c1209.htm – 9 December 2002
Dear Eric,

"I met you and actually heard you speak in Toronto when I was passing through back around 90/91.  You spoke at the HF April 20th bash at a restaurant.

"I agree with your writing that some of these selfish a-holes are "profit patriots", and to some extent the same thing can be said about XXXX. (Organization name withheld since I do not want to be plagued with hate mail from the members. RF)

"I just wanted to tell you how excited I was to find your writings on the net.  I believe you are one of the most solid people I have had the opportunity to meet.  I have met lots in this movement of ours, you were different."

Our Race is Our Nation, H.J.J.

A hate crime first class – The locals are still mulling over what to do with the culprit if they catch him. It seems that someone hung a sign on a nearby synagogue which read "Yids 'R' Us".
It's time to join the jews. At least they know who they are. The brain impoverished blightwing is still clinging to the "Whites are 73% of the population." Whites were less than 78% of the population way back in 1810 (Injuns were not counted) and it's been down hill ever since. (I also get weary of hearing about 'Hispanic Whites' for I have yet to see one.) The only view such dunderheads could possible have to justify their silly numbers is that anyone who isn't Black is therefore White. In the heyday of slavery 1 out of every 5 persons breathing our air was a Black. When you add in the Injuns of that time, which have multiplied greatly since their "extermination", Whites barely were 70% then. The same people who peddle this baloney also adhere to "the jews are only 2% of the population" drivel. If you follow their words they'll claim that jews lie all of the time, cannot be trusted, and in the next breath they'll use some jew's words as proof of whatever they are trying to prove. This is the mark of the incorrigible blightwing idiot and frankly Karen, I'd rather keep company with jews than this sort of honky.
It must be true if it comes from a jew. Wasn't that Wolfowitz who said that the 12,000 page Iraqi report was "all lies" the moment he heard of it. Man, that's what I call speed reading. To call something a lie means that you must know the truth first. In that case, then why ask for a report at all?
I find it rather interesting that porno big business and the massive outcries of "child sex abuse" coexist. (Is a youngster 'abused' if he, or she, happens to like it?) Does viewing females from a gynecologist's perspective cause a desire to fondle little Henry? If that be so, then apparently only Catholic priests, of all the religious, are viewing porno. Are we to believe that a Methodist, Muslim or local rabbi, is somehow immune from this? It looks to me like someone is out to nail Catholics. Pederasty, bestiality and all other perversions have spotted man's history ever since he noticed that he couldn't fit a shoe to his third leg.

"Child abuse", and other abuses are regularly used as hammers to pound some poor soul into compliance. In some cultures, mothers routinely fondle the sex organs of the very young in order to pacify them. In this case, perhaps it would be considered "abuse" if you didn't do it. Such a deal.

While I lived in California, Bill Fisher once told me, in regard to the speculation about turbine driven automobiles, that "The piston engine will be with us for al least another 25 years." That was in 1960. Bill was not an engineer but he did know how to make cars run faster.

The "atomic powered cars" of the future was heralded at the time and I said, "B.S." (Air Trails magazine described that wonderful world of tomorrow much like some Disneyland exhibit would.) The turbine car, experimentally tested by Chrysler in 1970, was also a pipe-dream and at that time, I also said , "B.S." I am still saying "B.S." to all of the hydrogen power, fuel cell and solar powered automobiles. One might fasten a sail to his Buick and thus achieve "wind power" but that's about as close as it will get. Saying "B.S" on such a regular basis has earned me the label of "being negative". Being negative means that you contradict one's wishful thinking excursions – the sort of day dream world ZOG wants to keep you in so that you don't notice what's really going on.

After discussing Betzhold's abuse of his own bull, gramps told us the the bull was not as stupid as Betzhold might have believed and someday the score would be evened. I have said before that many people act stupid where in fact, they are not. We have all been trained to accept the words of others as fact thus relieving us of the painful task of thinking for ourselves. A truck driver can venture into a small group and after a few takes of conversation, tell you who the smartest people are. We all do this almost without thinking. Why is that, since the situation never involved IQ tests or conclusions drawn from a stack of dubious measurements? Not many in the workplace are deceived by the ZOG propaganda about "equality". The mental deficiency of the Black man, relative to the White, is there for all to see, but academics being what they are,  never believe what is before their eyes and so configure elaborate studies to prove the obvious. If it's not written on paper, or in a book, it cannot be true, so it appears to go.

Here's a link – http://www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com/city.htm  – to this sort of thing and all flows forth without one mention of what is meant by "White" or "Black". Whites have two classifications – Hispanic and non-Hispanic. (Dawh?). I met a NA member years ago and was introduced to his wife whom he apparently thought was White. In my book, she wasn't. The point here is that a study which does not define the objects of question is valuable only to the extent that it affords the paper industry a little more profit and keeps the wayward busy scribbling rather than busy stealing cars.

The link is interesting to read but ask yourself if it really taught you anything you didn't already know.

Thick-headed Robert needs some help. ZOG has made it illegal to have anything all-White. Now please explain to me how you intend to have an all-White piece of sovereign turf without breaking the law. And if you do break the law, how do you intend to defend yourself, and your turf, from ZOG? My learning disabled mind wants to know.
If the "experts" cannot agree then what in hell does "expert" mean anyway? I'll stick by what I say relative to oil. "Cheap" is only a relative term for when the $1 items are all gone, then the $2 items become "cheap". I'll take Eric's word as to the oil reserves throughout Canada which are capped by government order. There's still oil from coal. The doom and gloom of all those LaRouche type exponential curves is pure theatrics. They've been using the same exponential graphs for fifty years now although they change the abscissa and ordinate labels from time to time. I do get weary from researchers who do little other than thumb through pages of opinions rendered by others. Yas, yas. My sources are better than your sources, they groan, but how many ever bothered dirtying their little paws sifting though reality? Hardly a one, for "expert" means you never have to get your hands dirty. That's academia, boys and girls.
Pass the pipe. Smoke on. Let's suppose that the Genie in the light brown bottle grants me a wish. I wish that the entire state of Kansas be instantly free of all yammering bipeds who are not White. Gerplunk. Thud. Ahhhh! My wish is granted and I can hear those flaxen haired cherubs singing "Torn Free". TV is alive with the sound of wonder and Ran Blather pontificates about the meaning of it all. Rat Pobberson declares that the "end" has come while believing that all of those missing Kansas people were jews now on wings soaring to Israel. At last! A homeland for we persecuted White hombres. Wad da ya say ta dat, ZOG?

According to a time proven recipe, ZOG offers federal funds but the Kansassians refuse knowing about the chains which would be attached. While ZOG dickers on, millions of mestizos hear about that nifty state full of White folks and their voluptuous blonde daughters just itching to taste chorizo. ZOG catches the drift and under "eminent domain" declares Kansas (El Estado Blanco) to be open for homesteading. Moreover, a grant of 200 pesos, and free chiles, are offered to the first 200,000 donkey carts full of brats and parents who stake claims. Amidst flying chuletas and tortillas, the carts rush in where fools appeared to tread. Well, the Kansassians, under the banner of Hiram Bratwurst's united-we-stand green truncated sausage, decide to defend their new gotten turf. Blam, blam, blam goes the volley and several middle-aged burritos drop into the masa bin. ZOG goes ape, since is is mostly apes anyway, and denounces the attack on defenseless American citizens. The old Bush Bunnie response was called for. Gulf War III erupts and Kansas ends up looking like Nagasaki the day after, or Mary's shorts after the football team leaves.

"It was great while it lasted," said Greta to Garbo. "Was it good for you too?" asked  the boys in the back room.

How do you spell 'git reel'?

Internet security is much like trusting a bank with your money. Who runs all of those "anonymous server" outfits anyway? Jews? Zoglings? Chinese? Just because they say "Trust me," would not be a reason to do so. If ZOG wants your ass, they'll get it. Have no worry about that. It's only a matter of deciding if your hide would be worth all of the bother.
In 1984, Dr. B.A. Nelson predicted, and described, The Coming Triumph of Mexican Irredentism. Today with Mexibeaners at least 1/3 of the population in Texas and California, it is simply too late to do anything about immigration even if ZOG had a change of heart. Of course, the stone hedge types who still cling to the Hispanic-White notion will not agree with this. To most blight-wingers, if it ain't Black it must be White.

I am waiting for a promised research study into our El Presidente's family tree. I am sure that he is not as "Aryan" as many had believed. As before, when someone sends me stuff, I never reveal the source. To some, this is supposed to discount my opinions but since most only believe what tickles their gonads at the time, I worry little. Santa Claus is from Mars, don'cha'no'?

Talked to Eric. He was as jovial, and humorous, as ever and said he rarely saw an American flag during any sort of activity anymore. The only flags now raised in his town are Mexican which is befitting those enjoying the Mark of the Salsa and Squatters' Rights. He said that if ZOG ever started nailing the internet, he'd stop writing anything, even snail mail, since it's only a hop and skip from the censoring of one to the censoring of the other. We both agree that if that day comes, we will both abide by the law and do something else with our free time. Meanwhile, as others try to get Mexicans to vote for honkies while singing Yankee Doodle Gringo, and send secret messages to each other, I will keep on issuing my messages of dissent hoping that somewhere, out there, I might have my grievances redressed. Until the Constitution is officially abolished, we all should remember –

1st Amendment
     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Today I peacefully assembled next to a new fire hydrant and waved my petition of grievances. No one showed up. Maybe it was lunch time or WalMart was having a great sale.

News is where you find it; it's all around you; it's everywhere.http://www.narconews.com/Issue26/article555.html
War is the ugly antithesis of beauty, for it takes away the creative.
It destroys the humanity in man, and is the devil's own savagery.
God's light becomes night, as death shrouds our fellow beings.
Young lives should never be taken by another, for there is no victor in this grisly sport of evil and death.
Those who survive the carnage, are forever prisoners of their memories.
When we hate our kinsmen in humanity, then we must hate ourselves.
Nor should we be led by lies, to do the evil that cowards seek,
        to satiate a blood lust, of the innocent they do not know.
Evil comes in many forms, but war is it's ugliest.
So beware of those that seek the death of others, for in truth they seek yours as well.

Best regards, Joe. (A combat veteran of WWII, ETO.)

Before you enlist and get your ass shot off, it would pay to be informed first as to how things operate in this freedom loving workers' paradise.
Try WWI on for starters – http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/wwi.htm
Advice, when most needed, is least heeded.
The 911 crew
courtesy Saudi Arabia. Al Queda courtesy Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden courtesy Saudi Arabia. We have troops already stationed in that country. How about a neutron bomb? What would be left? No people, just OIL!!!

Saddam has been "our boy" for a long time. ZOG installed him and then told him to attack Iran. He did. We then signaled it was OK to invade Kuwait. He did. Why would ZOG want to wage war against such as patsy while Korea waves its A-bombs around claiming they'll use them? Of course, Iraq is playing against a stacked deck. If they don't find "whippings of crass distraction" that will only prove how clever they are at hiding them. Such a deal.

Although perhaps nebulous, there is such a thing as the working class. This class supports the ever-expanding low level parasite classes and also provides the goodies that the super-rich steal. This productive base is shrinking while the others are expanding. You don't have to be a University of Chicago graduate to see that something will have to give. The "bang" is not far away.
About 2 years ago I commented on the jerk who wanted all of the sharks killed so he and his friends could swim in safety at some beach in California (now Northern Mexico). Another jerk has now popped up. He believes that coyotes killed one of his calves in a herd numbering in the thousands. He embarked on a program to kill all of the coyotes. (The White idiot should be shipped to Siberia where he can enjoy the cool air and peaceful nights.) He used cyanide, guns, traps and perhaps even flame-throwers and A-bombs were in his mind. The damage caused by this cretin extended far beyond the demise of a few coyotes. The most interesting part of the story was supplied by a zoologist with considerable knowledge of coyotes.

Food always determines the abundance of any critter. More grass. More antelope. More antelope. More wolves. And so on. In coyote country, food is always plentiful since they dine mainly on birds, mice, rabbits, gophers and most anything of their size or smaller. When the ranchers straight from OK Corral grab their Uzis and start blasting, coyote numbers decrease. Since the coyote cannot shoot back – this is what human sport really means – we safe – you die – it changes its breeding pattern in one of 3 ways. (1) The litters get larger. (2) The litters become more frequent. (3) Mating begins at an earlier age. We are lucky that this does not apply to nigeroos although at times, it might appear to be so.

Two-gun Jack was interviewed and out of his twisted mouth came this interesting comment, "Man must control all life on this planet for only he knows what's best for them." It's one of the few times I have heard things straight from the mouth of God.

It's a far, far better thing to have a jew content with his bakery shop then it is to have one of these wild-eyed animal-blasters on the loose, which, by the way, are nearly always White folks.

There's a lot of great stuff on this fellow's site.
For a starter, try this – http://www.ety.com/HRP/walshcomments/ritual_murders.htm
Let's get real for a moment. It's sometimes troublesome when young folks babble on about wars and killing people as if war some sort of computer game. The "Gulf War" was little more than a turkey shoot against a very, very weak opponent. If the young know-it-alls, those interested to jumping into a fray, need a little first hand info, then why not seek out some 60 year old Viet Nam vet; a 70 year old Korean vet or best yet, a WWII vet who will be about 80 years old. Joe, who often has his short notes printed here, has seen killing and done some of it himself. He never considered it something frivolous nor exciting fun. More than not, he probably despised every moment of it. Maguire, myself and Eric are all ex military and none of us are keen on seeing anyone die nor view wars as some sort of CNN spectator sport drink beer at. I would suggest that one spend a little time at the U.S. Army military hospital in Valley Forge PA and see first hand, as I did, young men with no arms, blind, half their faces missing, and so on. The flag-waving public doesn't want to see this lest it detract from their exhibited bravery gestures. It seems that the less one's chances are for being involved in war's dirty business, the more brave he becomes.

On another amazing note, it remains quite humorous when a high school kid can discount, for example, Eric's 40 years of living experience around the world, as of no consequence. There's a term for this – arrogant ignorance. The blightwing is rife with it. We are now, as White people, and have always been, our own worst enemy and if every jew were to vanish overnight, we'd still be in the same mess.

More cracks in the dam – Many local sales taxes will be increased to provide for the rapidly increasing costs of free-loader turd-world Medicaid. We feed. They breed. 'Tis a Christian masochist's paradise.

Many cities are now bankrupt. The Mayor of Buffalo NY wants to relinquish control of the city police department and make it a county matter. This means a drop in pay for the city police plus a diminution of services.

Urban school systems, in their insane programs to do what Nature didn't do, are going broke under the load of trying to make muds and Blacks into knowledgeable beings. Teachers are leaving the profession in droves and severe shortages abound.

When a ship starts to sink, the rats are the first to try and leave. As Eric has frequently pointed out, watch the jew if you want to have a glimpse of the next coming attraction. As our vacationing Maguire has put it, the whoopee days of the stock market have ended and one must start getting prepared for a long winter. Now here's a little note from Mr. A.G. —

"I just read a recent interview with wealthy investor Leon Levy. It is to be noted that he is NOW very pessimistic about the future prospects for the USA and its economy.  He has already taken a very large position in a bank in South Korea and I believe he is putting us all on notice that it may be time for THEM to depart to greener pastures. He believes the future is now in Asia. Now, I think you can start taking things seriously."

Moses are Red and Marvins are too. Your taxes will pay, to service the jew.

There is virtually little that can be done when we appeal to the nebulous rational side of White people. The best that can be hoped for is that when some White dude's Black "friends" beat him to a pulp and rape his mother. Perhaps that might open his eyes but, as we have seen, this doesn't work in most cases. White people refuse to remain White people and we can be thankful that the Mexicans are now teaching them something they should have learned before they were 6 years old. Mothers, at least the farty bunch we have today, will move heaven and earth to keep their children from experiencing, and thus learning about, reality. Far too many households are controlled by playing the "pussy card" which eventually cheats children from being able to deal with the real world as any true White father would. As FAEM mentioned years ago, the real world is closing in on the American pipe dream.

Every once in a while, good news comes our way —   http://www.rense.com/general32/LAmexicans.htm

In 1933, a new light shone upon the world. It was the hard light of Nature's laws embodied in political form. A partial aim was to build better people by blocking the avenues of degeneracy. Imagine a world with a limited number of beautiful, intelligent and healthy people; a world where all areas were not open to plunder serving the interests of the greedy and ugly. Inspired not by a lust for power, although that was present at lower levels, but by that described "In that hour it began." It was not a new idea since the thrust of Nature has always been towards improvement, that is, if Nature's laws were not circumvented. Left alone, coyotes become better coyotes as do the gophers and birds they feed upon. Man, and in particular the White man, was never content to work with Nature, he had to impose himself on it – subdue it – control it – and thereby become a god himself, at least in his own mind. Over the centuries, the outcome of this egocentricity has created millions of people mentally deficient and physically deficient, where millions no longer cannot live as other life on this planet but require artificial contrivance to even exist at all. To overcome the obvious, man self-imposed a delusional state where he considered whether he was "happy" as if this would detract from his poor eyesight, rotted teeth, weak heart, and little resistance to disease. From the first burbles of Socrates, which developed into a cacophony of amens, to the present, we remain assured that the physical and mental being is of little consequence as long as the invisible, nay, intangible, "soul" remains unscathed. That is what life is all about, so they tell us. To hell with real life, let's look for the end of the rainbow. We'll call it heaven. But then, what be heaven's purpose other than stagnation and the eternal boredom of bliss? It cannot be "life after death" for life is growth and struggle.

The new expression of Nature's Idea was cause for concern among the deformed, depraved and perverted. Their whole existence was an affront to Nature and now they perceived danger. The profiteer and middleman, those who remain parasitic upon all those who truly work, did not like the sound which was beginning to expand its range. What if the "idea" caught on? We'd be doomed! That's what they must have been thinking. Inward they turned and brought out the only response their selfish and narrow minds could offer. If it offends – bludgeon it. If it appears threatening – kill it. And kill it they tried. A proud and accomplished nation, the manifestation of the Idea, was put to ruin by claiming that the threat to the deranged and criminally powerful, was the same as a threat to all, which is decidedly wasn't. After the gloating funeral of 1945, the working people were placated by another batch of lies and the lying has continued for over one-half a century, and shows no sign of abating. In fact, new fiction is being manufactured on an assembly line basis. Lying to the public has taken on a life of its own. It's now an accepted industry and usual government policy.

You can starve a people and you can humiliate a people. You can force them to watch their homeland being populated by people of dubious stock, but even if you killed them all, the Idea would persist for that Idea belongs to Nature, and hence, all life.

The technological power, now wielded by the White man, remains unprincipled and unrestrained. That will be his downfall unless a new generation of White people decide that they've had enough of our eventually futile combat with Nature.

There is a rehabilitation cure for rapehttp://www.ashevilletribune.com/gun_toting_granny.htm
Thanks to Morfey, we have this one – http://www.csmonitor.com/2002/1204/p01s04-woaf.html
Mr. 68.82 writes –

"Here we go again, this whole catastrophe is such a setback.

"I saw your posting on the human evolution matter.  I believe hue-men beings are high up on the chain of life overall.  Isn't it amazing how some twits immediately and mistakenly believe they can take on a topic such as "human evolution" when they aren't even able to take on a topic such as "amoeba evolution"? Human evolution makes about as much sense as "sparrow
evolution" or "Douglas Fir evolution".  But immediately, with no basis of success in other areas, they deem themselves worthy of asserting a position on "human evolution".  Yes, the bait is laid.  People love to entertain such thoughts, and if they seem "reasonable" in contrast to the information stored in the target sheeple's minds (which is essentially naught owing to "modern influences") then it is accepted as fact.

"Imagine that you control the money printing press and that your aims are the same as those who "won" WWII. If you cannot elevate the penguins to fly, then you clip the wings of the eagles and make them live amongst the penguins.  Then you become the master of the bird zoo.  What kind of zoo is this ?  You become the master of a junkyard.  Surely, in the perspective
of those alien ones, from a practical standpoint, it is better to be a leech attached to a flying eagle, than to be master of the zoo of artificially grounded birdlore.  Ah, but hatred hath no bounds, and these "masters" cannot think for themselves!  They
only know destruction.  Surely, the gods put these "masters" here to test our will.  The only answer is to destroy their money printing press. Without it, they have no power. The only way out is to destroy their money power."

Mr. A.G. writes –

"I enjoy this one very much and I'd like to bring your attention to it. During the 1950's, Immanuel Velikovsky, a jewish psychological analyst, created their typical intellectual firestorm by publishing a series of books. He started with "Worlds In Collision" wherein he proposes a theory that the Bible is factually correct and literally true while our current reality is different than as described by our science. He asserts that Venus is 3000 (three thousand) years old and gushed out of Jupiter and came flying at Earth, etc. The man did  not know the difference between a hydrocarbon and a carbohydrate but he had figured out how Venus was created recently. He befriended Albert Einstein in Princeton and became his friend and neighbor. Einstein encouraged him in his endeavors. This actually created a stir in 50's and still does in some "intellectual" circles.

"This is laugh out loud stuff and really tragic comedy  All their  brains are here, Freud, Einstein, Sagan, etc. and the Keystone Kops ar elevated to Newtonian heights. If it intrigues you, punch in some of the above names into Google and catch the results."

Speaking of the religious, I hope you have seen the face of Hal Lindsey, another proponent of the "end times". I see Injun but others might be inclined to call him "White". 
We who are about to die, salute youhttp://www.antiwar.com/orig/brooks1.html
In 1938, one of my uncles was in the U.S. Navy and as gramps related, he told of U.S. attacks against German ships and submarines, long before WWII, just as our forces have been attacking Iraq long before the planned "war" is to begin. FDR was a scoundrel of the first water, the kind Americans love to have rule them. People with the ability to think knew about the Pearl harbor affair and gramps still corresponded with relatives in Hamburg, Germany, which, as Chief Dan George said in The Outlaw Josey Wales, "gave him an edge." It's old hat, but there's more – http://www.independent.org/tii/news/020311Cirignano.html
OK Chester, read this slowly. It's from the National Geographic, August 2002.


"A series of six pre-historic skulls dug up near the town of Dmansis in the republic of Georgia are throwing new light – or confusion – on human evolution. The skulls are thought to be 1.75 million years old and appear human enough to be considered a hominid (i.e. of the same family as modern humans and their immediate predecessors) but do not seem to fit the pattern of any hominid species previously identified.

"Modem humans (Homo sapiens) are thought to have arisen in Africa from a species known as Homo erectus, a hominid with a fairly large brain. Homo erectus in turn seems to be descended from another African hominid, the smaller brained Homo habilis. Some Homo erectus spread from Africa to Asia as far as China and Java but until now this was thought to be the only hominid to leave Africa until modem man arose.

"The Dmanisi skulls throw this idea out. They had a much smaller brain than Homo erectus but otherwise exhibit a mixture of features of both erectus and habilus. In fact it seems to be an intermediate species giving reason for a revision of ideas on how modem man came about."

Here we can see the evolution of the Theory of Evolution in action. Mainly, no one really knows what in hell they are talking about and as soon as some agree on a fanciful notion, Mom Nature tosses another vegetable into the soup and so it's back to square uno. (Nigeroo brains are smaller than white brains and you hardly need some scientist to tell you that, that is, if your brain works beyond a simian level.) Notice that in the genus-species-family classification format, a fudge factor has been added. That is the "intermediate species." I suppose we can now look forward to an "intermediate genus" or and "intermediate class". After all, at the kingdom level, we now have a couple of intermediate kingdoms – neither plant nor animal but something or the other.

The one comment which is refreshing is "...a revision of ideas." There is nothing factual about this whole classification business since it is merely an abstract concoction fermenting in the brains of people who would be better advised to do something useful such as planting cabbage. The claim that the nigeroo and the white man are related simply because some biologist's clan gave them both the name Homo sapiens, makes about as much sense as saying that president George Washington is related to Booker T. Washington because someone gave them the same name. "Homo sapiens" refers to things which are no more related than is the octopus (Japanese taco) to that funny sandwich (Mexican taco). Hey man! Doesn't that prove that the Japs are Mexican? The black man might be your brother but he sure as hell isn't mine.

Much of what we call science, is actually religious in nature. They both have their priests, interpretations, disciples and heretics.

Thanks to AG for this one – "The edifice is being dismantled."  http://users.net.yu/~mrp/index.html

"The only thing more frustrating than being told that you are going to train a nigger is the actual training thereof. Of course we all know that ‘training a nigger’ is an oxymoron of sorts, for niggers have learning plateaus instead of learning curves (which should be really embarrassing for niggers as even slugs can be trained to make right or left turns with the use of electric shock). I work security control for a major corporation, and, though most often nothing happens, you have to know a lot just in case
something does. Niggers simply can't retain the required information. Fortunately my full day of training was cut short when a local gang member (nigger) and his pregnant girlfriend (also a nigger) decided to drive their car into one of the gates in our parking garage while they had a ‘domestic dispute.’  Fortunately they had an audience. Their two year old niglette was in the back seat watching all the potential that his genetics held unfold before his very eyes. How proud he must feel to come from such stock. How lucky. I'm just glad that I get the privilege of witnessing the benefits of diversity in action. This way I can constantly remind myself who brought such diversity upon us and who keeps it here. When the culling begins these are the people who need to go first. We should make that our first priority." MD

I spent much of my childhood in a small city of 12,000 pimples. There was only one place which produced homemade chocolates. They were cheap and ranked only one notch above those sold at Kresge's 5 and 10 cent store. Lloyd, a fellow who lived down the street from my uncle, decided to open a candy shop. He used the best ingredients available and it wasn't long before he was rolling in the moola, as they used to say. Lloyd bought a nice residence on a nearby private lake and it appeared that he, and his family, "had it made". Well folks, being content with a great life-style is un-American. Lloyd wanted more. Greed is a constant pest, it appears, and one only the stout of character can resist.

Lloyd couldn't increase the number of customers, nor could he persuade the constant population to consume more. There were only two routes to follow: increase the cost per pound or, use cheaper ingredients. Wages were rather stable then so increasing the price of his candy was out of the question. Lloyd did not choose to buy cheaper chocolate nor substitute margarine for butter. At first, he added about 3 chocolate pieces to his 1 pound box which were purchased from some bulk dealer in crapola candy. No one apparently objected and so he started increasing the percentage of el cheapo brand keeping his selling price the same. In about 2 years, candy sales started to fall since there were many people with fastidious taste, the kind which purchased his chocolates in the first place. He finally sold the business and moved to another city where he repeated the scam, as my father told me.

The whole country operates this way. It's as American as the rip-off. Material objects are as gods. The more expensive, the closer the possessor is to heaven.

I work for a Jewish Carpenter. As I drove around Fayetteville, I saw a lot of these bumper stickers on vehicles driven by white folks. Unless they change their views, we are safe in believing that such people are our enemies.
Just because we don't like each other is no reason we cannot agree that 2 + 2 = 4.
Fasten your seatbelts
and arm yourself for confrontation with your Marxist teachers. To hell with those grades. You aren't learning anything useful anyway.  – http://www.ety.com/HRP/walshcomments/ritual_murders.htm

The Nuremberg "war crimes" lynchings were carried out on special jewish days. Check it out for yourself. I shouldn't have to do everything, should I? Also, the trap doors and rope length were designed so that the condemned would hit their faces on the edge of the hole and that dying would be sadistically prolonged. It should never be forgotten that these men were found guilty of crimes defined after the fact. We call these ex post facto laws.

Remember the Pace Amendmentof the 1980s? It wanted to make whiteness a requirement for U.S. citizenship. Repatriation of all non-whites was required and like Marcus Garvey before him, black man Robert Brock was in favor of returning to Africa. Many black people do not like living among a batch of honkies. Can't say as I blame them. Anyhoo, the boys who needed signatures went to the white stronghold of Idaho and gas vot? The honkies there refused to go along.  You see, most white folks do not want to live in a white country. They need the blacks and muds so they can have an audience for their demonstrations of superiority – we are superior because we can help you. It's Thorstein Veblen's "conspicuous consumption" on an emotional plane. It is the hallmark of the feminine attitude which permeates the whole society. With only about 10% of the population behind anything which smacks of having a white country, it's really not much to take to the voting booth, even on a good day. The present condition will have to change before the honky starts to change. Jabbering in his ear won't make it. In spite of what appears obvious to us, the FAEM cranks, America's problems are not yet connected to race. Be patient, for the day is rapidly approaching when they will be.
Thanks to Joe's reference, here's another article well worth reading – http://www.antiwar.com/orig/browne25.html
Note: You would have you have manure for brains to believe for one instant that any gaggle of scholars, pontificating at a $200 per seat conference, will in any way affect the present world condition. Academics, for the most part, are about as valuable as tits on a bull. Some of them are actually quite entertaining but it's still hard to beat Clint Eastwood. People love to believe that problems can be talked away. I suppose if you talk long enough, some problems might disappear – or you might. In that case, the reason for the yammer becomes nongermane.
ZOG S.O.P. First, see if you can bribe them –
If that doesn't work, then bomb the crap out of them. The way things are, perhaps Vito Corleone should be president. The bribe to Turkey comes out of someone's pockets and you can bet it won't be those of our criminal rich. America – land of the sucker.
If you find a turd in your soup, do you find it necessary to find another before you condemn the soup? If so, what a fine revisionist you'd be for they need to hash, re-hash, post-hash and over-hash the obvious until they wear it out.

How many times does someone have to lie to you before your get the idea he is not trustworthy as to the truth?

How many holes are required in a tire before it goes flat?

Does a man need to steal more than once in order to become a thief?

I am not very patient with the notion of reviewing the past, over and over and over. Years ago, I attended some of the look-what-they-are-doing-to-us-now groups. Each month someone would bring in another story about how Whitey was getting the purple shaft. I hopefully thought they might have learned something, but they didn't because 35 years later they are still adding to the story data bank. In the meantime, the rot continues. I suppose people engage in such activity because they cannot think of anything to do which will change things and this gives them a feeling of "doing something". As for myself, going fishing is doing something.

"911? I think the fellow near me is dead. What should I do?"
"That's depends. How do you know he is dead?"
"He looks like he is not breathing. He doesn't move."
"We cannot do anything until we know for sure that he is dead."
"OK. Let me see."
  – – – – BANG! BANG! – – –
"Oh yes. He's dead for sure."

Thanks to G.K. for sending this in –

"At the one War Crimes Trial involving abortion, the prosecutor, in his summation, called abortion an "inhumane act" and an "act of extermination" and stated that even if a woman's request for abortion was voluntary abortion was still a war crime and a crime against humanity.(37) The men doing the abortions were found guilty at this trial of "encouraging and compelling abortions" and were sentenced to 25 years in prison.(38) Concerning abortion, the United States, a democracy, is doing today what it once condemned Germany for doing."

On March 10, 1948, two SS officers received 25 years for doing abortions and other crimes, TWC, v, 153, pp. 16061, 166.

There was also a rather nice short compendium of quotes from the leaders of the original (i.e., Gentile) women's movement of the 19th century. While undeniably dizzy, these broads lacked the modern National Organization of Repulsive Jew Bull Dykes'
obsession with torturing to death maximum numbers of white babies. In fact, Stanton, Woodhull, Antony, et al. were, to a man, opposed to the abominably vile practice of fetal death by torture.

The full article can be found at: Typical Christian Cowardice and Dishonesty

Encyclopedia Britannica 1910 – anti-Semitism, V25 482b  – "While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded, and ... " (sent in by a reader)

If it's 6 million, it's kosher, so it appears. "Degraded", "poisectuted", und finally "guessed". Such a deal.

Hello Robert,

Please publish and comment:

Martha Stewart promotes racism, as evidenced on her morning television show today! She visited and interviewed a hateful old white male, a custom shoemaker. He makes ice skate boots for professional skaters. The first step of the operation is measuring the feet and crafting custom, wooden "lasts," or shoe molds, over which the expensive boots will be built.  Everybody's feet are different, and once he creates the lasts for an adult client, every subsequent pair of boots or shoes will be the same. This man has been in business for many years. He claims that just by studying the shape of the feet, he can identify somebody's heritage, "you can tell if they are Irish, Italian, Greek, and so on," he said. He didn't mention negroes (maybe few negroes skate professionally). This man is every bit as hateful as the Aryan Baby Drive; someone ought to call the ADL! Sports involving skating must be banned from the Olympics!

Regards, T.N.

Robertsez – Humankind has always baffled me. They are animal life and yet they behave as if they weren't. They dream up notions and then think they can be planted as hats on a head to some effect. It's all about biology and it always has been. Politics, economics, religions, and so on, all have their roots in biology. A Black man simply cannot view the world as does a White man and any government, such as ours, which thinks it can impose an abstract system upon such divergent entities and expect a uniform outcome, will end up in chaos as we are not starting to bear witness. Only a fool beyond redemption could believe that a lion should use a leopard's tactics when it comes to finding supper. This 'New World Order' will bring maximum disruption amongst us on this planet. It is entirely natural that people prefer their own kind at the expense of others and the surest path to mayhem is to force people who don't like each other, to live together. Nearly everyone knows that all problems are mainly one of race but they force themselves to act as if that weren't the case. The jabber about "the inner city" being one of disadvantage is really one about little bits of Africa growing in our larger cities. Since prostitute politicians seek Black votes, they dare not get into the race deck. If you do not understand race, you'll never understand the world around you.

Any dentist can tell you that there are racial differences in the teeth. Whites have the greater 'over bite" and as this lessens, the closer the person is to an ape. Watch any basketball player smile. Hmmm..... chimp or baboon?

What? Who me? This is the land of the brave, ain't it?         http://jeff.paterson.net/aw/aw4_buried_alive.htm

Want more horror stories? Why not contact some elderly German survivor of Judeo-American WWII justice?

American Free Press 22/7/02 South Africa erupts in Bloodbath
by James P. Tucker Jr.

"South African blacks are killing whites in droves, but the mainstream media chooses to cover up this horror."

"The government has passed a gun law to disarm the whites while blacks will remain armed to carry out the regime's genocide campaign, she said."

Robertsez – I don't know how true this is but, if so, I have little sympathy for those honkies so braindead that they allowed it to happen. They wanted communism. They got it. They wanted equality and diversity, They got it. So what's the beef?

Mere change of place won't save our race.
Only a change of mind can save our kind.
        ........................................ Eric Thomson
Dick I-wanna-be-a-millionaire Weebucks goes to a casino where he drops $500. He could have bought a refrigerator. Instead, the casino owner now has his $500 and he buys a refrigerator. Since the casino owner got the refrigerator, ZOG says that the economy was improved. Without the casino, Dick would have bought the refrigerator but that would have been a "stagnant" economy. Six cheers for gambling, booze, prostitution, crime, drugs, AIDS, and all of those other good things which keep us happy and prosperous – drowning in the American dream.

If I give you $110 to whistle Dixie and a week later you pay me $110 to clean the beer stains from your car seat, how does this money go-around increase the gross national product?

Economic growth = resource depletion and planet pollution. How long do you think this "goal" will be sustained? I can see it all now – shoulder to shoulder like maggots on a decaying carcass; up to our wastes in turd-world dandruff, and shouting, "This is Nirvana. We needs mo' jobs.! We needs mo'!" How many holes can you drill in a boat before there is no more boat? ZOG is trying to find the answer experimentally and the Goyim are all eager to help.

Britain now say's Iraq is abusing their own people, therefore it will be necessary for the Triad to go to war to kill Iraqi people  for the so called abuse. God what craziness.

Robertsez – It's old hat. Flaky, shaky butch dyke Reno had all the kiddies at Waco burned alive to save them from "abuse". Remember the old Dick Tracy character, Fearless Fosdick, who went around shooting people to prevent them from dying from eating poisoned beans? It's as American as lox and bagels. We kill people in the name of saving them from misery, doncha 'no'? 

What a sad tale Anon related of his ordeal with the coons in England. What he wrote about is something that should be read by all because it is a portent of more to come. It must be understood that all negroes despise the white race. England 60 years ago was a mostly  white country with traditions going back many centuries; but the moment Oliver Cromwell permitted the Hebrews back into England the rot set in. England so feared a German invasion during  W.W. 2, but have since been invaded by millions of blacks, and other non-European races from the West Indies, Africa, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, and a dozen other former British Colonies that now populate large sections of formally all white cities to leach off the white race. The sappy socialist dip shits molly coddle them like new born babes. The black bastards will often gang up on white youth and intimidate them in their own country. England now has serious crime problems and escalating dope addiction that can only get worse.  When I lived in England years ago, it was always distressing to see young  pretty white girls run with the black trash who for the most part sought them for prostitution purposes.

The serious deteriorating state of mind of whites that betray their own race is almost beyond comprehension. In England's case, it will not be that long before the inhabitants of that Island will no longer be considered a white European race. Maybe that's why they ally themselves with U.S. foreign policy because they fit in so well with the racial mish mash the U.S. has become. As has been said many times, the real enemy of our race is the Judaized, feminized, muddle-headed white politician. All white men must reinvigorate their souls and dedicate themselves to protecting their white European heritage in a brotherhood of true solidarity.
Regards. Joe.

I wish people would stop smoking those weeds which cause them to believe that what happened in Germany circa 1930, can happen here and that we can use that period as a model for a reversal of our country's acceleration into chaos at mud-warp speed. This is not Germany and it's not 1930! Germany at that time was 97% White people of the same general extraction. The U.S. is hardly 50% White and they are from divergent descent to boot. When one worries about the wart on his ass, it becomes difficult to be aware that he is in a swamp swimming with alligators. Farting around using the rules of a failed system not only wastes everyone's time, it insures eventual failure. You should be smelling the coffee.