2 February 2003
In many states, automobile inspections are required. Windshield wipers are checked as are ball joint looseness, brakes, tire tread, and such, all in the name of safety. Tell me old sport, when was the last time the cause of an automobile accident was traced to faulty wipers or a leaky shock absorber? Even the sometimes mandatory motorcycle helmet is not a safety item . It simply prevents one from dying of a fractured skull and instead, allows him to die of a broken neck, or be rendered paraplegic. Personally, I'd prefer the bashed in skull. Besides, suppose I didn't care if I survived a crash. Couldn't that be my right? Or are we just the property of ZOG? Useful serfs? I'll bet you already know the answer to that one.

If safety belts "save lives" then why should their use be mandatory? Everyone so convinced would logically wear them, wouldn't they? Their use is mandated by law not because the "state" loses sleep over your safety – they don't give two shits about your life – but because it is financially rewarding to the insurance companies who ARE EXACTLY THOSE who lobbied for such laws in the first place. (I was pulled over recently for not wearing a seat belt. The nice officer went into the standard line about safety and how "they" want me to be safe. I asked him if he'd show up at my funeral if I died in a crash wearing no seat belt? He did not answer and told me to buckle up, and drive off.) 

As the plague of varies diseases mounts, it is of no wonder that we are experiencing a shortage of "qualified" medical practitioners. (If they knew anything, they wouldn't need to 'practice'.) ZOG's solution is to redefine "qualified". That takes the form of lowering the standards so people previous barred now qualify as "doctors". In one Oregon university, part of the requirements for a dental degree was 200 extractions. This has now been lowered to 5. Notice how jolly this is. It opens the door for more dentists and the inexperienced now have a better "self image". Nothing like feeling good about yourself, I'd say. Besides, if the good doctor cannot speak English, that proves a greater skill. If he comes in with his bamboo needles and an extract of Chong Cha ragweed, he's obviously into hi-tech medicine. A turban in the operating room is another positive sign. Goodness gracious. Such goodies. The better medicine becomes, the most sick people we have. That's good for business.
For those who haven't caught on yet, I'd like to repeat that "world peace" means Zionist domination. Any threat to world peace is, by definition, a threat to Zionist exploitation of humankind regardless of age, race, sex, religion and shoe size. If one were objective – a rare thing – the biggest threat to any peace is our mom's apple pie land of world rip-off. If one bothered to peruse the wars of history, he would find that the "peace loving" nations of Britain and the U.S. have caused more destruction and bloodshed that any other entity in history. Merry Old England has been warring with the world ever since day one. Those Anglos, both here and there, sure do love their slaughters, especially if it can earn a buck or two. Is my statement un-American and anti-Brit? Not unless one defines truth as un-American and anti-Brit – which it someday might just come to pass. It's already that way concerning the "holocaust".

World peace, in Zionist eyes, is the peace found in a prison where one cannot ever take a shit without approval from an overseer. Ah yes, there is also "security" in this peace, and it's also found in a prison – daily bread and a place to sleep without a leaky roof. Medical care and such. Being watched over as is a herd of cattle. I fear that far too many people place no value upon real freedom but as they slowly approve of their expanding slavery, the day will come when they wish they had.

Bombing Iraq will be a good thing. It will satisfy our spectator sport jocks who love hockey brawls and demolition derbies. It will create jobs to manufacture the big-bang junk which will be dumped on that land. Then there will be all of those building contracts to put Humpty Dumpty Iraq back together again. The really good part will be the creation of millions of "refugees" needing asylum. I think the mayor of your town should volunteer space for this batch of nuevo Americans. As a good Christian or Jew, why not take a dozen or so into residence at your home and share, in brotherly love fashion, the American dream. You might have to sell your yacht, but what the hell? – that's what brotherly love is all about anyway, isn't it?

Dear FAEM – "When I was single with no kids I had a lot of spare cash.  I subscribed to McAlvany, Doug Casey and a few other advisory newsletters.  For every successful recommendation others lost money so I never made money.  On top of that their political and philosophical spin never amounts to much either. Now that I am married with kids, my feet are planted firmer on the ground. Since my wife stays home with the kids we are on a tight budget.  It would be nice if these clowns told the truth about their stock recommendation history.  They take advantage of simple minded people's money by clever marketing.  To think that reading FAEM for the past year has taught me more about Politics, Economics and many other things without spending a dime. Again Thank You for your website, I have the *glasses* and I wear them everyday!"  Steve J.

Robertsez – If you are not familiar with the term *glasses* then I suggest you rent the video "They Live". Without the *glasses* you cannot see.

People send their newsletter subscriptions to Eric and he sends them to me, after reading. Some are interesting, especially the silly economic advisory papers. They all have the same theme: The collapse is coming but you don't have to lose YOUR money. Send some to me and I'll tell you how to get rich as the joint collapses. It's like predicting a drought and promising that you'll have enough food.

The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor costs $115 a year but that's more than I'd choose to spend for entertainment. He's a Judeo-Christian and all I can say is this – Judeo-Christianity got us into this fine mess and I don't think advice from one of its disciples can be considered much more than diddlysquat.

Many, many years ago, Adelman's Soda Bar was burglarized and a considerable amount of money was taken. I know who did it because he told me. This fellow felt a need to brag of his accomplishment and what better person than I as recipient? People knew I observed much and revealed little. (The real secret of informational power lies in its possession and use – not in letting people know what you know.) The existence of this website might give lie to that, but specific details remain cloaked. The fellow mentioned is now a recognized person for his high visibility in a certain field. Most of you may have seen him on TV. He wrote a popular book. At the time, I could have "spilled the beans" thus earning me the honest citizen of the year award. We all live by the law as best we can, but I do not view "law" as a God in spite of the dribble our lawyer masters try to get us to believe. Laws are a product of men's efforts and are thus inferior. Community will always takes precedent! Law and justice are often not found in bed together. I thought about justice. Well, old man Adelman cheated on his wife and was involved in a payoff so that doc P.s son wouldn't go to jail. I felt that his monetary loss was part of justice and so even today I have never revealed the "who did it". Of what possible value could that bit of information have for anyone anyway?

I hold that "proof" of anything lies with its acceptance. I could offer material which would convince an army of doubters but if you refused to believe what I presented, I would have proven nothing to you. I have experienced far too many episodes where one demands proof and a document is offered. That is then rejected as "a forgery". We rely far too much on paper, hearsay and other labels. When one is in tune with reality, his senses reveal truth just as a dog recognizes those who do not like dogs.

So when it comes to the little hints I often pass out, do not ask for "proof", that is, details, for I know full well that they will then become unleashed and victim of an unnecessary, and counterproductive, gossip session. I encourage all people to think about what they are in the middle of – as objectively as possible. Don't be foolish, as was one student I had. She was aware that her boyfriend stole from his grandmother and lied to his parents. "He's honest with me because we are in love." Yes sweety, the moon is made of moldy bagels and you are a prime example of what steady humping does to a girl's mind.

It's far better to have as coworker and friend, a man of moderate intelligence who is honest and dependable, than a brilliant  fellow whose word it little more than hot air. When intelligent people lie and deceive, they become a menace. The bottom line has always been character and so shall it be long after I am gone.

Last night I shook my head at the shuttle scenes where a simian was trying to act as if it were an important part of Whitey's space program. What a sad thing when White people have a desire to make non-Whites "feel good" by giving them jobs they cannot handle. It's all part of the "label makes the man" belief. I suppose this is an upgrade from the old "the clothes make the man".

As I entered the restaurant, my favorite waitress informed me that the space shuttle suffered a disaster. I wasn't surprised and wondered why it took so long for another disaster to happen. Incompetence is mounting rapidly and to expect more frequent disasters due to faith in "cheap labor" plus the God-like view people take of a computerized anything, is not pessimisn or 'negative' thinking. It's reality big time and you'd better get your head out of your ass if you expect to survive. 1945 ended America the Beautiful and most of us will live to see every one of Hitler's predictions come true. We can no longer afford the pleasantry of day dreaming or playing childhood games of imagination. I was favored by growing up on a farm experiencing the unpleasant task of taking life in order to survive. It's not an easy thing for me to "do in" some lovable critter which you cared for over the years. As a young boy, I often had tears in my eyes as I gutted one of our rabbits and rendered it into cookable pieces. I have never viewed killing animals as a sort of "harvest" as one would a field of potatoes. Necessity often does not require pleasantry.

Politics, elections, and the accompanying dancing, has always been little more than entertainment for the American boob. The only time the Congress showed any semblance of being more than a tea party was during the Reconstruction period when nigeroos went to Congress because southern Whites were denied voting rights – as if it would have made any difference anyway. The nigeroos had a great time during session by getting drunk, throwing bottles and assaulting each other. Now that's a Congress which didn't use their time falling asleep during useless speeches. Recently, the Indian parliament became a donnybrook where representatives actually bashed each other with microphones and such. Bloody noses here and head lumps there. Obviously those people took their political differences seriously. American elections, and Congress, have no such enthusiasm or resolve.

We know that election fraud is as American as apple turnovers. Yes, Gore did gain the greater number of votes but this is not a democracy. It's the electoral college count which determines who am da leeder. Once the intellectual midget was crowned, what did the "opposition" do? Did they march en masse and trash the divine halls? Hell no, schmo. They switched allegiance and declared themselves supporters of the goof they previously opposed. (The election showed a 50% approval and later this came close to 90%.) We can fully expect our huge anti-war crowd to become fervent supporters once the slaughter has commenced. Americans are very fond of demolition derbies and I am sure they won't turn their backs on any TV coverage of murder and mayhem – and especially all of those fireworks they have come to expect in their nonsensical "action" movies.

Since biology, and the rules of nature, mean little to Americans – weez hoomans! not anjimals! – they have come to believe that a label IS the object. Once a fellow is given the nod and declared "leader", he magically becomes one fully endowed with all of the desirable attributes. We see this phenomena on a lesser scale when some woman gives birth. Her previous ignorance is magically transformed into abundant knowledge once the label "mother" is affixed. The Army – an institution for those who have a hard time thinking for themselves – actually believes that if some recruit attends "leadership school", he can be whipped up into a great leader. Leaders are born, not manufactured according to some cookbook. Corporal Hitler was born a leader and was so superior to those manufactured leaders, called officers, that the comparison is ludicrous. General Patton was a born leader. Eisenhower was a spiteful mixed-blood bureaucrat with power he never should have been allowed to possess. If you took our present Caesar and popped him into a trench under bombardment, would you want to have him making life or death decisions for you?

White Americans should ask themselves when they voted for allowing Mexicans and Asians to colonize their country. They didn't but their elected officials did! Each and every calamity which has befallen the Americans public has resulted from the election of scoundrels and criminals to office. This is not intentional but is a consequence of the belief that if you take a liar and pervert and elect him president, that the label "president" somehow transforms shit into cake. This is feminist thinking and the country is dying from that disease.

Perhaps we, as a people, really enjoy masochistic thinking as do the jews – I was gassed 12 times. – 3,218 of my relatives were put under Mengele's knife. – Hitler personally cut off all of my fingers thus making it hard for me to play the harp – and so on. If life were the "dream" we think it should be, "boring" would take on a whole new meaning.

A fellow informed me that the Washington Post ran an article concerning two Marines, possible relatives of Juan Valdez or Jesse Jackson, who sabotaged parachutes because they were disciplined for some infraction. What's new? Deliberate mischief of this sort is not as big a problem as is the incompetence caused by biological inferiority relative to what we usually ascribe to White people. When I look out an airport window and see all of those smiling Mexican mechanics, my inner worm says, "You fly. I'll take a bus." When I walk into a hospital and see all of those smiling Sinbads, my inner worm says, "You have the operation. I'll buy my own Band-Aids." Non thinking people always seem to trust labels. If it says "doctor" then I am in safe hands. OK Charlie. This brown stuff is labeled 'chocolate'. You eat it. This is a free country.
My high school graduating class was 248 students. Only 5 were "honor students". Were we a dumb bunch? No, we weren't. It was because we had high standards. (Our 8th grade algebra is now taught in college!)

I worked in one high school where 30% of the students were "honors". We they very bright? No, they weren't. It was because the standards were bargain basement. This was a necessary condition brought about by integrating the apes and the humans. If the high standards remained, all of the apes would fail. So? You guessed it. The standards were lowered thus allowing apes to "succeed" and humans to be relieved of learning anything since they were fully capable of getting A's without much effort, thus leaving them more time for beer drinking and orifice stuffing. The soccer moms loved it. Little Sheila – we always knew she was a genius – was now straight A! What a boon to one's self-image. Now we can all feel good about ourselves.

Being truthful does not mean telling everything you know.
Truth is a very heady wine. It must be sipped carefully.
I first met Ronnie at the YMCA. We both loved swimming and had an interest in what is now known as SCUBA diving. Ronnie was building his own from some surplus CO2 tanks. One day we decided to go to the gorge where we could swim and dive off the rocks. We found a new "hole" and Ronnie scampered to a rock in preparation for a dive – about 18 feet if I remember correctly. I yelled and told him I'd slip in and investigate the bottom and water depth as the water was slightly murky. He laughed and said that wasn't necessary since all similar spots along the gorge had deep pockets of water at such points. Ronnie dived and shortly thereafter I saw his limp arm flip over in the water. I went in and dragged him out. He was unconscious with a severe head wound. When I realized he was dead, I quickly went back to the car to seek assistance. Needless to say, his parents were devastated. He was their only child. One of the best friends I ever had. I offered what I thought was sound advice and he chose not to take it. You can lead a horse to water.

Don was my friend but his heart was captured by a female who did not distinguish between pants. I had a basket full of facts concerning this trollop but chose not to reveal them since they were given to me by an old attorney friend in confidence. What was I to do? I could not tell Don about what I knew nor describe the photos I had seen, yet I wanted him to shy from the clutches of that woman. I suggested that he should check her background a little more before committing himself to anything serious. He refused that advice and insinuated that I was some sort of evil person for even suggesting such a thing. Don married her and lived to regret it by supporting 4 kids which were not biologically his. He got drunk one night and ran off with another woman believed to be a carrier of a venereal disease. You can lead a horse to water.

There are people reading this, with whom I have corresponded, who will be burned by having too much faith in certain scoundrels. If I warned them, all I'd receive would be nasty words for my effort. You can lead a horse to water.

Will the real Charlie Brown please stand up? The internet is basically an entertainment medium. At one time, computers were used to help us compute. Now they are little more than machines which provide us with amusement albeit there are instances where they are used to provide information, sometimes true and very often false. Real research is a time consuming affair where one has to get off his dead tail and go here and there in search. Computer research is energy saving. One sits on his dead ass and pecks at a keyboard fully assuming that all which is found is God's word. It certainly is a safe way of snooping, far safer than physically asking the wrong person a wrong question. There's nothing like a clenched fist to the mouth to remind that we would have been better off remaining silent.

Every once in a while "Lefty Harrington" would show up at Jackson Park to join in baseball, marbles, and whatever. Since our level of involvement with him was only at the shallow games level, no one bothered to ask about his background. We didn't know where he lived and never met anyone who said they were related to him. He said he was called Lefty, but he could have been George Fargo for all we knew. So it is with the internet – just "handles" for people we do not know and probably will never meet. That's why nothing of a serious nature can ever result from internet doodling.

As the seriousness of some engagement increases, it behooves all to check the bona fides of the person he's dealing with. When we grow up with people – school, work, etc. – we never question I.D. since it is validated by interaction, behavior and such. If a person owns property; has relatives in the area; and other such things, it is practically positive that he is who he claims to be.

Years ago, I met the editor of a Colorado newspaper at some sort of shindig in Denver – Grant Street, I remember. He took a fancy to me and invited me to his home where I met his wife, sister, son and their small stable of horses. It certainly was obvious that Bob was who he said he was.

If the occasion ever arises that I find some value in meeting another whom I have never met before, I certainly would not accept an invitation to "meet me at Matt's Grill on 57th, and 3:00 PM, and wear a pink gardenia in your lapel." What sort of business is this? Are we two spies exchanging microfilm?

The more people who are involved with a person, the more we can be assured of his genuine nature. If the person owns property or has a recognized business, we are on firmer ground. Beware of those who move every year or so and have no relatives of which they reveal. This sort of person has an easy task of being anyone he chooses.

Proof of identity often is no proof at all. I know of people who have more than one social security number. The real proof is in the number of others who have known that person for a time. The "lone wolf" can offer nothing. He has no children in school; owns no property; no one has ever been a friend of long acquaintance; he has no employment other than laborer; and so on. It's pretty hard to maintain a false identity when you have kids in school and have been a member of the local church for 20 years. Then there's the fellow who shows up with a tar truck wanting to refinish your driveway for a few hundred dollars cheaper than a local concern? This is the stuff rip-offs are made from. Be cautious of all gypsies, especially the internet kind. After all, I have a couple of them who write stuff for FAEM, but words are only words.

If you are really serious about befriending some internet person for serious matters, then you are demanding comradeship and that means you know his family and he knows yours. Anything less isn't worth the time it takes to scratch one's nose.

Who gives a rat's ass, other than the blightwing, if Putin is a jew or not? It's sufficient to know that his bosses are. I am convinced that he is and he will do as he is told! Do not be misled by all of this UN folderol about France this and Germany that. They WILL "climb on board" the war wagon because they all work for the same crew. The useless blightwing loves to worry about things which are as irrelevant as they are. 
A while back, we shipped industry to Mexico. Now, those Mexican industries are being shipped to China.
The blightwing
has one thing in common: if they didn't write it then they ignore it. I am happy to see that wily Carto has reprinted Eric's Liberty Bell article, Poland and the Lies of the Allies. (It's been on FAEM for a long time.) In typical blightwing fashion, he misspells Eric's name and clips part of the article. The research was done by a very able fellow, Paul Norris. David – if I didn't discover it then it's not worth discovering – Irving repeatedly refused to utilize this young man's remarkable talent. The IHR refused to use the article many years ago but thank heaven there's FAEM. While you are going over Eric's "ancient" material, make sure you read Mestizo America. It's somewhere in FAEM's outback.

The now certain upcoming inflationary depression will not be the picnic of the Great Depression of the 1930s. America was White then and people had a sense of community. Today, Whites are a minority and that will be one tough coconut to peel. We are actually living under foreign occupation. Many people WILL learn the hard way. At least I hope they will.

Why sane societies have firing squads and lime pits —  http://www.natesplace.net/stella.html
Instead of blindly believing (that's faith, man) one's government, teachers, and religious leaders, suppose people actually started using their powers of reason and think for themselves. Wouldn't that make an interesting society?
If all of the perverts and jews vanished from Hollywood, it would become a ghost town.
"No disrespect sir, but more and more people are suddenly discovering their Jewish heritage. What would you do if you discovered you were a Jew?"

Robert replies – "Mr. B., I would change nothing even if I discovered I was a female or an elephant."

Robert –


Interesting that this website has your site listed on the 'NAZI, KU KLUX KLAN & SKINHEAD WEBSITES – NOT RECOMMENDED' Links page.  I believe this site is another Ward Kendall one, though not positive, just looks similar to his old one.

Anyway, keep up the great work!  Everyday I read your website and find it to be the best one on the web. Thanks! R.M.

Robertsez – I think you must have Macroshaft Innernut (we like viruses) Exploder to properly view this site. If the author is successful in his mission, then I can expect those $1000 donation checks to cease arriving in my e-Gold account.

I will respond to Mr. G.K., who's no mental slouch by a long shot, by saying this – If James Kopp is convicted of slaying Dr. Slepian, as now seems quite likely, I would indeed say that Mr. Kopp is a criminal. Now, that's not the same thing as saying that I'd rather see Dr. Slepian in good health.

If little old lady who shot the balls off the nigger – who raped her granddaughter – is found guilty of a crime, it would make her a criminal. That does not mean I did not approve of her just act. It's a shame that, in this land of the dysfunctional, often justice results from a criminal act. So, let's not try put words into naughty Robert's mouth. He can supply enough bad ones on his own.

World ZOG originated in the US – from The League of Nations to the United Nations. The hebes, that batch of mixed-bloods who have a god who favors mongrels over pure breeds, have been dreaming of world domination ever since they over-priced the first camel dung fertilizer. In 1913, the Marxist graduated income tax was adopted for the American boob society plus the formation of the private rip-off, and control, operation known as The "Federal" Reserve. The League came about in 1919 at the same time jew Bolsheviks went ape in Russia, massacring anyone who didn't agree with them – typical democracy, I believe. All American presidents supported the new Communist state since that time. Most of the first Bolsheviks were part-time Americans. Trotsky came from the sewers of New York City. The U.S.S.R. was the first American vassal state of consequence. The League went thud when the American public refused to go along. It seems they had more balls in those days. The idea remained and again the jews pushed the idea, and soon we were at war against the major anti-Communist nations of the world. Israel was established in 1948 as an outpost in that vast oil rich region. Israel also serves as a sanctuary for the yid criminals running from the law of other countries. The Christian Zionist nit-wit crowd lent all of their support to this all-embracing notion of world Communism. Anyone who demands that "we" stop aid to Israel might as well tell USZOG to shut off aid to Illinois or Alaska. It's somewhat humorous to me when I hear people complain about Israel as if it were some growth which appeared on the planet all by itself. Israel is where the dumb jews reside, while the US is where the smart jews run the whole sideshow along with opportunistic honkies who would sell their own daughters into prostitution.

One cannot be an expert unless he details the obvious to such an extent that the obvious no longer remains. It's like discussions about fat people. Simply put, they eat more than they need. But a massive industry exists discussing useless minutia ad infinitum complete with potions, cures and other complicated folderol. People do not want things to be logical, hence straight forward and simple. They apparently need complexity to give value to their lives which will quickly be lost in time anyway.

Puffery is our way of live and it extends to nearly every book ever written. Take a simple idea and inflate it with printed flatus until those valuable 3 sentences take up 300 pages. People generally have a deep seated necessity to keep busy even if it means trying to stop the wind by blowing back.

The age old dream of the world's most unhappy batch of mongrels – they truly hate anyone relatively pure bred, especially white people – to at last rule the world, found it's muscle in the American experiment. For one hundred years, the foundation of freedom has been steadily destroyed, grain by grain and slice by slice, right here under our very noses. One only has to forget that he is an American, and hopefully render himself thereby impartial and objective for a moment, and study the mountains of evidence piled up over the century, to realize that the present world turmoil, soon to become near global chaos, has "Made in USA" stamped all over it.

Hi Mr. Frenz, "By the way, just so you know, your site is right up there with VNN. Actually, better. But, I admit, I like VNN's letters page, and Alex is quite bombastic. But in terms of simplistic, down to earth truth, you and Eric have it nailed." S.D. Jr.
Another link
for which I presently do not have the time to read – http://www.orderofwhiteknights.org
"I will not endanger my safety trying to save people from themselves." – Eric Thomson. This came as a response to my mention that many people simply will not learn from the mistakes of others, and probably not even from their own.
If you are lost for something to read, this will keep you busy for a while –


I have little tolerance for tons of words which try to explain what is obvious. Academia rots the brain and blinds people to reality. I need no laboratory analysis with reports on indole and skatole percentage, to tell me that the substance is monkey dung. Happy reading. Thanks to Tsun, who informed me of this book.

As the population becomes zanier by the week, I think we are living in the days of Hitler's revenge. To prove how anti-Nazi we were, we always did the opposite of Hitler's advice. If the Nazis said smoking was bad for your health, we smoked more. If Hitler warned about helping to industrialize China, we couldn't ship enough factories there.
How often does one find a black man with a Mexican woman? One might draw a conclusion about the backbone of white men compared to Mexican men. I remember a couple of decades ago, an American black propositioned a Russian woman at some social gathering in Moscow. No one knows if he "made out" or not because the next morning they found him frozen stiff in a snowbank.
Once upon a time there was a man, a white man. He was so white the people said he was the best pro-white man ever. After all, he was a pilot in WWII against the naughty Nazis. The people of Rhodesia elected him as chief of the territory. How nice it was to feel secure with a very pro-white chief. Then one day the chief illegally turned his country to a member of the Matabele tribe – Muzerewa. Of course, democracy was the fashion and so they held an election. The opponent was a member of the Mashona tribe – Mugabe. Alas, there were more Mashona than Matabele, so the communist Mugabe became the new chief. One of his earlier tasks was to make sure the Matabele knew their place. He killed a few just to "send a message". Now this benevolent black fellow is in the process of getting rid of the white folks he doesn't like – which means all of them. Thus we see the success of elections, especially when everyone votes for a pro-white candidate.

In the land now called Zimbabwe, the greatest enemies of the white race were the white farmers for it was they who fed their now black enemies. Ain't white human kindness wunnerful?

For 2000 years, the area of Afghanistan has been continually invaded. One thing you can say about all of the invaders is – They came. They saw. They conked out.
Europe has improved, if I can believe the jewspapers. Germany is now a colony of Turkey and Russia is simply Mongolia moved west.
We all know people are equal and there's no such thing as race. In this context, I find it odd that in the Yakima WA area, one Lithuanian jew, in dire need of a bone marrow transplant, still cannot find another Lithuanian jew able to donate. This reminded me of a mulatto youngster in the same position. The medical profession was helpless because the black/white mix produced neither black nor white. I assumed the child died. That shows you how concerned these white broads are, relative to their children. When their crotch is on fire, anything will do.
When sheep aren't penned, they need to be herded. That's why our freedoms are dissolving. Although not publicized, more internet chains are being forged under the pretense of Homeland Security. Since "terrorism" can be sent over the 'net, fingered subscribers to "anonymous" services will be denied. It will come as a complete cutoff, if you happen to be currently subscribed. I would guess that anyone known to offer a disparaging word, relative to ZOG policy, will be axed. The aim here is all quite obvious – to establish "freedom of communication" Soviet style where you can gas praise for ZOG as freely as desired but dissent will be allowed only to approved, and professional "dissenters" – merrily we roll along..... Ring that bell; shout for joy; White man's day is near...
America is a free country – Others have the freedom to slug me in the mouth if say the wrong thing or my company can fire me for a slip of the tongue. This is called freedom of speech. Religious kooks have the freedom to tell me I'm going to hell because I either don't believe, or I go to a church of which they do not approve. This is called freedom of religion. Mobs of thugs and scumbags have the freedom to burn down my house or destroy whole towns and cities if they choose. This is called freedom of assembly. Nogs, wogs and beaners have the freedom to make loud noises and otherwise disturb the peace. This is called freedom of expression. With all of this freedom around, we don't need to worry about tyranny. (Submitted by J.S.)
Ya betcha Bo, race am a fogment of yer imagation. –


FAEM, and especially Eric, has been telling you this for years. So soon we forget.

Here's a little nifty. I've clipped some of parts. My comments will be in blue.


I want you to step up to the recruiting table and enlist.  Publicly and sustained.  FAEM ought not speak with a forked tongue.

From what I gather, this fellow hasn't enlisted yet either. Do as I say, but not as I do, it appears.

Maybe I'm confused and I don't mean this in a disrespectful way but our advocacy is in the political arena adhering to a policy of "Strict Legality".  It's my understanding that you are advocating an unlawful insurgency.

No offense taken. I'd certainly appreciate learning which words you mistakenly interpreted as advocating an insurgency. Where in FAEM has anyone advocated rebellion? That is, open, armed and organized resistance to constituted authority. If indeed, as I hold, rebellion is illegal, then spare me the redundancy. This is an open society so no problem there. Armed? My slingshot has rotted rubber and I am fresh out of jelly beans. Organized? This is the laugh of the decade. Where, pray tell, is there anything remotely resembling anything organized through the entire spectrum of the dissenter bunch?

You can't have it both ways either you believe what you say and do it or not.  If I was a 'genuine' insurrectionist, I would load my guns up and start killing the enemy.

What is your definition of "the enemy"? 10 to 1 you cannot even define "White".

Yours is empty abstract rhetoric only.  All talk no action.  Again I'm not trying to be disrespectful just honest.  Maybe you can tell me what the mission of FAEM is and I'll be better able to respond to your endlessly and gratuitously negative harping on the futility of the electoral process.

Note that FAEM's honestly comes out as negativism. Elections are futile. If they really could change things, they would be made illegal. As long as ZOG can toss in the Perot wretch, we will still have that entertainment. There has not been one single success, vis-à-vis White people and elections, in the past 60 years, at least. That is, unless you count electing your uncle county dog catcher represents a victory for the White race. This not Germany 1932, where the population was 97% White. This is not 1847 on the American frontier when local government had teeth. ZOG controls everything of importance from the top down. It even dictates to Elmer Fudd – in Rotten Crotch Idaho – who he can, or cannot, have for customers in his grocery store.

Ultimately though Robert, what I find unworthy of your talents is the constant complaining without a remedy.

I have already explained the difference between complaining and criticism. It's too bad your knowledge of the English language is so limited. Perhaps you should try using a dictionary sometime.

I think that General Lee today would do one of three things: (1) Run for public office and set an example for others to follow, i.e., be a 'positive' leader. (2)  Load his gun and attack. (3)  Keep his mouth shut.The waste in my opinion is on your part and those who think like you to never try. Yours is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here we find "complaining" suddenly becomes a prophesy. This is all of the letter I wish to print. At least it was not full of the usual barrage of f--- and c--- words. It's obvious that this fellow still believes that a variation of pro-White power can be achieved at the ballot box.

There's another pie-in-the-sky variation of the "do something" school of nonsense. It's the belief that White folks can establish a White nation here on American soil. First, only the unemployed would pack up and leave to go to some promised land, if then. They'd probably wonder if unemployment benefits were available in the new Great White Hopeland. I'm afraid not, for only ZOG will do that. If we all went to Honkyland, would we still have to file ZOG's income tax forms? Could we be drafted? Of what use would Social Security numbers be? How about Medicaid and Medicare? Would ZOG still fork over while we declare independence? What if ZOG wanted our oil?

Robert continues – I am not into the business of selling hope as most of the blightwing is. The only thing this hope trail has produced is a transfer of wealth from the gullible to the charlatan.

My grandfather taught my father, and my father taught me. I passed this on to my children – It's far better to stand still than to race off in the wrong direction just so you can feel you are accomplishing something. This is an emotional problem which is of plague proportions. People do not want to feel unable to change that which they do not like. Thus, like the man with no hands, desirous of a career as a pianist, they sit at a keyboard, wave their arm stubs and pedal the player piano. It's all delusion.

Wilmot Robertson, author of The Dispossessed Majority, and editor of Instauration magazine, said sometime in the 1980s, "There is nothing we can do at the present time." This is not pessimism nor is it complaining or being negative. It's an accurate appraisal of the conditions we find ourselves in. As I look back at the decades years of wasted effort, some landing good people in jail, I only feel sadness for those who attempted to fulfill those hopes by building with sand and cotton candy.

Should we "try" carrying water in a sieve? Should we "try" putting a fire out with gasoline? Should we "try" putting a 1970 calendar on the wall and feel 30 years younger? Should we "try" swimming with crocodiles because someone said we would be cowardly if we didn't? Is a soldier brave because he charges 6 tanks with a bayonet and 4 rounds of ball ammunition?

I might be "standing still" at this time while you "do something" but I'll wager that this time next year – if the fates haven't surprised us, hopefully – both of us will be right where we are now. I'll still be standing still while you are still waving your arms – leerlauf!

Millions of young White people are doing something. They are raising wholesome kids; contributing to the society by working regularly; doing their best trying to get an education, both formally and informally; and so forth. FAEM is trying to fit its readers with "glasses" for only when you can see will you be able to move anywhere. The blind should not "do something". That is what some are doing now and if you feel an urge to assault someone, burn down an outhouse or pick someone's pockets, then do your thing but don't claim I recommended it. As Eric said, we are simply not at the organization stage yet. Millions do not vote – not because of a lack of good candidates – but because they recognize the reality of the process. It's a ZOG sideshow meant only for entertainment. How often do we hear about some "democratic" proposition unanimously approved by the electorate, which is tossed out by a single Zionist judge?

I can understand how some people get carried away with a mistaken faith in the voting process. All of that data to sift and condense – voter turnout; voting patterns; did a woman's pregnancy affect her choice of candidate? Number, numbers – mean, median, square root, variation and standard deviation. Hell, look at all of those pretty graphs! What a bureaucrat's delight! Busyness is the business. They are doing something! And above all – it is safe, conventional and ZOG approved!

I am the first to admit that I, at this time in history, do not have a "solution". This does not, however, allow me to accept one which has proven futile in the past and is not grounded on PRESENT REALITY. You do not plant violets in a blizzard nor on dry pavement. I suggest a plan for your dilemma – stop reading FAEM for you miss the point mostly and even if you didn't, you seem to get upset stomach. Secondly, put your marvelous "doing something by winning at the local level" election plan into action and report back in one year saying "I told you so. We are winning!"  But don't forget to count the Asians and Mexicans.

As in Eric's Jesse Jackson for President, we should all be working to maximize non-White presence in elected offices for only when the gullible goyim know the yoke of anti-White oppression, will they then be ready to listen. In the meantime, FAEM will continue to "complain" to those who don't need that yoke in order to learn.

Another good link = http://www.ety.com/HRP/

"I have to agree with G.K. When I started reading FAEM over a year ago, I was rubbed the wrong way by what was said on the site. I'm not one to simply balk at things though, so I decided to put them to the test. I haven't found you guys to be wrong. Least of all Eric. I started a correspondence with him, which I've not kept up since I left the country as I have no way to receive mail, but he was a vary valuable person to know with a great knowledge and perception into many things. He helped me immensely for with I shall be forever grateful. One of the observations made on FAEM repeatedly – that the darker the population gets, the more people will consider themselves white – is totally accurate. Here the population is quite dark, due to 500 years of Turkish rule. The funny thing though, is that were National Socialism presented openly here they would cling to it with fervour. They are very aware of who is and who is not. Though there are many with an obvious dose of Turkish blood, they hate the Turks. ... There are not many jews here. I've been in the country now for a month and I've only seen 3. But everyone here is so inundated with 'American' pop culture, and busy with chasing pussy and getting drunk that they don't need as many of the chosen here to keep the populace under control. All in all, I would say that my time spent here has proved to be very valuable. Keep up the good work."

D.M. Strength and Honour!

I certainly do not take all of those Iraq = WW3 predictions very seriously. Here's why. Chief ZOG is, and has always been, our own sweet land of liberty, hot dogs and a beaver in every sack. For over 100 years, USZOG has financed, supported and defended Communism. Israel came into existence after the carnage of WW2 and is used as a sanctuary for jew criminals and a "scapegoat" for all of the world's problems. Israel is "our" beachhead in the middle east. It's the old magicians' ploy – wave the right hand here and there to distract while the real undercover mischief is being done right here at home in Washington DC and NYC. (Did you think it was a toss of a coin which landed the UN buildings here on US soil? Wake up!) USZOG controls Russia, Germany and France and so their belches of protest disappear as soon as the next round of champaign is passed. Remember that a lie told a thousands times is no closer to the truth than if it were only stated once. To read the same lie from a thousand sources does not make that lie truth. Unthinking people always need someone else to tell them what is what. They cannot think for themselves. That's why their rears are always being burned. An ignorant man deserves the fruits of his folly. I have no crystal ball and except for something absolutely unforeseen, the upcoming play will come off as planned. Like the movie gunfight at OK corral, it's all according to script and the actors leave without harm. It's the stagehands and audience who will pay the bill.

This morning, I heard a ZOGling, on the radio, mention the upcoming war where we'd have to get used to the killing of innocent people, but that it was necessary in order to kill the "guilty" soldiers. Yes friends, a solder sworn to defend his land and people must be guilty of something. Id' certainly savor the day when all ZOGlings were brought before the bar of justice they defined for others. It all reminds me of UU's defintions: When our men seek shelter from bombardment, it's called "taking cover". When the "enemy" does it, they are labeled "cowards". Yes, UU, grab some weapons and show us how to do it. I'd even pay your fare to Iraq – first class with all the bagels you could eat. It's the old WW2 jargon: The Germans loot. We liberate. The Germans murder. We execute.

Like the Soviet Union during the 1920-1930s, China is the recipient of vast US technical and monetary help. You college kids probably have noticed that Chinese are filling all departments of science and in many cases, have made it an exclusive Chinese domain. The Chinese have vast settlements in western Canada and the colonization proceeds unabated. I ask you this: Why in hell do you think they would attack us since everything is proceeding their way? What would they gain? The Evil Empire's legions will, never attack China nor North Korea. It's all hype to keep the Goyim clacking their tongues in nervousness. The Mexicans are deep into the reclamation of land they claim is theirs. They move in freely and take jobs and those who do not work are supported by welfare handouts. To think Mexico would "attack" us requires the same 'rationale' as believing that China is about to launch nuclear tipped egg rolls.

Although Dolores spent most of her married life sampling every sausage in the county, her husband loved to believe that she was faithful to him. So dear people, don't think, just believe. ZOG will love you for it. And so will your enemies if you are sane enough to believe that the whole world is not filled with people who love you.