18 December 2002
A tongue-in-nostril story. Cyrus Citrus had sued the Chingachook Cutlery Company for making its knives too sharp. His lawyer argued, "If the knife was dull, Mr. Citrus would not have severed his fingers while slicing coconuts." The jury agreed and the award was to be based upon the argument: "Mr. Citrus dreamed of being a classical harp player. As such a performer, he would have made $120,000 per year. Mr. Citrus would have lived 50 more years, according to a study made of classical harp players. That meant he would have lost $6,000,000. Then there is the mental anguish over the loss of those fingers which blocked his life ambition. That's gotta be worth at least $2,000,000. Mr. Citrus, understandably, will be plagued with nightmares for the remainder of his years. That's another $9,000,000. Now, the loss of those fingers prevents him from caressing those parts of his wife's body which he loved to caress. How's another $8,000,000 sound? His wife, being deprived of those caresses will also suffer mental anguish, sexual hypertension and a loss of human dignity. This will affect the quality of the food she serves to the children which, in turn, affects their health. But, those things are better left for other lawsuits."

About the time the jury was considering an award, a crisp young man with a bit of National Socialism lighting his eyes, stepped forth from the body of spectators. "I think I have a solution to this whole problem." Thereupon he opened fire in the courtroom. One unscathed lawyer crept to safety thinking, "If those bullets were not made so hard, then all of this wouldn't have happened. I think I'll start a class action suit, on behalf of the survivors, against the Bellylicker Bullet Company."

In an adjoining courtroom, a lawyer argued, "My humble, honest and above reproach, client was not responsible for poisoning of the pigeons in the park. If his father hadn't mounted his mother underneath the old apple tree, he wouldn't now be here. If he weren't here, he couldn't have poisoned anything. His parents were culpable in this regard and if Mr. Bark had not planted that old apple tree, my client's mother would not have been humped. Perhaps it might be expansive to claim, but no one is responsible for anything. After all, this is the best of possible worlds."

The judge fingered the lawyer and said, "Counselor, you are not here. Since you are not in Botswana, you must be somewhere else. If you are somewhere else, you cannot be here. And if you are not here, I would not now be considering this case. Court's adjourned. I'm going to take lunch at Ruby's House of Joy."

Yas sah. Parents are suing McDonald's because their little chillens look like the Goodyear blimp. How do these kids get to McDonald's in the first place? Do they steal their parents' car? A Happy Meal wants to know.

This nutty nutrition business is going insane big time. Supplements – supplements – supplements. Food is rapidly being phased out. Every time some microscopic discovery is made, new cures, potions and magic leaps into the limelight, are the fare. Remember the evolution of cholesterol from "all bad" to "some good" and "some bad"? Then there was the "fatty acid" hype. Saturated, unsaturated and those who couldn't make up their mind. The hype has taken another quantum belly-flop to "omega-3" fatty acids which are evil – well maybe just a little bad for you. I think. Maybe. Where's that latest study?

Let me rake the coals one more time. We were taught very early that in any scientific experiment, you change only one variable at a time. That's 1, as in 4 minus 3 or 6 divided by 6. There's nothing difficult to understand in this. If you eat chili peppers coated with horse radish, how do you know which caused you to reach for that bottle of Maalox? Maybe it was neither. Perhaps it was the combination. Gunpowder, before it is mixed, is just a happy trio of substances which wouldn't harm a Norman Bates' fly. Anyway, suppose laboratory Finkbottom decides to conduct a study on the effects of ingesting Perv-69 upon the frequency of coitus. First, they order a batch of Perv-69 from the CDC and then feed it, in all proportions of dosage to body weight, to a bunch of PURE BRED RATS. So far, so good. Only the Perv-69 plays the part of a variable. Lo and behold, a relation was found. Yes! Perv-69 turns rats into sex maniacs! Just what the American public wants! That's why they want to live forever.

Here comes the quantum launch into outer space. THEREFORE – it must also be true for humans. The assumption is that humans are basically rats anyway and one might not wish to argue this. BUT, as in BUTT, you'd be hard pressed to find even one small human group which was pure bred, or even close. This hocus-pocus change of variable from Perv-69 to the human victim is unconscionable. But it sure is good for business.

In another cave, lycopene has been demonstrated to be a cancer preventative in, you guessed it, RATS! Moreover, the cancer is not 'natural', if I may use a liberty, but is induced. What sort of nonsense is this? Where do you get lycopene in case you are itching to ingest a pound or so? Any bright red stuff such as strawberry, cranberry and watermelon. So here we have the wonderful discovery that red fruits are good for you. This follows the announcement that yellow vegetables are good for you AND green vegetables are good for you. I am beginning to get the idea that food is good for you. Yes friends, a rainbow coalition of foods just might help you stay alive.

What the experts don't tell you, for example, is that lycopene is also found in plentiful supply in such places as the red berry of the plant Solanum dulcamara. There is a species of  blackbird which dines on this elongated berry. They seem to like them. However, to we gullible hoomans, that berry also contains solanine which is poisonous. Too much is lethal.

Often we hear of people with mice problems who report that the lovable little pests have eaten a bar of soap. We are told many times that the African hyena can eat nearly anything without getting acid reflux disease. Buzzards eat rotted flesh, including the maggots, stuff which would make us quite ill, as a way of life. Now suppose that some batch of wonder brains decided to test the effects of soap eating using barn mice as the subjects. I suspect that they'd come up with a "study" which proved that Lux was better than Ivory in reducing flatus. The magic translation would then occur and companies would go full steam ahead to produce a flatus reducing soap. I can see it all now – "Use Gas-B-Gone. Not only does it make a fine sandwich, but it's also great in the shower." 

Affirmative Action is anti-White. Quotas are anti-White. Holocaust reparations are anti-White. Integration is anti-White. Come to think of it – Equality is anti-White since it's anti-merit. Kissing some non-White's behind won't make it smell any better. Why Whitey is content to take the back seat in a bus he dreamed up, invented and built, is beyond me.

If those overseas muds are so great, how come they didn't build their own universities to attend? Universities which were founded, and built, by White people are now making sure they are not staffed by White people.  Does this bother you?

The Marxist, pro-mud, National Education Association is wetting their panties because they do not like the "over representation of Nigeroos in 'special education'." Special education is a parlor term meaning little, and /or scrambled, brains. Rats are also over represented in the city garbage dump. When you force an Olympic team to have cows in its group, you effectively kill that team's chances. Yet this sort of nonsense has brought American public education to a near standstill. Yet no White person objects. In think, in part, that the crap standards allows lazy Whites to get As without much effort and that, of course, pleases all of those single moms who view their hatchlings as genius.

In 1976, I believe, the World Health Organization claimed that smallpox was eradicated. Now, the very same ZOGheads want you to get vaccinated for smallpox. You are assured that it's wonderfully safe and perhaps they might give you a lollipop if you promise not to cry after the job is done. Let's suppose that all of these 'Big Brother knows best' community health measures become mandatory. I refuse to go along. Am I then grabbed and held forcibly while some simian does his thing? Like a cow being branded? Or will I be tossed into the can until I agree to comply? Will they freeze my $454 bank account and threaten to burn my bird feeder? Perhaps I shall be declared an "enemy combatant" and held incommunicado until UU signs my execution warrant. What?

If you don't hang around with people who have smallpox, you have an improbable chance of catching it. Secondly, who is to say you might be one of those statistical entities who succumb to unanticipated "side effects"? All of this antibiotic and chemical fudging seems to do is increase the strength of the next generation of bugs who exist at our expense. It's not surprising that the "miracle" antibiotics are losing their effectiveness.

COMRADE – "I want to let you know that this effort at community building has paid off. The comrad-match has matched me with my old buddy!  Thanks guys, for just being you! S.E. Oregon
Steve reports this one
– Apparently a "Wolfowitz" snitched a section from FAEM and used it as his own, after adding a trailing sentence or two. I think this is hilarious and I am not concerned since I don't do the copyright thing. Who knows? Maybe I copied it from Wolfowitz. Anyway, you'll find it down a ways on the Atlantic Forum.


The gringo cringes under the sheets of ZOG's political correctness, but he'll soon be doing the Salsa Shuffle when the Aztlan Warriors start imposing their idea of political correctness upon them. The problem with pretending to be an ostrich is that everyone gets to kick your ass and you'll have no idea who it was.. 
"The supposed vote at the Constitutional Convention concerning whether America would speak English or German is a common, but wholly errant, legend. There was never any such vote on a national or colonial scale. The Germans were not a majority even in a single colony, much less in the colonies as a whole. Read the signatories of the Declaration of Independence – English names, all." C.M.
Many employees of businesses, particularly retail stores, are no longer permitted to say "Merry Christmas" to the customers. They are permitted to say, "Happy Holidays." This is only one step away from saying. "Happy Hanukkah." If we must say "Happy H – something," how about "Happy Hitler?" Happy Holocaust. Happy Horseshit. "Enjoy," as the jews say. 
There are good crocodiles and bad crocodiles. The bad crocodiles ambush and kill wildebeest and zebra. The good crocodiles only share in the feast.
Jew-gas at the time
claimed that if Hitler won the war, we'd all be speaking German. Well, Hitler lost and we'll soon be speaking Spanish. That's an improvement? English became our official language by only 1 vote – remember?
"If I knew it was going to be like this, I would have picked my own damned cotton."  anon
According to a Jeff Rense interview
with John Whitley, there are the makings of a Russo-Chinese Marxist New World Order which will put USZOG under the rocks. I am very simple minded and cannot fathom all of that secret meeting stuff. If you can remember the simple relation: Jew = Marxist = Communist and wonder how this mess all started, then I think you can find your own answers. Since 1905, the Communist support came from the American tax-payer. ZOG used its simple citizens' money to finance the "Russian" Revolution and kept it afloat for decades. Russia is still run by jews, starting with Putin. Millions of good Russians were sacrificed in the "Great Patriotic War," for the benefit of the jews. Jews looted Russia and brought most of that loot to America. America is run by jews and their Anglo stooges. Economically, China is a basket case except for the rulers which exploit their serfs. China is not able to advance technologically without help from White people. They need no war with us since they are already colonizing North America and taking over departments in all universities. Why would a Russia, dependent upon US wealth, align itself with another country dependent upon US wealth, in order to start a war which would kill the Golden Goose? Why would the Chinese like Russian "white foreign devils" any better than they do American "white foreign devils"? You see, if you are jew-blind, then you'll never understand a damned thing. The turmoil in this century will be about race, not some economic or political system. None of our well known professional talkers, including Rense, could ever hope to discuss events from a race perspective, for if they did, the jews would put them out of business within a week, and they know it. The deck of this century will be composed of race cards.
Why has the White man agreed to be subject to the decisions of a Planet of the Apes? Why does he allow himself to be judged by simians and agree that simians are his peers? It's pure insanity. People who sent men to the moon believe that another people shown incapable of even dreaming up a wheel, are his equals? The gods have made us all mad as hatters. That's the prelude to destruction.
Satan's' gift to America, President Rosenvelt, with all of his Marxist economic policies still couldn't halt the Depression. He resorted to a time-proved solution – Start a war!!!
If you can't find Osama – Bomb Iraq!

If the terrorists come from Arabia – Bomb Iraq!
If you're up to your ears in corporate scandals – Bomb Iraq!
If the stock market takes a dive – Bomb Iraq!
If there's no reason to bomb Iraq – Bomb Iraq!
Robert just got his ears pinned back!!!
Lately, following my negative remarks about the NA, I've been contacted by several NA members who described their local activities. I was quite impressed and I admit my ignorance of such matters. The NA cannot make everyone happy but I remain convinced that much good has come from the efforts of a good share of its members. I therefore apologize to all who may have been offended. I shall not do an "Enron" on my past remarks for that is not the way I do things. No one knows everything and one size does not fit all. You will find no enemy in me. Keep in mind that my youngest daughter has said, "Dad, you have no tact. On a scale of 1 to 10, you rate a minus 3."
The "explosive Eastern Jews" are already here in America.
From the Bush to the Desert Sand – "We SHELL not EXXONerate Saddam Hussein for his actions. We will MOBILize to meet this threat to vital interests in the Persian GULF until an AMOCOble solution is reached. Our best strategy is to BPrepared. Failing that, we ARCOming to kick your ass." (I lifted this from somewhere. RF)
People can doodle. People can calculate. Some of them cannot think. Take for example a bit of source code I just received. The author seemed quite proud of his program which calculates the distance between two cities. I entered the names of two cities and this was the result: 648.338410256774 miles. In the words of the Zud, "What does it all mean?" Notice that there are 12 decimal places. What does .000000000004 miles mean in the REAL world? That's .00000025 inches! A White man's hair is about .0025 inches in diameter. Thus, this fellow's program has given a mileage figure accurate to 1 ten-thousandth the thickness of a human hair. A better perspective is to compare this measurement to the size of something we cannot see with our naked eye. Bacteria are about .00004 inches in diameter. That's more like it. We're down to 1 / 160 the thickness of a bacterium. That is of course preposterous but the fellow is a graduate mathematics student which explains it. In the far-out world of the mathematics, it's numbers and doodles which are significant, not the application. Who cares if the results make no sense at all? At least they've proved something. Anyone wanna buy the 123,423,657th digit of Pi?
"I have been reading FAEM for about 3 years now and I don't recall you ever mentioning this. (Forming local groups – RF) Maybe I missed something along the way. Perhaps you should push this idea a little harder. By the way I turned on a few of my friends to FAEM (the ones who could accept your ideas) and got a very positive response. Then the "other shoe dropped". "Can't we get in trouble for reading this"? "What if the government found out I was logging on to FAEM", "What if they put me in jail'? The sheer utter cowardice and stupidity of white males makes me want to puke. I think you're right, Robert. Nothing short of a complete meltdown of ZOGUSA's economic system will change anything. As you and Eric correctly pointed out, we are in a "Weimar" era in this country and and as long as the Goyim are fat and happy nothing is going to change. But thankfully it will change.... this society can't stand for long. I for one can't wait. Keep Hammerin-em." S.D. Indiana
If you are nitwit enough to become a "veggie", then do it when you are 75. In that way, the malnutrition effects won't be the reason you die.
Why would anyone want a facelift? After all, you don't have to look at it so why should it bother you?
You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can get with a kind word alone – Alphonse Capone
I received an article
about the concern that the jewish population is shrinking world wide. Are the jews slowing down on their screwing or are they dropping dead from fright? The article doesn't say. Methinks they are redefining jew again. You know, like the Zud's yenta is trying to redefine German. Jew is a gene thing and if one has kids with some air head, then those kids are also race mixed jews. No, as the barrier between jews and others gets weaker, the more those tri-racial genes spread. Populations,  through race-mixing, are getting more jewish or haven't you noticed their behavior lately?
A Canadian Injun doesn't like jews either. Leave it to the brilliant "chosen ones" to create enemies everywhere. http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1039918876117_39///?hub=TopStories
If this fellow were a White man, they'd do a little more than express sadness.

Welcome to Judeo-Masonic America.

Grand Hailing Sign of Distress.

Senator Trent Lott, 33d Degree Freemason, Dec 13, 2002 press conference.

"In recent years, several Masons have continued to serve our nation well from the Senate’s halls. Among those in the 1990s have been Robert Byrd, John Glenn, Robert Dole, and the current majority leader and subject of this sketch, Brother Trent Lott, 33°, Grand Cross, of Mississippi." Dr. Ivan M. Tribe, 32°


"...the candidate is then instructed in regards to the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress.  It is given by raising both hands toward heaven, with each arm forming the angle of a square, or a 90 degree angle.  The arms are then lowered in three distinct motions to the sides.  In other words, ending with both arms in the natural downward position, such as when one is standing at attention.  This is alluded to in the Obligation of a Master Mason:

"Furthermore, I do promise and swear that I will not give the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress of a Master Mason, except for the benefit of the Craft while at work or for the instruction of a Brother, unless I am in real distress; and should I see the sign given, or hear the word spoken, I will hasten to the relief of the person so giving it." —   "Duncan, Malcolm C. Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor. 3rd ed. New York: Dick and Fitzgerald Publishers.

Funny how these characters keep popping up in high places, isn't it?  All just a coincidence, right?  It's just like the arrangement of the microphones.  Triangles pointing  – up – down – down – up -.  It would be absurd to see the parts of either the Masonic Mitre and Square or the Zionist Star of David in that arrangement.


Robertsez – Is Lott brain-dead and doesn't know about those quasi-racial slips of the tongue or is it a calculated action designed to convince some that Zionist party A is pro White?

A NA member tells a very tragic storyhttp://www.resistance.com/Mark.htm

He notes that if it weren't for the NA, he would not have had this fellow for a friend. This shows me that people in all areas must be informed of others nearby with the same pro White views. It's possible to have community without joining any organization nor spending money. I have offered to post email addresses indexed as to telephone area code, which is perhaps a nice limitation as opposed to state and/or county. People could then contact each other. Some don't like the open posting. Perhaps a better idea would be for me to keep a little book of addresses with area codes and if I get a "match" I'll pass it along – something like a dating service. If you wish to remain anonymous, then you'll certainly be alone. When you join any organization, someone will have far more data on you then a mere area code and email address. I used to do a lot of "drop shipping" years ago for people who wanted to use snail mail without there real address appearing. I didn't read their mail then, and I haven't changed. Whatever. Security depends upon the character of the person you trust and character does not increase by the expedient of paying dues. After all, didn't Duke sell his mailing list? Prior to the internet, the blightwing figuratively would kill to gain someone's mailing list and they guarded theirs as if it were the family jewels. Yet, all of the combined addresses eventually became public, if you'd care to search. Mailing lists were their sole means of income! Money grubbers are easy to detect if you want to spend the time and thought.

"As you may well be aware of, North Carolina was hit by an ice storm that disrupted power service for a vast majority for several days while temperatures stayed around freezing during the night. Due to the cold, the Hispanic and Asian populace began having problems with there dwellings filling up with carbon monoxide. The problem it turns out is that they were bringing the outdoor grills inside to keep warm.

"I laughed aloud upon hearing this over the radio. I could just picture the dialogue in the Third Worlder’s. "It sure is smoky in here isn't it? All this warmth is making me sleepy (yawn), goodnight....”

The problem became such a worry that warnings were broadcast over the airwaves and I even received a mechanized call in Spanish telling of the dangers. By the way, the news media didn't fail to mention that it was the law to have carbon monoxide detectors in your house (You might not have been aware of this tidbit either but that law has been in effect for a couple of years now I believe. You can't sell your house around here unless you have one.). There was no mention of any fines imposed upon the invaders for not having such devices."


Robertsez – Last year we had a severe ice storm which knocked the power out for 6 days. The temperatures were in the 20s. Volunteers were going house to house collecting people and taking them to outside areas where they could sleep in gymnasiums, church cafeterias, fire houses, etc. The smiling hen which knocked on my door was aghast when I refused to park my bones in some communal area where I'd be warm and well fed. Hell, the water still flowed from the faucets, natural gas was alive and well and my cupboards were very well stocked – a very old habit. The only thing which was absent was electricity which ruined forced air heating.

I tacked up bed sheets over the passageways so as to isolate the kitchen. There, I'd light the burners and enjoy the heat. Since I have had experience with "being gassed", by auto exhaust, chlorine, bromine and hydrogen cyanide, I felt I was up to the task of dealing with Auschwitz in the kitchen. Like the jew, I have several lives but cannot collect "survivor" benefits for dying a few more times. When I sensed that the air was not quite right, I turned off the burners, opened the windows and went for a walk around the block. I'd return and repeat the cycle. At night, there was no heat which reminded me of those wonderful days on the farm where we also had little heat at night. If urine was in the chamber pot under the bed, in the morning it was yellow ice. Anyway, I'd pop into bed with a ton of blankets feeling slightly sad that my old dog was not still around to help warm the bed as did Hank and Purp, back on the farm.

Over and over, I have repeated that safety begins in the mind. If you have shit for brains, then I guess you'd need Big Brother to treat you like a 4 year old.

Forgery – to make a counterfeit. Counterfeit – to make a copy of...  Yes bumpkins, if the "Protocols" are a forgery, as the jews claim, then I think we should be allowed to see the originals. Eh what?

Here we see another attempt to distort the meaning of words. "He who defines, controls," as Orwell put it. I also notice that 'forgery' begins with a "F". The mainly jew LaRouche bunch also has a preference for F-words. To them, the world is full of Frauds and Fascists.

Robertsez – Keep in mind folks, that if I inform you that your neighbor is urinating in your gas tank, I am not out to cause your neighbor problems. I want to inform you of a situation I believe you should be made aware. If you like having urine in your gas tank, then no real harm is done. In that case, the error was mine for making such an assumption.

"Sadly, your comments about NA, miniFührers & other booksellers are apparently true. I gather that since Pierce's demise any sort of dissent is not tolerated and some sort of "purge" is going on. I did make some critical comments on VNN about "How does a remote redoubt in WV serve us when most of us are back in the hellhole cities?

"VNN and FAEM have great sites and NA won't link to them. You are probably right about the competition thing.  Anyway I got cut off the weekly ADV mailing for that I guess. It is sad. I'll also probably be hectored by local NA members.

"Then there was Rimland's "yard sale". Hounded mercilessly for ANYTHING for that, let alone money. Then Ernst lets it slip in his latest that he thought it up 'in the jacuzzi.'

"At least I learned about Duke, the gambling, the money laundering, on the lam, etc. some years ago and cut the money spigot off.  What positive ACTION from any of this? The redoubt in WV?  None, so far as I can see; all these people are selling books.

"I guess the Jewish poison has infected our own people."
P.S.: "Well, I guess it's that old hindsight/foresight thing. My kid is in college now and badly needs a new car and some other financial help. I am not in the position to give it right now, the depression deepening in the NW, and I think back to all the thousands of dollars I wasted on the Blightwing.  Guiltily I think it could have gone to help my own kid when it is needed most. Now THAT is helping white people. Help your own. Help your kids. Help a poor white family out of work. That is doing more for our race than giving a cent to the Blight Wing! That is my advice now."

– Former Sucker

Maguire replies:

I agree.  Most 'cause' money sent any further than outside your local community is 99.9% guaranteed to be wasted.  This is especially true of monies sent without strings (i.e. specific commitment to accomplish some definite task within a certain time and budget) to what legally are 'sole proprietorships', and legally for-profit proprietorships at that.   Once in a great while exceptions occur, such as perhaps Christine Greenwood's legal defense fund.  What we more commonly see are things like:

"Full membership in "White Devolution" is available for six dollars  and sixty-six cents ($6.66) a month in dues, which can be sent... to:"

Great White Hoper
P.O. Box 666
Anywhere, State of OZ 00000
Late Great Jewess Ah!

What's the point?  John in Maine sends $15 to Tom Metzger in California.  Meanwhile Carl in California sends $6.66 to the "Fund to Save Lewiston Maine from the Somali Aborigines".  Gerald in Mississippi sends $20 to Harold Covington in Great White Hopeland, Idaho (where you tell us there's a depression on).  Meanwhile Bill in Idaho sends $18 down to Richard Barrett's 'Nationalists' in Mississippi.  EURO supporters in Georgia send money to a EURO cause in Florida at the same moment EURO supporters in Florida write checks for a EURO state house candidate in metro Atlanta.

What is wrong with the above picture, folks?  It is the Jews who play this game and make it work for them.  We are not Jews and therefore this 'Diaspora' approach fails.  We are (or should be) far more territorially rooted.  That is, we should be if we intend to form any kind of durable 'communities'.  Communities that propagate and sustain biological life (in this case white life) cannot be virtual entities.  They can only be rooted in the Real World of physical being where food production, shelter building and all the other economic activities incident to real life take place. Any Cause that proposes to improve the White Condition must be rooted in the same place the rest of the white condition occurs.  That is, locally.

Now if one wants to buy books, tapes, videos and other trinkets with ostensible pro-white themes, then do so.  Just don't deceive yourself that the purchase is any different than if you bought a book from amazon.com.  Personally I'd evaluate such a transaction the same way I would any other purchase.  Namely, is there value received in exchange for my money?  If so, do it.  For instance, I'm told (I've only read portions of his books) that Harold Covington writes great novels.   If you like historical novels with open pro-white ideas, it may be you'll like Harold's books.   What you're doing in this case is supporting a writer or publishing house.


You probably are aware of this –

http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=127&ncid=742&e=7&u=/021212/7/2uqkr.html It's another sign of how wonderful our new world of diversity and love is becoming. Many of our older citizens fought and died in a great war just so you could have all of these benefits.

Let us know your opinion of the RaceCard (see below) if it were available FREE in standard quality plastic.
the Salvation Army reported a 60% increase in demand over last year. A further note mentions that donations have dropped considerably. With more manufacturing being shipped out of the country, it's no wonder the economy is improving.

While I was in the military hospital at Valley Forge PA, a Red Cross representative came to my bed and asked if I wanted a cigarette. I didn't smoke so she left. The next week we were visited by people from the Salvation Army. The woman who came to my bed asked if I liked bananas. I said that I did and so she left a whole bunch. She continued by mentioning that they were short on oranges and so I could only have two, if I so desired. After leaving about 6 candy bars, in lieu of a carton of cigarettes, she left. There's charity and then there is charity. I never forgot that episode.

You have the freedom to read the material on this site without fear or interference. If you do not exercise your freedoms, you will lose them.
"Our" foreign policy would make a good Monty Python skit.
In one of Rockwell's
1960s books, he stated that Washington DC would be all Black in the near future. That proved to be correct. With the city attracting more and more Asians and Mexicans, it will form an interesting boiling pot.
Hey man, I'm White. Just take a look at my wife.
Here we have
North Korea waving "weapons of mass destruction" in our face and stating they'll sell arms to whom they please. They are going to start up a nuclear reactor and all UU can comment is that we'll need some diplomacy.

Meanwhile, back at Iraqi ranch, they can't find any WOMDs which serves to prove how cleaver Iraqis are at hiding them.

Israel is calling for an all out effort by the jewess U.S. I suspect that they realize that their pool of White goofs eager to become sniper supper, cannon fodder, and land mine stompers, is drying up. They know they will not be able to rally Black Muslims, Mexicans, Asians or Arab-Americans to their cause. Unlike White people, these other groups seem to know what's best for them. I really think we are gearing up for the last round-up.

White boys need not apply. Felipe Mendez of Seattle is another recipient of the Mellon Foundation's education handouts to minorities. Maybe they should pool their resources with those of Bill Gates, who also doesn't like to help White folks.

White people should check on whether their intended college is receiving big bucks for the admittance and pushing of lesser qualified non-Whites through graduate programs. Jews and rich Whites are doing their best to see that the White worker vanishes soon. They are nailing the opportunity doors shut one by one. No worries. There's niggerball tonight.

"Minority" is no longer a useful term for in many areas it refers to the majority.

It appears that the last census missed over 1,100,000 Blacks and mestizos. That's no problem, just call them White and add them in. That'll make the gringo feel better about "his" country. If more of that is done, then we could really be 70% as the blightwing believes.
Salsa must rot brains
for the Yakima Herald reports that Alex Martinez, a human resources manager, promised to pay Manuel and Noe Caldera $500,000 if they would rob and kill his boss. This is not minority crime because these fun loving tequila lovers belong to California's majority. It's coming to your town soon.
American simian solders go ape in South Korea killing 2 young girls. USZOG has 37,000 of its legionnaires stationed there and the Koreans seem a bit upset that Fernando Nino walked way without charges. Meanwhile back at Rome on the Potomac, UU apologized. 
A federal appeals court in California upheld that state's assault weapons control act which states that the Constitution does not give citizens the right to keep and bear arms.
Non Aryans Fermin Cuza and Alan Schwartz of the Mattel Inc. toy company, were nailed for illegal campaign contributions to non-Aryan Democrats Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein plus Republicans Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Lincoln Diaz-Balart. As you can see the tribe owns both ZOG parties. That's a good deal.

I don't know why the blighters of the NA are anti-FAEM, but I have reasonable suspicions: (1) They see us as competitors, although we don't take any of their money. (2) They want to include darkies, like Martinez, i.e. mestizos as "White". I read recently that the mestizo, Mark Weber, may be joining the NA, so it would be no wonder the NA-niks would be hostile. We must watch out for the non-Whites who arrogate to themselves the term, "White". After my experience with the mestizo, Injun John Ross Taylor, I see that they mainly get real Whites into trouble. Indian John bragged that he was responsible for passage of the "Hate Law" in Soviet Canuckistan. Mestizos hate real Whites, just like jews who hate Aryans. They want to eliminate them via murder and/or miscegenation so they can be the "real Whites" or "Aryans". My mother had dark brown hair, fair skin and blue eyes. My father had light brown hair, fair skin and hazel eyes. Latin American mestizos referred to them and to me as "Blond", even when I told them that my dark brown hair was NOT blond! You can see how our racial standards can slip: If you're not Black, you're "White," and if your hair is not jet black, you're "blond". Beware of NA race-mixers! ORION!

If I were a German, I'd be proud as a peacock knowing people such as this are of my volk.

This was sent to me which proves there's a whole nine yards of talent out there.
(Don't leave home without it.)

I do know that there are a lot of frustrated, and very angry, White males out there. I also believe that many lash out at each other in the same framework as the fellow who has a hard day, comes home, and kicks his dog. The legitimate ZOG targets are protected by law and so we can bop on each other and no one cares. In fact, I'd assume that they indeed like to see us battling each other. We are one hellish state of frustration and I think that should never be forgotten when fire comes to the fore.  I even know a few men who have unwittingly, in their desire to have a family, married some feminist witch all too eager to work against him.

Correct me if I am missing something here.

Jack decides to run for political office on a platform of helping White people. If the platform helped all people, then there would be no need to accent the "White" part. In this case, Jack would be just another ZOG clone.

Jack, whether he runs for office or not, needs to have a means to support himself. There are thousands of White males who see the world as we, but go along with the p.c. stuff because they want to keep their jobs. Thus, Jack would have a hard time feeding himself when his views, and political platform, were known. He'd have to be someone supported by followers. This was the case for Hitler but Hitler didn't have a wife to support nor kids interested in going to college. He didn't use supporters' money to take his floozy of the moment on vacations nor did he invest in real estate.

Jack would have to be active in a non-election time way so as to increase public awareness for without that, supporters would be hard to come by. I think we can agree that given the present public mood, there is little hope of Jack being elected as dog catcher. The only point would be public exposure so that when ZOG's screws crush more and more people, they would have someone, or something, to turn to. Dr. Pierce, attempted this sort of thing but the "elite" were as visible as the back side of the moon. Of what public use was a NA member known only to 4 others? Outside of being an exhibit on some jew show, Pierce did nothing to increase his public exposure. In this, he acted no differently in 1995 than he did in 1965. The NA was dead in the water when it started. Pierce, other than accumulating wealth which was never used to benefit White folks (Zündel, and his yenta, also come to mind), avoided all things hazardous just as he did in 1965. Rockwell never gave him more credit beyond being an intelligent researcher and article writer. Pierce ended up being a seller of books. I believe the past 40 years of the NA has left nothing but mold for us to gawk at. As for the mini-Führers, I have great faith in the power of greed and the intoxication of kissing one's mirror image and pretending to be the geniuses their mommies said they were.

Jack would have to be a decent orator and he would have to give talks publicly, and frequently. Unlike the Irvings and Zündels of this world, it would be a non-profit deal from start to finish. I am assured that we have many fine young men who fit this role but I ask you to tell me where they are.

The public message should be one of "I am a White man tired of getting the short end of the stick," rather than, "Jew's suck. No more niggers. Ship those spics back," although that theme in more sophisticated terms would be announced.

In spite of the Perot sellout, many people feel a need for a third party but this could come about only in a very difficult way. ZOG party A and ZOG party B effectively blocked both Buchanan and Nader. The point here is that it makes little difference whether people vote for Jack just as long as they know he's out there and what he stands for. Duke started his career wearing a bed sheet and ended up rolling in bed sheets. He spent supporters' money on gambling which certainly did not endear him to many. He was a man of low character as are so many "leaders" who publicly reinforce the image ZOG leaves in people's minds.

I am just venting a few thoughts here for your perusal and consideration. It's not a solution to anything.

From Andy –

"Stop bitching so much and use that brain power to come up with solutions.  If General Lee had someone bitching as much as you are, he would kick his ass.  I think he told his generals don't tell me it can't be done.  Find a way to get the job done or give me your resignation."

Dear Andy –

I have said many times, if I had one I'd reveal it. Before one can go in the right direction, he must stop going in the wrong one. I see absolutely nothing which will work so instead of trying to carry water in a sieve, we should put that sieve down. When people are deep into some wishful thinking activity, I feel they have already put their brain in park.

The furor over Lott, on the local  radio show, cried for his resignation. Civil rights, according to every White caller, is responsible for the "progress" we now think we have. In the main, White people do not want anyone to stop their decline. Either they do not recognize they are in one, or they do and they enjoy it. There can be nothing geared for mass approval. The only thing possible at this time would be Eric's "state within a state" but this would require cooperation which the blightwing has shown they simply will not do. Truth is a mirror scattered in a myriad of bits and each blighter feels his piece is the whole. Until the time comes when each can offer his piece, you will never have a whole mirror.

My grandfather knew enough not to plow in the mud. People surely keep busy on a treadmill, but they go nowhere. Mere activity means nothing. As Eric has pointed out many times, a blightwinger never thinks anything is important unless he thinks it up. Many, such as Duke, as simply using the "cause" for personal gain. I am sure you can think of many others.

I am sure a great "platform" could be constructed and a wonderful strategy developed, but all of this requires people of the required quality. How, pray tell, does one capture such an audience on the internet where nearly all are hiding behind a username and/or use anonymous servers? ('Hiding' is big internet business.) Over the years, I have offered to give away FREE, and useful, books of which cost me money to purchase. I was lucky to get 2 responses. People live in fear that someone might a learn of an address, or a real name, it seems. Perhaps the internet is just a place for voyeurs. The internet is all about free speech from anonymous persons. I see nothing wrong in that but it is not useful if we try to build community and without community, we're gone. That seems to be everyone's wish anyway. The information on the internet, in Eric's view, is just another consumer item.

I have offered over the years ideas whereby people who read FAEM could be put into contact with other readers in their area. Email addresses only. The individuals were to decide if they wanted to meet each other. There was absolutely no response. Perhaps it was a bad idea although I do not know why. Perhaps it was because I was perceived as some agent of ZOG who would turn in that email address. I do not know. (Anonymous or not. If ZOG wants you, they know how to find you.)

You cannot help people who will not help themselves. In the meantime, let me bitch. It makes me feel better than when I keep silent.

Best regards = RF

On the island of Fud, there lived a man named Fred who had $100. The gods (ZOG) required that anyone who received money (income) would have to sacrifice 16% (income tax) of that on the altar of Marxism. Fred hired Irene to clean his castle for which he paid her the $100. Irene kept $84 and sacrificed $16. Irene needed some landscaping around her estate and hired Benny to do the work. She paid him $84. Benny kept $70 and sacrificed $14. Benny then hired Paul to clean the weeds from his duck pond. Paul was paid $70 of which he could only keep $59. $11 was sacrificed. Paul then hired Fred, the fellow who had the original $100, and hired him to count his goats. Fred kept $50 of the $59 and sacrificed $9.

Here we see 4 people kept busy producing nothing and the fellow with the $100 only getting $50 back. Half of that society's money disappeared down the sacrifice hole. Corndip, the god who watches over the gross national product, noted that there were 4 people employed and $313 was in circulation not counting the $50 which was sacrificed. Overall, $363 was accounted for thus proving that the economy was booming. After all, it started with only $100.

Just got off the phone to my cousin in Walnut Creek CA. She lives in a once secluded ravine. Today she complained of the bulldozer racket and incessant mestizo yammering in Spanish, that, on top of the blaring radios. I told her that she was living in de facto Mexico and her only temporary option was to move. She was originally from Florida and mentioned that Miami was once full of obnoxious jews but they vacated leaving it wide open for diseased Africa to take over. It's the same old pattern – N'roos rush in where jews now fear to tread. Yes, we invite them in where they crap on the floor. Then they move out because it smells so bad.

Yes, dear friends, all we need to save it all is a political platform to motivate Whites who are content to give their country away. My cousin also noted that all voting now does is to place mestizos in the driver's seat. White voting power?  By the time one figures out how to save the ship, it will have sunk. There are no legal methods which will return America to White people. I am not advocating illegal action, but keep your powder dry, and prepare for the opportunities which will come from the chaos where the niceties of legality will be absent.

Robert –
"So now Germany, France, and the Scandinavian countries are irritated with the pushy would be Emperor Bush, who has twisted arms to seek Turkey's admission  into the E.U. Turkey has in excess of 70 million people, and these people  would have the option of living and working anywhere in the E.U. once admitted. El Stupido, the imperious one has no racial concerns whatsoever. How would we feel if a World Government were imposed, and anyone could work and live anywhere they pleased. Wow! Would we ever have a shift of populations to the U.S.  Perhaps the Europeans are starting to realize the portent of danger. Race is all we have in this life that has a commonality and kinship with our fellow tribesmen, and the worst enemies we have are the evil ones that are destroying that link to our past for in truth it's the only hope for our children's future. What really ignorant,  and dangerous bastards these rotten politicians are. Every German I've ever spoken to is distressed at the Turks in Germany. France also has their problems with North Africans as well as those from tropical Africa. My friends tell me Paris is slowly becoming an African city, and a cesspool just like many American cities. It is most unfortunate that for the  western leaders have crap for brains. The degeneracy is so profound it's almost beyond redemption, when that point is reached when the spiritual light of western souls becomes just a flicker then the great God of the Universe will anoint another race to take over. It may well be that the future of the planet is in the Orient, and the day may well come when thinking men will say that the last hope for our race vanished in 1945."
Regards. Joe.

Robertsez – We fought for the right to see ourselves destroyed. Rockwell claimed that WWII was the Alamo of the White race. One thing is certain. People are increasing in number while food is decreasing in quantity as well as quality. You do not have to be brilliant to see that is is not a winning combination. A demolition derby is on the horizon.

Mathematical formulas are simply written expressions, descriptions as it were, and they prove nothing. A label proves nothing and I suppose that people who believe that labels are the same as the objects, can believe that other scribbles prove something. The label "kidney beans" does not prove kidney beans are in the can. The Bible "proves" that a man can walk on water. Engineers calculate surface tension, the man's mass and area of his foot print and when multiplied by the density of phlogiston, "prove" that it's not possible. The real proof, is that it cannot be demonstrated and that does not require a diploma to understand nor a $666,000 computer.

The worshipped relation E = mc² is part of a theory and theories prove nothing.

Using formulas, engineers "proved" decades ago that no friction powered vehicle could exceed 194 MPH in a 1/4 mile standing start drag race. Not only did the formula prove nothing, it simply was not true as evidenced by the 200 MPH plus speeds which are commonplace today.

Science is not a god. It is a discipline regulated by belief. In other words, it's a religion. Bullshit baffles brains is just as true in science as it is everywhere else.