10 January 2003
If you are waiting for the appearance of the "anti-Christ" then I am afraid you've been asleep. He's been here for many, many decades.
New York City,
with its mud inhabitants – richly deserving to drop into a bottomless pit – is polluting the whole state with refuse produced by the refuse of foreign shores. For dozens of decades, the Niagara River of western NY was used as a gigantic sewer for chemical companies. "Love Canal" is in that area. One might think that the region had enough waste but no. NYC is now shipping its garbage to the Niagara frontier for burial. The Hudson River is polluted from Albany south to the ocean due to years of dumping waste and garbage. Yes folks, what we need is more people. I can still see an unspoiled tree from my bungalow window. We can't allow that to stand. Filth is good. It indicates progress and human kindness.
The continuing saga of unparalleled white superiority – Ancient peoples were aware of the cooling effects of evaporating water but it remained for the white man to invent artificial refrigeration. The beginning of the age of refrigeration was in 1856 although in 1834 it was observed that a cooling effect could be produced by running an electric current through a set of dissimilar metals. In 1960, this idea was refined using semi-conductors such as bismuth telluride. Commercial applications were then well within reach.

Some are perhaps not aware of the fact that 50 years ago many households used a refrigerator powered by nothing other than a small gas flame. The unit was dead quiet and there were no moving parts to wear out. Today, there are still manufactured gigantic refrigeration units which are powered by steam which is sprayed from nozzles made from Hasteloy B – a nickel steel which is difficult to machine. I know. I made them by the score.

While thinking of that little flame refrigerator – a Kelvinator, I believe – my mind drifted to a source of mechanical energy which was powered by an external flame, but not a steam engine. It was named after its 26 year old Scottish inventor Robert Stirling and nicknamed the "hot air engine". Robert was of sound white stock and heredity certainly made its presence known for his grandfather, Michael Stirling, invented the first rotary thrashing machine – in 1756. Meanwhile, back in Africa, the home of all those genius types one sees on Talmudvision – nada! Today, it's still nada.

The engine has a piston/cylinder and crank but the cylinder is heated from the outside by any burning fuel. It's an easy machine to build and while still wet behind my 23 year old ears. I machined one which was a treat to watch run. I still have it along with a 900,000 volt Tesla coil I built when I was 17. When in operation, it will cause fluorescent bulbs to glow at a distance of 6 feet.

In 1883, another white man, Ericsson, played upon the Stirling theme and in 1860 commercial 5-10 HP units were being put into use. This was 37 years before another white man, Diesel, came up with his own ideas for producing mechanical energy from heat energy. Even the fellow Lehmann produced a water pumping engine in 1816. As with others, he was free of that wonderful inspirational African blood.

In 1938, one could buy the very popular "KY-KO" non-electric fan sporting a 20" diameter fan. Without the hindrance of plugging it into some socket, it could be taken anywhere.

In 1908, a solar power engine was built using the Stirling principle but alas, as with all solar power projects, the size of the gathering reflector had to be monster sized.

With the advent of electric motors and internal combustion engines, the Stirling had to take a back seat since its weight to horsepower ratio was too large. Ford's 1948 V-4 Stirling engine had a ratio of 6 pounds per 1 horsepower. In the "rod" days of the 1950s, many gasoline engines used less than 2 pounds for each produced horsepower.

In 1976, a 52 cu.in. (.86 liter) Stirling engine was built using low octane gasoline as the energy source and hydrogen as the working fluid (as opposed to air). It developed 170 HP at 4000 RPM! That's a nut-buster, baby.

In 1975, Ford shoe-horned a 170 HP version into a Torino. This followed Chrysler's experimental versions of turbine driven cars. The Stirling engine has not died and will continue to undergo revision – as long as the white man manages to run his own society. White people have no obligation to share a thing with non-whites for they are not us. It's about time they did something for us, don't you think?

I have been asked to comment on the recent Matt Hale episode – www.overthrow.com/lsn/news.asp?articleID=3276
I really don't have much to say beyond what I have said before – the court system is a Zionist court system and if any honky thinks he'll find justice there, then he is in dire need of a brain transplant – and that goes for all who think some silly, and "safe",  election shenanigans will make a difference. Could Matt have been framed? Quite possibly. Is he being shafted? Certainly. It's one thing to being tossed into the lion's den but quite another to walk in by yourself. And while I am being irritated by this wishful thinking nonsense, it's NOT a "Jewish Occupational Government"! It's Zionist and the word is not 'occupational' or even 'occupied'. It's an occupation government – administration of occupied territory by an occupying power – as in Germany 1945......  the Allied Occupation Government (which is still there!). This is not a democracy and you will never vote on anything beyond trivia which is probably a good thing since the average American considers nothing of much importance other than his immediate desires. Voting is only another form of entertainment with no serious commitment nor allegiance. If "your man" loses in an election, then all change horses and "support" the winner. Support the person you previously opposed? What sort of hockey puck is that?
Herbert APR and David Eseriba, both weighing about 280 lbs., state that they need continued help from the food assistance program in Oregon, so they "won't die from starvation". Meanwhile, on the simian continent, the blacks are showing the world how to end food shortages and solve societal problems. They eat their enemies.
I was told that the pretentious feminist gas-bag, Adrienne Huffington (sp ?), who lives high on the hawg, is complaining that "gas guzzlers" are helping support 'terrorism'. I'd extend that by saying that every American tax-paying goof is supporting terrorism, one way or the other. ZOG pays protection money to criminals of every land so that the drugs and oil flow without interference.
If the people on the talk show I listened to last night, know what they are talking about, then any upright being should cringe with disgust. They claimed that companies are already putting in bids for the needed "rebuilding" once Iraq, and other countries, are devastated. What a pack of sick, disgusting bastards they be.
Whatever gods are out there, I talk to them while standing. To humble one's self is to become an ass for it should be accepted that gods are superior to men. Besides, a god intended me to be a man and I would insult him if I crawled and blubbered like a helpless baby. If I were a god and one of my creation begged and whimpered, I'd erase the fool from the universe for I'd be embarrassed that he consumed valuable air.

Here's a bit more about Hitler as a youth  – http://www.smoter.com/hitler.htm

I am pleased that so many appreciate my small effort in making Kubizek's book available online. I am finishing about one chapter per day.

During the SWATKWP, we had family members on both sides of the ocean and it was very easy to discover that USZOG was lying to the American sheeple. As my father related, his father returned to Hamburg sometime in 1939 and we never heard from him again.

From what I learned while listening to my father, and especially reading Kubizek's book, coupled with other information I sought and gathered, I today am firmly convinced that Hitler was one of those extraordinary people the gods plant on this earth as supernumeraries for events which take a drastic turn. Hitler was physically mortal but there was a god-like, predestination to his life. The German people needed Hitler, and he was there. I know of no author other than Savitri Devi who has come as close to describing the essentially spiritual nature of that time and that man. Today, we stand on a sinking earth of our own making and our defiance of the cosmic will is going to bring little other than a chaos which could have been avoided.

One always wonders if his words are interpreted in the manner expected. One past time, I went to a friend's house in order to pay a debt. I must have said something out of the way, for I was sent away and told not to return. Now I am told that they claim I reneged. My hand was bitten before I could follow my intent. Oh well, such is life.
When you are fearful of losing your life while the enemy cares not if he dies, then there's no measure of 'smart' weapons which will make up for that. The only way Afghanistan can be secured would be to kill them all. That won't happen and so the end is predetermined. The chaos will spread.
There's a great difference between invention and discovery. I hope you realize that. Even the lower animals make discoveries so you can expect Rastus to make one, from time to time.
As the US prepares to invade Iraq,
China is still invading the US. Guess who will be the more successful. Americans don't care who invades their territory as long as they can invade someone else's. Thai's a good deal.
For last December, new-home sales hit a monthly record. Translated, this means that an awful lot of people waded into debt far above their ass level – which appears to be the same as eye level.
As both Eric and I have mentioned,
the internet ride is gradually going to get more bumpy. Some are annoyed that AOL is not going to allow its customers to post pro-white material on their little freebie webspace. I have no problem with this. Although under the jew thumb, AOL is a private company in the sense that they can choose their customers. Moreover, like any restaurant, they can demand a certain dress code. No one has any right to determine the rules whereby a provider determines customers and/or content.

The internet crowd is saturated with the "freebie" mind, el cheapo bandits, who want something for nothing. You can purchase – that's a dirty word! – all of the web space you want. Many name servers are now Chinese, or Asian Indian, operations, and certainly not pro-yid. Most don't care what you post as long as you pay. "Pay" is also another dirty word. It is no coincidence that most computer hackers are single males living with a parent – usually mom.

I do not get too excited over whatever ZOG serves up as "news". It all goes though the kosher filter anyway and anyone analyzing such material is on very thin ice, and also is a prime candidate for a time-waster-of-the-year award. You see, people usually act in a contradictory manner. They start with the belief that ZOG lies, and then proceed to act upon it as if it were fact. Old habits are hard to break. I have had many personal experiences where fact, as I observed, was not that as described by the media. People love gossip and between talking an issue to death, and paying someone off, they think all problems can be solved. I do not care how efficient your mental processing is – garbage in – garbage out. That's one thing the media specializes in – garbage – and I spend very little time trying to process it.
The days of the internet warrior might be drawing to a close – http://www.counterpunch.org/nimmo01022003.html
No matter. Sooner or later, the whiggers will have to become unwhiggerized or eliminated. (The latter would be more enjoyable.) Those in the know will need to know no more. Those who prefer to remain asleep will go down with the Titanic still singing "Yes, Jeezez luffs us."

Alex Jones has big time balls. He's off the planet many times but if you can get past that, he is making a whole lot of good sounding noise. Imagine what it would be like if we had 1,000,000 of him unafraid to get into someone's face. I've mentioned his website before, but here it is again – http://www.infowars.com

No animal avoids copulation whenever it gets the itch coupled with opportunity. The humanoid is the only critter which has turned this biological necessity into sport, entertainment and far too often, perversion. Whatever you choose to call the different varieties of life, all are geared to increasing their numbers. Since nothing on the planet expands indefinitely, there are factors built into the life equilibrium which curtails numbers. The most important are starvation, disease and being food for another creature. If we consider disease as a tiny life form existing at the expense of another, then we are left with being prey or starving as a means to limitation. Except for a minority of cannibals, we are not prey for anything. Starvation thus becomes the ultimate limiting factor. But what of the human pottage?

Copulation is probably agreed upon as the only thing worth living for and the current advertising trends seem to indicate this, as well as the proliferation of venereal and other STDs. Indeed, ads indicate that a man is judged by the size of his penis and a woman, by the size of her breasts. Big tits – great woman. Big dick – great man. Not much esthetic, poetic or romantic here. It's 100% sex obsession. In spite of the abortion murder industry and birth control devices – other than the rare self-control – populations continue to increase. We appear then to be on a collision course where starvation will be the result of our lifelong search for the God of Coitus.

There is a theory based upon some sketchy data. That is where data "proves" that the more affluent one is, then the lower the birth rate. (That is, the more cars people have, the less screwing they do.) This led to the delusion that if the standard of living is increased – from the obscure genius to the plentiful ape-brained mobs – then populations will be self-limiting. The problem here is what represents the desired of affluence. Of the hundreds of people I have associated with over my lifetime, I can think of only 2 who were content with what they accumulated. The rest all wanted "more". "More" thus defeats the concept of "enough".

I know of dozens of people who do not wish to bring children into the world due to the increased presence of mud people. Do they choose to abstain from bed play? Hell no. They increase their efforts at contraception. Could the oral and anal fetish somehow be coupled with the fact that it affords an excellent barrier to conception, albeit perverted?

The horse-sized penis; the udder-like breasts; the search for ways to prevent sperm from greeting egg – it all adds to sex obsession, one way or the other. Birth control devices of a mechanical nature are not well accepted. A heavy reliance is now placed upon the female relative to "the pill" and hormone "patches". The male slacks off and smiles because it is not his later life which will be affected by the voluntary chemical tinkering of the woman's body. The woman will suffer for these abuses, if she lives long enough.

An individual cannot be considered to be starving if his weight remains constant or increases. A group cannot be considered to be starving, even if individual members are, if its total mass increases. There might be some starving blacks in certain areas of Africa, but totaled, blacks are not starving there since their numbers continue to increase. Those who supply most of the food – white folks – want blacks to increase in number. Why? As with the Chinese, what an opportunity to sell bicycles, radios and other "conveniences". Here again, we are saddled with the nemesis of "more". The American Dream is nothing more than the enigmatic wish for all that one can imagine. More chrome goodies, more sex, more money! If fact, progress is defined by the measure one succeeds to gathering up "more".

What in hell does one mean by "equal"?

One marks the human, as different from other life forms, by his effect upon the environment. He constructs things albeit much of what he constructs serves no practical purpose and during that construction, a destruction of something always occurs.

The constructions may be physical as is the case with the ancient pyramids found from Egypt and China to North America. The constructions may be chemical as in plastics. Beyond the mechanism of their own biology, no life form constructs anything of a chemical nature, at least, nothing comparable to the chemistry worked by the white man and even so, none is done with intent.

To all of the darling race-mixers reading this, I suggest that they pick some item, a common item such as an electric toaster and then research the contribution made by the three races. There's electricity, various metals, some plastic and all arranged in a particular combination and each substance formed in a certain way. What part did the black race play in its development? And what part for the yellow people? Try the refrigerator and delve into the refrigerants involved, the compressor, the evaporator, the insulation, and on and on. It's 100% white, my little tasteless unwashed mongrels. Tell me about your "equality".

2400 years ago, a white man by the name of Archytas, of what is now called Greece, modeled a dove which was flown – a kite. About 700 years ago, white explorers of Asia noted people were flying kites – mainly as objects to ward off evil spirits. Thus, the Chinese were said to have invented the kite.

Archytas may have been the first man to have "duplicated the cube", an algebraic achievement of first rate. One might ask what the black folks were doing along this line at that time, or the yellow man for that matter.

If we assume that the Chinese invented the kite, then we must ask how they improved upon it over the centuries. They didn't. What other uses did they put it to? None. The white man Franklin tied a key to one and thus demonstrated the electrical nature of lightning. Since that day, electricity was molded into the service of white men, by white men, and that was only 200 years ago. Look at the world of electricity. It is an accomplishment of the white race – beyond compare! – and yet you mumble "equality".

Like Irving, in the article below, you see but you don't beleive. It's all a trick but it's called "racism". What a state of mental jew-jitsu we have allowed ourselves to be dirtied by. White accomplishments become "racism" and thus achievement becomes evil.

I suggest that all high school students be required to write a graduation paper on the assumption that everything produced by the white mind be assumed evil. The paper will be a description of what the world would be like cleansed of that "evil".

White man. It's about time you recognized who and what you are.

Irving was a friend since childhood. He grew up to be a fine man and later in life, still had bad feelings about his role in the slaughter of civilians during WWII. Although never injured – even after being shot down over Düsseldorf – he nonetheless spoke highly of the German people, including his captors. Irv now lives as a 'born again' Christian which represents a different escape than that used by his brother, who chose to drown himself in a bottle.

In some regards, Irv always had a hard time trusting his senses. If he saw anything which didn't fit some preconceived notion, he called it "a trick". While still in high school, I invited him to observe a simple scientific demonstration. The apparatus, when a trigger was pulled, would drop a steel ball at the same time it launched another horizontally. Our ears could hear the first "click" as both balls hit the pavement at the same time. Irv saw, and heard, but didn't believe. The one launched horizontally MUST take longer to hit the pavement, so he argued. The fact that they apparently did not led to his comment about it being a trick.

The discussion changed when I stated that if the muzzle velocity of a gun was known, then one could calculate a distance where a level-aimed rifle could not hit what was aimed at. (Sight parallel to the barrel and barrel parallel to the ground.) Irv argued vehemently but was cut short by Mr. Clark asking that the apparatus be returned inside to the physics lab.

As with myself, Irv had a grandmother who read nothing but the Bible. If the Bible stated that a special fellow could demand that the water of a sea be parted, then it was true. The Bible is full of stuff which clearly violates God's natural laws but nonetheless, things which could not be demonstrated were true. I suppose  the converse was immediately formed – that which could be demonstrated was false.

Only in particular areas was this inconsistency noted, for Irv was of high moral character and could be trusted in nearly all respects. He never ran from a fight and was decorated several times for exemplary action during the war. He paid his debts and worked hard as a machinist. We would all consider ourselves to be fortunate if all our acquaintances were of this caliber.

The physics demonstration has always remained fresh in my mind and the only way I can understand his abstinence is that Irv would never research anything which antagonized his beliefs. If what was true was interpreted as a trick, then a trick it remained. I once asked him to explain to me how the trick was done. He refused by changing the subject.

This mentality appears rather common as noted one time when Eric was stopped at a border and accused of being a spy. All spies have cameras and so they searched for his. They found none and like poor Saddam, they still held him for a time as a spy – and a very cleaver one since he managed to hide something which never was.

It appears that the gazelle never shuts it mind against reality. When it sees a stalking lion, I doubt if its mind says, "It's a trick." Why some people question and others do not, I probably shall never know. I guess it's always been, "My mind is made up. Don't confuse me with facts."

One thing is certain. What gets planted in your noggin as a child, no matter how absurd, remains there like a rock and is extremely difficult to move or replace. That's why ZOG wants your kiddies in day care communes and exposed to a "diversity" which would not come about if people really had a choice. That's why non-Marxist teachers cannot find jobs and why non-Marxists remain in the "closet".

The dullards simply go alone, unquestioning, unthinking – future cannon fodder and useful idiots as Lenin noted. Those who do think – those who finally question – find themselves at odds with most of society. If pursued, they develop many emotional problems due to the conflict between what is in their heads and what they experience. Far too many relieve this tension by diving into the sewer of drugs, sex, and what all. Those who can handle the contradictions are as the crew on the Titanic. They see the icebergs and sense the danger but the passengers "know" everything is going fine since the orchestra is still playing.

We are steeped to the point of drowning in our belief in Lamarckism, that is, that genetic traits can be altered by the expedient of changing the environment. Simply put – if a cage of rats have their tails cut off then they cannot use those tails and so this effect produces a tendency for future rats to be born without tails. The Soviet scientist Lysenko applied this hypothesis and produced an agricultural disaster. The same nonsense – stuff a black man in a top rate school and he'll come out on a par with Newton or Wagner – permeates our collapsing education system. The mindset remains: if the application fails, then the theory is still valid. The theory was obviously applied incorrectly. This has been the history of our system of education ever since I was born. Men simple are incapable of learning from their failures, it seems. Moreover, perhaps people are more comfortable with being wrong since it does not incur the responsibility as it would when one is right.

Pardon me if I don't get too excited over the "terrorists" running loose all over the solar system. I spent some of my young life living in a tough neighborhood where I was often knocked flat; had my clothes stolen; tossed off bridges and even, on one occasion, branded on the left shoulder while being strung up by the thumbs. The world is a hazardous place which makes it quite exciting. Nurseries must be very, very dull – somewhat like being dead but retaining one's senses.

The house lights are dimming and the curtain is about to rise. No one knows how the first act will play. Many in the audience don't want the show to begin but they sit there, transfixed, like a deer looking into a spot light. Others think the show will be short and much better than the wildest batch of computer graphics. Some think the play will lead to the theater burning down. All remain confident that not one hair on THEIR heads will be ruffled.

Eric used to have all of the fun. Now I have been recently accused of being a ZOG agent because I support "Joe Sarandos", whomever he is. Now both Eric and I can wonder why we aren't being paid for our services, whatever they might be.
Mr. G.O. writes – "I have talked to black people and asked them "what would you do, if tomorrow morning you woke up and all the white people were gone?" Never has one of them had any idea of what they would do."
"Just look at us.  Everything is backwards; everything is upside down.  Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality." (submittted by A.G.)
She is a woman of quality. This statement is vacuous. "Quality' is a property which may be high, low, good, bad, etc. Likewise with stating that A is superior to B. This tells us nothing other than A ranks above B, that is, possesses some attribute in excess of that held by B. When it comes to raping females, males are superior.

Often, superiority is stated directly such as, John is stronger than Pete. John is superior in strength. Comparisons are laughable when one object does not have the attribute in question. Birds are superior to elephants when it comes to flying. I'd wonder why anyone would make such a statement like this in the first place.

In order to compare humans, we must first agree on what they are. Bipeds; warm-blooded; suckle their young; and so forth but this includes a lot of other animals we do not consider human. The religious, in their pretentious way, claim that humans have souls and then promptly tell you which do have souls, thereby giving themselves the power to define human.

We have heard about speech, thumbs and the use of tools. Many animals can manipulate far more deftly than any critter with thumbs. Communication extends far beyond a batch of recognizable sound waves. Many animals do use tools albeit of a limited degree. When all is distilled and sorted, what remains is a solitary reference to "intelligence" and the worshipped "brain". Even this narrow field is not closed to question.

The measure of a brain can only be ascertained by observation of its effects. A corpse has a brain but since a corpse does little, it would be hard to call its brain intelligent.

Dawn breaks and sunset follows. It's rhythmic just as is the tern's yearly migration and that of the wildebeest. From birth to death, the changes are enormous but it's a cyclic pattern with little variation. It appears then, that "human" would necessarily capture the ability to change its pattern. For centuries, the black man of Africa has not changed his living pattern anymore than has the zebra. Like the cat who, when removed from human grasp, returns to its former feral state, so does the black man. He is biologically incapable of altering his direction without assistance from those not black. This in itself, is sufficient to question his intelligence. Smarter than the baboon; the elephant; the goat? Assuredly – but not by much. He can do other with his environment than destroy it in his hunt for food just as the elephant uproots trees to draw the foliage to his mouth. The starving black man sits and dies. The starving white man packs up and goes to greener pastures, or changes the environment where he lives.

There has never been any life form on this planet which has been able to alter its pattern of living, and alter its environment, like the white man. Other "races" have invoked physical changes such as putting points on sticks, or lifting giant stones to a higher spot, and even blocking the flow of water in a stream – but beavers also do that. No race of man has brought into existence such a multitude of composites which are not found in nature, except the white man. Plastics and liquid chlorine are not the result of efforts by either the yellow man or the black man. Electricity was harnessed exclusively by the white man. "Space flight" has no meaning outside of white space flight even if other racial specimens are dragged along as passengers. It is still white – 100%!

Once something is discovered, or created, it will not remain static in a white society. Rubber tires gave way to synthetic tires and they, in turn, became improved. Each computer break-through is seized as a platform for improvement, thus accenting the nature of the white man's imposed change. The yellow man, credited with gunpowder, kites, and other such items, never improved on them thus logically indicating they did not create them in the first place. The best credit is that of an accident within the domain of chance.

We need not talk about evolution, souls, or any other manufactured notion in order to say the the white man stands alone relative to all other life on the planet. He is out of place in the natural flow of things for only white people have the creative power to wrest control over nature and bend it to their desire. The idiotic moon landing statement, "... a giant step for mankind" might as well have been "... a giant step for mammals."

Giving away white technology to non-whites is not a sign of equality, but one of absolute stupidity, nay, suicidal,  for it only arms our natural enemies who are now massing against us even though we choose to ignore the signs.

If the yellow man and the black man, and the myriad of mixtures, are deemed human, then obviously we are not. We create. They do not. As a test, I once asked students to list everything they considered as "man made" and then label whether it was due to the efforts of white, black or yellow people. Understandably, many were restless and under emotional stress, for they could not face reality without fear. They knew – but they didn't want to know.

Our behavior sets us apart and if we consider the realm of technology as an indicator, then indeed, white people are superior. Once so established in the mind, it confounds the imagination to understand why some white people choose to imitate their inferiors. I am here referring to that strange band of critters known as 'whiggers'. Blacks imitate the antics of an ostrich during estrus, and call it dancing. Whiggers imitate blacks and their disjoint arm jerks, and leg flopping, and also believe they are dancing.

Could it be that white people are descended from the gods and through race-mixing have so diluted the god component, that the only thing left is self-destruction? It appears so. I sincerely believe that we were shown a correct path in the 1930s, and not only ignored it, but acted in the opposite fashion while murderously destroying it. That hate has not subsided, but has accelerated. The gods will not destroy such ignorant, self-opinionated, and contrary people but they have instilled the mental state necessary for them to destroy themselves. Not all are affected for there will remain a white racial remnant with the opportunity to rebuild what their deranged kinsmen so willfully, enthusiastically, and happily, destroyed.

When we compare spear chucking to rocket launching, then we have a right to ask, "What in hell do you mean by 'equal'?"

Folks, another year has passed without ever getting a Christmas hate card. In 1984, I received one to the effect, "May your tree lights short circuit and burn your g.d. house down." I did get a few of those mass produced letters where, between the greeting prose, the sender tells you all sorts of things concerning events in their lives you have absolutely no interest in. They seem to be of two types – the FART (flaunting affluence righteously tendered) or the WIMP (woe is me, people). I have started to compose my own Christmas/New Year letter by combining the two types. In that way, everyone could find something of interest.

Dear citizen: During this festive season I like to rotate the meaning and celebration. This year, it's Toxcatl, the Aztec equivalent of kosher Christmas. I wanted to get the feel of the real thing, but I am sure that the sacrifice of my neighbor's daughter, Hillary, would be misinterpreted. Since I would have to bare her chest before ripping out the heart, I am sure the Neighborhood Watch bunch would view this as an act of terrorism, not to mention those harpies with a sex bias in their noggins. I gave up this idea even though it depreciated the meaning of Toxcatl Day. I decided to get drunk.

My number 2 mistress was unable to book a satisfactory flight to Florence so that she might see that great opera, Ravioli, starring that distinguished tenor, Vespuci Terricotta. She had to settle for the inconvenience of lack of company by hiring a private jet. The flight was extraordinarily quiet and the pilot showed her the advantages of auto-pilot by having them engage in certain acts in the aisle. As a momento of her visit to Italy, Adrianna – as I call her – decided to purchase some tilting tower. I think she mentioned a name something like the Gleaming Power of Pizza. As I understand, UPS is trying to figure out how she should wrap it for safe delivery.

On the return trip, she accidentally found a $66,600 diamond necklace under a seat cushion. That came about as her head was shoved under a seat due to the unbridled pushing enthusiasm of the pilot during those aforementioned demonstrations.

When she arrived home, she immediately wanted to discuss which of "our" – rather possessive, don't you think? – homes we should spend the next month in. The Bagelburger rhinestone estate in Miami or the 42,000 acre turkey ranch in Larkspur Colorado. Then there was the castle in the Balkh-Meymaneh region of Afghanistan. We ruled that one out since the natives are apparently using foreigners for target practice. Years ago, I purchased the island of Alamagan in the northern Marianas but we only stayed there once due to the noise generated by the volcano which kept us awake at night.

I bought Adrianna a roulette wheel for Christmas. In that way, she could have Chance pick the car she would drive for the day and thereby attenuate her stressful indecision. I had to sell our platinum Lexus in order to bring the count down to 38 cars thus matching the number of slots on the wheel. As you may know, this roulette wheel was fashioned from the bones of virgin warriors of the Gowatimba tribe of Peru and painted with the blood of the rare guacamole bird. That's the one with the chartreuse and magenta colored external sex organs.

As for me, the year was uneventful. After I was cured of gonorrhea, I oddly contracted the West Nile variety of dandruff. I had to get MRI to determine its extent. While I was being transported into the tube, a nurse sneezed thus scaring the technician out of his wits. He accidentally hit the fast-forward button and I was launched through the tube finally stopping when my head bashed the opposite wall. This meant I needed an X-ray but an intern thought he was directed to show me something X-rated. The matter was cleared; the X-rays taken and I was then given a schedule of therapy appointments.

When I left, I found that my Cadillac was stolen and so I needed to get home as soon as possible in order to fill one of those roulette slots before Adrianna awoke – I was not going to buy another car.

The doctor mentioned that I has necrosis of the submucosa but since that didn't compound my tuberculosis, I ignored his mention. I do what I can although having valvular heart disease, corpuscular emphysema, Hadrian's impotency, Benny's disease, digital elongation, follicle frosting, and coitusphobia, does slow me down a bit.

Best wishes for a Happy Toxcatl.

Everyone is happy with the lowered – and continually lowering – standards for the obtaining of college degrees. It is now very close to the time when "Ph.D." will be on the level with a high school diploma of the 1930s. Standards had to be lowered in order to accommodate the muds, most of whom cannot even feed themselves in their native sewers. Lazy Whites also love lower standards since they can get "A"s without a strain. Mothers love this sort of thing since it affirms the genius of their kiddies but also helps the down-trodden feel better about themselves. Self-esteem is the ticket, baby. You are what you think you are.

As the lowering standards, and forced entry of muds into all spheres, continues unabated, expect more and more disasters everywhere. The NASA flubs which have cost taxpayers millions, were the result of "human error", which means morons in positions of engineering decision. One Mars probe failed because some goofs didn't know the difference between the English Gravitation system and the Metric system. They miscalculated the shut-off time of the rocket engines involved in descent. They were shut down too soon and gravity being what it is, let the little module meet the surface at a high speed and all without the seat belts being fastened. Glory be. I need a drink.

The TV programs "Modern Marvels" are totally about White achievement although they use the term "man". When "White" is removed, there will be no more "marvels" to gawk at. A society so stupid as to believe that a jungle bunny is equal to a White man, is one not only destined to collapse, but one that richly deserves to do so.

I think an indication of the irrelevance of Lyndon LaRouche is the type of audience he is now lecturing to. I saw a TV show where his audience was a collection of apes – the kind that the wishful thinkers want to turn into Goethes by the application of classical music and scholarships to Harvard. One 300 pound welfare mama was looking behind her while scratching her crotch. Two male blacks appeared to be sleeping while a pair of grinning baboons were taunting each other in the back. Some had their mouths open as if their jaw muscles were tired of eating bananas. All in all, not much enthusiasm was generated by references to Shiller, Shakespeare, Mozart and the "derivatives bubble" which has been "bursting" since 1979.
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.
When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.     Thomas Jefferson 
Forget the Constitution. Forget the Federal Reserve. Forget the Illuminati. None of that matters anymore. We hit the iceberg a long time ago and like the Chinese finger toy, we cannot pull ourselves back. You always get what you tolerate and Americans will tolerate anything.

When Pete shouted that the barn was on fire, many thought that it was bad news. Most people, when informed of anything they do not wish to hear, feel that the bearer of the news has delivered something negative. The barn was rotten; infested with rats and termites, and so it had to go. I'd call that good news.

Two men stood behind prison bars, one saw the mud and the other, the stars. Events are events. It's all how you look at them.

One time, as Jack and I were running like hell towards the cornfield, Jack yelled, "The s.o.b. is shooting at us!" I told Jack to look at the bright side – "So far he's been missing!"

Kameraden, we are living in a multi-racial shit hole and so when I say it's falling apart, why do you consider that 'doom and gloom'?

Someone mentioned that our C.I.C., UU, is acting like the mad Roman Emperor Caligula. I said he's acting more like Caligula's horse and you'll have to guess which end I was thinking of.
In Ottawa Canada, 200 protesters publicly burned their arms permits when the new gun regulations were announced. As in Australia, rifles and shotguns have been added to the list of firearms to be registered – except if you are an Indian, then you don't have to register anything. It all sounds quite racist to me. Can you guess who just might be running the future black market in guns might be?
You don't have to print more money in order to stimulate the economy. Just have the "Greenspans" printed with disappearing ink. When Joe Niggerball gets his pay, he'll rush right out to spend it before the ink fades.
China has announced that it will be relaxing its requirements for citizen passports. They apparently noticed that Mexicans flood in without much complaint from the American boob. What this signals is the beginning of a massive influx of Chinese all very eager to accept what the White man wants to give away.
As the country's stress increases, the blightwing will become more and more irrelevant.
Promote vandalism. It helps create jobs. Just think of all that paint which has to be removed, broken windows fixed and grave stones to be righted and repaired. The possibilities are endless.
Johann Georg Heidler
knocked up a servant girl Anna Maria Schicklgruber. She named the boy Alois, and out of respect, did not name the father at that time. Later, Johann did come forward and formally acknowledged that he was the father, in at least two official documents. About five years later, Johann married Anna but never formally adopted the boy. Thus Hitler's father held the legal name Alois Schicklgruber.

Johann Georg's brother, Johann Nepomuk Heidler left some money in a will to the boy Alois, under the condition that his brother have Alois' name changed to Heidler, since he WAS a Heidler. This was later so recorded in the church registry. Alois never liked the name Heidler as it sounded too soft. Being a contrary man who liked to change everything – not unlike my own maternal grandfather – he manufactured the variation 'Hitler'. He was now Alois Hitler, a man who later rose to be a respected customs official.

Jews, those people who change their names from Joan Molinsky to Joan Rivers – Lev Bronstein to Leon Trotsky – Jill Oppenheim to Jill St. John – Robert Zimmerman to Bob Dylan – etc. – make a big deal out of name-changing when it comes to others. Illegitimacy is not new nor is it uncommon for a man to marry a woman after their child is born. No matter, name and legal documents do not change blood.

Bible-banger deluxe,  retired Jack Mohr, claims that Alois was the son of a jew named Frankenberger and not Heidler. It was "common knowledge" he claims. That's like the put down, "Everyone knows that ...." Jack can produce diddlysquat but insists that a document to this effect "... is in possession of the British Secret Service, but is hidden from view by Jewish power..."  How nice and convenient. This is the way jews argue as well as do the Bible-banging knotheads. You simply do not argue with them.  Seek ye fresh air Kameraden. (BTW, British Intelligence is noted for its collection of forgeries and manufactured 'documents'.)

Ask yourself why ANYONE, including Johann Heidler, would OFFICIALLY admit  – thus documenting – that he was the father of Alois if it were "common knowledge" that a Frankenberger was the father. Did the poor fellow flip his lid? Would you do such a thing? Johann acknowledged paternity before he married Anna in 1842 and it was repeated in 1876.

If Johann Nepomuk believed ("common knowledge," you know) that Alois was not his nephew, then why would he leave family money to him and insist that his last name be changed to Heidler?

Jesus freaks think in tunnel-thought. Jeeesus, Jeeesus, yas Jeeesus loves me. Everyone of these diehards will place Jeeesus ahead of their own flesh and blood. I know. I have some of these cretins in my family. I want no part of them. Methinks that Jack Mohr is more of a jew than those he accuses – he thinks and behaves like one, it appears. Let the blightwing consume itself in this sort of circle-jerk bickering. It serves NO PURPOSE whatsoever.

Democracy – a procedure where ignorant masses elect failed lawyers to do the bidding of a criminal elite.
Only a fool wastes time describing the taste of avocado to one who has never tasted one. One cannot describe 'very hot' to a toddler who's never experienced a near-burn. Not only is this profundity lost upon most parents, it is lost upon most people. As Schopenhauer put it, one cannot see above his own height. Thus the chicken understands not the hawk nor the dimwitted, the artist.

Some people have experiences which might be called spiritual and I don't mean the delusions of the drunk or drug-crud, nor the emotional high when one loses his virginity. I am talking about those times when none of your bodily senses work and the only awareness is that some 'other world' communication is happening.

I was standing at Ruth's desk discussing whether she'd like to go to the corner sandwich shop for lunch. The loudspeaker echoes throughout the plant that something had happened to president Kennedy. I went deaf momentarily and when my hearing returned, I said rather loudly, "Kennedy is dead." Why I said that, I do not know but later news revealed the truth of my statement albeit it drew stern glances at the time. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Each year I am invited to a closed group of police officers from the academy in order to celebrate Christmas. The format has remained much the same over the years. Beyond the short talks, and good food and drink, they raffle off gifts. There are always 10 gifts and a final drawing of cash, usually $200. In year 2001, I won 6 of the 10 and also the cash prize. People stared at me in wonder. This past Christmas I won 4 of the 10 and again, the cash prize. The cash prize was won in another realm.

After the 2001 cash winning, I, to my regret, wished I had donated it to the "Explorers" – a young people's association who intended to pursue police work as a career. I wanted to back up the clock so I could have taken that path.

In 2002, I sat at the table, alone in a corner, looking at the 4 gifts I had won and then a scenario filled my head – I was to win the cash prize again this year but I was to then donate it publicly by handing the sum over to Captain T. I new exactly what I was going to say and the manner in which I would say it.

The girl was stirring the box of tickets and a moment before she could read the winning number, my hearing disappeared momentarily . When it returned, I said to the people in the next table, "I have that number."

One astonished woman declared, "But she hasn't read it yet!"

The number was read – it was mine – and I walked to the front; accepted the money and presented it to the Captain exactly as I had envisioned. Coincidence? Perhaps.

As one reads Kubizek's account of the young Hitler, he cannot help but notice that Hitler was not some mortal seeking power over others. He "knew" the future part he was to play in the rebirth of Germany. Odin, for the lack of a better name, had already cast him in the role. The Third Reich was a play – a prototype performance – which represented what White people could achieve if they so chose. The world, for the most part, rejected that but was it the will of the people? Certainly not! It was a decision by the forces of darkness which ruled our lands at that time and which are still ruling them.

The United States of the Constitution is gone. The United States, which existed as a sweet illusion in the minds of those many brave men who gave their lives during WWII, is gone. Any attempt to resurrect, or patch up, what Odin has decreed must die, is a waste of precious time. What the time table amounts, I do not know, but I am certain that all will become clear during the "Storm of the Revolution".

The forces from the black abyss hold sway over the entire globe at this time. They sense an impending disaster and, out of fear, they assemble the greatest barrage of lies ever known to man. They know only destruction for they are not creators. Many will be led to the slaughter but as long as one White man remains, holding dear the memory of the Führer, darkness shall not overcome light.

For 2003, Joe predicts –

There sure is a lot that could be commented on because the coming year will see some sad events.  Lets see what I can predict. The loony tunes will of course have their war in the middle east, and incur very severe casualties.  Belorussia, and the Ukraine will continue to distance themselves from Hebrew run Russia.  At U.S. urging Japan will become more militant and start a military rocket program.  China will make a foray into Taiwan, and destabilize the whole far East. India and Pakistan will have a serious war.  The U.S. will bomb North Korea's nuclear facilities, and start a major conflict. Secretary of State Colin Powell will resign, as well as Donald Rumsfeld. The E.U. will distance themselves from the U.S., England, and Israel. Saudi Arabia, and Egypt will have severe internal problems with the possibility both governments will fall. The war in Afghanistan will heat up as well as a low level of insurgency in Yemen. Jordan's king will be overthrown. The U.S. will have greatly increased anti-war activity. The member nations of the U.N. will call for change in the seating of permanent  members in the Security Council after the war takes place in the middle east.  The Blight wing will become more blighty, after 2 million more Mexicans risk life and limb to come into the U.S. Jeff Rense will spot many more flying saucers over loony old U.S.A.

Danilovich Demsky with son and grandson.

  USA: A semi-Asiatic empire ruled by jews.
USSR: A semi-Asiatic empire ruled by jews.