4 November 2002
A debate is an argument; a quarrel. Usually it concerns the establishment of truth or falsehood. That's nice. So what? Isn't research supposed to sniff out truth? If so, why argue about it?

Debates come about because of opinions, and not facts. Beliefs, as it were. Jim thinks he knows the truth about something and Sam also thinks he knows the truth about that same something. They differ about what they think the facts are. They debate and for what purpose? When was the last time you witnessed a debate, or heard a debate, where one fellow bows and admits he was in error and swears to forever accept the view of his opponent? Ha..... ha...... ha.....

Both Bill and I had a friend, Don. We often went swimming together and saw movies together. Don got married and that ended. Both Bill and I were unhappy that Don married Dolores for Dolores was the baseball team's mascot, that is to say, she was the object of their weekly gang bangs. Dolores would drop her drawers at any available opportunity. Nick told us she never wore any in the first place. I think he would would know. Usually the people with whom I associated were not the promiscuous type. That's why we never associated with Dolores.

One day Bill and Don got into a debate over the antics of Dolores. Bill claimed this was fact and Don said the opposite.

The first entries of the debate –
"You said your wife was at the movies Thursday night but she really was at Hevron's Hotel with a fellow."
"That's not true. You're a liar."

The squabble ended until the following Thursday when Dolores was supposedly at the movies.
"Don, you're a friend and I think you should know your wife is out with Mike again."
"That's a lie. She's bowling with her cousin."
"No I am not. In fact, you can find her at the Cedar Street gravel pit in his car."

With that, we all drove to the gravel pit seeking truth and we did find it. Back seat gymnastics were being played in full force. Don looked astounded and said nothing. We took him back home thinking that the "debate" was settled. It seemed that facts could not be disputed. We were wrong.

Don later called Bill telling him that his wife explained that she was raped. It was an unusual rape it seems, because Dolores was heard to groan, "Mickey, Mickey, don't stop."

The debate was over, The facts pain to see and yet Don was not convinced. He changed his mind not one iota and if he is still alive, I'd bet he'll still swear his wife was a virgin when he married her and always faithful.

One cannot change anyone's mind with a presentation of facts, much less, any silly debate. A person changes his own mind if indeed that is at all possible. People have a vested interest in maintaining a belief that their noggin holds only truth. To admit sincerely that one has believed something in error, takes a courage which is noticeable by its rarity.

Maguire has this to say about one election (platform) issue:
 Another hot button issue is higher education and the cost of it.  As things now stand most educated young white people have been converted into indentured servants by a three-phase process: 1.  Nearly free education for all non-whites, along with admission preferences.2.  The extremely high costs imposed by the regal salaries, general extravagance and pervasive corruption of the Judeo-Marxist universities.3.  'School loans' that now take 7-10 years to pay off.  These are additive to 'home loans' (another Hymie racket) and a prime reason home ownership rates are dropping like rocks among younger people. Real brass knuckles reform proposals, amounting to a sub-revolution in this area, will prove extremely popular with our target demographic.

Robertsez – My view on higher education hasn't changed since I was 11 years old. Individuals are part of a team (community) where all contribute for the benefit of all. The individual is of value only to the extent he is valuable to the community. Thus, the community has a vested interest in the welfare of the individual. No individual, or family, should be held responsible for the costs beyond normal taxation, of any education regardless of the level. However, advancement beyond grade 10 will be on a MERIT basis only. There is no value in training someone along a line they are not intellectually suited for simply because its their desire. As the population down-breeds, "merit" will soon become a dirty word.

None of this wishful thinking can ever come to pass without destroying the power of the jew and his cohorts and that, my friends, can never be accomplished by our corrupt and stage-managed system of electing criminals to office.

Do not lose this link – http://1911encyclopedia.org/index.htm

Often, when it comes to reference works such as this, people claim the information is "out dated". This, except for technical material, often means not politically correct. Due to down breeding, it can be safely said that our best brains lived in the past and that only fools would ignore the words of their betters. Evolution, that nebulous topic, claims that all things "evolve" to a higher level. There is no way race-mixing serves this purpose. Thus, we can lay claim to being people who practice devolution.

The American goyim cattle car is riding on Zionist tracks. You can elect another engineer to handle the throttle, but the direction remains unaltered. There are no steering wheels on trains nor in American politics. That's why I do not concern myself with elections.
Debates are nothing more than noise contests between people who cannot keep their mouths shut for more than 5 minutes. After the gassing is over, all still retain their pet notions and prejudices. The only good debate is where one is driven to kill the other thus subtracting 1 from the myriad of worthless yappers.
According to a graduate student
who just transferred here from the University of Buffalo, there have been no WHITE  Ph.D.'s in math for decades at U.B. She enrolled in the program and was afforded no courtesy by the kikes who infest that department. "It was quite plain that I wasn't welcome," she told me. It's closed shop time as is the meat packing industry where honky laborers always seem to have "accidents' while on the job. Thus, the mestizos have taken over the whole shot.

Several departments in major universities are now Asian controlled, particularly by the Chinese. More than once, students have told me that that non-Chinese are made to feel that they'd better go somewhere else. It's happening folks. Inch by inch and mile by mile. All honkies seem to pride themselves in the fact they are giving their country away and everything else, for that matter, including their daughters. Everyone deserves the "American Dream". Right Whitey? Your generosity in a one way street.

The stock market has noting to do with the economy. It's little more than a rigged gambling adventure. Expensive entertainment.

Elections have nothing to do with American politics. They're just another sport where who wins or loses, has no effect on overall policy. A welcome break from niggerball.

It's too bad that the pro-abortion harpies didn't have mothers so inclined.

Isn't it interesting that the race-mixing honkies didn't have parents so inclined?

Instead of having airbags deployed, and the fuel pump shut off, during a collision, I propose a better solution. Use the same electronics but instead of airbags use about 10 sticks of dynamite. If that wouldn't make people drive with more care and caution, I don't know what would. As it is now, safety features do several things. Among them are increased insurance company profits; increased  vehicle cost; and creating an incentive for the marginal brains to drive like they just bought the road.

Often different people have the same idea and that does not imply one copied from the other. I noted that in a discussion about global warming, one of the bickering experts mentioned that 10 Chinese exhale in a year, the same amount of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) as does 1 American automobile. This little fact can be easily demonstrated and it's been mentioned on FAEM several times. To that point, the opponent claimed that the CO2 in one's breath was not the same as the CO2 coming out of an exhaust pipe. Oh well. When you dive head first off a bridge, you are actually rising to meet the water.
Here's a live one.A couple of simians held up a convenience store. Talk about rare events! The 911 went out. Two handy officers sped to the scene. A little misjudgment in traffic left the police cruiser slamming into a pole. One officer was killed. The equal opportunity bandits now have a murder charge hanging over them. The jew logic goes this way: If Little Black Sambo and his AIDS companion hadn't robbed the store, the police car would not have raced to the scene. It was the en route travel which became the deadly problem. The robbers were directly responsible! I propose another look at this. If the cops had remained in the donut shop, one of them might have choked to death on a donut. The would implicate coffee breaks and expose the waitress to criminal charges.

I suppose if I bought a washer from some Moslem owned store, and the owner later on urinated in the city water reservoir, he could be convicted of terrorism and I'd be an accomplice for allowing him a profit, of which he used to buy gasoline to drive to the reservoir. I think the gasoline station would also be implicated. Perhaps the gasoline came from Iraqi oil. Now there's what we are looking for – hard evidence. Bombs away!

If trigger Ted shoots the guy who is messing with his wife, the gun manufacturer bears some responsibility. If hammer Harry beats a guy to death then would Stanley Tools also be held responsible?

Friends, if you can't see the omnipresent insanity which pervades everything about us, then you are part of the asylum.

I spent a mite of time listening to a LaRouche TV broadcast. People asked questions and he would respond by wandering off the topic. He stumbled in a manner reminiscent of UU when he cannot read the lines his jew script writer has on the prompt. Methinks LaRouche's mind is rotting and he's now losing whatever it is people think he has.

Two major points recalled the omnipresent theme. (1) We must build up China. It's the same old horse pucky about markets, profits, planetary pollution via industry and the other stuff which we are drowning in. I have often wondered where the LaRouchites got the notion that it's the European nations' responsibility to pull the rest of the world up to their level. Super highways all over Africa and Siberia; atomic reactors next to every Mac Donald's and so on and so forth. Greed gone ape shit, as Helen used to say.

(2) The jews are being "used" by the powers behind the scenes. They are scapegoats, that is, simple honest folk who are gullible to the point where the "string pullers" make them look bad. Since he made this discovery public, then it behooves the jews to get those evil people off their backs. Then the whole wide world will love them to nibbles and bits.

Believe it. I was asked, "Why is it that when you add two numbers they get bigger?"
My reply: "Dear cretin, The numbers stay the same size and their sum produces another number which also stays the same size. I would suggest that you consider a lobotomy as this will enable you to deal more effectively with the complexities of life."
Find a hole and fill it. When sex is used as recreation, any combination of partners will do. This borders on randomness and quite understandably produces all sorts of unwanted, and gene-mixed, children which the numbers clearly indicate to be inferior intellectually as opposed to those of people who carefully select mates and thereupon marry them. Children from intentional unions are not only usually of better genetic material but have the advantage of not having their brains scrambled by dysfunctional people who generally end up as a "one parent" pottage.

Over the past 50 years, we have seen a marked decrease in intelligent choices as far as copulation partners go. It is not uncommon for some young man to have had a few dozen "partners", most of whom he cannot remember nor recall whom he abandoned pregnant and/or contracted some sort of lifetime disease. This, I think, is the basis for Eric's common reference to down-breeding. Yes Virginia, the young are getting more stupid.

While obeying the speed limit on the avenue, I noticed a Crispy Kreme sign and turned in. At the window, I asked for 2 cream-filled and 4 glazed donuts The pleasant girl took my order and after a short silence, asked "Why would you want that?"
"Because I had an intention of eating them."
"No, I don't mean that. Why would you want to buy 6?"
"I thought it was a nice number. It was more than 5 but less than 7."
"Oh. Well for the same price you can have a dozen since I must charge you the single donut price for less than that."
"Is that so? Well, give me a dozen."
"What kind?"
"You already have my order for 6 and the additional donuts are 2 cinnamon, 2 lemon and 2 two blueberry."
"I'll have to leave out the blueberry because it's more than a dozen."
Sigh..... little thoughts of running amok with a blazing shotgun skipped through my brain.
"Just give me a dozen.... whatever."

I then drove around to the pickup window where I took the box. Another pleasant young lady said, "That's $5.60."
"How much are donuts singly?"
"Then a half-dozen would cost $3.60. Right?"
"The other lady said I could have a whole dozen for the price of 6."
"OK. I'll ask her."

I waited for a few moments for the young lady to return. She said, "I think the other girl made a mistake. Maybe she multiplied the 2 and the 4." I assumed she was referring to the 2 cream and the 4 glazed.

I handed the girl $6 and told her to buy a car with the change. I am now beginning to understand why some people flip and spray everything within sight and hearing, with the lead from their semi-automatic. It's tough remaining sane in this booby hatch especially when I note that poeple such as this are paid about $250 per week. That's astounding.

Right out of The Camp of the Saints. I hope you saw the Haitian boat on TV, with its swarm of departing garbage hell bent on reaching these shores. Right on cue, a warbling gaggle of females were lamenting about the "children" and how they NEEDED to have a shot at the "American dream". The nigs are escaping conditions they created, and they'll do the same thing here. Never forget that. The American dream is fizzing out and will soon become a nightmare as the parasites finally overburden the workers. When you vote for a female, you are voting for a pro non-White malcontent. 
Athena was probably the ugliest female we had in our high school. Often we'd find good-looking Ben staring at her as does the deer when it is flooded by headlights. When asked, he'd say, "She's so ugly, she fascinates me." This could possibly explain some of the demented and dumb behavior of otherwise good-looking White females, for their race-mixing is always with the worst specimens of the mud or simian groups. There is something fascinating about ugly. It's almost if we cannot believe what we see.
As America's White population continues its down-breeding, you'll see an increase in cowardliness and laziness, not forgetting outright stupidity..
Diversity = niggerization.

Germany, as you should know, is still an occupied country. Some might wonder why USZOG still has troops there. If you have been paying attention, it should be obvious that their role is to make sure Germans die out and are replaced by Turks and Africans. Here in America, the same agenda is in place. Whites must go.
Our military is not much more than a batch of feminized, niggerized hooligans.
We export jobs
and import the jobless. The politicians continually blather about "creating jobs". What sort of crap is that?
ZOG is using order against us to produce chaos.
Blightwing rule – If a person is not a negro, then he is White.

Quality people are needed
to produce quality technology. Thus, there is always a time lag between the quality of people and quality of technology. The quality of America's population is decreasing and this will be followed by a decreasing quality of its technology. 
Some of the blightwing females have a remarkable talent. Especially those with question marks for faces. They can tell who is, and who is not a jew, by reading their email.

While on the topic of the blightwing, what do you think of a person who yodels that America is 70% White and within 200 words, mentions that mestizos, and jews, are White, just as F.D.R. did? Why not send him lots of money so he can get drunk and drive into a tree thus relieving all of us of such silly parroted disinformation.

Sorry folks. I cannot give out names because I'd be accused of being negative and "hurting the cause".

If you really felt you were superior to a troupe of apes, you wouldn't have to yank out old dusty papers, IQ test results, and buy dull and expensive books. You simply would have nothing to do with the apes. What's easier, and safer, than that?
I was told that according to jewish law, animals are not allowed to be painlessly killed. Instead, their Middle Eastern mythology requires that the animals be fully conscious and aware that they are being slaughtered.

For the cow this involves having its feet looped with chain and then yanked into the air upside down where the skin is often stripped away from the bone. As the cow twists in pain and horror, it tears its ligaments and ruptures joints.

Next, the kosher killer slits the animal's throat and lets it bleed to death.

Each time you buy kosher meat, it has been slaughtered this way. When you see the "K", think of the Hebrew word K'ev, which is defined as pain, ache suffering and sorrow. Pain is claimed to make the meat sweeter.

How about calling your local Animal Rights fop group and asking about this. You'll get nowhere but at least it's good for a goyim laugh.

When a cluster of jews like Sobel, Rosenbergs, et al, are caught spying, they are called 'scapegoats'. When the uglies of Hollywood such as Laemmle, Fox, Goldwyn, Warner, Mayer and Zukor, are identified as jews, they are called "successful business men".
Madelyne Toogood, the mestiza of hammer-my-daughter video fame, belongs to a band of quasi-gypies called the "Irish Travelers". I'll bet the blightwing thought she was White.

John Ross Taylor, the Injun who used to hang around the old Zündelhaus in Toronto, was told by Eric that the fellow he just had lunch with was a jew. To that, John replied, "He couldn't be a jew. He bought me a milkshake." 

According to the Toronto Education Equality Task Force, 19 Sep 2002, one-half of the new immigrants cannot speak English. Also, one-half of the immigrants stated they had no intention of working. Why should they when they have stupid honkies willing to feed them, educate them and give away free housing? Even a clam is smarter than that.

Mexicans are pouring in to Canada. Gas what a good share of them do when they get there? You gassed it. They hop the border to sucker land. ¿No es verdad?

  I told him  that the product was fine by the price was little hard on my S.S. check.
"You don't look like you are collecting Social Security."
"I'm not."
"But you said S.S."
"That's right. Schutzstaffel."
It's a photo of an ear sporting 18 earrings.
"Piercing upper-ear cartilage can lead to infection (AIDS) and permanent disfigurement", says the quip. From what I've seen, people who succumb to the piercing fad were disfigured before went to see needle happy Ned.

One's first tattoo can be blamed on being drunk. The second one is due to genetic brain deficiency.

Jeb Bush's lead widens! His daughter, Coke-head, was in the news again thus causing a gain in popularity. If it could be discovered that his wife operates a whore house, he'd be a shoo-in. Here in America, we want to be represented by our own kind. Right on, man! Pass the condoms. The day will come when not having AIDS and a criminal record, will disqualify one from being on the ballot. Look at "cigar Bill", the more his degeneracy was exposed, the more popular he became.
Take pride in America! Vote! ¡Viva la México!
Estado de Washington – Folleto para votantes – Electiones Generales – 5 de noviembre del 2002

WANTED! A woman who can honestly state that ugly babies exist, and that they are not rare.
Eric, Robert and Maguire
do not share email nor the names of correspondents. The reason for Eric's FAEM "Letters" is that he only has time to write letters and often they contain information of value to others. After using scissors to cut out names and addresses, he sends copies to me. I fill the holes with the first name which occurs to me.

I just talked with one of the sports people here in XXXX. Our all White (no blacks live in our town of 10,000 pop) high school football team won top honors in 1999 in highest category rating. Undefeated season. They played all those nigger-laced teams at XXXX and XXXX and cleaned their plows. Our lady basketball team (all lovely white girls) have been State champs for the last three years in a row. The lady volley-ball team is hosting 28 teams this week-end from all across the State. My source says we have a good chance of winning the State title for Volley-Ball as well. Like you, I quit watching football when nigs became the players. I used to love baseball, but I don't pay any attention to it anymore for the same reason. I don't identify with nigs or spics. You are RIGHT. All white teams given an even playing field will clean nigroids plows at least 85% of the time.

Best wishes, Ed

(The reader wishes anonymity because he feels that if ZOG finds his White city, they will be deluged with Somalians and the like. This fellow obviously knmows the score.)


I just got back from a place where I picked up some odd items.  They have a table set up with flags and pictures and so forth. They have a sign which says "OINC".  "Our Inclusive New Culture"

OINC is right. We are dealing with ignorant swine. All this self-flagellation by Whites is ridiculous. The average mestizo or nog couldn't care less whether Whitey is racist or not. The enemy is implacable.

No amount of propaganda and slogans will change it. Trying to reason with or appease muds is like trying to reason with a tiger that is tearing you to bits. This is something Whites need to learn, before it's too late.. One of these days the rules and the game are going to change.  The muds who polish silicon wafers at TI and assemble cars at the local GM plant will transform into their true form. No amount of pc platitudes and claims of not being "racist", will stop them. I've learned this from observation.  I have started reading Propaganda: The Formation of Men's Attitudes, by Jacques Ellul.

I recommend it to White nationalists who are trying to educate the White public to the dangers they face. In this context, Ellul states that only the most primitive agitation propaganda seems to work in mud countries. Complex propaganda is only useful in Japan or in the West. He states that propaganda serves only the purpose of action. To move the polity towards action and nothing else. Whites will be forced by circumstances to become "racist" or else they will die.  Political Correctness will shatter on the cold, hard edifice of reality.


Apparently what I thought was common knowledge, isn't. I have repeatedly said that given a level field, White athletic teams would beat Black teams nearly all of the time. But the playing field is not level and hasn't been for over 30 years. A high school classmate of mine, who later went on to be a top administrator at a high profile Ohio university, confided to me at a class reunion – she was partially plastered – that her college didn't like to give athletic scholarships to White boys. Reason: if the selected ones were Black, then ZOG would subsidize the whole thing. Colleges are nothing but business operations and the $$$ is the first consideration. White people, especially the males, have been getting screwed royally for decades as a result of ZOG's Marxist leveling policies. Why mobs of them haven't burned down entire cities yet, is beyond me. Maybe White males like to get it shoved up their tails. Heaven knows, many are married to vixens and shrews first class. It's the old jew-screw and jew shut-out operation. Merit is rarely a consideration anymore. Haven't you listened to the simian poleece captain of sniper alley fame? He has difficulty reading his script. Do you really think this man represents 'chief' quality. I don't. If he had an instant change of skin color, he'd be fired. AND WE ALL KNOW IT!

Our anger is today a flame and the winds are increasing. Sometimes a wind blows the flame out and at other times, turns it into a raging inferno. It should be very plain who are the real targets in this world wide assault. Keeping quiet will not make the executioner go on a vacation and neither will buttering him up. If you need sex, drugs and alcohol in order to hide reality, and the knowledge of what will have to be done in the future, then you are useless, and getting rid of yourself would be the most noble thing you will ever do.

Thanks William for sending this informative link – http://www.castefootball.us

No batch of niggers will ever match up to Army's old Blanchard-Davis duo. When football devolved into niggerball, I stopped watching it.

Hello Robert,

I have a rather sinister link for you from Ireland.  It appears that the Irish Travelers are being used as cover for the Nigerian invasion of Dublin, as educational "proof" that race, and therefore racism, are social constructs:


When reading articles like this, there can be no intelligent rebuttal to the fact that our genocide through these Fabian methods is permanent public policy.  Also, it seems the notion of bio-politics over geo-politics has won me over for life. I used to think that the Europeans were going to be the last to go down because no one could convince them that their land was not theirs.  I now believe that numbers and available living space are pointing to where the next Alamo might be.... and that is right here in North America.  Europe will fall to the Muslim horde if no Charles Martel is to be found, and this will certainly happen before ZOGUSA finishes us off here.  These of course are "ifs" that are looking certain, however I still have faith that we will prevail somehow.
There is nowhere to go – we are lucky to be where we are. Best, Frank.

Robertsez – Without the "glasses" (see movie They Live) you'll never know the enemy much less realize that we are in a massive war for survival. Since the U.S. is the spine of World ZOG, it certainly will fall last. It is doubtful if 1 White out of 10 knows what is going on and even if the other 9 found out, they would not believe it or wouldn't care anyway.

Book learning, unleavened by practical experience and common sense, is worthless. (Thanks Jim.)
Create the problem and then sell you the cure. Nowhere is this more true than in the jew-run drug industry. The Toronto Star ran a large article on how the pharmaceutical firms team up with P.R. agencies to find "new" diseases and then market a cure (27 Sep 02, page D5 – Medical Disorders Made to Order.)

It wasn't long ago when a certain fungus caused "athlete's foot", which was due to dirt and sweat. Same old dirty socks; same old dirty sneakers; same old dirty feet. Several "cures" were on the market, none particularly valuable. If you could stand the "yow!", a foot bath of diluted Clorox would be more effective. I have my own cure, which I only used twice, years ago, when I went to the gym and donned dirty socks and dirty sneakers. My "secret juice", which would send shivers up any mild mannered M.D.'s spine if I told him what was in it, knocked it out in one application – guaranteed. Today this disease is given a new moniker, toe nail fungus, which is a "hanger on" version of the old fellow fungus. When these little dudes migrate to the crotch, you have a whole new set of worries. There's nothing like a good fungus to make one's day. Understandably, if you have AIDS, chancres and herpes, then what's a little jock itch? Right Johnson?

Often, when you eat crap which would cause a crocodile to burp, you ended up with "acid indigestion". It was knocked cold with 1/2 tsp. baking soda in a small glass of water. If you continued to eat crap, the problem popped back again and a circle was created. Baking soda is cheap and to some, an inexpensive "cure" just couldn't possibly be worth anything. TUMS is nothing but flavored chalk (calcium carbonate) and you could get the same stuff at any school. Just ask for the 'snubs' which teachers throw away anyway. As people started to eat more and more manufactured junk, disguised as food, the body continued to revolt. Today, the population is plagued with "acid reflux disease". And the "solutions" mount with repeated visits to an M.D. who churns out 'scripts' designed to bring you back for more, after the prescribed drugs screw up your body's chemistry so you have another problem. What a jolly conveyor belt this racket is. BTW, the pH (acid balance) of your stomach's digestive juices are affected by most medications. Take lots of pills and you won't have a very happy stomach, or digestive system, for that matter. As people down breed, and the food supply moves asymptotically towards zero value, plus the declining competence of medical practice outside of the flesh carving aspect, we are moving into interesting times where medical clinics will be more numerous than Mac Donald's. Come to think of it, build the clinics next to Mac Donald's and shorten the distance between the cause and the cure.

If you are tolerant of crap, then crap is what you shall receive – generously.
Old age is the punishment for being young.
Eric laughingly told me,
"The ADL knows who and where I am, and so does the F.B.I. The reason I don't advertise my whereabouts is not due to them but to the creeps, criminals and bozos who are running loose. They are a far greater danger to my well being than any collection of ZOG agencies."
When the terrorist "sleepers" finally pull out of their hibernation, they will have to be very, very busy to cause as much destruction to our cities than our equal opportunity welfare population has already done. Niggers wreck things. period! And if wayward sluts allow their genes into the White population, then racial destruction will inevitably follow. As in Egypt, Black genes have a way of putting "case closed" on the file of any civilization. But why should we care? We won't be here and our kids can live in the cesspool we've created. What? Me worry?
As the Maguire's World Wide Viet Nam increases in intensity, all sorts of mayhem, destruction and killing are happening. It's very hard to believe that America's population will be mostly lookers-on as they were in WWI and WWII. What a surprise that will be for them to find out that real war is not a spectator sport.

It seems like we can expect some type of pogrom relative to the Chechens to be in the future. "Good guys" and "bad guys" are relative. It depends upon whether the bullets are coming towards you or going away from you. In wars, there are no "nice guys". If ZOG follows its usual self-destruct policies, we can expect boatloads of Chechen "refugees", plus more kikes for sure, to be gracing these bountiful shores of diversity. As an old Quartermaster, in charge of records, once told me about WWII, "Every ship of materiel going to Europe came back full of jews." It appears that a change of continent was sufficient reason to label such people as "exterminated". Chechens are not nice people and "Russian" jews are not nice people. But that's what America is all about! Changing criminals into saints. "Enjoy," as the jews say.

If you refuse to learn about termites, you'll never understand why your barn is collapsing.
'Tis the jew-dazed niggerized American lunkhead dilemma.
Suppose you are a grunt soldier and a Captain gives you an order. Also a Corporal gives you an order. Since you cannot do two things at once, which order would you choose to follow?

Jesus had disciples and, in the New Testament, had something to say and orders to be followed. Some seemed to contradict the others, so whose orders would you follow? The Captain or the Corporals?

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus says he came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and the gentiles could go take a hike. What in hell do Christians think they are doing anyway? If someone told me to get lost, I'd be damned if I would pay any more attention to him, much less worship him.

Ahole insanity keeps spreading. The Seattle Times (17 Oct. 02), in an article written by a jew about another jew's amazing insights, states that breast-feeding deprives babies of vitamin D which leads to super malicious, deadly atrocious, damned naughty bone disease. The milk is the culprit and we have a stack of vitamins to sell stupid mom so she can start her child on the road to a continual diet of pills, needed to make everything unpleasant go away. The last I knew, breast milk composition was highly dependent upon the mother's diet, or am I being too "far out" with this odd notion which implies that moms should be more careful about what they eat?
An interesting psychological study (a thesis, man!) could be made as to the reasons why any proud White man would join the Armed Farces only to subject himself to shrieks and insults by female and/or Black drill sergeants. It's known that most White females are masochists, when they aren't vicious. Perhaps is it a contagious disease. There oughta be a cure.
This is interesting but silly, in my view.     http://www.freedomdomain.com/horus.html    Something like reading tea leaves, wouldn't you think?

The "processor" figure also reminds me of a carpet I recently saw in a Mangurian's store. Ask yourself this: If technology was that superior, then why did they make pyramids out of poorly fitting rocks? I would also think that superior technology would have found a better way to document things then hammering flakes out of stone or spreading ink upon papyrus. 

Readers confused or disbelieving that Google follows the Jewish line on censorship?

You ought not to be.  This page tells the entire story:


Just scan the synagogue listing under the categories of "Executives", "Board of Directors" and "Funding".  Almost half are openly Jewish names and of the rest...?

It's a hard choice, ain't it?  Pro-white and free or pro-Jew and a slave.  Just no middle ground there.


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"Report: Sites Missing From Google"

"A report Thursday from Harvard Law School found at least 100 sites missing from search results when accessing Google sites meant for French and German users."

"Most of the missing sites are ones that deny the Holocaust or promote white supremacy. France and Germany have strict laws banning hate speech, while the United States favors freedom of expression even for unpopular viewpoints."

In other words, the missing sites are ones the Jews don't approve of the goyim reading.  While interesting, this Harvard study is far from exhaustive since it was confined to French and German.  The US-oriented Google database is also corrupted.  Our spot check search for ZOG (i.e. Zionist Occupation Government) returned almost no hits.  King Zog appeared and Zog this and Zog that but almost no ZOG in connection with Zionism.


"Where Jews go truth and freedom dies.  Lies spread, censorship appears and murders abound.  Ask the Palestinians still alive today.  Or hold a seance and ask tens of millions of dead white East Europeans."

It wasn't long ago when the #2 language in Canada was French. Today it is Chinese based upon the number of people who speak it. In the U.S. many areas now have Spanish as the primary language. Whitey still doesn't get it. The only possibility of the masses of asses to wake up will be events. Even then, I wouldn't bet on it.
A humanitarian is a person who has killed enough people to win a Nobel Peace Prize.
I am busy working on some more material from Eric. It is too bad I am somewhat behind, relative to the latest news about the Washington area shooting gallery. In Eric's earlier letter, he referred to the shooter as an "equal opportunity" type and in a telephone conversation mentioned that he believed there would be some stated connection to the "terrorist network" which Bush would exploit. Anyway, I don't get too excited over any "news" as I have seen what the jewsmedia does when it comes to accurate reporting. To form opinions based entirely upon media hype is a sheep's exercise in a fool's paradise.

Many have accused Eric of seeing jews behind every bush. I once suggested to one skeptic that he should make a substantial wager after both could agree on what 'jew' means. This reminds me of my life-long jew acquaintance Louie, who ran a service station in La Habra California. He lived among celebrities on Bear Mountain, many of whom he serviced and repaired their cars. Lou never used any electronic instruments and would adjust an auto's timing purely by sound and feel. I asked once if he ever checked his work with timing lights and such. He said there was no need to because he knew what he was doing. I challenged him at one time, the bet being fresh strawberry pie at the Three Feathers in Brea. After he finished, I applied a timing light and lost the bet. Each time I returned to California, sometimes as often as 5 times in one year, I'd challenge him again. I lost every time and then reluctantly conceded that he indeed was "sharp". I never bet against Louie again.

I would not want to bet against Eric either, when he says "jew".

Sent in by Joe –

"Herr Norbert Schultze, the German composer of "Lili Marleen", died on October 14th. at Bad Toelz, near Munich. He was 91 years old.  Now because this composer was a German nationalistic patriotic composer who wrote music for his nation during the war, he was stigmatized and punished as were all accomplished men except those who built military rockets, because the west did not have the expertise. Many of these scientists were taken to Russia, and others to the U.S. Since the U.S. was to be culturally Africanized there was no need for the talents of Herr Schultze. Lili Marleen was a song that was popular with millions of soldiers, German, as well as Allied. After the war, Herr Schultze was unable to find work in the musical world, and had to work as a gardener until he apologized for supporting Hitler's Regime. After the apology, he was permitted to write music for children. Isn't this typical of the vengeful bastards that not only stole his music, and never compensated the man for the millions of  copies of his creation that were sold throughout the world, but deprived him of a full career in the years that followed W.W.II? What cultural thieves, scoundrels, and creeps were the new dictators of the west, and all  the post war leftist German leaders ever did for the Germans, who survived the war, was keep in tact the social programs that the N.S. had implemented in 1933, and then proceeded to punish all those that made it happen, including musicians."

Robertsez – Churchill once remarked, at the close of that war, "We killed the wrong pig." ( Patton proposed that we take theremnants of the German Army and push the Soviets back beyond the Ural Mountains. Patton finally knew the score and conveniently had an 'accidental' death.) Many G.I.s., like Joe, came to realize that they fought under an umbrella of lies. Col. Lindbergh, after visiting Germany, also saw through the cloak of lies concerning Germany.) Feeling fully secure that they canagain use the American people for their evil purposes, one arm of ZOG is again pumping out "hate Hitler" movies while calling it history. The masses of asses, too lazy to research it themselves, are content to believe that cheese and moon dust are the same thing because they saw it in TV, or found it on the internet.

Have you ever wondered why, since the Nazi party died in 1945, we are still being deluged with anti-Nazi propaganda? ZOG, and its minions, are living in fear that someday the American people just might wake up. What better a place for the demise of ZOG then in the land which gave birth to it?

I remember a time when I worked for a surveyor. My partner and I were dropped into a field with direction to proceed here and doodle there. While we were busy peering into an eyepiece and consulting charts, I heard a faint rumble behind me. I turned to see a bull charging full steam towards us. My partner asked, "Do you think the bull is angry with us for being in the pasture?" While he was asking, I was running – to the nearby tree which I hastily climbed. Irving finally caught on to events and dashed to the tree I was in. He whisked his legs high as soon as he grabbed a bough. Just in time, I might add, for the kindly bull just passed under his bony malnourished behind. Soon, Sam Whitman drove his truck into the field to rescue us for it appeared that the bull was enjoying the siege.

We spend too damned much time in analyzing and asking foolish questions especially when events are changing rapidly. Far too many intellectualize themselves into a early grave.

During one of those required college bullshit courses, the group was given the task of deciding which one of several people should be saved using a kidney machine. There was one machine available, and an assortment of fictional characters from doctors to infants, were given as the only recipient which could be saved. The bickering went on for many minutes with heated arguments concerning the brain surgeon and some nefarious new born with the usual mythical "potential". Some people got very emotionally involved. This was amazing since it was only a concocted non-serious game anyway – nothing to do with life and its surprises. As the tempers rose, I was then asked who I would save and why. I said that by the time the bickering was concluded the question would be moot. "You see, while you dinks were arguing, two Puerto Ricans stole the damned machine."

When FAEM was a monthly hard copy, I warned in 1991 that the ugly dwarf Perot was a system whore and on that account alone should never be trusted – no matter what pleasing hot air came from his mouth. Millions of suckers bought his b.s. and voted for him, thus insuring the election of Clinton which the scheme in the first place. An added benefit for the enemies of the White race was that it will be at least another generation before people would ever be in the mood for a third party candidate again, at least, to any effective point. Perot was jew-approved from the start.

There is no way in hell most Americans will make hard choices over anything. That's why believing that a collapsing system can be saved by using the same process which brought about the problem – elections. As long as the deficient are allowed the same voting power as a contemplating and intelligent man, all will ultimately fail. As the demographics change, so will those who get elected and I clue you in – the male paleface will be conspicuous by his diminished numbers. Already we see this process in its terminal stage with the election after election of jewesses and other feminist types. To the last, all of them are pro non-White which boils down to effectively being anti-White male. In nearly all of our large cities, Whitey cannot out-vote the muds. His women folk will vote for a woman no matter how seemly or idiotic. "She cares," will be the standard mouth fart. No rural area can supply the same fire power as our urban blight centers.

I am not opposed to anyone doing what they think best. I do get dismayed when some feel that bailing with a teaspoon will help the Titanic or giving a car a new coat of paint will help its performance. If this sounds "negative" to you, then I ask, "Why are you interested in saving what you are complaining about?"

In response to an email I received, I cannot fathom why any White man would seek the company of a Black man. I would no more "pal around" with a Negro than I would a goat. Come to think of it, I would give the goat a slight edge. I might have doubts as to which is smarter but the goat would definitely smell better, and not try to screw my grandmother.
Maguire mentioned that it appeared the jews expect an easy take-over of Iraq. Maybe they know something we don't. Could Saddam be another Ian Smith who sold out his own people? We have a whole government which would sell their own mothers so why would Iraq operate on a higher plane?

How soon we forget the "body bag" hysteria which was whipped up during the Gulf War massacre. Just jew hype for ZOG never intended that Americans be killed in any quantity. Iraq, and the entire Moslem world, cannot match our military muscle but I will admit that the muds, nignogs and wogs, which now constitute "our" military are their own worst enemy. Viet Nam was just a sideshow, a testing grounds for new weapons, and there was no reason why a White nation with our resources could not have straightened out that mess in short order. There was never any intent to win.

The death of ZOG will not come about as a result of some military confrontation or some christ urinating on the planet.. ZOG is a serpent feeding on it's own tail. How long that will last is anyone's guess. In the meantime, life should go on as best we can make it. The seed often falls on fertile ground, but when it doesn't, it does what it takes to survive. Hell, I've seen rabbits with more spine to fight than most of my neighbors who snivel and whine when a toe gets bruised. At present, our fight is to stay alive, untarnished by the cultural rot which is rapidly consuming this pottage of asses. It's not who get crapped on which counts, nor who has the largest bag of goodies, but who is left standing when the music stops. And it will stop.

Soon, the election spectacle will be temporarily gone and the net change will be zero. New faces. Same old shit. And why? Because the average yokel still wants something for nothing. Our main problem is one of disease which is already straining the system. We are plugging in turd-world incompetents as part of the medical non-profession and worsening our food supply in the name of feeding the needy. The "needy" are what Nature has marked for removal and if Whitey keeps on insisting that they be fed, then the disease assault will increase. Life on this planet is an equilibrium, just as your body is, and tinkering with one facet cannot be done as an isolated event. For the body, additional reactions are called "side effects" and the "hep' the po'" lunacy will cause all sorts of side effects – all richly deserved.
To the fellow who said, upon hearing that FAEM might vanish, that he didn't want that to happen but that was the story of his life, I would like to point out a line from The Outlaw Josie Wales. Josie said, "All of the people I liked had a way of dying on me." To this, Chief Dan George replied, "I notice that people you don't like also have a way of dying on you." (Quotes not exact, in case you are a nit-picker.)

I was fortunate. I was raised on a dirt farm where life was anything but a bowl of cherries. After weeks of hard work, sometimes entire crops were wiped out, but life went on. The really good things which happened in my life can be counted on a couple of fingers. The shit was always there like buzzards hovering over a carcass, waiting for some opportunity. I prefer to measure life not by its unearned gifts, but by the count of the battles I won. 

Good news. The New Jews at Yahoo/Google appear to be censoring out "ZOG", at least for our definition. And www.archive.org stopped caching FAEM in 2001, almost a year ago. That's what I call progress.
Gov. Pataki, of NYS, OKed the bill where illegal immigrants could attend college at lower rates than the residents of that state. What in hell are we doing educating illegal immigrants in the first place? And why the subsidized tuition? If this doesn't add up to more destruction of the existing "order", then what does? Whitey just cannot commit suicide fast enough it seems.

One radio mouth explained that we need Guatemalan swamp rats to come into the country and be educated at our expense because "one might just discover a cure for cancer." He should apply the same logic to the 4000 potential brain surgeons who are killed in the mainly jew-run abortion clinics each and every day.

There will never be a cure for cancer. I said that 40 years ago and the situation is now far more serious.

One thing is obvious – the more a person has to work for something, the more value it will eventually have. Spoon feeding people only institutionalizes their incapacity and breeds dependency. Of course, this is what all politicians seek. They form their appeals to include people no upright person would keep company with. Thus, politicians become as vile as lawyers which explains why so many lawyers seek elected office. Appealing to cripples is not the way to form a group of gladiators.
I ate at a restaurant last night. I soon discovered that it was one of those which specialized in "presentation". This means that bad food is camouflaged by arrangement, springs of inedible weeds and sauces dribbled in loops around the periphery of the plate. Even the dessert looked like playtime in the nursery with chocolate sauce latticed over the top of the cake. I asked the waitress if I was supposed to lick the sauce from the plate as a spoon was not up to the job. I came there to eat. Not be entertained by some visual presentation.

I was thinking about this and concluded that people no longer can think and must be presented with some visual appeal even when they use toilet paper. Girls must have implants so their small brains and lack of character can be sold as a part of a one-nipple udder collection. I understand that the charlatans are now selling some drug which is supposed to make a man's penis grow larger. Oh yes, nothing is valuable anymore about a man unless he is hung like a zebra. Boobs? The bigger the better. Dorkus? The bigger the better. We should present this inanity to Dr. Moreau who might then devise critters which are entirely boobs and whammers. That might just be the nitwit's utopia.

As for appealing to the useless, Eric said it best. You cannot get mileage out of creeps.

As for "presentation is everything" I am reminded of a popular phrase during the hey-day of hot-rodding. If it won't go. Chrome it. Kas and I both laughed when told by other racers that we were doing everything wrong. We used the wrong sort of tires; the exhaust system was not "scientific"; we used the wrong brand of gasoline; "wide-spaced" gear boxes won't make it; and so on and so forth. Know what? It was Kas and I who took home nearly all of the trophies which clearly demonstrated that we didn't know what we were doing..