16 October 2002
If a person asks me a question, let it be understood that I, or anyone else for that matter, am under no obligation to answer. Where do people get the idea that their wants are automatically someone else's responsibility? If they impose on me, why is a burden transferred to me? I feel this follows from the child-worship society we live in, where people grow up perpetuating upside down notions and condoning socially unacceptable behavior. One more indication that America is jew central where those with no responsibility have equal voice with those who shoulder responsibility – where parasites and hosts become equal.

Another point: People often feel that if you advise them not to put their head in a guillotine, then you also must supply knowledge of a better place to put one's head. Often forgotten is that if you are going in reverse and wish to go forward, the first action is to come to a stop. Until that occurs, there is no point in considering the next step.

As the muds flow in, I hope we can agree that, as White people, we are becoming quite out-numbered. Voting is an activity of numbers, the farts of the masses, so to speak.. We want pro-White programs and I certainly want to meet the fellow who can introduce me to an electable non-White who is in favor of a pro-White program. If none are to be found, then who in hell do you think you are going to vote for? If the gods generously gassed Congress and its structure of bureaucrats, and installed Adolf Hitler as President, do you believe that the mestizos, blacks, asians, perverts, jews, feminists, and so on, will say, "We are a democratic nation and a nation of laws, so let's give Mr. Hitler all the support he needs."? (Please play The Star Spangled Banner now, or the jew tune God Bless America.)

One fellow wrote and asked what standard I, or Eric, used to judge blightwing failure. Any action provides its own criteria. If the stated objective is not reached, then the effort was a failure. Is that so hard to understand? Do you have to offer an alternative plan in order to recognize failure when you see it? What we overlook is that a mini-Führer's stated objectives are often not his true objectives.  A book seller shouting "White power" is still a book seller. The shouting is mere sales promotion.

A woman came to me and asked if I would teach her daughter algebra. After a short discussion with the young lady, I discovered something. As I told the mother, the girl should first learn arithmetic and after that, seek me out again. If the blightwing cannot do its arithmetic, then what's the point of trying something else?

A front page item in this mornings Washington Post tells the story about  the town of Lewiston, Maine, where Somalis are flocking in droves, believe it's part of a contrived Government resettlement program. The Town has a population of 35.000, so they now have 1500 Somalis and growing, they expect the number to reach 2,000 very shortly.  The article said it's the same in white towns nationwide.  So Lewiston mayor Laurier T. Raymond, has called on the Somali community to voluntarily limit the number of future immigrants to the city, because it was creating a financial strain. Well what a ruckus that kicked up with the usual bevy of two to three hundred white liberal ass holes joining to protest. Page A 8, had a photo of a group of Somalis at a news conference protesting the Mayor's letter. The letter itself was rather meek and pained, it certainly did  not sound mean spirited but simply pointed out that the town was having financial problems associated with non-citizens. The letter certainly could have been more forceful and in effect said that the children of non-citizens would not be permitted to attend school. Since in fact that is one of the issues.  It also appeared that the townspeople might not like Mosques going up in their town.

Now where in hell do these immigrants get off yacking about their rights, and calling a news conference to protest.  As for the white dip shits that side with the newcomers  they ought to all be identified and ostracized by the community.

This Government plan to inundate every white town in the country with black immigrants has received scant attention, but should be of serious concern to every white person that prefers their own kind. You can be reasonably sure that a Hebrew is somewhere involved in this resettlement program, and any one knows  that Israel would never permit Arab settlement among the chosen. The article further states that these immigrants get U.S. Government relocation money and the first place they head for is the Welfare Office.

The  whites may pretend that race doesn't matter when in fact it is the crux of the problem. The  liberal whites that side with the Somalis remind me of the white fools in Zimbabwe, and South Africa, that did the same thing and had no perception as to the consequences of their simpleton actions.

The worst enemy of the white race will always be his be his own kind, and stems from his religious upbringing and the ongoing  feminization of our race. — Joe

Robertsez – Over and over and over, I repeat myself. The blightwing nitwits who dream of some Great White Hopeland, Arcadia, or some other collection of White communities with pro-White elected officials, are suffering from terminal delusion. Decades ago, ZOG embarked on a program to destroy ALL enclaves of White people (the capture of urban areas is now complete) to the extent that they CAN BE OUT-VOTED and/or drained of their finances in a perpetual parasite/host relation. I reported months ago of the great number of Mexican settlements in the otherwise "White" hills of Pennsylvania. Several previously 98% White communities all through New York State are now 30% Mexican and the White percent is decreasing. Keep farting around with election nonsense, book reading, keyboard pecking, praying, and mumbling under your breath, for those activities are exactly what brought you to this point. Hell, why not buy another of David Irving's books so you can learn what Hitler had to eat on his 43rd birthday?

ZOG doesn't like Iraq and intends to blow it to smithereens. What in hell do you think they will do if any White American community of size opposes them? Send candy and flowers? How soon we forget Waco. Years ago I said that step number one was to STOP wasting time in idiotic pursuits. If you are addicted to drugs, TV, computers, pussy, niggerball, alcohol, ape concerts, and such, then there is no way you will ever listen to anything else. There is no sense playing music if people refuse to listen.

"My wife and I went to one of the upscale malls in our area and you would have thought it was Hong Kong, or Shanghai, lots of Orientals, with their push carts full of merchandise in every isle between stores. Hardly a white person in the crowd except for the elderly and the usual disheveled plump lot of teenagers with their non-white friends. The malls are crowded because people are frightened to bits because of the loony tune that's been shooting in our area. Now get this, the police are not supposed to profile non-white drug dealers, but they sure did a quickie in this instance of criminal activity. Not only do they speculate about their being white, but then they assume it might be teenagers because they still have the Columbine High School episode in their peanut brains. It doesn't seem to occur to them that it could be some radical Muslims unhappy about events in the Middle East. They claim that a white van with two white men have been seen leaving the area of these tragedies. Now just suppose it's more than two men, and when the shooting is done the van speeds rapidly away with two unarmed conspirators, while the real shooter makes a getaway. The police have stopped hundreds of vans, and once stopped and cleared, a sticker is placed on the van and they are not stopped again! So much for police competency.

"Now it must be understood the serious freight that has been generated but these folk think little of the almost daily shootings that take place in the Middle East, where state terrorism and a reaction thereto is a daily occurrence. Nor do they care to think much of their heroic grandfathers that crewed the war planes of World War 2, that obliterated hundreds of cities in Germany and Japan and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. The crime of the Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin bombing as well as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and fire bombing of Tokyo, should be taught all school children as is the Holocaust.

"Now our country plans a war against Iraq that may take thousands of lives both American and Iraq, and on average it is condoned by our Legislators and Public in general. All human life given by the creator has a right to live until that day when the God of the Universe calls them home." (Joe.)

If you are ever touring in the state of New Jersey and need gasoline, then I suggest you stop at:

Victory Gas
1100 Hesson Avenue.
National Park, NJ, 08063

The owner, Bob Paulmbis II, is so politically maligned that he actually has these signs in view:
American Owned and Operated Service Station.
English Only Spoken Here.

BTW, let them know why you stopped. (submitted by a reader)

Stand up. You might be knocked down but if you don't stand up, you are always down.

Of the 3 major writers on this page, all have expressed a different view of what sort of racial adulteration would be acceptable under the definition of "White". The differences are not slight. We should consider the extrema of no criteria whatsoever, to that of insisting upon clones. Where one drops his point in between is of course arguable. As you have seen, Eric is the tightest of all although he has never put a number to it. Maguire is considerably more liberal, and Robert somewhere in the middle with his 5-6 percent. We should not engage in anything concerning this point if it gets one's dander up. That serves no purpose since under fire those differences will vanish as did the European nationality conflicts during the Boxer Rebellion. No matter what our wee brains hammer out, I have great faith that our biology will sort it out in the end, especially as our people come under greater fire from our enemies. As the clouds become darker, birds of a feather will flock closer together.
Election time always reminds me of a scene in Doctor Zhivago where Sir Ralph Richardson becomes annoyed at the sound of rifle fire in the distance. "I wish they'd decide which gang of hoodlums constitutes our government." All political parties in the U.S. are Zionist to one degree or the other. Even if Adolf Hitler were elected as Congressman from Poontang Oregon, it wouldn't make a pimple on a gnat's rear. You'll never buy a castle without lots of gold. You'll never change the political scene without lots of votes and those votes are going increasingly pro non-White. Get the picture? All women candidates are pro non-White. Get the picture? Whom do you think Juan Valdez will vote for? José Martinez or William Watson? Get real. 
Jim, Hank, Clarence, and Isaac,were sitting on the bank of a creek where they were fishing. It was a pleasant day with a gentle breeze. Except for the bad smell, things went well. After a time, Isaac complained that he could no longer fish due to an odor which he claimed was pig sheet. No one saw any pigs but all agreed that they should move to another spot where the smell was absent. The problem was then to find out which of the neighboring barns the smell was coming from. The analysis, and debate, began and arguments concerning barn sizes, fence lines, and such, were offered to prove some point about the possibility of pigs being harbored there. Clarence listened to the debate for some time and then mentioned, "Why not put your nose into the wind and see which barn is in view?"

We often get led astray, to our own disadvantage, by making academic something which should never be. I have little use for debates as they rarely settle anything unless one side is willing to kill the other. That's why men love wars. It ends the discussion in someone's favor and puts an end to the argument. Arguments, like using a pogo stick, soon get tiring and one wishes relief from the bouncing.

When we put our noses into the wind aren't we really asking ourselves CUI BONO? No matter what the event, we should immediately be drawn to asking "Who benefits?" More than likely you'll find those who initiated the event, directly or indirectly, are the benefactors. The W/DC killings could be variety of the flipped-out university tower sniper killings in Texas, those many years ago. BUT, the mere fact that "terrorism" is being linked to this really serves the purpose of the hell-bent-on-war ZOG, doesn't it? Truth is not a priority item with ZOG but stampeding the cattle is.

We are indeed living in interesting times, and if the gods choose, they will be very exciting. I believe they shall be along racial lines and those who choose not to take part, will be the first to suffer, along with the boneheads and addicts of every variety. If you do not know which group you belong to, your enemies will soon inform you.

A radio mouth announced that "recent disclosures" affirmed that the Russians were ready to launch 90 atomic missiles at any invasion force sent against Castro's Cuba. The fizzle whistle missile crisis, you know. That left 80 or so pointed at Chloride AZ, Intercourse PA and other valuable pieces of real estate. Look at a map of Cuba. Note the size. Think about Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Think about a small invasion beach and think about 90 big-bangers and all of that radiation stuff. Above all, think. If you don't end up laughing, then don't move next door to me. Join UU's Foreign Legion and collect souvenirs.
The blightwing certainly gets bent out of shape when the jews cry "hate" whenever they read something they don't like. On the other hand, a blightwinger will cry "hate" when he reads something he doesn't like. Unpleasant truth has always been something to be battled, apparently. Instead of the truth setting you free, I suggest that the truth causes men to enter into conflicts with each other. Isn't UU exhibiting the self-righteousness of most Americans when he threatens, "My way or the highway!"?
A group of fellows, who loved to denigrate women, rambled on about whores. The more they talked the more definitive became the word "whore". The unanimity was soon destroyed when one fellow pointed out that the definition fit the mother of another. All hell broke out as that man gave argument in defense of his mother. So it is with most topics offered for discussion – criticism is fine until it hits home and then the rules get changed. As I have mentioned again and again, each defines truth and such relative to his own attributes so that he becomes the criteria for judgment.

Frank, a coworker, a born-again Bible-banger, stole things from the company. His behavior obviously labeled him as a thief. When this was pointed out to him, he'd make excuses, parry and ignore. In the end, his ultimate defense was, "I am a servant of Jesus and Jesus does not employ thieves." Yes Frank, and a black horse is black.

Among my first cousins, one I love above all the others. By definition, she is a whore. I suppose this is why I am one of the few relatives who have contact with her. She renders no harm to the community and certainly none to me. Other relatives pretend she doesn't exist, after all, we are such a wonderful bunch that she certainly could not be one of us. This smacks of Frank's argument. I have a number of relatives who appear to be straight out of hell although they are law-abiding, upright, church-going, citizens who are also kind to animals. One is an especially vicious bastard but she attends church services and all is forgiven. God loves her. Oh well, all are familiar with relatives of this type. I have no difficulty in admitting any of this as if affects little in my life.

People often take pride in things over which they had, or have, no control. A pretty girl looks down her nose at the plain girl. The intelligent boy sneers at his acquaintance not so gifted. They take pride in these gifts where one should look at their accomplishment instead.

People also try to hide things over which they had, or have, no control. "Nadine a whore? Not my cousin!!" "What do you mean my nose looks Negroid? Not me. I am White!!" And so it goes in complete disregard for evidence simply because it becomes personal.

Race, no matter how it is defined, has been with us since the beginning of life itself. Our senses tell us that and perhaps this has always been the best measure. Jews, and others, have told us that "race" doesn't exist – there are few differences. As the microscope turns, more and more differences are found from ear wax and dandruff to cold tolerance and intelligence. Now we are told that race doesn't make a difference anyway. At present, we seem to be at the stage where many are defining "White" relative to themselves. "I am White and if you look like me, then you are White. Since I am White, then there is no Black or Yellow blood in my veins." We are venturing into the land of tautology and Frank's flights of fancy.

My opinion is that the White people are the most race-mixed of the bunch. It's the only way to logically explain the wide variation of types and flows from the fact that White people have been roaming all over the planet for thousands of years, exploring, conquering and screwing everything within sight and hearing. I firmly believe that the brown in my eyes is not a White attribute but comes from some hanky-panky in my family tree. I have no problem here as I am not responsible for what some 1800s relative did. If I had a choice, I'd wish blue eyes upon myself and add red hair to boot. This firmness of fate gives me no cause to cry, get drunk, take drugs or declare war on blue-eyed red-haired people or turn them into gods either.

Intelligent decisions are marked by the probability of success. If a person's countenance reveals too much non-White then the probability of him sooner, or later, acting in a fashion not conducive to White interests, is quite high. Intelligent people simply cannot afford to pretend that an octoroon is White.

The 4th generation measure seems a good one. One part in sixteen appears permissible and that one part will be visibly evident. Air containing 1/16 carbon dioxide is not breathable. Water containing 1/16 salt is not useful as drinking water. Amounts greater than this are poisonous and the smaller the ratio, the more value the air or water has for its purpose. If you have more than 1/16 Watusi in your family tree, the PROBABILITY of your exhibiting desirable White behavior is low. A brother-in-law, with roots in the Finland area, resembles Chang Hsueh-liang around the eyes, but he's White in my book. Genghis Khan, with his green eyes and lighter skin, never, as far as I know, acted as a European and I would certainly never classify him as one.

If White attributes are worth saving, and I think they certainly are, then global race-mixing is to be declared an enemy for whether we yap about DNA, genes, blood, or what, numbers alone declare White will lose. "White" will not vanish. It will be submerged. 

Here's a picture of a typical young girl from Helsinki which was sent to me. If you cannot see the Mongolian in her eyes, then I suggest a visit to an optometrist is in order. The pictures of UU's daughters show the same Asian features. As for myself, I wouldn't go ballistic over Eric's categorizations until you've heard him out or did a little more than respond to what others have told you, or to what you've read on the internet. Most of what we think we know is just stuff we memorized without checking.

Dear Robert, "Her eyes do give away some asian genes in her bloodline.  Here in Texas you run into a lot of people with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes but asian shaped eyes or high cheek bones.  I've questioned some people tactfully about their ancestry and the feedback is always the same – Indian genes in their bloodline.  Awhile back I thought Eric was full of it, but my own investigation has proven him correct. Regards and Orion." S.R.

In my view, the internet is the last place I'd go to do research on even a jelly bean. I feel that the lazy are beginning to believe that if it's not on the internet, then it's nowhere. I have a very tiny library of about 1800 books. I read no novels or other fictitious pastime material. If I want to be entertained by some wild story, I can dream one up myself. In my minuscule collection, I know of only 8 books of mine which are on the internet. (Are they accurately rendered? Who knows?) That's one small portion of 1800 wouldn't you say? Yet, my other books represent the "expert" opinions and works of noted scientists and such. When I really get curious about a topic, which is rare, I drive a couple of dozen miles to a big city library. In some fields, the reference works are not much other than a collection of opposite views called "schools of thought". One man's truth is another man's myth.

Since Eric's statement concerning Finns was deemed "ludicrous" by one fellow, I did spend a moment or two engaged in non-serious research. Yes, there is a lot of Mongolian blood in the Finns and it's more than 1 percent. In Coon's books, he mentioned tooth structure and jaw types as evidence of considerable admixture. Then again, it depends upon which area of Finland one examines for the Asiatic part diminishes, as expected, when you approach Sweden. Older Italians used to say, "Africa begins south of Rome." You get the point.

Eric has spent time in Finland and, as is his habit, he did a lot of "people watching", and I feel that Finnish behavior played a great part in his designation. There are very few parts of the world where Eric has not observed the behavior of race-mixed people. Thus, one might agree with him or they might not. I remain neutral since I feel it is irrelevant to our rapidly changing world condition. The blood-thirsty of ZOG's safe inner-circle are licking their chops in anticipation of slaughtering men, women, children, chicken  and goats, in that weak and small country of Iraq. I am sure that our niggerball fans will enjoy the fireworks spectacle on CNN.

I'll let the revisionists bicker as the marauding hordes burn down the building they are doing their research in.

Just glanced at the morning paper and read that Mr. Annon, Sec. Gen. of the U.N. say's the U.S. should not go it alone into Iraq. Let inspections go first and if it doesn't work then approval will be given for a war.  Bah humbug. This cunning coon, who's married to a white woman, really says and does nothing of value to thwart a war. Of course the U.N. likes the arrangement where they get a big rake off on the oil for food program. Anyway, why the heck are they inspecting any country for weapons after 12 years?  Never in modern history has a country been subjected to the indignities that have been  inflicted on Iraq. Nothing is ever done to admonish Israel. Where is the God damned U.N. force to protect the Palestinians?  It's all bull turds. The bastards are only hassling Iraq because the Jews want it done and both Israel and the U.S. covet Iraq's oil.

Well  knowledgeable folk surely know who runs this country. Yesterday the Congress approved giving the President war  power to act against Iraq, and the stock market shot up. Today the Senate also approved, and up it went again. Wow! Hebrew money sure flowed in, and why not, they have been making billions with the downturn, but isn't it strange how a planned war against an enemy of Israel turns the money spigot on. Now the world's only stupid power is preparing for the war longed for by so many  ninnies can now soon commence in earnest.

Tonight's news indicated that the U.S. has  plans for a military occupation, and a military Government, after the Iraq nation is defeated. Most likely candidate will be General thomas Franks.  Oh how lucky the Muslim world! Soon the missionaries will rush in, and the kiddies will commence singing Jesus Loves Me. At some point in time it can fully be expected that photos will appear in the news media of our brave, and kind warriors holding orphan Iraq children giving them chewing gum and candy.

This giving program sure worked wonders in Germany after W.W.II, especially during the Berlin airlift. Never mind that there were plans to exterminate half the population through starvation under the Morganthau Plan, or that the sky warriors blasted their cities to smithereens even in the closing days of the war. Then they caused the starvation of over one million prisoners of war.

What amazes me is what the Iraq leaders ever hoped to gain by dealing with the Hebrews in Russia. This tribe pretty much speak with one voice and in consonance with  world Jewry and since the tribe controls Russia, why would anyone think they would be any different than  their kinsmen in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, or for that matter anywhere in the world?
What should gaul most Americans is the brazen violation of the Constitution. When Congress abrogates it's power as it has  now done in the U.S., then  the nation becomes a true dictatorship, and our people should have fear in their hearts. Almost any Palestinian could tell a chilling personal story of the wonders that the 'chosen ones' have to bestow.

The Germans of 58 years ago could have done the same, but most died during that nation's real holocaust, and the mommies raised the children to bow down to those that gave them candy. The mommies also got paid off to with cigarettes and a chance to date negroes.

Every one who detests the morals of today, whether it's wars or culture degradation, have the Hebrews to thank. It of course must be recognized it's not the same for them because they maintain their cohesion and racial integrity. Time will bring forth the great plans they have in store for those of our race who survive the mongrelization of western  man, but often the best laid plans of mice and men go awry.

Wow! I am still in the middle of email and apparently Eric's comment about Finns didn't go over too well and neither did some of my projections. That's good for it shows that many are active where it really counts.

I personally know zilch about Finns other than they managed to hold off the Red bear during the 1930-40 period. Keep in mind that I do not censor anything which appears on FAEM, whether I agree or not, and I very often do not agree. This is not a church sermon where everyone is supposed to nod and agree. Those critical of Eric should write to him. The best I can do is print out material and mail it to him. He, as well as you, might be interested in reading that Finns are only 1% Mongoloid – http://www.helsinki-hs.net/news.asp?id=20010130IE4

Another matter of which a condensation is appropriate –


Robert wrote: "It appears difficult for the average White to realize that, unlike himself, other people actually demonstrate a loyalty to their own kind." S. responds: "YOU UNDERESTIMATE THE 'AVERAGE WHITE' WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE... WHITEY CAN GET REAL MEAN!"

Robert wrote: "Our Black and mestizo population can be counted upon to oppose the bully operation." S. responds: "BLACKS AND MESTIZO'S ARE NOTHING MORE THAN SHEEP IN MUD CLOTHING. THEY TAKE THEIR CUE FROM WHITE MEN."

Dear Robert,

I am 18 years old and I visit FAEM several times a day. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person my age in this entire country that has not been successfully brainwashed. It's like everybody else has a disease that I am immune to. I look forward to graduating my jew-infested high school this spring, but of course I can expect no better from college, can I?

Thanks for your consistently interesting articles and updates on FAEM. They give me a reference of sanity in an otherwise backward world. ( from S.C.)

I love this sort of salami. Researchers have noted that Japan has a lower per capita incidence of breast cancer than Denmark. As they peered, as all researchers must, into whatever it is they use for peering, they discovered that the Japanese women had a higher amount of selenium in their diet. Conclusion? A low selenium diet causes breast cancer. Solution? Eat more selenium rich foods. Such as? Brazil nuts – the seeds of a South American evergreen tree. (In polite company, Brazil nuts are called 'nigger toes'.) Puzzle. Did the Japanese women eat lots of Brazil nuts? If you don't like nuts, then you should know that selenium is also found in fool's gold, iron pyrite, but I suspect that you'd have to have good teeth in order to eat a nugget or two. Eric once remarked that one might add chromium to his diet by chewing on an old automobile bumper.

I do know that nutritional advice involving specific substances – eat vitamin MF to prevent ingrown toenails and shriveled eyelids – is all the rage but generally, it is buncombe. Even if increased selenium, derived from supplements, would reduce breast cancer, I might ask what effect does selenium have in other areas, or organs, of your body? No one ever answers this question and that leaves me very suspicious. In a far more important vein, Japanese are of a different racial stock than the Danes and that means that their use of food substances will not be the same – different body chemistry. If your M.D., or witch doctor, doesn't recognize that race plays a very important, and often crucial, role in the relation of diet to health, then I suggest you stop wasting your time talking to him.

Did you know, that on a same concentration basis, hydrogen selenide is a far more poisonous gas than hydrogen cyanide? Those who are building portable gas chambers will appreciate this information. Yes? The downside is that it really stinks, really.

I received a flier in the mail advertising a new phone service by USADataNET. The feature was that you could talk New York to Los Angeles for as long as you liked for $1.99. No strings. Just sign up and get an access number just like the internet. I called and gave out some residence info but was then asked for my Social Security number. I asked why they needed to know that. The young lady replied that it was for "security" reasons. This was followed by the remark that it was not required but I could voluntarily give it to them. "Suppose I don't?" I asked. "Then you won't get the service."

I then mentioned that this position amounted to a requirement which I felt was against Federal law. She then replied in insolent fashion, "You called us. We didn't call you." At that point, she hung up.

Perhaps someone reading this might explain why a telephone company would require a S.S. number when there are all sorts of other ways to insure "security" and/or proper identification..

Several universities are deep into research relative to genetically engineered life. At UC-Davis they are studying an "engineered" goat. Dr. Frankenstein was 'sane' in comparison to these madmen, who resemble Dr. Moreau gone ultra-wacko. Why do these turds want to play god with life? PROFITS! They want animals which can got to market sooner and with less cost. Dear friends, I'll let YOU eat these Frankenstein creations and I'll ask for a progress report down the line, that is, if you are still healthy enough to breathe on a regular basis. The food shortage cannot be solved by making more questionable food available to those with hungry mouths. Starvation is Nature's way of letting a form of life know that they reproduced beyond a certain degree. It is a control mechanism, like disease, and is a part of life itself.

Remember when it was accidentally discovered that feeding chickens anti-biotics made them grow faster? Today, many suffer from eating such meat – anti-biotics are losing their effectively – and others are now reaping the "benefits" of eating beef grown as a result of hormone addition. Whether self-healing catfish, pig semen, bigger salmon or silky goats, the Frankenstein scientific community is opening one can of worms after the other, and one only has to notice the rapidly increasing physical and mental problems which are reaching plague proportions. Scientific food? You eat it. Scientific food has already shortened the life-span of household pets and increased their susceptibility to disease.

Old Hank died at the age of 18. He was a great 'chuck' killer. We used no artificial fertilizer, nor insecticides, on the farm. The woodchucks ate pure clean roots, grain and whatever. Hank ate the chucks. Hank never had a sick day in his life. Usually, he'd drift out for a hunt about 11:00 A.M. in the morning and return in a hour or so with "lunch" – a woodchuck which he ate on the front lawn. One day, gran'ma asked where Hank was and she remarked that he didn't finish his woodchuck. We searched and found him dead behind the outside woodpile. Hank was fully active up to the end where he walked 50 yards, laid down and died. Humans should be so lucky, or was it luck in the first place? Interestingly, both grandparents never had a sick day I could recall. Gran'ma, at age 83, said "I feel poorly. I think I'll lie down and nap a spell." She did. She never woke up. Years later, gran'pa was admitted to a hospital for an examination to determine why he felt so tired and weak. He never was examined for he died that night. Both chugged full steam until the last day or so. How different from those who live today being primed daily of a battery of drugs of dubious value. Old age is that time when "medicine" becomes food. We are heading rapidly down the wrong road. Mother Nature knows that and has many surprises awaiting 'round each bend. In the meantime, I keep things as close to natural as possible during these days where men meddle with life.

BTW, Purp, our great rabbit chaser, lived a similar life and died 1 month before his 19th birthday. My own Spot, a Dalmatian, lived to be 16+ which, according to veterinarians is "not normal" for that breed. They are expected to die around age 12. Spot ate raw eggs, fresh milk and lots of other animal products from liver to steak. I never believed his health could be improved by eating rice, corn or soy beans, even though touted as being "vitamin enriched". Vitamins are not food. 

The politically incorrect Kennewick Man pops into the news again on the pages of USA today. The remains are claimed to be 9400 years old and gas what? He's not Asian. I'd wager that as the truth unfolds, we'll find that the "Native American" is actually Euro-Asian, as one concludes if he gawks at any Injun long enough. White features appear quite pronounced in many tribes. So, if we really want to give the country back to it's original humanoid inhabitants, it'll end up in White hands. Sorry Tonto; sorry Juan,  you missed the horse again.

Meanwhile, back in the land of sweet and sour dog, accumulating evidence is pointing towards great White influence concerning the alleged Chinese inventions and accomplishments. (One researcher claims that the so-called Chinese Remainder Theorem of mathematics originated in Europe. Eric points out, that if the Chinese were so good at inventing, why they never improved on those inventions and all such things occurred in antiquity.) This is all wonderfully satisfying to me for I have never once doubted White people were really God's ultimate creation – they are the world's only true creators – and their sin was race-mixing. From that continued practice, dilution has brought them to the sick pottage we witness today.

As an aside, Eric notes that Finns are not White people in spite of their blue-gray eyes, often blond hair and fair skin. He classifies them as "pale mongoloids" and their behavior lends support to this.

I overheard an apparent prostitute explain to her companion that she will now only accept "tricks" from older White males. The reason given was that the young and non-White are so loaded with sexually transmitted diseases that she wants to avoid them. I find this interesting. A whore who cares about her health? Amazing. BTW, AIDS is gaining momentum. Surprised? Come hell or high water, people will seek to stuff orifices as one of life's priorities.
MacDonald's is switching from one form of unnatural fat to a more natural corn oil in it's effort to poison fewer people. This is an improvement but corn oil does not occur in sustantial amounts in corn and so this abnormal concentration, when used for frying, will not solve much of anything. If you think General Foods, or Sam's Greasy Spoon, is interested in your health, then I am sure you also believe those holocaust tales. The reason natural fats, such as butter and lard, are not used much in the food industry has nothing to do with what's good for you. It is because they have a very short shelf life – they go rancid. That's not good for business.
Religion is like table salt. A little bit adds to the flavor of life. Too much poisons all it touches.
I have this feeling
that when the Bush barrage finally gets launched at Iraq, there will be many, many surprises. There have already been U.S. soldiers being shot at by Kuwaitis and Saudis for their "Arab brothers." ZOG might buy off governments but they cannot buy off dedicated people. This is a jews' war, make no mistake and I find it hard to believe that our very large Moslem population will be content to merely watch a CNN fireworks display with the jewess Christine Armpit mumble face mumbling something or the other. It appears difficult for the average White to realize that, unlike himself, other people actually demonstrate a loyalty to their own kind. Our Black and mestizo population can be counted upon to oppose the bully operation. It seems that only jews and jew-dazed honkeys will be waving the flags and getting orgasms at announcements of slaughter.

It appears that all governments on this planet are filled with unscrupulous, incompetent jackasses, all trying to put one over on the other fellow. Such a bunch cannot be a tyranny. It is a very unstable and dangerous affair but we did ask for it.

It looks like our major growth industries are DRUGS, PROSTITUTION AND INCARCERATION.
An honest-to-goodness bumper sticker seen in Olympia WA reads – IF YOU CAN'T FEED – DON'T BREED.
The difficulty here it that those to whom the message is directed probably cannot understand it.
It's wonderful that we have excuses for our foibles and problems. On the personal level, it all results from being abused as a child. On the national level, it's terrorism. Will we ever grow up and develop a backbone? Not likely.
Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Americans read books and watch niggerball.
While I was sitting at the counter
of the greasy spoon, two waiting women were discussing the recent death of a mutual friend. That friend was a Korean War veteran and the younger woman told about the man's ordeal with frost bite. "Were you in Korean War?" one woman asked as she glanced at me. I replied, "No, but I had a grandson who was."

"Did he get frostbite?"
"No ma'am. He was in South Korea, below the Won Ton Kung Fu line."
"That's wonderful. The south is always warmer except on the days when it's not."

I continued somewhat along this line: "During that war, Black solders nearly all suffered from frostbite and some were frozen stiffer than the chisel on a young bull moose. To my knowledge, not one Korean or Chinese received frostbite."

"That's odd," the shorter woman replied, "maybe it the ginseng they put in their General T'su sweet and sour clam balls."

"It's not diet, the phase of the moon, or that chopsticks are now being made of plastic. It's mainly due to their circulatory system. Black people have a circulatory system designed to give off heat while the Yellow people have their veins and arteries intertwined in a very efficient heat exchange system. If color were a factor, Black people should become warmer due to the absorption of heat like any other black object does, but they do not. When the European climbs Mount Everest, their Sherpa guides wear far less clothing. Some villages are known to have residents running about nude at 40° temperatures. If one takes the time to investigate, there are greater differences between people than mere skin color."

The fatter woman paid the bill, glared at me and admonished, "That's hate you are speaking. I will hear no more of it!"

Yes dear friends, the truth shall set you free. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Robert –

So every shit ass country wants it's price for support their support of a war against Iraq, from a country that is bankrupt, and is run by a loony President. Turkey indicates that their price will be high probably 40 billion or more, cash,  plus entry into the European Union. Russia wants everything that was previously negotiated under the Hussein Government. France the same, so where does that leave the stupid U.S. with it's nearly half brain-dead population? The American public has lost huge amounts of money by investing in inept and corrupt mutual funds, and companies. Most folk are one dollar ahead and ten behind, and our Government does nothing about the economy. Our country is no longer white. The dread of every white grandparent is that their grandchildren will be of some non-European race. Our politicians keep raising our taxes to support a police state and our so-called warriors are two-thirds women or non-white.

We do live in an Orwellian world of great abnormality and a form of gangsterism. The Loony bin is called good old U.S.A.
Even the relic of W.W.2,  the U.N. is a financial drain, and isn't it a neat trick where the never changing Security Council is composed of the supposed victors of W.W.2? Never did figure out how the crazies ever concluded who the victors really were,   for only the communists and that bastard state established in the middle east could be so certified. Not even the Russian people really prevailed for they suffered terribly under their communist and Hebrew masters. It would be refreshing if both Germany and Japan reared their head to protest the insulting arrangement.

The real focus of world attention though is on the only remaining stupid power that behaves in a gangster fashion, not only abroad but at home as well. When will there be a new awakening to the tragedy that has encompassed our country and earth ever since W.W.2.? (G.I. Joe)

Shesez – "My mother was French and my father, Higi. I have a Sioux grandmother on one side and a Portuguese grandmother on the other. One grandfather was Cambodian and the other, Irish. I hardly know what to call myself."
Hesez – "I do."
Shesez – "What?"
Hesez – "Shit."
There are two facets of the political realm which seem to perpetually escape people. The first is that a political system, or an economic one for that matter, can exist as an entity with no consideration as to the kind of people who will compose it. This I believe is the result of an education system which teaches all sorts of material disjoint from the people who are doing the studying. We get hopelessly indoctrinated with abstract structures and a firm belief that knowing something is the same as accomplishing something, or being able to do something. Thus, silly people read a book on photography and instantly feel they are a photographer. If they purchase a $3000 camera, then they are an expert photographer. It's all about the cover defining the book. The internet has done much to reinforce this idiotic notion and augment the slug tendencies of slugs. A child searches the internet for "crocodile", sees a few pictures and reads some sophomoric text and goes away inflated with the thought that he has learned something and worse yet, that he is now able to do something. This useless activity shows up as the main activity of committees, seminars, lectures, and other assortments of nincompoops who equate lip-flapping with construct problem solving. This sort of thing actually leaves the person weaker than he was before, weaker in the extent that he could better cope with a real world experience. A woman who sends her 9 year old daughter to some Won Long Wang school of martial arts not only deceives herself but seriously endangers the child when it instills a belief that holding a Black Belt, with rhinestones already,  is a legitimate defense against some 290 pound ape intent upon rape.

The second misconception, which derives from the first, is that political power is something like an motorcycle. One mounts it, starts it and then speeds away with bare-assed Linda hanging on for dear life. Books, such as "The Nazi Seizure of Power" come to mind.

A band of anarchists exercise no political power. They do have some power of intimidation, relative to each other, hinged on their ability to bash the other fellow's head in while he sleeps or poisoning his salsa. At bottom, they usually end up killing each other.

If, while on a trip across Golden Pond, I agree that you shall handle the tiller, then I have relinquished a small bit of my power to do the same, and merge it with yours. Thus, you have achieved a modicum of political power. The leader of a state has exactly the power which results as the sum of those little parcels of individual power which the followers agreed to abandon. Whenever you allow someone else to manage any portion of your life, you have decreased your individual power.

Once the ability to inflict punishment becomes part of political power, then that power is enhanced a thousand-fold. States thus depend upon an number of agreeable thugs who, for one reason or the other, are perfectly willing to maim and kill their fellow citizens. If the Mayor directs the police Chief to seize so and so, and the Chief refuses, where goes the power of the Mayor? If the Chief gives the order to "shoot to kill" and no officer obeys, then where goes the power of the police Chief? In the 1960s, the question was asked, "What if there were a war and no one came?" There can be no war if each and every soldier chooses to sit it out. That's disobedience, but who would there be to threaten with punishment, much less carry it out? People simply fail to recognize that THEY ARE THE STATE! Here in the collapsing land of the freebies, people sing the song but do not march the march so they will die the die.

How often do we hear the blightwing shout, "We must seal the borders and stop immigration!"? Nice noise but little else. Others yodel, "We must get rid of the jews." Frankly, I feel that nearly all concerned White people agree on what needs to be done and hashing it over and over is pointless drivel. We know the problems and we know who the problem makers are. We cannot act simply because we do not have the political power to do so and political power will never come about by whistling, selling books, debating, shouting a ridiculous "Sieg Heil!", praying to Yahoodi or Odin, or even voting. Suppose your White candidate managed to become mayor of Burnt Crotch, Idaho, population 904. In a confrontation, ZOG could do a Waco on the whole damned town. End of political power among the trees and daffodils.

In the 1930s, elections did matter in a Germany where the population was over 90% White but look at this shit box we live in. Even if White people voted as a block, it is unlikely they would have many of their kind elected to the more influential positions and that probability declines by the week. Suppose some real political power was in White hands, how would the deportation of the mestizos be accomplished? Bribes? That would only add to the size of the parasitic group. Force? Would a population firmly believing that WE stole THEIR land be easily pushed back across the border? I do not think so and the ever-increasing hordes make that more and more unlikely. I do know this – any vote other than for a White male is a vote for surrender!

Soon, only two choices will be present: War or surrender. Surrender means that your progeny will disappear in a sea of mud and with that everything known as White civilization, for White culture cannot exist without White people. Like economics and politics, one does not use it as a coat which fits any who choose to don it.

ZOG has sown the seeds of its own destruction and only the valuable will be left standing after the storm.