24 December 2002
Our future's lost if we,
    As men, hearken to she.
She who's never been a man,
    But dreams, what one should be.

Having left the nest,
    Sucking no more at breast.
We seek other comrade men,
    She knows not, what is best.

Childhood rest at last,
    The time for mom has past.
As men, we can rise to more,
    Our ideals: hold them fast.

We gather for the fight,
    Without her hand is right.
Boys seek mom but men seek men,
    Sans tear, for we are White.

"This mornings news reported that the new Republican Senate Majority Leader, Senator Frist, said that the they now needed a time of healing. HEALING FOR WHAT? Then of course that sappy Senator Lott apologized again. When will the abnormal whites stop acting like retarded children every time they might be perceived as racist? True men don't act like imbeciles and keep apologizing, or talk about a time of healing for an innocuous remark. It is a sick symptom of a nation gone mad and in a sad state of  decline. Maybe they ought to all put on female, ballerina attire and put on a special performance prancing about a stage for the benefit of the negroes. Not one of these fools has spoken out against the pending war in the middle east. Wonder what they would say if a U.S. coalition planned a war against Zimbabwe? What a ruckus they would make when the U.S. blacks screamed for action to stop the war. Senator Lugar, head of the Foreign Relations Committee, is another sap who   couldn't wait to turn South Africa over to the negro tribes. In my opinion there isn't one redeeming trait in the whole damn bunch."
What in hell is Black Caucus?
What does White Caucus say? Does Meztizo Caucus care? 
Jews in the news: David Kern of Medford OR, got 1 year in the can for lifting $5.3 million in prepaid funeral funds from the place he operated. Jews violating a trust and stealing money? Naw. Tell me it isn't so.
At the risk of being called un-American, I do believe that the finest soldiers of the SWATKWP were the Germans. This, I know, flies in the face of the jewish movies about that period. Wars are never fought with the milk of human kindness and all participants are guilty of the most atrocious, as well as heroic, acts. It's custom, however, to believe that the "evil" side lost and that God loves us, and therefore, we are "right".

On the Eastern Front, the Germans were always outnumbered by a factor ranging from 5 to 10. They were also outnumbered on the Western front. In the much publicized "Battle of the Bulge", the only thing the movie goers remembered was McAuliffe's supposed response to a German request for surrender, "Nuts". That battle claimed Allied losses of 82,400  and German losses of 67,500. The Spielberg groupies apparently have inflated the German losses to over 100,000 but like all fish stories, the caught fish gets larger each time the tale is aired.

The young crowd now believes that the Holohoax WAS WWII. In this regard, they have all become jews. The fact that this is now state religion is easily shown. When you question it, you are accused of heresy – a "Holocaust denier." Craven images are all over the place and are called "museums". If it were truth, then why can it not be freely debated as are other topics of history?

In the PTO, islands were attacked only when the Americans had numerical superiority over the Japanese by at least a factor of 6. On Okinawa, I believe that factor was much greater. This is not to degrade American soldiers for who now remembers the heroism of people like Roger Young and Colin Kelly? All armies have their share of very brave men and of very nasty men but the Japanese and Germans fought a war against extremely superior numbers and materiel. That they lasted as long as they did is a tribute to those people.

As the internet exposes more and more of ZOG's hypocrisy and criminality, the blightwing views this as "good" since "the truth shall make you free". It's good for White people, for we want truth! Truth is what Aryans are all about, don't you know? Yet, when one tells the truth about certain blightwingers, then it is forcefully denounced as "sabotage!", "hurting the cause!" and "playing into the enemy's hands!" I guess there is more than one definition of 'hypocrisy'.
Merry Christmas => Merry Xmas => Happy  Xmas => Happy Holiday => Happy Hanukkah
The jew-dazed Christian fails to notice the transition. The "HH" is also found in "88" :o)

I was in a deli which serves good take-out soup. The lady ahead of me, as she started to depart, said to the owner, "Merry Christmas." The jew blew his bagel and shouted, "I'm no damned Christian!"

If the roles were reversed, the Christian would respond by kissing rump.

I seed UU getting his smallpox shot. How do we know it wasn't distilled water? Hate-filled skeptics want to know.
We are often told that there are two sides to every story. The proof that our – one tale, under ZOG, with one-sided stories for all – education is little more than indoctrination, is not hard to discover. I once confronted the head of a department asking why he always had Communist speakers lecturing us on the evils of Nazism and yet we never heard the other side, that is, Nazi speakers describing their view of Communism. "Because," he slurred, "I only want to present the truth." "I understand, Mr. Grosman."

In another class, we had Black speakers telling us how evil White people were but not once did they allow a White man to tell us what he disliked about Black people.

I completed high school but I think if I were in early school today, I'd drop out in the 4th grade just to avoid the suffocating hot air.

Until a week ago everyone was focused on Iraq, just as they were previously focused on Afghanistan last year.  We announced on FAEM in September 2001 that ZOG-USA was heading into a new Vietnam guerrilla war in Central Asia.  See:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/afghanistan/comment/story/0,11447,862649,00.html for the details of this war.

"As the US prepares for war on Iraq, its troops in Afghanistan are coming under increasing attack from the forces they were sent to dig out."

We announced on FAEM last year this time, that Iraq would be attacked.  What else is there to say about this next campaign within a larger war, other than to fill in details?  The larger 'warre' is against the more organized Middle East and South Asian states of Islam.  Within this 'Africa' does not count as part of Islam in ZOG's mind.  No one besides priests and mullahs care which direction African negroes face to pray.  Any uppity African chieftain can be easily distracted by handing out 100,000 assault rifles to his 'people'.

The recent mass arrests of Iranians in Aztlan-California publicly light the near future with Iran.  For those who wish to think about the "Mid-East", (Syria-Iraq-Iran-Persian Gulf-Pakistan) , think about the past and the present.  In the not distant past (early 20th Century) this entire area was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, the British-Indian  Empire and the British Empire.   Neither Turks or Indians have forgotten this.   And both of these groups are in close relations with the Israelis.  ZOG remains ZOG, whether it flies a Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes.  So we see these same three powers closing in from West, East and South.

As ZOG progressively destroys the domestic regimes of this area, power vacuums are created.  These vacuums will be filled by more competent states on the periphery, such as Turkey and India.  ZOG knows this and is facilitating it.   All this is still not a big 'Warre' of peoples and races.  What populations have been displaced by others?  None.  All these skirmishes are merely colonial and elite squabbles over wealth.  It's all similar to what went on in the late 19th Century.

The big Warre of races, peoples and territory lies just ahead.  The illegitimate bastard known as ZOG was born in the blood of that 20th Century Warre against the white race.  ZOG will go down in the 21st Century Warre soon to come.


I'd not waste my time trying to analyze any hypothetical future scenario. I feel certain that each and every pundit, concerning the eminent attack by ZOG, will prove to be in error.
I'd estimate that in this country there are 75,000 jews who share the same birth date as Adolf Hitler. I wonder how they celebrate their birthdays.

Concession: Simple minded Blacks are twice as intelligent as the most intelligent White. Black people invented everything on the planet since 4004 B.C. Jews invented planet Pluto and Blacks showed them were to put it. From Plato to Tesla, each and every genius has been a Black person. Columbus and Eric the Red were both Black people. God is Black. Jesus was a Black man. The pyramids were built by Black people. If a history book mentions some White man doing anything significant, then it is something he stole from the Black people. After all, Black people were here on the planet first, which means God favored them. Anytime you see a White man doing anything other than drooling and scratching his anus, he is copying ideas of the Black man.

White people are criminals, imbeciles, degenerates and the most evil pieces of shit known. Even buzzards will not stoop so low as to eat their rotting flesh. White people are the embodiment of universal filth.

OK,  you have convinced me of the wondrous attributes of Black is Beautiful, but I remain somewhat bewildered. If Whites are so rotten, and despicable, then why are all the non-Whites trying to get into the lands where they live?

Lobotomy:A specialized brain operation which makes White people as smart as Black people.

Today, my wife and I stopped at Mac Donald's for lunch. Outside were two charter buses, so we figured the place would be packed, which it was. The children were from a middle school on a sight-seeing outing. The thing that was striking was the very few Caucasian students. They could almost be counted on one hand, and seemed to sit at their own tables with one exception where a young white female sat with a negro male student. I certainly felt sorry that there were so few white students, three pretty little blonde girls sat by themselves, and two white fellows at another table, six in all and that was it. The other sixty-five or more students were mostly dark Latin Americans or negroes with three orientals that looked like Cambodians. The whites for all intents and purposes were swamped by a sea of color. The whites sat rather quietly while the non-whites were shouting back and fourth to one another. The other exception were the oriental students sitting together in a quiet manner. While watching, I thought to myself how many more white children there would have been had they not been murdered by married white women who wanted a good life without giving life. It's too bad that more whites don't understand that they live on in their children, and they honor their ancestors, and the love a man and women hold for one another in bringing forth a new life. It has been said a number of times that if the Caucasian race doesn't wake up soon they will be extinct in the not too distant future.
The mud riots now on the increase in Great Britain, will soon be coming here.
The National Front is back ——— http://www.natfront.com/
Thieves like to believe that everyone is a thief. Liars believe everyone lies. People who hold silly grudges for life believe all others do the same. We tend to see the world in our own image. I never try to interpret anyone's words. What did he mean by that? I assume he meant what he said. I am no advocate of the common believe that when a woman says "no", she really means yes thus giving excuse to approach her again. "She said 'no' but I knew she really wanted it," is a remark I commonly here from men who have committed borderline rape. If a woman slams the door in my face, then I get lost. I hold no grudge nor much emotion at all. It was her decision to deprive herself of my presence. She slammed the door, not I, and projection forever freezes her behavior. A person in such a position simply cannot open the door again because they are sure that it would allow the other a chance to slam the door in their face. We often lose wonderful episodes in life by this silly mind set.

Jenny and I had a date for a movie, on a Thursday. At the last minute she called and said her aunt was sick and she needed to be at her side. She apologized for calling the date off. I thought little of it and went to the movies by myself. There was the benefit of only having to pay for one ticket instead of two. The next week, "Lefty" was bragging about the date he had with Jenny on that Thursday. He blabbed lots of details, as was his custom. I never felt any animosity toward Jenny other than I was sad she had to resort to lying. Who knows? I reflected that any woman who'd spend time with Lefty wasn't much of a prize anyway.

It appears that Raeto West no longer has a website. I did a search and the first entry was, "British idiot, Raeto West ..." Raeto wrote the absolutely best books on the early Commodore computers (1970+) and to call him an idiot is to indict one's self as one. I accidentally came across this link, during the search, which you should bookmark and not lose. It's absolutely great! Do not miss the powerful article on circumcision – that unconscionable mutilation of a captive child's sex organs.

I do take issue with Mr. Johmann when he states that of the 3 races, the asian is the more intelligent because of higher scores on IQ tests. If that is so, then how does one account for the near total lack of Japanese of the caliber of Newton, Gauss, Mozart, di Vinci, et al.? Why was it that the Yellow man never sent men to the moon or harnessed electricity? Why was only the White man able to explore the world starting centuries ago leaving his genes, and ideas,  here and there? The so-called Native Americans are mestizos which resulted from the ancient wanderings of the White man. You see, when you draw conclusions based on paper work (IQ tests), you will usually be far afield. Reality provides its own way of testing what is and what is not. The whole history of the computer, from invention to development, is not a Yellow man's path. Why is it that some are more hung up on paper work than observation? Some paper reports should never leave the wall of an outhouse for that's the only place they find value. Real intelligence is not proven with paper work. Some of the biggest aholes I have ever met had IQ scores above 170. They couldn't even take a leak without wetting their shoes.

Also, he states that the Black man is the stronger of the races. I then ask why the competitors for The World's Strongest Man title are nearly always White men, and Nordic types at that? Ever check the Olympic Weightlifting results? Let's stick to real world results. Anyway, there's great stuff here.

So much for Majority Leader Trent Lott and his recent squeaks about "sending troops to the Mexican border".  Frist's record on immigration is summed up as "No Borders Bill".  No sir, the only borders "we'll" defend are Israel's.  The only immigrants "we'll" arrest are those who threaten Jewish interests.

As some people continue their Don Quixote charge to jawbone the white-hating pro-Zionist GOP elites into representing white people's interests once in a blue moon.

But the syndication fees and royalties are nice, and that's what's really important for some, eh?  That and being 'respectable'.


Robertsez – Wherefore art thou – those silly little people who thought Zionist party A was on the side of White folks?

The coming war events will produce an outcome no one anticipated. That's what will make them so interesting. People really do enjoy watching demolition derbies.
When you are up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.

The signal for the collapse of ZOG will be when they call their legions home to quell increasing civilian riots.
Anti-Arab propaganda is on the increase. Keep your eye on that region. It quite possibly will be on ZOG's hit list, as Eric predicts.
After years of our honky legions traipsing about the globe, they might someday decide to come home. Will the Mexicans let them back in?
Exxon ordered the Arabs to slow down their oil production. The Arabs complied and now Joe Six-pack is blaming the g.d. Arabs for raising the price of gasoline.

The Rainbow Coalition has the same mixed colors as an unemptied chamber pot.
How can you have diversity when you mix everything up? When we become all the same, where's the diversity?
If there is no such thing as race, then what's the quota business all about?
The more we pursue equality, the more differences we find.
I thought a bit more
about that "race is a social construct" article which also mentions that is has been proved that there is no such thing as race. The interesting thing about that article is that it depends upon an assumption that race exists in order to prove that it doesn't. According to the article, 30% of White people, in the American setting, were revealed to have asiatic genes. Although this lends credence to Eric's (mestizo) claims, it is not the point. If there is no such thing as race then what are "asiatic", and "african" genes? Yes, those are names of geographical areas but if the populations of Asia and Africa were interchanged, would we also change the name of the genes? I don't think so. The zebra has an identifiable set of genes and its not because it lives in Africa. Those genes identify the critter and we can choose to classify that critter as what we like – race, breed, collection, whatever. Are human critters somehow exempt?

What the article reveals is that there has been a whole lot of race-mixing going on. It appears that humans spend most of their life trying to screw something and even when they are starving, they still have enough energy to screw some more, thus insuring perpetual starvation and social problems.

When one examines a mixture, the results cannot be used to prove the non-existence of its components. Chlorine and sodium cannot exist for long in an uncombined state. Prior to the White man learning how to obtain those elements from their compounds, sodium and chlorine did not exist. The compound sodium chloride cannot be used as evidence that sodium or chlorine did not exist yet this same line of thought is what the jew who wrote that article tried to do. Salt is white and crystalline. Sodium is silvery and chlorine green. I examnine white salt and claim that green and silver do not exist. Yes folks, a million dollars does not exist because I am unable to find it.

What do your God-given senses tell you when you walk into a herd of simians? That's experience and it's one hellova better source of truth than the yammering of academics who tell you that what you experience means nothing, and you'd better depend more upon faith in what they tell you. They are asking you to be one of their serfs. It's your life.

There are two ways stuff enters one's noggin where it ends up as "truth". One is the route of faith and the other, experience, the only true teacher. There is no way one can gather all truth through experience for he'll never live long enough even if opportunity was favorable. Thus, we depend greatly upon faith. We must have faith in the source. Therein lies the danger for if that source does not present truth, then one learns falsehood but holds it as truth.

As I was brought up, there was not much encouragement to think for one's self. You went to church where you were told to believe the words of some flawed mortal dressed in funny clothes, who possessed truth. For years, we'd march off to school clinging to the words of teachers who also possessed truth. True believers, in the church setting, were promised rewards in some afterlife. This never seemed like a reward to me since I would have to die first. In school, the rewards were real. They were called "good grades." With good grades, you could earn tickets, called diplomas, to attend the next level of school where the process was repeated. If you had enough tickets, you could board the bus to "success", which apparently meant lots of pay for little work and maybe some applause from people you didn't like anyway.

I never quite caught on to this material possession thing. If a $2 knife would cut my steak, would a $200 pearl handled one cut it better? If a 1970 rusted out Valiant would get me where I wanted to go, why would I need a BMW with leopard skin seat covers? It seemed to me like a great sacrifice of time and effort to accomplish something which was not that important anyway.

To learn from experience first requires one to start thinking and I know that is a doleful task. I never thought much until the 6th grade and even then, it was hardly noticed. Sporadically, I'd get those flashes now and again especially when a teacher spouted something which I felt was amiss. I didn't know it at the time, but my brain was stating to breathe. It was in 10th grade when I developed spine enough to confront a teacher, heretofore sharing the same exalted level as the priest whom you believed never farted. We were doing the construction routine in geometry class when I told Mr. Drinkwater that I was confused about the term "construction". I am not constructing a straight line. I am tracing the outline of a ruler I was told was straight. What if that ruler weren't straight? How could I tell? If we could trace the outline of a ruler, and call it construction, then why couldn't we trace the outline of a circular object and also call it construction? A circle, I thought, was an easier thing to make than a straight line. I recalled the circular path worn in the ground which our bull made as he grazed the limit of his tether. On the other hand, all the cow trails were never straight lines. Besides, here I am "constructing" a straight line by tracing an object with questionable straightness and upon a desk we were told was flat. What if it wasn't flat? How could I tell? We were also told that a point was nothing; no width, no thickness, no length. Yet, if it moved, it produced something with length. I never quite grasped how nothing could be induced to move or quite caught on as to how someone could make something out of nothing. I think it wasn't long before I realized the vastness of faith which enclosed geometry like a death mask. We were learnig about angels, goblins and nothing. Mathematics no longer was "real" to me. It was elevated to the land of make believe – fairy tales – a philosophy of mental masturbation using symbols. Yet, this discipline which holds the record for having, by far, the greatest number of insane people engaged in it, was elevated to a religion. Those who did well in this fairyland were considered "intelligent" as in the days of old when all religious were considered as genius. Idiots certainly could never talk to God.

We develop our critical faculties by questioning the beliefs we accumulated out of laziness or desire for profit. Rulers of people do not like people who think. I don't mean argumentative people for anyone can contradict anything without much thought at all. Thinking people soon realize that they are placing themselves in a "untouchable" class where others want nothing to do with them. Reality is a hard bone and it's better to dream about things which are not real. One does have complete control over his wishful thinking. Thus, one can end up a king in his imaginary realm.

Reat, from the planet Carbunk, zipped to earth one day in his Northrup R-32 UFO. It was his first trip there. He wandered about for a while and came across the Eloi basking in the sun. The Eloi had hair like the sun; skin the color of pure clouds and  eyes like the rich blue sky. He gave them a name. It was Trepinom'ze, meaning in Reat's language, things which move but aren't purple. Later, in his travels, he came across other moving objects similar to the Trepinom'ze, but with fat lips with which they peeled long yellow fruit. They were as dark looking as the inside of his secondary rectum. (This was an evolutionary feature. A spare in case one failed.) Their eyes were black and so was their outer surface. Reat named them Trepinom'zud and wondered how things could be dark in the light. It indeed was very mysterious.

When Reat returned to his furschluginer planet he described the Trepinom'ze and the Trepinom'zud. He was interrupted by his superior, Hillilaf, who said authoritatively, "Don't you know that there is no such thing as Trepinom. We proved that before you took that trip."

"But," cried Reat, "I saw light which was light in the light and dark which was dark in the light. The dark was dark in the dark and the light was dark in the dark. In the light they were not the same. In the dark, I could smell the difference."

Hillilaf cautioned, "Dear faithful comrade, if the critters on that inferior planet can't tell the difference, then why should we have an interplanetary squabble over it. Heck, to heck, I'll bet they'll eat anything, including each other."

And it came to pass that Reat rested on the seventh day.

What I need is a good woman, a good dog, a horse, a cow, and 6 chickens, plus a shack in the mountains were I could eat, sleep and fish without having to watch idiots doing themselves in.

I was sent an article where "scientists have proved there is no such thing as race." It was a synopsis of the old jew Boas baloney flavored with references to DNA. I am not about to point out the foolishness, and lack of logic, in that article. It will suffice to say that if there were no such thing as race, then what is hell is there to disprove? Arguing never changed anyone's mind anyway. A loaded gun stuffed up a nose? Maybe. But an argument – never.

I was recently made aware of the "colloidal silver cure" for some diseases, or maybe it was all diseases. I scratched around and found a whole bunch of what the internet prizes so highly – disinformation. In an authoritative article by a fellow named Lindermann (of the tribe?) I noticed right off that the article was severely tainted with disinformation, particular in regard to definitions.

First, a layman's background. If you ingest a certain amount of colloidal silver, your ills will go away. Maybe they will and maybe they won't. I am not arguing that. One takes super super super double pure silver sheets and places them as electrodes in a jar of distilled water. To these poles one makes contact with a 30V source of that wonderful source of energy harnessed by the evil White man – electricity. After 20 minutes or so, you have a drink fit for the gods, or was it Godzilla? That's it, in a coconut shell.

Let's quote a quote –

"The word "ionic" refers to a condition where a particle has an electric charge. In the case of "electro-colloidal" silver, this electric charge is ALWAYS positive. Silver will not form a negatively charged ion. So, the truth is that electro-colloidal silver is BOTH colloidal and ionic. It is considered colloidal because of the particle SIZE and it is considered ionic because of the particle CHARGE. In fact, most of the biological studies suggest it is colloidal silver's ionic characteristics that make it such a good germicide. It is also interesting to note that the old chemistry books make no distinction between the colloidal and ionic states of the electro-colloidal metals."

This is rubbish from beginning to end. An ion is an atom, or group of atoms, which has an overall electrical charge due to the presence, or absence of electrons outside the sum of its aggregate protons. It is a charged particle. Some are relatively large and some relatively small. In any solution, the number of positive ions (cations – attracted to the negative cathode) equals the number of negative ions (anions – attracted to the positive anode). A solution does not imply the presence of water. Pure water contains hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. The hydrogen ion does not wander about by itself. It is hydrated which means it drags around at least one water molecule thus making it a larger particle.

Colloid has nothing to do with particle size in an absolute sense. Colloid is a phase whereby a substance is dispersed finely enough so that surrounding forces keeps it in suspension. It has nothing to do with the charge of the particle, as the author states. Smoke is a colloid for the most part and the particles are kept from settling by the bombardment of oxygen and nitrogen molecules. In simple arrangements, colloids are non-ionic particles. Often, a colloid will envelop an ion thus making that aggregate charged. Colloids are insoluble substances where the particles contain more than one molecule. To imply that there is some arrangemnt whereby your wineglass is full of positively charged silver colloidal particles, with no negative particles to counter them, is utter nonsence.

I halt further discussion since we would be entering an area where the experts do not agree for lack of uniformity of definitions. Now for another brash bit if disinformation:

"Typically, the worst toxic reaction from metallic silver, cited in the medical literature, is a condition called Argyria. Argyria is primarily a cosmetic condition characterized by a permanent, bluish discoloration of the skin. Argyria causes no physical discomfort, and does not have any other known side effects. Your skin just looks bluish-gray. In fact, the term "blue bloods," in reference to the royal families of Europe, probably refers to a mild, argyrial condition caused by the constant eating of food from silver place settings."

The worst medical condition is DEATH! It's called silver poisoning and it's accompanied by horrible set of pains involving the entire body. Is death a toxic reaction? How's poisonous sound to you? Capable of causing injury or death? Isn't death a response to being poisoned?

If they were blue skinned then one might think they'd be called "blue skins" and not blue bloods. I suppose the presence of blond hair would deem some a "blond blood". I am a blue blood because that means to show blue in the veins, particularly the wrists. European nobility was once entirely White people and all true White people are blue bloods. A White king did not necessarily rule over White people. In that case, the nobility were referred to as "blue bloods" by the conquered muds. My ancestors were called "pale faces" by the Injuns because of that obvious relative attribute.

Consuming quantities of silver salts will produce argyria – bluish gray colored skin – if they don't kill you first. Silver salts are not quite as deadly as potassium cyanide, but they are in the same ball park– a few grains will do. To say that people who ingest too much silver turn blue with no other side effects is irresponsible. I suggest that the "blue" people were those hardy enough to have survived the poisoning. Silver nitrate, for example, will turn the skin black. In any event, a normal person would not view a "blue skin" as being the epitome of health.

The term "blue blood," along with "new blood" and "half blood", are old terms of hereditary implication preceding any wide spread use of silverware. The upper crust people of today dine exclusively on silverware and I have never met one yet who has bluish gray skin. This last statement is more scientific than any set of theories. It's based on observation – not wishful thinking or gas bag references to other gas bag references.

In NY, the Gov just signed a bill making it legal for perverts to be your kid's teachers. The local mongrel radio mouth has been admonishing callers-in who oppose this, as terrible people who "discriminate." Whether some bunghole lover is a teacher or not, is not the real question. You have no right to refuse to allow your kids to be one of his students. As with the "refuse from foreign shores" muds flooding this land, they have more rights than those who live here. You are being told that a hungry man has a right to come into your home because he is "in need." When was the last time you voted on immigration policy? When was the last time you voted on whether faggots could have legal access to your children? Yet I hear you yap that this is a democracy. The race-mixed radio mouth mentioned that he was never bothered by a sweet person with an alternate life-style. That's understandable. I've seen him. He is as ugly and fat as sin and no hard up baboon would bother with him.

I was different when I was young. My complexion was a clean as a sheet of paper, and I was very good-looking. My body was trim and always attracted women. I also attracted faggots. I kneed one in the groin, at Grand central Station, just to let him know that I really meant "hands off".

I shared a ride home from university with another faggot who thought he had me trapped. I try to avoid physical violence and when I found myself somewhat at his mercy in Terre Haute, I tried a ruse. I went along to the extent of going into a hotel room he rented. I smiled and said he could take his shower first. That would give him time to whack his Willie in anticipation, I thought. I heard the water running and I slipped out the door. Later, the kind police drove me to the train station.

I was hitchhiking to York PA one time when picked up by a daisy. I soon got the idea as he started stroking my thigh. Again, I decided to use my wits rather than rap him in the teeth, especially at 60 MPH with him steering. I did nothing and he mentioned that he could "make me feel good." (This is a common reference when fellatio (a blow-job) was in mind. I told him I was not quite in the mood and he asked why. I told him I was still upset over a girl I met in Williamsport who gave me the clap (gonorrhea). He gulped; pulled over and said he could take me no further. There I was, stranded next to an automobile junk yard. I found a decent back seat in one of them and then had a good night's rest.

I intend no list of my various encounters with queers but I'd like to impress in everyone's mind that faggots do not sit idly by waiting for someone to approach them. I always had a youthful look and faggots particularly like the young. People somehow believe that perverts want to express their perversions without discrimination. That is not true. They do discriminate. They single out delicious looking meat in the same way a normal fellow scans his females. The more handsome your young son is the more he becomes a target for the pervert and to think that when a fag teacher begins his class, he puts all of that aside – in the name of education – is an exercise in delusion.

You have a right to insist that your childrens' teachers not be perverts. Perverts are the #1 carriers of deadly diseases such as AIDS. Race-mixers are next in line.

Here's another "I'm going to Rense that man right outa my hair" article –
Why does it take people 20 or more years to wake up? TV's Perry Mason has been pounding in our ears that "we must prove his innocence" stuff every episode. Go to any channel where some court room bash is showing and listen for those words. It's been going on for 40 years.
The coming mideast shindig will not be confined to Iraq, at least not for long. Kosher approved legions will be occupying regions whose citizens fail to appreciate the cultural enrichment provided by sterling characters such as Howard Stern and Jerry Springer. In order not to unsettle the cattle who will be watching CNN with wonder, the killer operation will have to be short. What road the future takes is wholly dependent upon how the "enemy" responds. If Omar folds, then the Constitution will not long stand for the ZOG New World Disorder will no longer have a need to lull Americans into believing they are something special. The hypocrisy will vanish and the face of 666 will be there for all to see.

Wars, for Americans, have always been played somewhere else. We never knew the thrill of a world war home game. I hereby suggest that will fill the entire midwest with irate Muslims, fully armed, and let the games begin. So instead of wishing for a home game, you'd have one which did not require a TV set. Hell, pack the kiddies into the 6 air bag SUV, drive to Omaha with your camcorder and film it live. It's high time the American civilian took an active part in the wars he appears to enjoy so much.

In the 1960s, when most Americans still had balls, it was convenient that leaders such as Malcolm X, George Lincoln Rockwell,  John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, were assassinated. The reason was that they had followers who would assemble to become a problem with the potential to attract others to whatever cause they were expressing. Today, knocking off potential leaders is no longer needed since none have followers, at least not many who would stick their necks out.
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For decades, both myself and others, have been warning about the Red ZOG empire which is in the making, and now seeking culmination. USZOG has been working on this for 100 years. (The original deadline established in the 1960s, was to have all in place by year 2000.)  The gullible goyim have been supporting the expansion of this commie empire my entire lifetime. UU (double the kosher, double the fun) hopes to be the first of a series of global emperors. He even admitted publicly that he would like to be a dictator. Why do you think his administration gasses about "home security" at the same time they leave the borders wide open? USZOG never had any intention of making our borders secure and that's supposed to be priority number one of any government. The problem with Iraq is that they believe they should be sovereign and able to work out their problems without interference. Didn't Yockey tell us that natural resources would only be an excuse for this coming world war? How the American public can look at what's happening and still believe the contrary fabrications, and scare tactics, of people who lie as a matter of routine, is beyond my comprehension. There are people who still believe that the Nazis could stuff 700 people into a 2-car garage and that blood can geyser from the earth. They probably could believe anything if it appeared on TV. The high speed access to the Inquisition is not far away and the witch hunt mentality has not vanished.

This might sound like doom and gloom, but it is not. The America of my youth was destroyed and there is no way to convince that it was not. ZOG's world empire is an unnatural fabrication – a delusion of the very sick minds of very powerful people. It will not stand for 500 years as did Rome, nor even a small fraction thereof. We will have an opportunity for a new world if we choose to take it and when that happens, we must remember the words of Nambi, Chaka Zulu's mother, "Never leave an enemy behind."

UU's sire did the 4th of July fireworks bit on Iraq about a decade ago, for no other reason than to demonstrate the physical power of USZOG. That quick, and massive attack, was supposed to intimidate the rest of the world – that part which could not be bought off – into submitting to Zionist Red rule. The 9-11 attack revealed that some people just were not so compliant. Few Americans understood the self-sacrifice and honor of the Japanese Kamikaze attacks of SWATKWP. Most chalked it up to insanity. Few Americans understand a similar dedication on the part of Muslims. Muslims are no friends of White people, but they do have a sense of honor and sacrifice which the average yokel could never possibly hope to understand. I believe that ZOG feels that the entire world can be made corrupt and thereby submit itself to ZOG domination. Those whom we now choose to call enemy, will, in the end, demonstrate a faith, and ideals, far surpassing our present worship of Hollywood degenerates, sports morons, perverts, and the rest of rubbish we choose to idolize and make rich. Our "enemies" will actually save the small remnant of our population from itself. Those on Nature's side will eventually triumph.

And then there's China. How willing do you think they will be to become part of UU's empire? Thar's trouble in them thar hills.

The response to the excellent "RaceCard" was meager and the idea has been abandoned in spite of FAEM being solely responsible for the $3000 which would have been necessary for the production of a quality card. It looks like the only things one can give away free these days are condoms, used hypo needles, and diseases.