31 December 2002
Absolutely amazing! 100 years of flight from the Wright Flyer to the Stealth series bombers. All made possible by the astounding contributions of the Yellow and Black species. Whitey should never leave home without them or he'd be helpless..
The jews should put aside a day of the year to honor Adolf Hitler. Without him, they'd not have been able to foist their "holocaust" reparations racket upon the world, with their 6 million 'survivors', nor blackmail governments into making pay-offs. They'd have lost billions of shekels by not having that seemingly endless stream of anti-German, anti-Nazi and anti-White films.
One study by the Third Reich, relative to insane asylum inmates, was that the art of the patients represented nothing in the real world. In fact, it was surrealism before the jew loonies invented it as a commercial enterprise. The jew Picasso made his living selling stuff which any chimp with a dozen cans of paint could produce. The interesting thing  is that when the patients started on their paths back to sanity, their paintings, and drawings, started to resemble the real world.

In Vonnegut's book, Eden Express, he tells of type 2 schizophrenia as being mainly a disease caused by poor nutrition. Gas who gets it? That's right, the 'veggies'. The therapy is quite simple: eat steak. There is one variety of vegetarian which can put along without looking like the walking dead. Eggs, milk, cheese, and such are Class A proteins which some vegetarians do eat. If I recall, protein quality is always measured against the egg, which in essence, contains all the ingredients for a complete animal. So, if you come across anyone who is a strict "veggie", I'd be on the lookout for very bizarre behavior – when the effects of his lopsided nutrition catch up to him.

Hitler's final statementhttp://history1900s.about.com/library/holocaust/aa022100a.htm
Eric's 28 December letter mentions the huge price spread between cost and selling price. I owned a chemical specialty company as a young man and know a little about mark-up. I worked for a jew once who told me he'd never take on any product unless the profit was at least 1000%. (That's why they are into the jewelry and drug business.) One product he made can be found on a drug store shelf for $1.89. I had access to production cost and such and the breakdown was 1.2 cents for the product and 1.9 cents for the packaging. Needless to say, this fellow bought a new Lincoln 3 times a year. 
As the jew-run Yahoo and Google enterprises continually block search terms such as "ZOG", look for a new rash of Speilberg-type delusions pawned off as historical movies. I saw one sheenie actor interviewed who was said he was going to enjoy his part in the story about Hitler as a young man (Read Kubizek's book The Young Hitler I Knew, for something factual.) The actor summarized the upcoming fictional barrage by saying it showed the transition of Hitler from a cowardly no-talent artist to a raving psychopath.

Right-handed people who write from right to left, thus dragging their fingers through wet ink, do everything ass-backwards. If you seek truth, then ignore everything they say and perhaps consider that the opposite of what they say is truth. It's been 1984 for a long, long time my friend. The blightwing is noted for obtaining "facts" from jewish sources. Such a deal.

North Korea? Have you ever thumped an empty barrel? Get the drift?Why would the juice (that's us, folks) want to pound on them? If Mugabe suddenly got his paws on 69 operational nuke missiles, do you think ZOG would worry? ZOG's not even worried about Iraq. If it thought we'd suffer many causalities, there'd be no fireworks for CNN to display for the boob tube generation. When all else fails, there's always niggerball!
If you like studies, then one has been released which again, as with all studies, tells us nothing which couldn't be deduced. Eating broom bristles, or Metamucil, (sp?), for "fiber" hastens the passage of food through the digestive system. This shortens the time available for absorption of various nutrients and thus deprives the body. In order to fill this shortfall, a person must eat more and this probably causes a need for more fiber. What "fiber" does your baby eat? The diaper cleaning business indicates no such shortage of cloth to clean. High intake of fiber, as with one African tribe, has been connected with stomach cancer.

Speaking of stomachs, it is now confirmed that there are at least 60,000 new idiots discovered per year, here in our workers' paradise. This set of dingheads, mostly females, have opted to have most of their stomachs removed (by-passed) as a means of reducing and hence, controlling their fat deposits (weight). They cannot control what they put into their mouths so they call upon science to do the slash and remove routine.

It was nice to see TV's Dateline do a number on the crook evangelist Benny Hinn. I covered this turkey about 10 years ago and have not much additional to say. They did come close to my comments by saying he "was born in the middle east." Heh. Heh. People, at the time, wrote to me that he couldn't be – nawh, not such a fine Christian who does so much 'good'. Over the years, I have grown accustomed to being 10-20 years ahead of the times. It's sad when I see people fall for such obvious bunk but people always believe that which makes them feel good. They showed a woman who died 3 months after Benny allowed Jesus the cure her of cancer. To the very end, while she was dying from cancer, she believed she didn't have it. With millions of people duping themselves in such fashion isn't it rather clear why we are in such deep doggy doo? Hinn is no White man and that should be enough for anyone.
There appears to be many definitions of 'telegony'. Be that as it may, I remain convinced that some part of semen is absorbed and I think this can be shown without question. What is absorbed and what its effects are, perhaps cannot be ascertained at this time. If it's not water, then some effect will result. Anyway, why would a sensible person take a chance with the unknown – beyond the possibility of a STD and figuratively bathing in a spittoon?

A fellow I knew married a rather loose woman. In full truth, he could have said to his son, "This is your mother and I am her third husband. She was the sex mascot of the baseball team; visited Dr. Manchester to cure her V.D.; had one abortion and I got to know her from a gang bang one Saturday night. She sure is one great piece and confessed that she didn't know how many men she was intimate with, but estimated it to be about 46, or so." I can see the child swell with pride and offer thanks that he had such a discriminating and disclipined father.

Make sure your children do not have "barrels of shit" for parents.

All economic reports reveal that people are borrowing, borrowing and borrowing money. They are getting deeper, deeper, and deeper into debt. According to the experts, this is why the economy is in such good shape. I am not too bright since I cannot understand how people can spend themselves into prosperity. Maybe it's a version of E = mc²
A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. I fear that the current infatuation with DNA has already entered this swamp.

A recent bit of TV waltzing concerning the skeletal remains of the "Cheese man", is a good demonstration. The bones are supposedly 8000 years old – 400 generations. Prof. Fuzzdome decided to use DNA as a means to finding relatives of this man. He had about 10 students who volunteered to have their DNA sampled. Lo and behold, one fellow had a "band match". Conclusion: a Cheese Man descendent was found. 400 generations represents 1 out of 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000,000,000,000. (400 divisions by 2.) That's what I'd call rather thin since we are told there are only 7,000,000,000 DNA combinations. By what miracle did the find, out of only 10, happen?

We have been previously told that since 98% of the DNA in chimps is the same as ourn, then by gosh, weez related. Utah's Great Salt Lake and the human body have 65% the same molecules. I guess that makes me almost a Mormon.

If the professor had included O'Malley's goats in his experiment. perhaps we'd have another great landmark.

"Stem cell" research, another pie-in-the-sky, is offered as "hope" for the future. Have you ever noticed that all of these wonders are always mañana? Our health problems are mainly due to indiscriminate breeding (always down since we love to preserve the ugly at the expense of the beautiful) and a corrupt food supply. No solution will be found because the first involves the Constitutional right to poke your pencil into any available orifice while the second has all to do with our god, $$$$$$. Make sure your daughter eats those chips; drinks that coke and screws that nigeroo. Your grandchildren will suffer for it but suffering gets us closer to heaven, doesn't it?

The whole society operates on the principle of: do as you damned well please and someone else will clean up your mess. We see this in TV ads for cleaning compounds. Junior pisspot tosses his plate of spaghetti on the floor. Mom rushes in with her bottle of Stealth-69 Cleaner and demonstrates how the cleanup is a breeze. I particularly like the commercial where little boy pisspot runs around the house, with a goldfish in his mouth, while mom chases him. I believe these scenes reveal much concerning the dysfunctional nature of a majority of households in this land. Such children grow into adults and carry their habits with them.

One time, my youngest daughter thought she'd try this – let daddy chase me because it's so much fun – game. She copied the behavior of the lawyer next door who, when he'd call his kid in for the night, would have to go and find her since she would hide in some bush. "Come in," I loudly voiced from the partially opened side door. I, being quite NS, was convinced that she knew my voice, could hear and understand, and also knew that my word was unflinchingly valid. Well, my darling little peanut failed to respond and I surmised that she was imitating her neighbor Emma, who seemed to enjoy the hide and seek her spineless father engaged in. I returned to the door and again mildly shouted, "Come in. If I have to come and get you, you will not believe what will happen next." Immediately I began to hear the rapid patter of little feet. Nothing like that ever happened again.

It's a very good thing that this is making the roundshttp://www.rense.com/general33/zionh.htm
Telegony is something which if believed, and practiced, never leads to harm even if that belief is false. I won't eat Martha's bean soup because I believe it is poisoned. Whether it is or not is irrelevant, if I don't eat it. We call such things 'playing it safe'.

Telegony – The supposed genetic influence of a previous sire on offspring of a subsequent sire from the same mother.

Through the centuries, this has been widely believed and, as mentioned, nothing undesired happens if you only let your prize mare mate with prize stallions. Why take a chance with a scrub? The offspring will be a scrub besides. Of course, we are humans and all of those silly laws of Nature do not apply to us. Ain't' that so?

Let's suppose your pretty White daughter gets addicted to simian love and later marries a White fellow. Telegony would indicate that her subsequent offspring would be slightly ape like.

One fellow reported a hundred years ago that he did an experiment with some donkeys and horses, and could find no evidence that telegony was valid. One experiment against centuries of world wide belief. I have wondered how a non-religious "myth" could be sustained over such a long period of time without an occasional boost of affirming observation.

I have had three observation related to this over the years. I mentioned a teacher on our staff who married such a White woman and more than I have noticed his increasing ape look. Yes, we could easily shrug this off as silly notions. Perhaps.

The current faddish use of "patches" to cure everything from a smoking habit to overweight certainly should demonstrate to the skeptic that indeed, stuff can be absorbed thought the skin. The epidermis of the glans penis on the uncircumcised is only one cell thick. This represents a very poor barrier as does the wall of the vagina. These regions are easy targets for passage of nearly anything.

One can easily discount observation of the male teacher but it is also noticed in the face of Judy, a counselor at another school. She divorced her White husband and shacked up with two simians, sequentially. Several female teachers have told me that she is starting to resemble, facilely, her latest stud.

Haven't we heard often, about people who have been married a long time, that they come to resemble each other?

Be that as it may, this is not the thrust of telegony. As Odin would have it, a convincing case was dropped into my lap recently. I will substitute names, as is my usual manner.

Clyde is a mestizo with very dark eyes, a narrow face, and a distinctive hawk-like nose. He married Carol, a nice looking blue-eyed blonde Swede. Carol had a small trim nose and roundish face. Clyde, if you can believe his stories, banged her around the clock, that is, when he wasn't verbally abusing her. While drinking, and playing around with gunpowder, Clyde blew himself through his dining room wall. He ended up in the hospital banadged from top to bottom. Carol took this opportunity to split, as they say. She divorced him and moved out of state. Years later, as chance would have it, Carol moved onto the street where my youngest sister lived, about 3 houses down. Carol had remarried, this time to a fellow with a roundish face and petite nose, for a man. They had a daughter which I had never seen until my Thanksgiving day visit to my sister. The young lady's name was Jennifer and I was introduced to her. What set me back on my heels was the presence of that very same hawk-like nose I observed on Clyde. In addition, her face was not round like her parents, but distinctly narrow. She could have passed for Clyde's offspring.

Here we are confronted with a dilemma. Either Clyde slipped in on a day Bill was out of town – very unlikely since he lived about 1100 miles away – or there is substance to telegony. In any event, Bill should have played it safe by marrying someone else.

I think it is more than vanity when a man demands that only a virgin is suitable for marriage when offspring are intended. Beyond that, what man would relish having children with a woman whose past indicted she was not much more than a community, in G.K.'s words, "semen ash tray"?

Remember Lackawanna NY where all of the "terrorist sleeper cells" are? In adjoining Cheektowaga, simians went on a vandalism spree and devastated dozens of cars in an apartment complex parking lot. Think of the jobs this will create putting it all back together again. Love that diversity. 
It's like Eric said. All of our high tech toys won't mean diddly after we've had fun pushing the Nintendo buttons and giving each other 'high fives' over each act of destruction. It's rifle against rifle, and we are not going to like it. Not one bit.    http://sf.indymedia.org/news/2002/12/1554150.php
American soldiers guilty of "war crimes". Nawh. Not us. We fight wars by handing out Hershey bars and nylon stockings.
We're all about love and niggerball.   http://www.wsws.org/articles/2002/dec2002/docu-d21.shtml
None of us is responsible for his genetic make-up. We are what we are and must do the best we can with that. This is not to say that there is no hope for a "superman" for that requires a long-term project of racial betterment. Such future orientation is not for the useless slob since he lives only for the day not caring about the world he allows his unwanted children to reside. Beyond self gratification, he sees nothing; feels nothing and ultimately, is nothing. Those of us who are not lily white do have better genetic material than Cheeta, that is, if we value civilization above banana peeling and swinging through the branches. We have long been accustomed to barring Nature from pruning the defective among us  In fact, we pride ourselves on preserving the most grotesque of human forms and allowing them to breed. This is in harmony with our anti-Nature perspective and probably is a source for ego enhancement – Screw Nature. We can beat her! Technology has given its best shot proving that we are as gods. As the collapse of anti-biotics, drugs, gene-tampering, artificial farming and its poisonous wake, and other wonders of science, is now becoming radically apparent even to dunderheads, one would have to be on drugs not to see that, in the end, Nature will be left standing. If we choose to live with Nature, then we can not only survive, but prosper. Most cannot admit their folly and will end life with resentment still alive in their fetid brains. We will conquer cancer! (In a pig's ass, Mabel, not as long as we are at war with Nature.) This century will indeed be unique – remarkable for all of those pins which keep on tumbling down. It will be a great time to be alive for only struggle makes one feel alive. The "American dream" is little other than a psychological return to the safety and comfort of the womb, and while in a womb it's hard to know you are alive.
A recent TV program enumerated a list of reasons which leads to the belief that the ancient Egyptian culture is related to that of the Mayan, and so on. From legends and artifacts to symbols and construction, one could not escape what is now being revealed. The time proximity led one fellow to surmise that both flowed from Atlantis. Perhaps and perhaps not. It is trendy today to avoid White contributions as much as possible. One cannot equate Mayan and Egyptian with European since that implies White. Let's have our Atlantis where future speculation can claim that Atlantis was where the Congoids chose to center their empire.

The evidence gathers that the first humans to land in the Western hemisphere were White people. Later, Yellow people came and ye olde sport of race-mixing began which wiped out the outward White appearance and left what we now call Amerasians, or American Indians. All are mestizos as Eric has mentioned.

There are only 3 races. Anything outside of this represents mixtures. More and more this is being admitted. I believe my conjecture, that White is the only creative race – in the image of the Creator – will be borne out in the future. As with the rapidly eroding piece of religious fiction, the Holocaust, science is not a friend. By the way things are moving, there won't be any White people left to appreciate this anyway. "Oh yes, there were White people in those days, and they were giants. Look at what they left us to enjoy." 

People love to deny biology especially when it doesn't fit their idea of heaven. People munch burgers by the billions and pretend that cattle slaughter doesn't exist. I was never, and still not am not, ecstatic about the taking of life whether human or critter. I saw the necessity of killing some of the animals on our our great dogs, to assist. He was one smart beagle hound and all I'd have to do is point to a chicken and he'd grab it in the neck and bring it to me. (The "chosen" chicken, in true NS style, was the one which laid the fewer eggs.) I'd take the still alive chicken and pull its neck into a slot formed by two nails in a wooden block. With its head thus immobilized, I'd do the hatchet trick. I never liked doing that and also never found much pleasure in shoveling the manure from stanchion to pile either, but some things were necessary. I never once tried to pretend it was "for the chicken's good", or that it was only a bad dream.

When it comes to race or the profound mental, and physical, differences between the sexes, many are unhappy with what they find. Marxism appeals to people who don't like their place in the pecking order. This is why many females are drawn to Marxism for it promises a leveling which Nature never intended. Once this sickness set in, as evidenced by life in contemporary America, men started on the path of self-inflicted corrosion.

Years ago, most men viewed females as one of two kinds: wife material or things to sow one's oats with. Females, now liberated, jumped on the band wagon of fun and games. It wasn't long before they opted out of the mother business and became little other than something to have fun with. Men loved it, for this relieved them of their responsibility to behave as men. Rape has never been a valued social function and it has always been the woman who has separated the serious from the merely playful. A romping young fellow, on the make – a normal condition – gets stopped cold by the girl who insists on remaining a virgin until marriage.

I have been perplexed by the power many women give away when they demand to be treated as men. Western man has always held women on a high plane. Chivalry is not a biological imperative of either the Black or Yellow race.