12 November 2002
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On occasion I shoot myself in the foot and welcome being corrected as long as it's not trivial. In such cases, I harbor no ill will – especially after I burn your house to the ground and kill all of your chickens.

On being a Judeo-Bush Republican.


Meet Charlotte Reeves, the "Steel Magnolia".   Charlotte ran an independent campaign in Mississippi's 2d District this year.  She got around 2,000 write-in votes, even more than Jim Giles did although she wasn't even listed on the ballot.  And CNN doesn't even list her in the elections return.  Nor does almost anyone else.  There's a reason for this "Unpersonning".

Earlier this year she ran in the GOP primary for the Congressional nomination.  She barely lost to a negro.

But we'll let Charlotte speak for herself:

"How can the "hierarchy" choose a "Republican" who has never once voted in a Republican primary over a true Republican who has been a long-time Republican? Could it be because of Charlotte's race (white) or gender (female) or both? Is this the "inclusive" Republican Party we have been hearing about?"


Haley Barbour, former Republican National Committee chairman, lives in the Mississippi 2d District.  And he has ambitions to run for governor.  His nephew, Henry, was Charles "Chip" Pickering's campaign manager.  He wrote a letter to the active Republicans in the 2d District saying to vote in the primary for a negro they'd just recruited to the GOP since Haley said he could 'win'.  Go read the second link, 'white Republican'.  Charlotte reproduced a scanned image of Haley's actual letter.

Oh yes.  The negro 'Republican' Leseur lost in the general election.  Mississippi negroes still voted for the Democratic negro.  There's your 'Republican Party', white neo-conned Judeo-Republicans.  A party of treason, of backstabbing, of selfish calculation, of drunken driving draft dodging Presidents with daughters and nieces strung out on drugs and alcohol and wearing kike beanie caps.

And that's what you Rapture Cult Christian Coalition types tell us is 'character'?

No thanks.


Distribute this article widely to your Republican acquaintances.

Many moons ago, I lived in Derby Colorado and Darlene lived in Boulder. I visited her frequently and often we took rides over the mountains to Grand Junction, Derby and the like. We'd use Loveland Pass, which was not the paved super highway it is today. During the fall – deer hunting season – dimwits from the big cities of Chicago and so on, would arrive to shoot up the place. There were state inspectors stopping traffic in order to make sure the carcass strapped on the hood was a "legal" deer. I have observed, on two separate occasions, one mule and one cow. This caused me to think about this sort of thing and at one time it raised a question from Dave Gilman, my jewish coworker at the arsenal. We got along quite well and he was aware of my political and racial bent. While discussing the mule, and commenting that few mules have horns, we wondered what sort of idiot was involved. I remember Dave saying, "Look at these fatheads. Why would a bright fellow like yourself be interested in the welfare of such morons just because they are White?" I never answered him.

I was left with two possibilities relative to the mule and cow killings. Perhaps the trigger-happy jerks just wanted to kill something – anything. Perhaps they couldn't tell a cow from a deer. If that were the case, then how could such clowns tell the difference between who was a jew and who was not? If their perceptions were so dead, and their observations so blind, then could words ever alter such lame-brained behavior?

Over the years, I have heard comments such as: "He bought me lunch. He can't be a jew." He's a carpenter. He can't be a jew." "He is French Catholic. He can't be a jew." "He's my best friend. He can't be a jew." What in hell does occupation, nationality, religion or association have to do with 'jew' when jew is a racial/biological term, as far as I am concerned? If we are talking White people, we are talking race and none of the above matter. If we are racial in outlook, as all life is and should be, then nothing is of value unless it is biological in nature. One simply cannot think of himself as a person concerned with race if he still clings to the notions implanted by his Marxist education, the media, and the go-with-the-flow crowd of ninnies whom Dave feels aren't worth much concern.  I remain convinced that he who cannot tell a jew from the Easter Bunny will never get a handle on who is White and who isn't. Perhaps there is more significance to the term "Goyim" than we at first realize.

When a culturally superior group invades the lands of others and takes up abode in order to exploit that land's wealth and resources, we call it colonialism and evil.

When a culturally inferior group invades the lands of others and takes up abode in order to exploit that land's wealth and resources, we call it immigration and enrichment.

When did western society stop thinking?    Regards. MD.

Here's a funny one sent in by R.R.


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The grasshopper thinks he's a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed. The grasshopper, with no food or shelter, dies in the cold.


The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter. The
grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool, and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and starving.

CBS, NBC and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

Americans are stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?

Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper, and everybody cries when they sing "It's Not Easy Being Green."

Jesse Jackson stages a demonstration in front of the ant's house where the television news crews film the group singing "We shall overcome." Jesse then has the group kneel down to pray to God for the grasshopper's sake.

Al Gore exclaims in an interview with Peter Jennings that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper, and calls for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his "fair share."

Finally, the EEOC drafts the "Economic Equity and Anti-Grasshopper Act," retroactive to the beginning of the summer. The
ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number of green bugs. Having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes with, the ant's home is confiscated by the government.

Hillary gets her old law firm to represent the grasshopper in a defamation suit against the ant, and the case is tried before a panel of federal judges that Bill appointed from a list of single-parent welfare recipients.

The ant loses the case. The story ends as we see the grasshopper finishing up the last bits of the ant's food while the government house he is in, which just happens to be the ant's old house, crumbles around him because he doesn't maintain it. The ant has disappeared in the snow.

The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the once peaceful neighborhood.

This link – http://www.ourcivilisation.com/  – was submitted by Mr. D.M.S. You might be interested in reading it. As for yours truly, I shudder when I see "copyright" pasted on anything since that indicates dreams of $$ and/or ego fattening is involved. The item is written the way one might write a computer program – define variables, add subroutines – that sort of thing.  To me, that makes the whole shot sterile, without flavor and very shallow. However, there's a lot of good meat in Philip's work. The author appears to be coming out of his jew-daze but hasn't fully found himself in the sun as yet. There's hope, eh?

As I interpret it, his definition of civilization would encompass a troupe of baboons and the comments concerning the Third Reich show absolutely no understanding of National Socialism, which is defined as a sort of group madness, indicating that he still suffers from Marxist brainwashing. All in all, the "block" structure is like starching one's tuxedo. It stiffens it to a point where it has lost all life. "Enjoy," as the jews say.

Our Foreign Policy is Foreign, because it is dominated by Foreigners.  Thanks to J. S.
ORDO AB CHAOS – The Masonic motto = Order from Chaos. Yes, they create the chaos (drugs/crime/war) and the sheeple demand the order. They call it "safety"or "security". How crumb we didn't need "homeland security" during WWII? That's because defeatinganti-Communist Germany and Japan were first priority at the time. Sacrifice a few more millions of the Goyim and the next steps will be easier.

The Great Seal of the United States – NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. New order world/universe. A New World Order. Seclorum = seculorum. Related to seculum/saeculum. The word twisters like to tell you it means "A New Order of the Ages." 

The jew-run LaRouche origination loves to label everything they dislike as "fascist". The term seems to be gaining popularity as I heard one jew describe certain Moslem sects as fascist.

Fascist is a modern term derived from the Italian (1919) political party named Fascisti. Their symbol was the fasces. Hence, the party name. A fasces is a bundle of rods surrounding an ax, with protruding head, and bound together with bands. It was the old Roman symbol of authority. The red carpet of the U.S. Supreme Court has a gold fasces on  it, I was told. It symbolizes the "united we stand, divided we fall" idea. Strength in unity and that sort of thing.

Greetings from the Snorkelsite. Send money. Pray. Especially, send money. More money. Leave me in your will. Leave me your harem. I intend to retire in style and live on Mount Bagel in the Catskills.

The color of your skin tells your enemies what you are. You can't hide that. What they don't know is how much of a sheep you really are. They'd like to believe that you'll kiss their fannies and hand over the things they "need". If you are cordial, they'll smile back. It all appears so sweet. However, if you so much as wear a lapel button (the NA upside down chicken foot), or wave a banner (a swastika), which has "Whites only" implied, then their smiles will turn to a grimace of hate and you'd better watch your backside. The problem with the blightwing is that their reactions are always delayed by about 20 years and most appear to be absolutely blind as to present reality. It appears to me that nearly all White people are in some sort of stupor, a malaise of which they cannot put their finger on. The gods have set the stage and the curtains will soon rise on the next act.

Vice Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare, Yoshio Kimura, referred to "money-grubbing ghoulish Jews" while discussing important social and economic issues earlier this week. This proves there are more balls in Japan than there are in the Jew Ass.
Well our feisty expert  National Security Advisor Ms. Condaleeza Rice, say's that one false move by Iraq, and it's curtains for them. Wow! Now isn't that something? Wonder if this ninny will lead the charge. Frankly I doubt if any of the boisterous clowns would even board a plane to observe the battle if there there's hostile action below. They are loud mouth cowards. President Hussein  recently challenged Emperor Bush to fight him man to man in a ring, and if he [Hussein] lost he, and his Government would resign, but if he won then the sanctions would be lifted, and Iraq left alone. A brave man who was fit would accept the challenge President or not,  if nothing more than to save lives, and settle the issue of the phony charges about weapons of mass destruction. Time magazine gave the challenge a small amount of publicity,  and that was it. Bush certainly is fit, and has an age advantage so what's wrong ? The kings of times past would have accepted the challenge. These modern day four-flushers can think they are special, but in truth they are God Damn cowards, and that goes for their black female lackey's. It's possible Secretary of State Colin Powell might accept such a challenge, however even that is questionable, but such an invitation to box was not extended to him.

As I see the plan for inspections, the most offensive part has to do with privately interviewing Iraqi scientists, and then removing them from Iraq. What an insidious Hebrew concocted plan this really is. What country would be willing to sacrifice their brightest people in this type arrangement? However, no matter what Iraq says or does their fate is sealed because occupation is desired. The Triad have already decided who is to get Iraq's oil. In my opinion Iraq will accept the inspection program because they never had anything to hide to begin with, and by so doing will certainly temporarily disappoint the Triad.

In the final analysis it must be concluded that our once great country acts as though it is run by Jews for they behave no differently than Mr. Ariel Sharon or any other Hebrew leader, our present leaders are for all intents and purposes Christian Zionists.

Regards, Joe ( a WWII combat veteran, ETO).

The blightwing gets blightier by the week. If it gets much worse, I'll support my local synagogue and buy stock in Masterman's bagel factory. I'd even give my entire "hate" book collection to the first smiling rabbi.

What have the wishful thinkers dreamed up now? A new flag to rally the masses, that's what. If an atomic bomb hit Cornhole Iowa, the masses who weren't vaporized wouldn't rally much further than watching the CNN scenes of dust settling. We, as White folks, had a flag once. It was called Old Glory. We then allowed it to be an umbrella for every parasite on the make for a quick buck, or freebie. We gave our country away. Now, what makes you think that if all White dudes rallied around a new flag, they'd do anything different than what they have been doing for the past 50 years? Dream on. Keep puttering around under the hood and worry not about who's in the driver's seat.

You cannot synthesize phosgene if you do not have carbon, chlorine and oxygen atoms – the basic building blocks. A White community is formed from White individuals. Each White must clean up his act first. If you cannot get past that step, then the rest is wasted time and fantasy. If some White is jacking like a coon, why would you think waving a new flag in his face would change things? There is no economic solution; no religious solution; nor no nothin' which can be applied as some external balm so that the hurt will go away. Grow up! The problem is us and it has always been so. WE gave our technology to muds who are now using it against us. WE elected to feed the mud hordes which are assembling as enemies. WE elected not to be exclusive and for that our children's children will suffer.  Instead of searching for a woman to be a mother of our children, we searched for "hot pussy".  Instead of viewing children as potential adults and raising them to be responsible, we used them as toys and taught them little other than that they could do as they pleased and someone else would clean up the mess. All must be happy! We elect buffoons, perverts, feminists, scoundrels and known crooks to public office because we believe they will steal something for us. We established the accumulation of material junk and comfort as a lifetime goal. While ignoring quality, we adopted the notion that more is better. Our whole definition of "progress" means more, not better.

One thing that should never be forgotten is that the people of today are not the same as the people of 1940. What worked then will NOT work now!

Don't complain about the goats which are crapping on your oriental rugs. Blame yourself for leaving the door open for them to come in.

Your skin is not only your uniform, it is your flag. You need nothing else. If you are swimming in an alligator farm, pretending to be an alligator just won't hack it. You can jive, rap and race-mix all you wish, but you will not fool a Black man – only yourself.

"In the November 12, 1933, German general election, 92% of electors are recorded as voting for Nazi candidates, with 96% of the electorate turning out to vote."

That was when a White country still existed and the only racial problem was a small band of jews. This is niggerized, jew-dazed, America where Whites are not a majority unless you count Juan Valdez as being White.

Well, the mental midgets of this world caved in to the Triad of Evil  [T.O.E.] the big toe of the U.N. The really big three or maybe gang of three,  threatened, cajoled, offered rewards down the line, and pouted until they got their way. For all the dancing language of the Great U.N. Security Council, Resolution, and the prospect of sanctions against Iraq being lifted it will be done on the Never, Never Plan. They of course are concerned that Iraq will blow up their own oil fields and the thieves also want to know if Iraq is using oil products to make munitions. Never has any nation except Germany and Japan  been treated as Iraq has by the new robber barons of the earth ensconced in the U.N. It matters not what people think of Mr. Saddam Hussein, or the internal politics of Iraq, what is  being done is wrong, for it's only done to accommodate the Jews and control the oil of the middle east. The Triad talk about the evil of Iraq in killing the Kurds, well how many Iraqi's civilians would the Triad kill? The answer of course is, as many as it takes, just as they did in Europe during W.W.II. Talk about killing from a nation that sanctions the murder of two million of the unborn by abortions each year up to the 9th. month. Ugh ! All these actions by the kind, good, and just New World Order.
Good news for the promiscuous. Federal health officials report that syphilis among males is on the rise again after a decade of decline. Of note is that among females, the rate continues to drop. This, I believe, might be tied to the fact that teenage girls apparently are not as "available" as they were in the 1980s. That's a good sign.

Men have probably always classified women in two types. It seems to be one of those "male things" which will always be with us. One type of woman is for marriage and the other for 'sport'. Perhaps the plague of "one parent" mom families is due to the fact that females increasingly entered the free wheeling sex arena formerly a male province. Thus, as many who have sent me email noted, "sluts" are very numerous and why buy the cow when the milk is free? I know this is a crass male attitude and I believe that it will never change. As my sisters were taught, women have tremendous power over men but they can never hope to use it if they behave as men, that is, on the plain of 'equality'. Both of my sisters remained virgins until they married and rare was the night that 5 to 6 young men weren't sitting on the porch competing for their attention. Once married, they stayed that way – with the same man. It is quite interesting that amiable and upright young women rarely attract low lifes on the make. Like attracts like.

As a kid, all of the working men I knew worked in order to support their family. There was no mention of "job fulfillment" or "career" nonsense. It was labor for food, and housing, and none ever complained. We'd meet dad when he left the factory, dirty and sweaty, as if he'd slept in a coal bin all night. He was paid in cash every Thursday and this was a special treat day. We'd go to the local tavern where dad would drink his one weekly beer and we'd fill up on the free popcorn and peanuts. My father was a happy man in spite of his toil and always refereed to our mother as a "good woman" whom he was glad to come home to. Mom, of course, was a mother. No career twat bring-home-the-bacon-fry-it-up-in-a-pan type. That was her only job with no talk of "rights", "career", "slavery" and the other hollow yammering so in evidence in the world of unhappy harpies.

Most men will break their ass for a woman but only to the extent of her worth as a wife and/or mother. I have never met any shrew who can stay married longer than a year or so.

           This is something I didn't want on the front page.    Somebody loves us.
Just as political power is derived from the barrel of a gun, nation-states are derived from the loins, not the intellect. 
Eric Thomson

A nation is not a geographical entity. America is not a nation. It was once but no longer is. Nation is something conferred by blood, not some scrap of paper and legal holy water. Kin, and hence nation, are derived from the inheritance of the loins and not something conjured up by the intellect. There is no higher biological entity than the nation-state. Eric is obviously using 'loins' in a Shakespearean sense.

In Ina Rimland's latest "Lebensraum"send-money-and-I'll-tell-you-what-a-German-is bugle sheets, she references a bit of nonsense about "scientists believe" "natural blondes will die out with in 200 years." The reason given is that 'blond' is a recessive characteristic. Hell's bells Mabel, nearly ALL White characteristics are recessive. This is god's way of protecting that race for it immediately shows that one's whatever is contaminated by tar or some other chocolate colored substance. The talking-simian family tree can adsorb White genes and no one would be the wiser, but that's not true for White folks. A little bit of brown stuff ruins the vanilla ice cream.

Hair has more than one attribute. Color is not the soul determiner of whether it's "white" hair. As I have described previously, the color of "white" hair is determined by the pigment in the cortex. Since the medulla shaft, which is mostly air, it thus gives it a translucent appearance. White skin is also translucent allowing "blue" veins to show through on the inner wrist. Check out your girl friend. Failure to pass this "blue blood" test is grounds for taking the next plane out of town.

Genes do not disappear. Sooner or later, their effects pop up again. The Australian aborigines served at humping partners for early Whites who seemed to prefer them to kangaroos. The problem with mounting these primitive folk is that the inter-fertility leaves your genes deposited in perpetuity. It is often noted that some of the "Native Australians" have blond hair albeit the rest of their countenance resembles the majority of the tribe.

When males scattered their genes though out the animal kingdom, several species become victimized by inter-fertility. We see many of these sad specimens which we call mulattos and such. Promiscuous men do not cause damage to their race because the mongrels produced are rarely called White. Females present quite a different picture for when a White woman is inseminated by a simian, or mud, her offspring are often brought up as belonging to the White community, which in fact, they are not.

World-wide miscegenation will produce a population where the term "beauty" would be superfluous when it's not downright hysterical.

I take general objection to the term "wage slave" and its kissing cousins. I do not view responsibility as a variety of "slavery" as some might. Freedom, I guess, is some state whereby one is free to do as he pleases and is beholden to no one. In my observation of the real world, I see no such thing whether it be carrots or cheetahs. All are dependent upon something and all do exhibit responsibility to their own kind. I am afraid that the person who disdains property, family, and all connected things, as being anchors, or chains, is a person which can never be substance in any society.

What can be said about people who preach the value of community and yet evidence no such desire when it comes to their own lives? A man holding a full time job is certainly responsible, but is he also a slave? A slave to what? If he is, like most American working men, supporting a family who depend upon him, then what sort of person would refer to him a a slave? Working men are not the property of someone else and therefore cannot realistically be called slaves.

Which is the more substantial person – one who lives only for himself, or one who lives to benefit others by his labor? The one with no ties, no responsibilities to any other than himself, might like to believe that he is living "free", but no man is ever truly free unless he is working on the behalf of something far more important than his individual whims. Incidentally, one's love for another is always measured by what he will sacrifice on behalf of the loved one. However, this does not imply some necessity to do so for a state of mutual love must pre exist. Mutual sacrificing love is indeed a rare bird. One might love an evil partner but to sacrifice even a bean on their behalf would be insanity. Wasn't it van Gogh who sacrificed an ear for a worthless prostate? That's insanity.

In  the larger community of white people, of what value is anyone who cannot form a small sub community of his own, such as a family? Is it really freedom or is freedom just a word to cloak an unwillingness to be of value to others?

ZOG police will be used as they were in Rhodesia to prevent white people from reacting to being dispossessed. It will be interesting to watch the ZOG military as it becomes filled with blacks and mestizos, two groups not known for their love of each other. My bets are on Juan and Carlos. I have never met one who thinks O.J. Simpson is one of their brothers.
AIDS is the only known deadly disease which has civil rights.
Quite by accident
, I had a short conversation with one of the pollster crowd from a well-known agency. He described most voters as "stupid, greedy little pig-headed bastards." That was my dessert. I paid for his lunch.
I believe we are now living in the terminal phase of the American Empire. It would not surprise me if the crooks running Microsoft will soon pull an Enron and skedaddle with their ripped-off funds. One of the signs is that they appear to be manipulating stock prices by buying back their own stock. Anyway, I'll not shed one tear either way.
For over 39 years, I have voiced my opinion that voting is a rigged game and its only value to Mike Sachelass is to inform him of the size of the group which voted as he did. Nearly all candidates are lawyers with a failing practice. People rarely vote for anyone they think might be better than they are, for competence in this country is an object of hatred. The only time voting could possibly change things is when economic conditions become extremely bad and thereby force people into thinking. Thinking is not a welcome practice because it requires excursions into reality – that despised entity which interferes with wishful thinking.

I suspect that the reason for more and more hens are being elected to office is because most realize, one way or the other, that females run nearly everything anyway. "Mom" certainly directs what pop does thorough her routine of switched on headaches and shrieks of "brutality". Many kids grow up not knowing how a real man should act and therefore distrust any male running for office. They know that mom did well in her role as servant to them – not dad, if he is around – and perhaps that transfers to the ballot box.

A simple rule would clean up all of this election nonsense – All losers will be shot. A man sincerely dedicated to the welfare of the people he professes to love, would not mind the sacrifice of his life for a greater purpose. Right Bill?

Poisecuted Religious Refugees –

Meet the Brin family.  On the left is Eugenia Brin.  The man next to her is a likeness of the half-Jew Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, founder of the Judeo-Bolshevik Party and mass murderer of white Christians..  On the right is Mrs. Brin's son, Sergey Brin, in drag.  These poor misunderstood Jews from Moscow fled the Evil Empire in the 1970s because of ferocious religious persecution.  Fortunately, thanks to legislation like the Jackson-Vanik Amendment and the Lautenberg Amendment,  they were able to find refuge in the Late Great U.S.A., where they can practice their religion in freedom, and spread their truth and light to still dark corners of the earth.

Sergey is finally becoming famous as a co-founder of the only remaining major internet English language search engine, Google.  Sergey's genius was quickly recognized by California venture capitalists (yes, also Jewish) in the mid 1990s.  After a period of wasteful competition with other search engines like Alta Vista and Monster, Google has emerged as the dominant internet search engine.  Google is now effectively merging with the most popular internet web portal, Yahoo!  By an odd coincidence Yahoo!'s new CEO is also Jewish.

Ain't it a great country?


Note to followers of Moral Majority Founder Jerry "The Jews are God's Holy Chosen People" Falwell.  Be sure to get those checks in the mail early this month and double the usual amount.  You'll be helping fight the pervasive sexual degeneracy flooding the internet and the incipient Communism overtaking this land from mysterious, unknown, unidentifiable and apparently supernatural sources.

Diversity! You asked for it. Enjoy it.

African Cattlemen's Mid-day Commodities Market Report


"Human flesh on sale in London"

"Police probe link between African magic and butchered remains of 5-year-old boy"

Jes, weez 70% White en dis show ya wha' passen fer White deez days. (As the population gets darker, more and more will be called White.)


I find it not interesting to worry about election results when elections are not serious matters and the voters are not serious either. To Americans, everything is a game. Wars are nifty to watch on CNN. Full of violence, good guys (our team) and bad guys (those we are massacring). Heck, one might even place a bet if the missile will hit one of theirs or one of ours. Recent events have show this to be about an even draw.

Those running for office will do nearly anything in order to "win" for the prize means perks aplenty, high pay, easy sex, parties, power and a great retirement package. It sure beats honest work. Why would a candidate spend $4,000,000 of his own money to get elected unless he thought he'd quadruple that amount when in office? If a fellow really wanted to work for the people, why wouldn't he do it for room and board? The fact is that they care for the voter only to the extent they can be deceived into voting for them. Considering the scoundrels and faggots which infest our Congress, a really serious public would march on Washington, grab every lying creep and then have fun feeding the alligators.

I think political campaigns would be more interesting if all candidates were armed with spears proportional to their honesty and intelligence, and then placed in a ring, naked, for a fight to the finish. Any contenders who appeared to be wavering would be shot dead by an election ring sniper.

After an election, hordes of people are encouraged to "unite behind the winner". In other words, those who bet – and that's all it is, a bet – on the loser are now supposed to do an about face and kiss up to the "winner". It appears that the purpose of an election is to "unite" people and hope the winner doesn't steal too much from the public coffer.

The thrust of an election campaign appears to be one of convincing the masses that they are not united, that is, they disagree. After the election, like a trip to a good whore house, one's soul, or whatever, is soothed and everyone feels better knowing that "democracy" works. The fact that the United States is not a democracy doesn't seem to bother those who vote for someone just because "his heart is in the right place," or, "I think he's on our side."

Yes, people do get the government they deserve. As the years add, they will deserve less and less.

All of us are nuts to some degree some of the time. It's the degree and time which determine how functional, or dangerous, we really are. I am no exception. I screw up and often do things which would have been better not done. Today I am paying a small penalty for a loony tunes thing I started 20 years ago. I cannot now recall what prompted it, but I remember it was something about how little things add up (poor eating and other habits) to produce a major disagreeable end result.

In 1982, I resolved to toss 20 pennies into a bucket each night before I went to bed and keep this up for 20 years. Each time the small bucket got full, I'd wrap the coins and place the rolls in a coffee can. When a can was full, I piled it under the loft stairs. I was aware that the cans were mounting but those 20 pennies per day went along with daily brushing of teeth. No big deal. Just a habit. I am now in the process of moving – I need more elbow room and fresh air – and I started with trash disposal. I moved coffee can after coffee can until a good coating of sweat and dust gave me reason to pause and do a little calculation. That ridiculous pile of cans weighs about 1/2 ton – 1000 lbs. – and has a value of about $1400. I called my darling and told her the next time she came to visit, she should rent a small truck and carry the pennies back as a gift. She declined. I can conveniently carry about $100 to the bank at a time and that makes for 14 trips. Tomorrow I shall make trip #1.

There you have it folks. If you need a reason to question my sanity, why not grab at this one?

While very young, and still living on the farm, a younger brother who was much stronger than I, decided that each noon he'd go to the barn and lift the smallest calf off the ground. He resolved to do this every day with that particular calf. We laughed as we foolishly speculated about how he'd look carrying a full grown cow. The day came when he could no longer lift the heifer. He did grow much stronger during these episodes, but not enough to keep up with that corn fed critter. I wish he were here to lift my $25 dollar boxes of pennies.

Mr. S.B. writes to ask if Pat Buchanan reads FAEM. This was due to an article in http://www.canada.com which has Pat using the term "Canuckistan", an old Eric Thomson term.

"His reference to Canada as a 'Soviet Canuckistan' apparently has some sinister origins. It's a term frequently used by American Holocaust-denier Eric Thomson on  his Web site thirdworldplanet.com, a virulently racist and anti-Semitic site."

One never knows but simply because two different people use the same terms does not mean one copied from the other. I am sure that someone, somewhere, has used the phrase, "Up your orange oak bottom," before it appeared here. In addition, the article claims incorrectly that Eric has the website http://www.thirdworldplanet.com. This is false but it shows how the noodle heads who write news articles pay little attention to research and facts. Eric wouldn't use a computer unless it was steam powered.

As the radio blow-hard mouths on about voting for NYS simian McCall based upon his ability without concern for his race, he seems oblivious to the fact that this Black/White debate nonsense will soon be a thing of the past as the Mexican contingent will very soon be the largest voting block in the country.
On today's election day here's some thoughts to keep in mind:

Regardless of outcome, much less than half the electorate will have voted for anyone.  The 'winner' will have a mandate from perhaps 20% of his constituency.

The Clarion-Ledger of course endorsed the RepubloZOG candidate, Chip Pickering.  This newspaper is owned by Gannett.  This chain, endorsing 'family values' Republican Pickering, sports lesbian Donna Shalala on its board of directors.  More Cryptocracy time.

This article appearing in the Clarion-Ledger is a classic of 'inevitability'.  The subliminal messages are "Don't waste your votes", "those other guys aren't serious" and "don't fight 'us'.  We're too powerful and have too much money."

All of these are lies.  But this is a regime that came into being and exists on lies.  Push-polls released ahead of the real poll, rigged 'debates' that don't include all candidates, media blackouts...

Ain't Judeo-Democracy great!?


In Wiley's Generation of Vipers, he points out the pernicious nature of women and that families have been ruled by "mom" for decades. Things have deteriorated since he wrote, for the kiddies now run the family through mom who in turn, controls dad by the dispensation of sexual favors. Women are basically Marxists who detest superiority of any kind. That's why you'll see them in every leveling activity and their presence in politics portends a bleak future for those who elect them.
You cannot call yourself a man if your penis does your thinking.
A place for every student
in an orderly society. If you are a behavior problem in school, then you will be trained as a machine shop apprentice on a boat about 10 miles from land. If you are a behavior problem there, you will enter the Army. If you are a behavior problem in the Army, you will be sent to prison. If you are a behavior problem in prison, you will be shot.
You can never get jew-wise until you snap out of your jew-daze. When that happens, you'll be surprised at how plain everything becomes and what sense it all makes.
Just because buzzards and jackals feed on the same carcass doesn't make them comrades.

Does Ariel Sharon talk with walls?  And does he hear replies from them?


"I made it clear that I am not going to change the guidelines, or the commitments that I took upon myself in my talks with the White House, and I will not deviate from the budget,"        – Ariel Sharon,  November 5, 2002

All other foreign leaders, when reporting upon a recent visit to the White House in Washington, would have said "in my talks with the President."  Ariel Sharon goes to the White House and instead apparently converses with the structure.

Now I don't think Sharon is that unbalanced, yet.  Allowing for the convoluted Jewish mind what he meant was "in my talks at the White House".  But these talks still didn't necessarily include President Bush, who didn't even rate a mention in Sharon's announcement.  By saying "my talks with the White House" Sharon meant his talks with ZOG's Shadow Government representatives at the White House.  Since this Shadow Government remains a collectivity and since calling it "ZOG" would be a faux paus, this was the only way he could phrase it and the only way we can make grammatical sense of Sharon's statement.


Are you a firm believer in the holocaust  hockey puck? Here's the Israeli definition of a "survivor" –

A holocaust survivor will be defined as any Jew who has lived in a country at the time when it was
     – under Nazi regime
     – under Nazi occupation
     – under the regime of Nazi collaborators

How about that for something inclusive? Oi vey, how I've suffered! I vas guessed 9 times already.
Read more – http://www.abbc.com/aaargh/fran/revu/TI97/TI971122.html

"Hispanics are considered a victim category for hate crimes but not a perpetrator category.

A Mexican who is attacked because of ethnicity is recorded as Hispanic, but if the same Mexican attacks a black or white for racial reasons he is considered white.This inflates the figures for “white” hate crime perpetrators, and gives the impression that Hispanics commit no hate crimes."

Taken from – http://www.jeffsarchive.com/hate%20crime/The%20Color%20of%20Crime.html

"I am not certain what we should fear more, a street full of soldiers who are out to plunder, or a room full of writers who are used to lie."                    – Samuel Johnson

Since Dr. Johnson's time a lot more experimental evidence has come in.  It's definitely the writers.  Soldiers are delimited by the weight they can carry and the tolerance of the population.  Writers on the other hand know no such limitations.  (Maguire).

On the web, there are several links concerning the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. They were given to me by readers of this page. I thank them. You'll find those links in the Links Folder. As you read them, concern yourself not with their origin, authenticity or purpose. Ask yourself, "Do they fit what is going on today?"
I have absolutely no expectation of 'taking back our country' by the ballot box.  Nor do I expect it to see out the next decade in its current geographical form.  Ballot boxes are a means for adjusting intra-group relations, not inter-group relations.  All races use 'elections' even if not by that name.  Indian 'tribal councils' were nothing more than a gathering of electors.  The Afghan "Grand Jurga" would have been instantly recognized by the Founding Fathers as a convention of Afghan interest groups.

It was a white man, Marshal Ferdinand Foch, who made a very insightful prediction about the White Armies facing the Bolsheviks in the spring of 1919 during the Russian Civil War:

"These armies will soon disappear because there is no civil authority behind them."

Our task currently is to form a civil authority.  That is, a civil political authority.  Until this is done any further action will only end as The Order did in the 80s. Right now there is no legitimate civil authority.  There's only an Ancient Regime which is merely a gang of rich merchants.  They would have been considered criminals in former eras since their wealth is laregly derived from drug dealing, porno (entertainment) and financial frauds and usury.  They're backed by a remnant portion of deceived pseudo-patriots (Republicans) and non-white mercenaries.  They still hold a commanding position in the media and banking but mostly rest on inertia at this time.  Their oil/energy grip is slipping.

A Revolutionary process is incremental and drawn-out.  It's only in history books that it appears compressed and rapid.  The retrospective rapid appearance is merely a rapid public propagation and acceptance of a new reality.  "The USSR is no more."  "Weimar is no more."  "America Is."

Edgar Steele has started using the phrase "New America".  That and "building the new America" might be good to use.

The first place Revolution occurs is in an individual's mind.  This is the arena where FAEM acts.  Robert being a teacher has always known this.

Parts of the future platform will be implemented by a victorious movement.  But a political platform's purpose right now is to polarize further and undermine remaining support for the Ancient Regime.  It does this by appearing completely reasonable and so just that only evil-doers would deny redress.  But they will deny it because to admit it would destroy their basis of power.  When peaceable redress is denied, many peaceable redressers are mentally and emotionally ready for the next step.  That was the process the First American Revolution followed starting in the 1760s with the Committees of Correspondence.

Political campaigns right now are useful as an opportunity to agitate.  If Jim Giles 'won' Tuesday he'd lose because there is no civil authority behind him to focus political support at each step.  Presently, whether as Congressman Giles or Candidate Giles he'd remain a lone man.  Neither of his opponents, Pickering or Shows, have power.  Jim Giles knows that.  They have well-paid sinecures that they keep so long as they follow the orders of those who DO have a community political authority.  Guess who that is?


I don't see many flag-waving pro-war people enlisting, do you? Wars are great as long as one's involvement does not extend beyond watching CNN.

There is something called Harvey's Law: Bravery is directly proportional to one's distance from the battlefield.

Speaking of Laws, the first one I learned in physics from Dr. Zachariasen was – The angle of dangle is directly proportional to the heat of the meat providing the mass of the ass remains constant.

Pataki – Republican Governor of Jew York State. Those interested in occupying his office are McCall, simian Democrat, and Golasano, Independent money-bags capitalist. McCall, worried about not getting elected, asked Golasano to withdraw from the race. Golasano declined. If I were the voting kind, I'd make sure my write-in was Spot, the Dalmatian. At least he can remember which tree he last urinated on and would never race-mix with a simian or mestizo.
According to the Jew York Times, 26 October, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, is getting a real workout on Moslem TV. The jews dismiss the "Protocols" as a "forgery" which means there must have been a real Protocols otherwise there would have been nothing to forge. The Times says that the Protocols were a "fabrication", a concoction. Whatever they might be, they are real and can be read by anyone so inclined. No matter because as Henry Ford said, They fit what's going on today." It is this truth of prediction and description which cannot be ignored, unless you are into niggerball full time.

To those skilled "surfers' out there, has anyone come across the Protocols on the web? If so, let me know and I'll pass it on as I did the info on the 1911 Britannica. Thanks S.

We Americans believe in self-determination and national sovereignty. We respect the right of all nations to run their affairs as they see fit. We'd no more think of meddling in another country's business than we would a neighbor's family. Yes, our dear Iraqi brothers, your business is your business and you do have an independent nation. That's why we want to bomb you back into the stone age and kill all of your women, children, goats, chickens, whatever. Enlist! Uncle Izzy wants you!