet, and if we all pursue the degenerate practice of race-mixing, then the world can say good-bye to the genius which produced all we enjoy today. A world saturated with ridiculous, and ugly,  mongrels deserves extinction. God need not destroy such fools for they will do that themselves. This is an EDU site which gets money from ZOG and it therefore is required to follow the Marxist party line. Anyway, here's the the 'bullshit baffles brains' link. Be baffled – http://anthro.palomar.edu/vary/Default.htm
If an employer insists upon hiring the best people for the money, isn't that discrimination? In the name of human rights and equality, the only fair way to hire people is by lottery. In that way, all have an equal chance regards of sex, race, eating habits, aptitude, preference of bestiality partners, or religion.
In California's no-whites-need-apply Bay area, Asian Indians are the fastest growing population. (White man, you are whistling Dixie if you think you are going to gain from this.) Although their blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal, and  few smoke, their rate of heart disease is the highest in the world. Dr. Enas A. Enas thinks genetics might be involved. Dawh.... Biology has something to do with life? Hell. That might be racist.
Nigger-spic Hermando Harlton, a Mansfield Ohio police officer driving a stolen car, was chased by police in regard to the killing of his wife. This is one of the benefits of Affirmative Action, wouldn't you say?
More "equal" nigger news – Johannesburg SA. A week-old baby was raped in South Africa making her the youngest victim of a spate of child rapes fueled by the myth that sex with a virgin cures AIDS. With promiscuity in America reaching that of the Black countries, it is getting harder and harder to find virgins. In most "inner city" schools, "pumpin' juice" begins about age 9. Make sure your blonde daughter has plenty of 'equal' classmates.
Ape Kathleen Samuels ripped off welfare to the tune of $80,000 while she had a job, inherited $28,000 and bought a house, according to the Toronto Sun. Needless to say, she has 3 chocolate drops which will soon be on the dole once they reach the legal age. The father of the little apes went to the can for manslaughter and was deported as soon as he served his term. How low can a White society drop? Hell babe, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.
As more and more doctors recognize the importance of genetics in medical practice, more and more people are reducing their children's chances of obtaining helpful treatment by insuring that those children's parents are race-mixers. Disease WILL increase and the treatment thereof, will become less and less effective. Children, in far too many cases, are merely the product of unbridled lust, as proven by the horrendous number of abortions perfumed in this country. Day care communes are another indicator of the blatant disregard for children which is low priority relative to mom's "career" or dad's advantage of extra income. A working wife is like receiving overtime pay without putting in the hours.
In Coeur d'Alene – the Great White Hopeland – Mestizo Antonio Ortega and his brain-dead honky wife Dana, welcomed the arrival of their mongrel daughter on September 11. Instead of "being sad", the couple decided to name the unfortunate girl, Liberty.

Here again we see the idiotic connection between reality and labels. Dates, that is calendars, are abstract concepts manufactured in the minds of men as a device to coordinate their activities. There is nothing magical about the date September 11 any more than the date May 29. Besides, which calendar are you using? Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan, what? It is like that nitwit who threw himself into the Grand Canyon exactly 8:00 AM because that was the "time of the end" and Jesus would catch him in mid air. 8:00 AM in Arizona is not 8:00 AM in Union NJ. Some of you might remember the Y2K computer hoax, which was all about numbers and nonsense. FAEM blasted that crazy notion in 1998, but since I was never invited to appear on Larry King, it was obvious I didn't know what I was talking about.

I stole the following from Paul Fromm's excellent paper, C-FAR Newsletter. The website is – http://www.populist.org

Eric has always maintained that the American Indian is a mestizo not of Yellow blood alone, but carrying blood of ancient White people. As more and more evidence comes to the fore, it is beginning to look like nothing worthwhile can be attributed to the other races. The absence of anything beyond cow dung huts has always been the mark of the Black man. Black "genius" only appears in White countries – that's magic! Ancient Chinese "inventions" are becoming more dubious with each passing bit of laboratory analysis.

Tell Us A Story, Kennewick Man!

After six years of choleric litigation, a U.S. federal judge has ordered the U.S. government to let scientists study the bones of the 9,300-year-old Kennewick Man. ... [The U.S. government had] ruled the bones belong to Northwest tribes who claim the remains as an ancient tribal member and want to bury them. 'Allowing study is fully consistent with applicable statutes and regulations, which are clearly intended to make archaeological information available to the public through scientific research,' wrote U.S. Magistrate John Jelderks. Jelderks had repeatedly criticized the Army Corps of Engineers and the Interior Department for the way they handled the case. [For instance, the corps was rebuked for carpet bombing the Kennewick discovery site with tons of sand and gravel 'to stabilize the riverbank.'] The judge had said he felt the corps made a 'hasty
decision' to recognize a tribal claim to the bones. He has also criticized the government for delaying tests on the age of the bones and delaying its response to questions about determining cultural affiliation with modem tribes. ... Scientists argued that former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt [of the Clinton administration] overstepped his authority by ruling the skeleton was 'culturally affiliated' with Northwest tribes. Babbitt justified his decision by arguing the tribes had an 'oral tradition' of history in the general geographic area where the bones were found. ... Under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 ... federal agencies or museums shall return remains or associated objects to tribes that request them and can 'show cultural affiliation by a preponderance of the evidence based upon geographical, kinship, biological, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, folkloric, oral traditional, historical, or other relevant information or expert opinion.' The scientists, however, argued that no group can establish a direct link that extends back 9,000 years by any of those means." (Tri-City Herald, August 30, 2002) Put another way, the "we were here first" bromide loses a lot of fizz over 9,000 years.

Kennewick Man consists of 380 bones and bone fragments – about 80 percent of a complete skeleton. (An adult skeleton is made up of 206 bones.) After his inconvenient emergence, some bones were stolen while others were contaminated with cedar fronds and ashes during one of at least five native "ceremonies" held while various tribes were left alone with the priceless remains (oils, moisture, bacteria, mildew and pests could contaminate, even alter, the shape of the bones. The precarious integrity of very old human remains means that stray skin flakes, dandruff, saliva, sweat or blood from contemporary sources can confound subsequent efforts to extract reliable data. Allowing parties with an interest in the outcome of the case to handle the bones is lunatic. All humans slough off skin cells; if those should come from Native Americans, the DNA could later "confirm" association with modern tribes.) Indians are rightly terrified to think that other (particularly of Caucasian) peoples may have pre-dated them in the New World. Quite apart from awkward questions about genocides old and new, it really whips the entitlement argument out from under.

Two additional points: nearly every article now refers to Kennewick Man's "Ainu or Polynesian" aspect, when in fact Douglas Owsley of the Museum of Natural History said: "It does have a 'European' or 'archaic Caucasoid' look because morphometrically it is most similar to the Ainu from Japan and a medieval period Norse population. "Since it needs to be said: the Ainu are another anomalous Caucasoid population in a place where they don't "belong" – in this case, the middle of east Asia. The second point is the haploid x marker. According to Dr. Theodore Schurr, a molecular anthropologist at Emory University: The finding of this marker in American Indians and in Europeans. but not in Asians. indicates a "definite – if ancient – link between Eurasians and Native Americans"

"Boobs" Judy came over to me at a class reunion, sneered, and said "I have always hated you." I replied, "You obviously have good taste."

What Jim Gile's view of FAEM is, if he ever heard of it, I have no idea and no one should connect dots which aren't there. However, I think his election campaigning is of considerable interest even to those not from Mississippi. Here's an informative link – http://wsd.matriots.com/pgs/giles_solution.html

A reader sent in this interesting link – http://www.awolbush.com/
I would also suggest that people research the wonderful military records of God's servant Pat Robertson and of course, everyone's champion Rush Limbaugh. Also include all of those TV loud mouths who shower us with news "facts" daily. 
As I passed a good-looking woman with her handsome strawberry blond child in hand, I commented that it was nice to see such pleasant looking people. "We don't see many White people any more. They appear to be a vanishing breed." The woman stood somewhat motionless and the look on her face could best be described as – Dawh?
Penmanship was dropped from school education about 1960. This discipline was to ensure that everyone wrote in a similar, legible fashion. We are now more enlightened and certainly disdain anything imposing order because that would be "Nazi". If we could all read each other's handwriting, what a horrible thing that would be.
Many hands of moons ago, a teacher had to know the subject. Since most kids were observant enough to catch on to the way a teacher operated, it was assumed that they got the idea. Those notions were trashed along with the idea that quality was something not determined by a label. The emphasis following 1960 was that knowing the subject was not too important since it was in a book and therefore "techniques" were the secret to teaching. If one knew proper techniques, then he could pick u and book and successfully teach it. It now appears that the clown who is the Secretary of Education, is reversing the whole scene once again. If "qualified" non-teachers are now acceptable to fill the job vacancies, then this demonstrates that teacher education programs have no meaning. Perhaps we might also hire "qualified" non-doctors to fill the increasing demand for surgeons and so on. As hordes of swamp muds fill our hospital staffs I would think this demonstrates that anything can be a nurse providing it's given a proper name tag.
If TV promotes it, ZOG loves it. If everyone nags you to do it, ignore it!
Where in the Book of Life
does it say that non-Whites have a right to the milk and honey produced by White people? Where in the Book of Life does it say Whitey is responsible for the welfare of non-Whites?
Another coincidence? Jews Fastow and Kopper refused to testify at a House hearing regarding the Tyco rip-off. Innocent jews – just standing there – picked as "scapegoats". Wanna buy a bridge in Brooklyn? The fallout might just hit another jew operation – Merrill Lynch. We've witnessed the shenanigans at the other jew circuses of Adelphia and Enron. The reason the American public isn't disturbed by these never-ending jew frauds is that Whitey wants to be a jew and share in the ill-gotten gains. Who was it that said Americans live for the day they can steal something? Since jews want to be White, I suggest everyone changing their names and all will be happy.
Brytania Leloza, and her swarm, are very grateful they can celebrate Mexican Independence Day here in Yakima WA. I do hope some batch of Limblow followers will migrate to Mexico City and celebrate our Independence day. 
What sweet people we choose to vote for. Al Gore's delinquent son was recently nailed for being alcohol enhanced while driving. Two years ago, he was fined $125 for driving 97 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Meanwhile, back in Byron NY, Jim Holmgren was fined $350 for driving 76 MPH on the 65 MPH NYS Thruway.

Drunk Melvin Krantz was fined $500 plus 30 days in the county slammer for urinating on the sidewalk in front of a synagogue. One month earlier, Doug P., son of a well-heeled dentist who bankrolled the D.A.s election campaign, was exiled to Florida after the abortion attempt on his girl friend, Jean A., caused her "accidental" death. The deceased female's family shortly thereafter moved into a very expensive house. This is only small town peanuts. Think what is going on the the "big city".

In America, corruption is not a vice. It's away of life.

Don't despair for once we Whites become an openly despised minority, then the games will begin since we will no longer be restrained by that fiction called "the law". The young people will then find something far more challenging than computer games and orifice stuffing. Events will soon catapult them into the fascinating world of reality.
Once the police force is mainly mud, I think you'll find that "racial profiling" will take on a whole new meaning.
As the White population
drops below the 50% mark in nearly all states, the wogs, nignogs and muds are looking forward to running for elected office. I think that White folks should stop their piecemeal abdication and simply turn everything over to non-Whites, pronto. In that way, their genius will sprout due to the absence of "racism" and soon America with be the Gem of the Ocean. How they will reward the stupid honky can pretty much be guessed after one familiarizes himself with history.
The nigger Secretary of Education, Paige, says we can end the public school teacher shortage by hiring "qualified non teachers". The nigger president of the National Education Association, Weaver, disagrees. I think the two should get together and sacrifice a goat in the Oval Office. That might help.
The new AIDS drugs are helping perverts live longer. Thus they can infect more people and this increases the need for drugs which will help the new members of the faggot alliance to live longer. Think of the increased profits for Izzy's drug company and the extra load on the tax-payers. Only in America do we idolize shit and elect turds to office.
The American patriot –

"Henry! There are foxes raising hell in the chicken coop."
"Hold on Sally, I want to finish this book on the behavior of foxes."
"Henry! There are foxes raising hell in the chicken coop."
"Sally, hand me that book on chicken coops."
"Henry! There are foxes raising hell in the chicken coop."
"In a minute. I want to check to see if other farmers are having the same problem. Maybe there's a group I could join."
"Henry! There are foxes raising hell in the chicken coop."
"What kind of foxes are they? Red? Gray" What?"
"Henry! There are foxes raising hell in the chicken coop."
"OK. OK. I'll look into it."
"Forget it Henry. I think there are no more chickens."
"See? The problem is solved. I knew that knowledge was power and that's why I read all of those books."

Affirmative Action is racism.
Nothing like having trustworthy sources, I say. How's this for a confidence booster?

"Several Microsoft Hotfixes downloaded between April 6-20 from Microsoft's Premium Support and Gold Certified Web    sites were infected with PE_FUNLOVE.4099 a.k.a. the Fun Love virus." 

The insane will never elect the sane to represent them. A recent remark by our cretin in command is certainly enough evidence to warrant a straight jacket. Mestizo "W" said, "After all, this is the guy (Saddam) who tried to kill my dad."

Coming attractions – Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

You cannot have White culture where there are no White people. The precipitous decline in the numbers of Whites in America can be measured by the absence of White cultural influence. "Music", as such racket is called today, is nearly 100% African. Our "value system" is right out of some oriental bazaar. White is not a matter of just skin color. Jews are not White. Mestizos are not White. Whiggers are not White. It seems that Hitler was right after all.
Women have great eyesight. They can see things which aren't there. I was talking to Sue who works at the zoo. Lou works at the zoo, too. They both love Karlee, the orangutan, and get enthusiastic telling stories of its intelligence. "Why," said Sue, "the other day she picked up a rock and used it to break a drain cover. She then took a piece of that drain cover and used it to break open that box which contained an apple." I was compelled to reply, "If that critter was so smart, then why didn't it simply use the rock to break open the box? Besides, how did Karlee know there was an apple in the box? Telepathy?"

If you watch apes, small kids or negroes, you'll find most of their behavior is disjoint and not part of some scheme. Seeing what is not there is part and parcel of academia where some Ph.D. rock gawker can view an ancient irrigation system, constructed by trial and error, and attribute wondrous engineering skills to a people which never had much of any.

When I see a gaggle of idiots at Stonehenge, with their sextants and computers "discovering" things, it is not much different than watching a troupe of baboons busy themselves with a new found pile of leopard dung. 

If I were a Brit, I'd cringe every time someone said "Queen". Hideous Greenspan, by wave of magic sword, is now a knight. What the heck Harvey, the movies are full of negro knights, negro vikings and negro angels. Soon I expect some orangutan to be knighted and after that, a lamp post. I would suggest the the Queen, for the sake of expediency, knight all of the jews, drug addicts, rock stars, etc. in one fell swoop and then get on to lesser things. Hocus pocus is alive and well and I suggest that the Save the Penguins society invoke the power of the Almighty to give penguins the wings of eagles so they might fly north and stop freezing their tails off. The South Pole lacks freedom. No matter which direction you choose, it's always north. If you travel 5 miles north, then 5 miles east followed by 5 miles south, you'll be back where you started. That's a good deal and I can get it for you wholesale.
"Commissar Gouge. Why is there not peace in the world?"
"Evil, that's why. Bloody evil. Nasty evil. Evil evil."
"What is the source of this evil?"
"Al Queda."
"Who's he? Does he work at General Motors?"
"No. Maybe. I'll have to check their employee list. Information must be fully shared. Make no mistake."
"How do you propose to deal with him?"
"Whenever we suspect any country of having a possibility of associating with any suspected relative, who may have received a letter, or a thought wave, from Al, we'll bomb the shit out of them."
"What if you made a mistake and killed some innocent people?"
"No one is innocent for there exists a possibility that they could say 'hello' to Al sometime in the future. After we kill them, and blow up their country, we'd have eliminated that future possibility. Besides, all of those fireworks is good for the economy. It creates jobs. Think of all the problems we could have avoided if we assassinated Hitler's mother when she was 9 years old. As leader of the world's greatest pizza pie, I need to think ahead and be on my nose... I mean, toes. Rose?"
"That seems a bit extreme to me."
"Extremism in the defense of annihilation is a virtue. Evil must be destroyed even if it means incinerating the planet. God will thank us for it. Isn't that right Pat?"
"I am impressed by your enthusiasm and I'd fully expect you to lead the charge, ballistic missile in hand."
"Hell man, are you nuts? Why would someone as valuable as myself want to get killed? I'll wave the flag. Someone will bite."
One fellow wrote that he was amazed at FAEM's ability to correctly predict. He shouldn't have been since if one knows his skunk, he will usually be able to predict what it will do under most conditions.

Many Americans live in a fantasy world where their notions of what is bears no resemblance to reality. Some of this, I fear, is because like one's tramp daughter, no one wants to face facts. The 20th century was a century of ever-increasing jew strangleholds on the world. From the Menshevik attempt in 1905 (National Geographic) to the overthrow of the Tzar of Russia, and the brutal jewish murder of his family, to the political success in 1919, Communism has been mainly financed by the American taxpayer. Jewish manipulation involved the U.S. in WW I, the First War to Kill White People. The Marxist income tax came into being in 1913 and each and every time the corrupt Communist experiment was on the verge of failure, Uncle Sam came to its aid, both under Hoover and then massively so under Rosenvelt. The U.S. expeditionary forces in 1919 left no doubt that Communism was a kosher operation from start to finish.

The jewish League of Nations was not accepted by the American people and so another great war was planned. Jewish excesses naturally caused a reaction particularly in Germany where it led to the Anti-Comintern Pact. Germany and Japan stood in the way of the jewish nightmare of a "one world" ruled by them. Hitler had to be smashed and the American goyim gladly helped turn the tide of the Second War to Kill White People. The jews cheered while White Americans and White Germans died. In 1945, occupied European territories were forever denied sovereignty. NATO was devised as a means to control Germany, jewsmedia babble to the contrary.

By 1960, jews sat in  Tel Aviv, Moscow and Washington (behind corrupt Goy frontmen) running the "New World Order" aided and abetted by their Masonic mattoids in the City of London. The plan was to have the whole caboodle nailed down tight by year 2000. They are slightly off schedule since a few more nations have to be bribed or bombed into submission. That's the deal with Iraq – it is not yet under total control. The only nations not considered targets of domination are those with no resources whatsoever.

The "Cold War" was a stage play from start to finish as the same gang of jews ran both the U.S. and Russia. Russia today is top heavy in jews and jews still get special privileges there. Many Americans accept this believing that the jews are God's "chosen people". Jews are racial mongrels – the result of fornicating with those not of your kind – and so I ask those nitwit Christian Zionists, "Why would God prefer mongrels to those not so?"

The non-White immigration into White homelands was never about helping the riff-raff of the world. That's what "foreign aid" was supposed to do. It's all about destroying White cohesiveness and power. As I have mentioned before, once the Jew/Masonic/Communist 666 gang feels that the world is its apple, the assault upon White American liberty will begin in earnest. Even now we are being conditioned to accept loss of liberty in the name of "safety".

When one researches the history of the 20th century, rightly called the Jewish Century, he cannot escape noticing jewish names piled one upon the other whether the topic is treason, financial swindles, pornography, espionage, butchery, and such. To dismiss the obvious as "coincidental" or claim "scapegoat", is to tax one's ability to deceive himself. Yet, of all the glorious accomplishments of the White race, they all are rendered pale when we examine to ability to delude one's self.

So, once you know who the skunk is and how it operates, prediction is a piece of cake.