22 October 2002
Was Stalin a nice White boy? Stalin's third wife was a jewess named Kaganovich; a sister of the jewish Commissar of Heavy Industries. Stalin was obviously a Semitic-Mongoloid mongrel. A columnist of the Los Angeles B'nai B'rith, on 3 March 1950, wrote, "A former Soviet General claims that Stalin was of jewish ancestry." A Captain in the Czar's army, who knew Stalin as a boy, wrote that Stalin's father, Djugashvili, was "a jewish cobbler."

Molotov's wife was the sister of the jew Sam Karp, who ran an importing business in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Another history assignment: Find the powerful jews of the Soviet Union who came from the United States. That would be easy. There are dozens of them. Don't forget the "American" bankers, all jews, who financed the "Russian" Revolution. The American working-class sucker is still financing these bastards, and apparently loving the chains which bind him.

No worries. That was the past. All jews are now patriotic Anericans. See what a few good meals at Burger King, plus a ball game, will do for people? Given an appropriate environment, a leopard can change its spots. If UU's jew pal Putin were only to be naturalized, what a wonderful manager for Little League he'd be.

The jews are desperately trying to equate 'jew' with 'American'. Gershwin wrote "American" music. Let the jew-written God Bless America become the national anthem. When this equation becomes etched in gold, then being anti-Semitic will become anti-American and anti-Semitism will become treason. 

What do all of these nice people have in common – Trachenberg, Begun, Jerome (Romaine), Gerson, Bittelman, Mindel, Amter, Weinstone, Charney, Fine, Steinberg, Weinstock, Marron and Lannon? (1) They were all indicted June 20, 1951 for conspiring to overthrow the government of the United States. (2) They were all Communists operating under a plan to unite all non-White "Americans" against the then majority White Americans. (3) They were all jews. Scapegoats? Coincidence? I'll bet your history teacher never told you this. It would be "anti-Semitic".

Communism, no matter what name it currently operates under – Zionism will do –, is a jew-invented, jew-managed world power movement. Maybe school youths should be given an assignment relative to the roots of the United Nations and its predecessor, the League of Nations, and see if any 'chosenite' names pop up. It's not called the Jew World Order for nothing.

UU is apparently planning to install a U.S.-led, military government in Iraq after overthrowing Saddam.  According to the New York Times (10 Oct. 02)  "Iraq would be governed by an American Military commander, perhaps General Tommy R. Franks."

Gen. Tommy Franks, commander of the Central Command, a 4-star political promotion under Clinton, is in charge of the gigantic U.S. troop build-up in the Middle East/South Asia war theater. He is the grandson of Moshe Franks, a Russian Khazarian Jew refugee from the Soviet Jewnion to the Jewnited States in the 1930's. It's deja vu all over again.

*** I stole this from an email by James von Brunn and it verifies FAEM's position concerning the jew conquest of the planet using gullible goyim as cannon-fodder. If it weren't for unscrupulous race-traitor christian honkeys, the jews would still be
hawking rags from their pushcarts. Remember that our greatest enemy is the treacherous greedy upper-class of our own kind.

Paula came to my desk rather forlorn. "I work and study hard but only get B's while so-and-so cheats and gets A's," she said. I told her I knew that and so did everyone else. There was no need to get upset for the dishonest have always been with us and we should endeavor not to let them be our problem. I then said to her, "Suppose you were the only honest person on earth. Then it would still be a better place than if you were not."

As I told the principal, it was not my job to keep the dishonest from cheating. I refused to let them be my burden. Let them steal their A's. It will not be a secret. They will be found out and shunned, to their disadvantage, by all worthwhile company. I often left a testing room unsupervised for I knew well my students. The honest would hide their answers from all interested, while the cheats stole each other's incorrect answers.

If one stands erect silently proud, he will be the target of hatred from the sewer people but it is far better to be the target of a rotten tomato, now and then, rather than living with garbage full time.

Can terrorists be terrorized? If so, then there are terrorists who can be terrorized and terrorists who cannot. It would seem that ZOG is trying to terrorize the terrorists it doesn't like while approving of terrorists it does like, for instance, the Israelis who terrorize the Palestinians. As Oscar Wilde once said, "If terror is, then terror was and probably."
Since my notice that I was retreating to my batcave, I became swamped with email of which I will apologetically not answer for obvious reasons. As they say, "Into each life some slumps must fall." Anyway, most everyone made me offers – to keep going – which I refused. Some made hilarious comments relative to reasons I should still be grinding out this hate sheet. One reason was "400 federal agents, presently used to monitor FAEM will be set loose upon the populace." Some email was so touching that it actually brought a tear to my eye. One fellow mentioned that he often disagreed with me and that disagreement caused him to think about what he believes to be true. (Great! That's my intent for I am not in the proselytizing business nor do I feel I have some gold key to the box of truth.) Thanks folks, and as the jews say, "Enjoy." 
If anybody at FAEM needs an outlet, VNN is open.   alinder@kvmo.net
– "My neighbor's son came over today to help with some yard work, and in the course of our conversation he stated that the history teacher he had last year told the students that the Jews were God's chosen people. Now the Jews scream about any teaching of religion in the public school system yet the students are told to write papers on the Holocaust and are reminded that the tribe is God's chosen. Incidentally, he mentioned that the teacher was not a Jew. So the masochistic white fools teach  non-Jewish children that they do not rate with God. What insidious garbage. In this connection it should be noted that the Jews seem to think the negroes are wonderful. They push them in sports, films, T.V. etc. So it must be assumed under these circumstances, that the negroes are next in line as God's favorites. The unfortunate thing about this whole affair is that the whites are so cowed and lack the guts to express their true feelings. What the heck does it take to object to teachers who teach crap and denigrate the race that built this modern world?" Paul F., Indiana.

Robertsez – David Irving's problems resulted from his ignorance as to who really won WWII. Whites become perplexed when they are ignorant of who runs their country. The jews don't call White folks "cattle" for nothing.

Where did all of those women come from? As we know, Adam was a piece of dirt and God stuffed it with breath. Eve was a prime rib carved from Adam. Adam therefore copulated with himself and produced Cain who cold-cocked his brother Abel. Cain went to the land of Nod where he took a wife. It looks like the world had lots of people before Adam and Eve. From Cain's son Enoch, the generations pass through Inod, Mahujael, Methusael, Lamach, Jubal, Jabal, Tubal-cain and so on, all grabbing up women from some bottomless pit. This whole family tree became some sort of trash people, it appears, cursed unto eternity. Cain was the naughty one but his whole progeny had to be punished, by some strange logic. Even the women who were not blood related!

Eve bore Seth and Seth took a wife. From Seth's son Enos through the subsequent sons Cainan, Mahadaleel, Jared, Eboch, Methusela, Lamech to Noah, all took wives from some plentiful female WalMart – in the sky, I would imagine. The begatting, begetting, begotting and begutting continued for generations without ever producing a shortage of females. The Lord favored Noah as we know, with more than just women.

Once we get to Abram,  name-changing becomes fashionable. Abram becomes Abraham and his wife Sarai becomes Sarah. They had a son Isaac who latched onto Rebekah during a dating game. Becky, as she was known to close friends, had twins Esau and Jake, whoops, I mean Jacob. The Lord gave the youngest twin the keys to the Lexus and then something interesting began. Oh yes, under Abraham, the bizarre penis mutilation began traditional. (The mark of the beast?)

The older brother Esau became quite ill and it looked like he was going to die. He asked his brother Jake for food but Jake withheld it until Esau gave up his first-son birthright. (Extortion already?) Once Jake was in the driver's seat, he handed over the food. Esau recovered and his name was changed to Edom and Jake henceforth was known as Israel. The Lord gave Israel the whole world to plunder, rape, pillage and sell stock thereof.

Whether fratricide, extortion, bribery, incest (Lot), murder, hatred, name-changing, vengeance, infanticide, and all of the other noble forms of human entertainment, one does not have to read the Bible. He can visit the middle-east and see it first hand or move to New York City and enjoy it forever. None of this worries me as much as the question : Where did all of those women come from?

"If a man's afraid to take some risks for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he's no good."    – Ezra Pound
"The actions of the hypocrites who make up the US government, and who have the support of a majority of the hypocrites who make up the US population, have effectively removed all the guilt from the German population. Their (the US hypocrites) brutal, inhuman acts, done in the employ of the Jew global tribe, make Hitler's decision that Jews must be removed from a society in order for that society to function honorably, a logical and necessary one. The Germans should now begin to honor their war dead, and, very importantly, to openly take pride in the great achievements of the Third Reich." – E.H. Arkansas
A reader sends in this –

A tourist walked into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at the exotica, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but it was so striking he decided he must have it.  He asked the owner, "How much for the bronze rat?"

"Twelve dollars for the rat. One hundred dollars for the story," said the owner.

The tourist gave the man twelve dollars.  "I'll take the rat. You can keep the story."

As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, he noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and they were following him down the street. This was disconcerting. He began trotting. Within a couple of blocks, the herd of rats had grown to hundreds, and they were squealing. He ran toward the bay. He looked around and saw that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, they were squealing loudly, and they were coming toward him fast.

Scared, he ran to the edge of the bay and threw the bronze rat as far out into the bay as he could. Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the bay after it, and they all drowned.

The man walked back to the curio shop. "Aha," said the owner, "you have come back for the story?"

"No," said the man. "I came back to see if you have a Bronze Jew."

The pervasive paranoia in this country had its beginning in the 1960s. Prior to that date, young people freely hitch-hiked about the land and little kids could be left to play in their own yards. People on buses, otherwise strangers, would chat with each other. No one saw a "child molester" behind every tree nor had much reason to lock their homes and automobiles. Family business was private and not something for a SWAT team or meddling feminist creep to stick her nose into.

For the most part, the internet crowd exhibits paranoia to an extreme. It used to think it was only the blightwing ingrates who did everything they could to hide their identity. I was wrong. It's nearly the whole assemblage of keyboard peckers. I offered my small expertise to an internet service whereby I would answer questions in math and physics. A person uses this service by submitting the question which is then forwarded to me. I send the answer to the service and they forward it. It's something like drop shipping where neither party knows the other. Many are referred to my website where an email address is easy to spot. As of now, only 1 person ever used that address. One female (on the internet, who knows?) needed a sequence of responses to get her problem in order. I suggested that we email each other direct so as to eliminate the time lag imposed by the service. I never heard from her again. I suppose she is now living in terror that someone might actually find out who she is.

I am merely stating fact and not submitting judgment. While Virginians are living in terror over 9 killings, one only has to recount the thousands of abortions (murders), gang killings, and traffic deaths which occurred during the same period, in  order to get proper perspective as to probability. The probability of me getting nailed by a sniper honing his skills, is minuscule as compared with the probability of being killed by a mud after my wallet.

Without organization, there cannot be anything accomplished relative to White interests. The internet has shown to be a great medium for the dissemination of information but also has revealed that the probability of organization is next to nothing. Imbued with an Americanism which views endless chatter as a means of solution, I am afraid that nothing will advance beyond the entertainment stage. ZOG knows this and ZOG loves it. There will not be internet censorship because ending gassing, like idle gossip, is not a threat to anyone.

Israel is our best anti-ZOG ally. As their human rights abuses mount, more and more of the world is turning against the United States. That's good, and if I were you, I wouldn't want to leave the country anytime soon.
On the state and federal levels, more workers' tax money is going to be used to give "home ownership" to our useless parasites. Making the workers poor is not the way to abolish poverty. In this state, there was a bank program for "the po'" which allowed them to secure a mortgage with only 1% down. I was recently informed by a close friend, in the know, that this has been replaced. Now all that is required is a down payment equal to one year's property taxes. Anyone want to wager as to the number of White folks who will be given such a deal? This Marxist circus will last only as long at the working cattle can support it.
In the long run, short-sighted greed is no different than stupidity.
Our ZOG-mercs are selling arms to the Afghans. Our mud Marines are stealing ZOG property. Mestizo border guards help their relatives cross over. All in all, here in freebie land, it looks like business as usual. 
First, I am agnostic. I believe that man does not have the faculty to understand that which is superior to himself. Schopenhauer mentioned this in his statement, "No man can see above himself." This is acceptable to me since it logically follows that a creator is superior to that which was created.

The position of an atheist is tenuous at best. He believes there is no such entity as "god" or "gods" and since he cannot be convinced they exist, then that is the essence of his proof. Yet, he will demonstrate a belief in the nefarious entity called "the universe".

To mention that we have "one god" and then snap our fingers while forgetting the matter, is rather shallow in my view. It's hard to say "I do not know" and let the matter rest. Thus we fashion some image in order to feel more comfortable with that which would otherwise leave us feeling as a speck of no consequence or importance. Since we observe one man doing something another cannot and one lion doing something another cannot, it fits our natural minds to ascribe different gods for different purposes since those purposes are all unequal. No man is top gun in all categories and since man is created in the image of  "god" or "a god", that god cannot be superior in all categories. "One god" cannot logically exist.

I often use the term "the gods" to describe a force, fate, or something, which will determine events we are unable to predict. As my dog Spot has no idea where today's trip will take him, I am in the driver's seat and know what woods we shall explore. This lack of knowledge on his part in no way detracts from the observed feeling that rabbits and squirrels lie ahead. He senses something but does not know. We all, if we can unshackle the chains of our Marxist conditioning,  have far more 'seat of the pants' power than we realize. ZOG must live in fear that someday White people will find themselves for the day we live, ZOG dies.

As the use of language gets sloppier, people have a more difficult time in understanding each other. "Love", relative to the opposite sex when I was a kid, included romance, tender music, and consideration for the welfare of the object loved. Today, most young men equate love with an erection which places their sensitivities on a plane lower than that of many animals. I assume young women have a similar connection, otherwise, they wouldn't be pairing off as they do – birds of a feather, you know. Thus, young people appear to fall in and out of love as often as they change underwear, and sometimes, more often.

Few appear to understand the difference between being alone and being lonely. They are not the same. I have been alone for as much as one month, in the northern reaches of Canada's Algonquin Park, but never felt lonely. In fact, I felt wonderfully free unencumbered by the trivialities people often impose on one another. A lonely person can feel lonely in a crowed subway. "Alone" is the relation between you and others. Loneliness is an internal frame of mind.

Something may be boring, that is, tiresome and uninteresting. Boredom is an internal state of mind. Thus we hear people say, "I am bored." I have attended boring lectures but I was not bored, for I could always find something interesting to occupy my mind. I try to avoid anything which might prove to be boring and the most recent event was at the police academy, which I couldn't avoid. As the feminist assistant district attorney rambled on, I turned my attention to how many tiles were used in the construction of the ceiling of the hall. I must have been engrossed considerably since Capt. Roy came over to me and said the lecture was over and lunch was being served in the cafeteria. The lecture was boring. I was not bored. Whenever I hear anyone say that they are bored, I rapidly distance myself from them as experience has shown their mental capacity to be on a par with a lobotomized chicken.

I try not to let the environment dictate my frame of mind. I might be alone but I will not let that inflict a feeling of loneliness. Something might be boring, but I try not to let that inflict a feeling of boredom. As grandpa once said, "Ninety percent of your troubles are generated between your ears."

The jelly-bean shaped female, in the adjacent restaurant booth, told her friend that in the morning as she was about to go to the drug store, her young daughter under the care of her oldest daughter, looked "bored". Thus the woman canceled her trip to the store and remained home to "entertain" her young daughter so as to eliminate the imagined state of boredom. From what I know, these mis-named "mothers" are quite plentiful and have infected the population with nitwits dependent upon others for their states of mind. The seeds of, and the craving thereof, the lunacy called the "entertainment business" can be found in the American framework of child raising. We exist to be entertained! That's what our mommies did. They entertained us.

My mother was wonderful in all respects but she was still a female. At times, it took the intervention of my father to remind her that the main task was to help the kids GROW UP and that could never be accomplished unless childhood care CEASED at a time when the child could do it by themselves. The loving nature of a good woman never ends and most would still be spoon feeding their kids until one or the other died.

The waitress apparently returned to work after a respite from her job. She was talked into being a 'stay at home mother'. This lasted for about 2 months, as she confided to me. "They were driving me nuts! I had to return to work for my own sanity." Kids drive no one nuts simply because they are young. Undisciplined kids, that is, animated weeds, will exasperate nearly everyone. Brats are not born. They are manufactured by nitwit parents.

I wish to publicly thank that sweet young lady named Joy, who sent me the "Clint Eastwood for Mayor (Carmel-by-the-Sea)" sweat shirt. Eric told me he received one too but he didn't mention who sent his.
Eric and I are often criticized
for being "negative" and admonished for not offering some sweet package for success in this, our cosmic struggle for survival. Our premise is a simple one: As long as ZOG exists, White people will be going down the proverbial "tube" and given "the shaft" on a regular basis. If you think this is a false premise, then let us know. In the meantime, we ask of our critics how selling books, writing to your Congressman, voting, having demonstrations, sending money to patriots-for-profit, praying, shouting "Sieg Heil", acting like niggers, dressing up like savages with earrings and tattoos, attending "conventions" and all of that other blightwing stuff, is contributing to the downfall of ZOG. If you can show no evidence and hold our premise true, then I am afraid that you are in no position to criticize our "negative" position.
I remember many things, some of which I wish I didn't. I remember my brother and I lying in a feather bed one cold February night dreaming of watermelons. We thought we'd grow our own. In the morning, at breakfast, which was usually ham, eggs and fried potatoes, we told gramps our intent and we wished to do something right away. We were told to be patient for the time to "do something" was not yet. The ground was frozen and even if we planted, those plants would not survive many minutes.

We were taught the value of patience and each favorable night, we'd gather under the large maple tree near the milkhouse for our 20 minute time of silence and observation. This training was indeed valuable, for in school we could sit still for very long periods without opening our mouths, or squirming like worms, and absorbing all the teacher presented. Today, this sort of self-discipline is noticeable by its absence and those extrapolating the worsening condition of our race, have an understandable itch to "do something" and the last thing they want to hear is "have patience". But alas, I can offer nothing else and our enemies know this full well. That is why they will move heaven and earth to make sure the slop trough is kept full and that enough false fear is generated so that the inquisitive are kept in line. For the young, they push drugs and sex, thus reducing them to the level of useless hedonist trash.

The whole world Zionist power grab is insanity run amuck and it will fail in its intent. It is only during its collapse that opportunities will arise for the insertion of more than noisy words. Our patience, our time of waiting, can be used educating others and above all, building a small community of like minded people around us. We need study no more since we wouldn't be asking "What can we do?" unless we knew what was needed. However, there are still many race conscious people out there who are asleep and need awakening. When 1/2 of our young approve of going to war with Iraq and only 1 out of 1000 is willing to take an active part by enlisting, it does not leave much space for optimism when it comes to spine.

The present political and social structure cannot be amended or appended into something more favorable for White people. It, like the jew Weimar Republic, must vanish from the world scene. The gods will soon see to that. Each time people get serious about elections, I can hear the gods' laughter. Watch and listen. We are supernumeraries waiting to be called.

I watched Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray last night. I watched it many, many years ago in the old Family Theater. Since it was in black and white, I guess I am dating myself. Dorian was played by Hurd Hatfield who, interestingly enough, was born on December 7 and died on December 25 – not the same year, silly. He died in 1998 at age 80. The most brilliant role was played by George Sanders, an all time favorite of mine, who sequenced line after brilliant line echoing Wilde's literary genius. I later reflected upon this movie comparing it to the trash we see today. There is a profound difference.

If one removed the dialogue from "The Picture", the film would be action sterile for there were no explosions, bloody body parts nor two hedonists pawing each other's nude bodies. The theme of one's portrait getting older while one retained his youthful image, was the orchestration while the lines were the notes.

Today, movies are mostly bizarre spectacles of death and destruction, computer enhanced, of course. I've have seen outlandish scene where a stage coach actually burst into something resembling a miniature Hiroshima. In these "action" movies, the dialogue generally is disjoint, without depth, and used probably to insure the mindless audience that they are watching humans.

Comedy has fared no better. One only has to watch the negro "Comedy Hour" where laughter is generated by references to a penis mistakenly being jabbed into an eye – it's all about crotches and their various functions when they aren't bad-mouthing White people. BBC comedy shows depend upon one's intellect juggling the clever plays upon words and is decidedly not something the small mind would appreciate. 

Obviously not written for the wimps of today – "Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object (Jew World Order), evinces a Design (Homeland Security and War on Terrorism) to reduce them under absolute Despotism (Bushtatorship), it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security."  (Declaration of Independence.)
But what care you for brain or head,
Ye stiff-necked herd, well paid and fed
And clothed by human ignorance?                          – R. F. Burton, Stone Talk
Folksaroni – bookmark this valuable research site:   http://www.jrbooksonline.com

Make sure you read The Godless What the Nazis were fighting against. If it weren't for the United States, Communism, the essence of the jewish psyche, would have died 100 years ago. More evidence on this site.
Make sure you bring this up in history class and watch your Marxist teacher go ape, if he/she/it isn't one already. Be warned – you probably will be tossed out of class and given an "F", thus proving indoctrination rather than truthful education.

Virus alert for the get-a-life users of MSN Messenger! Worm BKDR_EVILBOT.A – WORM_RODOK.A  Get a life. Get a MAC
I watched a bit of Lard Bawl at Fordham U. with Chris Matthews and cabbage head McCain. One of the issues was ZOG's anticipated devastation of Iraq. Chris asked those who were in favor of a war, to shout fervently. He then asked the same of those who opposed a war. It appeared that the in-favor-of people had a slight edge on those who didn't, maybe 55-45%. Chris then asked all of those students in the group who favored a war, to stand up if they were ready to volunteer to go and fight. One smiling fellow stood up. Shit-for-brains McCain got flustered and said Chris asked an "improper" question. The conclusion, as Chris noted, what that people favored a war as long as they didn't have to do the dirty and bloody work. That, my friends, is the Judeo-American attitude and it includes the blightwing – Here's $50. Go and save the White race. Everyone seeks some plan which not only will guarantee success but will insure that they, personally, will not be imposed upon beyond a donation and well wishes. A pervasive attitude such at this not only guarantees failure but it insures the continuation of wheel-spinning activities such as election campaigns, writing your Congressman and sending money so some charlatan can improve his standard of living. The young people at Fordham have told us what to expect from them – nothing. They simply do not care beyond exercising their vocal cords. That's all academia is all about anyway. ZOG knows this and ZOG plods murderously on. We have descended a long way since those immortal words "...with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."
Andy called me into his office
and mentioned that Boeing wanted our company to send their best problem-solver to the Los Angeles area. That was me but Andy said he was going to send Chris instead. His reason was that Chris was a glad-hander and bullshitter who made people "feel good" and when people felt good, sales increased. I, on the other hand, told it straight, whatever it was, and unpleasant truth was not the thing to open wallets or check books. As a sort of compensation, they jacked my salary up 10%.
"Sensitivity training" is the imposition of feminine values upon men.
Suppose some White fellow
has a superhumunguscalafragilistical plan of action for these last days of the American delusion. If he posted it on the 'net', wouldn't you feel he was an ass first class? (Hey man, let's make sure the enemy has a copy of our fortifications and battle plans.) I never advised "do nothing" either for myself or others. I said "do nothing illegal" and probably should have added, "Don't post any anticipated action, or positive advice, on the internet."  If a man had a pile of gold nuggets he wished to divide among White people, do you really think the best pace to do it is in downtown Manhattan with advance notice given on the internet? All sorts of things can be accomplished if you stop wasting your time on schemes proven to fail and then forming local private groups as so many are now doing. I'd never send encrypted email either, for that itself is like carrying burglary tools, and could indicate that you are up to no good. It's all about community and I don't mean whipper69@bunghole.org writing to fellatio14@liverdick.com. If you cannot look your comrade in the eye, then it's little more than a child's game. Instead of mumbling the 14 words paraphrased from Dr. Goebbels, we should reduce it to Rockwell's 3 words – White man, fight!
Eric reports
that in his city there are so many mestizos and Indians that finding him would be very easy. Just ask anyone where they can find the White man.

As the population gets muddier, guerilla warfare becomes less possible since the guerilla must "blend into the population". I remember one time where ZOG was training blue-eyed, six-footers, Vietnamese so that they could be more effective in the Viet Nam war by "blending in". Possession of power does not imply intelligence.

Silly people are always dreaming of "We lost this time, but there's always the next election." How soon we forget the Jim Keegstra lesson. Jim was a school teacher who supplemented "holocaust studies" with facts and logic. After all, isn't education supposed to be about BOTH sides of a story? Needless to say, CANZOG was not happy with this. What made the matter worse, was that Jim was elected Mayor of his small town. That was the final bagel. CANZOG made the town an offer it couldn't refuse. Jim was ousted as Mayor and canned as a school teacher. If you think it'd be different in our ZOG province, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I'll sell to you.

ZOG allows the revisionists to fart around with their nit-picking and cyanide revelations. The reason is not difficult to understand. With their control of the media, and access to bagel billions, they can launch a barrage of 'holocaust history' any time of their choosing. They also know that if  'revisionism' got to be a big pain in the neck, then jail, bribes and what all, can easily be brought into play. I feel confident that if the bagel boys had a crystal ball, they would have chosen to bribe Zündel with $6,000,000 which would have been accepted. Then again, this might establish some sort of unacceptable precedent. You get more bang for your bribe when politicians are bought.

Let the complainers babble while ignoring them. This proves that freedom of speech is still in force. If the complainers get too numerous, or powerful, see that they lose their jobs and property, that is, if you cannot buy them off outright. If this fails, search the laws to see if they have run astray and then nail them for that. Make sure that nothing political can be tied to it. This is a demcracy, isn't it? As the last desparate action, make sure the complainers have an 'accident' or at least die from a 'heart attack'.

While on the topic of beauty, a reader sent this in – http://www.rawls.org/non-ideal_beauty.html
As you know a number of African native tribes knock out the teeth of their youth when they reach puberty to make them more attractive. The Dinka tribe of Sudan remove six bottom teeth with spears and warp the upper lip thus they become real beauties, its almost akin to cutting the clitoris or circumcision which many tribes practice. Clitoris slicing   is considered important in some cockeyed rituals in some branches of  the Muslim faith and circumcision for baby boys in the Jewish faith, as well as all the sappy christians that mutilate their new born boys because they believe Jews must know something they don't.

Well today's Wall Street Journal has a front page story about our wonderful good Samaritans in good old goofy U.S.A. In particular the University of Nebraska Medical College of  Dentistry,  where they are putting new teeth into the void of beauty of our new wonderful Dinka citizen additions to this gentle land of good and plenty. Gee! That sounds like a candy brand. Maybe if our new Dinka citizens eat enough candy they can again create a toothless void and start a new religion and call it toothless beauty.

If you can get a copy of today's Journal you can see what our new citizens look like. Of course some of our dippy blue eyed blondes might go ga ga over them. It often seems that the uglier the more impressive. Maybe it's the beauty and the beast syndrome. Sort of like a weird Picasso painting – the less understood the more admired. In any event there sure is a lot to admire in our country these days.

Robertsez – I am waiting for the White savage-imitating whigger idiots to add nose-bones, and ear plates, to their collection of earrings, pierced navels, tongues and nipples. I hope someday that the tattooing lunacy picks the image of a range target for a favorite to adorn their chests. When the time's right, it would make target selection a mite easier.

There are few things which are absolutely hopeless. Only those with a crystal ball able to scan the future, are in a position to declare such things. It's all a matter of probability and the degree determined thereby. A fellow with his head on the executioner's block has a very, very, low probability of keeping his head. Perhaps low probabilities are what we call hopeless. Life is often little more than a game of chance. Take this road or take that road. The outcome will be different and if it is to our dissatisfaction, we day dream that the other road would have been better, when actually, no one knows. It could have been worse. That's why blubbering about what's past, is a fool's hobby and a jew's sole reason to exist.

The girl ahead of me, at the stop sign of some side street off La Habra Blvd., left her stopped position only to be broadsided by another who ran a stop sign. The drivers left their vehicles, as I did, and the man proceeded to shriek violently at the young lady for "being in his way." I held her in my arms, amazed at the ruckus which could do nothing to turn the clock back. What was done, was done. There was only some mess to clean up. Often people waste much of their lives in wasteful emotional pursuits which changes nothing other than depriving a person of doing something else.

As my father related, he was standing forlorn on the street corner sometime in 1937. He was out of work, as many were, and received notice that the "ice box" would be repossessed the next day upon failure to come forth with the $35 balance due. In those days, if you owed someone money, even rent, you could lose whatever at a moment's notice. People were evicted if payment were late by one day, and the police would enforce that.

The situation perhaps appeared hopeless to my father since the probability of him coming up with the money was stacked against him. An unusual thing then happened. A well dressed Mr. Burlingame came up to him and said, "Remember me? About 3 years ago, when I was on the skids, you helped me out with money and other generous favors. Well, I fell into some good times and am happy to return the $65 you gave to me. I know it wasn't a loan, but I would feel better if you accepted it as a gesture of my affection for your consideration." Although it appeared that way to my father, the situation was not hopeless. At the conclusion of his story, my father told all of us that since that day, he never allowed himself to feel that sort of self-pity again. As usual, he kept his word.

The nuts of the White male are being hammered daily. The world appears aligned against us including many of our brain-washed women folk who feel that if they put on a jockstrap, some magic will fill it. We should remember that all catastrophes contain a large seed of opportunity, nay, only disasters provide any ray of hope. We have a right to hold more hope for our future during a disaster, then we do during this malaise called peace. It has been precisely this "peace" which has progressively reduced our power to a point where many adult males cannot now be told from over-grown children or women. The gods will favor us, eventually, but none know the day. The worse things become, the more we have to look forward to, but that future will be one of great struggle where the wimps will be filtered out, as they should be, but never could be, if life continued on as a placid pasture full of contented cows. No man is worth the air he breathes unless he is engaged in struggle – defending his property, supporting his family, building bridges, overcoming all that presents itself. Life is struggle and I have seen injured rabbits, with guts to survive, making a mockery of some of the so-called "men" we gawk at and hold to be important. Would our noisy President exhibit bravery if he were forced into a one-on-one duel to the death with Saddam? I know where I'd place my bet.

If you wish to reduce hope for our kind to an absolute minimum, then go along with the process which got you to this point – believe elections will change things; send money to worthless parasites who get fat on your desire to "do something"; buy books; complain anonymously but never in public; hold 'protest' demonstrations; ignore the whole thing by watching niggerball, taking drugs, getting drunk, chasing orifices and all of that other all-American "fun". We got to this point by spending our time tinkering under the hood while ignoring who was in the driver's seat. First, we must stop going in reverse. Until that happens, there is no point in considering a way to go forward.

When I asked my father for a hammer, it was because I intended to use it. When our cretin leader asks for the power to massacre people and destroy their homeland, it is because he intends to use it. How much "rope" the gods will give this jackass, and the jew-dazed idiots who support him, is anyone's guess.
If you think it is still your country, then how do you explain that when our farmers and ranchers, in the southwest, try and defend their land from mestizo squatters, ZOG steps in on the side of the invaders? It is indeed a strange world where people support their executioners. But then again, what do cattle know as long as they are well fed?
If elections made a difference, they would be made illegal.
Windle, wandle, in welchem Handle, oben oder unt?
Dolly is a horse
owned by a very beautiful young woman of my acquaintance. The horse was trained to perform in certain ways and competed in something I remember as "barrel races". I am probably mistaken on this but I can recognize a horse when I see one. The young woman purchased the horse but not for the purposes the horse was trained for. Dolly became little more than a pet to be used for occasional trail riding. Here is the point: After a year or so of "doing its own thing" the horse reverted back to behavior typical of its breed showing no residue of the behavior used to maneuver around barrels. In the past, we've seen the glamorized nitwit football ball star O.J., go "ape" when he murdered his white trash wife and her jew companion. Incidents of cats going feral and stray dogs again being drawn to pack behavior, are as common as people getting infected with S.T.D. yet a dichotomy is always present and this probably comes from religious training.

Animals, which means anything which we can't breed with, have no souls, no thinking process, no feelings, no love and no nothing, as the song goes. They are little more than mobile rocks to be used, and abused, for our entertainment and profit. This seems to be the commonly believed fare. Of course, anyone brought up on a non-"factory" farm knows better from the wealth of observations available.

Animals have behaviors breed specific. Foxes do not act like chickens and crows never behave as deer. No one disputes this but when it comes to "us", we are taught, behavior is then distinct from physical characteristics and indeed, a separate domain entirely. Behavior, and even tendencies, come only from environment so that any Eskimo can be taught to behave as a Matabele. The same Eskimo can then have his Matabele behavior replaced with the behavior of a Jivaro. Therefore, if we extend this notion, then universal race and cultural mixing will produce a people with the same values and behavior, thus assuring peace on earth, good will to men and profit for our masters.

In my younger days, I'd pack my canoe, tent and fishing gear and drive to the northern reaches of Algonquin Park, Ontario, for a month of peace and quiet where I'd subsist on fish, cattail roots, berries and such. It was rare to ever see another human but when I did, they were always northern European types. Over the years, I have always noticed that non-Whites always preferred the congestion, dirt, and stink, of urban areas and I soon believed that "White flight" had its main thrust in a natural desire to have "elbow room".

During the days of Black marches through White neighborhoods, Rockwell decided to have a White march through a Black neighborhood. As we moved from Marquette Park to Gage Park, in Chicago, down a street obviously filled with the same sort of  houses, price-wise and age-wise, one was taken by the profound visual difference between the Negro section and the mostly Estonian section. Here we have Americans on the same economic level, living in comparable homes, and all enjoying the benefits of the "American dream", separated by an overhead trestle. As we passed under the trestle, the filth and squalor of the Black section gave way to freshly painted houses, green lawns and flowers decorating the porches. Yes Greta, race does make a difference.

I would have a very difficult time believing that our myriad of inherited characteristics would somehow leave out behavioral tendencies. I mention 'tendencies' since that encompasses that nefarious item we call intelligence. One cannot raise intelligence by eating magic berries or listening to the lark's warble. Intelligence is a capacity. It's like a pail that can be filled to whatever extent the owner chooses but the size of that pail remains fixed for life. Sure, one can take drugs and destroy one's potential but, like Humpty Dumpty, it cannot be put back together again. Marxist education cannot alter one's intelligence but it does stir up the contents of the pail so that anything described as coherent thought becomes non-existent.

A racist therefore believes that behavioral tendencies are a part of the genetic influence. We certainly have no problem with Blacks who behave as Whites and all discrimination has its roots in this. We reject no person simply because he is colored differently. However, since color is part and parcel of the genetic package, it is an obviously easy tool to use when we get serious about our companions, neighbors and future mates.

As the comical 'holocaust' dissolves under close examination, all the anti racist crowd has to do is prove that behavioral tendencies are not inherited and that Blacks, after full conditioning in a White society, will retain those White outer garments when left to themselves. If this be true, then all of our 'White acting' Blacks should be commissioned to return to their prized Afro homelands and share those benefits. The Black community, it is noted, looks with contempt upon any of their kind who is an Uncle Tom. It appears then, that Blacks recognize that White behavior and Black behavior are different.

We, and it's a Disney thing where animals act like humans, frequently deceive ourselves by accepting behavior which is an act, as the real indicator of the actor. Clint Eastwood's orangutan Clyde, is passed off in a couple of movies as a near-human. But, as with all kinds, when peanuts are tossed upon the stage, the monkeys' bicycle riding act soon becomes unglued.