24 November 2002
A fellow asked if I were the man who "accidentally released a poison gas cloud over Pittsburgh", as reported in the news. I answered that it was not I and later this stirred my tired brain. Here is a lesson why I take all "news" announcements with 6 pounds of salt. As I mentioned in the past, I have witnessed many interesting events and what the pea-brains who covered the story wrote, were actually two separate things. Mobs of 1000 become a group of a dozen or more while a small band becomes a raging crowd. Unless you are there, my friend, you'll never appreciate the outright horse manure which is peddled for your ears "news". That's how ZOG controls its idiots! All you see on TV is hardly representative of anything approaching reality, whether it's women who can throw 220 pound men across a room or brilliant niggers with IQs of 222. It's pure fermented jew juice. Back to the article.

The old CS canister was activated, not by accident, but because the dude pulled the pin out and then tossed it. That's like saying you "accidentally" ate your breakfast. Moreover, CS is for crowd control and although unpleasant, like a negro's odor, is not exactly "poison". "... over Pittsburgh" conjures up an image of a mushroom cloud blanketing the city. CS is very much heavier than air and never rises so cloud formation "over Pittsburg" is pure hype. I suspect this is a James Bond augmentation where a "pencil bomb" can level an entire city.

CS is a tear gas which causes involuntary closing of the eyes. It's effects rarely last longer than 5 minutes and so calling it "poison" is stretching things a ZOG bit. The chemical name, which you can drop at your next orgy to impress people, is orthochlorobenzylidenemalononitril. Just an ordinary White man's mix of hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine and oxygen. How long do you think the world would have to wait before the Afro-ape types could manage White chemistry? Another 6,000,000 years of evolution, you say?

Every time some tank truck turns over it is announced as a "chemical spill" which drives the ninnies into the hills cowering for safety. 50 years ago, when men still resembled men, such events rarely disturbed one's tea break. Today many homes are complicated assemblages of smoke detectors, intrusion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fart detectors, dust mite detectors, and on and on, which demonstrates clearly that many people are cognizant of the fact they are unable to function in a real world. I shall now relate an event of my wayward youth, actions I no longer perform due to my "seeing the error of my ways" and the profound repenting of my evil deeds. Amen brother, amen

At that time, there were cute little gray cans marked "U.S. NAVY Mark IV" which were white-smoke grenades, and tomato paste sized cans used for signals as the gas was a nice pretty red-orange color. While Chief Petty Officer G. W. and I were taking a break from normal routine, we went to a carnival near Greece NY where it was rumored that pretty girls were quite plentiful. That was before the ugly muds and nigs polluted the landscape. At the carnival was a strip show where I believe the girls ended up naked and vibrating to something hardly recognizable as music. Gil had a Mark IV in his possession and took an opportunity to toss one upon the stage from his hiding place at the rear of the tent. We heard the primer go off and soon a great shuffling was heard inside. No panic; no screams; just a batch of people doing the right thing by leaving the enclosed area in an orderly fashion. Later on we heard that several calm men took the opportunity to feel around and grab a handful. How different it is today when the news of someone getting bashed with a cleaver in San Diego CA will cause emotional breakdowns in people living in Red Bank NJ. Yes Greta, we are all jews now.

Polish proverb: The Jew cries out in pain as he slaps you.
Who popularized the term "niggerball"? Answer: I think it was Tom Metzger.
Read in today's Washington  Post, Page B1, a news item  titled, "Trading Places in the Cafeteria." Basically the story indicates  that the Alabama Southern Poverty Law Center, has initiated a program called "mix it up", that is intended as a nation wide program to seat students next to people of other races to break up those that have a preference for their own race.  So where is the tolerance that permits children to choose friends of their own kind ?  Lunch hour should be free from this type bull shit, and every parent should be outraged. How dare the  dip shit educators accept some communist oriented program that interferes with student free time. The bastards don't own the students and these are the type programs that are destroying our country. It is a total control  program designed to accelerate future miscegenation. Student friendships are important and no school authority has the right to interfere with these  friendships  nor should they be required to sit with people not of their race or who don't speak their language. The plan most certainly should be challenged in court.  This isn't even state sponsored, but how quick the liberal shits latch unto it. Student  lunch time should never  be subject to such intrusion especially when they prefer sitting with people of their own race. Further this action falls within the purview of parental responsibility and not some leftist dippy educator. Joe.

Robertsez – Most people spend their lives watching their feet. A few manage to raise their eyes and see what's ahead. In that way, they are not surprised.

(1) WWII was about saving Communism from destruction by the Germans and Japanese. WWII was also a gigantic boost to the economy and many capitalist millionaires were created from the blood and sorrow of that conflict. Everyone, except the people who had to fight it, made out like the proverbial bandit. While men were dying overseas, the "unfit for military duty" – the 4Fs – were at home servicing their wives. It was not uncommon for one 4F to have 4 or 5 women at his steady disposal.

(2) Once victory was secured, the Zionist partial destruction of the German people was extended to include the entire White race. Getting people to use screwing as a means to decrease the numbers of their kind was an easier job than killing them by bullet or starvation. Familiarity was the avenue and that's why so much emphasis is placed on the very young. ZOG loves day-care communes where the warped people who run them encourage, and force, race-mixing between pre-schoolers. Don't believe me? Why not do some actual checking instead of relying on wishful thinking.

(3) Race-mixing was forced by gun-point in 1954 and thereafter by fiat. Economic incentives were offered to those who "mixed it up." Women, most of whom love any ugly critter as long as it's young and helpless, went along and as the male became more feminine in his values, he joined in. The majority of men no longer are head of their families. Those who insist find their "until death do us part" women taking a hike to greener pastures and/or calling the cops for some bit of "abuse". "Suitable male" very often translates into "it's your job to kiss my ass and pay plenty for it."

This latest push, as Joe relates above, is not unexpected and the final step will be where it is made illegal to have children with your own kind. O, it couldn't happen here? Not in the land of the spree and home of the slave. Just as sure as any termite destroys a home, grain by grain, so will ZOG destroy the White people, orgasm by orgasm.

The White male has few comrades and that includes a majority of jew-dazed females who reveal their anti-White bias. That is, if you pay more attention to what your brains tells you than your do what your erection leads you to believe. None of what is happening is by accident nor is it hidden. It's just that White males seem to be looking in other directions.

There is no freedom at all without the freedom of association.

My driver's license contains my name, address, date of birth, sex, height, and eye color which is connected to a plate number, insurance company, make, model, color, and so forth in a central data bank. I know that police can readily access your data from a license plate number alone. I would seem reasonable to me that they could also do a search using only the first name, date of birth, and city of residence. If I lived in a city of 500,000 then there could possibly be 350,000 with a driver's license. Considering a 50 year spread in age, that would narrow a search to about 7000. With 360 days in a year, those with the same birthday would be about 2. That's a good deal if one is interested in finding someone.

If this particular data bank was accessed, does anyone out there know what the very least search input would be? 

A fellow notes that bar-codes preceded by 729 indicate 'made in Israel'. He also mentions that 729 is 3 to the 6th power. There are 6, 3-sided figures (triangles) making up the sheenie star. Religious mumbo jumbo often dictates actions. "D" day was the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the war ( 3 more 6s) to save the jews' Communism. Who knows? That "6" seems to pop up quite frequently when it comes to a certain people. 
Miss Turd World Beauty Pageant.

"Rioting Over Miss World Pageant Kills At Least 100 in Northern Nigeria City"


The headline redundantly states this low African body count is connected to an entertainment event.  Most news readers already know African political and economic affairs always generate far larger casualty lists.

The photo above shows several Miss Turd World contestants.   The girl on the right is an Israeli Jewess whose family doubtless migrated from northern Europe.  For some reason 'Israel' chose to field a mischlinge individual rather than the dark, barrel-chested and heavy-hipped Khazar type which is more dominant among Jewesses in Occupied Palestine.  Clearly they want to project an image of being 'white' to their shrinking herd of goy cattle in Europe and North America.


Let's pour more oil on the oil fire – One fellow writes that he knows we are running out of oil since there's so much work being put into solar cells and big whirly blades here and there. That's like saying we are running out of women because some men are into buggering each other.

The fact of the matter is that no one knows! You never know how much oil you've got until you've got it. Get it? For anyone to say we have an oil shortage is to say that he has personally taken a ladle and measured every drop he could find from pole 1 to pole 2. Otherwise,  all that anyone can do is read the estimates of others or make one himself. Thus we find ourselves in the revisionist bullpen of argument – my documents are better that your documents; my sources are better than your sources; I am an expert, you are not. If we both read the same documents and I don't agree with you, then it's I who couldn't read right. Get it? Here again we fall into what I have been saying all along – If I agree with you then you say I am right. If we disagree, then it's I who am wrong. Only boneheads fail to see the self-centered significance of this heads-I-win and tails-you-lose dance. Without the reports of others, I cannot form any opinion about the extent of oil reserves. And neither can anyone else! To admit that one really doesn't know many facts is an exalted state which bigots can never hope to achieve. If fact, intelligent people are able to distinguish fact from opinion.

My opinion = If oil were on the way out, and it was an absolute essential, then someone, somewhere, would be making it synthetically. I see no such evidence.

Izzy da jew ass runnik out off oil? Don't ask me, I only know what I read in the U.S. Geological Survey. World oil production is about 22 billion barrels per year and that figure has been reasonably stable since 1969. At the present rate of consumption, and considering the estimation of reserves, that figure can be sustained until about 2070 A.D. Who gots da mostest oil? In percentage of known world supplies –

Shale oil:
United States ______ 60 %
Brazil _____________ 30 %
Others _____________ 10 %

Resources available with present technology:
Middle east ________ 41 %
U.S./Brazil ________ 27 %
Eastern Europe _____ 12 %
Asia/Australia _____ 10 %
Africa ______________ 7 %
Western Europe ______ 3 %

Of course we can thank the Germans (again!) for making available patents on the production of oil from coal. After the war to save the jews' Communism, both the U.S. and Canada, using stolen German plans and kidnapped German technicians (shades of NASA), built experimental coal-to-oil plants. Once verified, the plants were shut down and dismantled. In 1954, in Sasolburg SA, the first commercial coal-to-oil operation came in to being. Now, after the nigger take-over, who knows?

If the U.S. ever embarked on such a synthesis, there is enough coal in the continental U.S. (nearly 30% of the world's known deposits) to produce oil for the entire world for the next 400 years at the rate mentioned above. The easily obtained coal, that is, the el cheapo grade, would suffice for about 50, or so, years.

There is no g.d. shortage of oil. "Shortage", as in WWII, is a term used to goad the idiot Goyim into killing each other. They promote. You die! During WWII, there were no shortages in the U.S. of anything! As with the phony oil "shortage" of 1973, there were ample supplies but the sheeple were not allowed access to them. My dad worked in a warehouse during WWII where everything from cigarettes and sugar to condoms and nylons, were piled to the rafters. Each retail outlet had a "quota" – rationing – which was not allowed to be exceeded. Hence the "shortage". Gasoline was stockpiled to the heavens but the Goyim were only allowed 5 gallons per week for pleasure driving. Like the speed limits of today, a 35 MPH national limit was enforced to "save fuel". The same lying arguments are used successfully today and the gullible Goyim still haven't caught on. Perhaps the jews are right – we deserve to be fleeced!

As was true in Great Britain, the foolish pots and pans collections, that is, recycling – for the "war effort" – were only public relations for each and every truck load of contributions were simply shipped to some dump. Recently, as I understand, a construction crew near Caledonia NY, unearthed a huge pile of such pots and pans which were clearly of the 1930-40s era.

They might yelp "shortage" for sheeple consumption, but they know it's control they seek. It's not just the entire oil supply they want to control, it's everything! As Yockey reminded us, resources are the not the cause of wars, but the excuse for wars. If oil is abundant, then capping wells will make it not abundant. The capping of oil wells is what governments order as evidenced here in the U.S and Canada.

While on the topic of rip-offs, all of the "safety" crap, from airbags to belts, is for the purpose of having manufacturers sell more required junk and to increase the profits of the insurance companies. (Just look at the roster of those who instigated such 'safety' requirements in the first place.) You really don't believe that ZOG gives two-shits about your welfare, do you? How soon we forget Waco and "The Atomic Cafe".

As the world turns, I'd not be concerned about oil for the coming decades will propel us headlong into problems which have nothing to do with oil. In the past, when ZOG needed an increase in oil prices, the Arabs obliged. What better grist for the mill heads than to raise the price of gasoline to $6 per gallon and then blame it on Iraq, or whatever is targeted for destruction?

Cute blonde kids, Katherine and Brianna, tearfully waved goodbye to their mom, Karlotta, at Pier 66 in Seattle. It seems that mom, a career twat first class, and ahole admiral class, prefers to be a Coast Guard petty officer rather than a mother. 
As the crime pages of the newspapers grow in articles and size, I think the section should be renamed "Non White sports and entertainment."
Sacorro Sanchez,
of Toronto, says, "I don't know what to do." Eric Thomson says, "Who needs this shit?" Sacorro, a "refugee" from Mexican tyranny cannot speeka da angliss but is going to school at taxpayers expense, along with room and board. She doesn't know what to do since funding for the day-care of her son Angel was cut off. Don't worry Sacorro, the dimshit gringos will find a way to help her ruin their country..
The kosher connection. Peter Worthington, columnist for the Toronto Sun, has the infamous jew David Frum for a son-in-law.
Export jobs. Import wogs. Microshaft Gates will invest $400,000,000 in India because he loves White folks.
As spic enhancement
increases in Denver, so does the the public swimming pools increase with the intestinal parasite Cryptosporidium, a chlorine resistant little critter. Happy disease to all of you turd-worlder lovers. The disease is not fatal, it just causes severe diarrhea and fever. That's just the thing to entice you back into the pool. You love brown people so why not enjoy brown water? Happy swimming.
When Oleg Bosenko moved to Brooklyn from Russia, he saw so many jews he thought he was in Moscow. It wasn't long before he realized he was in the Congo. He was killed defending his wife from equal opportunity muggers.
If I were a jew, I'd worry little about "Nazis", "White supremacists", and what not, who hesitate severely when it comes to putting any "anti-Semitism" into physical practice. I would worry a lot about the hundreds of thousands of Moslems in this land who show no such hesitation.
A fellow wrote regarding what he should do in his college class which teaches things he knows to be false. He knows that contradicting the professor will do him no good but going along, he feels,  would be a sign of his "caving in". This is my response and I hope I made myself clear.

Dear X,

I'd estimate that 3/4 of what we study in school is b.s. of one form or the other. Some of it happens to be in history. A course is presented as fact, truth and something very desirable. You are being tested on the material of that course. You are not being tested on whether it is truth or not. Many nutrition courses are close to being poppycock but one simply spouts back what he learned. The only danger I see is when you start to believe the manure. Both Eric and I have argued the truth while in college and suffered severe grade loss and class expulsion. Both can honestly say that it changed no one's mind, especially the bigot teaching the course. One might take a course in cutting out paper dolls. You might feel it's not only a waste of time and even criticize the colored paper used and the dull scissors, but that's beside the point.

I know that listening to b.s., some of it so blatantly self-contradictory and insulting to both mind and senses, is difficult for serious people just as listening to nigger noise is offensive to sensibilities. Keep in mind that you are being tested on course material and not whether it is truth or not. Thus, going-with-the-flow is the best path and even if it goes against your grain, it's still the better choice. Time and again, I've heard students leave an exam saying things such as , "I aced that test but it was pure b.s." I today know of 3 history teachers who say in private that the 'holocaust' material they present is crap but they'd lose their jobs if they questioned it. This society is not the "free" one many believe it to be. I do not view such people as being of low character. In fact, doing a dirty job often reveals one's true character. No one likes to clean out toilets but if a man needs to do that in order to support his family, then he is a credit to what I call 'male'.

I took a course once and received an A+ on each and every paper. That was, until the jew prof connected my name with the argumentative s.o.b. who questioned him in class. From that point on, I never got a grade higher than a D-. All my noise managed to earn was a low grade and neither my, nor his, mind was changed in the process. We shouldn't waste our time trying to carry water in a sieve.

Suppose your course was Alice in Wonderland. You know it's baloney but the exams will be on what was presented. Arguing that most of it was physically impossible will do no one any good.

No, my young fellow, you are not "giving in" to anything by doing well at reciting nonsense. When you start to believe it is when you are in trouble. If you are told you can paint cars purple using an ice cube, then do the best you can but keep the smiles to yourself.

Few college professors are anything other than petty tyrants who believe that they are in possession of absolute truth. They are holding the grading pencil and you should always keep that in mind for most of them will ax you if you don't see the world through their myopic eyes.

Best regards = Robert

P.S. My skeptical view of things requires that I mention that a college degree is not an indication of anyone's knowledge of anything. Education today is so profaned that a degree is little other than a ticket to board the next plane. Without such tickets, one often does not travel very far. Diplomas are as plentiful as plaid shirts are are worn in much the same fashion. It's often very difficult for the idealist young to face the fact that they are living in a zoo created by their parents and grandparents. Keep your powder dry, be cool and patient, and remember your chance at the wheel might come sooner than you think.

Hello Robert,

After reading Maguire's commentary about agricultural security I figured I ought to take a look at the various land grant agriculture departments around the country to see what's going on.  I present you with a microcosm – the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  This link shows that more than half of the students in the grad programs are non-white foreigners.  I for one refuse to believe that these programs cannot be filled exclusively by native born Nebraskans – the entire state revolves around this stuff.  Absolutely incredible. http://agecon.unl.edu/graduate/Studentwebpages.html

Take care, FF

Robertsez – We do have more than enough White folks to perform any task we require. The obvious conclusion concerning the direction of ZOG's policies is that it is the same as it was towards Germany in 1946 – get rid of White people other than those in the ruling judeo-class.

Eric says that Bill Microrip-off Gates is a jew. I say that is quite likely. Others say that Gates is a fine example of an enterprising stalwart White man. Perhaps we should all meet in the alley with spiked clubs and let "might makes right" determine the truth. After 20 years of association with Eric, I hesitate strongly when it comes to his jew-spotting ability.

As for MSIE being the most popular browser, it's because it's embedded in every computer you buy. It's not the best. Champion spark plugs were often the most popular at the race tracks because Champion gave new plugs free to all contestants.

Who loves America?  Everyone who wants to come in and take it.Who hates America? The U.S. government who is giving it away.
I hope you recall the "end"
which was predicted by the pyramid boys – Giza is the Bible in stone. This was for October 12, 1978. Both I, and the students, showed up on what I believe was a Thursday. The day previous, I reminded the classes of the prediction. One young man asked if that meant I wouldn't be giving out an assignment. The day came and the day went. The "stone" end-timers perhaps went back to their calculations.

Like the Y2K nonsense – discounted by FAEM in 1998 – we are now presented with another threat to our existence which makes the "terrorist" circus small potatoes. God apparently talks to many people and one of them – all ministers by some odd coincidence – wrote that "planet X" is hovering out there slightly beyond the rim of our solar system, getting ready for its by-pass of our moldy planet. As it zips along, earth will be caught up in the vortex of its celestial suction and "the end" will be at hand. The axis of the earth will change; the germaniums will wilt and the few left alive will not be worried about the ozone hole or bin Laden. When is this happy event, which fortunately will put an end to "stress", occur? Sometime between May 15-30, 2003. Please get your affairs in order and if you love this country, then don't leave it, at least not before next May.

Didja ever notice that as the coon and beaner population increases in a city, the cases of animal abuse also rise? Didja ever notice that as the asian population increases in a neighborhood, the disappearance of dogs also increases? Ah! Diversity.
Famines coming soon?


"Just as our federal government has been filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ready for war with Iraq, corn supplies are shrinking.   Even with a normal 2003 crop, Iowa State University economist Bob Wisner expects a corn carryover below 700 million bushels by next September." (note:  along with usury, weapons manufacturing and mercenaries, the agricultural sector is one of the few remaining net foreign exchange earners for the Late Great Jewess Ah!)

"The 1996 Farm Bill killed the farmer-owned reserve that used to pay you to store grain. The federal government no longer controls big supplies as it did during the early 1980s.  Like the rest of our economy, agriculture has gone to a just-in-time delivery system. It sticks farmers with the cost of being the nation's granary."

"This year is a taste of what's to come. If we have another drought as bad as the one of 1988 – when some Iowa counties had the least rainfall in recorded history – watch out."

"After the 1988 drought, the Food and Agriculture Policy Research Institute estimated what would have happened if USDA hadn't had 4.3 billion bushels of corn on hand. With just 2.3 billion bushels in storage consumers would've paid $40 billion more for food from 1989 through 1996. (September corn stocks this year were just 1.6 billion bushels.)"

And the forecast remaining surplus for 2003, assuming good weather conditions, is 700 million bushels, or less than half the current stockpile.  That 700 is just 16% of the 1988 grain reserves.  The population has since expanded, thanks to the "no borders for non-whites policies".  I wonder if consumers have an extra $200 billion in their family budgets?

The Jewish neo-cons touted all this as economic rationalization.  They strangled intelligent national investments in the farm sector and simultaneously threw open the borders to a population boom of immigrant muds.  The Russian farm sector was similarly attacked by the ancestors of the current neocon leaders of the Judeo-Republican Party.  After the Judeo-Bolshevik coup in 1917 Russia rapidly changed from a food exporter to a food importer.   Now as the Jewish Imperium peaks in the Late Great Jewess Ah! we find the same agricultural result manifesting itself yet again.

Regimes throughout history have stood or fallen on the autumn harvest.


Robertsez – Man, with his addiction to copulation and no desire to control his numbers, plus the "We Feed – They Breed" insanity of the White world, will soon have Mother Nature take care of matters via disease and starvation. This will be augmented by water shortages. The jews ruined the "workers' paradise" and are doing their scam-routine here but the result will not be the same. WHO will bail US out? When there is no bread, why not eat your bank account or the gold bar you have under your bed? Can it happen here? Of course not. All of our Black and mud equals will come to Whitey's rescue just as they do in the jew-movies and jew-TV.

I wonder how many ding dongs will buy the newly introduced Twatmobile, the hybrid gasoline/electric auot which gets 62 miles per gallon? This toy gets all of that mileage is because it's a peanut sized vehicle and not because of the magic gasoline/electic technology. Like yourself, an automobile is a contained unit which operates by carrying around a fuel supply. Any electricity the car uses has to be first produced by burning gasoline.

Remember the revolutionary Mazda of 1974 which used a Wankel engine? I told people at the time that such an engine certainly was smooth but would never produce the low-end torque so desired by most city drivers. At the time, I estimated that the engines would last about 25,000 miles before they were junk. I was off somewhat as most of them wore out before that. That era is now history and I am reminded of Hitler who said the American could be sold anything. Bullshit baffles brains.

Can the mad recognize the mad? Or do they come across as sane? How could one convince a bevy of blind people that he had red hair? How would you describe dissonance to those who cannot hear?

In a sane society, Rummysmelt would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail but here in the world's largest loony bin, such people are leaders and heroes. We also worship apes with deadly diseases. I think we are in no position to criticize the Hindus and their sacred cows. At least cows don't mug people.

Hypocritical hypothesis: (1) Iraq has atomic whippings.
(2) Weez gonna find 'em.
(3) Iffen we don' find 'em, it proves they are clever at hiding 'em.

After parboiling this bit of argument, we see that the hypothesis is accepted as fact. Thus, step (2) and "conclusion" (3) are superfluous. So, why bother? Let the massacre begin. Who said the Roman coliseum sports were a thing of the past?

Somewhere I read that of the jewish population, 10% are not engaged in wrecking Western civilization. These are called "good" jews and our task is to enlist them on our side. I have difficulty with this since the author never bothered to define "Western civilization", or "jew" or "good", for that matter.

"Western" has always been associated with White people and Christianity. Can a civilization which has a large batch of non-Whites running loose as equal citizens be called a White civilization? Is White civilization some sort of coat which anyone can don? Is civilization merely a herd of people play-acting? If so, then the unwashed rock and roll crowd could be said to be a Black society for they all act as niggers. Can we have a White civilization composed of followers of Twama, the worm god? Can we have a Western civilization without White people? I don't think so. If we dropped the Christianity, it would still be White and Western.

What makes some jews "good"? If it's not their biology then its their upbringing. If this 10% good jews have children, can we expect that they too will be "good" or do we need to sort them out every generation? Remember that many good White folks have absolute degenerate ingrates for offspring. Then again, why would our civilization need jews at all? Can't we make it on our own? If we can't operate without jews, then why bother with the whole thing in the first place? We are being run by jews now and wasn't that the complaint?

If anyone is willing to accept "good" jews, whatever they mean by that, into our midst, then I would assume that they think jews are White folks. Thus, the addition of Black and Yellow blood has no effect upon a person's whiteness, so to speak. Also note that when one uses the term "half jew", he is describing someone's parents and not that person. If a jew is a tri-racial mixture and mates with one who is not, then the offspring still is a tri-racial mixture, and hence a jew.

We are deluged with people so immersed in delusions of their own self worth, that they are in effect, intoxicated. Moreover, they appear to be addicted to that intoxication. My father warned, "Never pay attention to the words of a drunk. They are but hot air."

The art of intimidation. How to get people to kow-tow and inflate your leaking and fetid ego.

The most popular is quite naturally, a physical one. Bend a horse shoe. Break a marble slab with your head. Press 666 pounds. Flex your muscles. Shout, do not talk civilly. Endeavor to look like Arnold and run around either nude or with clothes that are too tight. Get a tattoo. Strut your stuff. Make sure you have foul breath so when you yell in your victim's face, he'll back off knowing that bad asses don't have sweet smelling breath.

On the economic side, drive a Lexus and shove it off a cliff every month so you can buy a new one. Always drag along 3 or 4 expensive prostitutes just to show how desirable you are. Spend money like you were Congress. Make sure you are conspicuous in your consumption. Get a $240,000 ruby implanted in an eye socket.

The real digger is of course, the intellectual one. If a person does not recognize the genius you are, let him know. The fact that he doesn't know you are a genius proves how stupid he was in the first place. Impress him with big words especially if used inappropriately. If your target doesn't catch on, you've scored another point in your supremacy battle. Never ever forget to tell him you scored 212 on an IQ test and apologize because your took the test while you were suffering from pneumonia and a broken back, and thus were not up to par. Wear your HIMSU lapel pin. That's the society for people who wrote symphonies at age 2 and could recite Encyclopedia Britannica backwards, at age 4, in Latin. Affix a few academic degrees to your name. "Dr." and "Ph.D." seem to be popular or be like Mark Twain and invent your own. Samuel Clemens, D.B., B.M. (dumb bastard, beaver muncher) and so on. Depending upon your habits, Jack Ebling C.S. has a nice ring to it.

As you continue to impress people, make sure you drop names like, " I remember the time Major General J.M. Jockitch and I had lunch at the Suds Shop on 55th and Elmore." Invent fictitious crap no one will ever bother to check. "In Langtree's Etiology of the Weary Wombat, he stated on page 154, no – page 155, that telogeny rarely recapitulates pajamelli after estrus." Pour on the bullshit and if he looks questioning, remind him that it's you with the I.Q. of 212 and not him. It's also a good time to show off your contracted biceps while you light your $50 Havana with a $100 dollar bill.

Memorize trivia to inject at the moment you think he is really listening. "Did you know that $25 in pennies would be hard to carry about in your pocket? Well, $25 dollars is 2500 pennies and a penny weighs 48 grains. Let's see, 2500 times 48 is 120,000. There are 7000 grains in a pound and 120,000 divided by 7000 is 17 pounds and 3 ounces." Memorize the numbers ahead of time but appear to do the calculations in your head by rolling your eyes and maybe yanking on one ear lobe. If you fail to impress him, maybe you've triggered the secretions of his girl friend. Always be alert for opportunity.

Never define your terms. Never define "jew" so that you can use the word as one does salt and pepper. "David Irving is half-jew." "Hitler was a jew." "Jews are less than 3% of the population." "Ten percent of the jews are 'good' jews." Always repeat as fact anything which is due to another source for if someone actually checks upon your statements, you can pass the buck by claiming that it was the other dude who said it and you accepted him on faith. This is also the reason young kids feel more secure when their parents make up their minds for them. If things go sour, then the kids can blame the parents.

Remember that bullshit baffles brains and after all of your concerted efforts, you fail to get your victim to kiss your rump, out of deference, then you can always get in the last word. Shoot the s.o.b. That always works.

Yowsa. Yowsa. Yowsa. The young folk are taking algebra before they have a firm grasp of arithmetic. They are taking geometry before they have a firm grasp of algebra. And they are taking all sorts of things before they have a firm grasp of English. Keep those 'A's coming!

White kids cannot get a decent education because things are geared to the simian level. One banana, two banana, three banana more. Ah gots one stick an' youse got two bumps. Wha' mo' 'bout 'math duz ya need?

Computers are institutionalizing laziness. If you cannot get it on the 'net' then why bother?

The rate of S.T.D. infection among 12 year olds is much higher than you realize, according to documents I have recently read. The harem keepers know that early sex experience makes for "hotter" females. The downside is that emotional maturity appears to stop at the same time sexual activity starts. Just check on the immature nitwits you know. Chances are they started sex at an early age. 


On the anti-white hatred and genocides incited by the evil Judeo cult of Freemasonry...

Many of the traditional leaders of the Native Americans were Freemasons. Tecumseh, a Shawnee prophet who reportedly "was made a Mason while on a visit to Philadelphia," was the leader of a Pan-Indian movement to resist white encroachment in the late eighteenth century. Alexander McGillivray, a mixed blood leader of the Muskogee, and Joseph Brant, a mixed blood leader of the Mohawk, were skilled political leaders who set European colonists against one another in order to protect and preserve traditional interests in early America. Brant was reportedly America's first Native American Freemason when he was raised by an English Grand Lodge (much the same as Prince Hall); McGillivray's lodge membership was not known but he was buried with a Masonic funeral. Red Jacket, famous orator of the Seneca and leader of the traditionalist resistance among the Iroquois, was a Freemason who reportedly encouraged the Seneca to reject William Morgan when he sought refuge among them. Red Jacket's grandnephew, General Ely S. Parker, was General U.S. Grant's Adjutant and drew up the conditions of surrender at Appomatox.   Robert E. Lee, thinking Parker was an African-American, refused to meet with Grant until the matter was cleared up. William Augustus Bowles, leader of a Creek/Seminole/African-American resistance movement in Florida, was made a Freemason in the Bahamas. Pushmataha, a Choctaw leader who encouraged friendship with the whites and resisted Tecumseh, was also a Freemason.

(William R Denslow, Freemasonry and the American Indian – St Louis: Missouri Lodge of Research, 1956).

I suggest reading the entire link.  Of interest are the anti-New Testament teachings of some 'Christian' groups of Abolitionists, who pretended the New Testament doesn't approve of slavery (it does).  That's the point of the entire Book of Philemon.

The frontier racial stew of Indians and Negroes described are the same groups Thomas Jefferson accused King George of inciting against white Americans:


"The history of the present King of Great Britain [George III] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world...

and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages,whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."

The Judeo-Masonic King of England repeated this anti-white North American alliance in the War of 1812.   Following Commodore Perry's naval victory at the Battle of Put-In Bay US General Harrison instantly led white American militia forces into Ontario.  At the Battle of the Thames River, a prime object was achieved by killing the Freemason Indian leader Tecumseh.

As the Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, you cannot understand history apart from race.  These days the evil Freemasons are still at it, bringing on the savage Indian inhabitants of Mexico.  The unspeakably filthy cult of the Freemason has not changed one bit.


The Anglo Creed – Eric Thomson

We always conspire to gain more for less,
        But something for nothing is what we like best!
To gather gold is our moral code
        And Our Race we slew for the inner jew.

News common to all localities —

During high school classes, a 6' 210 pound nigger football player grabbed a 5'1" White female freshman by the throat and smashed her into a locker door. He then grabbed her breasts and crotch, pulled out his 'jammer' and was just stopped short of doing the only thing niggers do anyway. The principal was so upset that he suspended the ape. One teacher was upset because this incident happened during school hours. Another was heard to say, "But he was such a good football player." O my. What will we do now?

In more sane times, and if the White male really ran the country he thinks is his, this simian would have been handed a knife and given the choice of self-castration or being hung. I'll bet my left you-know-what that there are millions of White males out there who agree with me and probably many jew-dazed females who wonder how that young girl managed to have such good luck.

On another insane note – In Buffalo NY, as the news goes, 3 teenagers were killed in a car crash and their classmates were so upset that another 3 attempted suicide. Only 2 were successful. It's a small price to pay for our wonderful diversity and hordes of career moms.

I guess Rochester NY is now enjoying an increase in salsa bandits. It looks like this could be an Olympic event – who can rob more convenient stores, coons or beaners?

Speaking of Asians setting aside places...

...meet Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott's new aide, Rohin Kumar.  He previously worked for Phil Gramm.  The picture ran in the Washington Post print edition in DC but doesn't appear online.  Big shock, eh?

Boy, Republicans, wasn't that a great election?  Now those white-hating Senate Democrats are back in the 'minority' again, eh?  Lott and Kumar are having a good laugh, aren't they?  Well, the joke's all on you, white Judeo-Republican shit-for-brains.


Robertsez – When I learn of things like this, why do I always think of hemp? Consider that this naturalized mud has absolutely no credentials which couldn't be supplied by a thousand better qualified Whites. This is unadulterated ZOG policy to squeeze the White male out of influence in the country he built still maintains. Degenerate whores like Trent should recieve "special consideration" when it comes to balancing the books.

Do you believe that in the universities now being submerged in Asians will someday put aside a few spots for White people  – those who created the system they are now taking over? Don't count on it you silly fops.
Soon, I expect that the mention of the Constitution in a court room will bring a charge of "contempt of court." Daily, the jewsmedia pounds out the message that the accused is required to "prove his innocence". The Inquisition, and Salem witch hunts are about as dead as Communism. I am waiting for the jew team captain of "Russia", Putin, to soon announce that Russia is Juden Frei. I just might be a future fact since they are all moving over here where Talmudic law is creeping into the judiciary. It will be more than inflation when the five points of our flag's stars will increase to the devil's six.
Today I dragged my feet into the bank where I piled $300 in boxed pennies upon the counter. This is a little over 200 pounds. Since there was not one male working in the joint, the mares did little other than look at each other with "What will we do now?" in their eyes. Yes friends, equality is demonstrated every day. I smiled, took my receipt, and left.
Again, a nice young lady stopped by to air her anger concerning women she works with. Every female I have known – I do not associate with the feminist type – agrees that when a female gets in a position of power, she goes ape and makes life miserable for everyone. This young woman, a Ph.D. candidate, explained how the college she attends (name withheld since I am not sure this is privileged information or not) once held a top name reputation. As the hen component increased, the males started looking for other employment. The last male left about 2 months ago and the whole joint is now a chicken coop of bickering, back-stabbing, wenches. It was just announced that the school has just lost 2 accreditations. If White males cannot make things happen without women, then they've lost before they started. Perhaps some females still believe that a little aromatherapy will grow balls where there were none.
NASA reports more and more theft and failing parts. One might wonder if this correlates to the "cheap labor" notion and the advantages of "affirmative action".
I just received my monthly bill from a local merchant where I buy my cheap shirts and socks. Not only did they give me a DISCOUNT for being one of their employees, which I am not, they ADDED the discount to the amount due.
Like WWII, the upcoming Iraqi massacre wasn't a last minute decision. It was planned long before the 9-11 event. Iraq has committed not one act of war against the U.S. It might be sympathetic to "terrorists" but it appears that the term 'terrorist' simply means anyone UU Bush, and his handlers, don't like. It's all so reminiscent of the definition of 'hate literature' – anything the jews don't want you to read.

Iraq is not a military power of any significance and the preposterous notion that they could develop into a major war machine can only be a product of delusional minds, if indeed any degree of sanity could be applied to them in the first place. We are reminded that those whom the gods wish to destroy will first be made mad. We are living in that period and the young of today can look forward to the demise of this diversity garbage dump. Only during periods of destruction are the greatest opportunities for rebuilding revealed. The wise grab them, hold tight, and ride them full speed.

It seems that a great gamble is being made when it comes to the future slaughter of women and children of the targeted countries. I am sure that UU counts upon Moslem disunity to offer little more than unkind words and perhaps a few episodes of stone throwing. Their response will, in my opinion, be something not foreseen by that great 'think tank' of Zionist criminals. The 9-11 attack caused far more damage to the U.S. economy than first realized. The loss of that ugly piece of jew-owned real estate, and a body count minuscule as compared to our highway slaughter, was only peanuts in the overall picture. Our enemies, which we created by our self-righteous bullying of weaker people, know full well they cannot compete on the battlefield of military. They are not stupid nor are they mercenary. The chickens will indeed come home to roost.

Ye Olde Fraude Einstein pops up again. Like so many of his tribe he doesn't have to dress up for Hallowe'en.
Have a happy link – http://home.attbi.com/~xtxinc/

I have made comments years ago concerning the wondrous Einstein energy formula E = mc² which bears a likeness to the kinetic energy formula we learned in high school – K.E. = ½ mv². "m" represents mass and both "c" and "v" are velocities with "c" representing that of light. The coefficient ½ follows from math doodling which imposes restrictions on the symbol manipulations. The Einstein "formula", which was lifted from other theorists, is a difficult one to verify. The speed of light is a very large number and when it's squared, it's larger yet. Taking ½ of it is of another lesser magnitude. A multi-millionaire who lost ½ of his money would still be a millionaire. Not only is the speed of light not known with precision, one might wonder how all of that energy (as in an atomic explosion) could be measured anyway. One might as well state the formula as E = 2 mc², for that would also be unverifiable. It's one thing to issue mouth farts, while waving a diploma, and quite another to prove it IN THE REAL WORLD. Math is abstract and  mathematical proofs are confined to the world of mathematics and its myriad parlor games.

As far as that other relativity conjecture goes, where objects get smaller as their velocity increases, the formula I saw in one of those "genius Einstein" books, was actually a general solution to velocity questions encountered in high school algebra. The hypothesis claims that when George UU Bush reaches the speed of light, the mass of his ass will be infinite and his size zero. He will have vanished but he will still be there in spades. The algebra in this case was given a definite Talmudic twist. I repeat: Proving something by using mathematics is not possible due to the nature of the beast. Mathematics, as a philosophical language, can only PREDICT, not prove. Math is not a science. It is a tool of science. The hammer is not the carpenter.

As the Thomson saying goes, Bullshit Baffles Brains. I would no more waste my time trying to convince people of this relativity folderol than I would arguing the patent absurdities of the holocaust tales.