14 February 2003
The world scene reminds me of the Kwakiutl Injuns of western Canada. When they were doing their thing, a chief was chosen as the one with the most possessions. Sounds like jew Florida doesn't it? Anytime some buck decided he wanted to be chief, he'd challenge the present chief to a duel of destruction. This was their version of conspicuous consumption. The challenger would toss a beaver skin on the community bonfire and the chief would do likewise. The demonstration of burning possessions was an indication of one's wealth, somewhat like a poker game. This back and forth – you burn one, I burn one – would proceed until one of the contestants ran out of things to burn. The man left with possessions was obviously the richer, and so he became chief. This presented another problem. The new chief decimated most of his stuff during the "election" and thus became vulnerable to some other buck with a few blankets more. The net result was that these Injuns were warlike out of necessity. God didn't favor them by giving them things to possess, and thereby burn. They had to work for them by killing, and looting, other tribes. So you see, King UU didn't invent this popular sport.

USZOG, professing righteousness – weez crustians and juice ain't we? – is violating a commandment: Thou shalt not covet Iraq's oil.

Speaking of the noble savage idiot, who creates his own problems, I recall another tribe (Nambikwara?) which went to war to secure females who were in short supply. It works this way: The chief has his pick of about 10-15 of his village's jungle beauties. This creates a shortage of females which affects the virile bucks in their small villages. Thus, they do two things: (1) raid other villages to kidnap females and (2) kill many of their own female infants so as to diminish being attacked for their females. If you think about this for a bit, you'll see America at work around the globe "doing good". The logical solution is for the chief to have only one banging partner and let the female infants live. They didn't kill all of infant females, however, for then there'd be no one to do the work. That they could figure out but when it comes to poon tang, the brain goes out to lunch.

Apparently the Tulalip tribe (red niggers) of Washington State illegally squandered $1.2 million of tax-payers funds given as a federal grant. Now, is that any way for 'noble savages' to behave?
I watched a bit of some silly "beauty prep school" for dizzy dames who yearn for a trophy. The critic was offering his expert value judgments concerning the bodies moving by, which were a strange assortment of quasi-humans and simians. One simian was told that she needed to fatten up slightly but other than that, she had "sex appeal". Now there's a fellow I would not want tending my sheep.
When the "go get 'em" mob exercises its muscle in Iraq, look for the mountain men of Pashtinistan to increase their assaults upon American soldiers. This "war on terror" is one which simply cannot be won. After a while, I expect "terrorist" to be redefined thus allowing a victory celebration. Perhaps ZOG should have kept to its time-honored method of offering bribes.
The Seattle Times reports that "radical Islam" might find allies among America's "far-right extremists". If the extremists are racists, then why would they want to have anything to do with the mud radicals? Of course, if you are race-blind, as any good goy must be, then all sorts of fairy tale structures can be built.
Maybe I am missing something, but what is patriotic about the 9-11 related Patriot Act? It gives ZOG greater snooping power and flimsier grounds for arresting citizens. ZOG can hide more of its dirty laundry from the public and so on. If adhering to the Constitution represents a ground for patriotism, then this act should be properly called the Unpatriotic Act for it is in contradiction to everything we hold as "American". Welcome to Soviet America, gullible goyim. At this stage, they are whisking people away in broad daylight. Down the road, 3:00 AM disappearances will probably be the mode.
Kiddies – make sure your history teacher and religious leader reads this –

Dear Mr.Frenz,

Germar Rudolf has just placed his "Expert Report on Chemical and technical Aspects of the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz" online, in English. This Report proves that the "holocaust" stories of mass murder in "gas chambers" are scientifically impossible to have occurred.


Regards, W. G.

Robertsez – If you are a bigot, or otherwise have trouble reasoning, then save yourself time by ignoring these inconvenient chemical and physical facts. Make sure you download the contents because truth has a way of vanishing without warning.

While jew TV carries on about the "Battle for Britain" of WWII, how conveniently it ignores the vast slaughter perpetrated against women, children, old men, people in hospital, horses, etc., of Germany. At this time, it will be 58 years since that dreadful burning alive of the inhabitants of that giant refuge camp, non-military, cultural city of Dresden. Estimates of the dead range to 100,000 and beyond. In those days, people like Churchill gave pep talks to the gullible while hiding when danger threatened. When it was sure German bombers were heading for London, he'd flee to Coventry. Hitler foolishly believed that Britain was run by civilized people. If he knew what they were, all of the stranded at Dunkirk would have been annihilated thus possibly changing the outcome of the war. With the Allied policy of deliberate civilian slaughter and the ex post facto "war crimes" laws leading to the Nuremberg lynching bee, one has a right to be ashamed for any part he played during that period. The Allies put people such as Attila to shame, for Attila was honest enough to kill people because he didn't like them. He never had to dream up after-the-fact hypocritical "laws" in order to justify murder.
Millions of people do not vote – not because they are apathetic, but because they know it doesn't amount to diddlysquat.
The Toronto Sun,
30 Jan 2003, tells of "Russian" women and the world's largest bank-machine fraud. With their 4000 cards, it is estimated they caused a $5,000,000 loss. The RCMP recovered about $240,000 cash and their attorney Menzies argued that their 6 weeks in jail, was sufficient punishment. Yes! Another one of the joys of diversity courtesy of the White idiot. BTW, when you come across anyone with a "Russian" spouse, or "Russian" anybody, read JEW, for that's what's they really are. The two "single moms" in question just got off the boat from the promised land. 
Speak out while you are still able! The new homeland security measures, the U.S. Patriot Act, "anti-hate" legislation and all manner of "anti-government" and "anti-terrorist" provisions are now being passed. 
Here's a little story about nice, considerate jews and their beneficial endeavors toward peace and loving brotherhood.
——— http://www.antiwar.com/orig/brooks3.html
The newts are winning! (Read the book The War With the Newts.) Switzerland, in their fall elections, will allow candidates from abroad. Switzerland, if you didn't know it, is now home for thousands of grinning muds WHO VOTE! Those who propose White breeding and/or electing pro-White candidates, as a solution to our problems had better get their heads out of their rear dark places. The world will not become one of their dreams.

Just as the British, after WWII, still believed they had an empire, so do millions still believe that their country is sovereign. All UN members have relinquished their right to determine their national affairs and so the mumbling about what's going on is pointless. The US is no longer a sovereign nation and that's why you'll never see the borders sealed, no matter which lying politician uses that as part of a platform. Each and every country on this planet which has not surrendered its right to self-determination will be bombed into submission, and you can take that to the bank. "Our" boys overseas have this sort of roster – Lt. Alexander Wu; Capt. Rafael Lopez and Lt. John Woo. The new leaders in the US forces are Chinese and mestizos. All of this came about due to racial traitors and greedy money-grubbers, but once these White renegades have served their purpose, they too will be dropped into the trash bin.

This is not confined to the US, for it is the story of ALL White countries and the murderous bunch who wished to exterminate the entire German population during, and after, WWII, have not changed their world goal one bit. "Victory" for ZOG simply means its destruction as when the Blacks "won" in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, they now are losing due to starvation and disease.

Nature will not be beaten and it's up the White people to decide that they won't go down with the present ship, which has been torpedoed beyond repair.We are living in the last stages of the failed American experiment and it promises to be a period of very interesting times.

I'll be posting most of Harold Covington's latest bugle in the 'letters' section as it gives some details as to the increased ZOG assault against people they don't like. They are quite logically going after the more vocal dissenters first but after they are gone, you can expect them to persecute anyone who mutters one disparaging comment about ZOG Brother. It's now becoming more obvious, this assault on White people. As the months progress, even the Whites who specialize in brown-nosing and kowtowing, will be targets. So, if you want to complain about the erosion of your freedom, you'd better do it now as tomorrow will be too late.
The so-called British historian and Churchill biographer, Sir Martin Gilbert, turns out to be an Anglicized jew who changed his name from Goldberg. Toronto Star, 02 Feb 2003.
Congress is a law manufacturing machine and over the decades they have produced enough laws to allow the arrest on nearly any American which is fingered. If ZOG is after your tail, trust me, they WILL find something to nail you on – J-walking – harboring a forbidden copy of the Rubiyat – in the sense of education, advising someone  to read the Koran – giving a sandwich to a starving Muslim – reading Mein Kampf – carrying a sawed off ball-point pen – not enlisting for service overseas – eating Osama's favorite dish – having a hole in your American flag – believing that the First Amendment guaranteed us rights – not defacing a mosque – failing to hate people ZOG hates – the list is nearly endless. 
FAEM continually receives information from well-placed people. I not only assume it is accurate but logically believable – unlike the holohoax. This I'll bet on: (1) Trudeau, former honcho in Canada, is a mestizo, mother a Mohawk Caughnawaga, (2) Bill Gates is a jew, (3) the Zud's past mistress, now deceased, was a jewess, (4) Zud wife #3 is a jewess who is now passing the plate as predicted but no amount of donations will prevent his vacation trip back to Germany, (5) the Zud himself is a 24-7 race-mixer. Have you checked out your local mini-Führer lately? Better get those glasses matey or you'll be stumbling in the dark forever not ever discovering which end is up. It's all about biology. Always has been. Always will be. Life is biology.
I hope that by now you have helped the economy with your purchases of 69 cases of duct tape, 666 sheets of plastic and 2001 gallons of Choctaw Springs bottled water. Of course, I'll just sit here and monitor your success at sealing off your house from the rest of the world. I certainly will be appreciate in learning how people who cannot keep dust out of their homes will effectively block anthrax, Zyklon B and cow methane. A safety tip: if the electricity if off and you smell something which reminds you of gasoline, then light a match and try to see where it's coming from.

One caller to the local radio nitwit ventilation program – I listen for the laughs – said he doesn't worry because his safety is his employer's responsibility. That fits. What could be more American than that?

A "terrorist" attack will be a one shot deal if by some remote click of probability it happens in your area. It will not be an invasion because our racial enemies are already here and they are winning the conquest war without firing a shot.

To the paranoids out there – what makes you think you are so valuable that someone would waste their time trying to get rid of you?

Why stock up on food and such? I think guns and ammo would be better because then you could go hunting for food – in all sorts of interesting places. If law and order breaks down, I'd prefer Smith and Wesson to General Foods. Will muggers bother to stock up on canned foods?
Before I'd give one cent to any "defense fund", I'd like to know who controls it and exactly how it's going to be spent. And if it's spent, then who gets that money and what do they offer in return? I'd like to a see a little probability here.
The lack of evidence only proves that you have hidden it.
The radio mouth
was blowing his gasket this morning because the evidence of people preparing for an invasion of the body snatchers, is not progressing very well. He fails to recognize that WWII hype simply will not work today because we no longer have a 1940s population.

As I have noticed when people in Seattle break down emotionally when they hear about some "innocent" dying in Florida, someone they never met, there is a strange mental sickness in this land which precludes any rational response to a "terrorist" attack. Candlelight vigils, shrines, added to the inexplicable wailing, does not spell a population which could survive real war even if their cupboards were full of goodies, bottled water and duct tape. Blowhard macho, when there is no direct threat, becomes something else when a loaded gun is shoved up your nose.

Many years ago, we had in our town one of the braggart, bully types. He let everyone know how great, and brave, he was by pushing around young boys much smaller than he. As the fates would have it, I met this fellow and his father in the northern part of Algonquin Park near Chalk River Ontario. They were on a camping trip and I witnessed this stalwart young man on his knees bawling like a cow with lost calf. He was begging his father to return home as "the woods were full of bears which might hurt him." This sort is definitely not in short supply.

As with Nintendo games where one learns how to be an "expert" driver, it's one thing to rationally think about what you will do when a deer bolts in front of your car, while being tail-gated by another. When the real event occurs, it's panic time and people go into ape-shit mode and prior experience is thus cancelled.

Like the idiots who built bomb shelters in the 1950s, those who think sealing their house with plastic and duct tape will save them from whatever, are simply fooling themselves. Suppose your house was sealed so tight that no virus, bacteria or unhealthy gas could penetrate. What would you do for air? If the area was laced with anthrax, would you want to go out for a stroll? If an atomic bomb hit your area and you remained safe in your underground bunker, when would you come out? What would you find of use? Do you think MacDonald's would be open so that life would return to normal?

If you live in the suburbs and have a fully stocked home, you can be sure that the inner city is not full of well stocked homes. If the inner city people get hungry, what do you think they will do? 

Apparently many believe that jews are God's "chosen people". This being so, it makes them a superior people as many will gladly inform you. Thus, calling someone a jew is to pay them a highest compliment. Now, if for some strange change in the cosmos, God decides that every son-of-a-bitch (descendent of a dog) on the planet was a favored group, then you should thank anyone who calls you one. Names are labels and a population trained not to think but only look at the label, is indeed a perpetually confused population. If one takes a urine specimen and attaches the label "Coors", then the contents become beer.
What's an American?Anyone with a certain piece of paper usually found living within a certain geographical confine. It makes no difference if you family has been in the Ohio region for the past 400 years or just fell of the boat from Central Dirtbag. Both have some sort of paper "proving" they are American. As is usually the case, the recent arrivals have more "rights" than do long-term citizens. It's an odd thing but as Alice found out from the Red Queen, we are living in modern Babel.
Let's get this First Amendment thing on track. The Genocide Convention overrides the Constitution and therefore the F.A. is on tenuous grounds. Since the events of 9-11, the country has been in a de facto state of emergency. It has been a custom in this country, that in states of emergency, F.A. rights are suspended. Whether the citizen knows it or not, most of your Constitutional rights are gone and the feeble exercise of any is by permission of ZOG. Congress no longer declares war as per the Constitution, as you might have noticed and the U.S. no longer makes its own currency.

9-11 changed the country more than people realize, but time will awaken many far too late. I would assume, and perhaps guarantee, that when the actual "war" begins, as evidenced by military action, that drastic measures will be attempted here at home. Already one woman has been arrested for being "anti-government" because she was warning potential recruits of a radiation danger in the middle east. "Anti-government" is defined by the people in power who will be arresting people they don't like. That is the way dictatorships work. Of course, there is a very wide latitude to what "anti" anything can mean. If an environmentalist blocks a road, for some pollution reason, which is passing military vehicles, he could be arrested as anti-government – interferring with the "war". What we used to believe was plain old American anti-establishment grumbling could also be deemed anti-government. We appear to be entering very dangerous times for the liberty minded crowd, which appears to be quite small anyway. In fact, even pointing out that ZOG pays little heed to the Constitution could also be considered "anti-government". Perhaps a wise course would be to take all of the recommended "emergency" duct tape and use it on our mouths, taking is off only for silent eating.

The term "domestic anti-government groups" is increasingly becoming more heard.

There is one fly in the ointment, however. Most Americans are materialistic, selfish and hedonist. That's a potential dangerous bunch when it comes to enforcing unpopular laws. ZOG lacks manpower, since much of the enforcing crew will be moving overseas. Mercenaries are also very selfish people who want to be paid and are not particularly happy about dangerous jobs which might interfere with spending that pay.

High profile dissenters will be the first targets. I do not believe that ZOG views the Internet as a threat since whatever dissent goes around in cyber yak is never much more than entertainment. White people cannot be pro-Muslim for this would be anti-government since the government is anti-Muslim – except for the Muslims living here which can be pro-Muslim. If this all sounds like Babel, then you've discovered what we really are living in and it's much larger than a tower. Many otherwise harmless people will be caught in its death-throes grinder.

I am in receipt of no special information beyond what I was told in regard to the Zündel arrest. The worse case scenario is that he was set up, and not by ZOG. Bear with me.

In early May, 2001, Ernst received a notice that he should report for an immigration hearing on June 12, 2001. His attorney, possibly K.L., was "busy" on that date and so requested a rescheduling. This was posted on May 6, 2001. No word came from the INS and so all apparently assumed that the request was granted. The letter was not sent certified mail. One year later, May 6, 2002, the attorney wrote, this time certified, as to the date of the reschedule. Again, there was no word, as I was led to believe. Between these dates the 9-11 event occurred which probably cast a new light on that affair. The jewish arm of ZOG being very anxious to secure its grip.

One should note that "the law" is used loosely, or to the letter, depending upon how ZOG wishes to use it. Ernst Zündel antagonized those who run this country and that is why the situation was handled literally – to the letter. If he had been Juan Hernandez, events would have taken a different path and probably ignored altogether since it would have lessened paper work. But that cannot be used as any sort of argument except by those who are still dreaming about rights they no longer have.

On February 5, 2003, Ernst was arrested for failing to report for his hearing – perfectly legal. Sarah, or Ingrid as she now calls herself, mentioned that Ernst may have signed what was a deportation order. Signing a paper agreeing to one's own deportation order is not an intelligent choice, by my way of thinking. If his signature was on it, then it's bye-bye to America and hello to a kraut gulag.

Aside from the useless nonsense Ingrid advises, such as writing people to find out who exactly arrested him, etc., we have some other items to consider. Ingrid will, sooner or later, hold out the collection plate. Ernst has clearly demonstrated that he loves material things and jewish mama types when it come to women. In Toronto, he took advice from a woman more than likely a jewess – married to another and also his senior. Eric is convinced that this woman is a jewess and having met her on several occasions, I am inclined to agree. This woman was instrumental in a set up whereby Eric was accused of something very serious which he did not do. But that's another story. Sarah, Ina, Ingrid, whatever, has a very questionable European, and South American, background and the odds are that she is a jewess from the Odessa region of Khazaria. When Ernst got arrested, Ingrid Rimland became Ingrid Zündel. A timely switch of names, I would think. She is in the process of taking over her husband's persona and later on, his property. In a short while, perhaps a nice retirement cottage in the Bahamas would be appropriate.

If K.L. is the attorney for Ernst, then most know he is also a high profile thorn in ZOG's foot. There's another story of implication concerning some missing, and perhaps stolen, papers. If this is true, then there will be more to follow than a deportation.

The "holocaust" in Germany is treated as a state religion and anyone questioning it is guilty of heresy. It's Inquisition time at the not O.K. BundeZOG Corral. If ZOG ever announces that it is pro-jew, then all "anti-Semites" would, by logic, be anti-government. Those accustomed to kissing jew behinds could then be called "Avis" for they could be expected to try harder. As for me, I am anti-ZOG but I remain American to the core. Standing by the country is not the same as heeling to ZOG.

It is common knowledge that the jews wanted Ernst's hide but did they have assistance beyond ZOG? Only the future will answer that. I hope that I am wrong and I wish Ernst well. He committed no crime in my eyes.

I was told that Osama bin Laden is now back in Spain rehearsing for the next Clint Eastwood spaghetti western – For a Few Pipelines More.
Truth is usually offensive.
According to what I am told,
something attributed to Hitler – http://tbrnews.org/Archives/a153.htm – has been making the rounds in electron space. I was asked my opinion, but I confess that I perhaps am not the best person to ask. I sent the material to the more knowledgabe Eric Thomson for an opinion. I will report his response.

I personally doubt the validity of this Hitler Transcript V, as it comes across to me as not his style. Since the Barnes Review is one of Carto's money machines, I would be doubly cautious. Again, when reading this so-called transcript, one might ask what Hitler's motive could have been at that particular time when Germany was crashing all around him.

I wish you people would get off that "document" band wagon and ask first "does it make sense?", instead of wondering if it was "authentic" or not. An "authentic" cake recipe, notarized by Christ himself, means nothing if the ingredients are sand, chalk, gasoline, and tobacco. White man is losing his battle for survival because he still clings to the fantasy that if it is not on paper, properly endorsed, then it is not valuable information. Moreover, if an "expert" doesn't say it, then it's also not valuable. My grandfather got more reliable information about future weather, from observing the hair on caterpillars and the behavior of starlings, that he ever did from some radio weather forecast. Black folks are more tuned to reality than most Whites, and that's why one has a hard time "jiving" those people. When your sights are on the charging rhino, then that's not the time to wonder if the dog is urinating on your feet. If your eyes tell you that your house is on fire, why do you insist on "documentation"? If it smells, and looks, like shit, then what in hell else do you need in order to be convinced?

The jew Wegman's grocery chain of Rochester NY, is now going big relative to "organic foods". All foods are organic but this term means that produce was grown without using bags of chemical mixtures. Many people do not appreciate eating beef which was pumped with hormones and fed recycled newspapers fortified with offal. Sick animals = sick food. That's easy to understand. Most of our meat products come from jew-owned companies using Mexi-mud "cheap" labor which introduces a dirt and disease contamination factor. That in itself makes any sane man's stomach yearn for starvation. (The meat packing industry is a kike monopoly. Read Rudy Stanko's book.)

"Cheap" food cannot be otherwise for if we (White people) are obliged to feed those who cannot feed themselves, growing everything "organically" would probably quadruple the number of starving people on this planet in short order. The "we feed – they breed" lunacy is now having an effect upon us all, for we are eating crap which has nor peer relative to what was available 60 years ago. The vitamin, etc., "enrichment" is pure camel dung for you cannot make unsound food better by adding anything anymore than you can increase an ape's intelligence by letting him listen to Mozart while he counts on his toes. As the food quality decreases by other factors, such as adding edible lubricants to mass-produced food items, plus poisons designed to deter spoiling and enhance shelf-life, we can fully expect people to have severe health problems which normally would be inconsequential.

I was cornered by a Christian hypocrite asking me to donate to feeding the poor. I told him I know that God loves the poor more than others, and so I'll let Him feed them.

Life is 100% biology and you must always look at things, whether political or economic, in biological terms. You might choose to ignore "race", but sure as hell, Mother Nature doesn't.

I hope all of you terrified people are stocking up on toothpicks, condoms, lettuce, vibrater batteries, and other essestials, so that when the "brown" alert is sounded, you'll be prepared to live a safe life in your duct tape, plastic wrapped cellar. Like the bomb shelter, and dried foods, nonsense of the 1950-60s, the boobs must be made to feel part of things. During WWII, the public was asked to turn in pots and pans for the "war effort". The donations were collected and then secretly disposed of in some dump. The same malarkey was applied in Britain with greater success, I was told.

Anyone who runs a sound household always has extra food in the form of dried and canned goods. He also has on hand cash. We stocked up in the fall for a whole winter except for milk, chickens and water. Water always flowed from the spring and the chickens clucked while laying eggs. The cows ate the hay which we stored and we thereby had cheese and milk. Yes, I know that downtown State and Madison is not exactly a farm – a menagerie, yes – but you get the idea.

Nigeroos will not stock up on food. If they have a shortage, they'll simply raid some honkey's supply.

Our biggest disease threats are coming in from Mexico, and Asia, as the latest news from the southwest attests. Since Blacks are sort of indigenous, their only contribution to the disease pool is venereal, as befitting their main interest in life. The anti-biotic "cure" is on its way out because immunity is not something painted on like lipstick. One lady from Idaho wrote me that her kids were disease free because she fed them wholesome, homemade, foods. I told her that good food was essential, of course, but one cannot get a disease without catching it from someone. Since she home-schooled her youngsters, they never had a chance to enjoy the "we're all in this together" disease pool. Now, modern mothers love day-care communes because their kiddies can share in all of the turd-world niceties. To not accept a disease from these wunnerful folks, would obviously offend them and be quite un-American and RACIST!

Hello Robert,

I don't know if you caught Jared Taylor's appearance on the Donahue program last night.  Overall his appearance wasn't bad, aside from the fact that Taylor considers Jews to be white.

Anyway, one of Donahue's claims might serve as a good example for your still sleeping readers of how dishonest the major media are, especially with regard to white separatists.  Donahue claimed that in the June 1996 issue of American Renaissance, Taylor wrote the following:

""Ugly Mexicans" and "ugly Haitians" come here to live permanently, but we are supposed to be endlessly sensitive to their peculiarities, and revel in the diversity of toadying to their ethnic demands."

Taylor denied having written this, but Donahue made a huge deal out of it and used it as a big example of how unfair it was to call Mexicans and Haitians "ugly", and what a bigot Taylor was for saying that, and so forth.  Well, I found it highly out of character for Taylor to say this, and since I happen to have an archive of most American Renaissance issues stored on my computer, I decided to check.  Here's the above quote, in context:

"There used to be much talk about "ugly Americans" who traveled over-seas expecting to find hamburgers and English-speakers, and who ignorantly deprecated the quaint customs of the natives. We were supposed to be ashamed of them – and they were only tourists! "Ugly Mexicans" and "ugly Haitians" come here to live permanently, but we are
supposed to be endlessly sensitive to their peculiarities, and revel in the diversity of toadying to their ethnic demands."

So Taylor wasn't really saying that the Mexicans and Haitians were ugly at all, he was simply making a reference to the book "The Ugly American".  I've seen things taken out of context before, of course, but in this case it's absolutely comical.  It just goes to show the great lengths the media will go to in order to misrepresent even those like Taylor who go to great lengths to be "respectable" enough to get on TV in the first place.

Regards, Jerry M.

Robertsez – Thanks for this bit of information. I never watch Donahue and never intend to, unless it is live coverage of him swimming with hungry crocodiles. Donahue is a paid whore of the establishment and he, as well as all other such whores, will NEVER allow anyone with pro-White views to have any say, publicly, without severe censorship. They invite appearance in order to make you appear as some variety of ass, and you are, if you think there is anything "fair" in all of this. If one is vain enough, like Zündel, Duke, and Irving, for example, to desire exposure orgasms, then what you say will be run through the kosher censor meat grinder. Zündel's 1½ hour off-screen interview ended up as a 1 minute clip on one of those shit shows – 60 Minutes, or whatever. Irving was neutered by Donahue also, many years ago.

Why worry about whether "ugly" had this meaning or that? If ugly means something not desirable to look at, then Mexicans and Haitians are ugly. If ugly means a nasty disposition, then Mexicans and Haitians are ugly. If ugly means undesirable behavior, then Mexicans and Haitians are ugly.

And what is this "fair" business anyway? Someone is wiping their ass on your mother's linen tablecloth and you won't say anything because it might "offend" them? When a people, just as White folks today, are being crapped on around the clock, why should they care two-shits about the feelings, or welfare, of their antagonists? If you worry about the feelings of the person who is shoving it up your rectum, then you deserve exactly what you are getting – and more.

The lesson people should be learning is that TV IS ZOG's bed partner.  EVERYTHING you see must necessarily pass the "is it in our interest to let the goyim know this?" test. All is entertainment for the masses and only the completely lost will accept it as "truth". Oh yea, I seed it on TV so it must be true.

If anyone can supply any information regarding the Vibeke Ostergaard assault in Milan, please contact FAEM.
I am continually amazed at the way we tackle problems. In many schools, kids can repeatedly take examinations until they pass. At home, a child is never bound by his decisions. This, in my opinion, instills in a person that he will always have another chance to do things. Unfortunately, the world doesn't work that way.

I visited a friend in California whom I have known since 10 years old. He had two fine blonde daughters, strong-willed, but exceptionally civilized. One time, while leaving "31 Flavors" in Manhattan Beach, the 10 year old Kelly, dropped her ice cream cone. She picked it up and dropped it into the nearest trash receptacle. We walked on without anyone suggesting that she get another. I was well aware of this lesson in reality.

My father once led us to "Harry's" where we were each to have an ice cream cone. We all made our choices and I selected a "rum-somthing', a flavor I was not familiar with. After a few licks, I mentioned that I didn't like it. Dad replied, "When we arrived here, you had 12 choices of flavor. You made a decision. Well, you now have 2 choices. You can decide whether to eat it or throw it away." Lessons such as this go a long way towards people having a greater interest in what decisions they make, for a second chance is not some Constitutional right.

I dated Norma for a time. We got along great. She was the outdoors type which always appealed to me. Then, through a cousin, she met Carl. Carl had a new Buick and I drove an ancient Chevy with bashed in fender and door. One day, Norma confessed that she was perplexed about me and Carl. Since we had no ties of any sort, she did date him twice, I think. I told her that the decision for something more permanent was hers and I'd abide by her decision. She chose Carl and I never saw Norma again for about 2 years.

We had breakfast at a local popular restaurant and she told me her tale of woe. Carl, it appeared, had deceived her as to background and such. She asked if I would take her back. "Norma, you made your choice back then and I told you I'd abide. I still do. I was second choice then, and I will only accept first choice relative to any woman I am interested in." We parted and I never saw her again.

To all of you brain-washed gentle people, make sure you read this —


None of this is new to me. I've always been 20 years ahead of the times, according to my father.

Here's more to boost my perspective on our continuing down slide to the pits. You cannot fool Mother Nature.


I think UU made it quite clear. If the UN doesn't do it "our way" then it's the highway. USZOG behavior is quite predictable whether citizen or foreign land. UN rules, along with our Constitution, will only be used if it serves ZOG's purpose. It the Constitution stands in the way or other UN parties make grumbling noises, then all will be ignored. This is a hypocrisy run by people who would serve the world better if they were all on the next shuttle failure. I still maintain the occupied Germany and France will ultimately go along. In any event, Americans are born bullies – weez da greatest! – and can be counted upon to 'go it alone'. If that happens, hang on to your shirt. It will be recess time from the dreary boredom of comparative order.
As things get more and more unreliable, I suggest that 1/3 of it is incompetence; 1/3 ZOG mischief and the last 1/3 mischief from people who don't like ZOG. All in all, things are guaranteed not to improve.

Americans, for over a century, have always had their wars on someone else's turf. People died, 'over there'. Buildings were decimated, 'over there'. Land was scorched 'over there'. That proves that it will never happen 'over here'.

When the jews took over NASA, things started blowing up. Both space tragedies had jews on board. Maybe Odin doesn't like jews invading heaven.
Gold is a fallback item as an economy dives. When that economy collapses, gold will be useless relative to beans and bread. If I owned all of the gold in the world, it's value would be near zero.

Suppose thee and me were on an island with little food. I had bread and you had gold. Do you really think I'd trade my bread for your gold?

Yes, the price of Chinese TV sets is dropping. Pay more attention to the grocery store where prices are rising. You either pay more for the same quantify or pay the same for smaller portions. The message here is that one cannot eat Chinese TV sets.

The jews let the invaders into Babylon and the Moors into Spain. Many police departments cutting back on personnel and the National Guard going overseas to do their sand dune tricks, who will be around if disturbances arise?
Ego über Alles – the blightwing terminal disease.
According to VNN, they are rewriting Lincoln's views concerning our simian superiors. I suggest that you read E. Cox's book Lincoln's Negro Policy. I am sure that some libraries carry it as well as used book stores, providing that the sheenie memory hole wagon hasn't been there first. I could put it online since it's a small book, but I hope someone else has already done that.
Make no mistake – a fetus or embryo, is no more "part of a woman's body" than is an egg part of a chicken. The placenta plays the part of the inner egg membrane and the basic difference is that the human child's nutrient supply, and protection, is supplied directly by the mother. The fetus is not a cancer nor is it an organ. It is a distinct growing life form complete with different type blood and DNA. The feminist twats have secured, through the activities of their jew leaders, the right to kill their children before they become detached from their mother's biology. Since no fetus asks to die, Kervorkian style, it is simply legalized murder. The fact that the unborn is not "complete" is irrelevant as is the case of killing a man without arms or legs. Call it what it is – legalized murder – but don't hand me that shit about "rights"!

While on the topic, "gay rights" is just special privileges for perverts. Anyone who enjoys playing with excrement, whether sticking a penis, or arm, into a rectum for the sake of pleasure, is abnormal. Period! It's legalized perversion. That's all, so don't hand me that shit about "rights"! The next time you see a stallion sticking it into the anus of another stallion, let me know. Then we might discuss different life styles of horses.

This is NOT a nation for a nation is a group of people related by blood – kin, folk, etc. This is NOT a democracy although we do vote directly on  issues such as how much money the local elected crooks are allowed to spend. But issues? NEVER!!! Who runs the show is the only thing we vote on. Once elected, they do their thing with or without your approval. When it comes to propositions, how many times has ONE pip-squeak judge OVERRULED the people's will? The Black people I know are fully aware of this scheme but the White folks refuse to see, or they are simply too stupid to catch on. There is some validity in the wish that all White people vanish, for then people who are proud of who they are, will battle it out and arrange things according to their racial spirit. That's what Nature has always favored.

Americans, as I have said repeatedly, believe that the clothes make the man. Take a pervert with low IQ, and put a judge's robe on him and presto chango, he becomes a wise fellow capable of judging the activities not only of non-perverts, but people much smarter than he as well. Doesn't this sound odd to you? Doesn't it also sound odd that an illiterate is the "peer" of a learned person and fully able to cast a life and death vote using only a flip of his unbalanced mental coin?

I am sure that someday we will have many more "Taylors" screaming about the madhouse they are caged in. Even in the Planet of the Apes, there was no equality for the intelligent were the chimpanzees, the police were gorillas, while the orangutans ran the whole show. What sort of ape played the part of the citizen? I lost that bit. As in ZOG, who gives a turd about the citizen as long as he does the work to keep the ship afloat. The citizen is as powerless under ZOG as is his invisibility in the Planet of the Apes.

People don't give two beans about the type of government they have as long as the music of the bread orchestra keeps playing.

Ditto again – This is a representative government. You elect a representative and he does the voting. Essentially, this means that instead of having a single dictator, we have a gross of them. Always keep in mind that when you elect a person with no merit, you can fully expect him not to vote for anything with merit. Once merit is taken out of the system, as it now has, White folks are handicapped because of their God-given talent.  One hundred muds do not one White man make although they are fully capable of doing you in, as could any shark, gorilla or rattlesnake.

If you love America, you will leave it to go overseas and stop people from coming here who had no intention of coming here. If you hate America, I suppose you will just have to stay here and watch the sunset and niggerball.


Yessa ma chickens, youse might soon guano have 'nother addition to are planet ob de apes Federal Supreme Court. Dis wan might guano be de Aztlan California intellectual Judge Janice Brown. Wimmins will get der feminist orgasms and de Blak folks is guano smile.

Meanwhile, back at the egg roll rack and tortilla terrace, other non-Whites are waiting their turn to stuff Whitey into the barrel. Know what? Whitey will love every masochistic moment and pay for it besides!

According to Dr. Dean Edell, and his reliance upon 'studies', calcium supplements are actually creating what they claim to cure – bone health problems. Excess calcium actually makes bones more brittle. All of this 'supplement' nonsense is just a variety of chemotherapy – attempting to cure one's ills through chemical tinkering with a finely tuned entity bound by the laws of equilibrium.

As I look at those magnificent wild critters, I note their exceptional health and vitality. (If they lacked this, they wouldn't be around very long.) No Larry King ginseng or purple grape juice needed. Just a natural diet as prescribed by Nature.

Only man seems to have a need for copulating with critters of other species and eating things most goats would shy from. It's really a bizarre situation. In the past, spices were used to cover the bad taste of rotted food. Today we call them seasonings but we now add unnecessary crap for "enrichment" purposes. Dr. Edell also noted the bad effects that vitamin D additions to our food are having on some men. But no matter, the idiots will always find a way to counter Nature believing it is for their own good. As an aside, the desire for a long penis is not new. Certain Black tribes in Africa are found where men tie rocks to their instruments and allow gravity to do the stretching. I would think it would make running a little interesting.

The dry dog food business got it's start when Purina discovered that starving dogs will eat chicken feed. Thus we find "scientific" dog food containing corn, peas and carrots. Perhaps someday Purina will offer 'Horse Chow' composed of alligator hearts and the muscles from ostriches. Purina has something to sell and they want to convince you that you should buy it. Why not let the dog you claim to love, choose for himself. Place a bowl of Dog Chow along side of a rare steak, or slab of liver, and notice how he dives for the "scientific" food.

One of the hazards of writing anything is wondering if what was expressed was indeed interpreted as intended. That's why face-to-face encounters always are more efficient as information media. It allows instant questioning if something is not clear.

What I write is only an opinion based upon what I believe to be fact, interpolation and extrapolation. It is not the word of God and since I have no crystal ball, none of it is etched in stone as the work of indelible fate. Again, my "negativism" is always concerning the intended goal. Often, as chance would have it, we pursue one objective only to find we have secured something of which we were not previously aware.

Many years ago, while still living with my beloved father, I sought employment in the "big city". I had a Class A machinist's license but had sold my tools a few months earlier in order to relieve a debt. My father warned that I had little chance of getting the advertised job as machinist because the ad clearly stated "must have tools". I never considered my father negative about anything for the years demonstrated that he was right nearly always. He gave facts and then let us alone, never dictating or forbidding.

I took his words as I hope you take mine – an indication of what lies ahead but not as a foregone conclusion. I went to the interview and was soundly turned down as they needed workers immediately. Dad was right in this regard but as the fates would have it, the man turned to me and said, "I see you have laboratory experience. Dr. Brown just might be interested in talking to you." With that, he gave me a note and I went to see Dr. Brown. I was hired within 10 minutes and that job turned out to be far more rewarding than any machinist's job I had ever held previously.

So dear friends, if negative Robert has the opinion that something cannot work, do as he did those many years ago and forge ahead anyway. My father was right. I did not get a machinist's job, but disaster was not the outcome.

Perhaps we should again see the movie about Ernst Henry Shackleton and see the magnificence of the White spirit, where against all odds, they persevered. I was actually surprised at that movie since they failed to include the obligatory Black genius/warrior/savior and Dr. Wisdom, the omnipresent jew possessing the secrets of the universe.

I fully realize that most American (read Marxist) education is geared to placing White folks on the defensive. Recently, a fellow was concerned when some person stated that all of the great German scientists were jews. The statement is rubbish but I, instead of getting upset, would have asked the nitwit to define both 'scientist' and 'jew'. That would have been interesting in itself. I would no more consider arguing with such a donk than I would in trying to convince Pat Robertson that God personally protects him. Mr. Colt would put an end to that delusion in quick Aryan time.

Yes, there are jews aplenty in the scientific gas business, called "theory". The recent "cold fusion" scam was indeed offered by kike scientists. Einstein contributed much arguable baloney to the huge pile and I do believe that this "genius" couldn't find his way out of a shithouse even if he had a map. There is a big difference between invention and day dreaming.

Look as the history of the gun. Notice the massive presence of non-Whites contributing to development. How about the history of the internal combustion engine – the automobile as an application? Count the jews and nigeroos. I'll bet they add to thousands. Hell mates, we even have a jew god which created everything. Just ask your local religious agent.

The point here is: do not get upset every time you hear what amounts to sly anti-White propaganda. If you encounter a particularly dense bonehead – they are really quite numerous – agree with him, with a smile. When he informs you that Mozart was a jew and Hannibal a negra, thank him with, "Did you also know that Davey Crockett was a jew and Chief Sitting Bull, a negro?" That'll make his day.

A great mass of people never have an original thought – ever. Their heads are filled with crap dumped from on high. The sad thing is that they do not question, but merely obey. Learn to spot them and then pay them no mind. Before you react to anything, ask yourself "Am I being placed on the defensive?" If so, it's often best to agree with the finger pointer. "Hey man, I hear you are making 'crack' in your basement." Reply, "I'll bet the person who told you that also snitched about my alligator farm."

The mere act of being engaged in a serious conversation with a mud demonstrates to him that you are on his level. That's the first mistake and it won't be long before he is telling you how to apologize for being White. Be courteous and excuse yourself for you cannot change their minds anymore than you can change their race. I do not associate with non-Whites. Never have. Never will. I am not obnoxious about it either. There is no sense starting any unnecessary battle. One demonstrates his position clearly by having nothing to do, beyond temporary social amenities, with anyone who is non-White.

If we cannot get our act together individually, it will never happen collectively. Never allow yourself to be placed on the defensive. You are White and you owe non-Whites nothing! NOTHING! It's they who should be thankful for Whites pulling them out of the sewers they created for themselves.