10 October 2002
I hope you people are sending your $1000 donations to the savior of our race, Hal Turner. He's running another one of his "going out of business" pleas. I love these people. They are pro-White with YOUR money, not theirs. Such a deal.
This VNN article makes sense to more people than just myself. http://www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com/index529.htm

I'd like to point out that the jewish "take" on nigger noise was the root of jazz. Jews invent nothing. They warp what they find to fit their mixed roots. Blues and jazz are African in substance with jew garnish. Period. If I were a Black, the first time I discovered a jew dicking with my "soul" music, I'd turn him into fertilizer at the first opportunity. The reason jews feel at home with Afro-thump and wailing is because they themselves have negro traits. Thus, anyone who gets "turned on" by the current drug-rock screeching, wailing and thumping, can be rightly suspected of being part nignog himself. As I said before, I can excuse young kids for going with the flow and being faddish, but when a middle-aged man is still gyrating and imitating ostriches in heat, then he is Afro in my book and I don't care if he calls himself a White Power advocate. Genes dictate behavior and one cannot hide from his lineage. 

I fully expect some "false flag" event of major proportions to come about which will serve as an excuse to go all-out against Iraq. Bush's arguments are feeble and laughable except to the gray-haired senile group called Republicans.
As the 'war of terrorism' escalates, the number of terrorists will increase exponentially.
Congress is nothing more than a debating society.

White collar crime has done more damage to the economy than a dozen Al Quedas could do.
Christianity is an excuse for race-mixing.
There is a marked difference
between Clinton's delivery of lies and of George Dubya's. Clinton lied with a slight smile. Dubya keeps a straight face. Perhaps he saves his laughter until after the speech. During his 8 years, I only listened to one Clinton speech and I keep away from Dubya's as if I might catch AIDS from a TV set. BTW, double-U means double kosher as in the circle-U, Union of Orthodox Rabbis, which you find contaminating most of your food supplies. I did tune-in to UU to see how he read his jew-written speech. I refused to listen to the gaggle of jews "analyzing" the speech.

Saddam must be one terrible fellow – rape, torture, murder. He was accused of everything under the sun and I waited to hear of "gas chambers" since most of the speech appeared to be shop-worn jew propaganda from the 1940s. Saddam MIGHT build A, as in ONE, atomic weapon with which he will blackmail the world. Iraq apparently does not have the resources to fabricate the aluminum tubing  necessary to refine uranium, but that's OK since it was a Disney World speech anyway. Once built, Saddam does have the delivery capacity to hit Turkey or Israel. Big deal. This was stated only minutes before George UU described mushroom clouds popping up all over America. Hey UU, all of that with only ONE BOMB? Gullible goyim proving that bullshit baffles brains.

Often I point to websites of which I do not agree believing that you should read the material for "enlightenment", as it were. Here's another of the mushrooming number of White oriented sites which has very decent commentary, of which I do agree. I especially liked the article True American Hero.    http://www.rightoutthere.com/

Be sure to read the Background info and Statement of Philosophy.

Third World labor crisis:  Food supplies to developed nations threatened.


"Some $300 billion in cargo flows through West Coast ports every year, and after one week, the lockout has already had an impact on several sectors of the economy, from farming to manufacturing. Growers in California's fertile Central Valley have opted to leave crops in the field until the ports reopen trade to Asia."

The North American West Coast port labor dispute has been very educational in just how far down the slope we already are.  Earlier incautious stories on this carried explicit details of the net flows of imports and exports through these ports.  It turned out the principle imports are manufactured goods from Asian countries.  Meanwhile the primary exports are agricultural products, cattle, logs and raw materials.

Third World immigration and breeding have been the principle themes in North America for 40 years.  No one therefore should be surprised that a Third World economy has grown up alongside this 'diverse' Third World North American population.  It's what they're best suited to doing.


A funny thing happened at the funeral parlor today. I stayed a while with my deceased friend and met some people I hadn't seen in years. One fellow came over and asked me if I knew Ron Roth. I said I didn't but was told that he sure remembered me and especially the time I broke into Luplow's garage, stole his car and drag-raced all the way to Horseheads. When I questioned who Ron Roth was, I got little other than he was "an old friend who used to hang around Art's garage with me."

I went home for something to eat and called my older sister who never forgets anything when it comes to who did what to whom in our home town. She laughed at my story, telling me she never heard of Ron Roth either. Then she added one of her own where a fellow introduced himself and was surprised that my sister did not recognize either him or his name. He claimed she was his baby sitter for nearly 4 years. We both found that interesting since she never was a baby sitter for anyone, ever.

So much for "eye witness" testimony.

While at the funeral home, a little girl came up to me with a tale I wasn't supposed to hear, at least is what she said. It seems that her aunt also knew the deceased by would not enter the parlor until I departed. "She knows your car and will not come in until it has gone," I was informed. Her aunt, Judy, whom I hardly knew in high school, developed a pathological hatred for me, for some unknown reason. It's my personal magnetism, I guess. This she told straight to my face at the last class reunion. Being a mischievous fellow, I decided to add a little fuel to the fire. Since Judy was watching my car until I departed, I went out the back door and asked Harry to drive me home. I plan to leave the car there all night. I'll go to sleep with a smile on my face. 

A WW II combat veteran sends this –

"I'm sure the nation will be awaiting the great speech that our new Roman type dictator will deliver on Monday to tell the nation of his grandiose plans for the subjugation of Iraq.  He will of course again reiterate for the umpteenth time that in a few years Iraq will threaten the whole planet with weapons of maaaaas destruction. Of  course Emperor Georgus Brutus Caligula Bu-shit-us will describe how he will slay the dragon called Hussein.

"Perhaps the British yapper P.M. Blair, can even plan a new sovereign gold coin to be minted showing the new St. George. The emperor slaying the terrible dragon.

"There are of course some folk that do not believe the U.S. will invade Iraq claiming it's all bluff,  however, that cannot be so  because our President say's he's designated by God to accomplish the task. Of course since God has spoken to St. George, he will pursue his delusions and folly, and fulfill his God given assignment. Wonder if the oil companies are sending the man subliminal messages on his perceived messages from God?

"When hostilities begin on a grand scale, it can be expected that the Iraq nation will carry out a scorched  earth oil policy by blowing up all their wells, pipelines and associated facilities. The Saudi Arabians will in turn raise oil prices as will the Iranians so our nation could be looking at $100 dollar per barrel for oil, resulting in a $5.00  to $ 8.00 a gallon price for oil in our depressed homeland, and a doubling of prices in Europe as well.  It is also likely that the arrogant Emperor will want a quick victory, and many simpletons seem to think it will be over in two weeks, which of course is just wishful thinking, for it will take that long just to bomb all the Palaces, Mosques, pharmaceutical facilities, water filtration plants, milk processing plants, and civilian bomb shelters that can be located. The Coalition of two [the third member will be told to temporarily remain neutral for some huge amount of money] will try to get the Kurds to initiate an offensive with all the 20,000 men they can muster. The rag tag Army will consist of  boys of 12, and old men of 70, unless the Turks decide to release those they hold in their prisons. In order to achieve a quick victory, the Coalition strategist will consider dropping forces from helicopters into Baghdad, and what a sad situation that would be for our fellows, because if there were those that thought Somalia was bad,  the fighting in Baghdad will be a hundred times worse. The fool we have for a Dictator, and the ninnies who surround him think it will be an easy victory in spite of advice to the contrary by a number of Generals. In fact Gen. Zinni recently remarked that those who have never been under fire in a war want it the most. When it is all over with the stock market will have taken a real dive, and the country will be bankrupt. Then maybe the Grand Emperor can say "read my lips – for the Lord told me to do it," and the blame must be assessed accordingly."

Watched a little of some nature show on TV last night. It was about animal life in Africa's Ngorongoro crater which is a preserve and tourist gawking area. The equilibrium is interesting and at one time the lion population was very large until the Nazi hand of mama Nature send in swarms of some unusual fly which attacked, infected and decimated the lion population. With its leveling job finished, the flies vanished. I am sure there's a date put aside for the humanoid wretches also.

It was noted that the crater's male lions were the largest and strongest in Africa. Although the indigenous lions never leave the crater, others outside occasionally ring the door bell and try to enter. Those adventurous males never get past the Ngorongoro lion muscle boys. All was well at this point until the bonehead commentator (you cannot be a TV commentator without being one) remarked that the size and strength of the Ngorongoro lions actually was a handicap since it prevented genetic material from entering from the "outside" world. The same theme – Outbreeding is strength. Diversity is strength. Outbreeding, as in race-mixing, assures that biological trash gets spread over as much area as possible. This is the "dilution" theory. It's called 'share the misery'. Instead of picking the turd out of the milk pail, we stir it in.

Being rather simple-minded, I would conclude that since the "outside" lions just couldn't hack it in battles with the Ngorongoro lions, that they really didn't have much to offer by way of 'superior' genes. Does this make sense to you?

Will our bozo president pull a big bazoo just prior to election time?

I love our foreign "foreign policy". If we have all of the guns, then the world will be safe. If someone else has a few guns, then the world is dangerous. Hmmmm......... Sounds like a description of police state to me. The Jew World Ordure is exactly that but I think they  will allow the Jivaros of Ecuador, all 20,000 of them, national sovereignty. That is, until someone discovers oil on their property and then it's BOMBS AWAY! Oil belongs to those who need it and that just happens to be us. Convenient?

Tom Galisano, if the name is spelled correctly, is a billionaire running for governor of NY state. In the election racket, you must be well-heeled in order to represent the "common folk" It would be nice if someday the working man could represent the super-rich, but I think Haley's Comet will zip through Area 51 first.

Good ol' Tom promises, that if elected, he'll pour enough magic and money into the school system so that all chil'ens will graduate from high school with at least a "B" average. People have obviously forgotten ZOG's last 5-year plan where American students would be NUMBER 1 by year 2000. All of that is quietly forgotten.

Tom is loaded with dough so I wonder how much of HIS money will be tied to "heppin' da po' folk". 

A reader sends in these comments —

About a week ago you posted a link to a politically correct anthropology page which claimed that because ABO blood types vary among human populations in ways not along racial lines, that therefore race does not exist, but that only "clines", or gradual variations, exist.  This argument seems somewhat convincing at first, but it is inherently fallacious.  While many genetic traits do in fact vary in frequency gradually in human populations, usually due to natural selection pressure resulting from a gradual change in climate or environment, many other genetic traits do not.

In fact, it is possible to refute this "clinal" nonsense simply with a more detailed examination of blood type genetics.  In addition to ABO blood types, there exist a number of "rare" blood types, nearly all of which are race-specific.  Here are some of the more well-known rare blood types and the racial groups in which they are found (http://www.bloodbook.com/rare.html):

African American Blacks: U– and Duffy–
American Indians and Alaskan Native peoples: RzRz
Pacific Island peoples and Asians: Jk ( a– b– )
Hispanics: Di ( b– )
Russian Jews: Dr ( a– )
Whites: Kp ( b– ) and Vel

Clearly, those who support the "clinal" model (and the race-deniers in general) have been very, very selective about the examples they have chosen.  Why focus on two or three genes exclusively when there are at least 100,000 genes in the human genome (and that's assuming over 95% of our DNA to be "junk")?  This sort of flawed statistical reasoning is often used by "scientists" to "prove" things which are obviously untrue, as we're both well aware.

A fellow asks – What do you think, does a Jew hold the record for the highest IQ ever?


Bullshit baffles brains. Are they trying to bury Einstein? Read the claims carefully and think. Here's some –

(1) "William James Sidis is arguably the brightest human who ever existed on our planet Earth."

You bet it's arguable since we can only guess about the past and only of those for whom records existed. Of the billions who have existed, no records exist. Thus we are merely speculating. It's like saying that Harvey Zipfoot, who ran the 1/4 mile in 30 seconds is "the fastest man on earth". He was the fastest man at the competition but not everyone on the planet competed, so the statement is vacuous. Bullshit baffles brains.

(2) "Sidis' IQ is crudely estimated at 250-300."

Notice the words "crudely" and "estimated". Estimated by whom? Jews? Crystal ball? Pot smokers? What was the criteria for that estimate? Bullshit baffles brains.

(3) "Started reading The New York Times at 18 months." "Read Caesar's Gallic Wars, in Latin (self-taught)." "Read Homer in
Greek in his fourth year." "Learned Gray's Anatomy at six."

That's not all, but notice the topper – "Total recall of everything he read."

Too bad the duffer wasn't alive so I could offer this proposition – "If you have total recall, then you should be able to recite  text, and draw diagrams, of everything in Gray's Anatomy, for a start. I'll follow along, word by word, and at the first error, this Magnum will move your brains to the wall behind you." Would you really think he'd accept? Bullshit baffles brains.

(4) "Billy could learn a whole language in one day!"

What do you mean by "whole". Each and every word plus grammar and syntax? Bullshit baffles brains.

The promoters of this jew, no matter what his talents, can boast of little relative to addition of knowledge, or invention,  as is true of Euclid, Gauss, Mozart, Tesla, Michelangelo, and so on. Mathematical talent is often found in complete imbeciles – "idiot savants". I suppose a CD-ROM could be called intelligent because it "memorized" 500 MB of data and has total and exact recall. People often mistake talent for intelligence. It is often the case where people take a true statement and claim truth for its converse. That's a no-no. Intelligent people do have talent but talented people are not necessarily intelligent.

Bullshit baffles brains. I'm from Missouri. Show me. If you won't bet your life on it, then you really are not sincere. Nuff said.

No revolution before its time. Nearly all activity is reactionary. Few alter course because of a probability of some future event. Probability, no matter what the numbers, remains just that – something probable and not certain. A reaction therefore requires something certain and certainty is always an immediate, present event. People eat because they are hungry and not because they will need energy for a 5 mile hike hours away.

The frog, and those with comparable brains, remain present oriented and compare things only over a very short span. As the water gets hotter, the frog thinks, "Well, there's not much temperature change since the last time I remembered and therefore all is OK." People move into debt the same way, little by little. A 20-year-old, trim 160-pound man who gains only 1 pound per year, is fat when he retires. A termite only removes a grain at a time. Who notices until the barn collapses?

People have lost their jobs but that's OK since they have lost jobs before and not much changed. They were sick, but they recovered. The stocks fell, but they recovered. All in all, everything recovers so what's the big deal? I'll still vote for my party since that seemed to work through the years, so why change it?

The sailor in the crow's nest is all alone and his horizon is not the horizon of the deck hands. He shouts danger and the deck hands look up and around. They see nothing and therefore all's well. That's the position I have relative to many of those I meet. I have the telescope and they do not – like the ant who sees not the ant-eater looking at him. The distressing thing is that I can offer my telescope, and you can offer yours, but none want to look through it. The roof must fall in before you will be able to get people interested in a shovel. That's the way it is. 

The radio mouth is stirring up hysteria by claiming the high probability that the 6 killings in the Maryland/Virginia area might possibly be the work of a terrorist (A new buzzword soon to replace 'Nazi'?). The blowhard invited people to call in with their feelings on the matter. My call was accepted but I was soon shut off. The gist of it was –

The most common terrorist in  this country is the average person behind the wheel of an automobile. I am sure he/she/it scares the crap out of at least 8 others during the to-fro work commute. In fact, in the 16 hours it took the assassin to kill 6, Over 90 Americans died with their brains, and other body parts, splattered all over some highway, dashboard and so on. Meanwhile, in the jew abortion mills, over 2500 unborn met their death. (In spite of a difference in blood and DNA, the soulless twats still insist it's "their body". Junior versions of these savages can be seen with tattoos and pierced navels, tongues, noses, nipples, vulva, etc.)

The only thing I can gather from these facts is that Americans sure have an odd way of evaluating deaths.

As the population gets darker, more and more will call themselves White. The handsome 24 year old pictured here (lousy copy of a Post Office portrait) is described as a "White American" with the name, Natan Gozman. At the tender age of 17, he was selling illegal fireworks along with marijuana. Just before his 18th birthday, he was nailed again with illegal firearms and a lunch box full of cocaine. He remains today on the F.B.I.'s list of desirable diversity bozos for murder, conspiracy, racketeering, and kidnapping. (He definitely was not a couch potato.) He is suspected of having an unhappy childhood and being 'culturally deprived'.

Look at this fellow's fat lips. Is this the mark of a White man? Notice the ears which are starting to flair out. Although obscured in this copy of a copy, his dark hair is kinky. The nose and dark eyes sum it up even if we did not know the name, Gozman. American? He was born in Berdichev, Ukraine. Like most jews, he has more than one Social Security number. O, I nearly forgot, he belongs to the criminal "Bratva" (brotherhood) club composed of Uzbek and "Russians".

Sad to say, granting American citizenship does not have the magic power the Goyim think is does. Yes folks, ZOG lets these rats swarm in while claiming our problems are on the other side of the planet. Only in American is insanity a virtue.

After wrapping the V.P. in palm leaves and pit roasting him for 4 hours, the cannibal chief directed the cook, "Put some salt on Cheney. After that put some peperoncini." (A poor Italian joke.)
I hope you are getting ready for Día de la Raza (Day of the Race), October 12. Maybe Mejico will annex New Mexico then. Perhaps we should appropriate April 20 as our der Rasse Tag. Whatsay?
The Bush box – If a war against Iraq is canceled (ha ha), the jews will be very unhappy and the economy will tumble. If there is a war, then airline execs warn that their businesses will be devastated and the economy will tumble. With the 'security' horseshit which is now in place, who wants to fly anyway except ugly women desiring to be felt up by simian "security" guards?
Hard to believe isn't it? "Scientists" falsifying data? Nawh. But then again, I remember associating with some of these bozos while at U.C. Bell labs announced a major physics break-through involving miniaturization of transistors. An investigating committee found that it was a toilet full of lies. Not unexpectedly, a few underlings got canned and it was business as usual. In this land of pure, honest souls, it's hard to believe that such people would do such things just the raise the stock value. Yep. That's hard to believe. Anyway, it's time more physicists got on the fraud wagon but they still have a ways to go in order to catch up with the medical profession.
Immigration is biowarfare. Of the 1200 cases of malaria in this country, all have been traced to being infected by immigrants via the mosquito. Don't blame it on 'long distance' mosquitoes for they are fragile creatures which have extreme difficulty traveling 1/2 mile. Love that diversity! 
There goes that song again..... Bottle blonde California school teacher, Tanya Hadden, 36, kidnapped a 15 year old mestizo and had sex with him in a motel. I'll bet she didn't have to ask twice. Caught, she received a suspended sentence of 5 years. The mestizo, who probably was "educated" at age 10, ended up with a big smile. What is it with these ostensible White broads who seems drawn to muds like flies to a manure pile? It looks like a great portion of our population has the nucleus of its central nervous system located in the crotch. With brains rapidly approaching vestigial status, I suppose we'll evolve into a sex organs held up with two legs.
"Anti-Semitism is on the rise!" says hymie. For the jew, anti-Semitism is always on the rise. It's the only way these people can feel important – believing others hate them for their god-like attributes. If it's true, and that paranoid 'race' accepts it as such, then look for bizarre death-wish actions to be invoked by that dual-citizen asylum called Israel. 
It was recently announced at a conference that the complete genome map for both the malaria virus and the carrier mosquito, has been completed. Hip, hip, hooray! The speculation that malaria can now be exterminated thus benefiting the hordes of Asia and Africa, was applauded. One cannot be a scientist unless one has myopia of thought and takes a position that Nature is the mortal enemy. Time will show that these wishful thinkers are in the same boat as pot smokers who believe all's well. It was admitted that an "effective cure" involving gene juggling would take probably 10 years, and out of the same dry lips came the comment that both mosquito and virus have "mutated" so that the usual weapons are now useless. The mosquito now eats the once effective insecticide as dessert and the virus still waltzes its merry way in another set of coat and tails. Do these clowns really think Nature is going to remain suspended in time so that their belated cures will be effective? It's nonsense but the whole malarkey does provide jobs and hope for the hopeless like searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have sadly watched people hoping for a windfall even up to the moment to death, thereby refusing to live on the delicious things which are possible. I remain horrified at those who waste precious hours of their lives gawking at crap on TV. It's insane.

A genome map is about as useful as a road map of Arizona when your car has run out of fuel in New Jersey. BUT, if it's "science" then that's better than God talking to you personally. Disease and starvation are the main reasons which keep this planet's population from mushrooming like maggots on a decayed corpse. Without them, I'd estimate that population increase rates would quadruple at the least. We are suffocating ourselves with 6 billion humanoids as evidenced by the fact that other forms of life are disappearing. A unit in equilibrium does not have vanishing elements. Those ego-centric nitwits who think they can win against Nature are creating problems which will effect us all and that time is now upon us. We need no pogroms for Nature will supply what is needed. The planet WILL BE SAVED even if the cost is the entire humanoid population. The aardvarks and salmon will drink to that.

As "medical science" advances, more and more people get sick. Sure, you no longer have Crothchna's disease, but you do now have stripitis, fungmungus and Ballwacker's syndrome. Keep up that race-mixing. It's good for business.

It appears that there will be a protest demonstration in Washington DC on October 26. The issue is the war on Iraq. I would guess that the busses, which will be leaving major cities, will be filled mainly with assorted flavors of mud people – not exactly a "White" protest. The glory days of protest were in the 1960s when people still had the energy to light a match and burn things to the ground, and to toss razor-blade loaded potatoes and piss filled bottles at each other. No longer do we see the "pro life" and "free choice" idiots bashing each other with signs. What a shame. There were even great street battles between those who made extra shekels working in military hardware plants and those whose sons were being killed. Jane Fonda established the precedent whereby those guilty of treason would go unpunished. Today, most of Congress takes advantage of that. Now, if those who are going to protest the war really get serious by staging a destructive insurrection, then perhaps they might influence a few niggerball fans to switch channels. Otherwise, it will be business as usual – downhill. ZOG loves "peaceful" demonstrations. They "prove" our rights are still intact while offering absolutely no threat to ZOG. Such a deal. 
If voting made a difference, it would be made illegal. Consider Hawaii, a vacationers' 72° rat-infested mud state. If it's 20% White, then I'd be surprised. Imagine how far you'd get running an pro-White election campaign there. You'd be tossed into the out-going tide as soon as you passed out flier #69. For any success, the area in which you are campaigning must be at least 60% White. On a state basis, this is no longer possible. Most people vote on a "what's in it for me" basis and have habitually sold their children's future for an immediate fistful of goodies. Whites, being influenced by labels more than any other people, believe there is a great difference between Zionist party A and Zionist party B simply because the names are so different. They'll divide their votes until they die. Ignorance in defense of your political party, or religion, is no virtue.

I had an uncle who got very nervous when his body was not in motion. He never read nor studied anything. He always had a strong itch to "do something". Usually that meant starting his chain saw and laying waste to another portion of the 20 acre woods which was on the property. He'd saw and saw and saw until the gasoline ran out, and then return to the house satisfied that he "did something". This is the story of the blightwing and their itch to shout warnings – especially if they can sell you something – and bail out the hold of the Titanic using teaspoons. It makes them happy, and self-satisfied, but the ship keeps sinking anyway.

Remember the doctor whom you consulted regarding your cold? He said nothing could be done at the time except wait. The cold either went away in a week or you developed pneumonia. If you developed pneumonia, then that could be cured.

At the present, our situation is hopeless but not serious. When it becomes serious, then it will not be hopeless. In the meantime, you can fritter away your time on useless election nonsense if you like, but try not to forget that the one-man one-vote circus not only got us into this fine mess, it is the mechanism which perpetuates it. Wishful thinking is safe and effortless, but it won't make the clouds go away. Mommy, I'm scared of big, black clouds. Do they also belong to Al Queda?

Do you really think that the ever-increasing mud population will vote for anything pro-White? Get real. Whitey blew his chances over 4 decades ago.

Intelligence means the ability to figure things out using your own noggin just as strength means what your muscles can do and not what some machine you direct can do. It's really sad to see so many people who cannot figure out if it's raining unless they see it on TV or hear it on the radio. They can't figure out what shoes to wear until it is voted upon by some committee. Some cannot eat a walnut unless they first read a laboratory analysis of its components. Such people never understand 'freedom' and certainly cannot be counted upon to desire it, much less defend it.

What should a person eat? If you need more help, try reading this pile – http://www.beyondveg.com
It seems that people will not accept the obvious but require it to be jaw-boned beyond recognition. Then, when no one knows what's going on, they approve of it.

Our crazy caesar burbled that we must defend our country. Our enemies are wandering in as if it were a 1 cent sale at WalMart so I cannot say what this hate-filled idiot means by "defend". To "defend" your home does not mean traveling to another city and shooting someone but that's exactly the prevalent mentality. Iraq is not kowtowing to the Jew World Ordure sufficiently and that's all there is to it. All of that oil too. Yum. Yum. Americans, now jews in the mind, feel that they have a right to the entire planet but that is not acceptable to several other hordes of humanoids who feel the same way. The more we integrate, the greater will be the problems. Just wait and see – if you can manage a break from niggerball.

Perot's "giant sucking sound" is not American jobs going down the drain, it's the entire country. 

A recent study (I always like that. Translated it means "Get ready for some more bullshit.") informs us that raising our voice to a child is as damaging as physical abuse.  http://www.reuters.com/news_article.jhtml?type=sciencenews&StoryID=1519403

OK. Mom's darling little pisspot sets fire to the drapes. Spanking is a no-no and expressing verbal displeasure other than in a whisper, is also damaging to the precious growing ingrate. "Son, let me tell you about the sorry things which result from burning the house down. Blah, blah and blah. Loss of toys. Destruction of daddy's 20 year supply of Viagra. Mom's panty hose. Blah. Blah. Blah. Endangering the neighbors you hate. Blah and more blah."

More practical knowledge is learned about the real world as the result of pain than any other single experience. The cub learns not to fart around with a porcupine, not because mom gave it a lecture about quills, but because the cub spent many painful hours pulling them out. All of the parental jabber about fire being "hot" means NOTHING to a child until it experiences it firsthand and then suffers some degree of burn. No child learns about who runs the household until it receives its first whack on the bare butt. "No," is not a command you vote on nor discuss, but is learned by pain suffered from not paying attention. Where do these nitwits come from who believe that a 7 year old, who contributes zero to the family's resources, gets equal 'voting' rights relative to dad, who generally supports the whole show from bread to hot water?

O well, no use in bitching. The rot has set in and we must ride out the destructive winds of our own making.

Hail to the Chief....Deserter that is.


This is one of those rare websites that deserve 100% downloading to preserve for posterity.  People this industrious routinely disappeared in a bizarre plague during the Clinton years.  One never knows when this disease will become virulent again.

As far as the Commander-in-Chief goes, what else should we expect from someone who not only appointed a non-veteran negress the 'National Security Advisor' but didn't fire her after 9-11?

Send the link to a serving military man or aspiring young man you know.   'Truth in command' and all that, you know.


Robertsez – When I dropped this on a fervent Bush supporter, he remarked that it was all "Democrat lies." So much for "The truth shall set you free."

Never increasing intelligence. I pulled into a gas station unfamiliar to me. There they were. Eight self-serve pumps all geared for credit/debit cards.  I looked at the buttons and decided to inquire inside. "Young lady, I do not use credit cards. How am I supposed to pump gas? I only use cash."

"You don't need a credit card to use the pump. Just lift the nozzle and start pumping. Ignore the display's requests."
"Interesting. Suppose I fill up and then drive away without paying?"
"O, if you are going to do that then you should pay first."

I then asked her how much $15 worth of gasoline would cost. She answered that she was not sure what the price per gallon was. She thought it might be different than it was before.

I was tempted to ask her what "before" meant, but I quit. It looked like it was going to rain anyway.

It's like I said folks. We have no need for encrypted messages since no one understands anyone else even if the sounds are the same. 

The radio mouth, in response to an investor's question,  mentioned that most of the world's gold was in Fort Knox but it was controlled by de Beers, which also controls all of the diamond monkeyshines. Now if you think de Beers is a bunch of Norsemen, Zulu or Manchurians, then do I have news for you. They belong to the Jew World Ordure club. Amazing!
Many moons ago in this area, a 30-ish White female teacher, married with 3 kids, regularly swapped lower body juices with a low IQ Black student stud. When discovered, all sorts of legal noise was made about corrupting the morals of a minor, professional misconduct, and such. The two animals were banned from seeing each other. Big deal. Gas what? Last month they were again caught "doing it" in a highly visible parking lot. The woman's husband divorced her. She lost her job and the simian stud is again on the prowl for another orifice to fill. After all, he's just "a child". Girls, here's your chance because I know the "call of the crotch" is what life's all about.
As election tyme begins to engulf us, the same old finger pointing and accusations pour forth as if all read the same manual. "The Republicans are lying, they are responsible for blah, blah, blah." "The Democrats caused the blah, blah to blah. They are all liars."

If we sum this up, we can conclude that both Republicans and Democrats are liars. This sounds reasonable to me and so I pose this questions, "If they all lie during election time, do they tell the truth at other times?" "How can we be sure neither is lying about Iraq?"

I advise all to avoid the medical profession as much as possible and in particular, avoid hospitals. As more and more horror stories unfold, it is obviously related to the muds which are staffing those places, from low IQ Filipino nurses to doctors with fancy Bombay diplomas. Mud = incompetence and you'd better believe it whether medical or floor installation. I know many air-headed women are taken in my exotic quacks with their acu-stab pins, "ancient" herbs and hocus pocus befitting the witch doctors which they are. In order to fill the demand for dentists, for example, requirements have been severely lowered. A dentist of the 1960s had to perform 200 extractions as part of a graduation requirement at one well known Oregon dental school. Today, 5 extractions are all that's required. This lowering of standards in order to fit the incapacity of mongrels and blacks, is destroying EVERYTHING by promoting incompetence. Like the sheepish Eloi, most White Americans simply smile while they are being shafted and flushed down the drain. Above all, endeavor to maintain health. Unless you have some unusual condition, you should never be popping any vitamin or mineral supplement much less ginseng, Wiley Wally's wort or the bark from the goona-goona tree. If it isn't food, then don't eat it. I understand that they are now selling some crap which is supposed to enlarge a male's dip stick. What sort of nitwit would have such a thing in mind in the first place? A population stupid enough to believe the advice of people who wish to sell you something, deserves to get ill and become part of our growing Planet of the Very Sick Apes.

From bone to muscle to fat cells and mammary glands and hence to nipples, a woman's breasts are a continuum of living flesh. What sort of idiot would allow, and pay for, some scalpel mechanic to slice her breasts open and insert a bag of fluid? This 'pouch' will never be other than a giant blister with no continuity of structure. In young women, skin resilience and elasticity may hold the breast in a somewhat natural shape – for a while – but Father Time does play games with one's muscles and skin. These foolish women someday will notice that their sexy "balloons" have been transformed into sagging condoms bouncing off their waist with nipples staring at their feet. I have wondered if these implant aholes are capable of nursing a baby. Since they are in the nooky advertising business, it's obvious they have more than one man in mind. That's not wife material.

Then there are the bald steroid muscle boys with testicles the size of peanuts. Time will also reveal that more than their testicles and hair growth were affected. All of the common crazy fads are relatively new and so their side effects are just now revealing themselves. The damage done to the circulatory system by margarine consumption, which began in earnest about 1940, is now with us but how many have caught on? Hawking margarine, and similar products, is big business. As Chief Dan George would say, "You eat it."

Feed your dog "scientific food", and you'll shorten the animal's life span by 30 percent. That's provable, and observable, and I don't care what some TV ad or veterinarian says. Science begins with observation.

As I was digging through those old boxes, I came across many newspaper clippings saved by my mother. The more I read, the more I laughed, not only from advertisements but by the court notices. One ad stated "Shea's Taxi – the only taxi company in the city using heated cars."

Here's an item: "Charlie Knickenbocker, while thawing out frozen pipes in the Danahy-Faxon store, accidentally started the fire which burned the place to the ground. Fireman stood by commenting on the large blaze."

And another: "County Judge K. Reed, in connection with proceedings against R. Morrow, G. Morrow and their mother Mrs. A. Morrow, motioned that ..." What's funny about this? Well, one of those naughty boys, who used to sell 'French photos' while in high school, now sits as a Supreme Court Judge.

Again: "John Carter was sentenced to 3 years at Attica Prison for having indecent relations with a cow owned by Harlan Byrne. Mr. Byrne's son notified his father that some strange man seemed to be pumping up one of their cows, while standing on a potato crate."

Marriages: "Mr. Glen Clark was married at the Emmanuel Baptist Church to the former Mrs. Norma Lang. One month ago, Pastor Burton performed the marriage ceremony between Mrs. Norma Lang's ex-husband Edward and Mr. Clark's ex-wife, Dorothy".

A coroner's jury yesterday cleared Henry Mike, 19, driver of a truck which killed Irene Lee, 6, who had dreamed she was being killed by a truck. The family accepted the dream as an omen of fate and testified on behalf of the driver.

Mr. J. Beard, owner of Beard's Clothing Store, reported that someone stole a pair pf socks while he was at Rippy's Diner for lunch. "I've been taking an hour off for lunch for the past 8 years, and no one has ever stolen anything before," reported Mr. Beard, "and my customers are free to look around. The sign plainly says I'll be back at 1:00 P.M."

The death of Gloria Allen yesterday, 17, broke up the Flying Allens trio of daring young balloonists. The surviving members, Edward and Florence, said they probably would not continue with the act. (Note from RF – A year later, the act continued as a duo. The Allens would hang on to a long trapeze bar which ascended with the hot air balloon to which it was attached. At an altitude of approximately 120 feet, they would free themselves from the wrist-to-bar restraining rope, which was used during the lift, and perform stunts without the benefit of rope or parachute. Gloria lost her grip and fell to her death. As part of the remaining duo, Gloria also fell to her death at age 19, one year later. Brother Edward was killed in an automobile accident one year after that. The youngest brother, James, accidentally killed himself while making a pipe bomb. Without the benefit of candlelight vigils, wailing wall blubbering or crisis counseling, the parents continued on with their family business and life went on in the big city. This was the stuff White people USED to be made of.)

 +++ In the above materal most of the names have been altered. +++

I guess California law now recognizes that 24-7 motherhood is only a 6 week period. Funny how that jew number keeps pooping up. You didn't think I meant popping, did you? Working women who gave birth, or adopt a mud, can now stay home for 6 weeks at some portion of their regular pay. In order to not discriminate against the father, if the woman happens to know who that is, he is also granted 6 weeks off with pay. As always, the magic Sky-Jew will pay the bill or are you one of the great unwashed who believes that this might cause some prices to rise, taxes to change, or perhaps bankrupt some companies, since ZOG has no money other than that which it extorts from working people? This is really extending partial welfare benefits to the working people. Keep pushing folks, for the sooner we are ALL on welfare, the better.

If we consider the fortunate family who has a full time mother, then why not pay her too? Why is it OK to pay for 6 weeks of motherhood and not years? But alas, a full time mother deprives her children the benefits of diversity. A kid, yanked from baby-sitter to day-care center certainly develops an adaptability, wouldn't you say? And think of the exercise a child's immune system will get by battling the myriad of diseases infesting day-care communes. If the day-care worker isn't feeling the child up, then a "classmate"" will certainly oblige, especially those wondrous ape-like critters of darker hue. (Watch the young spooks in action. Like monkeys, their simian paws finger everything, especially if it is an orifice.)

I ran an experiment years ago. I put up a bird feeder and counted the birds as they increased over the days. I took it down and waited until no birds returned. Then I put up 2 feeders and did the same counting. I repeated this with 3 and then 4. I labeled myself "the worker" since it was I who supplied the seeds. I labeled the birds "parasites" (my younger sister didn't like the word 'coon') since they were the free-loaders. Lo and behold and behold again, parasites increased almost geometrically when compared to the workers. Late on, I learned about the Law of Mass Action which put symbols to this relation.

Food production is not keeping pace with screwing for the hungry mouths are "on a roll", so to speak. The standard of living of the workers must decrease to accommodate our Marxist leveling process. The upper asymptote is where everyone is living borderline starvation. Of course it will never get to that, for the masses will scream for the blood of their exploiters and we know who they are, don't we?

A while back, I mentioned the pre-steroid era body-builders John Grimek, Steve Stanko and Bob Hoffman. I said I once did a pencil drawing of a posed John. While looking through one of those ancient boxes in which I stored things, I found that sketch among several of my compositions for piano. The paper is badly yellowed and a few stains are evident. If I remember, I used a 4B pencil. During my early days, I did like the smudges a 4B made – almost like using charcoal.

Their offices at York PA were adjacent to the exercise room, printing press and photo studio. Peek at these two pencil drawings if you like.

            John Grimek               A self-portrait when I was a young man.

One of the the sleaze buckets running for governor of NYS is issuing the standard b.s. line – "We need to create more jobs" and "the schools are failing our kids." Technology is about getting rid of jobs and I guess this fellow still believes penguins can be taught how to fly. The fact is that they cannot and the standard excuse is that the teachers are idiots or they don't have sufficient access to the internet. How about adding computers to the parking lot, cafeteria and broom closets. They'd probably accomplish more there than in the classroom. A computer cannot turn a nog's ear into a silk purse. But keep trying. It's good for business and will certainly bring the White kids down to the level of their equal Black companions.

I suggest that everyone search about for copies of high school final exams given in the 1930s – 1940s. I know some are on the internet. Kids never had problems with them in spite of the fact that other than reading an occasional book, homework was conspicuous by its absence. Each day one had nearly 2 hours of study time, in school, outside of the classroom. Classes were quiet, orderly and consisted of the now much-hated drill. It is safe to say that those graduates knew more, and had more skills, than today's present bunch of mostly slakers. When the niggers were forced into White schools, it was good-bye learning. Today schools are mainly used for social functions, race-mixing, and the dissemination of Marxist propaganda. You asked for it. Don't complain.