9 February 2003
It seems that Mr. Al Kyda is doing a good job breaking America economically with ZOG's assistance. The conveniently intercepted telephone conversations do the same damage whether they are true or only part of a scheme. The country goes 'alert' and more money is spent, and another chip is knocked from our freedoms. One apparently does not need a real fire in order to panic the audience. People always get the government they deserve.
I'll call him Jim. He was 10 years younger than I and at the age of 7, that made a world of difference. He frequented our then racially exclusive swimming pond with his twin sister. They called me "whiskey" since I had a large auburn beard and assumed I therefore must drink a lot. I helped them learn how to swim. That's when our life-long friendship started.

When I had my business, I built Jim's only 2 "hot rods". They were the "hottest" in the county and beyond. I accompanied Jim on most of his trophy winning races.

Jim's first job was as a milkman. He delivered milk to my home and my wife often prepared breakfast for him. We had tons of great times together but I lost track of him when I moved to Chicago. My sister told me he joined the State Police. As an honorable man, he was a credit to that service and later retired as a Captain.

Through the years, we both got to know each other's political philosophy and they ran parallel most of the time. Jim joined the police mainly for the benefits. He always thought ahead and retirement certainly must have entered his mind. Secondly, from what I gathered, he liked helping people in his community. Like all such people, military included, they are "company" men and will follow orders no matter what the source, as long as they recognize it as legitimate. If authority requires him to take a position against White people, I would be very surprised if he didn't. This type of man is the concrete of which any society is made.

When we enter the political domain, this sort of person is rarely seen when we speak of dissent, albeit within legal parameters. An "institution man" – in the service of the government whether military, civil service, or elected – will rarely go beyond prescribed parameters and if he is receiving a pension, he certainly will not bite the hand which feeds him. Once ZOG has a person dependent upon it, for any reason, it has a subject.

A long time colleague recently died. He taught the "holocaust" in a large school but believed very little of what he taught. He needed the job to support his family and keep the debt collector from his door. I certainly would not ask him to jeopardize his job by not doing as he was told – teaching horseshit as fact. Most of society is like this – locked in by necessity. So, it's only when people feel they have nothing to lose is when they will fight and when leaders are born. This is why ZOG is frantically trying to keep its dying empire alive. It FEARS the people with very good reason. It was justly earned! As ZOG gets more and more frantic, expect it to lock up more and more of its citizens on false, or greatly exaggerated and skewed charges. Congress is little other than a machine mass producing laws and all tyrannies can be measured by the number of its laws. No law is any better than those who support it. The Constitution appears to have lost people who wish to defend it.  History will record it as another failed experiment. MLK fought against what he considered "unjust laws" and it behooves White people to reflect upon that for their time "in the barrel" is coming.

Must We Despair? Every once in a while I think we should reread the many very wise articles which appear on FAEM. One in particular comes to mind – http://www.faem.com/eric/2000/et009.htm
Experts are now telling us that Hitler would have "been nothing" if it weren't for his women. And what about those women? Well, we are told that Eva Braun was a former shop girl turned mistress/serf. Mildred Gillars, a 'turncoat'. Irma Grese, a depraved sadist. Ilsa Koch was "fat, ugly, and a boss from hell." Magda Goebbels, a classic liar. Angelika Raubal, a sex pervert who got along well with the sadomasochist Adolf until he murdered her. Hanna Reitsch, chief test pilot of the Luftwaffe. Leni Riefenstahl – turned a "nobody" into a super star. Kitty Schmidt, a successful cathouse operator. Winified Wagner – played sheet games with Adolf while playing her grandfather's music.

This same periodical previously ran a revealing article – Hitler, the Homosexual.

My, but that man sure gets around. He's got something for everybody. No wonder Germany lost the war. They were too busy gassing jews while their leader was chasing every orifice under the Hakenkreuz.

Although nigeroo Will Warren never had a strand on his velcro head harmed, he nevertheless suffered from the 'mental anguish' of "discribinashun". ZOG paid $6.6 million to this upstanding fellow for suffering 17 years of "no man nose da trubbles ah seen."
Drug dealing is now a plague in our National Parks. Rangers are not armed and the parks are great areas to do things unobserved. There are as many park rangers killed by criminals as is the combined of Customs Service, F.B.I., U.S Marshals, DEA and the Secret Service. Viva la diversidad!
If everything we said was guaranteed not to offend some other person, then there'd be no need for the First Amendment.
Be truthful does not mean telling everything you know.
There is also the item called "the need to know". If someone is trying to sell you a car with a bad engine bearings and covers this up with a good dose of 90W gear box oil, then I think you have a right to know. You do not have a right to know the salesman's shirt size or who his mistress is, for that has no bearing on the transaction even if the person who is warning you knows that information. In an earlier bit, I mentioned telling some men that I wouldn't have sex with Dorothy. I didn't tell them she was diseased because I felt most wouldn't believe me anyway and chalk it up to personal envy that they were going to "get it" and I was not. Moreover, I knew where she lived and many other personal odd  things but that had nothing to do with any back seat flop job. She once was a cashier at Kyle's grocery and pilfered from the cash box. That had nothing to do with the veiled warning I gave my friends. Curiosity killed the cat and I always think, when queried, "does this fellow have a right to know?" Or, "if he doesn't know, could it harm him?"

I will always shoot from the hip, without fear or favor. If I think you have cancer, I'll let you know. I do not admire the Dale Carnegie types. 

Former Chinese Lt. Governor of Delaware, S. B. Woo, announced a full intention of Asian groups to exercise bloc voting. The Mexicans are already doing this and for the most part, so are the Injun and Blacks. (Zionist party A and Zionist party B will both be vying for these block votes. Whitey is becoming irrelevant in today's society but he will continue to dream on as he disappears.) If you are one who thinks we should promote pro-White candidates to elected office, then good luck for you will need it, and then some. Better yet, why not ask God for help. Maybe He will help you more than he does the Pope, for the Pope depends more on bullet-proof glass (a White man's invention) than he does the grace and protection of God. Whites have been losing at the polls for a long time – many honkies think getting it shoved up their ass is 'winning' – and any fairy tales about 'winning at the local level' is pure hogshit! You might not agree now, but you certainly will later, even though you might not have the guts to admit it.
If you are feeling serious about any Great White Hopeland northwest migration or 'Arcadia' (Florida) bullshit, then be strongly advised to MEET those who promote such time-wasting, and hope-destroying, mental aberrations. I'll wager a bet that after you meet these turkeys, you'll soon change your mind.
The dirt section –

You can't keep a good jew down. Remember the American "Nazi" Frankie Collin (Cohn), Chicago I believe? As I understand, he was accused of having young boys as playmates in his version of hide-and-seek. Well, he's popped up again on some 'save the earth' committee as Frank Joseph.

If Ernst Zündel had a scheduled immigration hearing, he'd have been there. Of that, I am certain. He fled Germany to avoid being drafted. He is a committed pacifist. That's why he chose Canada. They had no draft but the US did. One thing I can say about this likable fellow is that he has been consistently me! me! me! I wish him well and advise everyone to turn over their possessions to him; leave him in their wills; and be sure to donate at least $500 per month to his nation-saving operation. It is a business, you should know. He was warned, concerning his current problem, by Eric, but ego-heads listen to no one except perhaps, their female jewish advisors.

Trust no career military officer, retired or active. They are dyed-in-the-wool ZOGlings regardless of what they say. Listen long enough and they will reveal their ZOGling nature. Many have great things to say but if you trust one of them, it is to your own peril. Any retired military, especially the officers where pensions are the largest, are still tied umbilically to the establishment. They cannot make unfriendly public noises about ZOG out of fear of losing all, or part, of their pensions. Unlike civilian pensions, the military has "ways" to punish a dissenter by altering his pension. I know of no man, no matter how patriotic or bellicose he appears, who will do anything to jeopardize his "welfare" payment. Buyer beware.

Trust no one who has relatives, spouses, or friends, from "Russia" for those people will be jews in nearly all cases. Be suspect of anyone who travels freely to Odessa, Moscow, and whatever. By her own admission, the Zud's 3rd wife has roots in Odessa and her father "... came from a distant Jewish family." (The Furies and the Flame.) Remember my fictional character Ernie Zudmeyer? There's much more here but I'll leave that to those who have a psychological need to be taken advantage of. Pain is always the better teacher. That's why I remain forever eager to have people experience it firsthand. If they cannot learn from bad experience, then they are hopeless.

Never marry any person until you know their families. Never form any sort of organization, or agreement, with anyone until you know their family. Nearly each person on the Internet is a total stranger to the other. If you wouldn't trust a stranger you meet face-to-face while crossing the Mississippi, then why would you trust some Internet dabbler in patriotism using a false name and having a face you never saw? I am in Eric's boat – we KNOW things. But if our words of warning are not sufficient, then why would you accept our sources? As any diligent father asks his daughter's boyfriend how he earns his living, I would suggest that you ask your recent Internet blightwing partner how he earns his – and then check on it. If you desire disease-free sex, then an "easy make" is not the way to go. Years ago, I told four men I knew that I wouldn't have sex with 'hot bod' Dorothy Y.. I never said more than that but later those who got herpes and gonorrhea, swore at me because I didn't tell them she was diseased. I knew because I was a close companion to a certain laboratory technician at the time. That I would not reveal. Only Gene E. took my indirect advice. I received a fine steak dinner for that.

I really do not care if the Confederate flag is banned from public display. Southerners have a long record of being overly friendly to non-Whites. In fact, I have yet to meet one southerner who does not appreciate his surrounding Blacks. Their presence reminds them of the "good old days" and serves to enhance their feelings of superiority.

ZOG admits openly that small towns are now the preferred targets of "diversity". Mestizos, especially, will be occupying ALL of your lily-White enclaves which nurture delusions such as winning back the country through local voting. Keep dreaming. 
How much sympathy do I have for young girls who bed down with "extremely popular" apes such as this, or a country which let's them in?
An eagle soaring above sees past the rocks, bushes, gopher holes, bottles, parked cars and other trash, and focuses upon the rodent munching in tuft of grass. The reason the eagle is so effective in what he does, is because he is not a revisionist, keyboard pecker, honors student, or other human which allows crates of irrelevant fluff obscure its vision. I am very, very simple minded and my tiny brain has no place for mounds of nongermane material. That's part of the reason few pay attention until after all others have failed. People love trivia as it allows all sorts of ways to inject ifs, ands and buts.

Let's take a group, any group, family neighborhood, whatever. In America, little is respected or more sought after than money. With this in mind it is a corollary that those with the biggest wallets control things, just as the poker player with the most money usually wins. In the family, the person who controls is usually dad since he normally supplies the most bucks. It's no accident that our farcical election entertainment is a rich man's game. When we consider the disastrous WWII events, which side had the most money and cannon fodder? The Allies by a 20:1 margin. Some pundits claimed that Germany could have won that war if Russia had stayed out. That's quite a complement considering the population numbers and money resources, but I have my doubts. Russia, prior to the Hoover and Roosevelt hand-outs, was an economic basket case and without US tax-payers, they'd never have risen above the potato field level. Russian jews ruined Russia and American jews built the Russian war machine. A superior man might hold his own against 6 uglies but when confronted by 20 of them, he will fall. That's the story of Germany's military defeat.

As we consider that wondrous peace-on-earth-goodwill-towards-men outfit called the UN, which participating country has the deepest wells of money? Once you answer that you'll know who is running the whole show. The League of Nations failed because the US pulled out and it pulled out because at that time the American sucker was not brain-washed enough and the wallet was a little on the thin side. With stolen German technology and the gold which was separated from the British as a result of WWII, the US marched forward as the boy with the fattest wallet. The US only supports the UN because it controls it – bribe to bribe and threat to threat. The UN is just like student government in a school which makes the participants feel like they are important but if anything the UN does meets with USZOG disapproval, the US will ignore it and bomb something. USZOG cares no more about "national sovereignty", "self-determination", and other folderol, than it does for the right of an American to choose whom he shall associate with, or do business with. Forced integration – forced everything! – is not just a community objective. USZOG fully intends it world-wide. I wrote this in 1964 (The Crystal Ball) and I have not changed my view one iota because no one has come forward to offer one single event which contradicts it.

I know shit when I see it. It has the same color and smell as it did 40 years ago.

I just placed the citizens of Chloride AZ on a heightened security notice that giraffes were intending to attack the town's only phone booth – code magenta, which means any year now. Due to the citizens heightened awareness and diligent reporting of suspicious activity – Tom Freed's untypical ass scratching – the giraffe attack was thwarted.

I remain somewhat confused as to what "innocent civilians" means. Are there 'guilty civilians'? If so, guilty of what? It not only was OK to kill civilians during the WWII air attacks on Germany, but a declared objective to kill as many as possible. Some even advised wholesale extermination after the war, like the jew Morgenthau. Now we are preparing to kill scores of civilians in Iraq and other areas. Are they "innocent" civilians? Or are they guilty of having a leader we claim "enslaved" them?

Killing is good – as long as it's the other fellow. I'll drink to that.

As long as the clowns who run this asylum cannot give specifics, I'll carry on as usual – carrying out the garbage, feeding the birds, as so forth.

I recently sprayed my back yard with DuPont's Anti Terrorist Emulsion (DATE). It certainly works since they are no terrorists in my lilacs.

A radio mouth replied relative to "What should we do with Michael Jackson?" A caller suggested ventilating his head with a Colt 45. The Marxist mouth shouted, "I cannot condone such a terrorist attack!" Pretty soon a terrorist will be anyone who sprinkles itching powder on someone's toilet powder.

On TV, I watched some budding hen describe the state of computer porn. She claimed that millions were already addicted and that graphics technology was soon going to offer holograms so that a viewer would be able to have the image of his choice – with at least 3 breasts – sit naked on his lap. The woman further speculated that technology would soon add "feel" to the images so that Peter Beter would become more addicted. I am not sure the extent of this computer sex fantasy world but knowing the size of the murder-on-demand abortion business, I'd think it didn't cover a very broad band, as yet.

What a wunnerful. thing, this digital graphics invention is. If people can get their jollies just by looking at virtual images, then wouldn't this be a way to solve the world's food, and hunger, problem? Imagine, Thurgood Nofood sitting at his keyboard munching on images of roast turkey and beef stroganoff. With smell and taste enhancement software, he could eat to his stomach's content. Later perhaps, computer technology could offer us virtual breathing so that we could dispose of the atmosphere altogether thus canceling our concern about ozone hole pollution.

The popularity of TV "food" shows clearly indicates that Americans are no longer interested in eating anything which used to be called food. They don't want to eat a potato which tastes, and looks, like a potato but insist that it be spiced, garnished and otherwise altered so as to hide its real identity. More "essence", as I have heard. In the past, spices were popular as a means of preserving food and as a way of eating inedible rot by masking it's taste. We apparently haven't  progressed very far from the days of Marco Polo. In fact, he just opened up another pizzeria down the street. In a restaurant, one cannot get a plate of anything without the required sprinkles, green plastic shoots and dribbles of tasteless sauce which helps to make your plate appear as a 6th grade surrealist art project. It's called "presentation", which appears to be of greater value than the taste of what you are consuming. Here again, what meets the eye actually impresses upon the brain unreality. It's magic. If you cannot tell by the taste what you are eating, then that's a recipe to guard with secrecy.

We thus indicate, by our behavior, that we indeed do hate reality and so there is a need to destroy everything found within sight and hearing. Blow it up – cover it over – that's development! That's progress. The reductio ad absurdum of this is complete global destruction.

A "camping trip" has nothing to do with nature or camping. One fills his "bus" with everything moveable in the house, and then drives off, with kids playing hockey in the back seats, to some "camping site" where he plugs his TV, lights, computer, and refrigerator into available sockets. Instead of diving in some beautiful lake, they are compelled to drive to an artificial dent in the ground called a "public pool" where all have a jolly good time sloshing about in diluted urine. If there's not a Burger King withing 500 yeards, then the whole camping trip is ruined. Man, life is tough, ain't it?

I received an ad in the mail regarding some potion which would enlarge one's penis. I wondered to what use I might put such an enhancement. I intend not to mate with any elephant, or cow, and I will not wear knickers so than my "large" will not drag on the ground. I did have one positive use. I could sit at the kitchen table with my "snake's head" in the urinal and thus accomplish two things at the same time.
Every once in a while I get invited to the big city to have a peek at the latest police weaponry. More and more, police departments are starting to resemble military occupational forces. Capt. L. said it was necessary because criminal gangs usually have better weapons than the police, especially those involved in drugs. Lt. B. demonstrated the latest in taser (stun gun) technology but the poor fellow didn't know his physics and talked about its 50,000 watts of electricity. I told the group that if I were a crook, I'd wear metal window screen, or aluminum foil, around my body and when shot with the two wired probes, the current would be dissipated though my metal skin instead of the real stuff. I was told that the barbs would penetrate the thin metal. I responded by saying that I believed electricity could still travel faster than a bullet. (They weren't barbs but points. It's comforting  to know that those 'protecting' us generally don't know what they are talking about. But, from my experience, police are still smarter than their politician bosses.)

The next demonstration was with the new body shields complete with mirrors, flood light and shock absorbing handles. With it, a helmet is used which resembles something out of Star Wars. "Complete protection" was announced. Knowing that I am a devil's advocate, Lt. C. asked my opinion if I saw one of these so prepared officers approaching me – assuming I am John Dillinger,  'machine-gun' Kelly or Saddam carrying a nuke under his arm. I replied that in days of old, when knights were cold, assaults never took place against armor, per se, but against the cracks between the plates. Thus, I'd blow the fellow's feet off and as he dropped, I'd blast off an unprotected arm followed by whatever other body parts not so protected, such as the back of his head. This recalled an demonstration about two years ago, when they gave me a ball bat and asked that I smack a fully plastic-armored officer with it to see if I could hurt him. I at first refused stating that I never get into any fight because I never do battle for sport. My full intent would be to kill the fellow, otherwise, I take a hike. After much ridicule, I complied. There he stood, Officer John C. looking like a giant erector set.  I walked up with the bat, prepared to swing and then tripped him so he fell on his back. "Then," I quietly stated, "I'd throw the bat away and pour nitric acid all over head.  As the acid trickled through the cracks in the armor, I'd feel certain he'd pose no further threat."

As usual, I pissed off a few, but for the most part all seemed to enjoy my far out views.

I heard a voiced calling me from behind. I turned and saw Bernie F., a nice jew spy who likes to keep tabs on what the goyim are doing. He does report certain things to the local synagogue according to a Miss Pam. R. who likes me a lot even though I am a stupid goy. Anyway, I didn't give him my Masonic handshake but, in parting, he did give me his Adolf Hitler handshake. I assured him that I had no weapons of mass destruction hidden under my bed and, as promised, I dismantled my portable gas chamber. 

When one manufactures a theory he does his best to have it make explanations simple. If some items don't fit, then he does not form a list of exceptions. I thought a bit about things such as "the jews cause all of our problems", "Israel is an insane rogue state which tells Uncle Sam what to do", and so on. I cannot accept this as having sound validity even on the speculation level.

Suppose Saskatchewan (Canada) was an independent state making titanium slingshots which would fire laser bullets all having the power of 666 pounds of TNT. Further, the people there didn't like people from Montana and their emperor Sasquatch thought that maybe the world would be better off without Montana and those who ate grass there. Would Uncle Sam care? Yes, he would.

Suppose Saskatchewan were located in Wilkesland Antarctica. Would USZOG feel the same way? I doubt it.

My theory says that Israel is another chunk of real estate belonging to the American Empire. It is a special territory in the sense that the District of Columbia is, with special rules and so forth. Iraq is a threat to American territory – Israel, where the dumb jews live. Our Jamaican jew Secretary of State says Iraq is a threat to USZOG proper, where the smart jews live. That's not the case. (You don't see our smart jews volunteering to live in the "surprise bomb"  "promised land" do you?)  The fact that Iraq has a pile of riches only adds fire to the desire to add that country to American occupied territory. To the wishful thinkers who think that if Saddam retired to Siberia, there would be not war, I say that Saddam means little in the scheme which has been in the works for a long time. USZOG does not want peace as we understand it. "Peace", to USZOG means that it controls everything on the planet which can be turned into profit – and since this is the typical American citizen view of life (the American Dream!) they will mostly go along.

If USZOG were not a massive hypocrite, it would simply lay waste to Iraq and march in, flags waving, caring not if the serfs of the world agreed. But, in order to continue the farce of "we support self-determination and national sovereignty" and "this is for your own good" sales talk, USZOG wants that sorry UN gaggle of lip-service payers to nod approval. If they didn't, it would be 'bombs-away' anyway, as stated by the emperor thus demonstrating that the UN is a hot air organization built by USZOG to give the ninnies who finance it a feeling of "belonging", and "self worth", which enhances their subjective image and allows them something to toast to. This is similar in structure to the silly "student government" which is part of our school system. Just try, you little brain-washed suckers, and do something that the school administration does not approve of. You'll soon see that your "student government" is just play acting.

I like my little theory because it fits what's going on. Israel didn't drop unexpectedly on the planet like UFO #666. There was power and money behind it's formation, and continued support, and that spells USZOG. Like the man who refuses to believe demonstrable facts that his wife is a whore, we Americans simply cannot bring ourselves to question what we do, for after all, aren't all of our problems due to someone, or something, else? That's part of the American way.

While cleaning out some attic boxes, I looked at a small set of Colpitts oscillators which I fabricated as part of a "blue box". The "blue box" was faddish in the 1960s for illegally placing free long distance phone calls. I looked at the assemblage and thought about salvaging the parts when a question occurred to me. If completely disassembled, could some observer determine the unit is previously was? I thought not and reminded myself of the danger of breaking anything down into its parts so that the purpose was entirely lost. That's a reason I shy from that sort of thing – like "proving" a simian and myself are equal because a number of parts appear to be the same. We share 70% the same DNA as does a horse. I guess that's why many of our citizens can be heard whinnying and why "horse's ass" is an appropriate label sometimes.

He cannot see the forest for the trees. Remember?

Here in the fairyland of my own making, I have a little jar containing a dozen atoms. There are 3 each of carbon and oxygen, and 6 of hydrogen. Now the question is, "What molecule did I dissemble to have those exact parts?" I can hear the roar of speculation, hypothesizing and wishful thinking which is a national sport here in our Judeo hog pen. There are 10 possibilities:

Methyoxlethanoic acid, methyl carbonate, glyceraldehyde, 1,2-butanediol, methyl glycolate, hydracrylic acid, 1,3,5-trioxane, dihydroxlyacetone and 2 isomers of lactic acid.

Even if you knew all the answers, you'd have only 1 shot out of 10 of calling the correct one. As the number of atoms increases, so do the number of isomers in most cases. I'll leave you with a question:

Of the nearly 40,000 artificial substances synthesized by man, how many were produced by Africans? Asian? Europeans? Synthesis is like an invention, the end product is intentional as opposed to discoveries which are accidents. The fact that Africans come up with zero indicates the extent of White racism, wouldn't you say? Asians, ho hum – next to zilch. Pass the rice. All peoples discover things but White people are the world's king when it comes to invention – they stand alone unchallenged – and don't let your Marxist teachers talk you out of the truth. – even though it means good grades.

I have received some email asking if there was something amiss at FAEM, since they couldn't connect but got routed to a yahoo search page, or something else. There's nothing wrong at my end as far as I know so those people should check their ISP. Many are now trying to filter out spam, as a benefit they claim, but are actually interfering with transmissions and sometimes valid email is lost. Moreover, due to customer overload, they are getting bent over "idle time", that is, time when Joe Fingerkeys isn't dynamically accessing the Internet. They send out probes and sometimes plant bytes on your h.d. so they can monitor your operation time wise. Although they deny, probably out of ignorance, that their electronic doodling affects you not, I know of 2 ISPs which contaminate large ZIP downloads so that programs such as WinZip cannot unpack them. I recently switched to another ISP – more money, of course – just to avoid this annoyance. They'll swear on your mother's grave that no such thing is possible, but I've checked about 20 times and have convinced myself that something does happen. If it's brown and has an unpleasant smell, then I do not need an expert to tell me I should ignore my eyes and nose, and believe them. 
Jewish Radicals Beat Activist To Death In Italy
Claim Responsibility For Murder, Assault
2/3/03 1:13:33 PM – LSN Staff

Milan, Italy – An older man active with Comunità Politica Di Avanguardia, a right-wing Italian organization, died today after being beaten by members of a radical Jewish Zionist group, and his companion, Vibeke Ostergaard, an Icelandic native who had written articles for publications such as Resistance Magazine and Vanguard News Network, was reported hospitalized and in critical condition.

According to sources close to the investigation, Ostergaard and his companion, who was not named, were attacked by members of an extremist group similar to the American Jewish Defense League. The group is believed to have targeted the two because of their political beliefs, and has ties to extremist racist Jewish political parties in Israel.

Such acts of terror against whites have become more common, as the Jews have perfected their brutality in terror against Palestinians and Arabs. Jews have conned many whites into thinking that Jewish brutality against Third World peoples will not spill over into official Jewish terror against other races, including whites themselves.

The attack may be linked to a series of assaults on anti-Semitic activists in Europe by Jewish terrorists, who also recently attacked an elected official of the British Nationalist Party in Yorkshire, England. Internationally, the agents of Jewish terror and Israel have been conducting systematic violence against white nationalist activists, including a reign of terror by the Mossad- linked head of the US Justice Department's Criminal Investigations Division, Michael Chertoff.

Libertarian Socialist News
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Silver Spring, MD 20908

Robertsez – The American taxpayer basically funded WWII for the Allies. USZOG is the hub of the whole effort to dominate the world and destroy sovereign states. USZOG halted their advance into Germany so the Soviets could capture Berlin. The rape and plundering done by our "gallant Soviet Allies" was with the approval of Washington. Millions of Europeans who surrendered to American troops were shipped back to the Soviet, underneath a blanket of lies, for "processing" (Race-mixed Eisenhower's Operation Keelhaul.). The whole Bolshevik apparatus in Russia would never have existed without the support of USZOG. Israel is not some sort of renegade country. It also could not exist without USZOG support. If Israel vanished overnight, the push for USZOG world domination would continue unabated. Israel is little more than a handy tool for papa ZOG serving as its bully boy, and excuse, in the middle east. Any squabble between Russia, the US and/or Israel is like a dispute between the vice presidents of Satan, Inc. to see who will be next in line for CEO. They are all in this together. Don't let the charlatans tell you it's the other guy. 

A TV program, The Human Brain, was one I didn't watch for long. I gawked for a while until the predicted Lysenko/Marxism dung made its entrance. That took about 2 minutes. Of course, I do think about these things – while it is still legal to do so.

What is a human? We see all sorts of critters which resemble us in certain ways but does that make them human? When a horse sees a zebra, does it think it is seeing another horse differing only by skin color? Does the coral snake think it has found a relative when it encounters a king snake? They have the same colored bands. Does the black rat say "bro" when it meets a brown rat?

For what I can gather, a humans are a variety of animal which can (1) screw each other although this is tenuous since "man" has been screwing everything from sheep to llama for centuries, (2) communicate by a complex set of noises, (3) resemble each other physically in a loose manner and (4) are able to shop at WalMart. It appears that "human" is something like "love". You'll know it when to meet it. To those who never think about anything beyond their next beer, "human" is whatever someone else tells you it is – usually jews do the telling.

The human brain differs in size, convolutions, density, and in other ways, but unlike the brains in the rest of the animal world, it is born blank having no use beyond controlling life support functions, such as heart beat and breathing. Even though the brains are physically different, that affects not its function. The human brain is then the only organ on the face of the planet where its appearance is not related to its function. Amazing, wouldn't you say? This blank slate is then filled with experiences drawn from environmental interaction and the possessor becomes whatever he wants to be. If an Eskimo is brought up in a Nigerian village, then he becomes a Black man by programming. None of the Eskimo's other parts appear to be changed, however.

Any farm boy soon discovers that some horses are more clever than others relative to unlatching gates and so on. But that is a horse brain. They are different than the human brain. Each and every human brain is identical in capacity whether Australian aboriginal or highland Scot. When Ming Chu is brought up in a Swedish home, he not only learns to speak in Swedish but he also thinks as does a Swede. If Ming moves to the US and marries Betty Boop, he becomes American in language and in his manner of thinking. As a child in his Swedish home, Ming couldn't tell a banana from a roach. That was due to the cold climate which prevented freedom of thought. No one explained how the cold weather did not prevent his adoption parents from thinking. Well, Ming being a non-White automatically received a full scholarship to Farmington University of Central Kentucky under the Persecuted Minorities Act of 2004. Although Ming never looked White, he nonetheless had a White brain because a brain can be anything it wants to be – according to ZOG. And in the full spirit of freedom, you'd better believe it or face severe consequences.

This separation of the human brain from anything hereditary is only another facet of our separation from individual responsibility. Our failures are never our fault. They are due to someone else or something else. A believer in "God's will" would certainly not be one who files a law suit, wouldn't you think? On the other hand, all successes appear to belong exclusively to us. "I made it happen!" If fruition was absent, then I was not responsible.

This environmentalist approach has led to a gigantic industry selling videos and other schemes of self-improvement where prayer had obviously failed. There are even magic potions designed to "increase brain power". I suppose this appeals to people who simply cannot come to grips with the fact Nature dealt them a losing hand. Instead of playing life's game the best as possible with a pair of deuces, we blame those who were better favored and search for some fountain of youth. What's lost can never be regained nor are substitutes possible. The plastic surgery business runs full blast due to millions unhappy with themselves and a land jammed with unhappy critters is only to glad to lay waste to another people, and their land.

Prediction – As the older (read White) people leave the space program, it will soon fade away as MacArthur's "old soldiers". In spite of the b.s about our current crop of computer literate geniuses, they will not stand the test of time relative to the real, and very practical, world. And when you add p.c. plus A.A., then that's the funeral march.
As ISPs get more spam concerned as well as having shit fits about "idle time", they are adding all sorts of intrusions to the flow of data. I know of many cases where email has not gone through and large ZIP files get corrupted by inquiry probes so that they cannot be unZipped. If you ask them, they will tell you it cannot happen but reality informs us otherwise.  Look for a server who is "wide open" in this regard. It may mean less 'security' but it sure enhances freedom. – just like our society, I might add. Like its subjects, ZOG wants all within a proper cage as well as the Internet.
They tell us that weez are not animals yet medical practice is based upon animal experiments. Moreover, the animals they use are pure bred which most people ain't. Go figure. Sounds like wishful tinkering to me.
As Africa returns to the stone age, courtesy of brilliant Black folks freed from the scourge of 'racism', I suggest that a solution to our worsening problems would be effected by the simple expedient of all White people migrating to Africa. We could then plan to return to America in a couple of decades after all of the parasites had died from one cause or the other.
When Affirmative Action and p.c. were imposed on NASA, a wise person would not volunteer for any job where his feet had to leave the ground.

This was clipped from The Observer –

"Space agency officials discovered in late 1999 that many employees didn't have the necessary skills to properly manage     avionics, mechanical engineering and computer systems, according to the GAO report."

FAEM does not need a volume of idle twaddle to tell you that water is wet. The country will turn to crap in direct proportion to the number of muds on the payroll. 

When one comes to appreciating all of the new diseases which are killing our animal supply, and are driving more and more people to hospital, we should all give thanks to 'diversity' and the mud flood. We're all in this together, Marvin.
At the end of WWII, the Red hordes not only raped every German woman in sight, but they also managed to move entire factories east into the "workers' paradise". That is why today's Soviet "technology" looks and feels so German. In 1957, following the Sputnik announcement, Bob Hope remarked, "Sputnik shows that their German scientists are better than our German scientists." On a lighter note, I've seen photos of our gallant Soviet Allies leaving Berlin with sinks and toilets "liberated" from those naughty people who dared to oppose the Jew World Order by wanting a country of only Germans.

Rogue state = a geographical location of a bunch of people who oppose a ZOG world.
Terrorist = a bunch of people who oppose a ZOG world, but cannot be found.

Yes, it looks like shit and smells like shit but do you have any proof that it is shit?  If people cannot recognize shit when they encounter it, then what "proof" could someone really offer?
It looks like Eric is getting pissed off. In his latest 'letter', he says, "Now, they want me to "prove" that Putin is a jew, after he said he was in a newspaper report. If the blighters will not believe me, as they refused to believe me when I said Ian Smith was a sellout; they can go to hell. Why should they believe me when I find a newspaper clipping quoting Putin?" 
By popular demand
(myself, my sister and Spot) yours truly will soon release his magnum opus – How To Have An Opinion. Why send $$$$ to others so they can give their opinion of events, which are of no interest to you, when you can have your very own opinion – for FREE! Tired of having people tell you shouldn't drink lacquer thinner and then selling you a 69 page report on why? With my new book, H2HO, you discover why girls with STD are really not the best dates. No longer do you need someone else's analysis of why the current dust storms in China will lead to WWIII. You'll learn how to spot an opinion of an opinion and how to translate that into your very own opinion, and why it should be copyrighted. No longer do you need to be baffled by the bullshit artists. You can become one yourself. Then you can pass on your opinion to yourself and it won't cost a thin dime. Every man needs an opinion but it should not be someone else's. Aman.
Is Locke, the Chinese governor of Washington, being prepared for the presidency? I know Mexicans are getting tired of having to choose between negras, twats and gringos. The Chinese are probably looking forward to electing one of their own kind – racist scoundrels that they are. At least we Whites are superior. We dislike voting for our own kind because we are not racists.
I soon expect trouble with my server. I did a no-no. I mentioned that one of their zip files was corrupt. They will putt around trying to fix it and if it's like the last time, everything will go thud for a while. Already I have received 3 sets of the same batch of email. That's a change. Usually it disappears altogether. For $6.95 per moth I'd expect better service. Wouldn't you?
Does anyone know if Jo Anna Koon are required on every space shuttle trip? Does God approve of non-Whites in space? Probably. He did tolerate dogs, mice and chimps.
I am happy to report that years ago FAEM pegged ye olde blow-hard money-grubber Hal Turner correctly. Now it appears that you will have to pay to read "savage negro beasts". Perhaps FAEM will devote a whole 50K page to Hal's favorite words – and you can have that treat for free. Hal does fill a need in the internet market though. There must be thousands out there who get their macho jollies shouting forbidden words hundreds of times. (Ryan clued me in!)
Dear FAEM – "With all the endless talk about how wonderful it is to have a space jew, especially a war hero (criminal) and son of "holocaust survivors", why has no one pointed out the irony that there would not even have been an American (or Russian) space program without Nazi Germany?  I guess that question pretty much answers itself." – B.A.
Another hidden cost of "cheap labor": http://www.vdare.com/misc/pringle_ca_chickens.htm
(Submitted by D.S.)
I was watching the canary which Eileen keeps in her house. It was singing away and we non-birds often interpret that as a sign of happiness. The bird gets daily handouts of seed and water, and the temperature is always uniform and pleasant. The roof doesn't leak and there's protection from hawks, snakes and other hungry critters. The cage is expensive and one might say that "Tom" has first-class security. But Tom is no longer a bird. He is chattel for the amusement of the owner who hypocritically announces her concern by mentioning the price of the best bird seed available. Tom is no longer a bird for God gave wings to Tom so he could fly wherever he chose, whenever he chose, in true reign of freedom where he could associate with his own kind, and take the risks which are always the price of freedom. Tom did not ask for "security", it was imposed upon him. Only slaves want to be secure. Only in humankind do we find critters who desire to be slaves. That's why ZOG was created.

As an aside, I found it quite interesting that she named the canary Tom. That was the name of her latest husband who managed to "fly the coop".

Trust is a many splendored thing. A healthy minded individual usually trusts others especially if his own parents were worthy of thrust. We learn to trust our parents to the extent which they live up to their word. We learn to trust strangers to the degree they live up to their word.

One must realize that outside of being a indispensable source of non Marxist views, the Internet cannot ever be the medium for any organization building. We can communicate but so what? Learning things contradictory to ZOG programming is a good thing, that is, if you have a mind somewhat larger than that of a sheep. Oh yes Matilda, the country is full of "ZOG knows best" mutton heads.

Organizations of any sort, to have backbone, must be built upon trust. A flock of vultures intent upon devouring the same carcass cannot be called an organization.

Trust is not something we gain by a pledge or a signature upon some paper. It is the result of basic interaction – does behavior fit? If Pete says he'll give me $10 per week, and starts by giving me $10, could I expect to receive another such donation next week? The events are not related even though the measure of the gift is the same. It's like a flip of a coin where one toss has nothing to do with the next. If I do not receive that next $10, then trust has taken a shot to the head. If all subsequent weeks saw the arrival of $10, then the missing "payment" could be considered an anomaly.

We could assume that not everyone is perfect, except for some of our blightwing leaders of course, and so trust then depends upon the probability that someone will do as he says. If, for example, a fellow comes through only 3 times out of 20, I'd have no hesitation in labeling him unreliable. That in itself means little unless we wish to depend upon him. If you are attempting some organization then you certainly should expect dependability. Can you expect the internet to provide this relative to forming an organization? I say not.

I care not about a person's wealth, intelligence or ability to attract free lance beaver. If he cannot be trusted, then I don't need his company, advice, or assistance in any manner, no matter how brilliant and polite he might appear. I'd far prefer the long company of 3 Black people whom are trustworthy, than the finest White specimen who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Far better a homely trustworthy woman in your house than a pretty "hot sack" untrustworthy broad. There must be a million older men out there who can attest to this – through bitter experience.

Now, I, as head of the Bohunk Urban Reclamation Party, BURP for short, can sit here telling my internet organization that task #1 is to blow up the nearest out house. My followers then report back on the brown details and I praise them. Their next project is to impale 7 green frogs on a shish kebob skewer and I give them detailed instructions. They praise me for being so smart and I tell them things are progressing nicely. They are doing something, but one thing no one in the group is doing is checking upon who their "comrades" and "leader" really are. Where do they live? Do they have a family? Where to they work? Is the leader asking his followers to do something he doesn't do? And so on. Note again the position of me, the leader. It's YOU who are exposing your ass while I offer nothing but direction all in the safe environment of a keyboard at the public library. I could be Won Hung Lo, a fellow who runs a pool hall in Crotcha Alabama, or Edna Spreadass, the AIDS infected football team mascot.

You need to know nothing about Edgar Allen Poe in order to benefit from his novels. You need to know nothing about Ted Burlingame in order to benefit from his instructional advice relative to the operation of a jigsaw. This sort of thing is only a student/teacher relation, and not an organization for the purpose of some other objective.

Know your associates! Do not be flattered by their compliments or expertise. Act as if you life depended upon them. Are they trustworthy? To do otherwise is to invite disappointment – and sometimes of a very serious nature.

On a similar topic, Internet "chat rooms" are not much more than relief from porno site eyestrain. I am positive that all of the participants, if gathered in the town hall, would have entirely different things to say. A few would not and those people would be people with the courage of their of convictions.