26 January 2003
Robert – "Man, Eric sure had these Nahtseee-hating southern white "racists'' number. I'm starting to appreciate your almost reflexive deference to Eric's opinions. Unlike many of his generation, he truly possesses the wisdom of years." – G.K.
Talmudic Christianity is well entrenched in our churches as predicted. I now understand that a movement is now underway to combine Hanukkah and Christmas by calling it Chrisnakkah. Most Christians are in a fog anyway, so they never know where there ship is heading or even who is at the helm..
It looks like   www.racerealist.com   vanished down the ZOG hole.
I think I found the link where one female antagonist got her "inside" info that I was 80 years old. I was listed at being born in 1924. That'd do for the 80 number, but if she read further she'd have discovered that I died in 1931. That makes sense to me.
Some citizens are in deep doo-doo because they attended an al-Queda training camp. Guilt by association, they call it. When in training at university, my schedule prevented me using the men's swimming pool. I was then granted a pass to the women's pool. I still have the admission card which states "Women's Division". That proves I am a woman.
Some web filters are blocking sites using the word "breast". Most medical sites are thus affected. It's a sympton of the insane garbage dump we live in. Only the insane see logic in all of this.
A school kid is now in hot water for wearing a T-shirt with these words: Bush – not my president. It's no wonder. He is stretching the meaning of 'free speech' a little too far, wouldn't you say?.
Someday, somewhere – over the rainbow and keep dreaming dad.

Perhaps we can all agree that trying to get a pro-White something elected on a national level is out. ZOG controls the whole show. OK, so we gear up for the local level. If we cannot find powder for our cannon then maybe a few rubber bands for our slingshot might just work. I'm from virtual Missouri. Show me. ZOG controls the purse strings on nearly everything local from schools to police. What does anyone think getting racist Peter White elected town supervisor will accomplish? In the big cities, it's minority time big time. So Peter has to be from Outback Wyoming or Crayfish Louisiana. No ZOG shekels are ever tossed to communities ZOG doesn't like. That won't make Harvey Clamhand very happy when he finds out that the next crate of football team jockstraps won't come from the public trough. People clamor for freebies and most of them have been stamped "Courtesy of your benevolent ZOG." So when Ivan Shaftem campaigns on a platform of "I can get it for you wholesale", that pro-White turkey will be written off. Of course, if ZOG decides your little town needs more diversity, well – there goes your power base. Or do you believe that Juan Valdez or Won Hung Lo will vote for your boy?

This isn't the frontier and it ain't 1847. The local kite won't fly. Everything will remain grounded until Joe Beersuck gets his nuts hammered so flat he thinks there are two pages from The National Enquirer in his drawers. In the meantime, make my day. Prove me wrong.

The thunder gets louder —  http://ADLUSA.com
Remember Zhirinovsky and his Nationalist Party?
FAEM mentioned he was a jew years ago, as we did Putin. The latest comment being in July 2001 by Maguire. People love to keep reinventing the wheel and so here's some of the latest flap —


Anti-Semitism is an attitude, for the lack of a better word. As long as the Goyim just grumble and offer up their sons for sacrifice on the battlefield, why should jews worry? Moreover, they often state that every man has his price and so with their money and political clout, I am sure an attitude of "What, me worry?" prevails. Certainly a people chosen to be God's favorites must feel quite secure. Anyway,  read all about it —


The "We Love Jews Social Club" increases in membershiphttp://home.swbell.net/crg120/conspiracy.htm
"I haven't written in a long time, but I continue to find FAEM the most informative and thoughtful site on the web."  – S.M.

The fellow who wrote the above asked about folders which were no longer listed. I'll repeat my policy: I will maintain a folder for people who contribute on a regular basis. There was one person who was supposed to contribute weekly, but that was a vacant 6 months ago. I pulled that folder also. There have been far too many "promises" and unfinished projects for me to look upon with favor. No one is any better than his/her word. I afford free space, anonymity, and my time, and insincere farting around is not a reciprocal I appreciate. I'll leave that to others. 

After the jew Weimar Republic ended up in the garbage dump where it belonged, Hitler did not have a "pro White" platform. That would have been redundant to say the least. If this rotted country continues to be propped up by financial slight-of-hand, there simply will not be anything pro-White left around, especially of a political nature. As the foolish female who just discovered that her town of Lackawanna (home of those 'terrorist sleeper cells'), no longer has a White majority – dawh – little by little honkies are discovering the same. (Nearby Hamburg I understand to be 30% Mexican.) To be visibly pro-White is to make yourself a target. ZOG will insure that any pro-White political party is outlawed. Some people simply do not know who runs this asylum. They live a comfortable life, mumble revolution and think it will come about through the ballot box whereby heaven is restored and they get to keep their possessions. It jes ain't gonna be that way. The old farts – those who helped give the country away – are fading out along with their retirement assets. The greed of the middle-aged will assure that they too will be consumed in a fire they kindled. The young – those whose brains haven't been destroyed by drugs and/or haven't chosen pussy hunting as a life pursuit – really do not have much to lose. In them lies the only hope of the White race. They are the ones you see in demonstrations and such. It will be a rough road to travel in a land having a de facto anti-White agenda. One day that agenda will be de jure. Voting has always been a popular spectator sport but after the helium has leaked from the convention balloons, it's always been back to the same old kosher business. I repeat my statement of long standing – If voting made a difference it would be made illegal. People love the notion of voting because they foolishly believe that it's a way to really change things in perfect safety. No, my disillusioned friends, the next change will not be a parlor game. Heads will be busted and noses bloodied – no voting needed.

Other than a hick town dog catcher's post, I repeat – Where in hell are all those pro-White votes going to come from?

In spite of several requests, FAEM will not have Hitler's Secret Book (his third book) online. This book is readily available in used books stores – good ones, that is.
The radio mouth had a White caller who complained about harassment by a "Afro-American" simian cop. The p.c. Zionist radio mouth quickly reminded her that there are "good" Blacks and "bad" Blacks, thus tossing in the predictable Marxist dissemblance.

Several wildebeests attempting to cross the river, became breakfast for some crocodiles. Not all crocodiles joined in the killing spree, thus proving that there are "good" crocodiles.

 UU's Kosher Kontrollers Klan –

 Colin Powell – Secretary of State. (Jamaican-chosenite.)
 Paul Dundes Wolfowitz – Deputy Secretary, Department of Defense
 Richard Perle – Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy.
 Ari Fleischer – White House Press Secretary
 Josh Bolten – Deputy Chief of Staff
 Ken Melman – White House Political Director
 Jay Lefkowitz – Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council
 David Frum – Speechwriter
 Brad Blakeman – White House Director of Scheduling
 Dov Zakheim – Undersecretary of Defense (Controller)
 I. Lewis Libby – Chief of Staff to the Vice President
 Adam Goldman – White House Liaison to the Jewish Community
 Chris Gersten – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS
 Elliott Abrams – Director of the National Security Council's Office for Democracy and Human Rights.
 Mark D. Weinberg – Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs
 Douglas Feith – Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
 Michael Chertoff – Head of the Justice Department's criminal division
 Daniel Kurtzer – Ambassador to Israel.
 Cliff Sobel – Ambassador to the Netherlands
 Stuart Bernstein – Ambassador to Denmark
 Nancy Brinker – Ambassador to Hungary
 Frank Lavin – Ambassador to Singapore
 Ron Weiser – Ambassador to Slovakia
 Mel Sembler – Ambassador to Italy
 Martin Silverstein – Ambassador to Uruguay.

 Except for Powell, I'll bet everyone still thinks of the above as "White". If you don't soon get those "glasses", my friend, you'll  never indrestand why your country in on a down slide.

Panic central. Welcome to the land of the dupe. Better health through better chemistry.

After decades of use in cold remedies (that's an oxymoron), phenylpropanolamine has been indicted for naughtiness by the experts at Yale University. The FDA is now asking that the drug companies find some other made-made chemical to replace it. Why? They feel it is linked to brain hemorrhaging in women. Since brains are a rare item I wonder how they arrived at all of this. Medical "science" is nothing more that hi-tech witchcraft and often ye olde tribal practitioner is closer to the mark than those interested is peddling as much snake oil as possible.

I no more trust the FDA than I do the CDC and while I am at it, I'll add academia. None of these fellows ever experienced the real world of manure shoveling and killing your own food but they exalt themselves as a know-it-all relative to life they never experienced first hand.

My mother had a rule: If it wasn't food, it didn't belong in your mouth. If you told her you had a headache, she'd tell you to put your head into a bucket of cold water. If that didn't work, you would have to clean out a stanchion or two. I never heard of aspirin until I was about 12 years old and that was from a friend's mother. None in the whole family ever used drugs, legal or illegal. I firmly believe that my grandfather was right when he said 90% of your problems originated in your mind.

Phenylpropanolamine is a drug which constricts blood vessels MAINLY in the nasal passages, thereby reducing swelling and congestion. ("Mommy. I can't breathe." "You must be. You are still alive and complaining.") Only a nitwit believes that this molecular substance has a mind which pauses and says, "Hey man, dis ain't da nose, so let's move on." If it restricted its use to the nose then why in hell are there effects which are outside of the nose? Every coke snorter knows that "up the nose" means into the brain.

Side effects – absolute proof that all drugs affect all regions of the body – range from "minor", like blurred vision, to "major", such as abdominal pain, chest pain, convulsions, and on and on.

The wimp who cannot endure slight discomfort, takes some medication which some physician GUESSES will alleviate it. If he were sure, then ask him what his guarantee is. That'd be good for a laugh. Doctors PRACTICE – ON YOU! The last mechanic you'd want tinkering with your BMW is one who "practiced"!

Once you are in the habit of gulping 3 little stripped pills daily, some initial side effects appear to disappear but given enough time, you'll get another bothersome affliction. Back to the doctor for some large brown pills. This adds and that's why you see older people eating more pills than they do meat and potatoes. Old age is often chemotherapy full time.

One of the more recent afflictions is "acid reflux disease" which indicates that your body's digestive process is out of kilter. Every case I know of has been with people already on a steady diet of pills.

"Your cholesterol level is too high." I ask, "Compared to what?"

"You should watch your diet." "I do. If it's too big to go into my mouth, I don't try to swallow it."

Since the medical profession could not exist without a belief in Marxist equality, all statistics will include everyone, from tall, skinny, male White folks to short, fat, simian females. Data gathered thus is absolutely useless except for scaring the hell out of the gullible and thereby loosening the strings on his wallet. If the medical profession has it all down pat, then why are there so many sick people with missing, malfunctioning or diseased parts?

It's a free country I guess. Pop whatever tunes your gonads. BTW, I know of no man, diagnosed with "erectile dysfunction", who ever had that problem when caressed by a naked 23 year old female. Some people are "turned on" by the sight of the rear of a cow, or an ape, but in that situation I would have erectile dysfunction – in a big way.

The first part of this letter
has been clipped since it concerned some particulars about the recent demonstration at York PA. I did find the remaining content of interest. From a fellow who was in attendance –

"Your advocacy of non-activism is well reasoned but it's one point where we differ. My attitude is this; I am going to stand up for and speak the truth as long as I can. The exhilaration of standing up for what one believes, after 50 years of  judeo-propaganda designed to destroy the truth and to destroy the nation in true hater fashion, can hardly be exceeded. This effort at awakening our people to their real enemy requires total commitment for I need not lecture you gentlemen on the insidious  intent of our opponents nor on the implications of the recently passed Homeland "Security" Bill, and the "Patriot" Act.

I know that the judeo-enemy is a genocidalist, therefore, self-defense can only be achieved by total resistance. As you well know, the enemy's insane scheme can't in the end succeed. The only question is, how many innocent people are going to get it in the neck before this judeo-hater of mankind, this utter destroyer of the nations of the world will be toppled. What a GLORIOUS crash that will be!!!!!!" Yours in Struggle, A.J.

Robertsez – I often do not make myself well understood. There's a difference between "doing something" and doing something which will affect conditions now. We cannot shovel snow until it falls but that doesn't mean we cannot practice and make sure the equipment is in order. My admonition has always been – do not expect your actions to change things now and above all, do not break the law. Breaking the law will land you in jail but more important is the fact that it leaves a bad impression in the minds of the yet uncommitted. As the noose tightens around the public's gonads, their touted respect for the law will fade as we now see in bits and pieces all over the land.

It appears that all sorts of things are centered in Buffalo NY, the asshole of the universe, as Robert DeNiro stated in the movie Once Upon a Time in America. Tim McVeigh. The "Lackawanna Six". Dr. Slepian's murder by James Kopp. The crook Regas and the Adelphia mess. And now public outcry by citizens who object to Buffalo police enforcing the law.

The city, among most other American cities, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The police have been working without a contract for over two years. A proposal was made to cut the police force and place their operation under the jurisdiction of the county, which itself is not in the best of shape. For reasons well understood, the police were not happy and their pleas went unanswered. The main complaint against them was not the asked for pay increase, but that they were already overpaid for what services they provided – they weren't doing their job even though none came forth to state what it was. So, the police took it upon themselves to earn their keep, so to speak. That meant being more diligent. People were getting ticketed for improper use of everything which was on the books. The country executive received a citation for not having his sidewalk shoveled. All traffic laws were enforced rigorously as was everything else under the sun. Faulty mufflers and out of date inspection stickers. Using cell phones while the vehicle was moving. Everyhting. I would personally think people would welcome having traffic obey stoplights, and such, and stop driving on the sidewalks, but that was not the case. The mayor was furious and the ZOG radio mouths, plus the city's only newspaper, started screaming for the heads of police who did nothing other than enforce the law thus "earning their keep" which should have assuaged the critics' complaints.

Most infantile American adults have a strange view of "the law". It means that they are somehow exempt but it should be enforced where others are concerned. This should be of no surprise since that's the way we bring up our children. They can do pretty much as their nasty little hearts desire even to the point of intrusion upon others. (Haven't we all seen the TV ads where junior slings his plate of spaghetti against the wall and dutiful mom rushes to clean up the mess? In my home, there never was a first time, but if it did occur, it would have been the last time.) In a restaurant, everyone tolerates the budding delinquents by ignoring their games of "chase" over and under the tables. Screaming brats are socially acceptable additions to one's dinner atmosphere. The parents defend this sort of thing and one should absolutely expect such an untaught child to grow up believing the public sea should part upon his command. "I am the center of the universe, you silly dogs!" Me. Me. Me. Me. "No one tells me what to do!"

Much of what we call youth today are psychologically bums. There is no way that the ZOG visionaries could hope to control them. They are useful in the breaking up of society, but when that job is done, they will be removed. The phony "war on drugs" is mere theatrics since drug use is also a great tool for the destruction of the existing order. Once that task is complete, the druggie will become history. One bullet. One kick. One ditch. No complex Rube Goldberg gas chambers needed.

When you accept the jew as a friend, you will have the world as an enemy.
I'd recommend that all of our "do something" fans read Eric's article –
Here Comes the Revolution.
As Barbara the plumber used to say, "You can lead a penguin to the edge of a cliff but you can't make it fly." Many people, once having found the "glasses" (from the movie, They Live) and then being able to see through the brown fog which is ZOG propaganda, attempt to bring others aboard the fresh air wagon. Usually their efforts come to naught and that person is left with a sense of failure and loneliness.

Americans, for the most part, yammer incessantly about individualism but exhibit very little of it. Some faggot jew tells them that such and such is now the "in" fashion and the serfs mob into some outlet eager to buy the vastly overpriced trash. An example is the popular denim which, when I was a kid, was the cheapest fabric outside of burlap and was only worn by people who could not afford anything else. This same crap is now highly sought after and the jews who are making a killing on it must laugh every time their cash register rings. Morton Gilman's father once told me that if you called camel dung, chocolate, Americans would buy it. That was years ago, and I haven't seen any improvement in conditions.

Instead of getting despondent at the lack of interest among those with whom you associate, I'd suggest reversing the roles. The next time someone mentions that a black knuckle dragger is one of your equals, why not ask him what he means by "equal"? Also ask why sharing STDs is a good thing and why America could not survive if all of the "equals" vanished overnight. Don't appear facetious, but genuinely interested in learning your friend's point of view. Like the Holohoax, the race-mixing arguments cannot stand the light of day and if you press the issue, your "full of love and human kindness" companions will likely show you the real side of hate. The mere act of questioning their beliefs places them on uncertain ground and they – in typical kosher American mode – will seek to make you the fault. Forty years ago, Lincoln Rockwell asked, "Who needs niggers?" Not many have ever made an attempt to answer that query. (One's associates are more than likely to be some of Lenin's "useful idiots".)

As mentioned, most citizens are sheep which seek the shelter of the flock, not caring that they are led by a goat. This is always the mark of prey – they live in fear which can only be mitigated by the vastness of the herd in which they seek to hide. In the recent Tom Selleck movie, Monty Walsh, one quickly notes the inescapable difference between the individualistic cowboy – the freedom lover – and the townsman who seeks security by conforming to the behavior within the hive. Although Monty is offered big pay, and "security", he nevertheless refuses by saying, "I will not spit on what has been my life."

If one chooses to stand up straight, he should not be surprised if he finds himself alone. Those who sing ZOG's song will prosper materially at the expense of his soul, but I'd think one's soul is far more valuable than a plush condo, Lexus or giant inground urinal, sometimes referred to as a "pool".

A problem with hearing remarks from another person is that we cannot help but interpret them within our own context. What appears "negative" to some is "positive" to others. Moreover, as the population down breeds, the less sophisticated is their language and a "one word fits all" mentality sets in. I have observed that many behave as if the words "criticism", "complaint", and "whine" mean the same thing. A criticism is an evaluation, or judgment, arrived at by discriminating thought. It may be good news or bad news depending upon how the receiver interprets it. "Your fly is open," is objective and intended to inform the person of a situation which might be embarrassing to him. If I uttered such a statement, I certainly would not care if the fellow went around bare-assed. If I see you constructing a house on a 30° slope in a known mud slide area, I might make some mention of physical facts. However, the builder could interpret this as something which insults his intelligence and desire.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, or resentment. I am not complaining about your fly being open. It's not my fly. The difference between "whining" and "complaining" is the mode of expression. Whining is childish behavior accompanied by noise and antics, usually.

"It looks like it is going to rain." "Good," says the farmer as his land is quite dry. "You are trying to ruin my sun-bathing," cries the twit. I suppose one might not say anything but then he'd be accused of being anti-social. If being mute was the only way – as it appears likely – one could not be accused of issuing something "upsetting", "offensive", or "hateful", I am sure the loons would not like the way you looked at them. In this case, we could call it "hate looks". Perhaps an appropriate penalty would be death by decibel overload. We could wear ski masks to remove this problem but how about finger gestures, or one's heavy garlic aroma? Hate smell? Hate gesture? When one tries to wrestle with a python, he will lose. Just think of how many of your critics really do have a snake's brain.

Sergeant Cranston outlined a maneuver, and objective of a patrol. I, asking permission to criticize – not complain – vented my view of what I considered a very bad idea doomed to failure. He listened and then repeated the order. I complied and we had one interesting dance with failure. I played my part as best I could since it was my duty to do so.

When I mention the hordes of Mexican mestizos pouring into "their" land of Aztlan, I am not complaining for I have no contact with them but do view it as an ominous sign. I feel concern for the youth of today who will have to clean up this shitcan of a society their fathers and grandfathers created for them. (The hordes of Mexicans and Asians will insure that there is absolutely no hope whatsoever in Whites voting anything back into their control. The jews know this and that's why they promote 'diversity' and open borders. Whites have an entrenched habit of voting for their enemies anyway. In this vein Eric asked why jews disliked us for we love them and most will feel it a privilege to die for Israel.)

It's rather unfair, I would imagine, when every objective criticism is interpreted as a complaint. People do try to offer advice for your benefit, not theirs, and to insist that every unwelcome fact has no right to be uttered without an accompanying "solution", is an axiom of foolishness.

"Hey Pete! The tornado is starting to raise havoc."

"Don't just stand there complaining. Do something about it!"

There seems to be an itch of long standing whereby many people simply cannot leave things to their own course. They were compelled to "do something" as if inactivity were a sin. One of my uncles typified this urge. He could never sit still. I have seen him on many occasions, pace up and down, and then in a fit of energy grab the chainsaw and trot to the woods. There he'd cut down trees and saw them into chunks until he was physically exhausted. He'd them return happy knowing he "did something". We needed not the potential firewood and so all uncle accomplished was the destruction of our beautiful woods which used to be alive with beautiful flowers in the spring and summer.

I loved my grandfather with his wisdom, patience, and demeanor. One year, we were in a cabin on Muskellunge Lake when the heavens opened up in an unprecedented downpour. We amused ourselves in the cabin knowing that nothing could be done until the rain had subsided. At this time in this play Odin must have arranged, we can really do nothing beyond the dissemination of information to the naive. If we insist upon "doing something" beyond this, then all we will do is ruin our mental equilibrium. Although it may appear macho to "do something" and thereby grace the bars of a jail cell, it's not very productive in my way of thinking. This is not harvest time and one should not act as if it were. The best is yet to come. Each time another leak in ZOG's dike appears, don't complain – have a party.

Hello Robert.

Regarding the antiwar protest in D.C. this past Saturday. I attended, and it wasn't much.  I'd say about 30,000 max, most of them Marxist rabble.  The professional world-savers' reps were there, including one up-and-coming nigger, about 20 years old, whom the ZOG is apparently grooming to be Luther King II.  This nig has a French name.  I don't remember hearing his speech.

The only speaker I can respect, was Ron Kovic, the crippled Marine and Nam vet, the subject of the movie "Born On The Fourth Of July" about a decade ago.

The weather was very cold (20 F.), which inhibited much of the antiwar minded from attending.

I went there for kicks and to look around, with some of my lefty friends.

I saw a few WWII vets, and Nam vets, saying No War. The best sign I saw read: "Israel Is Not Worth WW III".

Most of the Marxists were middle class white kids, of course, most affecting the Che' look or the Bob Marley look.  Many wore the fag rainbow colors in ribbons or scarves. It was a general unitarian, decayed Christian, anti-white male fest.  You can be sure that in a decade or so most of those white kids will have attained grad degrees in policy and will infesting government and non-profit humanitarian lobbies.

I never saw any wild protesters who could have threatened disorder.  The cops were calm the whole time, sitting in their trucks, eating donuts.

I think the anti-West, anti-white momentum is too powerful to stop by political means now.  It must run its course – which it will.  I actually favor the Iraq-Afghan war, which will accelerate ZOG's destruction.

I enjoy FAEM tremendously.  Keep it up.

Best, D.R.

Regarding the UN inspection team in Iraq: http://abbc.com/islam/english/iraq/blix.htm
* * * Best Regards, JL
Jim Giles has added a new section to his website entitled "Protracted Political Warfare". He is looking for qualified people to run in local elections in Mississippi as well as the rest of the country. It is a shortage of anti-ZOG candidates and not voters that's the problem. http://www.rebelarmy.com/
As far as I am concerned, the UN inspection team is a spy arm of World ZOG. There's nothing like having all the enemy's strengths and weaknesses on paper before one decides to massacre them. Thus, the Nintendo long distance killing program is being written. Such a deal. In olden days, those inspectors would simply be shot as spies. This is supposed to be war. Dawh.
As the kosher shit machine gears up for more manure spreading, be on the lookout for "Hitler the Homosexual". If you have seen enough Hitler stuff, you'll realize that Hitler was everything – short, tall, homo, womanizer, idiot, genius, coward, brave, and on and on. What's clear is that after nearly 60 years past his death, the mere thought of this one man causes more lost sleep than any other person I can think of, including that nebulous king called Jesus. You can tell if you've grown White man's armor yet. If, when someone tells you that Hitler was Satan in a corporal's clothing, you can say, "Zat so? I never knew that," smile and move on, then you're shielded. Join the ever-increasing faith and be sure to give them the third finger salute.

While on the topic of hot air, I really do not know how many anti-war protesters demonstrated before the emperor's palace. I have heard reports of 500,000 to 300,000 and down to "very few". I wasn't there so I couldn't count them, but from past personal experience when demonstrators showed up by the carloads and a battalion of police were sent out to supervise, the TV report in Chicago was "... about a hundred showed up." One nice thing about the myriad opinions available to us, is that there's one out there, somewhere, which will make you feel that all's well.

Moral dilemma = Bob knew that Marvin had a bad case of ulcers. Bob also knew that Marvin never turned down anything free and he was very fond of chili con carne. Bob came to work one day with his lunch of very, very "hot" chili. Marvin drooled at the site and mentioned that he loved chili. Bob offered him some. Marvin refused claiming ulcers were the problem. Bob ate. Marvin watched. Bob ate. marvin watched. Bob offered again and Marvin accepted. The next two days Marvin was absent from work. The reason being very clear.

Question: Who could be blamed for Marvin's severe ulcer attack? Marvin for not having the will power to refuse in his own best interest? Or Bob, who obviously took advantage of Marvin's weaknesses?

A person mentions that an area on his left foot has been itching for a day or so and it's very annoying. Some offered suggestions.
Female response: You should see a dermatologist.
Male response: Have you tried scratching it?

What? Some of you White folks object to having a holiday for a member of another species? How come you don't object to "ground hog day"? You know, that's the day the woodchucks come out of their holes to see if winter will continue. MLK day is when the welfare critters come out to see if their checks will continue. You White folks just have to loosen up a bit. I am anxiously awaiting "camel day" in  honor of that muddle yeast we love so much. 
Our friend WWII Joe writes that the Iraq conflict could be solved if Saddam took a powder. I'd like to add to this by suggesting that we trade UU for Saddam. In that way our non-Mexican mestizo prez could establish love and democracy in Iraq without sacrificing one soul. (It would be bad for business, I know, but any sacrifice for democracy is worth it.) If Saddam were our president, maybe he'd have the guts to seal the borders and stop privileges to people who never earned them. Certainly there's no one in our ZOG capable of such a matter. 
A survey sez: Females between the ages of 18 and 42 are the most stressed out group in America. I'd bet my rare edible bagel that nary a one is a stay-at-home-mom. 
The radio mouth was discussing WWI where (1) Germany declared war on the US and then got the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor. (2) Nazi "hordes" invaded peace loving USSR and overran the peasants who were minding their own business brining in the wheat crop. What could Ivan do with only a pitchfork? Those naughty Germans. 
 One's fervor for war varies directly as the square of his distance from the battlefield.
Perhaps someone should tell the the yo-yo UU that the way to defend one's borders is not by violating those of another country. Ah jes, we do life in a hypocrisy. During WWII, when the Germans grabbed up "spoils of war", it was called "looting". When we did the same, it was called "liberation". 
In Max Müller's 1888 book, Biographies of Words and the Home of the Aryas, he states, "Aryas are those who speak Aryan languages, whatever their colour, whatever their blood. In calling them Aryas we predicate nothing of them except that the grammar of their language is Aryan. I have declared, again and again, that I mean neither blood nor bones, nor hair nor skull; I simply meant those who speak an Aryan language... To me an ethnologist who speaks of the Aryan race, Aryan blood, Aryan eyes and hair, is as great a sinner as a linguist who speaks of a dolichocephalic dictionary or a brachycephalic grammar."

In this context the term "White Aryan" has significance for obviously there are non-White Aryans.

It appears that Eric called the shots about the "victory" in Afghanistan. Now his prediction concerning the dissolution of the National Alliance just might be more than a current rumor. I will say that within the circle of my experience, Eric has proven to be more correct in calling the shots than anyone else I can think of.
Just say 'no' to war!

                         Just say 'no' to taxes!
                                                  Please don't say 'no', say 'maybe'.
When a killer of wild life plugs a grazing deer with his high-powered toy, the deer is moved by the bullet only an inch or so. Transfer of momentum, you know. Yet, when the same weapon is used against a humanoid in some jew movie, the body sails through the air at at least 8 feet. Stage coaches go over a cliff and burst into flames. That's kosher reality. Seen a UFO lately? 
I'll betcha dinna 'no' that safety pins have been around for about 4000 years. I'd be a racist if I told you who invented them and where those people came from. Safety pins were unknown in ancient Egypt and originated in central Europe during the Bronze Age. Not even the brilliant Chinese silk worm keepers can be given the slightest credit. I am now anxiously waiting for Speilberg history to prove that nigeroos lived in central Europe at that time. After all, haven't we seen dozens of Viking movies filled with charcoal Vikings? O, speaking of the Vikings, they used roller bearings on their carts. The reason our African superiors never used carts, or even knew about the wheel at that time, is that they were into physical fitness big time and loved the extra calories burned by dragging things about.
I wuz listening to Steve Quayle on da radio where he was disturbed by our battleships moving to the muddle yeast – the place is always in a state of ferment – while "terrorists" are swarming in past our open borders. He's a Zionist and that's why his books – hell, everyone needs to write a book – get publicized and why he appears on talk shows. He coined "reality deficit disorder" and said most Americans suffer from it. I'll agree, but alas, poor Steve accounts for the crumbling state of affairs as "bureaucrats trying to cover their rears." He apparently cannot recognize trends nor patterns. He was alarmed by the militant Aztlan boys who have marked out their territory for settlement and election to political office. In the minds of these people – a much larger group than Steve estimates – they are living on THEIR territory, here in what some idiots still refer to as 'their country'. The gringo will have to leave. Of course, most gringos now think and act like women, and can be expected to think the mestizos are kidding. Moreover, our panty hose population will assist them.

I like scenarios. Here's one: Our troops, sworn to protect us by moving out of the country, will be "over there". Unrest begins at home and to quash the disorder, United Nations troops will be called in. That's good. That's more diversity.

BTW, here's Steve's website – http://www.stevequayle.com/

Baby doll,I hope you listened to the radio flap about the brownie points given to non-White college dudes in the state of Mischling.  Even UU felt a Zionist itch to comment on it, that is, reading his jew prepared script.. Where have these people been? It's been going on for nearly 50 years. A Black bozo called in to pass along his welfare two-cents. He was opposed to the quota perks but felt that more money had to be spent to "upgrade" the po'. It still looks like – in spite of 50 years failure trying to teach penguins how to fly – no one has learned from observation, that is, reality. Blacks are born natural failures. Just look at the state Africa has been in for thousands of years. The only so-called progress they've ever made was while under Whitey's tutelage. When Whitey parts company, it's back to the trees big time where they can again demonstrate their talent for peeling bananas with their lips.  If Whitey disappears, the joint will be probably be Chinese, or secondly, Mexican. In either event, Blackie will be gone. Mexicans and Chinese will not tolerate Black parasites, or even those few who aren't.
White people champion the rights of the individual but nearly all fail to see that there can be no individual rights without a community to protect those rights. There is no White community in this country and that's a reason their individual rights are disappearing. But like kids having a great time playing in the sudsy bath tub full of toys, they will not notice that their house is on fire. What! Me worry? 
I forgot who asked but if you are the person with the proof by induction problem, go here –
All seem to object to any variety of posse commitatus but who would object if the countryside decided to lynch "anti-Semites" and other "haters"? Think about it and consider this – http://www.jewishsf.com/bk011123/us16.shtml
Persons unknown to me have been putting up "Think White. Act White." posters. Some were recently discovered in the vicinity of a "monkey dance" "jungle racket" concert. What does it all mean Charlie? Are we to believe that music is something other than high decibel electronic thumping and screeching performed by perverts and drug addicts? 
Folks, my ISP was down for several hours. The last time that happened, most of my email went to heaven where I couldn't read it. Don't despair. I can't answer that which I did not receive and whether something was lost or not, I do not know. 
O the logic of it all. Woe is me. Woe is me.

Sarah is pregnant and the tea leaf readers have decided that the fetus is male. Sarah decides she will call him Sam. The kid's father long ago took a hike for fresher meat and was not consulted. Both the child and the fetus have different blood types and of course, different DNA, which goes to show there are really two different people involved and not just a bad case of constipation or a tumor.

If Sarah wanted to end it all and called Jack Kervorkian for help, he'd have been jailed for giving her instructions. The ACLU would intervene and take the position that an innocent child's life was also terminated. Jack just might end up being gassed. Many welfare moms have been indicted for "child abuse" by the expedient of sloshing down drugs and/or alcohol. There's no doubt that two persons are affected and involved.

Suppose Sarah doesn't want to be bothered with another kid. She's maxed out on welfare already. Sarah hires a hit-man and puts out a contract on unborn Sam. At the appointed meeting with the hit man, Barney Slepian, she pays the fee and suction pump Barney manages to flush unborn Sam down the drain. Both Sarah and Barney part with smiles on their faces and ZOG nods in approval – after all, two consenting adults and all of that.

Now comes into the picture little Jimmy Kopp who thinks that the two conspirators got away with murder. One day, he hides in the briar patch and lets a round go. Barney drops dead. Jimmy now faces a bleak future because killing a professional mass killer is a no-no.

If this all makes sense to you, then – tote dat barge, lift dat bail, gonna go enlist, keep outta dat jail......

If a pregnant woman uses drugs, she can be arrested for 'child abuse'. However, if she goes to an abortion chop shop and has the child killed, it's all perfectly within her Constitutional rights. Mad as the Queen of Hearts, I'd say. 
If Whitey is too scared
to mention race, he is too scared to live. Muds are secure in their identity and certainly like the guilt-ridden, timid Whites to stay that way. We cannot sneak power from them, as they did to us. We must deal with our problems the White man's way: overtly, directly and honestly, that is, bravely! Cowardice kills!

I repeat my two African lessons –
(1) There is no such thing as cheap labor.
(2) White generosity is seen as White weakness and stupidity. White kindness invites attack.
Look and learn, White man. – Eric Thomson 

I do not believe the NA has any sort of platform as yet. They should. Some have proposed that only property owners should have the right to vote on who has the power to tax land. The last I knew, both ZOG and the jews own much of the land in America so some rethinking is in order.
Khazar Noel Ignatiev, of Harvard,  has been calling for the elimination of White people. Again we note a jew telling us that he doesn't consider jews White. I can now envision the jew-dazed herd smiling in approval. To add cheese to the bagel, the editor of Harvard Magazine, Christopher Reed, says that treason against White people is loyalty to mankind. Here again a dichotomy. White folks are not mudkind, in case you haven't noticed lately. 
A doctor was jabbering on the radio. He was puzzled by the regional statistics concerning christian, jew and moslem wiener whacking of male infants as requested by parents. Except for dire medical emergencies, no parent has the right to mutilate any part of a child, especially the sex organs. On the west coast only about 30% of the males have been "cut". In the midwest, it's 65%. The poor confused doctor obvious doesn't consider race a factor. He thought there was something strange about the geography. 
John (a Zudling) was an Injun but considered himself white. His everyday logic was:
    (1) I am an anti-Semite.
    (2) Because of (1), jews don't like me.
    (3) People who don't like me do not buy me lunch.
    (4) Mr. Feldstein bought me lunch.
    (5) Therefore, Mr. Feldstein is not a jew.
An orator moves people. People might learn from the written word, but rarely do they get off their asses because of it. A man wishing to inspire, and move people, must be in plain sight – visible to all. The written word never has emotion. Whatever emotion one feels is self-generated. It's purely a subjective thing. The orator leaves no doubt as to his emotion and his words project that. There cannot ever be any "movement" whatsoever which is internet in form. To imagine an army of people using phony names, none of whom know the other, is to engage in wishful thinking of an absurd degree. The internet is emotionless and sterile beyond the conveying of information.
Jerry and I, years ago, attended a movie in the jewish Hyde Park area of Chicago – 55th Street as I recall. It was some Third Reich movie in German and, of course, the house was packed with jews. As we departed up the isle, Jerry remarked, "I do not understand German, but just listening to Hitler filled me with a desire to join him."