25 February 2003
National Socialists are born, not made. I could do nothing about the poor quality photos but note the crossed-arm posture, and facial expression, which are the same in both. One is the young Adolf and the other myself at the same age. Both are from a group photo. I could recite my life-long spiritual connection but I'd be accused of being drunk, delusional, or fabricating. Perhaps such events could be written off as improbable coincidence. I'll say no more.

Did you know that 100% of cancer victims include water in their diet? Is there a correlation? Yes friends, life is the main cause of death for if you weren't alive, you'd could never die.

Sometimes I get damned tired of all of this "study" horseshit. Although I do not remember the exact ratio to body weight, but a study years ago was made concerning the effects of Pluronic L62 ingestion – a non-ionic made by Carbon and Carbide – upon the health of white rats. Keep in mind that white rats are inbred specifically for the purpose of uniformity, and health, thus hopefully eliminating a variable in the test. L62 was added to the diet in sufficient concentration to kill 50% of them. It was obvious that eating a synthetic detergent did not improve one's health – as if any man with a brain needed a study to come to that conclusion.

The amazing thing about this test was that all variables were considered equal but if so, then why did 50% not die? Obviously there was not the equality assumed. This should always be kept in mind whenever you feel an itch to be directed by the results of some cockamamie study. To compound the nonsense on a human level, all studies consist of a hodgepodge of human genetic types and if you cannot come to a sound conclusion concerning white rats, essentially clones, then of what value is the data from a human crowd? It's not much more than busy work – useless collection of equally useless data.

Then there is this notion of "correlation". Some people develop emphysema from smoking for a period of 30 years. What people? Which brand of tobacco? How often per day? How deep was their inhalation? The variables are nearly endless but yet the experts get mental orgasms over their findings and make suggestions which often lead to something very much worse – laws! Over a period of 30 years, the combinations of variables are nearly endless for people simply do not lead parallel lives.

Smoking causes lung cancer yet thousands develop lung cancer without ever smoking. This is the "second hand" theory and it covers nearly everyone, for who hasn't, at one time or another, been in a room full of smoke?

The correlation business is mostly mathematical and most of mathematics is game playing with symbols. Pearson developed a set of mathematical gymnastics to demonstrate correlation between events. Spearman developed his and Kendall came up with his own version. In the field of math, all are welcome to define new terms, manufacture new symbols, and develop different procedures for arriving at worthless conclusions. Since there is generally more activity generated by the mathematical descriptions, then there is by the events being analyzed, or described, many people come to the erroneous conclusion that math is the backbone of science whereas it is only one of science's many tools.

The Spearman rank-order correlation coefficient is a sort of linear regression involving a least-squares "best fit" all in a tidy formula. (Doesn't this sound intimidating?) The result is a number in the -1 to +1 range. "+1" means absolute correlation while a "-1" means 100% opposite correlation. A "0" stands for 'who knows?'

No one bothers to make a study where the Spearman coefficient is +1, such as the correlation between dying and having your head chopped off. (The correlation between living and having your head chopped off is -1.) Not being able to think, people thus must do a study and collect numbers. After the numbers are properly processed, they can then come to a foggy conclusion. A correlation of +.50 means "a good chance but I wouldn't bet on it." A correlation of +.95 means "I'll bet on that." All in all, studies prove nothing. All they present us with is a set of odds upon which we sometimes bet our lives, our fortunes and our sacred pretzels.

The interesting thing about all bigots, and other varieties of boneheads, is that they rarely have the strength of their blowhard convictions. I remember the female secretary at the small airport where I used to rent planes. In 1998, she was convinced that she would be one of the 144,000 precious souls swept to heaven when the "deluge" hit the planet at midnight December 31, 1999. I guess she thought God's watch was set Central Daylight time. I asked her if she owned a house and she answered in the affirmative. I then suggested that she and I visit an attorney, at my expense, to make paper arrangements to the effect that I would possess the property January 1, 2000. Obviously, if she were going to guilded Nirvana, she'd not be needing it. There's no need to mention her response.

You see, all people see value in what they do and that's why reluctance is always shown relative to admitting mistakes, if they are admitted at all. A person donating $10 per week to hear some preacher's gas, therefore needs to believe that his money was spent in a valuable way. A soldier who loses a leg in a war needs to believe that it was lost in a "just cause" even though facts might show the contrary. Parents have a need to believe that their children are bright and beautiful even though one might question John Merrick's (elephant man) mother in the matter.

Yearly, millions of Christians visit the "Holy Land" to swoon and kowtow to jews. A fellow named Bruce Friedman once asked me if I knew what most jews considered such Christians. I didn't know and so he told me – "shit eaters".
In a land where money buys anything, do not expect good to come from anything. Years ago, as chemist for an aircraft company, it was common knowledge that tons of chromic acid waste were simply dumped into a nearby stream. When people living in the boonies 20 miles away started complaining about their green well water, an investigation ensued. I led the team and my first visit to the swamp was like visiting a dead planet. Everything seemed petrified except the flowing water. No frogs and not even the sound of a cricket. Everything was an odd shade of green-gray where is wasn't orange.

The chromium effluent from our facility would have to be cleaned up. This started a 2 year study and design for a reclamation plant.  I had perfected a process which satisfies all concerned and the building estimate was about $4 million. A discussion was held between company officials, city controllers and some environmental agency. Our company stated flatly that if they were forced to build the facility, it would not comply due to costs and simply close the plant, thus laying off about 4000 workers. The city officials were aghast at the projected effect upon the economy. The solution was, of course, quite typical. Let's have another study. We were given another 3 years to rethink what was thought and to retest what was tested. For another 3 years, chromium waste continued to pour into that swamp.

In the end, the cleaning facility ws never built. The company merged with another and closed down. The 4000 lost their jobs anyway but believe you me, the "insiders" went away with their pockets loaded.

With ZOG paranoid about "terrorists", it appears that, one way or the other, the entire populace could be considered "sleepers". "Terrorist" is indeed an omnibus definition. This being so, look for ZOG to apply its rules selectively. Already we are familiar with the fact that a jew professor can call for the extermination of White people and claim his words are protected by the F.A. Yet, if a White man calls for the extermination of jews, he'll soon be dealt harsh treatment. 
As you babble about Iraq, taxes, niggerball, and the spread of AIDS, remember that as the clock ticks on, there are more and more of them, and fewer and fewer of us. What does the extrapolation mean to you, White boy?
Abundance produces fatheads. That's about as short a description of America as I can come up with.
What is happening presently in America is a ludicrous acting out of some bizarre science fiction nightmare.
Tragedy repeated becomes comedy. That's why I find the present world situation so humorous.
Remember the movie Gremlins?
See it again and note if you agree with one viewer that the gremlins acted as do niggers. 
Is Iraq a "poison pawn" in the continuing bloody game of conquest? Is it being offered as easy take while opponents juggle a checkmate response in their minds? China's policy toward the U.S. has been stated as one whereby American power will be spread thin and over-extended. We are now continuing the Moro wars in the Philippines and sending more troops to Columbia. Afghanistan is a continuing problem. If domestic problems get severe in the U.S., as it appears likely, would China wave a nuke and ask to talk about Taiwan? As more and more sophisticated rare earth computer chip technology is being shipped to China, by ZOG, one can only see that present policy is geared to favor China. I can envision a time when China will dictate U.S. immigration policy favoring them. Dr. Oliver saw this as a possible future scenario, as did Hitler who warned that if the Americans failed to get the jew monkey off their backs, they would end up being a colony of China.

Who really gives two hoots about Iraq? Only about 40% of the palefaces for the Mexicans consider most of the U.S. theirs to begin with and the Chinese are pouring in as their new land of opportunity. Fighting Iraq is of no concern to them. The Blacks, often far more sensible than Whites, appear somewhat scared for they do see the Chinese and Mexican threat. If Whitey goes, so will Blacky.  Like the idiot priest welcoming the unwashed hordes to the shores of France, the American sheeple appears to delight in their self-imposed demise.

All problems eventually solve themselves. The problem of what to do, after the Titanic hit the iceberg, was solved once it hit the bottom.
A fellow has reinvented Pavlov, so it seems. The short clip had a dog conditioned to associating food with the sound of a metronome, instead of a bell. When there was no food, but the metronome still thumped, the dog salivated. This demonstrated a conditioning but the experiment ends there. What they fail to mention is that the dog must be fed, if you wish it to live, and it soon learns that a clanking metronome without the simultaneous presentation of food, soon wears off. I asked my biology teacher in high school if we could expect the dog to spend the rest of his years salivating whenever a metronome thumped. The obvious answer is "no" for life always adapts unless there is permanent brain damage due to injury, drugs or race-mixing.

This is understandable relative to ZOG propaganda. It must be repeated over and over so that the sheep do not have time to think about what they are doing. Sleep – obey – consume. The Holocaust channel must repeat those tired yarns over and over because if the pressure were relaxed, people just might get their logic back in order. That's why we have punishment for "thought crimes" whether of the Inquisition or p.c. type. Punishments are readily available for those who are not as susceptible to herd conditioning.

As Pendell predicted, much of the population no longer has the power of reason. In one of the Zündel trials in Canada, the jury believed all five of the jew witnesses, for the prosecution, even though one of them testified that the other four were dead! You think this is odd? Why not try reading about that whole Zündel trial circus?

As the Chinese and Mexican colonize the country while Americrats compete with each other to adopt the diseased mud waifs of foreign shores, a few of us do seem to notice that the jews are more than that fart statistic of 2.5 percent – like the holocaust, some turds never seem to go away. When one listens to the France might do this and Israel might do that, UN chatter, it reminds me of watching an execution where all witnesses are in a dither while watching the executioner – will he or won't he? Maybe there'd be a reprieve. Maybe the lights will go out. Maybe I'll wet my pants. Maybe... someday. In the meantime, if you are concerned about this dying country, why don't you read another book? Damn! Look at what they are doing to us now!
The Marxist, anti-White, National Education Association is coming to believe that there is no correlation between what a student learns and his test scores. If you score a 94, and you are White, it shows you have learned nothing. If you score a typical Black 28 on a test, it doesn't mean you haven't learned something. Since equal brains, exercised equally in the same classroom environment, obviously means equal results. If test scores indicate results, and they vary from simian 12 to human 100, then obviously those test scores are not reliable. Continuing, as TV informs us, Blacks are mentally superior to Whites as indicated by Rastus occupying most judge, surgeon, and police captain positions, and every time some honky idiot gets into a jam, it's Bill Cosby to the rescue, that is, if he can take time away from inventing vacuum propelled computer chips. We know that Whites usually score 15-20 points higher on IQ tests than do Blacks, so those scores actually indicate the reverse of what they are supposed to represent. Now we know why Shirley Spreadknees hankers for licorice sticks – it's an attraction to brains!
McKinney's Auto Glass is giving away 2 movie passes with every new windshield replacement. Heck, I haven't see such a good offer since Mabel's whore house started giving out frequent flier miles.
Ex-NATO commander retired general jew Wesley Clark is thinking about running for ZOG president in 2004. He's not happy with UU's foreign policy direction. I cannot understand the problem since the war is directed against anything Israel doesn't like. We've had many closet jews as presidents, but I think it's about time it all came out into the open.
The mere drive toward de-salination plants certainly indicates that something is amiss on this planet. De-salinated water won't be cheap because it takes a whole lot of energy to accomplish this separation. Like the hydrogen propelled autos of the foggy future, it will cost plenty to get the hydrogen to start with.

I see that another inventor of a perpetual motion machine – free energy! – has hit the news with his destructive distillation-powered gasoline engine guaranteed to produce electricity and carbon pellets. Mates, this just might be a good stock buying opportunity for those who want to make money by not working. During these times of "equality" it appears that the law of conservation of energy has been nullified.

I think we should outlaw reality because it interferes with people's dreams, and that's not the path to happiness.

I would assume that the nitwits who believe the "holocaust" also believe Luke 9:10-16 where Jesus fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes. That's less than 1/4 teaspoon of food per person. That's what I call "nutrition packed", if any of them managed to live. The world is full of starving people, and the numbers are rapidly increasing, and so we might wonder why, if God so loved the poor, that He doesn't come down and feed them. We ZOG mortals are failing at the task.

To celebrate this miracle, a Rev. Bates of Okie City will be collecting 5000 cans of soup so "he" can feed da po'. Why is it that these religious shysters are always "doing good" with someone's else's money? You'd think that the millionaireuglies, such as Pat Robertson, would want to use HIS money to accomplish whatever he thinks will benefit you. No, these Marxist do-gooders never do-good with their money. They want to do-good with yours. How do you spell 'sucker'?

Love that 1984, don't you? In Deer Creek OK, there are 12 deputies keeping an eye on students who just might bring nail clippers to class. It's part of a federal policing program and staffed mostly by people who aren't fond of White folks. You wanted security instead of freedom, didn't you? Don't complain. It will be more "safe" in the future. Baa, baa, oink, oink, moo, moo.
During the Injun wars, the honky sold arms to his potential enemies and taught them the tricks of paleface warfare. Well, he's still at it. ZOG is training Colombians, on "our side" – Yeh! And the moon is made of lox and bagels. – to use US-made weapons, of which we shall supply. Why dis beeg thing? It's to protect the oil pipelines, dat's wat. ZOG-mercs, if the plan succeeds, will have to patrol, and occupy, the entire planet where the black gold flows. With ZOG creating enemies faster than Nutricia manufactures welfare brats, there will be lots of job opportunities for you to dodge bullets for the rich and powerful. 
Meanwhile, back in Altus OK, beaners are filing a lawsuit against the city for requiring an English-only policy in regard to communications and especially when it involves safety issues. It's hard to say what will result since Mexibeans are only 30% of the city's employees. My salute to the Panchos is, be patient for soon you'll BE the city and then you can jabber in the  language of your choice. The braindead gringo still thinks he's a "majority" but that's due to the fact that he cannot tell the difference between a camel and a yak. It's also doubtful if he can count beyond 10.
A person is indeed pathetic when he depends entirely upon the opinions of others in order to have one of his own. Unfortunately, our education system is not interested in free thinkers – just parrots. All Ph.D.'s are clones of some other Ph.D. There are no degrees available for renegades in education. There are no high salaries for those outside that pale. Look at men and their women, and note how quickly most of them sell their souls for a piece of beaver tail. They do the same when it comes to thinking, and everything else in their lives for that matter.
Abraham Lincoln, in 1862, authorized the issuance of $450 million in debt-free currency, known as "greenbacks". He was assassinated by a "lone gunman". In 1963, John. F. Kennedy authorized the issuance of $4 billion plus in debt-free currency, known as "United States Notes". This by-passed the Federal Reserve which charges interest on the money it allows our citizens to use. Kennedy was also killed by a "lone gunman". Ah yes, my simple people, ain't coincidences grand?
What is truth? It is anything we choose to believe. A fact is a real occurrence. If we experience a fact, we believe it and therefore a fact becomes truth.

On my desk is a stein made from silver and oak. I experience it. I see it. I feel it and I can smell it. I have never tasted it but that is possible. I came close when I drank beer from it many years ago. When the lids drops down, I hear something. It's real. Now, I could choose to believe someone who told me that there was no stein on my desk, that I was seeing things. I thus have the free choice to believe either my senses or the other person, much in the way our minds become boggled when we hear experts tell us we do not experience what we experience, such as racial differences.

When I tell you there's a stein on my desk, you can believe me or not. You have no way of proving it if I choose not to let you view my desk. A person who had seen the stein on my desk could have told you that he saw it, but that still leaves you in a position of believing someone. He could be lying, which is also a possibility.

I could have a notarized paper, a legal document, to this effect but since you had not seen the stein on my desk, you are back to a choice of belief. A document may be legal but does it represent fact? There are such things as lying and forging, or haven't you noticed?

This leaves an honest person in a quandary for it places him in a dependent position and dependence never spells freedom. We have several tools if we choose to use them. The foremost is our God-given senses which most "education" is geared to neutralize. I've been there, on one end of the stick or the other, for a good portion of my life. The next tool is logical thinking which is difficult to come by these days since most "courses" in school are little other than disjoint patches of this and that. No longer is there the logic of drill, effort and analysis. Instead all is mostly degenerate game playing. Continuity and sequence disappeared as "diversity" slithered in. Without these two tools, the third is useless and that third is science knowledge. This is also a rare commodity since practical science was discarded decades ago in favor of the bullshit called 'concepts'. High school chemistry students now fart around with hifalutin blather concerning 'electron spin', 'quantum levels' and so on, which teaches them nothing about what's what, whereas years ago they learned how elements reacted by observing them react. What a quaint notion! Dropping metallic sodium into a bucket of water is a very interesting, and enlightening, experience but today that sort of thing is considered dangerous and quite possibly now a "terrorist" activity. Mommies don't want their precious bumpkins exposed to naughty reality any longer. We must be "safe" if we are to be perpetually happy. Once masculinity is extracted from the family, the kids turn to shit. Period. BTW, a macho dyke won't fill the bill and young men, desirous of family, have very poor pickings these days considering the feminist feces which is worn as cosmetic by a huge proportion of what used to be called women.

The American population appears then to be at an extreme loss for most don't believe their senses and if they did, could not logically fit together the pieces of information. Since few have practical science background they are at a loss to argue any point. Thus people now believe that corpses can burn underwater (holocaust), and that some men can walk on water (Bible). People in power recently nailed some simple soul for "possession of bomb making materials". The materials impounded were razor blades and nails. I have a copy of Omar Khayyám's Rubáiyat which, in today's loony bin, probably could be used as evidence of  "terrorist" sympathies. Yes Sarah, I once read a book on frogs and that proves that I am one.

Eric is fond of saying "bullshit baffles brains" but I feel that bullshit only baffles those without brains.

Thinking makes people unhappy. Reading makes people think. Therefore, we must abolish reading as ZOG wants us all to be happy. Endeavor to be a happy American. Burn your books and beat ZOG to the punch.
J.S. writes – Political Correctness:  Invented by Jews – Believed by Whites – Ignored by muds.
Sines of the thymes – The jew Hearst, who inherited millions, shows the same ignorance of the physical world as do nearly all lawyers, police, and those in power. In my graduating high school class, 6 went on to be lawyers. None was ever considered bright by any standard. One was a crook, one a porno addict, and another a "squealer". All were "brown nosers" first class. They all went thud relative to math, physics and chemistry. If you can understand this, then you can understand why people are being arrested for possessing "bomb making" material, such as razor blades and nails. If this lunacy continues, perhaps someday one will nabbed for carrying around elements of chemical warfare – dirty underclothes. If you sneeze and cough excessively, maybe this could be interpreted as a "germ warfare" act. Since ZOG has not defined "terrorist" then anyone can be victimized – and probably will.

Hearst wasn't happy with one of his billion dollar pools so decided to add tons of salt to the water for ocean effect. Any common man would have wondered about iron pipes and corrosion. Of course, Heart's pool plumbing went ape according the the laws of chemistry.

Hearst's daughter, was in hot doo-doo years ago for her part in bank robberies committed by the S.L.A., a nearly total jew criminal "army" committed to liberation of everything except the Hearst fortune.

Hearst bought both of San Francisco's newspapers, the Chronicle and the Examiner. He was legally forced to sell one and it turned out that the Examiner was sold to a nice Chinese fellow by the name of Fong. Fong's first act was to fire the entire staff thus making room for his own kind, as befitting a person who knows who is is and what he is. Honkies never evolved to this level of survival thinking. That's why they are on the way out, at least most of them. 

I was told that the Chinese symbol for CRISIS is a combination of the symbols for DANGER and OPPORTUNITY. In spite of what some perceive – incorrectly – as "negativity", relative to the words of Robert and Eric, the future will offer hope, that is, if we are not blind to it. While I am at it, I'll toss in the fact that over the decades, and of the dozens of blightwingers I've had dealings with, Eric is unique. He has never broken his word and has always completed whatever it was he started. 
Ye olde jew Purim salute is the clenched fist. Make sure you don't leave home without it. This defiant gesture was adopted by the Communists. Ain't you surprised? The jew Rothschild had a red flag waving over his castle. Isn't it also surprising that the Communists made it their banner?

The simian "high fives" is a version of a usual orangutan arm gesture. Don't believe me? Spend a little time in observation. If what you see doesn't convince you, then I'll bet you voted for Bush.

Speaking of salutes, the Nazi, Roman and the greeting gesture of some American Indian tribes, was always with the open hand – I have no weapon. 

More French civilians were killed by the British and Americans, during WWII, than the combined total due to Germans in their last 3 major wars with them. That's why the French people love us so. But have no fear, Godfodder will make them an offer they can't refuse. The fix was in long ago but it takes time to bullshit the masses.
Robert LeFevre's 1959 book, The Nature of Man and His Government, can be found at —

You will also find more interesting material at – http://users.aol.com/vlntryst/

It's the forest and the trees time again. We are constantly being deluged with "proof" that the "races" are equal. Why should such a proof be necessary if indeed we were? Since the holohoax is mostly phlogiston, we are deluged with "proof" that it really happened. If it did, then why is so much proof necessary? Pretty soon, according to my crystal ball, a time will come when people who remain unconvinced of racial equality will, like the so-called "holocaust deniers", be placed in jail.

Are we so mentally deficient that we need proof that the grass is green? Truth needs no proving because it is there for all to see and agree. Lies need to be supported by a barrage of other lies and when that fails, shoot the unbeliever. It's a time proved method to reinforce "bullshit baffles brains".

It took only a blast of pepper spray to stampede a herd of simians in Chicago. Now, an idiotic indoor fireworks display caused a stampede of useless rockheads in Rhode Island. In both cases, more died from the emotional instability of the participants than from the triggering event. In both cases, society lost nothing. When one has an unruly and emotionally unstable population, people targets become strategic and can cause more havoc than the taking out of a power plant.
I've seen this crap in action where hundreds of demonstrators become "a few". The US media is the world's largest lying machine and America is full of gullible goyim. Read this – http://thememoryhole.org/media/protest-headlines.htm
Dick just purchased a new Cessna and since the weather permitted, he agreed to fly me to Batavia NY providing I paid for the fuel and any landing fees. The reason for this was a result of learning that Ernst Zündel was in the INS detention center there. Although I have never approved of the way he earned a living, my personal like for the man is a separate issue.

The Batavia INS center was built on land greedy Anglo farmers sold to the government. Screw the country as long as one can make a buck. A principle portion of that land was owned by the George family who, a long time ago, had a large open range dairy farm. Like the Branton's, who not only owned another dairy farm, they saw profit as the only value in life. The Calvinist in action. Branton sold much acreage to the government so they could built free housing for the rapidly multiplying simians living in Rochester and Buffalo. The greedy business men went along because of the sales of brick, mortar, lumber, plumbing, wiring, and so on, plus it "created jobs". Prior to that, Batavia was nearly nigger free with a police force of about 10. Today, the population is still about 18,000 but the police force expanded to nearly 70, according to old friends I still retain. In answer to Rockwell's question, "Who needs niggers?", the answer is that the whole country does, from welfare and crime, to drugs and unlimited freebies, the presence of Black folks sure does create jobs, not to mention their highly sought after votes.

Jews are not above criticism, and neither are the starlings who crap on the roof of one's new BMW. The "jewish problem", as I see it, would not be possible without the unbridled greed of honkies, in particular. The claim the jews are at the root of all problems, is, of course, an easy way to cleanse one's soul of acquiescence. But, I am straying.

Decades ago, when Zündel first rubbed Canadian powers the wrong way, he was advised by a judge that if he had shown up with 200 supporters, the charge would have been dropped. It is likely that if he actually had some sort of organization, instead of a band of followers, waddling like ducks with open wallets, he'd not be in this current mess. Greed and ego blinds many White people and renders then stupid. Blacks clearly recognize that this is a land of mob rule and if you show up with a mob, you are likely to get your way. The present scenario was clearly spelled out over 12 years ago by Eric Thomson.

From my observations, I can confidently say that Zündel is not a racist and presents no danger to a society beyond his ability to relieve some citizens of their money. If we were to jail all the con artists, we'd need more jails just to hold the religious peddlers of fear.

Mark Weber is leading a pro Zündel charge while wife #3 is holding out the collection plate. This makes about as much sense as having a Hermann Göring Defense Fund at the Nuremberg lynching bee. It appears that the ballet will continue for a bit longer. Like the talented, but foolish, David Irving, some people haven't caught on to who runs the courts or who won WWII. Neither have organizations and that's why they will ultimately lose in whatever they choose to do. Money. Ego. Money. Ego. The jews are expert at maneuvering both.

Ernst Zündel does not belong in jail but his ordeal serves to remind us that, like days of old, when one questions Semitic religions, a word from on high will bring you to the stake. The "holocaust" religion contains nearly as many miracles as does the Bible. The Germans must indeed have been gods, since their "extermination" acts were beyond the reach of mortal man.

If I told people tomorrow would be a Sunday, no one would believe me unless they saw it in the New York Times. This demonstrates that most people never think about anything beyond parroting consensus. Americans yammer about being independent but few ever demonstrate it. They claim they oppose big government while in the same breath, demand more government so that medical, retirement, and other benefits be increased. Some complain but only to the extent that is does not jeopardize their pension, or lifestyle – swimming pools, vacations, etc.

What can we do at the present time? Nothing. We threw away each and every opportunity the past had presented to us. Is this a sentence of no hope? No. If the homicidal cretins we have elected to lead us, are not hindered by the gods, the chaos of the future will present us, once again, with an opportunity to become a biological community. People become remarkably strong and brave once they have lost their "security", food, and toys.

People have written claiming that they have difficulty in accessing VNN. I am not sure what's going on but perhaps someone has some info I could pass along.
I hope that you have purchased
your 18 cases of duct tape by now along with a truck load of plastic sheeting. One might wonder, if he still has the capacity to think, what the net result of all this taping and sheeting activity will be. I'll tell you. Your house will be air tight, so that the naughty magenta germs cannot get in. All terrorist bugs are magenta, in case you've wondered. If your house is air tight, how long do you think you'll be able to breathe?

In the dark room at Ft. Monmouth, where I used to process all of my 4 x 5 negatives, dust was kept out by pressurizing the dark room with filtered air. Of course, one needed electricity for this to take place and it's interesting to note that nearly all "survival" advice assumes uninterrupted electrical flow.

The Soviets had a little one-man plastic tent which sealed a fellow in. There was a battery operated air pump which bled in outside air, which was filtered. When the batteries died, a hand pump was to be used. When you got tired of pumping, you died. Well, nothing is perfect.

A while back I decided I needed more time to spend feeding the crows and so I hired a cleaning lady. She comes every other week and is satisfied with $10 per hour, 4 hours at a time, which is more than I make as a baker. I bought a new vacuum cleaner – $340, I believe – which allowed her to start out in a good mood. The last cleaning lady I had would leave the vacuum running while she took off time for lunch. She wasn't here for long. Loraine, as she liked to be called, managed to vacuum up the power cord on her first day thus necessitating resetting the circuit breaker and repairing the power cord. The next time she was here, she managed to step on one of the flexible vacuum hoses thus crushing it. It seems that $10 doesn''t buy too much. Also, she has a hard time remembering where things were before she dusted about. I didn't mind having her leave the bath mat upside down, but I did object to it being left in another room.

On my dresser is a photograph of my grandfather standing in front of the smoldering ruins of the local court house. In the days when Americans ruled the law and not the other way around as is now the mode, people always had the last word. The court house mysteriously caught fire shortly after the judge made an unpopular judgment. Gramps mentioned the astounding coincidence between unpopular rulings and mysterious happenings. Maybe God was on the side of the people in those days. Well, that photograph is a landscape – horizontal being the longer measurement – but Loraine always seems to leave it vertical not recognizing that it always left gramps flat on his face.

Another thing. Why in hell do people leave the top lid of a toilet seat up? I would think the manufacturers must have had something in mind when they made them. Perhaps some people are afraid that if the lid is down, and they open it, a terrorist might pop out screaming "Boo!"

One time she stomped in, muddy boots and all, and traipsed all over the carpets. Then she asked where I would like her to leave her boots. I replied, "What the hell. You've already cleaned them, so why worry?"

Suppose Twatonia, a small independent oasis in Antarctica, has 3 citizens: War1, War2 and Peace1. One day War1 decides he wants to bomb the penguins. Since Twatonia is a demonocracy, they vote on it. The pro war citizens out vote the peace citizens and so war it is. War1 and War2 now declare that since they "won" the vote, all others must then change their minds – rally behind the leader – go with the flow, whatever – and become pro war lest they be labeled anti-government. Peace1 then takes up arms and shoots penguins.

On that continent is another country called Upper Kikamy. They don't like to watch the penguins disappear so they declare war and conquer Twatonia. War1 disappeared although there were rumors that he was hiding with the seals. War2 and Peace1 were hauled before a tribunal to answer charges of "crimes against birds". Peace1, long with War 2, were found guilty since true justice requires that accusation is proof of guilt. Both Twatonians were drawn and quartered, their parts being tossed to Orka who happened to be swimming by.

Peace1 was executed although he had only been following orders. On that same day, Yid69, a citizen of Upper Kikamy, was shot for NOT following orders.

Those who know about WWII, beyond the lying Hollywood crap, realize the mechanism. First, you draw up a list of the war prisoners you want to execute. Then you do the sham bit of kangaroo courts and fart hot air about "justice". Those with the guns can kill whom they please, justice be damned. It would be nice, however, if they would cease the hypocrisy, but then again, if they did, then they wouldn't be the bastards they really are.

One of my jewish correspondents sent me a copy of Morris Dees', Teaching Tolerance. Americans have always been tolerant. Otherwise, we wouldn't be in this fine stew. "Tolerance" simply means indiscriminate copulation, without taste nor reason other than it feels good. Along with 'tolerance', the schools teach "sex education" which enforces the thrust. (My father never had sex education in school. He had 8 children and no venereal diseases. Was it luck?) The outcome is not hidden, unless you have a walnut for a brain. Race-mixing – not for the sake of harmonious relations as with a man and his dog, farmer and his livestock – but for the purpose of having future generations so screwed up biologically that they become more easily herded and controlled. That is is also an insane notion, as future events will prove, is beside the point. Tolerance and sex education are for the intended goal of mongrelizing the White population – PERIOD! Add to this, the open borders activity where only non-Whites are pouring into previously White lands.

Speaking of open borders, the system whore Pat Buchanan – as I pointed out more than 11 years ago – is for closing the borders so that the Mexiburgers now here can be "assimilated". That means: let the muds into your daughter's bed. Pat had a negress for his running mate in the past election. Pat is a kohnservative and cares only about White people to the extent of his own ambition.

NASA will soon be a memory due to the lack of brains and will, to carry it forward. When the White people become just another variety of mud, who truly believes that White projects and culture will be left? Look around you at the niggerization which abounds. Few young people today act other than like pale niggers gyrating, shrieking, taking drugs and behaving as apes. Please notice the marked similarity between nigeroo gestures and those of orangutans and chimpanzees. If you behave as a simian, then you are one.

The jews, through their total control of TV, movies and the music industry, are pushing simian behavior big time. It's for this reason I disapprove of jews and not because of their biology.

The laws are still on the books in nearly all states – suicide is a crime. Once a person does himself in, I wonder what the form of his indictment and trial might be like. Obviously he'd be found guilty. What sentence would be imposed?

The Army never had such a law. Soldiers were considered property of ZOG and suicide was deemed to be a crime because it was intentional destruction of government property. Again, we have the dilemma of court martial and punishment. But making sense out of things was never popular among Americans. Haven't they often elected leaders who needed to be confined to an insane asylum? There's nothing magic about the office of 'president' which guarantees that he who holds that office is not psychotic, is there?

Again, we have laws enacted for the benefit of insurance companies and auto manufacturers, so they could sell you expensive stuff, not by choice, but by law – mandatory! I would assume that whether I wanted to use seat belts, for example, that the choice should be mine. If I wanted to ride my motorcycle without using a helmet – preferring to die of a bashed skull than turned into a paraplegic from a broken neck, like Chris Reeves – then that would be MY business. 

As the population gets darker, more and more will call themselves White. Although Clint Eastwood is not a blond – his hair is light-medium brown – he was referred to as "blondie" in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, by that great jew character actor Eli Wallach. To muds, anyone who doesn't have black hair is a blond. This is like Dr. Pierce's definition: He who isn't negro or Chinese must be White.

The blightwing is loaded with people of mixed blood. In fact, a newcomer to the bye-bye Zud's revisionist circle is married to a "Russian", bottle blonde female – read 'jewess'! If you are from Odessa, you are a kike. As I have been saying for 20 years: Revisionists are not racists, neither by words nor behavior. To label them as such, is just a variety of Orwellian triple-yak.

There are 3 races – WYB – (species, if the definition is to remain consistent) and all of the Caucasoid types – Dinaric, Slavic, etc., are mixtures of White with Yellow and/or Black. Do not become befuddled with all of the expert nonsense about types and so on. Once you refuse to believe what your senses tell you, you become captive of the words of others.

We can observe a person's countenance, behavior and then listen to the "historical" record of his family tree. Senator John Kerry came from a fine Irish Catholic family. That's the story, but he was discovered to be a jew as were the fine Christian families of the Rockefellers and Roosevelts – jews. Hefner – porno with lace – looks like a jew and acts like a jew. Who cares if he can show paper trail lineage back to Odin? I suppose that if someone handed me notarized papers which claimed that my dog Spot was really a walrus, then I'd just have to believe it. As a population down breeds, the capacity for thought will be lost, as we are now seeing big time..

To so many, it appears that a brain is a burden for they act as if thinking gives them headaches. Perhaps an enlightened "survey" will prove that thinking is linked to cancer.

As the Mexican and Chinese invasion, and colonization, accelerates, it no longer is relevant who is a jew and who is not. Like the military noggin, people cannot help but focus on what's past (the last war, or whatever). The blightwing has always been 20 years behind events, that's why they are also not relevant, as future events will demonstrate. While waiting, please send money and pray. Remember that people who will not help themselves are not worth saving – from anything. Be glad when they are consumed by their own folly.
Billions to Turkey. Billions to Israel. Billions to whomever can be bought. Where, dear sheeple, do you think all of this money is coming from? The printing presses, that's where, when your tax-paying pockets are emptied. Welcome to the emerging world of inflation. Spend your bucks now while they can still buy something. Get out of debt.

Lust and greed. The two items which cause most problems. There's a nice forest. Let's cut it down for it will make a lot of toothpicks. Then, with that barren land, we can "develop it". That's progress. 'Develop' is just another word for making room for more bipeds who, in turn, are full of lust and greed so that the earth plundering becomes perpetual, at least that's what the materialistic hawgs think. If we get our asses into some environmental bind, then there's always "science" to bail us out. Keep dreaming. The future world that is being built is a giant Calcutta where we can all live in filth and poverty – equally. It's not necessary that starvation and disease curtail our numbers, but that's the way most people seem to want things. And, like our criminal and degenerate politicians, we will get what we deserve.

According to rules agreed to by USZOG, acts of war without a declaration of war, are crimes against humanity.

What is a terrorist? Anyone ZOG points its finger at.
What is an anti-government person? Anyone ZOG points its finger at.

As the world turns to more interesting things than war, reports have it that some areas of our southwest are so arid that the cacti are dying. Many towns there are now in the process of denying water rights to farmers. Ultimately Mother Nature will limit the insane drive for more people, more jobs and more everything. Hitler always welcomed other lands adopting Communism because that system was guaranteed to lay waste to those so foolish. From each according to their ability (White people); to each according to their need (non-Whites). Since White people, due to misguided charity and greed, have failed to keep their ideas and inventions to themselves, they will go down with the muds, and defectives, they so love to honor, worship, and cherish.

Isn't it interesting that, as in 1918-19, the Americans are again bailing out their "enemy" – "Russia" – by taking over the burden of Afghanistan? The whole Soviet Union entity is the left hand of ZOG with a few sideshows here and there to entertain the goyim who still think they have a country.

Some more interesting reading –
Our friend Joe offers this scenario –

"In my opinion I believe U.S. forces will commence action in Iraq within 10 days. It probably will begin with a very heavy air bombardment, followed by an invasion in the no fly zone of Northern Iraq. The first objective will be to secure the oil fields, and seek to turn as many as possible Iraq prisoners into recruits for an army under the new puppet  Government. Attacks from the south from Kuwait will seek to cut off Basra, and then turn  North East toward Baghdad. Since Iraq doesn't really have the claimed  W.M.D. they will use lots of mines, rockets and other conventional weapons. It can be expected that there will be dozens of strong points that offer stiff resistance, but the fighting in the city of Baghdad will be quite fierce with  substantial casualties on both sides. What's left of the Iraq Force will try to damage our naval vessels and bomb and strafe U.S. columns if they can get through. There may also be an Iraqi attempt with special units to blow the Kuwait oil wells. The total time to conquer will take five weeks. President Saddam Hussein will not be taken alive even if he surrenders. There will be large numbers of foreign volunteers especially Egyptian and Saudi's that will carry on hit, and run attacks for several weeks. Iran will become increasingly alarmed and mass forces on the Iraq border, They will also stir up trouble in Afghanistan to divert attention. The Turks will stake their claim to the Kurkirk oil fields and absorb the Kurd areas into Turkey. There wont be much hostile action coming from any of the Gulf states, However there is a fifty-fifty chance that North Korea will initiate hostilities and would get a heck of a lot further than 10 miles south of the D.M.Z. Also, China might think it time to take Taiwan.  If things go badly for the U.S., there will be considerable pressure for Bush to resign, Anyway that's the scenario I see."

And now, Mr. Declaration, you may say a word. "That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Yes, mates, it looks like the Founding Fathers were indeed "anti-government". I suppose that if Adams and Franklin were roaming the streets of Chicago today, they'd be snatched up by Homeland Security and whisked off to Guantánamo without a word about rights, and held until Cuba turns into a ripe banana.

Eric has been accused of seeing a jew under every bed. To this, he laughed and said, "There is a jew under every bed." Way back when, I wrote a bit – on hard copy FAEM, 1990 or such – about Senator John Kerry (Kohn), a nice Irish American Catholic. Now, like Madelaine Albright, he's discovered that he's a jew, thanks to the Boston Globe. Glory be! Chili today and hot tamale. It's like I said folks, as jew control becomes more and more obvious, more and more yids will be coming out of the closet. To those who have practiced wearing the "glasses", those closets are really transparent. BTW, have you ever looked at Kerry's face – really looked? I hope you don't think that all jews look like Greenspan.
The show must go on. Perhaps Ernst Zündel will now be deported to Canada. (Since he is not a Canadian citizen, one might wonder how this rumor started.) They just might like keeping his circus act going so as to entertain the goyim, thus keeping them from seeing  other issues. Anyway, I suggest that all interested parties take out a small loan, or even get a 5th mortgage on their over-priced houses, and send as much money as possible to Ingrid. After all, she's gotta eat too.
It would clear the air for the look-at-what-they-are-doing-to-us-now crowd if they understood that there are no more any White sovereign countries. WWII and the UN saw to that. USZOG, with its sidekick BRITZOG and their "special" hitman Israel, are after the planet in spite of their hot air about self-determination and other blather. All lands with wealth ZOG desires are under the gun, rocket or A-bomb, which ever it takes. If you are a tribe such as the Higi, they couldn't care less of you were part of the planned world empire since you have nothing they want. "Rogue states" are states which haven't heeled properly and agreed to a ZOG puppet government. They are marked for "liberation" to the extent that everyone living there be massacred. As more and more White people are waking up to the mud flood which is engulfing their lands, I wonder why they seem surprised, for this planned world domination has been growing for over a century. 
A recent survey (the word of God, my friends) states that the Chinese have the least amount of sex among the world's peoples. I never knew that. This explains why there are only 1.3 billion of them.