2 December 2002
To those 'system' day dreamers out there, one might ask where all of those votes for pro White candidates will come from as we move from de facto to de jure, relative to the disappearance of the Mexibean border. Elections helped contribute to this stinking mess and elections sure as hell are not the way to get us out. I do get weary of hearing this folderol as I do in reading all of those pathetic analyses of why our Titanic is sinking. Rockwell, in the 1960s, called this the "look what they are doing to us now" club.

How do I help? I do my best to keep FAEM alive hoping that 1 out of 100 readers will  be jolted out of their state of suspended sensibility long enough to look at what is happening under his nose and crawl out of his jew-daze. Last weekend, I invited a group of young people over for a snack. My bookcases contain all sorts of material on race, National Socialist Germany, and so on. Back issues of National Vanguard lie about. I like the NV because it is a crisp looking publication and people pay more attention to that sort than they do to mimeographed sheets. I do nothing and say nothing. I let curiosity rule the day. It doesn't take long before most are engrossed in reading and looking over some FAEM printouts. I make no comments other than mentioning that I like to read everything so as to be informed.

Knowledge that is gained from experience is really the only knowledge with teeth in it.

Been writing to you off and on for a year now.  Your writings on biology and behavior have proven themselves over and over again.  The last neighborhood I lived in here in Austin, Texas was primarily white and very nice.  As a few blacks moved in, noise level and break-ins increased.  A shoot-out at a rental property next door – my 2 year olds bedroom was on that side of house – caused us to move on.  I work in a high tech company, my wife stays home for the kids, and so this limits what we can afford.  We found a new home in a majority white neighborhood that's been real nice and stress free for 6 months.  Our new problem neighbor across the street sold their house a few days ago. The couple – a white man and hispanic woman – have six kids, all hers but one.  Now there are no more beautiful sounds of birds chirping or organized front yards. The teenagers park their cars on the front lawn, one they use for spare parts and blare that horrible rap music. I hate the rich whites in this country who are insulated from this bullshit and tell us on TV how wonderful diversity is.  I wish my boys had more white kids to play with instead of muds everywhere! F.N.

Robertsez – I have wondered many times why people with means prefer to send their money to some blightwing gas-lips rather than help out White working people like the above. I think the answer is that when you help such working people you really do not get anything back. You give because you love. Sending big bucks to some revisionist turkey, or other patriot-for-profit hamhead, is believed to be a path so that one can save his beans. In other words, the giver expects something in return, whether he admits it or not.

You have mentioned medical problems people are having these day's with frequent visits to doctors offices. For years folks were urged to inoculate their babies against childhood diseases before 8 months, but what they didn't know was that the vaccine makers were putting mercury in vaccines as a stabilizer, and it contributed to neurological problems in infants causing infantile Autism, and God knows what else.  Further, everyone was urged to get flu shots each year, and did they ever begin to come down with ailments of all sorts including the skyrocketing  incidence of Diabetes. Some firms have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars to families with Autistic children. The pharm companies have now stopped using mercury as a stabilizer after decades of use. Remember the screaming a few years back about the mercury in dental fillings, but what the public didn't know was that  the bastards were putting it in vaccines with Government approval. Some Government. You can read about the mercury vaccine fiasco contributing to Autism if you access the Autism web sites. A number of law firms urged the public that had Autistic children to contact them to participate in class action law suits. Incidentally under the new Homeland Security bill just passed the wondrous  legislators slipped in a rider limiting Pharm. Co. liability in suits brought against them supposedly to get their consent to manufacture a new batch of small pox vaccines and other concoctions to save the nation. In this connection it might be added that  the incidence of neurological ailments in the elderly including Diabetes as mentioned has truly skyrocketed. Some homeland defense in our new insane police state where people will be compelled to take medical injections whether needed or not. Just wait a bit until the indolent public realizes the true scope of this new evil that is upon this land. Do continue to alert those who still have the brains to listen about good, and evil,  right, and wrong.
Best regards. Joe.

Robertsez – Many moon ages ago, I dated a beautiful blonde nurse who had her feet squarely on the ground. She mentioned frequently that females are somehow drawn to doctors. She facetiously commented that to some of them, it meant an approximation of a "feel job". When I lived in Salt Lake City, we had a doctor in our road-racing club which frequently held races through the canyons to the east. We referred to him as "the valley of love inspector." Anyway, people seem to forget that medicine is entirely an experimental science where they really know little about what they are selling. It isn't called "medical practice" for nothing because they practice on you. "Try this and if that doesn't work, come back and I prescribe something else." Even the heralded surgeon owes most of his patient's recovery to the miraculous power of the body to heal itself. Watch some TV surgery show sometime. They all remind me of Charley Loughnan slicing away at some carcass he was preparing in his butcher shop. Go to your local hospital and note the dearth of nigeroos and muds who infest the staff. If that doesn't cause some apprehension, then you've had your brains washed away. To me, a doctor's advice is my last resort.

Study this. Hot dawg, Spot! A recent study has indicated that taking vitamin tablets will make your cancer worse. I  holler often – when you dick with your body chemistry, you are treading on uncharted, and dangerous, ground and that includes the potions some doctor feels will cure your whatever. All they usually do is leave you with a batch of side effects which requires another office visit for another cure. Gulping vitamins only helps those who sell the stuff to you. M.D.'s are part an parcel of the drug business. Women, in particular, are very prone to poisoning their kids with vitamins under the assumption that kiddy dear is about to contract some debilitating nutritional deficiency within the next 5 minutes.

My stately, beautiful older blonde sister of 74, was talked in to taking vitamins about 15 tears ago by a younger, physical wreck. Within less than 3 days, my sister became slightly ill. She stopped the pill popping immediately and hasn't touched them again.

Drugs, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other chemical therapies should only be considered when everything else fails. This is claimed to be a free country where every nitwit is free to fry his brains with his drug of choice. Happy delusions and poor health. The more we try to improve our health, the more illness and diseases there are. Talk about going of half-cocked in the wrong direction. 

Over the years, I have met many intelligent people working at jobs we like to call blue collar. One fellow, Tom Gaskins of Florida, was an ocean of knowledge and wit. He made lamps from cypress knees. Art Warner was valedictorian of his high school class and opened an auto repair garage. Truck driver Ray Roberts read most of Schopenhauer's works and enjoyed solving the math puzzles in the books by Lewis Carroll (C.L. Dodgson). Larry Connor was a top grade classical pianist although he earned a living as a police officer. My grandfather knew every Civil War battle, prison camp, and cemetery, but planted corn and potatoes for a living.

What we learn is always presented from a position of authority and one soon learns not to question authority. In the academic arena, it always leads to poor grades and from this we are saddled with an intellectual stupor even though we like to believe we can reason by ourselves. I can see value in not questioning when some professor holds the pencil sword over your head – do it my way or fail. However, once one gets through the charade of being educated, he should endeavor to jolt his brain back into working condition. I love to read the hot air put into writing by my intellectual – they are sure to tell me so – superiors.

I always thought that biological classification was one of the most hilarious inventions ever put forward to lend credence to a preposterous notion. Daily, we are told that nigeroos and white folks are of the same species, Homo sapiens, even though all of our senses can detect little similarity. Biological classification – an abstract construct which proves nothing – is for reference convenience only. They are only words about what some perceieve as reality. As animal life is broken down into smaller classification divisions – species is a subset of genus – the critters are supposed to resemble each other more closely. (An expedient of convenience is that when some new thing is discovered, and they cannot classify it, a new classification then comes into being. Nice work, Marvin. In the real world we call this fudging the books where things are redefined as you go along.) Yet, we find in one expert discussion of a topic, this typical nonsense revealing sentence: "There are about a dozen species of crocodiles, almost all of which are of the genus Crocodilus." (Encyl. Britannica, 1983 kosher edition.) In other words, there is at least one species of crocodile which is not crocodilian. If that makes sense to you, then you are a candidate for a Ph.D. Hell, you might even get to be el Presidente.

Honeybees, genus Apis, are of more than one species. The good guy European honey bee is Apis mellifera. (Mellifera is the species.) Honey bees of different species are interfertile even though our Marxist teachers told us that interfertility was proof that critters belonged to the same species, as with the low I.Q. Black and the lower I.Q. White tramp who gets AIDS and pregnant from him.

There is an African honeybee which produces much less honey than its European counterpart. That shouldn't surprise anyone who has watched our bro's at work. In Brazil 1967, I believe, bee handlers tried to produce a more vigorous, high output honeybee, by using another African bee as stud much in the way the old Southerners tried to upgrade their slaves with a little White gene therapy. The experiment in cross breeding of bees produced what we now refer to as the African killer bee. So much for race-mixing.

Mark Twain once cautioned that no one should ask St. Peter for an autograph. When entering the pearly gates, he advised leaving your dog outside. People are admitted to heaven on favor, he remarked, for if it were on merit, the dog would enter and you would remain outside.

I keep this in mind when I see indolent, insolent and incompetent blacks promoted over obviously superior White males.

I would worry more about our home-grown nigeroo and sullen mud, as far as terrorists go, than I would about any dedicated Muslim blowing up the shark tooth display at the local museum. Criminal and drug-soaked blacks literally run loose in this land, courtesy of laws imposed by ZOG which hampers severely anyone's freedom to defend himself. The "minority" which also includes White females, are now a legally protected batch of problems which will certainly become more troublesome as the society decays. The good side is that as our pretense of social harmony erodes so will the effectiveness of law enforcement. The nigger and mud factor not only will insure an increasing number of infrastructure failures, it will also insure that a police state cannot come about. Chaos, yes. Fahrenheit 451, no.

Diabetes is on a rapid rise and the experts do not know why. Look around and notice that as medical practices get expanded, major illness increases more rapidly. There are already more bipeds in this country that can be sustained at an optimum level. The greed goons which run this show will certainly insure that we descend to banana republic status in the very near future.

There will be no cure for cancer for cancer is not a disease from without, like malaria or syphilis, but is something we indirectly choose for ourselves. Keep that greed going friend, and watch more of your loved ones die. You chose to take on Mother Nature and you might win a small battle here and there, but you won't win the war.

As the population increases, our food quality decreasesas well as it's quantity.

I see the computer hawks are heavily promoting "wireless" keyboards and such. With the current cell phone craze, where people blabber useless noise almost around the clock, I have wondered how the envelope of microwave environmental saturation might affect our health and being. We have submerged ourselves in a thick ocean of unnatural electromagnetic energy. Often we feel safe simply because our senses detect nothing. That's why people seldom heed extrapolation of events. They cannot "feel" the future and therefore it is of no concern to them. Welcome to the unthinking herd.

Many links which appear here often contain a good portion of what we cultured people call shit. I feel it's good exercise to separate the chocolate from the other brown stuff. Good thinking.
Just as there are variants in all life on earth, so it is with humanoid, nor did one place on earth spark life for it existed, and evolved in all parts of mother earth. The eagle is no more like a sparrow or a minnow to a whale. There are all kinds of reptile most  indigenous to  particular areas. A garter snake isn't a cobra.  The African pigmy is no more like an Eskimo, than an Inca  is to a man from the Ukraine. Even people in India know the differences and tribal origin of each other . There were even physical variations  in the nomadic tribal indians which inhabited  the North American continent. The Sioux were tall with high cheek bones, lithe, unlike the Navaho who were more flat faced, and asiatic in appearance.  Therefore there is no anthropological basis for the negro to be honored by claiming they were the origin of all races. What incredible stupidity for it's a heck of a lot more than skin color, kinky hair, big mouths, think lips, high set rumps and low intelligence. Basically it's a whole world of difference that evolved ever since the beginning of life on this planet.
Regards. Joe.
Just received from a reader
– From 1920 to 1927, Henry Ford published a very influential series of weekly articles about the Jews in "The Dearborn Independent", near Detroit, Michigan.  The first two years of these articles were collected into a four-volume work (1000 pages) called "The International Jew".  All four of these volumes can be read online for free at:

http://noontidepress.com/books/ford/ijtoc.html                   Second feature – http://afgen.com/jews.html

Just because the served plate contains great meat and potatoes, don't take it for granted that the peas aren't rotten. I've seen many web sites which barf about how no jew can be believed and yet they include articles by jews. If find this quite odd and you'll see this sort of thing here – http://www.jeffsarchive.com/index5.htm. The article on Jewish Population Trends is b.s. of the first brown. Maintained, by the author Gayle Horwitz, is the preposterous "2% of the population" hokum which blightwingers frequently cite as some authoritative number. It seems that Doc Pierce always took the position that jews lie about everything except the reporting of their own numbers. Horwitz tells us that jews are on the decrease and that by year 2080, most will live in Israel. Here's a meatball excerpt:

"... as Jewish populations around the world outside of Israel will decrease. Longer life expectancy, low fertility rates and diminished Jewish identification will likely be the chief causes of the plunge."

In other words, a jew is anything which is identified as a jew. Since most American boobs rely entirely upon jews to tell them who the jews are, it would appear that jews could make themselves disappear merely my talking about it. If Leon Silvershitz says he is Aryan or Methodist, he ceases to be a jew. If the jew is to end up some place, it sure as hell won't be Israel. Have you counted the yids on your street yet, White boy? I think race and when a jew has kids with a non-jew, the all those kids are  jews. You can believe that they are all Santa Claus, if you choose.

From a reader in England:

"I have had trouble from blacks both at work and in the armed forces Reserve (TA; Territorial Army}. If you are a white
working class male in England and blacks think you are even slightly prejudiced against them, then they try to stick to you like shit to a blanket.  I lost my temper with one and told him to f--k off four years ago and the monkey is still on my case.  He went as far as following me around town and notified the local "Community Relations Council" so when I move on to another job I will have to sign statements saying that I will work with "all groups in the community" and that I am not a racist.  I am certainly what they call a racist now, but it is an enormous relief that sites such as faem exist and whites worldwide can get access to the truth."

Regards. Anon.

Robertsez – We are not far from a new Inquisition, it appears. Always keep in mind that the legal privileges the muds and cruds have is not due to their merit. It is a result of mostly rich White-race traitors siding with the enemies of the White race. It's too bad White males are not unified under some banner. All they'd have to do is refuse to go to their jobs and then they could watch the walls come tumbling down. But alas, old Whitey will continue trying to bail out the ship which the nigeroos and mududs are now sinking. Methinks the White worker will only stop when the water reaches his nose.

Stay alert and informed. Stay calm and remember that you cannot force events. They will come in good time. We must be prepared to seize the opportunities presented. The White male will not disappear. Not by a long shot. That is our racial enemies' great nightmare. Smile and let the bastards sweat in their sleep.
Two jivin' coons were in the car ahead of me. A sticker on the trunk read "PIMP" in large letters. Another sticker had these inspired words: "Line dancing. See what happens when cousins breed."

In all fairness, considering universal equality and brotherhood, I think some honky should have a sticker, "Welfare. See what happens when apes breed."

Most people accept authority for truth, while few accept truth for authority, because few check up these matters and examine the truth, or evidence upon which the authorities base their conclusions. That's why they are called sheep – the masses.
Most are well aware
that nearly all background "music" today is nigger thump and nigger holler. Space shots are required to be accompanied by the sounds of log thumping. It would be nice to have Mozart being played while National Geographic does a special on the cannibals in New Guinea. Jews seem to have a fixation on nigeroos and perhaps their genes compel them to shove jungle bunny racket into every activity which they can. I think they should be more jewish in this respect. How about having the sound of escaping gas added to shrieks of "help"? I particularly think it would enhance "The Young and the Restless."
I was told there are books out describing music and love in Nazi Germany. Of course, all written by jews. One must have excrement for brains to believe what the jews say about Nazis and their period in history. That makes about as much sense as asking wildebeests their opinion of swimming with crocodiles. It would be refreshing to read about a non-turncoat Nazi's opinion of Nazi Germany for a change. My uncle, who lived there during that period, wrote of many positive things. I remain forever indebted to Ernst Zündel for allowing me the opportunity to talk to many Nazis at his home in Toronto. I heard not one disparaging remark from any of them. Through my life, I have discovered that most Whites approve of Nazi policies as long as they do not connect the name "Nazi" to them. Once someone connects anything to Nazi, or Hitler, his brain goes instantly into jew-warp speed, which we all used to call "reverse engines" or "dive, dive, dive."

The interesting thing here is that while Nazis were alleged to be fricasseeing every jew they could find, some jews admit that many jewish organizations and orchestras, still existed in Germany at the time of "the great gassing". The 1945 Berlin telephone directory listed hundreds of them. How does jew word-warp handle this? By claiming that these events, and policies, were "show case" to deceive the world. We still hear the same old refrain relative to Iraq. Heads UU wins. Tails Saddam loses.

Eric is well familiar with this mind set. More than once he was detained at some border crossing upon accusation of being a spy. They searched all his meager possessions and never once did they find a camera – the standard item for all spies, I guess. Upon failing to find a camera, this was used to prove that he was really a very cleaver spy since he hid his camera so well that the experts could not find it..

The Arabs say that wheat, millet, rye and barley came down from heaven in seven handkerchiefs (mandeels) and must always be respected since Allah took so much trouble to keep it clean and pure. Bread is recognized as His special gift – it is life – El Aish. Bread is not treated as ordinary food as, and in the past, could not be bought or sold. It could only be exchanged or given – gift for gift.

The name pumpernickel  came from a local corruption of something attributed to Napoleon when he was given some coarse bread on one of his campaigns. His horse's name was Nickel and when he tasted the bread, he scoffingly remarked, "Bon pour Nickel."

(From  Robert's archive of useless information and not to be confused with ZOG p.c. bullshit.)

When it comes to the enemies of the White race, there is no essential difference between the jew and the rich White greed bucket. In fact, most of them are in bed with each other – in more ways than one. I would suggest that income might be a valuable tool for ascertaining who our real enemies are.
I hope you read that silly article by Coked-up Roberts which stated that the Plymouth Rock party would have starved to death if it weren't for the noble Injuns sharing their secret of putting a couple of corn kernels in the ground and then covering them up with dirt. According to the history which was taught prior to the beginning of the end for Western civilization, 1945, the boys arrived in the winter and could have planted nothing. About half of the party died over the winter and when spring came, they did plant corn, among other things. To add to the nutrients around the seeds, often a dead fish was buried adjacent. This was not done with Injun intercession but as a means to try and hide their survival failure over the winter.

As for the rice broad claiming she's a descendent of those original survivors, think of it this way. That event was about 400 years ago – 20 generations. Each generation splits the genetic material and so the Plymouth Rock value was 2 to the 20th power. This is about 1 part in a million. It's this one part which makes this female Asian smile and make her claim. That's the Brazilian formula for telling who's White. One drop of White blood renders you magically a White man. It fits what we see going on today where the faces are getting darker but more and more people are calling themselves White.

Remember the outbreak of Norwalk disease on a recent cruise ship? I can't remember any TV news station telling how this illness is transmitted. The only known route is from human to human. This occurs when a person leaves the lavatory with filthy hands and then handles someone else's food. Considering the quest for "cheap labor" and the influx of people not noted for personal hygiene, I'd stay clear of any place which employs such people. That sounds racist to me. That sounds good to me.
As we enjoy this season of thanks, always keep in mind the wonderful p.c. atmosphere we all love so much.
                 Social burdens have rights. Tax-payers have duties.
As I have mentioned
, the "food pyramid" of 1940 was turned upside down and emphasis placed upon consumption of the least valuable, but cheap to produce, foods one can eat, namely carbohydrates. People shy from fat like it was potassium cyanide and merrily stuff themselves with high carbohydrates thus proceed a younger generation of weak, effeminate, hog-shaped people. The U.S. Army had a "cure" for the lard types which happened to be drafted. No over-weight people were allowed to enlist, as I remember. The "hawgs" were only allowed to eat steak and "big Breen", as one in my squad was called, was restricted to this rather simple diet. He did lose weight rather rapidly, some of it probably tied to the physical labor which is part of a soldier's life. Later on, the Army diet was called the "Atkin's diet". It worked but the heart attack lobby gave it the verbal assault and it fell out of favor. Now, according to the Seattle Times, this diet has been "discovered" to be far more healthy that at first realized.

I have a tendency to get a wee bit portly. often carrying about 20-30 excess pounds. I know the cause but it doesn't make me fret. I am an excellent baker and easily fall victim to eating my own concoctions. Anytime I wish to trim down, I cease eating any high carbohydrate products, particularly anything made from flour. Leafy vegetables, in my opinion, are generally useless except as a source of water. I gulp no vitamins, take no shots, avoid doctors as I would AIDS carriers and cannot remember the last time I bothered with an aspirin. As my beautiful sisters forever remind me, "You don't get headaches. You give them."

I am from the experimental school of knowledge. I pay little to "book learning" when it comes to what works in the world of nutrition. I skew the selection of what I eat and then note what happens. I started this "reality" method of learning as a young boy on a farm. The first thing I observed was how cats really flourished when they had access to raw eggs and liver. I could see changes in the cattle depending upon what they were fed. Even their milk tasted different according to their access to corn and alfalfa. Gramps could tell the difference between milk for A guernsey as opposed to a Jersey. We tested him, from time to time, that's how we knew. Avoid fat. Shy from meat. Eat diet cake and marvelous bread. Get happily fat. No experts advice needed, nor any diet guide. Just plain sense gathered from the world of observation.

James Coburn, the actor, died of a heart attack. I believe he was the son of Charles Coburn another popular actor. I remember seeing the spy spoof "In Like Flint". The title reminded me of a popular, repeated, remark "In like Flynn"", which referred to good-looking actor Errol Flynn. Errol had a reputation of being romantic particularly with very young women. He once was involved in a law suit concerning sexual contact with a girl under 18, which used to be an enforced statuary rape offense. The street joke had it that Errol's license plate number was "RU-18". Errol was sympathetic to the Nazi programs of that time which probably was of concern to his jewish bosses.
When the rich White southerner needed someone to pick his cotton, he imported Negroes. When the rich White Texas rancher needed someone to do his menial labor, he imported Mexicans, often emptying whole towns. When the rich White railroad baron needed someone to build his empire dirt cheap, he imported Chinese. When the rich White needed a loan or some financial dealing, he hired the jew. The rich White, like those in high places today, don't care one bit about the rest of their kind nor the future beyond their allotted time to exercise personal greed. Blacks, asians, mestizos, jews, etc. are unwanted by many of us but they got here by invitation from the rich White. So who are our real enemies then? It's the same crowd which uses you for cannon fodder to serve their purpose which they claim is for your benefit. Such a deal.
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.


Protocol #10, Verse 12:

"12. By that time we shall be in a position to disregard forms in carrying through matters for which our impersonal puppet will be responsible. What do we care if the ranks of those striving for power should be thinned, if there should arise a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents, a deadlock which will finally disorganize the country?..."

The continuing fascination with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion arises from their continuing predictive value nearly a hundred years later.  Take Protocol 10:12 for example.  In the 2000 primary season only two real candidates appeared.  These were Beanie Baby /Zionist Pledge of Allegiance George Bush and Al ("my daughter married Andrew Schiff, the great grandson of the Jewish capitalist financier of Bolshevism") Gore.  These two candidates publicly appeared to clinch their nominations long before the first primary vote had been cast.  Once too many jaws started going slack, two primary opponents appeared in the form of John McCain and Bill Bradley.  Those primary cliff-hangers lasted about a month before the charade was dispensed with.

Following the general election there was certainly "a deadlock from the impossibility of finding presidents" in November-December 2000.  And this deadlock not only occurred among these two demonstrable Jewish puppets.  The deadlock arose in the three most Jewish counties in North American outside the New York metropolitan area.  These counties were Palm Beach, Broward and Dade in South Florida.


John C. was likable and good-looking fellow. All the young men in town knew him. John had a habit which eventually earned him 3 years in Attica State Prison. John just couldn't resist tapping the tail end of farmer Cone's heifers. The older boys couldn't understand why he did it and often pooled their money so he could afford a trip to Edna's whore house. The going rate then was $2 for a 30 minute maximum pleasure tour. John always refused. They even suggested a local mother/daughter team which was a last resort – always a sure thing though – for the eager boys who couldn't nail something else. Dorothy also played for free but you had to get to her early as she was the best looking of the men pleasers in our little town of Peyton Place on the Creek.

My father knew Bill Katz quite well and Bill defended John on the bestiality charge. Bill told my father that John's defense was, "I didn't hurt the cow. In fact, it hardly knew I was there as it kept on chewing its cud."

The last I heard of John was after he left prison and somehow thought he was acting in an old James Cagney cops and robbers movie. He was a passenger in Art's car and they were traveling along Oak Trail when the sheriff started chasing them, presumably for speeding. John, always armed since he loved chuck shooting, took his rifle, leaned out the window and shot a headlight out of the sheriff's car. The chase ended. John was arrested and we assumed he was returned to Attica.

Over the years, my memory of John is always refreshed when I see some White female with her ape companion. What in hell goes on in the minds of such dimwits? What went on in the mind of John? What would make the ass-end of a cow attractive, if you are not a bull? Maybe such White girls feel they are niggers. Only the Shadow knows, I guess. 

One can tolerate a little bit of camel dung, but as it increases, it becomes humorous and then outright hysterical. But when it becomes overbearing, it's suffocating and often drives one to drink. I am not yet sure how to rate this Mayflower article on a dung scale of 1 to 10. Probably a +69.

Here's a clip – "The original Pilgrims established strong ties to the Indians they found living here. If Indian guide Squanto had not taught them how to plant corn, the settlers probably would have died of starvation during that first harsh winter in Massachusetts."

Here we have a batch of Europeans who crossed a big, fat ocean on a ship built by White folks. They had awesome "fire sticks" and I'd assume that they also knew how to plant cabbage, carrots, oats, berry bushes and cherry trees. But corn!?!?!?
Hot damn but planting those seeds was something so m.f. complicated that a stone age Injun jes had ta hep 'em out. Hell, I thought that the Pilgrims might have shot a turkey (Thanksgiving you know), a rabbit, deer or squirrel, for dinner, but starving due to a lack of corn implies that it was the only thing they ate. If you swallow this crap then let me tell you a story about my last UFO abduction. Or was it a seduction? Anyway, it was a suction of some kind. I think. Maybe. At least that's what Diana told me.

The article continues by mentioning a race-mixing descendent of one of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Along the line, rice blood gets to join the family gene sewer and presto – a mestizo can now claim to be a descendent of the original settlers at Plymouth on the Rocks. The religious tell us that we are all descended from Adam and Eve anyway. That includes Adolf Hitler, wouldn't you say? What a happy find to know that I am related to Herr Hitler since we are all a great big diverse family. And that includes sweet Abe Foxman! So why do jews hate their Nazi relatives? Can't we just love each other?

Well, here's the link to some laughs – http://usaweekend.com/02_issues/021124/021124mayflower.html

Liz, one of the waitresses at my favorite greasy spoon, thinks of herself as White. She's about 20 years old but has several odd physical features. With a round-about inquiry, I was told her father was Portuguese with kinky hair which stands straight out from his head. The worm in my brain whispered, " that's a nigeroo component".

Liz's hair is brown with a light cast here and there. It is now dyed black. Her eyes are the color of burnt cork. She has had breast implants, the 3 quart size. There are 10 earrings in one ear and none in the other. Her tongue is pierced and she's wearing a sort of marble in her mouth which alters her speech. She claimed to have a tattoo on her back but I didn't ask to see it. My worm again whispered, "a f---ing savage!" When I asked why she never wore lipstick, she answered that she didn't want to appear "phony".

Liz hates White males although she insists she is White herself. "White males are either stuck on themselves or are limp dicks," she often repeats. She is quite noticeable with her public hugging and smooching with the ugliest of simians around. Her boyfriend is a negro-looking Cambodian.

I was amused at all of this and Freddie the worm, whispered again, "Considering the very high possibility that she's picked up some S.T.D.s, why are you eating in this place?"

I answered this moderately insolent question with, "I am giving my immune system a good workout."

As I mentioned years ago, Chelsea Clinton is a jew as far as I was concerned. Her looks tell it all. I even added that mom Hillary could have contributed the kike factor although cigar Bill was not exempt. Now, this appeared in a Ft. Lauderdale Catholic newspaper:

" Dear Editor:

My father did the books for Hugh Rodham, the father of Hillary Rodham Clinton, when they lived in the Rogers section of Chicago IL. At that time the entire family was Jewish including Hillary. I am very amused by the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Hebrew posing a Methodist.

Kenneth Isaacson, Tamarac FL. "

I have seen photos of Hillary's brothers Hugh and Tony, and if they are White then I am Julius Caesar. Hugh's wife Maria also has 'mongrel' written on her face. Will Hillary soon do a Madelaine Albright and suddenly "discover" she is a chosenite?

Injun Hal Lindsey, Bible banger, end times hawker, Zionist Israel-firster, etc., was on TV last night with his latest "magic year 1948" monotone burbling. First, don't ever kid yourself into believing that anyone who appears on TV gets there because of some notion of "freedom of the press" and so forth. Your puss, with flapping lips, is there by the grace of the jews who own/control the whole shot. The other scam artist who takes turns with disinformation peddling, Ford I believe, went on to say that the British "lost their empire" because they turned their back on Israel. On another note, Hal said the "nation" was derived from the Greek word "ethnos" and therefore those words were synonyms. Anyone anxious to check a dictionary and a Bible concordance, can see that b.s. is one of the products produced in quantity by these jew-approved "Christians". We cannot avoid hearing baloney but it is our responsibility to separate the meat from the manure.
The term "half-jew" means little in a racial or religious sense. The term is used to indicate that a person had a jew for one parent.
Very often it is necessary to take the toys from the kiddies, so that they can be taught something useful such as real world exercise. As the Novus Ordo Seclorum economic system continues to unravel – you didn't think world ZOG could sustain itself did you? – all White folks should view it not as a tragedy but as a time for opportunity. The U.S. was the Golden Goose and the greed for all of the eggs, killed it. I wish I were young today so that I could be a part of the house cleaning which will be done – this time! There are neither good termites nor bad termites. Just termites. Also, nits grow up to be lice and today, the women are protecting the nits. The coming hard times will insure that men will be back in the drivers' seats.
German Unemployment:  15%?


A London Sunday Telegraph article reproduced on Rense)

"Accusations of a mismanaged economy piling up against Chancellor Gerhard Schroder were compounded last week by an official admission that the figures for the number of people unemployed in Germany – four million, itself a post-war record – were at least half a million short of their true figure."

"The federal labour office in Nuremberg disclosed that an average of 500,000 German unemployed took part in state-subsidised retraining programmes each year, but although they were without a job, they were not counted in the official tally of four million unemployed, 9.4 per cent of the population eligible for work."

"Because none of these groups features in the monthly unemployment record, the true number of German jobless has been estimated as nudging 15 per cent or six million people – the "nightmare" figure associated with the country's pre-Nazi Weimar era of the 1920s and early 1930s."

Here is definitive proof, if any Rip Van Winkles need further proof,  that ostensible German 'immigration policy' has absolutely nothing to do with the 'German economy' or any ostensible shortage of workers. It is a racial assault pure and simple on the native white bloodstock of Germany.   Of equal interest is this article's announcement of the imminent large inflation and subsequent coming collapse of the euro single European currency:

"Mr Schroder's beleaguered finance minister, Hans Eichel, said that he expected Germany to be in breach of the EU deficit target again in 2003 and admitted that unemployment was projected to rise by 100,000 to well over four million by early next year."

The 1992 Maastricht Treaty establishing the euro required all participating euro zone countries to confine their internal budget deficits to 3% or less.  As goes Germany, so go the remainder of the European governments.   In due course we'll also be informed that Berlin has been in violation of this deficit cap ever since 1999 but has been hiding it with yet more artful dodger accounting.

Here's some more good news.  Still outstanding and yet to be admitted are German investment losses in the 1998 collapse of the ruble.  German 'investments' in ZOG-Russia from 1992-1998 were committed in marks but are carried on Russian enterprise books in ruble denominations.  In 1998 there was a 400% depreciation of the ruble vis a vis the mark.  This 75% loss of equity in well over $100 billion USD value, in German investments in Russia, has yet to 'marked to market'.  When it is a number of German investment syndicates and fair numbers of German banks they will be revealed to be insolvent.

The question is why all this ancient history (people who paid attention already know all this) is now being retailed in ZOG-UK newspapers?  The transparent purpose is to pour more cold water on the pro-euro movement in the United Kingdom.


Robert;Watched Emperor Bush and Russian President Putin, this evening on T.V. and listened to Bush exclaim his accolades for his good friend Putin. He acted and looked like a kid and a sappy one at that. What fake nonsense, even under the best of circumstances who would want to be friends with either one of these two loonies? They are both dangerous men – one wars in Chechnya, and the other wars where ever it suits him, so maybe they do find common ground. What is amazing is why Iraq doesn't abrogate all business dealings with Russia, after all Russia has pretty much gone along with everything the Triad asked for. It would make a lot more sense if Iraq tried to pry Turkey away from the west because it is a Muslim state. Iraq has never really profited by its association with Russia, nor could they because Russia is controlled by Hebrews. When  this crises  is over Gasoline will be twenty percent higher than it is now and the fools will be truly be on the path to the dreadful war they will one day seek with the Great Red Dragon of the Far East.
If this type of nonsense continues,
I'd hate to offend a potato for I'd spend most of my life buried in the dirt.
http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/779050/posts    Thanks Andy.
Our "quota" simians and White folks are like immiscible oil and water. Left alone, they separate as we see in schools and other gatherings. Immiscible liquids can be kept in a state of mix by applying mucho shaking, i.e., mechanical effort or by use of an emulsifying agent to produce a goo like mayonnaise – "mayo" as the jews say – and crankcase sludge. ZOG cannot relax in this effort, not for a moment, for biology will have its way – sooner or later.

I do speak despairingly very often, but overall, the intended race-mixing program simply cannot withstand the test of time nor the gonads of much of our male population. Oh jes, what about mulatto Egypt and mulatto Portugal? They mixed with former slaves and now look what they've got – Emeril Lagasse, the chef with a taste for Afro-noise. At the time, setting Portugal back a century meant hardly any change in anything. Grape stomping and a little cork gathering still went on. In White lands today, the technical advances of only a decade make any thought of going back to another century seem very undesirable. The ease and comfort of our way of life is entirely a White production and it would be hard for me to believe that any race-mixing parent would fail to notice that mulattos just won't make it in a world of technology. Women, like nigeroos, may use technology but their spirit is not in tune with it.

The mud factor is increasing and many are starting to also notice the erosion of quality in much of our technical goodies. Even the highly touted NASA is experiencing more and more failures, are is the whole aviation industry. ZOG is destroying itself with its policies.

When the honky grabbed Rhodesia, the nigeroos were few in number. Whitey stuck to his old habit – We feed. They Breed. And breed they did. Now that Rhodesia is Zimbabwe, the only honkies who are now able to feed Rastus are the American goyim. Such a deal. It won't last much longer as world conditions will be changing rapidly, while we dicker over breakfast and buy condoms wholesale.

We often focus on the disruption – the chancre on the lip. Sometimes as we notice some crotch-crazed White woman lick up to a miniature King Kong, perhaps we should count the number of females who aren't doing it. When we notice some whigger pick his nose and look for his next fix, or orifice to fill,  perhaps we should count the working men who aren't. It only takes one person in a theater to disrupt the whole show when he soils his drawers with a "wet" one. Most of the pasture on our farm was beautiful green grass. It was dotted with "plops" of cow manure. We'd better spend time time admiring the grass while stepping over the brown stuff. Whether a truck stop or race track, there are multitudes of White males who are not happy with ZOG's workers' paradise. I would not want to be a ZOGoid when the fit hits the Chan.

African Lifestyle and Cultural News Update; Miss Turd World Pageant in the Nigerian capital

"The papers are reporting 200 dead, but our estimate would be slightly less than that. We are talking about 175," he said.  About 12,000 people have been made homeless and the number of injured in hospital is between 1,100 and 1,200, he said."

As we reported previously, these small numbers are proof that the event is a social gathering.  When the subject is African politics or economics you can add one, two or three zeroes to the numbers.  A current example is Zimbabwe.  In the wake of Negro leader Robert Mugabe's agricultural perestroika of replacing white farmers with black political supporters, foreign agencies are now reporting half the population is at risk of starving to death.


Weekend niggerball news roundup.


"COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Police fired tear gas and wooden pellets to break up rioting by college football fans who set fire to cars, threw bottles and burned furniture in the streets early Sunday in celebration of Ohio State University's victory over rival Michigan."

"Ohio State fans at first high-fived (i.e. the negro clap) the players after the Buckeye victory, but as more fans rushed the field, they began throwing clumps of sod at the officers and taking chunks of the turf some said they planned to sell on the Internet."

"Football celebrations got out of hand in South Carolina, California, North Carolina and Washington, as well."

"At Washington State University, fans pelted visiting players from the winning University of Washington team with bottles, plastic souvenirs and other debris.  'I feared for my life,' Washington athletic director Barbara Hedges said following the dramatic 29-26 triple-overtime win, which was decided by a referee's call that went against Washington State. None of the players was hurt."

Liberal white females are always surprised when their herds of trained niggers and whiggers get out of control.  And they typically never learn from the experience.  (Attention, insurance underwriters.  This woman is at high risk for death by rape induced AIDS or other equal opportunity assault.)

"In Clemson, S.C., a 67-year-old sheriff's officer and a female fan were injured when fans rushed the field and tore down a goal post following the Clemson Tigers' 27-20 win over South Carolina."

It's good to see that diversity has overcome age discrimination in South Carolina.  Now if we can just get the visually impaired into the airliner cockpits all will be well.

" In Raleigh, N.C., one person's leg was broken and two people suffered knee injuries on the field when fans tore down goal posts following North Carolina State's 17-7 victory over No. 14 Florida State."

"In Berkeley, Calif., hundreds of University of California fans overwhelmed security guards and tore down the goal posts following the Golden Bears' 30-7 over rival Stanford. Some of the fans were taken away in handcuffs."

It's quite clear that cultural diversity and anti-racism programs in the Late Great Jewess Ah! need major strengthening.  Unlike the Miss Turd World Pageant in Nigeria, there was not even one fatality reported from these North American cultural events.  Nor was anyone rendered homeless so far as is known.

While North American gatherings aren't yet as energetic as African cultural affairs, we are making progress.  Just imagine the fun waiting when North American grain reserves hit zero (see "Famines Coming Soon" lower on the page).  Jew-dazed 'famine relief efforts' towards Zimbabwe should help accelerate the arrival of these nicely.  Don't think that can happen?  In the 1930s the Judeo-Bolsheviks were happily exporting Soviet wheat for gold while the Ukrainian peasantry was starving to death.