13 December 2002
At one of the jewper markets I frequent, there is a great looking female cashier named Susie. Recently, I had occasion to see one of her sisters and a brother. Both of them were right out of some Star Wars episode. I was told that Susie was the only good looking person in the whole family. That meant she was an anomaly and if one was inclined to marry her, he should remember the genes lying underneath that sweet face. That's why any wise fellow should always investigate a girl's family far more than he does her. That will give a good picture of the genes he will have to deal with.

A recent TV show concerned a fellow who was born with 6 fingers on each hand, no nose, and  three kidneys. His cranial plates fused prematurely thus preventing any further growth of the brain. Quite predictably, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars will be spent trying to patch up this poor creature. This brought to mind the trollop who serves ptomaine hash at Vinny's Place. Her hair is dyed and she wears blue contacts. There's a small marble pierce job in her tongue and her nose was remodeled. Recently, she went for a 3 quart size breast implant. I noticed once, when she bent over to pick up a dropped plate of pancakes, that there was some sort of tattoo on her back. None of this changed one gene.

Star Wars apparently has left some of the population worshippers of the freak. Otherwise, why are so many young people mutilating their body as a sort of permanent Hallowe'en? But through it all, there are dem doze genes lurking underneath ready to do a bad number on your future children.

A problem with all verbal exercise is that you are never sure if the other fellow uses the same definitions as you do. The country is sex crazed and it appears that all remarks are first interpreted in a sexual context. Take, for example, the perfectly fine word 'intercourse'. "I greeted my cousin Bonnie and we enjoyed an hour of intercourse." Now what picture popped right into your mind? Yet the dictionary defines that word as "Dealings or communications between persons or groups." If humping is what was meant, then 'sexual intercourse' would be the proper term. There is a town in Pennsylvania named Intercourse which is located at the intersection of routes 340 and 772, near Lancaster. I can well imagine what some might think goes on there around the clock. Maybe Hugh Hefner was born there.

The dictionary always defines 'passionate' as having strong emotions, yet most all think this means some stud in the throws of estrus. One time, while commenting upon the obvious passionate displays of those engaged in a heated abortion debate, I asked one woman if she were also passionate (relative to political matters). Like a freshly titillated capsule of nitroglycerine she shrieked, "How dare you say I am frigid!" At that moment I realized that we simply were not on the same channel. Not only was the word in a tunnel vision grip but the entire gist was insanely distorted. Such people invite wariness.

Eric had a recent dialogue with a fellow who maintained that "nation" meant a body of people living in the same territory and hence, Jesse Jackson and Ronald Reagan both belong to the "American nation". The Latin "natio" – being born, a tribe, a race. See gens, clan, family, race. A homogeneous people (populus) – the same kind, kin, kindred. In the past, a nation (people of the same lineage) often was exclusive to a territory and nation then referred to the people living in that territory. In this country, we had many nations of Indians some of whom were nomads. With the forced racial destruction occurring all over the White world, no longer can we assume that a German "citizen" belongs to the German nation.

"Circle" got its name from the Roman circus. Such excursions into the substance usually are futile since, in the words of a college student who didn't like my reference to the dictionary and Latin roots, "A word means what I want it to mean." This fellow apparently was a fan of "Alice in Wonderland." You can lead an ass to facts, but you cannot make him think.

If a member of the Iroquois nation, and his mate, moved to Borneo and thence have an offspring, would that child then become a member of the Borneo nation? (Whatever that might be.)

There's much buzz concerning WalMart calling the cops on a woman who had used their photo finishing service for shots of the bare bottoms of their little kids. With terrorists under everyone's bed I suppose child porno is also dripping from every camera lens. What does disturb me is the presumptive position of judging what others do and then doing the snitch routine. That is a very dangerous trend. While still employed as a presenter of material (sometimes incorrectly referred to as 'teaching'), I was under a legal requirement to report all cases of suspected child abuse. Was that kid with a black eye a victim of "abuse" or did he mouth off at a peer who got a little emotional? Did he walk into a door knob? How in hell was I to know? He could tell me one thing, but he could be falsifying the account – a not uncommon practice as you know. If he wanted to report something, that was his business and not mine. I stated to the principal that I'd not be a snitch for the government and if pressed, he'd be surprised at what a faulty memory I really had.
In regard to Eric's oil comments, this was sent in by a reader  – "Decades ago, (1930-1970) Unocal owned all the land here in Santa Maria. Unocal drilled and pumped and raped and pillaged this area to their hearts content. This area is basically a gold mine for oil as it seeps out of the ground and offshore without even having to lay a drilling rig. (Guadalupe dunes was especially productive)." 
Mr. A.A. informs FAEM that The World Church of the Creator is moving it's HQ's to Riverton, WY. A town in an Indian reservation!

Robertsez – There's nothing like finding one's 'roots'.

It is typical of the military mind to always fight the present war with the weapons of the last war.
I cannot figure out
what sort of magic those who dream of "appealing to White people" could offer them. It certainly cannot be financial for ZOG controls all money. You can change people's behavior but rarely their ideas, and today's Whites are steeped with self-enrichment and worship the "more" god. The American Dream is little other than an exercise in satiating greed. It's true that one needs civil power before any sort of political power comes about, but no matter because it all depends upon numbers. All hope of White civil power is vanishing as fast as the "refugees" pour in. Silly people often spend time refining the details of something which wouldn't work anyway. They remind me of a fellow building a refrigerator for his food. By the time he finishes, the food would have spoiled. That is my prediction relative to the hours wasted upon pie-in-the-sky proposals which might have had a chance in 1948 but not today. The future is never like the past which means all plans based upon the past are doomed to fail. We are in a biological war, for all life is biological, and the hope of some political election nonsense being dropped upon people as a cure for something is patently absurd. Politics, religion and economics flow from the inner spirit of a people and that spirit is only as strong as their biological numbers. White people have lost their spirit and nothing but having their necks in a noose will get them to change their behavior. Nothing short of having their faces rubbed in excrement will change things and even then, it might be doubtful. We few, who are OF the many are NOT the many. 
After the Brazilians spent wasted years trying to eliminate poverty, they gave up and then decided to rape the rain forest. Those "pardos" went to work destroying one of the greatest suppliers of atmospheric oxygen and consumers of "greenhouse" carbon dioxide on the planet.

Our present obsession with impractical Marxism will soon be replaced by a sytem best described by the jew Lenin's statement, "Those who do not work shall not eat." By then America will really look like a dung heap for we have our own generous supply of pardos. If you can't feed, then you shouldn't breed.

Hey man! Didja know that the Mayan word for chief is POP? And that their word for 'cloud serpent' is ZIP? Now, when someone says, "You don't know zip," you'll know what he's talking about.
Both Ochpaniztli and Tepeilhuitl were unhappy. They must have been for the corn crop was doing poorly due to the lack of rain. What to do? What to do? The Great God of Rain needed sacrifices and so they sacrificed 120 of their best. Their hearts were ripped out; some flesh was eaten and washed down with blood held in goblets made of gold. The Aztecs watched and waited. Still no rain. There was nothing wrong with sacrificing, the priests assured, it was just that perhaps not enough hearts were offered. So they slew 200 more and rested on the seventh day. Still no rain but one priest sensed that the great gods were making clouds but still had to have more hearts to make sure that the people were serious. 100 more bloody and dismembered bodies accumulated and then another 60. Again they rested on a seventh day. The obsidian knives were getting dull and so they fashioned others from the rib of Etzalcualiztli. That was the end of the fourth third day and Tlaxochimaco saw that it was good and He named it Toxcatyl. And it was so. After 74 more sacrifices, the head priest started to get acid reflux. He could eat no more children's arms. That was good for then the rains came and the corn grew.  And Tlaxochimaco said, Let us remember that sacrifice works and we shall be gathered together unto one place, and kill and kill and kill until the rains appear – and it was so.
Is David Duke two fries short of a Happy Meal? Did too much orifice porking ruin his brain? He blows off to jewland #2 and gives talks about the naughty jews to an audience of Khazars. Make that six fries short. Here's a fellow who got lots of people to vote for him. Like the sellout Perot, his actions benefited only the ZOG for it has destroyed much support from good people. I doubt if they will ever vote for anyone again. (For those interested, my FAEM hard copy of 1991 revealed this clown for what he was. Remember that Duke did not pass my Larry King test. Neither did Perot. A copy of that issue is available for $4834.56 postpaid. The only download available is in Swahili. :o))
Is it time for a real house cleaning of the blightwing? Here's another one:

"Count me as a 'second person' who got the final $50 issue and no explanation, for where the other three were, from Mr. Barry.Oh, and Duke, WAR (Metzger) bulletin sez today the Russkies are handing him over to the US soon; where he will be charged with money launderiing, tax evasion, etc.  Well, fool me once, shame on me... Fool me thrice??  – A former sucker"

Maguire replies,

"Another reader tells me that SFC Barry has apparently gone incommunicado underground and is not available even to his former close working associates.  I'm not happy at being 'proved right'.  Every incident like this just represents wasted precious resources, lost time, abused good will and often alienated potential comrades."

"About David Duke:  His primary problem, according to his attorney, stems from the SALE of his list of supporters to one Mike Foster, now Governor Foster, GOP-ZOG, of Louisiana. Duke is reported to have received $100,000.00 for this list, which Fed-ZOG claims was not properly reported to the IRS. Duke's attorney says it was properly reported and it was all an accounting misunderstanding.

"I don't give a shit which story turns out to be true.  What was Duke doing selling that list to a Republican politician to begin with?"

Robertsez – I am sure that Duke supporters will blame ZOG for political persecution and frame-up. Apologizers for David Lane of the baker's dozen plus 1 points, claimed political persecution. Mr. Lane was convicted of being an accomplice to murder. Considering the dead body plus all of the other evidence, I could hardly swallow the "political persecution" bit. Lane was incarcerated, not because of his beliefs nor because the victim was a jew; he was jailed because he was a criminal. The martyr Matthews was killed because of criminal behavior and resistance and not because of his beliefs. Charlie Manson is enjoying free room and board at taxpayers' expense not because of his murderous and nitwits beliefs, but because of his criminal behavior. While it is true that your beliefs might place you in jeopardy and under close scrutiny, at present you cannot be jailed for them. That's why I strongly emphasize that all dissident activity be strictly legal.

I'd like to preface my following comments by mentioning that they are my opinion – neither right nor wrong – just opinion, and sometimes not too humble. Facts can be argued true or false, but opinions can only be agreeable or not.

It is believed by some that the path to White continuance on this continent, and indeed world wide, can best be accomplished though the formation of a new political agenda for White folks. Outside of any silly notion as to how we might garner enough votes for victory, we are saddled with appealing exactly to that which got us in this mess in the first place. That appeal is to be one of personal monetary benefit. It that indeed is what White people are all about, then I wouldn't care if they were all shipped to Galaxy Poontang on the first Lockheed UFO headed in that direction. Appealing to some fulfillment of personal greed is perhaps the most base of any motive. Isn't this what the jews are accused of most of the time?

If White victory was miraculously accomplished at the polls, then what of the hordes of Aztlan followers who'd view that victory as a loss of their irredentism? How about all of those Chinese who are colonizing and buying up everything to continue makee egg roll. Then there would be the very unhappy Black crowd who see welfare and special privilege going down the honky hate drain. How long do you really think they'd sit by while confident Whitey basked in the sun of election victory?

It would be odd indeed if the majority of us simply dickered around with our computer games, and up-the-anus porno movies, waiting for election time to offer an opportunity for a "redress of our grievances". ZOG presently holds all of the election strings and like the jew-run sports rackets, outcomes can be easily rigged. If it ever came down to a real skirmish, I'd not be surprised that voting could be dispensed with due to "a national emergency" or "terrorist threat". Perhaps an epidemic of acid reflux disease might be that national emergency.

We are in a real war even though not enough shells have penetrated the domes of the niggerball fans yet. But that day is coming. Having elections while shots are being fired is a game for fools.

American style individualism – now a deity – is now in its last days since it has so crippled the national spine that death is certain. The Mexicans use community. The jews use community. The Chinese use community. In fact, all do except White people. That is why our enemies sense that their victory is just as certain as is the demise a whore who insists on continued copulation in a row boat 500 yards upstream from the great falls of the Niagara River.

The entire, and totally ineffective blightwing has not escaped this myopic individualism. Each mini-Führer has elevated himself in his mind's eye to something supreme – no doubt his mommy insisted that he be da  greatest – and what he feels is important is the only thing worth pursuing. There is absolutely nothing salvageable in the blightwing and every jew of substance knows that. They might disagree on which jew gets the contract, but they remain a jewish community. Until White people can subordinate their personal interests to that of the group, then the downhill slide will continue. Ask not what the White people can do for you, but what you can do for White people. Basing an election program on appealing to "what's in it for me" would be tantamount to saying tapeworms can rid you of tapeworms.

I think one yenta revisionist blightwinger revealed it all, relative to the blightwing, that the purpose was to "develop a following", and from that following, an income. I am of the opinion that today's refurbished idea of political party solution might have worked during the days of the Boston Tea Party. But time was.

Those young enough to never have lived through that period, this speech of Col. Charles Lindbergh's should be quite enlightening. Like many well intentioned people, I think Col. Lindbergh did not fully understand the depth of the Communist assault upon the world and humanity in general nor the intense hatred jews feel for Aryans. He ventures the opinion that jew hatred for Germany was a result of their persecution under the Nazis. The jew declaration of war against Germany in 1933 was declared long before any single jew lost as much as one bagel. Germany's anti-Communist position under Hitler was enough to enrage every Red from this country to Antarctica. Even if Germany were Juden frei, the SWATKWP would have been launched anyway. Cuo bono. The only people who gained from that unnecessary war were Communists and jews. For the most part, this is of course redundant. I have not mentioned the war profiteers as they are common to all wars.

Here's the link to the speech – http://www.rense.com/general32/speechw.htm

Liars usually can only deceive one person one time. The day comes when their audience discovers the truth and when that happens, they are given no further consideration. Thus, one's behavior actually establishes the course of his life. Liars never like other liars.

Dolores S. was an amiable, well stacked female which took the edge off her rather bizarre face. Since she was so friendly, and boys being boys, Dolores was in high demand by anyone eager to sow his oats. Although she lived alone, her trailer never lacked the presence of passersby. It was a small town of the kind where everyone knew everything about everybody. If Dolores ever cried "rape" I am sure all would laugh from the police to the D.A. Her life style, so much envied by many of today's young, was to have a future effect.

The town changed and dozens of welfare apes moved into apartments made available by the local greedy White folks eager to grab as many loose dimes as possible with no concern for the effect it made on the community. Dolores, and this can be said to her credit, only "played" with White males thus assuring herself of a lower probability of catching some deadly disease. As Odin would have it, Dolores was grabbed near the rail tracks which were 1 block from her residence. To those who know the story about the boy who cried "wolf", Dolores was ineffectual when she reported the rape. I understand that only Judge Pratt ever bothered to listen to her but nothing ever came of that.

White boys of that time would not have relations with any girl who had been touched by a Black man (they had more sense in those days) and so Dolores, out of desperation perhaps, ended up living on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation where she spawned 3 ugly mestizos.

One of the difficulties in trying to contact people of like mind on the internet is that you never know who is reading your material. I'd guess that for each favorable there will be 100 who, if they thought they could get away with it, would poison your goldfish, urinate on your roses and set fire to your 1962 Plymouth Valiant. A good share of our population is criminal in mind and the internet has amplified the activities of those so inclined. ZOG, through the years has instilled in people a distrust of others and this benefits them because it prevents any community cohesion. All and all, people are hiding behind email addresses and that in itself should be ample proof of the rampant fear which permeates every nook of this collapsing society.
More on the biology front ~~~~ The same people who tell you that the European and the jungle bunny are bro's because they both were given the same name, Homo sapiens, have not made this name calling a singular issue. Those who are familiar with broccoli and cauliflower will be pleased to learn that both of these obviously different plants, also have the same name – Brassica oleracea. What's more, as with the mulatto having the same name Homo sapiens, the vegetable cross brocciflower is also called Brassica oleracea. Although I disdain most vegetables, I have tasted all three. The brocciflower cross is the most insipid with broccoli second while cauliflower is tolerable only when eaten raw. Waving a magic sword while mumbling "rise" and calling Alan Greenspan a knight does not make him one – and never will. The label is not the object.
A note from another fellow not too happy with our mini-Führers —

"At one time I thought Steve Barry was the real deal, but he's just another movement fraud and opportunist. Back a couple years ago (pre MG Walker Society) I renewed my Resister subscription ($50), and received one issue a few months later.  Then I got nothing for 9 or 10 months.  Next came the letter about his new "society", which I trashed.  I never received another
issue of his mag, so essentially I paid $50 for one issue.  I snail mailed him about this (he scrupulously avoids making his email address available), and I never heard another thing." (J.K. Jr.)

Today, for some reason, I received more 'hate' mail than usual. What always puzzles me is why so many people torment themselves by reading material of which they don't agree. That's a sign of a severe mental problem, you know. I suggest instead of sending all of those snide, and insulting, remarks, they could get their own website and then give vent to their problems big time.
Attention SFC Steven Barry (USA, Ret) of the "Major General  Edmund A. Walker Society".  One of your subscribers is trying to contact you.  He says he hasn't heard from you for seven (7) months:

"I'm a member of his MGEAWS and have not heard anything from him (absolutely no correspondence and no publications sent to me despite maintaining my dues) for the last 7-8 months."

SFC Barry can write to maguiresez@hotmail.com for particulars.


P.S. To readers:  see http://www.faem.com/adlib/2001/b0628.htm for background details:  "I want to know why hundreds of good hearted folk, after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars, won't later get another "It's been a long summer" message.  28 June 2001" 

In NYS, they are proposing that grain alcohol beverages be sold on Sunday. This is projected to increase that bankrupt state's revenue by $30,000,000. This would infer that people drink in proportion to the number of days they are able to buy spirits. I haven't figured that one out as of yet. Hootch, like diamonds, is one of the most profitable businesses around. That's why both are dominated by jews.

With the airlines dumping more people off the payroll, we are assured that the economy is improving. Can't blame people for not flying anymore. Who wants to be frisked by the cast of Planet of the Apes? This terrorist/airplane travel business could be straightened out easily. Let's go back to segregation. Have Whitey fly, maintain and be passengers on the exclusive Honky Air Service. Let the Mexicans fly, maintain and be passengers on their very own Aztlan Airlines. Let Al Sharpton fly on Niggerlines, the exclusive Black piloted and maintained no-racism-found-here flights. Muslim Allah jets could do the same for their people and if a terrorist happens to be on board, it would give cause for another round of bagels.

This is a wog.
He is classified as a White.
He probably thinks he is White.
He could be a member of your group.

If you cannot tell the difference, then you should forget about White Nationalism.

Men, it has been well said, think in herds;
it will be seen that they go mad in herds,
while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."
           – Charles Mackay
Sent in by A.G.

Many years ago, I was 'burned' by a rather good looking woman. I mentioned bits of that affair to my dad and he said he was not surprised because all was obvious to him. I then asked why he never warned me. Dad said, with his usual smile, "Son, you'd not have listened anyway." He was right as he usually was about people. He married a real gem of a woman, my mother, and I suppose his insight would allow nothing other.

Many times I am asked for my opinion on some blightwing "leader". I refuse, in the main, because most wouldn't pay much attention to me in the first place. Besides, our best lessons are those learned in a painful manner. I will say this: if you are sending anyone money I'd make damned well sure what it's being used for. Right now, I could name 4 blighters who have bought real estate with the good money sent in by well meaning, and gullible supporters. If you are happy supporting such people, then be my guest. If your support ever reaches a significant part of your salary, then I recommend having an eyeball-to-eyeball with whomever and see what your "vibes" tell you. You might ask what portion of their income they are donating to the cause they claim to represent. I only had to be in the room with David Duke 10 minutes in order to peg him for what he was. (It took Eric less time than that, but Eric is sharper than I.) David might be able to get others to swoon, but I am my father's son and like Eric, it doesn't take long for me to sense the lack of trustworthiness.

Let it rest. Pay your money and later on you can chalk up your disappointment to another good lesson learned.

Here's a needle – ask some NA fellow to define "White" for you. That'd be good for a  laugh.

BTW, after The Crystal Ball ceased publication, I revamped my whole direction and started FAEM in 1991. It was a monthly periodical mailed promptly. I offended many but retained a good support base from really great people. Some sent me money for no good reason. About 1995, I asked myself what in hell I was doing. I didn't need the money and I professed to be helping people. How could I help people if I asked for their money?  I sent out FAEM free for a period and returned nearly all of the subscription moneys I had received. I nearly had tears in my eyes when most simply sent the money back. I stopped publication and then went internet in late 1997, I believe. I use my own money for each and every thing related, and it makes me feel damned great. If you feel you have bucks to spare and want to give some away, scout around for some deserving White family which is a little down on its luck. Help them, for when you do that you are helping White people and are making me feel wonderful just knowing that it is happening.

It's time to get the parasites and carnival operators out of the White cause.

"There were two items of interest in today's Washington Post. One concerned the seizure of a North Korean vessel 600 miles at sea carrying components for erecting scud missiles. The vessel was bound for Yemen. The vessel was initially stopped by a Spanish warship, and boarded at the behest of the U.S. Navy, the ship is now under U.S. Naval control. Now neither Spain or the U.S. are formerly at war with North Korea, and this action can only complicate relations with that country. You can bet North Korea will only accelerate their nuclear program with the objective of reaching the U.S. proper and not just Alaska. Insofar as the missiles seized on a ship on the high seas bound for Yemen it might be asked why should it be seized at all, for we are not at war with Yemen, and if they contract for scud missiles, so what. The U.S. sure has seen to it that Israel's arsenal is well stocked with the latest, and most sophisticated weapons including the Patriot missile. If China were to stop a U.S. vessel bound for Japan or South Korea wouldn't that stir the ire of Washington and the dimwits at large.

"The second item noted in a was a very extensive story on the poor people from West Africa who clean toilets at Atlanta's Hartsfield  International Airport. The individual cited was a fellow from Mali who has to work two jobs, and  he says it's better than the diamond mines in Africa. Now in one part of the story it says that an American negro verbally criticized him for taking the job of cleaning toilets for $6.23 cents an hour. Now isn't that typical of the mind set of the American coon. The negroes the U.S. is letting in come from all over Africa as though there aren't enough problems with those already here. In this connection it should be noted that the number of blacks in this country seem to be always under reported always  when any one with one eye and half a brain can see that the numbers over the years have substantially increased, anyway that's part of the great Hebrew plan to destroy the white race." Regards, Joe.

Robertsez – ZOG simply operates de facto that it rules the world. Soon, it will be de jure. This I am sure will follow the planned collapse and crisis. Already the emotionally unfit are demanding more and more "safety" and they are perfectly willing to sacrifice the liberty of all in order to have it. In the jew's insane desire to eliminate Whites, as a unit which threatens their power, they have apparently forgotten the growing Mexican irredentism, along with the expanding Chinese occupation. These will pose a new problem for them. No one likes jews, not even themselves. They have ruined all lands and one might wonder where there think they can run to and hide next. Mexicans do not like gringos. Period. They might smile, but that's only a feint. They will also make moves towards White women so that future children by them will not be White. When Whitey is gone, the mestizos will then lay claim to being White. All mud races seek White women as prizes which they can then defile. Women love to be thought of as a prize and often much pleasure is found in defilement. Eric has observed that most man-hating White women feel perfectly at home with male perverts and those of races not White.

As if he were describing the typical American politician, Marcus Tullius Cicero regarding the danger of internal subversion, said in a speech to the Roman Senate:

"A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague." (Thanks to A.G. for sending this in.)

In regard to the online book on eye color, "... it is not only melanin that determines the color of eyes, but all the depth of the grooves in the iris. One pigment alone is insufficient for explaining all the varying shades of green, blue, gray, hazel, and
brown. Only Europeans and some hybrids have "light" eyes as the book defines.

"Fort Mountain State Park, in Georgia, has a stone tower sitting on top of it. The tower is at least 30 ft. high with a wall that spans the perimeter of the mountain. It looks like something right out of medieval Europe. The tower dates to the eleventh century. A plaque explains the history in this fashion:

"The Cherokee Indians have a myth concerning the people who built the tower. They call them the "Moon-Eyed People" because they were almost blind in the daylight. They were a tall, pale group that held of in the fort for several years before the Cherokee exterminated them. Modern historians disregard these legends as fanciful tales. Instead, they maintain the Cherokee themselves built the tower and wall.

"It is these same politically correct "historians" that dismiss the pale, white gods of the Mayans who taught them how to build the pyramids and farm the earth. We Europeans didn't "break out" of Europe 500 years ago.   We've roamed the planet ever since we could sail."  C.M.

Robertsez – The Cherokee, as I understand, often had features which resembles the European. I am sure that the aboriginal Asian had European genes donated many, many years before Columbus. Eric maintains that all Amerasians are mestizos and I find little to contradict that.



The quality of this pic was quite poor as received. The male member of this handsome couple has stuffed his male member into the glass portion of a light bulb. This represents an upgrade from the usual gourd. Nothing like getting modern, I say. If he keeps it on, which is not too likely, his exposure to AIDS will be diminished thereby. Right now I can sense the anticipation of our beloved race-mixers just itching to form a trio for fun, games and equal opportunity disease sharing. After all, we are all in this together.

Even though the results of an influential study of American jews has been delayed, I note the wailing as one writer states that 52% of jews marry non-jews. If you accept jew in a racial sense, then this means a greatly expanded pool of jew genes. Jews are what percent of the population? Vot's a joo, Marvin?
Side effects of the smallpox vaccine can be deadly so the Bush administration needs an antidote as soon as possible. Just another classic jew-screw: first the vaccine, then the 'antidote'.

I risked danger of being court-martialed, but when our company was tagged for an experimental cold vaccine, I slipped out the window and under the barracks. The next day, I was the only one in the company who could get out of bed. Several were taken to hospital and it was rumored that one died..

When I first arrived at the University of Chicago, I was informed that I needed a battery of 'shots' in order to be enrolled. I smiled, waved my middle finger, and said "It's nice to have known you." I left and was later called to the phone while I was arranging my meager belongings in preparation for a  return to Fayetteville NY. I was asked to go to the ad building where I signed a waver of responsibility. I unpacked my belongings and settled in at Snell/Hitchcock Hall.

Shop lifting actress Winona Ryder's real name is Horowitz. Yes, jews are only 2% of the population.
Washington State voters abolished affirmative active and that extended to college admissions. Well, dear voting idiots, W.S.U. is now offering "diversity scholarships" and the mud flood into university continues unabated. The only good use for a voting booth  is for a portable toilet. At least that would be more meaningful and practical.
King County, state of Washington, is now using ballots written in Chinese. Yes, yes, we are a country 73% White, eh? The White sheeple think these ballots are great since more people now show up at the polls to partake of "democracy". Cling to that voting nonsense and watch White influence of bye-bye.
Yakima County Superior Court Judge Heather Van Nuys was ordered to serve a two-month unpaid suspension for lying on payroll vouchers. Yes, dear sheep, we are a system of "laws, not men"!
The Canadian Anglos did not want to live in harmony with the Germans. Now they are being forced to live with trash. I am not crying.
The only way you can improve democracy is to destroy it.
The Chinese Governor General
of Canada, with the odd name of Adrienne Clarkson, will be spending Christmas with the Navy boys stationed in the Gulf. No mention in The Toronto Sun as to whether she will be handing out egg rolls.

BTW, the second most spoken language in Canada is Mandarin Chinese. The frogs are no longer important.

Abebech Tena Shimels, an Ethiopian who cannot speak English; unemployed mother of 10; now collecting welfare in Canada, just won the Instant Millionaire lottery. That's no reason the welfare should stop, is it?
The cattle grazed contentedly. The grass was green and sweet. There was no need to stampede or even bellow in anger.
Men built fences around the fields. The grass was still sweet. There was no need to stampede or even bellow in anger.
The men were gentle when they moved the cattle onto rail cars. There was no need to stampede or even bellow in anger.
The cattle were unloaded into stock pens. All was quiet. There was no need to stampede or even bellow in anger.
It was peaceful as the cattle walked through the chute. There was no need to stampede or even bellow in anger.
The door opened for me. There was nothing foreboding as far as I could tell. Why should I stampede or even bellow in anger?
As cities go broke, many are considering turning police control over to the county. If the county goes, broke, then they might want to turn police control over to the state. When states go broke, police control could be handed over to the federal government.  Once that happens, ZOG will simply turn control over to the United Nations. Then again, why would ZOG worry about the intermediate steps anyway?
When the great economic crash occurs world wide (soon), it will be the 3rd step in Lenin's plan for total jew world take-over. Look for every American anti-Communist to be in there helping the Reds out. To help one's enemies is the average American's idea of a way to get a free ride to heaven. Voting could have altered things 50 years ago, but today it ranks on a par with pissing into the wind.
When the present British chancellor of the exchequer (top bank boss in Americanese) retires, he will be replaced by the jew Mervyn King. Keep an eye on Bush's replacement for the boys he just fired.
As the volume of available oil found in Russia sky-rockets – the coming oil shortage you know – they are planning great new pipelines to handle the output. Gas what? The mostly jew oil barons of that country are going to build a pipeline to an Arctic port so as to make it more cheaply available to their sworn "enemy", the Jew Ass Oi Vey. Russia ranks #2, after Saudi Arabia, in the world oil export business.
I assume that readers of FAEM also read VNN. If not, you should. Why not start with this gem —
Make copies for reference and take them to class when the next discussion of the "poisecuted juice" arises (which occurs probably every 10 minutes).
You'd think that Erik Halingstad II would be a White boy, wouldn't you? No, he's a gook adopted by a couple of Yakima honkies with more than 2 screws loose. Perhaps this could start a trend. Joe Rump might name his pet raccoon, Joe Rump Jr. That would really prove they are related. Calling nigeroos Homo sapiens, and palefaces Homo sapiens, proves they are not only related, but equal too. It's all in the label, wouldn't you say?
Amanda Been, a nice young girl who cannot hear, is now a music major at Whitworth College. This should be not be surprising. What would be surprising would be that the young crowd seen at a high decibel, neurotic noise drug concert, could actually hear that nigger racket.
Taxpayers in Washington state are shelling out $350,000 per year for treatment and care for a violent teen sex predator. The s.o.b. should have been castrated and given a job at WalMart.
28 percent of our college students belong to 'visible' minorities. When one adds the 'invisible' minorities, that is jews and most mestizos, you can see the face of Whitey's future. Anyone who still peddles that "weez 70 purcent ob de pop'lation" has obviously been hammering his pole too often.
Not only can people make explosives from fertilizer, they can also manufacture methamphetamine. That's "speed", or "meth", to you few out there who haven't yet realized the benefits of frying your brain. The sling-brains  now want to make sure all fertilizers have their own "fix" so this cannot be done. Even if we intelligently went back to good old horse manure, there's no way to erase the nitrogen connection. Zealots should simply ban chemistry for where there's a will plus knowledge, no one is safe. Brrrr.....!

In days of old, when nights were cold, we used to be taught these things. Today, the high school kiddies are presented with chemistry "concepts" which means they pass the course without ever leaning that water is wet. Hell mates, Spence and I made picric acid, nitroglycerin, gun cotton when plain old gun powder got too dreary. Our chem teacher used to wonder, especially when he found us boiling a gallon of urine in order to produce uric acid. Late on, I graduated to making fulminates and the interesting thing is that everything we dreamed up used everyday over-the-counter ingredients. All of that mischievous knowledge never turned either of us into muggers, vandals, or even terrorists. You see, knowledge is not the culprit. It's the individual. One is free to be a saint or a devil and ZOG will never be able to direct that.

According to the Seattle Times, jew Bill Gates Sr. and his partner jew Hugh Spitzer, want to incrrease the taxes on the income of the working people in that state. Jew trusts will of course be exempt, so sayeth the panel they head.
Loony Tunes! At the Tacoma International Airport, screeners seized 925 Boy Scout knives; 1262 scissors and nail clippers; 213 screw drivers and small chisels;  512 Butane cigarette lighters; 4 hat pins from old ladies; 55 blunt objects including 1 brick and a piece of petrified wood; 14 box cutters; and 8 toy water pistols. With such great "safety" news, I now sleep better at night. I think all virile males should have a dose of salt peter before they are inspected for hard objects. No one can tell what the possession of an erection might entail.
Enlist now! Uncle Izzy needs you. Fight, fight, fight for Israel.


Make sure you don't lose this onehttp://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/revolution_extends.htm Keep in mind all we have said from the phony "cold war" to the assertion that Communism was financed and supported by the United States, and still is. The older generations are brain-washed beyond redemption. Let's hope our younger people wise up.
Human body parasites are quite numerous. Fluke, pinworm, roundworm, tapeworm, etc. Lack of hygiene is the usual path where these critters gain entrance to your body. Dr. Nishiyama, of the Nara Medical University has observed one worm about 9 feet in length, after it was expelled. Most parasitic infections of this type are due to the huge influx of turd-worlders into our midst. They bring their dirty ways with them and it's the price lovers of diversity have to pay for such a privilege.

As could be expected, a Dr. Livshin is on the spot offering a $30 bottle of cure called "Total Body Cleanse." It is a mixture/extract of a bunch of herbs from wormwood to cloves. Young puppies, like young humans, are not too discriminating as to what they put in their mouths and one time our dog picked up enough round worm eggs to make the end result rather obvious. Grams had her own cure. She prevented "Purp" from eating a whole day and then primed him with about 6 capsules of garlic powder. In a coupleof  hours, he was then given about 10 capsules of olive oil to "quiet the rough," as she mentioned. Yes, the worms were rendered dead.

The magnolia tree in the back became infected with mealy bugs and they were rasing havoc with the tree's health. I called a tree specialist and he diagnosed the problem as "millipedes" for which he prescribed a generous spray of some potent make-sure-you-wear-a-rubber-suit kind of pesticide. The tree was sprayed twice that season but the bugs persisted and the tree was looking more haggard.

I called another expert who said the problem was one of "bark scale" and refused to look at the illustrations I found in a gardening book. He said that a injection of a "new" chemical would travel with the sap and kill all of the little critters as they ate. For that season, he gave the tree 3 injections for which I paid a good deal. Next year, the tree looked worse and so I forgot the whole thing and was ready to cut the thing down when it became too ratty.

In about 2 more years, the tree apparently stabilized in its forlorn condition and I then remembered our mother sending us out to scour the streets picking up cigar and cigarette butts. She would take the tobacco and steep it much like tea with hot water. The "juice" was then applied to the entire plant she wished to render bug free. Off to the store I went.

I bought about 3 pounds of tobacco and made my own dark brown juice. This I sprayed on the tree, from top to bottom, until it was raining brown upon the grass. That was about 8 years ago and I haven't seen a mealy bug since. The leaves are huge, deep green, and the flowers are something special when they pop out in May. I no longer live there since I gave the house to my daughter. Women no longer bother to call me and my brain has rotted somewhat. I don't need a whole house in order to watch the grass grow.  I do visit during the proper season though.

There was nothing scientific about what my mother did. It was just something which worked. That's the foundation of all intelligence – knowing what works and what doesn't.

Mr. Frenz,
"I think this link may interest you:     http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=1583485686.

"It's a book called "Eye Color: A Key to Human and Animal Behavior", published in 1999, and it is available online in its entirety. I found it very interesting, the author sees correlations between light eyes and self-paced activities, relative independence of social pressures, greater ability to sustain pain, etc.

"If I may say so, my immediate personal experience goes the other way (I'm a dark-eyed White man with a blue-eyed father, and with us the characteristics go the other way), but again who am I to know? In general terms, it does make sense.

"By the way, thank you very much for the FAEM home page. I take a look at it every time I need to see some evidence there still are thinking people out there. You know, I intend to become an academic (hopefully a real one, not the bogus we have nowadays), and this necessity is a very real one. I'm sure you understand."

Regards, A.B. Jr.

Robertsez – Often I am misunderstood when I rail against academics. I have known several who are top notch people and have their feet on concrete rather than sand. If this is understood, then it saves me by not having to repeat, "some", "a few", "most", "a couple", etc. There is no group which is 100% or 100% bad no matter how you use or define those terms. In regard to race, the centuries have added all sorts of mixing to all of us. The important thing is how we behave and much of that is predisposed according to heredity.

Blue eyes are an indicator of a portion of one's genetic structure and what we might expect of him. Expectations are rooted in probability and no intelligent person would disregard the odds for, or against, any undertaking.

"Concerning George Bush's ancestry, I would be highly suspicious of a person who has an ancestor named Salomon Bush. This Salomon was one of the founders and proponents of freemasonry in the colonies and a corespondent of Adam Weishaupt. But as they say George is a Gentile. But hey, what can one say about a man who belongs to a group that does strange rituals with the skull of a dead mongol chief (Geronimo)." Best Regards P.F.
"This morning's news indicates that Senator Joseph Lieberman is chafing at the bit to get on with the war against Iraq. Now is there really any Hebrew who is not similarly inclined? If the truth were known, the figure would probably be near 96%. Their loyalty is only toward their own. They will always be a nation within a nation following their own agenda. One of the big mistakes Mr. Albert Gore made during the last Presidential election was running this funny smiling Hebrew as his vice president. The Hebrews have this nation in an iron grip, and will never let go. What really spineless jackals the non-jewish politicians really are, for they know the truth, but are silent, and cowardly. One of the Murphy's Law sayings goes, " He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules." Now isn't that the truth? Rich people are eccentric, poor people crazy. Well, frankly those non-Jewish politicians that cozy up to the Hebrew for political gain are dishonorable, cowardly, underhanded, scheming, corrupt, subversive, lying, vile, traitorous people, and the American people deserve better." Regards Joe.